Singapore Abbreviations

SG is the abbreviation for Singapore, the 176th largest country in the world. Officially the Republic of Singapore, Singapore is a country located in Asia, bordering 6 countries – Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. Singapore is the capital city of Singapore.

Country Profile

  • Capital: Singapore
  • Language: English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
  • Area: 722.5 km2
  • Population: 5,638,689
  • Currency: Singapore dollar (S$) (SGD)
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Calling code: 65
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: SG
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: SGP
  • Internet TLD: .sg
  • State Government Website:

Map of Singapore

List of Singapore Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Singapore are SG which stands for Singapore and SGD which means Singapore dollar (Singapore currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Singapore, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

SG: Singapore

Abbreviation Meaning
AMS Academy of Medicine Singapore
ACRA Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore
ATS Agilent Technologies Singapore
AAMS Annals, Academy of Medicine Singapore
APMS AP Moller Singapore
APBS Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
AIMS Association for Informatics in Medicine, Singapore
ASA Association of Singapore Attractions
ASPA Association of Singapore Patent Agents
AISS Australian International School Singapore
AAS Automobile Association of Singapore
BOS Bank of Singapore
BLAS Belgian and Luxembourg Association of Singapore
BTSL Bermuda Trust Singapore Ltd.
BCCS Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore
CCCS Call Centre Council of Singapore
CSBA Canadian Singapore Business Association
CNB Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore
WSSS Changi Airport, Singapore
CAAS Changi Aviation Authority of Singapore
CSVC China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Venture Co
CAAS Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
CASE Consumers Association of Singapore
CTFAS Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of Singapore
DBS Development Bank of Singapore
ECICS Export Credit Insurance Corporation of Singapore
ESRC Exxonmobil Singapore Recreation Club
FACTS Families Against the Casino Threat in Singapore
FAMS Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore
FISL Fidelity Investments Singapore Limited
FPAS Financial Planning Association of Singapore
FAS Football Association of Singapore
GIS Genome Institute of Singapore
GESS German European School Singapore
GGS Girl Guides Singapore
GSIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
GIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd
GSS Great Singapore Sale
ISFA Indonesia-Singapore Friendship Association
IDA Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
ICIS Information Communication Institute of Singapore
IRAS Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
IODS Institute of Dermatology, Singapore
IESA Institution of Engineers Singapore
IPOS Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
IDCS Interior Design Confederation – Singapore
ISS International School of Singapore
ITIS International Trade Institute of Singapore
JSFTA Japan-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
JHSIMC Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre
LRT Land Transport Authority of Singapore
MUGS Mac Users Group Singapore
MSSPL Macquarie Securities Singapore Pte. Limited
CSLR Malaysia and Singapore Company and Securities Law Reports
MSVCR Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register
MASSA Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association
MOPS Mean of Platts Singapore
MIES Member of the Institute of Engineers, Singapore
MMIS Member of the Marketing Institute of Singapore
MSCS Member of the Singapore Computer Society
MSIM Member of the Singapore Institute of Management
MSIP Member of the Singapore Institute of Planners
MOPS Mids Oil Platts Singapore
MAS Monetary Authority of Singapore
MOSI Morocco Singapore
NATAS National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
NBDCS National Book Development Council of Singapore
NCCS National Cancer Centre of Singapore
NSC National Skin Centre, Singapore
NUS National University of Singapore
NSS Nature Society of Singapore
NETS Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore
NP New Paper – Singapore
NBAS Norwegian Business Association Singapore
NCSU NTUC Club Staff Union (now Attractions, Resorts & Entertainment Union; Singapore)
OBS Outward Bound Singapore
PKMS Pertubohan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapore
PSS Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore
PSS Photographic Society of Singapore
PAS Photonics Association Singapore
PPS Pioneer Primary School Singapore)
PSA Port of Singapore Association
PSA Port of Singapore Authority
QJS Quality Jewellers of Singapore
QLRS Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
RCS Radio Corporation of Singapore
RSI Radio Singapore International
ROS Republic of Singapore
ROSAF Republic of Singapore Air Force
RSAF Republic of Singapore Air Force
RSFC Republic of Singapore Flying Club
RSN Republic of Singapore Navy
RSS Republic of Singapore Ship
RAS Restroom Association of Singapore
SOS Samaritans of Singapore
SOPS School of Photography Singapore
SHOTGUN Singapore
SGP Singapore
SN Singapore
SG Singapore
SAL Singapore Academy of Law
SACLJ Singapore Academy of Law Journal
SACRIFICE Singapore Adventurers’ Club
SAC Singapore Adventurers’ Club
SADA Singapore Air Defence Artillery
SATCC Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre
SALE Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise
SQUADRON Singapore Airlines
SQ Singapore Airlines
SQA Singapore Airlines
SATS Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd.
SAAA Singapore Amateur Athletic Association
SAS Singapore American School
SANA Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
SAF Singapore Armed Forces
SAFVL Singapore Armed Forces Veterans’ League
SAB Singapore Armor Battalion
SAR Singapore Armoured Regiment
SAM Singapore Art Museum
SANC Singapore Article Number Council
SA Singapore Artillery
SAMH Singapore Association for Mental Health
SAVH Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped
SACB Singapore Association of Clinical Biochemists
SASW Singapore Association of Social Workers
SATU Singapore Association of Trade Unions
SABAF Singapore Australia Business Alliance Forum
SAA Singapore Aviation Academy
SBOA Singapore Bank Officers’ Association
SBSA Singapore Baseball and Softball Association
SBBF Singapore Big Bike Fest
SBIC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium
SBMC Singapore Biologics Manufacturing Conference
SBTS Singapore Blood Transfusion Service
SBBF Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
SBPA Singapore Book Publishers Association
SBG Singapore Botanical Garden
SBF Singapore Bowling Federation
SBC Singapore Broadcasting Corporation
SBMC Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre
SBS Singapore Bus Service
SCV Singapore Cable Vision
SCMA Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration
SCA Singapore Changi Airport
SCHOLAR Singapore Changi Hospital
SCHOOL Singapore Changi Hospital
SCH Singapore Changi Hospital
SCF Singapore Chess Federation
SCGSS Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
SCRF Singapore Chinese Rock Fest
SCDF Singapore Civil Defence Force
SCA Singapore Club Aquanaut
SCNC Singapore Club of Northern California
SCE Singapore Combat Engineers
SCB Singapore Computer Board
SCHOLAR Singapore Conference Hall
SCHOOL Singapore Conference Hall
SCH Singapore Conference Hall
SCBA Singapore Contract Bridge Association
SCAL Singapore Contractors Association Limited
SCAL Singapore Contractors Association Ltd.
SCORE Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises
SCC Singapore Country Club
SGCA Singapore Court of Appeal
SCC Singapore Cruise Centre
SDAM Singapore Dark Alternative Movement
SDA Singapore Democratic Alliance
SDP Singapore Democratic Party
SDSC Singapore Disability Sports Council
SDC Singapore Discovery Centre
SGD Singapore Dollar
SEC Singapore Environment Council
SGX Singapore Exchange
SERI Singapore Eye Research Institute
SFFA Singapore Freight Forwarders’ Association
SGF Singapore Garden Festival
SGH Singapore General Hospital
SGS Singapore Government Securities
SGBA Singapore Green Business Alliance
SHF Singapore Heart Foundation
SI Singapore Idol
SIR Singapore Immigration and Registration
SICCI Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
SINDA Singapore Indian Development Association
SIB Singapore Infantry Battalion
SIR Singapore Infantry Regiment
SIA Singapore Institute of Architects
SIFT Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology
SIMULATOR Singapore Institute of Management
SIM Singapore Institute of Management
SIMRSN Singapore Integrated Multiple Reference Station Network
SIBOR Singapore Interbank Offered Rate
SIA Singapore International Airlines
SIA Singapore International Airport
SIAC Singapore International Arbitration Centre
SIBF Singapore International Band Festival
SIF Singapore International Foundation
SIMC Singapore International Mathematics Challenge
SIMEX Singapore International Monetary Exchange
SISPAT Singapore International Symposium on Protection Against Toxic Substances
SIWW Singapore International Water Week
SICC Singapore Island Country Club
SJRS Singapore Jain Religious Society
SJA Singapore Jewellers Association
SJP Singapore Justice Party
SKC Singapore Kennel Club
SKM Singapore Kindness Movement
SLF Singapore Labour Foundation
SLR Singapore Law Reports
SINGLR Singapore Law Review
SLTA Singapore Lawn Tennis Association
SLRT Singapore Light Rapid Transit
SLWH Singapore Light Weight Howitzer
SLO Singapore Lyric Opera
SMAG Singapore Malay Amateur Golf
SMSA Singapore Malaysian Student Association
SMU Singapore Management University
SMRT Singapore Mass Rapid Transit
SMOS Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Senior
SMO Singapore Maths Olympiad
SMC Singapore Mediation Centre
SMA Singapore Medical Association
SMC Singapore Medical Council
SMDR Singapore Medical Device Register
SNBC Singapore National Barista Championship
SNCF Singapore National Co-Operative Federation
SNECS Singapore National Eye Centre
SNEC Singapore National Eye Centre
SNHA Singapore National Heart Association
SNIC Singapore National Institute of Chemistry
SNSA Singapore National Stroke Association
SNWF Singapore National Wushu Federation
SNB Singapore Nursing Board
SNDA Singapore Nutrition and Dietectics Association
SOPS Singapore Offshore Petroleum Services
SOSA Singapore Open Source Alliance
SOS Singapore Organisation of Seaman
SOAA Singapore Outdoor Advertising Award
SORA Singapore Overnight Rate Average
SPG Singapore Party Girl
SPP Singapore People’s Party
SPMA Singapore Pest Management Association
SPECIALIST Singapore Petroleum Co
SPC Singapore Petroleum Co
SPCG Singapore Police Coast Guard
SPF Singapore Police Force
SP Singapore Polytechnic
SPCC Singapore Polytechnic Computer Club
SPLA Singapore Polytechnic Life Arts
SP Singapore Power
SPT Singapore Power Telecommunications Pte Ltd
SPBA Singapore Powerboat Association
SPH Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.
SPEAR Singapore Prisons Emergency and Action Response
SPBA Singapore Promising Brand Award
SPT Singapore Property Trust
SQC Singapore Quality Class
STI Singapore Regional Training Institute
SRS Singapore Registry of Ships
SRA Singapore Retailers Association
SRG Singapore Robotic Games
SRA Singapore Rowing Association
SRU Singapore Rugby Union
SSDC Singapore Safety Driving Centre
SSF Singapore Sailing Federation
SSE Singapore Salvage Engineers Pte Ltd
SSD Singapore School for the Deaf
SSC Singapore Science Centre
SSA Singapore Scout Association
SSA Singapore Scout Movement
SSPH Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer
SSA Singapore Shooting Association
SSF Singapore Silat Federation
SSA Singapore Soka Association
SSC Singapore Sports Council
SSCD Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled
SSRA Singapore Squash Rackets Association
SSEC Singapore Standard Educational Classification
SST Singapore Standard Time
SSA Singapore Student Association
SSA Singapore Swimming Association
SSO Singapore Symphony Orchestra
STF Singapore Taekwondo Federation
STU Singapore Teachers Union
ST Singapore Technologies
STRENGTH Singapore Technologies
STRAIN Singapore Technologies
STREET Singapore Technologies
STIX Singapore Telecom Internet Exchange
SINGTEL Singapore Telecommunication
STL Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.
STA Singapore Tennis Association
STBC Singapore Tenpin Bowling Congress
STS Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd
STQJ Singapore Think Quest Junior
SGT Singapore Times
STB Singapore Tourism Board
STPB Singapore Tourist Promotion Board
STADA Singapore Training and Development Association
STEP Singapore Tuberculosis Elimination Programme
STC Singapore Turf Club
STPI Singapore Tyler Print Institute
SUI Singapore Utilities International Pte Ltd
SVCA Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
SVA Singapore Virtual Airlines
SVO Singapore Volunteers Overseas
SWF Singapore Weightlifting Federation
SWAN Singapore Women’s Auxiliary Naval Service
SYBIL Singapore Year Book of International Law
SYF Singapore Youth Festival
SZG Singapore Zoological Gardens
SIMP Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
SIN Singapore, Singapore – Changi International Airport
SAFTA Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement
SDWA Singapore-Delft Water Alliance
SIIRD Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation
SMA Singapore-MIT Alliance
SUWA Singapore-University of Washington Alliance
SCCPS Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology of Singapore
SILS Society of International Law – Singapore
SFAS Sport Fishing Association of Singapore
SCSM Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
SES Stock Exchange of Singapore
SESDAQ Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation
SBAS Swedish Business Association of Singapore
TCS Television Corporation of Singapore
TIPS Thailand-Indonesia-Philippines-Singapore
TMIS Tourism Management Institute of Singapore
TAS Triathlon Association of Singapore
USEP Uniform Singapore Energy Price
UNAS United Nations Association of Singapore
UFZ UWB Friendly Zone (Singapore)
VSC Vancouver-Singapore Club
VSIP Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park
VNCNUS Vietnamese Community in National University of Singapore
VAS Volleyball Association of Singapore
WPSL Wheelock Properties Singapore Limited
WRS Wildlife Reserves Singapore
WBAS Wind Bands Association of Singapore
WSIP Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park
XSSC Xerox Singapore Software Centre


Singapore consists of a main island and 62 smaller islands. Most of the country is less than 15 meters above sea level. Large parts of the coast are formed by land fillings, port facilities and sump drains. The climate is humid tropical and almost no seasonal variations with an average temperature of 27 ° C and average humidity of 84 percent. Tropical rainforest is preserved in some nature reserves. Singapore is a city state and wildlife is therefore largely restricted to nature reserves and swamp forest Nee Soon. Of the approximately 85 mammal species recorded, rodents and bats are most common.

The environmental problems in Singapore are related to pollution from industry, limited access to fresh water and garbage management problems due to unavailable land. The country may also be plagued by smoke and air pollution from forest fires in neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia.


Since the twentieth century, Singapore has been a trade outpost for several kingdoms in the region. In 1299, the city was named Singapore, after Sanskrit for Simha “lion” and pura “city”. Throughout the 1300s, several conflicts between major powers in the region led to the city being almost completely abandoned. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, the Johor Sultanate ruled the island. In 1819, the city became part of the British Empire. Together with Penang and Malacca, Singapore was part of the newly established British colony “Straits Settlements”. Singapore was a free port and became the dominant trade and port city in Southeast Asia. The population grew rapidly and the Chinese became the dominant population group. From the 1920s Singapore was developed into a heavily fortified British naval base.

During World War II, Japan occupied the island, and the colony of Straits Settlements was disbanded. In 1946, Singapore became an independent British crown colony, before becoming part of the Malaysia Federation in 1963. Strong contradictions between radical and Chinese-dominated Singapore, and conservative Malay-dominated Malaysia led Singapore to withdraw from the federation in 1965. Since then the island has been an independent republic.

Society and politics

Officially, Singapore is a democratic republic, but the country has clear authoritarian and undemocratic schemes. The head of state is a president-elect with relatively little power. The executive power lies with the government and the prime minister, which is based on the dominant People’s Action Party (PAP). The party has held power and the post of prime minister since its liberation in 1965. The political opposition is suppressed, but has since 1981 been allowed to be represented in parliament. Both the media and the internet are controlled by the state.

Singapore has always been an important trading center, which is why the population is made up of many different peoples, cultures, languages ​​and religions. Despite the undemocratic government and the complex population, the country is peaceful and well functioning. Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the world, high average life expectancy, good health care and a good education system. Women and men are equal in the laws of the country, but women tend to earn less than men and are underrepresented in politics. The country has a special form of sickness, pension, and unemployment insurance. Everyone pays taxes to a central care fund. Citizens often have two or more accounts in the fund that can then be used to buy housing, pay health care or pension.

Economics and Commerce

During colonial times, Singapore’s free port was a meeting place for trade between neighboring countries. After independence, the country focused on industrialization and foreign investment. This led to strong economic growth. Today, the industrial sector accounts for 24 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product, including ships, oil platforms, chemicals and electronic equipment. The well-developed industrial sector contributes to the country having a trade surplus (they export more than they import) despite being totally dependent on importing food, water, oil and gas from abroad.

The island state has become an international banking and financial center, and a large number of multinational companies have established themselves there. From 1996, Singapore was no longer considered a developing country, and since the early 1990s, it has been focusing on the development of the service industries (trade, finance, transport and tourism). Today, the service industry accounts for 75 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. Singapore is considered the leading financial center in Southeast Asia and the best country in the world to start a business in.

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