Service Abbreviations II

Service is the act and effect of serving. The concept refers to the activity that consists of performing a certain action to satisfy a need. In general, services imply giving something that is not material, unlike products that are material goods .


The idea of ​​health, in turn, is related to the physical and psychological well-being of a person. When an individual is in good health, his body can perform its functions normally and his psyche does not show any changes.

Health services, therefore, are the services that provide health care. It can be said that the articulation of these services constitutes a care system oriented towards the maintenance, restoration and promotion of people’s health.

It is important to bear in mind that health services do not only include the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or disorders. They also cover everything related to the prevention of overeating and the dissemination of what helps to develop a healthy life.

Most countries have public and private health services. Public health services are managed and financed by the state, while private health services are provided through for-profit companies.

In the case of Portugal, for example, it is the State that controls health services in many aspects, namely management.

In the United Kingdom, there is the National Health Service (NHS), a health system similar to the one in Brazil with the SUS, where funds are collected through tax collection, except for Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Scotland, where they have a separately administered system.

Hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums are some of the institutions where health services are provided. Among the professionals working in this sector, it is possible to mention doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

However, a health system is composed of several professionals who make it work in addition to doctors and nurses, such as: managers, other bodies that help it, support staff, etc.

But generally speaking, a health system is composed of three components that each have specific functions: the medical component (which would be all the personnel involved in the treatment and prevention actions, attending to the patients), the economic component (providing the necessary resources to supply what is needed in a health system) and political (here it would be the management of the system).

And even if a country adopts a health management model, this does not mean that this is a pure and unique system there, but that that model adopted is predominant, since there is no country that has a single management model. of health.

But in several countries, especially those classified as third world, the public health service is usually more precarious, with even a lack of doctors and equipment to serve the population. And, in this, many actions and investment are charged to meet this need.

Service Abbreviations II

Flexcube Investor Services
Flexible Bandwidth Service
Flexible Bandwidth Service
Flexible Payments Service
Flexible Service Processor
Flexibles Service System
Flex-Plan Retirement Services
Flight Advisory Weather Service
Flight Information Advisory Service
Flight Information Service
Flight Information Service Officer
Flight Information Services – Broadcast
Flight Information Services Data Link
Flight Service Automation System
Flight Service Center
Flight Service Data Processing System
Flight Service Specialist
Flight Service Station
Flight Standard Service
Flight Telerobotic Service
Flint Civil Service Commission
Flint Energy Services LTD
Flood Plain Management Services
Flood Premium Reduction Services
Florence Crittenton Services
Florida Agricultural Statistics Service
Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida Association of Aging Services Providers
Florida Baptist Financial Services
Florida Blood Services
Florida Blood Services
Florida Commission on Community Service
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida Energy Extension Service
Florida Engineering Services, Inc
Florida Forest Service
Florida Geological Service
Florida Government Information Locator Service
Florida Institutional Legal Services, Inc.
Florida Legal Services, Inc
Florida Lumber Inspection Service
Florida Medical Educational Services
Florida Press Service
Florida Public Service Commission
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc
Florida Water Services
Flow Admission Service
Fluor Daniel Northwest Services
FOCAS Foreign Military Sales Order Processing for Contract Administration Services
Focus Adolescent Services
Focus Business Services
Focus Business Services
Follett Educational Services
Follow-Up Services
Fondation des Services Sante et Sociaux de Portneuf
Fonds des Services de Santé
Food and Allied Service Trades Department
Food and Beverage Service
Food and Beverages Service
Food and Beverages Service
Food and Drug Analytical Services Limited
Food and Drug Service
Food and Farming Education Service
Food and Nutrition Service
Food and Nutrition Service Regional Office
Food and Nutritional Services
Food and Nutritional Services
Food Communications Information Service
Food Education and Service Training
Food Installation Service Construction
Food Safety and Inspection Service
Food Safety and Technical Services Division
Food Service Agency
Food Service Agency
Food Service and Cleanliness
Food Service and Nutrition Management
Food Service Attendant
Food Service Attendant
Food Service Equipment
Food Service Equipment Day
Food Service Hospitality Education
Food Service Management
Food Service Officer
Food Service Sergeant
Food Service Solutions
Food Service Specialist
Food Service Technology Center
Food Service Warehouse
Food Services of America
Food Services of America
Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services
Foodservice and Packaging Institute
Foodservice Coaching Group
Foodservice Consultants Society International
Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association
Foodservice Instructional Simulation Technique
Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association
Foothills Energy Services, Ltd.
For Services Of
Force Automation Service Center
Force Information Service
Force Service Support Group
FORCEnet Services Infrastructure
Ford Customer Service Division
Ford Service Managers Association
Forecast In-Service Date
Forecasts, their Products and Services
Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Service
Foreign Agricultural Service
Foreign Agriculture Service
Foreign Broadcast Information Service
Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service
Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service
Foreign Commercial Service
Foreign Enterprise Service Corporation
Foreign Exchange Service
Foreign Financial Services Provider
Foreign Intelligence and Security Services
Foreign Intelligence Service
Foreign Investment Advisory Service
Foreign Investment Services Bureau
Foreign Military Construction Sales/Services
Foreign Prisoner Support Service
Foreign Service Allowances
Foreign Service Allowances
Foreign Service Availability
Foreign Service Availability
Foreign Service Credits
Foreign Service Dispatch
Foreign Service Employee
Foreign Service Grievance Board
Foreign Service Health Practitioner
Foreign Service Institute
Foreign Service Institute – National Foreign Affairs Training Center
Foreign Service National
Foreign Service Nurse Practitioner
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Service Officer Test
Foreign Service Oral Assessment
Foreign Service Pay
Foreign Service Pension System
Foreign Service Premium
Foreign Service Retirement Actuarial
Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System
Foreign Service Selection Date
Foreign Service Tour
Foreign Studies Service Bureau
Foreign Trade Service Corps
Foreningen Asfalt og Veiservice
Forensic Ammunition Service
Forensic and Valuation Services Center
Forensic Quality Services
Forensic Science Service
Forensic Science Service Laboratory
Forensic Science Service Tasmania
Forensic Services Command Unit
Forensic Treatment Services
Forest Industry Advisory Service
Forest Management Service Center
Forest Manor Multi-Service Center
Forest Products Radio Service
Forest Restoration Information Service
Forest Service
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Forest Service Global Change Research Program
Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines
Forest Service Road
Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines
Foresters Equity Services, Inc.
Formosa Travel Service
Fort Defiance Service Unit
Forward Electronic Service Center
Forward Service Support Group
Foster Youth Services
Foundation for Rape Information and Services
Foundation for Rural Service
Foundation Human Resource Services
Foundation Plant Services
Foundation Stock Service
Foundations of Service-Learning
Foundations of Service-Oriented Architecture
Fouquette Commercial Real Estate Services
Fournisseur de Services Internet
Fox Valley Older Adult Services
Foyle Health and Social Services Trust
Frame Relay Data Transmission Services
Frame Relay Service
Frame Relay Service Provider
Frame Relay Service Specific Convergence Sub-Layer
Frame Relaying Bearer Service
Frame Service Module
Frame Service Time
Framework for Web Services Implementation
Francis West Computer Services
Franklin Templeton Investor Services, LLC
Fraserside Community Services Society
Fraud Detection Service
Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services
Free Basic Services
Free Basic Services
Free Dating Service
Free Service Check-Up
Freedom Foreclosure Prevention Services, LLC
Freedom of Services
Freelist Information Services Team
Freeway Service Patrol
Freight Service Report
Freight Transportation Services Index
French Parts Service
French Property Service
French-Language Services Policy
Frequency Control Ancillary Services
Frequency Modulation Subcarrier Service
Frequency Protected Service Volume
Friends Association of Services for the Elderly
Friends in Service for Him
Friends in Service Helping
Front Line Service Personnel
Front Office Light Services
Front Office Service Activities
Frontier India Defence & Strategic News Service
Frozen Food Information Service
Fuel Oil Service Pump
Fuel Service Option
Fuel Treatment Service
Fuels Information Service Center
Fugitive Apprehension Service Team
Fulfillment Web Service
Full Service
Full Service Banking
Full Service Carrier
Full Service Contracting
Full Service Contractor
Full Service History
Full Service Leasing
Full Service Level
Full Service Maintenance Agreement
Full Service Manual
Full Service Move Program
Full Service Moving Project
Full Service Network
Full Service Office
Full Service Provider
Full Service Restaurant
Full Service Restaurant Management
Full Service Supplier
Full Service Vendor
Full Time Reserve Service
Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services, Inc.
Fully Managed Service
Function Management Data Services
Functional Area Services
Functional Service
Fund for Additional Services
Fund for International Service Learning
Fund Raising Organization Graphics Service
Fundamental Baptist Information Service
Funding Service Partner
Funds Transfer Service
Funeral Directors Services Association
Funeral Service Credit Union
Funeral Services Acquisition Group
Funeral Services Association of Canada
Funeral Services Northern Ireland
Funeral Services, Inc
Fusion Management Services
Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (US General Services Administration)
Future Events News Service
Future Research Challenges for Software and Services
Future Universal Services of Inbound and Outbound Networks
Gadsden Transportation Services
GAELIC Cataloguing and Technical Services Workgroup (South Africa)
Gallagher Bebefit Services, Inc
Galley Service Door
Gambia Radio and Television Service
Gaming Internet Service Provider
Gaming Service Provider
Gannett Direct Marketing Services
Gardermoen Service Partner
Gas Engineering Services
Gas Transport Services BV
Gas Turbine Services
Gaston Emergency Medical Services
Gaston Emergency Medical Services
Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH
Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH
Gateway GPRS Service Node
Gateway Services for NetWare
Gateway Services for Netware
Gateway to Internet Services
Gatewick Aviation Services
Gaultois Cardinal General Services
Gauteng Shared Service Centre
Gay & Lesbian Adolescent Social Services
Gay and Lesbian Community Services
Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service
Gay and Lesbian Health Services
Gay and Lesbian Services of Kansas
GE Network Services
GEICO Public Service Awards
GemFire on Intel for Financial Services
Gene Technology Information Service
Genealogy and Local History Services
General Administrative Service
General Agreement on Trade in Services
General Atomics, Fusion User Service Center
General Bearing Services
General Conditions of Service
General Conference Auditing Service
General Crane Service, Inc.
General Directorate of Rural Services
General Distribution Services
General Dynamics Aviation Services
General Dynamics Commercial Launch Services
General Electric Engine Services
General Electric Government Services
General Electric Information Services COmpany
General Emergency Services
General Health Service Areas
General Hospital Service Area
General Information Services
General Insurance Ombudservice
General Labour and Trades and Allied Services and Audio Visual Group
General Lighting Service
General Management Consulting Services, Inc.
General Manager, Corporate Services
General Medical Services
General Medical Services Committee
General Mobile Radio Service
General Motors Service and Parts Operations
General News Service
General Ophthalmic Service
General Packet Radio Service
General Professional Services Agreement
General Sales and Service Agents
General Security Service
General Security Services Corporation
General Service
General Service
General Service Agency
General Service Medal
General Service Office
General Service Orbital Vehicle
General Service Representative
General Service Routine/Request
General Service Schools
General Service Society
General Service Technician
General Service Training
General Service Unit
General Services Acquisition Regulation Supplement
General Services Administration
General Services Administration Acquisition Manual
General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals
General Services Administration Building
General Services Administration Business Service Center
General Services Agreement
General Services Building
General Services Division
General Services Management
General Services Officer
General Services Section
General Services Tax
General Student Service Fund
General Support Services
General Support Services Contractor
General Trading and Logistic Services
General Vision Services
General Web Service
General Wireless Communications Service
Generale de Rehabilitation Services
Generalized Timed Token Service Discipline
Generator and Waste Acceptance Services
Generator Services International, Inc.
Generic Call Control Service
Generic Quality of Service
Generic Retrieve/Archive Services Protocol
Generic Security Service
Generic Security Service Algorithm
Generic Service Specification
Generic Services Model
Genesee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Inc
Genesee County Courier Service
Genesis Steel Services, Inc.
Genetic Information and Patient Services
Gentle Care Home Services, Inc.
Geo Mobile Packet Radio Service
Geo Services International Ltd
Geographic Exploration and Mining Services
Geographic Exploration and Mining Services
Geographic Information Services
Geographic Names Information Service
Geographical Information Services
Geographical Service of Hellenic Army
GEOINT Visualization Services (US DoD)
GeoMet Data Services
Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service
Georgetown School of Foreign Service
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada – Georgetown / via Rail Service
Georgia Association Medical Staff Services
Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services
Georgia Association of Homes & Services for Children
Georgia Insurance Information Service
Georgia Library for Accessible Services
Georgia Public Service Commission
Georgia School Food Service Association
Geospatial and Imagery Access Services Specification
Geospatial Annotation Services
Geospatial Coordinate Transformation Services
Geospatial Display Services
Geospatial Domain Access Services
Geospatial Symbol Management Services
Geospatially-linked Data Access Service
Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service
Gerd Horsthofer System Service
Gerontologic Nursing Consultation Service
Gerontological Services, Inc.
Geschichte-Geographie-Ethnologie Service
Getronics Network Services
Ghana Education Service
Ghana Health Service
Ghana Police Service
Gibraltar Financial Services Handbook
Gibson County Animal Services
Gifted and Talented Educational Services
Gifted Student Services Plan
GIG Enterprise Service Profile
GIG Enterprise Services (US DoD)
Gigabit Ethernet Extension Service
Gigabit Services Line Access Multiplexer
Gilbert Medical Transcription Service
Gippsland Funeral Services
Girl’s Service Organization
Glasgow Drug Problem Service
Glenn Vaughn Restoration Services, Inc.
Global Asset Protection Services
Global Asset Recovery Service
Global Broadcast Service
Global Business Communications Services
Global Business Services
Global Cellular Service
Global Commodities and Services
Global Community Services Network
Global Corporate Audit Services
Global Corporate Services
Global Customer Assistance Service
Global Data Management Services
Global Data Service
Global Delivery Application Services
Global Dictionary Service
Global Digital Service Unit
Global Directory Service
Global Educational Opportunities and Services
Global Electronic Marketing Services
Global Electronic Marketing Services
Global Environmental Cleaning Service Inc.
Global Field Services
Global Financial Services Industry
Global Fleet Services
Global Framework for Climate Services
Global General Construction Services
Global Geographic Information and Services
Global Geospatial Information Services
Global Guidance and Educational Services
Global Handpiece Service Association
Global Inbound Service
Global Information Grid Enterprise Services
Global Information Locator Service
Global Infrastructure Services
Global Insight Services
Global Internet Hosting Service
Global Listing Service
Global Litigation Support Services
Global Maritime Services
Global Marketing Support Services
Global Media Distribution Services
Global Messaging Service
Global Mobile Personal Communications Services
Global Multi-Mission Service Platform
Global Network Services
Global Packet Radio Service
Global Power Generation Services
Global Priority Service
Global Procurement Services Group
Global Product and Services Registry
Global Product Development Services
Global Property Management Support Services
Global Quality Services, Inc.
Global Repair Service
Global Reservation Service
Global Resolution Service
Global Resource Application Service Provider
Global Securities and Trust Services
Global Securities Services for Investors
Global Service and Support
Global Service Delivery
Global Service Desk
Global Service Exchange
Global Service for Mobiles
Global Service Manager
Global Service Platform
Global Service Provider
Global Service Relation Number
Global Service Trust Fund
Global Services Network
Global Services Operating Architecture
Global Shared Service Centre
Global Shared Services
Global System Service Provider
Global Technology Services LLC
Global Telecommunications Service
Global Text and Total Conversation Services
Global Trade Information Services
Global Trade Information Services, Inc
Global Trade Services
Global Transaction Services
Global Unwind Network Services
Global Virtual Services Network
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Global Weather Service
Global Workshop Technical Services
Global Youth Service Day
Globecomm Network Services Corporation
Globecomm Services Maryland
Globus Advance Reservation Service
Glockner Engineering & Mining Services
Glockner Engineering & Mining Services
GLONASS Updated Information Service (Russia)
Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service
GM Telekom Service India Private Limited (India0
GNSS In-Service Test
Gold Coast Air Terminal Services Pty. Ltd.
Gold Key Matching Service
Gold Key Service
Golden Cradle Adoption Services
Golden State Donor Services
GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook
Golf Management Services
Good News Internet Services Inc.
Good Service Pension
Goodalls Charter Bus Service, Inc.
Goodie Domain Service
Goods and Services on Order
Goods and Services Tax
Goods and Services Tax Act
Goods and Services Tax Determination
Goodwill Cooperation Service
Google News Service
Google Search Service
Gordon Food Service
Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service
Governance Advisory Service
Governance Risk and Compliance Services
Government and Geographic Information Services Task Force
Government Business Services
Government Documents Technical Services
Government Economic Service
Government Electronic Tendering Service
Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
Government Fleet Services
Government Furnished Services and Items
Government Health Service
Government Information and Communication Service
Government Information Locator Service
Government Information Technology Services
Government Information Technology Services Board
Government Inservice Training Centre
Government Launch Services
Government Launch Services-Cryogenic
Government Operational Research Service
Government Out of Area Line Service
Government Personnel Services Division
Government Purchases of Goods and Services
Government Service Insurance System
Government Service Representative
Government Services Administration
Government Services Agency
Government Services Directory
Government Services Provider
Government Statistical Service
Government Support Services
Government Technical Information Services
Government Technology Services
Government Technology Services, Inc.
Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services
Government Telephone Service
Governmental Consultant Services Inc
Government-Furnished Services
Grace Community Services Bhd.
Grade Of Service
Graduate Business Career Services
Graduate College Career Services Office
Graduate School of Social Service
Graduate Student Grant Service
Graduate Student Service Appointments
Graeme E. Gaskell Services
Graham Brit Services Ltd
Grain Services Union
Granite State Guardianship Services
Granite State Race Services
Grant Proposal & Research Services
Grantham Book Services Ltd
Grantmaker Forum on Community and National Service
Grants and Contracts Accounting Services
Graphic Service Program
Graphic Service System
Graves Registration Service
Great American Financial Services
Great Plains Rehabilitation Services
Great Valley Production Services
Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co
Great Wall Travel Service
Great Western Ambulance Service
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
Greater Elmwood Neighborhood Services
Greater Lafayette Health Services
Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service
Greater London Association of Alcohol Services
Greater Manassas Service Area
Greater Manchester Ambulance Service
Greater Nottingham Healthy Housing Service
Greater Orlando Area Legal Services
Greater Vancouver Community Services Society
Greater Vernon Services Commission
Greater Western Area Health Service
Greek Intelligence Service
Green Room Production Services
Green Universe Environmental Services Society
Greene County Department of Social Services
Greenstone Farm Credit Services
Grenada Yacht Services
Grey Systems and Intelligent Services
Greyhound Leisure Services, Inc.
Greyhound Travel Services, Inc.
Grid Advanced Information Service
Grid Application Service Provision
Grid Harvest Service
Grid Index Information Service
Grid Location Service
Grid Resource Information Service
Grid Service Provider
Grid Services Access Point
Grid-Enabled Medical Simulation Services
Grid-enabled Web Map Service
Grinnell College Computer Services
Grizzly Mountain Medical Services
Gross Debt Service
Grosvenor International Property Services
Ground Hound Detection Services, Inc.
Ground Tactical Communications Services
Ground Transportation Service
Groundwater Well Services
Group Benefit Services, Inc
Group Health Service
Group Insurance Management Services, Inc.
Group of Experts on RNODCS and Climate Data Services
Group Operating Service
Group Risk Management Services
Group Service Representative
Group Services Agreement
Groveland Community Services District
Growth Partnership Services
Grumman Data Services
GSM Hosted SMS Teleservice
Guarantee of Service
Guarantee of Service Plan
Guaranteed Level of Service
Guaranteed Optical Service Provisioning
Guaranteed Quality of Service
Guaranteed Quality Service
Guaranteed Service Refund
Guaranteed Service Transport
Guelph Police Service
Guelph, Ontario, Canada – Guelph / via Rail Service
Guernsey Careers Service
Guest Service Attendant
Guest Service Expert
Guest Service Interaction
Guest Service Representative
Guest Service Team Leader
Guest Services Agent
Guest Services, Inc.
Guide to Clinical Preventive Services
Guide to Community Preventive Services
Guide to Service Delivery Excellence
Guidelines for the Definition of Management Services
Guild Insurance and Financial Services
Guild of Service
Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services, Inc.
Gulf Interstate Field Services, Inc.
Gulf Ocean Graphic Services
Gulf Supplies Commercial Services
Gwent Music Support Service
H&E Equipment Services
Habesha Capital Services
Hachette Distribution Service
Hall County Fire Services
Halliburton Energy Services
Hallmark Financial Services
Hallmark Management Services Inc
Halton Regional Police Service
Hamble Yacht Services Ltd
Hamilton County Educational Service Center
Hamilton Watts International Migration Services
Hampshire Public Service Network
Hampton Media Services Ltd.
Handbook of Service Instruction
Hands On Sign Language Services
Hanford Analytical Services
Harbor Services User Fee
Hard of Hearing Services Specialist
Hardware as a Service
Hardware Product Services
Harford County Educational Services Council
Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc.
Harris Technical Services Corporation
Harris Weather Data Services
Harrow Association of Voluntary Services
Harry Patel Professional Services
Hartley Data Service, Inc.
Harvard Arts and Sciences Computer Services
Harvard Emergency Medical Services
Harvard Printing and Publication Services
Harvard Real Estate Services
Harvard University Dining Services
Harvard University Health Services
Hawaii Armed Services Police
Hawaii Aviation Contract Services
Hawaii Community Services Council
Hawaii Medical Service Association
Hawaii Services on Deafness
Hawaii Youth Services Network
Hayman Residential Engineering Services Inc.
Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service
Hazleton Environmental Services, Inc
Head Injury Rehabilitation Services
Head of Corporate Services
Head of Corporate Services
Head of Customer Service
Head of Customer Service
Head of Customer Services
Head of Democratic Services
Head of Environmental Health Services
Head of Financial Services
Head of User Services
Headend Service Module
Headquarters and Service
Headquarters and Service Battery
Headquarters Service Company
Health & Rehabilitative Services
Health Access Nurturing Development Services
Health and Community Services
Health and Education Research Operative Services
Health and Family Services
Health and Human Services
Health and Human Services
Health and Medical Services
Health and Personal Social Services
Health and Public Services
Health and Safety Advisory Service Ltd
Health and Social Care Advisory Service
Health and Social Services Authority
Health and Social Services Committee
Health and Social Services Department
Health and Social Services Managers
Health and Support Services
Health Care Development Services, Inc.
Health Care Financial Services
Health Care Service Corporation
Health Care Service Data Reporting
Health Education Services Inc.
Health Industry Claims and Payments Service
Health Informatics Service
Health Information Resources and Services, Inc.
Health Information Service Provider
Health Information Services
Health Pharma Marketing Services
Health Physical Education and Leisure Services
Health Policy Tracking Service
Health Professionals Services Program
Health Recreation and Social Services Committee
Health Resources & Services Administration
Health Resources and Services Administration
Health Science Letter Service
Health Service Advisory Committee
Health Service Agreement
Health Service and Population Research
Health Service Area
Health Service Command-Union List of Serials
Health Service Delivery
Health Service Employers Agency
Health Service Executive
Health Service Journal
Health Service Laboratory
Health Service Ombudsman
Health Service Organizations
Health Service Provider
Health Service Provider in Psychology
Health Service Region
Health Service Support
Health Service Support Area
Health Services Academy
Health Services Administration
Health Services Administration Degree
Health Services Administrator/Administration
Health Services Agency
Health Services and Policy Research Support Network
Health Services and Sciences Research Resources
Health Services and Sciences Research Resources
Health Services Bureau
Health Services Command
Health Services Conference
Health Services Corporation
Health Services Cost Review Commission
Health Services Delivery Systems
Health Services Department
Health Services Group
Health Services Improvement Program
Health Services Inspection
Health Services International
Health Services Management and Policy
Health Services Management Association
Health Services Management Centre
Health Services Overlay District
Health Services Research
Health Services Research Center
Health Services Research Network
Health Services Technician
Health Services Utilization Study
Health Services Workers Union
Health Services/Technology Assessment Research
Health Supplements Information Service
Health Support Service
Health Systems and Services Development
Health, Education and Human Services
Health, Environment and Human Services Committee
Health, Human Services, and Aging Committee
Health, Safety, and Environmental Services
Healthcare Billing and Collection Service
Healthcare Facilitation Services
Healthcare Marketing Services
Healthcare Resolution Services, Inc.
Healthcare Services Group Incorporated
Healthcare Services Specification Project
Healthservice Council of Metropolitan Louisville
Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota
Heartland Senior Services
Heat Transfer Service Newsletter
Heavy Oilfield Services
Heavy Oilfield Services
Hebersham Aboriginal Youth Service
Heens Office Consulting Services
Heens Office Consulting Services
Held Out of Service
Helen Keller Services for the Blind
Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
Helicopter Flight Training Services GmbH
Helicopter Inter-Service Working Group
Helicopter Services Group
Heller Information Services
Help Desk Support Services
Helsinki University Knowledge Services
Hemisphere Expo Services, Inc.
Hennepin South Services Collaborative
Henry County Genealogical Services
Her Majesty’s Courts Service
Her/His Majesty’s Service
Heritage Education and Communication Service
Hero Management Service Limited
Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service
Hewlett-Packard Financial Services
HiCommand Storage Services Manager
Hierarchical Fair Service Curve
hierarchical services of interacting processes
Hierarchical Transparent LAN Services
High Availability Service Contract
High Country Service Data
High Day Service Hour
High Density Fixed Services
High Level Service Circuit
High Speed Dial-up Service
High Speed Messaging Service
High Speed Service Delivery
High Tech Manufacturing Services
High Volume Service
High-End Services Section
Higher Education Digitisation Service
Higher Education Resources Services
Higher Education Services Corporation
Highland Adventures Guide Services, LLC
Highline Medical Services Organization
Highway Information Services Division
Highway Research Information Service
Highway Service
Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services
Hillsong Youth Services
Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services
Hindustan Studies and Services, Ltd.
Hino Quality Service
His/Her Majesty’s Civil Service
Hispanic Educational Technology Services
Hispanic News Service, Inc
Historic Price Service
History Data Service
Hitachi Storage Service Manager
Hobart Community Legal Service
Hollidaysburg American Legion Ambulance Service
Home & Community Based Services
Home and Community Based Services
Home and Community Support Services Agency
Home and Community-Based Service Program
Home Care and Hospice Services
Home Care Services Program
Home Delivery Service
Home Health Care Services LLC
Home Health Education Service
Home Internet Service
Home Internet Service Provider
Home Library Service
Home Owner Association Services
Home Purchase Advisory Service
Home Service Area
Home Service Store
Home Service Transfer Allowance
Homemaking, Organizing and Parenting Effectiveness Service
Homestead and Community Broadcast Satellite Service
Honesty in Performance, Pride in Service
Honeywell In-service Reliability Assessment Program
Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
Hong Kong Christian Service
Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd.
Hong Kong Internet Service
Hong Kong Military Service Corps
Honourable East India Company Service
Horeca Internet Services
Horizon Services Group
Horizontal Fusion Enterprise Services
Horn of Africa Services
Hors Service
Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service
Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service
Hospital and Community Health Services
Hospital and Health Services
Hospital Clinical Services Group, Inc.
Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service
Hospital Financial Service Corporation
Hospital Patient Financial Services
Hospital Shared Services
Hospital Sterile Services Department
Hospitality and Food Service
Hospitality Valuation Services
Host Access Transformation Service
Host Marriott Services
Host Service Request Register
Host Service Request Register 0
Hosted Integrated Contact Services
Hosted Internet Protocol Communication Service
Hostile Intelligence Service
Hosting Service Provider
Hotel and Support Services Manager
Hotel Consulting & Technical Services
Hotel Reservation Service, Ltd
Hotel Service Fee
Hours of Service
Hours of Service
House Armed Services Committee
House Financial Services Committee
Household Commercial Financial Services
Housing and Human Services
Housing and Neighborhood Development Services
Housing and Neighborhood Services
Housing and Residential Services
Housing and Supportive Services
Housing Benefit Matching Service
Housing Counseling Services, Inc
Housing Dining Services
Housing Mobility and Exchange Services
Housing Opportunities through Many Efforts and Services
Housing Organisations Mobility and Exchange Services
Housing Referral Service
Housing Services Program
Housing, Food and Conference Services
Houston Medical Testing Services
Houston Realtors Information Service, Inc.
Howard Area Transit Service
HSBC Financial Services Middle East
HSBC Technical Services Europe
HTTP JMS (Java Message Service) Bridge
Hudson Marine Management Services
Hughes Cad Drawing Services
Hughes Technical Services Company
Human Capital Advisory Services
Human Environmental Services
Human Nutrition Information Service
Human Resource Information Services
Human Resource Management Services Office
Human Resource Management Services Office
Human Resource Services Center
Human Resources Service Center
Human Resources Services
Human Resources Services Division
Human Rights Action Service
Human Service Organization
Human Service Transportation Delivery
Human Services
Human Services Agency
Human Services Appropriations Committee
Human Services Coalition of Dade County
Human Services Committee
Human Services Council
Human Services Department
Human Services Directory
Human Services Enterprise Network
Human Services Finance Officers
Human Services Officer
Human Services Partnership Implementation Committee
Human Services Policy
Human Services Today
Human Services Today
Human Services Training Advisory Council
Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc
Human-Friendly Service Description, Discovery and Matchmaking
Humanitarian Air Service
Humanitarian Common Service
Humanitarian Early Warning Service
Humanitarian Service Medal
HumanWorks Training and Educational Services, Inc.
Humboldt Park Social Services
Hunter Livestock Export Services
Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
Huss Maritime Technical Service
Hyder Business Services
Hydraulic Fluid, Starboard, Ship Service
Hydrographic Services Review Panel
Hysterectomy Education Resources and Services
Hyundai Authorized Service Center
IAIPS Communication Service
IAIPS Support Services
IBM Business Consulting Service
IBM Global Services
IBM Information Services
IBM Software Services for Lotus
IBM Software Services Rational
Icon Personnel Services Group
Idaho Financial Services Association
Idaho Funeral Service Association
Idaho State Police Forensic Services
Idaho Telecommunications Service Assistance Program
Identification Division Automated Services
Identity and Passport Service
Identity as a Service
iLevel Service Center
Illinois Bibliographic Information Service
Illinois Business Financial Services
Illinois Coalition for Community Services
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
Illinois Department of Human Services
Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children
Illinois Regional Air Support Service
Illinois Researcher Information Service
Illinois Society of Fire Service Instructors
Image Access Service
Image Access Services Specification
Image Annotation Service
Image Communication Services
Image Map Generation Services
Image Print Services
Image Synthesis Services
Image Understanding Services
Imagery Exploitation Services
Imagery Manipulation Services
Imagery Transformation Services
Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
Immigration & Naturalization Service
Immigration Advisory Service
Immigration and Passport Service
Immigration Lawyer Referral Service
Immigration Services for All, Inc.
Immoblien-Service Bad Oeynhausen
Immunization Services Support
Impact Service Corporation
Imperial Investor Service
Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
Imperial Service Order
Import Service Fee
Improve Service Quality
Improved Mobile Telephone Service
Improved Tracking and Service
IMS Service Control
In Her Majesty’s Secret Service
In His Service
In House Services
In loving service
In Service
In Service Date
In Service Failure
In Service In Reserve
In Service Inspection
In Service Measurement
In Service Reliability Demonstration
In Service Review
In Service Software Upgrade
In Service Software Upgrade
In Service Support System
Inbucon Services, Ltd.
Incident Response Service
Income Verification Express Service
Incomes Data Services
Incoming Service Grouping
Incoming Trunk Service Observation
Increased Reward with Increased Service
Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.
Indefinite Period of Service
Independent Basic Service Set
Independent Coin Grading Service
Independent Complaints Advocacy Service
Independent Consulting and Risk Management Services
Independent Counseling and Advisory Services
Independent Customer Service Representative
Independent Dispute Resolution Service
Independent Environmental Services Incorporated
Independent Gateway Service Provider
Independent Living Services
Independent NECA Services, Inc.
independent news service
Independent Personal Services Certification Form
Independent Resource and Information Services
Independent Review of the Fire Service
Independent School Information Service
Independent School Services
Independent Schools Council Information Service
Independent Service Center
Independent Service Organization
Independent Service Provider
Independent Television Service Dealer’s Association
Independent Trading Rework and Informatics Services
Independent Transit Planning Review Services
Independent Tribunal Service
Independent Valuation and Risk Services Limited
Independent, Intelligent Solutions and Services
Index Management Service
Index of Services
India News Feature Service
Indian Administrative Service
Indian Audit and Accounts Service
Indian Civil Service
Indian Engineering Services
Indian Foreign Service
Indian Foreign Services
Indian Forest Service
Indian General Service Medal
Indian Health Service
Indian Medical Service
Indian Police Services
Indian Postal Service
Indian Railway Accounts Service
Indian Railway Medical Service
Indian Railway Personnel Service
Indian Railway Service of Engineers
Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers
Indian Railways Stores Service
Indian Revenue Service
Indian Valley Service Unit
Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority
Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission
Indiana Legislative Services Agency
Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services
Indianhead Transit Service
Indigenous Arts Service Organization
Indigent Defense Services Division
Indirect Access Service
Individual Investor Express Delivery Service
Individual Service and Support Plan
Individual Service Plan
Individual Service Provider
Individual Services Agreement
Individualized Family Service Plan
Indo-Asia Leisure Services Ltd.
Indo-Asian News Service
Indus Consultancy Services, Inc.
Industrial Adjustment Services
Industrial and Support Services Expansion Program
Industrial Automation Services
Industrial Council for Development Services
Industrial Extension Service
Industrial Health Services Network
Industrial Integration Services
Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd.
Industrial Safety and Health Program Services
Industrial Warehouse Service
Industrial Waste Water Services
Industry Distribution and Financial Services
Industry Launch Services – Cryogenic
Industry Number Management Services, Ltd.
Industry Security Services
Industry Support Information Services
Infection Prevention and Control Service
Infinite Computer Services
Infiniti Financial Services
Inflight Food Service Association
In-flight Service Director
In-Flight Service Manager
Info Botswana Internet Services
Infocrossing Healthcare Services
Infomercial Monitoring Service, Inc
Infonet Services Corporation
Infonet Services Corporation
Informal Sector Service Center
Information about Brokerage Services
Information Access and Technology Services
Information Access Services
Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technology
Information and Communications Services
Information and Real Estate Services
Information and Services Acquisition
Information And Web Services
Information As A Service
Information Delivery Service
Information Environment Service Registry
Information Handling Services
Information Integrity Services
Information Management and Services Division
Information Management Services Unit
Information Management Systems & Services
Information on Disability – Equipment, Access Service
Information Products and Services
Information Protection Services
Information Referral Services
Information Resources Management Service
Information Security Services
Information Sending Service
Information Service Center
Information Service Provider
Information Service Support Center
Information Service Vendor
Information Services
Information Services Analysis
Information Services and Resources
Information Services and Systems
Information Services and User Support
Information Services Computer Resource Area
Information Services Department
Information Services Division
Information Services Division Request
Information Services Integrated Publishing System
Information Services Interface
Information Services Latin America
Information Services Manager
Information Services Market Place
Information Services Network
Information Services Network
Information Services Policy Board
Information Services Procurement Group
Information Services Request
Information Services Support Office
Information System for Youth Services
Information Systems and Infrastructure Services
Information Systems Security Products and Services Catalog
Information Systems Services
Information Technologies Services
Information Technology Analytics and Developmental Services
Information Technology and Communications Services
Information Technology and Professional Services
Information Technology Central Services
Information Technology Enabled Services
Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-2 Services
Information Technology Infrastructure Services
Information Technology Managed Services
Information Technology Professional Services Arrangement
Information Technology Service
Information Technology Service Center
Information Technology Service Company
Information Technology Service Delivery
Information Technology Service Excellence
Information Technology Service Management
Information Technology Service Management Forum
Information Technology Service Optimization
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services Agency
Information Technology Services Branch
Information Technology Services Department
Information Technology Services Division
Information Technology Services for Business
Information Technology Services Marketing Association
Information Technology Services Program
Information Technology Services Request
Information Technology Services Unit
Information Technology Total Services
Information Technology Web Services
Information Transfer System/Service
Information, Assurance & Certification Services
Informatique Avancee Communication et Services
Infosoft MMS EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) Testing Suite (software)
Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure Consulting Services
Infrastructure Managed Services
Infrastructure Service
Infrastructure Service Delivery
Infrastructure Service Provider
Ingersoll-Rand Financial Services
Ingram Micro Service Network
Ingram Publisher Services, Inc.
In-Home Supportive Services
Initial Service Release
Initial Service Test
Initial Services Requirements
Inkoop Service Bureau Rotterdam
Inland Empire Commuter Services
Inland Valley Recovery Services
Innovative Energy Services, Inc.
Innovative Management and Technology Services, LLC
Innovative Public Services Group
Innovative Waste Consulting Services, LLC
Innovators Counselling and Advisory Service for Scotland
Input/Output Control Services
In-Service Engineering
In-Service Engineering Activity
In-Service Engineering Agent
In-Service Engineering Office
In-service Management Panel
In-Service Manager
In-service Non-intrusive Measurement Device
In-Service Open Challenge
In-Service Readiness Process/Plan/Procedure
In-Service Recruiter
In-Service Repair
In-Service Software Maintenance Facility
In-Service Support
In-Service Support Center
In-Service Support Contract
In-Service Support Equipment
In-Service Support Review
In-Service Support Team
In-Service Training
In-Service Training Programme
In-service Work Plan
In-Service Workshop
Inside Science News Service
Inside Services Sales Representative
InSight Health Services Holdings Corp.
Insolvency and Trustee Service
Inspection Général des Services
Inspection of Services
Inspection Service Operation Support
Inspection Services, Inc.
Inspectional Services Department
Installation and Service Activity
Installation Service Supply Support
Installation Services Support Agreement
Installers Service Warehouse, Inc
Instant Listening Service
Instant Messaging and Presence Services
Instant Messaging Service
Instant Phone Service
Instant Response Information Service
Instantaneous Audience Measurement Service
Institut canadien sur les affaires et services étudiants
Institut Scientifique de Service Public
Institute for Citizen Centered Service
Institute for Diversity and Business Services
Institute for Essential Services Reform
Institute for Local Government and Public Service
Institute for Museum and Library Services
Institute for Public Service and Policy Research
Institute for Sales and Service Excellence
Institute for the Management of Information Services
Institute for Treatment and Services Research
Institute of Air Navigation Services
Institute of Customer Service
Institute of Financial Services
Institute of Health Service Managers
Institute of Health Services Management
Institute of Management Services
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Institute of Psychological Research and Service
Institute of Service Management
Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service
Institutional Fund Services
Institutional Investor Information Service
Institutional Mortgage Service Group
Institutional Planning, Analysis and Special Services
Institutional Shareholder Services
Instructional Development Service
Instructional Materials Service
Instructional Technology Services Unit
Instructional Television Fixed Service
Instrument Sales and Service, Inc.
Instrumentation And Protective Service
Insurance and Actuarial Advisory Services
Insurance Brokerage Service
Insurance Center Service (insurance)
Insurance Courier Service
Insurance Database Services Ltd.
Insurance Licensing Services of America
Insurance Service Account
Insurance Service Organization
Insurance Services Division
Insurance Services of America
Insurance Services Office, Inc.
Insurance Services, Inc.
Integral Wind Services
Integrated Assessment Services Model
Integrated Broadband Information Service
Integrated Broadband Services Switch
Integrated Broadcast Service
Integrated Business Systems and Services, Inc
Integrated Channel Service Unit
Integrated Child Development Services
Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service
Integrated Combat Service Support System
Integrated Computer Application for Recognizing User Services
Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility
Integrated Data Service Unit
Integrated Data Services Limited
Integrated Delivery Service
Integrated Development Services
Integrated Digital Services Terminal
Integrated Directory Service
Integrated Electronic Service Delivery
Integrated Electronic Service Guide
Integrated Fluid Servicer
Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.
Integrated Global Ocean Services System
Integrated Land Management Services Pty Ltd
Integrated Learning Management Service
Integrated Local Services
Integrated Marketing Services
Integrated Messaging Service
Integrated Multi-service Access Platform
Integrated Network Connection Service
Integrated Occupational Health Services
Integrated Operational Services
Integrated Outsourcing Services GmbH
Integrated Premises Services
Integrated Promotional Services
Integrated Query and Reporting Service
Integrated Service Delivery
Integrated Service Delivery Management
Integrated Service Hub
Integrated Service Improvement Programme
Integrated Service Management Architecture
Integrated Service Management Functions
Integrated Service Node
Integrated Service Request
Integrated Service Solutions
Integrated Service Unit
Integrated Services Access
Integrated Services Architecture
Integrated Services Digital
Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting
Integrated Services Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Network Gateway Exchange
Integrated Services Digital Network User Part
Integrated Services Director
Integrated Services Document
Integrated Services for Children Information System
Integrated Services Gateway
Integrated Services Infrastructure
Integrated Services Internet
Integrated Services Lab
Integrated Services Line Module
Integrated Services Line Module
Integrated Services Line Unit
Integrated Services Module
Integrated Services Network
Integrated Services Over Low-Speed Serial Links
Integrated Services Over Low-Speed Serial Links
Integrated Services Over Specific Links
Integrated Services Packet Network
Integrated Services Panel
Integrated Services Technology Development
Integrated Services Terminal Equipment
Integrated Services Trunk
Integrated Services User Part
Integrated Services Working Group
Integrated Small Business Services
Integrated Special Services Network
Integrated Support Service
Integrated Support Services Management Information System
Integrated Support Services Unit
Integrated Support Services Unit
Integrated Technical Information Services
Integrated Technology Recovery Service
Integrated Technology Services
Integrated Testing Services
Integrated Utilities Services, Ltd.
Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs
Integrated Video Services
Integrated Web Service
Integrated Web Services
Integrated Wireless/Wireline Services
Integrating Services and Technology Program
Integration and Consulting Services
Integration as a Service
Intel Advanced Network Services for Linux
Intel Financial Services
Intel Solution Services
Intelink Service Management Center
Intellectual Disability Services Officer
Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation
Intellectual Property Services Centre
Intelligence Community Enterprise Services
Intelligent Data Service Unit
intelligent Fiber Service Unit
Intelligent Multiservice Access System
Intelligent Network Service Delivery
Intelligent Notification Services
Intelligent Quality-Of-Service Management Suite
Intelligent Services Access Manager
Intelligent Services and Process Management
Intelligent Services Gateway
Intelligent Services Gateway
Intelligent Voice Services Network
Intelligent Web Services
INTELSAT Business Services
Intense Forensic Services
Intensive Delinquency Diversion Services
Inter Agency Messaging Service
Inter Carrier Messaging Service
Inter Frame Relay Service
Inter Press Service
Inter Service Intelligence
Inter Services Selection Board
Inter/Intraservice Support Coordinator
Interactive Computer Service Provider
Interactive Gambling Service Provider
Interactive Multimedia Retrieval Services
Interactive Multimedia Services
Interactive Service Technologies, Inc.
Interactive Services Association
Interactive Services Menu
Interactive Student Information Service
Interactive Teleservices Corporation
Interactive Travel Services Association
Interactive Unix Service
Interactive Video Data Service
Interactive Video Services
Interagency and International Services
Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office
Inter-Carrier Service Provider
Interceptor & Waste Services
Inter-City Passenger Service
Intercity Service Coordination
Intercommunity Transit Service Exploratory Proposal
Interdepartmental Committee for Meteorological Services
Interest Service Coverage Ratio
Interexchange Carrier Service Center
Interexchange Customer Service Center
Interface Service Node
Interfaith Emergency Services
Interim Acting Service Chief
Interim Health Service Executive
Interim Management Services
Interim Theater ADP Service
Interior Design Service
Interior Design Services
Interlibrary Borrowing Service
Intermediary Services Organization
Intermediate Maintenance Service
Intermediate Service Center
Intermediate Service Part
Intermediate Service School
Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service
Intermodal Community Air Service System
Intermountain Power Service Corporation
Internal Audit Services
Internal Channel Service Unit
Internal Controls Service
Internal Cooperative Agreement Support and Services
Internal Data Services
Internal German Service
Internal Revenue Information Service
Internal Revenue Service
Internal Revenue Service Code
Internal Revenue Service Number
Internal Revenue Service Restructuring, and Reform Act of 1998
Internal Review Service
Internal Security Service
Internal Service Request
International Agricultural Development Service
International Aid Services
International Assignment Services
International Association for National Youth Service
International Association for Student Insurance Services
International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.
International Association of Jewish Vocational Services
International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers & Servicers
International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers
International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
International Automated Transactions Services
International Book Import Service
International Book Information Service
International Broadcasting Services, Ltd.
International Business and Services Needs Incorporated
International Business Law Services, Inc.
International Business Service
International Certification Services, Inc.
International Civil Service Commission
International Classification of Clinical Services
International Classification of Goods and Services
International Committee on Ocean Exploration and Environmental Services
International Company for Mobile Services
International Company Services Limited
International Compliance Services
International Conference on Pervasive Services
International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management
International Congress Service
International Consultation Services
International Container Terminal Service
International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
International Contract Services Expo
International Contract Services Expo
International Cooperative Administrative Support Services
International Corporate Service Provider
International Corporate Services Ltd.
International Customer Service Association
International Customer Service Standard
International Cyber Business Services, Inc.
International Data Entry Services
International Data Service
International Data Service Center
International Dedicated Service Center
International Direct Response Services
International Disaster Emergency Services
International DORIS Service
International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service
International Earth Rotation Service
International Education Programs Service
International Emergency Multimedia Service
International Energy Services
International English Language Testing Services
International Exchange Service
International Executive Service Corps
International Financial Services Association
International Financial Services Authority
International Financial Services Centre
International Financial Services District
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress
International Fire Service Training Association
International Flagship Service
International Flight Services Association
International Food Information Service
International Food Service Executives Association
International Foodservice Distributors Association
International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
International Freephone Service
International GNSS Service (formerly International GPS Service)
International Investigation Services
International Jewelers Block & Fine Arts Insurance Services, Inc.
International Language Teaching Services
International Laser Ranging Service
International Latitude Service
International Launch Services
International Legume Database and Information Service
International Location Advisory Services
International Management Services, Incorporated
International Marketing Business Services
International Media Services
International Medical Support Services
International Network Services
International News Service
International Operator Services
International Organic Accreditation Services
International Outsourcing Services
International Parcel Service
International Partnership for Service Learning
International Payments for Ecosystem Services
International Polar Motion Service
International Priority Freight Service
International Professional Service Semester
International Real Estate Services
International Repair Information Service
International Reply Service
International Retail Financial Services
International Satellite Service
International Science Information Service
International Secretariat for Volunteer Service
International Securities Services Association
International Security Information Service
International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services
International Self-Service Organization
International Semantic Web Services Symposium
International Service Assessment
International Service Availability Symposium
International Service Carrier
International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications
International Service Organization of Sex Addicts Anonymous
International Service Personnel
International Service Program
International Service Team
International Services Advertising
International Services Branch
International Services for Students & Scholars
International Social Service
International Social Service – United States of America Branch, Inc
International Society of Fire Service Instructors
International Space Environment Service
International Student Advice Service
International Student and Faculty Services
International Student and Scholar Services
International Student and Scholar Services Office
International Student Services Center Corporation Limited
International Supply Services
International Switched Digital Services
International Switched Transit Service
International Switched Voice Service
International Symposium on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service
International Symposium on Services and Local Access
International Symposium on Small Satellites, Systems and Services
International Symposium on Subscriber Loops and Services
International Tax Quantitative Consulting Service
International Teacher Exchange Services
International Technical Services
International Telecomms Service Complex
International Test & Engineering Services Company
International Testing and Certification Services
International Theme Park Services, Inc
International Title Service
International Toll Free Services
International Total Services, Inc.
International Tracing Service
International Trade in Banking Services
International Trade Information Service
International Transcription Service
International Travel Services Association
International Treasury Services
International Value-Added Services
International Veterinary Information Service
International Video Teleconferencing Service
International VLBI Service
International Voluntary Service
International Volunteers Service Learning Programme
International Wafer Service
International Workshop on E-Services in Public Administration
International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services
International Workshop on Quality of Service
International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Services
Internet Access Service Provider
Internet Authentication Service
Internet Borrower Inquiry Services
Internet Business Law Services
Internet Connect Services, Inc.
Internet Connection Services
Internet Customer Self-Service
Internet Database Service
Internet Delivery Services
Internet Dial Service
Internet Domain Services Limited
Internet Flight Information Service
Internet Gaming Service Provider
Internet Gateway Service Provider
Internet Information Services
Internet Infrastructure Service Provider
Internet Insurance Education Services
Internet Mail Service
Internet Map Service
Internet Market Research Services
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc.
Internet Multicasting Service
Internet Musicians Placement Service
Internet Patent News Service
Internet Payment Service Provider
Internet Protocol Class of Service
Internet Protocol Edge Services
Internet Protocol Multimedia Service
Internet Protocol Quality of Service
Internet Protocol Security Services
Internet Protocol Service
Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement
Internet Protocol Service Switch
Internet Protocol Services Generator
Internet Protocol Telecom Services workshop
Internet Provider Service
Internet Registry Information Service
Internet Resource Name Search Service
Internet Search Service
Internet Self Service and Security
Internet Service
Internet Service Agentur GmbH
Internet Service Bus
Internet Service Exchange
Internet Service Manager
Internet Service Node
Internet Service Provider
Internet Service Provider Association of Namibia
Internet Service Provider Outsourcing
Internet Service Providers Association
Internet Service Providers Austria
Internet Service Providers Consortium
Internet Service Providers Convention
Internet Service Providers Forum
Internet Service Providers of the UK
Internet Services Business Unit
Internet Services Engine
Internet Services Network
Internet Services Providers’ Association of Nigeria
Internet Solutions Services Ltd.
Internet Storage Name Service
Internet Telephony Service Provider
Internet Telephony Services Providers Association
Internet Time Service
Internet Travel Information Service
Internet Value-Added Service
Internet-Intranet Transport Service
Internet-Scale Event Notification Service
Internetworking Security Services Expert
Inter-Operator Short Message Service
Inter-Plan Teleprocessing Services
Interrupt Service Register
Interrupt Service Routine
Interrupt Service Time
Interruption of Air Traffic Services
Inter-Satellite Service
Intersectional Transportation Service
Inter-Service Agreement
Inter-Service Antenna Group
Interservice Data Exchange Program
Interservice Depot Maintenance Task Group
Inter-Service Engineering Agency
Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee
Interservice Hovercraft Trials Unit
Interservice Industry Training Systems and Education Conference
Inter-Service Institution
Interservice Liaison Officer
Interservice Material Accounting and Control System
Interservice Occupational Task Analysis Program
Interservice Physician Assistance Program
Interservice Physician Assistant Program
Inter-Service Summer Leadership School
Interservice Supply Support
Interservice Supply Support Agreement
Interservice Supply Support Committee/Coordinator
Interservice Supply Support Procedure/Program
Interservice Supply Support Records Office
Interservice Support Agreement
Interservice Support Agreement
Interservice Support Office
Interservice Training Review Organization
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference
Inter-Services Intelligence
Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate
Inter-Services Public Relations
Interstate Nuclear Services
Intersystems Library Delivery Service
Intertek Testing Services
Interviewing Service of America, Inc.
Interworking Service Request
Interworking Service Request
Intranet Web Services
Intruder Detection and Electrical Services
Inuvik Regional Health and Social Services Authority
Inventory Locator Service
Inventory Of Service
Inventory Program Management Service
Inventory Service Manager
Invercargill Returned Services’ Association, Inc.
Investigations Service
Investigative Services Unit
Investigator Location Services, Inc.
Investment and Financial Services Association
Investment Banking Advisory Services
Investment Products and Services
Investment Research Service
Investment Resource and Information Service
Investment Services Directive
Investment Services Group
Investment Services Limited
Investor Directed Portfolio Services
Investor Information Service
Investor Relations Services, Inc.
Investor Responsibility Support Services
Investor Services Journal
Investor Services of India Ltd.
Investors Multiple Listing Service
Investors Service Bureau
Investors Tax Information Processing Services
Invision Power Services, Inc.
Involuntary Foreign Service Tour Extension
Inward Voice Activated Services
Inward Wide Area Telephone Service
IOLTA Immigration Service and Case Report Form
Ionospheric Prediction Service
IOS Telephony Service
Iosco Regional Educational Service Agency
Iowa Financial Services Association
Iowa Network Services, Inc.
Iowa Public Service
Iowa Telecommunications Services Inc
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services
IP Service on Any Port
IP Service Operating System
IP-Only LAN Service
IPTV Services Delivery Platform
Iran Press Service
Iraqi Intelligence Service
Iraqi National Intelligence Service
Iraqi Police Services
Irish American Information Service
Irish Financial Services Centre
Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Irish Health Services Accreditation Board
Irish Missionary Resource Service
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
Irish Payment Services Organisation
Iron Mineral Beneficiation Services
ISF Service Management Plan
Islamic Education and Services Institute
Islamic Finance Information Service
Islamic Social Services Association of Philadelphia
Islington Education Library Service
ISO Transport Service on TCP/IP
Isolation by Distance Web Service
Israel Information Service
Israel Internet News Service
Israel Prison Service
ISS Corporate Services, Inc.
IT and Training Services (Science Applications International Corporation)
IT Telemarketing Services
ITA Fluid Service Pallet
Italian National Health Service
Italian-American Community Services Agency
Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services
J Sound Services
Jail Inmate Lookup Service
JAL World Hotels (reservation and discount service)
Jamaica Civil Service Association
Jamaica Information Service
Jamaica Public Services Company Limited
Jamaica Reservation Service
Jamcracker Service Delivery Network
James Chauffeur & Carriage Service
Jamison West Consulting Services
Jane Grossman Reporting Services
JANET Customer Service
JANET Web Cache Service
Janitorial Service
Japan Certification Services, Inc.
Japan Financial Services Agency
Japan Information Service Industry Association
Japan Mine Action Service
Japan Overseas Educational Services
Java API for Restful Web Services
Java Applet Rating Service
Java Authentication and Authorization Service
Java Message Service
Java Messaging Services
Java Print Service
Java Reliable Multicast Service
Java Service Creation Environment
Java Services Infrastructure
Java Transaction Services
Java Web Services Developer Pack
Jay Computer Services
JBoss Authorized Service Partner
Jefferson City Flying Service
Jefferson Home Infusion Service
Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services
Jersey Battered Women Services
Jersey Careers Service
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jerusalem Community Services of Ontario
Jesuit Refugee Service
Jesuit Relief Services
Jet Air Service
Jewish Association for Services for the Aged
Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service
Jewish Board of Family and Children Services
Jewish Campus Services
Jewish Center for Community Services
Jewish Community Services of South Florida
Jewish Educational Services of North America
Jewish Family & Career Services
Jewish Family Service Agency
Jewish Family Service Association
Jewish Family Service Calgary
Jewish Family Services
Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services
Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada
Jewish Prisoner Services International
Jewish Student Press Service
Jewish Vocational Services
Jharkhand Administrative Service
JiJi Self Service Password Reset
Jilly International Service Limited
JISC Committee for Content Services
JITF/JINTACCS Service/Agency Representative Office
Job Binding Services
Job Control Service
Job Opportunity Bank Service
Job Referral Service
Job Service Employer Committee
Jobs and Employment Services Department
Jobs and Employment Support Services
Johannesburg Institute of Social Services
John Cahill Consulting Services Ltd
John Juliano Computer Services
Johnson County Community Health Services
Johnson Service Group
Joint Air Transportation Service
Joint Area Museum Education Service
Joint Broadcast Service
Joint Collaboration Services
Joint Commendation Service Medal
Joint Council on International Children’s Services
Joint Cross-Service Group
Joint Educational Services in Special Education
Joint Emergency Services Drill
Joint Financial Services Diploma
Joint Guarantee of Service
Joint Health Service Support
Joint Medical Service
Joint Message Handling Service
Joint Object Services Specification
Joint Publication Research Service
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Joint Service Agreement
Joint Service Aircrew Mask
Joint Service and Agency Representative Office
Joint Service Board
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Joint Service Coordination Committee
Joint Service Cost Position
Joint Service Effort
Joint Service Electronic Combat System Tester
Joint Service Guidance and Control Committee
Joint Service Integrated Vulnerability Assessment
Joint Service Interrogation Wing
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
Joint Service Lightweight Nuclear Biological And Chemical Reconnaissance System
Joint Service Mask Surveillance Program
Joint Service Office
Joint Service Operational Center
Joint Service Operational Concept
Joint Service Program Plan
Joint Service Requirement for Insensitive Munitions
Joint Service Sensitive Decontamination System
Joint Service Small Arms
Joint Service Software
Joint Service Stationary Decontamination System
Joint Service Transportable Decontamination System
Joint Services
Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre
Joint Services Aviation Safety Conference
Joint Services Communications Element
Joint Services Electronics Program
Joint Services Imagery Processing
Joint Services Mountain Training Centre
Joint Services Program
Joint Services Publication
Joint Services Review
Joint Services SERE Agency
Joint Services Work Station
Joint Technical Language Service
Joint Training Data Services
Joint Visual Information Services
Joint-Geospatial Enterprise Service
Joint-Service Technical Data
Jon Albright Real Estate Services, LLC
Jonathan Jones Electrical Services
Jonathan Stephenson Design Services
Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services
Jonesboro Computer Services
Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada – Jonquiere / via Rail Service
Josephine County Community Services
Josephine County Community Services
Jouhou Koukai Services
Journal for Professionals Networking for Excellence in Service Delivery with Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Journal of Emergency Medical Services
Journal of Financial Service Professionals
Journal of Service Management
Journal of Service Research
Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association
Journeys of Service Helping Upper Appalachia
JSIMS Object Services
Jucikas Computer Services, Inc.
Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc.
Juggling Information Service
Juneau Information Service Technology
Juneau Youth Services
Junior Service League of Paris
Jurupa Community Services District
Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation Service
Juvenile Court Services
Juvenile Court Services Unit
Juvenile Intensive Supervision Services
Juvenile Justice Corrections Services
Juvenile Justice Day Services
Juvenile Justice Service
Juvenile Justice Services Pilot
Kabale Women’s Guidance and Counselling Services
Kachemak Emergency Service Area
Kachroo Legal Services
Kamloops Immigrant Services
Kampala Water Service Area
Kanoo Terminal Services Ltd
Kansas Advocacy & Protective Services
Kansas Association of Court Services Officers
Kansas City Service Center
Kansas Inservice Training System
Kansas Pharmacy Service Corporation
KAO Professional Salon Service GmbH
Karnataka Administrative Service
Karnataka Public Service Commission
Karstadt Quelle Finanz Service
Kawartha Child Care Services
KCL Digital Consultancy Service (UK)
Keeni Meeni Services
Keighley Voluntary Services
KEK Information Service System
Kelly Services Incorporated
Kenco Logistic Services
Kent Adult Education Service
Kent Area MicroBusiness Loan Services
Kent School Services Network
Kentucky Educator Placement Service
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Kenya Forest Service
Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service
Kenya Wildlife Service
Kerala Public Service Commission
Kerberos Authenticated Services
Kerry Education Service
Kerry Technical Services Ltd
Key Investment Services
Key Management Application Service Element
Key Management Service
Key Management Services Subgroup
Key Service Message
Key Service Provider
Key Service Unit
Khodari Industrial Trading Services
Kids in Divine Service
Kids In the Savior’s Service
Kids Nurturing Others Through Service
Killed in Active Service
Killing Service Incorporated
Kilsyth Transport Services Ltd
Kim Parrish Creative Services
King Audio Transcription & Typing Services
King County Animal Services
Kingman Airline Services, Inc.
Kingsmill Community Service Association
Kingston Employment Youth Services
Kirklees Alcohol Advisory Service
Kirkwood Television Services
Kiwi Research Information Service
KLM Equipment Services
Knights In Satan’s Service
Knowledge and Information Services Unit
Knowledge and Learning Services
Knowledge as a Service
Knowledge Based Services Corporation
Knowledge Info-Net Service, Inc.
Knowledge Intensive Service Activities
Knowledge Research and Information Services
Knowledge Services for Arts Management
Kofax Professional Services Group
Koochiching County Community Services
Koori Human Services Unit
Kootenai Valley Internet Service
Korea Association for Service
Korea Defense Service Medal
Korea Forest Service
Korea News Service
Korea Oceanographic Data and Information Service
Korean Service Corps
Korean Service Medal
Korean Society for Service in Asia
Korean Translation Services
Kosciusko Endowment Youth Services
Kosovo Police Service
Kosovo Police Service School
Kottayam Social Service Society
Kreative Entertainment Services
Kretskort Service
KS Professional Services, LLC
Kunststoffservice Wolfgang Bessen
Kuwait Application Service Provider
Kuwait Fire Service Directorate
Kuwait Tourism Services Company
Lab Support Services
Labor Service
Labor Service Agency
Labor Service Unit
Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada – Ladysmith / via Rail Service
Lafleur Petroleum Services
Lahore-Delhi Bus Service
Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc
Lake County Animal Services
Lake County Shared Services Network
Lake Michigan Carferry Service, Inc.
Lake Reporting Service
Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services
Lakes Region Community Services Council
Lakeshore Area Multi-Service Project
Lakeshore Engineering Services
Lambton County Developmental Services
Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services
LAN Extension Service
LAN Service Unit
LAN/MAN Management Service
Lancashire County Engineering Services
Lancashire Fork Truck Services
Lancashire Interpretation Translation Services
Land Mobile Service
Land Trust Service Bureau
Landscape Contractor’s Insurance Services
Landscape Materials Information Service
Langford, British Columbia, Canada – Langford / via Rail Service
Langley Family Services
Language for End System Services
Language Line Services
Language Quality Services
Language Service Provider
Language Services and Documentation Division
Langues, Production, Services, Ltée
Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service
Lanka Internet Services Limited
Laptop Service Center
Laredo Quality Transfer Services, Inc.
Large Business Services
Large Business Services
Large Power Retail Access Service
Las Vegas Protective Services
Laser Printer Services
Last Minute Touristik Service
Latin American Women Rights Service
Launch Service Manager
Launch Service Task Order
Launch Services Agreement
Launch Services Support Contract
Laura Baker Services Association
Law Career Services
Law Enforcement and Victim Services
Law Enforcement Records Management Services, Inc.
Law Office Management Advisory Service
Law Office Management Assistance Service
Law School Admission Service
Law School Data Assembly Service
Lawyer Referral Service
Layered Service Provider
Layton Service Desk
Le Service Canadien du Renseignement de Sécurité
Lead Client Service Partner
Lead Client Service Partner
Lead Member for Children’s Services
Lead Service
Lead Service Integrator
Lead Service Office
Lead Yard Services
Leadership Training Service
Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation and Service
Leading Edge Aviation Service
Leading Edge Services
Leading Services and Products Network
League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services
Learning and Information Services
Learning and Skills Improvement Service
Learning Disabilities Services
Learning Discoveries Psychological Services
Learning Platform Services Framework
Learning Resource Services
Learning Services
Learning Support Services Center
Learning Technology Support Service
Leased Equipment & Services Officer
Leasing Information Services
Leave Service Computation Date
Leeds Community Equipment Service
Leeds Sign Language Interpreting Service
Legacy Insurance Services of the Berkshires
Legacy Service Control Point
Legal Services Agency
Legal Services Association Australia
Legal Services Authorities Act
Legal Services Board
Legal Services Commission
Legal Services Corporation
Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974
Legal Services Developer
Legal Services Network
Legal Services of Eastern Michigan
Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
Legal Services of Metro Birmingham
Legal Services of North Dakota
Legal Services of Northern Michigan
Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota
Legal Services of South Central Michigan
Legal Services of Southeast Michigan
Legal Services Office
Legal Services Plan
Legal Services Research Centre
Legal Services Society
Legal Services Support Section
Legal Support Investigative Service
Legislative Service Organization
Legislative Services Division
LEGO County Fire Service
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Lender Processing Services
Lenders Interactive Services
Lending to Professional Service Companies
Length Of Service
Length of Service Awards Program
Lesbian Youth Support Information Service
Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Services of Kansas
Letter of Unserviceable Property
Leusch Insurance Services Agency, Inc.
Level Of Service
Level of Service Agreement
Level of Service Agreement
Level of Service Inventory – Revised
Level of Service Inventory – Revised
Leveraged Internet Services
Lexus Customer Service
Lexus Financial Service
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Liberation News Service
Liberté de Prestation de Service
Liberty City Emergency Services
Liberty Environment for Advanced Personalized Services
Liberty Payment Services Inc.
Library and Information Service
Library and Information Service of Western Australia
Library and Information Services Department
Library and Information Services in Astronomy
Library and Learning Resource Services
Library Outreach Service
Library Research and Technical Services
Library Research Service
Library Service Manager
Library Service Program
Library Services & Construction Act of 1957
Library Services and Construction Act Grant
Library Services and Technology Act
Library Services, Information Resources and Technology
Library User Information Service
Libre Service Royal
Libyan Intelligence Service
Licensed Financial Services Division
Licensed Water Service Plumber
Life Cycle Service Management
Life Imaging Services
Life Saving Service
Life Science Information Service
LifeCache Connect Android Service
Lifescape Community Services
Light Engineering Service Center
Lightning Computer Consultant Service
Lightweight Directory Services
Lightweight Multicast Service
Limited Distance Data Service
Limited Health Service Organization
Limited Program Distribution Service
Limited Service Offering
Limited Service Restaurant
Limited Service Scheduling
Limited Service Storage Facility
Limited Stop Service
Lincolnshire Information Services Network
Lincolnshire Knowledge and Resource Service
Line Out of Service
Line Service Data Unit
Line Service Module
Line Service Request
Line Services Modem
Line Sharing Service
Lines In Service
Link Layer Service Access Point
Link Service Access Point
Link Service Data Unit
Linked Investment Service Provider
Linux Integration Service
Linux Service Provider Lab
Lions World Services for the Blind
Lip Service
Liquid Effluent Services
List Hosting Service Provider
List of Goods and Related Services
List Service Direct, Inc.
List Service Provider
Litchfield Hills Chore Service
Literature Monitoring Service
Literature Reviewing Service
Litigants in Person Service
Litigation Services
Litigation Support Services
Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation
Live Cycle Data Services
Live Platform Services
Live Update Service
Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Service
Liverpool Council for Voluntary Service
Liverpool Victoria Banking Services
Livestock Identification Services Ltd.
Livingston Educational Service Agency
Livingston Essential Transportation Services
Loan Fraud Alert Service
Loan Guaranty Service
Loan Management Services
Local Access Service & Equipment Records
Local Area Data Service
Local Area Service
Local Area Signaling Services
Local Authorities Management Services and Computer Committee
Local Authority & Emergency Services Information
Local Authority Social Services Department
Local Call Service Position
Local Communications Services
Local Community Insurance Services
Local Data Services
Local Department of Social Services
Local Digital Services
Local Distributed Data Service
Local Education Service
Local Fixed Service Provider
Local History Services
Local Information Network for Community Services
Local Interconnection Service
Local Measured Service
Local Media Services Company
Local Messaging Service
Local Network Service
Local Network Service Center
Local Palliative Care Service
Local Pharmaceutical Services
Local Process Service
Local Processor Service
Local Public Service Agreement
Local Quality of Service Manager
Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
Local Service Area
Local Service Desk
Local Service Freeze
Local Service Itemization
Local Service Management System
Local Service Node
Local Service Ordering Administration
Local Service Ordering Guidelines
Local Service Organization
Local Service Provider
Local Service Provider Freeze
Local Service Provider Portability
Local Service Registration
Local Service Request
Local Service Server
Local Services Agreement
Local Services Inspection Forum
Local Services Ordering and Provisioning Committee
Local Telecommunications Services and Support
Local Voice Service
Local Weather Service
Local Youth Service
Locally Available Materials & Services
Location and Monitoring Services
Location Aware Devices & Services
Location Based Service
Location Based Service
Location Dependent Carriage Service
Location Dependent Services
Location Service Application Agent
Location Service Daemon
Location Service Provider
Location Services
Location Services Module
Location Update Service
Lockheed Aircraft Services
Lockheed Engineering and Management Services
Lockheed Martin Services
Lockheed Martin Technology Services
Locum Appointment for Service
Logan Youth Legal Service
Logical Service Access Point
Logical Services
Logistic Services International, Inc
Logistics & Environmental Support Services Corporation
Logistics Information Data Service
Logistics Service Agreement
Logistics Service Provider
London Ambulance Service
London Climate Change Services
London Hotels and Travel Services
London Market Claims Services
London Press Service
London Urban Services Organization
Long Distance Discount Services, Inc.
Long Distance Service
Long Distance Service Provider
Long Island Blood Services
Long Island Network of Community Services
Long Messaging Service
Long Service and Good Conduct
Long Service and Good Conduct medal
Long Service Medal
Long Term Care Services
Long Term Service
Long Term Service Agreement
Long Term Service and Support
Long Unit Data Service
Longer Service at Sea Bonus
Long-Range Information Networked Communications Services
Long-Term Employment Support Services
Longville Ambulance Subordinate Service District
Look-Up Service
Loomis Armored Car Service
Loop Emulation Service
Los Angeles Animal Services
Los Angeles Community Protective Services
Lothian Health Services Archive
Lotus Brokerage Services
Lotus Brokerage Services
Lotus Professional Services
Lotus Translation Services for Sametime
Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Low Rate Messaging Service
Low-Cost IC Prototyping Services for European SMEs
Lower Cape Veterinary Services
Lower Eastside Service Center
Lowest Anticipated Service Temperature
Low-Pressure Service Water
Lucent-Technologies Worldwide Services
Lufthansa Service GMBH
LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc
Lumbermen’s Service Corporation
Lutheran Children and Family Service
Lutheran Episcopal Service in Mississippi
Lutheran Services in Iowa
Lutheran Services of Florida
Lutheran Social Services
Lutheran Social Services of Alaska
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
Lutheran Social Services of the South
Lymes Youth Service Bureau
MAC Service Access Point
MAC Service Data Unit
Macaulay Research Consultancy Services, Ltd
Machine Service Report
Macomb County Community Services Agency
Macomb Family Services
Macy’s Credit and Customer Services
Madison-Davis Professional Services
Magna Services Inc.
Maharashtra Public Service Commission
Mail Advertisers Service Association
Mail Preference Service
Mail Service Courier Work Structuring System
Mail Service Facility
Mail Services Framework
Mail-Extensions Object Security Services
Main Service Channel
Maine Adoption Placement Service
Maine Emergency Medical Services
Maine Forest Service
Maine Warden Service
Mainland Air Services
Mains Cold Water Service
Maintenance & Service History Program
Maintenance and Service Guide
Maintenance and Service Occupational Trainee
Maintenance and Support Services Organization
Maintenance Engineering Support Services
Maintenance Interservice Support Group
Maintenance Interservice Support Office
Maintenance of Service Charge
Maintenance Out of Service
Maintenance Repair & Service
Maintenance Repair & Service
Maintenance Service Agreement
Maintenance Service Module
Maintenance Service Qualification
Maintenance Service Supplier
Majan Technical Services
Major Service Interruption
Major Service Outage
Making Services Work for People
Malaria Medicines & Supplies Services
Malaysian Civil Service Link
Malaysian Civil Service Link
Malaysian Meteorological Service
Mallee Domestic Violence Service
Malta Information Technology and Training Services Ltd
Malton Neighbourhood Services
Managed Asset Recovery Services
Managed Auction Services of Texas
Managed Broad Band Service
Managed Business Consultancy Service
Managed Business Process Services
Managed Clearline Service
Managed Communication Services
Managed Firewall Services
Managed Hosting Services
Managed Internet Security Services
Managed Internet Service
Managed Internet Service
Managed Internet Service Provider
Managed Laboratory Service
Managed Network Service
Managed Network Service Center
Managed Network Services Custom
Managed Portfolio Service
Managed Premises Security Services
Managed Print Service
Managed RADIUS Service
Managed RADIUS Service
Managed Router Service
Managed Router Service
Managed Security Services
Managed Service Account
Managed Service Company
Managed Service Leads
Managed Service Point
Managed Service Provider
Managed Services Architecture
Managed Services Channel Program
Managed Services Division
Managed Services Operations Center
Managed Services Organisation
Managed Services Service Assurance
Managed Shared Frame Relay Service
Managed Tiered Security Service
Managed Voice Services
Managed Windows Service
Management Advisory Service
Management Analysis and Services Office
Management and Oversight Process for the Acquisition of Services
Management Assistance Service
Management Challenge Services
Management Consultancy Information Service
Management Consulting Services
Management Education Services Associates
Management Engineering and Production Services
Management in A Distributed Application and Service Environment
Management Information Services, Inc.
Management of Recreation Facilities and Services
Management Programs and Services Staff
Management Research Services
Management Research Services
Management Service Access Point
Management Service Control
Management Service Occupational Trainee
Management Service Provider
Management Services
Management Services Center
Management Services Consultants LLC
Management Services for Healthcare, Inc.
Management Services Group
Management Services Inc
Management Services Network
Management Services Officer
Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services
Manager of Financial Services
Manager, Client Services
Managing Access for Juvenile Offender Resources and Services
Managing Service Quality
Manchester Community Services Council
Manchester Fire Rescue Emergency Medical Services
Mandatory Health Programs and Services Guidelines
Manheim Automotive Financial Services
Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation
Manitoba Medical Service Foundation
Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association
Manitoba Telecom Services
Manna Distribution Services
Manned Geosynchronous Spacecraft Servicer
Manpower & Management Services Division
Manual of Air Traffic Services
Manually Out of Service
Manufactured Housing Multiple Listing Service
Manufacturing Advisory Service
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
Manufacturing Handling Service
Manufacturing Message Service
Manufacturing Service Agreement
Manufacturing Services Sector
Map Service Center
Margin on Services
Marin Continuum of Housing and Services
Marine Advisory Service
Marine Air Ground Task Force Automated Service Center
Marine and Coastal Technology Information Service
Marine Assistance Service
Marine Corps Community Services
Marine Environmental Data Service
Marine Information Service
Marine Information Service
Marine Meteorological Services
Marine Navigation Services
Marine Services Company Ltd
Marine Services Fee
Marine Transaction Services
Marion Transit Services
Maritime Assistance Service
Maritime Mobile Service Identity
Maritime Satellite Service
Mark Kovach Fishing Services
Market & Industry Services Branch
Market Analysis Service
Market Data Services
Market Managed Multi-Service Internet
Market Management of Peer-to Peer Services
Market Price Supply Service
Market Regulation Services Inc
Market Regulation Services Inc
Market Research, Reports and Services
Market Service Area
Market Service Requirement
Marketing and Regulatory Programs Business Services
Marketing Health Services
Marketing Services Administrator
Marketing Services Description
Marketing Services Group
Marketing Services Group, Inc.
Marketing Support Services
Marketplace Service Provider
Marketplace Services Organization
Markets for Ecosystem Services
Marshall Islands Postal Service
Martinez Consulting and Computer Services, Inc.
Maryland Association of Community Services
Maryland Association of Core Service Agencies
Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
Maryland Emergency Medical Services
Maryland Legal Services Corporation
Maryland Public Service Commission
Maryland Rail Commuter service
Maryland Relay Service
Maryland Relay Service
Maryland Technology Extension Service
Masonic Service Association
Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, Inc.
Massachusetts Financial Services Company
Massachusetts Personal Computer Services, Inc.
Massachusetts Rebuild Service and Export, Inc.
Master Data Services
Master in Services Management
Master Interrupt Service Routine
Master Land Services Contract
Master of Health Services Administration
Master of Health Services Management
Master of Public Service
Master of Science in Financial Services
Master of Science in Foreign Service
Master of Science in Human Services
Master of Social Service
Master Plumber Restricted Service
Master Professional Service Agreement
Master Service Technician
Master Services Agreement
Master Translating Services, Inc
Mastercard Internet Gateway Service
MasterWord Services
Material Input Per Service
Material Inspection Service
Material Inspection Service
Material Management Services
Material Service Center
Materials Information Service
Materials Information Service
Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant
Maternal Infant Services Network
Maternity Services Liaison Committee
Mathematical Service Description Language
Mathematical Service Query Language
Mathematics Assessment Resource Service
Matrix Information and Directory Services
Matson Photo Service
Mauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd.
Mauritius Council of Social Service
Maximum Annual Debt Service
Maximum Service Flow
Maxville, Ontario, Canada – Maxville / via Rail Service
Mayes Emergency Service Trust Authority
Maynilad Water Services, Incorporated
Mayor’s Office of Contract Services
McAllister Technical Services
McCord’s Emergency Travel Service
McGill Automated Registration Service
McGregor Swire Air Services
MCIS Administration and Provisioning Service
Mead Engineering Services Limited
Mean Service Restoration Time
Mean Time to Restore Service
Measure and Support Services
Measured Telephone Service
Measurement of Ozone on Airbus In-service Aircraft
Mechanical and Machine Tool Services Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Mechanical Engineering Services
Mechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC
Mechanical Service Contractors of America
Mechanical Services, Inc.
Mechanical Welding Services
Mechanics Service
Mechanization Of Contract Administration Services
Mechanized Calling Card Service
Mecklenburg Internet Service System
MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc.
Media Buying Services
Media Distribution and Caching Service
Media Duplication Services
Media Monitoring Services
Media Service Gaens
Media Service Provider
Media Service Zawada
Media Services Center
Media Services Group, Inc.
Media Services Limited
Media State Aggregation Service
Media Technology Support Services
Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services
Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Services
Medicaid Service Coordination
Medical Air Services Association
Medical Coding Service Organization
Medical Detachment Veterinary Service
Medical Device Safety Service GmbH
Medical Equipment Service
Medical Equipment Service of California
Medical Equipment Service Unit
Medical Equipment Services
Medical Health Services
Medical Implant Communications Services
Medical Justice Services
Medical Meeting Planning Services
Medical Office Service Coordinator
Medical Professional Services, Inc.
Medical Service Corps
Medical Service Corps
Medical Service Operations & Maintenance Administration
Medical Service Organization
Medical Service Specialist
Medical Service Unit
Medical Service Unit
Medical Services
Medical Services Account
Medical Services Branch
Medical Services Committee
Medical Services Delivery System
Medical Services Federal Credit Union
Medical Services International
Medical Services Liaison Officer
Medical Services of America
Medical Services Plan
Medical Social Work Services
Medical Society of Delaware Insurance Services
Medical Staff Services
Medical Staff Services Management
Medical Support Services
Medical Technology Service Providers Inc.
Medical Transcription Service Organization
Medical/Legal Information Services
Medically Indigent Services Program
Medication Safety Support Service
Medication Therapy Management Services
Medicines Act Veterinary Information Service
Medill News Service
Medium Grade Service
Melbourne Youth Support Service
Member and Leader Services
Member of Service
Member of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services
Member of the Institute of Service Management
Member of the Service
Member Service Center
Member Service Provider
Member Service Representative
Member Services Area
Memorial Service Detachment
Memorial Service Network
Memory Care and Wellness Services
Memory Services National Accreditation Programme
Memphis Service Center
Men in White Painting Service Pty Ltd
Mennonite Brethren Mission and Service
Mennonite Disaster Service
Mennonite Health Services
Mennonite Voluntary Service
Mental Health Advocacy Service
Mental Health and Addiction Service
Mental Health Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division
Mental Health Crisis Service
Mental Health HIV Services Collaborative
Mental Health Service Information Ontario
Mental Health Service Provider
Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services Fund
Mental Health Services Plan
Mental Health Services Research
Mental Hygiene Consultation Service
Mental Hygiene Legal Service
Meramec Interactive Services Network
Mercer County Special Services School District
Merchant Broking Services Australia Pty Ltd
Merchant Processing Service
Merchant Service Charge
Merchant Service Fee
Merchant Service Guild
Merchant Service Provider
Merchants Choice Card Service
Meridian Services Attendant Console
Merit System Services
Meritorious Service Award
Meritorious Service Cross
Meritorious Service Medal
Merrimack Charter Services
Mesh Edge Service Management
Message Administration Service Element
Message Administration Service Element
Message Editing and Preparation Service
Message Exchange Services
Message Format Service
Message Handling Service/System
Message Relay Service
Message Relay Service
Message Retrieval Service Element
Message Service Center
Message Submission and Storage Service Element
Message Submission Service Element
Message Telecommunications Service
Message Telephone Service
Message Toll Service
Message Transfer Service
Message Transfer Service Element
Message Transport and Routing Service
Messaging Service Control Function
Messaging Service Provider
Messenger Service Association of Illinois
Messenger Service Remote Protocol
Meta Data Service
Metallic Service Unit
Metallic Service Unit
Metals Service Center Institute
Meteorological and Environmental Data Services
Meteorological and Hydrological Service
Meteorological Service of Canada
Meteorological Services of Canada
Meter Data Service Provider
Meter Point Administration Service
Meter Service Provider
Metered Services Information Exchange
Metered Services Information eXchange
Metering Service Gesellschaft mbH
Methodist Family Services of Philadelphia
Methods, Architectures & Technologies for e-Service Engineering
Metro Access Transmission Services Inc
Metro Atlanta Respite and Developmental Services
Metro Ethernet Service Unit
Metro Ethernet Services
Metro Information Services Inc.
Metro Service Providers
Metrocrest Social Services
Metrology Information Service
Metrology Information Service
Metropolitan Ambulance Service
Metropolitan Ambulance Services Trust
Metropolitan Area Transport Service
Metropolitan Catering and Cleaning Services
Metropolitan Emergency Services Board
Metropolitan Employment and Rehabilitation Services
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board
Metropolitan Fire Service
Metropolitan Human Services District
Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service
Metropolitan Police Service
Metropolitan Police Trading Service
Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency
Metropolitan Service Area
Metropolitan Services Credit Union
Mexican American Community Services Agency, Inc.
MHS Cyberinfrastructure Services (US DoD)
MI-5 Special Services
Miami Bethany Community Services, Inc
Miami Postal Service Credit Union
Michael Murdock & Associates Consulting Services
Michiana Christian Service Camp
Michigan Administrative Information Services
Michigan Aging Services System
Michigan Agricultural Statistics Service
Michigan Assistance and Referral Service
Michigan Association for Deaf, Hearing and Speech Services
Michigan Association of Service Coordinators
Michigan Association of Staffing Services
Michigan Community Service Commission
Michigan Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
Michigan Department of Civil Service
Michigan Directors of Services to the Aging
Michigan Employee Benefit Services, Inc.
Michigan League for Human Services
Michigan League for Human Services
Michigan Muskie Guide Service
Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc.
Michigan Public Service Commission
Micro Computer Repair Services
Micro Computer Service Center
Micro Technology Services, Inc.
Microcomputer Business Services
Microcomputer Information Services
Microcomputer Information Services
Microelectronics Basic Services in Latin America: Foundry and Tests, EDA Tools, System Design, Industrial Promotion and Quality Control Services
Microenterprise Access to Banking Services
Micronesia Legal Services Corporation
Microsoft Cluster Service Center
Microsoft Consulting Services
Microsoft Directory Synchronization Service
Microsoft Download Service
Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services
Microsoft International Language Services
Microsoft Metadirectory Services
Microsoft Online Services Partnership
Microsoft Product Support Services
Microsoft Service Network
Microsoft Services University
Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services
Microsoft Support Services
Microsoft Terminal Services
Microsoft XML Core Services
Microwave Leasing Services
MicroWorld Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
MiCTA Service Corporation
Mid America Financial Services
Mid-Atlantic Cooperative Services LLC
Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Services Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Youth Services
Mid-Cumberland Community Services Agency
Middle East Bibliographic Services
Middlesex County Legal Services
Middleware And Related Services
Middleware Assisted Take-Up Service
Middleware for Service Oriented Computing
Middleware for Web Services Workshop
Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service
Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Services
Midwest Center for Health Services and Policy Research
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service
Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services
Migration and Infrastructure Support Services
Mike Wills Learning Services
Milestone Engineering Services Ltd.
Military Affiliate Radio Service
Military Aftermarket Services
Military Air Transport Service
Military Articles & Services List
Military Assistance Service Fund/ed
Military Community Services Network
Military Engineering Services
Military Entomology Information Service
Military Family Services Program
Military Information Service Network
Military Munitions Support Services
Military Obligated Service
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation
Military Owned-Vehicle Service
Military Personnel Service Center
Military Personnel Services Division
Military Postal Service
Military Postal Service Agency
Military Provost Guard Service
Military Railway Service
Military Railway Service
Military Sea Transport/ation Service
Military Selective Service Act
Military Service
Military Service Indicator
Military Service Medal
Military Service Obligation
Military Service Relief Act
Military Service Requirement
Military Service Wage Credit
Military Services Expense
Military Standard/Service/Specification
Military Traffic Expediting Service
Military Training Service Support
Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America
Millions of Service Units
Millions of Service Units
Milwaukee Community Service Corps
MIME Object Security Services
Mine Ventilation Services, Inc.
Minerals Management Service
Minimum Acceptable Service Level
Minimum Equipment Serviceability List
Minimum Normal Service Life
Minimum Service Commitment
Minimum Service Standards
Mining and Petroleum Training Service
Mining Certification Service
Mining Consulting Services, Inc.
Mining Transport and Construction Services
Ministere de la Sante et des Services Sociaux
Ministry of Civil Service
Ministry of Community Development and Social Services
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services
Ministry of Consumer and Business Services
Ministry of Government Services
Ministry of Prisons and Correctional Services
Ministry of Public Health Services
Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare
Ministry of Social Services
Ministry of Women Youth and Community Services
Minix Web Services
Minneapolis Equal Access Network Services
Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Association
Minnesota Emergency Services Board
Minnesota Legal Services Coalition
Minnesota Physicians Support Services
Minnesota Public Service Commission
Minnesota Social Service Association
Minnesota Transport Services Association
Minnesota Youth Athletic Services
Minor Service Order
Minority On-Line Information Service
Miroku Jyoho Service
Mirroring Solutions/Copy Services Manager
Miscellaneous General Service
Missed Call Notification Service
Missile Defense Agency Engineering and Support Services
Missile Service Tower
Missing Pet Recovery Services, Inc
Mission America Placement Service
Mission Community Services Corporation
Mission of Service
Mission Operations and Mission Services
Mission Operations Support Services
Mission Oriented Business Integration Services
Mission Services and Support Office
Mission Services Manager
Mission Services Program
Mission Services Program Office
Mission Services Training Activities
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Mississippi Space Service
Missoula Developmental Service Corporation
Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services
Missouri Community Service Commission
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association
Missouri Office of Prosecution Services
Missouri Public Service Commission
Missouri River Energy Services
Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Mobile Animal Services and Help, Inc.
Mobile Audio-Visual Unit Supporting Service
Mobile Communications Service – Europe
Mobile Disc Jockey Service
Mobile Emergency Psychiatric Services
Mobile Entertainment Service Provider
Mobile Equine Diagnostic Service
Mobile Eservices Hub
Mobile Internet Service Provider
Mobile Location Service
Mobile Medical Emergency Service
Mobile Message Service Center
Mobile Multimedia Broadcast Service
Mobile Multimedia Service
Mobile Ordnance Service Unit
Mobile Payment Services Association
Mobile Radio Service
Mobile Radio Service
Mobile Remote Service Base System
Mobile Remote Servicer
Mobile Remote Servicer
Mobile Remote Servicer Base System
Mobile Satellite Services
Mobile Service
Mobile Service
Mobile Service Agent
Mobile Service Center System
Mobile Service Delivery Platform
Mobile Service Delivery System
Mobile Service Equipment
Mobile Service Provider
Mobile Service Structure
Mobile Service Tower
Mobile Services and Ontologies Workshop
Mobile Services Switching Center
Mobile Services-Oriented Architectures and Ontologies
Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network
MobileNet Services, Inc.
Mobility Advice and Vehicle Information Service
Mobility Services Engine
Mobility Services for Urban Sustainability
Mobility Services Platform
Mobility Services Suite
Mode Management Service
Modernising Hearing Aid Services
Modernization & Information Technology Services
Modetti Office Services
Modular Service Unit
Modular Service Unit
Mon Yough Community Services
Monadnock Family Services
Monarch Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd.
Monash Residential Services
Monash Residential Services
Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service
Money Advice and Community Support Service
Money Plant Financial Services
Money Services Business
Money Source Financial Services
Money Transfer Service Scheme
Monitor Out of Service
Monroe County Department of Social Services
Monroe County Senior Legal Services, Inc.
Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service
Montana Association of Community Disability Services
Month in Service
Month in Service
Monthly Service Charge
Monthly Service Fee
Monthly Statement of Services Rendered
Months of Service
Moore Stephens Financial Services
Moore Training and Consultancy Services
More Intensive and Flexible Services
Morgantown Auto Repair Service
Mortgage Assistance Relief Services
Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Servicers Licensing Act
Mortgage Service Rights
Most Highly Regarded Service Company
Mother and Child Health Services
Mother Saradadevi Social Service Society
Motor Vehicle Services
Motorola Cellular Services, Inc.
Motorway Service Area
Mottahedeh Development Services
Mountain States Weather Services
Mountain Valley Emergency Medical Services
MSM Security Services Inc.
Muensters Apple User Service
Multi Channel Service Unit
Multi Media Data Service
Multi Organ Transplant Service
Multi Protocol Transport Services
Multi Service Force Deployment
Multi Service Wall Plate
Multi Services Carrier Network
Multi Service-Service Management System
Multi Technical Services Arnhem
Multi-Agency Family Support Service
Multicast Service Overlay Network
Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
MultiCultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance
Multicultural Health Communication Service
Multicultural HIV/AIDS Service
Multicultural Problem Gambling Service
Multicultural Programs and Services
Multifunction Multiservice Access Platform
Multi-Int Visualization Service
Multilateral Netting System/Service
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service
Multimedia Communication Service Center
Multimedia Communication Services Corp
Multi-Media Conferencing Service
Multimedia Data Services Corporation
Multimedia Information Retrieval Services
Multimedia Information Service
Multimedia Information Service
Multimedia Mail Service
Multimedia Messaging Service
Multimedia Messaging Service Center
Multimedia On-Line Service Technologies
Multimedia Service Operator
Multimedia Services Affiliate Forum
Multimedia Technologies and Services Symposium
MultiMode Global Messaging Service
Multinational Entry Into Service Team
Multiparty Interactive Multimedia Conferencing Services
Multiple Address Translation Services
Multiple Internet Service Provider
Multiple Listing Information Service
Multiple Listing Service
Multiple Listing Service
Multiple Service Credit Control
Multiple Service Operator
Multiple Service Ring
Multiple Service Rule
Multiple-Service Protocol Platform
Multiplexed Information & Computing Service
Multiplexed Network for Distributed and Interactive Service
Multipoint Control Services
Multipoint Distribution Service
Multipoint Service Legs
Multipoint Video Distribution Service
Multiprotocol Routing Network Services
Multiprotocol Switched Services
Multi-Residential & Commercial Services
Multi-Ring Phone Service
Multi-Schedule Private-Line Service Tariffs
Multi-Service Access
Multiservice Access Concentrator
Multiservice Access Concentrator
Multi-Service Access Device
Multiservice Access Gateway
Multiservice Access Node
Multi-Service Access Server
Multi-Service Access System
Multi-Service Adaptation Platform
Multi-service Ambulatory Care Center
Multi-Service ATM Gateway Node Unified Multiplexing
Multi-Service Broadband Access
Multiservice Broadband Network
Multiservice Carrier Node
Multi-Service Chilled Beam
Multi-Service Command & Control
Multi-Service Communications System
Multiservice Concentrator
Multiservice Connect
Multi-Service Control Gateway
Multiservice Customer Edge Business Unit
Multiservice Data Manager
Multi-Service Data Network
Multiservice Digital Access
Multi-Service Digital Node
Multi-service Distributed Training Testbed
Multi-Service Edge
Multi-Service Edge Device
Multi-Service Electro-Optics Signature
Multi-service Engineering Review Board
Multi-service Enterprise Access
Multi-Service Execution Team
Multiservice Interchange
Multi-Service Intranet Platform
Multiservice IOS Channel Aggregation
Multi-Service Launch System
Multiservice Module
Multi-Service Network
Multiservice Networking Division
Multi-Service Node
Multi-Service Operational
Multi-Service Operational Test
Multiservice Optical Networking
Multi-Service Optical Networking
Multi-Service Packet Interface
Multi-Service Packet Transport Platform
Multi-Service Platform
Multiservice Provider Edge
Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
Multiservice Required Operational Capability
Multiservice Route Processor
Multiservice Switch Router
Multiservice Switching Forum
Multi-service Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
Multiservice Transmission Platform
Multiservice Transport Switch
Multi-Service Wireless Network with Bandwidth Optimization
Multi-Services Access Network
Multi-Services Access Platform
Multiservices Resource Allocation Policy
Multi-Systems Maintenance Service
Multi-Tier Distributed Application Services Suite
MultiTransport Networking Service
Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference
Multi-Use Bearer Service
Multi-Use Radio Service
Multivendor Customer Service
Multnomah Education Service District
Municipal & Health Services Credit Union
Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington
Municipal Service District
Municipal Services Appeals Board
Municipal Services Association
Municipal Services Building
Municipal Services Center North
Municipal Support Services
Municipal Urban Service Area
Munition Service Magazine
MurTech Services Group, Inc.
Music Library Service Company
Music Service Provider
Musicians Placement Service
Muskie School of Public Service
Muslim Community Center for Human Services
Muslim Immigration and Refugee Services
Mutant Analysis Service
Muticultural Community Services Center
Mutual Service Casualty Insurance Co.
Mutual Service Office
Myanmar Agricultural Service
Nabors Corporate Services
NACURH Service and Recognition Office
Nagaland Public Service Commission
Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt
Nair Service Society
Name Service Caching Daemon
Name Service Search Option
Name Service Switch
Name-Tree Service
Naming and Directory Service Provider
Naming Service
Napa Emergency Women’s Services
Napa Valley Support Services
Napier Diversified Services, Inc.
Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Narrow-Band Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Narrowband Analog Mobile Phone Service
Narva Business Advisory Services
NASA Acquisition Internet Service
NASDAQ Last Sale (service)
NASDAQ Trade Dissemination Service
Nashville Electric Service
National Account Service Center
National Account Service Company LLC
National Account Service Manager
National Adult Protective Services Association
National Agricultural Advisory Service
National Agricultural Statistics Service
National Air Space System Engineering Service
National Air Traffic Services
National Air Transportation Association Compliance Services, LLC
National All Service Convention
National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies
National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993
National Animal Disease Information Service
National Appliance Service Association
National Application Service Provider
National Appropriate Technology Assistance Service
National Archives & Records Service
National Association for Information Services
National Association for Managers of Student Services
National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service
National Association Medical Staff Services
National Association of Air Ambulance Services
National Association of Approved Internet Services
National Association of Citizens Information Services
National Association of College & University Mail Services
National Association of Credit Services Organizations
National Association of Family Information Services
National Association of Financial Services Auditors, Inc.
National Association of Mortgage Field Services
National Association of Passport and Visa Services
National Association of Personnel Services
National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical Services Contractors
National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies
National Association of Service & Conservation Corps
National Association of Service Managers
National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services
National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services
National Association of Uniformed Services
National Association of Voluntary Service Managers
National Asylum Support Service
National Atlas Information Service
National Australian Pump Services
National Automotive Radiator Service Association
National Auxiliary Publications Service
National Benchmarking Service
National Bibliographic Service
National Biological Service
National Biological Service Inventory
National Blood Service
National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications
National Broadcasting Services of Thailand
National Call to Service
National Catholic School of Social Service
National Center for Health Services
National Center on Service Obligations
National Children and Adult Services Conference
National Claims Administrative Services, Inc.
National Clandestine Service
National Clinical Assessment Service
National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation
National Commission on the Public Service
National Community Services Data Committee
National Compliance Management Service, Inc.
National Compliance Management Services, Inc.
National Computer Services
National Conference on Volunteering and Service
National Cooperative Services Corporation
National Council of Social Service
National Cremation Service
National Crime Intelligence Service
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Crop Insurance Service
National Crosswalk Service Center
National Custodian Services
National Customer Service Association
National Customer Service Center
National Defense Service Medal
National Diabetes Services Scheme
National Digital Radio Service
National Directory Information Services, LLC
National Distinguished Service Award
National Drug Service Organisation
National Earth Satellite Service
National Earthquake Information Service
National Economic Service-Life Tools
National Educational Service
National Emergency Medical Services Alliance
National Emergency Medical Services Association
National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards
National Emergency Medical Services Information System
National Emergency Medical Services Pilots Association
National Emergency Services Academy
National Employee Services and Recreation Association
National Employer Service
National Energy Services Association
National Engineering Services Pakistan Pvt Limited
National Environmental Audit Services Inc.
National Environmental Data Referral Service
National Environmental Information Service
National Environmental Satellite Service
National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
National Environmental Services Performance Indicators
National Evaluation Service
National Farm Broadcast Service
National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services
National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services
National Federation of Advanced Information Services
National Film and Video Lending Service
National Financial News Services
National Financial Services LLC
National Fire Service
National Fire Service Incident Management System Consortium
National Food Service Management Institute
National Forest Service
National Health Promotion Services, Inc.
National Health Service
National Health Service Board
National Health Service Central Register
National Health Service Corps
National Health Service Greater Glasgow and Clyde
National Health Service Pension Scheme
National Health Service Professionals
National Health Service University
National Home Planning Service
National Independent Statistical Service
National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service
National Industry Extension Service
National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated
National Information and Library Service
National Information Service
National Information Services Corporation
National Inquiry Services Centre
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
National Integrated Service Center
National Integration Services
National Intelligence Service
National Interest Mapping Services Agreement
National Internet-Based Partner Services
National Investment Services, Inc.
National Knowledge Service
National Land Service
National Library Service
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
National Lifeguard Service
National Linen Service Corporation
National Livestock Reporting Service
National Local Service
National Loss Service Corp.
National Marine Data and Information Service
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Meat Inspection Service
National Medical Financial Services Corp.
National Meteorological Hydrological Services
National Meteorological Service of Mexico
National Meteorological Services
National Meteorological Services Agency
National Meteorologicial and Hydrological Service
National Mounted Services Organization
National Museum of Forest Service History
National Music and Disability Information Service
National Ocean Service
National Offender Management Service
National Organization for Human Service Education
National Organization for Human Services
National Out of School Hours Services Association
National Park Service
National Petroleum Services Company
National Prescribing Service Limited
National Processing Service Center
National Producers Service Company
National Professional Service Convention
National Program Service
National Protective Services Institute
National Public Service Unit
National Rail Chaplaincy Service
National Rail Enquiry Service
National Real Estate Services
National Recovery Services
National Relay Service
National Research Ethics Service
National Research Service Award
National Resources Conservation Service
National Riparian Service Team
National Road Service Commission
National Roads Telecommunications Services
National Screen Service
National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
National Security News Service
National Security Service
National Seed Service
National Senior Service Corps
National Service
National Service Alliance, LLC
National Service and Technology Review
National Service Center
National Service Center for Environmental Publications
National Service Days
National Service Directory
National Service for Geodesy and Cartography
National Service Framework
National Service Full-Time
National Service Leadership Institute
National Service Life Insurance
National Service Network
National Service Officer
National Service Resource Center
National Service Scheme
National Service Training Program
National Service Trust Fund
National Service-Learning Exchange
National Service-Learning Partnership
National Services Advisory Group
National Services and Contracting Est
National Shopping Service Network, LLC
National Social Service
National Social Services Board
National Specialty Services, Inc.
National Statistical Service
National Student News Service
National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services
National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services
National Technical Employment Services, Inc.
National Technical Information Service
National Technical Services Association
National Testing Services
National Title and Closing Services, Inc.
National Training Information Service
National Training Services
National Tribology Services
National Unified Services Command, Inc.
National Union of Protective Services Associations
National Vehicle Protection Services
National Veterans Service Committee
National Veterans Services Fund
National Veterinary Service
National Veterinary Service
National Veterinary Services Laboratories
National Weather Service
National Weather Service Employees Organization
National Weather Service Forecast Office
National Weather Service Instruction
National Weather Service Modernization
National Weather Service Pacific Region
National Weather Service Support Facility
National Weather Service Support Unit
National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway
National Youth Advocacy Service
National Youth Service
National Youth Service Day
National Youth Service Policy
National Youth Volunteer Service
Nationwide Educational Computer Service
Nationwide Electronic Service Network
Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications System/Service
Nationwide Financial Services
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.
Nationwide Improved Mail Service
Nationwide Investment Services Corporation
Nationwide Relocation Service
Native American Management Services
Native Inspection Services Initiative
Native Lan Service
Native Service Control Point (Tandem)
Native Service Processing
NATO CIS Services Agency
NATO Courier Service
NATO Integrated Data Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Naui Services Group, Inc
Naval Air Transport Service
Naval Area Audit Service
Naval Audit Service
Naval Auxiliary Patrol Service
Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Naval Criminal Investigative Service resident unit
Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
Naval In-Service Engineering
Naval Investigative Service
Naval Investigative Service Headquarters
Naval Investigative Service Office
Naval Investigative Service Regional Office
Naval Legal Service Office
Naval Overseas Transport Service
Naval Service Training Command
Naval Technical Services
Naval Weather Service Association
Naval Weather Service System
Naval Weather Station/Service
Navigation Information Service
Navigation Service Provider
Navy Broadcasting Service
Navy Department Awards Web Services
Navy Distinguished Service Medal
Navy Engineering & Technical Services
Navy Exchange Service Command
Navy Exchange Services
Navy Federal Brokerage Services, LLC
Navy Motion Picture Service
Navy Occupation Service Medal
Navy Publications & Printing Service Branch Office
Navy Publishing and Printing Service Branch Office
Navy Service Component Command
Navy Service Squadron
Navy Service Uniform
NCCOSC In-Service Engineering
Near North Health Service Corporation
Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service
Nebraska Health & Human Services
Nebraska Universal Service Fund
Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission
Need Analysis Servicer
Needs Assessment Service Coordination Association
Negotiated Service Agreement
Neighborhood and Community Services
Neighborhood and Family Services Department
Neighborhood Housing Service of America
Neighborhood Housing Services
Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago
Neighborhood Housing Services of Orange County
Neighborhood Integrated Service Team
Neighborhood Legal Services Program
Neighborhood Lending Services
Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc
Neighborhood Services Bureau
Neighborhood Services Coordinator
Nemours Health and Prevention Services
Nepal Indigenous Peoples Development and Information Service Centre
Nepalese Canadian Community Services
Net Universal Service Cost
Net-Centric Enterprise Services
Netherlands Australian Aged Services Association
Netilla Service Box
Netilla Service Platform
Net-Resultant Services, Inc.
Netsys Service-Level Management
Netview Access Services
NetWare Access Services
NetWare Asynchronous Connection Service
NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface
NetWare Directory Services
NetWare Link Services Protocol
Network & Internet Management Services
Network and Information Security Services
Network and Office Services Provider
Network and Service Integration Forum
Network and Services Database
Network and System Services
Network Application Service Part
Network as a Service
Network Centric Enterprise Services
Network Class Of Service
network control ancillary services
Network File Services
Network Independent Transport Service
Network Information Service
Network Information Service Plus
Network Information Services
Network Infrastructure Services Agency
Network Installation Service Engineer
Network Integrated Transmission Service
Network Integrity Services Ltd
Network Layer Service Access Point Identifier
Network Lifecycle Services
Network Load Balancing Service
Network Managed Services
Network Management Services
Network Management Support Services
Network Medical Information Services
Network Name Services
Network Protection Service
Network Reputation Service
Network Routing Service
Network Security Services
Network Security Services for Java
Network Service Access Point
Network Service Access Protocol
Network Service Assurance Center
Network Service Center
Network Service Center System
Network Service Controller
Network Service Daemon
Network Service Definition
Network Service Entity
Network Service Interface
Network Service Manager
Network Service Module
Network Service Part
Network Service Point
Network Service Processor
Network Service Provider
Network Service Providers Around the World
Network Service Subsystem
Network Service Support Point
Network Service Virtual Connection
Network Service/Interface Unit
Network Services
Network Services
Network Services Company
Network Services Division
Network Services Engine
Network Services Engineer
Network Services Group
Network Services Library
Network Services Platform Software
Network Services Protocol
Network Services Request Unit
Network Services Research Laboratory
Network Services Security Administration
Network Services Virtual Terminal
Network Solutions Service
Network Storage Services
Network Support Service
Network Support Services Branch
Network Time Service
Network-Aware Service Management
Network-based Security Services
Networked Database Service
Networked Interoperable Real-Time Information Services
Networking & Computing Services
Networking Services and Information Technologies
Nevada Office of Community Services
Nevada Real Estate Services
New Beginnings Wedding Services
New Brunswick Computer Services
New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada – New Carlisle / via Rail Service
New Economy Information Service
New England Business Services
New England Custom Gun Service
New England Resident Service Coordinators
New Glasgow Police Service
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
New Hampshire Partners in Service
New Jersey Blood Service
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
New Jersey Department of Human Services
New Jersey Forest Fire Service
New Jersey Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services
New Media Service Ranking
New Mexico Ecological Services Field Office
New Product/Service Development
New Richmond, Quebec, Canada – New Richmond / via Rail Service
New River Valley Community Services
New Secret Service
New Service Development
New Service Model
New Solidarity International Press Service
New South Network Services
New South Wales Council for Social Services
New West Energy Services Inc.
New York Airport Service
New York Bus Service
New York Commercial Realty Services
New York Guard Service Ribbon
New York Land Services
New York State Department of Public Service
New York State Meritorious Service Medal
New York State Office of Children and Family Services
New Zealand Core Services Committee
New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services
New Zealand Customs Service
New Zealand Employment Service
New Zealand Meteorological Service
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
Newark Emergency Services for Families
Newborn Emergency Transport Service
Newhouse News Service
Newnan Junior Service League
Newport Marine Services
News Electronic Service
News Retail Services Limited
News Service Bureau
News Service Provider
Newsletter for the Procurement Service
Next Generation Services
Next Generation Windows Services
NHS Strategic Tracing Service (est. 2005; Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK)
NHS -Wide Clearing Service (UK)
Niagara Regional Police Service
Nicholas Data Services Inc.
Nielsen Coverage Service
Nielsen Post-Buy Service
Nielsen Sports Marketing Service
Nielsen Syndication Service
Nielsen Television Service
Nigeria Civil Service Union
Nigeria Immigration Service
Nikon Professional Service
Nilesh Singit Consultancy Services
NIMA Delivery Services
NIMA Information Service
NISN Service Request
No Customer Service
No Service Scheduling
No Shirt, No Shoes – No Service
Noarlunga Health Service
Nokia Mobile Server Services
Non Service Independent
Non Serviceable
Non-Modification Service Bulletin
Non-Personal Services
Non-Prior Service
Non-Prior Service Basic
Nonprofit Accounting Service Center
Nonprofit Insurance Services
Non-public Educational Services, Inc.
Non-Real-Time Services
Non-Service Connected
Non-Service Connected Pension
Non-Service-Connected Disability
Non-Voice Service Desk
NORAD-USNORTHCOM Advisory and Assistance Services
Nordevald Software & Information Services
Normal Session Service Data Unit
Norrenberns Truck Service
North American Association of Inventory Services
North Atlantic Marine Supplies & Services
North Atlantic Treaty Information Service
North Bay Water Services, Inc.
North Carolina Association for Hospital Central Service Professionals
North Carolina Association of Radio Reading Services
North Carolina Consortium of Internet Service Providers
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind
North Carolina School Food Service Association
North Central Community Based Services
North Coast Education Services
North Country Environmental Services
North Dakota Forest Service
North East Ambulance Service
North East Consortium for Asylum Support Services
North East Ohio Health Services
North Norfolk Taxation Service
North of England Refugee Service
North of Market Senior Services
North Oxford Property Services
North Penn Legal Services
North Shore Immigration Service Limited
North Suburban Service Council
North Urban Human Services Alliance
North West Agricultural Services Project
North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service
Northeast Kingdom Human Services
Northeast Ohio Adoption Services
Northern and Far Western Regional Health Service
Northern Area Health Service
Northern California Courier Service
Northern California Services Facility
Northern Career Services Network
Northern Health and Social Services Board
Northern Health Services Network
Northern Illinois Radio Information Service
Northern Indiana Public Service Company
Northern Ireland Ambulance Service
Northern Ireland Civil Service
Northern Ireland Electricity Service
Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service
Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
Northern Ireland Prison Service
Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service
Northern Line Service Provision
Northern Merchant Services, Inc.
Northern Merchant Services, Inc.
Northern Metropolitan Community Health Service
Northern Michigan Health Services
Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians
Northern Rockies Educational Services, Inc.
Northern Site Services Ltd
Northern Territory Correctional Services
Northern Territory Freight Service
Northern Valley Catholic Social Service
Northland Services for the Blind
Northrop Grumman Technical Services, Inc.
Northstar Financial Services Bermuda Ltd.
Northwest Credentials Verification Service
Northwest Security Services
Northwest TeleHealth Services
Northwestern Counseling and Support Services
Northwestern University Health Service
Norwegian Health Services Research Centre
Norwegian Police Security Service
Norwich and Norfolk Voluntary Services
Norwich and Norfolk Voluntary Services
Not in Service
Notification of Service Electrical
Nova Scotia Business Service Centre
Nova Scotia Public Service Commission
Novell Advanced Audit Service
Novell Directory Service
Novell Directory Services
Novell Distributed Print Service Manager
Novell Modular Authentication Service
Novell Nterprise Linux Services
Novell Portal Service
Novell Remote and Managed Services
Novell Replication Services
Novell Storage Services
Novell Ximian Services
NSA Information Assurance Service Center
NSA ISSO Service Center
NSF Network Service Center
NT Directory Service
NTCS-A Information Processing Services
Nterprise Linux Services
Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.
Nuclear Fuels Service
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Nuclear Security Services Corporation
Nuclear Services Corporation
Nuclear Services Department
Nuclear Utilities Services Corporation
Number Administration Service Center
Number Translation Service
Numbered Class Of Service
Numismatic and Antiquarian Service Corporation of America
Numismatic Conservation Services LLC
Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services
Nunavut Public Library Services
Nurses Service Organization
Nursing and Midwifery Admissions Service
Nursing Consultant Educational and Health Services
Nursing Education and Staff Development Service
Nursing Service Management
Nutrition in Schools Advisory Service
Nutrition Services Incentive Program
Nutritional & Environmental Analytical Services
Nutritional Laboratory Services
O’Brien’s Oil Pollution Service
Oahu Transit Services, Inc.
Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Services
Oakland Family Services
Object Linking and Embedding Directory Services
Object Naming Service
Object Query Service
Object Registration Service Daemon
Object Service Standard
Object Services Architecture
Object Transaction Service
Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing
Obtain Service From
Ocala Service Directory
Occidental Power Services Inc.
Occupational Education, Electronic Service
Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services
Occupational Health and Safety Service
Occupational Health Services Australia
Occupational Healthcare Management Services
Occupational Medical Service
Occupational Medical Service
Oce Business Services
Oceanographic Products and Services Division
Odfjell Well Services
ODOCS Common Naming Service
ODOCS Data Management Service
ODOCS HCI Navigation Service
ODOCS System Control Services
OEM Service Release
Off-Campus Housing Service
Off-Campus Student Services
Offender Learning and Skills Service
Offentlige Certifikater Til Elektronisk Service
Office Administrative Services & Integrated Systems, Incorporated
Office Automation Technology and Services
Office for African American, Latino, and Asian American Student Services
Office for Literacy and Outreach Services
Office Management and Technical Services
Office of Academic Services
Office of Acquisitions and Grants Services
Office of Administration and Management Services
Office Of Administration System For Information Services
Office of Administrative Services
Office of Admissions and Student Services
Office of African American Student Services and Programs
Office of Aircraft Services
Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services
Office of Applied Psychological Services
Office of Career Services
Office of Career Services and Preprofessional Advising
Office of Child Support Services
Office of Children and Family Services
Office of Children’s Services
Office of Community Service Learning
Office of Community Services
Office of Community Services
Office of Compensatory Services
Office of Computing and Communications Services
Office of Conference Services
Office of Contracting and Administrative Services
Office of Customer Support Services
Office of Disability Determination Services
Office of Distribution Services
Office of Education Services
Office of E-Health Standards & Services
Office of Emergency Medical Services
Office of Emergency Services
Office of Emergency Services
Office of Emergency Shelter and Services
Office of Employee Services
Office of Energy Efficiency Services
Office of Engineering Services
Office of Equal Employment Services
Office of Exporter Services
Office of Facilities and Support Services
Office of Family and Children’s Services
Office of Family Health Services
Office of Financial and Insurance Services
Office of Fleet Management Services
Office of General Services
Office of Government Information Services
Office of Government Services
Office of Health Services Research
Office of Hispanic Services
Office of Information Services
Office of Infrastructure Services
Office of Interagency Medical Services
Office of Internal Oversight Services
Office of International Healthcare Services
Office of International Services
Office of International Student Services
Office of Juvenile Services
Office of Leadership and Management Services
Office of Legal Services Coordination
Office of Legislative Services
Office of Library and Information Services
Office of Management-Employee Services
Office of Mental Retardation Services
Office of Migrant Services
Office of Migrant Services
Office of Museum Services
Office of Museum Services
Office of Neighborhood Services
Office of Nursing Services
Office of Nursing Student Services
Office of Outreach Services and Alliances
Office of Pay and Retirement Services
Office of Planning and Budget Services
Office of Prosecution Services
Office of Prosecution Services
Office of Public Library Services
Office of Public Service and Science
Office of Public Service Employment
Office of Public Service Merit and Equity
Office of Public Service Reform
Office of Real Estate Services
Office of Records Services
Office of Research and Information Services
Office of Research Services
Office of Research Training and Services
Office of Scientific Information Service
Office of Security Services International
Office of Senior Citizens Services
Office of Service Learning
Office of Small and DVBE Services
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Office of Special Services
Office of Strategic Services
Office of Student Financial Aid Services
Office of Student Financial Services
Office of Student Services
Office of Supportive Services
Office of Technical Support Services
Office of Technology Services
Office of the Health Services Commissioner
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
Office of the Legal Services Commissioner
Office of the Minister for the Civil Service
Office of the Public Service Commissioner
Office of University Research Services
Office of Victim Services
Office of Victim Services and Restitution
Office of Youth Services
Office of Youth Services
Office Services and Information Agency
Office Services Barbara Imesch
Offshore Digital Services, Inc.
Offshore Internet Services Limited
Offshore Marine Services, Ltd.
Offshore Marine Services, Ltd.
Offshore Medical Services
Offshore Medical Services
Offshore Outsourced Services
Offshore Service Vessel
Ogden Service Center