Nursing Abbreviations

The term nursing allows referring to several concepts related to health and health systems. Nursing services are provided in a dependency or in a place for the sick or injured, which is the ward. For example: “We will have to take you to the infirmary to have that wound treated”, “My son went to the infirmary after the game because his left knee hurt”.


Nursing Abbreviations

Nursing is also the profession of the person who is responsible for providing care and assistance to the injured and the sick according to clinical criteria: “I will pursue a career in nursing”, “I need to hire a person specialized in nursing to help me take care of my grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s”.

Still in the same sense, nursing is the set of studies required to obtain a diploma and practice the profession: “Constança has completed her nursing studies and will enter the hospital from next summer”.

It can be said, in general terms, that nursing is the science dedicated to the care of human health . That said, it is part of the health sciences group .

It was Florence Nightingale who fostered the first theory of nursing about 150 years ago. Since this model of nursing came several others. Each of them has a way of understanding nursing and the way of caring for patients. Nightingale is considered the mother of modern nursing.

There are, according to each country, different specializations associated with nursing. The supervisor nurse, for example, is the one who is trained to supervise the work and environment of professionals in a unit under his/her charge. Nursing assistants, in turn, provide more basic care related to food and hygiene.

Furthermore, the nursing profession in Brazil is divided into 3 levels of competence, namely:

– The nurse: who is the professional with a higher level, having technical, human and scientific capacity and being responsible for the promotion of the nursing team, recovery and prevention of the health of individuals. The nurse takes care of the patient until he is able to take responsibility for responding to his basic needs;

– The nursing technician: who is a professional with a technical level, his basic functions are the prevention and maintenance of basic health, he assists nurses in the care of patients, including rehabilitation and recovery of public and collective health

– The nursing assistant: a basic level professional who takes care of the patient’s health, administering medication, taking care of the patient’s food and also making dressings. That is, this professional performs functions that complement the nurse’s functions.

Both nursing technicians and nursing assistants work together with the nurse, but with different functions.

It is worth mentioning that nursing not only meets the treated patient, but also his family members, since they will be there, providing emotional support to both patients and their families.

List of Acronyms Related to Nursing

ABSN Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
ANR Adult Nursing Relationship
ACCN Advanced Critical Care Nursing
ADNS Advanced Diploma in Nursing Studies
ANA Advanced Nursing Assistant
ANPE Advanced Nursing Practice Educator
ANPACC Advanced Nursing Practice in Acute & Critical Care
APNN Advanced Practice Neonatal Nursing
ANS Advances in Nursing Science
ACTN Advisory Committee on Training in Nursing
ABNORMAL Alabama Board of Nursing
ABN Alabama Board of Nursing
ASHNHA Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
APN Alliance for Psychosocial Nursing
AACN American Academy of Colleges of Nursing
AAN American Academy of Nursing
AAHN American Association for the History of Nursing
AACN American Association of Colleges of Nursing
ABNS American Board of Nursing Specialties
MCN American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing
AJN American Journal of Nursing
ANAA American Nursing Assistants Association
ANIA American Nursing Informatics Association
ANR Applied Nursing Research
APN Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
ANSA Arkansas Nursing Students’ Association
ASNA Arkansas Student Nursing Association
ANSA Arlington Nursing Student Association
ADON Assistant Director Of Nursing
ADNS Assistant Director of Nursing Services
AIN Assistant In Nursing
ANCC Assistant Nursing Care Coordinator
ANP Assistive Nursing Personnel
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing
ADNP Associate Degree Nursing Program
ASN Associate of Science In Nursing
APN Associate Professor of Nursing
AEIC Association des Étudiant s Infirmiers(ières) du Canada (Canadian Nursing Student’s Association)
ANNRA Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies
ADNA Auburn District Nursing Association
ANSA Augustana Nursing Student Association
AAON Australian Academy of Nursing
AEJNE Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
ANCI Australian Nursing Council Inc.
ANF Australian Nursing Federation
ANJ Australian Nursing Journal
ANRI Authority in Nursing Roles Inventory
BAN Bachelor of Arts in Nursing
BNG Bachelor of Nursing
BN Bachelor of Nursing
BNSC Bachelor of Nursing Science
BNS Bachelor of Nursing Science
BSCN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BCNU Bacteria Controlled Nursing Unit
BDNH Ballarat District Nursing and Healthcare
BNOC Basic Nursing Officer Course
BCON Bellin College of Nursing
BRCN Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing
BENHA Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators
BRN Board of Registered Nursing
BORN Board of Registration in Nursing
BVNPT Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians
BHSN Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing
BCHN British Columbia History of Nursing
BJCN British Journal of Community Nursing
BJN British Journal of Nursing
BJPN British Journal of Perioperative Nursing
BNA British Nursing Association
BNI British Nursing Index
BVNA British Veterinary Nursing Association
BAGNC Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity
BONUS Business Officers of Nursing Schools
CBRN California Board of Registered Nursing
CANR Canadian Association for Nursing Research
CGNA Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association
CJNL Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership
CNIA Canadian Nursing Informatics Association
CONJ Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal
CARING Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in Nursing
CCN Capstone College of Nursing
CARING Caring, Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Nursing Excellence, Generation of Knowledge
CSN Castle Nursing Homes
CFN Center for Nursing
CNA Center for Nursing Advocacy, Inc
CNHEHR Center for Nursing History, Ethics and Human Rights
CNR Center for Nursing Research
CNWSAC Center for Nursing Workforce Studies Advisory Committee
CCNA Center to Champion Nursing in America
CNS Central Nursing Station
CEBN Centre for Evidence Based Nursing
CDSN Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing
CCRN Certification In Critical Care Nursing
CNA Certified in Nursing Administration
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
CNA Certified Nursing Associate
CPAN Certified Post Anesthesia Nursing
CNRC Charles County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
CJNH Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home
CNMO Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer
CNO Chief Nursing Officer
CNOC Chief Nursing Officers Council
CJON Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
CNS Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice
CNR Clinical Nursing Research
COMON Coalition of Michigan Organizations of Nursing
CNP Collaborative Nursing Program
CENA College of Emergency Nursing Australasia
CONTINUOUS College of Nursing
CON College of Nursing
CNHP College of Nursing and Health Professions
CUSON Columbia University School of Nursing
CCNE Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
CDNA Community and District Nursing Association
CHNE Community Health Nursing Examination
CMHN Community Mental Health Nursing
CNS Community Nursing Services
CENA Competency Evaluated Nursing Assistant
CARIN Computer-Aided Research in Nursing
CIN Computers In Nursing
CIN Computers, Informatics, Nursing
CLN Connecticut League for Nursing
CSON Connell School of Nursing
CONCEPT Consortium of Nursing, Clinical, Educational and Professional Teams
CNE Continuing Nursing Education
CNC Council for Nursing Centers
CPHN Council of Public Health Nursing
CNS County Nursing Service
CATN Course in Advanced Trauma Nursing
CINAHL Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
CINAHL Current Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
DARP Data Action/nursing decision, Response, Plan
DANE Department of Advanced Nursing Education
DNSC Department of Nursing Science
DDON Deputy Director of Nursing
DCCN Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing
DNN Diploma in Nursery Nursing
DVN Diploma in Veterinary Nursing
DEMNS Direct Entry Master’s in Nursing
DON Director Of Nursing
DNS Director of Nursing Services
DNC Disaster Nursing Chairman
ND Doctor of Nursing
DN Doctor of Nursing
DRNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNSC Doctor of Nursing Science
DNS Doctor of Nursing Science
DSN Doctor of Science in Nursing
DNSO Doctoral Nursing Student Organization
DANA Drug and Alcohol Nursing Association
ENDS Emergency Nursing Documentation System, LLC
ENW Emergency Nursing World
EUSN Emory University School of Nursing
ENA Employment Nursing Adviser
ENB English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
EHNI Environmental Health Nursing Initiative
ECPN Equitable Cost-Sharing for Publicly-Owned Nursing Facilities
ECCN European Competence in Care and Nursing
ENNO European Network of Nursing Organisations
ENACO European Nursing Academy for Care of Older Persons
ENEA European Nursing Education Association
ENSG European Nursing Students Group
ESNO European Specialist Nursing Organization
ESSONI European Summer School of Nursing Informatics
EBN Evidence-Based Nursing
FON Faculty of Nursing
FINA Federation of Independent Nursing Agencies
FAAN Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
FRCN Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing
FRCNA Fellow Royal College of Nursing Australia
FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FBN Florida Board of Nursing
FCN Florida Center for Nursing
FNSA Florida Nursing Students Association
FNC Funded Nursing Care
GN Gastroenterology Nursing
GNM General Nursing and Midwifery
GANE Georgia Association for Nursing Education
GANS Georgia Association of Nursing Students
GBCN Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
GBON Georgia Board of Nursing
GENE Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education
GNA Geriatric Nursing Assistant
GNCS Gerontologic Nursing Consultation Service
GANM Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery
GANE Global Alliance on Nursing Education
GSNC Good Samaritan Nursing Center
HIGN Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
HPNEC Health Professions and Nursing Education Coalition
HSN Health Source Nursing
HWNC Huron Woods Nursing Center
ITNI Independent Therapeutic Nursing Intervention
IPNG Index of Professional Nursing Governance
INDP Indian Nursing Diploma Program
IANS Indiana Association of Nursing Students
ICPN Indiana Center for Parish Nursing
ITINERARY Information Technology In Nursing
ITIN Information Technology in Nursing
INHL Institute for Nursing Healthcare Leadership
INHS Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences
INAM Institute of Nursing and Midwifery
IDNA Instructive District Nursing Association
ICIRN Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing
IANA International Academic Nursing Alliance
INANE International Academy of Nursing Editors
ICNP International Classification of Nursing Practice
ICPN International Congress on Pediatric Nursing
IHNJ International History of Nursing Journal
IJNP International Journal of Nursing Practice
IJNT International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications
INC International Nursing Conference
INFJ International Nursing Foundation of Japan
INI International Nursing Index
IANS Iowa Association of Nursing Students
IBON Iowa Board of Nursing
IBN Iowa Board of Nursing
IMSN Iowa Methodist School of Nursing
IJN Iran Journal of Nursing
INHO Irish Nursing Homes Organisation
JANS Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students
JANS Japan Academy of Nursing Science
JSDN Japan Society of Disaster Nursing
JJN Japanese Journal of Nursing
JNA Japanese Nursing Association
JNH Jaquith Nursing Home
JBIEBNM Joanna Briggs Institute for Evidence Based Nursing and Midwifery
JAN Journal of Advanced Nursing
JCN Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
JCN Journal of Christian Nursing
JEN Journal of Emergency Nursing
JFN Journal of Family Nursing
JGN Journal of Gerontological Nursing
JHN Journal of Holistic Nursing
JHPN Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing
JNN Journal of Neonatal Nursing
JNN Journal of Neuroscience Nursing
JONA Journal of Nursing Administration
JNAD Journal of Nursing Administration
JNA Journal of Nursing Administration
JNE Journal of Nursing Education
JNJ Journal of Nursing Jocularity
JNS Journal of Nursing Scholarship
JOGN Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing
JOGNN Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing
JPN Journal of Professional Nursing
JRN Journal of Research in Nursing
JOSN Journal of School Nursing
JTN Journal of Trauma Nursing
JUSTICE Journal of Trauma Nursing
JAND Judgment About Nursing Decisions
LYNC Launch Your Nursing Career
LFN Libraries For Nursing
LNA Licensed Nursing Assistant
LNFA Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator
LNHA Licensed Nursing Home Administrator
LTCSNF Long-Term Care Skilled Nursing Facility
LTNH Long-Term Nursing Homes
LNHA Louisiana Nursing Home Association
LOADN Louisiana Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
MSON Mackinnon School of Nursing
MSNC Mary Scott Nursing Center
MANS Maryland Association of Nursing Students
MANAGEMENT Master of Arts in Nursing
MANEUVER Master of Arts in Nursing
MAN Master of Arts in Nursing
MN Master of Nursing
MANUAL Master of Nursing Leadership
MNL Master of Nursing Leadership
MNSC Master of Nursing Science
MNST Master of Nursing Studies
MSNS Master of Science in Nursing
MSCN Master of Science in Nursing
MSN Master’s of Science in Nursing
MCN Maternal Child Nursing
MSON McAuley School of Nursing
MSNCB Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board
MHN Mental Health Nursing
MSN Michigan School of Nursing
MAIN Midwest Alliance in Nursing
MINC Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium
MLN Missouri League for Nursing
MNC Missouri Nursing Coalition
MTNC Mountain Trace Nursing Center
NBS National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting for Scotland
NCNQ National Center for Nursing Quality
NCNR National Center for Nursing Research
NCC National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing Specialties
NCCNHR National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
NCSBN National Council of State Boards of Nursing
NINR National Institute of Nursing Research
NLN National League for Nursing
NLNAC National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
NNCNA National Network of Career Nursing Assistants
NNAS National Nursing Assistant Survey
NNA National Nursing Association
NNCC National Nursing Centers Consortium
NNW National Nursing Week
NENEP Navy Enlisted Nursing Education Program
NNCC Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission
NSBON Nevada State Board of Nursing
NENIC New England Nursing Informatics Consortium
NINE Newspapers in Nursing Education
NCCN North Carolina Center for Nursing
NDSN Northern District School of Nursing
NPRA Nurse Practicing Act and Nursing Peer Review Act of 1999
NUR Nursing
NMC Nursing & Midwifery Council
NADG Nursing Advisory and Development Group
NAAA Nursing Agencies Association of Australia
NAH Nursing and Allied Health
NAHRS Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section
NHS Nursing and Health Studies
NMAS Nursing and Midwifery Admissions Service
NMCN Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
NAC Nursing Assistant Certified
NAR Nursing Assistant Registered
NATC Nursing Assistant Training Center
NASA Nursing Association of South Australia
NAK Nursing At the Keyboard
NCA Nursing Care Assistant
NCCH Nursing Care Club House
NCP Nursing Care Plan
NCT Nursing Care Technician
NCAH Nursing Careers Allied Health
NCC Nursing Constituency Council
NCEHS Nursing Consultant Educational and Health Services
NCH Nursing Contact Hour
NESDS Nursing Education and Staff Development Service
NEADA Nursing Education in Alcohol and Drug Abuse
NELRP Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program
NEO Nursing Education Opportunities
NEP Nursing Education Program
NEPAB Nursing Education Program Approval Board
NERU Nursing Education Research Unit
NET Nursing Entrance Test
NEN Nursing Ethics Network
NFT Nursing Facilities Transition
NF Nursing Facility
NFAP Nursing Facility Acquired Pneumonia
NFSW Nursing Facility Social Worker
NFTL Nursing Facility Transmittal Letter
NGR Nursing Grand Rounds
NHOP Nursing Health Outcomes Project
NH Nursing Home
NHAP Nursing Home Acquired Pneumonia
NHA Nursing Home Administrator
NHAP Nursing Home Administrator Program
NHAB Nursing Home Administrators Board
NHC Nursing Home Component
NHDA Nursing Home Diversion Act
NHPS Nursing Home Payment System
NHP Nursing Home Placement
NHQI Nursing Home Quality Initiative
NHRA Nursing Home Reform Act
NHPP Nursing Hours per Patient
NHR Nursing Human Resources
NIGP Nursing in General Practice
NIP Nursing in Public
NISF Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund
NIA Nursing Informatics Australia
NICOC Nursing Information Consortium of Orange County
NIRM Nursing Information Reference Model
NISCNE Nursing Information Systems Council of New England
NIGP Nursing Innovation Grant Program
NIC Nursing Interventions Classification
NKI Nursing Knowledge International
NLC Nursing Leadership Council
NMDSN Nursing Minimum Data Set for the Netherlands
NOLF Nursing Organization Liaison Forum
NOC Nursing Outcomes Classification
NPCO Nursing Practicum Coordination Office
NPSB Nursing Professional Standards Board
NPVS Nursing Professional Values Scale
NRU Nursing Research Unit
NRWG Nursing Research Work Group
NSQ Nursing Science Quarterly
NSM Nursing Service Management
NSCU Nursing Skilled Care Unit
NSHA Nursing Specialty High Acuity
NSC Nursing Station Clerk
NSC Nursing Student Council
NSGA Nursing Student Government Association
NSL Nursing Student Loans
NWQ Nursing Willingness Questionnaire
NLIU Nursing-Led In-Patient Unit
ONS Office of Nursing Services
ONSS Office of Nursing Student Services
OBN Ohio Board of Nursing
OLN Ohio League for Nursing
ONAM Ohio Nursing Articulation Model
OBN Oklahoma Board of Nursing
ONMC Oman Nursing and Midwifery Council
ONF Oncology Nursing Forum
ONN Oncology Nursing News
ONS Oncology Nursing Society
ONDG Online Nursing Degree Guide
ONIG Ontario Nursing Informatics Group
ONC Orthopaedic Nursing Certified
ORNA Outcomes Research in Nursing Administration
PCN Palestine College of Nursing
PINAC Patient Intensity for Nursing: Ambulatory Care
PENS Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society
PNCB Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
PNDS Perioperative Nursing Data Set
PDNP Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Practice
PNS Practical Nursing Student
PNAT Pre-Nursing Assessment Test
PHCN Primary Health Care Nursing
PMRAFNS Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service
PDN Private Duty Nursing
PDNA Private Duty Nursing Agency
PNCC Professional Nursing Care Committee
PNN Professional Nursing Network
PNP Professional Nursing Practice
PNQ Professional Nursing Questionnaire
PLSP Pryor Leadership Studies in Nursing Program
PCLN Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Nursing
PNA Psychiatric Nursing Association of Ireland
PHNA Public Health Nursing and Administration
PHNA Public Health Nursing Association
PHND Public Health Nursing Directors
PSONS Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society
QARANC Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
QNI Queen’s Nursing Institute
QNC Queensland Nursing Council
RNH Randolph Nursing Home Rehabilitation Center
RNL Reflections on Nursing Leadership
RANA Registered Animal Nursing Auxiliary
RNA Registered Nursing Assistant
RNR Registry of Nursing Research
RNP Research for Nursing Practice
RNS Respiratory Nursing Society
RNA Restorative Nursing Aide
RVNC River Valley Nursing Center
RSPN Riverside School of Professional Nursing
RCN Royal College of Nursing
RCNI Royal College of Nursing Institute
SACN Saint Anthony College of Nursing
SCON Samaritan College of Nursing
SNHI Satisfaction with the Nursing Home Instrument
SON School of Nursing
SNM School of Nursing and Midwifery
SSNP Secondary School Nursing Program
SENA Senior Employment Nursing Adviser
SCNC Shawnee Christian Nursing Center
SNB Singapore Nursing Board
SN Skilled Nursing
SNR Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
SNC Skilled Nursing Care
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SNIF Skilled Nursing Facility
SNF Skilled Nursing Floor
SNIF Skilled Nursing Inpatient Facility
SNU Skilled Nursing Unit
SNV Skilled Nursing Visit
SNEM Social Sciences, Nursing, Epidemiology, and Methods
SVN Society for Vascular Nursing
SPNP Society of Private Nursing Practitioners
SANC South African Nursing Council
SNRS Southern Nursing Research Society
SNS Space Nursing Society
SUNS Spalding University Nursing Students
SPAN Specialist Practitioner Adult Nursing
SPCN Specialist Practitioner Children’s Nursing
SPCC Specialist Practitioner Community Children’s Nursing
SCLD Specialist Practitioner Community Learning Disabilities Nursing
SPDN Specialist Practitioner District Nursing
SPSN Specialist Practitioner School Nursing
SECON St. Elizabeth College of Nursing
SLCN St. Luke’s College Of Nursing
SNMAC Standing Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee
SBEN State Board of Examiners for Nursing
SBON State Board of Nursing
SNB State Nursing Board
STNA State-Tested Nursing Assistant
SAGNIS Strategic Advisory Group for Nursing Information Systems
SNA Student Nursing Association
SINI Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics
SNSA Supplemental Nursing Services Agency
SNS Supplemental Nursing System
SUNS Sydney University Nursing Society
TELIGN Technology Enhanced Learning in Graduate Nursing
TNT Telephone Nursing Telezine
TCNH Tender Care Nursing Home
TCNWS Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies
TFN Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
TNFI Therapeutic Nursing Function Indicator
TNFM Therapeutic Nursing Function Matrix
TNS Transcultural Nursing Society
TNCC Trauma Nursing Combat Care
TNCC Trauma Nursing Core Course
TNCC Trauma Nursing Course Certified
UND Unit Nursing Director
UKCC United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
USAGPAN United States Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing
UFCN University of Florida College of Nursing
VPNPP Vanderbilt Professional Nursing Practice Program
VNC Virtual Nursing College
WINI Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics
WNB Welsh National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
WACN West African College of Nursing
WANA West Australian Nursing Agency
WSCN West Suburban College of Nursing
WVCN West Virginia Center for Nursing
WNRC Wisconsin Nursing Redesign Consortium
WNPC Worcester Nursing Pipeline Consortium
WOIN World of Irish Nursing
WSBN Wyoming State Board of Nursing
YSN Yale School of Nursing