Network Abbreviations


What is Networking?

Networking is an English word that indicates the ability to establish a network of contacts or a connection with something or someone.

This network of contacts is a support system where services and information are shared between individuals or groups that have a common interest.

Networking and professional opportunities

Networking is a term used in the business context and refers to the exchange of information and knowledge with a network of contacts. The purpose of networking is to expand opportunities for professional success, but it should not be a unilateral action – to be effective, there must be reciprocity, that is, the benefit must be mutual.

Having a consolidated network of contacts with professionals in your area of expertise or related areas is very important for you to be remembered when professional opportunities arise that require the skills you have.

When a company needs to hire someone, for example, it often approaches its employees and asks if they know anyone in their network who could perform a certain role.

In these cases, the better a person’s networking skills are , the more likely they are to get good job opportunities.

How to do good networking ?

Good networking presupposes exchanges, this is because, when building your network of professional contacts, it is essential that in addition to seeking opportunities and benefits, you also demonstrate what you can offer positive to your contacts.

For this, it is important to know your potential partners, competitors or employers, identify their needs and interests and understand how you can help each other.

But good networking isn’t just about getting new contacts, it’s also about keeping the contacts you’ve made in the past. In addition, in networking, the quality of your contacts is more important than the quantity.

Tips for networking

  • Keep your social networks up to date with your professional information.
  • Participate in events and forums related to your area of ​​expertise.
  • Get back in touch with people you met at events.
  • Show interest in the work of others, ask good questions.
  • Share your work on social media.
  • Do not speak negatively about other professionals or competitors.

Networking is a personal marketing tool that depends on one’s social aptitude. In order to build a good network of contacts, it is necessary to be efficient in terms of interpersonal relationships, which is why networking is often worked on in coaching.

Network Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Network

A Content Delivery Network
A Network of Communities of the Poor
A Network of Evansville Women
A Remote Network Server
Aaronic Business Angel Network Ltd.
Aaronic Business Angel Network Ltd.
Ability Learning Network
Aboriginal Business Service Network
Aboriginal Education Research Network
Aboriginal Government Employees Network
Aboriginal Mapping Network
Aboriginal National Network Initiative
Aboriginal Peoples TV Network
Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network
Aboriginal Youth Network
Abortion Recovery International Network
Academic Clinical Oncology and Radiobiology Research Network
Academic Computer Network
Academic Computing and Networking Services
Academic Computing Services Network
Academic Global Network Consultancy
Academic Network Advisory Group
Academic Network at Sao Paulo
Academic Network for Clinical Research
Academic Network of European Disability Experts
Academic Position Network
Academic Research Network
Academy of Networking
Accelerate Business Development Network
Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network
Access Indiana Information Network
Access Media Network, Inc.
Access Network
Access Network Controller
Access Network Design
Access Network Frequency Plan
Access Network Interface
Access Network Line
Access Network Operator
Access Network Support and Warranty for End Resources System
Access Network TCP Monitoring Algorithm
Access Network Transport
Access Network Transport
Access Research Network
Access to Singles Network
Access Utah Network
Account Network Management Program
Accountants Global Network
ACE Operational Teletype Network
Acid Deposition Monitoring Network
Acorn Universal Networking
Acoustic Local Area Network
Acquisition Information Management Network
Action Bets Network
Action Bets Network
Action Network
Action Network for Social Work Education and Research
Action Potential Networks, Inc.
Action Southwest Business Networks Coalition
Active Directory Network Manager
Active Network Abstraction
Active Network Architecture
Active Network Diagram
Active Network Encapsulation Protocol
Active Network Guidance & Emergency Logic
Active Network Intrusion Defense
Active Network Management Protocol
Active Network Overlay Network
Active Network Service
Active Network Transport System
Active Optical Network
Active Sensor Network
Active Server Pages Network
Active Systems Area Networks
ActiveState Programmer Network
Actor-Network Theory
Actor-Network Theory
Actors Network
Acute Coronary Treatment & Intervention Outcomes Network
Acxiom Data Network
Acyclic Transmission Network
Ad Hoc Network Management Protocol
Adaptive Focused Replicator Network
Adaptive Identity-Based Network
Adaptive Internetwork Management
Adaptive Learning Network
Adaptive Logic Network
Adaptive Network for Granular Information and Evidence Processing
Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference System
Adaptive Network Security Alliance
Adaptive Network Security Management
Adaptive Network Sensor Processor
Adaptive Network Solutions Research, Inc.
Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System
Adaptive Network-Centric Online Autonomic Supply Chain Management System
Adaptive Networks, Threats and Solutions
Adaptive Private Networking
Adaptive Probabilistic Neural Network
Adaptive Self-Configuring Sensor Network Topologies
Additional Network Feature
Add-On Services Digital Network
Adelaide Network Access Point
Ad-Hoc Secondary Network
Adjoint Network Method
Administrative Data Telecommunications Network
Administrative Data Transmission Network
Adobe Solutions Network
Adolescent Services Resource Network
Adoptee-Birthparent Support Network
Adoption Family Network
Adoption Resource Network, Inc.
Adoption Support Network of Ireland
ADSL Network Termination
ADSL Network Termination
Adult Injury Management Network
Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network
Adult Literacy and Technology Network
Adult Training and Development Network
Advance Network Business Consulting
Advanced Computer and Networking Technology
Advanced Computer Networks
Advanced Computer Systems and Networks
Advanced Control Network
Advanced Digital Network
Advanced Digital Network System
Advanced Fiber Network
Advanced First Responder Network
Advanced Industrial Property Network
Advanced Informatics Distributed Medical Access Network
Advanced Intelligent Network
Advanced Intelligent Network Services
Advanced Interoperability Test Network
Advanced Knowledge Networks
Advanced Manufacturing Education Network
Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
Advanced Media Network
Advanced Modular Adaptive Network
Advanced Network Analyst
Advanced Network and Services
Advanced Network Applications, Services and Technologies Program
Advanced Network Computing Laboratory
Advanced Network Control Services
Advanced Network Engineering
Advanced Network Engineering Consultants Limited
Advanced Network Engineering Tool
Advanced Network Exchange
Advanced Network Facilities
Advanced Network Infrastructure
Advanced Network Management
Advanced Network Management Protocol
Advanced Network Processors
Advanced Network Security and Connectivity
Advanced Network Solutions
Advanced Network Technology
Advanced Network Technology
Advanced Network Technology Group
Advanced Networked Systems Architecture
Advanced Networking Center
Advanced Networking Forum Australia
Advanced Networking Services
Advanced Networking Test Center
Advanced Networks and Services
Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems
Advanced Networks Applications
Advanced Passive Safety Network of Excellence
Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
Advanced Peer-To-Peer Networking
Advanced Professional Logistics Network
Advanced Program-to-Program Internetworking
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Advanced Services for Network Security
Advanced Specialty Engineering Networked Toolkit
Advanced Tactical Networking Training
Advanced Technology Demonstration Network
Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking
Adventist Communication Network
Adventist Global Communication Network
Advertising Agency Network International
Advertising and Marketing International Network
Advisory Network on Mental Health
Advocacy Initiative Network
Advocacy Network for Africa
Aegis Computer Network Technician
AEGIS Performance Assessment Network
Aeromedical Voice Network
Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Panel
Aerospace Innovation Network
Aerospace Research Information Network
Aetna African American Employee Network
Aetna Hispanic Network
Aetna Network of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees
Aetna Women’s Network
Afghan Mission Network
Afghan Refugee Information Network
Afghan Women’s Network
AFMSS Non-Network Transfer
Africa 2000 Network
Africa Business Network
Africa Business Network
Africa Earth Observatory Network
Africa Faith and Justice Network
Africa Media and Malaria Research Network
Africa Trade Network
Africa Water Network
Africa Water Network
African American Health Network
African American Homeschoolers Network
African American Tobacco Education Network
African Aurora Business Network
African Biosciences Network
African Biosciences Network
African Broadcasting Network
African Broadcasting Network
African Broadcasting Network
African Caribbean Business Network
African Development Education Network
African Development Initiatives Network
African Economic Editors Network
African Educational Research Network
African Heritage Network
African Judicial Network
African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network
African Midwives Research Network
African Network Against Torture
African Network Against Torture
African Network for Integrated Development
African Network Information Centre
African Network of Basin Organizations
African Network of Scientific and Technical Institutions
African Networking Initiative
African Parks Network
African Solution Network
African Trypanotolerant Livestock Network
African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
Aga Khan Development Network
Agent Technology for Sensor Networks
Aggregate Function Network
Aggregated Network Access Point
Agile Project Leadership Network
Agile Supply Demand Networks
Agility Network Services Platform
Aging Services Network of Euclid
Agrarian Reform Network
Agricultural Policy Research Network
Agricultural Policy Research Networks
Agricultural Research and Development Network
Agriculture Network Information Center
Agri-Food Research Network
Agri-Food Trade Network
Ahwatukee Foothills Networking Group
AIDS Clinical Trials Network
AIDS Community Resource Network
AIDS Support Network of San Luis Obispo County
AIDS Treatment Data Network
Air Ambulance Network
Air Base Local Area Digital Network
Air Force Information Network
Air Force Network Integration Center
Air Force Network Operations and Security Center
Air Force Operations Network
Air Force Satellite Control Network
Air Force Satellite Control Network Common User Element
Air Force Super-Computer Wide Area Network
Air Force Television Network
Air Force Weather Information Network
Air Network
Air Request Network
Air Reserve Component Network
Air Technology Network
Air Traffic Network
Airborne Communications Network
Airborne Network
Airborne Network Integration
Airborne Networking Waveform
Airbus Maintenance Training Network
Aircraft Dealer Network
Airline and Customer-Related Travel Industry Occupation Network
Airline Liaison Officer Network
Airliner Sensor and Cabin Environment Network
Airport Network Simulation Model
Akamai Accelerated Network Program
Al Qaeda Network
Alabama Business Incubation Network
Alabama Digital Preservation Network
Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network
Alabama Information Network
Alabama Micro Enterprise Network
Alabama Radio Network
Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network
Alarm Broadband Network
Alarm Broadband Network
Alaska Brain Injury Network, Inc.
Alaska Building Science Network
Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network
Alaska Job Center Network
Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network
Alaska Public Radio Network
Alaska Rural Telehealth Network
Alaska Staff Development Network
Alaska Teacher Leadership Network
Albanian Students Abroad Network
Albanian Women Network
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network
Alberta Consultative Health Research Network
Alberta Natural Health Agricultural Network
Alberta Rural Development Network
Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network
Alberta Social and Health Equities Network
Alberta Youth in Care and Custody Network
Alcatel Network Systems
Algoma District Community Network
Algoma District Information Network
Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks
All Area Network
All Campus Radio Network
All Class in One Network
All Communication Network
All Goju Ryu Network
All India Drug Action Network
All IP Based Network
All Nations Hope AIDS Network
All Optical Network
All Partners Access Network
All Saints Action Network Ltd
All Sports Fantasy Network
All Sports Radio Network
Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics
Alliance Business Centers Network
Alliance Business Network
Alliance Business Network
Alliance for Spam Free Networks
Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks
Allied Health Network
Allied Violent Offense Network
All-Optical Transport Network
All-round Semi-cellular Trunking Radiocommunication network with Integrated Dispatchings
Alternate Critical Communications Network
Alternate Network Control Terminal
Alternate Network Operations Control
Alternate Network Service Agreement
Alternate Signaling Transport Network
Alternating Network
Alternating Parenting Network Association
Alternative Academic Educational Network
Alternative Agri-Food Networks
Alternative Network Operator
Alternative School Network Association
Alternative Trade Network of Nigeria
Alto Broadcasting System – Chronicle Broadcasting Network
Alumni Admission Recruitment Network
Alumni Career Network
Amateur Television Network
Amazon Tree Diversity Network
Ambient Stream Monitoring Network
Ambiguous Genitalia Support Network
Ambulatory and Community Health Network
America Coasters Network
America’s Career Resource Network
America’s Collectables Network
America’s Emergency Network
America’s Fiber Network
American Automobile Network Holdings, Inc.
American Border Collie Network
American Bundestag Intern Network
American Business Network
American Business Network
American Collage Network for Educators
American Comedy Network
American Consumer Financial Network
American Country Radio Network
American Forces Korea Network
American Forces Network
American Forces Network, Iraq
American Forces Philippines Network (former AFRTS network in the Philippine Islands
American Forces Thailand Network
American Independent Network
American Indian Business Network
American Logistics Aid Network
American Mideast Leadership Network
American Motel Hotel Brokers’ Network
American Motorcycle Network
American Network Communications
American Networks
American Patriot Friends Network
American Samoa Network Information Center
American Scholastic Association Network
American Scholastics Competition Network
American Society of Naval Engineers Member Network
American Sports Photo Network
American Switching Network
American Technologies Network Corporation
American Telephone and Telegraph Network Wireless Systems
American Willow Growers Network
American World War II Orphans Network
Ameritech Network Management
Ameritech Network Services
Ameritech Switched Data Network
Anacostia Men’s Employment Network
Analogue Network Terminator
Analogue Network Terminator
Analytic Network Process
Anarchist Black Cross Network
Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network
Andean Information Network
Anderson Financial Network, Inc.
Angel Flight America Network
Anglican Communion Network
Anglican Network in Canada
Angry Gamer Network
Animal Advocacy Network of Indiana
Animal Crossing World Network
Animal Emergency Response Network
Animal Legislative Action Network
Animal Love and Loss Network
Animal Network Efforts by Women
Animal Productivity and Health Information Network
Animal Rights Action Network
Animal Rights Network
Animation World Network
Anime Enlightenment Network
Anime Manga Roleplaying Network
Anime News Network
Anime News Network
Antarctic Environmental Officers Network
Antarctic Fast-Ice Network
Antarctic International Magnetometer NETwork
Antarctic Research, a European Network for Astronomy
Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies
Anti-Corruption Student Network
Anti-Discrimination Support Network
Anti-Drug Network
Anti-Globalism Action Network
Antimalarial Drug Resistance Network
Anti-Racism and Decolonization Network
Anti-Racist Response Network
Anza Valley Networks
AOL Transit Data Network
Aperture Users Network
Apikan Indigenous Network
Appalachia Community Cancer Network
Appalachian Trail Traffic Enforcement Network
Apple Consultant Network
Apple Network Administrator Toolkit
Apple Network Administrator Toolkit
Apple Network Manager’s Association
Apple Network Server
Apple Remote Installation and Network Activator
Appletalk Networking Forum
AppleTalk Remote Network Server
Application and Content Networking System
Application Delivery Network
Application Networking Service
Application of Neural Networks for Industry in Europe
Application Oriented Storage Networks
Application Transport Network
Application-Aware Network
Application-Centric Network Management
Application-Oriented Networking
Applications and Services in Wireless Networks
Applications Network Software
Application-Specific Network Processor
Applied Conflict Resolution Organizations Network
Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Applied Networking and Systems Administration
Apply to Teach Network
Apprenticeship and Training Support Network
Approved Driving School Network
Approximate Identity Neural Network
Aquarium Network Retailers Association
Aquila Networks British Columbia
Aquired Brain Injury Network
Arab Network for Environment and Development
Arab Network for Gender and Development
Arab News Network
Arab News Network
Arab Press Network
Arab Regional Environmental Information Network
Arabian Network Information Services
Arabic Media Internet Network
Aramis Security Network, Inc.
Arbinet Global Clearing Network
ARC Communications Research Network
Archer Network Group, Inc.
Architectural Green Solar Network
Architectural Infrastructure Management Network
Architecture and Services of Network Applications
Architectures of Networks of Services
Archives Network of Alberta
Archives Network Wales
Arctic Gaming Server Network
Arctic Youth Network
Area Control Network
Arid Lands Information Network
Aristotle Spam Defense Network
Arizona Education Network
Arizona Network for Community Responsibility
Arizona Sports Fans Network
Arizona-International Telemedicine Network
Arkansas Out of School Network
Arkansas Razorback Sports Network
Arlington County Online Resource Network
Armageddon Games Network
Armed Forces Financial Network
Armed Forces Network
Armed Forces Radio Network
Armenian News Network
Armenian News Network
Armenian-Russian Television Network
Arms Control Research Network
Army Command & Control Network
Army Command and Control Network
Army Information Network
Army Interoperability Network
Army Interoperability Network
Army Interoperability Network Center
Army Interoperability Test Network
Army Knowledge Network
Army Management Support Network
Army Network Warfare Battalion
Army Reserve Network
Army Supercomputer Network
Army Theater Network Operations & Security Center
Art Museum Network
Art Quilt Network
Artificial Intelligence Neural Network
Artificial Intelligence Planning Network of Excellence
Artificial Mains Network
Artificial Networked Technician Optimized for Nocturnal Infiltration and Observation
Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Neural Network Investing
Artificial Neural Network Processor
Artificial Neural Network Technology
Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering
Artificial Social Network
Artists Entertainment Network
Artists Independent Network
Artists’ Moving Image Network
Arts & Sciences Networking Administrators
Arts Network for Children and Youth
Arts Network for Integrated Media Applications
Aruba Wireless Networks
ASEAN Standards Service Network
Asexual Visibility & Education Network
Asheville Sports Production and Education Network
Asia and West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation
Asia News Network
Asia News Network
Asia Pacific Area Network
Asia Pacific Business Network
Asia Pacific Media Network
Asia Pacific Migration Research Network
Asia Pacific Mountain Network
Asia Pacific Natural Hazards Information Network
Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research
Asia Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
Asia Pacific Research Network
Asia Women and Shelter Network
Asian Business Development Network
Asian Community Online Network
Asian Cropping Systems Network
Asian Film Industry Network
Asian Highway Network
Asian Industrial Property Network
Asian Muslim Action Network
Asian Network for Biological Sciences
Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology
Asian Network for Quality
Asian Network for Scientific Information
Asian Network of Major Cities
Asian Network of Women in Communication
Asian Pacific American Professional Network
Asian Pacific Islander Family Resources Network
Asian Professional Network Association
Asian Professional Networking
Asian Research Publishing Network
Asian Rice Biotechnology Network
Asian River Restoration Network
Asian Rotavirus Surveillance Network
Asian Studies Network Information Center
Asian Television Network
Asian Video Network
Asian Volunteer Action Network
Asian-American Employee Network
Asian-American Network Against Abuse
Asia-Pacific Advanced Network
Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network
Asia-Pacific Gender Equality Network
Asia-Pacific Green Network
Asia-Pacific Network
Asia-Pacific Network for Research in Global Change
Asia-Pacific Quality Network
Asia-Pacific Technology Network
Aslib Social Science Information Group and Network
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
Asperger Syndrome Education Network
Assessment, Research, and Integration of Desertification Research Network
Asset Network for Education Worldwide
Assign Commercial Network
assign frequency for network reporting
assign frequency for network reporting
Assis Global Networks
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks & Information Integration
Assiut University Network
Associate College Network
Associated Network Partners Inc.
Associated Pharmacy Network
Associated Schools Project Network
Association for Astrological Networking
Association of Network for Community Empowerment
Association of Southeast Asian Nations Wildlife Enforcement Network
Association of Storage Network Professionals
Associative Projective Neural Network
Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks
Asthma Clinical Research Network
Astrophysical Teletype Network
Asylum Seeker Networks Australia
Async Network Survivability
Asynchronous Learning Networks
AT&T Business Network
AT&T Business Network
AT&T Switched Network
ATC Interbase Multiuser Network
ATC Network Administrator
ATC Network Manager
ATCCS Engineering Network
Athens Network of Collaborating Experts
Atlantic Environmental Sciences Network
Atlantic Networks for Prevention Research
Atlantic Root Network, Inc.
Atlantic Satellite Network
Atlantic Scholarly Information Network
Atlantic Scholarly Information Network
Atlantic Syndication Network, Inc.
Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc.
ATM Core Network
ATM Network Interface Card
ATM Network Interface Module (hardware)
ATM Passive Optical Network
ATM Switching Network
Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network
Atomic Scale Design Network
Attached Resource Computer Network
Attachment Disorder Parents Network
Attention Deficit Resource Network
Au Pair Network International
Auburn Community Development Network
Audio Information Network of Colorado
Audio Network Management System
Audio Visual Education Network
Audiotext Communications Network, Inc.
Auditing Network Needs
Auditing Network Needs
Augmented Social Network
Augmented Transition Network
Australia Campus Network
Australia China Professionals Network
Australian Academic Research Network
Australian Bibliographic Network
Australian Bibliographic Network
Australian Cancer Network
Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus Network
Australian Capital Territory Network Opposing War
Australian Disaster Management Information Network
Australian Disaster Management Information Network
Australian Drug Information Network
Australian Earth and Ocean Network
Australian Environmental Education Network
Australian Financial Planning Network
Australian Fishing Network
Australian Gaming Network
Australian Gene Ethics Network
Australian Indigenous Cultural Network
Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network
Australian Industry and Defence Network, Inc.
Australian Industry Engineering and Manufacturing Network
Australian Injury Prevention Network
Australian Lawyers Network
Australian Massage Therapists Network
Australian Materials Technology Network
Australian Mobile Learning Network
Australian Music Industry Network
Australian Network for Art and Technology
Australian Network for Art and Technology
Australian Network of Industry Careers Advisers
Australian Network of Student Anthropologists
Australian Online Competition Network
Australian Professional Gaming Network
Australian Public Intellectual Network
Australian Public Libraries Network
Australian Research and Education Network Advisory Committee
Australian Rural Health Education Network
Australian Salinity Action Network
Australian Science Network
Australian Studies Regional Network
Australian Television Network
Australian Vaccination Network
Austrian Business and Convention Network
Austrian Network Against Racism
Austrian Network for E-Tourism
Authenticated Networked Guided Environment for Learning
Authenticated Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks
Autism Network International
Autism Network International
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
auto progressive network algorithm
Autodesk Developer Network
Automated Compliance Targeting Integrated Online Network
Automated Correspondence Online Response Network
Automated Data Network
Automated Data Network System
Automated Defense Data Network
Automated Digital Network System
Automated GPS Network in Switzerland
Automated Network Control Center
Automated Network Control Device
Automated Network Games Enhancement Layer
Automated Network Manager/Management
Automated Speech Exchange Network
Automated Surveillance and Alarming Network
Automated Surveillance Network
Automated Voice Network
Automated Weather Network
Automatic Digital Network
Automatic Digital Network
Automatic Digital Network Interface Unit
Automatic Digital Network switching center
Automatic Network Analyzer
Automatic Network Call Distribution
Automatic Network Dialing
Automatic Network Operator
Automatic Network Routing
Automatic Network Synchronization
Automatic Switched Transport Network
Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network
Automatic Voice Network
Automatically Switched Transport Network
Automotive Network Exchange
Automotive Satellite Television Network
Autonomic Network & Security Administration
Autonomous Agents for On-Scene Networked Incident Management
Autonomous and Spontaneous Networks
Autonomous Individuals Network
Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network
Auxiliary Signal Network
Avast Distributed Network Manager
Avaya Certified Associate Communication Networking
Avex Network, Inc.
Aviation Networks Mission Planning
Aviation Safety Network
Avionics Systems Network
Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network
Axon-Schwann Cell Network
Azer Net News Network
Azer.Net News Network
Azer.Net News Network
Babies Early Growth Intervention Network
Back Propagation Neural Network
Backbone Network
Backbone Network
Backbone Network Service
Backbone Relay Network
Back-End Storage Network
Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network
Backpropagation Network
Back-Propagation Neural Network
Backup Area Network
Backward Explicit Communications Network
Bale Research Advisory Network
Balkan Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Network
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network
Baltic Energy Efficiency Network
Baltic Network
Baltic Sea Business Network
Baltimore Collegetown Network
Baltimore Collegetown Network
Baltimore Emergency Response Network
Banana News Network
Banbridge Regeneration Agencies Network
Bangladesh Online Research Network
Bank Cards Network
Bank Cards Network
Banking Industry Architecture Network
Bankruptcy Law Network
Bankruptcy Law Network
Barcode Engine Network Server
Bariatric Surgery Center Network
Barrhaven Freecycle Network
Bart’s Neverending Network
Bart’s News Network
Base Area Network
Base Network Administrator
Base Network Control Center
Base Network Manager
Basel Action Network
Baseline Surface Radiation Network
Basement Area Network
Basic Access Network
Basic Networking Utilities
BASTE Coordinate Distribution Network
Bath Area Network for Artists
Battle Space Networking
Battlespace Area Network
Bay Area Bisexual Network
Bay Area Breast Cancer Network
Bay Area Network Consortium
Bay Area Network for Diversity Training in Early Childhood
Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees
Bay Area Network of Gay and Lesbian Educators
Bay Area Network of Healthcare Consultants
Bay Area Numerical Analysis Networking Alliance
Bay Area Organization Development Network
Bay Area Regional Deformation Network
Bayesian Belief Network
Bayesian Network Causal Model
Bayesian Network in XML
Bayesian Network Intrusion Detection
Bayesian Networks
Bayesian Networks Tools in Java
Bayonet Collectors Network
Bayonet Collectors Network
Beam Frequency Network
Beam-Forming Network
Bearer Subnetwork
Bearer Sub-network Circuit
Beat Mike Network
Because It’s Time Network
Become Employed at Career Online Network
Bedford-Sackville Literacy Network
Bedfordshire Social Enterprise Network
Befriending Network Scotland
Beginning Teacher Computer Network
Behavioral Health Network, Inc.
Belgian Design for All Network
Belgian Information Reitox Network
Belgian National Research Network for Education, Research and Public Services
Belgian Recycle Network
Bell Administrative Network Communications System
Bell Data Network
Bell Globemedia Content Innovation Network
BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network
Benefits Delivery Network
Benton Global Services Network
Bereavement Ontario Network
Berger Research and Information Network
Berkeley Digital Seismic Network
Berkeley Digital Seismological Network
Berkeley Environmental Alumni Network
Berkeley Information Network
Berkeley Information Network
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Berkeley Parents Network
Berklee Internet Radio Network
Berkshire County Network
Berkshire County Network
Berkshire Environmental Educators Network
Berlin Research Area Information Network
Best Practice Network
BFT Global Network (US DoD)
BFTT Information Network
BFTT Information Network
Bible Broadcasting Network
Bible News Network
Bible Voice Broadcasting Network
Big South Television Network
Big Ten Network
Bi-Group Neural Network
Bike User Network
Biliary Atresia & Liver Transplant Network
Biliary Atresia & Liver Transplant Network
Bilingual Education Network
Bilingualism, Languages and Education Network
Bill Gates Fan Network
Binary Cube Network
Binary Cube Network
Binary Integrated Services Digital Network
Binary Network Connector
Biodiversity and Ecosystems Network
Biological Network Analysis
Biological Network Analyzer
Biological Network Modeling Center
Biological Neural Network
Biomedical Communications Network
Biomedical Communications Network
Biomedical Informatics Research Network
Biomolecular Interaction Network Database
Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service
Biosphere Atmosphere Stable Isotope Network
Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG
Birmingham Voluntary Youth Sector Network
Birth Options Research Network
B-ISDN Network Termination
Black Autonomy Network Community Organization
Black Business Owners Network
Black Employee Network
Black Environment Network
Black European Women’s Network
Black Film and Video Network
Black Graduate Student Network
Black News Network
Black Pages Today Network
Black Racial Attacks Independent Network
Black Router Network
Black Vault Radio Network
Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Blade Network Technologies
Blair Network Communications
Block Shift Network
Blue Care Network
Blue Care Network
Blue Care Network of Michigan
Blue Falcon Networks
Blue Ridge Environmental Network
Blue Titan Network Director
BMDS Communications Network
BMDS Communications Network
Board Controller Local Area Network
Bobbin Lace European Network
Body Area Network
Body Electronics Area Network
Body Organ Replacement Network
Body Sensor Networks
Boeing Education Network
Boeing Network Architecture
Bohbot Kids Network
Boolean Neural Network
Boomer Knowledge Network
Boone County Learning Network
Border Action Network
Border Network Technologies, Inc.
Borland Developer Network
Boston Climate Action Network
Boston Concert Network
Boston Concert Network
Boston Exchange Automated Communication Order-Routing Network
Boston Neighborhood Network
Boston Parent Organizing Network
Boston Terrier Rescue Network
Botanic Gardens Education Network
Bott Radio Network
Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network
Boulder Research and Administrative Network
Boundary Network Node
Brain Injury Association Network
Brain Injury Network
Brain Injury Network
Brain Research: Analysis of Images, Networks and Systems
Brand Profilers Network
Brand X Networks, Inc.
Brave New Network
Brazilian Information Network for Science
Breaking News Network, Inc.
Breast Cancer Action Network
Breast Cancer Network Australia
Breastfeeding Network
Brebeuf News Network
BreezeCom Network Engineer
Brent Nature Network
Brent Resource and Information Network
Brethren Business Network
Brevard Professional Network
Bridge Analog Network and Node Analyzer
Bridge Network Control Protocol
Bridge to Future Networks
Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy Network
Bright House Networks
Brighton Animators Networking Group
Bristol Christian Action Network
Bristol Churches Regeneration Network
British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society
British Columbia Adventure Network
British Columbia Archival Information Network
British Columbia Network for Compassionate Communication
British Columbia Proteomics Network
British Enlightenment Research Network
British Forces Network
British Telecom Christian Network
Broadband Access Network Coordination
Broadband Communication Network
Broadband Communication Network
Broadband Convergence Network
Broadband Convergence Network
Broadband Distribution Network
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband Internetwork Analyzer
Broadband Local Networks
Broadband Local Networks
Broadband Metropolitan Area Network
Broadband Network
Broadband Network Design
Broadband Network Gateway
Broadband Network Interface
Broadband Network Module
Broadband Network Module
Broadband Network Premises
Broadband Network Service
Broadband Network Termination
Broadband Network Unit
Broadband Optical Network Termination
Broadband Passive Optical Network
Broadband Radio Access for IP-based Networks
Broadband Radio Access Integrated Network
Broadband Radio Access Networks
Broadband Virtual Network Operator
Brooklyn Gay Network of Friends
Brown Environmental Action Network
Bruce News Network
Bubba Radio Network, Inc
Buckeye Networking Group
Bucks County Library Network
Buffered Delta Network
Building Advisory Service and Information Network
Building and Real Estate Network
Building Area Network
Building Automation and Control Networking Protocol
Building Cisco Scalable Internetworks
Building Eastern Africa Community Network
Building Management Network
Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
Building Scalable Cisco Networks
Bulgarian Business Angels Network
Bulgarian News Network
Bulk Data Network
Burba Hotel Network
Burda Community Network
Burda Community Network
Burly Bear Network
Burma News Network
Burroughs Network Architecture
Business and Information Network
Business and Information Network
Business Assistance Virtual Network
Business Customer Premises Network
Business Development Network
Business Education Network in Europe
Business Engine Network
Business Enterprise Network
Business Exchange Network
Business Executive’s Accounting Network
Business Exploration, Guidance, Instruction and Networking
Business Industrial Network
Business Industrial Network
Business Interchange Networking Group
Business Leaders Network
Business Leaders Network
Business Leadership Network
Business Leadership Network
Business Network
Business Network Architecture
Business Network Chicago
Business Network International
Business Network on Crime Prevention
Business Network Solutions
Business Networking Event
Business Networking International
Business News Network
Business Partner Network
Business Partner Network Number
Business Process Network
Business Professional Network
Business Ready Networks
Business Referral Network
Business Service Network
Business Solutions Networking
Business Telecommunications Network
Business Women’s Network
Business, Economic, and Community Outreach Network
C|net the Computer Network
C2BMC Network Interface Processor (US DoD)
Cable Integrated Services Network
Cable Network Domain
Cable Network Engineer
Cable Network Incorporated
Cable News Network
Cable News Network University
Cable Radio Network
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network
Cable Shopping Network
Cable Television Network
Cableless Local Area Network
Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
Cal Aggie Student Alumni Network
Cal Independent Scholars Network
Caldera Network Desktop
Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network
California Business Incubation Network
California Business Leadership Network
California Election Protection Network
California Election Protection Network
California Fisheries Information Network
California Highway Information Network
California Homeschool Network
California Indian Educational Network
California Injury Prevention Network
California Integrated Seismic Network
California Learning Resource Network
California NCLR Affiliate Network
California Neighborhood Networks Consortium, Inc.
California Network of Learning Professionals
California NeuroAIDS Tissue Network
California Organization Investment Network
California Physician Network
California Preschool Instructional Network
California Real Time Network
California Research and Education Network
California School Garden Network
California Transplant Donor Network
California Youth Advocacy Network
California’s Hydrogen Highway Network
Calling Party’s Network Pays
CALS Test Network
Calvary Satellite Network
Cambodian Network Council
Cambodian Television Network
Cambodian-American Network Coalition
Cambodian-American Radio Network
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Real Nappy Network
Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network
Camden Elderly Irish Network
Campus Anti-War Network
Campus Area Network
Campus Christian Network
Campus Local Area Network
Campus Network Advisory Group
Campus Network Group
Campus Networks Advisory Group
Campus Television Network
Canada Haiti Action Network
Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network
Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network
Canadian Archival Information Network
Canadian Arthritis Network
Canadian Artists Network
Canadian Auroral Network for the Open Unified Study
Canadian Bacterial Surveillance Network
Canadian Biodiversity Information Network
Canadian Biosphere Research Network
Canadian Botanical Conservation Network
Canadian Breast Cancer Network
Canadian Cohousing Network
Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Canadian Cultural Research Network
Canadian Dairy Network
Canadian Design Engineering Network
Canadian Eco-Industrial Network
Canadian Environment Network
Canadian Families and Corrections Network
Canadian Family Advisory Network
Canadian Forces Network
Canadian Geoscience Education Network
Canadian Gravity Standardization Network
Canadian Health Network
Canadian Hepatitis C Network
Canadian Heritage Information Network
Canadian Immigration Technical Resource Network
Canadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer
Canadian Languages Network
Canadian Lightning Detection Network
Canadian Model Forest Network
Canadian Network for Asthma Care
Canadian Network for Democratic Nepal
Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communications
Canadian Network for Innovation in Education
Canadian Network for International Surgery
Canadian Network of Toxicology Centres
Canadian Network Systems Group
Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development
Canadian Pediatric Epilepsy Network
Canadian Polar Information Network
Canadian Practice Firms Network
Canadian Prostate Cancer Network
Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community
Canadian Research Transfer Network
Canadian Road Network
Canadian Romance Authors’ Network
Canadian Stroke Network
Canadian Syringomyelia Network
Canadian Technical Employment Network
Canadian Technology Network
Canadian Television Network
Canadian Television Network
Canadian Traumatic Stress Network
Canadian Urban Forest Network
Canadian Virtual Assistant Network
Canadian Water Network
Canadian Women Economists Network
Canary Islands Radio Networks
Canberra Injectors Network
Cancer Action Network
Cancer Genetics Network
Cancer Hope Network
Cancer Nutrition Network for Texans
Cancer Patient Education Network
Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network
Cancer Survivors Network
Cannabis Freedom Activist Network
Cape Breton Museums Network
Cape Cod Stranding Network
Cape Fiber-Optic Network
Cape York Digital Network
Capital Exchange Business Network
Carbon Action Network
Cardiac Care Network
Cardiac Care Network of Ontario
Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Network
Career Advice Network
Career Contact and Alumni Network
Career Resource Network
Caregiver Assistance Network
Caregiver Network Inc.
Cargo Network Services Corporation
Caribbean Animal and Plant Health Information Network
Caribbean Basin Radar Network
Caribbean Communications Network
Caribbean Environmental Network
Caribbean Environmental Reporters’ Network
Caribbean Information Sharing Network
Caribbean International Network
Caribbean Planners Network
CARibbean Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience In Science and Technology
Caribbean Youth Environment Network
Caring Family Network
Carmarthenshire Learning Network
Carolina Business Network
Carolinas Physicians Network
Carondelet Health Network
Carpathia Intelligent Routing Network
Carrier Comfort Network
Carrier Grade Network Address Translation
Carrier Network Business
Carrier Scale Internetworking
Carrying Capacity Network
Cartoon Images for Network Education
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network East
Cartoon Network Orbit Ctoons
Cartoon Network West
Cartoonists Rights Network
Castello Cities Internet Network
Casual Probabilistic Network
Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County
Catholic Communications Network
Catholic Community Television Network
Catholic Healthcare Audit Network, LLC
Catholic Information Network
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network
Catholic Network for Retreats and Spirituality
Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Catholic Radio and Television Network
Catholic Young Adult Network
Catholic Young Adults Network
Caucasus Youth Environmental Network
Cayman Adventist Television Network
Cellular Network
Cellular Network Optimization Based on Mobile Location
Cellular Networking Perspectives
Cellular Neural Networks and Their Applications
Cellular Neural/nonlinear Network
Cellular Radio Network
Cellular Simultaneous Recurrent Network
Cellular Telephone Network
Cellular Wide Area Network
Cendant Vacation Network Group
Center for Civic Networking
Center for Educational Networking
Center for Embedded Networked Sensing
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Center for Networked Information
Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
Center for Networking and Distributed Systems
Center Information Network
Center Network Environment
Center of Influence Networking
Centers of Literacy Education Achievement, Research, and Networking
Central Access Network Server
Central Alberta Regional Museums Network
Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network
Central Asian Mountain Information Network
Central California Environmental Justice Network
Central Computing and Network Support Services
Central Educational Network
Central European Research Network
Central European Weather Radar Network
Central Florida Alliance Network
Central Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network
Central Illinois Fire Network
Central Indiana Community Network
Central Networking Testbed
Central Networking Testbed
Central Oregon Community Action Agency Network
Central Riddle Network
Central Texas Angel Network
Central Valley Christian Network
Centralised Resources Over Wide Area Network
Centralized Ad-Hoc Network Architecture
Centralized Network Administration
Centralized Network Configuration
Centralized Network Control Station
Centralized Point of Entry Network
Centre for Emerging Networks and Applications
Centre for National Academic Network for Continuing Education
Centre for Networking and Telecommunications Research
Centre for the Study of Networked Learning
Centre of Expertise in Networked Decision and Sensor Systems
Cerco Computer Systems and Network
Cereals and Legumes Asia Network
Cerebral Palsy Network
Certification Analysis Network
Certification Test Network
Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist
Certified Commercial Network Service Provider
Certified Contractors Network
Certified Internetworking Expert
Certified Network Administrator
Certified Network Computer Technician
Certified Network Defense Architect
Certified Network Engineer
Certified Network Expert
Certified Network Expert
Certified Network Instruments Engineer
Certified Network Professional
Certified Network Security Professional
Certified Network Systems Technician
Certified Network Telephony Engineer
Certified Proctor Network
Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network
Certified Wireless Network Administrator
Certified Wireless Network Associate
Certified Wireless Network Professional
Certified Wireless Network Trainer
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network
Chamber Action Network
Champaign-Urbana Wireless Network
Champions Soccer Radio Network
Champlain Mental Health Network
Change Control for Network Devices
Channel America Television Network
Channel Networking Service
Chaotic Neural Network
Character And Pattern Telephone Access Information Network
Charities Resource Network
Charity Trustees Network
Charles County Business Network
Charlotte HIV/AIDS Network
Charlottesville Podcasting Network
Chart Information Network
Charter for Public Education Network
Chautauqua County Health Network
Chautauqua Leadership Network
Cheap Trick Network Japan
Chemical Accountability Management Information Network
Chemical Agent Detector Network
Chemical Agent Management Information Network
Chemical Consultants Network
Chemical Laboratory Response Network
Chemical Terrorism Laboratory Network
Chemistry Contact Network
Chesapeake Bay Information Network
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Chesapeake Polyamory Network
Chester Information Network
Chicago Access Network
Chicago Private Equity Network
Chicago Professional Networking Association
Chicago Rehab Network
Chicagoland Radiological Network
Child Abuse Action Network
Child and Family Care Network, Inc.
Child and Family Network Centers
Child and Nature Network
Child Care Resource Network
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Network
Childcare Network Loch Garman
Children and AIDS International NGO Network
Children and Youth Action Network
Children in Need Network
Children Youth and Familes Education and Research Network
Children’s Christian Hunger Network
Children’s Health Information Network
Children’s Legal Action Network
Children’s Literature Network
Children’s Miracle Network
Children’s Physician Network
Children’s Residential Network
Children’s Restoration Network
Children’s Safety Network
Children’s Workforce Network
China Blogger Network
China Broadband Satellite Network
China Cable Broadcasting Network
China Digital Seismograph Network
China Global Logistics Network
China Golden Bridge Network
China HIV/AIDS Information Network
China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks Co, Ltd.
China Internet Network Information Center
China National Network Information Center
China Postgraduate Network
China Xin Network
Chinese Cultural Heritage Network
Chinese Ecosystem Research Network
Chinese Professional Networks
Chinook Primary Care Network
Chipcom Cornerstone Networking Architecture
Choice Action Network
Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network
Christian Broadcasting Network
Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network
Christian Home Educators Network
Christian Homeschool Network of Washington
Christian Information Network
Christian International Business Network
Christian Kingdom Network
Christian Networks Journal
Christian Policy Network
Christian Rural Aid Network
Christian Television Network
Christian Television Network International
Christian Therapists Network
Christian Values Network
Christian Worldview Network
Chronic Conditions Information Network
Chronic Prostatitis Collaborative Research Network
Chronicle Broadcasting Network
Church Communication Network
Church Planting Network
Churchill Downs Simulcast Network
CIDA Forestry Advisers Network
Cigna Dental Network Access
Circuit Switched Data Network
Circuit-Switched Network
Circumarctic Environmental Observatories Network
Circumcision Information Network CompuBulletin
Circumpolar PhD Network in Arctic Environmental Studies
Circumpolar Protected Area Network
Cisco Active Network Abstraction
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Cisco Certified Network Associate Basics
Cisco Certified Network Engineer
Cisco Certified Network Professional
Cisco Content Networking Architecture
Cisco Interaction Network
Cisco Internetwork Design
Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
Cisco Network Admission Control
Cisco Network Asset Collector
Cisco Network Registrar
Cisco Networking Academy
Cisco Networking Academy Program
Cisco Networking Services
Cisco Optical Network Planner
Cisco Optical Network Planner
Cisco Powered Network
Cisco Wireless Mesh Networking
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development
Citizens’ Awareness Network
Citizens’ Network on Essential Services
Citizens’ Rights Advocacy Network
Citizenship Education Research Network
Citrix Solutions Network
City of Renton Outdoor Wireless Network
City Radio Network
Civic Practices Network
Civil Liberties Advocacy Network
Civil Society Networks
Classified Local Area Network
Clatskanie Home Education Network
Clean Air Network
Clean Air Status and Trends Network
Clean Water Network
Clear Channel Traffic Network
Clearing Subnetwork Identification
Clearinghouse for Network Information and Discovery and Retrieval
Clearline Network Manager
Clearstar Security Network
Cleinman Performance Network
Clementine Lunar Control Network
Clergy Leadership Network
Cleveland Housing Network
Client-Server Network
Clil Cascade Network
Climate Action Network
Climate Action Network Australia
Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire
Climate Change Network
Climate Change Network Nepal
Climate Network Africa
Climate Reference Network
Climate Retrieval and Observations Network of the Southeast
Clinical Information Resource Network
Clinical Oncology Information Network
Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics
Clinical Regional Advisory Network
Clinical Research Network
Clinical Trials Network
Closed Loop Environmental Alliance Network
Closed Network Electronic Messaging
Closed Queueing Network
Cluster Area Network
Cluster Local Area Network
Coalition for Networked Information
Coalition Local Area Network
Coalition Military Network
Coalition Network Initiative
Coalition Wide Area Network
Coastal Community Network
Coastal Dune Vegetation Network
Coastal Marine Automated Network
Coastal Resource Sharing Network
Coastal Surveillance Network
Code Generation Network
CodeGear Developer Network
Coding and Reimbursement Network
Cognitive Packet Network
Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Collaborative Action Research Network
Collaborative and Network Distributed Learning Environment
Collaborative Automotive NETwork
Collaborative Computing Over Social Networking
Collaborative Innovation Network
Collaborative Internet Security Network
Collaborative Knowledge Network
Collaborative Logistics Network
Collaborative Networked Communication
Collaborative Research Network
Collaborative Research Network in Nanotechnology
Collaborative Visibility Network
Collapsed Local Area Network
Collections Australia Network
Collectively Mobile Heterogeneous Network
College Media Network
College Planning Network
College Radio Network
College Teaching Effectiveness Network
Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation
Colorado Community Health Network
Colorado Health Networks
Colorado Independent Consultants Network
Colorado Information Network
Colorado River Watch Network
Colorado Springs Ultimate Network
Colorado State University Network for Learning
Colorado Swing Dance Network
Colorado Technical Recruiters Network
Colorado Youth Leadership Network
Colorectal Cancer Network
Columbia Mountain Open Network
Columbia River Eating Disorder Network
Columbia Video Network
Combat Intelligence Network
COmbinations of Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks
Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of Networking
Combined Arms Assessment Network
Combined Arms Command Network
Combined Information Data Network Exchange
Combined Inventory & Network Optimization
Combined Wide Area Network
Comboni Press Network
Comcast Cable Network
Comcast Network Philadelphia
Command Automated Budget Interactive Network
Command Center Network
Command Network
Commander Air Force – Computer Network Operations
Commander in Chief’s Network
Commander’s Information Network
Commanders Information Reporting Network
Commerce Online Information Network System
Commercial Fueling Network
Commercial Network Survivability
Commercial Real Estate Women Network
Commercial Technology Network
Committed Rate Network
Common Bonding Network
Common Channel Network Control
Common Channel Network Controller
Common Channel Signaling Network
Common Communication Network
Common Core Network
Common Network Interface
Common Network Planning Software
Common Network Time Protocol
Common Service Network
Common User Installation Transport Network
Commonwealth Knowledge Network
Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network
Commonwealth Women’s Network
Commonwealth Young Engineers Network
Communication & Networking Riser
Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses, Inc.
Communication and Network Consulting AG
Communication and Network Services
Communication Network
Communication Network Architecture
Communication Network Management
Communication Network Riser
Communication Networks and Distributed Systems Modeling and Simulation Conference
Communication Systems, Networks, and Digital Signal Processing Symposium
Communications / Network Riser
Communications and Information Network Association of Japan
Communications Information, Systems, & Network
Communications Network
Communications Network Control
Communications Network in Philanthropy
Communications Network Interface, Inc.
Communications Network Management Interface
Communications Network Operating System
Communications Network Services
Communications Network Simulator
Communications Networking System
Communications, Information Systems and Networks
Communications, Intelligence and Networking Systems
Communications, Networking and Information Technology
Community Accessible Remote Network
Community Accountancy National Network
Community Accounting Network North Yorkshire
Community Action Network
Community Airport Newcomers Network
Community Alcohol Action Network
Community Alert Network
Community and Child Health Network
Community Area Network
Community Bicycle Network
Community Care Network
Community Chat Network
Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network
Community College Satellite Network
Community Conservation Network
Community Development and Health Network
Community Development Network Forum
Community Emergency Response Network
Community Empowerment Network
Community Forest Conservation Network
Community Health Access Network
Community Health Action Information Network
Community Health and Information Network
Community Health Center Network
Community Health Information Network
Community Health Network Area
Community Health Network Association
Community Health Network of Connecticut
Community Heart Health Network
Community Impacting Business Network
Community Informatics Research Network
Community Information Network for Southern Africa
Community Integrated Service Network
Community Learning and Information Network
Community Learning Network
Community Legal Resources Network
Community Local Area Network
Community Mapping Network
Community Network South West
Community Network Support Team
Community Networking
Community Networking Infrastructure Grant
Community Networking Markup Language
Community Networks, Inc.
Community of Interest Network
Community of Interest Network Service
Community Online Information Network
Community Perinatal Network
Community Recovery Network
Community Recycling Network
Community Recycling Network for Scotland
Community Rehabilitation Network
Community Renewal Network East
Community Research for Oral Wellness Network
Community Safety Network
Community Services Network
Community Sport and Physical Activity Network
Community Technology Centers Network
Community Television Network
Community Youth Network
Community, Labor, Environmental Action Network
Comox Valleylinks Community Network
Comparative Research Networks
Compassion Capital Network
Competence-building and Higher Awareness about Networking and Collaboration for Europe
Competitive Digital Network
Complementary Network Service
Completely Reliable Network Concepts
Complex Interactive Networks/Systems Initiative
Complex Minimal Resource Allocation Network
Composite Reconfigurable Wireless Network
Composite Tactical Network
Comprehensive Health Education Network
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Information Network
Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network
Comprehensive Local Research Network
Comprehensive Network Database
Comprehensive PERL Archive Network
Comprehensive R Archive Network
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
Compression Network Module
Comptroller Office Automation Network
CompuServe Network Services
Computational Materials Science Network
Computational Network Federation
Computational Neural Network Center
Computer / Communications Network Center
Computer Aided Engineering Network
Computer Aided Network Engineering
Computer Algebra Information Network
Computer and Network Forensics
Computer and Network Repair
Computer and Network Security Group
Computer and Network Security Symposium
Computer and Network Security Symposium
Computer and Networking Services
Computer Applications and Network Services
Computer Communications Network
Computer Consulting Network
Computer Info Science-Network
Computer Information Network
Computer Information Systems Networking
Computer Learning Network
Computer Network
Computer Network Administrator
Computer Network Attack
Computer Network Consultants
Computer Network Defense
Computer Network Engineer
Computer Network Exploitation
Computer Network Information Center
Computer Network Operation
Computer Network Research Group
Computer Network Service Professionals
Computer Network Subsystem
Computer Network System
Computer Network Technologies
Computer Network Technologies
Computer Network Transaction Group
Computer Network Use Supplement
Computer Networking and Information Technology
Computer Networking and Security Technology
Computer Networking Professionals Association
Computer Networking Research Laboratory
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (publication)
Computer Networks Journal
Computer Networks Pty. Ltd.
Computer Networks Research Lab
Computer Programming and Network Administration
Computer Science Discipline Network
Computer Science Network
Computer Science Research Network
Computer Security and Network Technician
Computer Systems & Networking Technology
Computer Systems/Networking
Computer Use in Social Services Network
Computer-Aided Network Management
Computerized Head-End Access Information Network
Computerized Telephony Network
Computers, Networking and Electronics Technology
Computing and Network Services
Computing Network Advisory Group
Computing Research Advocacy Network
Comsite Interactive Network
Comverse Network Systems
Concerted Action on Brownfield and Economic Regeneration Network
Concordia University Education Network
Conference Mixer Network
Conference on Cryptology and Network Security
Conference on Information Networks and Data Communications
Conference on Sensor and Ad-Hoc Communications and Networks
Conference on Software, Telecommunications, and Computer Networks
Configurable Network Computing
Configuration Management Network
Conflict Prevention Network
Conflict Resolution Network
Congenital Heart Information Network
Congestion-Controlled Communication Network
Congress Rental Network
Connect Direct Network
Connecticut Business Incubator Network
Connecticut Homeschool Network
Connecticut Radio Network
Connecticut Training and Development Network
Connecting the Soldier to the Network
Connection Oriented Network Protocol
Connection Oriented Network Protocol
Connectionless Local Area Network
Connectionless Network Layer Protocol
Connectionless Network Protocol
Connectionless Network Protocol
Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol
Connection-Mode Network-Layer Protocol
Connection-Mode Network-Layer Protocol
Connection-Oriented Network Services
Connection-Oriented Network Services
Conservation Information Network
Conservation Land Network
Conservative Women’s Action Network
Console Gaming Network
Consolidated Data Network
Consolidated Dial Network
Consolidated Enterprise Network Test and Evaluation Range (USAF; San Antonio, Texas
Consolidated Networks Incorporated
Consolidated Renal Operations in A Web-Enabled Network
Consolidated Wide Area Network
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
Consortium for School Networking
Constabulary Communication Network
Constellation Wide Area Network
Constitutionalists’ Networking Center
Construction Productivity Network
Constructivist Psychology Network
Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley
Consultants’ Professional Network
Consumer Communications and Networking Conference
Consumer Genetics Education Network
Consumer Information Network
Consumer On-Line Information Network Service
Consumer Resource Alliance Network
Consumer Resource Network
Consumer-Driven Supply Network
Consumers’ Telecommunications Network
Contact, Help, Advice, Information, Network for Effective Health Care
Contactless Technology Network
Contemporary Christian Music Network International
Content Addressable Network
Content Delivery Network
Content Distribution Network
Content Exchange Network
Content-Centric Networking
Context-Dependent Network Agent
Continental Control Network
Continuing Education Network for Training, Enrichment and Renewal
Continuous Attractor Neural Network
Contractors Business Network Corporation
Control Area Network
Control Local Area Network
Control-flow Information Control Network
Controller Area Network
Controller Area Network
Controller Area Network Bus
Controlling Radio Network Controller
Converged Network Adapter
Converged Network Impairment Emulator
Converged Network Services
Converged Network Services Group
Converged Network Solutions
Converged Regional Area Network
Cook Electric’s Network Teleprocessing System
Cookstown and Western Shores Area Network
Cooperating Libraries Automated Network
Cooperating Network Device
Cooperation and Development Network
Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe
Cooperative Agreement Network
Co-Operative Bank Information Network
Cooperative Caring Network
Cooperative Measurement and Modeling of Open Networked Systems
Cooperative Purchasing Network
Cooperative Research Network
Cooperative Sensor Networks with Mobile Access
Cooperative Wireless Communications and Networking
Coordinated Assistance Network
Coordinated Network Test
Coordinated Network Test
Coordinated Survey Information Network Exchange
Coordinated Timing Network
Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking
Copper Cable Network
Copyright Advisory Network
Coral Reef Environmental Observatory Network
Coral Reef Outreach Network
Cordless Local Area Network
Core Local Area Network
Core Network
Core Network Bicasting
Core Transmission Network
Cornell Nest Box Network
Cornerstone Knowledge Network
Cornwall Capital Network
Corporate Angel Network
Corporate Communications Broadcast Network, Inc.
Corporate Global Supply Network
Corporate Information Network System
Corporate Learning Network
Corporate Local Area Network
Corporate Network
Corporate Network Brokerage Services
Corporate Network Edition
Corporate Network Operating System
Corporate Network Product
Corporate Network Services
Corporate Partner Networking
Corporate Private Network
Corporate Social Network
Corporate Telecommunications Network
Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California
Corrections Learning Network
Corruption Prevention Network
Cosmopolitan Area Network
Cost and Response Management Network
Cost Reflective Network Pricing
Council of Regional Networks for Genetic Services
Council of Religious AIDS Networks
Council on Library and Network Development
Councils on Aging Network of Ontario
Counter Strike Gaming Network
Country and Network Identification
Country Associates Network
Countryside Access and Activities Network
Countryside Recreation Network
County Archive Research Network
County Councils Network
County of Oxford Integrated Network
Coupling Decoupling Network
Court Reporting Network
Courtroom View Network
Coventry Health Care National Network
Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network
Create Your Network
Creative Arts Investment Network
Creative City Network of Canada
Creative Muslim Network
Creative Research Network
Creative Work Options Network
Credit Union Service Centers Network, Inc.
Crest Level Assessment of Coastal Structures By Full Scale Monitoring, Neural Network Prediction and Hazard Analysis on Permissible Wave Overtopping
Crime Victim Legal Network
Criminal Activity Intelligence Network
Criminal Justice Information Network
Crimson Tide Sports Network
Crisis Action Network
Crisis Intervention Network
Crisis Management Network
Cristo Rey Network
Critical Network Spare
Critical Path Network
Critical Zone Exploration Network
Crittenden Connection Networks
Croatian Commercial Network
Croatian Youth Network
Crohn’s Disease Support Network
Cropping Systems Network
Crossbar Interconnection Network
Cross-Connect Network
Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks Symposium
Croydon Business Support Network
Cryptologic Technician Networks
Cubicle Area Network
Cued Language Network of America
Culinary Media Network
Cult Awareness Network
Cultural Heritage Networks Hypermedia
Cultural Objects in Networked Environments
Custom Fiber Network
Custom Network Solutions
Custom Rehab Network
Custom Residential Architects’ Network
Custom Switched Network
Customer Access Network
Customer Agent Information Network System
Customer Controlled Network Management
Customer Defined Network
Customer Equipment Network Testing Service
Customer Fulfillment Network
Customer Local Area Network
Customer Network
Customer Network Address
Customer Network Controller
Customer Network Design Center
Customer Network Implementation
Customer Network Management
Customer Network Operations Center
Customer Premises Area Network
Customer Premises Network
Customer Proprietary Network
Customer Proprietary Network Information
Customer Quality Network
Customer Restoration Network
Customer Value Network
Customized Applications for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic
Customized Network Routing
Customs Enforcement Network
Customs Over-the Horizon Enforcement Network
Customs Secure Data Network
Cuyahoga Physician Network
Cyber Entertainment Network
Cyber Gaming Network
Cyber Senior Network Development Association
Cyber Sports Gaming Network
Cybertech Networks Pvt. Ltd.
Cycle Component Network
Cyprus Property Network Co CPNCergy Pontoise Natation (French swim club) CPNCapital Protected NoteCPNCercle Parachutiste de Nice (French parachuting club) CPNCentre Psychothérapique de Nancy (French:
Czar Broadcasting Network
Da Vinci Network Services
Dacs II Network Director
Daimler-Chrysler Corporate Network
Dallas Area Motorcycle Network
Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investors Network
DAMA Network Terminal
Dan Reed Network
Dan Reed Network
Dana Supplier Network
Dancube Network
Dandy-Walker Syndrome Network
Dangerous Goods Logistics Network
Danish Corporate Governance Network
Danish Development Research Network
Danish Pacific Rim Network
Dare to Dream Network
Darpa Active Networks Conference and Exposition
Data Application Network Adapter
Data Archiving and Networked Services
Data Bus Network
Data Carrier Network Operator
Data Center Networking
Data Communication Network
Data Control Network
Data Intensive and Network Aware
Data Management for Sensor Networks
Data Multiplexing Network
Data Network Engineering Laboratory
Data Network Equipment
Data Network Exchange
Data Network Facilities Engineering
Data Network Identification Code
Data Network Identifier
Data Network Interface
Data Network Modified Emulator Program
Data Network Redesign
Data Network Report
Data Network Services
Data Packet Network
Data Transfer Network
Data Transmission Network
Data Use and Network Content
Databases in Networked Information Systems
DataDirect Networks
Datanetwork Associates
Datanetwork Associates
Dauphin Touch Network Pvt. Ltd.
David Bowie Radio Network
Davis Recreation and Gaming Organizational Network
Daystar Television Network
Dayton Asperger Resource Network
Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network
Dazed and Confused Gaming Network
DC Action Medical Network
Dealer Network Development Coordinator
Dealer Network Strategy Manager
Death Penalty Discourse Network
Deathace Incorporated Network Solutions
Decision Information Networking Associates, Inc.
Decision-Based Neural Network
DECnet Network Interface
Dedicated Frogans Network
Dedicated Internet Network
Dedicated Network Access Connection
Dedicated Network Environment
Dedicated Private Network
Dedicated Router Network
Dedicated Router Network
Dedicated Secure Network
Deep Belief Network
Deep House Network
Deep Impact Networking Experiment
Deep South Network
Deep Space Communications Network
Deep Space Network
Deep Space Network Array
Deep Space Network Frequency and Timing System
Default Mode Network
Defence Integrated Secure Communications Network
Defence Mobile Communications Network
Defence Online Management and Instructional Network
Defence Restricted Network
Defence Restricted Network
Defence Science Access Network
Defence Teleprinter Network
Defense Advanced Research Testbed Network
Defense Attaché Worldwide Network
Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
Defense Commercial Telephone Network
Defense Communications Network
Defense Data Network
Defense Digital Network
Defense Environmental Network Information Service
Defense Industrial Network
Defense Information Network
Defense Information System Network – Leading Edge Services
Defense Information System Network Access Transport Services
Defense Information Systems Agency Network Management and Operations Center
Defense Information Systems Network – Europe
Defense Intelligence Network
Defense Local Area Network
Defense Network Systems Organization
Defense Red Switch Network
Defense Research and Engineering Network
Defense Satellite Network
Defense Secure Network
Defense Secure Network One
Defense Services Network
Defense Subscriber Network
Defense Switched Network
Defense System Network
Defense Telecommunications Network
Defined Interstate Rail Network
Delaware Conflict Resolution Network
Delaware County AIDS Network
Delay-Tolerant Networking
Delhi Environment Action Network
Delivery Center Network
Delivery Network Accelerator
Delivery Network Accelerator
Delta Network Systems
Delta Research and Global Observation Network
Delta Scuti Network
Demand Driven Supply Network
Democracy Network Program
Demographic Change Regions Network
Denmark China Business Network
Denver Institutional Area Network Environment
Department Network Administrator
Department Network Administrator
Department of Network Operations
Department of State Foreign Affairs Network
Department of State Network
Departmental Area Network
Departmental Network eXchange
Dependable Systems and Networks
Deployed Internetworking Test
Deployed Network Control Center
Deployed Soldiers Network
Derby News Network
Dermatology Clinical Trial Network
Descent Developer Network
Desert Communications Network
Design and Implementation of CNMA-Based Networks in SMEs Distributed Quality-control System
Design Communicate Network
Design of Reliable Communication Networks
Designee Information Network
Designing Cisco Networks
Desk Area Network
Desktop Network Interface
Destination Network Address Translation
Detailed River Network
Detailed River Network
Detention Watch Network
Deterministic Network Enhancer
Deutsches Provider Network
Develop Community Network
Developer Network Journal
Developer Solution Provider Network
Developing Areas Research Network
Development Action for Women Network
Development Assistance Network for Tourism Enhancement and Investment
Development Business Network
Developmental Command & Control Network
deviant ART messaging network
Devil Sticks Network
Devon and Cornwall Training Network
Devon Community Composting Network
Devon Community Recycling Network
Dhyan Network Management System
Diabetes Control Network
Diabetes Research Network
Diabetes Research Network
Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network
Dialog Broadband Networks
Dial-Up Networking
Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement
Dial-Up Networking Daemon
Dialup Virtual Private Network
Dialysis Surveillance Network
Dick Butkus Football Network
Dickey Rural Network
Dickey Rural Network
Differential Pull Down Network
Digital Advertising Network, Inc
Digital Automatic Weather Network
Digital Billboard Network
Digital China Networks, Ltd.
Digital Communications Network
Digital Content Exchange Network
Digital Data Network
Digital Derived Services Network
Digital Divide Network
Digital Education Network
Digital Enhanced Network
Digital Entertainment Network
Digital Equipment Corporation Network
Digital Ethernet Unibus Network Adapter
Digital Fiber Optic Network
Digital Freedom Network
Digital Home Network
Digital Imaging Network System
Digital Interaction Research Network
Digital Interactive Artists’ Network
Digital Learning Network
Digital Living Network Alliance
Digital Loyalty Network
Digital Milti-Network
Digital Network Architecture
Digital Network Architecture
Digital Network Engineer
Digital Network for Community Advocacy
Digital Network Intelligence
Digital Network Interface
Digital Network Interface Circuit
Digital Network Management System
Digital Network Radio
Digital Network Solutions
Digital Network Switch
Digital Networked Production Systems
Digital Open Network Environment
Digital Packet Network
Digital Private Network Signaling System
Digital Secure Network
Digital Services Network, Inc.
Digital Services Transmission Network
Digital Services Transport Network
Digital Sports Network
Digital Subscriber Network
Digital Switched Network
Digital Syndicate Network, LLC
Digital System Network
Digital Telephone Network
Digital Trade and Transportation Network
Digital Value Network
Digital Video Network
Digital West Networks
Digital World News Network
Digital Youth Network
Diocese Amateur Radio Network
Diplomatic Studies Network
Direct Action Media Network
Direct Action Network
Direct Information Access Network for Europe
Direct Information Access Network for Europe
Direct Network Access
Direct Network Access
Direct Network Access, Inc.
Direct Network Cabling
Direct Shopping Network
Directed Bipartite Network
Directional Network Allocation Vector
Directional Networking Waveform
Directorate for Network Operations
Directory Enabled Network
DISA ATM Network
Disabilities Advocacy Association and Network
Disability Community Resource Network
Disability Information Network Australia
Disability Network/Mid-Michigan
Disability Resource Network of British Columbia
Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
DisAbled Women’s Network
Disaster Amateur Radio Network
Disaster Contractor Network
Disaster Response Communications Network
Disaster Response Network
Disaster Response Network
Disciples Justice Action Network
Disciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability
Discovery Educator Network
Discrepancy Lifecycle Network
Discrete Fracture Network
Discrete Memoryless Network
Disease Control Priorities Network
Dish Network
Disilgold Literary Network Association
Dismounted Warrior Network
Disney Podcast Network
Dispensational International Research Network
Disruption Tolerant Network
Distance Education Network
Distance Learning Network Aid
Distant Area Networking
Distant Network Service
Distinct Network Monitor
Distributed Ambulatory Research in Therapeutics Network
Distributed Computer Communication Networks
Distributed Computer Network
Distributed Diagnostics and Service Network
Distributed Friends and Relations Network
Distributed Index for Features in Sensor Networks
Distributed Information-processing Network Architecture
Distributed Integrated Secure Communications Network
Distributed Intelligent Network Architecture
Distributed Internetwork Architecture
Distributed Internetwork Architecture
Distributed Learning Networks, Inc.
Distributed Microprocessor Network for Avionics
Distributed Minicomputer Network System
Distributed Mission Operations Network
Distributed Network Analyzer
Distributed Network Analyzer
Distributed Network Attack
Distributed Network Attack
Distributed Network Computing
Distributed Network Conference
Distributed Network Control
Distributed Network Control Center
Distributed Network Management
Distributed Network Management System
Distributed Network Protocol
Distributed Networking Agent
Distributed Networking Agent
Distributed Networks, Inc.
Distributed Open Messaging Interface Network of Small and Medium Sized Industries-oriented Centres
Distributed Operating Multi-Access Interactive Network
Distributed Processing Network
Distributed Routing Network
Distributed Routing Network
Distributed Sensor Networks
Distributed Simulations Network
Distributed Systems Network
Distributed Tactical Test Network
Distribution Network Operator
District Communication Network
District Level Network
District of Columbia Environmental Network
Diver’s Alert Network
Diversified Information and Assistance Network
Diversity Exchange Network
Diversity International Television Network
DLA Corporate Network
Do Communications Over the Mobile Network
Doctor Who Information Network
Doctors Independent Network
Doctrine Networked Education and Training
Document & Network Technologies
Document Enabled Networking
DoD Network Information Center
DOE Technology Information Network
Dogbert Static Network
Domain Network
Domain Network Liaison
Domestic Events Network
Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network
Donor Network Operator
Dorset and Somerset Cardiac Network
Down East AIDS Network
Downtown Monroe Business Network
Downtown Professionals Network
Dragon Ball Force Network
Dragonfly Recording Network
Dragonfly Recording Network
Drift Radio Network Controller
DriveClone Network
Driver Support Network
Drug Abuse Warning Network
Drug Enforcement Administration Communications Network
Drug Evaluation Network System
Drug Reform Coordination Network
DSCS Network Planning Software
Dual Auroral Radar Network
Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network
Dual Shelf Network
Duct Cleaners’ Network
Duke Infection Control Outreach Network
Duke Network Analysis Center
Duke Sports Programming Network
Duke University Network of Entrepreneurs
Duplex, Tray, Network
Durham Region Employment Network
Dutch E-sport Players Network
Dutch E-sport Players Network
Dynamic Bayes Network
Dynamic Emergency Alert Network
Dynamic Mesh Network
Dynamic Network Access Control
Dynamic Network Address Translation
Dynamic Network Administration
Dynamic Network Administration
Dynamic Network Analyzer
Dynamic Network Analyzer
Dynamic Network Architecture
Dynamic Network Architecture
Dynamic Network Assignment-Simulation Model for Advanced Road Telematics
Dynamic Network Configuration
Dynamic Network Controller
Dynamic Network Design Studio
Dynamic Network Factory, Inc.
Dynamic Network Interface
Dynamic Network Management
Dynamic Network Management System
Dynamic Network Planning
Dynamic Network Routing
Dynamic Network Technologies
Dynamic Network X-connect
Dynamic Neural Network
Dynamic Private Network
Dynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS Optical Networks (project)
Dynamic Spectrum Access Network
Dynamic Virtual Private Network
Dynamic Wavelength Routed Optical Network
Dynamic Wavelet Neural Network
Dysautonomia Information Network
Eagles Television Network
Early Childhood Environmental Education Network
Early Childhood Network
Early Start Family Resource Network
Early Warning Network
Earned Assets Resource Network
Earth Action Network
Earth Day Network
Earth Observation Business Network
Earth Resources Information Network
EarthLink Municipal Networks
EarthLink Network
Earthstewards Network
East Africa Regional Youth Network
East African RBM Network
East Asia Archaeology Network
East Asian Development Network
East Central Traffic Enforcement Network
East Durham Artists Network
East of England Churches Network
East Valley Information Network
East West Network Europe
Eastern Africa Action Network on Small Arms
Eastern Colorado Independent Networks
Eastern Educational Network
Eastern Lichen Network
Eastern Puma Research Network
Eastern Region Injury Network
Eastside Suburban Peace Network
Eating Disorder Information Network
Eating Disorders and Education Network
Eating Disorders Support Network
eB Networks
eBay Partner Network
E-Business Assurance Network
Ecademy Tele-Networking Conference System
ECCM Network Controller
Ecological Design Education Network
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
Economic Democracy Information Network
Economic Development Information Network
Economic Justice Network
Economic Policy Management African Network
Economic Policy Research Network
Ecumenical Child Care Network
Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network
Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network
Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network
Ecumenical Volunteer Service Network
Edge Network Video Server
Edmonton Science Outreach Network
EDRN Resource Network Exchange (US NCI)
Education Access Network
Education America Network
Education and Research NETwork
Education Network for Justice
Education Network of Ontario
Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials
Education News and Entertainment Network
Education Solutions Global Network
Educational Computing Network
Educational Computing Network of Ontario
Educational Foundation Support Network
Educational Metropolitan Area Network
Educational Metropolitan Area Network
Educational Network for Global and Grassroots Exchange
Educational Telephone Network
Educational-Metropolitan Area Network
EGNOS Network Time
EGNOS Network Time
EGNOS Wide Area Communications Network
Egyptian Democracy Support Network
Egyptian NGOs Network Against AIDS
Egyptian Universities Network
Eielson Metropolitan Area Network
Eielson Metropolitan Area Network
Elderhostel Institute Network
Election Information Network
Election Network in the Arab Region
Electric Power Network Efficiency and Security
Electrical Network Frequency
Electrical Network Monitoring & Control
Electrical Network Unit
Electricity Network Rehabilitation Program
Electricity Networks Affairs
Electricity Networks Analysis, Research and Development
Electricity Networks Strategy Group
Electronic Commerce Information Network
Electronic Commerce Network
Electronic Communications and Networking
Electronic Communications Network
Electronic Crossing Network
Electronic Deaf Education Network
Electronic Distribution Network
Electronic Imaging and Visual Arts Networking Project
Electronic Library Network
Electronic Networking Association
Electronic Neural Network
Electronic News Network
Electronic Parent Locator Network
Electronic Poker Network
Electronic Signage Network
Electronic Sports Network
Electronic Switched Network
Electronic Systems and Networking Group
Electronic Tandem Network
Electronic Transactions on Network and Service Management
Electronics Design & Technology Network
Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network
Elite Casting Network
Embedded Micro Internetworking Technology
Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
Embedded Networking Interface
Emergency Broadcast Network
Emergency Communications Network
Emergency Data Network
Emergency Network Diagnostics
Emergency Network Los Angeles
Emergency Network of Cuban-American Scholars and Artists
Emergency Nutrition Network
Emergency Response Information Network
Emergency Response Network
Emergency Response Network
Emergent Networks Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment
Emerging Conservation Professionals Network
Emerging Network to Reduce Orwellian Potency Yield
Emerging Teacher Leaders Network
Emerging Technologies Network Agency
Emerging Writers Network
Emerson Network Power India
Employee Assistance Network
Employee Assistance Referral Network
Employee Network Inc.
Employee Ownership Network
Employment Advancement Retention Network
Employment Law Information Network
Employment Network Education and Training
Employment Network Education and Training
Employment Network for Retired Government Experts
Employment Networks
Employment Networks
Employment Networks
Emulated Local Area Network
Encaustic Network Unlimited
Encrypted Network Interface Card
End Child Poverty Network
End Hunger Network
End Network Element
End User Network
Energy Networks Association
Energy Observatory Network
Energy Sciences Network
Enforcement Communications Information Network
Engineering Computer Network
Engineering Network
Engineering Network Administration Center
Engineering Services Network
Engines Transmission Finders Network
Enhanced Controller Area Network
Enhanced Network Block Device
Enhanced Network Driver
Enhanced Network Interface Unit
Enhanced Network Selection
Enhanced Other Networks
Enron Intelligent Network
Enterprise Area Network
Enterprise Composite Network Model
Enterprise Data Network
Enterprise Development Network
Enterprise Europe Network
Enterprise Integration Network System
Enterprise Network
Enterprise Network
Enterprise Network
Enterprise Network Carrier
Enterprise Network Engineer
Enterprise Network Management
Enterprise Network Management System
Enterprise Network Operating System
Enterprise Network Services
Enterprise Network Services Management Tool
Enterprise Network Storage Architecture
Enterprise Network Strategy
Enterprise Network Team
Enterprise Network Team
Enterprise Network Worldwide
Enterprise Networking and Services Conference
Enterprise Networking Association
Enterprise Networking Event
Enterprise Networking System
Enterprise Networks and Telecommunications
Enterprise Networks and Telecommunications
Enterprise Optical Network
Enterprise Social Networking
Enterprise Storage Network
Enterprise Telecommunications Network
Enterprise Volume Information Network
Enterprise Wide Network
Enterprise-wide Local Area Network
Enterprising Young Professionals Network
Entertainment and Sports Network
Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
Entertainment Center Area Network
Entertainment Network India Limited
Entertainment Network, Incorporated
Entertainment Sports Blogging Network
Environmental Capital Network
Environmental Change Network
Environmental Chemicals Data and Information Network
Environmental Defense Network
Environmental Education Network of the Philippines
Environmental Health Network
Environmental Information Network
Environmental Librarian’s Network
Environmental Management Accounting Network
Environmental Management Accounting Network
Environmental Markets Network
Environmental News Network
Environmental Paper Network
Environmental Policy Analysis Network
Environmental Public Health Tracking Network
Environmental Resources Information Network
Environmental Technology Network for Asia
Environmental Weeds Action Network
EOS Mission Support Network
EOSDIS Science Network
EPHA Environment Network
Epidermolysis Bullosa Action Network
EPIET Alumni Network
Episcopal Cathedral Teleconferencing Network
Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology and Faith
EPLRS Network Manager
EPRI Cable Testing Network
Equal Access Network
Equal Justice Network
Equality Network Forum
Equity Office Media Network
Erasmus Student Network
Erasure Relay Network
Erasure Wireless Network
Erepublik Defence and Economy Network
Ericsson Transport Network Architecture
Eris Free Network
Eritrean Network Information Center
Erlang Network Element Technology
Erlang Network Element Technology
Error-Prone Network
ESF Network for Exchange of Microbial Typing Information (UK)
E-Sports Gaming Network
ESPRIT Network of Excellence in distributed computing systems architectures
ESRC Genomics Network (UK)
Essendon Network for Education and Training
Essendon Network for Education and Training
Essex Equality and Diversity Network
Estacado Library Information Network
Estimation of Bayesian Network Algorithm
E-Tail Networks Limited
Eternal Word Television Network
Ethernet Metropolitan Area Network
Ethernet Metropolitan Area Network
Ethernet Network Interface Unit
Ethernet Network Monitor Card
Ethernet Passive Optical Network
Ethernet Switched Optical Network
Ethiopian Electronic Distribution Network
Ethiopian Professionals Association Network
ETSI Guide Access Network
Euclid Business Network Incorporated
Eugene Free Community Network
Eugene Veg Education Network
Eurasian Political Studies Network
Euro Kiosks Network
Europe Jazz Network
European Academic Research Network
European Access Network
European Advanced Networking Test Center
European Aeroallergen Network
European Air Traffic Management Network
European ALARA Network
European Anti Poverty Network
European Apologetics Network
European Applied Research Network
European Archival Network
European Artificial Reef Research Network
European Astrobiology Network Association
European Astrophysics Doctoral Network
European Audiotex Regulators Network
European Backbone Network
European Business Angels Network
European Business Ethics Network
European Chemistry Thematic Network
European Church Planting Network
European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network
European Competition Network
European Construction Research Network
European Constructivist Training Network
European Corporate Governance Training Network
European Counter Network
European Country of Origin Information Network
European Cultural Tourism Network
European Dermato-Epidemiology Network
European Diaconal Year Network
European Distance and E-Learning Network
European Distance Education Network
European Documentary Network
European Employers’ Network
European Environment Information and Observation Network
European Fire Sprinkler Network
European Footwear Network for Electronic Trading
European Forest Ecosystem Research Network
European Games Network
European Genetic Alliances’ Network
European Global Defence Network
European Heart Network
European Heritage Network
European Housing Ecology Network
European Huntington’s Disease Network
European Ideas Network
European Infertility Network
European Informatics Network
European Information Network on Drugs and Drug Addiction
European Integrated Radio Enhanced Network
European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network
European Judicial Network
European Labour Law Network
European Language Activity Network
European Legal Network on Asylum
European Marfan Support Network
European Media Art Network
European Media Art Network
European Migration Network
European Mitochondrial Disease Network
European Mycotoxin Awareness Network
European Mycotoxin Awareness Network
European Network Against Arms Trade
European Network Against Child Trafficking
European Network Against Racism
European Network and Information Security Agency
European Network Fitness Association
European Network for Acute Coronary Treatment
European Network for Application Security
European Network for Better Regulation
European Network for Biodiversity Information
European Network for Canadian Studies
European Network for Communication and Information Perspectives
European Network for Democracy-Project
European Network for Drug Investigation in Children
European Network for Earth System Modelling
European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights
European Network for Psychological Support
European Network for Science
European Network for SME Research
European Network of Academic Sport Services
European Network of AIDS Helplines
European Network of Animation
European Network of Asylum Reception Organisations
European Network of Bangladesh Studies
European Network of Cancer Registries
European Network of Cancer Registries
European Network of Childbirth Associations
European Network of Consumer Educators
European Network of Environmental Professionals
European Network of Excellence on Intelligent Technologies for Smart Adaptive Systems
European Network of Genocide Scholars
European Network of GMO Laboratories (EU)
European Network of Indicators Designers
European Network of Information Centres
European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts
European Network of Innovative Schools
European Network of Nursing Organisations
European Network of One Parent Families
European Network of Organic Agriculture University Teachers
European Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations
European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations
European Network of the Unemployed
European Network of Traditional Music and Dance
European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
European Network of Training Organizations
European Network of Youth Mentoring Organisations
European Network on Access Technology
European Network on Independent Living
European Network on Information Literacy
European Network on Intelligent Technologies for Smart Adaptive Systems
European Networking Center
European Networking Summer School
European Networks and Services
European Neural Network Society
European Neurological Network
European Neuroscience and Society Network
European Nuclear Education Network
European Nuclear Engineering Network
European Parkinson’s Nurses Network
European Pond Conservation Network
European Pro Cycling Network
European Public Administration Network
European Pulsar Network
European Qualification Network
European Quality Network
European Railways Wireless In-House Network
European Region WWMCCS Inter-Computer Network
European Regional Network on AIDS
European Research Network for evaluation and improvement of screening, Diagnosis and treatment of Inherited Disorders of Metabolism
European Research Network on Transitions in Youth
European Residents in Regeneration Network
European Rivers Network
European Securities Network
European Sero-Epidemiology Network
European Service Network Adults Learning
European Services Network
European SME Benchmarking Network
European Solar Magnetism Network
European Technology Transfer Network
European Training Network for Animation
European Travel Network
European Turbine Network
European Union Banking and Finance News Network
European Union Crime Prevention Network
European Union Network of Excellence
European Union Women Inventors and Innovators Network
European University Network for Information Technology in Education
European Vacuum Science Network
European Virtual Anthropology Network
European Virtual Ballot Network
European Virtual Engineering Network
European Virtual Seismic Network
European Work Organisation Network
Evangelical Environmental Network
Event Planning Network
Event Processing Network
Everglades Depth Estimation Network
Evil People Network
Evolution of Market Structure in Network Industries
Evolutionary Network Development
Evolving Clustering Network
Exceptional Human Experience Network
Exchange Access Network
Exchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
Exchange Network Parameters
Exciting Nova on Network
Executive Advancement Resource Network
Executive Consultants Network
Executive Secure Voice Network
Exhibitor News Network
Exiled Journalists’ Network
Exodus Data-Network Guarantee
Expansion Port Network
Experimental Integrated Network
Experimental OSI Network
Expert Network Group
Expert Network Group
Experts Round Table Network
Export Legal Assistance Network
Export License Application and Information Network
Express Network
Express Network
Express Network
Express Travel Network
Extended Area Network
Extended Care Information Network
Extended Choice Network
Extended Enterprise Network
Extended Network
Extended Network Manager
Extended Network Time Protocol
Extended Port Network
Extended Stay Network
Extension Disaster Education Network
Extension Toxicology Network
External Access Network
External Domain Network Information
External Gateway Network
External Network Adapter
External Recurrent Neural Network
Extreme Networks, Inc.
Extreme Photography Sports Network
Eye Television Network Limited
Facility Area Network
Factory Customer Premises Network
Fair Elections Legal Network
Fairfield Network of Executive Women
Faith Community Network
Faith Networks
Falkland Islands News Network
Families Against Violence Advocacy Network
Families of Color Network
Families United Network
Family Advice and Information Network
Family Area Network
Family Child Care Network
Family Financial Network
Family Literacy Support Network
Family Network
Family Network on Disabilities
Family Practice and Counseling Network
Family Practice Network
Family Resource Information, Education, Network Development Services
Family Resource Network
Family Restoration Network, Inc.
Family Support Network
Family Television Network
Fantastic Network Solutions
Far East Network
Fargo Catholic Schools Network
Fargo Catholic Schools Network
Farm Accountancy Data Network
Farm Animal Adoption Network
Farm Animal Welfare Network
Farm Family Support Network
Fast Learning Artificial Neural Network
Fast-Flux Service Network
FastLane Integrated Network Application Language
FDMA Network Controller
Feasible Multicast Network
Feature Animation, Network Television And Syndication Integrated Accounting
Federal Communicators Network
Federal Libraries Information Network
Federal Library Information Network
Federal Network Systems, Inc.
Federal Networking Council
Federal Networks Requirements Study
Federation of Pharmacy Networks
FedEx Trade Networks
FeedBurner Ad Network
Feel Good Networks
Female Executives Network
Feminist Peace Network
Fertility Information Network
Festival Network Online
Fetal Alcohol Network
Fiber Network Identification
Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.
Fiber Optic Communication Network
Fiber Optic Network
Fiber Optic Network Technology Co.
Fiber Security Network
Fiber Transmission Network
Fiber-Optic Local Area Network
Fiber-Optic Tactical Local Area Network
Fido Technology Networks
Fieldnetwork Input/Output
File Area Network
Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue
Filipinos Unifying Student-Engineers in an Organized Network
Film Festival Network
Final Network Acceptance
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Financial Economics Network
Financial Executives Networking Group
Financial Fraud Information Network
Financial Independent Network Limited
Financial Integrity Research Network
Financial Job Network
Financial Management Network
Financial Network
Financial Network Inc
Financial Network Investment Corporation
Financial Network Services
Finnish Youth Research Network
Fire and Emergency Training Network
Fire Emergency Television Network
Firefighter Cancer Support Network
Firefighter Cancer Support Network
Firesetter Regional Intervention Education Network and Delivery System
Firewall Network Processor
First Advertising Agency Network
First National Information Network
Fixed Network Equipment
Fixed Network Equipment
Fixed Network Operator
Fixed Network Reconfiguration
Fixed Telecommunications Network Services
Flash Gaming Network
Flat Neighborhood Network
Fleet Telecommunications Conference Network
Flexible Adapter for Wireless Networking
Flexible Network Bus
Flint Area Library Cooperative Online Network
Florida Automated Weather Network
Florida Bass Network
Florida Butterfly Monitoring Network
Florida Career Pathways Network
Florida Digital Network
Florida Distance Learning Network
Florida Information Resource Network
Florida Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval
Florida Interfaith Networking in Disaster
Florida Library Information Network
Florida Newspaper Advertising Network
Florida Pregnancy Care Network
Florida Prostate Cancer Network
Florida Public Archaeology Network
Florists Nationwide Delivery Network
Flow Regimes from International Experiments and Network Data
Fluoride Action Network
Flying Local Area Network
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
Food Allergy Network
Food and Agriculture Restoration Management Involving Networked Groups
Food and Beverage Network
Food Intolerance Network of Australia
Food Network
Food Safety Network
Food Safety Research and Response Network
FoodFirst Information and Action Network
Force, Intelligence, Networking, and C2
Forced Air Network
Ford Interfaith Network
Ford Interfaith Network
Ford Parenting Network
Ford Supplier Network
Ford-Employees African-American Network
Foreign Network Operator
Foreign-Born Information & Referral Network
Forensic Assessment Center Network
Forensic Institute Research Network
Forensic International Network for Explosives Investigation
Forest Action Network
Forest Ecosystem Research Network of Sites
Forest Monitoring Network
Forest Outreach Network
Former Trainees Network
Forward Backpropagation Neural Network
Foster Family Care Network
Fostering Relationships in Early Network Development
Fountain Pen Network
Fox Business Network
Fox Cable Networks
Fox Cable Networks Group
Fox Kids Network
Fox Networks
Fox News Network
Fox Sports Network
Fragmenting IP Realtime Engine (Network Peripherals)
Frame-Based User Network Interface
Framework Initiative for Exchange Networks and Dialogues
Franchise Advice and Information Network
Franklin’s Revolutionary International Enterprise Network Developer
Fraunhofer Knowledge Network
Frederick Regional Action Network
Free Expression Network
Free Sites Network
Freedom Data Networks
Freedom Song Network
Freedom to Innovate Network
Freedom to Innovate Network
Free-Market News Network
Freeport Health Network
Free-space Accelerators for Switching Terabit Networks
Freiburger Cardiac Survival Network
Freiburger Cardiac Survival Network
French Data Network
French Property Advisor Network
Frequency Agile Laser for Configurable Optical Networks
Frequent Hemodialysis Network
Frequent Transit Network
Freshwater Action Network
Friend Finder Network
Friendly Hills Healthcare Network
Frogans Network Certificate
Frogans Network System
Front Range Consolidated Network
Front-Resolving Ocean Network with Telemetry
Fuji Network System
Fujitsu Network Architecture
Fujitsu Network Communications
Fukuoka International Business Network
Full Service Network
Fully-Connected Network
Functional Bionetwork Markup Language
Functional Imaging Research Network
Functional Link Artificial Neural Network
Functional Network Architecture
Fundamental Networks, Inc
Fundamentals of Internetworking Security Technologies
Future Active IP Networks
Future Digital Network
Future Enterprise Network Architecture
Future Force Network
Future Healthcare Network
Future International Action on Climate Change Network
Future Internet Network Design
Future Lawyers Alliance Network
Future Network News
Future of Neural Networks
Future Tactical Network
Future Universal Services of Inbound and Outbound Networks
Fuzzy Neural Network
Fuzzy Temporal Constraint Network
Galactic Independent News Network
Galileo Educational Network Association
Game Audio Network Guild
Game Central Network
Game Master Support Network
Game Networking Engine
Game Show Network
Game Show Network Interactive
Game Theory in Communication Networks
Games and Education Research Network
Gamma-Ray Burst Coordinates Network
Garrett Planning Network, Inc.
Gatehouse Adult Support Network
Gateway ATM Network
Gateway Network Element
Gator Advertising and Information Network
Gaussian Network Model
Gaussian Relay Network
Gay and Lesbian Equality Network
Gay Christian Network
Gay Financial Network
Gay Health Network
Gay Liberation Network
Gay Real Estate Executive Network
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network
Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Gazette International Networking Institute
GCOS Surface Network
GE Network Services
Gemini Trusted Network Processor
Gender Awareness Information and Networking System
Gender Focal Point Network
Gene Therapy Information Network
General Dynamics Network Systems
General Dynamics Network Systems
General Information Network
General Network Error
General Switched Telephone Network
General Television Network
General Usage Network
Generalized Digital Waveguide Networks
Generalized Random Early Detection (communications network packet queuing discipline
Generalized-Regression Genetic-Neural Network
Generating and Analyzing Networks
Generation Unrestricted Network Drive Assault Module
Generic Network Model
Generic Radio Access Network
Genetic Engineering Network
Geneticist-Educator Network of Alliances
Geodynamic Network of the Academy of Sciences
Geographic Information Network in Europe
Geographic Information Network of Alaska
Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana, Inc.
GeoNetwork Steering Committee
Geonetwork Technical Committee
Georgia Infection Control Network
Georgia Prevention Network
Geoscience Information Network
Geosciences Network
German Hardware Network
German Network for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance
Germplasm Resources Information Network
GERMS Electronic Network Interface
Gestalt Therapy International Network
Get Network Element Information
Get Smart Network
Getronics Network Services
Ghana Agricultural Information Network System
Ghana Organic Agriculture Network
Ghost Webz Network
GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute)
GiantLoop Network, Inc.
GIG Network Defense
Gigabit Ethernet Networking
Gigabit Passive Optical Network
Gigabit-Per-Second Passive Optical Network
Gigabyte System Network
Gillette Global Network
Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network Inc
Girl Child Network
Glasgow Homelessness Network
Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network
Global Advanced Intelligent Networking
Global Agricultural Information Network
Global Aid Network
Global Airline Inventory Network
Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks
Global Analysis Information Network
Global Applied Research Network
Global Area Network
Global Arts Networking Foundation
Global Auditing Information Network
Global Automation Information Network
Global Avian Influenza Network for Surveillance
Global Broadcast Overlay Network
Global Business Information Network
Global Business Network
Global Business Network International
Global Business School Network
Global Citizen Network
Global Communications Network, LLC
Global Community Services Network
Global Data Network
Global Development Network
Global Disaster Network
Global Distribution Network
Global Ecolabelling Network
Global Education Network Europe
Global Educators’ Network
Global Energy Network Institute
Global Energy Network International
Global Engineering Networking Initiative
Global Environment for Network Innovations
Global Environment for Networking Investigations
Global Expertise Network for Industry Universities and Scholars
Global Foodborne Infections Network
Global Futures Network
Global Gaming Network Community
Global Geopark Network
Global Historical Climatology Network
Global Home Network
Global Information Network
Global Information Networking Institute
Global Information Networks in Education
Global Internetworking, Inc.
Global Investigators Network
Global Investors Governance Network
Global Islands Network
Global Knowledge Network
Global Knowledge Network, Inc.
Global Korean Network
Global Land Cover Network
Global Land Tool Network
Global Leadership Network
Global Legal Information Network
Global Maintenance Network
Global Maintenance Network
Global Medical Technology Network
Global Microlensing Alert Network
Global Network Control Center
Global Network Delivery Model
Global Network Enterprise
Global Network Expert Communications Corporation
Global Network for Avian Influenza Surveillance
Global Network Group
Global Network Infrastructure
Global Network Initiative
Global Network of Arab Activists
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes
Global Network of Christian Ministries
Global Network of Environment and Technology
Global Network of Environmental Economists
Global Network Of Modding Extremists
Global Network Operations
Global Network Operations Center
Global Network Services
Global Network Solutions Center
Global Networked Business
Global Networking Strategy
Global Observation Information Network
Global Oscillation Network Group
Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network
Global Pastors Network
Global Physician Network
Global Policy Network
Global Polygraph Network
Global Private Networks
Global Project Marketing Network
Global Public Health Intelligence Network
Global Ratification & Elections Network
Global Recycling Network
Global Reference Network
Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network
Global Research Network
Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
Global Seamless Network
Global Seismic Network
Global Services Network
Global Settlement Network
Global Shippers’ Network
Global Switched Telephone Network
Global Telecommunications Network
Global Telescope Network
Global Television Network Inc.
Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost
Global Tibetan Professionals Network
Global Tracking Network
Global Trade and Investment Management Network
Global Trade Point Network
Global Trade Point Network
Global Training Network
Global Transaction Network
Global Transportation Network
Global Trend Network
Global Undersea Fiber Optic Network
Global University Network for Innovation
Global Unwind Network Services
Global Vacation Network
Global Valley Networks, Inc.
Global Virtual Services Network
Global Volunteer Network
Global Youth Network
Global, ETAC, OL-A Network
Globalvision News Network
Globe Forum Business Network
Globecomm Network Services Corporation
Globewide Network Academy
Gloucestershire Local Information Network
GMF Network Control Center
GMF Network Controller
GMFSC Network Controller
GNOME Network Object Model Environment) Desktop Environment
GNU Network Object Model Environment
Gold Buckle Network
Gold Coast Terrier Network
Gold Country Network
Golden State Rewards Network
Golden West Network
Golf Instruction Club Network
Golgi Network
Goliad Community Network
Good Buy Shopping Network
Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Network
GOOS Regional Alliances Network Development (international ocean monitoring consortium)
Gospel Communications Network
Gospel Music Television Network
Gospel Overseas Television Network
Gospel Recordings Network
Government Accountability & Information Network
Government Action Network
Government Communication Network
Government Information Network System
Government Intranet Network
Government Neural Network
Government News Network
Government Relations Blog Network
Government Satellite Network
Government Secure Network
Government Telecommunications Network
Graduate Women Educators Network
Grand Rapids Information Network
Grand River Information Network
Grant Managers Network
Grant Managers Network
Grants Integration Network
Graphic Arts Information Network
Graphical Network Browser
Graphical Network Configuration Editor
Graphical Network Editor
Graphical Network Viewer
Grass Roots Anti-Imperialist Network
Grass Roots Environmental Education Network
GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
GrassRoots Recycling Network
GRB Coordinates Network
Great Lakes Information Network
Great Lakes Trading Network
Great Network Product
Great Outdoor Network
Great Plains Anarchist Network
Great Plains Network
Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co
Great Wall Business Networks
Great Wine Capitals Network
Greater Mekong Subregion Academic and Research Network
Greater Ozarks Information Network
Greater Pittsburgh Magic Network
Green Carpet Cleaning Network
Green Consumer Network
Green Packet Network
Green Purchasing Network
Green Spider Network
Green Suppliers Network
Greening of Industry Network
Grenada Business Online Network
Grenoble Network Initiative
Grids and Advanced Networks
Ground Communications Network
Ground Network
Ground Network Scheduling System
Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network
Ground Wave Emergency Network
Group-Forming Network
Grouping Network
Growler Secure Network
Gruene Business Consulting Network
GSM Radio Access Network
GSM/Edge Radio Access Network
Guatemala Canada Solidarity Network
Guatemala Solidarity Network
Guerrilla News Network
Guest Choice Network
Guidelines International Network
Guinea Pig Adoption Network
Gulf Offshore Weather Observing Network
Gulf Restoration Network
Hacker News Network
Hackers Underground Network
Haiti Support Network
Half-T Latter Network
Halton and Peel Professional Executive Network
Hamilton Community Health Network
Hampshire Public Service Network
Hands-On Network Environment
Hardware & Networking
Harris Network Management
Hastily Formed Network
Haunted Voices Radio Network
Hawaii Education Research Network
Hawaii Regional Tsunami Warning Network
Hawaii Youth Services Network
Hawaiian Wholesale Network
Hawks Network Corporation
Head on Radio Network
Heads of Agencies Network
Health Action Information Network
Health Action Network Society
Health Alert Network
Health Alert Network System
Health and Development Network
Health Care for the Homeless Network
Health Center-Controlled Network
Health Communication Materials Network
Health Communication Network
Health Education Network
Health Help Network Inc.
Health Information Network
Health Information Network of Tennessee
Health Knowledge Network
Health Management Network
Health Metrics Network
Health Network Architecture
Health Network System
Health Network Ventures, Inc.
Health Provider Network
Health Response Alert Network
Health Sciences Television Network
Health Services and Policy Research Support Network
Health Services Research Network
Health Solutions Network
Health Systems Management Network
Health Texas Provider Network
Health Transaction Network Inc.
Healthcare and Aging Network
Healthcare Application Network Delivery System
Healthcare Networks of America
Healthy Living Network
Healthy Schools Network, Inc.
Healthy Teen Network
Healthy York Network
Healthy York Network
Heartland Independent Provider Network
Heartland Network
Heartland Therapy Provider Network
Heat Exchanger Network
Hekimian Network Interface System
Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics
Hemp Users Medical Access Network
Herbalife Broadcast Network
Herbalife Nutrition Network
Heritage Sports Radio Network
Hertfordshire External Resources Network
Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment
Heterogeneous Networks of Workstations
Hierarchical Network
Hierarchical Star Network
Hierarchical Task Network
Hierarchical Virtual Network Interface
High Accuracy Reference Network
High Availability Network
High Energy Physics Latinamerican European Network
High Performance ARC Network
High Performance Network
High Performance Scalable Networking
High School Basketball Network
High School Student Doctor Network
High School Television Network
High Speed Data Network
High Speed Information Network
High Speed Network
Highband Networking Radio
Highband Networking Waveform
High-Definition Audio Video Network Alliance
Higher Education Network Aboriginal Corporation
Higher Education Network for Community Engagement
Higher Education Reform Network
Higher Layers and Internetworking
Highlands and Islands Local Food Network
High-Performance Computing Network
High-Speed Freight on the European High Speed Railway Network
High-speed Unlicensed Metropolitan Area Network
HIPPI Network Forum
Hispanic Christian Community Network
Hispanic Communications Network
Hispanic Digital Network
Hispanic Network Group
Hispanic Radio Amateur Network
History News Network
Hitachi Network Architecture
HIV Prevention Trials Network
HIV/AIDS Volunteer Enrichment Network
Holistic Moms Network
Home Access Network
Home Area Network
Home Automation Network
Home Based Business Network
Home Based Learning Network
Home Gambling Network
Home Network Identity
Home Networking
Home Networking Wizard
Home Phone Network
Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
Home Public Land Mobile Network
Home School Friends Network
Home Shopping Network
Home Shopping Network
Home Theatre Network
Home Wireless Network
HomeBrew Network
Homebuilders Financial Network
Homeland Secure Data Network
Homeland Security for Networked Industries
Homeland Security Information Network
Homeland Security Network Inc.
Homeland Security Response Network
Homeless People’s Network
Homeless Youth Network
Homeless Youth Network
Hong Kong Network Information Centre
Honor Flight Network
Hopfield Neural Network
Hopkins Medical Device Network
Hospital Based Massage Network
Hospitality Training Network
Hospitals & Health Networks
Host Network Operator
Hosting Area Network
Hotel Jobs Network
Hotel Reservations Network, Inc.
House Rabbit Network
Households in Conflict Network
Housing Justice Network
Houston Angel Network
Houston Area Library Automated Network
Houston Area Volleyball Enthusiasts Network
Houston Association of Network Administrators
Houston Education Resource Network
Houston High Tech Recruiters Network
Howard Stern Radio Network
Hudson Headwaters Health Network
Hughes Network Systems Americas
Hughes Network Systems LLC
Hughes Network Systems, Inc.
Hughes Television Network
Hull Networks Box
Human Animal Violence Education Network
Human Help Network
Human Patient Simulation Network
Human Resource Network
Human Resources Management Network
Human Rights Film Network
Human Services Enterprise Network
Human Tissue Resource Network
Humanitarian Information Network
Humanities Research Network
Huntington News Network
Huron Valley Community Network
Hurricane Kids Network
Hybrid Control: Heterogeneity and Complexity of Networked Embedded Systems
Hybrid Neural Network
Hybrid Optical Network
Hybrid Temporal Planning Network
Hybrid Timed Petri Network
Hydro One Networks, Inc.
Hydrogen Power Network
Hypercube Connected Network
IBM Global Network
IBM Information Network
IBM Tivoli Network Manager
Idaho Charter School Network
Idaho Community Action Network
Idaho Muslim Activists’ Network
IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence
Identification Tasking & Networking
Identification Tasking and Networking
Idle Line Network
IDRC Medicinal Plants Network (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Illinois Century Network
Illinois Government News Network
Illinois Homeland Security Network
Illinois Online Network
Illinois Student Environmental Network
Image Transmission Network
Imagination Network
Imagine Games Network
Imaging and Forensic Networking
Immune Tolerance Network
Immunization Network of Northern California
Impedance Stabilization Network
Improved Network Encryption Systems
Incident Area Network
Incision Network
Incision Network
Independent Comedy Network
Independent Communications Network
Independent Distribution Network Operator
Independent Financial Network
Independent Network of Estate Agents
Independent Niche Directory Network
Independent Online Radio Station Network
Independent Overlay Network
Independent Radio Television Network
Independent Search Engine Directory Network
Independent Street Arts Network
Independent Telecommunication Network
Independent Telephone Network
Independent Transportation Network
Indian Institute of Network Solutions
Indiana College Network
Indiana Healthcare Executives Network
Indiana Holistic Health Network
Indiana Home Educators Network
Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations
Indiana Telecommunications Network
Indiana Victim Assistance Network
Indianapolis Access Cable Network
Indigenous Community News Network
Indigenous Environmental Network
Indigenous Information Network
Indigenous Women’s Network
Individual Customer Access Network
Individual Network
Individual Network
individual network component
Individuals, Organizations and Networks
Indo-Chinese Outreach Network
Indonesian Climate Action Network
Indo-Pacific Sea Level Network
Industrial Communications and Power Networks
Industrial Health Services Network
Industrial Science & Technology Network
Industrial Terrorism Network
Industry Capability Network
Infield Communications Network
In-Flight Entertainment Network
Influenza Vaccine Exchange Network
Info Pool Network
Infocom Network Limited
Infodomestic Developer Connection Network
Inforeach FIX Network (Chicago, IL)
Information and Communications Networks
Information Exchange Network
Information Extracting Self-Organizing Neural Network
Information Network
Information Network Architecture
Information Network Focus on Religious Movements
Information Network for Christian Homes
Information Network For On-Line Retrieval Modules
Information Network for Public Health Officials
Information Network for Science and Technology
Information Network of Arkansas
Information Network on Post-Harvest Operations
Information Network Program Office
Information Network System
Information Networking Institute
Information Operations, Networks & Space
Information Point Station Network
Information Processing in Sensor Networks
Information Processing Network
Information Retrieval in Sensor Networks
Information Salad Podcast Network
Information Services Network
Information Services Network
Information Systems and Networks
Information Technology Commerce Network
Information Technology Networking
Information, Network, and Computer Security
Infoscreen Networks Plc
Infra Eco Network Europe
Inglewood Business Opportunity Network
Ingram Micro Service Network
Initial Voice Switched Network
Injury Prevention Network of Aotearoa New Zealand
Inland California Television Network
Inland Revenue Interactive Network
Inline Network Encryption
In-line Network Encryptor
Inner Peace Television Network
Inner-City Muslim Action Network
In-Network Only
In-Network Programming
Innovation Knowledge and Organisational Networks
Innovative Leaders Network
Input Distribution Network
Inquiring Knowledge Networks on the Web
Insider Learning Network
Inspirational Network
Installation Campus Area Network
Installation Network Center
Installation Transport Network
Institute of Communication Networks
Institutional Network
Institutional Network of the Universities from the Capitals of Europe
Institutional Networks Corporation
Instructional Network
Insurance News Network
Insurance Regulatory Information Network
Insurance Sales Network
Integra Telecom Network Operations Center
Integrated Building Distribution Network
Integrated Business Network
Integrated Campus Network
Integrated Colorado Online Network
Integrated Communications and Advanced Networks
Integrated Communications System/Shipboard Communications Area Network
Integrated Composite Application Network
Integrated Computing Network
Integrated Computing Network News
Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks
Integrated Court Offences Network
Integrated Customer Advanced Network
Integrated Customer Ordering Network
Integrated Data Network
Integrated Definition Model for Network/Distribution Design Methodology
Integrated Delivery Network
Integrated Design Environment for Assessment of Computer Systems and Communication Networks
Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
Integrated Digital Network
Integrated Digital Transport Network
Integrated Enterprise Network
Integrated Habitat Network
Integrated Healthcare Network
Integrated Minority AIDS Network Inc.
Integrated Multicast for Ad Hoc Networks
Integrated Multilevel Power Network Voltage Control
Integrated Network Access Arrangement
Integrated Network Analyzer
Integrated Network Architecture
Integrated Network Connection Service
Integrated Network Control System
Integrated Network Controller
Integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry
Integrated Network Management
Integrated Network Management
Integrated Network Management System
Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education
Integrated Network of Transportation Information
Integrated Network Solutions
Integrated Network Support System
Integrated Network System
Integrated Network System Interface Terminal Equipment
Integrated Networks, Inc.
Integrated Node Network
Integrated Office Campus Network
Integrated On-demand Network
Integrated On-Demand Network Order Entry
Integrated Packet Network
Integrated Quality Networks
Integrated Regional Information Networks
Integrated Regional Network Enterprise
Integrated Satellite Business Network
Integrated Services Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Network Gateway Exchange
Integrated Services Digital Network User Part
Integrated Services Network
Integrated Services Packet Network
Integrated Shipboard Network System
Integrated Special Services Network
Integrated Strategic Infrastructure Networks in Europe
Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network
Integrated Tactical Data Network
Integrated Tactical Defense Network
Integrated Tactical-Strategic Data Network
Integrated Transport Management-Dynamic Network Analyzer
Integrated Transport Management-Subnetwork Controller
Integrated Triangular Irregular Network
Integrated Triangular Irregular Network
Integrated Triangular Irregular Network
Integrated Voice Network
Integrated Wireless Network
Integration Testing Network
Integration Testing Network Laboratory
Intel Advanced Network Reseller
Intel Advanced Network Services for Linux
Intel Native American Network
Intel Research Network
INTELECOM Learning Resources Network
Intellectual Freedom Action Network
Intellectual Property Enforcement Network
Intellectual Property Network
Intelligence Community Collaborative Operations Network
Intelligence Network Gateway
Intelligence Processing Network
Intelligent Access Network
Intelligent Design Network
Intelligent Information Network
Intelligent Integrated. Network Management
Intelligent Network
Intelligent Network
Intelligent Network Analysis/Planning
Intelligent Network Application Part
Intelligent Network Application Profile
Intelligent Network Application Protocol
Intelligent Network Architecture
Intelligent Network Call Routing Protocol
Intelligent Network Control Plane
Intelligent Network Controller
Intelligent Network Element
Intelligent Network Node
Intelligent Network Operations
Intelligent Network Outfitters
Intelligent Network Platform Prototype
Intelligent Network Processor
Intelligent Network Security Device
Intelligent Network Service Delivery
Intelligent Network Systems
Intelligent Networking
Intelligent Networking
Intelligent Networking Pack
Intelligent Optical Networking
Intelligent Packet Network
Intelligent Utility Network
Intelligent Voice Services Network
Intelligent Wireless Area Network
Inter Member Network
Inter Node Network
Interactive Affiliate Network
Interactive Design Using a Network of Transputers in Fluids
Interactive Distance Training Network
Interactive Economic Development Network
Interactive Network Active-traffic Visualization
Interactive Network Adapter
Interactive Network for Continuing Education, Inc.
Interactive Television Network
Interactive Television Networks, Inc
Interactive Video Extension Network
Interactive Video Network
Interactive, Neural Network-Assisted
Intercentre Network
Interconnecting CCS Network
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices
Intercultural Network for Development and Peace
Interdepartmental Network on Organophosphates Research
Interdepartmental Quality Network
Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Networks
Interdisciplinary Research Training Network
Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Network
InterDomain Networks
Inter-Exchange Network
Interface Network Card
Interface Network Controller
Interfacility Flow Control Network
Interfaith Hospitality Network
Interfaith Network for Community Help
Interim Capability for Airborne Networking
Interim Mobile Data Network
Intermediate Distribution Facility (networking)
Intermediate Network Element
Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center
Internal Network Adapter
Internal Network Address
Internal Network Bus
Internal Network Control Center
Internal Network Number Indicator
Internal-Network to Network Interface
International Accounting Network
International Aerospace Information Network
International Agra-Food Network
International AIDS Economics Network
International Air Transport Association Network
International Airlines Travel Agent Network
International Amalgamated Transportation Network
International Analog Forestry Network
International Anglican Family Network
International Association of Minority Network Equipment Resellers
International Automotive Technicians’ Network
International Baby Food Action Network
International Braiders Network
International Breast Cancer Screening Network
International Burden of Disease Network
International Business Advisory Network
International Business Studies Network
International Business Team Network
International Cancer Screening Network
International Center for Cooperation in Bioinformatics Network
International Cesarean Awareness Network Inc
International Children’s Anophthalmia Network
International Coffee Genome Network
International Competition Network
International Computer Network
International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks
International Conference on Broadband Networks
International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks
International Conference on Computer Networks and Mobile Computing
International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking
International Conference on Information Networks and Data Communication
International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking
International Conference on Network Protocols
International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems
International Conference on Networking
International Conference on Networks
International Conference on Neural Networks
International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Networking
International Conference on Wireless & Optical Communications Networks
International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems
International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks
International Contact Support Network
International Coral Reef Action Network
International Corporate Governance Network
International Criminal Law Network
International Data Network
International Daughter Companies Network
International Democratic Education Network
International Design Network Foundation
International Directory Network
International Education and Resource Network
International Employee Relations Network
International Energy Regulation Network
International Equine Recovery Network
International Erasmus Student Network
International Farm Comparison Network
International Fire Research Innovation Network
International Fitness Club Network
International Franchise Consultant Network
International Game Developers Network
International Gaming Network, Inc
International Gender and Trade Network
International Home Exchange Network
International Household Survey Network
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
International Journal of Parallel and Distributed Systems and Networks
International Justice Network
International Kalachakra Network
International Lawyers Network
International Marketing Supervision Network
International Master in Communication and Networking Engineering
International Mens Fashion Freedom Network
International Merkur Owner’s Network
International Mitochondrial Disease Network
International Molecular Biology Network
International Network
International Network Design & Engineering
International Network Development & Engineering
International Network for Acid Prevention
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
International Network for Cultural Diversity
International Network for Cultural Policy
International Network for Economic Method
International Network for Educational Improvement
International Network for Environmental Management
International Network for Girls
International Network for Information in Science and Technology Education
International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication
International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication
International Network for Learning and Teaching
International Network for Online Resources and Materials
International Network for Peace
International Network for Philippine Studies
International Network for Safety Assurance of Fuel Manufacturers
International Network for School Improvement
International Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials
International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art
International Network for the History of Occupational and Environmental Prevention
International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain
International Network Management
International Network Management System
International Network of Accountants and Auditors
International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment
International Network of Clinical Data Management Associations
International Network of Crackers
International Network of E-Communities
International Network of Economic Developers
International Network of Engaged Buddhists
International Network of Engineers and Scientists
International Network of Geoparks
International Network of Golf
International Network of Government Ownership Agencies
International Network of Innovative School Systems
International Network of M&A Partners
International Network of Permafrost Observatories
International Network of Protein Engineering
International Network of Somewhere in Time Enthusiasts
International Network of Street Papers
International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists
International Network on Cultural Policy
International Network on Disarmament and Globalization
International Network on Ethnoforestry
International Network on Personal Relationships
International Network on Personal Relationships
International Network on Small Hydro Power
International Network on Strategic Philanthropy
International Network on Technical Information
International Network Operation Center
International Network Planning
International Network Routing Addresses
International Network Services
International Network Solutions, Inc.
International Network Technology Development
International Network Training Institute, Inc.
International Networking
International Networking and Communications Conference
International Neural Network Conference
International Neural Network Society
International NGO Network on ISO
International Nortel Networks Meridian Users Group
International Nuclear Library Network
International Nutraceutical Network Inc.
International Ocean Network
International Optical Networks
International Playback Theatre Network
International Policy Network
International POPs Elimination Network
International Private Equity Network
International Program Evaluation Network
International Programming Network
International Quality Network
International Rare Disease Support Network
International Relations and Security Network
International Relations Student Network
International Republican Socialist Network
International Research Network on Organizing by Projects
International Restructuring Education Network Europe
International Rivers Network
International Scleroderma Network
International Seafarers’ Assistance Network
International Seminar on Teletraffic and Network
International Shopping Network
International Smart Tan Network
International Software Engineering Research Network
International Solution Provider Network
International Standard Data Network
International Student Network, Inc
International Studies Schools Network
International Sustainability Indicators Network
International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks
International Symposium on Intelligent and Networked Systems
International Symposium on Networks in Bioinformatics
International Symposium on Neural Networks and Soft Computing in Structural Engineering
International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Networks
International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Networks
International Symposium on Photonics and Advanced Networks
International Tap Dance Network
International Technology Cooperation Network
International Tobacco Evidence Network
International Trade Cooperation Network, Ltd.
International Trade Data Network
International Trade Development Network
International Transit Network
International Translation Network
International Value-Added Network
International Ventilator Users Network
International Video Network
International Virtual Education Network
International Web Network for Travel Agents
International Working Conference on Active Networks
International Workshop on Intelligent Systems Techniques for Ad Hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks
International Workshop on Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment
International Workshop on Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
International Workshop on Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Internet and Networking Group
Internet and Networking Security Solutions Incorporated S.a
Internet Area Network
Internet Business Network
Internet Engineering Research Network
Internet Gaming Network
Internet Network Operations Center
Internet Networking Administration Tool Software
Internet Professionals & Network Solutions
Internet Protocol Network
Internet Protocol Radio Access Network
Internet Services Network
Internet Verification Affiliate Network
Internetwork Architecture Board
Internetwork Interoperability Testing Committee
Internetwork Operating System
Internetwork Packet Exchange
Internetwork Packet Exchange
Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol
Internetworking Cisco Network Devices
Internetworking Management System
Internetworking Over NBMA
Internetworking Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
Internetworking Performance Monitor
Internetworking Product Center
Internetworking Protocol
Internetworking Security Services Expert
Internetworking Technology Multimedia
InterNetworking Technology Tracking
Internode Games Network
Internode Network
Interoperability Network Activity
Interoperable Network
Interoperable Networks for Secure Communications
Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
Interplanetary Network
Interplanetary Network Directorate
Interpreter Network of Colorado
Interrogating Public Land Mobile Network
Interstitial Cystitis Network
Intervening Networks
INTEX Ozonesonde Network Study
Intra Government Communications Network
In-Transit Visibility Network
Intra-Vehicular Area Network
Intrusion Detection Architecture for Mobile Networks
Investor Environmental Health Network
Investor Relations Information Network
Investor Relations Network
Invisible Moose Network
Iowa City Home Education Network
Iowa Communications Network
Iowa Equine Rescue Network
Iowa Family Resource Network
Iowa Network Services, Inc.
Iowa Prairie Network
IP Media Gateway (computer networking)
Iran Nanotechnology Laboratory Network
Iran News Network
Iranian Television Network
Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
Iraqi Media Network
Irish American Business Chamber Network
Irish Bird Network
Irish Network Japan
Irondequoit Sports Broadcasting Network
Irrigation and Green Industry Network
Irving Community Television Network
ISDN PBX Networking Standard
Islamic Broadcasting Network
Islamic Business & Finance Network
Islamic Media Arcs Network
Islamic Networks Group
Islamic News and Information Network
Islamic Republic of Iran News Network
Isolated Bonding Network
Israeli English Teachers’ Network
ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network
Italian Business Angels Network
Italian Neural Network Society
Ithaca Swing Dance Network
Jackson County Sustainability Network
Jai Network Systems Sdn Bhd
Jain Networking Forum
Jamaica Sustainable Development Network
Jamcracker Service Delivery Network
Jane’s Combat Network
Japan Academic Inter-university Network
Japan Committee for Research Networks
Japan Contemporary Dance Network
Japan Entertainment Network
Japan Environmental Action Network
Japan FM Network (radio)
Japan Gigabit Network
Japan Hotel Network
Japan Network Information Center
Japan Network Security Association
Japan News Network
Japan Radio Network
Japanese Animation Network
Java Advanced Intelligent Networks
Java APIs for Integrated Networks
Java Intelligent Network Infrastructure
Java Network Technology
Javier Barrera Networks Communications
Jazz Education Network
Jazz Satellite Network
JBoss Operations Network
Jesus Broadcasting Network
Jewelry Dealers Network
Jewish Academic Network for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Jewish Business Network
Jewish Civic Action Network
Jewish Congregational Network
Jewish Disabilities Network
Jewish Employment Network
Jewish Gay Network
Jewish Life Network
Jewish Social Policy Action Network
Jewish Studies Network
Jewish Television Network
Jewish Television Network
Jewish Unity Network
Job Accommodation Network
Job Board Network, Inc.
Job Network Member
Job Network Provider
John C. Lincoln Health Network
John Muir Physician Network
Johnson County Community Network
Joint Academic Network
Joint Academic Network Using Satellites
Joint Academic Scholarships Online Network
Joint Adoption Information Network
Joint Aerial Layer Network
Joint Airborne Network
Joint Capability for Airborne Networking
Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network
Joint Commission Satellite Network
joint communications network
Joint Data Network
Joint Fires Network
Joint Implementation Network
Joint Network Management
Joint Network Node
Joint Network Simulation
Joint Network Team
Joint Operational Information Network
Joint Optical Information Network
Joint Planning Network
Joint Protection Enterprise Network
Joint Targeting Network
Joint Targeting Network
Joint Task Force – Computer Network Operations
Joint Training and Experimentation Network
Joint Warning And Reporting Network
Jones Computer Network
Jones Media Networks, Ltd.
Joslin Vision Network
Journal for Professionals Networking for Excellence in Service Delivery with Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
Journal of Communications and Networks
Journal of High Speed Networks
Journal of Interconnection Networks
Journal of Network and Systems Management
Journal of Systems and Network Management
Journal on Communications Networks
Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
JPEG Network Graphics
JSC Interface Network
JTIDS Network Library
JTRS Network Emulator
Judaica Library Network of Metropolitan Chicago
Judicial Confirmation Network
Juniper Network Union
Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate
Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert
Juniper Networks Sales Specialist
Juniper Networks, Inc.
Jurisdiction Area Network
Jurisdictional Reference Network
Just Mac network
Justice Enterprise Information Network
Justice Information Network
Justice Knowledge Network
Justice Telecommunication Network
Justice Telecommunication Network
Justice Wireless Network
Juvenile Defense Network
Juvenile Justice Network
Kahn Process Networks
Kaladan Press Network
Kanda News Network
Kansas Academic Advising Network
Kansas Executive Express Network
Kansas Exemplary Educators Network
Kansas Library Network Board
Kansas Research and Education Network
Karma Kagyu Buddhist Network
Kashmir News Network
Kaspersky Security Network
Katrina Environmental Research and Restoration Network
Katrina Information Network
Kawish Television Network
Keighley Healthy Living Network
Kelly Career Network
Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network
Kent Network Users Group
Kent Refugee Action Network
Kent School Services Network
Kentucky Beef Network
Kentucky Child Care Network
Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc.
Kentucky Engineering Exposure Network
Kentucky Library Network
Kentucky Network of Outdoor Women
Kentucky TeleLinking Network
Kenya Community Media Network
Kenya Data Networks Limited
Kenya Development Network Consortium
Kenya Television Network
Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network
Kettering Health Network
Kettering Medical Center Network
Key Communicators Network
Key Person Network
Key Volunteer Network
Keystone Architecture Required for European Networks
Keystone University Network
Kids Design Network
Kids News Network
Kids Songs Network
Kiebis Network and Data Systems
Kimberley Walsh Network
Kingdom Community Network
Kingdom Hearts Network
Kingdom News Network
Kingston and Merton Real Nappy Network
Kittitas Environmental Education Network
Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network
K-Mart News Network
Know and Network
Knowledge Exchange Network
Knowledge Management Network
Knowledge Media Networking
Knowledge Network
Knowledge Network Enterprise
Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity
Knowledge Network Group
Knowledge Network Institute of Thailand
Knowledge Networks
Knowledge Sharing Network
Knowledge Society Network
Knowledge Transfer Network
Koch Business Network Consulting
Koori Business Network
Korea Electric Power Data Network Co, Ltd
Korea Information Technology Network
Korea Network Information Center
Korea Network Information Center
Korea Sustainable Development Network
Korea Wide Area Network
Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network
Korean Human Rights Network
Korean Patent Information Online Network
Korean VLBI Network (astronomy project)
Kos Wireless Network
Kosova Women’s Network
Kosovo Youth Network
Kundalini Support Network
Kurdistan National Network
Kyle Vanderburg Network
Kyoto University Integrated Information Network System
Kyrgyzstan Seismic Network
L2TP Network Server
Label Swapping Employing Optical Logic Gates in Network Nodes
Labor Community Advocacy Network
Labor Education and Research Network
Labor Immigrant Organizing Network
Laboratories Over Next Generation Networks
Laboratory Response Network
Labour Women’s Network
Lafayette Emergency Action Response Network
Lake County Shared Services Network
Lamprey Networks Incorporated
LAN Network Manager
Lancaster Youth Network of Churches
Land Based Test Network
Land Research Action Network
Landmine Survivors Network
Landscape Character Network
LandWarNet NetOps (Network Operations) Architecture (US DoD)
Lansing Area AIDS Network
LAN-to-LAN Wide Area Network Program
Large Network Administration
Large Scale Networking
Large Scale Phenomena Network
Large Signal Network Analyzer
Large Tactical Sensor Network
Laser and Fiber-Optical Networks Modeling
Lateralized Attention Network Test
Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre
Latin America Training Network
Latin American Network Airlines
Latin American Network Information Center
Latin American Trade Network
Latin American Translators Network
Latin Print Network
Latina Leadership Network
Latino Medical Television Network, LLC
Latter-Day Saints Mission Network
Law Book Network
Law Careers Advice Network
Law Enforcement Agency Network
Law Enforcement Awareness Network
Law Enforcement Information Network
Law Enforcement Intelligence Network
Law Enforcement Radio Network
Layer 3 Virtual Private Network
Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks Working Group
Layered Interconnection Network
Layered Queueing Network
Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago
Leadership for Life Network
Leading International Open Networkers
Leading Services and Products Network
Lean Education Academic Network
Learning & Information Network Center
Learning Agency Network
Learning and Skills Network
Learning and Skills Research Network
Learning and Teaching Support Network
Learning Differently Network Support
Learning Education Resources Network
Learning for Economic Action and Recovery Network
Learning in Retirement Network
Learning Network
Learning Network Queensland
Learning Object Network
Learning Object Repository Network
Learning, Involvement, Networking and Exchange
Lease Enforcement Attorney Network
Lebanese Academic Research Network
Lebanese National Network
Lee Education and Resource Network
Legal Broadcast Network
Legal Information Network Exchange
Legal Services Network
Legislative Education Network of DuPage
Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
Leisure Information Network
LeisureTime Network
Lender Interactive Network Connection
Lenders Interactive Online Network
Lesbian Therapists Referral Network
Leverage Sourcing Network
Liberal Arts Network for Development
Librarians Information Online Network
Librarians of the Australian Technology Network
Libraries and Archives Collecting Newspaper Clippings Unified for Their Integration into Networks
Libraries of Networked Knowledge
Library and Information Resource Network, Inc.
Library Electronic Academic Resources Network
Library Video Network
Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network
Lifelong Learning Network
Lifestyle Information Network
Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills
Lifestyle Networks
Lifetime Movie Network
Light of Africa Network
Lighting Network Renewal
Lightweight Underlay Network Ad hoc Routing
Lincoln Financial Network
Lincolnshire Information Services Network
Line Impedance Stabilization Network
Line Link Network
Line Unit Network Termination
Linear Electrical Network
Linear Electrical Network
Linear Threshold Network
Linguistic and Cultural Heritage Electronic Network
Link Interoperability Network
Linked In Open Networker
Linked Local Network
Linked Urology Research Network
LinkedIn Recruiters Network
Linkin Park Network
Linux Network Administrators Guide
Linux Public Broadcasting Network
Lions News Network
Literacy Access Network
Literacy and Education Research Network
Litton Network Access Systems
Livestock Information Network and Knowledge System
Living Arrangements and Social Networks
Local Access Area Network
Local Access Network
Local Area Network
Local Area Network Adapter
Local Area Network Architecture
Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet
Local Area Network Emulation
Local Area Network for Excellence
Local Area Network Interface Card
Local Area Network MANager
Local Area Network Party Association of New England
Local Area Network Reference Model
Local Area Network Server
Local Area Network User Radio Access
Local Area Wireless Network
Local Business Networks
Local Command Center Network
Local Communications Network
Local Computer Network
Local Distribution Network
Local Health Network
Local Indigenous Network
Local Information Network and Communications System
Local Information Network for Community Services
Local Interagency Operations Network
Local Interconnect Network
Local Learning and Employment Networks
Local Network Attachment
Local Network Element
Local Network Interconnect
Local Network Operation
Local Network Operations Center
Local Network Service
Local Network Service Center
Local Networking Group
Local Officials’ Administration Network
Local Operating Network
Local Packet Network
Local Range Network
Local United Network to Combat Hunger
Locally Excitatory Globally Inhibitory Oscillator Network
Location Independent Collaboration in Higher Education Networks
Location Register and Internetworking Gateway
Logic and Information Network Compiler
Logical IP Subnetwork
Logistical Computing and Internetworking
Logistics Information Network
Logistics Information Network
Logistics Remote Users Network
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network
London Biotechnology Network
London Cycle Network
London East Aids Network
London Evolutionary Research Network
London Irish Network
London Islamic Network for the Environment
London Knowledge & Innovation Network
London Knowledge Network
London News Network
London Open College Network
Lonestar Education And Research Network
Long Distance Network
Long Fat Network
Long Haul Network
Long Island Commercial Network
Long Island Network of Community Services
Long Thin Network
Longhorn Network
Long-Range Information Networked Communications Services
Long-Term River Network
Loosely Coupled Network
Los Angeles AFB Network Support
Los Angeles Alternative Media Network
Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network
Lossy Shunt Resonator Network
Lotus Information Network Corporation
Lotus Notes Network
Louisiana Aging Network Association, Inc.
Louisiana AIDS Advocacy Network
Louisiana Educational Leaders Network
Louisiana Environmental Action Network
Louisiana Environmental News Network
Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide
Louisville Youth Opportunity Network
Lourdes Health Network
Love, Imagine, Network and Kindness
Low Bandwidth Tactical Network
Low Entry Networking
Low Entry Networking
Low-Income Energy Network
Loyola Anti-War Network
Loyola University Medical Education Network
LTER Automatic Weather Network (meteorology)
Lucas Fan Network
Lumped-Network Finite Difference Time Domain
Lutheran Ecumenical Representatives Network
Lutheran Health Network
Luthor News Network
Lymphedema Support Network
M22 Tactical Network
MAC Distributor Network
Mac News Network
Macomb Industrial Network
Magic Ball Network
Magnum Secure Networks Framework
Main Frogans Network
Maine Invasive Species Network
Maine Network of Healthy Communities
Maine Senior College Network
Maine Youth Action Network
Maintenance Connector Network
Maintenance Interface Network
Maintenance Network Node
Malawi Electoral Support Network
Malaysian Christian Songwriters Network
Malaysian Interfaith Network
Malware Delivery Network
Mambo Foundation Developers’ Network
Managed Leased Data Network.
Managed Network Operations
Managed Network Service
Managed Network Service Center
Managed Network Services Custom
Managed Network Systems, Inc.
Managed Private Network
Management & Leadership Network
Management in the Network Economy
Management Information Network for Training
Management Interactive Network Connection
Management Network Architecture
Management of Integrated SDH and ATM Networks
Management Overlay Networks
Management Professional Network
Management Services Network
Managing Cisco Network Security
Manchester Progressive Enterprise Network
Manchester Refugee Support Network
Mango Information Network
Manhattan Area Homeschoolers Network
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Manitoba Archival Information Network
Manitoba Television Network
Manned Space Flight Network
Manufacturers Resource Network
Manuscripts and Letters Via Integrated Networks in Europe
Map Based Interaction in Social Networks
Maquila Solidarity Network
Marine and Coastal Educators Network
Marine Corps Enterprise Network
Marine Corps Satellite Education Network
Marine Environmental Change Network
Marine Institute: Network of Educational Topics
Marine Observation Network
Marine Safety Network
Maritime Logistics Data Network
Maritime Rescue Network
Maritime Telecommunications Network
Marketing Exchange Network, Inc.
Marketing Executives Networking Group
Marketing Information Network
Marketing Research Surveys and Information Network
Marking Technologies Network
Markovian Language Network
Marshall Alumni Networking Event
MARSOC Network Operators Course
Maryland Charter School Network
Maryland Legal Assistance Network
Mass Urban Music Network Conference
Massachusetts Education Computer Network
Massachusetts Library and Information Network
Massachusetts Nonprofit Network
Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network
Massive Assault Network
Massive Assault Network
Massive Assault Network