Radio Abbreviations


The term radio has a wide variety of uses. Originating from the Latin radĭus, the word is used either in its form or in its compound form. For men, it can be a radio signal receiver, used to capture and transform the waves emitted by a radio transmitter: “Turn on the radio, I want to listen to the game ”, “I offered my father a portable radio so that the can take it to work”.

Still in the same scope, but in the feminine, the radio is a system of emission and transmission of sound, that uses the properties of the Hertzian waves. The same name is also given to the broadcasting station that transmits different programs, using the same properties. As a synonym for radiophony, it is a sound-emitting station.

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves that have frequencies lower than infrared and microwaves. And the frequencies that correspond to radio waves range from 3 kHz (or 3.10³ Hz) and 300 GHz (300.109 Hz). And when it comes to electromagnetic waves, they can propagate in a vacuum, going at the speed of light .

It was James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) who was responsible for predicting the existence of these waves, using mathematical calculation. But it was the experiments carried out by the physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) that detected and artificially produced this type of wave , this happened in 1887. It was through such experiments that the wave nature of electromagnetic radiation was proved.

But it was only in 1895 that the first radio wave transmitter was produced by Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937), which was marketed around the year 1900.

There are many technologies that use radio waves, such as: satellites, radars, digital television, AM and FM radios, mobile telephony, among others.

Thus, radio waves can be used to transport a large amount of information to television antennas, GPS antennas, radio antennas, etc.

In the field of chemistry, radium is a radioactive element, of metallic type, with the atomic number 88 and the symbol Ra. It is a rare metal in the earth’s crust, which is used in the nuclear industry. In this case , the term derives from the scientific Latin radium.

In anatomy, it is the name of the bone that, together with the ulna, forms the endoskeleton of the forearm. It is the shorter, outermost bone of the two.

Regarding compound names (by juxtaposition and/or agglutination), there are several words with the root “radio”, such as radio alarm clock, radio recorder, radioopaque (a substance not traversed by X-rays or other ionizing radiation), pirate radio (a radio station that operates without a license), among others.

“Meu nome é Rádio” is the Brazilian Portuguese title of an American film starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris. The film is set in the United States in 1970 with the racial divide, where a coach befriends a student who has learning difficulties, where the young man becomes the coach’s assistant, being under his protection.

Radio Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Radio

Abbreviations and Related Acronyms Associated With Defense, Business, and Radio Electronics
Absolute Cryogenic Radiometer
Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
Academic Clinical Oncology and Radiobiology Research Network
Academy Of Radiology Research
Academy of Radiology Research
Academy of Radiology Research
Academy of Radiology Research
Active Cavity Radiometer
Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor
Active Radio Interferometer for Explosion Surveillance
Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee
Administration Radio Conference
Administration Radio Conference
AdrenalNET Radio
Adulta Radio and Television Institute
Advanced Digital Radio
Advanced Furnace for Microgravity Experiment with X-Ray Radiography
Advanced Mechanically Scanned Radiometer
Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer
Advanced Microwave Radiometer
Advanced Microwave Scanner Radiometer
Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer
Advanced National Radio Data Service
Advanced Portable Coronary Observation Radio
Advanced Radio Data Information Service
Advanced Radio Telecommunications
Advanced Radio Telecommunications
Advanced Radio-Frequency Test and Evaluation Measurements and Interpretation System
Advanced Radiographic System
Advanced Radioisotope Identification System
Advanced Radioisotope Power Systems
Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
Advances in Radio Frequency Identification
Adventist Radio Broadcasters Association
Adventist World Radio
Advisory Committee on Radiological Protection
Aerial Radio Direction Finding
Aerial Radiological Measurement and Survey
Aeronautical Radio Communications Addressing Reporting System
Aeronautical Radio Navigation
Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
African Farm Radio Research Initiative
African Radio and Television Union
African Radio Drama Association
Agence Nationale pour la Gestion Des Dechets Radioactifs
Agencia Canaria de Fotografia, Imagen Y Radio
Agencia Radiofónica de Comunicación
Agencia Radiofónica de Comunicación
Air America Radio
Air Navigation Radio Aid
Air Radio System
Air Traffic Control Radio
Airborne Earth Science Microwave Imaging Radiometer
Airborne Gravity Gradiometer
Airborne Gravity Gradiometer
Airborne Infrared Radiometer System
Airborne Radio Auxiliary
Airborne Radio Communication
Airborne Radio Communication
Airborne Radio Direction Finding
Airborne Radio Maintenance
Airborne Radio Receiver
Airborne Radio Receiver
Airborne Radio Receiver
Airborne Radio Receiver
Airborne Radioactivity Removal System
Aircraft Base Radio Operator
Aircraft Radio Incorporated
Airworthiness Certificate, Radio Station License, Registration Certificate, Operating Limitations, Weight and Balance
Alabama Radio Network
Alamo Area Radio Organization
Alaska Public Radio Network
Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
Alger Amateur Radio Club
All Campus Radio Network
All India Radio
All Radio Marketing Study
All Sports Radio Network
All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Co.
Allegheny Mountains Amateur Radio Group
Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society
Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
All-round Semi-cellular Trunking Radiocommunication network with Integrated Dispatchings
Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
Altantic Ham Radio Ltd.
Altimetry and Radiometry Composite Data Record
Altimetry Microwave Radiometer
Amarillo Radio Kontrol Society
Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Association of the Tonawandas
Amateur Radio Caravan and Camping Club
Amateur Radio Caravan Club
Amateur Radio Club
Amateur Radio Club
Amateur Radio Club Leipzig eV
Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas
Amateur Radio Club of Tonga
Amateur Radio Direction Finding
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Amateur Radio Experimenters Group
Amateur Radio Group
Amateur Radio League of Lawrence County
Amateur Radio Observation Service
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
Amateur Radio Relay Group
Amateur Radio Relay League
Amateur Radio Service
Amateur Radio Society of India
Amateur Radio Station
Amateur Radio Victoria
Ambulance Radio Programme
Ambulance Radio Programme
Ambulance Radio Re-Procurement Project
American Amateur Radio League
American Board of Radiology
American Chiropractic College of Radiology
American College of Radiology
American College of Veterinary Radiology
American Country Radio Network
American Family Radio
American Family Radio
American Federation of Radio Artists
American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
American Forces Radio & Television
American Forces Radio & Television Service
American Forces Radio Saigon
American Healthcare Radiology Administrators
American Hispanic-Owned Radio Association
American Institute for Radiologic Pathology
American Inter-Tribal Radio Society
American Mobile Radio Corporation
American Museum of Radio and Electricity
American Public Radio
American Radio Journal
American Radio Relay League
American Radio Theater
American Radio Theater
American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.
American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.
American Radiological Nurses Association
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
American Society of Head and Neck Radiology
American Society of Radiologic Technologists
American Society of Radiology Technicians
American Society of Spine Radiology
American Women in Radio and Television
Amiga Amateur Radio User Group
Amplifier Oscillator, Radio Frequency
Amusement Radio
Analogue Radio Concentrator System
Anatomical Programmed Radiography
Ancient Faith Radio
Ancient Faith Radio
Ancillary Radiometric Product
Ancillary Radiometric Product
Anne Arundel Radio Club
ANSTO Radiopharmaceuticals and Industrials
Applications Electroniques, Conception, Radios, Télécommunications et Services
APRS Satellite Tracking and Reporting System (satellite radio)
Aquitaine Radio Live
Arab Radio And Television
Arab Radio and Television
Area Amateur Radio Operators
ARINC Business Radio Service
Armed Forces Radio & Television Service
Armed Forces Radio and Television
Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
Armed Forces Radio Network
Armed Forces Radio Services
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
Army Amateur Radio System
Army Radio Code Aptitude Test
Army Wife Talk Radio
Asociación de Radio Banda
Asociación de Radio Emisoras Aymaras de La Paz
Asociacion de Radiodifusoras de Chile
Asociacion Independiente de Radiodifusoras Guatemaltecas
Asociación Mexicana de Estaciones Radiodifusoras
Asociacion Mundial de Radios Comunitarias
Asociación Uruguaya de Radioprotección
Associação Fluminense de Radioamadorismo e Rádio do Cidadão
Associated Radio Manufacturers
Association Canadienne de la Radio et de la Télévision de Langue Française
Association Canadienne de Radio-Oncologie
Association Canadienne des Radiologistes
Association des Radios Juives
Association for Education in Radio
Association for Future Radiologic Technologists
Association for Radio Controlled Helicopters
Association for the Control of Radioactivity
Association Internationale des Radioamateurs
Association Lyonnaise de Radioamateurs
Association Lyonnaise de Radioamateurs
Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires
Association of Educators in Radiological Sciences
Association of European Radios
Association of Independent Radio Contractors
Association of Independents in Radio
Association of Neutron Radiographers
Association of North American Radio Clubs
Association of Program Directors in Radiology
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
Association of Radio Operators of India
Association of Radio Reading Services
Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences
Association of University Radiologists
Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers
Association pour les Techniques et les Sciences de la Radioprotection
Association Régionale RadioAmateurs Inc.
Associazione Italiana Radioprotezione Medica
Associazione Italiana Radioterapia Oncologica
ASTRA Digital Radio
Atelier de Création Radiophonique
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
ATM Radio Interface Card
Atmospheric Radiometric Grating Universal Spectrometer
Atomic Radio Clock
Atomic Radio Clock
Audio Frequency-Radio Frequency
Austin Trumbull Radio
Australian Film Television and Radio School
Australian Institute of Radiography
Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association
Australian National Radio Observatory
Australian Naval Amateur Radio Society
Austrian Radionavigation Technology and Integrated Satnav Services and Products Testbed
Authority On Radio
Automated Combat Net Radio Interface
Automated Radio Communication
Automated Radio Communication
Automated Radioxenon Sampler/Analyzer
Automated Telex Over Radio
Automatic Alternate Radio Frequency
Automatic Radio Control
Automatic Radio Control
Automatic Radio Direction Finding
Automatic Telephone Using Radio
Available on Radio
Awakened Radio
Bachelor of Radiology
Bachelors of Science in Radiologic Technology
Bainbridge Amateur Radio Club
Balkan Society of Radiology
Ballarat Amateur Radio Group
Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
Barham Radio Car Track
Bartcop Radio
Base Radio Controller
Base Radio Systems
Base Support Radio
Base-band Combiner Radio
Basic Net Radio Interface Device
Bay Area Amateur Radio
Bay Area Radio Control Society
Beijing Institute of Radio Metrology and Measurement
Belarusian State Television and Radio Company
Bendix Radio Foundation
Benton County Radio Operators
Bergen Amateur Radio Association
Berkeley Experiments with Accelerated Radioactive Species
Berklee Internet Radio Network
Beta-Estradiol Benzoate
Biennial Vietnam National Conference on Radio & Electronics
Biennial Vietnam National Conference on Radio & Electronics
Big Freakin’ Radio
Bill Gremillion Memorial Radio Club
Biological and Radiological
Biological and Radiological
Biological and Radiological
Biological Chemical or Radiological
Black Squirrel Radio
Black Vault Radio Network
Blackpool Radio Taxi Association
Blind Radio Access Technology
Blyth Valley Radio Model Club
Boardroom Radio
Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society
Bott Radio Network
Boucle Locale Optique Radio
Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club
Bristol University Radio Station
British Association for the Advancement of Radiology and Physiotherapy
British Association of Radio Control Soarers
British Institute of Radiology
British Journal of Radiology
British Radio Car Association
British Society of Skeletal Radiologists
Broadband Radio Access for IP-based Networks
Broadband Radio Access Integrated Network
Broadband Radio Access Networks
Broadband Radio Service
Broadcast Radio and Television, Systems Maintenance
Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film
Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club
Bubba Radio Network, Inc
Buffalo Amateur Radio Repeater Association
Building Radio frequency Identification solutions for the Global Environment
Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs
Bulgarian National Radio
Bureau des Gouverneurs de la Radiodiffusion
Bureau of Radiological Health
Burlington Radio Control Modellers
Cable Radio Network
Caledonian Radio Controlled Club
Calgary Amateur Radio Association
California Polytechnic Amateur Radio Club
California Public Radio Association
California Public-safety Radio Association
California Radiological Society
Calling All Radio Amateurs
Cámara de Radiodifusión Guatemalteca
Camara Nacional de La Industria de Radio y Television
Cambodian-American Radio Network
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited
Cameroon Radio Television
Campaign for Progressive Radio
Campus Radio Niagara College
Canadian Amateur Radio Federation
Canadian Association of Radiologists
Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System
Canadian Forces Radio and Television
Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System
Canadian Hellenic Cable Radio, Ltd.
Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission
Canadian Radio Music Awards
Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
Canadian Vintage Radio Society
Canalside Community Radio
Canary Islands Radio Networks
Candlewood Amateur Radio Association
Capacitive Radiofrequency
Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association
Capital Public Radio
Capitol Radio Engineering Institute
Cascade Radio Group
Cask for Storage and Transport of Radioactive Material
Catholic Radio and Television Network
Cave Radio & Electronics Group
CB Radio Talk
CDMA Radio Test Unit
Cedar City Radio Control Club
Cellular Mobile Radio
Cellular Mobile Radio Telephone
Cellular Packet Radio
Cellular Radio Access for Broadband Services
Cellular Radio Exchange
Cellular Radio Network
Cellular Radio Switching Office
Cellular Radio Telecommunications Service
Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Center for Human Radiobiology
Center for Human Radiobiology
Center for Public Television and Radio
Center for Radiological Research
Center for Radiophysics and Space Research
Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net
Central Connecticut Radio Control Club
Central Massachusetts Radio Control Modelers
Central Radio Propagation Laboratory
Centre de Controle des Radiocommunications des services Mobiles
Centre Francais de Radio Television
Centre Nucléaire de Traitement et de Conditionnement des Déchets Faiblement Radioactifs
CEPT Amateur Radio Club
Certificat Restreint de Radiotéléphoniste
Certificate in Medical Radiology Technology
Certified Radio Marketing Consultant
Certified Radiologic Technologist
Certified Radiology Administrator
Certified Radiology Equipment Specialist
Certified Radiology Nurse
Certified Senior Radio Engineer
Champaign County Radio Control Club
Champions Soccer Radio Network
Change Radio Frequency
Channel Availability Radio Bulletin
Checkbox/Radio Input Replacement
Chehalis Valley Amateur Radio Society
Chemical and Radiological Assistant
Chemical Biological Radiological Defense
Chemical Biological Radiological Identification and Diagnosis System
Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological
Chemical, Biological, and Radiological
Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Element
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Conventional Weapons
Chemical, Ordnance, Biological, & Radiological
Chemische, Biologische, Radiologische, of Nucleaire
Chemo Radio-Therapy
Chesapeake Bay Radio Association
Chessington Radio Car Club
Chest Radiograph
Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association
Chicagoland Radio Control Modelers
Chicagoland Radiological Network
Chief Radio Man
Chief Radio Technician
China National Radio
China Radio International
China Radio, Film, Television Satellite Company
Chinese Student Radio Association
Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship
Christian Aviation & Radio Ministry
Christian Hit Radio
Christian Hit Radio
Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network
Christian Pirate Radio
Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (Papua, New Guinea
cineventricolografia radioisotopica
Circular Radio Frequency Quadrupole
Citizen Band Radio Service
Citizens Against A Radioactive Environment
Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping
Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams
City of Orange Amateur Radio
City Radio Network
Classical Radiography and Fluoroscopy
Cloud Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
Cloud Cover Radiometer
Cloud Physics Radiometer
Club Radio Active
Club Radio Commandé Labouheyre
Clube de Radioamadores de Americana
Coast Guard Radio Station
coastal radio station
Coastal Station Radio
Coastguard Radio Liaison Station
Coastside Amateur Radio Club
Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications
Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia
Colegio Interamericano de Radiologia
Collectif des Radios Blues
Collège des Enseignants en Radiologie de France
College Of Radiographers
College Of Radiographers
College Radio Network
College Radio Workshop
Colorado Public Radio
Columbia Amateur Radio Association
Columbia Amateur Radio Club
Columbia Broadcasting System Radio Mystery Theater
Columbus Amateur Radio Club
Combat Deployable Radio
Combat Land Mobile Radio
Combat Net Radio
Combat Net Radio Access
Combat Radio Environment Simulator & Trainer
Combat Radio Net
Combat Radio Transport Protocol
Combination Radio
Comisión Internacional de Protección Radiológica
Comite Consultatif International des Radio Communications
Comite International Radio-Maritime
Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques
Comité Internationale Spécial des Perturbations Radioelectrotechnique
Commercial Mobile Radio Service
Commercial Radio Companies Association
Commission Canadienne de Radiodiffusion
Commission Interministérielle des Radio-Eléments Artificiels
Commission Internationale de Protection Radiologique
Commission on Promulgation of Radio Navigational Warnings
Committee for Digital Radio Broadcasting
Committee of European Solar Radio Astronomers
Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
Common Radio Frequency Communication/Navigation Test Set
Common Radio Module Architecture
Common Radio Room
Common Submarine Radio Room
Common User Radio
Communication Radio Panel
Communities Against a Radioactive Environment
Communities Against Radioactive Environments
Community Airport Radio Station
Community Public Radio
Community Radio
Community Radio Forum
Community Radio Fund of Canada
Compact Array Radio-ocationTechninique
Compact Disc Clock Radio
Compact Radio Station
Companhia Portuguesa Rádio Marconi, SA
Composite Radio and Enhanced Service Delivery for the Olympics
Comprehensive Radionuclide Renal Function
Computed Dental Radiography
Computed Radiography
Computer Assisted Radiology & Surgery
Computer Enhanced Radio Emission Surveillance
Computer/Radio Subsystem
Computer-Aided Radio Communication Analysis
Conditionnement et Entreposage de Déchets Radioactifs
Confédération Française des Radioamateurs et Radioécouteurs
Confédération Nationale des Radios Associatives
Connecticut Radio Network
Connecticut Society of Radiologic Technologists
Conseil Etudes en Radioprotection
Conseil National des Radios Associatives
Conselho Regional de Tecnicos em Radiologia
Conservative Talk Radio
Consultative Committee International Radio
Consultative Committee on Photometry and Radiometry
Consumer Radio Service
Containment Radioactivity Removal
Contemporary Hit Radio
Contemporary Hit Radio
Contingency Radio Net
Controlling Radio Network Controller
Cordless Radio Fixed Parts
Cork Campus Radio
Coronado Emergency Radio Operators
Correlation Radiometry
Cosmic Radio Noise
Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.
Country Radio Seminar
Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society
Craft Beer Radio
Crisis Monitoring Radio System
Cumberland Plateau Amateur Radio Club
Cuminanza Rumantscha Radio e Televisiun
Cumulative Radio Audience Method
Cupertino Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Cyclone Amateur Radio Club
Czech Radiological Society
Dallas Amateur Radio Club
Danmarks Bedste Net Radio
Danmarks Radio
Danmarks Radio
Dansk Forening for Interventionel Radiologi
Dansk Radiologisk Selskab
Data Radio Channel
Data Radio Frequency System Interface
Data Radio Standard Test Method
David Bowie Radio Network
David Sarnoff Radio Club
Dayton Amateur Radio Association
Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association
Decomposed Ammonia Radioisotope Thruster
Defence of Amateur Radio Fund
Deinococcus Radiodurans
Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club
Délégué à la Sûreté Nucléaire et à la Radioprotection pour les Activités Intéressant la Défense
Denton County Amateur Radio Association
Department of Antennas Systems and Radio Waves Propagation
Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics
Department of Radiological Health
Department of Radiology
Deployable TeleRadiology System
Derby City Radioactives
Determination d’Orbite et Radiopositionement Integre par Satellite
Detroit Radio Information Service
Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neuroradiologie
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Diagnostic Radiologic Imaging System
Differential Microwave Radiometer
Diffuse Microwave Radiometer
Digital Audio Radio
Digital Audio Radio Playout
Digital Audio Radio Satellite
Digital Audio Radio Service
Digital Audio Radio System
Digital Cable Radio
Digital Image Amplification Radiography
Digital Llama Radio
Digital Microwave Radio
Digital Mobile Radio
Digital Mobile Radio Communications
Digital Modular Radio
Digital Modular Radio
Digital Network Radio
Digital Private Mobile Radio
Digital Radio Altimeter
Digital Radio And Multiplex Acquisition
Digital Radio Broadcasting
Digital Radio Concentrator System
Digital Radio Development Bureau
Digital Radio Express
Digital Radio Express
Digital Radio Frequency
Digital Radio Frequency Memory Unit
Digital Radio Frequency Tag
Digital Radio Management System
Digital Radio Mondiale
Digital Radio Receiver
Digital Radio Research Inc.
Digital Radio Study Group
Digital Radio Unit
Digital Radiography
Digital Radiography
Digital Reconstructed Radiograph
Digital Short Range Radio
Digital Short Range Radio
Digital Terrestrial Radio
Digital Trunked Radio
Digital Trunked Radio System
Digital X-Ray Radiogrammetry
Diocese Amateur Radio Network
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology
Diploma in Radionuclide Imaging
Direct Current / Radio Frequency
Direction de la Radioprotection de l’Homme
Directional Radio Beacon
Directional Radio Beacon
Dirty Liquid Radioactive Waste System
Disaster Amateur Radio Network
Discos Radioactivos Organizados
Discount Two-Way Radio
Disorderly Person (Alabama public safety radio code)
Distal Radio-Ulnar
Distal Radioulnar Joint
Divine Forces Radio
Division of Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs, Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Division of Radiation and Radiobiological Research
Division of Radiological Health
Dodecanese Radio Amateurs Association
Dominica Amateur Radio Club
Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Dominion Radio Astronomy Observatory
Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite
Dorchester Online Radio Company
Double Radio Unit
Downeast Amateur Radio
Downtown Radio
Drewfus Nation Cyber-Pirate Radio
Drift Radio Network Controller
Drone Radio Navigation Equipment
Drone Radio Navigation Equipment
DSTL Radiological Protection Services (UK Ministry of Defense)
Dual Band Radio Frequency
Dual Radio Frequency
Duplex Army Radio/Radar Targeting
Dynamic Radio Resource Allocation
East Alabama Amateur Radio Club
East Coast Radio
East Hampshire Public Radio
Eastern Centre for Radio Astrophysics
Eastern Radiological Society
Ecliptiq Radio
Edmonton Radio Control Society
Educational Radio Project
El Paso County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Electric Radio Controlled Unlimited
Electrical Substitution Radiometer
Electrically/Electronically Scanned/ing Microwave Radiometer
Electronic Radiology Laboratory
Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Radiometer
Electronically Steered Thinned Array Radiometer
Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club
Elevated Radio System
Eliminate Radio Air Smut Effectively
Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi
Emergency Amateur Radio Club
Emergency and Radiological Services Division
Emergency Measures Radio Group
Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
Emergency, Radiology, Anesthesiology and Pathology
Emerson Radio and Phonograph Company
Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radioactivos SA
End of Radioactive Fallout
Energy Music Radio International
Engineering Radio Guild
Engineering Radio Guild
Engineering Radio Guild Alumni Association
Enhanced General Packet Radio Service
Enhanced Land Mobile Radio
Enhanced Position Location Reporting System-Data Radio
Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
Eniwetok Radiological Support Project
Ente Italiano Audizioni Radiofoniche
Enterprise Land Mobile Radio
Equilibrium Gated Radionuclide Angiocardiography
Equilibrium Gated Radionuclide Angiography
Estação Radionaval
Estradiol Cypionate
Estradiol Equivalent Concentration
Estradiol Receptor
Estradiol-Specific Binding Sites
Ethinyl Estradiol
Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency
ETSI Committee on EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
European Association of Radiology
European Committee of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
European Congress of Radiology
European Federation of Radio-Operated Model Automobiles
European Integrated Radio Enhanced Network
European Journal of Radiology
European Radio Astronomy Club
European Radiocommunications Committee
European Radiocommunications Office
European School of Interventional Radiology
European School of Radiology
European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
European Society of Cardiac Radiology
European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology
European Society of Radiology
European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals
Eustado Ondapondiente du Radio Patio
Evangelische Radio & Televisie Stichting
Event-reporting Radio Telemetry System
Extended Specialized Mobile Radio
External Beam Radiotherapy
ExtraLife Radio
Face Cluster Radiosity
Faint Images of the Radio Sky At Twenty-Centimeters
Family Life Radio
Family Life Radio
Family Radio Service
Family Service Radio
Fan Marker Located with Radio Beacon
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association
FCC Private Radio Bureau
Federación Guatemalteca de Escuelas Radiofónicas
Federacion Mexicana de Radiologia e Imagen
Federal Radio Act
Federal Radio Commission
Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center
Federal Radionavigation Plan
Federal Way Amateur Radio Club
Fédération des Radios Associatives Limousin Auvergne
Federation of Radiosport of the Republic of Armenia
Feldberg Radio Relay
Fellow of the American College of Radiology
Fellow of the College of Radiographers
Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists
Fermilab Radiological Control Manual
Fiber to the Radio
Filipino League of Amateur Radio Enthusiasts
Filtered Radiometer
Filtered Radiometer
Finlandssvensk Radio
First Alberta Campus Radio Association
First State Amateur Radio Club
Fitness Radio
Fitted for Radio
Fitted For Radio
Five College Radio
Fixed Radio Access
Fixed Radio Terminal
Fixed Radio Terminal
Fixed Radio Transmitter
Flaps, Radio, Air-Conditioning, and Gear
Flare Activated Radiobiological Observation
Flat Spectrum Radio Quasar
Flexible Radio Module
Flight Radio Officer
Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society
Forest Products Radio Service
Foro Argentino de Radios Comunitarias
Försvarets Radioanstalt
Fort Saskatchewan Amateur Radio Club
Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer
Foundation for Amateur Radio
Foundation for Amateur Radio
Fourth International Radiocarbon Intercomparison
Fox Sports Radio
Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Frankford Radio Club
Free Arab Radio Committee
Free Domain Radio
Free Estradiol Index
Free Radio Berkeley
Free Radio Santa Cruz
French Radio London
Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope
Friendly Radio Amateur Team
Friends of Blue Danube Radio
Friends of Old-Time Radio
Full Tensor Gradiometry
Future Data Radio
Future Digital Radio
Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access System
Future Radioactive Ion Beam
Galaxy News Radio
Gambia Radio and Television Service
Gamer Radio Zero
Gamertag Radio
Garland Amateur Radio Club
Garlic Valley Amateur Radio Club
Gas Filter Correlation Radiometer
Geek Public Radio
General Employee Radiological Training
General Mobile Radio Service
General Motors Amateur Radio Club
General Packet Radio Service
General Radio Broadcast
General Radio Packet System
General Radiologic Technologist
General Radiotelephone Operators License
General World Administration Radio Conference
Generic Radio Access Network
Genesee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Inc
Geo Mobile Packet Radio Service
Geo-Mobile Radio
Geostationary Mobile Radio
Gesellschaft fur Padiatrische Radiologie
Giant Meter-wave Radio Telescope
Global Greek Radio
Global Packet Radio Service
Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation
Goddard Amateur Radio Club
Golay-Coded Teletype Over Radio
Golden Age of Radio
Golden Empire Amateur Radio Society
Golden Radio Buffs of Maryland
Good Dirt Radio
Gospel Radio Fellowship
Grant Amateur Radio Club
Grateful Dread Public Radio
Gravity Gradiometer Mission
Gravity Gradiometer Survey System
Great Lakes Radio Consortium
Great Plains Radiopharmacy, Incorporated
Great Western Radio
Greater London Radio
Greater Manchester Radio
Greatful Dread Radio
Greensboro Amateur Radio Association
Greenwood Amateur Radio Club
Grenada Amateur Radio Club
Ground Mobile Radio
Ground Radio Communications
Ground Radio Interface Devices
Ground Radio Repair Course
Ground Radio Transceiver
Ground Radio Transmitter
Groupe d’Étude et de Travail en Radiologie Osteo Articulaire
Groupe Radioécologie Nord Cotentin
Groupement des Radios Independantes en Belgique
Grupo Radio Centro
GSM Radio Access Network
GSM/Edge Radio Access Network
Guangzhou Radio Group
Guelph Amateur Radio Club
Guitar Center Radio
Ham Radio Guild
Ham Radio License Manual
Ham Radio Outlet
Handheld Amateur Radio
Hand-Held Radios
Hands-On Radio SETI Exhibit (Berkeley, CA)
Hanford Radiological Records Program
Harbin Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club
Hardcore Sports Radio
Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate
Haunted Voices Radio Network
Hawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists
Hazardous Waste and Radiological Protection Section
Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste
Head on Radio Network
Heat Capacity Mapping Radiometer
Hercules Amateur Radio Club
Heritage Sports Radio Network
Hierarchical Yet Dynamic Radio Architecture
High Accuracy Cryogenic Radiometer
High Activity Disposal Experimental Site for Radioactive Waste
High Antennas for Radio Communications
High Capacity Line-Of-Sight Radios
High Capacity Radio Concentrator
High Capacity Trunk Radio
High Definition Radio
High Energy Radio Frequency
High Frequency Radio
High Intensity Radio Frequency
High Magnification Specimen Radiography
High Performance Radio Access
Highband Networking Radio
High-Resolution Infrared Radiometer
High-resolution Multifrequency Microwave Radiometer
Highway Advisory Radio
Highway Advisory Radio System
Highway Amateur Radio Club
Hispanic Radio Amateur Network
Historical Radio Society of Australia
Hoffman Island Radio Association
Home Radio Frequency
Home Radio Frequency Standard
Homes Using Radio
Hoodview Amateur Radio Club
Hornsby and Districts Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Horsham Amateur Radio Club
Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio
Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service
Hospital Emergency Ambulance Radio
Housatonic Amateur Radio Club
Houston Northwest Radiology Association
Howard Stern Radio Network
Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Hrvatski Katolicki Radio
Hrvatski Radioamaterski Savez
Hybrid Fiber Radio
Hydrology/Radionuclide Migration Program
Hyperradiosensitivity Complementing, Mouse, Homolog Of
Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs, Inc
IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium
Illinois Radiological Society
Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists
image-guided radiosurgery
Image-Guided Radiotherapy Technique
Immunoradiometric Assay
Improved SOF HF Manpack Radio System
Impulse Radio Modulation
Impulse Radio Multiple Access
Impulse Radio Sequence
Independent Local Radio
Independent Online Radio Station Network
Independent Radio
Independent Radio and Television Commission
Independent Radio News
Independent Radio Television Network
India Radio Forum
Indian Association of Radiological Technologists
Indian Radiological Imaging Association
Indirect Radiolabeled Antiglobulin Assay
Individual Soldier Radio
Industria de Radio y Televisión
Informacyjnej Agencji Radiowej
Information Carrying Radio Wave
Infrared Radiometer
Infra-red Radiometer
Infrared Scanning Radiometer
Infrared Temperature Profile Radiometer
Ingenieur Surete Radioprotection
In-Hospital Trauma Radio System Response
Inland Empire Council of Amateur Radio Organizations
Inside Mac Radio
Institut de Radioastronomie Millimetrique
Institut de Radiophysique Appliquée
Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire
Institut National des Radioéléments
Institute for Superconducting Radio Frequency Science and Technology
Institute of Electronic and Radio Engineers
Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics
Institute of Radio Engineers
Institute of Radioisotopes and Radiodiagnostic Products
Instituto de Radioproteção e Dosimetria
Integrated Dispatch Radio System
Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive
Integrated GPS Radio System
Integrated Radio Control
Integrated Radio Resource Allocation
Integrated Radio Room
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Intensity-Modulated Radiosurgery
Interactive NASA Space Physics Ionosphere Radio Experiments
Interactive Radio Instruction
Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program
Interagency Committee on Radiological Assistance
Interagency Radio Committee
Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
Interferences en Radio-Frequences
Interferometric Radiometer
Interferometric Radiometer
Intermediate Frequency/Radio Frequency
International Association of Forensic Radiographers
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
International Christian Radio Associates, Inc.
International Commission on Radiological Protection
International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology
International Community Radio Taipei
International Congress of Head and Neck Radiology
International Digital Radio Association
International Radio & Television Foundation, Inc.
International Radio Action Training Education
International Radio Advisory Committee
International Radio Advisory Council
International Radio Call Sign
International Radio Club of America
International Radio Engineers
International Radio Interferometric Surveying
International Radio Regulations
International Radiology Outreach Resources
International Radiosurgery Support Association
International Reference Center for Radioactivity
International Society of Radiology
International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies
International Union of Radio Science, IEEE
International Union of Radioecology
International Veterinary Radiology Association
Internet Oil and Gas Radio
Internet Protocol Radio Access Network
Internet Radio from Tuolumne
Internet Radio Linking Project
Internet Radio Operating System
Internet Talk Radio
Intersite Radio Communications System
Interventional Radiologist
Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology Procedure
Intra Squad Radio
Intra-Base Radio
Intraoperative Radiotherapy
Intraoral Tube Panoramic Radiography
Ionosphere and Radio Propagation Group
Ionospheric Radio Systems and Techniques
Iranian Journal of Radiology
Iraqi Amateur Radio Society
Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club
Irving Amateur Radio Club, Inc
Island County Amateur Radio Club
Israel National Radio
Israel National Radio
Jackson Amateur Radio Club
Japan FM League (commercial radio cooperative)
Japan FM Network (radio)
Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems
Japan Radio Digitization
Japan Radio Network
Japan Radiological Society
Japanese College of Radiology
Japanese Radio Company
Japanese Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
Jason Microwave Radiometer
Jerry Rigged Radio
Jet Grind Radio
Jet Set Radio
Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club
Joint Industry Committee for Radio Audience Research
Joint Radiological Control Center
Joint Tactical Radio
Joint Tactical Radio System
Jolly Roger Radio International
Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
Journal of Radiological Protection
Journées Françaises de Radiologie
Jugoslovenska Radio-Televizija
Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club
Kane Amateur Radio Operators
Kankakee Area Radio Society
Kansas Public Radio
Kansas Society of Radiologic Technologists
Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine
Kasai Horizon Radio-Television
Katholieke Radio Omroep
Keel Radiographic Density
Keith’s Vintage Radio
Kendal Youth Radio
Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club
Kentucky Sports Radio
Kings County Radio Club
Koolau Amateur Radio Club
Korean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
Korean Radiological Society
Kothmale Community Radio
Kuwait Amateur Radio Society
l’Association Canadienne des Radiodiffuseurs
Laboratoire d’Etude de Radiopharmaceutiques
Laboratoire de Radiochimie
Laboratoire de Radioécologie de Cherbourg-Octeville
Laboratoire de Radioécologie et Ecotoxicologie
Laboratoires Associés de Radiophysique et de Dosimétrie
Lake County Amateur Radio Association
Lamoine Emergency Amateur Radio Club
Lancaster Amateur Radio Club
Land Mobile Radio
Land Mobile Radio Architecture
Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club
Laser Radio Terminal
Last Radio Contact
Late Course Accelerated Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy
Lateral Cervical Spine Radiograph
Latvijas Kristigais Radio
Law Enforcement Amateur Radio Club
Law Enforcement Radio Network
Lett Feltradio
Lewis and Clark Radio Club
Liberty Rock Radio
Licking County Radio Control Club
Lightweight Rainfall Radiometer
Limb Radiance Inversion Radiometer
Limb-Scanning Infrared Radiometer
Limited Medical Radiography
Lincoln County Amateur Radio Association
Linux Advanced Radio Terminal
Liquid , Ammunition on hand, Casualties (friendly only) , essential Equipment (military radio call for status of)
Liquid Scintillation Radiometric Method
Listener Driven Radio
Livermore Amateur Radio Klub
Living Word Christian Radio
Livingston Amateur Radio Klub
Local Area Network User Radio Access
Local Distribution Radio
Local Qualitative Radio
Local Radio Luminosity Function
Logic Trunked Radio
London Greek Radio
London News Radio
Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
Long Range Radio Aid to Navigation
Los Alamos Radiometric Instrument
Los Angeles Radiological Society
Loughborough Campus Radio
Low Background Infrared Radiometry
Low Definition Radio
Low Frequency Radio Astronomy
Low Frequency Radio Range
Low Level Radio Frequency
Low Power Radio Association
Low Power Radio Coalition
Low Power Radio Frequency
Low Range Radio Altimeter
Low-Activity Radioactive Waste
Low-cost Pocket Radios
Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Association
Low-Frequency Microwave Radiometer
Low-Level Radioactive Samples
Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Low-Range Radio Altimeter
Lubombo Community Radio Forum
Lucent Digital Radio
Ludlow Radio Car Club
Lugradio Live
Macedonian Radio and Television
Magyar Katolikus Radio
Maine Public Radio
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
Management in Radiology
Manager of Radiological Consequence Assessment
Manhattan Diagnostic Radiology
Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum
Mankato Area Radio Club
Manpack Radio Direction Finding System
Man-Portable Radio Direction Finding System
Manportable Radio Direction-Finding System
Man-transportable Radio Direction Finding Equipment
Marin Amateur Radio Club
Marine Radio Affairs Unit
Marker Radio Beacon
Mass Miniature Radiography
Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists
Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences
Master of the Art Radio Production
Master of the Art Radio Production
Master Radio Frequency List
Matières Radioactives Naturelles
McKinney Amateur Radio Club
Medical Emergency Radio Channel for Illinois
Medical Radioisotope Program
Medical Radiologic Technology
Medical Radiological Research Center
Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
Melbourne Packet Radio Group, Inc.
Melbourne Radio-Controlled Helicopter Club
Member of the Royal College of Radiologists
Member of the Society for Radiological Protection
Member of the Society of Radiographers
Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club
Mexican Radio and Television Association
Michiana Amateur Radio Club
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc.
Michigan Radiological Society
Michigan Radiological Society
Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists
Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club
Michigan Talk Radio Network
Micro-Electromagnetic Radio Frequency System
Microprocessor And Radio Telephone Interconnection
Microwave Imaging Radiometer
Microwave Imaging Radiometer by Aperture Synthesis
Microwave Packet Radio
Microwave Radiometer
Microwave Radiometry
Microwave Scanning Radiometer
Microwave Water Radiometer
Microwave Water Substance Radiometer
Mid Arkansas Radio Control Society, Inc.
Mid Michigan Radio Group
Mid-America Interventional Radiological Society
Middle Tennessee Radio Control Society
Mid-Missouri Radio Control Association
Midnight Trucking Radio Network
Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute
Midwest Radio and Music Association
Military Affiliate Radio Service
Military Affiliate Radio System
Military Amateur Radio System
Military Radio Collectors Association
Millimeter Wave Radio
Millimeter-Wave Imaging Radiometer
Milwaukee Area Amateur Radio Society
Milwaukee Area Radio Stations
Minimum Residual Radioactivity
Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota Society of Radiologic Technologists
Mir International Amateur Radio Experiment
Miscellaneous Radioactive Material
Missed approach, Altimeter, Radios, Time, Heading, Altitudes
Mission Radio Operator
Mississauga Amateur Radio Club
Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club
Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group
Mobile Cellular Radio
Mobile Intercept Resistant Radio
Mobile Radio Broadcast System
Mobile Radio Component
Mobile Radio for Railway Networks in Europe
Mobile Radio Service
Mobile Radio Service
Mobile Radio Subsystem
Mobile Radio Subsystem
Mobile Radio Technology
Mobile Radio Telephone
Mobile Radio Transmission and Reception
Mobile Radio Unit
Mobile Subscriber Radio Equipment
Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal
Mobile Subscriber Radiotelephone Terminal
Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
Modular Cellular Radio
Modular Multiband Radiometer
Modular Radio Cabinet
modulated electron radiotherapy
Mongolian Amateur Radio Society
Monroe County Radio Communications Association
Montgomery Amateur Radio Club
Montreal Amateur Radio Club
MOPITT Airborne Test Radiometer
Moray Firth Radio
Morehead State Public Radio
Moscow Izdatel Sovetskoe Radio Ionosfernye
Moscow Radio-Technical Institute
Motorola Amateur Radio Club
Motorola Radio-Telephone Interconnect
Moultrie Amateur Radio Klub
Mountain Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
MR Macromolecular Contrast Medium (radiology)
Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
Multi Agency Radio Communications System
Multi Axis Radio Range
Multi Radio Van
Multiangle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer
Multiband Multimode Radio
Multi-Band Multi-Mode Radio
Multi-Band Radio
Multi-Band Vehicle Radio
Multi-Band, Multi-Mission Radio
Multi-carrier Flexible Radio Module
Multicast Interactive Radio
Multi-Channel Multi-Radio
Multi-Channel Radio Terminal
Multi-Element Radio-Linked Interferometer Network
Multi-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer
Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Radiometer
Multifrequency Passive Microwave Radiometer
Multi-Function Radio
Multigated Radionuclide Angiography
Multi-Mode Radio
Multimode Radiometer
Multiple-Address Radio System
Multiple-band Avionics Radio Suite
Multiprojection Narrow Beam Radiography
Multi-Radio Conflict Graph
Multi-Radio Multi-Channel
Multi-Radio Vehicle
Multi-Role Radio
Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer
Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer
Multi-Standard Radio
Multi-Use Radio Service
Multi-Use Radio System
Mumbai Amateur Radio Society
Murray State University Amateur Radio Club
Museum of Radio and Technology
Museum of Television and Radio
MVCS Radio Equipment Cabinet
Myanmar Radio and Television
National Advisory Council on Radio in Education
National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity
National Association of Business and Educational Radio
National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters
National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts
National Broadcast Radio
National Campus and Community Radio Association
National Campus and Community Radio Conference
National Centre for Radio Astrophysics
National Christian Radio Alliance
National Community Radio Forum
National Council for Radio and Television
National Council on Radio and Television
National Digital Radio Service
National Emergency X-Radiography Utilization Study
National Institute of Amateur Radio
National Institute of Radiological Science
National Public Radio
National Public Radio and Television
National Public Radio Online
National Public Radio Online
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
National Radio Company of Ukraine
National Radio Control Truck Pulling Association
National Radio Observatory
National Radio Producers Association
National Radio Project
National Radio Science Conference
National Radio Systems Committee
National Radio Telecommunication Corporation
National Radiologic Technology Week
National Radiological Protection Board
National Radiological Protection Directorate
National Radiowave Propagation Committee
National Research Council Canada Time Signal Shortwave Radio Station
National Stereophonic Radio Committee
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
Naturally Radioactive
Naturally-Occurring/Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Materials
Naugatuck Valley Radiological Associates
Nautic Radio
Naval Radio Receiver Facility
Naval Radio Receiving Facility
Naval Radio Station
Naval Radioactive Materials Permit
Navy Growth Radio
Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System
Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System Radio Station
Near Term Data Radio
Near Term Digital Radio
Nederlandse Radio Unie
Neighborhood Public Radio
Net Radio Communications Worldwide
Net Radio Interface
Net Radio Interference
Network Centric Radio System
Network Radio Protocol
Neutron Radiography
Nevada Public Radio
Nevada Shared Radio System
New England Radio Watch
New Japan Radio Corp
New Life Radio
New York Public Radio
New York Radio Control Clubs
New Zealand Radio Training School
New Zealand Radioscience Group
Newcastle Student Radio
NIST Advanced Radiometer
NIST longwave Standard Time Signal (Radio station callsign)
No Rules Radio
NOAA Weather Radio
Nobeyama Radio Observatory
Non directional radio transmitter beacon
Nondirectional Radio Beacon
Non-Directional Radio Beacon
Non-Radioactive Compositionally Representative
Non-Radioactive Dangerous Waste Storage Facility
Non-Radioactive Hazardous Material
Nonradioactive Waste
Non-Tactical Radio
Non-Tactical Radio Networks
Norsk Radio Relae Liga
North America Radio Archives
North Arkansas Amateur Radio Society
North Atlantic Radio System
North Carolina Association of Radio Reading Services
North Cotswold Community Radio
North Country Public Radio
North Dallas Radio Control Club
North East Community Radio
North East Radio Group
North Fulton Amateur Radio League
North Hills Radio Club
North Norfolk Amateur Radio Group
North Sea Radio Orchestra
North Shore Radio Club
Northeast Indiana Public Radio
Northern Alliance Radio Network
Northern Corridor Radio Group
Northern Illinois Radio Information Service
Northern Ireland Hospital Radio
Northern Lights Radio Society
Northville Amateur Radio Association
Northwest Amateur Radio Societies Association
Northwest Public Radio
Northwestern University Radio Drama
Nottingham Radio Control Society
Nouvelle Radio Jeunesse
Nouvelle Radio Jeunesse
Nouvelles Télé-Radio
Nucleaire, Radiologique, Biologique et Chimique
Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
Nuclear Biological Chemical Radiological Simulation
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
Nuclear, Biological, Radiological, or Chemical
Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical
Nuclear/Radiological Advisory Team
Oblique Lateral Cephalometric Radiography
Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Benin
Offshore Music Radio
Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists
Ohio State Radiological Society
Oklahoma Society of Radiologic Technologists
Old Time Radio
Old Time Radio Collectors and Traders Society
On Line Radio Trader
Onde Radio Ovest
Onion Radio News
On-Scene Command and Coordination Radio
Operation and Support System Radio and Core
Operational Radio Interferometry Observing Network
Operations Maintenance Center Radio
Opto-Thermal Transient Emission Radiometry
Orange Park Amateur Radio Club
Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
Oregon Board of Radiologic Technology
Oregon Radiological Society
Organisation de Radiodiffusion et Television Française
Organisation Internationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision or OIRT
Orwell Radio Model Club
Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit
Paarl Radio Taxis
Pacific County Amateur Radio Club
Pacifica Radio Archives
Packet Radio
Packet Radio
Packet Radio Measurement
Packet Radio Network
Packet Radio Unit
Packet Radio/Wireless Network Access
Pagan Poet Radio
Pagan Radio Network
Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association
Palomar Amateur Radio Club
Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club
Pampanga Radio Communication
Panama City Amateur Radio Club
Paper Radio Allergo Sorbent Technique
Passive Imaging Microwave Radiometer
Passive Imaging Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
Passive Microwave Radiometer
Passive Microwave Radiometry
Passive Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
passive Radio Frequency Identification
Pawtuxet Valley Amateur Radio Club
Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
Peninsula Radio Flyers
Penn-Mar Radio Club
Pennsylvania Radiological Society
Pennsylvania Radiological Society
Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists
Periapical Radiolucency
Periapical Radiolucency
Personal Active Radio Audio Terminal
Personal Advanced Radio System
Personal Mobile Radio
Personal Model Radio Service
Personal Radio
Personal Radio
Personal Radio Service
Personal Radio Service
Personal Role Radio
Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Conference
Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio
Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communication
Personne Compétente en Radioprotection
Persons Using Radio
Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology
Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology
Philippine Association of Radiologic Technologists, Inc.
Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club
Photometry and Radiometry Consultative Committee
Photopolarimeter Radiometer
Photostimulable Phosphor Computed Radiography
Picocell Radio Channel
Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association
Pink Barbie Radio
Pioneer Valley Radio Association
Piss and Moan Radio
Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio Association
Pittwater Radiology Partnership
Plano Amateur Radio Klub
Planta de Produccion de Radioisotopos
Pod Diver Radio
Polarimetric Scanning Radiometer
Police radio code for murder
Polyteknikkojen Radiokerho
Ponti Radio PR SpA
Ponti Radio PR SpA
Portable Radio Communications
Portable Radio Program
Porter County Amateur Radio Club
Portland Amateur Radio Club
Portland Area Radio Council
Poseidon Augmented Radio Room
Post Mastectomy Radiotherapy
Posta Telefon Telegraf Radio
Postaccident Radioactivity Depletion
Power Radio Service
Power Radio Service
Practical Technologist in Radiology
Prefix for Radio Navigation Warning
Premiere Radio Networks
Première Radio Universitaire de Nantes
Pressure Modulator Infrared Radiometer
Pressure Modulator Radiometer
Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection
Private Access Mobile Radio
Private Advanced Radio Service
Private Business Radio
Private Land Mobile Radio Communications
Private Microwave Radio
Private Mobile Radio
Process & Effluent Radiological Monitoring System
Professional Mobile Radio
Profiling Reflectance Radiometer
Programa de Qualidade em Radioterapia
Programmable Digital Radio
Prometheus Radio Project
Prostate Implant Planning Engine for Radiotherapy
Protection Radiologique Intégrée
Provincial Emergency Radio Communications Service
Public Access Mobile Radio
Public Liberty Radio
Public Mobile Radio
Public Radio Capital
Public Radio Conference
Public Radio Exchange
Public Radio Fan
Public Radio International
Public Radio Internet Service Alliance
Public Radio News Directors Incorporated
Public Radio Partnership
Public Radio Program Directors
Public Radio Satellite System
Public Radio Talent Quest
Public Safety Communications Radio
Pulsed Photothermal Radiometry
Punk Radio Cast
Puschino Radio Astronomy Observatory
Push Broom Microwave Radiometer
Quannapowitt Radio Association
Quantitative Autoradiography
quantitative digital radiography
Quantitative Radioisotopic Angiocardiography
Quinte Amateur Radio Club
Radar/Radio Countermeasures
Radar/Radio Microwave Link
Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
Radio & Teletype
Radio 2
Radio Access
Radio Access Bearer
Radio Access Independent Broadband on Wireless
Radio Access Network
Radio Access Network Application Protocol
Radio Access Point
Radio Access Point Antenna
Radio Access Protocol
Radio Access System Controller
Radio Access Technology
Radio Access Unit
Radio Acoustic Sounding System
Radio Activated Key Entry
Radio Advertising Bureau
Radio Advertising Clearance Centre
Radio Alpes Mancelles
Radio Alpine Meilleure
Radio Altimeter
Radio Altitude
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency System
Radio Amateur Educational Society
Radio Amateur Emergency Network
Radio Amateur Emergency Services
Radio Amateur Invalid and Blind Club
Radio Amateur’s Examination
Radio Amateurs of/du Canada
Radio Amateurs Vaudois
Radio Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Radio and Allied Industries
Radio and Plasma Wave Science
Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
Radio and Television Executives Society
Radio and Television Research Council
Radio and Wireless Conference
Radio Antar Penduduk Indonesia
Radio Area Network
Radio Area of Dominant Influence
Radio Array Neutrino Detector
Radio Association Defending Airwave Rights
Radio Astronomy Controller
Radio Astronomy Explorer
Radio Astronomy Laboratory
Radio Astronomy Service
Radio At Vaughan
Radio Atmospheric Study Centre
Radio Attenuation Measurement
Radio Audience Measurement
Radio Audizioni Italiane
Radio Australia
Radio Authority
Radio Band
Radio Base Station
Radio Based Combat Identification
Radio Base-Station Antenna
Radio Beacon
Radio Beacon Omnidirectional
Radio Bearing
Radio Berlin International
Radio Bible Class
Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg
Radio Block Center
Radio Bluegrass International
Radio Bremen
Radio Broadcast Data System
Radio Broadcast Network
Radio Broadcasting
Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act
Radio Business Report
Radio Button
Radio Cab of Marshfield
Radio Cadena Nacional
Radio Campus Rennes
Radio Campus Rouen
Radio Canada
Radio Canada International
Radio Canal Myrtille
Radio Caraïb Nancy
Radio Carbon Years Before Present
Radio Chalom Nitsan
Radio Channel Unit
Radio Chaplain Program Network
Radio Check
Radio Chine Internationale
Radio Church of God
Radio Cité Bretagne
Radio Cité Vauban
Radio Club Argentino
Radio Club Kennemerland
Radio Club of America
Radio Club Paraguayo
Radio Club Venezolano
Radio Clube Portugues
Radio Cluster Server
Radio Code Aptitude Area
Radio Collectors of America
Radio College of Canada
Radio Colorado Network
Radio Common Carrier
Radio Communautaire de Developpement de la Mvila
Radio Communaute Juive
Radio Communication Air-to-Ground
Radio Communication Outlet
Radio Communications Agency
Radio Communications Center
Radio Communications Committee
Radio Communications Link
Radio Communications of the Philippines, Inc.
Radio Communications Report
Radio Communications Supplement
Radio Communications System
Radio Communications System Division
Rádio Comunidade do Boquim
Radio Condé Macou
Radio Conference Subcommittee
Radio Contact Underground
Radio Control Car Action
Radio Control Club of Detroit
Radio Control Club of Rochester
Radio Control Complex
Radio Control Equipment
Radio Control Function
Radio Control Link
Radio Control Model News
Radio Control Model World
Radio Control Monster Truck
Radio Control Panel
Radio Control Point
Radio Control Protocol
Radio Control Soaring Exchange
Radio Control Unit
Radio Controlled
Radio Controlled Analog Clock
Radio Controlled Combat Association
Radio Controlled Soaring Digest
Radio Corporación Nacional
Radio Corporation of America
Radio Corporation of Singapore
Radio Cosenza Centrale
Radio Country Family
Radio Dalmacija
Radio Dalmacija
Radio Data Broadcasting System
Radio Data Link
Radio Data Service
Radio Data System
Radio Data Technology Limited
Radio der Deutschen Und Rätoromanischen Schweiz
Radio des Boutières
Radio des Iles
Radio des Jeunes
Radio des Meilleurs Jours
Radio Design Labs
Radio Detection And Ranging
Radio Detection Finding
Radio Detective Story Hour
Radio Determination and Satellite System
Radio Determination Satellite Service
Radio Diagnostic Tool
Radio Digital System
Radio Digital Terminal
Radio Direct Dial
Radio Direction Finder
Radio Direction Finding Station
Radio Direction-Finding Letdown Procedure
Radio Disney
Radio Disney
Radio Dla Ciebie
Radio Dor de Tara
Radio Dreyeckland Libre
Radio du Hip Hop
Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha
Radio Éireann
Radio Éireann
Radio Electronic Combat
Radio Electronic Combat
Radio Electronic Warfare
Radio Electronics Officer
Radio Electronics Unit
Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams
Radio Emergency Patrol
Radio Emergency Volunteer Communications
Radio en Construction
Radio en Construction
Radio en Nord
Radio en Nord
Radio Enclosure
Radio Enclosure
Radio Entertainment Network
Radio Entertainment Network
Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound
Radio Equipment and Systems
Radio Equipment and Systems
Radio Equipment Box
Radio Equipment List
Radio Equipment List
Radio Equipment System
Radio Equipment System
Radio España Independiente
Radio Est Réunion
Radio Expenditure Report
Radio Exterior de España
Radio Fantasy
Radio Fil de l’Eau
Radio Finger Printing
Radio Fire Alarm Reporter
Radio Firing Device
Radio Fixed Part
Radio for Development
Radio for the Print Handicapped
Radio Forecast Network
Radio France Evangile
Radio France Internationale
Radio France Outremer
Radio Free Afghanistan
Radio Free Asia
Radio Free Charleston
Radio Free Chicago
Radio Free Europe
Radio Free Hamptons
Radio Free Jericho
Radio Free Kansas
Radio Free LA
Radio Free Monterey
Radio Free Roscoe
Radio Free San Andreas
Radio Free Skaro
Radio Free South West
Radio Free Vermont
Radio Free Virgin
Radio Free Zion
Radio Fréquence Jura
Radio Frequence Laon
Radio Frequence Luynes
Radio Fréquence Nimes
Radio Frequence Web
Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency Ablation
Radio Frequency Adjunct Sensor
Radio Frequency Authorization
Radio Frequency Cabinet
Radio Frequency Carrier Shift
Radio Frequency Channel Number
Radio Frequency Choke
Radio Frequency Control
Radio Frequency Data Capture
Radio Frequency Data Communications
Radio Frequency Data Link
Radio Frequency Distribution
Radio Frequency Distribution System
Radio Frequency Distribution Unit
Radio Frequency Down Converter
Radio Frequency Engineering
Radio Frequency Equipment
Radio Frequency Equipment Assembly
Radio Frequency Expendable Decoy
Radio Frequency Finder
Radio Frequency Free Electron Laser
Radio Frequency Gateway
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification Device
Radio Frequency Immunity
Radio Frequency Infrared Device
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit
Radio Frequency Interface
Radio Frequency Interface Chip
Radio Frequency Interface Control Document
Radio Frequency Interference
Radio Frequency Interferometer
Radio Frequency Investigation
Radio Frequency Localization
Radio Frequency Mobile Electronic Test Set
Radio Frequency Module
Radio Frequency Monitor
Radio Frequency Oscillator
Radio Frequency Palatal Ablation
Radio Frequency Plasma
Radio Frequency Power Amplifier
Radio Frequency Quadrupole
Radio Frequency Radiation
Radio Frequency Resonance Absorption
Radio Frequency Simulation System
Radio Frequency Surveillance
Radio Frequency Surveillance System
Radio Frequency Switching System
Radio Frequency System Simulation
Radio Frequency Systems
Radio Frequency Tag
Radio Frequency Test Set
Radio Frequency Unit
Radio Frequency Weapons
Radio Frequenza Virtuale
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Radio from Hell
Radio Gate International
Radio Gets Wild
Radio Gods Forum
Radio Golfe d’Amour
Radio Grade
Radio Grade/Universal
Radio Graoully Metz
Radio Grille Ouverte
Radio Ground Zero
Radio Gruene Welle
Radio Gue Mozot
Radio Guide
Radio Habana Cuba
Radio Habbo Net
Radio Haute Angevine
Radio Hautes-Vosges
Radio High Frequency
Radio Hong Kong
Radio Horizon Range
Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control
Radio Identification Code
Radio Iguaneoudon Gironde
Radio Imaging
Radio Immuno Assay Technology
Radio Immuno Guided Surgery
Radio Immunoprecipitation Assay
Radio in a Box
Radio in the Local Loop
Radio Incremental Tuning
Radio Industrija Zagreb
Radio Information Center
Radio Installation Kit
Radio Integrated Navigation Outdoors
Radio Interconnect Controller
Radio Interface Box
Radio Interface Layer
Radio Interface Terminal
Radio Interface Unit
Radio Interference
Radio Interference Measuring Set
Radio Interference Voltage
Radio Investigation Service
Radio Italia Network
Radio Jockey
Radio Jockey
Radio Judaica Lyon
Radio Juive de Marseille
Radio Jura Bernois SA
Radio Kaštela
Radio Keith Orpheum
Radio King Orchestra
Radio Klub Pazin
Radio Klub Pazin
Radio Knowledge Representation Language
Radio Korea International
Radio Krishna Network
Radio Lazan Iarivo
Radio Le Mans
Radio Liban Libre
Radio Libertaire
Radio Liberty
Radio Licensable Content Service
Radio Limonadovy Joe
Radio Line Of Sight
Radio Link Adaptation
Radio Link Control
Radio Link Network
Radio Link Protocol
Radio Locale Communautaire
Radio Lycee Montesoro
Radio Magnetic Indicator
Radio Malherbe Grenoble
Radio Mallnitz-Milano Internazionale
Radio Management Panel
Radio Management Unit
Radio Manufacturers’ Association
Radio Manufacturing Engineers
Radio Market Report
Radio Marketing Service
Radio Maryse Bastie
Radio Measurement Statistics
Radio Metallurgical Laboratory
Radio Mille Pattes
Radio Mindanao Network
Radio Mobile Patrol
Radio Model Club Moncoutant
Radio Model Club Sénonais
Radio Modem
Radio Mont Liban
Radio Monte Carlo
Radio Motor Patrol
Radio Móvil Privada
Radio Mulhouse Bienvenue
Radio Muzyka Fakty
Radio Nacional de Angola
Radio Nacional de España
Radio Narbonne Mediterranee
Radio Navigation Point
Radio Navigation Warning
Radio Nederland
Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Radio Network Association
Radio Network Control Server
Radio Network Controller
Radio Network Design
Radio Network Interface
Radio Network Optimization
Radio Network Planning
Radio Network Subsystem
Radio Network Temporary Identifier
Radio New York International
Radio New Zealand Ltd
Radio News Release
Radio Newsletter
Radio Nodes
Radio Noise Corporation
Radio Northsea International
Radio Notre Dame
Radio Numérique
Radio Numérique Terrestre
Radio Officers’ Amateur Radio Society
Radio on a Chip
Radio Operated Automobile Racing
Radio Operator
Radio Operator
Radio Operator
Radio Orphan Annie
Radio over Fiber
Radio Over Internet Protocol
Radio Packet
Radio Packet Modem
Radio Packet Processor
Radio Paging
Radio Paging Service Provider
Radio Panggil Untuk Umum
Radio Pays d’Aurillac
Radio Pays d’Herault
Radio Peltre Loisirs
Radio Philippines Network
Radio Plasma Wave
Radio Port
Radio Port Controller
Radio Programas del Peru
Radio Publique Africaine
Radio Quality Assurance Scheme
Radio Qui Chifel
Radio Qui Vous Ressemble
Radio Quiet Quasar
Radio Quiet Zone
Radio Race Car International
Radio Rack
Radio Reading Service of the Rockies
Radio Réalisée par Logiciel
Radio Receiver
Radio Reconnaissance Equipment Program
Radio Reconnaissance Platoon
Radio Reconnaissance Team
Radio Regulations
Radio Regulations Board
Radio Regulatory
Radio Regulatory Department
Radio Relay
Radio Relay Aircraft
Radio Relay Link
Radio Relay Points
Radio Relay Squadron
Radio Remote Unit
Radio Repeater Set
Radio Repertory Company of America
Radio Republik Indonesia
Radio Research Consortium
Radio Research Field Station
Radio Research Unit
Radio Resource
Radio Resource Allocation
Radio Resource Control
Radio Resource Management
Radio Rhino International Africa
Radio Romania International
Radio Rumantsch
Radio Rurale de Kayes
Radio Russkij Berlin
Radio Rythme Bleu
Radio Salaam Namaste
Radio Salve Regina
Radio San Marino International
Radio sans Frontiere
Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc.
Radio Schleswig Holstein
Radio Science
Radio Science
Radio Science Bulletin
Radio Science Experiment
Radio Science Experiment
Radio Science Experiment
Radio Science IF-to-VF Downconverter
Radio Science Subsystem
Radio Sciences PO
Radio Security Service
Radio Series of Poker
Radio Service Software
Radio Set Adapter
Radio Set Identification
Radio Set/System
Radio Set/System
Radio Shack
Radio Shack
Radio Shack
Radio Shack Service Plan
Radio Shortest Path First
Radio Singapore International
Radio Slovakia International
Radio Society of Great Britain
Radio Society of Sri Lanka
Radio Society of Tucson
Radio Society of Zambia
Radio Sol Train
Radio Solar Telescope Network
Radio Sonder Grense
Radio Sorbonne Nouvelle
Radio Soult Menager
Radio Spares
Radio Spares
Radio Spectrum Agency
Radio Spectrum Management
Radio Spectrum Measurement System
Radio Squadron Mobile
Radio St Austell Bay
Radio Standardization
Radio Standards Specifications
Radio Star
Radio Star
Radio Station Equipment
Radio Suara Persaudaraan Matraman
Radio Sub System
Radio Suisse Romande
Radio Supervisor
Radio Supervisor
Radio Switch Panel
Radio Systems Corporation
Radio Tales of the Strange & Fantastic
Radio Talking Book Services
Radio Team Leader
Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
Radio Technical Liaison Committee
Radio Technician Selection Test
Radio Tele Trentino Regionale
Radio Telefis Eireann
Radio Telefis Eireann
Radio Telefono Mobile Integrato
Radio Telegraph Operators Course
Radio Telegraphy
Radio Telemetry Unit
Radio Telephone System
Radio Telephony
Radio Telephony
Radio Telephony
Radio Telescope
Radio Telescope
Radio Telescope Remote Control
Radio Teletypewriter
Radio Teletypewriter
Radio Teletypewriter
Radio Televisao Portuguesa
Radio Televisao Portuguesa Acores
Rádio Televisão Portuguesa Internacional
Radio Televisie Meerssen
Radio Television
Radio Television Afghanistan
Radio Télévision Belge Francophone
Radio Télévision du Burkina
Radio Televisión Española
Radio Television Film
Radio Television Hong Kong
Radio Télévision Luxembourg
Radio Television Malacañang
Radio Television Malaysia
Radio Télévision Nationale Congolaise
Radio Television Nationale du Burundi
Radio Television of Kosova
Radio Television of Kosovo
Radio Television Society
Radio Televisione Italiana
Radio Televison Francaise
Radio Televizija Zajecar
Radio Telex Letter
Radio Terminal Function
Radio Terminal Test Set
Radio Terminating Unit
Radio Test Set
Radio Test Unit
Radio Text
Radio Text
Radio Times
Radio Times
Radio Timor Leste
Radio Tirana
Radio Tirana
Radio Traffic Channel
Radio Trait d’Union
Radio Transmission Adaption Functionality
Radio Transmission Control
Radio Transmission Operator
Radio Transmission Techniques
Radio Transmission Technology
Radio Transmission Unit
Radio Transmitter
Radio Transmitter
Radio Tuning Software Application
Radio Tuning Unit
Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale
Radio Ulavlivatel Samoletov
Radio Unit
Radio Universidade de Coimbra
Radio Universitaria do Minho
Radio Userland
Radio Users Telephone Handbook
Radio Val d’Or
Radio Vallee Bergerac
Radio Vallée de la Lézarde
Radio Vallée de Seine
Radio Vallées Vosges
Radio Valois Multien
Radio Vie Meilleure
Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal
Radio Vocea Evangheliei
Rádio Voz de Esmoriz
Radio Warfare
Radio Warwick
Radio Watch
Radio Waves, Inc.
Radio Wire Integration
Radio Wire Interface
Radio Wireless Week
Radio Wireline Interface
Radio Wireline Interface/Navy
Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-Rays, Gamma
Radio, Telephone, & Teletype
Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures
Radio/Telephone Operator
Radio’s All-Dimension Audience Research
Radioactive Air Emissions Program
Radioactive Biological Chemical
Radioactive Illuminated Fire Control
Radioactive Iodinated Serum Albumin
Radioactive Iodine
Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test
Radioactive Ion Beam
Radioactive Liquid Waste
Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility
Radioactive Material
Radioactive Material Control
Radioactive Material Loss
Radioactive Material Package
Radioactive Material Permit
Radioactive Material Transfer Form
Radioactive Materials Handling Engineering
Radioactive Mixed Waste
Radioactive Noble Gas
Radioactive Nuclear Beam
Radioactive Scrap Metal
Radioactive Shipments
Radioactive Shipments
Radioactive Source Recovery Program
Radioactive Substances Act
Radioactive Threat Detection
Radioactive Waste and Material Accountability
Radioactive Waste Campaign
Radioactive Waste Disposal Plant
Radioactive Waste Management
Radioactive Waste Management Associates
Radioactive Waste Management Committee
Radioactive Waste Management Complex
Radioactive-Power Systems Facility
Radioactivity and the Age of the Earth
Radioactivity Concentration Guide
Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring
Radioallergosorbent Test
Radioanalytical Project Coordinator
Radiobiological Effectiveness
Radio-Cephalic Fistula
Radiochemical Engineering Development Center
Radioclub Alfonso X
Radio-Club National
Radiocommunication Act
Radiocommunication Advisory Group
Radiocommunication Assembly
Radiocommunication Bureau
Radiocommunication Bureau
Radiocommunication Bureau
Radiocommunication Information Circular
Radiocommunications Agency
Radiocommunications Division
Radiocommunications Division
Radiocommunications Sector
Radiocommunications Sector
Radiocontrast Media
Radio-Controlled Clock
Radio-Controlled Flight Simulator
Radio-Controlled Race Car
Radiodetermination Satellite System
Radiodiffusion Audionumerique
Radiodiffusion Francaise
Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti
Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne
Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise
Radiodiffusion-Television Francaise
Radiodifusao Portuguesa
Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior
Radio-Electronic Combat Support
Radio-Electronic Protection
Radio-Engineering Faculty
Radio-France Internationale
Radio-Free Nintendo
Radio-Frequency Complementary Metal-Oxide Semi-Conductor
Radiofrequency Denervation
radiofrequency lesioning
Radiofrequency Neurotomy
Radiofrequency Uvuloplasty
Radiograph Digital Converter
Radiographic Absorptiometry
Radiographic Alveolar Bone Loss
Radiographic Angle of Mouth Opening
Radiographic Bone Level
Radiographic Image Interpretation System
Radiographic Integrated Test Stand
Radiographic Joint Destruction
Radiographic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Radiographical Evaluation System in Total Hip Arthroplasty
Radiography and Fluoroscopy
Radioguided Occult Lesion Localization
Radio-Immune Antiglobulin Test
Radioimmune Therapy
Radioimmunosorbent Assay
Radioimmunosorbent Test
Radioiodine Ablation
Radioiodine Therapy
Radioisotope Beam Factory
Radioisotope Electric Propulsion
Radioisotope Heater Units
Radioisotope Power Generator
Radioisotope Power Supply
Radioisotope Power System
Radioisotope Power Systems Facility
Radioisotope Thermionic Generator
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Power
Radioisotope Use Authorization
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth
Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generator
Radiolocation Service
Radiologic Technologist
Radiologic Technologist
Radiologic Technology
Radiologic Technology
Radiological Aerosol Monitor
Radiological Affairs Support Program
Radiological Air Sample Counting and Analysis Laboratory
Radiological Assessment
Radiological Assessment/Assistance Team
Radiological Assistance Program
Radiological Associates of Sacramento
Radiological Buffer Area
Radiological Consultants Association
Radiological Control Area
Radiological Control Line
Radiological Control Technical Position
Radiological Control Technician
Radiological Controls Practices Evaluation
Radiological Defense Study
Radiological Dispersal Device
Radiological Dispersion Bomb
Radiological Dispersion Device
Radiological Emergency Assistance
Radiological Emergency Preparedness
Radiological Emergency Response
Radiological Emergency Response Team
Radiological Engineering Assessment
Radiological Hazard Warning
Radiological Health Program
Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.
Radiological Material Storage Area
Radiological Materials Area
Radiological Occurrence Reporting
Radiological Operating Instructions
Radiological Protection
Radiological Protection Division
Radiological Repair Barge
Radiological Research Laboratory
Radiological Safety Officer
Radiological Service Training Institute
Radiological Society of Louisiana
Radiological Society of North America, Inc.
Radiological Support Devices
Radiological Systems, Inc.
Radiological Warfare
Radiological Warfare Treaty
Radiological Warhead
Radiological Warning System
Radiological Work Permit
Radiologix, Inc.
Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, PSC
Radiology Assembly of Medical Group Management Association
Radiology Associates of South Florida
Radiology Benefit Management
Radiology Certified Coder
Radiology Coding Certification Board
Radiology Corporation of America
Radiology Information System
Radiology Information System Consortium
Radiology Intelligent Information System
Radiology Learning Center
Radiology Medical Group
Radiology Practitioner Assistant
Radiology Services Online
Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology and Dermatology
Radiology-Nuclear Medicine
Radioman Car Audio Inc.
Radioman Second Class
Radioman, Chief
Radioman, Master Chief
Radioman, Senior Chief
RadioMarine Corporation of America
Radiomessagerie Unilatérale
Radiometer Calibration and Characterization
Radiometric Calibration Facility
Radiometric Correction Coefficients
Radionuclide Aerosol Sampler/Analyzer
Radionuclide Imaging
Radionuclide Migration
Radionuclide Trap Test
Radionuclide Ventriculogram
Radio-Opaque Marker Technique
Radioprotection et Sûreté Nucléaire
Radio-Protein Binding Assay
Radioreceptor Assay
Radios Chretiennes Francophones
Radios Francophones Publiques
Radiosity Normal Map
Radiosonde Initial Analysis
Radiostereometric Analysis
Radiotelephone Operator
Radio-Television Algerienne
Radio-Television Correspondents Association
Radiotelevision del Principado de Asturias
Radiotelevisione Svizzera Di Lingua Italiana
Radio-Televizija Srbije
Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia
Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tools
Radiotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
Radioulnar Joint
Raleigh Amateur Radio Society
Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society
Real-Time Radiography
Red Bar Radio
Red Oak Victory Amateur Radio Club
Red River Radio Amateurs
Regime de Travail Radiologique
Regional Administrative Radio Conference
Regional Radiocommunication Conference
Registered Radiologic Technologist
Registered Radiologist Assistant
Registered Technologist, Radiography
Remote Radio Equipment
Remote Radio Interface
Remote Radio Module
Remote Radio Site
Remote Radio Unit
Reseau National de Mesures de la Radioactivite de l’Environnement
Residual Radioactive Material
Retro Gaming Radio
Reverse Geometry X-radiography
Rhein Main Radio Club eV
Rijksdienst voor Radiocommunicatie
Riverland Amateur Radio Club
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club
Rochester Amateur Radio Club
Rocky Mountain Community Radio
Royal Australasian College of Radiologists
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society
Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society
Royal Union of Belgian Amateur Radio
Rural Radio Service
Russian Television and Radio
Saarlädischer Rundfunk = Radio Saarland
Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System
Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents
San Antonio Radio Club
San Francisco Liberation Radio
Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club
Santa Clarita Amateur Radio Club
Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services
Satellite Digital Radio
Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talkgroup
Satellite pour Astronomie Radio Amateur
Satellite Radio
Satellite Reconnaissance Radio
Satellite World Amateur Radio Conference
Scanning Actinic Flux Spectroradiometer
Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
Scanning Multifrequency Microwave Radiometer
Scanning Radiometer
Scanning Television Radiometer
Scanning Television Radiometer
Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club
School of Galactic Radio Astronomy
Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft
Scientific Research Institutes of Radiophysics
Scott Radiological Group
Scottish Radio Car Association
Scottish Radiological Society
Seaman Apprentice, Radioman Striker
Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emission from Nearby, Developed, Intelligent Populations
Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations
Seattle Micro Radio Communications Commission
SeaWiFS Profiling Multichannel Radiometer
Sección de Protección Radiológica de la Sociedad Cubana de Física
Second-Generation Anti-Jam Tactical UHF Radio for NATO
Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit
Secure Digital Radio Transfer
Secure NFC Application (radio communication protocol program; Graz, Austria)
Secure Packet Radio
Secure Radio Link
Sélection Radio du Québec
Selective Chopper Radiometer
Selective Chopper Radiometer
Selective Chopper Radiometer
Selective Internal Radiotherapy
Service de Mesure et d’Analyse de La Radioactivite et des Elements Traces
Service de Radiobiologie et d’Oncologie
Service de Surete des Dechets Radioactifs
Serving Radio Network Controller
Serving Radio Network Subsystem
Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television
Shaped Radio Frequency signal
Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club
Sheriff’s Radio Center
Ship Radio Authorization
Shore Point Amateur Radio Club
Shoreline Amateur Radio Association
Short Distance Radio Frequency
Short Range Radio
Short Wave Infrared Radiometer
Short-Wave Radio
Shuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer
Siberian Solar Radio Telescope
Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club
Signalling Radio Bearer
Simplified Radio Link Protocol
Simulation and Modeling Underlying Radio Frequencies
Simulation of Indoor Radio Channel Impulse-Response Models
Simultaneous Frequency Microwave Radiometer
SINCGARS Radio Model
Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
Single Channel Ground to Air Radio System
Single Channel Radio Access
Single Package Radio
Single Photon Radionuclide Computed Tomography
Single-Channel Radio
Single-Channel Radio
Single-Channel Radio
Single-Channel Radio Relay and Retransmission System
Single-Dish Radio-Telescope
Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
Siskiyou County Amateur Radio Association
Sistema Auxiliar de Radioaficionados de Ejército
Six Meter International Radio Klub
Small Radio Telescope
Small Unit Radio
Small-Outline Radio Frequency
Smokey Mountain Amateur Radio Club
Snowy Mountains Amateur Radio Club
Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión
Sociedad Española de Radiologia Vascular e Intervencionista
Sociedad Iberolatinoamericana de Neurorradiología Diagnóstica y Terapéutica
Sociedad Mexicana de Seguridad Radiológica
Sociedade Brasileira de Proteção Radiológica
Sociedade Brasileira de Radioterapia
Sociedade Paulista de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem
Societa dei Neurologi, Neurochirurghi e Neuroradiologi Ospedalieri
Società Italiana di Radiologia Medica
Società Italiana Radiologia Medica
Societe Francaise de Radiologie
Société Française de Radioprotection
Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone
Société Radio-Canada
Societe Reunionnaise du Radiotelephone
Société Suisse de Radiobiologie et de Physique Médicale
Société Suisse de Radiodiffusion
Société Tunisienne de Radiologie
Société Tunisienne de Radiologie
Society for Computer Applications in Radiology
Society for Health Services Research in Radiology
Society for Pediatric Interventional Radiology
Society for Pediatric Radiology
Society for Radiological Engineering
Society for Radiological Protection
Society for the Optimization of Amateur Radio Service
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists
Society of Interventional Radiology
Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound
Society of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Biology
Society of Skeletal Radiology
Society of Thoracic Radiology
Society of Thoracic Radiology
Society of Uroradiology
Soft Switch Radio Network
Software Defined Radio
Software Defined Radio Forum
Software Radio
Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer
Solar Radio Burst Locator
Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer
Solar Radio Spectrograph
Soldier Radio Service Network
Soldier Radio Waveform
Soldiers Radio
Solent Club for Amateur Radio and Television
Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometers
Sounding of the Atmosphere Using Broadband Emission Radiometry
South African Radio League
South Baldwin Amateur Radio Club
South Birmingham Radio Society
South Central Radio Group
South Coast Radio Flyers
South Flintshire Radio
South Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
South Leeds Community Radio
South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club
South Pinellas Aeronautical Radio Kontrol Society
South Texas Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Southampton University Radio from Glen Eyre
South-central Alaska Radio Association
Southend Radio Control Car Club
Southern Appalachian Radio Museum
Southern California Antique Radio Society
Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association
Southern Indiana Radio Control Modelers
Southern Maryland Amateur Radio Club
Southport Radio Car Club
Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club
Space Power Radio Transmission System
Space Telecommunications Radio System
Space to Space Station Radio
Space-to-Space Orbiter Radio
Spanish Radio Association
Special Emergency Radio Service
Special Police Radio Inquiry Network
Specialisti in Radiologia Veterinaria
Specialized Mobile Radio
Spectro-Radiometric Calibration Assembly
Sporting News Radio
Sprint Amateur Radio Club
Sprint Amateur Radio Club
St. Albans Amateur Radio Club
St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association
Standard Radio System Plan
Stanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club
Staring Infrared Radiometric System
State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television
State Commission on Radio Frequencies
State Radio Monitoring Center
State Registered Radiographer
State Television and Radio Company
Staten Island Radio Control Modelers
Statewide Emergency Communications Using Radio Effectively
Stationary Neutron Radiography System
Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer
Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club
Stochastic Radio Channel Model
Story County Amateur Radio Club
Structures for Orbiting Radio Telescope
Student Publications and Radio Committee
Student Radio Association
Student Radio Awards
Student Radio Initiative
Sublime Soul Radio
Subscriber Radio Terminal
Subsonic Radio
Suite of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures
Summerland Amateur Radio Club
Suomen Radioamatööriliitto
Suomen Yleisradio
Super Golden Radio Shows
Superconducting Filters for Ultra-Sensitive Radio Frequency Receivers
Superconducting Gravity Gradiometer
Superconducting Radio Frequency
Superconducting Radio Frequency
Surrogate Data Radio
Surrogate Digital Radio
Svensk Förening för Medicinsk Radiologi
Sveriges Utbildningsradio
Swiss Radio International
Sydney University Radio Group
Synchrotron Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Syndicat des Constructeurs d’Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs
Syndicat des Radiologues Hospitaliers
Syndicat des Reseaux Radiophoniques Nationaux
Syndicat Français des Constructeurs d’Appareils Radio et Télévision
Syndicat National des Radios Commerciales
Syndicat National des Radios Libres
System of Cellular Radio for Traffic Efficiency and Safety
Tactical Data Radio
Tactical Data Radio System
Tactical Hand Held Radio
Tactical Radio & Intercom Modular
Tactical Radio Communication
Tactical Radio Communications Systems
Tactical Radio Enclosure
Tailored Radio Frequency Gradient Echo
Tales from Radio Zero
Talk Radio Network
Talk Radio News Service
Talking Taco Radio
Tan Sister Radio
Tandem Accelerator for Environmental Research and Radiocarbon Analysis
Tandy Radio-Shack Color Computer
Tandy-Radio Shack
Tangential Radiologic Assessment of Lumbar Lordosis
Tech Talk Radio
Technical Committee on Radio Equipment and Systems
Technologically Enhanced Natural Radioaction
Technologie Radio Sécurisée
Telecom Securicor Cellular Radio
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering Telecommunications
Telephone Maintenance Radio System
Television and Radio
Television and Radio
Television and Radio Broadcasting Services
Television, Radio, Film and Theatre
Telex Over Radio
Temperature Humidity Infrared Radiometer
Terrestrial Aeronautical Radiotelephone System
Terrestrial Digital Audio Radio
TErrestrial TRunked RAdio
testosterone and estradiol
Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority
Texas Music Theater Radio
Texas Public Radio
Texas Southmost Amateur Radio Club
Text, Radio, Video and Speech
Thanet Local Radio
Thanet Local Radio
The Beyond Radio Network
The Public Radio Band
The Radio Dept.
The Radio Network Ltd
The Spirit Radio
The Xtreme Radio Network
Thermal Neutron Radiography
Thiel College Radio Association
Thorne Moorends Community Radio
Tidewater Antique Radio Association
Time & Frequency Shortwave Radio in Hawaii
Time Monk Radio Network
Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry
Time-Resolved Radiography
Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association
Toledo Mobile Radio Association
Toledo Radio Amateur Club
Tone Alert Radio
Tone Alert Radio
TOPEX Microwave Radiometer
Torhoutse Radio Amateurs
Torhoutse Radio Amateurs
Torhoutse Radio Amateurs
Toronto Chinese Radio
Torrance Amateur Radio Association
Total Abdominal and Pelvic Radiotherapy
Total Power Radiometer
Total Radioactive Residue
Totally Sweet Radio
Trans European Trunked Radio Access
Trans World Radio
Transmutation of Radioactive Waste
Transportable AM/FM Radio Broadcast System
Travelers Advisory Radio Stations
Treatment Initiatives After Radiological Accidents
Tri-County Amateur Radio Association
Trident Radio Room Intermediate Maintenance Equipment
Tri-State Amateur Radio Club
Trondheim Underground Radio Forum
Tropo/Satellite Support Radio
Tropo-SATCOM Support Radio
Troposcatter Satellite Support Radio/Relay
Tropospheric Radiometer for Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Research
tropospheric scatter -satellite support radio (US DoD)
Troy Amateur Radio Association
Trunk Mobile Radio System
Trunked Radio System
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
Tuned Radio Frequency
Turkish Radio Television
Turkish Society of Radiology
Turn The Radio Off
TV- and Radio Company
TV on the Radio
Twice-a-Day Fractionation Radiotherapy
Two Lochs Radio
Two Lochs Radio
Ugly Radio Rebellion
Ukrainian T-Shape Radio Telescope
Ultra Wideband Radio
Ultraviolet Radiometer
Ultra-wide-band Tactical Electronics Device – Radio
UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network
Unidade Radiologica Paulista
Unified Radio and Plasma Wave Experiment
Union des Radiodiffusions et Télévisions Nationales d’Afrique
Union des Radios Associatives et Communautaires
Union Europeenne de Radio-Diffusion
Union Radioperiódicos de Guatemala
Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale
Unique Radiolytic Product
Unite d’Expertise en Radioprotection Medicale
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
United Kingdom Radiopharmacy Group
United Radio Amateur Club
United Stations Radio Networks
Universal Radio Group
Universal Radio Head
Universal Radio Studio
Universal Software Radio Peripheral
University Radio Bath
University Radio Essex
University Radio Falmer
University Radio Hull
University Radio Nottingham
University Radio York
unsuspected radiologic finding
Urban Desire Radio
Urban Radio Propagation Channel
Uro-Radiology Prostate Institute
US Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory
Utah Amateur Radio Club
Utah Society of Radiologic Technologists
Utility Radiological Safety Board
UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
Vaguely Live Radio
Variable Radio Frequency
Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Vehicle Radio Test System
Vehicular Network Radio
Vehicular Radio Communications
Vehicular Radio Modem
Vehicule de Liaison Radio
Verantwortung für die Entsorgung Radioaktiver Abfälle
Vereniging Arbeiders Radio Amateurs
Verifiable Multilateration based on Radio Frequency on Distance Bounding
Vermont Public Radio
Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigation Aid
Very High-Resolution Radiometer
VHF Data Radio
VHF Omni-directional Radio-range
Vice City Public Radio
Victor Amateur Radio Association
Victoria Radio Network
Victorian Radio Rock Crawlers
Vintage Radio Control Society
Virgin Megastore Radio
Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training
Virtual Radiography
Virtual Radiography Environment
Visible and Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer
Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer
Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
Visual-Aural Radio Range
Visual-Aural Radio Range
Vita Radio Transport
Vlaams Radio Koor
Vlaams Radio Orkest
Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep
Voice of Kampuchea-Krom Radio
VOR Omni-directional Radio-range) with Distance Measuring Equipment (aviation)
Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep
Wake on Radio
Waltham Amateur Radio Association
Warning and Radio Information
Warringah Radio Control Society
Washington and Lee University Radio
Washington Radio Hospital Fund
Washington Radio Reports
Waste Acceptance for Nonradioactive Disposal
Water Vapor Radiometer
Waterway Radio & Cruising Club
Watton Radio Model Club
Way Truth Life Radio
Wearable Soldier Radio Terminal
Weather Radio Improvement Program
West Africa Democracy Radio
West and North Kent Radio
West Coast Radio Ireland
West Coast Talk Radio
West Essex Amateur Radio Club
West Hull Community Radio
West Jersey Radio Control
West Palm Beach Radio
West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society
West Virginia Amateur Radio
West Virginia Public Radio
West Virginia Radio Corporation
Westchester Radio Aeromodelers
Westerbork Radio Synthesis Telescope
Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Western Massachusetts Amateur Radio
Western New York Amateur Radio
Western States Public Radio
Western Tidewater Radio Association
Where Radio Builds Community
Whisperings Solo Piano Radio
Whitton Amateur Radio Group
Whole Abdominal Radiotherapy
Wide Area Amateur Radio Network
Wide Band Radio
Wide-Area Radio System
Wideband Indoor Radio Propagation
Wideband Radio Networking
William Buckland Radiotherapy Center
Winnipeg Radio Control Club
Wireless Radio Base Station
Wireless Radio Group
Wireless World Initiative New Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio Association
Wisconsin QSO Party (amateur radio)
Wolverhampton Community Radio Training Ltd.
Women Amateur Radio Operators
Worcester’s Stereo Radio Station
Word of Truth Radio
Workers World Radio Productions
World Administrative Radio Conference
World Amateur Radio Day
World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
World Conference on Neutron Radiography
World Conference on Neutron Radiography
World Family of Radio Maria
World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology
World Radio Congress
World Radio for the Environment
World Radio Geneva
World Radio Network
World Radio Relay League
World Radio TV Handbook
World Radiocommunication Conference
World Radiosport Team Championship
World Wide Christian Radio
World Wide Country Radio
World Wide Music Radio
World Wide Power Radio
World Wide Radio Web
WorldSpace Satellite Radio Program
WorldVibrations Radio Station and Podcaster
WorldVibrations Radio Station and Podcaster
Worldwide All-Request Radio
Worldwide Radio Network
Wycombe Radio Car Club
Wyoming Society of Radiologic Technologists
XM Radio Online
XM Satellite Radio
XM Satellite Radio (also seen as XMSR)
Yavapai Amateur Radio Club
Yellowstone Public Radio
Yeovil Amateur Radio Club
Yeovil District Radio
Yet Another Radio Program
York County Amateur Radio Society
York Region Amateur Radio Club
Yorkshire Coast Radio
Young Stars Radio Club
YouthFire Radio
Zebra Portable Radio
Zone Radio Network
Zulu Safety and Radio
Zveza Radioamaterjev Slovenije