Sociology Abbreviations


What is Sociology?

Sociology is the science that studies the relationships between people who belong to a community or the different groups that make up society.

It is a science that belongs to the group of social and human sciences. The object of study of sociology encompasses the analysis of the phenomena of interaction between individuals, the internal forms of structure (social strata, social mobility, values, institutions, norms, laws), conflicts and forms of cooperation generated through social relationships.

Sociology studies the relations of formality present in life and in societies. As it is relative to facts and reality, it does not determine rules of social states and particularities of human conduct, because this is the objective of philosophy and social ethics. The word “sociology” was coined by A. Comte, but the concept arose through Enlightenment social and philosophical thought (eg Montesquieu and Hobbes) and German idealism (eg Hegel).

Sociology covers several areas, there being community sociology, economic sociology, financial sociology, political sociology, legal sociology, labor sociology, family sociology, etc.

Through research on the phenomena that are repeated in social interactions, sociologists observe common patterns to formulate theories about social facts. The study methods of sociology involve qualitative techniques (detailed description of situations and behaviors) and quantitative (statistical analysis).

Emergence of Sociology

Sociology emerged in the 18th century as a discipline of study on the consequences of two great events, the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution, which caused profound economic, political and cultural transformations in the society of that period.

The term sociology was first used with the French philosopher Auguste Comte in his Course on Positive Philosophy, in 1838, in an attempt to unify studies related to Man, such as History, Psychology and Economics. The positive-functionalist sociological current, founded by Comte, was later developed by Émile Durkheim.

Other important sociological currents were initiated by Karl Marx and Max Weber.

Sociology of education

The sociology of education is seen as an area of sociology, which aims to study the interaction between the school (which is seen as an element of socialization) and the society in which it is inserted. In addition, it also contemplates the school as an organization and social institution.

Sociology of work

The sociology of work studies the social phenomena that occur in the world of work. In addition, the sociology of work studies the organization and evolution in the area of work and the social influence of these phenomena.

Sociology of law

The sociology of law refers to legal phenomena or the area of law in our society.

Sociology Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Sociology

AJS American Journal of Sociology
ASAA Anabaptist Sociology and Anthropology Association
ANSS Anthropology and Sociology Section
ASSW Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work
ASSA Association for Sociology in South Africa
BSAS Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology
CJS Canadian Journal of Sociology
CSAA Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association
CSI Centre for Sociology of Innovation
CWSS Chicago Women’s School of Sociology
CACS Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology
CPS Committee on Political Sociology
CSOC Comparative Sociology
DRS Department of Rural Sociology
SLSP Department of Sociology and Social Policy
ESRS European Society for Rural Sociology
ESMS European Society of Medical Sociology
GSSA Graduate Student Sociology Association
HEPS History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology
HPS History, Philosophy and Sociology
IOS Institute of Sociology
IGSS International Graduate School in Sociology
IRSA International Rural Sociology Association
ISSR International Society for the Sociology of Religion
ISSA International Sociology of Sport Association
JSSS Japan Society of Sport Sociology
JCS Journal of Classical Sociology
NCSR Nordic Conference on the Sociology of Religion
RSY Rural Sociology
SAS Society for Applied Sociology
SLGY Sociology
SOCIETY Sociology
SOC Sociology
SOCA Sociology and Anthropology
SESE Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
SSR Sociology and Social Research
SAPER Sociology Anthropology Psychology
SAP Sociology Anthropology Psychology
SGSA Sociology Graduate Student Association
SOAPS Sociology of Organisations and Participation Studies
SSK Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
SSJ Sociology of Sport Journal
SWOP Sociology of Work Programme
SASW Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
SSWC Sociology, Social Work, Criminology
SOS Students of Sociology
TSOC Teaching Sociology
TASA The Australian Sociology Association