Spanish Abbreviations

Language is a term that admits several meanings. In this case , we are interested in the definition that refers to language (the system of verbal or gestural communication that is typical of a human community). One can speak of mother tongue (the first language that a person learns, as a child) or natural language (the form of human language that, for communicative purposes, is endowed with syntax and obeys principles of optimization and economy), among others. notions.


Spanish, in turn, is the gentilic adjective that refers to who or what is natural or belongs to Spain, a European country located in the Iberian Peninsula that is the fourth largest on the continent.

The Spanish language, therefore, is a language that is spoken in that nation and in other countries of the world. It is a Romantic language of the Iberian group , recognized as an official language by the UN .

According to the number of speakers who have it with their mother tongue, Spanish (or Castilian) is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin (Chinese).

The Spanish language emerged as a continuation of Vulgar Latin in the third century, when the breakup of the Roman Empire gave rise to several variants of Latin from the evolution of Romantic languages.
Over the years, Spanish has acquired several forms and variants. Currently, there are countries that have practically abandoned the use of “tú” (tu) as a second person singular pronoun and replaced it with “vos” (you). For example: “I’ve never met anyone like you”, “I’ve never met anyone like you”.

List of Acronyms Related to Spanish

ASSAULT About Spanish Language
ASL About Spanish Language
AAOSL America’s Army: Open Spanish League
SSM Atlantic Spanish Mackerel
BSST Bulletin of Spanish Studies
CSLM Center for Spanish Language Media
CTSA Certificate in Teaching Spanish to Adults
CSA Christian Spanish Academy
COSSMHO Coalition of Spanish-Speaking Mental Health Organizations
CEPSA Compañía Española de Petroleos Sociedad Anónima Spanish
CESC Comprende! English-Spanish Communications
CSSP Congress of Spanish-Speaking Peoples
CASA Cultural Awareness and Spanish-skills Aid
DOSL Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language
EHSI Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion school
EFIGS English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
PHILSP Filipino Spanish
FIGS French, Italian, German, Spanish
ISLS Institute for Spanish Language Studies
NASB National Association of Spanish Broadcasters
NSHS National Spanish Honor Society
NSHA National Spanish Horse Association
NSS Native Spanish Speaker
NESI No one Expects the Spanish Inquisition
NETSI Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition
OPTIONS Oferta Pública de Suscripción (Spanish: Initial Public Offering)
OPS Oferta Pública de Suscripción (Spanish: Initial Public Offering)
OSP Old Spanish
OLSP Old Spanish National Historic Trail
OST Old Spanish Trail
OSTA Old Spanish Trail Association
PBSH Purebred Spanish Horse
STSG Screening Test of Spanish Grammar
SSMA Southwest Spanish Mustang Association
SP Spanish
SPAN Spanish
SPA Spanish
SABES Spanish Acquisition Beginning in Elementary School
SAW Spanish American War
SALSA Spanish and Latin-American Students’ Association
SATELLITE Spanish Announce Team
SAT Spanish Announce Team
SANM Spanish Archives of New Mexico
SAI Spanish Artificial Intelligence
SABE Spanish Assessment of Basic Education
SBBA Spanish Barb Breeders Association
SB Spanish Booster
SBLM Spanish Brass Luur Metalls
SBMS Spanish Broadcast & Media Services
SBS Spanish Broadcasting System
SBSA Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
SPCM Spanish Campaign Medal
SCW Spanish Civil War
SCMA Spanish Country Music Association
SCRR Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve
SED Spanish Education Development
STARFIRE Spanish Fork
SF Spanish Fork
SFHS Spanish Fork High School
SHOS Spanish Harlem Orchestra
SHO Spanish Harlem Orchestra
SHZ Spanish Home Zone
SHS Spanish Honor Society
SIP Spanish Immersion Program
SITES Spanish In The Elementary Schools
SIN Spanish International Network
SLM Spanish Language Media
SLO Spanish Language Outreach
SLT Spanish Lyric Theatre
SMOG Spanish Motorcycle Owners Group
SMR Spanish Mustang Registry
SNHS Spanish National Health System
SNHS Spanish National Honor Society
SNTO Spanish National Tourist Office
ME Spanish North Africa
ODECA Spanish Organización de Estados Centroamericanos
SPTO Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
SPLD Spanish Peaks Library District
SPSR Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch
SPSR Spanish Peaks Scout Reservation
SPSA Spanish Peaks Staff Association
SPBS Spanish Periodical & Book Sales
ESP Spanish Peseta
PTA Spanish Peseta
SPS Spanish Philatelic Society
SP Spanish Posada
SPL Spanish Primera Liga
SRA Spanish Radio Association
SRC Spanish Red Cross
SSGN Spanish Speaking Growth Network
SOCIO Spanish Speaking Organization for Community Integrity and Opportunity
IBEX Spanish Stock Index
SSPV Spanish System of Pharmacovigilance
STASA Spanish Teachers’ Association of South Australia, Inc.
DOCTOR Spanish Training Division
STD Spanish Training Division
SVL Spanish Vice Lords
SYIL Spanish Yearbook of International Law
SIP Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
SARA Spanish-American Riding Academy
SALSA Spanish-speakers Assisting Latinos Student Association
SSITT Swiss Spanish Intermittent Therapy Trial
SSITT Swiss-Spanish Intermittent Treatment Trial
TESS Teaching English to Spanish-Speakers
TSJ The Spanish Journal
TSS The Spanish Soldiers
TST The Spanish Table
USWV United Spanish War Veterans
WOSO Women of Spanish Origin
YST Your Spanish Translation