New York Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for New York state?

NY is the 2 letter abbreviation for New York, the 4th largest state in the United States of America. New York is a state located in Northeast part of U.S.A, bordering Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, PennsylvaniaRhode Island (water border), and Vermont. Albany is the capital city of New York. Major cities include New York (Population: 8175144), Brooklyn (Population: 2300675), Borough of Queens (Population: 2272782), Manhattan (Population: 1487547), Bronx (Population: 1385119), Staten Island (Population: 468741), Buffalo (Population: 258082), Jamaica (Population: 216877), Rochester (Population: 209813), Yonkers (Population: 201127), East Flatbush (Population: 178475), and Washington Heights (Population: 152624).

New York State Flag

New York State Profile

  • Capital: Albany
  • Admitted to USA: 1788
  • Area: 141,297 km2
  • Population: 19,453,561
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 212, 315, 347, 516, 518, 607, 631, 646, 716, 718, 845, 914, 917
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  NY
  • State Government Website:


New York is located in the northeast of the USA on the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the so-called Central Atlantic States together with the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New York borders Canada to the north and northwest, more specifically to the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont to the east, and Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the south. New York also has a maritime border with the state of Rhode Island. New York has a coastline to the Atlantic Ocean via Long Island. It also borders Lake Erie in the west and Lake Ontario in the northwest.

The state of New York covers an area of ​​approximately 141,300 km² and has approximately 19.7 million inhabitants, making it the third most populous state in the USA. The capital of New York is Albany with approx. 100,000 inhabitants in the actual city area and up to 870,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan region. The largest city in the state, on the other hand, is New York City with approximately 8.33 million inhabitants in the actual urban area and up to 19.8 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region.

The area of ​​what is now the state of New York was mostly inhabited by the tribes of the Lenni Lenape, Mohican and Munsee, the Abenaki, the Iroquois, the Shinnecock, the Pequot and the Narraganset in pre-European times. Most members of these tribes were displaced. Only the Iroquois still live largely in the New York area. From a European perspective, the Dutch were the first to populate the area. The Dutch colony of Nieuw Nederland, founded in 1621, and thus also the city of Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York City), founded in 1624, was annexed by the English in 1664 and was divided into New Jersey and New York. In 1667 the Dutch ceded the colony Nieuw Nederland in the peace of Breda. The current state was named after the Duke of York.

New York was one of the thirteen colonies that gained its independence from Great Britain in 1776 declared and became the 11th state of the United States in 1788. In 1789, New York City became the first capital of the United States. The state’s nickname today is “Empire State”. The state motto of New York is “Excelsior” (Latin: Higher.).

Nowadays, even without New York City, New York is a very popular tourist destination. In summer, tourism focuses on Downstate New York, especially the popular beaches on Long Island. In winter, by contrast, Upstate New York dominates, especially the small towns in the Appalachian Mountains are popular winter sports resorts. Fall seems to have been made for the entire state with the Indian Summer, the warm weather period in late autumn with the characteristic intensive leaf discoloration in the deciduous and mixed forests. But the extreme west of the state also attracts a large number of visitors with the Niagara Falls.

Cities and larger towns

New York City
New York City, this huge city that captivates people all over the world, with its numerous skyscrapers, the many different cultures and the cultural highlights is simply considered “the” city of the USA. New York City was the first place that numerous immigrants from Europe entered the United States in the 19th century to finally be able to live in the country of their dreams. And who does not know the Statue of Liberty in the port of New York City, the countless New York museums, Broadway, the numerous nightclubs and bars, Chinatown, Manhattan, the Bronx, the many New York hotels or Wall Street, the financial center of the world. Everyone should have visited this city at least once in their life. And because the Big Apple really captivates everyone, we at Goruma have dedicated a separate article to the city.

The city of New York City has approximately 8.33 million inhabitants in the actual urban area and up to 19.8 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region. The city of New York City is located in the southeast of the state of the same name New York.

The city of Albany has approximately 98,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the state of New York. There are even 870,000 people living in the city’s metropolitan area. Albany is located in the eastern part of New York, about 240 km north of New York City, near the confluence of the Mohawk River and the Hudson River. European settlement of the area began in 1614 with the construction of the Dutch Fort Nassau. However, this was abandoned after four years. In 1624, however, Fort Oranje was founded, the colony’s first permanent settlement. The fort developed into an important post for the fur trade, so that Pieter Stuyvesant founded the settlement Beverwyck in 1652, which is now Albany. After the conquest by the English, the city was renamed Albany in honor of the Duke of York and Albany von Beverwyck. In 1797, Albany became the state capital of New York, replacing Kingston, which was burned down during the Revolutionary War.

Nowadays, most government and administrative offices as well as seven colleges and universities can be found here. The architectural appearance of the city is very interesting as it mixes historical buildings with very modern structures such as the Empire State Plaza. But Albany does not only have something ready for architecture lovers. There are also several interesting museums, such as the New York State Museum, which is the largest of all 50 State Museums.

New York State Abbreviations

List of New York Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about New York are NY which stands for New York. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to New York, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

NY: New York

Acronym Meaning
AWNY Advertising Women of New York
AFC Advocates for Children of New York, Inc.
ASAP Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State
ABNY Amalgamated Bank of New York
AIANY American Institute of Architects New York
ALANY American Lung Association of New York
ABNY Anybody but New York
ATNY Apartment Therapy New York
AGCNYS Associated General Contractors of America, New York State Chapter, Inc.
ALDONYS Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State
ABNY Association for Better New York
AMTNYS Association of Math Teachers of New York State
NYSMPO Association of New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations
ANCD Association of Nigerians in the Capital District of the State of New York
AOTSNY Association of Towns of the State of New York
ABNY Atlantic Bank of New York
ASAWNY Autism Society of America, Western New York
AANY Auto Analyst of New York
BNY Bank of New York
BFNYC Bankrupters and Fraudsters of New York City
BENNY Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, New York
BNBNY Bed and Breakfasts New York
BBBSNYC Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City
BNY BlackRock New York
BTCN Braille Transcribers of Central New York, Inc
BUN Buffalo, New York
BALCONY Business and Labor Coalition of New York
CATNYP Catalog of The New York Public Library
CNY Catholic New York
CNY Central New York
CNYCAC Central New York Community Arts Council
CNYCF Central New York Community Foundation
CNYCLL Central New York Conference on Language and Literature
CNYC Central New York Cycling
CNYE Central New York Environment
CNYPC Central New York Psychiatric Center
CNYK Central New York Railroad Corporation
CUNY City University of New York
CISC City University of New York Institute for Sustainable Cities
CONED Consolidated Edison Company of New York
CEC-NYS Consulting Engineers Council of New York State
CCSNYS Council of Community Services of New York State
CNYC Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums
DANY Defense Association of New York
DHASNY Dental Hygienists’ Association of the State of New York
DNY Diocese of New York
DANY District Attorney New York
DKNY Donna Karan New York
DASNY Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
DNY Downstate New York
ENY East New York
EDNY Eastern District of New York
ENYSASA Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association
EMEDNY Electronic Medicaid of New York
EVL Ellicottville, New York
EANY Environmental Action New York
EANY Environmental Advocates of New York
ENY Episcopal New Yorker
EDNY Event Designs New York
FDANYS Family Development Association of New York State
FRG Farmingdale Republic Airport, New York
FRBNY Federal Reserve Bank of New York
BINARY Federal Reserve Bank Of New York City
BISHOP Federal Reserve Bank Of New York City
BUSINESS Federal Reserve Bank Of New York City
B Federal Reserve Bank of New York City
BANK Federal Reserve Bank of New York City
BROWN Federal Reserve Bank of New York City
BOMBER Federal Reserve Bank of New York City
FNYIP Federation of New York Insurance Professionals
FDNY Fire Department New York
FASNY Fireman’s Association State of New York
FBNYC Food Bank for New York City
FCNY Foot Clinics of New York
FDNY Fort Drum, New York
FASNY French-American School of New York
FCNY Fund for the City of New York
FNY Furniture New York
GONY Gangs of New York
GLPNY Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists of New York
GRNY Giant Robot New York
GNY Greater New York
GNYMLA Greater New York Music Library Association
GNYPE Greater New York Physicians Expo
HIXNY Health Information Exchange of New York
HNY Heritage New York
HCA Home Care Association of New York State
HLBNY Home Loan Bank of New York
HNY Hotel New York
ICNY Imperial Court of New York
IANYS In A New York Second
ICFNY Independent College Fund of New York
IIACNY Independent Insurance Agents of Central New York
IINYS Interfaith Impact of New York State
ICNY International Center in New York
INYC Internet New York City
IRC Interreligious Council of Central New York
INY Ithaca, New York
JENY Joint Effort New York
LBNY La Boule New Yorkaise
LENY Latino Executive of New York
LDANYS Learning Disabilities Association of New York State
LAWNY Legal Assistance of Western New York
LBNY Liberty Bank of New York
LENY Limited Edition New York
LNY Literacy New York
LDCENY Local Development Corporation of East New York
LBNY Long Beach, New York
LEAH Loving Education At Home (New York
LFNY Lycée Français de New York
MNY Manhattan New York
MNY Maybelline New York
MHRA Medical and Health Research Association of New York City
MHANYS Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.
MBNY Merchants Bank of New York
MONY Mutual of New York
NAMI-NYC National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of New York City
NNY New New York
NWY New Work Yorkshire
NY New York
NYAMS New York Academy of Medicine
NYAM New York Academy of Medicine
NYAMS New York Academy of Music
NYAM New York Academy of Music
NYAS New York Academy of Sciences
NYACE New York African Chorus Ensemble
NYAS New York Airport Service
NYAFEC New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns
NYA New York and Atlantic Railway
NYLE New York and Lake Erie Railroad
NY-AND-NE New York and New England Railroad
NYA New York Angels
NYA New York Architects
NYABN New York Area Bisexual Network
NYAWA New York Arm Wrestling Association
NYAMS New York Asian Music
NYAM New York Asian Music
NYAAC New York Association for Ambulatory Care
NYAAP New York Association for Analytical Psychology
NYACTE New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
NYACE New York Association of Consulting Engineers
NYAIL New York Association of In-House Locksmiths
NYALGRO New York Association of Local Government Records Officers
NYAS New York Audio Society
NYE New York Auto Expense
NYBIC New York Beef Industry Council
NYBMF New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation
NYBI New York Bilingual Institute
NYBH New York Board of Health
NYBOT New York Board of Trade
NYB New York Branch
NYB New York Brazil Entertainment Group
NYB New York Budokai
NYBS New York Bus Service
NYBGH New York Business Group on Health
NYBI New York Business Institute
NYCG New York Cable Guy
NYCV New York Camera & Video
NYCTJ New York Campaign for Telephone Justice
NYCD New York Capital District
NYC New York Cares
NYCE New York Cash Exchange
NYCHSAA New York Catholic High Schools Athletic Association
NYCD New York Celtic Dancers
NYCRDC New York Census Research Data Center
NYCBE New York Center for Biomedical Engineering
NYCCS New York Center for Computational Science
NYCID New York Center for Interpersonal Development
NYC New York Central
NYCM New York Central Mutual
NYCO New York Certified Organic
NYCSA New York Charter Schools Association
NYCSP New York Chinese School Patrol
NYC New York City
NYCA New York City Atheists
NYCDA New York City Dance Alliance
NYCDS New York City Dance School
NYCD New York City Department of Correction
NYCDE New York City Department of Education
NYCDOE New York City Department of Education
NYCDOHMH New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
NYCE New York City Employee
NYCEF New York City Environmental Fund
NYCG New York City Girl
NYCHDC New York City Housing Development Corporation
NYCLR New York City Law Review
NYCM New York City Marathon
NYCMP New York City Mathematics Project
NYCMP New York City Mentoring Program
NYCMER New York City Museum Educators Roundtable
NYCO New York City Opera
NYCPS New York City Pharmacists Society
NYPD New York City Police Department
NYCPS New York City Public School
NYCTA New York City Transit Authority
JRA New York City, NY, USA
NYCLU New York Civil Liberties Union
NYCA New York Claims Association
NYCH New York Clearing House
NYCTA New York Coal Trade Association
NYCA New York Collective for the Arts
NYCORE New York Collective of Radical Educators
NYCM New York Colonial Manuscripts
NYCG New York Commerce Group
NYCO New York Commercial Office, Inc.
NYCRS New York Commercial Realty Services
NYCH New York Community Hospital
NYCM New York Compensation Managers, Inc.
NYCO New York Composers Orchestra
NYCRS New York Connecting Railroad Society
NYCEF New York Consensus Economic Forecasts
NYCEF New York Conservation Education Fund
NYCDA New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
NYCEP New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology
NYCOMPS New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structure
NYCG New York Consulting Group
NYCA New York Control Area
NYCE New York Cotton Exchange
NYCH New York Council for the Humanities
NYCDS New York County Dental Society
NYCA New York Court of Appeals
NYCH New York Cross Harbor Railroad
NYDT New York Daily Tribune
NYDA New York Dairy Association
NYDT New York Deaf Theatre, Ltd.
NYDA New York Design Architects, LLP
NYDA New York Diabetes Association
NYDB New York District Board
NYD New York Dolls
NYDA New York Dormitory Authority
NYDAC New York Drama Alumni Clan
NYDA New York Drummers Association
NYEA New York Education Association
NYE New York Energy LLC
NYESA New York English Schools Association
NYE New York Experience
NYEA New York Expressive Arts
NYFA New York Fashion Academy
NYFW New York Fashion Week
NYF New York Fasteners Corp.
NYFA New York Festivals of Advertising
NYFD New York Field Division
NYFE New York Fight Ensemble
NYFA New York Film Academy
NYFA New York Film Annex
NYFE New York Financial Exchange
NYFMS New York Financial Management System
NYFWA New York Financial Writers Association
NYFD New York Fire Department
NYFTTA New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association
NYFA New York Flight Academy
NYFA New York Flora Association
NYFA New York Flora Atlas
NYFA New York Footbag Association
NYFA New York for Artists
NYFCH New York Forum for Child Health
NYF New York Foundation
NYFA New York Foundation for Architecture
NYFA New York Foundation for the Arts
NYFLAG New York Freud Lacan Analytic Group
NYF New York Fries
NYFE New York Futures Exchange
NYGBR New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
NYGBS New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
NYGA New York Geographic Alliance
NYG New York Giants
NYG New York Guard
NYGA New York Guard Association, Inc.
NYG-CIT New York Guard Commander’s Citation
NYG-COM New York Guard Commendation Medal
NYG-SVC New York Guard Service Ribbon
NYH New York Harbor
NYHOPS New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System
NYHC New York Hardcore
NYHA New York Heart Association
NYHA New York Heavy Artillery
NYH New York Herald
NYHSML New York High School Math League
NYH New York Highlanders
NYHA New York Holstein Association
NYH New York Hospital
NYHQ New York Hospital Queens
NYHA New York Housing Authority
NYHC New York Housing Conference
NYHRPS New York Human Resource Planning Society
NYHC New York Hustle Congress
NYHC New York Hypnosis Center
NYIC New York Image Consultant
NYIC New York Immigration Coalition
NYICM New York Institute of Chinese Medicine
NYIC New York Institute of Credit
NYIDE New York Institute of Dance and Education
NYI New York Institute of Photography
NYID New York Insurance Department
NYIIX New York International Internet Exchange
NYI New York Internet Company
NYIC New York Investment Company
NYIC New York Irish Center
NYI New York Islanders
NYJ New York Jets
NYJF New York Jets Football
NYJW New York Jewish Week
NYJM New York Journal of Mathematics
NYK New York Knicks
NYLS New York Land Services
NYLC New York Landmarks Conservancy
NYLC New York Language Center
NYLE New York Language Exchange
NYLE New York Latino English
NYLS New York Law School
NYLA New York Leadership Awards
NYL New York Liberty
NYLON New York Liberty
NYLA New York Library Association
NYLC New York Library Club
NYL New York Life
NYLON New York Life
NYLAF New York Liquid Asset Fund
NYLA New York Literary Agency
NYLS New York Literary Society
NYLS New York Living Solutions
NYLS New York Longitudinal Study
NYLA New York Los Angeles
NYL New York Lottery
NYLON New York Lottery
NYLA New York Louisiana
NYMS New York Main Street
NYMS New York Management Society
NYMS New York Manumission Society
NYMTA New York Marine Trades Association
NYMS New York Marxist School
NYMEP New York Media Experience Program
NYMEP New York Medical Equipment Providers Association
NYMH New York Memorial Hospital
NYMS New York Menswear Show
NYMX New York Mercantile Exchange
NYME New York Mercantile Exchange
NYMEX New York Mercantile Exchange
NYM New York Methodist
NYMAN New York Metro Area Networking
NYMCMA New York Metropolitan Country Music Association
NYMR New York Metropolitan Region
NYMTA New York Metropolitan Transit Authority
NYM New York Mets
NYMMA New York Micro Manager’s Association
NYMS New York Microscopical Society
NYME New York Miniaturist Ensemble
NYM New York Minute
NYM New York Mirror
NYM New York Moments
NYMCC New York Monte Carlo Club
NYME New York Mortgage Exchange
NYMS New York Mycological Society
NYNC New York Nail Company
NYNHP New York Natural Health Project
NYNHP New York Natural Heritage Program
NYN New York Nautical
NYNC New York Nautical Cadets
NYNEX New York Network Exchange
NYNMA New York New Media Association
NYN New York News
NYNT New York Night Train
NYNA New York Nightlife Association
NYN New York Northern District
NYNC New York Numismatic Club
NYO New York Observer
NYO New York Offstage
NOAH New York Online Access to Health
NYOW New York Ontario & Western
NYOB New York Open Book
NYOUG New York Oracle Users Group
NYONE New York Organization of Nurse Executives
NYPL New York Paintball League
NYP New York Pennsylvania Station
NYPO New York Philharmonic Orchestra
NYPR New York Photo Review
NYPT New York Physical Therapy
NYPD New York Pipe Dreams
NYPD New York Pizza Department
NYPD New York Play Development
NYPD New York Pole Dancing
NYP New York Post
NYPA New York Power Authority
NYPH New York Presbyterian Hospital
NYP New York Press
NYPA New York Press Association
NYPA New York Production Alliance
NYPIUA New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association
NYPL New York Public Library
NYPR New York Public Radio
NYPT New York Public Television
NYPR New York Puerto Rican
NYPR New York Punk Rock
NYQ New York Quarterly
NYRCC New York Radio Control Clubs
NYR New York Rangers
NYRT New York Reads Together
NYREIA New York Real Estate Investors Association
NYRI New York Regional Interconnect, Inc.
NYRCC New York Republican County Committee
NYRT New York Rescue Team
NYRRF New York Road Runners Foundation
NYRWA New York Rural Water Association
NYSP New York Safety Program
NYSBCA New York School Bus Contractors Association
NYSCAS New York School Construction Authority
NYSD New York School for the Deaf
NYSB New York School of Bartending
NYSB New York School of the Bible
NYSUM New York School of Urban Ministry
NYSF New York Shakespeare Festival
NYSB New York Shipbuilding Corporation
NYST New York Singing Teachers’ Association
NYSX New York Ska Xchange
NYSEC New York Society for Ethical Culture
NYSPCC New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NYSW New York Softworks, Inc
NYSD New York Sour Diesel
NYSD New York Southern District
NYSF New York Sportfishing Federation
NYSD New York Sports Day
NYSX New York Sports Express
NYSB New York Staff Band
NYSF New York Stage and Film
NYS New York State
NYSAES New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
NYSATAS New York State Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills
NYSAPBA New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association
NYSAFAH New York State Association for Affordable Housing
NYSARRR New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
NYSACVC New York State Association of City and Village Clerks
NYSACHO New York State Association of County Health Officials
NYSACDL New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
NYSAIS New York State Association of Independent Schools
NYSADA New York State Automobile Dealers Association
NYSBDA New York State Band Directors’ Association
NYSBA New York State Bar Association
NYSBCN New York State Breast Cancer Network
NYSBA New York State Brewers Association
NYSBA New York State Bridge Authority
NYSBA New York State Broadcasters Association
NYSCHAP New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program
NYSCEDII New York State Center for Engineering Design and Industrial Innovation
NYSCAS New York State Chiropractic Association
NYSCHE New York State Coalition for Health Education
NYSCAS New York State Coalition for the Aging
NYSCOF New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation
NYSCALS New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
NYSCAR New York State Commercial Association of Realtors
NYSCRF New York State Common Retirement Fund
NYSCAS New York State Communication Association
NYSCPB New York State Consumer Protection Board
NYSCU New York State Convention of Universalists
NYSCAS New York State Council on the Arts
NYSDEA New York State Dance Education Association
NYSDAM New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
NYSDEC New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NYSDPS New York State Department of Public Service
NYSDOT New York State Department of Transportation
NYSDDPC New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
NYSD New York State Division Committee
NYSDVA New York State Division of Veterans Affairs
NYSEC New York State Electrical Contractors
NYSERB New York State Employment Relations Board
NYSERDA New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
NYSEC New York State English Council
NYSEFC New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation
NYSFIC New York State Factory Investigating Commission
NYSFBC New York State Field Band Conference
NYSFPSMA New York State Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association
NYSGA New York State Geological Association
NYSGA New York State Golf Association
NYSHD New York State Health Department
NYSHIP New York State Health Insurance Program
NYSHSFCA New York State High School Football Coaches Association
NYSHTA New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association
NYSIF New York State Insurance Fund
NYSIPM New York State Integrated Pest Management
NYSISTF New York State Invasive Species Task Force
NYSL New York State Library
NYS-MSM New York State Meritorious Service Medal
NYSMCA New York State Messenger Courier Association, Inc.
NYSOCFS New York State Office of Children and Family Services
NYSP New York State Police
NYSRDA New York State Rental Dealers Association
NYSRFC New York State Rugby Football Conference
NYSSACC New York State School Age Care Coalition
NYSSMA New York State School Music Association
NYSSCPA New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants
NYSSOS New York State Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons
NYSSSA New York State Summer School for the Arts
NYSTAP New York State Technical Assistance Project
NYSTI New York State Theater Institute
NYST New York State Thruway
NYSTLA New York State Trial Lawyers Association
NYST New York State Troopers
NYSTLA New York State Turf and Landscape Association
NYSUT New York State United Teachers
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
NYSF New York Straight Forward
NYSB New York Sunday Brunch
NYSE New York Symphonic Ensemble
NYTTF New York Table Tennis Foundation
NYTS New York Theological Seminary
NYTS New York Theosophical Society
NYT New York Times
NYTRMG New York Times Regional Media Group
NYTS New York Times Syndicate
NYTDA New York Tire Dealers Association
NYP New York to Paris
NTLA New York Tokyo London Aerdenhout
NYT New York Transit
NYT New York Tribune
NYTDA New York Trucking & Delivery Association
NYU New York Undercover
NYU New York University
NYUCD New York University College of Dentistry
NYUDH New York University Downtown Hospital
NYUJIL New York University Journal of International Law
NYULMC New York University Langone Medical Center
NYUMC-IEM New York University Medical Center’s Institute of Environmental Medicine
NYU New York Unlimited
NYUPAL New York Urban Professionals Athletic League
NYVIP New York Vehicle Inspection Program
NYVS New York Viola Society
NYVRMLSIG New York Virtual Reality Markup Language Special Interest Group
NYVS New York Virtuoso Singers
NYVER New York Voices
NYV New York Voices
NYVI New York Volunteer Infantry
NYW New York Warehouse
NYWG New York Wedding Group
NYW New York Western District
NYWG New York Wing
NYY New York Yankees
TSS New York, NY, USA – East 34Th Street Heliport
JFK New York, NY, USA – John F Kennedy International Airport
LGA New York, NY, USA – Laguardia
NYSW New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway
NYNEX New York/New England Exchange
NYER New Yorker
NYE New Yorker Electronics
NYF New Yorker Festival
NYH New Yorker Hotel
NYM New Yorker Magazine
NYP New Yorker Phantoms
NYCJR New Yorkers for Civil Justice Reform
NYCA New Yorkers for Companion Animals
NYPL New York-Penn League
NYP New York-Presbyterian Hospital
NFNY Niagara Falls New York
NNY Northern New York
NNYLN Northern New York Library Network
NANY Norwegian Artists in New York
NNNN Nurture New York’s Nature, Inc.
ONY Ogdensburg, New York
ONY Oneonta, New York
OINY Overheard in New York
PCNY Paper Club of New York
PONY Pennsylvania, Ontario, New York
PF Philatelic Foundation of New York
PONY Piano Outreach of New York
PCNY Police Conference of New York, Inc.
PONYA Port of New York Authority
PASNY Power Authority of the State of New York
PCNY Priests’ Councils of New York
PCIP Primary Care Information Project (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
PCNY Proofreaders Club of New York
PONY Prostitutes Of New York
PHANYC Public Health Association of New York City
PCNY Publicity Club of New York
RNI Radio New York International
RONY Railroads of New York
RNY Reckson New York Property Trust
RONY Recorder Orchestra of New York
RESTORE Residential Emergency Services to Offer Repairs to the Elderly (New York State program)
RNY Rochester, New York
RVC Rockville Centre, New York
RTNY2 Rolling Thunder New York, Chapter II
RHNSCNY Rural Health Network of South Central New York Inc.
SHSNY Secular Humanist Society of New York
SCNYLI Siam Commercial New York Life Insurance
SPONY Small Property Owners of New York
SWNY South Western New York
SYN South Yorkshire Newspapers
SDNY Southern District of New York
SNY Southern New York Railway
SONY Special Olympics New York
SNY Sportsnet New York
SONY Standard Oil of New York
SNY State of New York
SUNY State University of New York
SUNYO State University of New York – Oswego
SUNY-B State University of New York at Buffalo
SUONAC State University of New York at Cobleskill
SASU Student Association of the State University of New York
TONY Talk of New York
TIFNY The Image Factory New York
TONY Top of New York
TSLI Transitional Services of New York for Long Island, Inc.
TNYS Trees New York
TNY Trees New York
UNYAN United New York Ambulance Network
UNYT University of New York, Tirana
USNY University of the State of New York
UNY Upstate New York
UNYCGP Upstate New York Club Grand Prix
OKX Upton, New York
NYSB US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York
VMANYC Veterinary Medical Association of New York City
VNY Vision New York
WSNY Wagner Society of New York
WMNY Waste Management of New York
WSNY Wedgwood Society of New York
WHITE West Point New York
WITHDRAWAL West Point New York
WEIBLICH West Point, New York
W West Point, New York
WNYAR Western New York Amateur Radio
WNYP Western New York and Pennsylvania
WNYFFS Western New York Free Flight Society
WNYLRC Western New York Library Resources Council
WNYP Western New York Paranormal
WNYRIN Western New York Regional Information Network
WNYSC Western New York Sports Committee
WNYS Western New York state
WNY Western New York state
WNYW What New Yorkers Watch
WBNY Winning Beginning New York
WNYF With New York Firefighters
YNC York Newspaper Company
YRNG York Region Newspaper Group
YPN Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Ltd.
YREN Yorkshire Renewable Energy Network

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