Music Abbreviations


What is Music?

Music is the combination of rhythm, harmony and melody, in a way that is pleasant to the ear. In the broad sense it is the temporal organization of sounds and silences (pauses). In the strict sense, it is the art of coordinating and transmitting harmonious and aesthetically valid sound effects, which can be transmitted through the voice or musical instruments.

Music is an artistic and cultural manifestation of a people, at a certain time or region. Music is a vehicle used to express feelings.

Music has evolved over the centuries, resulting in a wide variety of musical genres, including sacred or religious, erudite or classical, popular and traditional or folk music. Each of the music genres has a number of sub-genres and styles.

Main musical genres

Classical or classical music

Classical or classical music is well-crafted music that strays from popular traditions. It is a cultured music, characterized by symmetry and sound balance. It had its origin in the need to increase the expressive power of melodies in religious services.

Classical or classical music is characterized by refined and pleasant music, presented in an instrumental way, which reached its apex with the great geniuses of music, among them Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozar and Beethoven.

The expression “classical music” came to be used to represent the musical evolution in the 19th century, called the golden age, of the great composers.


Opera is a dramatic work in which theater, music and poetry complement each other. Opera is a dramatic theatrical genre, performed along with instrumental music and singing, in which a soloist stands out, represented by singers with vocal timbres ranging from the highest to the lowest.

The opera is staged with elements of the theater, such as plot, choreography and characteristic costume, in conjunction with instrumental music and singing.

Opera is the plural of opus, which in Latin means work of art. Opera originated in Italy, and is usually performed in Latin or Italian.

Popular music

Popular music is the one that has a predominantly romantic, young, dancing lyrics with easy to memorize choruses. Rock was one of the most successful genres of popular music, followed by romantic music.

Brazilian popular music was influenced by several schools, including João Gilberto’s, with its technical precision and restrained interpretation, and Elis Regina’s school, with sentimental interpretation, in which emotion matters more than technique. Michael Jackson and Madonna served as parameters for American pop and for a large number of followers.

Popular music sung by big names in showbiz, with soft melodies and dancing rhythms, has taken root in urban youth culture, has become a commercial success and is one of the most successful genres of contemporary music.

Traditional music

Traditional or folk music is music that symbolizes the traditions and customs of a people, passed on from generation to generation, as part of the values and identity of a people. Traditional music represents the beliefs and traditions of a particular region.

Much of folk music has lyrics that are easy to remember and are linked to festivities, involving typical dances of a particular culture.

Traditional or folk music is closely linked to popular music. Fado, tango, samba, frevo, forró, viola music, country music, maracatu, reggae, blues, among others, have been perpetuated and many of them have a great influence on modern music.

Music Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Music

ACOM A Celebration of Music
AVPM A Very Potter Musical
AYMT Aberdeen Youth Music Theatre
AMCT Abingdon Music Centre Trust
APCMA Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
AAMAL Academy of African Music and Arts, Ltd.
AAM Academy of Ancient Music
ACM Academy of Country Music
ACMA Academy of Country Music Awards
ATM Access to Music
ABM Acoustic Body Music
AOMS Acoustic Outfitters Music Shop
AAMM Active Approach to Music Making
ATM Addicted To Music
AMAS Adlington Music and Arts Society
AMSF Adult Music Student Forum
ACMT Advanced Certified Music Therapist
APMH Advanced Popular Music Harmony
AIM Adventures in Music
AFM Advertising Federation of Musicians
AWM African World Music
AAMC African-American Music & Culture
ASM After School Music
ASSEMBLY After School Music
AMF Aggressive Music Festival
AFMA Air Force Musicians Association
AMEA Alabama Music Educators Association
AMTA Alabama Music Teachers Association
AMMP Alam Madina Music Productions
AEMG Alan Ett Music Group
AMEA Alaska Music Educators Association
AMTA Alaska Music Teachers Association
AMEF Alberta Music Education Foundation
AACM Ali Akbar College of Music
AAMV All Anime Music Videos
AMG All Music Guide
ANMS All Newton Music School
ACNMP Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects
AFAM Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale
AMS Alternative Music Society
AMT Alternative Musical Technologies
ACMA Amateur Classical Musician’s Association
AMV Amateur Music Video
AAMS American Accordion Musicological Society
AAMT American Association for Music Therapy
AAIM American Association of Independent Music
ACMR American Christian Music Review
ACMI American College of Medical Informatimusicology
ACM American Conservatory of Music
AFM American Federation of Musicians
AFMA American Folk Musicians Association
AGM American Guild of Music
AGMA American Guild of Musical Artists
AIMS American Institute of Musical Studies
AMMA American Marijuana Music Awards
AMA American Music Abroad
AMA American Music Awards
AMC American Music Club
AMC American Music Conference
AMEI American Music Education Initiative
AMRE American Music Repertory Ensemble
AMRC American Music Research Center
AMTA American Music Therapy Association
AMDA American Musical Dramatic Academy
AMIS American Musical Instrument Society
AMS American Musicological Society
ARMF American Roots Music Festival
ASMAC American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers
ASYM American Society of Young Musicians
AMP Amiga Music Preservation
AMOA Amusement and Music Operators Association
AOM Angel of Music
AMI Animations Musicales Interactives
AMV Anime Music Video
AAFM Anthology of American Folk Music
AMIR Arabic Music Internet Reference
ACDCM Archbishop of Canterbury’s Diploma in Church Music
ARCE Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology
AMEA Arizona Music Educators Association
AMTA Arlington Music Teachers’ Association
AFSOM Armed Forces School of Music
AFFMA Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art
ABMC Arrowbear Music Camp
AMG Art Music Group
AMT Art, Music and Theatre
AMC Asian Music Circle
AMI Asociación Música en Internet
AACMM Associação Amigos do Conservatório de Música da Madeira
ABMI Associação Brasileira da Música Independente
AMEC Associação Música-Educação E Cultura
AMT Associació de Músics de Tarragona
ABSM Associate of Birmingham School of Music
ARMENIA Associate of Music
AM Associate of Music
AGSM Associate of the Guildhall School of Music
ALAM Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
ALCM Associate of the London College of Music
ANCM Associate of the National College of Music
ARAM Associate of the Royal Academy of Music
ARCM Associate of the Royal College of Music
ARMCM Associate of the Royal Manchester College of Music
ACAM Associate, Central Academy of Music
ACCM Associate, Curwen College of Music
AFCM Associate, Faculty of Church Music
AGSM Associate, Guildhall School of Music
ABRSM Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
AMA Association des Musiciens Amateurs
AACM Association for Advancement of Creative Musicians
AFIM Association for Independent Music
AMI Association for Music and Imagery
AMIS Association for Music in International Schools
ATMI Association for Technology in Music Instruction
AFIM Association Française d’Informatique Musicale
AFM Association Francaise de Musicotherapie
AAM Association of Anglican Musicians
ACMP Association of Church Musicians in Philadelphia
AIM Association of Independent Music
AITM Association of Irish Traditional Musicians
ALCM Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
AMP Association of Music Producers
AMEI Association of Musical Electronics Industry
ANMA Association of Nordic Music Academies
APMT Association of Professional Music Therapists
ASAMI Association of South African Music Industry
APCM Association pour la Promotion de la Country Music
ASMA Atari SAP Music Archive
AFMDS Athens Folk Music and Dance Society
AMF Athens Music Factory
AMF Atlantic Music Festival
ACMT Auckland Children’s Musical Theatre
AMI Audi Music Interface
ACMC Austin Chamber Music Center
AFTM Austin Friends of Traditional Music
AMBC AustralAsian Music Business Conference
AVMA Australia Video Music Awards
ACMF Australian Country Music Foundation
ACMLA Australian Country Music Listeners Association
AIEM Australian Institute of Eastern Music
AIM Australian Institute of Music
AIMF Australian International Music Festival
AMC Australian Music Centre
AMENC Australian Music Educators’ National Conference
AMEB Australian Music Examinations Board
AMIN Australian Music Industry Network
AMO Australian Music Online
AMTR Australian Music Teachers Register
ANAM Australian National Academy of Music
ASME Australian Society for Music Education
ACMF Austrian Country Music Federation
AMS Automatic Music Search
AMICA Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors’ Association
AYM Awards for Young Musicians
AYO Ayotte Music Inc.
AIMA Ayvalik International Music Academy
BAMUS Bachelor of Arts in Music
BAM Bachelor of Arts in Music
BMUSPERF Bachelor of Music
MUSB Bachelor of Music
BMU Bachelor of Music
BM Bachelor of Music
BMUS Bachelor of Music
BME Bachelor of Music Education
BMI Bachelor of Music Industry
BMUSTH Bachelor of Music Therapy
BMT Bachelor of Music Therapy
BMA Bachelor of Musical Arts
BSME Bachelor of Science in Music Education
BSMT Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy
BM Background Music
BGM Background Music
BMS Background Music System
BCMC Baptist Church Music Conference
BMAT Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies
BMSA Basic Music Skills Assessment
BAMA Bay Area Music Awards
BM Beautiful Music
BCMF Bedford Chamber Music Festival
BMD Behind Music Design
BTM Behind the Music
BHMG Bell Hughes Music Group
BAM Belmont Arts and Music Festival
BMT Benslow Music Trust
BECOME Berklee College of Music
BCM Berklee College of Music
BSMT Bernstein School of Musical Theater
BMG Bertelsmann Music Group
BCME Best Communities for Music Education
BMP Best Music Poll
BMB Better Music Builder
BSMC Big Show Music Co.
BYMG Big Yard Music Group
BEMF Birmingham Early Music Festival
BMC Black Music Congress
BPMF Black Potatoe Music Festival
BPM Black Powder Music
BMC Blossom Music Center
BRMC Blue Ridge Music Center
BSMC Blue Sunshine Music Community
BOTMAND Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association of North Dakota
BJFM Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society
BGM Boarding Music
BCMP Bob Couchenour Music Productions
BEMF Boise Experimental Music Festival
BMKS Bollywoodmusic-Konnection
BMK Bollywoodmusic-Konnection
BTMI Bomb the Music Industry!
BMPO Books Music Posters Online
BEAMS Boreal Electro Acoustic Music Society
BALMEST Born Again Lesbian Music
BALM Born Again Lesbian Music
BCMS Boston Chamber Music Society
BEMF Boston Early Music Festival
BMH Boston Music Hall
BMV Boston Musica Viva
BUMP Boston Urban Music Project
BEMS Boulder Early Music Shop
BBCMC Boyup Brook Country Music Club
BME Braille Music Editor
BEAMS Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio
BUMS Brandon University Music Students
BMC Brattleboro Music Center
BEAMS Breckenridge Educational And Music Seminars
BMF Breckenridge Music Festival
BCMF Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival
BIMM Brighton Institute of Modern Music
BEMAC Brisbane Ethnic Music and Arts Centre
BOMP Bristol Open Music Project
BUMS Bristol University Music Society
BBMA British Bluegrass Music Association
BCCM British Columbia Conservatory of Music
BFE British Forum for Ethnomusicology
BMIC British Music Information Centre
BMR British Music Rights
BSMT British Society for Music Therapy
BMI Broadcast Music Inc.
BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated
BMI Broadcast Musicians Inc.
BSMA Broadway School of Music and the Arts
BMA Brockville Musicians Association
BLMA Brookline Library Music Association
BAM Brooklyn Academy of Music
BECOME Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
BCM Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
BCMF Brooklyn Country Music Festival
BHMS Brooklyn Heights Music Society
BSMT Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre
BCCM Brown County Community Music
BMC Budapest Music Center
BCMS Buffalo Chamber Music Society
BMI Bug Music Inc
BAMP Bulgarian Association of Music Producers
BAMM By All Means Music
CEMF Calgary Electronic Music Festival
CFMF Calgary Folk Music Festival
CMA Calgary Musicians Association
CMC California Music Channel
CMEA California Music Educators Association
CTMS California Traditional Music Society
CAMMAC Canadian Amateur Musicians Musiciens Amateurs du Canada
CAMT Canadian Association for Music Therapy
CAAMA Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts
CCMA Canadian Country Music Association
CFMTA Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations
CFMJ Canadian Folk Music Journal
CGMA Canadian Gospel Music Association
CMC Canadian Music Centre
CMCC Canadian Music Creators Coalition
CMEA Canadian Music Educators’ Association
CMPA Canadian Music Publishers Association
CMRC Canadian Music Retailers’ Cooperative
CMRRA Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency
CMRRA Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Association
CRMA Canadian Radio Music Awards
CUMA Canadian Urban Music Awards
CSM Canberra School of Music
CISMA Canton International Summer Music Academy
CMG Capitol Music Group
CRMS Cardiff Recorded Music Society
CEMF Caribbean Electronic Music Festival
CGMA Caribbean Gospel Music Awards
CME Caribbean Music Expo
CCMF Carolina Chamber Music Festival
CMT Carrie Music Television
CBMR Center for Black Music Research
CCRMA Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
CEMI Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
CME Center for Music Education
CMER Center for Music Education Research
CMIE Center for Music-in-Education
CNM Center for New Music
CPSM Center for Preparatory Studies in Music
CEMRC Central European Music Research Centre
CFMTA Central Florida Music Teachers Association, Inc
CFMA Central Florida Musicians Association
COMA Central Ontario Musicians’ Association
CQCM Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
CEBEDEM Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale
CEMI Centre d’Enseignement Musical Intercommunal
CEMETERY Centre d’Expressions Musicales
CEM Centre d’Expressions Musicales
CIAM Centre d’Informations et d’Activites Musicales
CIM Centre d’Initiation Musicale
CFMI Centre de Formation de Musiciens Intervenants
CMAD Centre for Music Art and Design
CMT Centre for Music Technology
CMEM Centre Municipal d’Expression Musicale
CMCB Centre Musical Caluire Bissardon
CMCA Centre Musical Côte d’Azur
CMM Centre Musical de Marsannay-la-Côte
CMIA Centre Musical International d’Annecy
CEMAT Centri Musicali Attrezzati
CSMA Centro Studi Musicali Association
CEMS Certificat d’Etudes Musicales Superieures
CBMT Certification Board for Music Therapists, Inc
CMP Certified Music Practitioner
CMT Certified Music Therapist
CMA Chamber Music America
CMHH Chamber Music Hilton Head
CMMB Chamber Music Monterey Bay
CMNW Chamber Music Northwest
CMP Chamber Music Program
CMSC Chamber Music Society of Colombo
CMSD Chamber Music Society of Detroit
COMMENCE Chamber Musicians Of Northern California
CTMS Changing Times Music Services
CCMTA Chautauqua County Music Teachers’ Association
CAMTA Chicago Area Music Teachers Association
CFM Chicago Federation of Musicians
MUC Chief Musician
CME Childhood Music Education
CMDC Children’s Music Development Center
CMT Childrens Musical Theatre
CMIA China Music Instrument Association
CNMF Chipping Norton Music Festival
CSMC Chiswick Saturday Music Centre
CRCM Chocolate River Conservatory of Music
CCMS Christ Church Music Society
CCM Christian Contemporary Music
CCMA Christian Country Music Association
CGRM Christian Grass Roots Music
CMAD Christian Music and Drama
CMA Christian Music Association
CMC Christian Music Connection
CMM Christian Music Ministries
CMNR Christian Music News Report
CMRC Christian Music Retail Conference
CMTA Christian Music Trade Association
CMAA Church Music Association of America
CMPA Church Music Publishers Association
CMQ Church Music Quarterly
CHIME Churches Initiative in Music Education
CCM Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
CMCCO City Music Center Chamber Orchestra
CCMS Clare College Music Society
CYMO Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra
CMA Classical Music Archives
CMK Classical Music for Kids
CML Classical Music Library
CIM Cleveland Institute of Music
C2M Click to Music
CPMV Club Penguin Music Video
CCMTA Cobb County Music Teachers Association
COMBO Collective of Musicians of Belfast Organisation
CCM Collector’s Choice Music
CMS College Music Society
CEMB College of Entertainment & Music Business
CMDA College of Music & Dramatic Arts
CMENC Collegiate Music Educators National Conference
CMNL Collegium Musica Nova Lubecensis
CAMT Colorado Association for Music Therapy
CBMS Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
CFCZ Colorado Friends of Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance
COMA Colorado Music Association
CMEA Colorado Music Education Association
CME Columbia Music Entertainment
CMFA Columbia Music Festival Association
CEMETERY Columbus Electronic Musicians
CEM Columbus Electronic Musicians
CFMS Columbus Folk Music Society
CWM Comes with Music
CWMN Common Western Music Notation
CALM Community Action in Learning Music
CHIME Community Help in Music Education
CMDA Community Music and Dance Academy
CMCB Community Music Center of Boston
CME Community Music East
CMS Community Music School
CYMC Comox Valley Youth Music Centre
CAMMS Computer Aided Music Mixing System
CMMR Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval
CMPO Computer Music Productions Online
CMW Concentus Musicus Wien
CMBA Concert Music Broadcasters Association
CMG Concord Music Group
CMF Confédération Musicale de France
CIDEM Conferencía Interamericana de Educacíon Musical
CTBMA Connecticut Bluegrass Music Association
CONTINUOUS Conservatorium of Music
CON Conservatorium of Music
CMPR Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico
CGMD Console Game Music Direct
CDCM Consortium to Distribute Computer Music
CCM Contemporary Christian Music
CCMNI Contemporary Christian Music Network International
CJAM Contemporary Japanese and American Music
CDMCS Contemporary Music Documentation Center
CMG Contemporary Music Group
CBMIR Content-Based Music Information Retrieval
CMTE Continuing Music Therapy Education
CIME Coppell International Music Exchange
CMLC Copyright Music Licence Consultancy
CMP Corpo Musicale di Parre
CMN Corps Musical Nivellois
CMPH Corpus Musicae Popularis Hungaricae
CCHM Corrupt Christian Music
CMS Cosmopolitan Music Society
CRME Council for Research in Music Education
CEMA Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts
CGM Country Gospel Music
CGMA Country Gospel Music Association
CMA Country Music Association
CMAA Country Music Association of Australia
CMAO Country Music Association of Ontario
CMF Country Music Foundation
CMJ Country Music Journal
CMTV Country Music Television
CMT Country Music Television
CMT Country Music Television, Inc
CMW Country Music Weekly
CYMC Courtenay Youth Music Center
CMS Crawford Music Services
CDM Create Digital Music
CIMP Creative Improvised Music Projects
COMPO Creator of Music Performance Organization
CRAMP Crediton Rural Arts and Music Project
CARMA Cultural and Regional Musicians Association
CHAMPS Culture of History Arts Music Preservation Society
CIM Curtis Institute of Music
CEMF Cutting Edge Music Festival
CBI Cyber Musical Instruments
CARMA Cyberarts, Research, Music and Audio
CCMTA Cypress Creek Music Teachers Association
DMC Damm Music Center
DMC Danbury Music Centre
DMBR Dance Music Business Resource
DMHF Dance Music Hall of Fame
DMM Dance Music Magazine
DMZ Dance Music Zone
DTTM Dance to the Music
DMSR Dance, Music, Sex, Romance
DRMC Dandenong Ranges Music Council
DIEM Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music
DMA Danish Music Awards
DEMG Darkside Entertainment Music Group
DSMA Dartmouth School Music Association
DRAM Database of Recorded American Music
DRM David Rothstein Music, Inc
DMTC Davis Musical Theatre Company
DCMF Dawson CIty Music Festival
DVMF Deer Valley Music Festival
DCMF Delaware Chamber Music Festival
DMEA Delaware Music Educators Association
DGMA Delilah Gutman Music Academy
DMM Delta Music Makers
DMG Demon Music Group
DIMC Denmark’s Intuitive Music Conference
DVMF Denver Visual Music Festival
DSMC Department of Sacred Music and Communication
DTMP Desk Top Music Production
DTM Desktop Music
DCMA Dhow Countries Music Academy
DME Dialogue, Music & Effects
DJM Dick James Music
DOMI Dictionary of Musical Instruments
DARMS Digital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores
DAM Digital Automatic Music
DIAMM Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
DMAT Digital Music Access Technology
DMC Digital Music Centre
DMDS Digital Music Delivery System
DMX Digital Music Express
DMM Digital Music Manager
DMP Digital Music Products
DMI Digital Musical Instruments
DMI Digital Musicworks International, Inc.
DSCM Diploma of the State Conservatorium of Music
DEM Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales
DEMOCRAT Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales
DMMD Director of Music Ministries Division
DJMX Disc Jockey Music Xpress
DAMS Discipline Arte, Musica, Spettacolo
DRUM Discipline, Respect and Unity through Music
DTMC Dizzy Tiger Music Co
MUSD Doctor of Music
DMUS Doctor of Music
AMUSD Doctor of Musical Arts
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
DME Doctorate of Music Education
DRUM Doesn’t Really Understand Music
DHM Dolph Hamster Music
DFMJ Downey Folk Music Jam
DSMA Doylestown School of Music and the Arts
DMV Drama Music Video
DMP Dual Music Player
DEMS Duke Ellington Music Society
DMDS Dun Laoghaire Musical & Dramatic Society
DUMS Dundee University Music Society
DMTC Durham Musical Theatre Company
DYM Durham Young Musicians
DCME Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble
DUMB Dynamic Universal Music Bibliotheque
EBM Eager Brothers Music
ECM Early Childhood Music
EDAM Early Drama, Art and Music
EMV Early Music Vancouver
EMV Early Music Vermont
EBMC East Berkshire Music Centre
ECMA East Coast Music Academy
ECMA East Coast Music Association
ECMA East Coast Music Awards
ESMS East Sussex Music Service
EMF Eastern Music Festival
EOMS Eastleigh Operatic Musical Society
ESM Eastman School of Music
EMB Editio Musica Budapest
ECM Editions of Contemporary Music
EMTA Edmonds Music Teachers Association
EFMFS Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society
EMA Edmonton Musicians Association
ETM Education Through Music, Inc
EDMT El Dorado Musical Theatre
ESMF Eleanor Steber Music Foundation
ESCM Electric Sky Church Music
EMI Electrical and Music Industries
EBM Electronic Body Music
EDM Electronic Dance Music
EDMS Electronic Dance Music Society
EKM Electronic Keyboard Music
ENGINEER Electronic Music
EM Electronic Music
EMD Electronic Music Distribution
EME Electronic Music Expo Hawaii
EMF Electronic Music Foundation
EMMS Electronic Music Management System
EMS Electronic Music Synthesis
EMU Electronic Music Umbrella
ENGINEER Electronic Musician
EM Electronic Musician
EOM Elements of Music
EMB Embassy Music Board
EMIR Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland
EMIR Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland
EMRI Energy Music Radio International
EMS Engineering Music Society
ETM Enjoy the Music
EGM Eric’s Game Music
ECMA Erie Civic Music Association
ECMEA Erie County Music Educators Association
EMMG Escola de Música Moderna de Girona
EMI Essex Music, Inc.
EPMF Estes Park Music Festival
ELMM Eternal Life Music Ministry
EAR Ethnomusicology Archive Report
EMA Europe Music Awards
ELMF European Live Music Forum
EMC European Music Council
EMEA European Music Educators Association
EMJ European Music Journal
EMTC European Music Therapy Confederation
EMTU European Musical Theatres Union
ENTMD European Network of Traditional Music and Dance
EDM Everyone Deserves Music
EMP Experience Music Project
EMO Experienced Musicians Only
EDAM Experimental Dance and Music
EMI Experimental Musical Instruments
EMUS Expressivity in Music and Speech
XMF eXtensible Music Format
FEDM Facing East Dance and Music
FMPA Faculty of Music and Performing Arts
FCMA Faith Centered Music Association
FOTM Fan of Traditional Music
FOOM Fans of Our Music
FEMC Fast Eddie Music Conspiracy
FMN Fédération Musicale de Namur
FMV Federation Musicale Vosgienne
FRMS Federation of Recorded Music Societies
FIMI Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana
FBCM Fellow of the British College of Music
FCSM Fellow of the Cambridge Society of Musicians
FCAM Fellow of the Central Academy of Music
FCCM Fellow of the College of Church Musicians
FGSM Fellow of the Guildhall School of Music
FNCM Fellow of the National College of Music
FNSCM Fellow of the Norwich School of Church Music
FRAM Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music
FRCM Fellow of the Royal College of Music
FCCM Fellow, Curwen College of Music
FLSM Fellow, London School of Music
FABM Fellowship of American Baptist Musicians
FMTC Festival Music Theatre Company
FOMA Festival of Music and Art
FONT Festival of New Trumpet Music
FOOM Festival of Original Music
FFOM Fife Festival of Music
FAMA Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association
FQMS First Quality Musical Supplies
FIMF Fishguard International Music Festival
FIM Flint Institute of Music
FAMT Florida Association for Music Therapy
FEMF Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
FFMC Florida Federation of Music Clubs
FMEA Florida Music Educators Association
FMF Florida Music Festival
FSMA Florida School Music Association
FMJ Folk Music Journal
FMSM Folk Music Society of Midland
FAME Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education
FLTMC Four Lakes Traditional Music Collective
FLMA Franz Liszt Music Academy
FML Free Music Loops
FMPL Free Music Public License
FREEMUSE Freedom of Musical Expression
FMA Freelance Musicians’ Association
FACM French Association of Country Music
FMMC Friday Morning Music Club
FCM Friends of Cathedral Music
FOCM Friends of Chamber Music
FOHM Friends of Heidelberg Music
FIMD Friends of Indian Music and Dance
FOM Friends of Music
FOMA Friends of Music Association
FOTM Friends of Old Time Music
FOMC Future of Music Coalition
FMC Future of Music Coalition
FTM Futuretech Music
GDMA Gainesville Dance and Music Association
GMTA Gainesville Music Teachers Association
GMV Game Music Video
GLAMA Gay and Lesbian American Music Award
G4M Gear4music
GFMC Geelong Folk Music Club
GRIME Gender Research in Music Education
GM General Music
GMPI Generalized Music Plugin Interface
GTTM Generative Theory Of Tonal Music
GAVAM Genetic Algorithms in Visual Art and Music
GMEA Georgia Music Educators Association
GMHF Georgia Music Hall of Fame
GMIA Georgia Music Industry Association
GMTA Georgia Music Teachers Association
GAM German-American Musicians Association
GAMP Girard Academic Music Program
GETM Global Education Through Music
GEMM Global Electronic Music Marketplace
GMTA Gloucester Music Teachers Association
GVMA Good View Music Association
GM Gospel Music
GMA Gospel Music Association
GMAC Gospel Music Association Canada
GMC Gospel Music Channel
GMTN Gospel Music Television Network
GMWA Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc.
GYM Grab Your Music
GMSA Graduate Music Student Association
GLCM Graduate of the London College of Music
GRNCM Graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music
GENM Grand Entertainment and Music Inc.
GAMH Great American Music Hall
GLMC Great Lake Music Camps
GLAMA Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association
GMMAZ Greater Manchester Music Action Zone
GNYMLA Greater New York Music Library Association
GMIC Greek Music Information Center
GMTA Greenwich Musical Theatre Academy
GSDMM Gruppo Spontaneo di Musica Moderna
GSMD Guildhall School of Music and Drama
GMSS Gwent Music Support Service
HCFDM Happy Charm Fool Dance Music
HM Hard Music
HML Harmonie Musicale de Lachenaie
HYM Harrow Young Musicians
HARMONY Harvard and Radcliffe Musical Outreach to Neighborhood Youth
HEMS Harvard Early Music Society
HRCMS Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum
HBMF Hawaii Book and Music Festival
HMO Healing Music Organization
HMH Heineken Music Hall
HMMF Heritage Military Music Foundation
HMC Herter Music Center
HMSL Hierarchical Music Specification Language
HSM High School Musical
HSM2 High School Musical 2
HSM3 High School Musical 3
HMA Hillsong Music Australia
HFM Hindi Film Music
HHM Holsinger Harps and Music
HMI Homewood Musical Instrument Co.
HKMI Hong Kong Music Institute
HKPOP Hong Kong Popular Music
HMV Horror Music Video
HDLMA Horsham District Live Music Alliance
HWM Hot Water Music
HAAM Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians
HHO Hovevei Hamusica Orchestra
HCMF Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
HSMT Humphreys School of Musical Theatre
HCMG Huntsville Chamber Music Guild
IMXS Icelandic Music Export
IMX Icelandic Music Export
IMEA Idaho Music Educators Association
IMTA Idaho Music Teachers Association
IGM Ignoring Gravity Music
ICMA Illinois Country Music Association
IMEA Illinois Music Educators Association
IMJ Improvised Music from Japan
ISM Incorporated Society of Musicians
ICMU Independent Children’s Music
IMAF Independent Music and Art Festival
IMA Independent Music Awards
IMPA Independent Music Producers Association
IMPALA Independent Music Publishers and Labels Association
ICMD Indian Classical Music and Dance Group
ICMAP Indian Classical Music Association of Purdue
IMTA Indiana Music Teachers Association
ISSMA Indiana State School Music Association
IMF Indie Music Filter
IMRG Indie Music Resource Group
IM Indus Music
IMC Indy Music Channel
ILM Infinity Loop Music
ISAM Information Centre for Southern African Music
IMOG Ingatestone Musical & Operetta Group
ITM Inside the Music
ICST Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology
IMAD Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development
IMNF Institute for Music and Neurologic Function
IMD Institute for Music Development
IPEM Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music
ISAM Institute for Studies in American Music
IMA Institute for the Musical Arts
IMIT Institute of Musical Instrument Technology
IM Instrumental Music
IMP Instrumental Music Program
IDM Intelligent Dance Music
IMXS Interactive Music Exchange
IMX Interactive Music Exchange
MUSTUTOR Interactive Music Tuition
IAMA Inter-American Music Awards
IAPMS Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group
IML Intercontinental Music Lab
IAMA Intermountain Acoustic Music Association
IAMA International Acoustic Music Awards
IAMM International Alliance for Multichannel Music
IAWM International Alliance for Women in Music
IAWMS International Association for Word and Music Studies
IAAAM International Association of African American Music
IAMIC International Association of Music Information Centres
IAMM International Association of Music Ministries
IBMA International Bluegrass Music Association
IBMM International Bluegrass Music Museum
ICCM International Center for Choral Music
ICEMP International Christian Entertainment Music Production
ICMA International Computer Music Association
ICMC International Computer Music Conference
ICMP International Confederation of Music Publishers
ICAMSL International Conference on Acoustics, Music, Speech and Language
ICWM International Congress on Women in Music
ICMA International Country Music Association
IFCM International Federation for Choral Music
FIJM International Federation of Jeunesses Musicales
FIM International Federation of Musicians
IFCM International Foundation for Carnatic Music
ILAM International Library of African Music
IMA International Music Academy
IMA International Music Association
IMCA International Music Center of America
IMC International Music Council
IMF International Music Feed
IMIRSEL International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory
IMMF International Music Managers Forum
NAMM International Music Products Association
IMPA International Music Products Association
IMPA International Music Publishers’ Association
IMAI International Musical Arts Institute
IRMPC International Russian Music Piano Competition
ISCM International Society for Contemporary Music
ISME International Society for Music Education
ISPME International Society for Philosophy of Music Education
ISMN International Standard Music Number
ISWC International Standard Musical Work Code
ISPME International Symposium for Progress in Music Education
IAEM Internet Archive of Electronic Music
IMPS Internet Musicians Placement Service
IMU Intuitive Music Unit
IMEA Iowa Music Educators Association
IMTA Iowa Music Teachers Association
IMRO Irish Music Rights Organisation
ITFM Irish Traditional Fiddle Music
ITM Irish Traditional Music
IWMC Irish World Music Centre
IYMA Irish Youth Music Awards
IMIC Israel Music Information Centre
IAMCM It.Arti.Musica.Classica.Mod
ITMS iTunes Music Store
JRMA Jack Richardson Music Awards
JKM Jah Kebra Music
JMTC Jamaica Musical Theater Company
JAMF James A. Musick Facility
JAMU Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts
JPMC Jane Peterer Music Corporation
JDMC Janet Davis Music Company
JAM Japan Animation Music
JSCM Japan Society for Contemporary Music
JCMT Jazz and Commercial Music Theory
JMY Jazz Music Yesterday
JMEF Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund
JMC Jerusalem Music Centre
JMN Jeunesses Musicales Norway
JATM Jewish Awareness Through Music
JMF Jewish Music Festival
JMRC Jewish Music Research Centre
JWM Jody Williams Music
JGMP John Groves Music Productions
JTMF Joshua Tree Music Festival
JIMS Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies
JMTE Journal of Music Teacher Education
JMTE Journal of Music Theory Education
JSCM Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
JAMS Journal of the American Musicological Society
JIMS Journal of the Indian Musicological Society
JMAA Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa
JRMA Journal of the Royal Musical Association
JSAM Journal of the Society for American Music
JMTC Junior Musical Theatre Company
KMC Kansai Music Conference
KMTA Kansas Music Teachers Association
KARMA Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture
KCMC Keene Community Music Center
KDM Ken’s Digital Music
KMS Kent Music School
KMTA Kentucky Music Teachers Association
KMM Kevin Menthei Music
KMY Kids Musical Yoga
KMTA Kitsap Music Teachers Association
KMTA Knoxville Music Teachers Association
KMO Konkani Music Online
KOMCA Korea Music Copyright Association
KIMF Korean International Music Foundation
KMTA Korean Music Therapy Association
KMC Kurdish Music Channel
KMTC Kwon Hye-Kyung Music Therapy Center
LHMC La Habra Music Center
LJMS La Jolla Music Society
LAMA La Music Academy
LFMA Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts
LGMF Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival
LCMS Langley Community Music School
LVMA Las Vegas Music Alliance
LVMA Las Vegas Music Awards
LVMF Las Vegas Music Festival
LSMF Lasker Summer Music Festival
LAMC Latin Alternative Music Conference
LMB Latin Music Booking
LPM Leadership Program for Musicians
LEMUR League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
LUUMS Leeds University Union Music Society
LMG Legal Music Download
LMG Legitimate Music Group
LVMA Lehigh Valley Music Awards
LCMC Leicester Church Music Consort
LCMP Leicester Community Music Project
LHMF Leith Hill Musical Festival
LKAM Leo Kucinski Academy of Music
LGCMA Lesbian and Gay Country Music Association
LAMP Library Access to Music Project
LML Licencias Musica Libre
LCAM Licentiate of the Central Academy of Music
LGSM Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music
LRSM Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music
LFCM Licentiate, Faculty of Church Music
LTFM Light the Fire Music
LOMG Lights Out Music Group
LSM Lisburn School of Music
LGPT Little GP Tracker (music tracker)
LCM Live Country Music
LMC Live Music Club
LIME Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod
LAMDA London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
LCM London College of Music
LGSM London Guildhall School of Music
LMC London Musicians Collective
LSCM London School of Carnatic Music
LIMC Long Island Music Coalition
LAMF Los Angeles Music Festival
LANME Los Angeles New Music Ensemble
LM LoudMusic
LSMF Loudoun Summer Music Fest
LFMC Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs
LMF Louisiana Music Factory
LMIA Louisville Music Industry Alliance
LAMB Love, Angel, Music, Baby
LMB Lucerna Music Bar
MMH Maastricht Music Hall
MMM Mabin Millennium Music
MAMA Madison Area Music Awards
MCM Magic Circle Music
MMTM Magical Musical Time Machine
MACM Maine Academy of Country Music
MMC Maine Music Camp
MMV Manga Music Video
MSM Manhattan School of Music
MMAS Mansfield Music and Art Society
MMV Maple Music Video
MGMA Maritime Gospel Music Association
MUMN Mass Urban Music Network Conference
MUCM Master Chief Musician
MAM Master of Arts in Music
MCM Master of Church Music
MM Master of Music
MMUS Master of Music
MUSM Master of Music
MMU Master of Music
MMCM Master of Music in Church Music
AMUSM Master of Musical Arts
MMA Master of Musical Arts
MME Masters Music Education
MCM Mathematics and Computation in Music
MMTF Maya’s Music Therapy Fund
MMG Maybach Music Group
MMMF McDowell Mountain Music Festival
MIMF Mckeefry Irish Music Festival
MIMM McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind
MATM Me Against the Music
MMD Mechanical Music Digest
MMR Mediabase Music Research
MMM Médiathèque Musicale Mahler
MTRM Medical Therapeutical Resonance Music
MHFMC Medicine Hat Folk Music Club
MIMT Member of the Institute of Music Teachers
MVM Menin Vonk Music
MMP Mercury Music Prize
MMF Meredith Music Festival
MMMF Merritt Mountain Music Festival
M3 Metal Machine Music
MAAM Metalheads Against Alternative Music
MCMHOF Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame
MGMA Michigan Gospel Music Association
MMTS Michigan Music Theory Society
MWMF Michigan Womyns Music Festival
MEME Middle East Music Ensemble
MSOD MIDI Songs on Demand (digital music)
MIMF Midland Irish Music Festival
MKMEA Midwest Kodály Music Educators of America
MRMA Midwest Radio and Music Association
CEMB Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business
MHM Mile High Music
MMC Millennium Music Conference
MOM Minister of Music
MMTF Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum
MAAM Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music
MEME Mississippi Early Music Ensemble
MKMF Mnet KM Music Festival
MMS Modern Music School
MAMA Modesto Area Music Association
MOORMC Monastic Order of Rec.Music.Christian
MBAM Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music
MIMI Montreal International Music Initiative
MCMI Moravian College Music Institute
MHMF Mount Helena Music Festival
MMMS Mount Macedon Music Studio
MAMA Mountain Acoustic Music Association
MSSGM Mountain State School of Gospel Music
MTM Movement-to-Music
MMM MuchMoreMusic
MM MuchMusic
MMVA MuchMusic Video Award
MEME Multimedia & Electronic Music Experiments
MOMI Museum of Musical Instruments
M Music
MUSC Music
MUS Music
MM Music & Media LLC
MVC Music & Video Club
MBI Music and Brain Information
MEBA Music and Entertainment Business Association
MEISA Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association
MAFIA Music and Film Independent Artists
MAFIAA Music and Film Industy Association of America, Inc.
MUFA Music and Fly Art
MUZAK Music and Kodak
MML Music and Media Licensing
MTPA Music and Theatre Parents Association
MWF Music and Worship Foundation
MAEST Music Ant
MA Music Ant
MU-2 Music Applied
OMAN Music Applied
MU Music Applied
MUAP Music Applied, Classes & Recitals
MAD Music Art Dance
MAPL Music Artist Production Lyrics
MARC Music Artist Recognition Choice
MAA Music Associates of Aspen
MAM Music Association of Minnetonka
MACP Music Authors’ Copyright Protection
MBD Music Book Deluxe
MBSI Music Box Society International
MBBS Music Business Bachelor of Science
MBP Music Business Program
MBR Music Business Registry
MCLA Music Center of Los Angeles
MCI Music Center, Inc
MC Music Channel
MCE Music Choice Europe
MCMR Music Cities Mobile Recording
MCBS Music City Blues Society
MCDC Music City Drum Corps
MCM Music City Mall
MCPA Music City Powerboat Association
MCCOSA Music Communication Centre of Southern Africa
MCO Music Company Orchestra
MCSC Music Copyright Society of China
MCA Music Corporation of America
MC Music Cue
MIR Music Data Bases
MDER Music Department
MD Music Department
MDA Music Design Awards
MDS Music Desk Stand
MDER Music Director
MD Music Director
MDN Music Discovery Network
MDA Music Distributors Association
MERIT Music Education Reaching Instrumental Talents
MERB Music Education Resource Base
MEA Music Educators Association
MEJ Music Educators Journal
MENC Music Educators National Conference
MEBCI Music Educators of Bergen County, Inc
MEBC Music Educators of Berks County
MEP Music Elective Program
MUE Music Engineering
MECAP Music Entertainment Consultation and Production
ME Music Exhibitioner
MEQ Music Experience Questionnaire
MFM Music Fans Mic
MFC Music Feature Card
MFD Music Finder Database
MFA Music for America
MFBP Music for Busy People
MFD Music for Democracy
MFE Music for Everyone
MFF Music for Films
MLM Music for Little Mozarts
MOM Music for Our Mother earth
MFP Music for Peace
MFSF Music for Schools Foundation
MRF Music for the Royal Fireworks
MFU Music For Unity
MFY Music for Youth
MFY Music for Youth Foundation
MFY Music for Youth of Arlington Heights
MFTC Music from the Corner
MGP Music Genome Project
MGOS Music Goes On
MGO Music Goes On
MGSS Music Graduate Students’ Society
MAL Music in American Life
MIM Music in the Mountains
MONTH Music in the Schools
MIS Music in the Schools
MITV Music in the Vineyards
MIV Music in Victoria
MI Music Industry
MIA Music Industry Arts
MIANL Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, Inc.
MIDI Music Industry Development Initiative
MIO Music Industry Online
MIRCS Music Industry Research, Consulting and Strategy
MICROWAVE Music Information Centre
MIC Music Information Centre
MIR Music Information Retrieval
MIRS Music Information Retrieval System
MIDI Music Instrument Device Interface
MIAGI Music Is a Great Investment
MIML Music Is My Life
MIMS Music Is My Savior
MLA Music Label Agency
MLA Music Library Association
MLSC Music Library Service Company
MLSC Music Library Special Collections
MLS Music Library System
MLD Music Like Dirt
MLAN Music Local Area Network
MML Music Macro Language
MMRF Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc.
MM Music Man
MMF Music Managers Forum
MMK Music Market
MMOL Music Mastering Online
MMCK Music Masters Course in Kazusa
MMEG Music Media Entertainment Group
MM Music Media Llc
MMO Music Minus One
MM Music Monday
MN Music News
MNN Music News Net
MOBO Music of Black Origin
MOMO Music of Moroccan Origin
MOYL Music of Your Life
MOATM Music on At the Moment
MOC Music On Console
MOCP Music On Console Player
MODULATOR Music On Demand
MOD Music On Demand
MOH Music On Hold
MOCA Music Online Competition Act
MOLP Music Open Learning Provider
MPDL Music Parameter Description Language
MUPF Music Performance
MPA Music Performance Assessment
MPF Music Performance Fund
MPA Music Phone Adapter
MPV Music Photo Video
MPO Music Power Output
MPRT Music Production and Recording Technology
MPC Music Production Center
MPAW Music Project Altmark West
MPAI Music Publishers Association of Ireland
MPA Music Publishers’ Association
MRL Music Reproduction Licence
MRBT Music Ring Back Tone
MRP Music Role Play
MRTC Music Row to Charlotte
MSLP Music Sample Library Project
MS Music Scholar
MSP Music Service Provider
MSG Music Support Group
MTAC Music Teachers’ Association of California
MTA Music Teachers’ Association of New South Wales
MTPP Music Teaching in Professional Practice
MTM Music Tech Magazine
MTLC Music Technology Learning Center
MTV Music Television
MTM Music That Matters
MTOW Music Theatre of Wenatchee
MUT Music Theory
MTS Music Theory Society
MTSE Music Theory Southeast
MTBC Music Therapist Board Certified
MT Music Therapy
MTAO Music Therapy Association of Ontario
MTLC Music Time Learning Center
MTGR Music Together of Greater Richmond
MUTS Music Under the Stars
MVM Music via Motion
MEGAVOLT Music Video
MV Music Video
MVA Music Video Award
MVC Music Video Channel
MVCI Music Video Commercial Institute
MVD Music Video Distributor
MVH Music Video Heaven
MVI Music Video Interactive
MVP Music Video Press
MVPA Music Video Production Association
MWM Music with Meaning
MWL Music Without Labels
MAPE Music, Arts, Physical Education
MMPT Music, Media & Performance Technology
MMPT Music, Media and Performance Technology
MMB Music, Movies, and Books
MTC Music/Machinery Transmission Class
MS Music/Speech
MADA Musica Alimento da Alma
MEV Musica Elettronica Viva
MEM Musica ExperiMente Ensemble
MMP Música Moderna Portuguesa
MPC Musica Para Camaleones
MPB Musica Popular Brasileira
MVIS Musica Viva in Schools
MACINTOSH Musical Arts Center
MAC Musical Arts Center
MAYO Musical Arts Youth Orchestra
MCSN Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria
MDB Musical Data Bases
MDER Musical Director
MD Musical Director
MDSA Musical Dog Sport Association
MHS Musical Heritage Society
MIDI Musical Industry Digital Interface
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MID Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIMF Musical Instrument Makers Forum
MIM Musical Instrument Museum
MIR Musical Instrument Repair
MITA Musical Instrument Technicians Association
MPA Musical Performance Anxiety
COMBINED Musical pitch/note
CHARLIE Musical pitch/note
C Musical pitch/note
CHARLIE Musical Pitchnote
COMBINED Musical Pitchnote
CATEGORY Musical Pitchnote
COMPUTE Musical Pitchnote
CONTROL Musical Pitchnote
C Musical Pitchnote
COLLEGE Musical Pitchnote
MQ Musical Quarterly
MT Musical Theater
MTCA Musical Theatre College Auditions
MTW Musical Theatre Works
MAFIA Musically Artistic Friends in Alliance
MDN Musicals Dot Net
MKV Musical-und Konzertvereinigung
MB MusicBrainz
MU-2 Musician
OMAN Musician
MUS Musician
MU Musician
MDP Musician Digital Portfolio
MPJ Musician Photo Journal
MERF Musician’s Emergency Resource Foundation
MU-2 Musician’s Union
OMAN Musician’s Union
MU Musician’s Union
MACC Musicians Against Childhood Cancer
MASA Musicians Against Substance Abuse
MAM Musicians Association of Malawi
MESO Musicians Emeritus Symphony Orchestra
MGRI Musicians Gulf Relief Initiative
MHOF Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum
MADD Musicians of Antrim District Development
MPS Musicians Placement Service
MUSIGA Musicians Union of Ghana
MUSE Musicians United for Safe Energy
MUSIC Musicians United to Stop Infant Circumcision
MADD Musicians, Artists, and DJs with Diverse Vybez
MROC Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada
MTC Musicmachinery Transmission Class
MM MusicMatch
MSA Musicological Society of Australia
MTAI Music-Thanatology Association International
M2K Music-to-Knowledge
MHM My Hollywood Musician
MPFM My Parent’s Favorite Music
NBME Nada Brahma Music Ensemble
NAM Nashville Association of Musicians
NAMT National Alliance for Musical Theater
MENC National Association for Music Education
NAME National Association for Music Education
NAMT National Association for Music Therapy
NABM National Association of Blind Musicians
NAMM National Association of Music Manufacturers
NAMM National Association of Music Merchants
NPM National Association of Pastoral Musicians
NASMD National Association of School Music Dealers
NASM National Association of Schools of Music
NCMA National Capital Music Academy
NCMA National Capital Music Association
MERC National Centre for Research in Music Education and Sound Arts
NCM National College of Music
NCMIE National Council of Music Importers and Exporters
NEMA National Early Music Association
NHSMI National High School Music Institute
NMDIS National Music and Disability Information Service
NMC National Music Camp
NMPA National Music Publishers’ Association
NMTN National Music Theater Network, Inc.
NFRAM National Networked Facility for Research in Australian Music
NPMTA National Professional Music Teachers Association
NRBMLC National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee
NSBTM National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians
NSMA National Student Music Awards
NWMF National Women’s Music Festival
NCTM Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
NCME Nebraska Coalition for Music Education
NCMF Nebraska Country Music Foundation
NMEA Nebraska Music Educators Association
NVMT Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre
NNM Network for New Music
NMR Networked Music Review
NMT Neurologic Music Therapy
NAMA New Amsterdam Musical Association
NOMADS New and Original Musicals Authored and Directed by Students
NCM New Christian Music
NECOM New England Conservatorium of Music
NEC New England Conservatory of Music
NECMC New England Country Music Club
NGM New Generation Music and Mission
NIME New Interfaces for Musical Expression
NMMIA New Mexico Music Industry Awards
NMSM New Mozart School of Music
NMC New Music Canada
ENEMY New Music Express
NME New Music Express
ENEMY New Musical Express
NME New Musical Express
NNMC New National Music Conservatory
NOMR New Orleans Music Resources
NOMC New Orleans Musicians Clinic
NONME New Orleans New Music Ensemble
NYAMS New York Academy of Music
NYAM New York Academy of Music
NYAMS New York Asian Music
NYAM New York Asian Music
NYMCMA New York Metropolitan Country Music Association
NYSSMA New York State School Music Association
NZM New Zealand Music
NZMM New Zealand Music Month
NMNL No Music No Life
NVCM Noe Valley Chamber Music
NNMC Nokie’s Northwest Music Celebration
NDDM Non-Dance Dance Music
NCMO Nordic Country Music Organization
NRMTA Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia
NSMT North Shore Music Theatre
NSMT Northcoast Student Music Therapists
NISOM Northeast Iowa School of Music
NOMAD Northeast Music and Dance
NMC Northeast Music Camp
NNCMC Northern Nashville Country Music Club
NYMP Northland Youth Music Program
NWMB Northwest Music Blog
NMPA Norwegian Music Publishers’ Association
NOTAM Norwegian Network for Technology, Acoustics and Music
NEDM Not Even Doom Music
NTWICM Now That’s What I Call Music
NMSM Nth and Midlands School of Music
NRMI Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana
OMF Observatoire Musical Français
OMR Offshore Music Radio
OAMT Ohio Association for Music Therapy Music Therapy
OMEA Ohio Music Educators Association
OVCMA Ohio Valley Christian Music Association
OMEA Oklahoma Music Educators Association
OSMF Old Settlers Music Festival
OMD Online Music Distribution
OMG Online Music Group
OML Online Music Label
OHM Only House Music
ORM Only Real Music
OIMA Ontario Independent Music Awards
OMEA Ontario Music Educators’ Association
ORMTA Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association
OMC Open Music Contest
OMM Open Music Model
OMSK Open Music System
OMS Open Music System
OMTF Opera and Music Theatre Forum
OHAM Oral History of American Music
OMM Orange Mountain Music
OHAM Orchestre d’Harmonie de l’Alliance Musicale
OMEA Oregon Music Educators Association
OCSM Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians
OPM Original Pilipino Music
OTMP Orkney Traditional Music Project
OMA Orlando Music Awards
OMFUG Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers
OMFUG Other Music for Urban Gourmets
OVMA Ottawa Valley Music Association
OVMA Ottawa Valley Musicians Association
OMA Outmusic Award
OMN Overtone Music Network
PGMA Pacific Gospel Music Association
PMIA Pacific Music Industry Association
PCMS Pakachoag Community Music School
PMU Paradise Music & Entertainment, Inc.
PDSE Paradise Music & Entertainment, Inc.
PMU Paradise Music Entertainment Inc
PRMC Parent’s Music Resource Center
PMRC Parental Music Resource Center
PMRC Parents Music Resource Center
PCFMF Park City Film Music Festival
PPM Pasadena Pro Musica
PPMF Payson Park Music Festival
PCMS PC Music Supply
PMPO Peak Music Power Output
PMEA Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
PMTA Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association
PMTA Pensacola Music Teachers Association
PYMF Penwortham Youth Music Festival
PMN Peoples Music Network
PMU Performance Music
PMAN Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria
PMC Persian Music Center
PMC Persian Music Channel
PCCOM Personal Contract for the Composition of Music
PMP Personal Music Player
PAMT Perth Academy of Musical Theatre
PIMS Peterson International Music School
PBM Phat Blues Music
PMW Philip’s Music Writer
PMG Phillips Music Guild
PCMM Phoenix Creative Music Movement
PEMS Phoenix Early Music Society
PMPC PHP Music Player Controller
POM Physics of Music
PMI Picture Music International
PCMP Pittsburgh Chamber Music Project
PMTA Plano Music Teachers Association
PERFORM Platform Equality and Remedies for Rights Holders in Music Act of 2006
PMN Podsafe Music Network
PMJ Polish Music Journal
PMRC Polish Music Reference Center
PMV Pony Music Video
PNM Pop’n Music
PMPC Portable Music Player Cable
POMN Portland Online MusicNet
PCCM Pre-Concert Chamber Music
PRAM Pre-Recorded Announcements and Music
PAM Presbyterian Association of Musicians
PRMS Preston Recorded Music Society
PMT Prince Music Theater
PFMS Princeton Folk Music Society
PRMA Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association
PMM Professional Murder Music
PMM Professional Music Men, Inc.
PFM Progressive Future Music
PMG Provident Music Group
PMO Purdue Musical Organization
PHM Pure House Music
PVMA Putnam Valley Music Association
PMFC Pyro Musical Fireworks Center
QMMR Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review
QMTA Quebec Music Teachers’ Association
QMT Queen’s Musical Theatre
QMF Queenscliff Music Festival
QBFM Queensland Biennial Festival of Music
QYMC Questors Young Musicians Club
QWMM Quit Work Make Music
RAMU Random Access Musical Universe
RMS Rappahannock Music Society
RYM Rate Your Music
RMTA Reading Music Teachers Association
RGM Real Good Music
RMX Rebel Music Xplicit
RMMG Rec.Music.Makers.Guitar
RMMJ Rec.Music.Makers.Jazz
RPM Recherche en Pedagogie Musicale
RMA Recording Musicians Association
RMM Recreational Music Making
RCCM Red Cedar Chamber Music
RMMC Red Mountain Music Company
RM Red Music
RSMA Red Stripe Music Award
ROMP Reediana Omnibus Musica Philosopha
RMTA Registered Music Teachers Association
RMT Registered Music Therapist
RMT-BC Registered Music Therapist-Board Certified
RML Rencontres Musicales en Lorraine
RIPM Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale
RISM Répertoire International des Sources Musicales
RAIME Research Alliance of Institutions for Music Education
RSME Research Studies in Music Education
RMTA Resident Musical Theatre Association
RAMH Resources of American Music History
RBMT Rhythm-Based Music Therapy
RMTF Rich MIDI Tablature Format (music notation software)
RMF Rich Music Format
RDMS Richard Davidson Musical Services
RTMF Richard Tucker Music Foundation
RMTA Richardson Music Teachers Association
RMFS Richmond Music Festival Society
RMTA Richmond Music Teachers Association
RMM Rio Music Manager
RMM Ritmo Mundo Musical
RJM River Jones Music
ROMP River of Music Party
RBMT Robert Bouffler Music Trust
RAMI Rockford Area Music Industry
RMM Rocky Mountain Music
RRMC Rocky Ridge Music Center
RM Roxy Music
RAMC Royal Academy of Music
RAM Royal Academy of Music
RAFMS Royal Air Force Music Services
RCMT Royal City Musical Theatre
RCM Royal College of Music
RCM Royal Conservatory of Music
RCMT Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto
RIAM Royal Irish Academy of Music
RMCM Royal Manchester College of Music
RMA Royal Musical Association
RNSM Royal Naval School of Music
RNCM Royal Northern College of Music
RSCM Royal School of Church Music
RMSA Rural Music Schools Association
ROCM Russian Orthodox Church Musicians
SMR Sahaja Music Records
SMH Saison Musicale d’Hérouville
SDAM San Diego Area Music
SDMF San Diego Music Foundation
SDMT San Diego Musical Theatre
SDMC San Diego Musicians Collective
SFCM San Francisco Conservatory of Music
SPCM Sancti Petri Collegium Musicum
SMF Sanibel Music Festival
SBMC Santa Barbara Music Club
SBMP Santa Barbara Music Publishing
SMP Santares Music People, Inc.
SPBMA Sao Paulo Bluegrass Music Association
SWMC Sarajevo Winter Music Conference
SCMA Saskatchewan Country Music Association
SMNI Satellite Music Network, Inc.
SMF Savannah Music Festival
STMF Save the Music Foundation
SAMA Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards
SMG Scandinavian Music Group
SOM School of Music
SMA Schools Music Association
SEMC Scottish Early Music Consort
SMC Scottish Music Centre
STMS Scottish Theatre and Music School
SMDI SCSI Musical Data Interchange
SALM Scuola per Animatori Liturgico Musicali
MUSA Seaman Apprentice, Musician Striker
MUSN Seaman, Musician Striker
SMT Seaside Music Theater
SMF Seattle Music Festival
SDMI Secure Digital Music Initiative
MUCS Senior Chief Musician
SMCB Senseney Music Community Band
SICMF Seoul International Computer Music Festival
SMS Seoul Music School
STARFIRE Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts
SF Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts
SF Serendib Foundation For Music Performing Arts
STARFIRE Serendib Foundation For Music Performing Arts
SMD Sheet Music Direct
SM Shoals Music
STIL SID Tune Information List (music database)
SMUS Simple Music format
SMTAS Singers Musical Theatre Anthology
SMTA Singers Musical Theatre Anthology
SMP SM Entertainment Music Performance
SPMR Smitepod Music Review
SBMC Snakebite Music Club
SLAAM So Long Athletics Art and Music
SIDMA Società Italiana Di Musicologia Afroamericana
SIEM Societa Italiana per l’Educazione Musicale
SFE Société Française d’Ethnomusicologie
SFM Société Française de Musicologie
SMR Société Musicale de Rambouillet
SMNS Société Musicale Normande
SHAMAN Société Musicale Normande
SMN Société Musicale Normande
SAM Society for American Music
SEM Society for Ethnomusicology
SMT Society for Music Theory
SSCM Society for Seventeenth Century Music
SPBMA Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America
SPNM Society for the Promotion of New Music
SPAM Society for the Publication of American Music
SOCAN Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
SOMM Society of Music Merchants
SNM Society of New Music
PCAM Society of Producers and Composers of Applied Music
SMF Solstice Music Festival
SCMA Sonoma County Music Association
SME Sony Music Entertainment
SMV Sony Music Video
SMW Sound Music World
SOM Sound of Music
SAMA South African Music Awards
SAMPA South African Music Promoters Association
SAMQC South African Music Quota Coalition
SAMW South African Music Week
SAMC South American Music Conference
SAMYO South Asian Music Youth Orchestra
SBSM South Bank Summer Music
SCMEA South Carolina Music Educators Association
SCGMC South Central Graduate Music Consortium
SCMB South Central Music Bulletin
SDMTA South Dakota Music Teachers Association
SEMC South Eastern Music Centre
STAMP South Tyneside Academy of Musical Performance
SKMA Southeastern Kentucky Music Association
SCEMS Southern California Early Music Society
SCREAM Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music
SCREAM Southern Center for Research in ElectroAcoustic Music
SEMF Southern Early Music Forum
SGM Southern Gospel Music
SGMA Southern Gospel Music Association
SGML Southern Gospel Music Lovers
SMC Southern Music Company
SMHF Southern Music Hall of Fame
SOCMI Southern Ontario Chamber Music Institute
SCMA Southwest Celtic Music Association
SCMA Spanish Country Music Association
SMAP Sport Music Assemble People
SMF Spring Music Festival
SGMT St. George Musical Theater
SJAMTA St. Joseph Area Music Teachers Association
SMARTS St. Peter’s Music and Arts
SMTG Staines Musical Theatre Group
SCLM Standing Commission of Liturgy and Music
SAMI Stand-Up Accessory for Musical Instruments
SMMC Starbucks Music Makers Competition
SWAMI State of Washington as a Musical Instrument
SUMAC Stevens Underground Music Awareness Committee
SFMV Stick Figure Music Video
SEMF Stockholm Early Music Festival
STLM Street Team Local Music
SMI Strings Music Import
SMTAS Student Music Therapists’ Association
SMTA Student Music Therapists’ Association
SCAM Suffolk College Alternative Music
SCMEA Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association
SCMEA Sullivan County Music Educators’ Association
SAMW Summer Acoustic Music Week
SCMCS Summer Chamber Music Concert Series
SMC Summer Music Camp
SMTI Summer Musical Theatre Intensive
SEMW Sumthing Else Music Works
SMART Super Music Action Ready Team
SLAM Support Local Art/Music
SYMPA Surrey Youth Music and Performing Arts
SMAF Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival
SMME Sweden Metal Music Entertainment
SMMES Sweden Metal Music Entertainment
SCM Sweet Chin Music
SMI Symbolic Music Information
SMWG Symphonic Music Working Group
SNM Syndicat National des Musiciens
SMAF Synthetic music Mobile Application Format
TDPMD Taiwan Daniel Pearl Music Day
TFM Tamil Film Music
TCMF Tamworth Country Music Festival
TRCM Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music
TMC Tanglewood Music Center
TMCO Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra
TCMG Taos Chamber Music Group
TUMS Tasmania University Musical Society
TLMC Tasmin Little Music Centre
TIME Technology Institute for Music Educators
TTM Ten Ton Music
TCMA Tennessee Country Music Alliance
TMAA Texas Music Adjudicators Association
TMEC Texas Music Educators Conference
TMTR Texas Music Theater Radio
TSOM Texas School of Music
TBM The Best Music
TCVSGMA The Chattahoochee Valley Southern Gospel Music Association
JAMPAC The Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee
TMC The Music Channel
TMF The Music Factory
TMF The Music Foundation
TMGA The Music Group Associates
TMMF The Music Mayday Foundation
TMP The Music People
TMCL The Musician Credits List
TMG The Musicland Group, Inc.
TSOM The Sound of Music
TMSU Theatre Music Student Union
TEMP Tibetan Endangered Music Project
TBMA Tidewater Bluegrass Music Association
TFFM Tidewater Friends of Folk Music
TFM Today’s Favourite Music
TIMF Tongyeong International Music Festival
TSMAF Toronto Summer Music Academy and Festival
TADAMS Traditional American Dance and Music Society
TMN Trailer Music News
TMP Transcontinental Music Publications
TMAT Transit Musicians Association of Toronto
TIMF Treasure Island Music Festival
TEMPO Tredyffrin-Easttown Music Parents Organization
TUMS Trent University Music Society
TBMF Triangle Beach Music Festival
TCM Trinity College of Music
TLM Truth, Love, and Music
TFTM Tucson Friends of Traditional Music
TMQ Turkish Music Quarterly
UMR UK Music Rave
UMX Ultimate Music Xperience
UMF Ultra Music Festival
UPM Under Pressure Music
UMM Underground Music Movement
USM Union Square Music
UCMVA United Catholic Music and Video Association
UDMA United Dance Music Association
UMPIRE United Music Publishers Ltd.
UMP United Music Publishers Ltd.
USMT United States Music Tradeshow
UTTM Uniting Through Traditional Music
UDM Universal Database for Music Ltd.
UMVD Universal Music & Video Distribution
UMA Universal Music Australia
UMC Universal Music Canada
UMG Universal Music Group
UMI Universal Music International
UMS University Musical Society
UMSOM University of Miami School of Music
UMX Unreal Music
UHMA Unsung Hero Music Archive
UCMF Urban Country Music Festival
UMAC Urban Music Association of Canada
UMA Urban Music Awards
UEMF Utopia Electronic Music Festival
VMT Vallejo Music Theatre
VCMF Vancouver Chamber Music Festival
VMA Vancouver Musicians’ Association
VNM Vancouver New Music
VCM Vandercook College of Music
VALLEY Vanessa Hudgens Music Album
VERY Vanessa Hudgens music album
V Vanessa Hudgens music album
VROOM Venue Resource of Original Music
VVM Verbal Vigilante Music
VCME Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble
VMG Versatile Music Group
VFMC Victorian Folk Music Club Inc.
VGM Video Game Music
VMA Video Music Awards
VCM Vienna Concentus Musicus
VVMA Vietnamese Video Music Awards
VMC Village Music Circles
VMG Vineyard Music Group
VFMC Virginia Federation of Music Clubs
VMC Virtual Music Center
VAMS Visual Arts and Music for Society
VAMP Visual Arts, Music, Performance
VYD Visualize Your Dream Music Publishing
VIMA Visually Impaired Musicians Association
VMC Vitaminic Music Club
VM Vocal Music
VOM Voice of Music
WVMA Wabash Valley Music Association
WDPM Walker Dance Park Music
WVMA Wallowa Valley Music Alliance
WBMS Warner Brothers Music Show
WMC Warner Music Canada
WMG Warner Music Group
WMLA Warner Music Latin America
WMME Warner Music Manufacturing Europe
WMJ WarnerMusic Japan
WAMA Washington Area Music Association
WAMEX Washington Area Music Exchange
WMEA Washington Music Educators Association
WMV Washington Musica Viva
WEM Watkins Electric Music
WATMM We Are the Music Makers
WLM We Love Music
WMI Weill Music Institute
WAMF Welsh Amateur Music Federation
WCMD Welsh College of Music and Drama
WMJ Wesleyan Music Journal
WBSM West Bank School of Music
WBMF West Beach Music Festival
WCMA West Coast Music Awards
WDMC West Dorset Music Centre
WGMA West Gallery Music Association
WMMF West Marin Music Festival
WVMTA West Virginia Music Teachers Association
WAMI Western Australian Music Industry
WCMA Western Canadian Music Alliance
WCMA Western Canadian Music Awards
WCMW Western Canadian Music Week
WMA Western Music Association
WSSM Westmoreland Suzuki School of Music
WMS Westwinds Music Society
WGM Whatz Good Music
WBML Where Black Music Lives
WUML Where Underground Music Lives
WMMA White Mountain Musical Arts
WAM Wild About Music Inc.
WCMF Winchester and County Music Festival
WAMM Windsor Arts & Music Monthly
WCMF Windsor Canadian Music Festival
WEMS Winnipeg Early Music Society
WMF Winnipeg Music Festival
WMC Winter Music Conference
WAME Wisconsin Advocates for Music Education
WAMI Wisconsin Area Music Industry
WCM Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
WFSM Wisconsin Foundation for School Music
WMEA Wisconsin Music Educators Association
WMTA Wisconsin Music Teachers Association
WMG Wisconsin Musical Groups
WSMA Wisconsin School Music Association
WSMA Wisconsin School of Music Association
WSMA Wisconsin State Music Association
WMLA Wiveliscombe Live Music Association
WOMS Wizards of Music Society
WMRT Wollongong Music Round Table
WMMW Women of Music-Music of Women
WMC Woodbridge Music Club
WACM Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music
WCMF World Creole Music Festival
WEMF World Electronic Music Festival
WFMS World Federation of Music Schools
WFMT World Federation of Music Therapy, Inc.
WFSM World Festival of Sacred Music
WFMA World Folk Music Association
WMA World Music Association
WMCE World Music Charts Europe
WME World Music Ensemble
WMN World Music Nashville
WMN World Music Network
WMTF World Music Theatre Festival
WNMF World New Music Festival
WOM World of Music
WOMAD World of Music Arts and Dance
WOJM World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales
WWMR World Wide Music Radio
WOMT Worlds of Music Toronto
WAAM Worldwide Association of Artists and Musicians
WILMA Worldwide Internet Live Music Archive
WIMR Worldwide Internet Music Resources
WMCS Worthing Musical Comedy Society
WAM Writing, Art and Music
WMEA Wyoming Music Educators Association
WSMA Wyoming School Music Association
XMG Xtreme Music Group, Inc.
YME Yahoo! Music Engine
YMJ Yahoo! Music Jukebox
YMF Yamaha Music Foundation
YMS Yamaha Music Schools
YMS Yatton Music Society
YRM Yelton Rhodes Music
YHBTM You Have Bad Taste in Music
YCM Young Catholic Musicians
YMA Young Musicians & Artists
YMVA Young Musicians for Volunteer Action
YMF Young Musicians Foundation
YMH Young Musicians Hebrides
YMV Young Musicians of Virginia
YMS Young Musicians Society
YMC Young Musicians’ Competition
YMS Young Musicians’ Summer Festival
YME Your Music Entertainment
YMT Youth Music Tasmania Inc
YMTC Youth Musical Theater Company
YMT Youth Musical Theatre
YMF Yufuin Music Festival
ZCM Zimbabwe College of Music