Planning Abbreviations


What is Planning?

Planning is a word that means the act or effect of planning, creating a plan to optimize the achievement of a certain objective. This word can cover many different areas.

Planning consists of an important management and administration task, which is related to the preparation, organization and structuring of a certain objective. It is essential in making decisions and performing these same tasks. Subsequently, planning also confirms whether the decisions taken were right (feedback).

An individual who uses planning as a tool in their work shows an interest in predicting and organizing actions and processes that will happen in the future, increasing their rationality and effectiveness.

There are three levels of planning: strategic, tactical and operational. The study of systems, proposed by L. Bertalanffy, gave rise to great advances in the technological area of planning, revolutionizing education, military organization and the way in which ecological problems are treated.

The concept of planning has a multidisciplinary character. For example, economic planning – which emerged after World War II in some western countries – aims to determine objectives and means within a company, creating strategies that culminate in the benefit of that same company.

The concept of financial planning is related to the activity of managing the financial aspects of a company, family, etc. Making a monthly budget or saving to be able to buy something are financial planning tasks.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Planning was created in January 1962, and its name changed over the years, until it became MPOG – Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management. One of the objectives of this ministry is to plan and coordinate management policies for the federal public administration and to enable new sources of funds for government plans.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is an important component of business planning, which substantially facilitates the management of a company.

Thinking and making plans in a strategic way is essential in the context of entrepreneurship, because it facilitates the determination of goals and strategies to achieve those goals.

Planning strategically means using available resources efficiently, increasing the productivity of an individual or company. Time management is crucial for any business as it is one of the most valuable resources at our disposal. Strategic risk management is also an important area for any company.

Financial planning can also be included in a form of strategic planning. It is of great importance for the company, as it refers to the forecast of income and expenses, creating an estimate of the financial means that will be needed for the future and maintenance of the company.

Family planning

Family planning is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and represents the set of measures that help people plan to manage the size of their family, that is, whether they want to have more children or not.

Since 2007, the National Family Planning Policy has existed in Brazil, which offers several contraceptive methods for people who do not intend to have children. Family planning can improve the quality of life of a couple, who only have children that were planned according to their conditions.

Unfortunately, in Brazil, family planning is often only available to people from higher social classes, with poorer individuals having several children without conditions to raise them in a dignified way.

School planning

School planning is a tool used by a teacher, which facilitates their work. It aims to improve the quality of teaching.

Through school planning, a teacher schedules and plans the activities he will propose to his students, and determines the intended objectives for each activity. There are three modalities in this area: the teaching plan, lesson plan and school plan.

List of Acronyms Related to Planning

Aboriginal Support and Planning Unit
Academic Planning and Corporate Strategy Committee
Academic Planning Committee
Academic Planning Service
Academic Planning Task Force
Accelerated Life Test Planning
Accelerated Planning Technique
Accelerated Planning Technique
Accidental Release Prevention and Risk Management Planning
Account Planning Group
Account Planning Group Switzerland
ACCS Planning & Policy Advisory Committee
Acid Deposition Planning Staff
Acquisition Planning and Execution
Acquisition Planning and Tracking System
Acquisition Planning Conference
Acquisition Planning Executive Council
Acquisition Planning Guide
Acquisition Planning Records
Acquisition Planning System
Activity-Based Planning and Budgeting
Adams County Office of Planning and Development
Adaptive Planning and Execution
Adaptive Planning Option
Adaptive Research Planning Teams
Administratie Planning en Statistiek
Administration Planning Group
Admission Planning Unit
Advance Care Planning
Advance Planning Directive
Advance Planning Document
Advance Planning Document Update
Advance Planning Solutions, Inc.
Advance Planning Study
Advance Quality Planning
Advanced Capacity Planning Forecast
Advanced Computer Flight Planning System
Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning
Advanced Financial Planning Certificate
Advanced Inventory Planning
Advanced Joint Planning ACTD
Advanced Logistics Planning
Advanced Mission Planning Aid
Advanced Mission Planning System
Advanced Operational Planning
Advanced Operational Planning Group
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry
Advanced Planning Division
Advanced Planning for Business and Industry
Advanced Planning Funds
Advanced Planning Group
Advanced Planning Quality Process
Advanced Planning System
Advanced Planning System Application Software
Advanced Product Quality Planning
Advanced Product Quality Planning
Advanced Science and Technology Policy Planning
Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Advanced System Planning
Advanced Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering
Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty
Advisory Committee on University Planning
Afloat Master Planning System
Afloat Planning System
African Institute for Economic Development and Planning
Aga Khan Planning and Building Services
Aged Care Planning Advisory Committee
Aggressive Tax Planning
Agro-Climatic Regional Planning
Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System
Air Campaign Planning Tool
Air Campaign Planning Tool
Air Component Planning Cell
Air Force Planning Guidance
Air Force Planning Guide
Air Force Planning Process
Air Launched Cruise Missile Mission Planning System Enhancements
Air Movement Planning System
Air Tour Management Planning
Airborne Joint Nuclear Planning Element
Aircraft Load Planning Software
Aircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
Aircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
Aircraft Symbol Prefix Planning
Aircraft Symbol Prefix Planning
Airlift Execution Planning System
Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning
Alaska Division of Policy Development and Planning
Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area
Alteration Installation Planning System
Alteration Management Planning
American Contingency Planning Association
American Health Planning Association
American Planning Association
American Planning Student Association
Analysis and Experimentation Planning Group
Analysis, Research & Planning for Armenia
Analysis.Research.Planning Corporation
Analytical Design Planning Technique
Annual Operational Planning
Annual Planning and Programming Guidance
Annual Planning Estimate
Annual Planning Guidance
Annual Planning Table
Annual Planning Table
Apogee Kick Planning
Apple Valley Planning Commission
Applied Planning International Inc.
Aquidneck Island Planning Commission
Arab Planning Institute
Architecture & Infrastructure Planning
Architecture and Planning Research Forum
Architecture Design, Analysis and Planning Tool
Architecture, Art and Planning
Architecture, Planning and Landscape Information Gateway
Architecture-Centric Project Planning
Arizona Planning Association
Armaments Planning Questionnaire
Armed Service Production Planning Office
Armed Services Procurement/Production Planning Office
Army Automation Planning, Programming, & Evaluation System
Army Aviation Planning Manual
Army Force Mobilization Planning Guidance
Army Force Planning Data & Assumptions
Army Installations Planning Committee
Army Joint Operations Planning System
Army Long Range Planning Guidance
Army Long-Range Planning System
Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System
Army mobilization and operations planning system
Army Planning and Programming Guidance
Army Planning and Programming Guidance Memorandum
Army Planning Group
Army Planning Guidance
Army Planning Priorities Guidance
Army Planning System
Army Strategic Planning Board
Artificial Intelligence Planning Network of Excellence
Asia Financial Planning Journal
Assembly Planning Review
Assessment and Planning Appeal Board
Assessment Planning Implementation and Review
Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
Assistant Director Town Planning
Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Associate Commissioner for Planning and Evaluation
Associated Planning Consultants Inc
Association for Institutional Research and Planning Officers
Association for Merchandise Planning and Allocation
Association of African Planning Schools
Association of Christians in Planning and Architecture
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport
Association of European Schools of Planning
Association of Financial Planning Professionals
Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Association of New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Association of Planning Supervisors
Atlanta Planning Advisory Board
Attitude Maneuver Planning
Attitude Planning
Attitude Planning
Audit Planning Worksheet
Australian and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools
Australian Capital Territory Planning and Land Authority
Australian Financial Planning Handbook
Australian Financial Planning Network
Authorization Planning Schedule
Automated Air Load Planning System
Automated Aircraft Mission Planning System
Automated Corporate Planning Tool
Automated Design and Planning Tool
Automated Disaster and Emergency Planning Tool
Automated Load Planning System
Automated Logistics Planner/Planning
Automated Logistics Planning System
Automated Maneuver Planning Utility
Automated Mission Planning Infrastructure
Automated Mission Planning System
Automated Planning and Execution Control System
Automated Planning System
Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning
Automated Seavan Shipment Planning System
Automated Test Planning System
Automatic Frequency Planning
Automatic Mapping and Planning System
Automatic Planning and Technology
Automatic Planning and Technology
Automatic River Planning Operating System
Availability Planning
Availability Planning
Availability Planning Form
Aviation Mission Planning Station
Aviation Mission Planning System
Aviation Movement Planning System
Aviation Networks Mission Planning
Avionics Document for Execution & Planning
Avionics Planning Activity
Avionics Planning Baseline
Avionics Project Planning Review
Bachelor in Physical Planning
Bachelor of City Planning
Bachelor of City Planning
Bachelor of Planning
Bachelor of Planning and Design
Bachelor of Regional Planning
Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning
Bachelor of Town Planning
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
Balanced Program Planning
Barclays Financial Planning
Base Support Planning Committee
Basic Planning Document
Battle Planning
Battle Planning
Battle Planning
Battle Planning and Visualization
Battlefield Planning System
Beam’s Eye View Planning
Beijing Development Planning Commission
Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design
Belgian Federal Planning Bureau
Bell Financial Planning Co.
Benefit Planning Services
Benefits Planning and Consumer Navigation Implementation Committee
Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach
Benefits Planning Outreach and Assistance
Berkeley Continuity Planning Tool
Berri Barmera Local Action Planning Committee
Biennial Planning, Programming, & Budgeting System
Biennial Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System
Binational Planning Group
Bi-National Planning Group
Board Certified in Estate Planning
Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization
Boone County Planning Commission
Boston Transportation Planning Review
Bottleneck-Based Planning
Branch Planning Analysis
Branch Planning Process
Brand Optimization Planning
Broadband Capacity Planning
Broadband Capacity Planning
Budget Development, Planning and Administration
Budget Planning and Human Resources
Budget Planning Statement
Budgetary Planning Estimate
Budgeting and Business Planning
Building, Planning and Development
Bureau of Planning and Economic Development
Bureau of Water Quality Planning
Business Analysis Strategic Planning
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Planning
Business Emergency Planning Association
Business Planning Analyst
Business Planning and Consolidation
Business Planning and Control System
Business Planning Initiative
Business Planning Institute
Business Planning Letter
Business Planning Simulation
Business Reliability Planning
Business System Planning
Business Systems Planning
Business Value Planning Service
Butcher Treatment Planning Inventory
C4ISR Infrastructure Planning System
Cabarrus Rowan Metropolitan Planning Organization
Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organisation
California Planning and Development Report
Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians
Capability Based Planning
Capacity Optimization Planning System
Capacity Planning
Capacity Planning
Capacity Planning Center
Capacity Planning Extended
Capacity Planning Tools & Metrics
Capacity Planning Volume
Capacity Requirement Planning
Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Capital City Emergency Planning Committee
Capital Maintenance Planning Common Framework
Capital Planning & Investment Control
Capital Planning, Design and Construction
Career And Personal Planning
Career and Succession Planning
Career Planning and Management
Career Planning and Placement Association
Career Planning and Placement Office
Career Planning Board
Career Planning Program
Career Planning Survey
Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation
Carrier Availability Planning System
Case Based Planning
Census Transportation Planning Package
Census Transportation Planning Products
Center for Collaborative Planning
Center for Evaluation, Research and Planning
Center for Resource Planning and Management
Central and Eastern Pacific Detailed Planning Group
Central Financial Planning System
Central Highlands Regional Resource Use Planning
Central Highlands Regional Resource Use Planning Project
Central Load Planning
Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Ltd.
Central Planning Area
Central Planning Center
Central Planning Office
Central Planning Team
Central Planning Team Meeting
Central Puget Sound Growth Planning Hearings Board
Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission
Central Virginia Health Planning Agency
Centre County Planning Office
Centre for Coaching and Career Planning
Centre for Development and Emergency Planning
Centre for Development and Planning
Centre for Economic Studies and Planning
Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology
Centre for Housing Planning and Building
Centre for Planning and Architectural Studies
Centre for Research, Planning and Action
Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management
Centre Region Metropolitan Planning Organization
Centre Regional Planning Agency
Certificate Program in Financial Planning
Certified College Planning Specialist
Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Certified Gift Planning Associate
Certified Preplanning Consultant
Certified Specialist in Estate Planning
chairman’s net assessment for strategic planning
Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
Change Planning Group
Characteristics of Hardware Assemblies & Mission-build Planning System
Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
Chester County Planning Commission
Chicago Department of Planning and Development
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Chief of the Logistics Planning Division (JCS)
Chief Planning Officer
Chief Production, Planning and Control Officer
Chief Strategic Planning Officer
Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Citizens Action Planning Committee
Citizens Housing and Planning Council
Citizens Planning and Housing Association
City and Regional Planning Department
City Planning Commission
City Planning Scheme
Civil Aviation Planning Committee
Civil Communications Planning Committee
Civil Emergency Planning
Civil Emergency Planning Directorate
civil engineering support planning generator
Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability
Civilian Workforce Planning Office
Class Work Planning Document
Coarse Production Planning
Collaboration Planning
Collaboration Planning
Collaborative Opportunities Planning Group
Collaborative Planning and Development Awards
Collaborative Planning Tool
Collaborative Planning Virtual Environment
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment
Collaborative Program Planning and Teaching
Collaborative Service Planning
College Access Planning Program
College of Architecture and Urban Planning
College of Architecture Planning and Landscape Architecture
College of Design, Construction and Planning
College of Design, Construction and Planning
College of Urban Planning Public Affairs
College Planning Network
College Planning Solutions, Inc.
Colorado Heritage Planning Grant
Columbus Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Combat Air Drop Planning Software
Combat Ammunition Planning and Production
Combat Flight Planning Software
Combined Air Mobility Planning System
Combined Arms Planning & Execution Monitoring System
Combined Exercise Planning
Combined Operations Planning
Combined Planning Cell
Command Action Planning System
Command and Control Integrated Planning System
Command Planning Group
Commandant of the Marine Corps Program Policy & Planning Guidance
Commanders Analysis and Planning Simulation
Commanders Hand-Held Application Mission Planning
Commercialization Planning Workshop
Commission on Environmental Strategy and Planning
Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation
Committee on Planning and Land Development
Committee on Scientific Planning and Review
Common Good Planning Center
Common Network Planning Software
common operational modeling, planning, and simulation strategy
Common Systems Planning and Engineering
Common Workload Planning System
Communication Planning Support
communications link interface planning system
communications operational planning system
Communications Planning Aid
Communications Planning Assistant
Communications System Planning Element
Community & Regional Planning
Community and Regional Planning
Community Area Planning
Community Area Planning
Community Development Planning
Community Economic Development Strategic Planning
Community Family Planning Council
Community Health and Family Planning
Community Health Planning Services
Community Land Use Planning
Community Planning & Development
Community Planning and Architectural Associates
Community Planning and Development Agency
Community Planning and Economic Development
Community Planning and Investments Program
Community Planning and Research LLC
Community Planning Council of Yonkers
Community Planning Forum
Community Planning Partnership
Community Planning Task Force
Community Planning Team Orientation
Community Program Planning Process
Compartmented Planning & Operations Cell
Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority
Compliance Policy & Planning
Comprehensive Arts Planning Program
Comprehensive Health Planning Association
Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning
Computer Aided Mission Planning System
Computer Aided Planning and Scheduling
Computer Aided Production Planning and Control
Computer Aided Search Planning
Computer Information and Planning, Inc.
Computer Platform Planning
Computer-Aided Planning
Computer-Aided Planning
Computer-Aided Planning and Scheduling System
Computer-Aided Process Planning
Computer-Aided Production Planning
Computer-Aided Project Planning
Computer-Aided Search and Rescue Planning
computer-aided search planning
Computer-Assisted Mission Planning System
Computer-Assisted Search Planning
Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
Computerized Officer Planning System
Computer-Oriented Metering, Planning, and Advisory System
Concurrent Manufacturing Planning and Shop Control
Conference On Political and Economic Planning
Configuration Overhaul Planning
Congressional Planning and Budget Department
consequence management planning team
consequence management planning team
Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System
Consolidated Planning Grant
Consolidated Planning Order
Consolidated Planning System
Constrained Production Planning
Constrained Resource Planning
Consumer Research and Planning
Consumer Synchronized Resource Planning
Contingency Analysis Planning System
contingency operations mobility planning and execution system
Contingency Operations/Mobility Planning & Execution System – Global Command and Control System
Contingency Planning Aid
Contingency Planning Exchange, Inc.
Contingency Planning Facilities List
Contingency Planning Facilities List
Contingency Planning Guidance
Contingency Planning Management
Contingency Planning Support Capability
Contingency Planning Task Force
Contingency Planning Team
Contingency Tactical Air Combat System Automated Planning System
Contingency Tactical Air Planning System
contingency Theater Air Control System automated planning system
Contingency Theater Air Planning System
Contingency Theater Automated Planning System
Contingency Wartime Planning
Contingency Wartime Planning Course
Continuing Planning Process
Continuity of Operations Planning
Continuous Activity Scheduling, Planning, Execution, and Replanning
Continuous Airport System Planning Process
Continuous Planning Forecasting & Replenishment
Continuous Planning Forecasting Replenishment
Continuous Replenishment Planning
Contract Material Planning
Contract Planning and Advance Approval
Contract Planning and Control
Contract Planning Conference
Conventional Armaments Planning System
Conventional Planning & Execution
Convoy Planning
Convoy Planning
Coordinated Resource Management and Planning
Coordination Planning and Development Agency
Coordination Planning Group
Core Planning Group
Core Planning Team
Core Project Planning Committee
Corporate Integrated Planning and Performance Framework
Corporate Integrated Planning Framework
Corporate Planning and Management Practices
Corporate Planning Group
Corps of Engineers Command Planning Group
Corpus Christi Estate Planning Council
Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Cost & Planning Status
Cost Planning & Appraisal
Council for Economic Planning and Development
Council of State Planning Agencies
Council on University Planning and Analysis
Council Planning and Resources Committee
Counter-proliferation Analysis Planning System
County Emergency Planning Officer
County Planning and Transport Officer
County Planning Division
County Planning Officer
County Planning Officers’ Society
Coverage Analysis and Planning Tool
Crew Activity Planning
Crew Activity Planning
Crew Activity Planning System
Crew Activity Planning Trainer
Crisis Action Planning
Crisis Action Planning
Crisis Planning Team
Critical Path Planning & Scheduling
CSEL Planning Computer
Cultural Policy and Planning Research Unit
Cumberland County Joint Planning Board
Cumberland County Planning Commission
Current Issues in Language Planning
Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning
Customer Documentation Planning
Customer Focused Technology Planning
Customer Planning & Support
Customer Planning and Logistics Group
Customer Synchronized Resource Planning
Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization
Cyberspace Infrastructure Planning System
Daily Service Planning Work
Daini-Denden Planning Company
Decision Planning Memorandum
Decision Support Planning Methods
Decision Support Planning Methods
Decision-Theoretic Refinement Planning System
Defence Planning and Management
Defense Communications Planning Group
Defense Contractor Planning Report
Defense Planning & Programming Category
Defense Planning and Analysis Society
Defense Planning Committee
Defense Planning Committee
Defense Planning Guidance
Defense Planning Projection
defense planning questionnaire (US DoD)
Defense Planning Scenario
Defense Planning Staff
Defensive Planning
Defensive Planning and Execution
Defensive Planning Module
Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee
Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments
Deliberate Planning Process
Delivery Planning Package
Demand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
Demand Planning
Demand Planning System
Demand Requirements Planning
Demand Supply Planning
Department for Environment, Planning and the Countryside
Department for Planning and Infrastructure
Department of City Planning
Department of Comprehensive Planning
Department of Educational Planning and Training
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment
Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
Department of Planning and Budget
Department of Planning and Community Development
Department of Planning and Development
Department of Planning and Economic Development
Department of Planning and Economy
Department of Planning and Environmental Protection
Department of Planning and Infrastructure
Department of Planning and Investment
Department of Planning and Permitting
Department of Planning and Regional Development
Department of Planning, Zoning and Building
Department of the Army Automatic air Load Planning System
Department of the Army Movement Management System – Movements Planning Module
Department of Town and Country Planning
Department of Transport and Urban Planning
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Department of Urban Planning and Design
Departure Planning Information
Deployable Automated Planning System
Depot Maintenance Activation Planning
Depot Planning Annex
Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Descanso Community Planning Group
Design Scope and Planning Document
Design, Economics, Environmental, Planning
Desktop Deployment Planning Services
Destination Planning Guide
Detailed Production Planning
Detailed Scheduling and Planning
Detailed Scoping Estimating and Planning
Development Planning Unit
Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Diagnostic Adaptive Planning
Diploma in Project Planning and Management
Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning
Directed Planning Option
Director of Defense Public Affairs Planning
Director of Strategic Target Planning
Director Strategic Planning Coordination
Director, Planning & Evaluation
Director’s Planning Guidance
Directorate for Civil Defense and Emergency Planning
Directorate of Environmental Management and Planning
Directorate of Manpower Planning and Recruitment
Directorate of Myanma Industrial Planning
Directorate of Planning and Community Development
Directorate of Strategic Operational Planning
Directorate of Town and Country Planning
Disaster Preparedness Planning
Disaster Recovery Contingency Planning
Discharge Planning Questionnaire
Discover-Driven Planning
Disney Vacation Planning
Display Interactive System of Orbit Planning
Distributed Collaboration Planning
Distributed Collaborative Planning Applications
Distributed Collaborative Planning Applications
Distributed Pre-Planning
Distribution Equipment Engineering & Planning
Distribution Planning Management System
Distribution Requirements Planning
Distribution Resource Planning
District of Critical Planning Concern
District Planning Commission
District Planning Secretariat
District Town Planning Scheme
Division of Environmental Planning and Protection
Division of Facilities Planning and Construction
Division of Planning and Local Assistance
Division of Policy Development and Planning
Doctor of Planning and Development Studies
Doctor of Policy, Planning and Development
Doctoral Program Planning Form
Dose Planning Method
Downsizing and Disaster Contingency Planning
DSCS Network Planning Software
Dutchess County Planning Federation
Dynamic Aircraft Route Planning in Selected Airspace
dynamic analysis and replanning tool
Dynamic Asset Replacement Planning
Dynamic Network Planning
Dynamic Planning
Dynamic Planning Optimisation and Learning Project
Dynamic Route Planning
Early Resource Planning
Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization
East Asian Games Planning Committee
East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
East Central Planning and Development District
East King County Estate Planning Council
Eastern Planning Area
Economic Development and Employer Planning System
Economic Development and Planning
Economic Planning & Development Committee
Economic Planning Agency
Economic Planning Board
Economic Planning Unit
Economic Planning Unit
Education and Career Planning
Education Policy and Planning Committee
Educational Planning and Assessment System
Educational Planning Center
Effects Based Planning
Electricity Capacity Planning
Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council
Electronic Advanced Product Quality Planning
Electronic Resource Planning
Emergency Management Planning
Emergency Management Planning Group
Emergency Management Planning Group
Emergency Planning & Community Right-To-Know Act
Emergency Planning Commission
Emergency Planning District
Emergency Planning Room
Emergency Planning Zone
Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning
Emergency Preparedness Planning
Emergency Production Planning Program
Emergency Response Planning Guideline
Emergency Response Planning Team
Employment Planning Guide
Enabling Methods of Planning and Organizing Within Everyone’s Reach
Energy Integrated Urban Planning
Energy Planning and Policy Office
Energy Policy and Planning Office
Energy System Planning
Engagement Planning and Control
Engagement Planning Console
Engineering and Planning System
Engineering Planning Request
Engineering Planning, Integration, and Coordination
Engineering Resource Planning
Engineering Specific Career Planning And Problem-Solving Environment
Enhanced Planning Control Message
Enhanced Planning Process
Enrollment Planning Task Force
Enterprise Architecture Planning
Enterprise Lifecycle Maintenance Planning
Enterprise Maintenance Planning and Control
Enterprise Performance Planning
Enterprise Planning
Enterprise Planning & Architecture Strategy
Enterprise Planning and Performance Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning & Management
Enterprise Resource Planning System
Enterprises Communication and Resource Planning
Environment and Planning Law Association
Environmental Analysis & Planning
Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee
Environmental Farm Planning
Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Planning Function
Environmental Planning Programming Language
Environmental Planning Statement
Environmental Policy and Planning
Environmental Policy and Planning
Environmental Policy and Planning Commission
Environmental Resource Planning
Environmental Response Planning Guidelines
Equipment Distribution Planning Studies
Erie County Department of Planning
Essex Planning Officers Association
Estate Planning
Estate Planning & Taxation Coordinator
Estate Planning and Probate
Estate Planning and Valuation Issues
Estate Planning Council
Estate Planning Council of the Emerald Coast
Estate Planning Council of Vancouver
Estate Planning Law Specialist
Estate Planning System
European Workshop on Planning
Event Planning Network
Executive Planning Group
Executive Planning Panel
Exercise Planning Guidance
Exercise Planning Guide
Exercise Planning Process
Exercise Planning Staff
Exit Planning Institute
Expanded Planning Yard
Experiment Planning/Peer Review Group
Extended Planning Agency
Extended Planning Annex
Extended Planning Guidance
Extended Planning Period
Extended Resource Planning
Extension Planning Area
External Assessment and Strategic Planning
FAA Airport Planning and Programming Office
FAA Airport Planning and Programming Office
Facilities Planning & Management
Facilities Planning & Management
Facilities Planning Area
Facilities Planning System
Facility Master Planning Committee
Facility Planning
Facility Planning
Faculty of Economics and Development Planning
Family Assessment and Planning Team
Family Permanency Planning Services
Family Planning and Population Board
Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Family Planning Annual Report
Family Planning Association
Family Planning Association of Bangladesh
Family Planning Association of India
Family Planning Association of Islamic Republic of Iran
Family Planning Association of Nepal
Family Planning Association of Tanzania
Family Planning Australia
Family Planning Clinic
Family Planning Council
Family Planning Council of Iowa
Family Planning Councils of America
Family Planning Perspectives
Family Planning Program
Family Planning Queensland
Family Planning Service
Family Planning/Maternal and Child Health
Farm Business Planning & Analysis
Feature Planning Specification
Federal Planning Bureau
Fellow of the Faculty of Family Planning
Field Activity Planning Conference
Field Planning System
Field Service Planning
Final Planning Conference
Finance and Planning Unit
Financial Planning
Financial Planning
Financial Planning and Reporting
Financial Planning and Reporting System
Financial Planning Associates, Inc.
Financial Planning Association
Financial Planning Association Los Angeles
Financial Planning Association of Singapore
Financial Planning Association of Taiwan
Financial Planning Certificate
Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.
Financial Planning Consultants, Inc.
Financial Planning Group
Financial Planning Institute
Financial Planning Proficiency Exam
Financial Planning Program
Financial Planning Service
Financial Planning Services
Financial Planning Software
Financial Planning System
Financial Planning Tool for Water Utilities
Financial Project Planning
Finite Capacity Planning
First Coast Metropolitan Planning Organization
First Command Financial Planning
Flight Dynamics and Planning Analysis
Flight Information Planning
Flight Planning Document
Flight Planning Software
FNC OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Planning Group
Focal Inpatient Treatment Planning
Food and Agriculture Planning Committee
Food Planning and Monitoring Unit
Force Augmentation Planning and Execution System
Force Employment Planning
Force Flow Requirements Analysis Planning
Force Level Automated Planning System
Force Planning Analysis
Force Planning Cycle
Force Planning Guide
Force Planning Process
Forest Projection and Planning System
Formal Planning and Supporting System
Formal Planning and Supporting System
Fractional Load Planning
Fractional Load Planning
Front End Planning
Frontier Planning International
Functional Planning Guide
Fundamental Planning Analysis
Fundamentals of Environmental Planning
Future Planning Working Group
Future Planning Year
Garrett Planning Network, Inc.
Gartner Group Intranet Strategic Planning Model
Gays and Lesbians in Planning
General Assembly Planning Committee
General Planning
General Planning Forecast
General Secretariat for Development Planning
Generative Process Planning Environment
Genetic Range-dependent Algorithm for Search Planning
Geospatial Force Planning Tool
Global Enterprise Resource Planning
Global Planning Educators Interest Group
Global Tax Planning
Goal-Oriented Action Planning
Good Neighbors Planning Alliance
Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning
Graduate School of Architecture Planning
Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association
Grasp Analysis and Planning Research
Greater North Park Community Planning Committee
Greenville County Planning Commission
Ground Control Planning
Group Requirements Planning
Guide Lines for Investigation, Planning, and Research
Guided Planning System
Guidelines for Operational Planning
Hagerstown Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization
Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
Hancock County Planning Commission
Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee
Hazard Mitigation Planning Team
Headquarters Information Program Planning Office
Health Effectiveness Life Planning
Health Facilities Planning Act
Health Facility Planning Agency
Health Planning Region
High-Performance Computing for Financial Planning under Uncertainty
Hit Avoidance Planning Working Group
Home Based Business Planning
Horizontal Avionics Modernization Planning
Housing and Conservation Planning Program
Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
Hull Planning Yard
Human Capital Strategic Planning
Human Resource Planning
Human Resource Planning Society
Hybrid Temporal Planning Network
Idan Mission Planning System
Ideal Planning and Documentation Associates
Illustrative Planning Scenario
Implementation Planning and Control Technique
Implementation Planning Group
Implementation Planning Program
Implementation Planning Study
Implementation Planning Team
Implementation Planning Team
Implementation Planning Working Group
Implementation Planning Workshop
Implementation Program Planning
Incident Response Planning
Incident Response Planning Workshop
Independent Transit Planning Review Services
Indian Institute of Planning and Management
Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency
Indiana Estate Planning & Probate Cases
Individual Education Planning Team
Individual Progression Planning
Individualized Educational Planning Team
Individualized Program Planning Model
Industrial Planning Committee
Industrial Preparedness Planning
Industrial Preparedness Planning List
Industrial Preparedness Planning Measures
Industrial Readiness Planning
Industry Resource Planning
Information Enabled Project Planning
Information for Management, Planning, Analysis, and Coordination
Information Literacy Planning Overview
Information Operations Planning System
Information Planning Group
Information Resource Planning
Information Resource Planning & Projection System
Information Systems Planning and Programming System
Information Technology Infrastructure Planning
Information Technology Investment Planning Systems
Information Technology Planning Council
Information Technology Planning Group
Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee
Infrastructure Planning and Design
Infrastructure Planning Commission
Initial Planning Conference
Initial Planning Estimate
Initial Planning Point
Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing
Injury Community Planning Group
Installation Planning Board
Installation Planning Representative
Installation Planning Team
Installation Planning Team
Institute for Community Planning Assistance
Institute for Law and Policy Planning
Institute for Natural Family Planning
Institute for Participatory Management and Planning
Institute for Strategic Energy Planning
Institute of Educational Planning and Administration
Institute of Madagascar for Techniques of Planning
Institute of Water Resources Planning
Institutional Assessment and Planning Tool
Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Institutional Planning and Analysis Office
Institutional Planning and Research
Institutional Planning Committee
Institutional Planning, Analysis and Special Services
Institutional Research and Planning
Integrated and Concurrent Enterprise Planning
Integrated Development Planning
Integrated Estate Planning Trust
Integrated Land Use Planning
Integrated Manufacturing Planning and Control System
Integrated Planning & Project Management
Integrated Planning and Budget System
Integrated Planning Process
Integrated Planning System
Integrated Planning Team
Integrated Planning Team
Integrated Planning, Accountability, and Budgeting System
Integrated Program Planning Activity
Integrated Project Planning
Integrated Regional Planning
Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network
Integrated Strike Planning System
Integrated Train Planning System
Integrated Watershed Planning Process
Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning
Intelligent Network Analysis/Planning
Intelligent Transportation Planning System
interagency planning cell
Interdisciplinary Planning and Information Research
Interim National Physical Planning Commission
Interim Planning Committee
Interim Planning Overlay District
Interim System Planning Computer
Internal Control Audit Planning Summary
International Career Planning Institute
International Centre for Regional Planning and Development
International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling
International Family Planning
International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management
International Institute of Educational Planning
International Network Planning
International Planning and Research Corp.
International Planning Group
International Symposium on Assembly and Task Planning
International Symposium on Assembly and Task Planning
International Tax Planning Association
International Wedding Planning Professionals
International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space
Internet Engineering Planning Group
interoperability planning system
Intersessional Planning Group
Inverse Planning by Simulated Annealing
Investment Planning Counsel
Investment Planning Counsel of Canada
Investment Planning Group
IODP Planning Sub-Committee
Iteration Planning Meeting
JFACC Planning Tool
Jiangsu Development Planning Commission
Job Planning Form
Joint Air/Ground Operations: Unified Adaptive Replanning
Joint Engineer Planning and Execution System
Joint Execution and Planning Community
Joint Industrial Mobilization Planning Process
Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning
Joint Interactive Planning
Joint Local Implementation Planning
Joint Logistic Planning Group
Joint Mission Planning
Joint Mission Planning and Battle Management
Joint Mission Planning Segment
Joint Mission Planning Session
Joint Mission Planning System
Joint Munitions Planning System
Joint Operation Planning Process
Joint Operational Planning System
Joint Operations Planning System
Joint Planning Agreement
Joint Planning and Assistance Team
Joint Planning and Development Office
Joint Planning and Development Organization
Joint Planning and Execution Process
Joint Planning and Execution Toolkit
Joint Planning and Liaison
Joint Planning and Resources Committee
Joint Planning and Review Committee
Joint Planning and Scheduling Group
Joint Planning Augmentation Cell
Joint Planning Board
Joint Planning Commission
Joint Planning Committee
Joint Planning Document
joint planning group
Joint Planning Guidance
Joint Planning Network
Joint Planning Office
joint planning orientation course
Joint Planning Process
Joint Planning Session
Joint Planning Staff
Joint Planning Staff for Space
Joint Planning Team
Joint Planning Tool
Joint Planning Unit
Joint Radar Planning Group
Joint Regional Medical Planning Office
Joint Regional Planning Panels
Joint Requirements Planning
Joint Strategic Planning Document
Joint Strategic Planning System
Joint Systems Integration Planning
Journal of Planning and Environment Law
Journal of Planning History
Journal of Planning Literature
Journal of the American Planning Association
JTIDS Communications Planning Aids
Keystone Planning Group
Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling
Knowledge-Based Logistics Planning Shell
Knowledge-Based Planning
Kyrgyz Family Planning Alliance
Laboratory Quality & Planning Office
Lancaster University Personal Development Planning
Land Use Planning Act
Land Use Planning Program
Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning
Landscape Supplementary Planning Document
Language Policy and Planning
Law & Resources Planning Associates
Law Enforcement Planning Agency
Law Enforcement Planning Commission
Legal Policy and Planning Office
Legislative Education Planning Committee
Lesson Planning Guide
Library Planning Model
Life Cycle Maintenance Planning
Lincoln Heritage Funeral Planning
Literacy Community Planning
Livestock Planning and Information Unit
Local Action Planning Association
Local Area Planning Team
Local Community Planning
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Local Environmental Planning and Management
Local Interagency Planning Team
Local Management Planning Guide
Local Planning Agency
Local Planning Assistance Center
Local Planning Authority
Local Planning Committee
logistics planning system
London and South East Regional Planning Conference
London Fire and Emergency Planning
London Planning Advisory Committee
Long Island Planning Council
Long Range Facilities Planning Committee
Long Range Planning and Accountability
Long Range Requirements Planning System
Long Term Force Planning
Long Term Planning Area
Long Term Planning Project
MAD Planning Chart
Main Planning Conference
Maine State Planning Office
Maintenance Activation Planning Team
Maintenance and Shipwork Planning
Maintenance Planning
Maintenance Planning Document
Maintenance Planning Manual
Maintenance Planning Working Group
Maintenance Support Planning Program
Malta Environment & Planning Authority
Managed Care Planning Associates, Inc.
Management and Planning Programs Involving Nonmetropolitan Groups
Management Planning and Evaluation Staff
Management System Planning
Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis
Manned Aircraft Planning System
Manpower Management Planning Board
Manufacturing Assessment And Planning Package
Manufacturing Planning and Control
Manufacturing Requirements Planning
Manufacturing Resource Planning
Manufacturing, Accounting and Planning System
Map Planning System
Marine Corps Planning Process
Marine Spatial Planning
Maritime Integrated Air and Missile Defense Planning System
Market Analysis and Planning
Market Analysis and Planning
Market Area Planning
Market Area Planning
Market Oriented Program Planning Study
Market Planning Solutions, Inc.
Marketing and Planning Systems
Marketing Planning Centre Nederland
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.
Master Financial Planning
Master of City and Regional Planning
Master of City Planning
Master of Community and Regional Planning
Master of Community Planning
Master of Environmental Planning
Master of Environmental Planning & Design
Master of Health Planning
Master of Planning
Master of Regional Planning
Master of Science in Financial Planning
Master of Science in Urban Planning
Master of Social Planning and Development
Master of Town and Country Planning
Master of Town and Regional Planning
Master of Town Planning
Master of Urban and Environmental Planning
Master of Urban Planning
Master of Urban Planning
Master of Urban Planning, Design and Development
Master Planning of Resources
Master’s of City Planning
Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning
Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning
Material Requirement Planning
Material Requirements for Planning
Material Resource Planning Controller
Material/Materiel Planning Study
Material/Military Support Planning Guidance
Materials Resource Planning
McGill Action Planning System
Medicaid Family Planning Waiver
Medical Admission Planning Unit
Medical Facilities Planning Section
Medical Meeting Planning Services
Medical Planning and Execution System
Medical Planning Module
Member Association of Planning Supervisors
Member of the Emergency Planning Society
Member of the Faculty of Family Planning
Member of the Planning Institute of Australia
Mental Health Planning Council
Merchandise Financial Planning
Metropolitan Area Planning Agency
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Metropolitan Planning Committee
Metropolitan Planning Organization
Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council
Metropolitan Region Town Planning
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization
Mevis Neurosurgery Planning System
Micro Planning International
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit
Midcoast Council for Business Development and Planning
Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Midterm Planning Conference
Milestone Planning Meeting
Military Urgency Planning List
Mine Planning and Equipment Selection
minefield planning folder
Ministry of Economic Planning and Development
Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Ministry of Finance and Planning
Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning
Ministry of National Planning and Coordination
Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Planning and Budget
Ministry of Planning and Finance
Ministry of Planning and Investment
Ministry of Planning and Statistics
Missing Planning Element
Mission Area Plan/Planning
Mission Area Plan/Planning
Mission Area Planplanning
Mission Area Planplanning
Mission Planning & Control Station
Mission Planning Agent
Mission Planning and Analysis Division
Mission Planning and Monitoring System
Mission Planning and Restitution System
Mission Planning Branch
Mission Planning Cell
Mission Planning Center
Mission Planning Enterprise Contract
Mission Planning Environment
Mission Planning Folder
Mission Planning Ground Station
Mission Planning Module
Mission Planning Office
Mission Planning Peripheral Console
Mission Planning Rehearsal System
Mission Planning Rehearsal System Wide-Band
Mission Planning Rehearsal System Wide-Band
Mission Planning Rehearsal Tool
Mission Planning Shelter
Mission Planning Software
Mission Planning Software Support Facility
Mission Planning Station
Mission Planning Subsystem
Mission Planning System
Mission Planning Terminal
Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning
Mobility Analysis & Planning System
Mobility Planning Data System
Mobilization Asset Planning System
Mobilization Planning and Execution System
Mobilization Planning Schedule
mobilization stationing and planning system
Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships
Modeling and Planning System
Modern Aids to Planning
Modern Aids to Planning
Modern Aids to Planning Program
Modern Family Planning Methods
Modernization Planning Process
Mojave Desert Planning Area
Money Resource Planning
Mouvement Français pour le Planning Familial
Movement Planning Execution System
Movement Planning Module
Multiagent Planning Architecture
Multimodal Transportation Planning Tool
Multinational Crisis Action Planning
Multi-national Planning Augmentation Team
Multiple Habitat Planning Area
Municipal Infrastructure Investment Planning
Municipal Planning and Development Office
Municipalities Planning Code
NASA Interactive Planning System
Nashua City Planning Board
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
National and Regional Planning Bureau
National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
National Capital Gift Planning Council
National Capital Planning Commission
National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
National Conference Planning Committee
National Corridor Planning and Development
National Development Planning Board
National Environmental and Planning Agency
National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association
National Family Planning Association
National Family Planning Coordinating Board
National Forum for Information Planning
National Home Planning Service
National Institute for Urban and Rural Planning
National Institute of Transition Planning, Inc.
National Institute on Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities
National Physical Planning Department
National Planning Commission
National Planning Framework
National Planning Policy Guideline
National Population and Family Planning Commission
National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee
National Resources Planning Board
National Retirement Planning Coalition
National Security Planning Group
National Shipping Administration Planning Team
National Spatial Development Planning Framework
National Strategic Development Planning Framework
National Strategic Planning Process
National University of Educational Planning and Administration
National Urban Planning Institute
National Workforce Planning Framework
NATO Armaments Planning Review
NATO Civil Emergency Planning
NATO Nuclear Planning System
Natural Community Conservation Planning
Natural Family Planning
Natural Family Planning Association of New Zealand
Natural Family Planning of the Alleghenies
Natural Resources Planning
Natural Resources Planning and Interpretation
Naval Warfare Planning Chart Base
Navy Enterprise Resource Planning
Navy Program Planning Office
Navy Programming Planning Council
Navy Strategic Planning Guidance
Nederlands Planning en Presentatie Collectief
Neighborhood Planning Action Committee
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization
Neighborhood Planning Unit
Net-Centric Collaborative Planning
Network Capacity Planning & Engineering
Network Engineering Capacity Planning
Network Planning and Engineering
Network Planning Area
Network Planning Letter
Network Planning Solution
Network Planning System
Network Planning Technique
Network Planning Terminal
Network Planning Tool
Network Resource Planning
Network Space & Property Planning
Network Strategic Planning and Development
Network Systems Planning and Development
Nevis Family Planning Association
New Orleans Planning Initiative
New Product Planning
New York Human Resource Planning Society
New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
New Zealand Planning Tribunal Decision
Night-Attack Mission Planning System
No-Notice Interoperability Exercise Planning Group
Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership
Nordic Financial Planning Association
North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission
North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
North Wales Planning Forum
Northeast Life Care Planning
Northeast Mississippi Planning and Development District
Northeast Professional Planning Group
Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission
Northern California Planning and Research
Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission
Northern Neck Planning District Commission
Northwest Power Planning Council
Northwest Power Planning Council
Nuclear Contingency Planning System
Nuclear Fire Planning
Nuclear Mission Planning and Production System
Nuclear Operations Planning Office
Nuclear Planning & Execution
Nuclear Planning Group
Nuclear Planning Manual
Nuclear Planning System
Nunavut Planning Commission
Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization
Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Services
Objective Oriented Intervention Planning
Ocean Planning Information System
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Office of Budget and Financial Planning
Office of Business Finance and Planning
Office of Capital Planning
Office of Career Planning and Placement
Office of Criminal Justice Planning
Office of Crisis Planning and Management
Office of Emergency Planning
Office of Environmental Assurance, Permits, and Policy – Regulatory Policy, Planning, and Analysis Staff
Office of Evaluation and Strategic Planning
Office of Family Planning
Office of Health Policy and Planning
Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
Office of Planning and Analysis
Office of Planning and Budget Services
Office of Planning and Evaluation
Office of Planning and Research
Office of Planning and Research
Office of Planning, Management and Budget
Office of Policy and Planning
Office of Policy and Strategic Planning
Office of Policy, Planning and Analysis
Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation
Office of Resource Management and Planning
Office of Science Policy and Planning
Office of State Planning
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Office of Strategic Management and Planning
Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Office of Strategic Projects and Planning
Office of Student Enrollment Planning and Operations
Officer Planning and Utility System
Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning
Online Land Planning
Online Planning Information Service
Online Urban Planning
Operation Planning Group
Operation Planning Report
Operational Movement Planning
Operational Planning Element
Operational Planning Process
Operational Planning Team
Operations and Science Instrument Support – Planning and Scheduling
Operations Planning & Control
Operations Planning and Analysis Systems
Operations Planning and Analysis Systems
Operations Planning and Control Team
Operations Planning Team
Operations Planning Tool
Operations Planning, Control and Reliability
Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services
Orchestra Planning Administration System
Orchestra Planning Administration System
Organization for Energy Conservation and Planning
Organization, Time Management, and Planning
Organizational Planning Technique
Orientation Planning Committee
Orientation Strategic Planning Group
Orthopaedic Surgery Planning System
Outline Planning Brief
Outline Planning Permission
Palomar Mountain Planning Organization
Panhandle Regional Planning Commission
Park View Financial Planning
Parks Planning Board
Participatory Enterprise Planning
Participatory Land Use Planning
Participatory Planning Process
Participatory Strategic Planning
Partners in Planning Financial Services Ltd.
Partners in Program Planning for Adolescent Health
Party Planning Committee
Passive House Planning Package
Payload Tactical Planning
Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
People for Emergency Preparedness Planning for Animals
Performance Planning & Review
Performance Planning and Reporting System
Performance Planning Card
Performance Planning Lead
Performance, Planning and Review
Periodic Armaments Planning System
Personal and Corporate Financial Planning
Personal Financial Planning Association
Personal Planning Analysis
Person-Centered Planning
Personnel Data System Planning
PfP Planning and Review Process
Phase Three Planning
Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Philippine Family Planning Program
Phoenix Network Planning Tool
Physical Planning Group
Physical Planning Technologies Inc.
Physical Planning Unit
Pictou County District Planning Commission
Piss Poor Planning
Piss Poor Planning Prevents Proper Performance
Piss Poor Prior Planning
Planning & Engineering for Repairs & Alterations
Planning & Environment Bar Association
Planning & Estimating
Planning & Placement Team
Planning & Programming Guidance
Planning & Scheduling Professional
Planning Activity Level
Planning Advisory Board
Planning Advisory Service
Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope
Planning and Analysis Division
Planning and Analysis Officer
Planning and Budget Advisory Council
Planning and Building Act
Planning and Community Development Commission
Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act
Planning and Control System
Planning and Control System
Planning and Coordination Office
Planning and Decision Aid
Planning and Decision Making
Planning and Decision Making
Planning and Development Secretariat
Planning and Development Services
Planning and Development Support Services
Planning and Economic Development Services
Planning and Economic Management Department
Planning and Engineering for Repair Activity
Planning and Environment Committee
Planning and Environmental Management Division
Planning and Environmental Policy Group
Planning and Evaluation Directorate
Planning and Evaluation Service
planning and execution database
Planning and Financial Management
Planning and Growth Management
Planning and Growth Management
Planning and Growth Management Department
Planning and Land Management Group
Planning and Land Use Committee
Planning and Landing Bureau
Planning and Lands Bureau
Planning and Liaison Team
Planning and Liaison Team
Planning and Management Region
Planning and Operational Maintenance
Planning and Performance Management
Planning and Policy Services Branch
Planning and Preparation Services
Planning and Projects Review Advisory Committee
Planning and Quality Unit
Planning and Reporting Officer
Planning and Resource Advisory Council
Planning and Resource Allocation Committee
Planning and Resource Committee
Planning and Response Team
Planning and Review Committee
Planning And Review Process
Planning and Scheduling
Planning and Service Area
Planning and Technical Support Division
Planning and Technological Assistance Branch
Planning and Transport Research and Computation, Ltd.
Planning and Urban Development League
Planning and Urban Mobility in Europe
Planning and Zoning
Planning and Zoning Administrator
Planning and Zoning Agenda
Planning and Zoning Board
Planning and Zoning Commission
Planning and Zoning Resource Corp.
Planning Assistance to States
Planning Association
Planning Authority
Planning Based on Re-clearance
Planning Board for Training
Planning Boards and Committees
Planning Capacity Building
Planning Change Board
Planning Change Notice
Planning Command Pool
Planning Commission
Planning Commission of Pakistan
Planning Commissioners Journal
Planning Conference on Computer Systems
Planning Consultants, Inc.
Planning Control Sheet
Planning Coordination Conference
Planning Cost Calculator
Planning Council
Planning Data
Planning Database
Planning Decision Support Tool
Planning Delivery Grant
Planning Design Sketch
Planning Directive
Planning Emphasis Area
Planning Enabling Act
Planning Engineers Organisation
Planning Estimate
Planning Execution Resources Monitoring System
Planning Factor
Planning Factors File
Planning for Elders in the Central City
Planning for Employment
Planning for Growth
Planning for Results
Planning for the Future
Planning Gain Supplement
Planning Group on the North Sea Pilot Project
Planning Guidance Memorandum
Planning Guidance Memorandum
Planning Guidance Notebook
Planning Integration Panel
Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections
Planning Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee
Planning Land Use Category
Planning Leading Organizing Controlling
Planning Ministers Council
Planning Module
Planning Objective
Planning Objectives Report
Planning Office for Urban Affairs
Planning Official Development Officers
Planning Order
Planning Organ-at-Risk Volume
Planning Performance Agreement
Planning Permit Application
Planning Perspectives, Inc.
Planning Policy Guidance
Planning Policy Statement
Planning Policy Statement 7
Planning Policy Statement 9
Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution
Planning Public Policy & Management
Planning Purpose Estimate
Planning Reference Station
Planning Reference Station
Planning Region Team
Planning Requirements Input Data Entry
Planning Research Corporation
Planning Resource for Infrastructure Development and Evaluation
Planning Scheme Amendment
Planning Section Chief
Planning Steering Committee
Planning Support Group
Planning Support Systems
planning systems division
Planning Systems Incorporated
Planning Target Volume
Planning Terrain Analysis Data Base
Planning Time Index
Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management
Planning Units File
Planning Watershed
Planning Work Bench
Planning Workstation
Planning Year
Planning Year
Planning Year
Planning Your Retirement
Planning, Analysis, and Reporting Information System Technologies Inc.
Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Support
Planning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive Processing
Planning, Budgeting and Execution
Planning, Budgeting, and Initiating
Planning, Building and Code Enforcement
Planning, Building and Zoning
Planning, Compliance, and Landscape Architecture
Planning, Decision, and Execution
Planning, Decision, Execution and Assessment
Planning, Design and Construction
Planning, Design and Implementation
Planning, Development and Rehabilitation
Planning, Development, Europe and Tourism Committee
Planning, Engineering and Design
Planning, Evaluation, Monitoring, Transference
Planning, Finance & Research
Planning, Housing and Economic Development
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation
Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling
Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting & Budgeting
Planning, Performance, Process & Innovative Solutions
Planning, Preparation and Assessment
Planning, Program Development and Budget Committee
Planning, Programming and Monitoring Unit
Planning, Programming, & Budgeting
Planning, Programming, & Budgeting System
Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution Electronic Delivery System
Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System
Planning, Reporting and Accountability Structure
Planning, Research, and Evaluation Division
Planning, Review, and Inspection
Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment
Planning, Zoning and Development
Policy and Planning Committee
Policy and Planning Committee
Policy and Planning Guidance
Policy and Strategic Planning Unit
Policy Planning and Research Unit
Policy, Planning, and Innovation
Poor Prior Planning Produces Piss Poor Performance
Portable Flight Planning Software
Portable Flight Planning System
Portland Financial Planning Group, LLC
Posture Planning Committee
Posture Planning Express
Posture Planning Work Group
Pre Start Up Maintenance Planning
Precision Guided Munitions Planning Software
Predictability Engineering and Planning
Preferential Planning List
Preliminary Installation Planning
Preliminary Planning Authorization
Preliminary Planning Process
Preplanning Meeting
Pre-Planning Package
President’s Office – Planning and Privatisation
Pre-Task Planning
Preventive Service Planning
Prime Mission Planning/Product
Principal Planning Agent
Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Priorities and Planning Framework
Priority Planning Advisory Committee
Priority Planning List
Priority Seating Planning Guide
Privatization Planning Panel
Process Planning
Process Planning
Procurement Planning Agreement
Procurement Planning Conference
Producibility Engineering & Planning
Producibility Engineering and Planning
Product Based Planning
Product Planning & Development
Product Planning Process
Product Support Management Planning
Production Engineering & Planning
Production Planner/Planning
Production Planner/Planning
Production Planning and Control
Production Planning and Control System
Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Production Planning and Production Scheduling
Production Planning System
Productivity, Engineering and Planning
Professional Development Planning Workshop
Professional Financial Planning Course
Program Plan/Planning
Program Plan/Planning
Program Planning and Budgeting System
Program Planning and Management
Program Planning and Monitoring Unit
Program Planning Group
Program Planning Objectives
Program Planning Review
Program Planning Team
Program/Project Planning Document
Programme Planning and Coordination Office
Progress Career Planning Centre
Project Delivery Work Planning
Project Planning
Project Planning
Project Planning & Initiation
Project Planning and Control
Project Planning Chart
Project Planning Document Charrette
Project Planning Group
Project Planning Matrix
Project Planning, Tracking and Oversight
Project Reporting, Organization & Management Planning Technique
Project Task Planning Sheet
Projected Class Work Planning Document
Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Prostate Implant Planning Engine for Radiotherapy
Provide Strategic Planning
Provincial Department of Planning
Provincial Department of Planning and Investment
Quality and Business Planning
Quality and Planning Program Office
Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix
Quarterly Planning Map
Quarterly Planning Map
Questeq Technology Planning
Radiation Therapy Planning
Radio Network Planning
Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tools
Rail Services Planning Office
Rancho Bernardo Community Planning Board
Rapid Deployment Planning
Rapid Enterprise Architecture Planning
Rapid Response Planning Process
rapid response planning process
Readiness Planning Report
Real Estate Planning Report
Real Property Planning Board
Real Time Promotion Planning
Reconnaissance Interdiction Planning Line
Reconnaissance Planning System
Recreation Engineering and Planning
Recreational Planning Program
Reference System for Planning
Refit Planning Conference
Reflective Planning for Learning
REFORGER Planning Group
Region 2 Planning Commission
Region H Water Planning Group
Regional Centre for Educational Planning
Regional Development Planning
Regional Emergency Planning Team
Regional Planning Agent
Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission
Regional Planning and Development Board
Regional Planning and Development Commission
Regional Planning Body
Regional Planning Commission
Regional Planning Council
Regional Planning Guidance
Regional Planning Organization
Regional Shore Infrastructure Planning
Regional Transit Planning Entity
Regional Transportation Planning Agency
Regional Transportation Planning Entity
Regulation and Planning Policy
Reliability Planning and Management
Remote Planning System
Report for Planning
Requirements Analysis Planning
Requirements Planning Team
Requirements Planning Tool
Requirements Planning Workshop
Research Planning and Assessment
Research Planning Group/Guide
Research Planning, Inc.
Research Programme Planning Committee
Reserve Enlisted Planning System
Resource Allocation Planning Helper
Resource Management Planning and Response Team
Resource Planning & Assessment
Resource Planning & Coordination
Resource Planning & Scheduling Subsystem
Resource Planning and Coordination
Resource Planning and Development Commission
Resource Planning Tool
Resources and Planning Directorate
Response Planning Facilitator
Restoration Planning Work Group
Retirement Planning Seminar
Reuse Planning Group
Review of Strategic Planning
Revised Transmission Planning Process
Revitalising Areas through Planning, Investment and Development
Rhode Island Community Planning Group
Richmond Regional Planning District Commission
Robotics Planning Facility
Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Rolling Wave Planning
Royal Australian Planning Institute
Royal Town Planning Institute
Russian Family Planning Association
Sales & Inventory Operations Planning
Sales Force Planning
Sales Operation Planning
Sales Release Planning Document
Sales, Operations & Financial Planning
Sales, Operations, and Inventory Planning
Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development
San Martin Planning Advisory Committee
Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council
Scenario Planning and Recruitment Calculator
Schedule & Planning Management Professional
School Based Planning Team
School Development Planning Initiative
School Facilities Planning Division
School for Urban Planning and Architecture
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
School of Community and Regional Planning
School of Planning and Architecture
School of Planning and Landscape Architecture
School of Urban and Regional Planning
School Travel Planning
Science Planning and Operations Center
Science Planning and Operations Facility
Science Planning and Scheduling System
Science Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Environment
Science Planning Interactive Knowledge Environment
Scientific and Technical Planning Group
Scientific Planning Group
Scottish Economic Planning Department
Scottish Planning Policy
Scottish Planning Policy 7
Scripps Ranch Planning Group
Sears Island Planning Initiative
Security Planning and Assessment Office
Security Planning and Integrated Resources for Information Technology
Senate Committee on Finance and Planning
Senate Committee on University Planning
Senior Emergency Planning Officer
Sensor Based Planning Lab
Sentence Planning and Review Board
Service Change Installation Planning Schedule
Service Control Planning
Service Planning Area
Service Planning Segment Replacement
Service Resource Planning
Service, Coordination, Information and Planning
Shanghai Urban Planning Committee
SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
Sharepoint Deployment Planning Services
Ship Planning System
Ship Planning Yard
Shipment Planning & Address Labeling System
Shipplanning Message Development Group
Shore Establishment Planning Analysis & Review Coordination
Shore Facility Planning System
Shore Installation Planning Board
Shuttle Operations and Planning Center
Simplified Planning Zone
Simulation Strategic Planning Office
Site Investigation Planning
Sketch Planning Analysis Spreadsheet Model
Skyline Planning and Preservation Alliance
SME Support System for Planning and Reporting about Information Technology
Social and Community Planning Research
Social Planning and Research Council
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Social Planning Development Group
Social Services Strategic Planning
Society for College and University Planning
Society of Workforce Planning Professionals
Software Acquisition Planning
Software Acquisition Planning
Software Project Planning
Software Test Planning and Management
Solution Planning Directive
South Central Planning and Development Commission
South Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team
Southern Alberta Individualized Planning Association
Southern Cross Financial Planning
Southern Nevada Strategic Planning Authority
Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board
Southwest Regional Planning Commission
Southwest Utah Planning Authorities Council
Soviet Extended Planning Annex
Space Planning and Implementation Team
Space Planning and Management
Space Technology and Analysis and Mission Planning
Spaces Left Over in Planning
special operations mission planning folder
Special Operations Mission Planning Format
Special Planning Area
Special Planning Unit
Special Project Planning Group
Specialized Business Planning Services
Spectrum Planning Subcommittee
Spill Planning Exercise and Response System
Spiritual Strategic Planning Team
Standard Personnel Planning Cost
Standard Planning And Requirement Committee
Standards Planning Database
State and Local Aviation Planning
State Commission of Development and Planning
State Family Planning Commission
State Farm Project Planning
State Land Use Planning Agency
State Planning and Research Program
State Planning Commission
State Planning Commission
State Planning Commission of China
State-Only Family Planning
Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System
Statewide Planning and Research Program
Station Area Development Planning
Statistical Planning Area
Stockpile Planning Guidance
Strafford Regional Planning Commission
Strategic Action Planning
Strategic Action Planning
Strategic Execution Planning
Strategic Facilities Planning
Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation
Strategic Information and Planning System
Strategic Information Resource Management Planning
Strategic Marketing Planning
Strategic Nuclear Attack Planning
Strategic Operations and Logistics Planning
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning and Budget
Strategic Planning and Budget Committee
Strategic Planning and Business Development
Strategic Planning and Development
Strategic Planning and Information
Strategic Planning and Management System
Strategic Planning and Policy Branch
Strategic Planning and Policy Office
Strategic Planning and Program Alignment
Strategic Planning and Requirements Committee
Strategic Planning and Resource Guide
Strategic Planning and Review Committee
Strategic Planning Application
Strategic Planning Assumption
Strategic Planning Board
Strategic Planning Budgeting and Assessment
Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Planning Enterprise Architecture and Requirements
Strategic Planning Guidance
Strategic Planning Initiative
Strategic Planning Leadership Team
Strategic Planning Methodology
Strategic Planning Office
Strategic Planning Office
Strategic Planning Process
Strategic Planning Review
Strategic Planning Society
Strategic Planning Task Group
Strategic Planning, Analysis and Realignment Office
Strategic Policy Planning and Analysis
Strategic Sealift Contingency Planning System
Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
Strategic Tourism Planning Board
Strategic War Planning System
Strategic Workforce Planning
Strategy & Planning Committee
Strategy & Planning Committee
Strategy Program Planning
Strategy, Planning and Policy Division
Strathfield Planning Scheme Ordinance
Strike Planning Archive
Strike Planning Cell
Strike Planning Cell
Structured Requirements Analysis Planning
Student Organization for Activity Planning
Student Surveys Planning Group
Sub-capacity Planning Tool
Subject to Planning Permission
Submarine Fleet Mission Planning Library
Summary Level Planning Package
Summary Task Planning Sheet
Summer Transition in Education Planning for Students
Summit Planning Organization
Summit Planning Organization
Suomi Finland Housing and Planning
Superintendent Technical Planning & Services
Supplementary Planning Guidance
Supply Chain Planning
Supply Chain Planning and Execution
Supply Network Planning
Support Planning Analysis Reporting & Control
Surface Training Management Planning System
Surgical Planning Laboratory
Survey Tool for Employment Planning
Survivable Adaptive Planning
Survivable Adaptive Planning
Survivable Adaptive Planning Experiment
Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research
Synchronous Planning and Real Time Control System
Synergy between Regional planning and EXergy
System Acquisition Planning Council
System Evaluation Planning and Assessment
System Integration and Planning Office
System Planning & System Control
System Planning Computer
System Planning Computer
Systematic Layout Planning
Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.
Systems Planning and Engineering Officer
Systems Planning Corporation
Systems Planning Corporation
Systems Planning Engineering Officer
Systems Planning, Engineering, and Evaluation Device
Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
Tactical Aircrew Mission Planning System
Tactical Assault Planning System
Tactical Automated Mission Planning System
Tactical Aviation Mission Planning System
Tactical Command, Control, & Communications Interface Development Planning Document
tactical network analysis and planning system
Tactical Network Implementation Planning
Tactical Planning Application
Tactical Planning Workstation
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Tahoe Regional Planning Authority
Tailored Implementation & Planning Service
Tantramar Planning District Commission
Target Analysis and Planning System
Targeted Organizational Planning
Task Planning
Tax and Estate Planning Association
Technical Contingency Planning Document
Technical Planning Committee
Technical Planning Objective
Technical Project Planning
Technology Assessment and Planning System
Technology Master Planning
Technology Planning & Management
Technology Planning and Distance Learning
Technology Planning Annex
Technology Planning Database
Technology Planning Team
Technology Planning Team
Technology Transfer Integrated Planning Team
Telecommunications Planning Committee
Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association
Tentative Annual Planning Estimate
Tentative Planning & Programming Guidance Memorandum
Test Architecture & Planning
Test Planning Analysis
Test Planning Document
Test Planning Integration
Test Planning Meeting
Test Planning, Analysis and Evaluation System
Thames Valley Hospital Planning Partnership
The Planning Center
The Planning Collaborative
Theater Air Planning
Theater Analysis and Replanning Graphical Execution Toolkit
Theater Army Construction Automated Planning System
Theater Integrated Planning System
Threat Planning Document
Threshold Planning Quantity
Through Life Interoperability Planning
Time Sensitive Planning
Time-sensitive Operational Planning System
TLAM Planning System
TLAM Planning System Afloat
Tomahawk Planning System Afloat
Tools and Techniques of Life Insurance Planning
Total Benefits Planning Agency
Town and Country Planning Association
Town and Country Planning Board
Town and Country Planning Division
Town and Country Planning Organisation
Town and Country Planning Summer School
Town Planning Collaborative
Town Planning Scheme Amendment
TRADOC Mobilization and Operations Planning System
Traffic & Facilities Planning
Traffic Information Planning System
Traffic Network Planning Center
Training Information Planning Support
Training Planning Factor
Training Planning System
Training Planning Team
Training Planning Team
Transformation Planning Guidance
Transmission Planning Model
TRansport Improvement Planning System
Transport Planning Professional
Transport Planning Service
Transport Planning Society
Transportation Planning & Management
Transportation Planning and Programming
Transportation Planning Board
Transportation Planning Division
Transportation Planning Organization
Transportation Planning Rule
Transportation Planning Support Information System
Travel Reporting/Information/Planning System
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
Treatment Planning System
Tribal Transportation Planning Organization
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation
Ukrainian Family Planning Association
Ulster County Planning Department
Unique Planning Component
Unit for Retail Planning Information
Unit Level Planning and Scheduling
United Planning Organization
University Analysis Planning and Support
University Career Planning Association
University Master Planning Committee
University Office for Planning and Budgeting
University Planning Office
University Technology Planning Committee
Unix Mission Planning Hardware
Unmanned Aerial/Airborne Vehicle – Mission Planning and Control Station
Urban & Regional Planning
Urban and Regional Planning
Urban and Regional Planning Student Association
Urban Planning
Urban Planning and Design
Urban Planning and Development Authority
Urban Planning Service
Urban Planning Society of China
Urban Transportation Planning
Urban Transportation Planning Package
Urban Transportation Planning Process
Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation
Urban, Technological & Environmental Planning
User Planning System
Vanguard Planning Summary
Vehicle Program Planning
version planning board
version planning document
Vertical Planning
Virtual Environmental Planning System
Virtual Process Planning for Assembly
Visual Inspection Planning With Error Reduction
Visually Integrated Planning Employment Resource
Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning
War Planning and Execution Systems
War Planning Systems Directorate
Wartime Manpower Planning System
Washington Planning Center
Water Allocation and Management Planning
Water Planning Advisory Committee
Water Planning and Management Branch
Water Quality Planning
Water Resources Planning and Information
Water Resources Planning and Management
Water Resources Planning Organization
Water Supply Watershed Planning and Management: an Integrated Approach
Watershed Planning and Advisory Council
Watershed Planning and Assistance Grant
Wealth Transfer Planning
Weapon System Planning Data
Weapon Systems Planning Document
West Michigan Regional Planning Commission
West Virginia Planning Association
Westchester County Department of Planning
Western Australia Planning Commission
Western Education and Public Planning
Western Planning Area
Wien Automatic System Planning Package
Willis Corroon Financial Planning
Wire Center Planning Center
Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing
Wisconsin Chapter American Planning Association
Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council
Wittman Hydro Planning Associates
Work & Development Planning
Work Incentives Planning & Assistance
Work Package Planning
Workforce Planning
Workload Planning and Control
Workload Planning System
Workplace Emergency Response Planning
Workscope Planning Guide
World Town Planning Day
World Wide Mission Planning
Wyoming Water Planning Program
Yearly Planning Instrument
Young Adult Planning Advisory Council
Zone Visit Planning Data Table
Zoning and Planning
Zoning and Planning Committee