Soccer Abbreviations

Football, also known as soccer in the United States, is a sport that places two teams, made up of eleven players each (ten field players and a goalkeeper), to face each other. The objective is to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal, respecting a series of rules.

The main rule of football is that the ball cannot be touched by players with their arms or hands, with the exception of the goalkeeper ( who is responsible for preventing the ball from entering his goal so as not to concede a goal).


Soccer Abbreviations

The football field is rectangular and covered with grass. The goals are located opposite each other on each side of the field, and each team must defend its own goal and score goals in the other. The winning team is the one that has scored the most goals at the end of the match. It should be noted that football matches, which last 90 minutes, can end in a tie.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and it moves billions every year. Because of this, it is something of political and economic interest.

According to data released by FIFA, football is such an important sport for the world economy that there are more than 270 million people involved, directly or indirectly, in the sport. This includes referees, players, coaches, assistants, among others.

Football originates in England. The Football Association developed, in 1863, most of the rules of the game , which continue to govern this sport. Currently, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the body that governs football at international level.

But the concept of this sport had been sent to England by the Italians, since before that, in Italy, the nobility practiced a sport called “Calcio”, where the objective was to make the ball pass the other team’s post.

However, even long before that, there are records of a similar sport practiced by the Chinese thousands of years ago. To be more exact, the oldest known vestige is of a similar sport practiced as far back as 3000 BC.

There are still records of sports similar to football practiced in Japan, Greece, Egypt and also in Ancient Rome.

However, a characteristic of these ancient football-like sports was the presence of violence, both to win victory (anything went for that) and also as a way of celebrating the enemy’s execution. As an example of the latter, we have China, where the enemy’s head was decapitated and used as a ball.

Every four years, FIFA organizes a World Cup, which brings together the best teams in the world, qualified for the competition through a draw for the qualifiers. The World Cup is the event with the highest number of spectators in the world. The last world championship took place in 2010 in South Africa, and the winning country was Spain. The next one will take place in Brazil in 2014.

In addition to the World Cup, there are also competitions that take place on the continents, with several of them taking place in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America, North America and Central America.

And then there are the national competitions, which take place within each country, with teams from each state competing against each other. Such as the Brazilian Football Championship (in Brazil), the Portuguese Championship (in Portugal) or the Ukrainian Football Championship‎ (in Ukraine).

List of Acronyms Related to Soccer

AYSO Alabama Youth Soccer Organization
ABSCS Albany-Berkeley Soccer Club
ABSC Albany-Berkeley Soccer Club
ASA Alberta Soccer Association
ASSAULT Albuquerque Soccer League
ASL Albuquerque Soccer League
AYSO Albuquerque Youth Soccer Organization
AISL American Indoor Soccer League
APSL American Professional Soccer League
ASA American Soccer Academy
ASSAULT American Soccer League
ASL American Soccer League
AYSO American Youth Soccer Organization
ASA Amherst Soccer Association
ASC Amity Soccer Club
ASSAULT Anarchist Soccer League
ASL Anarchist Soccer League
ADSF Anchorage District Soccer Federation
ABSL Arlington Bolivian Soccer League
AHSC Armour Heights Soccer Club
AVYSL Assabet Valley Youth Soccer League
ASSF Association de Soccer de Sainte-Foy
ASSIGNMENT Association Of Soccer Sponsors
ASS Association of Soccer Sponsors
ASA Audubon Soccer Association
ACSA Australian Chinese Soccer Association Ltd
BRSA Baton Rouge Soccer Association
BASRA Bay Area Soccer Referee Association
BSA Beavercreek Soccer Association
BESA Bedford Euless Soccer Association
BDSC Ben Davis Soccer Club
BRSA Blue Ridge Soccer Association
BRYS Blue Ridge Youth Soccer
BASC Boonsboro Area Soccer Club
BSS Brazilian Soccer Schools
BSA Bridgewater Soccer Association
BISTA British Isles Soccer Tournaments Association
BSC Brunswick Soccer Club
BPYSL Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League
BGSC Burnaby Girls Soccer Club
BLSC Burns Lake Soccer Club
CYSA California Youth Soccer Association
CSA Calvert Soccer Association, Inc
CBSA Canadian Babyfoot Soccer Association
CNSL Canadian National Soccer League
CSA Canadian Soccer Association
CSFA Canadian Soccer Football Association
CSRA Canadian Soccer Referees’ Association
CTSA Canadian Table Soccer Association
CFYSA Cape Fear Youth Soccer Association
CASA Capital Area Soccer Association
CASL Capital Area Soccer League
CYSA Capitol Youth Soccer Association
CSAA Carleton Soccer Alumni Association
CUSO Carson United Soccer Organization
CVSC Castro Valley Soccer Club
CGSC Center Grove Soccer Club
CUSA Centerville United Soccer Association
CCSA Central Coast Soccer Association
CDSA Central Delaware Soccer Association
CPUSA Central Pasco United Soccer Association
CVSA Central Virginia Soccer Association
CVSRA Central Virginia Soccer Referee Association
CSRN Champions Soccer Radio Network
CVSA Chartiers Valley Soccer Association
CVSA Chemung Valley Soccer Association
CUSC Chesterfield United Soccer Club
CJSL Clovis Junior Soccer League
CSVR Club de Soccer de La Vallée du Richelieu
CSL Coast Soccer League
CGSA Coastal Georgia Soccer Association
CSA Colleyville Soccer Association
CGSA Colorado Girls Soccer Academy
CSN Colorado Soccer Net
CYS Colorado Youth Soccer
CNSC Colts Neck Soccer Club
CBSRC Columbia Basin Soccer Referee Chapter
CYSF Columbia Youth Soccer Federation
CYSA Columbus Youth Soccer Association
CISF Community of Iranian Soccer Fans
CVUSC Comox Valley United Soccer Club
CSA Concord Soccer Association
CISL Continental Indoor Soccer League
CJSL Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League
CCSA Coweta County Soccer Association
CVSA Cowichan Valley Soccer Association
CVSC Crescenta Valley Soccer Club
DASC Dakota Alliance Soccer Club
DMS Dan Metcalfe Soccer
DDSC David Douglas Soccer Club
DHSC Dearborn Heights Soccer Club
DCSA Desoto County Soccer Association
DVSC Diablo Valley Soccer Club
DCSA Door County Soccer Association
DCSA Douglas County Soccer Association
DUSL Dublin United Soccer League
DRSA Durham Region Soccer Association, Inc.
EMSA Eagle Mountain Soccer Association
EBSC East Brunswick Soccer Club
EOSC East Orange Soccer Club
ECSA Eastern Carolina Soccer Association
ENSA Eastern Nebraska Soccer Association
ENYSASA Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association
EODSA Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association
ESC Edmond Soccer Club
ECRSL El Camino Real Soccer League
ESAWA Evangelical Soccer Association of Western Australia
FYSA Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association
FPSC Far Post Soccer Club
FCYSC Fayette County Youth Soccer Club
FSMA Ferdie Soccer-Magic Academy
FTSC First Touch Soccer Camp
FYSA Florida Youth Soccer Association
FYSA Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association
FEST Folkestone English Soccer Tour
FCYSC Ford County Youth Soccer Club
FLSA Forest Lake Soccer Association
FSC Fox Soccer Channel
FSR Fox Soccer Report
FYSA Franklin Youth Soccer Association
FDSA Fredericton District Soccer Association
GSA Gainesville Soccer Alliance
GSSC Genesee Star Soccer Club
GMSA Georgia Mountain Soccer Association
GSOA Georgia Soccer Officials Association
GSSA Georgia State Soccer Association
GSSA Georgia Youth Soccer Association
GSW Girls Soccer World
GJSC Gisborne Junior Soccer Club
GHSRA Gladesville Hornsby Soccer Referees Association
GNSC Gold Nugget Soccer Club
GYS Goshen Youth Soccer
GPSA Grande Prairie Soccer Association
GPSC Grants Pass Soccer Club
GSSA Grapevine-Southlake Soccer Association
GBYSL Great Basin Youth Soccer League
GLSL Great Lakes Soccer League
GAASA Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association
GHSP Greater Harford Soccer Park
GIRLS Greater Indiana Regional League of Soccer
GLSL Greater Louisville Soccer League
GMSA Greater Memphis Soccer Association
GNSC Greater Napanee Soccer Club
GPSD Greater Portland Soccer District
GSLS Greater St. Louis Soccer League
GSSA Greater Sycamore Soccer Association
GTYSC Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club Inc.
GISA Grosse Ile Soccer Association
GPSA Grosse Pointe Soccer Association
GUSA Grove United Soccer Association
GSA Gwinnett Soccer Association
HCU Halifax County United Soccer Club
HRISL Hampton Roads International Soccer League
HBSC Hermosa Beach Soccer Club
HLSC Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club
HPSA High Performance Soccer Academy
HFSC Hoosick Falls Soccer Club
HACSL Houston Area Collegiate Soccer League
HQSC Hua Qiang Soccer Club
HYSL Humboldt Youth Soccer League
HASL Huntsville Adult Soccer League
HSC Huntsville Soccer Club
HDSA Huronia District Soccer Association
ISCA Indiana Soccer Coaches Association, Inc.
ISCA Indoor Soccer Coaches Association
ISL Indoor Soccer League
ISOA Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association
IESC International Eastside Soccer Club
IIST International Institute of Soccer Tourism
IOS International Online Soccer
ISFA International Soccer Fans Association
ISS International Soccer Superstar
ITSF International Table Soccer Federation
IYST International Youth Soccer Training
ISFA Internet Soccer Fans Association
ISL Island Soccer League
ISCRA Issaquah Soccer Club Referees Association
JLYSSL Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League
JASA Jacksonville Area Soccer Association
JFSA Japan Freestyle Soccer Association
JMPSC Jared Montz Pro Soccer Camps, LLC
JCYSL Jefferson County Youth Soccer League
KSA Keller Soccer Association
KPSC Kenai Peninsula Soccer Club
KSC Kirkwood Soccer Club
KWSA Korea Women Soccer Association
LESL Lake Erie Soccer League
LHSA Lake Highlands Soccer Association
LNSC Lake Norman Soccer Club
LAGS Lancaster Area Girls Soccer
LSSA Lancaster Select Soccer Association
LPSC Land Park Soccer Club
LUYSA Langley United Youth Soccer Association
LPSC Laverton Park Soccer Club
LSSA Lee’s Summit Soccer Association
LUYSA Liberty Union Youth Soccer Association
LASA Lincoln Adult Soccer Association
LYSC Lititz Youth Soccer Club
LISC Little Illini Soccer Club
LPSA Livingston Parish Soccer Association
LISL London Industrial Soccer League
LBYSO Long Beach Youth Soccer Organization
LISA Lower Island Soccer Association
LMSC Lower Merion Soccer Club
MAYSA Madison Area Youth Soccer Association
MLS Major League Soccer
MSL Major Soccer League
MJSL Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League
MASA Manassas Area Soccer Association
MJSL Manchester Jewish Soccer League
MNSL Manchester North Soccer League
MUSS Manchester United Soccer Schools
MSRA Manitoba Soccer Referees Association
MACS Mansfield Adult CoEd Soccer
MYS Mansfield Youth Soccer
MYS McLean Youth Soccer
MMS MegaMan Soccer
MISO Men’s Island Soccer Organization
MYSO Meridian Youth Soccer Organization
MSC Mesa Soccer Club
MNST Mexican National Soccer Team
MUSL Michigan United Soccer League
MKSE Mickey Kydes Soccer Enterprises
MASA Mid-America Soccer Association
MASL Mid-Atlantic Area Soccer League
MSSA Middle School Soccer Association
MAYS Midland Area Youth Soccer
MRSL Minnesota Recreational Soccer League
MSC Moorestown Soccer Club
MCSC Moreland City Soccer Club
NSA Naperville Soccer Association
NUTS Nashoba United Team Soccer
NYSL Nashua Youth Soccer League
NACSC National Association of Competitive Soccer Clubs
NCISL National Capital Industrial Soccer League
NISOA National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association
NATS National Men’s Soccer Team
NPSL National Professional Soccer League
NSCAI National Soccer Coaches Association of Ireland
NSL National Soccer League
NSSA Nebraska State Soccer Association
NYSL Neighborhood Youth Soccer League
NBASA New Bern Area Soccer Association
NMSRA New Mexico Soccer Referee Association
NMSC Newport Mesa Soccer Club
NSA Norcross Soccer Association
NYSL Norfolk Youth Soccer League
NASL North Alabama Soccer League
NASL North American Soccer League
NASA North Andover Soccer Association
NASA North Austin Soccer Association
NCASA North Carolina Amateur Soccer Association
NCFSOA North Central Florida Soccer Officials Association
NDCCSA North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Soccer Association
NOSO North Olmsted Soccer Organization
NSSDC North Shore Soccer Development Centre
NCASL Northern California Adult Soccer League
NMCSL Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League
NTJSA Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association, Inc.
NVSC Northern Virginia Soccer Club
NSSL Northwest Suburban Soccer League
NASC Norton Amateur Soccer Club
OGSL Oak Grove Soccer League
OSC Oakville Soccer Club
OSS Ocean State Soccer School
OASL Ohio Amateur Soccer League
OESA Ohio Elite Soccer Academy
OBSL Old Bridge Soccer League
OCSL Old Capitol Soccer League
OXSC Old Xaverians Soccer Club
OBSL Olney-Bethesda Soccer League
OISL Ontario Indoor Soccer League
OSRA Ontario Soccer Referees’ Association
OSA Oregon Soccer Association
OPSC Orland Park Soccer Club
OCSL Ottawa Carleton Soccer League
OSA Owatonna Soccer Association
OSC Oxford Soccer Club
PASC Palo Alto Soccer Club
PVISL Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League
PKSA Paul Klover Soccer Association
PASC Peace Arch Soccer Club
PYS Pembroke Youth Soccer
PWSL Peninsula Women’s Soccer League
PAGS Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer
PSC Philadelphia Soccer Club
PASL Phoenix Adult Soccer League
PYS Plano Youth Soccer
PDSA Player Development Soccer Academy
PHMSA Pleasant Hill-Martinez Soccer Association
PVSC Ponte Vedra Soccer Club
PAYSA Portland Area Youth Soccer Association
PSA Portsmouth Soccer Association
PASL Premier Arena Soccer League
PSL Premier Soccer League
PPS Preston Para Soccer
PWSI Prince William Soccer, Inc.
PSA Princeton Soccer Association
PES Pro Evolution Soccer
PES5 Pro Evolution Soccer 5
RLSA Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy
RYS Raynham Youth Soccer
RSSSF Recreation and Sports Soccer Statistics Foundation
RHSC Red Hook Soccer Club, Inc.
RIYSA Rhode Island Youth Soccer Association
RKYSC Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club
RMYSL Richmond Metropolitan Youth Soccer League
RSSL Richmond Senior Soccer League
RCR River City Rangers Soccer Club
RVSC River Valley Soccer Club
RDSL Rochester and District Soccer League
RRSO Rocky River Soccer Organization
RPSL Rohnert Park Soccer League
RCYS Rush County Youth Soccer
RCSA Rutherford County Soccer Association
SVYSL Salinas Valley Youth Soccer League
SASA Saline Area Soccer Association
SASA San Antonio Soccer Association
SDCSL San Diego County Soccer League
SFASL Santa Fe Adult Soccer League
SASA Sault Amateur Soccer Association
SVSA Seneca Valley Soccer Association
SCYS Shelby County Youth Soccer
SYSO Shelton Youth Soccer Organization
SYSO Skaneateles Youth Soccer Organization
SYSC Slidell Youth Soccer Club
SYSC Snohomish Youth Soccer Club
SAY Soccer Association for Youth
SCOG Soccer Club of Guilford
SCOR Soccer Club of Oak Ridge
SCOW Soccer Council of Waxhaw
SFN Soccer Fans Network
SIS Soccer Information Systems
SLOCO Soccer League of Central Oregon
SMIA Soccer Made in America
SOCR Soccer Officials of the Capital Region
SOCA Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle
SOCA Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle
SP Soccer Player
SSS Soccer Specific Stadium
STA Soccer Trainers of America, LLC
SURF Soccer United Relief Fund
SWC Soccer West Coast
SWAT Soccer with Attitude
SWB Soccer Without Borders
SASF South African Soccer Federation
SASA South Alabama Soccer Association
SASF South Australian Soccer Federation
SBYSC South Belt Youth Soccer Club
SCYSA South Carolina Youth Soccer Association
SCSL South Coast Soccer League
SFUYSA South Florida United Youth Soccer Association
SJGSL South Jersey Girls Soccer League
SMSC South Mississippi Soccer Club
SRSL South Region Soccer League
SSYSA Southeastern Stokes Youth Soccer Association
SASDP Southern Africa Soccer Development Program
SACYSL Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer League
SYSC Spartanburg Youth Soccer Club
SASA St. Albert Soccer Association
SASA Stafford Area Soccer Association
SRSL Stafford Recreational Soccer League
SYSO Starkville Youth Soccer Organization
SASA Sunman Area Soccer Association
SCYSA Sunshine Coast Youth Soccer Association
SUSFC Sydney University Soccer Football Club
TSAC Table Soccer Association of Canada
TSFI Table Soccer Federation of India
TVSA Temecula Valley Soccer Academy
TSSA Tennessee State Soccer Association
TCSL Texas Collegiate Soccer League
TPSC Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club
TPSL Tiburon Peninsula Soccer League
TSRA Tidewater Soccer Referee Association
TSRA Timberline Soccer Referee Association
TUSA Tonka United Soccer Association
TSSL Toronto Services Soccer League
TBAYS Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer
TCSA Tri-City Soccer Association
TCSA Trophy Club Soccer Association
TPSA Troy Premier Soccer Association
TSRA Troy Soccer Referees Association
TMSL Tucson Metro Soccer League
TVSC Twin Valley Soccer Club
USM Ultimate Soccer Manager
USA United Soccer Academy
USA United Soccer Association
USFM United Soccer Federation of Maine
USL United Soccer Leagues
USASA United States Adult Soccer Association
USASA United States Amateur Soccer Association
USTSA United States Table Soccer Association
VESC Valentine Eleebana Soccer Club
VYSL Valley Youth Soccer League
VUSA Vancouver United Soccer Alliance
VYSA Vancouver Youth Soccer Association
VASL Vermont Amateur Soccer League
VHSC Vestavia Hills Soccer Club
VYSO Victoria Youth Soccer Organization
VCSA Victorian Churches Soccer Association
VYSL Victorville Youth Soccer League
VYS Vienna Youth Soccer
VISTA Virginia Independent Soccer Team Association
VSLI Virginia Soccer League, Inc.
VYSA Virginia Youth Soccer Association
VSOL Virtual Soccer Online League
WSC Waldorf Soccer Club
WYSL Wallingford Youth Soccer League
WVRS Wallkill Valley Recreation Soccer
WUSC Wappinger United Soccer Club
WYSL Warren Youth Soccer League
WYSC Warrenton Youth Soccer Club
WSA Warwick Soccer Association
WAGS Washington Area Girls Soccer League
WFSC Washington Freedom Soccer Club
WGSC Washington Girls Soccer Camp
WSSA Washington State Soccer Association
WHSA Watchung Hills Soccer Association
WASA West Alabama Soccer Association
WCSC West Carleton Soccer Club
WLSS West Lothian Soccer Sevens
WPSC West Pymble Soccer Club
WRSC West Rouge Soccer Club
WSSL West Side Soccer League
WVSL West Valley Soccer League
WVSC West Vancouver Soccer Club
WVSA West Virginia Soccer Association
WYSL Westchester Youth Soccer League
WASA Western Australian Soccer Association
WMSL Western Missouri Soccer League
WSSL Western Suburban Soccer League
WVSA Western Victoria Soccer Association
WDKSC Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club
WWSL Winnipeg Women’s Soccer League
WASA Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association
WVSC Woden Valley Soccer Club
WPSL Women’s Premier Soccer League
WPS Women’s Professional Soccer
WSF Women’s Soccer Federation
WSW Women’s Soccer World
WEAPON World Cup Soccer
WCS World Cup Soccer
WISL World Indoor Soccer League
WSX World Soccer Exchange
WSF World Soccer Federation
WTSA World Table Soccer Association
WTS World Tour Soccer
WSSA Wyoming State Soccer Association
XSL Xtreme Soccer League
YYSA Yakima Youth Soccer Association
YMS Yardley-Makefield Soccer
YSL Yavapai Soccer League
YRSA York Region Soccer Association
YRSL York Region Soccer League
YSSL Young Sportsman Soccer League
YSL Youth Soccer League
YSNR Youth Soccer of New Rochelle
YSO Youth Soccer Organization
YSR Youth Soccer Ring
ZYSL Zephyrhills Youth Soccer League