Abbreviation for San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Although San Francisco really has to be considered a small city by American scale, it is still one of the most famous cities in the United States.

For many years, San Francisco has been America’s first choice when it comes to big city holidays. Many travelers will stubbornly claim that no cities are more beautiful than San Francisco, a location that is even more beautiful thanks to the towering Golden Gate Bridge that stretches across the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.

In the strait you will find the legendary prison island of Alcatraz, just outside the lively Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco is known as a liberal city, where a large and exuberant gay community lives side by side with America’s largest Chinatown.

Most cities claim it in their tourist ads, but San Francisco actually has something for everyone, whether you’re traveling with kids, good friends or a romantic love vacation.

If you want to experience the United States at its best, you should definitely consider a visit to California’s fourth largest city – but still the most popular!

Get to know San Francisco

San Francisco was founded by Spaniards in 1776, with a fortress where the Golden Gate Bridge originated, and a mission station named after Francis of Assisi. After a few decades as part of Mexico, California became American in 1846.

The population doubled in one year after the gold rush in 1848, and today the city has grown to become home to nearly 800,000 people. Still, it is only the fourth largest city in California, after Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.

In April 1906, San Francisco was almost wiped out by a powerful earthquake that killed thousands of people and made over half of the city’s 400,000 residents homeless. The city burned for days after the quake. No major metropolis has been hit harder by a natural disaster in modern times.

San Francisco and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: SF
  • Country: United States

Fisherman’s Wharf
The tourists’ favorite area is Fisherman’s Wharf, and along the harbor you have great views of both San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz and the Golden Gate. You will see sailboats and yachts on the water, while street performers and jugglers perform around you. Don’t miss the sea lions that lie and sunbathe on Pier 39. There are also plenty of dining, drinking and entertainment options on Fisherman’s Wharf. The disadvantage of the area is that it is a tourist trap with almost constant crowds, and the area’s eateries have the most expensive prices in the city.

Lombard Street and Downtown
Take a tour of San Francisco’s steepest street, Lombard Street, which has a slope of 40 degrees. You’ve certainly seen eleven car chases here in action movies, but it’s only when you’re here that you realize how steep it actually is. Particularly striking is the stretch between Hyde Street and Leavenworth Street, where the street zigzags.

As a tourist, you must of course try San Francisco’s historic old trams, or cable cars.

San Francisco’s central areas (known as Downtown), not many years ago, had a bad reputation, such as a place where homeless, criminals and drug addicts stayed. But the city council has done an excellent job in recent years of upgrading the area into a pleasant place for everyone. Shops have reopened in previously closed, dilapidated buildings, Union Square has become a meeting place for families and young people, and the walk along the harbor has given palm trees, green markets and restaurants.

One of San Francisco’s more distinctive neighborhoods is The Castro, which has unofficially become the hometown’s international capital. Here, multicolored flags are waving outside most houses and bars, and the house’s facades are often painted in clear, bright colors.

In the 1920s the area was known as Little Scandinavia, because of the many Nordic immigrants who had gathered here. Castro’s centerpiece is 18th Street and Castro Street, where it abounds with specialty shops, bars, galleries and bookstores. Take with you Pink Triangle Park, a memorial to the 15,000 gay Holocaust victims, and Harvey Milk Plaza, which is dedicated to the first openly gay man to be elected to an office in the United States. Every June, a big Gay Pride Parade is held, which attracts around half a million people each year.

Haight-Ashbury once had the same status among the world’s hippies and flower children, as Castro now has among the gays of the United States. During the Summer Of Love in 1968, this was the place to be. There are still a lot of incense-scented stores selling batik shirts, Ganesh figures and hookahs in Haight-Ashubury, but times have changed. You will also find modern clothing and shoe stores, internet cafes and trendy restaurants in The Haight, which is most commonly referred to as the daily talk.

Golden Gate Park
We also mention Golden Gate Park, a huge green park of over 4 km² that stretches from downtown areas to the sea. Here are over a million trees, a flower conservatory, a golf course, a small lake, a museum, a botanical garden, a Japanese tea garden and a small herd of bison that have been in the park since the 1890s. Every weekend, over 75,000 people visit the park, which is the third most visited park in the United States.

You should note that even though San Francisco is located in California, the climate is considerably cooler than that of big brother Los Angeles, where it seems to always be sunny and summer. The tourist shops’ bestsellers are warm sweaters to visitors who have miscalculated the city’s temperature.

Facts about San Francisco

San Francisco is California’s fourth largest city. The city is also Northern California’s cultural and commercial center. It is not without reason that tourists love this city!

Population about 750,000
Official languages English
Control Form Republic
Religion No official religion, but 78% are Christians
Time Difference California is nine hours behind the Norwegian winter time, in summer time ten hours
Currency Dollar. Credit cards like Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Diners are very common, and ATMs can be found almost everywhere.
Tips Most people who work in service in the United States have salaries based on tips. It is common to give 15-20% at the restaurant, in taxis, hairdressers, etc. Some eateries may have service stated on the bill.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy in the United States is located in Washington DC, but in San Francisco you have a Consulate General at 20, California Street; 6th floor, with telephone +1 415 986 0766-8.
Tourist Pier 39 at Beach Street and Embarcadero.
Telephone +1
Emergency 911
Electricity 110 / 120V. Both two- and three-point connectors are common, so bring an adapter with you if you want to bring along electrical items.
Holidays and Holidays Most US holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and even Martin Luther King Day are moving. The exception is Independence Day, July 4th.
Visa Not required for Norwegians if you have the new type of machine-readable passport. From 2009, you must register your arrival on an electronic system on the Internet at least 72 hours before arriving in the United States. Read more about this on the Travel Plan’s visa pages.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required.
Water Can be easily drunk from the tap.
Nearest major cities San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland.
Safety Little crime of violence, although some neighborhoods are more charged than others. Police are clearly visible in the street scene, and frequent and thorough security checks on tourist attractions and airports will, for many Norwegians, manifest themselves on the verge of paranoia. But for good reason.

SF: San Francisco

List of San Francisco Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about San Francisco is SF which stands for San Francisco. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to San Francisco, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ACSF Actors Center of San Francisco
ATSF Actors Theatre of San Francisco
BASF Bar Association of San Francisco
BPD BART Police Department (San Francisco, California)
BSF Boutique San Francisco
BGCSF Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco
BCSF Buddhist Church of San Francisco
CCSF Children’s Council of San Francisco
CCSF City and County of San Francisco
CCSF City College of San Francisco
CSFN Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods
CJM Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco
ECSF Estacion Cientifica San Francisco
EASF Executives Association of San Francisco
LABEL Federal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco
LICENSE Federal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco
L Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
LITER Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
FRBSF Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
FCSFS Fundacion Cabo San Francisco
FCSFS Fundacion Cientifica San Francisco
HSF Healthy San Francisco
HCSF Hot Club of San Francisco
ILRCSF Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco
IMAR International MRI Accreditation Resources (San Francisco, CA)
JHSF Jewish Home of San Francisco
LGCSF Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco
LPSF Libertarian Party of San Francisco
MHSSF Mercy High School San Francisco
MCSF Minardi Club San Francisco
NZAASF New Zealand American Association of San Francisco
PPSSF Parents for Public Schools San Francisco
PRSF Peoples Republic of San Francisco
PRSF Presidio of San Francisco
PSF Presidio of San Francisco
PSF Projet San Francisco
PFSF Providence Foundation of San Francisco
QSF Quartet San Francisco
RTSF Rebuilding Together San Francisco
STL-SF Saint Louis – San Francisco Railway Company
STARFIRE San Francisco
SF San Francisco
SFO San Francisco
SFAF San Francisco AIDS Foundation
SFAM San Francisco Airport Museums
SFAA San Francisco Amateur Astronomers
SFAMA San Francisco American Marketing Association
SFAA San Francisco Apartment Association
SAO San Francisco Area Office
SFAE San Francisco Art Exchange
SFAC San Francisco Arts Commission
SFAM San Francisco Attorney Magazine
SAY San Francisco Aviation for Youth
SFBI San Francisco Baking Institute
SFB San Francisco Ballet
SFBH San Francisco Bathhouse
SFBAAPS San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society
SFBACC San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club
SFBAWTA San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority
SFBE San Francisco Bay Estuary
SFBR San Francisco Bay Region
SFBRWQCB San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board
SFBI San Francisco Beacon Initiative
SFBC San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
SFBCC San Francisco Black Chamber of Commerce
SFBC San Francisco Boys Choir
SFCC San Francisco Candle Company
SFCC San Francisco Ceramic Circle
SFCC San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
SFCO San Francisco Chamber Orchestra
SFCIPP San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership
SFCA San Francisco Choral Artists
SFC San Francisco Chronicle
SFC San Francisco City
SFCC San Francisco City Clinic Cohort
SFCC San Francisco Civic Center
SFCC San Francisco Coffee Company
SFCC San Francisco Comedy College
SFCCP San Francisco Community Colocation Project
SFCTC San Francisco Community Television Corporation
SFCC San Francisco Computer Consultants, Inc
SFCC San Francisco Conservation Corps
SFCM San Francisco Conservatory of Music
SFCG San Francisco Consulting Group
SFCVB San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
SFCC San Francisco Coordinating Committee
SFC San Francisco County
SFCC San Francisco Croquet Club
SFCD San Francisco Customs District
SFDCCC San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
SFDPW San Francisco Department of Public Works
SFDC San Francisco Design Center
SFDC San Francisco Drug Court
SFEI San Francisco Estuary Institute
SFEX San Francisco Examiner
SFE San Francisco Examiner
SFFI San Francisco Fashion Industries
SFFCU San Francisco Federal Credit Union
SFFS San Francisco Film Society
SFFCU San Francisco Fire Credit Union
SFFD San Francisco Fire Department
SFFA San Francisco Food Alliance
SFFB San Francisco Food Bank
FSBO San Francisco for Sale by Owner
SFFI San Francisco Forensic Institute
SFF San Francisco Foundation
SFFC San Francisco Free Clinic
SFFN San Francisco Freecycle Network
SFGRO San Francisco Garden Resource Organization
SFGI San Francisco Gender Information
SFGHMC San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center
SFG San Francisco Giants
SFGSA San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance
SFHP San Francisco Health Plan
SFHS San Francisco High School
SFHDC San Francisco Housing Development Corporation
ICA San Francisco Industrial Claims Association
SFIP San Francisco International Program
SFIU San Francisco International University
SFJCF San Francisco Jewish Community Federation
SFKAFF San Francisco Korean-American Film Festival
SFLNC San Francisco Late Night Coalition
SLUG San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners
SFLR San Francisco Liberation Radio
SFMR San Francisco Mammography Registry
SFMG San Francisco Management Group
SFMX San Francisco Marine Exchange
SAFR San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
SFMNPA San Francisco Maritime National Park Association
SFMS San Francisco Medical Society
SFMO San Francisco Missions Outpost
MUNICIPAL San Francisco Municipal Railway
SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
SFO San Francisco Office (Department Of Energy)
SAN San Francisco Operations Office
SFOP San Francisco Organizing Project
SFPT San Francisco Parks Trust
SFPP San Francisco Party Party
SFPT San Francisco Peace Treaty
SFPA San Francisco People’s Assembly
SFP San Francisco Performances
SFPD San Francisco Police Department
SFPL San Francisco Public Library
SFRP San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
SFRA San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
SFRV San Francisco Renaissance Voices
SFR San Francisco Reporting Service
SFRP San Francisco Republican Party
SFRSA San Francisco Robotics Society of America
SFRC San Francisco Rowing Club
SFSA San Francisco School Alliance
SFSOB San Francisco School of Bartending
SFSV San Francisco School Volunteers
SFSG San Francisco Scooter Girls
SFSA San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
SFSB San Francisco Speakers Bureau
SFSF San Francisco Stables Foundation
SFSU San Francisco State University
SFSP San Francisco Suicide Prevention
SFS San Francisco Symphony
SFSC San Francisco Symphony Chorus
SFTX San Francisco Tango Exchange
SFTS San Francisco Theological Seminary
SFUSD San Francisco Unified School District
SFVA San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center
SFVEC San Francisco Veterans Equity Center
SFWS San Francisco Waldorf School
SFWAR San Francisco Women Against Rape
SFWA San Francisco Women Artists
SFYC San Francisco Yacht Club
S San Francisco, CA
SUBSIDIARY San Francisco, CA
SKYPE San Francisco, CA
SFO San Francisco, CA, USA – San Francisco International Airport
QSF San Francisco, CA, USA Metropolitan Area
SFCA San Francisco, California
SSF Seybold San Francisco
SPN South Pacific Division-San Francisco District
SLST St. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway Company
SLSF St. Louis-San Francisco Railway
USFX Universidad San Francisco Xavier
UCSF University of California at San Francisco
USF University of San Francisco
YSFS Yoshi’s San Francisco
YSF Yoshi’s San Francisco