Recreation Abbreviations

Recreation (synonymous with idleness) is the free time available to a person. These are the moments when you don’t work, or at least not in a mandatory way.


Recreation can be defined as the recreational time that an individual can organize and use as he pleases. Recreation not only excluded work obligations, but also time spent satisfying basic needs such as eating or sleeping.

The most common use of the concept is associated with rest from work. Recreation, therefore, appears outside working hours or during vacations. It is important to give it some meaning (for example, through sport, reading, going for a walk or going to the beach). Otherwise , this free time is likely to become boring.

The demands of today’s world make recreation a less and less frequent act . Nowadays, it is customary for a worker to check his work e-mail during the weekend or for a child to do his homework when he gets home from school at the end of the day. So when people have a few free hours, they often don’t even know how to enjoy it.

It should be borne in mind that what some people do out of obligation can be very pleasant for others, as with the act of cooking (some people do it just because they have to feed their families, while others cook for pleasure) or reading (an activity that can be either recreational or compulsory, depending on the case).

Recreation is essential in the life of any human being. When a man or woman engages in such activities, the resulting feeling is one of comfort, fulfillment, and freedom.

Another characteristic of recreation is that it contributes to the social development of human beings: contributing to the development of friendships and also self-confidence.

This time off was once the privilege of the upper class, however, today it is accessible to anyone, regardless of their social class.

Through recreation, the individual can enjoy new experiences and also improve their health, since moments of fun stimulate the release of the hormone called “endorphin” that helps to reduce stress.

The activities that make up the recreation time can either be done at home, in outdoor places or in closed establishments such as a movie theater. The important thing is that the place provides relaxation and comfort.

Recreation activities are constantly introduced in the hospital space for patients undergoing treatment. Such activities can be adapted to the patient’s interests in order to contribute to their recovery. Because they encourage patient engagement with treatment and activities in general.

Unfortunately, what is known as recreation today is really a bit of work camouflaged in activities that appear to be idle.

One of the reasons is because economic forces appropriate this time designated for rest and induce the individual to buy what is now known as recreation, such as a trip or shopping at the mall, for example.

List of Acronyms Related to Recreation

ARCC Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center
AARF Absolute Agility Recreational Facility
ACRO Acting Chief Recreation Officer
ARCHIVE Active Recreation for Children
ARC Active Recreation for Children
ARCHIVE Activities and Recreation Center
ARC Activities and Recreation Center
ARCHIVE Activity and Recreation Center
ARC Activity and Recreation Center
ASR After School Recreation
ACRA Air Canada Recreation Association
ARPA Alabama Recreation and Parks Association
ABRC Alanton-Baycliff Recreation Center
ARPA Alaska Recreation and Park Association
ARPA Alberta Recreation and Parks Association
ASRPWF Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation
ASRAB Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind
ATRA Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association
AURS Alberta United Recreationists Society
AAHPER American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
AAHPERD American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
AAHPER American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
AANR American Association for Nude Recreation
AAHPERD American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
APRS American Parks and Recreation Society
ARRANGE American River Recreation
ARR American River Recreation
ARRIVAL American River Recreation
ATRA American Therapeutic Recreation Association
ARRA Americans for Responsible Recreational Access
ANRA Amistad National Recreation Area
AMIS Amistad National Recreation Area
AFRA Anglers for Recreational Access
ARG Antigua Recreation Ground
ARCHIVE Aquatic & Recreation Center
ARC Aquatic & Recreation Center
ARCHIVE Aquatic Recreation Center
ARC Aquatic Recreation Center
ANRA Arapaho National Recreation Area
ARPA Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association
ATRS Arkansas Therapeutic Recreation Society
AFRC Armed Forces Recreation Centers
ARMP Army Recreation Machine Program
ARPER Army Recreational Parks
ARP Army Recreational Parks
APRP Associate Park and Recreation Professional
AHPERD Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance
ARCHIVE Athletic Recreation Center
ARC Athletic Recreation Center
ARCC Athletic Recreation Convocation Complex
ARCC Athletic, Recreation, and Community Center
AFCRA Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority
ARA Audubon Recreation Association
APARD Austin Parks and Recreation Department
ARVS Automotive and Recreational Vehicle Services
BAREC Bachelor of Arts in Recreation
BRT Bachelor of Recreation and Tourism
BRM Bachelor of Recreation Management
BRS Bachelor of Recreation Studies
BBRD Barefoot Bay Recreation District
BMRA Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area
BRV Barrons Recreational Vehicles
BCRA Bay City Recreation Area
BERA Bayer Employees Recreation Association
BHRA Beverly Hills Recreation Association
BEMRC Bharath Earth Movers Recreation Club
BRAT Bi-Drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter
BSFNRRA Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
NRRA Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
BCNRA Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
BICA Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
BPRD Bismarck Parks and Recreation District
BCRD Blaine County Recreation District
BOPARC Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners
BPR Board of Parks and Recreation
BRP Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc.
BPRD Boston Parks & Recreation Department
BCRPA British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association
BERA Brookhaven Employees Recreation Association
BARA Brunei Adventure Recreation Association
BGRA Buffalo Grove Recreation Association
BRC Burgher Recreation Club
CAPRI California Association for Park and Recreation Insurance
CDPR California Department of Parks and Recreation
CPRS California Park and Recreation Society
CPRA California Parks and Recreation Association
CCPR Calvert County Parks and Recreation
CRW Campus Recreation and Wellness
CRC Campus Recreation Center
CRS Campus Recreation Services
CRWC Campus Recreation Wellness Center
CURB Campus Union and Recreation Board
CARHA Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association
CPRA Canadian Parks/Recreation Association
CRCA Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
CTRA Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association
CRAC Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club, Inc
CCR Cape Cod Recreation
CHRC Cedar Hill Recreation Centre
CRT Center for Recreation and Tourism
CARP Central Arkansas Recreational Pedalers
CCPR Central Council for Physical Recreation
CIRCLE Central Illinois Recreation Council for Leisure Experience
CPRS Centre for Physical Recreation and Sport
CRPR Centre Region Parks and Recreation
CRRA Centre Regional Recreation Authority
CORL Certificate in Outdoor Recreation Leadership
CIRT Certificate in Recreation and Tourism
CPRP Certified Park and Recreation Professional
CTRS Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
CUSR Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation
CHAT Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
CPRS Chesterfield Physique Recreation & Sports
CHIC Chickasaw National Recreation Area
CORL Chief Officers of Recreation and Leisure
CCRD Citizen’s Council on Recreation and Disabilities
CRT Coalition for Recreational Trails
CRT Coastal Recreation and Tourism
CPRA Colorado Parks and Recreation Association
CAPRA Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies
CRLTS Community Recreation and Leadership Training
CRD Community Recreation Division
CRAF Community Recreation, Activities and Fitness Center
CR-V Compact Recreational Vehicle
CRV Compact Recreational Vehicle
CARL Conservation and Recreation Lands
CART Conservation, Amenity and Recreation Trusts
CRS Consumer Recreation Services
CHRC Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center
CRN Countryside Recreation Network
CRAG Countryside Recreational Access Group
CBYRA Crewe Burkeville Youth Recreation Association
CYR Culture, Youth and Recreation
CURE Curecanti National Recreation Area
DPRD Dallas Parks and Recreation Department
DRAGON Davis Recreation and Gaming Organizational Network
DSRV Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria
DEWA Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
DCR Department of Conservation and Recreation
DCRT Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism
DPR Department of Parks and Recreation
RCSM Department of Recreation and Sport Management
DTR Department of Tourism and Recreation
DARB Derry Area Recreation Board
DTRA Deseret Towers Recreation Area
DRST Detroit Recreation Swim Team
DMSR Diablo Mountain Sports and Recreation
DREAM Directing through Recreation, Education, Adventure and Mentoring Program
DBOR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation
DCR Division of Campus Recreation
DSPR Division of State Parks and Recreation
DRL DJO Recreational League
DRRA Donaldson Run Recreation Association
DRPD Durham Recreation & Park District
ECRA East Crawford Recreation Area
EMPOWER Education Means Protection of Women Engaged in Recreation
EFRR Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve
EWRA Employees Welfare and Recreation Association
EGRA Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association
EJRT Enid Joint Recreation Triad
ESSR Exercise Science, Sport and Recreation
ESRC Exxonmobil Singapore Recreation Club
FMWRC Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation Command
FORM Family Occupation Recreation Money
FORM Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message
FART Faux Athletic Recreational Tournaments
FHWAR Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation
FRC Fitness Recreation Center
FAHPERDS Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and Sport
FRPA Florida Recreation and Parks Association
FRVTA Florida Recreational Vehicle Trade Association
FARA Foreign Affairs Recreation Association
FSORAG Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines
FARGO Foxwoods Annual Recreational Gambling Outing
FAIR Free Assistance in Recreation
FARSI Fun, Arts, Recreation
FAR Fun, Arts, Recreation
GORC Gambrills Odenton Recreation Council
GARS Gateway Association of Recreational Smokers
GNRA Gateway National Recreation Area
GATE Gateway National Recreation Area
GARI Gauley River National Recreation Area
GIRLS Girls In Recreation, Leadership and Sports
GARC Glen Allan Recreation Complex
GLCA Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
GRASP Glendale Recreation After School Program
GOGA Golden Gate National Recreation Area
GORP Gordon Outdoor Recreation Project
GRF Government Recreation and Fitness
GREG Great Egg Harbor National Scenic and Recreational River
GORP Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
GVRD Greater Vallejo Recreation District
GCRD Greenville County Recreation District
GORP Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Program
HURL Halifax Ultimate Recreational League
HPRC Harbors, Parks and Recreation Commission
HMRRA Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority
HARD Hayward Area Recreation and Park District
HWB Hazardous Recreational Water Body
HPPERLS Health Professions, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
HRSSC Health Recreation and Social Services Committee
HFRR Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources
HZRPC Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council
HYR Highlander Youth Recreation
HARK Hiking and Recreation with Kids
HRRVC Holiday Rambler Recreational Vehicle Club
HBOR Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation
HFRR Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources
HCER Hudson Community Education and Recreation
IRPA Idaho Recreation and Park Association
IPRA Illinois Park and Recreation Association
ISDRA Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
IRC Indoor Recreation Centre
IRTA Industrial-Recreational Building Authority
IMWRF Installation Morale Welfare & Recreation Fund
IORT Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
ISRM Institute of Sport and Recreation Management
IDRA Interior Department Recreation Association
ICORE International Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Education
IRPPL International Recreation Parks Pvt Ltd
IGOR Internet-Guided Offline Recreation
ICRC Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission
IVRPD Isla Vista Recreation and Park District
JCPRC Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission
JRM Journal of Recreational Mathematics
KCRB Knoxville Community Recreation Band
LARC Laboratory for Recreational Computing
LSRA Lahontan State Recreation Area
LACH Lake Chelan National Recreation Area
LCRF Lake Chelan Recreational Forum
LAME Lake Mead National Recreation Area
LWRC Lake Wenatchee Recreation Club
LARA Land Access and Recreation Association
LPRP Land Preservation and Recreation Plan
LSRA Little Sahara Recreation Area
LMRA Lockheed Martin Recreational Area
LRPA Louisiana Recreation and Park Association
MSRA Macarthur Sports and Recreation Association
MUSR Macquarie University Sport and Recreation
MSCR Madison School & Community Recreation
MRPL Maine Recreational Paintball League
MARS Making All Recreation Safe
MRTA Malaspina Recreation and Tourism Association
MRFS Management of Recreation Facilities and Services
MASRC Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council
MRCA Manitoba Recreational Canoeing Association, Inc.
MRTA Manitoba Recreational Trails Association
MHRA Marine Hills Recreation Association
MRFSS Marine Recreational Fishing Statistics Survey
MRIP Marine Recreational Information Program
MORSL Markham Old Timer’s Recreational Slo-pitch League
MRT Master in Recreation and Tourism
MSRA Master of Science in Recreation Administration
MARA Matthews Athletic and Recreation Association
MARC Meadville Area Recreation Complex
MDSC Metropolitan Detroit Ski and Recreation Council
MERC Metropolitan Exposition-Recreation Commission
MRPA Michigan Recreation and Parks Association
MASR Mid-South Adaptive Sports and Recreation
MRSL Minnesota Recreational Soccer League
MRR Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation
MRSC Mississauga Recreational Sports Club
MISS Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
MNRR Missouri National Recreation River
MMRC MMU Motorsports and Recreational Club
MHRV Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle
MMV Monitoring and Management of Visitors Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas
MQR Montanans for Quiet Recreation
MCRD Montgomery County Recreation Department
MWR Morale, Welfare and Recreation
MRDO Motor Recreation Development Officer
MRCA Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
MRV Multipurpose Recreational Vehicle
MURP Multi-Use Recreational Path
NART National Association of Recreational Therapists
NCRA National Correctional Recreation Association
NCTRC National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification
NESRA National Employee Services and Recreation Association
NRPA National Recreation and Park Association
NRA National Recreation Area
NRA National Recreation Association
NRLS National Recreation Lakes Study
NRRS National Recreation Reservation System
NRT National Recreation Trail
NRIFS National Recreational and Indigenous Fishing Survey
NRPI National Recreational Properties Inc.
NTRS National Therapeutic Recreation Society
NRRT Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism
NRLA Nebraska Recreational Liability Act
NHRA New Hampshire Recreation Association
NHRBA New Hampshire Recreational Boaters Association
NJAHPERD New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
NORD New Orleans Recreation Department
NZRA New Zealand Recreation Association
NRAC Nicolet Recreation Advisory Committee
NERF Non-Expanding Recreational Foam
NARA North Acton Recreation Area
NASHPERSD North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance
NBRC North Beach Recreational Corridor
NBRC North Berks Recreation Corporation
NBRC North Boulder Recreation Center
NCRB North Campus Recreation Building
NCAAHPERD North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
NCDPR North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation
NERDS North East Recreational Driving Schedule
NSRA Northern State Recreation Area
NFRU Not for Recreational Use
OHMVR Off-Highway Motorized Vehicle Recreation
ORS Office for Recreation and Sport
OPR Office of Parks and Recreation
OPERATE Office of Parks and Recreation
OPRA Ohio Parks and Recreation Association
ORCKA Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayaking Association
ORCA Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association
OSRP Open Space and Recreation Plan
ORPA Oregon Recreation and Park Association
ORBS Oregon Recreational Boat Survey
OSCAR Out of School Care and Recreation
OLER Outdoor Leadership and Recreation
ORC Outdoor Recreation Center
ORCA Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America
ORGT Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech
ORG Outdoor Recreation Group
ORN Outdoor Recreation Network
ORRC Outdoor Recreation Resource Center
ORRF Outdoor Recreation Resources and Facilities
OPRA Outdoors Program/Recreational Athletics
ORBA Oxford Recreational Baseball Association
PCRA Paint Creek Recreation Area
PRAB Park and Recreation Advisory Board
PRA Park and Recreation Area
PRSA Park and Recreation Service Area
PRTR Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources
PARC Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre
PRC Parks & Recreation Commission
PRINT Parks and Recreation
PR Parks and Recreation
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
PARAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Council
PRB Parks and Recreation Board
PARC Parks and Recreation Commission
PRD Parks and Recreation Department
PRD Parks and Recreation Division
PRO Parks and Recreation Ontario
PRTF Parks and Recreation Trust Fund
PARD Parks and Recreations Department
PRC Parks Recreation and Conservation
PRCB Parks, Recreation & Conservation Board
PRCS Parks, Recreation and Community Service
PRCR Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
PRT Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PRTM Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
PMRP Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve
PRPS Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society
PRTP Pennsylvania Recreational Trails Program
POLR People for Off-Leash Recreation
PARC Physical Activity and Recreation Center
PERT Physical Education & Recreational Training
PERMANENT Physical Education Recreation
PER Physical Education Recreation
PERD Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
PARC Pililaau Army Recreation Center
PRAA Playground and Recreation Association of America
PRAV Playground and Recreation Association of Victoria
PLRA Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
PRZ Prince Edward Recreational Zone
PRC Puloly Recreation Club
RECYCLE Recreation
REC Recreation
RAA Recreation and Amusement Association
RIS Recreation and Intramural Sports
RMB Recreation and Morale Benefits
RODS Recreation and Off-Duty Safety
RPD Recreation and Park Department
RAP Recreation and Parks
RPPA Recreation and Public Purposes Act
RSISG Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group
RSSSF Recreation and Sports Soccer Statistics Foundation
RTM Recreation and Tourism Management
RVSC Recreation and Visitor-Serving Commercial
RCH Recreation Center for the Handicapped
RCC Recreation Club Council
REP Recreation Engineering and Planning
REAL Recreation Excellence at Army Lakes
RIDE Recreation for Individuals Dedicated to the Environment
RIV Recreation Integration Victoria
RLMG Recreation Leadership and Management
RLA Recreation Liability Act
ROS Recreation Opportunity System
RPTS Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences
RPSL Recreation Parks and Sport Leadership
RRAC Recreation Resource Advisory Committee
RSM Recreation Sports Management
RTA Recreation Therapy Assistant
RTQ Recreation Training Queensland
REACH Recreation, Education, Awareness, & Community Hub
RTH Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
RAV4 Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD
RAV Recreational Activity Vehicle
RASH Recreational Activity/Sport/Hobby
RECSKASA Recreational and Commercial Sea Kayaking Association of South Africa
RPAC Recreational and Physical Activity Center
RBBI Recreational Boat Building Industry
RBOC Recreational Boaters of California
RBAC Recreational Boating Advisory Council
RBS Recreational Boating Safety
RCC Recreational Computer Club
RSG Recreational Craft Sectoral Group
RDC Recreational Development Council
RDP Recreational Dive Planner
REI Recreational Equipment, Inc.
RXT Recreational Extreme Truck
RFA Recreational Fishing Alliance
RHA Recreational Hunting Area
RMRC Recreational Marine Research Center
RMV Recreational Motor Vehicle
RMM Recreational Music Making
RPTIA Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association, Inc.
RPP Recreational Pilot Permit
RP Recreational Planning Program
RPE Recreational Power Engineering
RSTC Recreational Scuba Training Council
RSA Recreational Sea Angling
RSPA Recreational Slo-Pitch Association
RSAC Recreational Software Advisory Council
RSACI Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet
RSFS Recreational Sports and Fitness Services
RSF Recreational Sports Facility
RSJ Recreational Sports Journal
RTIA Recreational Trails of Illinois Act
RTP Recreational Trails Program
RTSC Recreational Training Scuba Council
RV Recreational Vehicle
RVR Recreational Vehicle Runner
RVTD Recreational Vehicle Trade Digest
RVT Recreational Vehicle Trader
RVCC Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check
RVP Recreational Virtual Pilot
RWI Recreational Water Illness
RWQ Recreational Water Quality
RWU Recreational Water Use Manual
RYRI Recreational Youth Referee Instructor
RRFS registered recreation facility supervisor
RMWR Religious, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
RCRA Resort and Commercial Recreation Association
RNR Rest and Recreation
RMRC Rocky Mountain Recreation Company
RMRC Roland Michener Recreation Centre
STRETCH Safe Time for Recreation, Enrichment and Tutoring for Children
SAFER Safer Alternatives for Enjoyable Recreation
SFRP San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
SAMLARC Santa Margarita Landscape and Recreation Corporation
SAMO Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
SNRA Sawtooth National Recreation Area
RSPS School of Recreation and Sport Sciences
SOLAR School Outdoor Leadership Adventure Recreation
SORN Scottish Outdoor Recreation Network
SPARC Seattle Parks and Recreation Connection
SARC Sequim Aquatic Recreational Center
SARAT South Australian Recreation and Arts
SCRPA South Carolina Recreation and Parks Association
SDRC South Davis Recreation Center
SRPD Southgate Recreation and Park District
SRMA Special Recreation Management Area
SRP Special Recreation Permit
SPARC Sport and Recreation
SARC Sport and Recreation Centre
SRQ Sport and Recreation Queensland
SRV Sport Recreation Vehicle
SURV Sport Utility Recreation Vehicle
SURVEY Sport Utility Recreation Vehicle
SRAL Sport, Recreation and Active Living
SOAR Sports and Outdoor Assistive Recreation
SFRITO Sports Fitness and Recreation Industry Training Organisation
SPARK Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids
SRSL Stafford Recreational Soccer League
SARF Standard Amenity Recreation Fee
SCORS Standing Committee on Recreation and Sport
SPRF State Parks and Recreation Fund
SRA State Recreation Area
SVRA State Vehicular Recreation Area
SCORP Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
SAERC Strait Area Education and Recreation Center
SAERC Strait Area Education and Recreation Centre
SHARP Street Hockey Alternative Recreation Program
SOAR Student Outdoor Adventure and Recreation
SRC Student Recreation Centre
SMARC Students Mastering Areas of Recreational Computing
SRPA Suburban Park & Recreation Association
STARS Success Through Academic and Recreation Support
SFRG Suitability for Recreation Grade
TPRD Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department
TRPA Texas Recreation and Parks Account
TRRA Texas River Recreation Association
TORCH The Ocean Recreation Council of Hawaii
TRANSLATOR Therapeutic Recreation
TR Therapeutic Recreation
TRANSPOSED Therapeutic Recreation
TRIPLE-R Therapeutic Recreation
TRAAC Therapeutic Recreation Association of Atlantic Canada
TRALI Therapeutic Recreation Association of Long Island
TRCB Therapeutic Recreation Certification Board
TRJ Therapeutic Recreation Journal
TRO Therapeutic Recreation Ontario
TREASUREST Timber Recreation Environment Aesthetics Sustained Usable Resource
TANR Trade Association for Nude Recreation
TRAC Trade, Recreation & Agricultural Center
TS-RODS Traffic Safety and Recreational Off-Duty Safety Program
TART Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trails, Inc.
TCRA Turkey Creek Recreation Area
UARS United Adventist Recreational Sports
USRC United Services Recreation Club
USRG Universal Studios Recreation Group
URAC University Recreation & Aquatic Centre Ltd
UGRA Urbandale Girls Recreation Association
USARC US Adaptive Recreation Center
URPA Utah Recreation and Parks Association
VRD Vail Recreation District
VDCR Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
WVRS Wallkill Valley Recreation Soccer
WCRD Warrick County Recreational Development
WRRR Washington Recreational River Runners
WSPR Washington State Parks and Recreation
WTPR Washington Township Parks and Recreation
WWRF Washington Wildlife and Recreation Foundation
WWRP Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program
WWRC Washington Wildlife Recreation Coalition
WRCC Welland Recreational Canal Corporation
WLPR West Lafayette Parks and Recreation
WVRC West Valley Recreation Corridor
WVTRA West Virginia Therapeutic Recreation Association
WANR Western Association for Naturist Recreation
WRV Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.
WNRA Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
WHIS Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
WPRD White Plain Recreation District
WCRD Whitfield County Recreation Department
WNRA Whittier Narrows Recreation Area
WHSR Wild Horse State Recreation Area
WRRA Wild Rivers Recreation Area
WSRR Wild, Scenic and Recreational River
WHRA Wildlife Habitat Recreation Area
WCPR Williamson County Parks and Recreation
WIRC Willowridge Information & Recreation Centre
WPRC Winnington Park Recreation Club
WPRA Winter Park Recreational Association
WPRA Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
WTRA Wisconsin Therapeutic Recreation Association
WRIB Women for Recreation, Information and Business
WINR Women In Nude Recreation
WLRA World Leisure and Recreation Association
WRSTC World Recreational Scuba Training Council
WORK Worm-Overload Recreational Killer
YRV Young Recreational Vehicle
YSRC Youth Sports and Recreation Commission
YRAC Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee