Shipping Abbreviations

Shipment list – goods , for which carriage is permitted with dispatch notes ( see there), may be sent by railway companies and operators of regular services with dispatch lists to be drawn up by those railway companies and entrepreneurs.

Shipping bill – the transport of duty -free goods by water and land in the area of ​​the first line (so -called unfree territory) must be done with shipping bills. These must be drawn up and signed by the person who sends the goods and state:
a . place and day of issue,
b . name and profession of the sender and the place of dispatch,
c. district and number from which the shipment is made,
d. name and profession of the caller of the goods and the place of destination,
e. type and quantity of the goods, the number of packages, the marks and numbers,
f. the name of the carrier and the means of transport,
g. the route, h. the time for transportation.


List of Acronyms Related to Shipping

ADSA Abu Dhabi Shipping Agency
ASD Actual Shipping Date
ASN Advanced Shipment/Shipping Notice
ADSHIPDA Advise Shipping Data/Date
AMSS Alternative Mailing and Shipping Systems
ASI Amended Shipping Instrument
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
AIMS American Institute of Merchant Shipping
ASSIGNMENT American Shipping Service
ASS American Shipping Service
ACSA Antwerp Consortium of Shipping Agents
AFS Arab Federation of Shipping
ASPPR Arctic Shipping Pollution Prevention Regulations
ASD Army Shipping Document
ASPSHD ASEPS Historical Shipping Densities
ASWB Asian Shipping and Work Boat
AFOS Assault Follow-On Shipping
AMSI Atlantic Merchant Shipping Instructions
ACOS Australian Chamber Of Shipping
AMRS Automated Merchant Shipping Reporting System
BSC Baltic Shipping Company
BSI Basic Shipping Instructions
BSSA Bow Slope Shipping Association
BSF British Shipping Federation
CSA Canada Shipping Act
CSB Canada Shipping Board
CSTA Cargo Shipping Transportation Analysts
CSA Caribbean Shipping Association
CRSP Central Receiving and Shipping Point
CSA Chamber of Shipping of America
COSCO China Ocean Shipping Company
CSAA China Shipping Agency
CSCL China Shipping Container Lines
CDS Civil Direction of Shipping
CITIS Communications and IT in Shipping (conference)
CSA Consular Shipping Advisor
CSIS Container Shipping Information Service
CISCO Council of Intermodal Shipping Consultants
CRS Croatian Register of Shipping
CSA Cyprus Shipping Association
DTS Danger to Shipping
DGS Dangerous Goods Shipping
DGSR Dangerous Goods Shipping Regulations
DISH Data Interchange for Shipping
DSA Defense Shipping Authority
DSC Defense Shipping Council
DSEB Defense Shipping Executive Board
DISL Diploma in International Shipping and Logistics
DSO Direct Shipping Ore
DSMA Directorate of Shipping and Maritime Affairs
DSCL Drewry Shipping Consultants, Ltd.
DBS Durban Bulk Shipping
EISC Egyptian International Shipping Company
EST Electronic Shipping Tools
ESD Estimated Shipping Date
ETS Estimated Time of Shipping
ESD Estimating Shipping Date
ESCO Estonian Shipping Company
ESS-AND-S Excess, Surplus Sales, And Shipping
ECSI Export Cargo Shipping Instruction
FSO Factory Shipping Order
FPS Famous Pacific Shipping
FESCO Far Eastern Shipping Company
FGS Free Ground Shipping
FOS Free Overnight Shipping
FNCS Full Naval Control of Shipping
GSTL Genco Shipping & Trading Limited
GSTL Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd.
GCBS General Council of British Shipping
GSS Global Shipping Software
GBS Golf Bag Shipping
GSCC Greek Shipping Co-Operation Committee
IRS Indian Register of Shipping
ISL Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics
ICS International Chamber of Shipping
ICCAS International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipping
IJOSL International Journal of Shipping Law
IRS International Register of Shipping
ISDR International Shipping Destination Room
ISF International Shipping Federation
ISR International Shipping Register
ISRP Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking
JSE Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
KRS Korean Register of Shipping
LROS Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
LRS Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
LR Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
MSC Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping Company
MISE Maersk Iternational Shipping Education
MSTC Majan Shipping & Transport Company LLC
MISC Malaysia International Shipping Corporation
MNSL Maldives National Shipping Limited
MISTRESS Maritime Register of Shipping
MRS Maritime Register of Shipping
MSR Material Ship/Shipping Reporting
MSW Maximum Shipping Weight
MOFAST Mechanization Of Freight And Shipping Terminal
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA
MESG Mediterranean Shipping Group
MSCL Mercantile Shipping Company Limited
MS Merchant Shipping
MSA Merchant Shipping Act
MS Military Shipping
MSC Military Shipping Container
MSL Military Shipping Label
MT Ministry of Shipping
MSLI Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc.
MVS Multi Vendor Shipping
NPT National Shipping Administration Planning Team
NSA National Shipping Authority
NSAG NATO Shipping Advisory Group
NSC NATO Shipping Centre (UK)
NCS Naval Control of Shipping
NCSO Naval Control of Shipping Officer
NCSO Naval Control of Shipping Organization
NCAGS Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping
NZS New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd.
NSR No Shipping Required
NEAS Nunavut Eastern Artic Shipping
OSC Ocean Shipping Consultants Limited
OSRA Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998
OST Order & Shipping Time
OFSI Overseas Freighters Shipping, Inc.
PMSA Pacific Merchant Shipping Association
POSA Pacific Ocean Shipping Agency
PSWSA Packaging, Shipping, and Waste Safety Assurance
PNSC Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
PSA Passenger Shipping Association
PSARA Passenger Shipping Association Retail Agents scheme
PMSC Pere Marquette Shipping Company
PPSO Personal Property Shipping Office
PTSS Procurement, Travel and Shipping Section
PSN Proper Shipping Name
QSC Quantity per Shipping Container
RCS Regional Control of Shipping
RNCS Regional Naval Control of Shipping
RSB Regional Shipping Board
ROS Registrar of Shipping
RRTS Road RORO Terminal System (shipping; Philippines)
RS-AND-FT Rocket Shipping And Firing Tube
RMRS Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
SSD Scheduled Shipping Date
SCSC Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code
SSCP Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project
SOUTHAMPTON Shipment/Shipping Order
SO Shipment/Shipping Order
SH Shipping and Handling
SAPCR Shipping and Port Control Regulations
SATT Shipping Association of Trinidad & Tobago
SA Shipping Authorization
SCMA Shipping Consultancy Management
SCC Shipping Container Code
SCA Shipping Control Authority
SCN Shipping Control Note
SCN Shipping Control Number
SCP Shipping Control Point
SCC Shipping Coordination Center
SCI Shipping Corporation of India
SCT Shipping Corporation of India
SCNZ Shipping Corporation of New Zealand
SHIPDAFOL Shipping Data Follows
STEWARD Shipping Date
SD Shipping Date
STEWARD Shipping Department
SD Shipping Department
SDR Shipping Destination Room
S-I Shipping Instruction
SI Shipping Instruction
SM Shipping Manifest
SN Shipping Noise
SN Shipping Note
SORRY Shipping Order Request
SOR Shipping Order Request
SPI Shipping Point Inspection
SPI Shipping Procedural Instructions
SRO Shipping Registration Office
SRN Shipping Requirements Notification
SRA Shipping Risk Area
STIS Shipping Transport and Information Services
SUN Shipping Unit Number
SAPS Shippingport Atomic Power Station
SSS Short Sea Shipping
TA-SSB Test Assembly/Shipping Strongback
TCSP Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point
TSD Theater Shipping Document
TSJ Times Shipping Journal
TCSL Triple Crown Shipping and Logistics LLC
USC Unit Shipping Container
UASC United Arab Shipping Company
USPL US Shipping Partners LP
VSD Vendor’s Shipping Document
VISR Virgin Islands Shipping Registry
WSA War Shipping Administration
WASP Waste Accountability, Shipping, Packaging
WSSO Waste Storage and Shipping Operations
WISCO West Indies Shipping Company
WSS Wholesale Shipping System