Pennsylvania Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Pennsylvania state?

PA is the 2 letter abbreviation for Pennsylvania, the 5th largest state in the United States of America. Pennsylvania is a state located in Northeast part of U.S.A, bordering Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Harrisburg is the capital city of Pennsylvania. Major cities include Philadelphia (Population: 1567453), Pittsburgh (Population: 304402), Allentown (Population: 120218), Erie (Population: 99486), Reading (Population: 87890), Scranton (Population: 77129), Bethlehem (Population: 74903), Lancaster (Population: 59350), Levittown (Population: 52994), Harrisburg (Population: 49092), Altoona (Population: 45355), and York (Population: 44003).

Pennsylvania State Flag

Pennsylvania State Profile

  • Capital: Harrisburg
  • Admitted to USA: 1787
  • Area: 119,280 km2
  • Population: 12,801,989
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 215, 267, 412, 484, 570, 610, 717, 724, 814, 878
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  PA
  • State Government Website:


Pennsylvania is in the east of the United States. The area got its name after the founder of the colony, William Penn (1644-1718), born in London on October 14, 1644, and the Latin word silva for forest – “Penns Forest”. Penn settled the country around 1681 and assured European settlers, among other things, full religious freedom. Pennsylvania was the second of the original 13 states to form the Union. Pennsylvania is one of the most historic states in the country. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were written in Philadelphia, its largest city and the capital of the United States between 1790 and 1800 – in what is now Independence Hall. Hence the nickname of the state “State of Independence”. Another state nickname is Keystone State and its motto is “Virtue, Liberty and Independence”. The Federal Stat covers an area of ​​119,283 km² – with approximately 12.7 million inhabitants.

The capital is Harrisburg with around 50,000 inhabitants in the city itself and 650,000 in the metropolitan area. The state has no access to the sea, but borders the Lake Erie in the northwest with a coastline of approx. 82 km. Pennsylvania borders New York State to the north and northeast, Ohio to the west, New Jersey to the east, and Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia to the south and southwest. The heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier, born in South Carolina in 1944, died in Philadelphia in 2011. Frazier was the first boxer to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games – in Tokyo in 1964 – as an amateur and then became a heavyweight world champion. It should be mentioned that around 300,000 Americans of Jewish faith live here.

Something historical
From July 1 to July 3, 1863, one of the bloodiest battles in the United States’ civil war took place near the town of Gettysburg north of the Maryland border. Around 40,000 soldiers were injured and around 5,500 killed. The fighting ended with the defeat of the Northern Virginia Army – an army confederation of the Confederate Army – led by General Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870). This battle, along with those of Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Antietam and Perryville in 1862, and the fall of Atlanta and Sheridan’s campaign in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864, marked the turning point in the civil war in favor of the northern states. It should also be noted that many German-speaking immigrants – the Pennsylvania Dutch – lived in Pennsylvania. That’s how it happens, especially in southern Pennsylvania,

September 11, 2001
On September 11, 2001, the United States was hit by the most serious terrorist attacks in its history. In New York, two hijacked planes flew into the two twin towers of the World Trade Center and brought them to collapse. Around 3,000 people were killed. Another hijacked plane hit the Pentagon in Washington DC almost at the same time. And the fourth hijacked plane – United Airlines Flight 93 – should also be misused for a terrorist attack. But due to the courageous interventions of the passengers, the aircraft did not reach its intended target, but instead crashed at the village of Shanksville in Somerset County in Pennsylvania. A total of 44 people lost their lives – 33 passengers, seven crew members and the 4 suicide bombers.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Harrisburg is the capital of the state of Pennsylvania and home to approximately 50,000 people. In the metropolitan region of the city founded in 1791, there are even 650,000 people. The city is located in southern Pennsylvania on the banks of the Susquehanna River. It has been the state capital since 1812. The city is still known due to the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. Nevertheless, Harrisburg is considered a family city and one of the best places in the USA to start a family.

Allen Town has approximately 120,000 residents in the city itself and approximately 815,000 people live in the larger metropolitan area. Allentown is the third largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Allentown is located in the southeastern state and was founded in 1762 under the name Northamptontown. The city has been known as Allentown since 1838. Allentown was once a booming steel city, but today there is not much of it. Allentown offers its visitors very good theaters and museums.

The city of Altoona has approximately 62,000 residents and is located in central Pennsylvania in the Allegheny Mountains. The city of Altoona was founded in 1849. Throughout its history, the city has been an important center of railway construction. However, this led to a slow economic decline from the middle of the 20th century. Therefore, visitors to the city can find out more in the Railway Museum. You should also visit the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and the city hall.

Approximately 105,000 people live in the city of Erie in the far northwest of Pennsylvania. There are even 280,000 people living in the Erie metropolitan area. This makes Erie the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania and the city was founded in 1795. Because the city is located on Lake Erie, it offers a special climate in summer and winter. Especially in winter there is so-called lake effect snow, which makes the city of Erie one of the snowiest places in the USA. In addition to excellent recreational and water sports facilities, there are also good museums in the city.


The city of Philadelphia in southeastern Pennsylvania is home to 1.5 million people, making it the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and the second largest city on the east coast of the United States after New York. As many as 6.3 million people live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The city was founded on the banks of the Delaware River in 1682. In the history of the city, it was the center of the 13 colonies. Nowadays she is also known by her nickname Philly. The city is also known as The Birthplace of America. This is not surprising since Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell can be found here. The city also attracts visitors with its excellent museums and galleries. The many parks in the city also invite you to linger.


The city of Pittsburgh in southwestern Pennsylvania is home to 305,000 people, making it the second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania after Philadelphia. The Pittsburgh metropolitan area is home to as many as 2.4 million people. The city was founded at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers in 1717. The city is characterized by a special geographical shape. In addition to the rivers on their banks, there are also steep slopes. Today Pittsburgh is also known by its nickname Steel City. This comes from its history as a steel city. During the wave of emigration, the city was also a point of attraction for many German emigrants. The city also attracts visitors with its excellent museums, theaters and galleries.

The oldest brewery in the USA is located in the city of around 16,000 inhabitants – in Schuylkill County on the Schuylkill River. Today’s “Eagle Brewery” brews the Yuengling beer, which is sold in around 14 US states. The brewery was founded by David Gottlieb Jüngling from Aldingen am Neckar, who opened the brewery in 1829. In the United States he adopted the name David G. Yuengling, which is easier to understand for Americans. The brewery is still owned by the offspring of young people.


About 75,000 people live in the city of Scranton, which is located in northeastern Pennsylvania. The city was founded in 1856 and has been a center of coal mining and railways in its history. Scranton was the first US city to have an electric tram. In Scranton, too, this was accompanied by an economic decline. There are many interesting historical buildings in Scranton such as the town hall and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Pennsylvania State Abbreviations

List of Pennsylvania Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Pennsylvania are PA which stands for Pennsylvania. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Pennsylvania, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

PA: Pennsylvania

Acronym Meaning
AOPC Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
ALPP AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania
AAP Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania
ARL-PSU Applied Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University
ACLCP Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania
APC Associated Pennsylvania Constructors
ASPP Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania
ASWP Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania
BFP Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
BFTC Ben Franklin Technology Center of Western Pennsylvania
BUP Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
BBX Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
BCNE Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania
BCWP Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania
BCAP Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania
BACP Buddhist Association of Central Pennsylvania
BUSP Building United of Southwestern Pennsylvania
CUP California University of Pennsylvania
CCPA Camp Cherith in Pennsylvania
CCPA Cedarbrook Camp in Pennsylvania
CICUP Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania
CRP Center for Rural Pennsylvania
CPBB Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank
CPC Central Pennsylvania College
CPDA Central Pennsylvania Dietetic Association
CPFA Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
CPI Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology
CPPI Central Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigations
CPPT Central Pennsylvania Plant Trader
CRP Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
CHAP Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
CUP Clarion University of Pennsylvania
C3PA Climbing Conservancy of Central Pennsylvania
CGPA Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
COP Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
COPA Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
COMPASS Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services
CPUB Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists
CAAP Community Action Association of Pennsylvania
CPPA Constitution Party of Pennsylvania
PAH Department of Pathology at Pennsylvania Hospital
DSOP Desktop Solutions of Pennsylvania, Inc.
DRNS Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
DRN Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
DYL Doylestown, Pennsylvania
EPBJ Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal
EPCAMR Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation
EPCC Eastern Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference
EPGSS Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society
EPOP Eastern Pennsylvania Organizing Project
EPSC Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council
EPWPCOA Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators’ Association
EUP Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
EAPA Energy Association of Pennsylvania
EAPSU English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities
EFWP Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania
EPUFA Erie Pennsylvania Ultimate Frisbee Association
CONTROL Federal Reserve Bank Of Philadelphia Pennsylvania
CATEGORY Federal Reserve Bank Of Philadelphia Pennsylvania
COMPUTE Federal Reserve Bank Of Philadelphia Pennsylvania
COLLEGE Federal Reserve Bank Of Philadelphia Pennsylvania
COMBINED Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
CHARLIE Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
C Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
FNPC First National Pennsylvania Corporation
GTY Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
GPOP Green Party of Pennsylvania
GPPA Green Party of Pennsylvania
GRIP Group for Recycling in Pennsylvania
HIA Harrisburg International Airport, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
HPA Haunted Pennsylvania
HZL Hazleton, Pennsylvania
HPC Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania
HBAPA Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania
HCCP Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania
HAP Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
HUPS Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
HUP Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
HTP Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
IUP Indiana University of Pennsylvania
IDI Indiana, Pennsylvania
ISSP Instructional Support System of Pennsylvania
ISOP Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
ICSP Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
IFP Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania
KRQ KEMA Registered Quality, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
KPD King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
KEEP Kodaly Educators of Eastern Pennsylvania
LCAP Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania
LDDAP Local Development District Association of Pennsylvania
LHV Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
MPA Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
MLAM Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania
MCWP Mathematics Council of Western Pennsylvania
MEJ Meadville, Pennsylvania
MCP Medical College of Pennsylvania
MCPHU Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University
MCPH Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital
MRCP Medical Rehabilitation Centers of Pennsylvania
MUP Millersville University of Pennsylvania
MUU Mount Union, Pennsylvania
MPO Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania
MPGH Mystic Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters
NPA NEPO-PA – North Eastern Probe Owners, Pennsylvania Chapter
NYP New York Pennsylvania Station
NCPGA North Central Pennsylvania Golf Association
NCPRPDC North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission
NEPAB Northeast Pennsylvania Bridge
NEPA Northeastern Pennsylvania
NPCA Northeastern Pennsylvania Contractors Association
NPCTM Northeastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NEPRA Northeastern Pennsylvania Rocketry Association
NICOP Northwest Interlibrary Cooperative of Pennsylvania
NWPA Northwest Pennsylvania
NPAA Northwestern Pennsylvania Artist Association
PENN Pennsylvania
PA Pennsylvania
PAS Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society
PAFP Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians
PAGD Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry
PABC Pennsylvania Access to Basic Care
PATCH Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History
PAHP Pennsylvania Accessible Housing Program
PAR Pennsylvania Advanced Reactor
PANA Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
PACA Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association
PACE Pennsylvania Alliance for Character Education
PARA Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans
PACP Pennsylvania Alliance of Counseling Professionals
PAOBA Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association
PASA Pennsylvania Ambulatory Surgery Association
PAWC Pennsylvania American Water Company
PACAA Pennsylvania and Central Atlantic Areas
PDCA Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association
PWV Pennsylvania and West Virginia Railway
PAWS Pennsylvania Animal and Wildlife Service
PAA Pennsylvania Aquaculture Association
PAPA Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association
PALA Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association
PALCA Pennsylvania Assisted Living Consumer Alliance
PAPME Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors
PAACE Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education
PAGE Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education
PARC Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens
PASA Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
PAV Pennsylvania Association for Volunteers
PAMSS Pennsylvania Association Medical Staff Services
PABE Pennsylvania Association of Bar Executives
PAB Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters
PACP Pennsylvania Association of Clinical Psychologists
PACU Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities
PACB Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers
PACD Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc.
PAIFA Pennsylvania Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
PAMS Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers
PAMD Pennsylvania Association of Milk Dealers
PAMB Pennsylvania Association of Mortgage Brokers
PAN Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
PAN Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists
PARSS Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools
PASA Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators
PASBO Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials
PASNAP Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners
PASR Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees
PASNAP Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals
PASC Pennsylvania Association of Student Council
PAVA Pennsylvania Association of Vocational Administrators
PADE Pennsylvania Auto Dealers Exchange, Inc.
PAA Pennsylvania Automotive Association
PENN Pennsylvania Avenue Building
PBA Pennsylvania Bar Association
PBI Pennsylvania Bar Institute
PBGA Pennsylvania Beagle Gundog Association, Inc.
PBCC Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition
PBFAA Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
PBEA Pennsylvania Business Education Association
PCTA Pennsylvania Cable & Telecommunications Association
PCN Pennsylvania Cable Network
PCB Pennsylvania Certification Board
PACP Pennsylvania Certified Paralegal
PCBI Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
PCW Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling
PCYA Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators
PCDA Pennsylvania Choral Directors Association
PCTC Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention
PCPC Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria
PCLA Pennsylvania Club Livestock Association
PCMIA Pennsylvania Coal Mining Institute of America
PCAR Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape
PCOM Pennsylvania Coalition Of Motorcyclists
PCAD Pennsylvania College of Art & Design
PCO Pennsylvania College of Optometry
PCT Pennsylvania College of Technology
PCPA Pennsylvania Community Providers Association
PCVEL Pennsylvania Conservation Voters Education League
PCIEP Pennsylvania Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy
PCAN Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network
PCC Pennsylvania Convention Center
PCSS Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies
PCTM Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PCIL Pennsylvania Council on Independent Living
PCRA Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association
PDGA Pennsylvania Dairy Goat Association
PDFA Pennsylvania Deer Farmers Association
PDA Pennsylvania Dental Association
PDHA Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association
PDA Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
PDE Pennsylvania Department of Education
PADEP Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
PDER Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources
PDH Pennsylvania Department of Health
PDLI Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
PDPW Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
PDW Pennsylvania Department of Welfare
PDC Pennsylvania Design Center, LLC
PDKS Pennsylvania Dirt Karting Series
PDAI Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute
PEPPM Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers
PENED Pennsylvania Educational Network for Eating Disorders
PETC Pennsylvania Educational Technology Corporation
PEHSC Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council
PEMA Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
PEMC Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council
PEBTF Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund
PEN Pennsylvania Environmental Network
PEHSC Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center
PFMA Pennsylvania Facilities Managers Association
PFB Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
PFDC Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs
PFSA Pennsylvania Financial Services Association
PFBC Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
PAFBC Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
PFMA Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association
PFN Pennsylvania Football News
PFGC Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council
PFA Pennsylvania Forestry Association
PFEW Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week
PAGB Pennsylvania Game Breeders Association
PGC Pennsylvania Game Commission
PGCB Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
PAG Pennsylvania German
PAGS Pennsylvania Gourd Society
PGST Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Teaching
PGWA Pennsylvania Ground Water Association
PHDC Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council
PHCCCC Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council
PHPP Pennsylvania Heritage Parks Program
PHMC Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
PHS Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
PH Pennsylvania Hospital
PHAC Pennsylvania Housing Advisory Committee
PHAC Pennsylvania Hunger Action Center
PITA Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance
PIAT Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology
PICS Pennsylvania Instant Check System
PIT Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy
PIT Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
PILP Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project
PIAA Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association
PJW Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling
PLCA Pennsylvania Labor Communications Association
PLRB Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board
PLOA Pennsylvania Lacrosse Officials Association
PLTA Pennsylvania Land Title Association
PLTI Pennsylvania Land Title Institute
PLTA Pennsylvania Land Trust Association
PLCA Pennsylvania Lawn Care Association
PLDC Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center
PLAY Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth
PLCA Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents Association
PALA Pennsylvania Library Association
PLA Pennsylvania Library Association
PMHA Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association
PMA Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association Insurance Group
PA-MILC Pennsylvania Mid-State Lactation Coalition
PAMR Pennsylvania Military Reserve
PMIR Pennsylvania Militia First Rifles
PMTA Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association
PMHA Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance
PMPC Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
PMEA Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
PMTA Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association
PNG Pennsylvania National Guard
PJM Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Interconnection LLC
PNPA Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers’ Association
PNA Pennsylvania Nurses Association
POTA Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association
POCS Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.
POWR Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers, Inc.
PORC Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee
POS Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society
POMA Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association
POLC Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council
PPHC Pennsylvania Paint Horse Club
PPEA Pennsylvania Palomino Exhibitors Association
PPA Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts
PPC Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
PPSA Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority
PPA Pennsylvania Petroleum Association
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association
PPTA Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
PPSA Pennsylvania Political Science Association
PPL Pennsylvania Power & Light
PPLM Pennsylvania Power and Light Montana
PPLI Pennsylvania Preparedness Leadership Institute
PPFA Pennsylvania Professional Farriers Association
PPTA Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association
PQAS Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System
PQHA Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association
PRINTER Pennsylvania Radiological Society
PRS Pennsylvania Radiological Society
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad
ZRP Pennsylvania Railway Station
PRSL Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines
PRPS Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society
PRTP Pennsylvania Recreational Trails Program
PRVC Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps
PROA Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association
PRC Pennsylvania Resources Council
PRAA Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance
PREA Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association
PSD Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
PSMT Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy
PSPA Pennsylvania School Press Association
PSTA Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association
PSF Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
PSSU Pennsylvania Social Services Union
PSBR Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research
PSCM Pennsylvania Society for Communications Managers
PSAD Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf
PSA Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists
PSAE Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives
PSLS Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
PSNE Pennsylvania Society of Newspaper Editors
PSOH Pennsylvania Society of Oncology and Hematology
PSPA Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants
PSPE Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
PSPA Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants
PSRT Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists
PSDA Pennsylvania Soft Drink Association
PSWR Pennsylvania Southwestern Railroad
PSDA Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access
PSDA Pennsylvania Speech and Debate Association
PSAA Pennsylvania State Archery Association
PSAR Pennsylvania State Association of Retirees
PSAC Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
PSBS Pennsylvania State Button Society
PSCF Pennsylvania State Chess Federation
PSDC Pennsylvania State Data Center
PSECU Pennsylvania State Employee’s Credit Union
PSRS Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement System
PSFA Pennsylvania State Fire Academy
PSP Pennsylvania State Police
PSSA Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association
PSTA Pennsylvania State Teachers Association
PSTA Pennsylvania State Troopers Association
PUNC Pennsylvania State United Nations Conference
PSU Pennsylvania State University
PSWC Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company
PSSA Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
PSSA Pennsylvania System of State Assessments
PTCC Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition
PTIA Pennsylvania Technology Investment Authority
PTA Pennsylvania Telephone Association
PTPN Pennsylvania Tobacco Prevention Network
PTOS Pennsylvania Trauma Outcome Study
PTC Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
PUMA Pennsylvania United Medical Association
PULP Pennsylvania Utility Law Project
PVGAS Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association
PVMA Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association
PVI Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
PVRA Pennsylvania Voter Registration Act
PWHU Pennsylvania Wildlife Habitat Unlimited
PAWG Pennsylvania Wing
PAYD Pennsylvania Young Democrats
PYT Pennsylvania Youth Theater
PYW Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling
PONY Pennsylvania, Ontario, New York
PAGE Pennsylvanians against Gambling Expansion
PCAP Pennsylvanians Concerned about Alcohol Problems
POLCA Pennsylvanians for an Outdoor Lighting Control Act
POT Pennsylvania-Ontario Transportation Company
PPMS Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway
PSSUG Pittsburgh SQL Server Users Group (Pennsylvania)
PPCP Planned Parenthood of Central Pennsylvania
PPSPS Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania
PPSP Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania
PTW Pottstown, Pennsylvania
PIANISSIMO Preservation Pennsylvania
PP Preservation Pennsylvania
PCAP Prestressed Concrete Association of Pennsylvania
PPA Princeton-Pennsylvania Proton Accelerator
PPIP Private Practice in Pennsylvania
PDMP Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania
PROP Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
PROPERTY Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
UKT Quakertown, Pennsylvania
QIP Quality Insights of Pennsylvania
SEPPS South Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society
SEPLA Southeastern Pennsylvania Library Association
SEPOS Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society
SPSO Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra
SEPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SWPA Southwestern Pennsylvania
SPECIALIST Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
SPC Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
SPEO Southwestern Pennsylvania Engineering Outreach
SPHPC Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission
SWPPA Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership for Aging
SBAP Standardbred Breeders Association of Pennsylvania
SNAP Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania
TEAP Technology Education Association of Pennsylvania
TPSA Tyrone Pennsylvania Swimming Association
UBP United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania
PENN University of Pennsylvania
UPEN University of Pennsylvania
UPENN University of Pennsylvania
UPA University of Pennsylvania
UOP University of Pennsylvania
UP University of Pennsylvania
UPCC University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
UPMS University of Pennsylvania Medical School
UPSM University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
WSG Washington, Pennsylvania
WCNP Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians
WCAY West Chester Area YMCA (Pennsylvania)
WCUP West Chester University of Pennsylvania
WNYP Western New York and Pennsylvania
WPAA Western Pennsylvania Airgun Association
WPCAMR Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation
WPC Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
WPCC Western Pennsylvania Cultural Center
WPDC Western Pennsylvania Diversity Consortium
WPEN Western Pennsylvania Evaluation Network
WPFC Western Pennsylvania Family Center
WPFI Western Pennsylvania Field Institute
WPGA Western Pennsylvania Golf Association
WPHOA Western Pennsylvania Hockey Officials Association
WPH Western Pennsylvania Hospital
WPHF Western Pennsylvania Hospital Foundation
WPIBL Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Bowling League
WPLUG Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group
WPMC Western Pennsylvania Museum Council
WPMC Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
WPNS Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society
WPOS Western Pennsylvania Optometric Society
WPRC Western Pennsylvania Race Club
WPRC Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
WPSLA Western Pennsylvania Scholastic Lacrosse Association
WPSD Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
WPSC Western Pennsylvania Ski Council
WPTA Western Pennsylvania Triumph Association
WPWP Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program
WPWP Western Pennsylvania Writing Project
YCP York College of Pennsylvania

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