Software Abbreviations


What is Software?

Software is a sequence of written instructions to be interpreted by a computer in order to perform specific tasks. It can also be defined as the programs that control the operation of a computer.

In a computer, software is classified as the logical part whose function is to provide instructions to the hardware. Hardware is all the physical part that makes up the computer, for example, the CPU, memory and input and output devices. The software consists of all the programs that exist for that system, whether produced by the user or by the computer manufacturer.

The English term ” software ” was first used in 1958 in an article written by American scientist John Wilder Tukey. He was also responsible for introducing the term ” bit ” to designate “binary digit”.

Software can be classified into three types:

System Software: it is the set of information processed by the internal system of a computer that allows the interaction between the user and the peripherals of the computer through a graphical interface. It covers the operating system and device drivers (memory, printer, keyboard and others).

Programming Software: is the set of tools that allow the programmer to develop computer systems, usually using programming languages and a visual integrated development environment.

Application Software: are computer programs that allow the user to perform a series of specific tasks in various areas of activity such as architecture, accounting, education, medicine and other commercial areas. There are also video games, databases, industrial automation systems, etc.

There is also the concept of free software, which refers to a program that gives freedom to the user, allowing him to study, modify and share it with other people. For this, the user must be able to access the source code, to change it according to their needs.

Software Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Software

Abrams Common Software Library
Accelerating Software Technology Adoption
ACE Resource Optimization Software System
Acoustic Lens Simulation Software Package
Acoustic Link Control Software
ACSE Presentation Library Interface (software)
Active Business Software Consultancy
Active Business Software Consultancy
Active Directory Software Deployment
Active Directory Software Distribution
Acts Software Sustainment and Evaluation Team
ACUS ACES (Automated Communication Engineering Software) Prototype
Ada Software Repository
Ada-based Software Engineering
Adaptive Software Development
Adaptive Software Flight Demonstration
Adaptive Software Rejuvenation
Adaptive Systems and Evolutionary Software
Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in Interaktiven Softwaresystemen
Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team
Advanced Business Software Development
Advanced CompuTational Software
Advanced Computer Controlled Essential Services Software
Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering
Advanced Diploma in Software Testing
Advanced Enterprise Software Solutions
Advanced Graphics Software
Advanced Mathematics Software
Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software
Advanced Planning System Application Software
Advanced Signal Processing – Executable Common Software
Advanced Simulation/Software and Control Engineering Tool
Advanced Software Acquisition Management course
Advanced Software Concepts Department
Advanced Software Engineering
Advanced Software Framework
Advanced Software Logic, Inc.
Advanced Software Logic, Inc.
Advanced Software Production Line
Advanced Software Resources Company
Advanced Software Systems, Inc.
Advanced Software Technologies
Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms
Advanced Software Technology and Applications
Advanced System & Software Engineering Technologies
Advanced Technology and Software Operations Office
Advances in Engineering Software
Advocate Statistical Reporting Software
Aeronautical Software Lab and Technologies
Aerospace Software and Technologies Institute
AFTAC Application Software
Agency Management Software
Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology
Air Defense Software Committee
Airborne Software Bulletin
Airborne Software Change
Aircraft Load Planning Software
Akademische Software Kooperation
Alex Software Inc.
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology
ALICE Environment (physics software)
Alliance Center for Collaboration, Education, Science, and Software
ALMA Common Software
Alpha Software Corporation
Amalgamated Software of North America
Ambito de Software Libre en el Estado
Ambrosia Software
AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture
AME Software Framework
American Computer Software
AMTCS Software Module
AMTCS Software Module
Analysis of Aspect Oriented Software
Analytic Software Effort Probability
Andreas Stolz Software Development
Andrews Software, Inc.
Andromeda Software Development
Angewandte Wissenschaft Software und Technologie GmbH
Angus Information Management Software
Anniston Software Repository
Antenna Software Initiative
Antenna Software Ltd
Antenna Software Ltd
Anti-Spyware Software
Anti-Virus Software
Apache Software Foundation
Apache Software License
Apache Software License
APIU Common Communications Enhanced Software Segment
Appliance Based Software Delivery
Application Management Software
Application of Reusable Software Components
Application of Software Measurement
Application of Software Measurement
Application of Software Models
Application of Software Models
Application Server Software Platform
Application Software
Application Software
Application Software
Application Software
Application Software
Application Software and Databases
Application Software Developer
Application Software Entity Security
Application Software Group
Application Software Integration Support Tools
Application Software Specialist
Application Software Specialist
Application Software Structural Review
Applications Network Software
Applied Software Technology
Architecture-Based Software Development
Area Software Analyst
Army Communications Engineering Software
Army Software Metrics Office
Army Software Metrics System
Army Software Transition Committee
Array Controller Software
Artificial Intelligence Software Agent
ARTS Software Development System
Asia Open Source Software Symposium
Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference
Asian Association for Foundation of Software
Aspect-Oriented Software Association, Inc.
Aspect-Oriented Software Design
Aspect-Oriented Software Development
Aspects, Components, and Patterns for Infrastructure Software
Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology
Assigned Software Developer
Assistant for Evaluation of Software Practices
Assisted Living Software Systems
Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Software
Association for Free Software
Association for Software Testing
Association of Copyright for Computer Software
Association of Software Professionals
Association of Thai Software Industry
Association of the Lebanese Software Industry
Associazione Industrie Software Interattivo
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems
Astronomical Image Processing Software
Astronomical Instrumentation Software Framework
ATCCS Common Software
Atlanta Java Software Symposium
Atlantic Software Technologies, Inc.
Attitude Control Flight Software
Aurora Software Development Unit
Australian Software Engineering Conference
Australian Software Engineering Conference
Australian Software Publishers Association
Automated Communications Engineering Software
Automated Concurrent Engineering Software
Automated Documentation Software
Automated Empirical Optimization of Software
Automated Software Development Methodology
Automated Software Engineering
Automated Software Maintenance
Automated Software Maintenance
Automated Software Quality
Automated Software Reporting System
Automated Software Support Entry System
Automated Systems and Software Engineering Toolset
Automatic Cartridge System Library Software
Automatic Checkout System/Software
Automatic Checkout Systemsoftware
Automatic Data Processing Software Inventory System
Automatic Differentiation and MATLAB Interface Toolbox (software)
Automatic Software Testing System
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software
Automation of Software Test
Automation Software for Engineers
Automotive Software Engineering
Avionics Software Control Panel
AWIS Software Development
B2B Software Technologies Ltd
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Backup Avionics Subsystem Software
Backup Flight Software
Baking Software
Ballistic Loading And Software Tables
Bangladesh Advanced Software Engineering
Bangladesh Advanced Software Engineering
Bankruptcy Software Specialists, LLC
Basic Operating System Software
Basic Software
Basic Software Acquisition Management course
Battle Management Software Suite
Battlefield Environmental Effects Software
Becta Educational Software Database
Behaviour Based Management Software
Beijing Software Industry Association
Bellcore Software Systems
Berger Software
Berkeley Integrated Audio Software
Berkeley Quality Software
Berkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems and Software
Berkeley Software Distribution
Best Consignment Shop Software
Better Estimation of Software Development Tasks
Better Software Development
BFTT Training Software EW
Bidimensional Simulator Operating on Weakly-Coupled Systems for Multipulse Sequences on any NMR Software
Bilingual Technical Software Engineer
Biomarker Patterns Software
Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute
Blade Edge Software
Blosxom XML -RPC (Remote Procedure Call; software)
Boost Software License
Brazilian Software Testing Qualifications Board
Bridge Software Engineer
Bridge Software Engineer
Bridge Software Institute
Broadcast Software International
Build Your Own Software
Building Department Software
Building Lifecycle Interoperable Software
Bulgarian Software Solutions
Bullet-Proof Software
Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware
Bungie Software
Business Applications Software Support
Business Equipment Software Techniques
Business Information & Software Consulting
Business Management Software
Business of Software
Business Oriented Software System
Business Software Alliance
Business Software and Consulting
Business Software Association
Business Software Association of Australia
Business Software License Exchange
Business Software Systems
Business Software Technology
Business Software, Inc.
Byrne Software Technologies, Inc.
Caldera OpenLinux Administration Software
Calibration Database Software
Callidus Software Inc.
Canadian Strategic Software Consortium
Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference
Canadian University Software Engineering Conference
Capability Maturity Model – Integrated for Software Engineering and Systems Engineering
Capital Area Software Testers
Carl Zeiss Medical Software
Catalog of Resources for Education in Ada and Software Engineering
Catalogue of Arcade Emulation Software – the Absolute Reference
CATIA Graphical Representation (software format)
Center for Advanced Software Systems Integration
Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software
Center for Life Cycle Software Engineering
Center for Software Development and Research
Center for Software Engineering
Center for Software Engineering Research
Center for Software Reliability
Center for Software Reuse Operations
Center for Software Testing Research
Center for Systems and Software Engineering
Center Level Application Software
Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software
Central Point Software, Incorporated
Centralized Software
Centralized Software Management
Centralized Software Support Activity
Centre for Software Engineering
Centre for Software Maintenance
Centric Software, Inc.
Centro Internacional de Tecnologia de Software
Certificate Issuance Software
Certificates of Software Asset Appraisal
Certified Software Asset Manager
Certified Software Development Professional
Certified Software Manager
Certified Software Process Engineer
Certified Software Test Analyst
Certified Software Test Engineer
Certified Software Test Engineer Certification Board
Challenges and Achievements in Software Engineering
Change Detection Software
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Checkpoint Software Technologies, Inc.
Chemistry Software and Information Resources
Chicago Software Association
Chicago Software News
Chief Software Architect
Children’s Hospital Image Processing Software
Children’s Software Review
China Software Association
China Software Industry Association
Chinese Software Professionals Association
Chipset Software Installation
Chiropractic Office Management Software
Chris Free Software Cleaner
Church Growth Software Demo
Church Management Software
Church Management Software
Church Related Online Software Systems
Circle Software Group
CIS Core Software
Claims and Eligibility Real Time Software/System
Class Software Solutions
Client-Server Software Testing
Clinical Classifications Software
Clinical Trials Management Software
Closed Source Software
Cluster Management Software
Cobra Information Management Software
Codemasters Software Company Ltd.
CoderTown Software Association
COE Software Repository System
Collaborative Architecture for Iterative Software Engineering
Collaborative Asynchronous Inspection of Software
Collaborative Software Development Laboratory
Collaborative Software Review System
Collaborative Software System
Collection Agency Management Software
Colorado Software and Internet Association
Comanche Software Development Plan
Combat Air Drop Planning Software
Combat Flight Planning Software
Combat Misuse Detection Software
Combat Readiness & Infrastructure Support Icon Software
Combined Higher Education Software Team
Command Anywhere Mobile Mesh Software
Commercial Open Source Software
Commercially Available Software
Commodity Software Change
Common ATCCS Support Software
Common ATCCS Support Software Working Group
Common Hardware/Software
Common Hardware/Software Program
Common Los Alamos Mathematical Software
Common Network Planning Software
Common Open Software Environment
Common Software
Common Software
Common Software
Common Software Engineering Environment
Common Software Executive Council
Common Software Interface
Common Software Management Plan
Common Systems Software
Common User Application Software
Communication Software
Communications Information Software, Inc.
Communications Software
Communications Software
Communications Software
Community Free Software Group
Completely Free Software
Component Software Requirements Review
Component-Based Software Engineering
Component-Based Software Engineering
Component-Oriented Software Engineering
Comprehensive Approach for Reusable Defense Software
Computational Visualistics Software Engineering
Computer & Software Review Panel
Computer and Software Engineering Division
Computer Application Software
Computer Applications and Software Engineering
Computer Assisted Software Measurement and Evaluation
Computer Automated Software/System Engineering
Computer Generated Forces Software
Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions
Computer Imaging Analysis Software
Computer Program Test Specification/Software Test Description
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Computer Software
Computer Software
Computer Software
Computer Software & Services Industry
Computer Software and Services Association
Computer Software Application
Computer Software College
Computer Software Component
Computer Software Component
Computer Software Component Interface
Computer Software Configuration
Computer Software Configuration Item
Computer Software Data Tapes
Computer Software Design Description
Computer Software Development Technology
Computer Software Documentation
Computer Software Documentation
Computer Software Management
Computer Software Management and Information Center
Computer Software Management Information Center
Computer Software Module
Computer Software Nottingham Limited
Computer Software Operation Manual
Computer Software Operator’s Manual
Computer Software Requirements Specification
Computer Software Services
Computer Software Unit
Computer Software User Documentation
Computer Systems Group Software
Computer-Aided Software
Computer-Aided Software Engineering
Computer-Aided Software Testing
Computer-Aided Software/Hardware Engineering
Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
Computer-Assisted Software Project for Aural Skills Reinforcement
Computerized Maintenance Management Software
Computers in Higher Education Software Team
Computing and Software Engineering
Computing and Software Systems
Computing Services and Software Association, Ltd
Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis
Conference on Software Engineering Education
Conference on Software, Telecommunications, and Computer Networks
Congress on Software Technology and Engineering Practice
Consolidated Software Delivery
Consolidated Software Design Document
Consolidated Software Index
Consolidated Software List
Consolidated Software Support Activity
Consortium for Higher Education Software Services
Consortium for Software Engineering Research
Consumers Software Incorporated
Content Software GmbH
Content Software GmbH
Continuous Software Quality Control
Continuum and Line Analysis Single-Dish Software
Continuum and Line Analysis Single-Dish Software
Contra Costa Software Business Incubator
Contract Systems Software, Inc.
Contractor Software Configuration Control Board
Contractor Software Design System
Core Software Server
Core System Software
Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
Cost and Software Data Reporting
Cougaar Software, Inc.
Cougar Mountain Software
Cracked Software
Cracked Software
Crew Software Interface
Crew Software Training Aid
Cril Telecom Software
Critical Phase System Software
Cross Platform Software
Cryptologic Shore/Software Support Activity
CTAS Software Change Document
CTAS Software Change Request
Customer Interaction Software
Customized Computer Software Systems
D Shared Software System
Dash Point Software, Inc.
Data & Analysis Center for Software
Data Adapter Interface Software
Data Analysis Software
Data Exchange Software
Data Index For Software Configuration
Data Index for Software Configuration
Data Management Software
Data Processing Equipment and Software
Data Software Research Company
Data Systems and Software Inc.
Data Terminal Software
Database Management Software
Day Care Management Software
Decentralized Software Services
Decision Support Software
Defense Software Collaborators
Definitive Software Library
Definitive Software Library
Delisting Risk Assessment Software
Dense Linear Algebra Software
Department of Computer and Software Engineering
Department of the Army Software Support Services
Deployed Theater Accountability Software
Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software
Deputy for Software Engineering
Deputy for Software Evaluation
Desarrollo de Software Dirigido por Modelos
Design for Trustworthy Software
Detail Software Technical Design
Development Software Engineer
Device Access Software
Device Software Development Platform
Device Software Optimization
Diagnostic Monitor Software
Digital Television Application Software Environment
Diploma in Advanced Software Technology
Direct Software Control
Disney Software
Distributed Component Software Architecture
Distributed Multimedia Software System
Distributed Software
Distributed Software Engineering Environment
Distributed Software Engineering Section
Distributed Software Systems
Distribution Engineering Simulation Software
Distribution Software Publishers
Document Publishing and Management Software
Domain Software Engineering Environment
Domain-Specific Software Architecture
Downloadable Software License Agreement
Driver Compliance Software
DSCS Network Planning Software
Dual Mode Subscriber Software
DVR-MS Toolbox (software)
Dynamic Geometry Software
Dynamic Software Development Method
Eagle Business Management Software
Eagle Software Group, Inc.
Easy Software Composition with Autonomeous Pattern-based Entities
Easy Software Technologies, Inc
Econometric Software Package
Economic Software Systems International
Economics of Software and Computation
Education Center for IBM Software
Education Software and Technology Industry Registry
Educational Software Cooperative
EIB Tools Software
E-Learning and Software for Education
Election Systems and Software
Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering
Electromagnetic Compatibility Assurance Software
Electronic Media Management Software
Electronic Software Deployment Services
Electronic Software Distribution
Electronic Software Download
Electronic Software Licensing
Electronics, Controls, and Software
Embedded Linux Software Index
Empirical Assessment and Evaluation in Software Engineering
Empirical Software Engineering
Empirical Software Engineering
Empirical Studies of Software Engineering
Employee Written Software
Empowered Software Solutions
Encontro Brasileiro de Testes de Software
End of Software Support
End Software Patents
End User Software Agreement
End-to-End Software Simulator
End-User Software Engineering
Energy Review Audit Software
Energy Science and Technology Software
Enggist & Grandjean Software
Engineering Modeling Software
Engineering of Software Services for Pervasive Environments
Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software Ltda
Engineering Software Reliability Group
Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc.
Enhanced Transactional Secure Software
Enquiry Management Software
Enterprise Accessible Software Application
Enterprise Management Software
Enterprise Software Advisor
Enterprise Software Agreement
Enterprise Software and Services Offering
Enterprise Software Initiative
Enterprise Software Licensing
Enterprise Software Solutions
Enterprise Software Technology
Entertainment Software Association
Entertainment Software Charity
Entertainment Software Rating Board
Entertainment Software Rating Board Interactive
Environment for the development and Distribution of Open Source software
Environment for Trusted Ada Software
Environmental Modeling and Software
Environmental Systems Research Institute software, Redlands, California)
EOIS User Interface Software
Equal Access to Software and Information
Equipage, Not Software Generic
Ericsson Conference on Software Engineering
Ernte Software Dienstleistungen
ERP Central Component (software)
ESA Cost Modeling Software
ESA Costing Software
ESA Ground Operations Software
ESET Smart Security (antivirus software)
Eureka Advanced Software Technology
European Academic Software Award
European Association of Software Science and Technology
European Conference on Software Architecture
European Conference on Software Quality
European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software
European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite
European Software and Systems Initiative
European Software Institute
European Software Process Improvement
European Software Support Office
European Systems and Software Initiative
Evaluating Software Development Tools
Everett Kaser Software
Evolution of Large-Scale Industrial Software Applications
Evolution Robotics Software Platform
Evolutionary Design of Complex Software
Evolving Software Tool Library
Exceptionally Simple PHP Blog Software
Executive Software Configuration Management System
Executive Software International
Executive Software Systems Directorate
Expansion ROM Base Address Register (Microsoft software)
Experimental Software Engineering International Week
Expert System for Software Evaluation
Extended Multiprocessor System Software
Face-Recognition Software
Facilities Management Software
Facility for Automated Software Production
Facility Management Software System
Fast Software Encryption
Fast Software Upgrade
Fault Isolation Software
Federal Software Exchange Center
Federal Software Testing Center
Federated Software Group, Inc.
Federation Against Software Theft
Feedback, Evolution, And Software Technology
Field Loadable Software
field service management software
Field Software Support Center
Financial Management Systems Software
Financial Planning Software
Fire Control Interface Software
Fitness Club Management Software
Flextronics Software Systems
Flight Operations Software
Flight Planning Software
Flight Software
Flight Software Maintenance Facility
Flight Software Management Plan
Flight Software Subsystem
Flight System Software Requirement
Flooding and Casualty Control Software
Flow Analysis Software Toolkit
Flying Lab Software, LLC
FMRIB Software Library
Formal Aspects of Component Software
Formal Methods and Software Engineering for Safety and Security
Formal Techniques in Software Engineering
Forschungsinstitut Fuer Angewandte Software-Technologie
Forschungsinstitut fur Rechnerarchitektur und Softwaretechnik
Forum for Advancing Software engineering Education
Fórum Internacional Software Livre
Forward Observer Software/System
Foundation of Software Engineering
Foundations of Informatics, Computing and Software
Foundations of Software Engineering
Fraunhofer Institut fur Software- und Systemtechnik
Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
Fraunhofer-Institut fur Rechnerarchitektur Und Softwaretechnik
Free / Open-Source Software
Free and Open Source Software
Free and Open Source Software Awareness Campaign
Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan
Free Linux Open Source Software
Free Software
Free Software Association of Germany
Free Software Business
Free Software Business Initiative
Free Software Club of Kirksville
Free Software Daily
Free Software Foundation
Free Software Foundation Europe
Free Software Foundation France
Free Software Free Society
Free Software Industries Association
Free/Libre and Open Source Software
Freely Redistributable Software
Freeze Pro Software
FRISK Software International
Front-End Software
Frontiers of Software Practice
Fujitsu Australia Software Technology
Fujitsu Software Corporation
Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
Fundamental Theorem of Software Engineering
Fundamentals Of Software Testing
Funk Software, Inc.
Fusion Streamer Remote Software
Fusion Video Management Software
Future of Software Engineering
Future Research Challenges for Software and Services
Game Software Development Kit
GeneChip Operating Software
General Audit Software
General Computing and Software
General Purpose Simulation Software
General Reflector Antenna Software Package
General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns
General RF Applications Software Package
General Software Note
Generic Software Interface
Generic Software Platform
Genuine Software Initiative
Geodetic Base Station Software
Geographical Imaging Software
George James Software
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory
Gerhard Weinand Software Entwicklung
German Software Development Laboratory
Gesellschaft für Software-und Systementwicklung MBH
Global Shipping Software
Global Software Application
Global Software Development
Global Software Engineering
Global Software Outsourcing
GMC Software Technology
GNOME SSH Tunnel Manager (software)
GNU Compiler for Java Programming Language (trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
GNU Web Access Framework (software)
Golden Orb Software House
GONG Reduction and Analysis Software Package
Government Furnished Support Software
Government Mensuration Software Application
Government Open Source Software
Government Owned Software
Government-Furnished Software
Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering
Graph Algorithm and Software Package
Graphical Programming Software
Graphical Software Configuration Management
Graphical Software Configuration Management
Great Plains Software
Green Hills Software, Inc.
Green Parrot Software Development
Greenstone Digital Library Software
Greenstone Digital Library Software
Ground Analysis Software
Ground Data Analysis Software
Ground-Based Software Tool
Grupo de Trabajo en Tecnologías del Software
Guide to Available Mathematical Software
Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association
Gurango Software Corporation
Haemonetics Software Solutions
Halley’s Comet Software
Hardware – Software – Wireless, Inc.
Hardware Against Software Piracy
Hardware Intensive Software
Hardware Software Development
Hardware to Software Migration
Hardware/Software Codesign
Hardware/Software Interaction Analysis
Hardware/Software Systems Engineering
Hardware-Assisted Software Protection
Hardware-Software Integration
Harnessing Theories for Tool Support in Software
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act List Management Software
Healthcare Software
HEAT Plus Knowledge (software)
Hierarchical Software State Machine
Hierarchical Storage Management Software
High Assurance Software Laboratory
High Voltage Software
Higher Education National Software Archive
Higher Order Software
Higher Order Software
Highway Capacity Software
Hitachi Software Global Technology Ltd.
Hi-Tech Software
Honeywell India Software Operation
Host Interface Device – Software
Host Software Component
Host System Software
Hot Lava Software
Hughes Software Systems
Hughes Software Systems Ltd.
Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Human Interaction with Software Agents
Human Software Engineering
IBM Data Studio (software)
IBM Software Services for Lotus
IBM Software Services Rational
IBM Standard Software Installer
IBM Tivoli Availability Process Manager (software)
Image Display and Access Software
Imperial Software Technology
Improved Software Requirement Quality Through Modeling and Animation
In Service Software Upgrade
In Service Software Upgrade
Incremental Software Development
Incremental Software Specification Review
Incubadora Internacional de Empresas de Software
Independent Software Vendor
India Software Engineering Conference
Indian Institute of Software Testing
Industrial Parsing of Software Manuals
Industrial Software Technology
Infinity Contact Centre Software
Information and Software Industry Association
Information and Software Technology
Information Management Software
Information Processing Equipment and Software
Information Resource Management Software
Information Software Support Center
Information System and Software Engineering
Information Systems Resource Software
Information Systems Software Center
Information Technology Reuse & Software Reuse Program
Information Technology/Software Engineering
Infosoft MMS EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) Testing Suite (software)
Infycons Creative Software
Ingenieria de Requisitos y Ambientes de Software
Initiative for Software Choice
Initiative for Software Process Improvement – Régions Extérieures
Innovative Banking Software
Innovative Software Direct Products Plc
In-Service Software Maintenance Facility
Insight Software Solutions, Inc.
Installable Software Module
Instant Software Generation
Institut für Automatisierungs-und Softwaretechnik
Institut fur Experimentelles Software Engineering
Institute for Application-Oriented Software and Systems
Institute for Software Integrated Systems
Institute for Software Research
Institute for Software Research, International
Institute of Software
Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institutional Licensing and Software Distribution
Instituto de Pesquisas Em Software
Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering
Integrated Flight Software Requirement
Integrated Hardware and Software Review
Integrated Project Software Environment
Integrated Review Software
Integrated Software Engineering Environment
Integrated Software Environment
Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers
Integrated Software Management
Integrated Software Processing Workframe
Integrated Software Training Solutions, Inc.
Integrated Systems and Software Engineering Process
Integrated Tertiary Software User Group
Integrierte Software Berliner Jugendhilfe
Intelligent Product Software Engineering
Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc
Interactive Digital Software Association
Interactive Graphics Design Software
Interactive Software, Inc.
Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association
Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Network
Interim Commodity Software Change
Interim Software Acceptance Test
Interim Software Support Activity
Intermediate Software Acquisition Management Course
Internal Software Problem Reports
Internal Software Specification Review
Internal Use Software
International Conference on Communication Systems Software and Middleware
International Conference on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems
International Conference on Global Software Development
International Conference on Software
International Conference on Software Engineering
International Conference on Software Engineering Advances
International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications
International Conference on Software Maintenance
International Conference on Software Quality
International Conference on Software Reuse
International Conference on Software Testing Verification and Validation
International Digital Software Association
International Institute for Software Process
International Institute for Software Technology
International Institute for Software Testing
International Journal of Forensic Software Engineering
International Journal of Software and Informatics
International Microcomputer Software, Inc.
International Software
International Software Engineering Research Network
International Software Engineering Standards Symposium
International Software Localization Group
International Software Marketing, Incorporated
International Software Metrics Symposium
International Software Process Workshop
International Software Testing Qualifications Board
International Summer School on Software Engineering
International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems
International Symposium on Secure Software Engineering
International Symposium on Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems
International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering
International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
International Workshop on Computer Aided Software Engineering
International Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering
International Workshop on Software Architecture Research and Practice
International Workshop on Software Aspects of Context
International Workshop on Software Measurement
International Workshop on Software Specification and Design
Internet Communications Software Group
Internet Networking Administration Tool Software
Internet Software Business Unit
Internet Software Consortium
Internet Software Quality
Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications
Inter-Software Communications
Intervocative Software LLC
Introductory Team Software Process
Introversion Software
Intrusion Detection Software
Inventory Management Software
Investors in Software
iPhone Software
Iranian Open Source Software Developers
Irish Free Software Organisation
Irish Software Engineering Research Consortium
Irish Software Testing Board
Israel Association of Software Houses
Ithaca Free Software Association
Jabber Software Foundation
Jail Management Software
Java Software Coprocessor
Java UUID Generator (software)
Jerome Communications Software
Jets and Software Company
Joel on Software
Johnson Associates Software
Johnson Computer Software Team
Joint Electronic Document Delivery Software
Joint Mission Application Software
Joint Service Software
Joint Standard Air Operations Software
Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos
Journal of Automated Software Engineering
Journal of Automated Software Engineering
Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
Journal of Software Maintenance
Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability
Journal of Systems and Software
Journal on Systems and Software
JVX Simulation Support Software
Kangaroo Tabor Software
KDE Advanced Text Editor (software)
Key Management Software Support
Kingston Technical Software Co.
Knowledge Assisted Software Engineering
Knowledge Based Software Engineering
Knowledge Management & Software Development
Knowledge-Based Software Assistant
Kodak Software Updater
Korea Software Industry Association
Kreative Software
KXEN Model Export (software)
Laboratorio de Desenvolvimento de Software
Laboratory for Reliable Software
Laboratory for Software Modification Research
LAN Software Contract
Lanka Software Foundation
Lantcom IDHS Software Support
LANTIRN Control Software
Launch Site Software
LDAP Address Book Editor (software)
Lean Software Development
Legal Software Solutions Limited
Legal Software Suppliers Association
Licensed Software System
Life Cycle Software Engineering
Life Cycle Software Engineering Center
Life Cycle Software Support
Life Cycle Software Support Center
Life Prediction Software
Lilly Software Associates, Inc.
Linux Software Map
Linux-Apache-MySQL -Php (software bundle)
Lisp Intelligent Software Agents
Livermore Software Laboratories, Intl.
Livermore Software Technology Corporation
Loadable Software Airplane Parts
Loan Origination Software
Local COMSEC Management Software
Local Integrated Software Architecture
Logic Programming and Software Engineering (workshop)
LOGMARS Assisted Software Advanced Reporting
Logo Design Software
Loucouss Corporation Software and Security
Low-Volume Capture Software
LT Software Solutions, Inc.
Lueck Free Software Foundation
LWS Interactive Analysis (Infrared Space Observatory software)
Mac DVD Ripper Pro (software)
Machine Transferable Support Software
Machines with Software Exchangeability
Mail Order Software Plus
Main Line Software, Inc.
Maine Educational Center for Assistive Technology and Software
Mainframe Software Development Process
Maintenance and Evolution in Model-Based Software Engineering
Maintenance Automation System Software
Malaysian Software Testing Board
malicious software
Malicious Software Removal
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Mamut Business Software
Management Accounting Software
Management Information Software
Management Information Software
Management Software System
Management Software, Inc.
Manipal Packaging Software Solutions
Manufacturing Test Software Solution
Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Utility Software Environment
Master of Science in Software and Information Systems
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Master of Software Engineering
Master Software Library
Matrixx-MDB Integration Software
Maxspeed Management Software
MC&G Utility Software Environment
McConnell Chase Software Works
McKibbin Software Group Pty Ltd
Mean Software Restoral Time
Measure of Software Similarity
Measurement Uncertainty Software in Analytical Chemistry
Medical Device Software
Medical Office Software, Inc.
Medical Software Reviews
Message Queuing Software
Metapath Software International
Methodology for Engineering Systems of Software Agents
METU Object-Oriented Database (Software Research and Development Center; Middle East Technical University; Turkey)
MG Media and Software
Microbee Software Preservation Project
Microcomputer Software
Microsoft Certified Software Engineer
Microsoft Software Center
Microsoft Software Developer Network
Microsoft Software Forum Network
Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer
Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer
Microsoft Software License Terms
Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services
Microstructure Evolution Simulation Software
MicroWorld Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
Millennium Software, Inc.
Minimal Standard for Testing Software
Mining Software Repositories
Minnesota Software Association
Miracle Software Systems
Mission Application Software
Mission Data Debriefing Software
Mission Information and Software Transfer
Mission Operations, System Engineering and Software
Mission Planning Software
Mission Planning Software Support Facility
Mission Specific Software
Mission Support Software
Mission Unique Software
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software
Mobile Client Software Factory
Mobile Social Networking Software
Mobile Software Laboratory
Model-Based Software Engineering
Modeling Environment for Software and Hardware
Modeling in Software Engineering
Modellgetriebene Softwarearchitektur – Evolution, Integration und Migration
Modern Software House
Modified, Off-the-Shelf Software
Modular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test
Modular Software Expertise
Modular System Software Specification
Module Initialization, Test and Software
Molloy Software Associates
Moon Valley Software
Mortgage Builder Software, Inc.
Most Productive Software Size
Multi Tasking Software
Multiagent Systems and Software Architecture
Multiallelic Interallelic Disequilibrium Analysis Software
Multi-Int Analysis Software Toolset
Multimedia Software Engineering
Multiple Intelligent Software Agents
Multi-sensor Optimal Smoothing Estimation Software
Mustang Software, Inc.
Mutually Agreeable Commercial Software
My Parent’s Basement Software, LLC
Named Pipe TCP Proxy (software)
NASA Software Information System
National Activity to Test Software
National Centre for Software Technology
National Energy Software Center
National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software
National Software Alliance
National Software Competition
National Software Development
National Software Reference Library
National Software Reuse Directory
National Software Testing Laboratory
National Software Works
NATO SG/2 Shareable Software Suite
NAVAIR Systems and Software Support Center
Navrátil Software System Information
Navy Support Software
Navy Worldwide Military Command & Control System Software Standardization
Navy WWMCCS Standard Software
Nest Software Private Limited
Netrocon Software Private Limited
Network Computing Software Division
Network Management Software
Network Services Platform Software
Network Software Inspector
Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder (software)
New Generation Operations Systems and Software
New Generation Software, Inc.
Next Generation Security Software
NGSSoftware Insight Security Research
Nihon Software Outsourcing Vision, Inc.
Nimrod Software Team
Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
Nippon Ichi Software
NIST Fingerprint Image Software
Node Control Software
Nokia Software Updater
Non-Deliverable Software
Non-Development Software
Nondevelopmental Software
Nordevald Software & Information Services
North Coast Software
Northeast Ohio Software Association
NPECIDE Fertilizer Decision Software
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
N-Version Software
N-Version Software
NVG Operations Weather Software
Object Oriented Approaches in Software Development
Object-Oriented Software Architecture
Object-Oriented Software Construction
Object-Oriented Software Engineering Flow
Object-Oriented Software Process
Object-Oriented Software System
Office Automation Software
Offshore Software Development Center
Onboard Software
On-Board Software Maintenance
On-Board Support Software
On-Demand Software
Online Software
Ontario Educational Software Services
Ontology-Based Software Engineering
Ontwerp en Analyse van Software Systemen
Open Aanbod Software Expertise
Open Business Software Solutions
Open Code Software Library
Open Mobile Software Foundation
Open Software
Open Software Associates
Open Software Description format
Open Software Development System
Open Software Distribution
Open Software Forum
Open Software Foundation
Open Software Network
Open Software Service Definition
Open Software Systems Group
Open Source and Free Software
Open Source Infrastructure Software
Open Source Software
Open Source Software Engineering
Open Source Software Foundry
Open Source Software Institute
Open Source Software Operations
Open Source Software Project
Open Systems Accounting Software
Open Systems Software Division
Open Systems Software Group
Operational Program Software
Operational Program Software
Operational Software Components for Advanced Robotics
Operations Research Software Exchange Program
Optics Software for Layout and Optimization
Optimized Software Process
Optimized Software Process
Oracle Application Software Implementation Strategy
Oracle Client Software Agent
Oracle Client Software Manager
Oracle Software Configuration Manager
Order Management Software
Order Management Software
Organization Standard Software Process
Original Software Developer
Pacing Rate Profile Software
Packeteer Software Subscription
Pakistan Software Export Board
Palpap Ichinichi Software International
PAMRI Emulator Software CSCI
Parallel and HPC Application Software Exchange
Parametric Software Cost Model
Partitioned Annotations of Software
Pattern Oriented Software Architecture
PCAnywhere Remote/Host Software
PDF Linearization Optimization Privacy (software workflow tool)
Pedestrian Environment Review Software
People Against Software Patents
People for the Ethical Treatment of Software
Performance Analysis of Systems and Software
Performance Aware Software Development
Performance Engine Software, LLC
Personal Bibliographic Management Software
Personal Computer Software
Personal Computing from the Berkeley Software Distribution
Personal Software Inspector
Personal Software Network
Personal Software Process
Personnel Recovery Mission Software
Petroleum Software Technologies
Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation
PHP -MySQL (My Structured Query Language) -Ext JS (Extension JavaScript) -Admin (software development project)
Physics Academic Software
Picture-Oriented Software Engineering
Plan for Software Aspects of Certification
Platform Software Developers Kit
POCC Applications Software Support
Polar Bear Software Company
Portable Computer Software
Portable Flight Planning Software
Portable Reusable Integrated Software Modules
Portable Reusable Integrated Software Modules
Portable, Reusable, Integrated Software Modules
Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs
Post Administrative Software Suite
Post Deployment Software Facility
Post Deployment Software Support Concept Document
Post-Deployment Software Support
Post-Deployment Software Support Center
Post-Deployment Software Support Concept
Post-Deployment Software Support Information Management
Post-Development Software Support
Post-Production Software Support
Practical Software and System Measurement
Practical Software Measurement
Precise Software Technologies Inc
Precision Guided Munitions Planning Software
Predictive Analytics Software
Predictor Models in Software Engineering Software
Preferred Educational Software
Preliminary Software Requirements Specification
Preparing SME Software Houses to SQ Implementation
Preprocessor Flight Software
Prestige Software International
Previously Developed Software
Pricing, Engineering and Proposal Software
Primary Avionics Software System
Print Control Software
Privacy Incorporated Software Agent
Problem-Oriented Software Engineering
Process Configuration Management Software
Process Enhancement for Reduction of Software Defects
Process Improvement and Software Engineering
Procured Component Software
Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software
Production Software Engineer
Production Software Package
Productivity Software Resources, Inc.
Professional Assisted Living Software
Professional Associates and Software Systems Consultants
Professional Issues in Software Engineering
Professional Software Development
Professional Software Engineer
Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering
Program Hardware/Software List
Program Software Manager
Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-Centric Software
Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab
Programs for Evaluating Software Testing
Progress Software Developers Network
Project Defined Software Process
Project Software Development Incorporated
Projeto Software Livre
Property Tax Software
Prototype Educational Tools for Systems and Software
Provincial Software Acquisition Program
Public Domain Aeronautical Software
Public Domain Software
Public Domain Software in Biology
Public Housing Authority Software
Public Software Library
Purpose Built Software
Python Software Foundation
Python Software Foundation License
QCD Data Parallel (software)
QMW Science Analysis System (software; UK)
QMW Validation Browser (software; UK)
QNX Software Systems
Quality Attributes Software
Quality Engineering and Software Technologies Private Ltd
Quality First Software GmbH
Quality Refine Software
Quality Software Engineering
Quality Software Expert Ltd.
Quality Software Products
Quality Software Systems
Quality Systems and Software
Quantitative Software Management, Inc
Quebec Software Promotion Centre
Qwest Software Services
Radar Software Library
Radical Software Group
Radio Service Software
Radio Tuning Software Application
Rainbow Portal Software
Rainer Disser Software Entwicklung
Rational Object Oriented Software Engineering
Rational Software Architect
Rational Software Delivery
Rational Software Modeler
Really Good Software Company
Real-Time Software Component
Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering
Recreational Software Advisory Council
Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet
Red Pepper Software Company
Reference Information for Software Quality
Remote Access Software
Remote Create/Edit Software
Remote Graphics Software
Remote Management Software
Remote Network Monitoring Software
Remote Software Support Facility
Remote Testing & Monitoring Software
Repair Program Software
Report Generating Software
Requirements, Models, Software and Data
Research Epidemiology Geographic Software
Research Institute for Software Technology
Research Institute in Software Evolution
Research Software Design Engineer
Research Triangle Software
Resource Allocation Software
Resource Software Engineering A/S
Reusable Avionics Software Project
Reusable Software Assets
Reusable Software Component
Reusable Software Library
Reusable Software Object
Reusable Software Research Group
Revised DTD Software
Rich MIDI Tablature Format (music notation software)
Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering
River City Software Development, Inc.
Robust Software Engineering
Rockwell Software
Rockwell Software
Rockwell Software Inc.
Rose City Software
Rotor Bearing Technology & Software
Round Box Software
Rwanda Association of Software Engineers
Safety-Critical Software
Sage Software Accountants Network
San Diego Open Source Software
Satellite Software International
Science and Engineering in Software Development
Science Data Analysis Software
Scientific and Engineering Software
Scientific Computing Software Library
Scientific Software Development
Scientific Software International, Inc.
Scottish Software Federation
SDV Software Concept Document
Search Based Software Engineering
Search Software America
Search-Based Software Testing
Secure Global Desktop Software
Secure Software Development Lifecycle
Secure Software Distribution System
Secure Software Modules
Secure Software Systems
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineering Manager
Serendipity Aromatherapy Selection Software Interface
Serious Hardware/Software Crap
Server Management Software
Server Software Development Kit
Service Oriented Software
Service Oriented Software Engineering
Service Provisioning System Software
Shared Application Software Review
SharePoint Software Factory
ShipConstructor Software, Inc.
Signal Extraction in ARIMA Time Series (software; statistics)
Silicon and Software Systems
Silverstream Software
Simple Matter of Software
Simple Offline USENET Packet Format (software)
Simpósio Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software
Simposio de Ingenieria de Software
Simposio en Desarrollo de Software
Single Image Software
Single SIGNIT Software Baseline (weapons)
Site Pavement Management Software
Slow Moving Software
Small Software Business
Smart Client Software Factory
Smith Micro Software Inc.
Social Business Software
Social Network Software
Social Software in the Academy Workshop
Society for Software Quality
Society of Software Engineers
Software ABR for ATM
Software Accelerated Graphics Engine
Software Acceptance Test
Software Acceptance Test
Software Acceptance Test Plan
Software Accomplishment Summary
Software Accomplishment Summary
Software Accomplishment Summary Report
Software Acquisition Best Practices
Software Acquisition Decision Rationale Record
Software Acquisition Development and Integration Plan
Software Acquisition Management
Software Acquisition Management Plan
Software Acquisition Management Seminar
Software Acquisition Maturity Model
Software Acquisition Planning
Software Acquisition Planning
Software Acquisition Process
Software Acquisition Process
Software Acquisition Process Development
Software Acquisition Process Group
Software Acquisition Reference Centre
Software Acquisition Risk Management Plan
Software Acquisition Training
Software Acquisition Training
Software Acquisition, Development and Integration
Software Action Group
Software Action Request
Software Advertising International Business, LLC
Software Advisory Channel
Software Advisory Channel
Software AG
Software AG of North America
Software Aided Group Environment
Software Alkitab, Biblika Dan Alat-alat
Software Analysis and Testing
Software Analysis Review
Software Analysis Team
Software Analysis Team
Software and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics
Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC
Software and Computing Services
Software and Computing Technical Board
Software and Consulting
Software and Electronic Information Resources
Software and Giveaways
Software and Hardware for Speaker Design
Software and Information Technology Services
Software and Management Associates
Software and More
Software and Systems Engineering Essentials
Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee
Software and Systems Integration
Software Anomaly Report
Software Answer Supervision
Software Appliances
Software Application Procedure
Software Application Support
Software Application Support Plus Upgrades
Software Application, Generation and Administration
Software Applications Networking and Development
Software Architectural Analysis Method
Software Architecture
Software Architecture Analysis Method
Software Architecture Attribute Engineering
Software Architecture Description
Software Architecture Design Description
Software Architecture Design Document
Software Architecture Engineering
Software Architecture for Language Engineering
Software Architecture Group
Software Architecture Integration Library
Software Architecture Plan
Software Architecture Plan
Software Architecture Representation Language
Software Architecture Review
Software Architecture Review and Assessment
Software Architecture Skeleton
Software Architecture Summit
Software Architecture Technology Initiative
Software As A Business Asset
Software as a Product
Software as a Service
Software Assembly Descriptor
Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management Interest Group
Software Association of Oregon
Software Association of Oregon Foundation
Software Assurance
Software Assurance Metrics and Tool Evaluation
Software Assurance Requirement
Software Assurance Technology Center
Software Assurance Technology Office
Software Assurance Training Voucher
Software Assurance Working Group
Software Audio Workshop
Software Aus Pakistan
Software Aus Pakistan
Software Aus Polen
Software Aus Polen
Software Automatic Mouth
Software Based Abled Mixer
Software Based Verifier
Software Baseline Verification Test
Software Best Practices
Software Best Practices Initiative
Software Blocking
Software Business Center
Software Business Solutions
Software Capability Evaluation
Software Capability Maturity Model
Software Capability Maturity Model
Software Capability Upgrade
Software Capability Verification
Software Career Discovery Centre
Software Center Of Excellence
Software Center Operation Manual
Software Center Operator Manual
Software Certification Process Team
Software Certification Test
Software Change Administration and Notification
Software Change and Configuration Management
Software Change Control Board
Software Change Control System
Software Change Form
Software Change History
Software Change History
Software Change History
Software Change Impact Analysis
Software Change Management
Software Change Notice
Software Change Package
Software Change Proposal Board
Software Change Request
Software Change Request
Software Change Request
Software Change Request Form
Software Change Review Board
Software Coding Standard
Software Common Operating Environment
Software Communications Architecture
Software Compatibility Test
Software Component
Software Composition
Software Configuration Accounting Report
Software Configuration and Library Management
Software Configuration Architecture
Software Configuration Audit
Software Configuration Control Board
Software Configuration Control System
Software Configuration Identification
Software Configuration Index
Software Configuration Item
Software Configuration Item
Software Configuration Management
Software Configuration Management
Software Configuration Management Administrator
Software Configuration Management Manager
Software Configuration Management Plan
Software Configuration Management Record
Software Configuration Management System
Software Configuration Management Working Group
Software Configuration Review Board
Software Configuration Set
Software Control
Software Control and Reference Office
Software Control Architecture
Software Control Board
Software Control Board
Software Control Center
Software Control Language
Software Corporation of America, Inc.
Software Corrective Report/Request
Software Corrective Report/Request
Software Corrective Report/Request
Software Cost Model
Software Cost Reduction
Software Cost Reduction
Software Cost Reduction
Software Council of Southern California
Software Critical Design Review
Software Criticality Matrix
Software Data Dictionary
Software Data Flow Diagram
Software Data Protection
Software de Libre Redistribución y Educación en Colombia
Software Deficiency Report
Software Defined Data Network
Software Defined Network
Software Defined Radio
Software Defined Radio Forum
Software Delivery Optimization
Software Demonstration Evaluation
Software Demonstration Evaluation Procedure
Software Dependability Demonstration
Software Deployment and Configuration Management
Software Description Language C
Software Design
Software Design Activity
Software Design and Architecture Document
Software Design and Development
Software Design Automation
Software Design Description
Software Design Document
Software Design Engineer
Software Design Engineer in Test
Software Design Review
Software Design Solutions
Software Design Specification
Software Detailed Design Document
Software Detailed Design Specification
Software Developer
Software Developer
Software Developer’s Kit
Software Developers Group Netherlands
Software Developers Reference Network
Software Development
Software Development
Software Development & Maintenance Environment
Software Development and Integration in Robotics
Software Development and Maintenance Center
Software Development and Maintenance Plan
Software Development and Maintenance Procedure
Software Development and Validation
Software Development and Validation Facility
Software Development Asset
Software Development Block
Software Development Capability Assessment
Software Development Capability Evaluation
Software Development Center
Software Development Center-Lee
Software Development Concept
Software Development Conference
Software Development Customer Service
Software Development Department
Software Development Document
Software Development Engineer
Software Development Environment
Software Development Environment Throughput
Software Development Expo and Conference
Software Development Facility/File
Software Development Folder
Software Development Framework
Software Development Group
Software Development Impact Statement
Software Development Integrity Program
Software Development Kit
Software Development Laboratory
Software Development Library
Software Development Life Cycle
Software Development Lifecycle
Software Development Lohninger
Software Development Management Plan
Software Development Manager
Software Development Media Group
Software Development Methodology
Software Development Outsourcing
Software Development Plan
Software Development Platform
Software Development Process
Software Development Process Model
Software Development Project Management
Software Development Request
Software Development Resources Architecture
Software Development Review
Software Development Risk Taxonomy
Software Development Services
Software Development Site
Software Development Specification
Software Development Standard
Software Development Standards Description
Software Development Support Group
Software Development System
Software Development Test
Software Development Tool
Software Development Unit
Software Digest Incorporated
Software Discrepancy Report
Software Disk Array
Software Distributed Shared Memory
Software Distribution
Software Division
Software Division
Software Document Automation
Software Documentation
Software Documentation
Software Documentation
Software Element Identification
Software Enable Key
Software Enabled Control
Software Encryption Algorithm for Data Services
Software End Product
Software Engineer
Software Engineer Advanced Career Education
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering & Programming Directorate
Software Engineering and Ada Lab
Software Engineering and Advanced Applications
Software Engineering and Applications
Software Engineering and Assessment Services
Software Engineering and Collaborative Modelling Laboratory
Software Engineering and Formal Methods
Software Engineering and Internet Technologies Laboratory
Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
Software Engineering and Middleware
Software Engineering and Network Systems Laboratory
Software Engineering and Petri Nets
Software Engineering and Research Corporation of Australia
Software Engineering and Technical Assistance
Software Engineering and Theoretical Informatics
Software Engineering Apprenticeship
Software Engineering Asset Management System
Software Engineering Australia Queensland
Software Engineering Bibliographic
Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
Software Engineering Center
Software Engineering Change Proposal
Software Engineering Company
Software Engineering Competence Center
Software Engineering Computing Environment
Software Engineering Conference
Software Engineering Conference Russia
Software Engineering Cost Model
Software Engineering Design
Software Engineering Design Language
Software Engineering Directorate
Software Engineering Education Knowledge
Software Engineering Educators Symposium
Software Engineering Environment
Software Engineering Environment Authority
Software Engineering Facility
Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems
Software Engineering for Adaptive Software Systems
Software Engineering for Automotive Systems
Software Engineering for Educational Development Program
Software Engineering Group
Software Engineering Information Repository
Software Engineering Institute
Software Engineering Institute Union
Software Engineering Institute-Assisted Assessments
Software Engineering Laboratory
Software Engineering Management Plan
Software Engineering Management System
Software Engineering Master Plan
Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis
Software Engineering Methods for Service Oriented Architecture
Software Engineering Notes
Software Engineering Organization
Software Engineering Process
Software Engineering Process Definition
Software Engineering Process Group
Software Engineering Process Group
Software Engineering Process Management
Software Engineering Process Office
Software Engineering Process Technology
Software Engineering Program Leaders Association
Software Engineering Release System
Software Engineering Research and Practice in Sweden
Software Engineering Research and Technology
Software Engineering Research Center
Software Engineering Research Laboratory
Software Engineering Research, Management & Application
Software Engineering Resource Center
Software Engineering Review Board
Software Engineering Risk: Understanding & Management
Software Engineering Standards Committee
Software Engineering Students’ Association
Software Engineering Support
Software Engineering Symposium on Practical Software Development Environments
Software Engineering Task Force
Software Engineering Technician
Software Engineering Technology
Software Engineering Video Network
Software Engineering within Social Software Environments
Software Engineering Workshop
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing
Software Enhancement Form
Software Enhancement Proposal
Software Entwicklungs Praktikum
Software Environment for Biological Network Inference
Software Environment to Support the Early Phases in Building Design
Software Evaluation Criteria
Software Evolution and Architecture Lab
Software Evolution, Refactoring, Improvement of Operational & Usable Systems
Software Evolvability
Software Evolvability
Software Exchange
Software Execution Platform
Software Executive Official
Software Experiment in the NC production environment
Software Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Software Fault Analysis
Software Fault Injection
Software Fault Insertion Testing
Software Fault Report
Software Fault Tolerance
Software Fault Tolerance Analysis
Software Feature Package
Software Final Configuration Audit
Software Flow Control
Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation
Software for Prediction of Adhesins and Adhesin-like Proteins using Neural Networks
Software for Prediction of Adhesins and Adhesin-like Proteins using Neural Networks
Software for Professionals
Software for Targeting Requirements, Information Operations and Kinetic Effects
Software for Tracking, Analysis and Research
Software for University Libraries
Software Functional Configuration Group
Software Functional Requirement
Software Functional Specification
Software Generation System
Software Global Business Unit
Software Group
Software Hardware Allocation Database
Software Image Management
Software Implementation Board
Software Implemented Error Detection
Software Implemented Fault Tolerance
Software Improvement Program
Software Improvement Program
Software Improvement Recommendation Report
Software in Partnership
Software In the Loop
Software in the Public Interest, Inc
Software Incident Report
Software Independent Data
Software India Pvt. Ltd.
Software Industrialized Generator & Maintenance Aids
Software Industry Research Board
Software Information Base
Software Infrastructure
Software Innovation Research Lab
Software Input Form
Software Input/Output Manual
Software Inspection and Review Organization
Software Inspection Report
Software Inspections Workshop
Software Installation Audit Report
Software Installation Guide
Software Installation Plan
Software Installation Results Record
Software Integrated Process Team
Software Integration and Test
Software Integration Laboratory
Software Integration Plan
Software Integration Plan
Software Integration Readiness Review
Software Integration Test
Software Integrity Diagnosis System
Software Intensive System
Software Interface Design Description
Software Interface Specification
Software International Incorporated
Software Interoperability Facility for Time Critical Targeting
Software Interrupt
Software Issuance Browser Scheduler
Software Item
Software Item
Software Language and Engineering
Software Leadership Team
Software Library
Software Library
Software Library for Interference Detection
Software License
Software License Agreement
Software License and Maintenance Agreement
Software License Configurator
Software License Management
Software License Terms
Software Licensing and Distribution
Software Licensing and Protection
Software Life Cycle
Software Life Cycle Experience Database
Software Life Cycle Management
Software Life Cycle Management
Software Life Cycle Process
Software Life Cycle Support
Software Life-Cycle Empirical Data (Database0
Software Lifecycle Management
Software Lifecycle Model
Software Lines of Code
Software Loader Verifier
Software Localisation Interest Group
Software Loopback for eDOCSIS
Software MAC Address Filter
Software Maintenance Agreement
Software Maintenance and Development Center
Software Maintenance and Reengineering
Software Maintenance Concept
Software Maintenance Contract
Software Maintenance Facility
Software Maintenance Life Cycle
Software Maintenance Program
Software Maintenance Support
Software Maintenance Support Facility
Software Maintenance Test Facility
Software Maintenance Update
Software Management Activity
Software Management and Assurance Program
Software Management and Quality Indicator
Software Management Assurance Program
Software Management Directorate
Software Management for Executives
Software Management Framework
Software Management Plan
Software Management Plan
Software Management Solutions, Inc.
Software Management System
Software Management Tracking System
Software Management Working Group
Software Manager
Software Market-driven Architecture Trade Association
Software Measurement Framework
Software Measurement Metamodel
Software Measurement Ontology
Software Message Generator
Software Metrics Tracking
Software Metrics Working Group
Software Migration Kit
Software Modification Notice
Software Modification Notice
Software Modification Notice
Software Modification Sheet
Software Network Architecture
Software Network Server
Software Object Library
Software of Unknown Pedigree
Software of Unknown Provenance
Software On Demand
Software Operating Environment
Software Operating System
Software Operational Advisory Group
Software Operational Advisory Group
Software Operators Manual
Software Optimization and Reuse Technology
Software Package
Software Package for Unique Reports
Software Package Management Agent
Software Paradigms Infotech, Pvt. Ltd.
Software Patent Institute
Software Performance Engineering
Software Performance Monitor
Software Pipelining Loop
Software Piracy Association
Software Piracy Intervention
Software Platform Management Services
Software Portability Plan
Software Portability Review
Software Preliminary Design Review
Software Problem Change Report
Software Problem Report
Software Process Action Team
Software Process Action Team
Software Process and Management System
Software Process Assessment
Software Process Control
Software Process Control
Software Process Database System
Software Process Development
Software Process Engineering Metamodel
Software Process Group
Software Process Handbook
Software Process Improvement
Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination
Software Process Improvement Body of Knowledge
Software Process Improvement Network
Software Process Improvement Plan
Software Process Improvement Representatives Introductory Training
Software Process Innovations
Software Process Management
Software Process Management System
Software Process Measurement
Software Process Model
Software Process Modelling Approach
Software Process Program
Software Procurement Specification
Software Product Advanced Certification and Evaluation
Software Product Assessment
Software Product Assurance
Software Product Configuration Item
Software Product Description
Software Product Engineering
Software Product Evaluation
Software Product Expert
Software Product Group
Software Product Line Architecture
Software Product Line Conference
Software Product Line Engineering
Software Product Outsourcing
Software Product Outsourcing
Software Product Quality Reporter
Software Product Report
Software Product Specification
Software Production Consortium
Software Production Consortium
Software Production Facility
Software Productivity Consortium
Software Productivity Consortium
Software Productivity Research
Software Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Software Products Library
Software Professional Development Program
Software Professional Estimation and Collection System
Software Professional Solutions, Inc
Software Program (TMINS)
Software Program Management Office
Software Program Manager
Software Program Managers Network
Software Programmer’s Manual
Software Project Management
Software Project Management Plan
Software Project Management Strategies
Software Project Management System
Software Project Manager
Software Project Manager
Software Project Notebook
Software Project Planning
Software Project Tracking and Oversight
Software Property Inventory
Software Protection Program
Software Prototype and Integration Laboratory
Software Prototyping Laboratory
Software Publishers Association
Software Publishing Corporation
Software Publishing Corporation
Software Qualification Test
Software Qualification Test
Software Quality Across Different Regions
Software Quality Across Different Regions
Software Quality and Maintainability
Software Quality Assessment Based on Lifecycle Expectations
Software Quality Assurance
Software Quality Assurance & Measurement
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Software Quality Assurance Forums
Software Quality Assurance Manual
Software Quality Assurance Plan
Software Quality Assurance Subcommittee
Software Quality Consulting Institute Ltd
Software Quality Control
Software Quality Engineer
Software Quality Evaluation Plan
Software Quality Evaluation Program
Software Quality Framework
Software Quality Function Deployment
Software Quality Group
Software Quality Improvement
Software Quality Improvement Plan
Software Quality in the Development Process
Software Quality Institute
Software Quality Investment
Software Quality Journal
Software Quality Maintenance
Software Quality Management
Software Quality Management and Engineering
Software Quality Management System
Software Quality Maturity
Software Quality Objective
Software Quality Optimization
Software Quality Plan
Software Quality Professional
Software Quality Program
Software Quality Program Instruction
Software Quality Program Plan
Software Quality Revenues
Software Quality Standard
Software Quality System Registration
Software Quality Systems
Software Quality Test
Software Radio
Software Rapid Prototypes
Software Readiness Review
Software Recovery Facility
Software Re-Engineering
software release bulletin
Software Release Letter
Software Release Management
Software Release Notice
Software Reliability Assessment
Software Reliability Component Analysis
Software Reliability Engineered Testing
Software Reliability Engineering
Software Reliability Estimation
Software Reliability Growth
Software Reliability Growth Model
Software Reliability Model
Software Reliability Modeling
Software Reliability Modeling and Analysis Tool Set
Software Request Form
Software Requirement and Specification
Software Requirements
Software Requirements Analysis
Software Requirements Description
Software Requirements Document
Software Requirements Document
Software Requirements Evaluation Record
Software Requirements Review
Software Requirements Specification
Software Requirements Traceability Matrix
Software Research Northwest
Software Restriction Policy
Software Reuse Initiative
Software Reuse Library
Software Reuse Program
Software Review
Software Review Board
Software Review Team
Software Rights Management
Software Risk Evaluation
Software Risk Item
Software Risk Management
Software Safety Integrity Level
Software Sampling Rate Conversion
Software Scenario Models for Quality of Life in Information Society
Software Services of Delaware, Inc
Software Size Unit
Software Sneak Analysis
Software Solutions and Designs, Inc
Software Solutions for Business, Inc.
Software Solutions Integrated Limited
Software Solutions Laboratory
Software Solutions Unlimited Inc.
Software Specification
Software Specification
Software Specification Assistant
Software Specification Review
Software Standards & Procedures Manual
Software Standards and Conventions Document
Software Standards and Practices Manual
Software Standards and Procedures Specification
Software Status Bulletin
Software Status Review
Software Stays Forever
Software Structural Description
Software Subcontract Management
Software Subsystem Specification
Software Suitability Supportability Statement
Software Support
Software Support Activity
Software Support Activity System
Software Support Agency
Software Support Center
Software Support Cost Model
Software Support Date
Software Support Environment
Software Support Facility
Software Support Function
Software Support Group
Software Support Laboratory
Software Support Package
Software Support Professionals Association
Software Support Specialist
Software Support Team
Software System Development Specification
Software Systems Database
Software Systems Development Certificate
Software Systems Engineering
Software Systems Engineering
Software Systems Engineering Methodology
Software Systems for the Arts and Media
Software Systems Interface
Software Systems Unlimited Inc.
Software Task Estimating Procedure
Software Teaching of Modular Physics
Software Tech News
Software Technical Bulletin
Software Technical Services
Software Technical Specification
Software Technologies Group, Inc.
Software Technologies Laboratory
Software Technologies Ltd.
Software Technology and Engineering Practice
Software Technology Center
Software Technology Conference
Software Technology for Adaptable & Reliable Systems
Software Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems
Software Technology for Computers
Software Technology Incorporated
Software Technology Integration
Software Technology Interest Group
Software Technology Laboratory
Software Technology Operating Solutions
Software Technology Park
Software Technology Park Hyderabad
Software Technology Parks of India
Software Technology Plan
Software Technology Reference Guide
Software Technology Research Group
Software Technology Research Laboratory
Software Technology Review
Software Technology Review
Software Technology Strategy
Software Technology Support Center
Software Technology Training Program
Software Technology, Inc.
Software Test
Software Test
Software Test
Software Test
Software Test & Evaluation Panel
Software Test & Evaluation Plan
Software Test and Evaluation
Software Test and Evaluation Message System
Software Test and Evaluation Program
Software Test Description
Software Test Description
Software Test Design
Software Test Design
Software Test Document
Software Test Document
Software Test Engineer
Software Test Environment
Software Test Management
Software Test Managers’ Roundtable
Software Test Plan
Software Test Plan
Software Test Planning and Management
Software Test Procedures
Software Test Procedures
Software Test Process Improvement
Software Test Protocol
Software Test Report
Software Test Report
Software Test Result
Software Test Result
Software Test Station
Software Testing Automation Framework
Software Testing Education Workshop
Software Testing Facility
Software Testing Institute
Software Testing Life Cycle
Software Testing On-Line Resources of Middle Tennessee State University
Software Testing Service
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Software Through Pictures
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Software Tool for Automated Test Environment
Software Tool Library
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Software Trace Cache
Software Transactional Memory
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Software Transition Plan
Software Trouble Report
Software Trouble Report
Software und System Entwicklung
Software Under Test
Software Unit Specification
Software Unit Test Result
Software Update
Software Update
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Software Update Service Standalone
Software Update Services
Software Update Subscription Service
Software Update Tape
Software Updates Management
Software Upgrade Assistant
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Software User’s Guide
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Software Validation
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Software Validation Protocol
Software Verification and Validation
Software Verification and Validation Plan
Software Verification and Validation Report
Software Verification Cases and Procedures
Software Verification Facility
Software Verification Plan
Software Verification Results
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Software Verification Test Procedures
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Software Virtual Network
Software Visualization
Software Vulnerability Guide
Software WAN Optimization Controller
Software Wireless Access Tandem
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Software Z-Buffer
Software, Configuration, Upgrades, and Downloads
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Software, Languages, Analysis, and Model-Checking
Software/Hardware Integration
Software/Source Change Request
Software/Source Change Request
Software/Source Change Request
Software/System Change Proposal
Software-Based Communications
Software-Based Fault Isolation
Software-Based Secondary System
Software-Based Self-Testing
Software-Defined Network Services
Software-Engineering Rodinger GmbH
Software-Friendly Hardware
Software-Hardware Asset Reuse Enterprise
Software-Intensive Systems Steering Group
Software-Managed Address Translation
Software-Oriented Architecture
Software-PC Labeling
Software-Specific Self Efficacy
Solution Software Developer Kit
Solutions Technology and Software Inc
Sony Licensed Europe Software
Sound-Processing Software
South Coast Software
Southeastern Software Association
Spacecraft Software Division
Spb Software House
Special Software Committee
Specification, Analysis, and Transformation of Software
SQL Query Builder (software)
SQL Server Configuration Manager (software)
SQL Server Express (software)
Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industry
SSL Network Extender (software; network security)
Stable and Adaptable Software Architectures
Standard Application Software
Standard Application Software Product Families
Standard Multilayer Software Image
Standard Software Requirements Contract
Standard Software/Supply System
State Level Action Plan Software
Static Quality Assurance for Software and Hardware
Station Control Software
Statistical Analysis Software
Statistical Machine Translation Software
Statistical Software Testing
Stone Table Software
Storage Software Platform Group
Strategic Command and Control Software
Strategic Software Holdings
Structural Software Consulting
Subsystem Computer Application Software
Sun Appliance for Live Software Analysis
Sun Ray Server Software
Super Software Marketing, Eppelheim, Germany
Supercomputer Software Department
Superior Software for Windows
Support Analysis for Software
Support Software
Support Software Bulletin
Support Software Change
SurPac Mining Software
Survey Software Online
SUSE Linux Retail Solution (software)
Swedish Software Testing Board
Swiss Interactive Media and Software Association
Switch Load Software
Switch Software Management
Switch Software Processor
Switch Software Support Engineering
Symbolic Computation in Software Science
Symmetrix Multihost Transfer Facility Software
Symposium on Software Reusability
Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology
Synesis Software Standard Source License
System and Software Integrity
System Automation Software Company
System Communications Software
System Infrastructure Software
System Management Software, Inc.
System Performance & Activity Software Monitor
System Software Acceptance Test
System Software Associates
System Software Development Group
System Software Manager
System Software Package
System Software Requirements Document
System Software Test
System Software Update
System/Software Certification Test
System/Software Engineering Environment
Systematic Software Engineering
Systematic Testing of Realtime Embedded Software Systems
Systems and Software Technology Conference
Systems Engineering And Software Engineering
Systems Software Development
Systems Software Verification
Tabbed Ajax RSS Reader (software)
Tactical Communications Interface Software
Tactical Software Support
Tactical Software Support System
Tactical System Software
Tailor Made Software Solutions
Tailor Made Software Solutions
Take Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Take Two Interative Software, Inc.
Tangible Business Software
Target Acquisition Weather Software
Target Software Agent
Taskable Agent Software Kit
Team Centric Software
Team Software Process
Technical Publishing Software
Technical Publishing Software, Interleaf
Technical Software Review
Technical Support Software
Technology and Software Unrestricted
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Teleworking in Co-Operative Development of Industrial Software
Terminal Oriented Software
Terminal Software Development
Test Execution Software
Tester Independent Support Software System
The Common Software Measurement International Consortium
The Company Software
The Software Factory Inc.
The Software Group, Inc.
The Software Link, Incorporated
The Software Revolution, Inc.
The Ultimate Collection of Windows Software
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software
Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering
Theories for Tool Support in Software
Theory and Practice of Software
Theory-Based Software Metrics
Third Party Software
Thomas Kelly Software Associates
Tibco Software Incorporated
Time Management Software
TIOBE Programming Community Index (TIOBE Software BV)
TIU Software CSCI
To the Point Software, Inc.
Tool Accountability Software
Toronto Association of Systems and Software Quality
Totally Useless Software
Traffic and Criminal Software
Training System Software
Transactions on Mathematical Software
Transactions On Mathematical Software
Transactions on Software Engineering
Transatlantic Software Corporation
Transfer and Display Software
Transportation Library Management Software
Travel Information Software Systems
Treehouse Software Inc.
Trends in der Software-Prozessmodellierung
Tri-City Software, Inc.
TriMedia Software Streaming Architecture
True Blue Software
Trusted Software Capability Evaluation
Truvision Image Processing Software
Tsukiden Software Philippines, Inc.
Twisted Software Foundation
Typical Software Engineer
uidelines for Successful Acquisition and Management of Software Intensive Systems
Ultra Software Corporation
Unattended Operation Support Software
Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship and Social Software Misuse
Understandability of Software
Unified Integrator of Transportation Engineering Software
Unified Process & Software Management
Unified Software Development Process
Unified Software Distribution
Unified Software Engine
Unique Recording Software, Inc
United Software Association
United Software Industries, Inc.
United States Army Information Systems Software Development Center
United States Army Information Systems Software Support Command
United States Army Software Development Center
Universal Software Radio Peripheral
Universal Software Solutions, Inc.
Universal Viaccess CAM Emulator (software)
University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering
Unix Software Organization
Unreal Software Gaming Network
Unterhaltungs Software Forum
Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle
User Application Software
User Interface Software and Technology
User Modifiable Software
User Software Maintenance Facility
User Supported Software Association
User Supported Software Marketing Association
VAX Environment Software Translator
Vendor Supplied Software
Verband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland
Veritas Software
Vermont Software Testing Group
VHDL Hardware Description Language) Analyzer and Utility Library (software)
Video Management Software
Video Over IP Plugin (software)
Virtual Back Office Software, Inc.
Virtual Controller Software
Virtual Education Software, Inc.
Virtual Hosting for Free Software
Virtual Instrument Software Architecture
Virtual MIDI Keyboard (software)
Virtual Network Software
Virtual Software Library
Virtual Software Processor
Virtual Software Systems, Inc.
Virus Protection Software
Visser Software Services, Inc.
Visual Basic Software
Visual Basic Software Development Kit
Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
Voice Recognition Software
Volume Software Licensing
W3C Software Notice and License
Wageningen Software Labs
Washington Software Alliance
Weapon Preload Software
Weapons Software Support Activity
Web Client Software Factory
Web Service Software Factory
Website Analytics Software
Weizman Software Localization
Western Software Support Office
Western Users of SAS Software
WICSA Conference on Software Architecture) Wiki WAN (Wireless Area Network) Party (software project)
WiederVerwendbare SoftwareObjekte
Windows Software Protection Platform
Windows Software Update Services
Windows Software Update Services
Windows Software Update Services
Winsted Equipment Layout Software
Wipro Academy of Software Excellence
Workforce Management Software
Working Group on Astronomical Software
Working Group on Software
Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture
Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture
Workshop in Software Reuse
Workshop on Applied Software Reliability
Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures
Workshop on Empirical Studies of Software Maintenance
Workshop on Inspection in Software Engineering
Workshop on Interactive Systems and Software
Workshop on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research
Workshop on Open Certification of Software Testers
Workshop on Secure Software Engineering Education and Training
Workshop on Software Assessment
Workshop on Software Distributed Shared Memory
Workshop on Software Specification and Design
Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems
Workshop on System/Software Architectures
Workshop on Technology Transfer in Software Engineering
Workshop Software-Reengineering
Workstation Interface Software Engineering
Workstation Software Package
Workstation Software Support Group
Workstations Software System
World Congress for Software Quality
Worldwide Institute of Software Architects
Worldwide Software Resources Directory
World-Wide Software Support Branch
Wuhan Free Software Association
WWMCCS Standard System Software
XBase Software Ontwikkeling
XEDM Digital Locker (software)
Xerox Singapore Software Centre
XML : Mail Archiver (software)
XML Architectural Forms (software; programming)
Xtreme Knowledge Sharing software
Yard Management Software
Yarra Valley Software
Yet Another Pager Software
Zaremba Software Engineering GmbH
Zaremba Software Engineering GmbH
Zeland Software, Inc.
Zenith Software Limited
Zenith Software Limited