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Salzburg is a beautifully sized city that is located in Austria, not far from Munich in Germany. For many tourists, Salzburg is probably best known for being Mozart’s birthplace, and for those of us a little older, the place where the recording of The Sound of Music happened.

And in many ways it is somewhat arch-Austrian with Salzburg and its historic center (Altstadt). Here you will find great Baroque architecture, 27 churches and the magnificent Hohensalzburg fortress. And of course with the Alps as a backdrop in the background.

It is not difficult to recommend tourists a visit to Salzburg. It fits as well as the base for excursions that include amazing nature experiences, as well as to experience the many cultural facets that Salzburg offers, not least with regard to music composed by Mozart.

Salzburg was naturally shaken by the bombing of the Allies during World War II, but fortunately much of the original building stock remained untouched. In other words, in Salzburg you have one of the best-preserved cities for Baroque architecture.

Get to know Salzburg

Salzburg has its name after the Salzach River (Salt River), which is a major bee to the Danube and which was an important road wound for the transport of salt barrels.

Salzburg is a very old city, founded already in Roman times under the name Juvavum.

In the 1300s, Bavaria gained its independence and Salzburg became a bishopric in the Roman Empire. The Hohensalzburg fortress, which is located on a patch of Salzburg, became the archbishop’s rescue site when the peasants rebelled and besieged the fort for three whole months in 1525.

In the post-Uprising era, the city’s wealth increased and it was in the 17th century that architects from Italy and Austria rebuilt the city with the many Baroque-style palaces. Few cities today have as well-preserved Baroque buildings as Salzburg.

True, Salzburg was occupied by the Nazis in 1938, causing the Allies to bomb the city and destroy 7600 buildings. It accounted for almost half of the city’s buildings. But fortunately most of the Baroque splendor buildings were untouched by the bombing.

Today, Salzburg city is the capital of Land Salzburg in Austria. Salzburg has approx. 150,000 inhabitants and consists of 24 urban districts and three more rural districts.

For most tourists, the most interesting districts are Neustadt and Altstadt (Nybyen and Old Town), and the recreation area Kapuzinerberg.

Salzburg and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: SZG
  • Country: Austria

Altstadt in Salzburg

Altstadt is located on both sides of the Salzach River. Altstadt Salzburg is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage and corresponds to the historic center. This is where you will find the many sights, including Mozart’s birthplace, the Hohensalzburg fortress and not least the many beautiful churches.

Neustadt in Salzburg

Neustadt located just north of Altstadt was developed in the late 1800s. Neustadt is an important hub because of the railway station and the bus station which is located here. Due to its location, the railway station, which was recently renovated, is one of the most important in this part of Europe. From here, frequent train departures go to e.g. Munich and Zurich.

Points of interest in Neustadt include the beautiful Schloss Mirabell, located in the south of Neustadt, near Altstadt. It is no matter walking from the train station to the historic center of Altstadt.


Just east of the Staatsbrücke bridge that takes you across the Salzach River from the historic center you will find the huge Kapuzinerberg recreation area. In reality, we are talking about a 640 meter high green mountain, with a large plateau at the top. An island paradise for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

In the area on and around Kapuznerberg there are hiking trails, an old fortress wall with 14 watchtowers, stunning views, and of course a Mozart monument. And also the opportunity for a culinary experience.

SZG: Salzburg, Austria - Salzburg

List of Salzburg Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Salzburg is SZG which stands for Salzburg. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Salzburg, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
PS Postmusik-Salzburg
SCUPAD Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development
SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance
SZG Salzburg, Austria – Salzburg
SBG Salzburg, Österreich
SVB Salzburger Fu?ball-Verband
SLRT Salzburger Lese- und Rechtschreibtest
SMCA Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum
TCS Techconsult Salzburg
WKS Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg