News Abbreviations


What is news?

News is any type of information that presents a new and recent event or that discloses a novelty about an already existing situation. The origin of the word “news” comes from Latin, where “ notitia ” means “notoriety; knowledge of someone; notion”.

The news is an informative text, which can appear on television, internet, radio, newspapers and magazines. It belongs to the narration group, and has the elements that make up a narrative, such as characters, time and space.

It is common to use the term as a synonym for “whereabouts”, when it is intended to have knowledge about a particular person. For example: “Have you heard from our colleague Maria Antônia?”.

In journalism, news is an informative text of public interest, which narrates some recent event that occurred in the country or in the world. Its content can be formed by a political, economic, social, cultural theme, etc.

The narration of news of a journalistic genre must be done in an exact, objective and impartial way. In this genre of news, the veracity of the facts, the clarity of the language and the objectivity of the content must be highlighted.

The main questions that must be answered to structure a news are: “what?”, “who?”, “when?”, “where?”, “how?”, “why?”.

The structure of the journalistic text is called an “inverted pyramid”, as the most relevant information in the news should appear in the first paragraph. Further information appears in the following paragraphs in descending order of importance.

Difference between news and reportage

Despite being similar, the difference between the report and the news is in the structure of the texts.

The news is a short text that tells an event that occurred in the present. It may feature quotes from the people involved in the event, or who witnessed it.

The report is more elaborate. In it, the writer presents a deeper analysis on a given subject. It also has interviews and surveys to develop the text and present the most important aspects of the topic addressed.

In the reports, for example, it is possible to find infographics, expert opinions and other information that is relevant to the topic.

What are fake news?

Fake news means “fake news”. It is news information that does not represent reality, but is shared on the internet as if it were true, mainly through social networks.

Usually, the purpose of fake news is to create controversy around a situation or person, contributing to the denigration of their image. By having an extremely dramatic, appealing and controversial content, fake news usually attract a lot of attention from the masses, especially when they are devoid of critical sense.

Thus, fake content can act as an illegal “weapon” against something. In the political sphere, for example, fake news is used with the aim of “tarnishing” the reputation of a particular candidate, causing him to lose potential voters.

How to identify fake news ?

Due to the ease with which information can be created and shared on the internet, it is essential that the user has a high critical sense when faced with any type of content.

It may seem difficult to identify fake news, but following some basic steps it is easy to know if the information analyzed is true or not.

Read all content

One of the most common types of fake news is when the news title is presented in a disconnected way with the rest of the information. Unfortunately, many people share content on social networks, for example, without reading the entire text and, thus, are spreading totally distorted ideas about what actually happened.

Check the origin

Fake news is poor sources. When information does not contain basic journalistic elements, such as the reference to what is being said, for example, the veracity of the text becomes questionable.

Check the authors

Another tip is to check the identity of the authors of the text and look for a history of works that have already been done by these people. In many cases the authors of a fake news can be fake, so if there is no indication of who wrote the information, the probability that it is fake news is high.

Search for other sources

When we receive some information, we should not rely solely on the first news source. The ideal is to search for other credible communication vehicles and check if the content was also published and what information is contained in the different texts.

Check the news release date

It may be that the information is true, but it is being used out of its original context. Therefore, before sharing news, for example, it is important to check the date on which it was published.

Critical thinking on alert

The most important thing is having the ability to question the “truths”, not accepting everything as if it were absolutely real just because you “read it on the internet”.

Fake news and the “post-truth”

Post-truth is a neologism created to name the social phenomenon developed on the internet where fake news ( fake news ) is considered truth due to its massive dissemination.

The term “post-truth” was voted Word of the Year in 2016 by the Oxford Dictionary. Post-truth has been defined as the idea that a concrete fact has less significance or influence than “appeals to emotion and personal beliefs”.

This means that, according to the concept of post-truth, it becomes more important to believe that something is true (even if it is not) than what is in fact true.

Thus, the use of the prefix “pós” refers to the idea that the concept of truth does not have the same meaning as in the past.

Types of fake news

Fake news is created for different reasons and, depending on these, can be classified into 7 main types of fake news:

Satire or parody

It is not normally intended to cause harm. They are often present on comedy websites and can be easily identified as fake.

False connection

These are when the images, title or headline do not match the rest of the news content. This type of fake news is done due to a bad journalism policy or for the profit of a certain site.

In the latter case, appealing titles are created to draw people’s attention to click on the site ( clickbait ), just so that the page’s owners can earn money by viewing the advertisements they have in the articles, for example.

Deceptive content

It is the classic content that presents false information. It can be used in various situations, mainly with a partisan character, such as political influence or propaganda strategy.

False context

In this case the news information is totally true, but it is being used out of its original context. That is, it can be old news that is used as if it were recent, for example.

Imposter content

This type is characterized by using statements that were supposedly made by true sources, when in reality they never came to make such statements.

Manipulated content

It is one of the most complex types of fake news to analyze. In this case, the content presented is true, but the person who wrote it builds the text in a way capable of manipulating the less attentive audience.

Fabricated content

It’s a perverse type of content. It is 100% false, that is, the entire text was invented with the purpose of causing misinformation, misleading people and, consequently, causing some harm.

Consequences of Fake News

The spread of fake news can have disastrous and tragic consequences. People can be unfairly punished for acts they didn’t commit and even wars can be declared due to the spread of fake news, for example.

To prevent fake news from continuing to cause great social and political damage, some preventive and punishing measures are being applied by the main digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. In addition, bills are intensified to ensure control against the spread of false information on social networks.

List of Acronyms Related to News

ANC ABS-CBN News Channel
ANS Acorn News Service
ANTONYM Action News Team
ANT Action News Team
AVN Adult Video News
ANJ African News Journal
ASNS African Science News Service
AFIN Agence France – Presse Newswires: International
APN Agent Premium Newsgroups
AICN Ain’t It Cool News
AFPN Air Force Print News
AMCNS Air Mobility Command News Service
ANAS Alabama Newspaper Advertising Service
ARNC Alabama River Newsprint Company
ANG Alameda News Group
AHN All Headline News
ANC All News Channel
APNS All Pakistan Newspapers Society
AMAN Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies
AEN Alternative Energy News
AFN Alternative Fuel News
ANS Alternative News Source
AWN Amateur Wrestling News
AABN American Architect and Building News
AANR American Association of Newspaper Representatives
ABNS American Baptist News Service
ACNI American Community Newspapers, Inc.
ACN American Community Newspapers, Inc.
ACCN American Court & Commercial Newspapers
ALAWON American Library Association Washington Office Newsline
AMNEWS American Medical News
AMN American Medical News
ANC American News Company
ANP American News Project
ANWC American News Women’s Club
ANG American Newspaper Guild
ANPA American Newspaper Publishers Association
ARN American Rugby News
ASNE American Society of Newspaper Editors
APRN An Phoblacht Republican News
ADN Anchorage Daily News
ACNS Anglican Communion News Service
ANS Anglican News Service
ANNUAL Anime News Network
ANN Anime News Network
AMN Annuity Market News
ANB Arab News Broadcasting
ANNUAL Arab News Network
ANN Arab News Network
ACN Arabian Computer News
ANB Arabic News Broadcast
AARN Area Auto Racing News
ALN Arid Lands Newsletter
ANA Arizona Newspapers Association
APSN Arizona Public Safety News
ANNUAL Armenian News Network
ANN Armenian News Network
ANF Army News Features
AEN Asahi Evening News
ANNEX Asean News Exchange
ABNORMAL Asia Business News
ABN Asia Business News
ANNUAL Asia News Network
ANN Asia News Network
APNA Asia Pacific News Agency
AEN Asian Energy News
ANI Asian News International
APBN Asia-Pacific Biotech News
ANL Associated Newspapers Limited
ANCL Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, Ltd.
ANZ Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe
APF Associated Press Financial News
APTN Associated Press Television News
AAN Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
APNA Association of Private News Agencies
ABNA Association of the Balkan News Agencies
ANALOG Atari Newsletter and Lots of Games
ANUG Atex Newspaper Users Group
ANA Athens News Agency
ACNA Atlantic Community Newspapers Association
ATN Australasian Transport News
AEN Australian Energy News
AJN Australian Jewish News
ANSES Automatic News Summarization and Extraction System
ANE Automotive News Europe
ANL Aylesford Newsprint Limited
ANN Azer Net News Network
ANNUAL Azer.Net News Network
ANN Azer.Net News Network
ANS Azerbaijan News Service
BNB Bad News Bears
BBN Baltic Business News
BNS Baltic News Service
BNN Banana News Network
BDN Bangor Daily News
BNN Bart’s News Network
BANG Bay Area News Group
BTN Behind the News
BOUND Belleville News Democrat
BND Belleville News Democrat
BNN Bible News Network
BENS Bickerdyke Elementary News Station
BBN Big Brother News
BNN Black News Network
BUNCS BOINC UK Newsletter Circular
BNI Boone Newspapers, Inc.
BNG Boston Newspaper Guild
BNE Breaking News English
BNN Breaking News Network, Inc.
BNN Brebeuf News Network
BMN Brian’s Morning Newsletter
BCN British Church Newspaper
BCNA British Columbia Newspaper Award
BCON British Commonwealth Occupation News
BUND British Universities Newsreel Database
BSCN Broad Street Community Newspapers
BN Broadcast News
BNX Broadcast News Exchange
BTN Broward Teen News
BNN Bruce News Network
BEN Bruxelles Environnement News
BN Buffalo News
BNN Bulgarian News Network
BNN Burma News Network
BNA Business News Americas
BNN Business News Network
BNP Business News Publishing Company
BTN Business Travel News
CNN Cable News Network
CNNU Cable News Network University
CJNL Calcutta Jesuit News Letter
CNIE California Newspaper in Education Association
CNP California Newspaper Project
CNPA California Newspaper Publishers Association
CFV Call For Vote (newsgroup establishment)
CNW Canada News Wire
CNWG Canada News Wire Group
CSN Canada Stockwatch News
CARN Canadian Adverse Reaction Newsletter
CCNA Canadian Community Newspapers Association
CCN Canadian Corporate News
CDNA Canadian Daily Newspapers Association
CIEN Canadian Industrial Equipment News
CJN Canadian Jewish News
CNA Canadian Newspaper Association
COHSN Canadian Occupational Health and Safety News
CPN Canadian Press NEWSTEX
CSN Canadian Stamp News
CBN Cancer Biotherapeutics Newsletter
CLN CannabisLegalNews
CNS Canwest News Service
CANA Caribbean News Agency
CPN Carnivorous Plant Newsletter
CNA Caspian News Agency
CNS Catholic News Service
CWN Catholic World News
CDN Central Daily News
CKNJ Central Kentucky News Journal
CNA Central News Agency
CNA Channel News Asia
CEN Chemical and Engineering News
CCNS Chicago City News Service
CDN Chicago Daily News
CJN Chicago Jewish News
CSN Chicago Software News
CNC Chimpan News Channel
CBN China Business News
CENS China Economic News Service
CND China News Digest
CRN Chinese Restaurant News
CRHP Christ Renews His Parish
CMNR Christian Music News Report
CNIM Christian-News-in-Maine
CEN Church of England Newspaper
CLN City Lights News
CNB City News Bureau
CNS City News Service
CANN Classical Anglican Net News
CCNB Clay Coated Newsback
CJN Cleveland Jewish News
CLN Clinical Laboratory News
CNAC College News Association of the Carolinas
CPN Commercial Property News
CTCN Commodity Traders Club News
CNPI Community News Production Institute
CRAN Commuter/Regional Airline News
CEN Competitive Eating News
CPL Compliance Pipeline Newsletter
CAN Computer Architecture News
CLN Computer Lawyer News
CNI Computer News and Information
CRN Computer Research News
CRN Computer Reseller News
CTN Computer Technology News
CISN Computing and Information Services Newsletter
CUSSNA Concordia University System Student Newspaper Association
CTN Confectionary, Tobacco and News
CNS Conservative News Service
CONE Console Newsreader and Emailer
CNBC Consumer News and Business Channel
CTN Consumer Trend News
CFEN Coshocton First Edition Newspaper
CLN Creative Leisure News
CRN Crime Reduction News
CTN Critical Technologies Newsletter
CIN Cruise Industry News
CNS Current News Service
CNS Cybercast News Service
CNA Cyprus News Agency
DGN Daily Gaming News
DNE Daily News Express
DNJ Daily News Journal
DNL Daily News Live
DND Daily Newspaper Division
DRNO Daily Research News Online
DMN Dallas Morning News
DINA Dawn Internet Newsalert
DDN Dayton Daily News
DRNS Deaf Rochester News
DRN Deaf Rochester News
DWN Debian Weekly News
DN Defense News
DTN Defense-Technology News
DSSN Delta Scuti Star Newsletter
DEPARTMENT Denver Newspaper Agency
DNA Denver Newspaper Agency
DNN Derby News Network
DDN Design Diffusion News
DPN Desktop Pipeline Newsletter
DN Detroit News
DEPARTMENT Detroit News Agency
DNA Detroit News Agency
DITN Diabetes in the News
DENG Digital Electronic News Gathering
DNG Digital News Gathering
DPN Digital Photography News
DNSG Digital Satellite News Gathering
DSNG Digital Satellite News Gathering
DWNN Digital World News Network
DCN Direct Connect Newsletter
DNIS Disability News and Information Service
DNN Domain Name News
DLN Doris Lessing Newsletter
DJN Dow Jones Newswires
DWN Dr. Web Newsletter
DSN Drug Store News
DND DrugnewsDigest
DPN Dulcimer Players News
DND Dutch News Digest
EGN Early General News
EGN East Gate News
ECNPA Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association
ENA Eastern News Agency
EPCN Eastern Poconos Community News
ECN EcoNews Africa
ENA EcoNews Africa
EEN Edinburgh Evening News
ENEN Education News and Entertainment Network
ENA Egyptian News Agency
EDN Electrical Design News
EAN Electronic Assassinations Newsletter
EBN Electronic Buyer’s News
ECN Electronic Component News
ENEMY Electronic News
ENER Electronic News
EN Electronic News
ENGLAND Electronic News Gathering
ENG Electronic News Gathering
ENN Electronic News Network
ENP Electronic News Processing
ENPS Electronic News Production System
ENS Electronic News Services
EPN Electronic Product News
ESNG Elsevier Society News Group
ENZ Enewszone
ENR Engineering News Record
ENC English News Channel
EON Enhanced Online News
ENEMY Entertainment News
ENER Entertainment News
EN Entertainment News
ENS Environment News Service
EBN Environmental Building News
ENN Environmental News Network
ENS Episcopal News Service
EAN Estate Agency News
EPN Estes Park News
ENA Ethiopian News Agency
ENW Ethnic NewsWatch
EEIN Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter
EANA European Alliance of News Agencies
EBAN European Business Air News
EEEN European Environmental Education Newsletter
EMN European Motor News
EPRN European Paint and Resin News
EUBFN European Union Banking and Finance News Network
EVN Eurovision News Exchange
ECP Excessive Cross-Post (newsgroups)
ENN Exhibitor News Network
ECPN Extended Care Product News
FCN Fairfax Community Newspapers
FINN Falkland Islands News Network
FCNP Falls Church News-Press
FENA Far East News Agency
FRCN Feather River Canyon News
FEND Federal Employees News Digest
FIND Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.
FANA Federation of Arab News Agencies
FON Fiber-Optic News
FNU Fight News Unlimited
FDNS Fighting Dems News Service
FNG Film News Gathering
FN Financial News
FCN First Coast News
FNA Flashback News Agency
FNAN Florida Newspaper Advertising Network
FNCA Florida Newspaper Co-Op Association
FCNG Food Chemical News Guide
FUDT Forensic Urine Drug Testing Newsletter
FXN Fox News
FNC Fox News Channel
FNN Fox News Network
FNS Fox News Sunday
FNP Frederick News-Post
FNI Freelancer News International
FMNN Free-Market News Network
FIDSNS Frontier India Defence & Strategic News Service
FON Fuel Oil News
FGN Fungal Genetics Newsletter
FENS Future Events News Service
FNN Future Network News
GINN Galactic Independent News Network
GNR Galaxy News Radio
GBNI Gary Barlow News International
GCN Gay City News
GNC Geek News Central
GNS General News Service
GWN Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
GCNL George Cross News Letter
GNA Ghana News Agency
GBN Global Broadcast News
GNN Globalvision News Network
GKNB Golden Key News Briefs
GNN Good Neighbor News
GNBC Good News Baptist Church
GNB Good News Bible
GNBA Good News Broadcasting Association
GNC Good News Club
GNCS Good News Correspondence School
GNI Good News India
GNIS Good News Internet Services Inc.
GNLS Good News Lutheran School
GNM Good News Mission
GNMBC Good News Mission Bible College
GNPI Good News Productions, International
GNP Good News Project
GNT Good News Toronto
GNT Good News Translation
GNU Good News Unlimited
GNW Good News Week
GNS Google News Service
GAN Government Affairs News
GCN Government Computer News
GNN Government News Network
GSN Government Security News
GNS Group Newsagency Supplies
GABELN Gruppe Area Brett Echo Liste Newsgroup
GCN Gruppo di Coordinamento News-IT
GNM Guardian News & Media
GNL Guardian Newspapers Limited
GNN Guerrilla News Network
GNI Guyana News and Information
HNN Hacker News Network
HNW Haiti News Watch
HPANA Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator
HNO Harvard News Office
HNCA Head of News and Current Affairs
HLN Headline News
HN Headline News
HCN Health Care News
HNF Health News Florida, Inc.
HTSN Heat Transfer Service Newsletter
HONI Hematology & Oncology News and Issues
HMN Hemmings Motor News
HGN Heralds of Good News
HEN Herts and Essex Newspapers Ltd.
HANA Highway Africa News Agency
HNS Hispanic News Service, Inc
HNN History News Network
HAPL HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Newsletter
HCNLP Hollinger Canadian Newspapers, Limited Partnership
HEN Home Education News
HFN Home Furnishings News
HTSN HomeTown Sports and News
HRN Hood River News
HBN Hot Boxing News
HLN Huey Lewis and the News
HBNSI Hulbert Bond Newsletter Sentiment Index
HJN Hunter Jumper News
HNN Huntington News Network
HNN Hydrocephalus News & Notes
IBTN I Believe This News
IGNN Illinois Government News Network
INBA Illinois News Broadcasters Association
ILN Illustrated London News, Ltd.
ION In Other News
ITN In the News
IMN Independent Media News
INM Independent News and Media
INS independent news service
IRN Independent Radio News
ITN Independent Television News
INFA India News and Feature Alliance
INFS India News Feature Service
INS Indian Newspaper Society
ISN Indian Sports News
INPA Indiana News Photographers Association
IPSN Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers
ICNN Indigenous Community News Network
IERN Individual Employment Rights Newsletter
IANS Indo-Asian News Service
INAV Indoor News and Views
IEN Industrial Equipment News
INN InetNetNews
ISN Info Security News
ISN InfoSec News
INL Infoterm Newsletter
ILF InLife Financial News
ISNS Inside Science News Service
IGN Insider Gaming News
INAN Institute of Nautical Archaeology Newsletter
IAN Instrumentation & Automation News
INN Insurance News Network
ICNN Integrated Computing Network News
INL Integrated News Layout
INN Inter Net News
INK Interactive News for Kids
IHN Interlink Headline News
IFFN International Forest Fire News
IGN International Gaming News
IINA International Islamic News Agency
ILN International Lichenological Newsletter
INM International News Media
INP International News Photo
INSI International News Safety Institute
INS International News Service
INCS International Newsletter of Communist Studies
INFE International Newspaper Financial Executives
INFES International Newspaper Financial Executives
INPA International Newspaper Promotion Association
IPSN International Product Safety News
IRSN International Road Safety News
ISMN International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter
IGN Internet Gaming News
ILN Internet Law News
IPNS Internet Patent News Service
IRN Internet Resources Newsletter
ISN Interstellar News
ISN Introsane News
INN Iran News Network
ISNA Iranian Students’ News Agency
INNA Iraqi National News Agency
INA Iraqi News Agency
IBN Iron Biker News
IFN Islamic Finance News
ININ Islamic News and Information Network
IRINN Islamic Republic of Iran News Network
IINS Israel Internet News Service
IBN Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc
JDN Jackson Daily News
JCN Japan Corporate News
JNN Japan News Network
JN Jason Newsted
JNB Java News Brief
JPEN Job Postings & Employment News
JBIT Journey Back in Time Journey Back in Time (newspaper archive website)
KNN Kanda News Network
KNN Kashmir News Network
KWN Kid Witness News
KKN Kids Korner News
KNN Kids News Network
KNN Kingdom News Network
KNG Kingston Newspaper Guild
KWN Kiplinger Washington Newsletter
KNG Kitsap News Group
KNN K-Mart News Network
KRN Knight Ridder Newspapers
KNS Knoxville News-Sentinel
KNS Korea News Service
KCNA Korean Central News Agency
KASTN Korean-American Science and Technology News
KUNA Kuwait News Agency
LAN Laboratory Automation News
LWN Last Week’s News
LBN Late Breaking News
LWN Latest World News
LANR Latin America News Review
LBN Latin Breaking News
LEPN Law Enforcement Product News
LJN Law Journal Newsletters
LTN Law Technology News
LDN Lebanon Daily News
LGBTN Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender News
LNS Liberation News Service
LAURIN Libraries and Archives Collecting Newspaper Clippings Unified for Their Integration into Networks
LIRN Library and Information Research News
LAN Life Association News
LCN Lincoln County News
LWN Linux Weekly News
LNN Lions News Network
LNH Litchfield News Herald
LNI Local News Initiative
LSPN Local Support Partner News
LNN London News Network
LNR London News Radio
LIBN Long Island Business News
LANG Los Angeles Newspaper Guild
LENN Louisiana Environmental News Network
LDN Ludington Daily News
LNN Luthor News Network
MNN Mac News Network
MINA Macedonian International News Agency
MDNPA Maine Daily Newspaper Publishers Association
MDN Mainichi Daily News
MSNM Mainstream News Media
MWN Major World Newspapers
MENU Manchester Evening News
MEN Manchester Evening News
MCNA Manitoba Community Newspapers Association
MNI Manufacturers News Inc
MNI Market News International
MNH Marshfield News-Herald
MNOA Medical News of Arkansas
MPMN Medical Product Manufacturing News
MESN Medieval English Studies Newsletter
MNS Medill News Service
MWN Medium Wave News
MNA Mehr News Agency
MPN Messaging Pipeline Newsletter
MCN Metal Construction News
MNC Metropolitan News Company
MNCR Michigan News and Capitol Report
MTNF Michigan Technology News Forum
MANSI Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Services Inc.
MENU Middle East News
MEN Middle East News
MENA Middle East News Agency
MDN Midland Daily News
MNN Minnesota News Network
MGN Mirror Group Newspapers
MCNA Missouri College Newspaper Association
MDN Missouri Digital News
MSNE Missouri Society of Newspaper Editors
MGN Mobile Gadget News
MMN Mobile Market News
MANAGEMENT Model Airplane News
MANEUVER Model Airplane News
MAN Model Airplane News
MMN Montreal Muslim News
MNAIH More News As It Happens
MNB Morning News Beat
MN Moscow News
MICH Most In-Depth, Conservative, Honest News & Commentary
MCN Motorcycle Consumer News
MCN Motorcycle News
MNI Motorsport News International
MNN Mountain Network News
MHN Multi-Housing News
MNR Multimedia News Release
MN Music News
MNN Music News Net
MYN Muslim Youth Newsletter
MNB My Newsletter Builder
NDN Naples Daily News
NRN Nation’s Restaurant News
NCEN National Collections Emergency News
NFNS National Financial News Services
NGN National Geographic News
NINA National Iraqi News Agency
NJN National Jesuit News
NKN National Kart News
RSS National News Agency
NNA National News Agency
NNBC National News Broadcasting Corporation
NNLW National News Leadership Workshop
NNA National Newspaper Association
NNAF National Newspaper Association Foundation
NNNN National Newspaper News Network
NNPA National Newspaper Promotion Association
NNPA National Newspaper Publishers Association
NPN National Petroleum News
NPN National Poultry News
NSNS National Security News Service
NSSN National Speed Sport News
NSNS National Student News Service
NMN Nationwide Mortgage News
NNN Natural News Network
NDNR Naturopathic Doctor News and Review
NMCN Navy-Marine Corps News
NNNN Nearest Neighbor News Network
NPNL Nelligan Power Newsletter
NND Net News Daily
NNN Net News Now
NCN Network Communications News
NIST Network Information Security & Technology News
NEN New Energy News
NENA New England Newspaper Association
NYN New York News
NWN Newbury Weekly News
NNS Newhouse News Service
NPN Newport News
NNI Newport News Industrial
NPL Newport News Part List
NNPLS Newport News Public Library System
NNPS Newport News Public Schools
NNS Newport News Shipbuilding
NN Newport News, VA, USA
NNWIA Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport
PHF Newport News/Williamsburg/Hampton, VA, USA – Patrick Henry International
QUA News
NAN News Agency of Nigeria
NAI News America Incorporated
NAIS News Analysts in International Security
NCA News and Current Affairs
NAFA News and Feature Alliance
NAPA News and Public Affairs
NAT News At Ten
NBP News Babe Page
NBTI News by Teens International
NC News Corp
NDS News Digital Systems
NDN News Distribution Network
NES News Electronic Service
NFO News Feed Optimization
NEON News for Educators Online Now
NFK News for Kids
NFIC News from Indian Country
NFTF News from the Front
NG News Group
NIB News in Brief
NIH News in Health
NITF News Industry Text Format
NIDP News International Data Protection
NML News Markup Language
NMB News Media Branch
NMR News Media Representative
NNQ News Newusers Questions
NOTD News of the Day
NOTW News of the Weird
NOTW News of the World
NPAC News Photographers Association of Canada
NPALS News Publishing Australia Limited
NRSL News Retail Services Limited
NRCS News Room Computer Systems
NSB News Service Bureau
NSP News Service Provider
NTA News Transmission Assistant
NWV News with Views
NWC News World Communications
NNQ News, Notes and Quotes
NB Newsboys
NCDL Newsgroup Civil Defense League
NEPA Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association
NTCS Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies
NPS Newsletter for the Procurement Service
NMS Newsletter Management System
NSSEA Newsletter of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
NAB Newspaper Advertising Bureau
NAEA Newspaper Advertising Executives’ Association
NASA Newspaper Advertising Sales Association
NMDU Newspaper and Magazine Drivers Union
NMDU Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union
NAA Newspaper Association of America
NCC Newspaper Comics Council
NDM Newspaper Designated Market
NEAP Newspaper Economic Action Plan
NET Newspaper Education Trust
NEA Newspaper Enterprise Association
NHI Newspaper Holdings, Inc.
NIE Newspaper In Education
NNN Newspaper National Network LP
NNCO Newspaper Network of Central Ohio
NPY Newspaper Photographer of the Year
NPA Newspaper Publishers Association
NRJ Newspaper Research Journal
ENERGY Newspaper Research Journal
PARTNER Newspaper Stamp
PROGRAM Newspaper Stamp
PASSED Newspaper Stamp
PORNO Newspaper Stamp
P Newspaper Stamp
PACKED Newspaper Stamp
PENTIUM Newspaper Stamp
PRINT Newspaper Tax
PR Newspaper Tax
NIE Newspapers in Education
NINE Newspapers in Nursing Education
NPAN Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria
NSI Newsprint South, Inc.
NCS Newsroom Computer Systems
NS Newsstand
NSD Newstyledata
NWI Newsworld International
NNDD Nifty News, Decent Deals
NNMC Nigerian Newsprint Manufacturing Company
NNO Nintendo News Online
NNN Nippon News Network
NVN Nisqually Valley News
NNN No New News
NAHNN North American Homeless News Network
NANA North American Newspaper Alliance
NCNP North Carolina Newspaper Project
NDNA North Dakota Newspaper Association
NGNO North Gate News Online
NGNNS Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding
NFCN Nostalgia Funny Car News
NJN Not Just the News
ON Occultation Newsletter
NP Occupation Newspaper
OSN Ocular Surgery News
OLN Off License News
ONF Offender News Forum
OMEN Office of Medical Education Newsletter
ONPI Office of News and Public Information
OWN Office World News
ONGC Offshore News Gas Chronicle
OHN Often Heard News
ONN Ohio News Network
OGN Oil and Gas News Worldwide
OVN Ojai Valley News
ODN Olathe Daily News
OFN Old Freaking News
ONP Old Newspapers
ONI Oncology News International
ONN Oncology Nursing News
ONN Onion News Network
ORN Onion Radio News
OINN Online International News Network
ONA Online News Association
ONN Online Nigerian News
OCNA Ontario Community Newspapers Association
OEN OpEdNews
ONN Open News Network
OGN Operation Good News
ONN Opportunity News Network
ONR Optimized News Release
ONN Optometry News Network
OCN Orange County News Channel
OECN Oregon Episcopal Church News
ONO Organization of News Ombudsmen
OPECNA Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries News Agency
ORN Oval Racing News
OINP Over Issued News Papers
ONA Overseas News Agency
PCN Pacific Coast News
PDN Pacific Daily News
PINA Pacific Islands News Agency
PINA Pacific Islands News Association
PNS Pacific News Service
PNB Pageant News Bureau, Inc.
PMN Pain Medicine News
PNN Pakistan News Network
PNU Palestine News Update
PANA Pan-African News Agency
PNN Panther News Network
PNN Paranormal News Network
PBN Part B News
PSN Patient Safety News
PNN Pay News Network
PPN Peer Production News
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