Abbreviation for Shanghai, China


Shanghai is the economic wonder of China, and this whole huge city is characterized by optimism and change. Here, shopping, nightlife, fashion and food apply. Not different from what you experience in the biggest big cities in the West.

Shanghai lives up to the fact that dear children have many names. The city is called “East Paris” and “cement forest”. Shanghai means freely translated something like “over the sea”. However, the origin of the name is unclear.

Shanghai is a really big city, even being in China, with more than 23 million inhabitants if we include suburbs, and close to 10 million people living in “downtown”. And the awakened of us will then understand that the center is extensive.

In Shanghai, you will find everything to expect in a modern city: spectacular buildings, trendy nightlife, great restaurants and plenty of shopping. In many ways, Shanghai’s stunning skyline is reminiscent of Dubai.

Shanghai has a completely different temperature than e.g. Beijing and summer can get really hot in the city. On the other hand, you don’t have to be afraid of having to freeze half the rest of the year as you can farther north in China. In other words, Shanghai appears to be a year-round destination. You won’t find the major cultural sights in Shanghai, but you will surely feel the big city pulse beating. Shanghai also offers exciting architecture mixed with great future optimism.

Get to know Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s largest city and is naturally big enough to get to know in a few days. Shanghai has long been an international trading site. The British established themselves here as early as 1842. The French and Japanese came close, and in 1930 Shanghai had more than 60,000 foreigners. In recent years, the city has been developing rapidly, both in appearance and financial terms. In many areas, Shanghai has taken over for Hong Kong in terms of business and business development.

Shanghai and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: SH
  • Country: China

Shanghai covers a large area. The city center itself consists of two areas – Puxi and Pudong. Puxi is located west of the Huangpu River, while Pudong is on the east side of Huangpu.

Puxi area The Puxi area consists of nine districts. In the area you will find shopping streets, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and not least the Bund. The Bund is the historic core of Shanghai. Here you will find Nanjing Donglu, which is China’s busiest shopping street. Renmin Square symbolizes cultural Shanghai. Here you will find the Grand Theater and Shanghai Museum. The Huangpu and Jing’an districts are the most relevant for you as a tourist in Shanghai and the Puxi area.

Southeast of Puxi you will find Old Town or Chinatown, where the poorest Chinese live. Chinatown is an experience of seething life and great trading, and you must visit the district when you are first in Shanghai. A little north of Chinatown you will find the French Concession district, where Nanjing Xilu Street is worth a visit. Here are many of the best shopping centers, good hotels and great office buildings.

Pudong in Shanghai
Pudong is larger than the center of Shanghai itself and the Puxi area. It is quite incredible considering that the development of the Pudong area started only in 1990. Skyscrapers extend to the sky, and the area does not stand back for New York, rather the contrary. The biggest landmarks are probably the Oriental Pearl tower (468 meters TV tower) and Jinmao tower (420.5 meters).

Nightlife in Shanghai is diverse and good. If you want international clubs and bars, you should also consider paying international prices. The price of drinks and snacks costs the same as in Norway, but beer prices are still lower. Many of the bars have live music, and the music varies from jazz via pop to hip hop and house.

Shanghai has several “bar streets”, and as the city develops, new streets come with trendy night spots. Our tip is that you get one last update at reception at the larger hotels in the city. The street Maoming Nanlu has long been, and still is, a good bargate. Hubini Lu, not far from Old Town and Huaihai Park, also has many bars and night spots and a pleasant nightlife. An alternative could be the Hengshan Lu Street in the French Concession. There are many music bars here.

If you are used to traveling outside Europe, you can arrange all the sightseeing and excursions on your own. But be prepared that it can take a lot of time, that very few speak English, and that almost all information is in Chinese. Maybe you will stand in line for half an hour, just to be told that you were in line in the neighborhood week and have to sit back in the back. You will probably want to scream out of frustration on a daily basis, but try to keep calm, it is important for the Chinese not to lose face, and they will have less respect for someone who is excited. You can avoid the frustration and save a lot of time by booking your desired events in advance with a skilled tour operator. In Norway, the specialist is Kinareiser, which can help you with everything from visas, airport transfers and sightseeing tours in Shanghai to week-long tours throughout the country.

Facts about Shanghai

Shanghai is in many ways the symbol of modern China. In addition, Shanghai is the largest and (officially) most populous city in the country. Although it is said to be many populous cities in China.

Population about 9.8 million
Official languages Wu (Shanghai), plain Chinese or Mandarin (Putonghua, based on the Beijing dialect), Yue (Cantonese), Minbei (Fuzhou), Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese), Xiang, Gan.
Control Form Republic
Religion China is officially atheistic, but Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism stand strong
Time Difference Shanghai is 7 hours ahead of Norway, summertime 6 hours before
Currency Yuan. 100 yuan is about NOK 85. Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners and AmEx are accepted in most major locations such as hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of ATMs available.
Tips Has become more common, although it was actually banned until recently. 5-10% if you are satisfied with the service is still okay, although 10-15% service charge is often included in the bill. Also taxi drivers, luggage carriers and others who provide you with a service expect to get a rant. Guides and drivers you should tip with 100 and 50 yuan per day respectively. They often receive very low wages and depend on the tips.
Embassy Norway has a Consulate General at 12 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, CN-Shanghai 200002. Tel: +86 21 6323 9988
Tourist Over 20 scattered around the city. Blue. in W3-B3 2345 Longyang Rd and in 1st F1 (W) Zhengda Square, 168 Lujiazui Rd, W. in Pudong.
Telephone 86
Emergency Police 110. Fire 119. Ambulance 120. Emergency telephone to the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing +86 (0) 1391 086 9659
Electricity 220 volts, and most hotels have the same plugs as in Norway. Adapters are normally available in stores
Holidays and Holidays January 1, May 1 (Labor Day, one week holiday), May 4 (Youth Day), June 1 (Children’s Day), July 1, August 1, October 1 (National Day, One Week Holiday). Also Chinese New Year at the end of the month Jan / Feb.
Visa Norwegian citizens need a visa before entering China. Contact the Chinese Embassy in Tuengen Alle 2b in Oslo (tel. 2249 2052) at least one week before departure. You pay a certain amount for a one-time visa (usually costs more than NOK 500) + that you must have a passport photo. The passport must be valid for at least six months and have at least two blank pages.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required, but it is recommended to vaccinate against Hepatitis A and B, polio, havrix, tuberculosis and diphtheria / tetanus.
Water Do not drink from the tap.
Nearest major cities Ningbo, Nanjing, Hangzhou.
Safety Violent crime and robbery are very rare, pocket theft can happen. Road traffic can seem chaotic and risky.

SH: Shanghai

List of Shanghai Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Shanghai is SH which stands for Shanghai. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Shanghai, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ACCS American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
BXS Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
BXGS Beijing/Xian/Guilin/Shanghai
BSWEC Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination
COSM Coordinating Office of Shanghai Municipality
COSM Counselors’ Office of Shanghai Municipality
FAOSM Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipality
GOASM Government Offices Administration of Shanghai Municipality
HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
HKSB Hong Kong Shanghai Banking
ISCT Infinite Shanghai Communication Terminals Ltd.
IOSM Information Office of Shanghai Municipality
ISMU Intelligent Shanghai Mono University
K-AND-S Kashif and Shanghai
LAOSM Legislative Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipality
MSSB M Shanghai String Band
ZSPD PuDong International Airport, Shanghai, China
RDCSM Research and Development Center of Shanghai Municipality
SH Shanghai
SACRFT Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television
SAIC Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce
SASA Shanghai Administration of Societies and Associations
SAOM Shanghai Advanced Optoelectronic Material Corp.
SAAE Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
SACRIFICE Shanghai Agriculture Commission
SAC Shanghai Agriculture Commission
SAMF Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
SACO Shanghai Airports-Council Office
SAS Shanghai American School
SAVC Shanghai Architectural Visualization Committee
SAPB Shanghai Asia Pacific Brewery Co. Ltd.
SAIEP Shanghai Association for International Exchange of Personnel
SAB Shanghai Audit Bureau
SAIC Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group
SAIS Shanghai Automotive Information Systems Co, Ltd
SBSO Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra
SBMC Shanghai Building Materials Corporation
SBAF Shanghai Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry
SBCA Shanghai Bureau of Civil Affairs
SBPS Shanghai Bureau of Public Security
SBSS Shanghai Bureau of State Security
SBS Shanghai Bureau of Statistics
SCN Shanghai Cable Networks
SCIP Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park
SCAESAB Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Administration Bureau
SCC Shanghai Commercial Commission
SCST Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology
SCS Shanghai Commission of Supervision
SCIS Shanghai Community International School
SCI Shanghai Composite Index
SCIA Shanghai Concrete Industry Association
SCMC Shanghai Construction and Management Commission
SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization
SCA Shanghai Copyright Administration
SCEA Shanghai Cultural Exchange Agency
SDEC Shanghai Diesel Engine Company
SDPF Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Federation
SDA Shanghai Drug Administration
SEMC Shanghai East Movie Channel
SEC Shanghai Economic Commission
SEMC Shanghai Economic Management College
SEC Shanghai Education Commission
SEEI Shanghai Educational Evaluation Institute
SEMW Shanghai Engineering Machine Works
SEG Shanghai Environment Group
SEMC Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
SEPB Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
SEC Shanghai Exhibition Center
SFDT Shanghai Fangyuan Digital Technology Ltd.
SFB Shanghai Finance Bureau
SFCC Shanghai Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd
SFRI Shanghai Fire Research Institute
SFCC Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club
SFLEP Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press
SFFA Shanghai Freight Forwarders Association
SFFA Shanghai Frozen Food Association
SGM Shanghai General Motors
SGB Shanghai Grain Bureau
SHB Shanghai Health Bureau
SHEN Shanghai House of Entrepreneurs, NUS
SIHL Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited
SIG Shanghai Industries Group, Ltd.
SIO Shanghai Informatization Office
SIFDS Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Safety
SINAP Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics
SICCAS Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
SILE Shanghai Institute of Law and Economics
SIMM Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica
SIMH Shanghai Institute of Mental Health
SINR Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research
SIOM Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics
SIOC Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
SISP Shanghai Institute of Space Power Sources
SIT Shanghai Institute of Tourism
SIBS Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
SIPO Shanghai Intellectual Property Office
SICRO ShangHai International Conference on Radiation Oncology
CMID Shanghai International Construction Material & Indoor Decoration
SICCA Shanghai International Cultural Communication Association
SIG Shanghai International Group Corporation Limited
SILF Shanghai International Library Forum
SILF Shanghai International Literary Festival
SIPG Shanghai International Port Group
SISPC Shanghai International Students’ Placement Council
SJTU Shanghai Jiao Tong University
SJB Shanghai Justice Bureau
SKTC Shanghai Kyocera Trading Co.
SLAB Shanghai Landscaping Administrative Bureau
SMTDC Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. Ltd
SMEG Shanghai Media Entertainment Group
SMSB Shanghai Medical Security Bureau
SMWC Shanghai Medical Workers College
SMEC Shanghai Metallurgical Equipment Company Ltd.
SMC Shanghai Meteorological Center
SMCCC Shanghai Municipal Construction and Communications Commission
SMG Shanghai Municipal Government
SM Shanghai Municipality
SNAI Shanghai National Accounting Institute
SPOER Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
SPO Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
SPS Shanghai Port Surcharge
SPBI Shanghai Praxair Baosteel, Inc.
SPB Shanghai Price Bureau
SPA Shanghai Prison Administration
SPHC Shanghai Public Health Center
PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport
SRA Shanghai Reeducation Administration
SRIS Shanghai Rego International School
SRCB Shanghai Research Center of Biotechnology
SRIPT Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology
SRCB Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
SSA Shanghai Sanitation Administration
SSTM Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
SSPU Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
SSCCRC Shanghai Securities Central Clearing and Registration Corporation
SPB Shanghai Sports Bureau
SSE Shanghai Stock Exchange
STB Shanghai Taxation Bureau
STI Shanghai Tea Institute
STTE Shanghai Technical Transfer Exchange
STAC Shanghai Tourism Administrative Committee
SHU Shanghai University
SHUFE Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
SUFE Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
SUPC Shanghai Urban Planning Committee
SUTB Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau
SWMC Shanghai Waste Management Center
SWCB Shanghai Water Conservation Bureau
SWLC Shanghai Welfare Lottery Center
SWFC Shanghai World Financial Center
SHA Shanghai, China – Shanghai International /Hongqiao/
SFR Shanghai-Fanuc Robotics, Ltd.
SSME Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.
SSEC Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Company Limited
VCSH Visionary Consulting SHanghai