South Africa Abbreviations

ZA is the abbreviation for South Africa, the 24th largest country in the world. Officially the Republic of South Africa, South Africa is a country located in Southern Africa, bordering 6 countries – Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa. Major cities include Cape Town (population: 3,433,430), Durban (population: 3,120,271), Johannesburg (population: 2,026,458), Soweto (population: 1,695,036), Pretoria (population: 1,619,427), Port Elizabeth (population: 967,666), Pietermaritzburg (population: 750,834), Benoni (population: 605,333), Tembisa (population: 511,644), and East London (population: 478,665).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Pretoria
  • Language: Afrikaans, English, Northern Sotho, Southern Ndebele, Southern Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, and Zulu
  • Area: 1,221,037 km2
  • Population: 57,725,589
  • Currency: South African rand (ZAR)
  • Time zone: UTC+2
  • Calling code: 27
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: ZA
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: ZAF
  • Internet TLD: .za
  • State Government Website:

Map of South Africa

List of South Africa Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about South Africa are ZA which stands for South Africa and ZAR which means South African rand (South Africa currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to South Africa, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

ZA: South Africa

Abbreviation Meaning
ASSA Actuarial Society of South Africa
AMASA Advertising Media Association of South Africa
ALASA Afican Languages Association of Southern Africa
AISA Africa Institute of South Africa
AAAPTI African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute (University of Southern California)
ACCSA African Communities Council of South Australia
ARASA AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa
ACSA Airports Company South Africa
AHPCSA Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa
ABSA Amalgamated Banks of South Africa
AGASA Amateur Gamers Association of South Africa
AFSA Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa
ADASA Architectural Design Association of South Africa
ARMSCOR Armaments Corporation of South Africa
ANSA Artists for a New South Africa
ACSA Associated Clubs of Southern Africa
ADSA Association for Dietetics in South Africa
ARCSA Association for Rhetoric and Communication in Southern Africa
ASSA Association for Sociology in South Africa
ABVA Association of BEE Verification Agencies (Saxonwold, Johannesburg, South Africa)
ABSA Association of Booksellers of South Africa
ADEC Association of Distance Education Colleges of South Africa
AECMSA Association of Electric Cable Manufacturers of South Africa
AMTIESA Association of Management Training Institutions of Eastern and Southern Africa
AMRE Association of Mine Resident Engineers of South Africa
APRSSA Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa
ARMSA Association of Regional Magistrates of South Africa
ASAMI Association of South African Music Industry
ASATA Association of South African Travel Agents
ASSA Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
BTSA Backpacker Tourism South Africa
BSA Badminton South Africa
BASA Banking Association South Africa
BMSA Baptist Mission of South Africa
BFSA Bass Fishing South Africa
BFC Battlefield Community of South Africa
BABASA Bed and Breakfast Association of South Africa
BSSA Bible Society of South Africa
BSAE Black South African English
BFN Bloemfontein, South Africa – Jbm Hertzog
BESA Bond Exchange of South Africa
BSSA Botanical Society of South Africa
BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
BSAC British South Africa Company
BSAP British South Africa Police
BASA Business & Arts South Africa
BUSA Business Unity South Africa
CAMPSA Camping Southern Africa
CRCSA Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa
CAOSA Cannon Association of South Africa
CTSA Cape Town South Africa
CPT Cape Town, South Africa
CTSA Carrier Transicold South Africa
CHAMSA Chambers of Commerce and Industry of South Africa
CSSA Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa
CESA Church of England in South Africa
CPSA Church of the Province in South Africa
COMENSA Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa
COSALC Coalition of South African Library Consortia
COSATU Coalition of South African Trade Unions
CMSA Colleges of Medicine of South Africa
CIVETS Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa
COMESA Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa
COMSA Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa
CPSA Communist Party of South Africa
CINSA Community Information Network for Southern Africa
CTASA Community Tourism Association of South Africa
CSSA Computer Society of South Africa
CSSA Concrete Society of Southern Africa
COSANA Confederation of Southern Africa Netball Associations
CONSAS Conference of Southern African Surveyors
COSAS Congress of South African Students
COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions
CONSAS Constellation of Southern African States
CTSA Continental Tyre South Africa
CODESA Convention for A Democratic South Africa
CGSA Council for Geoscience South Africa
CUSA Council of Unions of South Africa
CCSA Crafts Council of South Africa
CRISAS Crime Research in South Africa
CASA Cruising Association of South Africa
DCSA DaimlerChrysler South Africa
DASA Dakota Association of South Africa
DISA Defence Institute of South Africa
DASA Dental Association of South Africa
DBSA Development Bank of Southern Africa
DCSA Development Consultants of South Africa
DISA Digital Imaging South Africa
DPM Digital Process Measurement Ltd (South Africa)
DUR Durban, South Africa – Louis Botha
ELS East London, South Africa – Ben Shoeman
ESA Eastern and Southern Africa
ESABO Eastern and Southern Africa Business Organization
ESAMI Eastern and Southern African Management Institute
ECSA Eastern, Central and Southern Africa
ERSA Economic Research Southern Africa
ESSA Economic Society of South Africa
EDICISA Ecumenical Documentation and Information Centre in Southern Africa
EISA Electoral Institute of Southern Africa
ECASA Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa
ECASA Electronic Commerce Association of South Africa
ETE Emergency and Trauma Equipment Ltd (South Africa)
EMSA Employment Movement of South Africa
ECSA Engineering Council of South Africa
ELTASA English Language and Travel Association of South Africa
EAPSA Environmental Assessment Practitioners of South Africa
ESAL Eurocopter Southern Africa Ltd.
ELCSA Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
EXSA Exhibition Association of Southern Africa
FTTSA Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
FAMSA Family And Marriage Society of South Africa
FESARTA Federation of East and Southern African Road Transport Associations
FOFATUSA Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa
FSAW Federation of South African Women
FIISA Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa
FGASA Field Guides Association of South Africa
FISA Footwear Institute of South Africa
FMCSA Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa
FSA Forestry South Africa
FREEDOM Forestry South Africa
FOSAD Forum of South African Director Generals
FMASA Fund Managers’ Association of South Africa
GCATS GAELIC Cataloguing and Technical Services Workgroup (South Africa)
GSSA Gay Sport South Africa
GISA Gemmology Institute of Southern Africa
GMSA Gender and Media in Southern Africa
GSSA Genealogical Society of South Africa
GCB General Council of the Bar of South Africa
GMSA General Motors South Africa
GMSA Generational Ministries South Africa
GSSA Geological Society of South Africa
GRJ George, South Africa – George
GSWA German South West Africa
GOSA Government of South Africa
GSSA Grassland Society of Southern Africa
GPSA Green Party of South Africa
GHASA Guest House Accommodation of South Africa
GHASA Guest House Association of South Africa
GOSA Gun Owners of South Africa
HPCSA Health Professions Council of South Africa
HFSA Heart Foundation of South Africa
HESA Higher Education South Africa
HDSA Historically Disadvantaged South Africans
ICASA Independent Communications Authority of South Africa
ISAP Index to South African Periodicals
IMERCSA India Musokotwane Environment Resource Centre for Southern Africa
IBSA India-Brazil-South Africa
ISACA India-South Africa Commercial Alliance
IRASA Industrial Relations Association of South Africa
ISAM Information Centre for Southern African Music
IDASA Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa
IDASA Institute for Democracy in South Africa
IDSA Institute for Democracy in South Africa
IACSA Institute of Administration and Commerce of Southern Africa
IPSA Institute of Packaging South Africa
IRMSA Institute of Risk Management South Africa
ICSA International Committee Against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa
ISOSA Intersex Society of South Africa
IMASA Investment Management Association of South Africa
IFSA Iron Fireman SA Ltd. (South Africa)
IMASA Islamic Medical Association of South Africa
ISAEA Italian South African Enterprises Association
JNB Johannesburg, South Africa – Jan Smuts
JBTSA Journal of Black Theology in South Africa
JEMDSA Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa
JSAS Journal of Southern African Studies
SADJ Journal of the South African Dental Association
JASA Junior Achievement South Africa
KMSA Kia Motors South Africa
KMSSA Knowledge Management Society of Southern Africa
KMSA Konica Minolta South Africa
LZA Lepidoptera of South Africa
LPSA Liberal Party of South Africa
LBSD Linux Based Systems Design SA Ltd (South Africa)
LBSA LinuxBox South Africa
LASSA Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society of Southern Africa
LUCSA Lutheran Community in Southern Africa
M-TEC Malesela Taihan Electric Cable Limited (South African South Korean joint venture)
MSCISA Margaret Sanger Centre International South Africa
MBSA Master Builders South Africa
MMTS Mechanical and Machine Tool Services Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa)
MISA Media Institute of South Africa
MISA Media Institute of Southern Africa
MASA Medical Association of South Africa
MESAB Medical Education for South African Blacks
MRC Medical Research Council of South Africa
MTSA Medical Tourism Association of South Africa
MCC Medicines Control Council of South-Africa
MSDB MEDUNSA Stroke Data Bank (est. 1984; South Africa)
MCSA Methodist Church of Southern Africa
MSSA Microscopy Society of Southern Africa
MSSA Microsoft South Africa
MVSSA Mine Ventilation Society of South Africa
MCSA Mountain Club of South Africa
MCCOSA Music Communication Centre of Southern Africa
NAASA National Accommodation Association of South Africa
NAAMSA National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa
NCASA National Co-operative Association of South Africa
NHISSA National Health Information System of South Africa
NOCSA National Olympic Committee of South Africa
NUPSA National Union of Prosecutors of South Africa
NUSAS National Union of South African Students
NLP Nelspruit, South Africa
NARESA Network of AIDS Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa
NDSA Nissan Diesel South Africa
OTASA Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa
OMLACSA Old Mutual Life Assurance Company South Africa
BOSS Old Name for South African State Security Bureau
OHASA Oral History Association of South Africa
PFSA Pagan Federation of South Africa
PAFMECSA Pan-African Freedom Movement of East, Central and South Africa
PASA Parachute Association of South Africa
PRASA Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa
PASA Payments Association of South Africa
PMA Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa
PSSA Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa
PFSA Philatelic Federation of South Africa
PSSA Photographic Society of Southern Africa
PSSA Phycological Society of Southern Africa
PTG Pietersburg, South Africa
PBFSA Pit Bull Federation of South Africa
PFSA Plastics Federation of South Africa
PASA Polygraph Association of South Africa
PLZ Port Elizabeth, South Africa – HF Verwoerd
PTAESA Preferential Trade Area of East and Southern Africa
PCSA Presbyterian Church of South Africa
PCSA Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa
PMSA Print Media South Africa
PHASA Professional Hunters Association of South Africa
PSA Proudly South African
PHASA Public Health Association of South Africa
PRISA Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa
PASA Publishers’ Association of South Africa
RECSKASA Recreational and Commercial Sea Kayaking Association of South Africa
RERA Regional Electricity Regulatory Association of Southern Africa
RSA Republic of South Africa
RBSA Reserve Bank of South Africa
RASA Restaurant Association of South Africa
RCB Richards Bay, South Africa – Richards Bay
SASA Security Association of South Africa
SEMDSA Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa
SESSA Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa
STASA Solutions Technology Alliance of South Africa
STARFIRE South Africa
SF South Africa
ZA South Africa
ZAMBIA South Africa
ZAF South Africa
SA South Africa
SABU South Africa Bisley Union
SADF South Africa Development Fund
SAFS South Africa Fact Sheet
SAGES South Africa Gastroenterology Society
SAGAG South Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group
SAIO South Africa Initiatives Office
SANL South Africa National Library
SANTED South Africa Norway Tertiary Education Development
SAOF South Africa Orienteering Federation
SAPO South Africa Post Office
SASSDA South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association
SASOL South Africa Synthetic Oil Liquid
SATZ South Africa Tanzania
SATC South Africa Truth Commission
SAFE South Africa, Far East
SAAE South African Academy of Engineering
SAAU South African Agricultural Union
SAAF South African Air Force
SA South African Airways
SAA South African Airways
SAAT South African Airways Technical
SAAPSA South African Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse
SAAI South African Arts International
SAAV South African Assault Vest
SAAG South African Association for Geotechnology
SAJE South African Association for Jazz Education
SAAB South African Association of Biokinetics
SAAB South African Association of Botanists
SAAI South African Association of Indiana
SAAO South African Astronomical Observatory
SABA South African Barbecue Association
SABTACO South African Black Technical and Allied Careers Organisation
SABYO South African Blind Youth Organisation
SABJE South African Board of Jewish Education
SABDC South African Book Development Council
SABI South African Breweries International
SAB South African Breweries PLC
SABC South African Broadcasting Corporation
SABS South African Bureau of Standards
SABW South African Bush War
SACSS South African Central Statistics Office
SACB South African Chamber of Banking
SACAR South African Chapter of the African Renaissance
SACEC South African Chemical Engineering Congress
SACS South African Chemometrics Society
SACN South African Cities Network
SACAA South African Civil Aviation Authority
SACAN South African Climate Action Network
SACCAWU South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers’ Union
SACS South African Committee for Stratigraphy
SACP South African Communist Party
SACJ South African Computer Journal
SACOL South African Confederation of Labour
SACAM South African Conference on Computational and Applied Mechanics
SACC South African Constitutional Court
SACG South African Consulate General
SACD South African Container Depots
SACEC South African Cosmetic Export Council
SACNASP South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions
SACSSP South African Council for Social Service Profession
SACQSP South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession
SACTRP South African Council for Town and Regional Planners
SACC South African Council of Churches
SANCA South African Council on Alcoholism
SADF South African Defence Force
SADA South African Dental Association
SADEPA South African Development Education Practitioners Association
SADB South African Diamond Board
SAEON South African Environmental Observation Network
SAEF South African Excellence Foundation
SAEPC South African Export Promotion Council
SAFMA South African Facilities Management Association
SAFM South African Farm Management
SAFC South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors
SAFNETU South African Federation of Non-European Trade Unions
SAFA South African Football Association
SAFX South African Forex Traders
SAFA South African Freedom Alliance
SAFARI South African Fundamental Atomic Research Installation
SAGR South African Gastroenterology Review
SAGI South African Geomatics Institute
SAGA South African Geophysical Association
SAGO South African Group in Oman
SAHR South African Health Review
SAHRA South African Heritage Resources Agency
SAHC South African High Commission
SAHS South African Historical Society
SAHO South African History Online
SAHCA South African Hobie Class Association
SAHRC South African Human Rights Commission
SAIHA South African Ice Hockey Association
SAIC South African Indian Congress
SAI South African Infantry
SAIAE South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers
SAIA South African Institute of Architects
SAICA South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
SAICE South African Institute of Chemical Engineering
SAICE South African Institute of Civil Engineers
SAIDI South African Institute of Driving Instructors
SAIEH South African Institute of Environmental Health
SAIH South African Institute of Hypnotherapy
SAIIPL South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law
SAIIA South African Institute of International Affairs
SAIPA South African Institute of Professional Accountants
SAIRR South African Institute of Race Relations
SAIS South African Institute of Security
SAICE South African Institution of Civil Engineering
SAIS South African Intelligence Service
SAITEX South African International Trade Exhibition
SAI South African Internet
SAJBD South African Jewish Board of Deputies
SAJBM South African Journal of Business Management
SAJE South African Journal of Economics
SAJE South African Journal of Education
SALB South African Labour Bulletin
SALI South African Landscape Institute
SALT South African Large Telescope
SALR South African Law Reports
SALB South African Library for the Blind
SALS South African Logopedic Society
SALSA South African Longboard Surfing Association
SAMSA South African Maritime Safety Authority
SAMO South African Mathematics Olympiad
SAMA South African Medical Association
SAMJ South African Medical Journal
SAMIF South African Meetings Industry Federation
SAMDA South African Mining Development Association
SAMWU South African Municipal Workers’ Union
SAMA South African Music Awards
SAMPA South African Music Promoters Association
SAMQC South African Music Quota Coalition
SAMW South African Music Week
SANI South African Nanotechnology Initiative
SANAI South African National Academy of Intelligence
SANAS South African National Accreditation System
SANAC South African National AIDS Council
SANAPS South African National Antarctic Programme
SANBS South African National Blood Service
SANC South African National Committee
SANCA South African National Council on Alcoholism
SANDF South African National Defence Force
SANLI South African National Literacy Initiative
SANPES South African National Parks
SANP South African National Parks
SANRAL South African National Roads Agency Limited
SANSA South African National Survey of Arachnida
SANTA South African National Tuberculosis Association
SANW South African National Wine Show
SANAC South African Native Affairs Commission
SANC South African Native Congress
SANNC South African Native National Congress
SANT South African Native Trust
SANHP South African Natural Heritage Programme
SAN South African Navy
SANSA South African Network of Skills Abroad
SANTSEP South African Network of Trauma Service Providers
SANE South African New Economics Network
SANROC South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee
SANC South African Nursing Council
SAOM South African Observer Mission
SAOC South African Oncology Consortium
SAOC South African Orchid Council
SAOPA South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association
SAPRA South African Pagan Rights Alliance
SAPER South African Party
SAP South African Party
SAPV South African Passiflora Virus
SAPI South African Personality Inventory
SAPIA South African Petroleum Industry Association
SAPC South African Pharmacy Council
SAPA South African Pigeon Association
SAPER South African Police
SAP South African Police
SAPF South African Police Force
SAPS South African Police Service
SAPU South African Police Union
SAPY South African Polypropylene Yarns
SAPO South African Post Office
SAPA South African Press Association
SAPICS South African Production and Inventory Control Society
SAPOA South African Property Owners Association
SAPL South African Public Libraries
SAPPI South African Pulp and Paper Industries
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SARPS South African Radiation Protection Society
SARL South African Radio League
SARP South African Railway Police
SAR South African Railways
ROUTER South African Rand
R South African Rand
SARMA South African Ready-Mix Association
SARRAL South African Recording Rights Association Limited
SARM South African Reference Materials
SAFARI South African Regional Science Initiative
SAR South African Republic
SARIMA South African Research and Innovation Management Association
SARB South African Reserve Bank
SARS South African Revenue Service
SARA South African Reward Association
SARAA South African Rheumatism and Arthritis Association
SARIMA South African Risk and Insurance Management Association
SARF South African Road Federation
SARU South African Rugby Union
SASN South African Schools Netball
SASS South African Secret Service
SASHA South African Sexual Health Association
SASKA South African Shotokan Karate Academy
SASL South African Sign Language
SASF South African Soccer Federation
SASAS South African Social Attitudes Survey
SASIX South African Social Investment Exchange
SASSA South African Social Security Agency
SASAS South African Society for Animal Science
SASAS South African Society for Atmospheric Sciences
SASM South African Society for Microbiology
SASQ South African Society for Quality
SASA South African Society of Anaesthesiologists
SASA South African Society of Artists
SASBO South African Society of Bank Officials
SASC South African Society of Cinematographers
SASJ South African Society of Journalists
SASMO South African Society of Medical Oncology
SASNM South African Society of Nuclear Medicine
SASOP South African Society of Psychiatrists
SASTT South African Society of Trenchless Technology
SASF South African Special Forces
SASS South African Spectroscopic Society
SASCOC South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee
SASCOC South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
SAST South African Standard Time
SASA South African Statistical Association
SASBLIA South African Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association
SASCO South African Students Congress
SASM South African Students Movement
SASO South African Students’ Organisation
SASA South African Sugar Association
SASTA South African Sugar Technologists’ Association
SASSI South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative
SATU South African Teachers Union
SATNAC South African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
SATRA South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
STIAL South African Test, Identify and Link
SATS South African Theological Seminary
SATFG South African Tibet Friendship Group
SATCC South African Touring Car Championships
SATI South African Tourism Institute
SATUC South African Trade Union Council
SATI South African Translators Institute
SATS South African Transport Services
SATRC South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
SATF South African Tug-of-War Federation
SAUJ South African Union of Journalists
SAVP South African Vaccine Producers
SAVRALA South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
SAVA South African Veterinary Association
SAVC South African Veterinary Council
SAVF South African Veterinary Foundation
SAVAS South African Virtual Aviation Services
SAVI South African Volatility Index
SAWQG South African Water Quality Guidelines
SAWB South African Weather Bureau
SAWS South African Weather Service
SAWP South African Well Project
SAWB South African Wine & Brandy
SAWW South African Women for Women
SAWU South African Workers Union
SAZF South African Zionist Federation
SAAO South African-American Organization
SAAV South Africans for the Abolition of Vivisection
SCAATCN South Carolina African-American Tobacco Control Network
SEACAT South East African Combination Anti-Malarial Therapy Evaluation
SPI South Panafrican International
SWABC South West African Broadcasting Corporation
SWANU South West African National Union
SWANLA South West African Native Labour Association
SWAPO South West African People’s Organization
SWASS South West African Scientific Society
SAARC Southern Africa Alliance of Reformed Churches
SABF Southern Africa Business Forum
SADEC Southern Africa Development and Educational Centre
SAFOD Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled
SAMSA Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association
SARCOF Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum
SARO Southern Africa Regional Office
SASDP Southern Africa Soccer Development Program
SASU Southern Africa Students Union
SATAC Southern Africa Technical Advisory Committee
SATSA Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
SATCC Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission
SATI Southern Africa Transport Investment
SAAI Southern African Acoustics Institute
SAAM Southern African Adventure Motorcycling Association
SAD Southern African AIDS Trust
SAAE Southern African American English
SAALA Southern African Applied Linguistics Association
SAAIR Southern African Association for Institutional Research
SAATP Southern African Association of Tourism Professionals
SABITA Southern African Bitumen Association
SABDA Southern African Book Dealers Association
SABA Southern African Broadcasting Association
SACU Southern African Customs Union
SADSEM Southern African Defence and Security Management
SADC Southern African Development Community
SADEC Southern African Development Community
SADCC Southern African Development Coordination Conference
SAEN Southern African Enterprise Network
SAFTA Southern African Fair Trade Access
SAFARI Southern African Fire Atmosphere Research Initiative
SAGL Southern African Grain Laboratory
SAJIC Southern African Journal of Information and Communication
SALT Southern African Large Telescope
SAPIA Southern African Plant Invaders Atlas
SAPOA Southern African Postal Operators Association
SAPIC Southern African Power Industry Convention
SASF Southern African Social Forum
SASP Southern African Student Program
SASUSG Southern African Sustainable Use Specialist Group
SATNAC Southern African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
SATFD Southern African Trout and Flyfishing Directory
SAVVA Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association
SAVA Southern African Vexillological Association
SAWMA Southern African Wildlife Management Association
SEA Southern and Eastern Africa
SEAPREN Southern and Eastern Africa Policy Research Network
SPATS Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers
SAF Southern, Central and Eastern Africa
SAFCOM Southern, Central and Eastern Africa Regional Committee for START
SSISA Sports Science Institute of South Africa
SBSA Standard Bank of South Africa
SSAE Standard South African English
SSA Statistics South Africa
SEIFSA Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa
SESSA Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa
TASA Taxidermists Association of Southern Africa
TSA Technikon Southern Africa
TIASA Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa
TUCSA Trade Union Congress of South Africa
TUCSA Trade Union Council of South Africa
UJWSA Union of Jewish Women of South Africa
USA Union of South Africa
UCBSA United Cricket Board of South Africa
UELCSA United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
UKISA United Kingdom Ireland and Southern Africa
UKSATA United Kingdom-South Africa Trade Association
USANP United South African National Party
USSA United States of South Africa
UPCSA Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa
URCSA Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa
USAASA Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
UNISA University of South Africa
USSAS University Scholarships for South African Students
UTN Upington, South Africa – Municipal
VESA Vehicle Security Association of South Africa
VASA Vending Association of South Africa
VISTA Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina
VANSA Visual Arts Network of South Africa
VOSESA Volunteer and Service Enquiry Southern Africa
WSSA Water and Sanitation Services South Africa
WISA Water Institute of Southern Africa
WSSA Watercolour Society of South Africa
WISI Web & IT Solutions International (South Africa)
WCSA Western Cape South Africa
WESSA Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
WWISA Willing Workers in South Africa
WOSA Wines of South Africa
WLSA Women and Law in Southern Africa
WIFTSA Women in Film and Television South Africa
WGSA Women’s Golf South Africa
WPSA Workers Party of South Africa
WHSA World Hope South Africa


South Africa borders the Indian Ocean in the east and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Much of the country is a gigantic inland plateau, high above the sea. The Drakensberg mountain range extends from northeast to southeast. Along the nearly 300-mile coast, there are narrow strips of fertile land. The country of Lesotho lies to the east and is completely enclosed by South Africa.

South Africa has a large diversity of species. The country has more than 20 national parks and reserves. These protect the rich wildlife from hunters and human influences.

The country’s east coast has a subtropical and humid climate, but most of the country is drier and temperate, with no major temperature differences. Temperatures in the country vary depending on the latitude and altitude of the sea. The most precipitation falls in the country during the summer months, from November to April. This does not apply along the west coast, where it rains most in winter. Pollution in the form of acid rainfall leads to degradation and depletion of arable land. There is also water shortage in South Africa. The problem was very critical for Cape Town in 2017 – 2018, but effective measures to save water and rainfall improved the situation.


The indigenous peoples khoikhoi and san have lived in South Africa for thousands of years, but today there are few left. Bantu-speaking people came to the country about 1,800 years ago and are the ancestors of about 75 percent of the population.

When Portuguese ships arrived in South Africa in 1488, Europeans became interested in the country. In 1652, the Dutch established the Cape Colony and started the European colonization. The colonization caused almost all of the country’s original inhabitants to be killed or made slaves. Britain occupied the Cape Colony in 1795. The conflict between the British and the Boers, the descendants of the Dutch, triggered two wars before the British and the Boers came into union in 1910. The constitution of the union suppressed the civil and political rights of blacks.

The National Party won the election in 1948 and introduced apartheid. These were laws that suppressed and excluded Africans and colored them from having political, social and economic rights. Apartheid faced massive criticism internationally and from the South African liberation movement. In 1990, opposition politician Nelson Mandela was released, after 27 years in prison. In 1994, the racial separation system was formally abolished. In the same year, the first democratic elections were held. The African National Congress (ANC) party won the election and Mandela was elected president.

Society and politics

South Africa is a parliamentary republic where the president is the head of state and head of government. The country has nine provinces with its own parliaments, but the central state and the president have great power. The Liberation Movement and the African National Congress (ANC) have been in power since the abolition of apartheid in 1994. Corruption has been a major problem in recent years, and in 2018, then-President Jacob Zuma resigned following corruption charges. The ANC won the elections in 2019, but received lower support than before.

There is a great deal of freedom of the press and organization in the country, and the Constitution guarantees human rights and equality for the law. Even though the apartheid era is over, there are still major social and economic differences between different ethnic groups. Whites, on average, have much higher income and wealth than dark-skinned. There is widespread crime, especially in poor areas.

South Africa’s adult population has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world, and many lack access to medical treatment. The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) is one of the key players in the fight against the disease and has changed the country’s policy in this area.

Economics and Commerce

Since 1996, the ANC has pursued a neoliberal economic policy aimed at economic growth and increased employment. Today, South Africa is a middle-income country and one of Africa’s largest economies. An increasing proportion of the previously oppressed population has become part of the middle class, and new groups have been given the opportunity to take an education and get a job. Economic growth has resulted in increased investments in public services and infrastructure, but growth has slowed in recent years. The country’s wealth is still unevenly distributed and unemployment is high. The very poor often do not get the help they need.

South Africa has always been one of Africa’s economic centers of power and the stock exchange in the country is the most important in Africa. Today, gold and gemstones make up half of the country’s total exports, and the country is the world’s largest producer of the metals manganese, platinum and chromium. South Africa has a free trade agreement with the EU, which is the country’s main trading partner with China and the US.


The United Nations Association is offering a game in the 2019-20 school year in which students will try to resolve a conflict that is under consideration in the Security Council (Iran and the nuclear issue). South Africa is currently a member of the Security Council, and the sections that follow are information and tips related to this game.

Foreign policy and relations with other countries in the Security Council

After South Africa became a democracy in 1994, the country developed ever closer ties to the United States and the West. But South Africa also maintained close ties to countries such as Iran, Cuba and Libya, all of which supported the ANC in the long fight against apartheid. In recent years, South Africa has improved its relationship with China. The country is also a member of BRICS – the informal association of large, emerging economies. Russia and China are also members here.

From nuclear weapons states to fighters for disarmament

As late as 1989, South Africa had six nuclear bombs, developed by the white minority that ruled the country. South Africa already showed interest in mining and business related to uranium and nuclear energy in the 1940s, and the country purchased its first nuclear reactor from the United States in 1957. A secret nuclear weapons program was started in 1973, and this was developed in partial cooperation with Israel. The cooperation included motivated by the fact that South Africa at that time felt surrounded by enemies in the same way as Israel, and as a result of Israel’s willingness to exchange knowledge of advanced nuclear technology in exchange for the possibility of conducting nuclear tests. It is believed that South Africa built its first completed nuclear bomb in 1982.

When South Africa underwent the transition to democracy in the 1990s, the country got rid of both the nuclear weapons, the production sites and the archives that contained the knowledge of how the weapons were made. To this day, South Africa is the only state that has voluntarily gone from being a real nuclear weapons state to becoming a global champion of nuclear disarmament. South Africa joined the United Nations Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons in February 2019, becoming the 22nd country to ratify the agreement.


South Africa plays a key role in the efforts to bring about a more binding disarmament among other nuclear weapons states. The country is an important supporter of a network called the New Agenda Coalition (“The Coalition for a New Agenda”). Their goal is for the states that are members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to implement their commitment to active disarmament set out in the agreement. According to South Africa, the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons use make these weapons both illegal and immoral instruments in war and deterrence.

Regarding the ongoing conflict over Iran’s nuclear program, South Africa supports the nuclear agreement signed with the country in 2015. South Africa is concerned about the possibility of US-Iran armed conflict in the Gulf of Persia, and believes such a war would be both dangerous and to great harm to international trade and oil transport.

South Africa is a strong supporter of all countries – including Israel – joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The country is also concerned that a nuclear-free zone will soon be established in the Middle East, which was adopted when the Non-Proliferation Agreement was extended indefinitely in 1995. If this nuclear-free zone is not soon established and other nuclear weapons states continue to ignore their disarmament obligations in line with the Non-Proliferation Agreement, it can weaken confidence in the entire agreement.

South Africa is in favor of holding its own conference soon to create the nuclear-free zone in the Middle East, but has some understanding that Israel opposes this as long as neighboring states do not end peace with the country. For South Africa, it was precisely a greater sense of national security vis-à-vis the outside world that enabled the country to dispose of nuclear weapons in the 1990s. The country then joined the regional nuclear-free zone that was being set up for Africa.

In a speech to the Security Council in April 2019, South Africa urged other countries to join the UN Prohibition Treaty on nuclear weapons. According to South Africa, the Prohibition Treaty is a positive reinforcement of the Non-Proliferation Agreement, and an important step on the road to a nuclear weapons-free world. South Africa regards the Prohibition Treaty as a kind of mass movement for a nuclear-weapon-free world, which will not be stopped if many countries join.

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