Society Abbreviations II

A society is a population that forms a social whole. This group of people together forms a semi-closed system. Within this system there is interaction between the members of the group.


The network of relationships between people is central to a society. Depending on the context , the concept of society can be limited or extended from a minimum of two people to, for example, a city, state, family or community. The highest level is the community of all people on Earth.

The people within a society consciously shape their society. This has been a theme since the time of the Greek sophists . Human culture versus nature, also called nomos (the law) or thesis(the institution) versus physis (nature). Consciously shaping society can be seen in upbringing. It is made clear to new members of society how to behave. The norms, values, rules and laws are therefore important. Attention is always paid to creating or maintaining the best possible society that is liveable for all members.

Religious leaders and philosophers often think about the ideal society. In the ideal society, justice, happiness and peace are important concepts realized for all people.

Society Abbreviations II

Judaic Cultural Society
Julian Cho Society
Juliette Low Leadership Society
Jumpers over Eighty Society
Junior Accountants Society
Junior Combination Room Society
Junior Engineering Technical Society
Justice Society of America
Kabowa Women’s Cooperative Society
Kalahari Conservation Society
Kalash Environmental Protection Society
Kamloops Multicultural Society
Kankakee Area Radio Society
Kansas City Area Robotics Society
Kansas Historical Society
Kansas Medical Society
Kansas Society of Anesthesiologists
Kansas Society of Radiologic Technologists
Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society
Kansas Wildflower Society
Kapiolani Park Preservation Society
Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society
Katonah Village Improvement Society
Kaw Valley Mycological Society
Kennet Amateur Theatrical Society
Kenosha Streetcar Society
Kenton Light Operatic Society
Kentucky Appalachian Paranormal Society
Kentucky Gourd Society
Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society
Kentucky Historical Society
Kentucky Sleep Society
Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists
Kentucky State Button Society
Kentucky State Poetry Society
Kenya Civil Society Association
Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals
Kerala State AIDS Control Society
Kern County Archaeological Society
Kes Internet Support Society
Kilkenny Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Kineton Amateur Dramatic Society
Kirkcaldy Amateur Dramatic Society
Kitamaat Port Development Society
Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists
Kitsap Humane Society
Knee Society
Knowledge Impact in Society
Knowledge Management Society of Pakistan
Knowledge Management Society of Southern Africa
Knowledge Society Network
Knoxville Legal Aid Society
Kootenay Internet Communications Society
Korea America Friendship Society
Korea Animal Protection Society
Korea Information and Communications Society
Korea Information Society Development Institute
Korea Robotics Society
Korea Society of Raccoon
Korean American Actuarial Society
Korean American Professional Society
Korean American Society of Entrepreneurs
Korean Chemical Society
Korean Identity Development Society
Korean Nuclear Society
Korean Physical Society
Korean Radiological Society
Korean Society for Food Engineering
Korean Society for Language and Information
Korean Society for Life Cycle Assessment
Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology
Korean Society for Molecular Biology
Korean Society for Parasitology
Korean Society for Service in Asia
Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Korean Society of Anesthesiologists
Korean Society of Marine Engineering
Korean Society of Oregon
Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Korean Society of Rheology
Korean Vacuum Society
Kottayam Social Service Society
Kuchlak Welfare Society
Kurdish American Education Society
Kuwait Amateur Radio Society
Kuwait Environment Protection Society
Kuwait Information Technology Society
Kuwait Society of Engineers
Kuwaiti Dental Society
Kyle and Carrick Civic Society
La Jolla Music Society
Labour and Civil Society Coalition
Labour Environmental Alliance Society
Ladies Charitable Society
Ladies Living History Society
Ladies Union Aid Society
Ladies Village Improvement Society
Lahonton Audubon Society
Lahore Cantonment Cooperative Housing Society
Laichwiltach Family Life Society
Lake County Astronomical Society
Lake Linganore Conservation Society
Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society
Lakewood Area Paranormal Society
Lakewood Historical Society
Lanarkshire Society of Organists
Lancaster County Medical Society
Lancaster University Debating Society
Langley Environmental Partners Society
Langley Speedway Historical Society
Language Society of Namibia
Lao Red Cross Society
Lark Angling Preservation Society
Larmier Humane Society
Las Vegas Astronomical Society
Las Vegas Avicultural Society
Laser Society of Japan
Lasers and Electro-Optics Society
Latin American Sleep Society
Latin-American Aviation Historical Society
Law and Society
Law and Society Association
Law Courts Education Society
Law Enforcement and Society
Law Enforcement Training Society of Saskatchewan
Law in the Internet Society
Law Society Discipline Database
Law Society of Kenya
Law Society of the Free State
Law Society of Yukon
Law Society of Zimbabwe
Law Society of Zimbabwe
Law Society Regulation Board
Law Students Society
Law Students’ Society
Law, Policy and Society
Leamington Spa Photographic Society
Lebanese Society of Anesthesiologists
Lebanese Society of General Practice
Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology
Lebanese Society of Periodontology
Leeds Industrial Co-Operative Society
Leeds University Union Music Society
Legal Aid Society
Legal Aid Society of Orange County
Legal Aid Society of San Diego
Legal Services Society
Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society
Leica Historical Society of America
Leicestershire Rutland Ornithological Society
Lemming Society of America
Leucaena Production Society
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America
Leukemia Society of America
Leukemia-Lymphoma Society of Canada
Lewis Carroll Society
Leyland Society of Model Engineers
Libertarian Futurist Society
Library Society of China
Libyan Cardiac Society
Libyan Internet Society
License of the Society of Apothecaries
Licensing Executives Society
Licensing Executives Society International
Licensing Executives Society Japan
Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery of the Society of Apothecaries
Licentiate of the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists
Licentiate of the Society of Dyers and Colourists
Licentiate of the Society of Dyers and Colourists
Lifelong Learning for the Information Society
Lifesaving Society
Lighted Candle Society
Lighthouse Preservation Society
Lighthouse Society of Great Britain
Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society
Lincoln County Historical Society
Lincoln Red Cattle Society
Lincolnshire Family History Society
Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society
Lindy Hop Swing Society
Linguistic Society of America
Linguistic Society of Japan
Linnean Society of London
Lionel Operating Train Society
Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society of Southern Africa
Lipizzaner Society of Great Britain
Lipoplasty Society of North America
Literary Society of San Diego
Lithuania Philatelic Society
Lithuanian American Genealogy Society
Lithuanian Pain Society
Little Chimp Society
Littlehampton Bonfire Society
Littlehampton Bonfire Society
Live Oak Society
Liverpool Community Conservation Society
Liverpool Land Rover Society
Liverpool Philatelic Society
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society
Living Art Bonsai Society
Llano Uplift Archeological Society
Local History Society
Local Post Collectors Society
Loch Lomond Celtic Society
Logos Astronomical Society
London and Counties Society for Psychologists
London Judo Society
London Mathematical Society
London Missionary Society
London Omnibus Traction Society
London Petrophysical Society
London Zoological Society
Lone Star Cigar Smoking Society
Lone Star Film Society
Lone Star State Paranormal Society
Lonergan Philosophical Society
Long Eaton Operatic Society
Long Island Bonsai Society
Long Island Classical Guitar Society
Long Island Orchid Society
Long Island Parrot Society
Long Island Scale Model Society
Longmont Humane Society
Lorain County Aquarium Society
Lord’s Day Observance Society
Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society
Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society for Information Science
Los Angeles Computer Society
Los Angeles Geographical Society
Los Angeles Model Railroad Society
Los Angeles Radiological Society
Los Angeles Urological Society
Louisiana Geriatrics Society
Louisiana Pathology Society
Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care
Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Louisiana State Medical Society
Louisville Area Iris Society
Lower Chatham Conservation Society
Loyola Organisation for Rural Development Society
Luna Preservation Society
Lupus Erythematosus Society of Saskatchewan
Lute Society
Lutheran Urban Mission Society
Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society
Lyceum Institute of Technology Electronics Engineering Society
Lytham St. Annes Photographic Society
Mac Asheville Computer Society
Macintosh Owners and Users Society of Edmonton
Macular Disease Society
Mad Bomber Society
Mad Druids Society
Mad Fabricators Society
Mad Society Kings
Madison Biblical Archaeology Society
Madison County Medical Society
Madras Naturalists’ Society
Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society
Maine Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Maine Society of Land Surveyors
Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia
Malaysian Cooperative Insurance Society
Malaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society
Malaysian Endodontic Society
Malaysian German Students Society
Malaysian Natural Products Society
Malaysian Nature Society
Malaysian Society for Training and Development
Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology
Malaysian Society of Financial Analysts
Malaysian Society of Interior Designers
Malaysian Society of Rheumatology
Malaysian Zoological Society
Malden Army Airfield Preservation Society
Malibu Orchid Society, Inc.
Malnad Technical Education Society
Malta Aviation Society
Malted Barley Appreciation Society
Mammal Society
Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society
Manchester Dental Student Society
Manchester Students’ Dance Society
Manchester University Film Society
Manchester University Speleological Society
Manitoba Genealogical Society
Manitoba Historical Society
Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists
Manitoba Society of Pharmacists
Manitoba Society of Seniors
Manitoba Teacher’s Society
Mansfield Music and Art Society
Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society
Manufacturers Standardization Society
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc.
Marble Collectors’ Society of America
Marianas Audubon Society
Marine Animal Rescue Society
Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston
Marine Aquarium Society of Central Ontario
Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado
Marine Aquarium Society of Kitchener-Waterloo
Marine Aquarium Society of Victoria
Marine Conservation Society
Marine Technology Society
Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan
Marion County Herpetological Society
Maritime and Atlantic Printmakers Society
Market Research Society
Market Research Society
Market Research Society of Australia
Marketing Society
Markinch Amateur Operatic Society
Marmara Industrial Engineering Society
Marquette University Players Society
Martin Luther Home Society, Inc.
Martlesham Heath Aviation Society
Mary Ann Morris Animal Society, Inc.
Maryland Chapter of the Autism Society of America
Maryland Native Plant Society
Maryland Ornithological Society
Maryland Society for Cleft Lip and Palate Children
Maryland Society for Clinical Social Work, Inc.
Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Maryland Steam Historical Society, Inc.
Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society
Massachusetts Audubon Society
Massachusetts Chiropractic Society
Massachusetts Dental Society
Massachusetts Historical Society
Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Massachusetts Humane Society
Massachusetts Medical Society
Massachusetts Orchid Society
Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, Inc.
Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture
Massachusetts Society of Clinical Oncologists
Massachusetts Society of Genealogists
Massachusetts Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants
Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors
Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists
Master of the Cheirological Society of Great Britain
Master-at-Arms of the Society for Creative Anachronism
Material Handling & Management Society
Materials Research Society
Materials Research Society
Materials Research Society of India
Materials Use: Science, Engineering and Society
Mathematical Programming Society
Mathematical Society of South Eastern Europe
Mattachine Society of the Niagara Frontier
Maui Apple Users Society
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society
McKeesport Symphony Society
McMaster Economics Society
McMaster Engineering Society
McMaster Social Sciences Society
Mechanical Copyright Protection Society
Mecklenburg Audubon Society
Medical Image Perception Society
Medical Protection Society
Medical Society of Delaware Insurance Services
Medical Society of Nova Scotia
Medical Society of Virginia
Medical Society of Virginia Foundation
Medical Student Society
Mediterranean Garden Society
Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society
Melbourne Ladies Benevolent Society
Melbourne University Choral Society
Melbourne University Film Society
Melbourne University Islamic Society
Melksham Referees Society
Melksham Referees Society
Melting Pot Genealogical Society
Melton Mowbray Building Society
Member of Australian Computer Society
Member of Back Bencher Society
Member of British Computer Society
Member of Indian Society for Technical Education
Member of the Acoustical Society of America
Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers
Member of the American Society of Embalmers
Member of the American Society of Embalmers
Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Member of the Big Bum Society
Member of the British Computer Society
Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Member of the Emergency Planning Society
Member of The European Society of Cardiology
Member of the Irish Computer Society
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society
Member of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Member of the Singapore Computer Society
Member of the Society for Coaching Psychology
Member of the Society for Radiological Protection
Member of the Society of Architectural Illustration
Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers
Member of the Society of Biology
Member of the Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
Member of the Society of Environmental Engineers
Member of the Society of Financial Advisers
Member of the Society of Operations Engineers
Member of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine
Member of the Society of Radiographers
Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Member, American Society of Pension Actuaries
Memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Memorial Society of Georgia
Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society
Memphis Soaring Society
Menace II Society
Menace to Society
Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
Merry Marvel Marching Society
Metal Boat Society
Meteorological Society of Japan
Methodist Children’s Home Society
Metro Area Recumbent Society
Metro Atlanta Racing Society
Metro East Humane Society
Metroplex Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Metropolitan Mountaineering Society
Metuchen-Edison Historical Society
Mexican Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
Mexican Society of Geomorphology
Miami Area Society of Homebrewers
Miami University Geological Society
Michigan Archaeological Society
Michigan Dairy Goat Society
Michigan Humane Society
Michigan Industrial Education Society
Michigan Leukemia Society
Michigan Music Theory Society
Michigan Orchid Society
Michigan Radiological Society
Michigan Radiological Society
Michigan Society for Medical Research
Michigan Society of American Foresters
Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.
Michigan Society of Association Executives
Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Michigan Society of Gerontology
Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology
Michigan Society of Hospital Attorneys
Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians
Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors
Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists
Michigan State Button Society
Michigan State Horticulture Society
Michigan State Medical Society
Michigan State Medical Society Alliance
Michigan State Numismatic Society
Michigan United Tandem Society
Microbiological Society of Korea
Microscopy Society of America
Microscopy Society of Southern Africa
Microsoft Advanced Network Users Society
Mid Arkansas Radio Control Society, Inc.
Mid-America Interventional Radiological Society
Mid-Atlantic Microbeam Analysis Society
Mid-Atlantic Plant Molecular Biology Society
Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society, Inc.
Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
Middle Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society
Middle Tennessee Radio Control Society
Mid-Hants Railway Preservation Society
Midland County Historical Society
Mid-Michigan Genealogical Society
Midwest Philosophy of Education Society
Midwest Railway Preservation Society
Midwest Society of Association Executives
Midwest Sociological Society
Mid-Western Artifact Society
Mildert’s Only Organised Society for Engineers
Mile High Magician Society
Milestone Car Society
Military Historical Society of Massachusetts
Military Miniature Society of Illinois
Military Operations Research Society
Military Operations Research Society Symposium
Military Postal History Society
Mill Hill Missionary Society
Milton Keynes Society of Artists
Milwaukee Area Amateur Radio Society
Milwaukee Astronomical Society
Milwaukee Light Engineering Society
Milwaukee Numismatic Society
Mine Ventilation Society of South Africa
Mineral Point Railroad Society
Mineralogical Society of America
Minerals and Geotechnical Logging Society
Miniature Art Society of Florida
Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society
Minnesota Gerontological Society
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Mycological Society
Minnesota Native Plant Society
Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society
Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice
Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists
Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology
Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Minnesota Society of Housing Inspectors
Minnesota Society of Radiologic Technologists
Minnesota State Horticultural Society
Missing Children Society of Canada
Mississippi Coast Audubon Society
Mississippi Engineering Society
Mississippi Society of Anesthesiologists
Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Missouri Ghost Hunters Society
Missouri Historical Society
Missouri Mycological Society
Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists
Missouri Society of Association Executives
Missouri Society of Newspaper Editors
Mitochondria Research Society
Mitochondria Research Society
Mitochondrial Medicine Society
Mizoram State AIDS Control Society
Mobile Air Conditioning Society
Mobile Post Office Society
Modasa Road Transport Cooperative Society
Model Railway Society
Model Railway Society
Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand
Moderation Society
Modern Railway Society of Ireland
Modern Western Society
Molecular Graphics and Modeling Society
Monash Engineering Students’ Society
Monash Science Society
Monash University Choral Society
Monash University Islamic Society
Mongolian Amateur Radio Society
Montana Archaeological Society
Montana Loon Society
Montana Society of American Foresters
Monte Mucho Audubon Society
Monterey Peninsula Choral Society
Montessori Society of Western Australia
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Montreal Society of Financial Analysts
Mood Disorders Society of Canada
Moriches Bay Audubon Society
Mother Saradadevi Social Service Society
Motivation, Power & Achievement Society
Motor Bus Society
Mountain Park Watershed Preservation Society, Inc.
Movement Disorder Society of Australia
Mt. Diablo Genealogical Society
Muhammadan Women Welfare Society
Multicultural Heritage Society
Multicultural Society of Kelowna
Multifaith Action Society
Multi-Level Marketing Society
Multilingual Information Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand
Mumbai Amateur Radio Society
Municipal Arborists and Urban Foresters Society
Murdoch Information Technology Society
Musculoskeletal Tumor Society
Musculoskeletal Tumor Society
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society
Mushroom Society of Utah
Mushroom Society of Utah
Music Box Society International
Music City Blues Society
Music Copyright Society of China
Music Graduate Students’ Society
Music Theory Society
Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria
Musical Heritage Society
Musicological Society of Australia
Muslim American Society
Muslim American Society of Minnesota
Muslim Educational Society
Mutual Admiration Society
Mutual Model Boat Society
Mutually Aided Cooperative Thrift Society
My Warhawk Society
Mycological Society of Toronto
Mystic Mississippi Paranormal Society
Mzuri Kaja Development Society
N Gauge Society
Nair Service Society
Namibia Red Cross Society
Namibia Scientific Society
Nan Hua Dance Society
Nanaimo Marine Rescue Society
Narrow Gauge Railway Society
Nashville Bonsai Society
National Advertising Benevolent Society
National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society
National Anti-Tesh Action Society
National Anti-Vivisection Society
National Art Honor Society
National Asian American Society of Accountants
National Audubon Society, Inc.
National Auricula and Primula Society
National Autistic Society
National Bible Society of Ireland
National Bird-Feeding Society
National Black Public Relations Society
National Blind Children’s Society
National Broadcasting Society
National Button Society
National Cactus and Succulent Society
National Capital Healthcare Engineering Society
National Capitol Orchid Society
National Cartoonists Society
National Cartoonists Society Foundation
National Children’s Cancer Society
National Civil Society Congress
National Classification Management Society
National Corvette Restorers Society
National Cremation Society
National Cufflink Society
National Deaf Childrens Society
National Deposit Friendly Society
National Down Syndrome Society
National Eczema Society
National Egg & Embryo Donation Society
National Enuresis Society
National Environment and Ecology Defence Society
National Farm and Garden Society
National Fenton Glass Society
National Field Archery Society
National Fraternal Society of the Deaf
National Genealogical Society
National Genealogical Society Quarterly
National Geographic Society
National Geological Society
National Gerbil Society
National Historic Preservation Society
National Honor Society
National Human Rights Society
National Humane Education Society
National Humane Society
National Juniors Honors Society
National Maritime Historical Society
National Merchant Buying Society
National Missionary Society
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
National Nurses Society on Addictions
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society
National Oil-Equipment Manufacturers and Delegates Society
National Philatelic Society
National Philharmonic Society of Lithuania
National Photographic Society
National Piers Society
National Railway Historical Society
National Roller Canary Society
National Rosacea Society
National Safety Management Society
National Sculptor Society
National Sculpture Society
National Secular Society
National Socialist Society
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
National Society for Autistic Children
National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection
National Society for Epilepsy
National Society for Hispanic Professionals
National Society for Histotechnology
National Society for Human Rights
National Society for Park Resources
National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
National Society for the Gifted & Talented
National Society for the Legalization of Euthanasia
National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
National Society for the Study of Education
National Society of Accountants
National Society of Agents for Consumer Education
National Society of Art Directors
National Society of Black Artists
National Society of Black Physicists
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
National Society of Colonial Dames
National Society of Decorative Painters
National Society of Denture Prosthetists
National Society of Film Critics
National Society of Genetic Counselors
National Society of Hispanic Physicists
National Society of Indian Engineers
National Society of Lefton Collectors
National Society of Master Thatchers
National Society of Minorities in Hospitality
National Society of Operative Printers and Assistants
National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic
National Society of Pershing Angels
National Society of Pershing Rifles
National Society of Professional Engineers
National Society of Professional Surveyors
National Society of Public Accountants
National Society of Tax Preparers
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters
National Space Society
National Space Society of Australia
National Spanish Honor Society
National Speleological Society
National Speleological Society – Cave Diving Section
National Sports & Entertainment Law Society
National Technical Honor Society
National Therapeutic Recreation Society
National Watercolor Society
National Wildlife Humane Society
Nationwide Building Society
Native American Fish and Wildlife Society
Native American Religious Society
Native Fish Society
Native Hawaiian Plant Society
Native Orchid Society of South Australia
Native Plant Society
Native Plant Society of New Mexico
Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan
Natural Arch and Bridge Society
Natural Health Product Research Society
Natural History Society of Nepal
Nature Conservation Society of Japan
Nature Society of Singapore
Naugatuck Valley Audubon Society
Naval Heritage Society
Near East Archaeological Society
Nebraska Society for Respiratory Care
Nebraska Society of Health System Pharmacists
Nebraska Society of Independent Accountants
Nebraska State Historical Society
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
Negro American Space Society of Astronauts
Neil Young Appreciation Society
Nelson Eddy Appreciation Society
Nepal Red Cross Society
Netherlands Society of Cinematographers
Neuroanaesthesia Society
Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society
Neurological Society of India
Neuromorphic Engineering Students Society
Nevada Geographic Information Society
Nevada Historical Society
Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Nevada Watercolor Society
New Brunswick Dental Society
New Brunswick Drinking Society
New Budapest Orpheum Society
New Building Society Ltd
New England Anime Society
New England Antique Arms Society
New England Barbecue Society
New England Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society
New England Ecotourism Society
New England Estuarine Research Society
New England Guitar Society
New England Historic Genealogical Society
New England Medieval Arts Society
New England Miniature Horse Society
New England Roentgen Ray Society, Inc.
New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society
New England Rug Society
New England Rugby Referees Society
New England Shoulder and Elbow Society
New England Skeptical Society
New England Society for Microscopy
New England Society of Paranormal Investigators
New England Society of Plastic Surgery
New England Speed Society
New Hampshire Cigar Smoking Society
New Hampshire Historical Society
New Hampshire Pediatric Society
New Hampshire Psychiatric Society
New Hampshire Rose Society
New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education
New Hampshire Society of Certified Public Accountants
New Jersey Chiropractic Society
New Jersey Choral Society
New Jersey Historical Society
New Jersey Paleontological Society
New Jersey Poetry Society
New Jersey Society for Public Health Education
New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
New Jersey Society of Blood Bank Professionals
New Jersey Society of Enrolled Agents
New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists
New Jewish Publication Society
New Jewish Publication Society Version
New Mexico Folklore Society
New Mexico Society of Hazardous Materials Managers
New Mexico State Society
New Plymouth Operatic Society
New Society Publishers
New Ulm Trebuchet Society
New World Chocolate Society
New York Audio Society
New York City Pharmacists Society
New York Connecting Railroad Society
New York County Dental Society
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
New York Human Resource Planning Society
New York Literary Society
New York Management Society
New York Manumission Society
New York Microscopical Society
New York Mycological Society
New York Society for Ethical Culture
New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants
New York State Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons
New York Theosophical Society
New York Viola Society
New Zealand Acoustical Society
New Zealand Audiological Society
New Zealand Carnivorous Plant Society
New Zealand Christian Pacifist Society
New Zealand Computer Society
New Zealand Concrete Society
New Zealand Cryonics Society
New Zealand Ecological Society, Inc.
New Zealand Ergonomics Society
New Zealand Geotechnical Society
New Zealand Geriatrics Society
New Zealand Go Society
New Zealand Hydrological Society
New Zealand Mathematical Society, Inc.
New Zealand Microbiological Society
New Zealand Society of Cytology
New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology
New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc
New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths Inc
New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists, Inc.
New Zealand Society of Potters
New Zealand Wine Society
Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Newcastle University Photographic Society
Newport Historical Society
Newsletter of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
Niagara Peninsula Geological Society
Niagara Reef Society
Nigeria Computer Society
Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy
Nigerian Economic Society
Nigerian Society of Engineers
Night Society Paranormal Organization
Nikon Historical Society
Noakhali Rural Development Society
Nordic Society for Phenomenology
Nordic Society for Radiation Protection
Nordic Society for Separation Science
Nordic Society of Gene Therapy
Nordic Veterinary Acupuncture Society
Norfolk & Norwich Philatelic Society
Norfolk and Norwich Law Society
Norfolk Southern Historical Society
North America Telugu Society
North American Benthological Society
North American Bluebird Society
North American Cartographic Information Society
North American Catalan Society
North American Catalysis Society
North American Clivia Society
North American Cockatiel Society
North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society
North American Hair Research Society
North American Heather Society
North American Hyperthermia Society
North American Jules Verne Society
North American Lake Management Society
North American Lily Society
North American Menopause Society
North American Mule Sheep Society
North American Native Plant Society
North American Paranormal Society
North American Shagya-Arabian Society
North American Society for Sport Management
North American Society of Adlerian Psychology
North American Society of Grass Racers and Sod Slingers
North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance
North American Society of Homeopathy
North American Society of Social Philosophy
North American Speed Society
North American Spine Society
North American Strongman Society
North American Sundial Society
North American Thermal Analysis Society
North American Vegetarian Society
North Andover Historical Society
North Arkansas Amateur Radio Society
North British Locomotive Society
North Bucks Archaeological Society
North Carolina Integrative Medical Society
North Carolina Lake Management Society
North Carolina Optometric Society
North Carolina Poetry Society
North Carolina Society of Accountants
North Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists
North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology
North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals
North County Humane Society
North Dakota Society of Accountants
North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers
North East Budgerigar Society of South Australia, Inc.
North East Watercolor Society
North Essex Astronomical Society
North Fork Audubon Society
North Gulf Oceanic Society
North Hykeham Dramatic Society
North India Beekeepers Society
North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society
North of England Rat Society
North Pacific Orthopaedic Society
North River Arts Society
North Santiam Historical Society
North Shore Historical Society
North Shore Multicultural Society
North Texas Conchological Society
North Texas System Safety Society
North Texas Water Garden Society
Northeast Florida Equestrian Society
Northeast Product Safety Society, Inc.
Northeastern University Civil Engineering Society
Northern Alberta Aquatic Rescue Society
Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection
Northern Arizona Paranormal Society
Northern California Bluegrass Society
Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society
Northern California Herpetological Society
Northern California Ki Society
Northern California Lindy Society
Northern Ireland Archery Society
Northern Ireland Pain Society
Northern Kentucky Medical Society
Northern Lights Radio Society
Northern Lights Wildlife Society
Northern Neck Audubon Society
Northern Nevada Dental Society
Northern New England Clinical Oncology Society
Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society
Northern Rivers Cavy Society
Northern Rocky Mountain Easter Seal Society/Goodwill Industries
Northern Society for Creative Anachronism
Northern Utah Paranormal Society
Northern Virginia Dental Society
Northside Chamber Society
Northstar Watercolor Society
Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society
Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society
Norwegian Cancer Society
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
Norwich Historical Society
Nottingham Radio Control Society
Nottinghamshire Bobbin Lace Society
Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society
Nova Scotia Historical Society
Novice, Society of Jesus
NSW University Theatrical Society
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Numerical Control Society
Nurse Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology
Nurses’ Research Society of India
Nutrition Society of Malaysia
Oak Park Society of Model Engineers
Oakland County Genealogical Society
Observations of the American Society for Information Science
Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong
Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia
Ocean Research and Education Society
Ocean Rowing Society
Oceanic Engineering Society
Oceanographic Society of Maldives
Oceanside Photo & Telescope Astronomical Society
Oconee Performing Arts Society
Oconee Performing Arts Society
Office Automation Society International
Offsetters Climate Neutral Society
Offshore Engineering Society
Ohio Arabian and All-Breed Trail Riding Society
Ohio Camera Collectors Society
Ohio Genealogical Society
Ohio Gourd Society
Ohio Historical Society
Ohio Lake Management Society
Ohio Mushroom Society
Ohio Mushroom Society
Ohio Odonata Society
Ohio Ornithological Society
Ohio Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Ohio Society of Professional Engineers
Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists
Ohio State Radiological Society
Ohio State Society of Enrolled Agents
Ohio Stereo Photographic Society
Ohio University Recruiting Society
Ohio Valley Military Society, Inc.
Oil Field Engine Society
Ojibway Warrior Society
Okanagan Aboriginal AIDS Society
Oklahoma City Geological Society, Inc.
Oklahoma Flute Society
Oklahoma Historical Society
Oklahoma Malt Whisky Society
Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society
Oklahoma Society of Radiologic Technologists
Oklahoma Zoological Society
Old Dominion Chrysanthemum Society
Old Dominion Military Society
Old Hastings Preservation Society
Old Instonians Golf Society
Old North State Medical Society
Old Time Radio Collectors and Traders Society
Olive Natural Heritage Society
Olympia Ghost Hunters Society
Olympic Model Railroad Society
Omicron Delta Kappa – National Honors Society for Student Leaders
Oncology Nursing Society
Online Film Critics Society
Online Journalism Student Society
Ontario Genealogical Society
Ontario Historical Society
Ontario Plein Air Society
Ontario Plein Air Society
Ontario Rock Garden Society
Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Opelika Historic Preservation Society
Open Sky Creative Society
Open Society Archives
Open Society Institute
Open Society Institute Macedonia
Open Society Justice Initiative
Open Society Mental Health Initiative
Open Society Support Foundation
Open Source Society
Operational Research Society
Operations Research Society of America
Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society
Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society
Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society
OPSEC Professionals Society
OPSEC Professionals Society
Optical Society of America
Optical Society of Korea
Optical Society of Professional Engineers
Orange Blossom Blues Society
Orange County Computer Society
Oratorio Society of Estes Park
Orchid Society of Arizona
Orchid Society of Minnesota
Orchid Society of Northern Transvaal
Orchid Society of Royal Botanical Gardens
Orchid Society of South East Asia
Order of the Society of Italian-Americans
Orders and Medals Research Society
Ordnance Survey Photographic Society
Oregon Geriatric Society
Oregon Historical Society
Oregon Mycological Society
Oregon Mycological Society
Oregon Orchid Society
Oregon Radiation Oncology Society
Oregon Radiological Society
Oregon Sheep Dog Society
Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists
Oregon Society of Association Management
Organ Historical Society
Organ Society of Queensland
Organization of Standards and the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics
Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
Oriental Numismatic Society
Original Hobo Nickel Society
Orissa Environmental Society
Orissa State AIDS Control Society
Orlando Society of Model Railroaders
Ornamental Horticultural Society
Oro Valley Historical Society
Orphan Train Heritage Society of America
Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society
Orthopaedic Research Society
Orthopaedic Research Society ROC
Orthopterists’ Society
Orton Dyslexia Society, Inc.
Oslo Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Osteoporosis Society of Canada
Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America
Otago Model Engineering Society
Ottawa Horticultural Society
Ottawa Humane Society
Ottawa Orchid Society
Ottawa Swing Dance Society
Ottawa Watercolor Society
Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society
Outside of Society
Overseas Mission Society
Overseas Mission Society
Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Society
Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society
Oxford and District Esperanto Society
Oxford Dog Training Society
Oxford Fieldpaths Society
Oxford University Railway Society
Oxford University Research Staff Society
Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society
Oxford University Turkish Society
Oxfordshire Family History Society
Oyster River Enhancement Society
Pacific Animal Therapy Society
Pacific Assistance Dogs Society
Pacific Bulb Society
Pacific Coast Entomological Society
Pacific Coast Fertility Society
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
Pacific Community Resources Society
Pacific County Historical Society
Pacific Estuarine Research Society
Pacific International Trials Society
Pacific Northwest Vascular Society
Pacific Orchid Society
Pacific Rim International Model Engineering Society
Pacific Roundtable on Industry, Society and Management
Paddle Steamer Preservation Society
Painted Desert Sheep Society
Pak Social Welfare Society
Pakistan Botanical Society
Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society
Pakistan Physiology Society
Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists
Pakistan Society of Development Economists
Pakistan Society of Family Physicians
Paleontological Society
Palestine Pilgrims’ Text Society
Palestine Red Crescent Society
Palestine Wildlife Society
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Palestinian Medical Students Society
Palm Beach Veterinary Society
Palm Society of South Texas
Pampanga Agents Travel Society
Pan African Burn Society
Panhandle Animal Welfare Society
Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America
Parachutists Over Phorty Society
Paralegal Society of Canada
Paralegal Society of Ontario
Paranormal Awareness Society
Paranormal Research Society
Paranormal Research Society
Paranormal Society of Indiana
Parenteral Society
Parenting Our Successors in Society Effectively
Paris Evangelical Missionary Society
Parkinson Society Quebec
Parkinson’s Disease Research Society
Parkinson’s Disease Society
Pasadena Paranormal Research Society
Pass Christian Lighthouse Society
Pastel Society of America
Pastel Society of New Mexico
Pastel Society of the West Coast
Pateley Bridge Dramatic Society
Patent and Trademark Office Society
Pathfinder Youth Centre Society
Paul Revere Society
Paul Revere Society
Peace and Conflict Studies Society
Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society, Inc.
Peak District Mines Historical Society
PEC Alumni Society
Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society
Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
Peel Choral Society
Pejepscot Historical Society
Peninsula Caged Bird Society
Peninsula Geological Society
Peninsula Orchid Society
Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society
Pennsylvania Gourd Society
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society
Pennsylvania Radiological Society
Pennsylvania Radiological Society
Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society
Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research
Pennsylvania Society for Communications Managers
Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf
Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists
Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives
Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
Pennsylvania Society of Newspaper Editors
Pennsylvania Society of Oncology and Hematology
Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants
Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants
Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists
Pennsylvania State Button Society
Pension Annuity Friendly Society
Penticton and District Multicultural Society
Penweddig Climate Change Society
People And Dogs Society
People Animals Society Places
People’s Education and Economic Development Society
People’s Medical Society
People’s Progressive Development Society
Peoples Education Society
Peoria District Dental Society
Percussive Arts Society
Percussive Arts Society International Convention
Performing Animal Welfare Society
Performing Arts Society of Acadiana
Performing Right Society Foundation
Performing Rights Society
Performing Rights Society
Permanent Building Society
Permian Basin Geophysical Society
Perry Freshwater Appreciation Society
Perth Undergraduate Choral Society
Peruvian American Medical Society
Pet Society Fan Community
Petrified Wood Society
Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia
Pets and Animals Welfare Society
Peyronie’s Disease Society
Pharmaceutical Marketing Society
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Pharmaceutical Society of Korea
Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore
Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa
Pharmacy and Nutrition Students’ Society
Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
Philadelphia Area Group Psychotherapy Society
Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society
Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society
Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
Philanthropy and Civil Society
Philatelic Traders Society
Philharmonic Society of Orange County
Philippine Animal Welfare Society
Philippine Computer Society
Philippine Dermatological Society
Philippine Economic Society
Philippine Internet Commerce Society
Philippine Migrants Society of Canada
Philippine National Airsoft Society
Philippine Nephrology Society
Philippine Nurses Society
Philippine Society for Industrial Security
Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc.
Philippine Society for Public Administration
Philippine Society for Quality
Philippine Society for Quality, Inc.
Philippine Society for Training and Development
Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers
Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists
Philippine Society of Animal Science
Philippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy
Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators
Philippine Society of Mining Engineers
Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine
Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc.
Philosophical Society of England
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
Philosophy of Education Society
Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia
Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society
Phoenix Astronomical Society
Phoenix Early Music Society
Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
Photographic Arts Society of Alberta
Photographic Historical Society of Canada
Photographic Society of America
Photographic Society of Japan
Photographic Society of Queensland
Photographic Society of Quincy
Photographic Society of Rhode Island
Photographic Society of Singapore
Photographic Society of Southern Africa
Phycological Society of America
Phycological Society of Southern Africa
Physical Society of the Republic of Lithuania
Physicians for a Violence-free Society
Physiological Society of Japan
Phytochemical Society of Asia
Pierce-Arrow Society
Pike and Musket Society
Pikes Peak Autism Society
Pilgrim John Howland Society
Pilgrim Overseas Missionary Society
Pilipino American Student Society
Pine Rivers Aeronautical Model Society
Pinoy Open Climbers Society
Pittsburgh Diffraction Society
Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society
Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives
Pittsburgh Vegetarian Society
Pivot Legal Society
Placer County Genealogical Society
Plainville Choral Society
Planetary Society
Platte County Historical Society
Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society
Pocklington Canal Amenity Society
Poetry Society of America
Poetry Society of Jamaica
Poetry Society of Virginia
Poets of Sun Cities Arizona Poetry Society
Police Emerald Society
Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas
Polish Society for Crystal Growth
Political Ecology Society
Political Economy and Economic History Society
Political Economy of the Good Society
Political Film Society
Polk County Humane Society
Polymer Society of Korea
Polynesian Voyaging Society
Poorest Areas Civil Society
Portland Area Robotics Society
Portland Audubon Society
Portsmouth Humane Society
Postal History Society
Postgraduate Forum on Genetics and Society
Potomac Society of Stereo Photographers
Potomac Valley Theatre Organ Society
Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
Poulton and Wyre Railway Society
Power Engineering Society
Precancel Stamp Society
Pre-Law Society
Pre-Professional Medical Society
Presbyterian Historical Society
Presbyterian Mutual Society
Preservation Society of Charleston
President of the Royal Society
President of the Royal Society
Preston Recorded Music Society
Priestly Society of Saint Pius X
Primary Care Cardiovascular Society
Primary Care Dermatology Society
Primary Care Diabetes Society
Primary Care Genetics Society
Primary Care Rheumatology Society
Primary Care Rheumatology Society
Primate Society of Great Britain
Princeton Folk Music Society
Priory Park Preservation Society
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society
Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society
Proceedings of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the Royal Society B
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
Proceedings of the Zoological Society
Production and Operations Management Society
Productive Members of Society
Professional Bowhunters Society
Professional Car Society
Professional Coin Grading Society
Professional Communications Society
Professional Grounds Maintenance Society
Professional Grounds Management Society
Professional Liability Underwriting Society
Professionals for Civil Society
Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society
Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society
Program in Genomics, Ethics and Society
Progressive Animal Welfare Society
Progressive Inter-Cultural Community Services Society
Progressive Spiritualist Society of Austin
Prostitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society
Protecting Animal Welfare Society
Protein Society
Prussian Claims Society
Psychiatric Society for Informatics
Psychological Society of Ireland
Psychological Warfare Society
Psychonomic Society
Public Action Law Society
Public Health Leadership Society
Public Libraries in the Information Society
Public Relations Society of America
Public Relations Society of India
Public Service Investment Society
Publication of the American Sociological Society
Publication of the Society for Literature and Science
Publications of the American Folklore Society
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society
Puget Sound Mycological Society
Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society
Purdue Society of Professional Engineers
Qatar National Cancer Society
Quad Cities Astronomical Society
Quality Society of Australasia
Quebec Family History Society
Quebec Speleological Society
Queen Square Leisure Society
Queens Head Golf Society
Queensland Family History Society
Quill & Scroll Honor Society
Qur’an was-Sunnah Society of North America
Rabun Gap Nostalgia Society
Radiation Research Society
Radio Amateur Educational Society
Radio and Television Executives Society
Radio Officers’ Amateur Radio Society
Radio Society of Great Britain
Radio Society of Sri Lanka
Radio Society of Tucson
Radio Society of Zambia
Radio Television Society
Radiological Society of Louisiana
Radiological Society of North America, Inc.
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
Railway Correspondence Travel Society
Railway Development Society
Railway Technical Society of Australasia
Rainforest Conservation Society of Queensland
Raleigh Amateur Radio Society
Raleigh Fine Arts Society
Rally for A New Society
Ramapo Orchid Society
Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society
Ramsgate Operatic Society
Rand Society of Model Engineers
Randall Knife Society
Rape Crisis Society
Rappahannock Music Society
Rare Earth Society of Japan
Rashtriya Life Saving Society
Rathfarnham Concert Band Society
Rayek Admiration Society for Humans
Reading Deaf Children’s Society
Reading Society of Model Engineers
Real Ale and Cider Society
Realistic Equine Sculpture Society
Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire
Recording Artists’ Collecting Society
Records Management Society
Red Crescent Society
Red Cross Society
Red Cross Society of China
Red Cross Society of Eritrea
Red Hat Society
Red Rock Audubon Society
Red Wing Collectors Society
Redditch Philatelic Society
Redwood Empire Bonsai Society
Redwood Region Audubon Society
Reed Organ Society
Reformed Center for Religion and Society
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Regina Open Door Society
Regional Electronic Commerce Society
Regional Information Society Forum
Regional Observatory of the Information Society in Asia Pacific
Register of Society
Registered Member of the Society of Archivists
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society
Rehabaid Society
Rehabaid Society
Rehovot Society for Protection of Animals
Relief Society
Relief Society
Relief Society Building
Relief Society of Tigray
Religious Society of Friends
Remote Sensing Photogrammetry Society Conference
Renaissance Historical Dance Society
Renaissance Lawyer Society
Renaissance Society of America
Renal Pathology Society
Rensselaer Society of Engineers
Research Defence Society
Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society
Research Society for Victorian Periodicals
Research Society on Alcoholism
Research Society on Alcoholism
Respiratory Nursing Society
Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics
Revival of Islamic Heritage Society
Rhetoric Society of America
Rhode Island Genealogical Society
Rhode Island Historical Society
Rhode Island Medical Society
Rhode Island Psychiatric Society
Rhode Island Rose Society
Rhode Island Wild Plant Society
Richmond County Medical Society
Richmond Jazz Society, Inc.
Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society
Richmond Music Festival Society
Richmond Society for Community Living
Richmond Therapeutic Equestrian Society
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
Risk Management Society of Taiwan
Risk Management Society of Taiwan
River Area Gal Society
River Basin Management Society
River Junction Shootist Society
RMIT Occasional Choral Society
Road Locomotive Society
Robotics Society of America
Robotics Society of Japan
Robotics Society of Japan
Robotics Society of Southern California
Rochester Area Vegetarian Society
Rochester Engineering Society
Rochester Engineering Society
Rochester Kink Society
Rochester Theater Organ Society
Rock Art Society of India
Rock Island Technical Society
Rockaway Park Philosophical Society
Rockville Model Railroad Society
Rocky Mountain Bead Society
Rocky Mountain Oncology Society
Rocky Mountain Rail Society
Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture
Rodeo Historical Society
Role of Civil Society
Role of Science in the Information Society
Romanian Society for Medical Informatics
Romanian Society of Mechanical Engineers
Rome Historical Society
Rosalind Franklin Society
Rosebud Community Enhancement Society
Roswell Historical Society
Roy Chapman Andrews Society
Royal Aeronautical Society
Royal African Society
Royal Agricultural Society of England
Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth
Royal Asiatic Society
Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch
Royal Astronomical Society
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Royal Blind Society
Royal Commonwealth Society
Royal Dublin Society
Royal Gay Society
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland
Royal Historical Society
Royal Horticultural Society
Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland
Royal Humane Society
Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society
Royal Life Saving Society
Royal Meteorological Society
Royal Microscopical Society
Royal National Rose Society
Royal Northern Agricultural Society
Royal Numismatic Society
Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Royal Philatelic Society
Royal Philatelic Society London
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Royal Photographic Society
Royal Photographic Society of Thailand
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
Royal Scottish Forestry Society
Royal Scottish Geographical Society
Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
Royal Society
Royal Society
Royal Society for Asian Affairs
Royal Society for Nature Conservation
Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Royal Society for Protection of Nature
Royal Society for Public Health
Royal Society for the Blind
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
Royal Society for the Protection of Animals
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
Royal Society of British Artists
Royal Society of Canada
Royal Society of Canada
Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Royal Society of Etchers & Engravers
Royal Society of Etchers & Engravers
Royal Society of Health
Royal Society of London
Royal Society of Maritime Artists
Royal Society of Medicine
Royal Society of the Arts
Royal Society of Watercolorists
Royal Society Publishing
Royal Society Summer Exhibition
Royal Statistical Society
Royal Television Society
Royal Ulster Agricultural Society
Royal Veterinary College Zoological Society
Royal Welsh Agricultural Society
Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales
Rubber Producers’ Society
Rugby League Referees Society
Rural Economy and Society Study Group
Rurama Women’s Society
Russian Chemometrics Society
Russian Children’s Welfare Society
Russian Multimedia and Internet Society
Russian Society of Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology
Russian-Chechen Friendship Society
Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society
Rutland Natural History Society
RVS Update Committee (AMA/Specialty Society)
Rwanda Evaluation Society
Rwanda Evaluation Society
Ryedale Society of Model Engineers
Ryerson Civil Engineering Society
Ryerson Engineering Student Society
Ryerson University Accounting Society
Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society, Ltd.
Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra
Sacramento Orchid Society
Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Safety and Reliability Society
Saffron Walden Choral Society
Saginaw Choral Society
Saginaw County Agricultural Society
Saginaw County Medical Society
Sail and Life Training Society
Saint Cuthbert’s Society Boat Club
Salafi Society of North America
Salesian Society Incorporated
Salisbury Amateur Operatic Society
Salmon Arm Economic Development Society
Samoa Information Technology Society
San Antonio Blues Society
San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society
San Diego Computer Society
San Diego County Dental Society
San Diego County Medical Society
San Diego County Orchid Society
San Diego Dialog Society
San Diego Fern Society
San Diego Historical Society
San Diego Mineral and Gem Society
San Diego Mycological Society
San Diego Psychiatric Society
San Diego Society
San Diego Star Wars Society
San Fernando Valley Audubon Society
San Fernando Valley Historical Society
San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society
San Francisco Film Society
San Francisco Medical Society
San Francisco Robotics Society of America
Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society
Santa Barbara Country Dance Society
Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
Santa Cruz County Medical Society
Sarasota Bromeliad Society
Sarasota Orchid Society
Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society
Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society
Saskatchewan Environmental Society
Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society
Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Saskatoon Engineering Society
Saskatoon Open Door Society
Saucers And Unexplained Celestial Events Research Society
Saudi Dental Society
Saudi Society for Civil Engineering
Saudi Society for Food & Nutrition
Save British Science Society
Save Our Society
Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited
Scandinavian Neurological Society
Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology
Scandinavian Society for Immunology
Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society
Schizophrenia Society of Canada
Schizophrenia Society of New Brunswick
Schizophrenia Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia
School of Earth, Society and Environment
School of Resources, Environment and Society
Schreck Environmental Awareness Society, Corp.
Science and Society Committee
Science and Society Picture Library
Science National Honor Society
Science Teacher Training in an Information Society
Science Undergraduate Society
Science, Society and Solutions
Science, Technology and Civil Society
Science, Technology and Society
Science, Technology and Society Studies
Science, Technology, Environment, Society
Science, Technology, Society, and Environment Education
Scientific and Cultural Society of Pakistan
Scientific Instrument Society
Scleroderma Society of Canada
Scleroderma Society of Ontario
Scoliosis Research Society
Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society
Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society
Scottish Bible Society
Scottish Daily Newspaper Society
Scottish Dermatological Society
Scottish Gaelic Texts Society
Scottish Golf Society
Scottish Law Agents Society
Scottish Place-Name Society
Scottish Radiological Society
Scottish Rhododendron Society
Scottish Rights of Way and Access Society
Scottish Society for Art History
Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration
Scottish Society for Crop Research
Scottish Society for Experimental Medicine
Scottish Society for Psychical Research
Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Scottish Society of Architect Artists
Scottish Society of Indianapolis
Scottish Society of Paranormal Investigation and Analysis
Scottish Society of Rehabilitation
Scottish Surgical Paediatric Society
Scottish Tramway and Transport Society
Scottish Universities Golfing Society
Scottish-American Military Society
Sea Research Society
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sea Turtle Preservation Society
Seafarer’s Welfare Fund Society
Seaman’s Christian Friend Society
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
Seattle Psychoanalytic Society
Seattle Robotics Society
Seattle Society of Financial Analysts Society of Seattle; est. 1974)
Seattle World Percussion Society
Second Chance Animal Refuge Society
Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists
Secret Hacker Society
Secret Society
Secret Society of Assassins
Secret Society of Executive Secretaries
Secular Humanist Society of New York
Secular Society
Sedimentological Society of Egypt
Seismological Society of America
Senior Officials on Information Society
Senologic International Society
Seoul Cigar Aficionado Society
Serbian American Medical and Dental Society
Service Technicians Society
Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society
Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.
Sexual Orientation and Legal Issues Society
Shakespeare Oxford Society
Shaking Ray Levi Society
Sharon Corr Rocks Society
Shaw Savill Society
Sheboygan Astronomical Society
Sheffield University Drama Society
Sheffield University Speleological Society
Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society
Shenandoah Valley Society for Human Resource Management
Sheratgarh Environmental Society
Sherlock Holmes Society
Shingles Support Society
Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society
Short Attention Span Society/Syndrome
Shropshire Union Canal Society
Sierra Leone Red Cross Society
Sierra Vista Genealogical Society
Signal Processing Society
Signal Transduction Society
Silicon Valley Computer Society
Simian Society of America
Simon Fraser Student Society
Simplified Spelling Society
Singapore Jain Religious Society
Single Action Shooting Society
Singlehanded Sailing Society
Sinhgad Technical Education Society
Sioux Valley Model Engineers Society
Siouxland Humane Society
Sir Charles Bell Society
Sitka Conservation Society
Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
Skagit Valley Genealogical Society
Skeptics Society
Skin Pharmacology Society
Skipton Building Society
Skull and Bones Society
Slave Descendants Freedom Society
Sleep Disorders Dental Society
Sleep Research Society
Sleep Research Society Foundation
Slovak Architects Society
Slovene National Benefit Society
Slovenian Genealogy Society International
Small House Society
Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society
Snohomish County Dahlia Society
Snohomish County Mycological Society
Snowboard Outreach Society
Soaring Society of America
Soaring Society of Boulder
Social Cyberneering Society
Social Work Society
Socialist Worker Student Society
Societatis Iesu, Latin for Society of Jesus, Jesuits
Societe Francaise des Infirmier s Anesthesistes (French society of nurses anesthetists)
Society Against Cruelty to Crichton
Society Against False Accusations of Rape
Society Against Playstation
Society Against Playstation
Society Against Violence in Education
Society and Environment
Society and Environment
Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight
Society for a Friendlier World
Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology
Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education
Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
Society for Acute Medicine
Society for Adhesion and Adhesives
Society for Adolescent Medicine
Society for Advanced Telecommunications in Anesthesia
Society for All Artists
Society for All British Road Enthusiasts
Society for Alliance, Fidelity and Advancement
Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia
Society for American Archaeology
Society for American Archaeology Bulletin
Society for American Baseball Research
Society for American Music
Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh
Society for Andaman & Nicobar Ecology
Society for Animal Protective Legislation
Society for Applied Anthropology
Society for Applied Learning Technology
Society for Applied Microbiology
Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research
Society for Applied Pharmacological Sciences
Society for Applied Philosophy
Society for Applied Philosophy
Society for Applied Research in Aging
Society for Applied Sociology
Society for Applied Spectroscopy
Society for Appreciation of Bharatiya Heritage and Arts
Society for Archaeological Sciences
Society for Armenian Studies
Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
Society for Assisted Cooperative Recovery from Eating Disorders
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
Society for Astronomical Sciences
Society for Auditory Integration Training
Society for Automation in Business Education
Society for Back Pain Research
Society for Barefoot Living
Society for Basic Urologic Research
Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
Society for Bicycle Advocacy At Dalhousie
Society for Biological Rhythm
Society for Biological Rhythm
Society for Biomaterials
Society for Biomedical Technology
Society for Biomolecular Screening
Society for Biotechnology Japan
Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies
Society for Business and Management in Engineering
Society for Business Development Professionals
Society for Business Ethics
Society for California Archaeology
Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
Society for Capital Market Research and Development
Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Society for Cardiovascular Management
Society for Care of Neurological Patients
Society for Caribbean Linguistics
Society for Chemical Hazard Communication
Society for Children and Youth
Society for Cincinnati Sports Research
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Society for Cinema Studies
Society for Clinical Coding
Society for Clinical Data Management
Society for Clinical Preventive Health Care
Society for Clinical Trials
Society for Coaching Psychology
Society for College and University Planning
Society for College Science Teachers
Society for Colonial History
Society for Colonial History
Society for Colonial History
Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry
Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology of Singapore
Society for Commercial Archeology
Society for Community Support for Primary Education in Balochistan
Society for Computer Applications in Radiology
Society for Computer Simulation
Society for Computer Simulation, International
Society for Computer-Aided Engineers
Society for Computers & Law
Society for Computers in Anesthesia
Society for Computers In Psychology
Society for Computing in Critical Care, Pulmonary Medicine and Anesthesia
Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment
Society for Conservation Biology
Society for Consumer Psychology
Society for Continence
Society for Conversion of Extraterrestrial Nascent Totalitarianisms
Society for Creative Acronyms
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies
Society for Cultural Development
Society for Cultural Development
Society for Cutaneous Ultrastructure Research
Society for Cutting Up Men
Society for Design and Process Science
Society for Development Alternatives
Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Society for Developmental Biology
Society for Digital Humanities
Society for Each Other
Society for Early Historic Archaeology
Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics
Society for East Asian Anthropology
Society for East Asian Archaeology
Society for Ecological Restoration
Society for Ecological Sensibility
Society for Economic Botany
Society for Economic Botany
Society for Ecumenical Anglican Doctrine
Society for Education in Anesthesia
Society for Education, Welfare and Action
Society for Educational Data Systems
Society for Electronic Access
Society for Electronics Test Engineering
Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa
Society for Engineering in Agriculture
Society for Enlightenment and Reorganisation of Village Ends
Society for Environment and Education
Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Society for Environmental Journalists
Society for Epidemiologic Research
Society for Ethnology and Folklore
Society for Ethnomusicology
Society for European Business History
Society for Exact Philosophy
Society for Experimental Biology
Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc.
Society for Experimental Methods
Society for Family Health
Society for Fetal Urology
Society for Foodservices Management
Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies
Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems
Society for General Microbiology
Society for General Systems Research
Society for Genomics Policy and Population Health
Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
Society for German-American Studies
Society for Growing Australian Plants
Society for HandHeld Hushing
Society for Hawaiian Archaeology
Society for Health Services Research in Radiology
Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy
Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America
Society for Healthcare Risk Management
Society for Himalayan Environmental Research
Society for Historic Investigation and Preservation
Society for Historical Archaeology
Society for History Textbook Reform
Society for Hospital Epidemiology of America
Society for Human Advancement through Rehabilitative Engineering
Society for Human Ecology
Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments
Society for Human Resource Management
Society for Human Resource Professionals
Society for Human Sexuality
Society for Human Transformation and Research
Society for Humanistic Judaism
Society for Immunology
Society for Indecency to Naked Animals
Society for India
Society for Indian Ocean Studies
Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Society for Industrial Archeology
Society for Industrial Archeology Newsletter
Society for Industrial Microbiology
Society for Industrial Microbiology
Society for Information Display
Society for Information Management
Society for Information Management
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
Society for Information Technology Development
Society for Information Technology Education
Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Society for Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Review
Society for International Development
Society for International Ministries
Society for International Ministries
Society for International Nutrition Research
Society for Interpersonal Theory and Research
Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia
Society for Inventory Management Benchmarking Analysis
Society for Invertebrate Pathology
Society for Investigative Dermatology
Society for In-Vitro Biology
Society for Irish Latin American Studies
Society for Laboratory Animal Science
Society for Latin American Anthropology
Society for Latin American Studies
Society for Law, Life and Religion
Society for Leadership of Change
Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research
Society for Leukocyte Biology
Society for Liaison Psychiatry
Society for Life Cycle Assessment
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology
Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
Society for Male Reproduction and Urology
Society for Management Information Systems
Society for Marine Mammalogy
Society for Marketing Professional Services
Society for Marketing Professional Services
Society for Mathematical Biology
Society for Mathematical Biology
Society for Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling
Society for Medical Decision Making
Society for Medical Innovation and Technology
Society for Medicines Research
Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
Society for Molecular Imaging
Society for More Coal Energy
Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology
Society For Motivational Training & Action
Society For Motivational Training & Action
Society for Muscular Dystrophy Information International
Society for Music Theory
Society for Netherlandic History
Society For Neuroscience
Society for New Communications Research
Society for New Testament Studies
Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series
Society for News Design
Society for News Design
Society for Newsdesign Scandinavia
Society for No Apparent Reason
Society for Non-Destructive Testing
Society for Nutrition Education
Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action
Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
Society for Office Based Anesthesia
Society for Office-Based Surgery
Society for Old Age Rational Suicide
Society for Organizational Learning
Society for Ottawa Anime Promotion
Society for Pain Practice Management
Society for Palmtop Advancement through Meetings
Society for Paranormal Occurrences of Kentuckiana
Society for Participatory Development
Society for Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research
Society for Pediatric Anesthesia
Society for Pediatric Dermatology
Society for Pediatric Interventional Radiology
Society for Pediatric Pathology
Society for Pediatric Radiology
Society for Pediatric Urology
Society for Pentecostal Studies
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Society for Personality Assessment
Society for Personnel Administration
Society for Philosophical Inquiry
Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Society for Photographic Education
Society for Physician Assistants in Pediatrics
Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics
Society for Planetary SETI Research
Society for Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Society for Platteville’s Anime and Manga Maniacs
Society for Popular Astronomy Lunar Section
Society for Post Medieval Archaeology
Society for Preserving Skule
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Humans
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Humans
Society for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Inc.
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Society for Promoting the Productivity of Youth
Society for Promotion of Appropriate Development Efforts
Society for Promotion of Himalayan Indigenous Activities
Society for Promotion of Indian Culture and Ethics
Society for Propagating the Gospel at Home
Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child
Society for Protective Coatings
Society for Protective Coatings
Society for Protective Coatings
Society for Psychical Research
Society for Psychophysiological Research
Society for Psychotherapy Research
Society for Public Access Computing
Society for Public Administration
Society for Pure English
Society for Quality Education
Society for Radiological Engineering
Society for Radiological Protection
Society for Range Management
Society for Reaching the Unreached
Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged
Society for Renaissance Studies
Society for Reproduction and Fertility
Society for Reproductive Anachronisms
Society for Research in Adult Development
Society for Research in Child Development
Society for Risk Analysis
Society for Rural Development
Society for Rural Education and Development
Society for Rural Industrialisation, Ranchi
Society for Rural Initiatives for Promotion of Herbals
Society for Safety by Education, Not Speed Enforcement
Society for Scholarly Publishing
Society for Scientific Advancement of Hills & Rural Areas
Society for Scientific Exploration
Society for Sedimentary Geology
Society for Sensible Explanations
Society for Service Professionals in Printing
Society for Seventeenth Century Music
Society for Simulation in Healthcare
Society for Slovene Studies
Society for Social Medicine
Society for Social Studies of Science
Society for Socio Economic Development
Society for Software Quality
Society for Spirituality and Social Work
Society for Stimulus Properties of Drugs
Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Society for Technical Communication
Society for Technology in Anesthesia
Society for Textual Scholarship
Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry
Society for the Advancement of Animal Wellbeing
Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics
Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis
Society for the Advancement of Consulting
Society for the Advancement of Consulting
Society for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training of Youth
Society for the Advancement of Fission Energy
Society for the Advancement of Food Service Research
Society for the Advancement of Good English
Society for the Advancement of Information Systems
Society for the Advancement of Judaism
Society for the Advancement of Library & Information Science
Society for the Advancement of Management
Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering
Society for the Advancement of Noncoercive Education
Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study
Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped
Society for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research
Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers
Society for the Analysis of African-American Public Health Issues
Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America
Society for the Anthropology of North America
Society for the Arts
Society for the Arts in Healthcare
Society for the Attainment of Total Abstinence
Society for the Betterment of the College Athlete
Society for the Blind
Society for the Conservation and Research of Owls
Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds
Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep
Society for the Education of Physicians & Patients
Society for the Educational Advancement of the Hearing Impaired
Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art
Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy
Society for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Society for the Exploration and Preservation of Honduras
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing
Society for the History of Economic Thought
Society for the History of Technology
Society for the History of the Early American Republic
Society for the Increase of the Ministry
Society for the Increase of the Ministry
Society for the Inner Development of Man
Society for the Internet in Medicine
Society for the Internet in Medicine
Society for the Investigation of the Paranormal
Society for the Management of European Biodiversity Data
Society for the Natal Effects on Health in Adults
Society for the Optimization of Amateur Radio Service
Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts
Society for the Philosophical Study of Education
Society for the Physically Disabled
Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America
Society for the Preservation of Adolescent Behavior
Society for the Preservation of Amplitude Modulation
Society for the Preservation of Artificial Wildlife
Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America
Society for the Preservation of Carter Railroad Resources
Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature
Society for the Preservation of Indian Culture in America
Society for the Preservation of Interesting FoxTrot Fanfics
Society for the Preservation of Motorcyclists
Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
Society for the Preservation of Old Mills
Society for the Preservation of Physician Assistant History
Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
Society for the Preservation of the Gospel
Society for the Preservation of the Greek Heritage
Society for the Prevention of Asinine Student Movements
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To David Duchovny
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Werewolfs
Society for the Prevention of Unhealthy Diets
Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games
Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres
Society for the Promotion of Education and Research
Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare
Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education
Society for the Promotion of Fannish Interests, Inc.
Society for the Promotion of Human Rights in Employment
Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves
Society for the Promotion of New Music
Society for the Promotion of Nutritional Therapy
Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking
Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine
Society for the Propagation of the Faith
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
Society for the Protection and Care of Children
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt
Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad
Society for the Protection of Citizens Rights
Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
Society for the Protection of Old Fishes
Society for the Protection of Our Lives Against Them
Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child
Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Society for the Publication of American Music
Society for the Retired and Semi-Retired
Society for the Scientific Study of Reading
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Society for the Service of Humanity
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
Society for the Study of Curriculum History
Society for the Study of Early China
Society for the Study of Early Christianity
Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
Society for the Study of Fertility
Society for the Study of French History
Society for the Study of Greek Political Thought
Society for the Study of Human Biology
Society for the Study of Human Development
Society for the Study of Japanese Religions
Society for the Study of Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
Society for the Study of Narrative Literature
Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation
Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation
Society for the Study of Process Philosophies
Society for the Study of Reproduction
Society for the Study of Social Biology
Society for the Study of Social Problems
Society for the Study of Women Philosophers
Society for the Suppression of Vice
Society for the Upliftment of Rural Poor
Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children
Society for Theological Discussion
Society for Theological Discussion
Society for Theriogenology
Society for Treatment of Autism
Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine
Society for Ultrastructural Pathology
Society for Upgrading the Built Environment
Society for Vascular Nursing
Society for Vascular Surgery
Society for Vascular Ultrasound
Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
Society for Veterinary Ethology
Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics
Society for Welfare Awakening Training & Health Implementation
Society for Wilderness Stewardship
Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Nigeria
Society for Women in Philosophy
Society for Women in Plastics
Society for Women’s Health Research
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
Society for Zinc Biology
Society in Complete Kaos
Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
Society Kaos Institut Kritik
Society Not For Us
Society of Academic and Research Surgery
Society of Academic Anesthesia Chairs
Society of Academic Surgeons
Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc.
Society of Accredited Safety Auditors
Society Of Actuaries
Society of Advocates
Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers
Society of Aerospace Communicators
Society of Aerospace Communicators
Society of Aerospace Material and Process Engineers
Society of Aerospace Materials and Process Engineers
Society of Aerospace Professionals
Society of Afghan Engineers
Society of Afghan Professionals
Society of Afghan Professionals
Society of African Missions
Society of African Physicists and Mathematicians
Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan
Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons
Society of Air Racing Historians
Society of Airway Pioneers
Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
Society of American Archeologists
Society of American Archivists
Society of American Bayonet Collectors
Society of American Fight Directors
Society of American Florists
Society of American Foresters
Society of American Foresters
Society of American Foresters
Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons
Society of American Magicians
Society of American Military Engineers
Society of American Mosaic Artists
Society of American Registered Architects
Society of American Silversmiths
Society of American Value Engineers
Society of Americans for National Existence
Society of Ancient Military Historians
Society of Animal Artists
Society of Animal Welfare Administrators
Society of Antiquaries of London
Society of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine
Society of Architectural Administrators
Society of Architectural and Associated Technicians
Society of Architectural Historians
Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
Society of Architectural Illustration
Society of Army Physician Assistants
Society of Artcars in New England
Society of Arts and Science Students
Society of Asset Allocators and Fund Timers, Inc.
Society of Attorneys General Emeritus
Society of Australian Ancients Wargamers
Society of Australian Golf Course Architects
Society of Authors, France
Society of Automotive Analysts
Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
Society of Badenoch and Strathspey Artists
Society of Behavioral Medicine
Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Society of Biblical Literature
Society of Biological Chemists
Society of Biological Chemists, India
Society Of Biological Psychiatry
Society of Biological Psychiatry
Society of Black Academic Surgeons
Society of Black Architects
Society of Body Computed Tomography
Society of Bomber Command Historians
Society of Boring Old Farts
Society of Breast Imaging
Society of British Aerospace Companies
Society of British Gas Industries
Society of British Neurological Surgeons
Society of British Theatre Designers
Society of Broadcast Engineers
Society of Building Science Educators
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
Society of Cable Television Engineers
Society of Cannabis Clinicians
Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists
Society of Catholic Apostolate, Pallotines
Society of Catholic Apostolate, Pallotines
Society of Certified Criminal Analysts
Society of Certified Electronics Technicians
Society of Certified Insurance Counselors
Society of Certified Public Accountants
Society of Certified Senior Advisors
Society of Chemical Industry
Society of Chemical Industry
Society of Chest Pain Centers and Providers
Society of Chief Architects of Local Authorities
Society of Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Society of Chief Personnel Officers
Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America
Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
Society of Christ
Society of Christ
Society of Christ
Society of Christian Ethics
Society of Christian Philosophers
Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia
Society of Civil & Public Servants
Society of Civil and Structural Engineers
Society of Civil Engineers Nepal
Society of Civil Servants
Society of Claim Law Associates
Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians
Society of Clinical & Medical Electrologists, Inc.
Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Society of Collective Interests Orientation
Society of College Teachers of Education
Society of Collision Repair Specialists
Society of Commercial Arboriculture
Society of Commercial Seed Technologists
Society of Company Meeting Planners
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
Society of Concurrent Product Development
Society of Construction Law
Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business
Society of Core Analysts
Society of Corporate Meeting Professionals
Society of Correctional Physicians
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Society of Cosmetic Scientists
Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis
Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators
Society of Craniofacial Genetics
Society of Creationists Against Evolution
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand
Society of Cultural Relations
Society of Cultural Relations
Society of Cultural Relations
Society of Dairy Technology
Society of Dance History Scholars
Society of Decorating Professionals
Society of Decorative Art Curators
Society of Decorative Painters
Society Of Delinquentz
Society of Design Administration
Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Society of Die Casting Engineers
Society of Divine Vocations, Vocationist Fathers
Society of Dramatic Arts
Society of Dyers and Colourists
Society of Earthbound Extraterrestrials
Society of Economic Geologists
Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists
Society of Education Officers
Society of Egyptian Architects
Society of Electron Microscope Technology
Society of Electronic Engineers
Society Of Electrophotography Of Japan
Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey
Society of Engineering Technologists
Society of Engineers
Society of Engineers and Scientists
Society of Environmental Engineers
Society of Environmental Engineers
Society of Environmental Management and Technology
Society of Environmental Systems Engineers
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Society of Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry
Society of Equestrian Artists
Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians
Society of European Songwriters, Artists and Composers
Society of European Stage Authors and Composers
Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students
Society of Experimental Engineers
Society of Experimental Psychologists
Society of Exploration Geologists
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Society of Facade Engineering
Society of Federal Labor Relations Professionals
Society of Federal Linguists
Society of Fellows
Society of Field Inspectors
Society of Fiji Travel Associates
Society of Filipino Archivists
Society of Filipino Foresters
Society of Filipino Foresters, Inc.
Society of Film Archivists
Society of Financial Advisers
Society of Financial Analysts
Society of Financial Examiners
Society of Financial Service Professionals
Society of Financial Services Professionals
Society of Fire Safety
Society of Forensic Toxicologists
Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists
Society of Genealogists
Society of Genealogists Northern Ireland
Society of General and Theoretical Psychology
Society of General Internal Medicine
Society of Geography Students
Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Society of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists
Society of Gesture Makers
Society of Glass & Ceramic Decorated Products
Society of Glass Beadmakers
Society of Golf Appraisers
Society of Government Economists
Society of Government Travel Professionals
Society of Graduate and Professional Students
Society of Graduate Students
Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
Society of Handicapped Achievement Rehabilitation and Empowerment
Society of Harmonious Fists
Society of Health Education and Promotion Specialists
Society of Hickory Golfers
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Society of Homeopaths
Society of Hospital Medicine
Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles
Society of Illustrators, Artists & Designers
Society of Incentive Travel Executives
Society of Independent Brewers
Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America
Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
Society of Independent Representatives Inc
Society of Independent Show Organizers
Society of Indexers Genealogical Group
Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
Society of Indian Law Firms
Society of Individual Rights
Society of Indonesian Professional Convention Organizers
Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
Society of Industrial Emergency Safety Officers
Society of Industrial Emergency Services Officers
Society of Industrial Microbiology
Society of Industrial Microbiology
Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists
Society of Information and Computer Technology
Society of Information Technology Managers
Society of Information Theory and Its Applications
Society of Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Society of Inkwell Collectors
Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Society of Insurance Financial Management
Society of Insurance Licensing Administrators
Society of Insurance Research
Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal
Society of International Business Fellows
Society of International Jewelry Artisans
Society of International Law – Singapore
Society of International Travel Executives
Society of Internet Rugby Referees
Society of Interpreters and Translators of Yukon
Society of Interventional Radiology
Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals
Society of Investment Analysts in Ireland
Society of Iranian Architects & Planners
Society of Irish Motor Industry
Society of Janus
Society of Japanese Pharmacopoeia
Society of Jesus
Society of Junior Fellows
Society of Korean-American Scholars
Society of Labor Economists
Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa
Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
Society of Law Accountants in Scotland
Society of Layerists in Multi-Media
Society of Leaders in Development
Society of Leather Technologists & Chemists
Society of Legal Scholars
Society of Like-Minded Individuals
Society of Linguistics Undergraduates
Society of Local Council Clerks
Society of Local Government Managers
Society Of Logistics Engineers
Society of London Art Dealers
Society of London Theatre
Society of Luxembourg Students in Britain
Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Society of Marine Consultants, Ltd.
Society of Maritime Arbitrators
Society of Martial Arts
Society of Mary
Society of Mary
Society of Medieval Arts and Sciences
Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists
Society of Midwest Contesters
Society of Military Engineers
Society of Military Widows
Society of Mining Engineers
Society of Mississippi Archivists
Society of Model Engineers
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Society of Motion Picture Engineers
Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
Society of Municipal Arborists
Society of Music Merchants
Society of National Association Publications
Society of Native Oregon Born
Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers
Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
Society of Naval Architects of Korea
Society of Naval Architecture Students
Society of New Music
Society of Newspaper Design
Society of Newspaper Design
Society of Non-Traditional Technology
Society of North American Goldsmiths
Society of North American Hockey Historians and Researchers
Society of North Carolina Archivists
Society of Nuclear Medicine
Society of Occupational Medicine
Society of Off-Campus Students
Society of Omega Chi Epsilon
Society of Ontario Nut Growers
Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics
Society of Operations Engineers
Society of Ordained Scientists
Society of Orpheus and Bacchus
Society of Orthodox Youth Organization
Society of Otago University Law Students
Society of Our Lady of Most Holy Trinity
Society of Our Lady Saint Mary
Society of Our Lady Saint Mary
Society of Oxford University Engineers
Society of Packaging and Handling Engineers
Society of Pagans Invested in Reviving Ancient Lifestyles
Society of Pediatric Cardiovascular Nurses
Society of Pediatric Nurses
Society of Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeons
Society of Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeons
Society of Pension Consultants
Society of Pension Consultants
Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers
Society of Petroleum Industry Leaders
Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Society of Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
Society of Philatelic Americans
Society of Photo Finishing Engineers
Society of Photo Finishing Engineers
Society of Photographers and Artists Representatives
Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers
Society of Physician Assistants in Otorhinolaryngology
Society of Physics Students
Society of Piping Engineers and Designers
Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc.
Society of Polish American Travel Agents
Society of Polymer Science
Society of Polymer Science, Japan
Society of Portrait Photographers of the Philippines
Society of Powder Technology Japan
Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons
Society of Practitioners of Insolvency
Society of Private and Pioneer Numismatics
Society of Private Nursing Practitioners
Society of Procurement Officers in Local Government
Society of Producers and Composers of Applied Music
Society of Professional Accountants
Society of Professional Administrators and Record Keepers
Society of Professional Archeologists
Society of Professional Audio Recording Services
Society of Professional Audio Recording Studios
Society of Professional Benefit Administrators
Society of Professional Building Designers
Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
Society of Professional Engineers
Society of Professional Graphic Artists
Society of Professional Investigators
Society of Professional Journalists
Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians
Society of Professional Video Producers
Society of Professionals, Scientists and Engineers
Society of Properties Artisan Managers
Society of Psychological Hypnosis
Society of Public Health
Society of Public Information Networks
Society of Public Teachers of Law
Society of Publication Designers
Society of Purchasing Officers
Society of Quality Assurance
Society of Quantitative Analysts
Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound
Society of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Biology
Society of Recorder Players
Society of Reliability Engineers
Society of Research Administrators
Society of Responsible Preventive Imaging
Society of Rheology
Society of Rheology
Society of Rheology, Japan
Society of Rice University Women
Society of Robots
Society of Robots
Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists
Society of Rubber Industry
Society of Rural Physicians of Canada
Society of Saints Peter and Paul
Society of Sales & Marketing
Society of Satellite Professionals International
Society of Scholarly Publishers
Society of School Librarians International
Society of Scottish Artists
Society of Secret Fairies
Society Of Senior Aerospace Executives
Society of Separationists, Inc.
Society of Silver Dollar Collectors
Society of Singers
Society of Skeletal Radiology
Society of Small Craft Designers
Society of Software Engineers
Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists
Society of Southwest Archivists
Society of Southwestern Entomologists
Society of St John the Evangelist
Society of St. Edmund
Society of St. Francis
Society of St. John
Society of St. Paul, Pauline Fathers and Brothers
Society of St. Peter the Apostle
Society of St. Pius V
Society of St. Sulpice
Society of St. Teresa of Jesus
Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers
Society of Stranders
Society of Student Archivists
Society of Surgical Oncology
Society of Taiwanese Americans
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Society of Technical Analysts of New Zealand
Society of Telecommunications Consultants
Society of Television Lighting and Design
Society of Television Lighting Directors
Society of Television Lighting Directors
Society of Tennis Medicine and Science
Society of the Ancients
Society of the Atonement
Society of the Classic Guitar
Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross
Society of the Divine Savior, Salvatorians
Society of the Divine Word
Society of the Golden Sword
Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Society of the Holy Cross
Society of the Most Holy Trinity (religious order)
Society of the Plastics Industry
Society of the Precious Blood
Society of the Russian-Chechen Friendship
Society of the Sacred Mission
Society of the Sisters of St. Ursula
Society of the Sisters of St. Ursula
Society of the Slovak Medical Doctors
Society of Thoracic Radiology
Society of Thoracic Radiology
Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Society of Toxicologic Pathologists
Society of Toxicology
Society of Toxicology of Canada
Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia
Society of Travel Agents in Government
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Society of Tympanuchus Cupido Pinnatus, Ltd
Society of Typographic Aficionados
Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students
Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students
Society of Underwater Technology
Society of United Irishmen
Society of University Surgeons
Society of Uroradiology
Society of Vacuum Coaters
Society of Value Engineers
Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology
Society of Vascular Technology
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Society of Visual Art
Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers
Society of Weird and Mad People
Society of Wine Educators
Society of Winterthur Fellows
Society of Women Addicted to Needlework
Society of Women Engineers
Society of Women in Action for Total Empowerment
Society of Women Writers and Journalists
Society of Women Writers of Tasmania
Society of Workforce Planning Professionals
Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators
Society of York Region Artists
Society of Young Magicians
Society of Young Publishers
Society on Social Implications of Technology
Society Ordo Templi Orientis
Society Promoting Environmental Conservation
Society Relations Council
Society Security Administration
Society System Decontrol
Society Taking Active Responsibility for International Self Help
Society to Advance the Retarded
Society to Increase Mobility
Society to Undermine Annoy and Ruthlessly Torment
Society, Culture, and Human Ecology
Society, Environment and Energy Development Foundation
Society, Health and Development
Society, No Freaking Use
Society, Technology, Economy, Environment, and Politics/Regulation
Society. Culture. Jewish. Holocaust.
Society’s League Against Molestation
Society’s Ugly Son
Society-Managed Health Insurance
Sociologists for Women in Society
Software Scenario Models for Quality of Life in Information Society
Soil & Water Conservation Society
Soil and Fertilizer Society of Thailand
Soil Conservation Society of America
Soil Science Society of America Journal
Soil Science Society of Ireland
Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka
Solar Energy Society of India
Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa
Solid-State Circuits Society
Solway Argentine Tango Dance Society
Somalia Fisheries Society
Sonoma County Genealogical Society
Sound Trail and Rail Society, Inc.
South Africa Gastroenterology Society
South African Chemometrics Society
South African Historical Society
South African Logopedic Society
South African Production and Inventory Control Society
South African Radiation Protection Society
South African Society for Animal Science
South African Society for Atmospheric Sciences
South African Society for Microbiology
South African Society for Quality
South African Society of Anaesthesiologists
South African Society of Artists
South African Society of Bank Officials
South African Society of Cinematographers
South African Society of Journalists
South African Society of Medical Oncology
South African Society of Nuclear Medicine
South African Society of Psychiatrists
South African Society of Trenchless Technology
South African Spectroscopic Society
South American Missionary Society
South Bay Genealogical Society
South Bay Guitar Society
South Bay Historical Railroad Society
South Birmingham Radio Society
South Bristol Speleological Society
South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society
South Carolina Gourd Society
South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care
South Carolina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists
South Carolina Society of Enrolled Agents
South Dakota Engineering Society
South Downs Astronomical Society
South East Essex Astronomical Society
South Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society
South Florida Palm Society
South Indian Education Society
South Jersey Garden Railroad Society
South London Bacchanalian Society
South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society
South Pinellas Aeronautical Radio Kontrol Society
South Plains Genealogical Society
South Suburban Humane Society
South Suburban Humane Society
South Trenton Area Residents’ Society
South Vancouver Island Mycological Society
South West African Scientific Society
South Wood County Humane Society
Southampton University Mathematics Society
Southeast Alaska Conservation Society
Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
Southeast Asian Mathematical Society
Southeast Tourism Society
Southeastern European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Southeastern Hot Herp Society
Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society
Southeastern Pharmacology Society
Southeastern Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Southend Amateur Angling Society
Southern Agrarian Heritage Society
Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society
Southern Alberta Land Trust Society
Southern California Antique Radio Society
Southern California Blues Society
Southern California Early Music Society
Southern California Genealogical Society
Southern California Orders and Medals Society
Southern California Recorder Society
Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Southern Clinical Neurological Society
Southern Counties Archery Society
Southern Cross Astronomical Society, Inc.
Southern Historical Society Papers
Southern Illinois Flute Society
Southern Maryland Astronomical Society
Southern Maryland Audubon Society
Southern Nursing Research Society
Southern Ohio Naturists Society
Southern Ontario Orchid Society
Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Society
Southern Society for Coatings Technology
Southern Sociological Society
Southern Weed Science Society
Southwest Ohio Amusement Park Historical Society, Inc.
Southwest Society of Periodontists
Southwestern Donkey Mule Society
Southwestern Society of Orthodontists
Space Access Society
Space Coast Jazz Society
Space Nursing Society
Space Tourism Society
Spanish Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
Spanish Philatelic Society
Spastic Society of India
Specialist Transport Advisory and Testing Utility Society
Spectator Amateur Press Society
Spinal Cord Society
Spine Arthroplasty Society
Spokane Astronomical Society
Sport and Society
Sports and Entertainment Law Society
Sprott Business Students’ Society
Sri Lanka Red Cross Society
St. Albans Operatic Society
St. Clair County Medical Society
St. Joseph’s Society of the Sacred Heart, Josephites
St. Louis Astronomical Society
St. Louis Audubon Society
St. Lucia Animal Protection Society
St. Patrick’s Missionary Society
Stafford Railway Building Society
Standards Engineering Society
Stanford Astronomical Society
Stanford Society of Physician Scholars
State AIDS Control Society
State Medical Society of Wisconsin
State Medical Society of Wisconsin
Staten Island Mental Health Society, Inc
Statistical Society of Canada
Stealth Bullet Shooting Society
Steam Powered Preservation Society
Steel Founders’ Society of America
Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
Stockton Astronomical Society
Stragglers Orienteering Society
Straight Edge Society
Strategic Management Society
Strategic Planning Society
Street Fighter Society
Stress and Anxiety Research Society
Stress Management Society
Stretch Glass Society
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society
Student Architectural Society
Student Society for News Design
Student Society for the Advancement of Biometrics
Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Student Society of Nuclear Pharmacy
Student Society Programming Network
Student Theological Society
Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
Students for a Democratic Society
Students for An Orwellian Society
Students of the American Society for Microbiology
Studies and Expansion Society
Studies of Society and Environment
Sudanese Environment Conservation Society
Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Sumatra Orangutan Society
Summit Historical Society
Sun Life Assurance Society
Supreme Court Historical Society
Surface Analysis Society of Japan
Surgical Research Society
Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society
Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa
Sustainable Knowledge Society
Swansea University Computer Society
Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society
Swedish Astronomical Society
Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
Swedish Morphological Society
Swedish Network Users’ Society
Swedish Optical Society
Swedish Project Management Society
Swedish Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics
Swedish Society for Medical Information Processing
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Swedish Society of Radiation Physics
Swift River Valley Historical Society
Swindon Vintage Omnibus Society
Swiss Society for Chemical Engineering
Swiss Society for Coaching Psychology
Swiss Society for Medical Informatics
Swiss Society for Nutrition
Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy
Swiss Society for Public Health
Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering
Swiss Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Swiss Society of Psychology
Swiss Society of Vexillology
Swiss Speleological Society
Swiss Vacuum Society
Swiss-American Friendship Society
Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society
Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society
Sydney University Greek Society
Sydney University Law Society
Sydney University Nursing Society
Sydney University Speleological Society
Symposium About Language and Society – Austin
Syrian Computer Society
System Safety Society
Systematic Biology Society of Australia
Systems Engineering Society of Australia
Tacoma Astronomical Society
Tacoma Photographic Society
Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society
Taiwanese American Society
Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society
Tamil Eelam Society of Canada
Tantramarsh Blues Society
Tanzania Environmental Society
Taoist Restoration Society
Taos National Society of Watercolorists
Tasmania University Musical Society
Tasmanian Family History Society, Inc.
Tasmanian University Law Society
Tazewell Animal Protective Society
Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society
Tazewell Numismatic Society
Tea Club and Barrovian Society
Teaf Business Society
Technical Society of Knoxville
Technology and Policy Student Society
Technology Transfer Society
Technology, Commerce, Society
TeenAge Republican Society
Telecommunication Society of Australia
Tempranillo Advocates, Producers and Amigos Society
Ten Percent Society
Tennessee Historical Society
Tennessee Native Plant Society
Tennessee Orthopaedic Society
Tennessee Valley Scottish Society
Tennessee Viticultural and Oenological Society
Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society, Inc.
Texas Archeological Society
Texas Astronomical Society
Texas Bighorn Society
Texas Bluebird Society
Texas Burn Survivor Society
Texas Gourd Society
Texas Pain Society
Texas Section of the American Physical Society
Texas Society for Respiratory Care
Texas Society of Anesthesiologists
Texas Society of Architects
Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons
Texas Society of Professional Engineers
Texas Society of Professional Surveyors
Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Thai Society of Environmental Journalists
Thailand Marketing Research Society
The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society
The Albuquerque Astronomical Society
The American Internet Society of Manufactured Home Owners
The American Keeshond Society
The Animal Rescue and Protection Society
The Applique Society
The Atlantic Paranormal Society
The Atlas Society
The Brazilian Society
The British Society for Dermatopathology
The Children’s Society
The Coastal Society
The Cousteau Society
The Cycad Society
The Duke Ellington Society
The Dutch Paranormal Society
The Edwardian Drape Society
The Eulenspiegel Society
The International Bengal Cat Society
The International Molinological Society
The International Pixie Bob Society
The Mahaprajna Buddhist Society
The Masonry Society
The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society
The Modern Dance Awareness Society
the MONORAIL Society
The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Naturist Society
The Obesity Society
The Oceanography Society
The Oregon Paranormal Society
The Ozarks Paranormal Society
The Planetary Society of Youth
The Reef Conservation Aquarium Society
The Responsible Animal Care Society
The Ripon Society
The Royal Society of Edinburgh
The Shooter Society
The Society for Organic Petrology
The Transplantation Society
The Vegan Society
The Wessex Autistic Society
The Wilderness Society
The Wildlife Society
The Zombie Survival Society
Theatre Historical Society of America
Theosophical Society in America
Theravada Buddhist Society of America
Thornborough Wine Imbibing and Tasting Society
Thornton Historical Society
Those on the Margins of a Society
Threatened Indigenous Peoples Society
Thurgood Marshall Legal Society
Tidewater Soaring Society
Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society
Timber Wolf Preservation Society
Tissue Engineering Society International
Titanic Historical Society, Inc.
Token and Medal Society
Tokyo English Literature Society
Tonbridge Civic Society
Tonbridge Philharmonic Society
Toronto African Violet Society
Toronto Blues Society
Toronto Bonsai Society
Toronto Gymnosophical Society
Toronto Humane Society
Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society
Torrey Botanical Society
Toxicology Society of Belgium and Luxembourg
Toy Train Collectors Society
Traditional American Dance and Music Society
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Trail and District Multicultural Society
Tramway and Light Railway Society
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society
Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society
Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology
Trans-Atlantic Paranormal Society
Transcultural Nursing Society
Trans-Himalayan Aid Society
Translation Automation User Society
Transnational Civil Society
Trans-Pecos Society of Petroleum Engineers
Transport Planning Society
Travel Adventure Cinema Society
Traveler’s Aid Society of Detroit
Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles
Treasure Valley Orchid Society
Trent University Music Society
Trenton Historical Society
Triangle Area Anime Society
Triangle Area Chinese American Society
Triangle Native American Society
Triangle Vegetarian Society
Tri-City Ghost Hunters Society
Tri-County Dental Society
Trilateral Civil Society Education Consortium
Trincomalee Islamic Development Society
Triple Nine Society
Triplicane Urban Cooperative Society
Tri-State Budgerigar Society
Tri-State Genealogical Society
Tropical Audubon Society
Tropical Grasslands Society
Tucson Animation Screening Society
Tucson Gem and Mineral Society
Tucson Jazz Society
Tucson Old Timers Society
Tucson Plein Air Painters Society
Tucson Zoological Society
Tugboat Enthusiasts Society of the Americas
Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society
Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society
Turkish Biochemical Society
Turkish Society for Parasitology
Turkish Society of Radiology
Turkish Society of Toxicology
Turkish-American Ophthalmic Society
Turner Syndrome Support Society
Turner Valley Oilfield Society
Turner’s Syndrome Society
Twin Cities Anime and Manga Society
Twin Cities Jazz Society
Ubiquitous Network Society
Uganda Red Cross Society
Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals
Ukulele Society of Great Britain
Ulster Agricultural Organisation Society
Ulster Scots Language Society
Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Undergraduate Real Estate Society
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago
Underwater Photographic Society
Undugu Society of Kenya
UNE Economics Society
Unicycling Society of America
Union Bay Historical Society
Unitarian Society of New Brunswick
Unitarian Society of New Haven
Unitarian Sunday School Society Sermon
Unitarian Universalist Historical Society
Unitarian Universalist Society
Unitarian Universalist Society East
United African-American Society
United Agro Society
United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society
United Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
United Jazz Society
United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society
United Kingdom Evaluation Society
United Kingdom Simulation Society
United Kingdom Systems Society
United Laborers’ Protective Society
United Methodist Missionary Society
United Nations Society of Writers
United Society for Christian Literature
United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
United States Historical Society
United States Humane Society
United States Internet Genealogical Society
United States Lighthouse Society
United States Lighthouse Society
United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
United States Stamp Society
United States-Egypt Friendship Society
United Transatlantic Society
Universal Building Society
Universal Ship Cancellation Society
Universal Traffic Management Society of Japan
University Dramatic Society
University Dramatic Society
University Heights Historical Society
University Investment Society Association
University Musical Society
University of Alberta Paddling Society
University of Bristol Spelaeological Society
University of London Extramural History of Art Society
University of Manchester Persian Society
University of Manitoba Engineering Society
University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society
University of Toronto Pagan Society
Unrecognised States Numismatic Society
Urban Data Management Society
Urban Planning Society of China
Urological Research Society
Ursuline Society and Academy of Education
Useless Information Society
Useless Information Society
Users Society for Electronic Design Automation
Utah Dressage Society
Utah Dressage Society
Utah Precision Marksmanship Society
Utah Society for Environmental Education
Utah Society for Medical Technology
Utah Society of Fund Raisers
Utah Society of Healthcare Engineers
Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Utah Society of Professional Engineers
Utah Society of Radiologic Technologists
Utah Statewide Archaeological Society
Utah Watercolor Society
Utkal Rural Development Society
Utrechtse Studenten Rugby Society
Vacuum Society of Australia
Vacuum Society of Japan
Valley Forge Audubon Society
Valley Society of Personnel Managers
Value Engineering Society International
Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society
Vancouver Dixieland Jazz Society
Vancouver Japanese Animation Society
Vancouver Multicultural Society
Vancouver Mycological Society
Vancouver Recital Society
Vancouver Society of Financial Analysts
Vancouver Tap Dance Society
Vancouver Wooden Boat Society
Vanderbilt Trial Advocacy Society
Vascular Society of India
Vegetarian Society of Georgia
Vegetarian Society of Houston
Vegetarian Society of Ireland
Vegetarian Society of Minnesota
Vegetarian Society of Richmond
Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia
Vehicular Technology Society
Venetian Mask Society
Venice Area Orchid Society
Venice Aviation Society, Inc.
Ventana Wildlife Society
Ventura County Rose Society
Vermont Archaeological Society
Vermont Astronomical Society
Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society
Vermont Historical Society
Vermont Medical Society
Vermont Society of Association Executives
Vermont State Dental Society
Vernon and District Family History Society
Very Amateur Tasting Society
Veterinary Cancer Society
Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Society
Veterinary Professional Insurance Society
Veterinary Technician Anesthetist Society
Victims of the Legal Profession Society
Victoria County Historical Society
Victoria County Humane Society
Victoria Holocaust Remembrance and Education Society
Victoria Lapidary and Mineral Society
Victoria Mutual Building Society
Victoria Society for Educational Alternatives
Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society
Vietnam Culture Development Society
Vietnam Red Cross Society
Vietnam Society of Automotive Engineers
Vietnamese American Society
Vietnamese Cultural Society of Metropolitan Washington
Vietnamese Professionals Society
Vietnam-USA Society
Vikramshila Education Resource Society
Village Community Development Society
Village Education and Development Society
Village Preservation and Improvement Society
Vineyard Data Quantification Society
Vintage Radio Control Society
Vinyl Preservation Society
Viola da Gamba Society
Violent Death Bereavement Society
Violin Society Of America
Virginia Baptist Historical Society
Virginia Barbecue Society
Virginia Beach Medical Society
Virginia Bonsai Society
Virginia Historical Society
Virginia Ki Society
Virginia Orthopaedic Society
Virginia Society for Respiratory Care
Virginia Society for Technology in Education
Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists
Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Virginia Society of Landscape Designers
Virginia Society of Ornithology
Virginia Tech Animation Society
Virtual Reality Society
Virtual Reality Society of Japan
Visual Arts and Music for Society
Visual Effects Society
Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada
Visualization Society of Japan
Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology
Vivekananda Educational Society for Children
Voice of China and Asia Missionary Society, Inc.
Volcanological Society of Japan
Volga Relief Society
Voluntary Euthanasia Society
Von Braun Astronomical Society
Wabash Valley Astronomical Society
Wabash Valley Audubon Society
Wabash Valley Scottish Society
Wabash Valley Water Garden Society
Wadestown Wilton Horticultural Society
Wagner Society of New York
Waikato Outdoor Society
Waitakere Ranges Protection Society
Wake County Genealogical Society
Wakefield Railway Modellers’ Society
Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc.
Walla Walla Blues Society
Walt Disney Collectors Society
Walter Burley Griffin Society
Waltham Forest Civic Society
War and Society in South Asia Group
Warner Robins Fencing Society
Warringah Radio Control Society
Warwick University Drama Society
Warwickshire Society of Referees
Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society
Washington Area Marine Aquarist Society
Washington Choral Society
Washington Choral Society
Washington Humane Society
Washington Literary Society and Debating Union
Washington Metropolitan Society of Health System Pharmacists
Washington Native Plant Society
Washington Numismatic Society
Washington Ornithological Society
Washington Performing Arts Society
Washington Psychotronic Film Society
Washington Society for Jungian Psychology
Washington Society of Addiction Medicine
Washington Society of Association Executives
Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants
Washington Society of Investment Analysts, Inc.
Washington Society of Landscape Painters
Washington State Button Society
Washington State Court Interpreters and Translators Society
Washington State Dahlia Society
Washington State Genealogical Society
Washington State Gourd Society
Washington State Neurological Society
Washington State Society of Anesthesiologists
Washington State Urology Society
Washington State Urology Society
Washington State Urology Society
Washington Township Historical Society
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
Watchtower Society
Water Colour Society of Ireland
Water Garden Society of Oklahoma
Water Mountain Martial Society
Water of Life Society
Water, Environment and Sanitation Society
Water: Systems, Science and Society
Watercolor Society of America
Watercolour Society of South Africa
Wausau Paranormal Research Society
Wawatay Native Communications Society
Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan
Weather, Climate, and Society
Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin
Web Graphics Artist Society
Webster Groves Herb Society
Wedgwood Society of New York
Weed Management Society of South Australia
Weed Science Society of America
Weed Science Society of Japan
Welding and Joining Society
Welding Society of Finland
Welland Valley Art Society
Wellingborough University Extension Society
Wellington Botanical Society
Wellington District Law Society
Wellington Photographic Society
Welsh Black Cattle Society
Welsh Society of Central Ohio
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society
Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society
West African Linguistic Society
West Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society
West Bridgford Dramatic Society
West Bromwich Building Society
West Bromwich Operatic Society
West Central Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management
West Coast Warrior Society
West Florida Genealogical Society
West Gippsland Genealogical Society
West Gloucestershire Art Society
West Hudson Psychiatric Society
West Jersey Rose Society
West Michigan Blues Society
West Michigan District Dental Society
West Michigan Glass Society
West Michigan Jazz Society
West Michigan Mycological Society
West Michigan Soaring Society
West Midlands Archery Society
West Ohio Paranormal Society
West Point Society of Korea
West Sussex Archives Society
West Sussex Geological Society
West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society
West Tennessee Historical Society
West Texas Genealogical Society
West Texas Iris Society
West Texas Photographic Society
West Valley Genealogical Society
West Virginia Archeological Society
West Virginia Chiropractic Society
West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
West Wickham Operatic Society
West Wiltshire Housing Society
West Yorkshire Astronomical Society
Westchester Oratorio Society
Westcoast Family Resources Society
Western Aquatic Plant Management Society
Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Western Cascade Fruit Society
Western Educational Society for Telecommunications
Western Heights Preservation Society
Western Interior Paleontology Society
Western Maryland Watercolor Society
Western Michigan Genealogical Society
Western Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Western Military Historical Society
Western New York Free Flight Society
Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society
Western Pennsylvania Optometric Society
Western Province Adventure Sports Society
Western Reserve Historical Society
Western Society for Clinical Investigation
Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Western Society for French History
Western Society for Pediatric Research
Western Society for Physical Education of College Women
Western Society of Criminology
Western Society of Crop Science
Western Society of Malacologists
Western Society of Naturalists
Western Society of Periodontology
Western Society of Weed Science
Western Swing Society
Western Undergraduate Film Society
Westminster Astronomical Society, Inc.
Westmoreland Glass Society, Inc.
Westmorland County Agricultural Society
Westsyde Community Development Society
Westwinds Music Society
Wetland Resource Development Society
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Wheeling Society of Paranormal Research
White Buffalo Society
Wichita Swing Dance Society
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Wild Bird Society of Taipei
Wild Flower Society
Wilderness Medical Society
Wilderness Society
Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania
Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
Wildlife Protection Society of India
Wildlife Society
Wildlife Society Bulletin
Wildlife Sound Recording Society
Wilhelm Furtwangler Society of America
Wilkes Acoustic/Folk Society Inc.
Willamette Agate and Mineral Society
Willamette Valley Genealogical Society
Willamette Valley Mushroom Society
Willesden Local History Society
Willi Hennig Society
William Morris Society
Willing Hearts International Society Canada
Wilmington Savings Funds Society
Wilson Historical Society
Wilson Ornithological Society
Wimbledon Choral Society
Wimbledon Choral Society
Wimborne Choral Society
Wimborne Choral Society
Wings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society
Winnipeg Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience
Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society
Winnipeg Early Music Society
Winnipeg Vegetarian Society
Winter Camp Future Society
Wired Woman Society
Wisconsin Garden Railway Society
Wisconsin Gourd Society
Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin House Rabbit Society
Wisconsin Labor History Society
Wisconsin Marine Historical Society
Wisconsin Medical Society
Wisconsin Mycological Society
Wisconsin Regional Lily Society
Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists
Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors
Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants
Wisconsin Society of Podiatric Medicine
Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers
Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers
Wisconsin State Button Society
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society
Wittenberg University Speleological Society
Wizards of Music Society
Woady Yaloak Historical Society
Wolfson Ornithological Society
Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society
Women and Genetics in Contemporary Society
Women Cultural Social Society
Women in Culture and Society
Women in Culture and Society
Women of the Beaumont Society
Women Science Technology and Society
Women’s Anthropological Society of America
Women’s Dermatologic Society
Women’s Engineering Society
Women’s Missionary Society
Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society
Women’s Mountain Bike And Tea Society
Women’s Society of Christian Service
Wooden Canal Boat Society
Woodend District Heritage Society
Woodland Park Zoological Society
Worcester District Dental Society
Worcester District Medical Society
Worcester Hills Recorder Society
Worcester Operatic and Dramatic Society
Work Opportunities for Women in the Information Society
Working Animal Guide Society
Working Group on Biotechnology and Society
Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society
World Academic Society of Medical Qigong
World Airline Historical Society
World Airline Historical Society
World Aquaculture Society
World Civil Society Forum
World Conservation Society
World Conservation Society
World Federation and Society of Adolescentology
World Forests, Society and Environment
World Future Society
World Heart Failure Society
World Inferno Friendship Society
World Information Society Day
World Information Society Report
World Islamic Call Society
World Methodist Historical Society
World Peace Prayer Society
World Rock Paper Scissors Society
World Science Fiction Society
World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society
World Scientific and Engineering Society
World Society for Breast Health
World Society for Ekistics
World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products
World Society for Protection of Reefs
World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
World Society for the Protection of Animals
World Society of Emergency Surgery
World Society of Lingual Orthodontics
World Spine Society
World Sturgeon Conservation Society
World Summit on the Information Society
World Wide Essence Society
World/Inferno Friendship Society
Worldwide Society for Russian Philately
Worth Old Boys Society
Worthing Musical Comedy Society
Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society
Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society
Wreck Beach Preservation Society
Wrestling Society X
Wunderland Toast Society
Wymondham & Edmondthorpe Civic Society
Wynnum Redlands Budgerigar Society, Inc.
Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society
Wyoming License Plate Society
Wyoming Medical Society
Wyoming Native Plant Society
Wyoming Society for Respiratory Care
Wyoming Society of Certified Public Accountants
Wyoming Society of Radiologic Technologists
Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society
Yakima Valley Audubon Society
Yale Entrepreneurial Society
Yankee Computer Society
Yatton Music Society
Yemeni Red Crescent Society
Yemeni Student Society
Yet Another Society
Yogi Divine Society
York County Amateur Radio Society
York Hong Kong Society
York Nomad Society
Yorkshire Dialect Society
Yorkshire Geological Society
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