Rhode Island Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Rhode Island state?

RI is the 2 letter abbreviation for Rhode Island, the 44th largest state in the United States of America. Rhode Island is a state located in Northeast part of U.S.A, bordering Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York (water border). Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island. Major cities include Providence (Population: 179218), Warwick (Population: 81710), Cranston (Population: 81084), Pawtucket (Population: 71602), East Providence (Population: 47419), Woonsocket (Population: 41486), Coventry (Population: 35536), Cumberland (Population: 34854), North Providence (Population: 33846), South Kingstown (Population: 30837), West Warwick (Population: 30157), and Johnston (Population: 29258).

Rhode Island State Flag

Rhode Island State Profile

  • Capital: Providence
  • Admitted to USA: 1790
  • Area: 4,001 km2
  • Population: 1,059,361
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 401
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  RI
  • State Government Website: http://www.ri.gov/


Rhode Island, also known as “Ocean State”, is located in New England and, with an area of ​​4,002 km², is the smallest federal state in the USA (also called “Little Rhody”) – with a population of 1.1 million people – approx. 83% white people, about 5% colored people and about 11% Latinos from Central and South America, about two thirds of the people are Catholic, about 1,295 km² of the country are water surface. The origin of state name is not exactly known. It is believed that the Dutch explorer of the Adrian Block area named one of the islands by the color of their earth “de Roode Ijland”, from which the name is said to have developed for the entire coastline. Rhode Island was the 13th state to join the Union on May 29, 1770. Its capital is Providence with 172,000 inhabitants.

The state borders Massachusetts in the north and east, Connecticut in the west and the Atlantic in the south. Electrotechnical and metal processing industry, plastic production, gem processing, ship building, fishing, medical research, oceanic research and tourism all play a role from an economic point of view.

Cities and larger towns

Providence is the largest city in Rhode Island with approximately 172,000 inhabitants. As part of urban renewal, Providence became one of the prettiest cities in New England. The downtown area with numerous old buildings is a listed building, which is a specialty in the USA. The areas around Brown University with many cafés and bars are also worth a visit.

Warwick (Providence Metropolitan Area)
Warwick is the second largest city in Rhode Island and has approximately 85,000 residents. The city is located south of Providence and is the location of TF Green Airport, which is Rhode Island’s largest airport.

Just under half of the approximately 44,000 inhabitants of this city are of French or French Canadian origin. This is why Woonsocket is often referred to as the “French-speaking city in America”.

In the late 19th century, Newport was the summer residence of many wealthy New Yorkers, which can easily be seen today in the typical image of the town. The impressive villas by the sea, which are simply referred to as “summer cottages”, make it appear as if they want to outdo each other and are still admired by numerous visitors from outside and sometimes also from the inside. New Port now has almost 25,000 inhabitants and is also well known for the music festivals and the many yachts that take place here.

Rhode Island State Abbreviations

List of Rhode Island Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Rhode Island are RI which stands for Rhode Island. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Rhode Island, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

RI: Rhode Island

Acronym Meaning
AARI African Alliance of Rhode Island
ARIHSL Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Libraries
ASRI Audubon Society of Rhode Island
BRI Bank Rhode Island
BIRI Block Island, Rhode Island
CCRI Community College of Rhode Island
CTRI Creative Television of Rhode Island
DTRI Dance Theatre of Rhode Island
DFRI Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island Inc.
EMRI Eastern Massachusetts – Rhode Island
EDFRI Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island
ECRI Environment Council of Rhode Island
FASRI French-American School of Rhode Island
GPRI Green Party of Rhode Island
GARI Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island
HCRI Hospice Care of Rhode Island
HARI Hospital Association of Rhode Island
JFRI Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
LPRI Libertarian Party of Rhode Island
NRICMHC Northern Rhode Island Community Mental Health Center, Inc.
NRITA Northwestern Rhode Island Tennis Association
PSRI Photographic Society of Rhode Island
PPRI Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island
PROVINCE Providence, Rhode Island
PROV Providence, Rhode Island
RI Rhode Island
RIANG Rhode Island Air National Guard
RIAC Rhode Island Airport Corporation
RIALA Rhode Island Assisted Living Association
RIASFAA Rhode Island Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
RIBA Rhode Island Bar Association
RIBJ Rhode Island Bar Journal
RIBC Rhode Island Blood Center
RIBCC Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition
RICSL Rhode Island Center for School Leadership
RICC Rhode Island Children’s Chorus
RICTGA Rhode Island Christmas Tree Growers Association
RICADV Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence
RIC Rhode Island College
RICC Rhode Island Community College
RICPG Rhode Island Community Planning Group
RICC Rhode Island Convention Center
RICH Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
RICPG Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling
RICC Rhode Island Country Club
RIDA Rhode Island Dental Association
RIDE Rhode Island Department of Education
RIDE Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs
RIDE Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
RIDH Rhode Island Department of Health
RIDOT Rhode Island Department of Transportation
RIDI Rhode Island Disaster Initiative
RIDPUC Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
RIEDC Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
RIEMA Rhode Island Educational Media Association
RIEPS Rhode Island Electronic Portfolio System
RIEMA Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
RIFTHP Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals
RIFA Rhode Island Film Alliance
RIFC Rhode Island Film Collaborative
RIFCO Rhode Island Forest Conservators Organization
RIGS Rhode Island Genealogical Society
RIGHT Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers
RIHS Rhode Island Historical Society
RIH Rhode Island Hospital
RIH Rhode Island Housing
RIIC Rhode Island Indian Council
RILJ Rhode Island Law Journal
RIMS Rhode Island Medical Society
RIM Rhode Island Monthly
RIMBA Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association
RIMA Rhode Island Motorcycle Association
RING Rhode Island National Guard
RINLA Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc.
RIPA Rhode Island Paralegal Association
RIPA Rhode Island Petroleum Association
RIPA Rhode Island Pharmacists Association
RIPA Rhode Island Pilots Association
RIPDES Rhode Island Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
RIPCG Rhode Island Polymer Clay Guild
RIPA Rhode Island Port Authority
RIPCPC Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation
RIPS Rhode Island Psychiatric Society
RIPA Rhode Island Psychological Association
RIR Rhode Island Red
RIRS Rhode Island Rose Society
RISQ Rhode Island Saxophone Quartet
RISD Rhode Island School for the Deaf
RISD Rhode Island School of Design
RISP Rhode Island School of Photography
RISF Rhode Island School of the Future
RISPA Rhode Island School Psychologists Association
RISTA Rhode Island Science Teachers Association
RISOP Rhode Island Separation of Powers
RISBDC Rhode Island Small Business Development Center
RISP Rhode Island State Police
RISILC Rhode Island Statewide Independent Living Council
RISCI Rhode Island Stress and Coping Inventory
RISC Rhode Island Striper Club
RISC Rhode Island Supreme Court
RITBA Rhode Island Teen Book Award
RITA Rhode Island Telecommunications Association
RITBA Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority
RIVMA Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association
RIWPS Rhode Island Wild Plant Society
RIWE Rhode Island Wind Ensemble
RIWG Rhode Island Wing
RIWC Rhode Island Workers Compensation
RIYSA Rhode Island Youth Soccer Association
SATRC Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center of Rhode Island
SVRI Single Volunteers of Rhode Island
SRI Southern Rhode Island
SORI Special Olympics Rhode Island
UCPRI United Cerebral Palsy of Rhode Island
URI University of Rhode Island
VCRI Volunteer Center of Rhode Island
WFRI Women’s Fund of Rhode Island
WMCRI Women’s Medical Center of Rhode Island

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