Nuclear Abbreviations


What is Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy, also known as atomic energy, is the energy produced from the fission of the nucleus of an atom, which releases a large amount of heat, sufficient to produce energy considered clean and renewable.

This is the energy produced in thermonuclear plants, which use uranium and other elements as fuel for energy generation.

The working principle of power plants and, consequently, what generates nuclear energy is the use of heat to generate electricity.

This heat is produced by the process of nuclear fission, in which the nucleus of the atom splits into two parts, thus causing the release of a large amount of energy.

This nuclear reaction mainly uses uranium atoms, a non-renewable mineral resource found in nature, which is also used in the production of radioactive material for use in medicine.

In addition to its use for peaceful purposes, uranium can also be used in the production of weapons, such as the atomic bomb.

Nuclear energy, produced through nuclear reactors can also be used to generate electrical energy, through the controlled reaction of fission.

However, it can also be used in the production of nuclear weapons, through an uncontrolled reaction where fissions occur very quickly.

Among the countries that use nuclear energy are: United States, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, North Korea and Brazil.

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy


One of the great advantages of using nuclear energy to generate electricity is that it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, compared to burning fossil fuels (coal, gas or oil) which produces high emission of polluting gases.

Other advantages are: greater independence for countries that import fossil fuels, use of small areas of land for the installation of plants, etc.


The disadvantages of using nuclear energy include the risk of accidents in nuclear plants, which can cause serious damage to the population and the environment).

The biggest nuclear power plant disasters happened in Chernobyl and Fukushima. After the disaster in Fukushima (caused by an earthquake), there were several demonstrations against the existence of nuclear power plants. In Germany, for example, at least one nuclear power plant was shut down after the demonstrations.

There are also other disadvantages such as the possibility of use in the manufacture of atomic bombs; radioactive waste (atomic waste), despite the small amount generated, has no further use; involves high costs of construction and operation of the plants.

Nuclear energy in Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries that produce the most nuclear energy, due to the fact that it has the sixth largest uranium reserve in the world, which ensures independence in the supply of fuel.

However, the energy produced uses, instead of Uranium 235, Uranium 238, where the isotopes of this element have differences in their properties regarding the nuclear fission process and its use as fuel. This type of uranium appears as a yellow salt and is known as “yellow cake”.

Brazil also has the Angra dos Reis plant, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is a major producer of nuclear energy.

List of Acronyms Related to Nuclear

ANFI Absolute Nuclear Fluorescence Intensity
AANT Additional Assembly for Nuclear Training
AMC Adherent Mononuclear Cells
ANR Adiabatic Nuclear Rotation
ANF Advanced Nuclear Fuel
ANP Advanced Nuclear Power
ANSTI Advanced Nuclear Science and Technology Initiative
ANSBU Advanced Nuclear Systems Business Unit
ANTONYM Advanced Nuclear Technology
ANT Advanced Nuclear Technology
ACNS Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety
ANCC Aerojet Nuclear Company
ANSP Aerospace Nuclear Safety Program
ANST Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology
AFRA African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology
ANAL Aft Nuclear Accident Locker
ANIS Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety
AEN Agenzia per l’Energia Nucleare
ARNC Age-Related Nuclear Cataracts
APNA AgNORs Percentage Nuclear Area
AJNPE Airborne Joint Nuclear Planning Element
ANP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ANPP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project
AMNA Algoma-Manitoulin Nuclear Awareness
ANA Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
ACNP Allied Chemical Nuclear Products, Inc.
ANTONYM Altered Nuclear Transfer
ANT Altered Nuclear Transfer
ANM Alternate Nuclear Materials
ANC America Nuclear Corporation
ABNM American Board of Nuclear Medicine
ACNM American College of Nuclear Medicine
ACNP American College of Nuclear Physicians
ANEC American Nuclear Energy Council
ANI American Nuclear Industries
ANI American Nuclear Insurers
ANS American Nuclear Society
ANES Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium
ARNS Annual Review of Nuclear Science
ASCN Anonymous Single Copy Nuclear
AMN Ansaldo Meccanico Nucleare
ANF Anti Nuclear Factor
ANPT Anti Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
AGMNPV Anticarsia Gemmatalis Multiple Nucleocapsid Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
NIENA Anti-Non-Identified Extractable Nuclear Antigen
ANA Antinuclear Antibodies Test
ANA Antinuclear Antibody
ANAP Antinuclear Antibody Profile
PCNA-C Anti-Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen/cyclin
ANPP Arizona Nuclear Power Project
ANO Arkansas Nuclear One
ANPP Armenia Nuclear Power Plant
ANRA Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority
ANPP Army Nuclear Power Program
ANENT Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology
ARCCNM Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine
ATSD-NCB Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear & Chemical & Biological Defense Programs
ANEES Association of Nuclear and Electro-Optical Engineers and Scientists
ANIM Association of Nuclear Instrument Manufacturers
AVEN Association of Veterans of Nuclear Tests
ANFSI Assured Nuclear Fuel Services Initiative
ANF Atlantic Nuclear Force
ANS Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.
ADNDT Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables
ANSTI Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Information
ARPANS Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety
AANT Australians Against Nuclear Testing
ANII Authorized Nuclear Inservice Inspector
ANI Authorized Nuclear Inspector
ANP Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist
ANBACIS Automated Nuclear Biological And Chemical Information System
ANADBU Automatic Nuclear Analysis Database Update
ANNA Automaton Nuclear Neo-Human Android
ARN Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear
BMD-NEAT Ballistic Missile Defense-Nuclear Effects & Threat Committee
BINA Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
BNFP Barnwell Nuclear Fuel Plant
BNI Basic Nuclear Installation
BNW Battalion Nuclear Warfare
BINP Battelle Integrity of Nuclear Piping
BCGN Battle Cruiser Carrying Guided Missiles, Nuclear-Powered
BNTO Battlefield Nuclear Targeting Optimized
BNW Battlefield Nuclear Warfare
BNW Battlefield Nuclear Weapons
BINE Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering
BALLOON Bellefonte Nuclear Plant
BLN Bellefonte Nuclear Plant
BNARI Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute
BRNS Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
BONUS Boiling Nuclear Superheat
BMNC Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells
BNES British Nuclear Energy Society
BNX British Nuclear Export Executive
BNF British Nuclear Fuels
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Limited
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Ltd
BNG British Nuclear Group
BNGSL British Nuclear Group Sellafield Limited
BNGSL British Nuclear Group Sellafield Ltd.
BNTVA British Nuclear Test Veterans Association
BAMC Bronchoalveolar Mononuclear Cell
BFN Browns Ferry Nuclear
BINP Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
BINCE Buffered Intercontinental Nuclear Catastrophic Event
BAND Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament
BNPP Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant
BNPR Bushehr Nuclear Power Reactor
CTNE Calf Thymus Nuclear Extract
CANP Campaign against Nuclear Power
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CNP Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout
CANM Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine
CNA Canadian Nuclear Association
CNSC Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
CNS Canadian Nuclear Society
COUNT Canadian Nuclear Technology
CNT Canadian Nuclear Technology
COUNT Canadian Nuclear Threat
CNT Canadian Nuclear Threat
CCENW Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
CRANC Canberra Region Anti-Nuclear Campaign
CVN Carrier, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Nuclear
CATCN1 Cataract, Congenital Nuclear, Autosomal Recessive 1
CCNP Cataract, Congenital, Nuclear Progressive
CCP Cataract, Nonnuclear Polymorphic Congenital, Autosomal Dominant
CFN Centro de Fusão Nuclear
CNRMN Centro Nacional de Ressonância Magnética Nuclear
CNM Centronuclear Myopathy
CBNC Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
CNMT Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist
CNNRP Chairman of the Naval Nuclear Regulatory Panel
CNOG Chairman, Nuclear Operations Group
CANE Chemical And Nuclear Environment
CBN Chemical, Biological or Nuclear
CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
CBRNE Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Conventional Weapons
CNB Chemical, Nuclear, Biological
CANR Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions
CNO Chief Nuclear Officer
CGNPG China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group
CNNC China National Nuclear Corporation
CNECC China Nuclear Engineering Construction Corporation
CNIG China Nuclear Industry Group
CCND Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CND Circum-Nuclear Disk
CNI Citizens Committee for Nuclear Information
CNIC Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center
CNC Civil Nuclear Constabulary
CTF CLIC Test Facility (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
CRND Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers
CNF Cold Nuclear Fusion
CANE Combined Arms in a Nuclear Environment
CNCAN Comisia Nationala de Control a Activitatilor Nucleare
CNEN Comision Nacional de Energia Nuclear
CNEN Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear
CNEN Comitato Nazionale per l’Energia Nucleare
CONP Comments on Nuclear Power
CONPES Comments on Nuclear Power
CNW Commercial Nuclear Waste
CNR Committee for Nuclear Responsibility
CNRA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities
CNPS Compact Nuclear Power Source
CANS Comprehensive Assessment of Nuclear Sustainment
CNTBT Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
CTBTO Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
CHEP Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
CCNS Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
CCNB Concerned Citizens for the Nuclear Breeder
CDNC Congenital Dense Nuclear Cataract
CANE Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear Experiment
CSN Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear
CNSG Consolidated Nuclear Steam Generator
CAPRA consommation accrue de plutonium dans les rapides (French: Increased Plutonium Consumption in Advanced Reactor; reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels)
CTR Controlled Thermonuclear Reactor
CNS Convention on Nuclear Safety
CNA Conventional Nuclear Arms
CNR Conventional Nuclear Weapons
CNS Cooper Nuclear Station
CRNS Corps Reserve Nuclear Stocks
CAEN Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari
CNS Council for Nuclear Safety
CNMT Credentialed Nuclear Medicine Technologist
CNWDI critical nuclear weapons design information
CNL Crocker Nuclear Lab
CANC Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle
CINP Cytokine-Inducible Nuclear Protein
N-DAY Day Nuclear Attacks Against CONUS Commence
DUNC Deep Underwater Nuclear Counting program
DNAT Defense Nuclear Advisory Team
DEPARTMENT Defense Nuclear Agency
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DNF Defense Nuclear Facilities
DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
DNN Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation
AMC Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Commercial Nuclear Waste
AMCW Department of Energy, Assistant Manager for Commercial Nuclear Waste and Projects
DNS Department of Nuclear Safety
DSNC2 Deployable Strategic Nuclear Command and Control System
DRAGON Detector of Recoils and Gammas of Nuclear Reactions
DCNPP Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
DIEM Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni Meccaniche, Nucleari, Aeronautiche e di Metallurgia
DNP Division of Nuclear Physics
DNS Division of Nuclear Safety
DASIAC DoD Nuclear Information Analysis Center
DNDO Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
CNP Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant
DUN Douglas United Nuclear
DNP Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
DLNA Dynamical Limited Nuclear Aggregation
ELNA Education for Living in a Nuclear Age
ENW Effects of Nuclear Weapons
ENDOR Electron Nuclear Double Resonance
ENSI Energia Nucleare Sub Italia
ENDS Enhanced Nuclear Detonation Safety
ENS Entergy Nuclear South
ENVY Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee, LLC
ECNP Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power
EBNA Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen
ENTC Esfahan Nuclear Technology Center
ECNR European Center for Nuclear Research
ECNC European Council of Nuclear Cardiology
END European Nuclear Disarmament
ENEN European Nuclear Education Network
ENEA European Nuclear Energy Agency
ENEN European Nuclear Engineering Network
ENS European Nuclear Society
ESNM European School of Nuclear Medicine
ENDF Evaluated Nuclear Data File
END-F Evaluation Nuclear Data Fill
XUNDL Experimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List
ENF extended nuclear family
ENA Extractable Nuclear Antibody
ENC Exxon Nuclear Company, Inc.
FANC Federal Agency for Nuclear Control
FACNP Fellow of the American College of Nuclear Physicians
FCNP Fellow of the College of Nuclear Physicians
FLMC Fetal Liver Mononuclear Cells
FCDNA Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency
FLNR Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
FANA Fluorescent Antinuclear Antibody
FNR Ford Nuclear Reactor
FNCA Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia
FCN Fraction of Commercial Power Supplied by Nuclear
FRN Fraction of Residential Power Supplied by Nuclear
FANP Framatome Advanced Nuclear Power
FNS French Nuclear Society
FANTOM Fundamental and Applied Nuclear and Atomic Physics
FNW Future of Nuclear Weapons
GENESIS Gamma Emission by Nuclear Explosion Stimulate Inducing System
GEH GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (Wilmington, NC)
GENE General Electric Nuclear Energy
GENTR General Electric Nuclear Test Reactor
GNR General Nuclear Response
GNW General Nuclear War
GUNDAM Generation Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module
GANE Georgians Against Nuclear Energy
GUNDAM Giant Unrealistic Nuclear Dams Armed Masterfully
GANA Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance
GENES Global Environment and Nuclear Energy Systems
GTW Global Thermonuclear War
GGNS Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
GLNRC Great Lakes Nuclear Receptor Conference
GMF Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities
GUNDAM Gunnery United Nuclear Duetrion Advanced Maneuver System
HNEC Hanford Nuclear Energy Center
HZSNPV Helicoverpa Zea Single Nucleocapsid Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
HNF hepatocyte nuclear factor
HEMPAS Hereditary Erythroblastic Multinuclearity Associated with Positive Acidified Serum
HMBC Heteronuclear Multiple Bond Connectivity
HMQC Heteronuclear Multiple Quantum Coherence
HMBC Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond Connectivity
HMBC Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond Correlation
HMQC Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum Correlation
HSQC Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence
HSQC Heteronuclear Single Quantum Correlation
HSQC Heteronuclear Single-Quantum Coherence Spectroscopy
HANDS High Altitude Nuclear Detection Studies
HFNMRC High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center
HKNIC Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company Limited
HNRAR Human Nuclear Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha
HPBM Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
INEL Idaho Nuclear Engineering Laboratory
INTEC Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center
IDNS IEMA Division of Nuclear Safety
INPP Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
IDNS Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety
IENAD Immediate Early Nuclear Antigen Detection
ITEC Improved Theater Nuclear Forces Emergency Communications
IND Improvised Nuclear Device
IANCAS Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists and Allied Scientists
IPPT Indirect Polymorphonuclear Phagocytosis Test
INSI Initial Nuclear Safety Inspection
INL Inner Nuclear Layer
INES Innovative Nuclear Energy System
INC Insertable Nuclear Component
INMM Institute for Nuclear Materials Management
IPNAS Institute for Particle, Nuclear and Astronomical Sciences
GNS Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd.
INPP Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics
INMM Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
INMAS Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences
INPH Institute of Nuclear Physics
INPO Institute of Nuclear Plant Operators
INPO Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
INS Institute of Nuclear Studies
IPNS Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
ININ Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares
IPEN Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear
INCA Integrated Nuclear Communications Assessment
IONDDS Integrated Operational Nuclear Detonation Detection System
INSRP Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel
IRG Interagency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management
INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
ICENS International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences
ICNMP International College of Nuclear Medicine Physicians
NDST International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
ICNP International Conference on Nuclear Physics
ICAPP International Congress on Advanced Nuclear Power Plants
IINSE International Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
IJNL International Journal of Nuclear Law
INAC International Nuclear Atlantic Conference
INDC International Nuclear Data Committee
INDAG International Nuclear Desalination Advisory Group
INERT International Nuclear Emergency Response Team
INES International Nuclear Event Scale
INFCE International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation
INIS International Nuclear Information System
INLN International Nuclear Library Network
INPC International Nuclear Physics Conference
INRA International Nuclear Regulators Association
INSC International Nuclear Safety Center
INSP International Nuclear Safety Program
INSC International Nuclear Society Council
INTD International Nuclear Target Development
ITER International Thermonuclear Energy Reactor
ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
INO Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia
INS Interstate Nuclear Services
INC Intranuclear Cascade
IPNMC Intraparenchymal Pulmonary Neutrophil/Mononuclear Cells
INVO Iraq Nuclear Verification Office
INF Irradiated Nuclear Fuel
INC Isotope and Nuclear Chemistry
INW Isotropic Nuclear Weapon
INFN Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
JAFNPP James A FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant
JNC Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
JCO Japan Nuclear Fuels Conversion Company
JSNM Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
JCNP Joint Committee on Nuclear Power Standards
JNCC Joint Nuclear Control Commission
JNOC Joint Nuclear Operations Center
JPNM Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine
JSLNBCRS Joint Service Lightweight Nuclear Biological And Chemical Reconnaissance System
JNC Journal of Nuclear Cardiology
JNE Journal of Nuclear Energy
JNMM Journal of Nuclear Material Managenent
JNM Journal of Nuclear Medicine
JNK Jun Nuclear Kinase
JEN Junta de Energia Nuclear
KIRAN Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine
KNPC Karachi Nuclear Power Complex
KYNAC Kentucky Nuclear Advisory Commission
KNP Kewaunee Nuclear Power
KNPP Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant
KINR Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research
KNPP Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant
KINS Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
KNF Korea Nuclear Fuel
KNS Korean Nuclear Society
KNU Korean Nuclear Unit
KSNPP Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant
KNPP Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant
LUNA Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics
LBSD Land Based Strategic Nuclear Deterrent
LUNCHBOCKS Largely Undercover Nuclear Computer Handles Bologna or Complicated Komputer Stuff
LPZ Late Pronuclear Zygotes
LANA Latency-Associated Nuclear Antigen
LENA Lateral Entopeduncular Nuclear Area
LANFZT Latin American Nuclear Free Zone Treaty
LANR Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions
LAND League Against Nuclear Dangers
LNO Limited Nuclear Option/s
LINE Long Interspersed Nuclear Element
LNDA Longest Nuclear Diameter to a Horizon
LEND Low Energy Nuclear Dynamics
LNMC Lymph Node Mononuclear Cell
MMN Machinist Mate Nuclear
MINT Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research
MNS Master Nuclear Schedule
MSNE Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
MNV Mean Nuclear Volume
MMPNC Medical Materiel Program for Nuclear Casualties
MANW Mediterranean Anti-Nuclear Watch
ININ Mexican Nuclear Institute
MNES MHI Nuclear Energy Systems, Inc. (Japan)
MPBMC Monkey Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
MNCF Mononuclear Cell-Conditioned Factor
MIVD Mononuclear Inflammatory Vascular Disease
MN Mononuclear Leukocytes
MPS Mononuclear Phagocytic System
MTIC Mononuclear Tumor Inflammatory Cells
MWBC Mononuclear White Blood Cell
MNEPR Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme for Russia
MNEPR Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation
MNDA myeloid cell nuclear differentiation antigen
MNDA Myeloid Nuclear Differentiation Antigen
MOMC Myeloid Origin Mononuclear Cell
NNR National Nuclear Regulator
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
NNSC National Nuclear Security Conference
NNCCRS Nato Nuclear Command and Control Reporting System
NNPS NATO Nuclear Planning System
NNPS Naval Nuclear Power School
NNPTC Naval Nuclear Power Training Command
NAVNUPWRTRAU Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit
NNPU Naval Nuclear Power Unit
NNPP Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
NNS Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority
NNG Net Nuclear Grain
NPNL Neutrophil Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes
NNPP New Nuclear Power Plant
NGNP Next-Generation Nuclear Plant
NBCNCO Non-Commissioned Officer Responsible for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Operations
NMNNF Non-Mitochondrial, Non-Nuclear Fraction
NN Nonnuclear
N2 Non-Nuclear
NAP Non-Nuclear Armament Plan
NCAA Non-Nuclear Consumables Annual Analysis
NNE Non-Nuclear Energy
NNI Nonnuclear Instrumentation
NNK Non-Nuclear Kill
NNL Non-Nuclear Lance
NMSA Nonnuclear Munitions Storage Area
NNN Non-Nuclear Nation
NNWC Non-Nuclear Weapons Country
NNF Nonreactor Nuclear Facility
NSNW Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons
NA-YGN North American Young Generation in Nuclear
NCNM NorthCoast Nuclear Medicine
NNPP Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant
NUKE Nuclear
NUC Nuclear
NST Nuclear & Space Talks
NAAP Nuclear Accident Alerting Procedures
NAIAG Nuclear Accident Information Advisory Group
NAI Nuclear Accident or Incident
NARO Nuclear Accident Response Organisation
NARP Nuclear Accident Response Procedures
NAIRA Nuclear Accident/Incident Response and Assistance
NAA Nuclear Accidents Agreement
NAR Nuclear Acoustic Resonance
NAPF Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
NAP Nuclear Aggregate of Polyamines
NAP Nuclear Aggregates of Polyamines
NAFD Nuclear and Alternate Fuels Division
NCA Nuclear and Chemical Agency
NCSC Nuclear and Chemical Survivability Committee
NCLU Nuclear and Coal Liabilities Unit
NESC Nuclear and Environmental Safety Council
NPP Nuclear and Particle Physics
NPSS Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
NRS Nuclear and Radiation Safety
NRE Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
NSAT Nuclear and Space Arms Talks
NSREC Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference
NAVI Nuclear Arms Verification Instrument
NA Nuclear Assault
NAS Nuclear Assembly System
NAT Nuclear Assembly Test
NAOP Nuclear Asset Optimization Plan
NAE Nuclear Astrophysics Explorer
NARF Nuclear Attack Readiness Formation
NAP Nuclear Auxiliary Power
NBCRS Nuclear Biological Chemical Radiological Simulation
NB Nuclear Boiler
NBI Nuclear Boiler Instrumentation
NBDS Nuclear Burst Detection System
NBI Nuclear Burst Indicator
NCE Nuclear Capability Exercise
NCW Nuclear Car Wash
NCT Nuclear Cardiology Technologist
NCTS Nuclear Certification Test Set
NCTS Nuclear Certification Test System
NCE Nuclear Certified Equipment
NCB Nuclear Chemical and Biological
NC Nuclear Chemistry
NUCIRC Nuclear Circuits
NCI Nuclear Cities Initiative
NCLU nuclear clusterin
NC2 Nuclear Command and Control
NCCP Nuclear Command and Control Procedure
NCCS Nuclear Command and Control System
NCINC Nuclear Commander in Chief
NCCWS Nuclear Component Cooling Water System
NCT Nuclear Compton Telescope
NCPO Nuclear Construction Projects Office
NCPS Nuclear Contingency Planning System
NCIE Nuclear Contour Index of Ellipticity
NCI Nuclear Control Institute
NCO Nuclear Control Operator
NCG Nuclear Cratering Group
NCIS Nuclear Criticality Information System
NCS Nuclear Criticality Safety
NCSC Nuclear Criticality Safety Committee
NCSD Nuclear Criticality Safety Department
NCSE nuclear criticality safety evaluation
NDC Nuclear Data Center
NDIS Nuclear Data Information System
NDA Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
NDT Nuclear Decommissioning Trust
NDAC Nuclear Defense Affairs Committee
NDL Nuclear Defense Laboratory
NDG Nuclear Density Gauge
NDM Nuclear Density Meter
NDT Nuclear Density Test
NDNA nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid
NDB Nuclear Depth Bomb
NDS Nuclear Detection Satellite
NDS Nuclear Detection System
NUCDETS Nuclear Detonation Detection & Reporting System
NUDETSUM Nuclear Detonations Summary Report
NDT Nuclear Disablement Team
NDP Nuclear Disarmament Party
NDMS Nuclear Document Management System
NED Nuclear Effects Directorate
NERDS Nuclear Effects Research & Development Support
NEST Nuclear Effects Support Team
NEIL Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited
NEP Nuclear Electric Propulsion
NEMP Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse
NEDOR Nuclear Electron Double Resonance
NEEP Nuclear Electronic Effects Program
NERT Nuclear Emergency Response Team
NEST Nuclear Emergency Search Team
NET Nuclear Emergency Team
NET-NETOPS Nuclear Emergency Team/NET Operations
NEAT Nuclear Employment Augmentation Team
NE Nuclear Energy
NEA Nuclear Energy Agency
NEC Nuclear Energy Commission
NEC Nuclear Energy Consultants, Inc
NEPA Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NEI Nuclear Energy Institute
NEI Nuclear Energy International
NEOP Nuclear Energy of the Populace
NEPSTP Nuclear Energy Propulsion Space Test Program
NERRT Nuclear Energy Reactor Review Team
NERI Nuclear Energy Research Initiative
NES Nuclear Energy Safety
NEW Nuclear Energy Women
NEW Nuclear Energy Worker
NESS Nuclear Engine System Simulation
NE Nuclear Engineer
NEEP Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
NERS Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
NECO Nuclear Engineering Company
NED Nuclear Engineering Department
NED Nuclear Engineering Division
NEER Nuclear Engineering Education Research
NERG Nuclear Engineering Research Group
NES Nuclear Engineering Section
NETL Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory
NETR Nuclear Engineering Test Reactor
NE Nuclear Envelope
NED Nuclear Event Detector
NEDM Nuclear Event Detonation Monitoring
NEP Nuclear Event Protection
NEWS Nuclear Events Web-based System
NEET Nuclear Excitation by Electronic Transition
NEREP Nuclear Execution and Reporting Plan
NEOP Nuclear Explosive Operating Procedure
NEO Nuclear Explosive Operations
NESS Nuclear Explosives Safety Study
NEP Nuclear Export Protein
NES Nuclear Export Signal
NFS Nuclear Facility Safety
NF Nuclear Factor
NF1 Nuclear Factor 1
NFE Nuclear Factor Erythroid
NFKB Nuclear Factor Kappa B
NF-KB Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta
NFAB Nuclear Factor of Activated B Cells
NFAS Nuclear Field A School
NFT Nuclear Filter Technology, Inc.
NFP Nuclear Fire Planning
NFSAM Nuclear Flight Safety Assurance Manager
NFM Nuclear Force Management
NFAD Nuclear Forces Analysis Division
NFCS Nuclear Forces Communications Satellite
NFPR Nuclear Forces Posture Review
NFIP Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Day
NFAP Nuclear Free Australia Party
NFV Nuclear Free Vermont
NFZ Nuclear Free Zone
NF Nuclear Fuel
NFAL Nuclear Fuel Australia Limited
NFC Nuclear Fuel Complex
NFCD Nuclear Fuel Cycle Development Program
NUCEF Nuclear Fuel Cycle Safety Engineering Research Facility
NFPD Nuclear Fuel Production Division
NFS Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.
NFS Nuclear Fuel System
NFWA Nuclear Fuel Waste Act
NF-AND-M Nuclear Fuels and Materials Department
NFD Nuclear Fuels Division
NFS Nuclear Fuels Service
NF Nuclear Furnace
NGG Nuclear Generation Group
NGS Nuclear Generation Station
NG Nuclear Grade
N-C Nuclear Grain Count
NGL Nuclear Guardianship Library
NH-AND-S Nuclear Hardness and Survivability
NHCF Nuclear Hardness Critical Feature
NHTC Nuclear Hazards Training Course
NICP Nuclear Incident Control Plan
NIM Nuclear Incident Model
NIL Nuclear Induced Lightning
NISR Nuclear Industries Security Regulations
NIAC Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee
NIA Nuclear Industry Association
NIRS Nuclear Information and Resource Service
NIF Nuclear Information File
NISS Nuclear Information Suppliers System
NISP Nuclear Information Systems Project
NII Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
NIAB Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology
NIFA Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture
NIM Nuclear Instrument Module
NITF Nuclear Instrument Test Facility
NICKEL Nuclear Instrumentation
NI Nuclear Instrumentation
NIMS Nuclear Instrumentation Modular System
NIM Nuclear Instrumentation Module
NIS Nuclear Instrumentation System
NIM Nuclear Instruments and Methods
NIAC Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada
NIP Nuclear Intelligence Panel
NIAG Nuclear Interdiction Action Group
NIOF Nuclear is Our Future
NK Nuclear Kill
NKM Nuclear Knowledge Management
NLD Nuclear Launch Detected
NLC Nuclear Law Committee
NLF Nuclear Liabilities Fund
NLS Nuclear Localization Signal
NMRD Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion
NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NMRD Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Dispersion
NMRI Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NMRM Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
NMRS Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
NMAC Nuclear Maintenance Application Center
NMC Nuclear Management Company
NMP Nuclear Management Partners
NMPL Nuclear Management Partners Limited
NMBT Nuclear Many-Body Theory
NMAC Nuclear Material Accountancy and Control
NMCAF Nuclear Material Control and Accountability Handbook
NMC Nuclear Material Convention
NMSS Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards
NM Nuclear Materials
NMA Nuclear Materials Accountability
NMSM Nuclear Materials and Stockpile Management
NMIS Nuclear Materials Inventory System
NMM Nuclear Materials Management
NMPS Nuclear Materials Plant Support
NMP Nuclear Materials Production
NMRT Nuclear Materials Reconfiguration Technology
NMS Nuclear Materials Safeguards
NMSL Nuclear Materials Safety Limits
NMT Nuclear Materials Technology
NMBC Nuclear Matrix Breast Cancer Proteins
NMCP Nuclear Matrix Constituent Protein
NMP Nuclear Matrix Protein
NMPCL Nuclear Matrix-Pore Complex-Lamina
NM Nuclear Medicine
NMC Nuclear Medicine Centre
NMI Nuclear Medicine Imaging
NMI Nuclear Medicine Institute
NMSO Nuclear Medicine Science Officer
NMT Nuclear Medicine Technologist
NMH Nuclear Microprobe for Hydrogen
NMPPS Nuclear Mission Planning and Production System
NMRD Nuclear Monitoring Research & Development
NMRG Nuclear Morphometric Risk Grade
NNOG Nuclear Non-operating Owners Group
NNPA Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978
NPT Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
NNPT Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
NO2 Nuclear Opacity 2
NOP Nuclear Operating Plan
NOREX Nuclear Operational Readiness Exercise
NORM Nuclear Operational Readiness Maneuver
NOP Nuclear Operations
NOC Nuclear Operations Concept
NOG Nuclear Operations Group
NOMS Nuclear Operations Management System
NOMS Nuclear Operations Monitoring System
NOPO Nuclear Operations Planning Office
NOB Nuclear Order of Battle
NOCM Nuclear Ordnance Commodity Management
NOP Nuclear Ordnance Platoon
NORC Nuclear Ordnance Record Card
NOE Nuclear Overhauser Effect
NOESY Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy
NOG Nuclear Overhead Gantry
NOB Nuclear Oversight Board
NPE Nuclear Packing Efficiency
NPDF Nuclear Parton Distribution Function
NPT Nuclear Pharmacy Technician
NPA Nuclear Physics Apparatus
NPE Nuclear Planning & Execution
NPG Nuclear Planning Group
NPM Nuclear Planning Manual
NPS Nuclear Planning System
NPEO Nuclear Plant Equipment Operator
NPJ Nuclear Plant Journal
NPT Nuclear Plastic Toys
NPRI Nuclear Policy Research Institute
NPC Nuclear Pore Complex
NPR Nuclear Posture Review
NP Nuclear Power
NPCI Nuclear Power Corporation of India
NPCIL Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
NPCIL Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
NPD Nuclear Power Development
NPF Nuclear Power Facility
NPOC Nuclear Power Oversight Committee
NPP Nuclear Power Plant
NPPA Nuclear Power Plant Authority
NPPC Nuclear Power Plant Consultant
NPPD Nuclear Power Plant Division
NPS Nuclear Power School
NPS Nuclear Power Ship
NPS Nuclear Power Source
NPTDS Nuclear Power Technology Development Section
NPTU Nuclear Power Training Unit
NPSSRP Nuclear Powered Ship and Submarine Recycling Program
NPDR Nuclear Preliminary Design Review
NPCP Nuclear Production Contingency Plan
NPP Nuclear Propulsion Package
NPP Nuclear Propulsion Plant
NPTU Nuclear Propulsion Training Unit
NPD Nuclear Protein Database
NPF-1 Nuclear Protein Factor Type 1
NPTK Nuclear Protein Tyrosine Kinase
NPTU Nuclear Prototype Training Unit
NPL Nuclear Pumped Laser
NQI Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction
NQM Nuclear Quadrupole Moment
NQR Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance
NQA Nuclear Quality Assurance
NQAA Nuclear Quality Assurance Agency
NQA-1 Nuclear Quality Assurance, Level 1
NRU Nuclear Radiation Unit
NRA Nuclear Reaction Analysis
NRDF-A Nuclear Reaction Data File for Astrophysics
NR Nuclear Reactor
NRBSUPV Nuclear Reactor Operator, Shift Supervisor Badge
NRP Nuclear Reactor Plant
NRR Nuclear Reactor Regulation
NRR Nuclear Reactor Robot
NRTS Nuclear Reactor Test Site
NR Nuclear Receptor
NCOA Nuclear Receptor Coactivator
NRID Nuclear Receptor Interacting Domain
NRR Nuclear Receptor Resource
NR4A3 Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 4, Group A, Member 3
NRB Nuclear Receptor-Binding
NRRE Nuclear Receptor-Responsive Element
NRDI Nuclear Reduction Disarmament Initiative
NRWG Nuclear Regulator Working Group
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRCAR Nuclear Regulatory Commission Acquisition Regulations
NRR Nuclear Regulatory Research
NRAS Nuclear Release Authentication System
NRIU Nuclear Remote Interface Unit
NRAC Nuclear Research Advisory Council
NRC Nuclear Research Center
NRC Nuclear Research Corporation
NRF Nuclear Reserve Force
NRF Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence
NRA Nuclear Resonant Absorption
NRRA Nuclear Resonant Reaction Analysis
NRF-2 Nuclear Respiratory Factor 2
NRRC Nuclear Risk Reduction Center
NRRM Nuclear Risk-Reduction Measure
NRDS Nuclear Rocket Development Station
NSO Nuclear Safe Orbit
NS Nuclear Safety
NSAC Nuclear Safety Analysis Center
NSCA Nuclear Safety and Control Act
NSD Nuclear Safety Directorate
NSI Nuclear Safety Inspection
NSI Nuclear Safety Institute
NSL Nuclear Safety Line
NSO Nuclear Safety Officer
NSPP Nuclear Safety Pilot Plant
NSSI Nuclear Safety/Security Inspection
NSA Nuclear Science Abstracts
NSAC Nuclear Science Advisory Committee
NSTF Nuclear Science and Technology Facility
NSTG Nuclear Science and Technology Group
NSTKC Nuclear Science and Technology Knowledge Center
NSD Nuclear Science Division
NSR Nuclear Science Reference
NSS Nuclear Science Symposium
NSC Nuclear Sciences Center
NSC Nuclear Sclerosis Cataract
NSAS Nuclear Sealed Authentication System
NSIR Nuclear Security and Incident Response
NSSC Nuclear Security Services Corporation
NSC Nuclear Services Corporation
NSD Nuclear Services Department
NSD1 Nuclear SET Domain 1
NS Nuclear Ship
NSSBF Nuclear Single-Stranded Binding Factor
NST Nuclear Somatic Transfer
NSUF Nuclear Spectrometry Users’ Forum
NSM Nuclear Spectrum Measurement
NSRP nuclear steam raising plant
NSSS Nuclear Steam Supply System
NSF Nuclear Storage Facility
NST Nuclear Stress Test
NSB Nuclear Strike Bomb
NSP Nuclear Strike Plan
NSDD Nuclear Structure and Decay Data
NSF Nuclear Structure Facility (Daresbury Laboratory, Cheshire, UK, now closed;
NS Nuclear Submarine
NSTM Nuclear Subterrene Tunneling Machine
NUSUS-CX Nuclear Superheat Critical Experiment
NUSU Nuclear Superheating Reactor
NSG Nuclear Suppliers Group
NSC Nuclear Suppliers Group
NSA Nuclear Support Agency
NSO Nuclear Support Office
NSI Nuclear Surety Inspection
NSP Nuclear Surety Procedure
NSPSC Nuclear Surety Program Steering Council
NS nuclear survivability
NSMH Nuclear Systems Materials Handbook
NTA Nuclear Target Analysis
NTF nuclear task force
NTPC Nuclear Technical Performance Criteria
NTE Nuclear Technologies Effects
NTL Nuclear Technology Laboratory
NT Nuclear Test
NTA Nuclear Test Aircraft
NTB Nuclear Test Ban
NTBT Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
NTG Nuclear Test Gage
NTPR Nuclear Test Personnel Review
NTR Nuclear Test Reactor
NTT Nuclear Testing Talks
NTZ Nuclear Testing Zone
NTR Nuclear Thermal Rocket
NTL Nuclear Thermionics Laboratory
NTI Nuclear Threat Initiative
NTRC Nuclear Threat Reduction Campaign
NTHB Nuclear Thyroid Hormone Binding Protein
NTU Nuclear Time Unit
NTA Nuclear Track A
NTU Nuclear Training Unit
NT Nuclear Transfer
NTSC Nuclear Transfer Stem Cells
NTZ Nuclear Transitory Zone
NUS Nuclear Utilities Services Corporation
NUOG Nuclear Utility Obsolescence Group
NUTS Nuclear Utilization Targeting Strategy
NUT Nuclear Utilization Theory
NVL Nuclear VCP -Like Protein (genomics)
NVPO Nuclear Vehicle Projects Office
NVIS Nuclear Verification Information System
NW Nuclear Warfare
NW Nuclear Warhead
NW Nuclear Waste
NWCF Nuclear Waste Calcining Facility
NWD Nuclear Waste Dump
NWMP Nuclear Waste Management Program
NWPA Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982
NWP Nuclear Waste Program
NWPO Nuclear Waste Project Office
NWSI Nuclear Waste Storage Investigation
NWTF Nuclear Waste Task Force
NWTS Nuclear Waste Terminal Storage
NWTP Nuclear Waste Treatment Plan
NUCWPN Nuclear Weapon
NW Nuclear Weapon
NAIC Nuclear Weapon Accident & Incident Control
NWAIB Nuclear Weapon Accident Investigation Board
NWS Nuclear Weapon State
NWS Nuclear Weapon Storage
NWSS Nuclear Weapon Storage Site
NWSS Nuclear Weapon Subsystem
NARP Nuclear Weapons Accident Response Procedures
NUCWA Nuclear Weapons Accounting System
NW-AND-MTA Nuclear Weapons and Materials Technical Area
NWC Nuclear Weapons Center
NWC Nuclear Weapons Complex
NWCR Nuclear Weapons Correction Report
NWC Nuclear Weapons Council
NWD Nuclear Weapons Data
NWE Nuclear Weapons Effects
NWEO Nuclear Weapons Employment Officer
NWLE Nuclear Weapons Logistics Element
NWLES Nuclear Weapons Logistics Element
NWMF Nuclear Weapons Maintenance Foreman
NWMT Nuclear Weapons Maintenance Technician
NWP Nuclear Weapons Plant
NWR Nuclear Weapons Report
NWSM Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Memorandum
NWSP Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan
NWSA Nuclear Weapons Storage Area
NWSA Nuclear Weapons Supply Annex
NWSS Nuclear Weapons Support Section
NWSSGP Nuclear Weapons System Safety Group
NWT Nuclear Weapons Technology Programs
NWTC Nuclear Weapons Training Center
NWB Nuclear Whipping Boy
NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle
NBCD Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Defense
NBCC Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Center
NBCC Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Contamination
NBCCS Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Contamination Survivability
NBCRS Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance System
NBCWRS Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warning and Reporting System
NBCC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical & Conventional
NBCC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Collection Center
NBRC Nuclear, Biological, Radiological, or Chemical
NRBC Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical
NRAT Nuclear/Radiological Advisory Team
NAD Nuclear-Accident Dosimeter
NCE Nuclear-Chemical Environment
NFFA Nuclear-Free Future Award
NH Nuclear-Hardened
OCNS Office for Civil Nuclear Security
ONE Office of Nuclear Energy
ONMP Office of Nuclear Materials Processing
ONP Office of Nuclear Physics
NRR Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
ONS Office of Nuclear Safety
ONWM Office of Nuclear Waste Management and Fuel Cycle Programs
OANM Ontario Association of Nuclear Medicine
ODNMR Optically Detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
OPNMR Optically Pumped Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
PNC Pacific Nuclear Council
PNS Pacific Nuclear Services
PNRA Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
PNPP Paks Nuclear Power Plant
PNPA Particle and Nuclear Physics Applications
PNED Peaceful Nuclear Explosion
PNE Peaceful Nuclear Explosion
PNET Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty
PUNT Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology
PNMC Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Council
PANE People Against Nuclear Energy
PANCA Perinuclear Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody
PBMCS Peripheral Blood Monomorphonuclear Cells
PBMC Peripheral Blood Monomorphonuclear Cells
PBMCS Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
PBMC Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
PBML Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Leukocyte
PBMN Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Fraction
PMNL Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Leukocyte
PBML Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Lymphocytes
PMN Peripheral Mononuclear
PNPP Perry Nuclear Power Plant
PNAD Personal Nuclear Accident Dosimeter
PNRI Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
PSNM Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine
PNPA Pinhole Nuclear Physics Apparatus
PNPN Polish Nuclear Physics Network
PCC Polymorphic Congenital Cataract, Nonnuclear, Autosomal Dominant
PMB Polymorphonuclear Basophil Leukocytes
PME Polymorphonuclear Eosinophil Leukocytes
PMNL Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte
PMN Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte
PMLC Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes from Cattle
PMN Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils
PAH Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PNA Polynuclear Aromatics
POINT Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology
PBMCS Porcine Blood Mononuclear Cell
PBMC Porcine Blood Mononuclear Cell
PNF Post Nuclear Fall-out
PNRPG Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
PCN Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Corp
PNC Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp
PNL Prescribed Nuclear Load
PRND Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection
PPNN Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation
PSP Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
PSPI Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Information
PM-NBCDS Project Manager for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Systems
PENN Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation
PCNA Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen
PENIS Proton-Enhanced Nuclear Induction Spectroscopy
PNEP Provincial Nuclear Emergency Plan
PRNC Puerto Rico Nuclear Center
PBMCS Purified Blood Mononuclear Cells
PBMC Purified Blood Mononuclear Cells
QRR Qualitative Research Requirement for Nuclear Weapons Effects Information
QNG Quantitative Nuclear Grading
QNI Quantitative Nuclear Image
QNMR Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
QNP Quark Nuclear Physics
RANA RA -Associated Nuclear Antigen
RNB Radioactive Nuclear Beam
RN Radiological-Nuclear
RNU Radiology-Nuclear Medicine
RNEG Rat Liver Nuclear Envelope Ghost
RND Reducing Nuclear Danger
RACNE Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy
RNO Regional Nuclear Option
RNRF Relative Nuclear Roundness Factor
RANP Relativistic Aspects of Nuclear Physics
RNC Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
RLNR Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors
RMN Resonancia Magnética Nuclear
RFNC Russian Federal Nuclear Center
SNPP Safety in Nuclear Power Plants
SINP Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
SRNS Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
SNECS Saxton Nuclear Engineering Corporation
SNEC Saxton Nuclear Engineering Corporation
SNL Scottish Nuclear Limited
SNTS Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site
SNT Sensitive Nuclear Technology
SQN Sequoyah Nuclear Plant
SINR Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research
SNPS Shimane Nuclear Power Station
SWN Shin-Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant
SNN Ship Submersible Nuclear
SSBN Ship, Submersible, Ballistic, Nuclear
SSGN Ship, Submersible, Guided Missile, Nuclear
SSN Ship, Submersible, Nuclear
SNPS Shoreham Nuclear Power Station
SINE Short Interspersed Nuclear Element
SNF Short-Range Nuclear Forces
SINP Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics
SNSA Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
SMR Small Modular Nuclear Reactor
SNAP Small Nuclear Material
SNP Small Nuclear Protein
SNRNA Small Nuclear Ribonucleic Acid
SNRNP Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein
SMNS Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SHAMAN Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SMN Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SSNP Small Size Nuclear Power Plant
SEMN Sociedad Espanola de Medicina Nuclear
SNE Sociedad Nuclear Española
SENN Societa Ellectronucleare Nazionale, Italy
SNN Societea Nationala Nuclearelectrica
SPSP Society for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Inc.
SNM Society of Nuclear Medicine
SCNR Somatic Cell Nuclear Replacement
SCNT Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
SCNT Somatic Cell Nuclear Transplantation
SINN Sonically Induced Narrowing of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Solids
SASNM South African Society of Nuclear Medicine
SPNFZT South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty
SNOB Southampton Nuclear Opposition Benefit
SINB Southern Interstate Nuclear Board
SNE Southern Nuclear Engineering, Inc.
SONIC Southern Ohio Nuclear Integration Cooperative
SNAP Space Nuclear Auxiliary Power
SNPS Space Nuclear Power System
SNS Space Nuclear Systems
SNTP Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
SNEL Special Nuclear Effects Laboratory
SNF Special Nuclear Fuel
SNM Special Nuclear Material
SNF Spent Nuclear Fuel
SNFS Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage
SNBP Sperm Nuclear Basic Protein
SLMNPV Spodoptera Littoralis Multicapsid Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
SNPP Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
SNPTC State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
SNRA State Nuclear Regulatory Administration
SNRC State Nuclear Regulatory Committee
SNP Strangeness Nuclear Physics
SAINT Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport
SNAP Strategic Nuclear Attack Planning
SNC Strategic Nuclear Command
SNF Strategic Nuclear Forces
SNLV Strategic Nuclear Launch Vehicle
SNW Strategic Nuclear Weapon
SSBN Strategic Submarine Ballistic Nuclear
CSGN Strike Cruiser, Nuclear Powered
SNF Strong Nuclear Force
SSNP Student Society of Nuclear Pharmacy
SND Students for Nuclear Disarmament
SOUND Students for Nuclear Disarmament
SNECS Subgroup on Nuclear Export Coordination
SNEC Subgroup on Nuclear Export Coordination
SSN Submersible Ship Nuclear
SSGN Submersible, Ship, Guided, Nuclear
SSBN Sub-Surface Ballistic Nuclear
SNA Subsurface, Nuclear-Powered Attack
SONE Supporters Of Nuclear Energy
SNB Surface Nuclear Burst
SNMR Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
SWON Surface Warfare Officer, Nuclear
SANDS Surveillance Accident Nuclear Detection System
SANT SW13/ADA2 /Ncor (Nuclear Receptor Corepressor) /TFIIIB (Transcription Factor IIIB)
SCNT Swedish Centre for Nuclear Technology
SNPI Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate
SNAP Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Program
SINBAC System for Integrated Nuclear Battle Analysis Calculus
SNAP Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power
TNF Tactical Nuclear Forces
TNPER Tactical Nuclear Penguin
TNP Tactical Nuclear Penguin
TANREM Tactical Nuclear Requirements Methodology
TNW Tactical Nuclear Warfare
TNW Tactical Nuclear Weapon
TOPS Technological Opportunities to Increase the Proliferation Resistance of Global Civilian Nuclear Power Systems
TNS Tennessee Nuclear Specialties, Inc
TNF Theater Nuclear Forces
TNFC Theater Nuclear Forces Control
TNFIP Theater Nuclear Forces Improvement Plan
TNFS3 Theater Nuclear Forces, Survivability, Security & Safety
TNO Theater Nuclear Option
TNW Theater Nuclear Warfare
TITANS Theoretical Institute for Thermonuclear and Nuclear Studies
TN Thermonuclear
TND Thermo-Nuclear Device
TNR Thermonuclear Reaction
TLAM-N Tomahawk land attack missile/nuclear
TLAN Tomahawk Missile, Land Attack, Nuclear
TNPER Tratado de No Proliferacion Nuclear
TNP Tratado de No Proliferación Nuclear
TNPER Trattato di Non Proliferazione Nucleare
TNP Trattato di Non Proliferazione Nucleare
TUNL Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratories
TBNC Trigeminal Brainstem Nuclear Complex
TNA Trinity Nuclear Abolition
TNR Trinuclear Repeat
TAML Tumor-Associated Mononuclear Leukocytes
UNCAA UNC Nuclear Industries Activities Association
UNE Underground Nuclear Explosion
UNT Underground Nuclear Test
UANI United Against Nuclear Iran
UNC United Nuclear Corporation
UNI United Nuclear Industries
UNWW United Nuclear Weapons Workers
USANCA United States Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency
USANCA United States Army Nuclear and Combating WMD Agency
ANUDS United States Army Nuclear Data System
UMNE University of Maryland Nuclear Engineering Teaching Reactor
NUREG US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation
VNMR Varian Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
VANA Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
VANWACE Vulnerability Analysis of Nuclear Weapons in Allied Command, Europe
VNTK Vulnerability Number for Thermonuclear Kill
WNP-2 Washington Nuclear Plant 2
WNP Washington Nuclear Power
WSUNRC Washington State University Nuclear Radiation Center
WBNPP Watts Bar Nuclear Performance Plan
WBNP Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
WBN Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
WANA Welsh Anti-Nuclear Alliance
WVNSC West Valley Nuclear Services Company
WVNS West Valley Nuclear Services Company
WANL Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory
WINCO Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company
WNFD Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels Division
WNRE Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment
WPONAC Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
WCNOC Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation
WIIN Women Interested in Nuclear
WGNA Working Group on Nuclear Activities
WPNS Working Party on Nuclear Safety
WONP Workshop on Nuclear Physics
WONUC World Council of Nuclear Workers
WINS World Institute for Nuclear Security
WINES World Integrated Nuclear Evaluation System
WJNM World Journal of Nuclear Medicine
WNA World Nuclear Association
WNFM World Nuclear Fuel Market
WNN World Nuclear News
WNU World Nuclear University
WNSL Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory
XNP X-Linked Nuclear Protein Gene