Sports Abbreviations


What are sports?

Sport is all competitive physical activity with well-defined rules and objectives. The objective of all sports is to overcome opponents in absolute respect for the rules.

Sports can be practiced individually or collectively, professionally, recreationally or to improve health. Practitioners of sports are called sportsmen, sportsmen or athletes.

Sport encompasses several dimensions such as practice, leisure and as an event. There are several types of sport, in Brazil, the most popular are football, volleyball and basketball.

The practice of the sport goes back to China, 4000 BC, where the first records of gymnastics were recorded. Later, Egypt and, above all, ancient Greece marked the history of sports competitions.

The sport in its current format began in the 18th century, with the development of various modalities and the creation of competitions. In 1896, the sport achieved a new status with the first edition of the Modern Era Olympic Games in Athens.

Types of sport

Sports can be classified as:

  • Invasionsports – sports in which the objective is to reach a goal (goal, basket, try, touchdown…) positioned in the opponent’s field. Examples of invasion sports are football, basketball, handball, rugby, American football, etc.
  • Netsports – non-contact sports in which opposing players are separated by a net. Examples of net sports are volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc.
  • Field and batsports – sports that use a bat or bat to strike or hit a ball. Examples of field and bat sports are: cricket, baseball, softball.
  • Combat sports- martial arts and fights, consist of a dispute in which the objective is to strike the opponent to score, dominate or knock him out. Examples of combat sports are: MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu-jitsu, fencing, etc.
  • Branded Sports- Sports in which competitors compare a particular brand achieved. Examples of branded sports are track and field, cycling, triathlon, weightlifting, etc.
  • Precisionsports – sports in which the competitor must hit a specific target. Examples of precision sports are darts, golf, snooker, bowling, curling, etc.
  • Technical-combinationsports – are sports in which competitors perform a movement routine evaluated by a jury and converted into points. Examples of technical-combinational sports are: artistic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, diving, street skateboarding, etc.
  • eSports- individual or collective electronic games competition. Examples of eSports are the championships of: LoL, FIFA/PES, Free Fire, etc.

The 5 most popular sports in the world

The most popular sports in the world are those that combine a large number of practitioners and, above all, a significant amount of spectators.

Here is the list of the sports that have the most spectators around the world:

1. Football (4 billion viewers)

Football is by far the sport with the largest number of practitioners and spectators worldwide. Its official body, FIFA, has 211 member entities, among affiliated countries and territories. This number exceeds, for example, the 193 participating countries of the UN or the 201 of the International Olympic Committee.

It is estimated that football has more than 4 billion spectators, spread across 7 continents. In Brazil alone there are about 360 thousand registered soccer players.

2. Cricket (2.6 billion viewers)

Cricket is a field and bat sport in which two teams of 11 athletes face each other. In varying turns, each team assumes the throwing or batting position.

The team that throws aims to eliminate the batters, hitting the three sticks ( stumps ) positioned behind the batter, while the other team seeks to hit the ball as far as possible to be able to perform its runs ( runs ).

Although not very popular among Brazilians, cricket is the sport of choice in populous countries such as India and Pakistan. Cricket is also very popular in England, the home country of the sport.

Thus, cricket has around 2.6 billion spectators worldwide.

3. Hockey (2 billion)

Hockey is one of the most practiced sports in the northernmost countries of the globe, including Canada and Finland, where it is the national sport.

The American Hockey League (NHL) is one of the largest and most thriving sports leagues in the entire world. With this, hockey reaches the third position with about 2 billion spectators.

4. Tennis (1.25 billion viewers)

Tennis is the fourth most popular sport in the world with around 1.25 billion viewers. The 4 main tennis tournaments, the so-called Grand Slam, are played every year and are responsible for a large part of this audience.

Brazil has 10 Grand Slam titles, 7 with Maria Esther Bueno and 3 with Gustavo Kuerten.

5. Volleyball (950 million spectators)

Volleyball is the second most popular sport in Brazil and the fifth in the world, with around 950 million spectators.
Volleyball is one of the sports in which Brazil stands out the most at the Olympics.

The men’s team won the gold medal in Barcelona (1992), Athens (2004) and Rio de Janeiro (2016); and three silver medals: Los Angeles (1984), Beijing (2008) and London (2012).

The women’s team won two gold medals: in Beijing (2008) and London (2012); one silver in Tokyo (2020) and two bronze medals in Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000).

Sport, exercise and physical activity

Sport involves physical activity within a system of rules in fair and equal competition. It is a fundamental principle of the sport that its participants have equal chances, keeping the due particularities, of winning the dispute.

Thus, sport differs from conventional physical activities and physical exercises for being its own universe with its own logic based on a series of norms and rules.

Physical exercise follows a routine and a procedure, based on repetition with the aim of improving physical condition.

Physical activity refers to any activity that involves the body and some energy expenditure. Physical activities are the basis of any type of sport or physical exercise, but they do not necessarily have a system of rules or a specific routine.

Thus, all sport is a physical activity, but not all physical activity constitutes a sport or physical exercise.

Sports Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Sports

ASD Academy for Sports Dentistry
AST Action Sports Tour
ATU Actions Transports Urgents
ASR Active Sports Retailers
AISC Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre
ASU Adventure Sports Unlimited
ASC Aero Sports Connection
ASSC After School Sports Connection
ASC Alaska Sportsmen’s Council
ADSA Alberta Deaf Sports Association
ADSA Alberta Disc Sports Association
ASRAB Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind
AAS All American SportsWare
AAS All Around Sports
ASAP All Sports All Polarized
ASFN All Sports Fantasy Network
ASRN All Sports Radio Network
ASAF Allied Sportsmen’s Associations of Florida, Inc.
ASF Alpine and Sports Climbing Federation of Yugoslavia
AGSC Alpine Golf & Sports Club
ASWC Alternative Sports World Cup
ASANA Amateur Sports Alliance of North America
AASDN American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists
ACSMA American Canine Sports Medicine Association
ACBSP American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
ACSM American College of Sports Medicine
ACA American Cuesports Alliance
ACM American Custom Motorsports
AIST American International Sports Tournament
AJSM American Journal of Sports Medicine
AOSSM American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
AOASM American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine
ASSC American Shooting Sports Council
ASEA American Snowsports Education Association
ASA American Sports Analysts
ASD American Sports Data
ASMI American Sports Medicine Institute
ASPN American Sports Photo Network
ASSC American Sportscar Service Center
ASA American Sportscasters Association
ASFN Arizona Sports Fans Network
ASRA Arizona Sports Racing Association
ARSN Arkansas Razorback Sports Network
ASEM Arkansas Sports & Events Marketing
AFS Armed Forces Sports
ACSA Armenian Churches Sports Association
APSF ASEAN Para Sports Federation (Malaysia)
ASPEN Asheville Sports Production and Education Network
AASFP Asian Academy of Sports and Fitness Professionals
ASPU Asian Sports Press Union
AOSM Associated Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
APSE Associated Press Sports Editors
ARTC Association des Routes et Transports du Canada
ASC Association des Sports de Chelles
ASM Association des Sports Mécaniques
ASSEMBLY Association des Sports Mécaniques
AUSTRIA Association des Usagers des Transports
AUTEST Association des Usagers des Transports
AUT Association des Usagers des Transports
AFAS Association for Adventure Sports
AWSM Association for Women in Sports Media
AGS Association Genevoise des Sports
ACPSM Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine
AESM Association of Equine Sports Medicine
AMRO Association of Motorsports Recovery Operators
AWSI Association of Wind Sports Industries
ASSAULT Association Sports et Loisirs
ASL Association Sports et Loisirs
ATSM Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
ACSMA Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association
AMSA Austin MotoSports Association
ACSP Australasian College of Sports Physicians
ASTA Australasian Sports Technology Alliance
ANZSLA Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association
ADSF Australian Deaf Sports Federation Limited
APSI Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors, Inc.
ASADA Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
ASC Australian Sports Commission
ASDA Australian Sports Drug Agency
ASADA Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee
ASMF Australian Sports Medicine Federation
ASSAULT Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory, Co, Ltd
ASL Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory, Co, Ltd
AVJ Auto-Transports de la Vallée de Joux
AAT Azur Affrètement Transports
BASEBAND Babes, Automobiles, Sports, Entertainment
BASE Babes, Automobiles, Sports, Entertainment
BESS Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
BSS Bac-Sailly Sports
BSC Badminton Sports Club
BMSA Bahrain Maritime Sports Association
BMSA Bahrain Mind Sports Association
BESA Bald Eagle Sportsman’s Association
BSJA Bangladesh Sports Journalists Association
BSWA Bangladesh Sports Writers Association
BSC Barrie Sports Complex
BYW Barry Youth Watersports
BUMP Barry’s Ultra Motorsports Park
BASS Bass Anglers Sportsman Society
BASG Bay Area Sports Guy
BSMI Baylor Sports Medicine Institute
BAMSA Beijing Auto and Motor Sports Association
BRSC Ben Rhydding Sports Club
BSH Bessat Sports d’Hiver
BASW Best American Sports Writing
BBSR Big Bear Sports Ranch
BSA Bison Sports Arena
BDMS Black Diamond Mountain Sports
BESLA Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, Inc.
BSAA Black Sports Agents Association
BSTM Black Sports the Magazine
BTV Blanc Transports Véhicules
BESS Boeing Employee Shotgun Sports Club
BEAC Boeing Employees’ Autosports Club
BCS Bois Colombes Sports
BSC Boston Sports Club
BNSC Botswana National Sports Council
BMSR Boundless Motor Sports Racing, Inc.
BASS Boys After School Sports
BVSF Brazos Valley Sports Foundation
BSA Bridgewater Sports Arena
BCSC British Classic Sports Cars
BCDSS British Columbia Disc Sports Society
BDSC British Deaf Sports Council
BRSF British Roller Sports Federation
BSSH British Society of Sports History
BSCOC British Sports Cars Owners Club
BUCS British Universities and Colleges Sports
BWCSA British Wheelchair Cue Sports Association
BSCF Brunei Sports Climbing Federation
BSA Brussels Sports Association
BNASC Bundoora Netball and Sports Centre
BST Bureau de la Sécurité des Transports du Canada
BDS Bureau des Sports
BDSL Bureau des Sports et Loisirs
BASC Burnham Association of Sports Clubs
BLT Business Link Transports
BMI Buxton Motorsports, Inc.
BSPS Buzz Sports Picks Service
CSCC Calgary Sports Car Club
CCS-AND-CF Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals
CASM Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine
CASC Canadian Automobile Sports Club
CBSA Canadian Blind Sports Association
CCPSA Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association
CDSA Canadian Deaf Sports Association
CSSF Canadian School Sports Federation
CSSA Canadian Shooting Sports Association
CSTC Canadian Sports Tourism Coalition
CTSA Canadian Tamil Sports Association
CISV Cardiff International Sports Village
CSI Career Sports International
CFSC Central Florida Sports Commission
CITA Centrale Intermodale des Transports de l’Aisne
CDT Centre de Développement des Transports
CDMT Centre de Droit Maritime et des Transports
CTTS Centre de Echnologie des Transports de Surface
CRT Centre de Recherche Sur Les Transports
CNSD Centre National des Sports de la Défense
CFSA Cercle Federal Sports Associations
CAQSM Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine
CCSP Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
CCSP Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
CSSD Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics
CSEE Certified Sports Event Executive
CSN Certified Sports Nutritionist
CDWS Chamber of Diving and Water Sports
CSSC Charleston Sports and Social Club
COST Charlotteans Opposed to Sports Taxes
CSS Charter Sports Southeast
CPRS Chesterfield Physique Recreation & Sports
CMSA Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association
CPSA Chicago Paintball Sports Association
CSLA China Sports Lottery Administration
CNASA Chinese North American Sports Association
CTFS Chop That Freakin’ Sportster
CTSA Citizens Through Sports Alliance
CTSA Citizenship Through Sports Alliance
CSSC Civil Service Sports Council
CSCC Classic Sports Car Club
CSCC Clemson Sports Car Club
CSG Climbing Sports Group
CSG Club des Sports de Glace
COC Club Omnisports Châteauneuvois
COC Club Omnisports Couronnais
COT Club Omnisports de Tarentaise
COV Club Omnisports de Valbonne
COV Club Omnisports de Vernouillet
COC Club Omnisports des Coteaux
COU Club Omnisports des Ulis
COG Club Omnisports Gargenville
CMS Coast Mountain Sports
CSA Colesville Sports Association, Inc.
CPES College of Physical Education and Sports
CSPA College Sports Publishers Association
CSVA College Sports Video Association
CSA Collegiate Sports of America, Inc.
CSVA Collegiate Sports Video Association
CDSA Colorado Disc Sports Association
CNSF Colts Neck Sports Foundation
CSS Comcast Sports Southeast/Charter Sports Southeast
CSN Comcast SportsNet
CSNP Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
CCS Comcast/Charter Sports
CCS Comcastcharter Sports
CISS Comité International des Sports des Sourds
CISS Committee International Silent Sports
CIPES Committee of Physical Education and Sports of Vietnam
CASC Community Amateur Sports Club
CSA Community Sports Association
CSLA Community Sports Leadership Award
CSP Community Sports Park
CTC Compagnie de Transports de Céréales
CTM Compagnie de Transports du Morbihan
CTB Compagnie des Transports de Bourges
CALL-TO-ACTION Compagnie des Transports de l’Atlantique
CTA Compagnie des Transports de l’Atlantique
CTRL Compagnie des Transports de la Région Lorientaise
CTY Compagnie des Transports du Yonnais
CTS Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois
CLTA Compagnie Logistique de Transports Automobiles
CNMT Compagnie Nouvelle de Manutentions et de Transports
CSC Compiègne Sports Cyclistes
CMSB Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules
CEMT Conference Europeenne des Ministres des Transports
CSF Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
CTI Conseils Transports Industriels
CSL Consoles Sports League
CXS Constructors of Xtreme Sports
CFSC Cordite Factory Sports Club
CAST Couples Association of Sports Tournaments
CSA Crescenta Sports Association
CTSN Crimson Tide Sports Network
CCHM Croft Classic and Historic Motorsports Ltd
CAWS Crystal Adaptive Winter Sports
CTD Cubier Transports Déménagements
CSC Custer Sportsmen’s Club
CTMS Custom Thunder Motor-Sports
CSGN Cyber Sports Gaming Network
CMC Cycles et Sports Clamecy
CFSA Cy-Fair Sports Association
DSCC Dallas Sports Car Club
DS Danmarks Sportsdanserforbund
DASU Dansk Automobil Sports Union
DSA Dansk Sports- og Avlschampionat
DSF Dansk Sportsdykker Forbund
DSF Dansk Sportsklatreforbund
DMG Daytona Motorsports Group
DSA Deaf Sports Australia Ltd
DSRV Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria
DSSC Defi Super Sports Cluster
DSSA Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association
DCSA Denton County Sports Association, Inc.
DCSA Denver Center for Sports and Academics
DETEC Département Fédéral de l’Environnement, des Transports, de l’Energie et de la Communication
DDPS Departemental Federal de la Defense de la Protection de la Population et des Sports
DECS Department of Education, Culture and Sports
DBOS Descanso Beach Ocean Sports
DMSC Detroit Metro Sports Commission
DSBA Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association
DTSC Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club
DELU Deutsche Luftkissentransportsysteme
DNSS Development of National Sports Structure
DESA Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association
DMSR Diablo Mountain Sports and Recreation
DSN Digital Sports Network
DJS Direction de la Jeunesse et des Sports
DITN Direction des Infrastructures et des Transports de la Nièvre
DGTT Direction Générale des Transports Terrestres
DGIP Directorate General of Immigration & Passports
DSUSA Disabled Sports USA
DSA Disabled Sportsmen of America
DWWS Disney’s Wide World of Sports
DSS Dominion Sportservice
DFSA Drug Free Sports Act
DSPN Duke Sports Programming Network
DASA Durango Adaptive Sports Association
DGSC Durham Gilesgate Sports College
ELYSA East Lake Youth Sports Association
ERSCA East Riding Sports Coaches Association
ETSCC East Texas Sports Car Club
EMS Eastern Mountain Sports
ERDS Eastern Region Deaf Snowsports
ERISA Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena
EOT Echelon Operationnel des Transports
ESI Edge Sports Inc.
EUSU Edinburgh University Sports’ Union
EAS Electronic Arts Sports
ESIC Electronic Sports Information Centre
ESL Electronic Sports League
ESN Electronic Sports Network
ESWC Electronic Sports World Cup
EMSF Emirates Motor Sports Federation
ESB English Sports Betting
ESC English Sports Council
ESN Entertainment and Sports Network
ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
ESBN Entertainment Sports Blogging Network
ESM Equine Sports Massage
ESMA Equine Sports Massage Association
ESMT Equine Sports Massage Therapy
ESS ESPN Star Sports
ESEA E-Sports Entertainment Association
ESGN E-Sports Gaming Network
ESPL E-Sports Professional League
EASST Essex and Southend Sports Trust
EFSM European Federation of Sports Medicine
ENGSO European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation
EMS Evernham Motorsports
EWOS eWorld of Sports
ESPY Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly
ESS Exercise and Sports Science
ESSM Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
EMOC Extreme Motorsports of California, Inc.
EPSN Extreme Photography Sports Network
XS Extreme Sports
ESSI Extreme Sports Supply International
FCSCC Fairfield County Sports Car Club
FSCC Fairthorpe Sports Car Club
FFSP Family First Sports Park
FSM Fantasy Sports and Mathematics
FSTA Fantasy Sports Trade Association
FSW Fantasy Sports Wire
FASC Federation of Automobile Sports of the People’s Republic of China
FSPA Federation of Sports and Play Associations
FMMS Feint Motion MotorSports
FASMF Fellow of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation
FASD Finnish Association of Sports for the Disabled
FCS Florida Citrus Sports
FCSA Florida Citrus Sports Association
FSF Florida Sports Foundation
FSWA Florida Sports Writers Association
FS Florida Sportsman
FMYSA Flower Mound Youth Sports Association
FMM Focus Motorsports Ministries
FUSA Fodbold Uden Sportslige Ambitioner
FWFSA Fort Wayne Fantasy Sports Association
FCS Fox College Sports
FSD Fox Sports Detroit
FSI Fox Sports International
FSNP Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh
FSN Fox Sports Network
FSO Fox Sports Ohio
FSR Fox Sports Radio
FSRM Fox Sports Rocky Mountain
FSW Fox Sports World
FSMA Frayser Sports Mentorship Association
FYSA Frederick Youth Sports Association
FMS Fredericksburg Motor Sports
FTS Friendship Through Sports
FPS Front Page Sports
FAST Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team
GJLS Gahanna Junior League Sports
GSOC Gainesville Sports Organizing Committee, Inc.
GS Galatasaray Sports Club
GAS Games And Sports
GSSI Gatorade Sports Science Institute
GNSC Gauteng North Sports Council
GSSA Gauteng Schools Sports Association
GLOSS Gay and Lesbian Organized Sports Society
GOYS General Organization for Youth and Sports
GPCSC George Pindar Community Sports College
GSMI Georgia Sports Medicine Institute
GEM Gillett Evernham Motorsports
GGES Girls for Gender Equity in Sports
GIRLS Girls In Recreation, Leadership and Sports
GCSC Gladwin City Sports Complex
GUSA Glasgow University Sports Association
GSEA Global Sports and Entertainment Agency
GSD Global Sports Development
GPSD Glucose Polymer Sports Drink
GSTM Golf and Sports Turf Management
GSMA Golf Sports Medicine Association
GSAW Good Sports Are Winners
GPSM Gramercy Park Sports Medicine
GRWSA Grand Rapids Wheelchair Sports Association
GASF Great American Sports Fans
GLASA Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association
GSBA Great Sports Betting Archive
GNOSF Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation
GFC Groupement Francaise de Coordination pour le developpement des essais de performance des combustibles, lubrifiants et autres fluides utilisees dans les transports
GNTC Groupement National des Transports Combines
HROSM Hampton Roads Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
HSR Hardcore Sports Radio
XL Harley-Davidson Sportster model
XLH Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle model
HJSC Harry Jerome Sports Centre
HIPA Hawai’i Island Paddlesports Association
HXS Hawaiian Extreme Sports
HS Headline Sports
HMS Hendrick Motorsports
HSRN Heritage Sports Radio Network
HSU Heroh Sports University
HJM Herzog-Jackson Motorsports
HLS High Level Sports
HSSM High School of Sports Management
HSSA High School Sports Association
HSSM High School Sports Magazine
HSSM High School Sports Media
HSSP High School Sports Publications
HVM High Velocity Motorsports
HSRCA Historic Sports and Racing Car Association
HSR Historic Sportscar Racing
HSA Hoffman Sports Association
HTS Home Team Sports
HTSN HomeTown Sports and News
HSC Honda Sports Concept
HKSI Hong Kong Sports Institute
HSO Hot Sports Opinion
HMSA Houston Masters Sports Association
HASK Hrvatski Akademski Sportski Klub
HSSR Hrvatski Savez Sportske Rekreacije
HSRZ Hrvatski Športsko-Ribolovni Savez
IESA Illinois Elementary Sports Association
ISFA Illinois Sports Facility Authority
ISS Imprinted Sportswear Shows
ISRA Independent Sports Retailers Association
IASM Indian Association of Sports Medicine
ISN Indian Sports News
ISODAS Indians Socializing Over Drinks and Sports
ISDO Indigenous Sports Development Officer
IPS Infinity Pro Sports
IDIT Institut du Droit International des Transports
IDITED Institut du Droit International des Transports
INFDT-TS Institut National de Formation Supérieure en Sciences et Technologies du Sports
ISAT Institut Superieur de l’Automobile et des Transports
IASM Institute for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine
ISFD Institute for Sports & Fitness Development
ISYS Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
IIS Interactive Internet Sports
IASMHF International Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame
IBSA International Blind Sports Association
ICSN International Center for Sports Nutrition
ICSD International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
IEST International Electronic Sports Tournament
IFSA International Federation of Sports Acrobatics
IFSM International Federation of Sports Medicine
IFSA International Freestyle Sports Association
IHRSA International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association
IIST International Institute of Sports Therapists
IIST International Institute of Sports Therapy
IJSHOF International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
IMSA International Motor Sports Association
IMS International Motor Sports Ltd.
ISST International Schools Sports Tournament
ISBS International Society of Biomechanics in Sports
ISSN International Society of Sports Nutrition
ISFTA International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association
ISB International Sports Broadcasting
ISCA International Sports Conditioning Association
ISHA International Sports Heritage Association
ISLT International Sports Leadership Training
ISMA International Sports Medicine Association
ISNFS International Sports Nutrition Foundation
ISSA International Sports Sciences Association
ISWI International Sports Wagering, Inc.
ISRA International Sportsboat Racing Association
IFSO Internet Fantasy Sports Online
ISOCS Internet Sports Official’s Calendar & Scheduling
ISC Intramural Sports Club
IRSF IOC Recognized Sports Federations
ICABS Irish Council against Blood Sports
IDSA Irish Deaf Sports Association
ISBN Irondequoit Sports Broadcasting Network
ISBB Israel Sports Betting Board
JLYSSL Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League
JISA Jamaica Intercollegiate Sports Association
JASA Japan Amateur Sports Association
JISS Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
JCO Johnson County Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PA
KCSC Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation
KMSC Karnataka Motor Sports Club
KCSA Kaskaskia College Sports Association
KKSS Katja Keans Sports Spectacular
KSR Kentucky Sports Radio
KMSC Kenya Motor Sports Club
KHM Kevin Harvick Motorsports
KRVSA Kissimmee River Valley Sportsmen’s Association
KWSA Kitimat Works Sports Association
KBSS Knowledge-Based Sports System
KTSC Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation
KYS Knoxville Youth Sports
KCSA Kogakaiden Computer Sports Association
KESA Korea Extreme Sports Association
KOSAD Korea Sports Association for the Disabled
KSSI Korea Sports Science Institute
KBM Kyle Busch Motorsports
SET Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports
LS Lausanne Sports
LKS League of Kentucky Sportsmen
LSSC Leon School and Sports College
LSK Lillestrøm Sportsklubb
LVSF Lincolnshire Voluntary Sports Forum
LSSM London School of Sports Massage
LSSF Loughborough Students Sports Foundation
MSRA Macarthur Sports and Recreation Association
MSC Mackenzie Sports Club
MSEU Major Sports Events Unit
MSFA Major Sports Facilities Authority
MSFD Malaysia Sports Federation of the Deaf
MSG Manchester Sports Guild
MSCC Manila Sports Car Club
MODS Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports
MSAF Manx Sports Aid Foundation
MLSE Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment
MPOS Mark Patrick On Sports
MSCA Marque Sports Car Association
MS Master of Sports
MSCC Mazda Sports Car Club
MSCW Mazda Sportscar Club of Washington, Inc.
MSI Media Sports Investments
MSSE Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
MSAC Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre
MSCR Melbourne Sports Car Rentals
MSTO Member of Sports Therapy Organisation
MSYS Metro Sports Youth
MSY Metro Sports Youth
MSFC Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission
MSEA Miami Sports & Exhibition Authority
MVSF Miami Valley Sports Foundation
MISTRESS Midland Roller Sports
MRS Midland Roller Sports
MASR Mid-South Adaptive Sports and Recreation
MCSA Midwest Collegiate Snowsports Association
MDSC Midwest Disc Sports Collection
MSCC Midwest Sports Car Club of Chicago
MCSCC Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs
MSMD Mike Shick Motorsports Designs
MMP Miller Motorsports Park
MSO Mind Sports Olympiad
MSO Mind Sports Organisation
MMRA Miniature Motorsports Racing Association
MET Ministère Wallon de l’Equipement et des Transports
MCDS Ministry of Community Development and Sports
MCST Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MESC Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture
MEXT Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology
MRSC Mississauga Recreational Sports Club
MMRC MMU Motorsports and Recreational Club
MPS Monster Power Sports
MFWA Moray Firth Watersports Association
MSCC Morgan Sports Car Club
MCSC Motor City Sports Cards
MSI Motor Sports International
MSTCV Motorcycle Sports Touring Club of Victoria
MBS Mountain Board Sports
MSLC Mountain Sports Learning Center
MOUZ MouseSports
MGDI Multisports Games Development, Inc.
NSCC Nanaimo Sports Car Club
NSLA Narre Sports and Leisure Alliance
NASCA National Aboriginal Sports Corporation of Australia
NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine
NADM National Association of Diesel Motorsports
NASSA National Association of Shooting Sports Athletes
NASC National Association Of Sports Commissions
NASN National Association of Sports Nutrition
NASA National Autograss Sports Association
NCCYS National Center for Catholic Youth Sports
NCSS National Center for Sports Safety
NCSC National Christian Sports Conference
NCPES National College of Physical Education and Sports
NCSN National College Sports Network
NCAS National Consortium for Academics and Sports
NDSA National Disability Sports Alliance
NESC National Elite Sports Council
NESTA National Endurance Sports Trainers Association
NESTA National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
NHS National Handicapped Sports
NISR National Institute for Sports Reform
NIS National Institute of Sports
NMPA National Motorsports Press Association
NSELS National Sports & Entertainment Law Society
NSFA National Sports and Fitness Association
NSAA National Sports Association of America
NSCD National Sports Center for the Disabled
NSCI National Sports Club of India
NSCC National Sports Collectors Convention
NSC National Sports Commission
NSC National Sports Council
NSDF National Sports Development Fund
NSF National Sports Festival
NSF National Sports Foundation
NSLI National Sports Law Institute
NSTCC National Sports Training and Coaching Centre
NSTF National Sports Trust Fund
NSSA National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association
NYSCAS National Youth Sports Coaches Association
NYSP National Youth Sports Program
NASC Native American Sports Council
NASA Navy Alpine Snowsports Association
NSSA Nebraska Shooting Sports Association
NCSL Neighborhood Children’s Sports League
NSNIS Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports
NESN New England Sports Network
NJSEA New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority
NSWWSA New South Wales Wheelchair Sports Association
NSX New Sportscar eXperimental
NWS New World Sports
NYSD New York Sports Day
NYSX New York Sports Express
NZL New Zealand In Sports Listings
NSMS Nielsen Sports Marketing Service
NASC North Alabama Sports Center
NASCC North American Sports Car Championship
NASF North American Sports Federation
NASN North American Sports Network
NCMA North Carolina Motorsports Association
NDSSA North Dakota Shooting Sports Association, Inc.
NOSC North Olmstead Sportsman’s Club
NSWA North Sulawesi Watersports Association
NTSO North Texas Sports Officials
NWSB North West Sports Board
NASCC Northern Alberta Sports Car Club
NCSCC Northern California Sports Car Council
NISF Northern Ireland Sports Forum
NITSA Northern Ireland Target Sports Association
NSN Northern Sportsman’s Network
NVSA Northern Valley Sports Academy
NASA Northmemorial Amateur Sports Association
NESC Norwegian E-Sports Community
ORTB Observatoire Régional des Transports en Bretagne
OSA Ocala Sportsman’s Association, Inc
OTC Office des Transports du Canada
OSPN Office Sports Programming Network
OCSN Official College Sports Network
OVS Ogden Valley Sports LLC
OSTMA Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association
OPSMC Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre
OPSUS Olympic Peninsula Sports Union
OPSU Olympic Peninsula Sports Union
OSSR Olympic Sports and Spine Rehabilitation
OSC Olympic Sports Club
OSN Onion Sports Network
OCPSA Ontario Cerebral Palsy Sports Association
ODSAS Ontario Disc Sports Association
ODSA Ontario Disc Sports Association
OFSS Ontario Federation of Sleddog Sports
OSSD Open Source Sports Directory
OSMI Optima Sports Management International
OCSA Orange County Sportsman’s Association
OCSA Oregon Community Sports Arena
OSN Oregon Sports Network
OSB Other Sports Beckon
ODSC Ottawa Deaf Sports Club
OSEG Outdoor Sports Expo Group
OSTMA Ozarks Sports Turf Managers Association
PSP Paintball Sports Promotions
PSB Pakistan Sports Board
PSN Panamerican Sports Network
PES Pantheon Electronic Sports
PDMES Paul Diatlovich Motorsports
PDM Paul Diatlovich Motorsports
PISA Penang International Sports Arena
PMSC Peterborough Motor Sports Club
PSPB Petroleum Sports Promotion Board
PASAA Philippine American Sports Association of Arizona
PCSSD Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving
PSC Philippine Sports Commission
PST Phoenix Sports Ticket
PASSOR Physiatric Association of Spine, Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation
PESC Physical Education/Sports Communication
PSFC Pieper Sports Facility Consulting
PASA Pike Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance
PMSC Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsman Club
POSMC Plano Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center
PASA Polish American Sports Association
PSEN Pomperaug Sports Entertainment Network
PSEN Potomac Sports and Entertainment Network
PSCC Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club
PKSF Power Kite Sports Federation
PSN Power Sports Network
PSO Prep Sports Online
PSZ Prep Sports Zone
PCPFS President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
PTS Prime Time Sports
PFSL Pro Fantasy Sports Leagues
PGSC Pro Gamer’s Sports Cup
PASM Process of Attaining Sports Mastery
PASA Professional Air Sports Association
PSA Professional Sports Authenticators/Authentication
PSA Professional Sports Authenticatorsauthentication
PSCR Professional Sports Car Racing
PSPG Professional Sports Psychology Group
PSA Protection Sports Association
QMSF Qatar Marine Sports Federation
QCMA Queen City Motorsports Association
QSCC Queensbridge Sports and Community Centre
QGSSSA Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sports Association
QRS Queensland Roller Sports
QWS Quiet World Sports
RYS Racine Youth Sports
RSPB Railway Sports Promotion Board
RASC Rainier Auto Sports Club
RISF Randalls Island Sports Foundation
RSGFS Ready Set Go Fantasy Sports, LLC
RIS Recreation and Intramural Sports
RSSSF Recreation and Sports Soccer Statistics Foundation
RSM Recreation Sports Management
RSFS Recreational Sports and Fitness Services
RSF Recreational Sports Facility
RSJ Recreational Sports Journal
RATP Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens
RDT Régie Départementale des Transports
RTA Regie des Transports de l’Aisne
RTM Régie des Transports Maritimes
RBMS René Bonnet Matra Sports
RDS Reseau des Sports
RSN Resort Sports Network
RDL Riddell Sports, Inc.
RCSA River City Sports Arena
RRM Road Race Motorsports
RGM Robby Gordon Motorsports
RASC Rochester Active Sports Club
RMMI Rocky Mountain Motorsports Inc.
RSO Rogers Sportsnet Ontario
RSA Roller Sports Australia Inc.
MSA Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association
RSTN Royals Sports Television Network
RSPF Russian Sports Poker Federation
SDUS Saint Denis Union Sports
SGS Sainte Genevieve Sports
SCSCC Salt Creek Sports Car Club
SWS Salt Water Sportsman
SSM Sam Schmidt Motorsports
SSEC Sarnia Sports and Entertainment Centre
SBSA Saskatchewan Blind Sports Association
SSC Saxo Sports Club
SSA Scottish Sports Association
SSH Scottish Sports Horse
SUS Scottish Universities Sports
SSC Seattle Sports Commission
SESSA Security Services Sports Association
SJS Service de la Jeunesse et des Sports
SPB Shanghai Sports Bureau
SUSA Shooting Sports USA
SSCG Sierra Sports Car Group
SVSE Silicon Valley Sports and Entertainment
SDSC Singapore Disability Sports Council
SSC Singapore Sports Council
SSCD Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled
SSC Singhalese Sports Club
SP Sky Sports
SSCT Skyline Sports Club Tokyo
SUSA Slovenian University Sports Association
SSIA SnowSports Industries America
SEMTA Société d’Économie Mixte des Transports Amiénois
STAC Société de Transports de l’Agglomération Chambérienne
STM Société de Transports de Montréal
STEMI Société de Transports et Manutentions Industrielles
STL Societe des Transports de Laval
SETRAM Société des Transports En Commun de l’Agglomération Mancelle
STIB Société des Transports Inter-Communaux Bruxellois
STIC Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Charleroi
STIL Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Liège
SNTN Société Nationale des Transports Nigériens
SCSR Society for Cincinnati Sports Research
SASCOC South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee
SASCOC South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
SASF South Asian Sports Federation
SASI South Australian Sports Institute
SESSA Southern England Student Sports Association
SOMS Southern Ocean Marine Sportswear
SSAAD Southern Sports Association of the Deaf
STAR Spec Transports Aeriens Roissy
SSFN Special Sports Federation of Nigeria
SSC Specialist in Sports Conditioning
SSV Specialty Sports Venture LLC
SMI Speedway Motorsports, Inc.
SVSC Spen Valley Sports College
SSAC Spiritualist’s Sports and Adventures Club
SEM Sports & Entertainment Marketing
SAZS Sports Action Zone
SAZ Sports Action Zone
SAV Sports Activity Vehicle
SBA Sports and Billiards Association
SEC Sports and Entertainment Commission
SELS Sports and Entertainment Law Society
SOAR Sports and Outdoor Assistive Recreation
SAG Sports Arbitrage Guide
SAW Sports Arbitrage World
SANL Sports Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
SATB Sports at the Beach
SAAP Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh
SAI Sports Authority of India
SATELLITE Sports Authority Of Thailand
SAT Sports Authority of Thailand
SBX Sports Bet Express
SBC Sports Booster Club
SBFN Sports Buff Fantasy Network
SBIO Sports Business Industry Online
SBI Sports Business Initiative
SBI Sports Business Institute
SBJ Sports Business Journal
SBRN Sports Business Research Network
SBB Sports by Brooks
SCCA Sports Car Club of America
SCM Sports Car Market
SCS Sports Car Specialists
SC Sports Center
SCUB Sports Club University Bolzano
SCDES Sports Collectors Digest
SCD Sports Collectors Digest
SCIS Sports Council for International Schools
SCZ Sports Council of Zambia
SC Sports Coupe
SDAT Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu
SWEDEN Sports Edition
SE Sports Edition
SEJ Sports Elite Jeunes
SEX Sports Entertainment Extreme
SEN Sports Entertainment Network
SLSP Sports et Loisirs des Sourds de Poitiers
SLOVENE Sports et Loisirs Nautiques
SLN Sports et Loisirs Nautiques
SESA Sports Event Security Aware
SEME Sports Events Marketing Experience
SFQ Sports Federation of Queensland
SFRITO Sports Fitness and Recreation Industry Training Organisation
SFS Sports Fitness Specialist
SFW Sports For Women
SFI Sports Foundation, Inc.
SGZ Sports Gaming Zone
SGFI Sports Goods Foundation of India
SHOTGUN Sports Guy
SG Sports Guy
SI Sports Illustrated
SISE Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
SISI Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
SID Sports Information Director
SIDA Sports Information Directors Association
SIB Sports Injury Bulletin
SINI Sports Institute Northern Ireland
SI Sports Interactive
SJI Sports Journalism Institute
SLI Sports Legacy Institute
SLE Sports Leisure Entertainment Underwriters
SATELLITE Sports Light
SL Sports Light
SLC Sports Loisirs et Culture
SMI Sports Management International LLC
SMWW Sports Management Worldwide
SMEC Sports Marketing and Entrepreneurship Club
SMS Sports Marketing Survey
SPM Sports Massage
SMEC Sports Massage Education Council
SME Sports Media Entertainment
SMW Sports Media Watch
SMI Sports Media, Inc.
SM Sports Medicine
SMR Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
SMIP Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention
SMSCC Sports Medicine and Science Council of Canada
SMAS Sports Medicine Association of Serbia
SMC Sports Medicine Clinic
SMCC Sports Motor Car Club
SNB Sports Nautiques Brevinois
SNPA Sports Nautiques et de Plein Air
SNS Sports Nautiques Sablais
SNTV Sports News Television
SN Sports Night
SOH Sports Olympiques de Houilles
SOAR Sports Orthopedic and Rehabilitation
SPEN Sports Penguin Entertainment Network
SPAA Sports Photographers Association of America
SPSE Sports Photos Search Engine
SPAC Sports Properties Acquisition Corporation
SQV Sports Q-tility Vehicle
SRCC Sports Racing Car Club
SRLC Sports Rehabilitation Locus of Control
SRB Sports Reunis Belfortains
SRW Sports Réunis de Widensolen
SRN Sports Reunis Neuilly L’Eveque
SSISA Sports Science Institute of South Africa
SS Sports Sedan
SSC Sports Specialty Chemicals Inc.
SSPM Sports Spine & Pain Medicine
SSOT Sports Stars of Tomorrow
STRIVE Sports Teach Respect, Initiative, Values and Excellence
STATS Sports Team Analysis and Tracking Systems
STRIPES Sports Teams Returning in the Public Education System
STOB Sports Tears in Our Beers
STO Sports Therapy Organisation
STO-2 Sports Therapy Organisation
STS Sports Training System
STDT Sports Trim Diesel Turbo
STM Sports Turf Management
STRI Sports Turf Research Institute
SUBJECT Sports Utility Bike
SUBTRACT Sports Utility Bike
SUB Sports Utility Bike
SVG Sports Video Group
SWC Sports Wrestling Community
SWAL Sports Writers Association of Liberia
SWAN Sports Writers Association of Nigeria
SMERF Sports, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal
SPACE Sports, Performing Arts & Creative Education
SPARK Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids
SUBARU Sportsbook Review
SBR Sportsbook Review
SVRA Sportscar Vintage Racing Association
SGC Sportscard Guaranty
SCF Sportscardforum
SC SportsCenter
SCNE SportsChannel New England
SAIS Sportscotland Avalanche Information Service
SC Sportski Centar
SKBS Sportsklubben Brann
SKB Sportsklubben Brann
SOTY Sportsman of the Year
SIAI Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc.
SAFE Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education, Inc.
SNY Sportsnet New York
SLSF St. Louis Sports Forum
SMM Stade Multisports de Montrouge
SRO Stade Rodez Omnisports
SGAS State General Administration of Sports
SGSA State General Sports Administration
SSAC State Sports Administration of China
SXM Static X Motorsports, Inc.
SSSU Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah
SSN Streaming Sports Network, LLC
SPMP Summit Point Motorsports Park
SSPE Sun Sports and Entertainment, Inc.
SSE Sunrise Sports and Entertainment
SFFS Super Fan Fantasy Sports
SSN Super Sports Network
SST Super Sports Touring
SWS Super World of Sports
SMSA Surrey Masonic Sports Association
SAFS Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports
SESF Swiss E-Sports Federation
SGLS Swiss Gay and Lesbian Sports
SSA Sydenham Sportsmen’s Association
SMT Syndicat Mixte Transports
SNET Syndicat national pour l’etude des transports aeriens
TSN Talking Sports Network
TBSN Tampa Bay Sports Network
TSA Tampa Sports Authority
TRSSM Tampere Research Station of Sports Medicine
TSC Tanglin Sports Club
TSEI Team Sports Entertainment Inc.
TSN Team Sportscast Network
TNUSA Ted Nugent’s United Sportsmen of America
TASO Texas Association of Sports Officials
TESC The Educated Sports Community
TSA The Sports Authority
TSF The Sports Factory
TSN The Sports Network
TWIST This Week in Sports Trivia
TSSC Thornborough Sports and Social Club
TDS ThrowDown Sports
TSSC Tidewater Sports & Social Club
TASA Timberlea Amateur Sports Association
TASA Tonga Amateur Sports Association
TBSF Tony Blair Sports Foundation
TSRA Top Sportsman Racing Association
TMP Toronto Motorsports Park
TSN Toronto Sports Network
TBS Total Blue Sports
TSEI Total Sports & Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
TSI Town Sports International
TBSA TrailBike Sportsman Association
TCU Transports Collectifs Urbains
TAC Transports de l’Agglomération Châtelleraudaise
TAM Transports de l’Agglomération de Montpellier
TAG Transports de l’Agglomération Grenobloise
TSM Transports de Saint Michel
TLC Transports du Loir-et-Cher
TCL Transports en Commun Lyonnais
TL Transports Lausannois
TMB Transports Municipals de Barcelona
TPO Transports Pluviaud Organisation
TPC Transports Publics du Chablais
TPC Transports Publics du Choletais
TPF Transports Publics Fribourgeois
TPG Transports Publics Genevois
TPYG Transports Publics Yverdon Grandson
TRN Transports Régionaux Neuchâtelois
TRV Transports Routiers de Voyageurs
TUB Transports Urbains Briochins
TUR Transports Urbains de Reims
TURP Transports Urbains et Regionaux de Personnes
TUF Transports Urbains Français
TUL Transports Urbains Lavallois
TUM Transports Urbains Mendois
TUM Transports Urbains Montluconnais
TCSC Treasure Coast Sports Commission
TSCC Triad Sports Car Club
TSOC Triangle Sports & Outings Club
TPSA Triple Play Sports Academy
TSSC Triumph Sports Six Club
TSIC Tropical Sportswear International Corp
USMT Unified Sports Management Team
USF Unified Sportsmen of Florida
USFSA Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques
USMG Union des Sports Municipale de Gagny
UTP Union des Transports Publics
USMT Union Sportive du Métro et des Transports
UARS United Adventist Recreational Sports
UKSC United Kingdom Sports Council
USAA United Sports Athletic Association
UST United Sports Technologies
USAA United Sportsmen & Airboaters Alliance
USA United States Armsports
USSSA United States Specialty Sports Association
USSA United States Sports Academy
USLW Upward Sports League of Winchester
UYS Urban Youth Sports
USSA US Sportsmen’s Alliance
VBS Van Buggenum Sports
VTSL Vancouver Theatresports League
VSW Vanderbilt Sports Weekly
VSP Velocity Sports Performance
VSMC Vermont Sports Medicine Center
VFF Viborg Fodsports Forening
VDSAC Victorian Disabled Sports Advisory Committee
VSN Victory Sports Network
VMC Vintage Motorsports Council
VSCC Vintage Sports Car Club
VSSA Virginia Shooting Sports Association
VRS Visionsports Riding Schools
WBSC Walter Baker Sports Centre
WVRS Warwick Valley Racquets Sports
WSC Washington Sports Clubs
WSSCA Washington State Sports Collectors Association
WSMT Washington State Sports Massage Team
WS Water Sports
WODS Waterloo Organisation of Disc Sports
WSBN Web Sports Broadcast Network
WHSA Welwyn Hatfield Sports Alliance
WCST West Coast Sports Training
WMSC West Michigan Sports Commission
WRSA West River Sports Association
WSSA West Shore Sportsmen’s Association
WTSO West Tennessee Sports Online
WWSA West Wales Sports Academy
WSCC Westchester Sports Car Club
WASA Western Alternative Sports Association
WASF Western Australian Sports Federation
WMSJ Western Massachusetts Sports Journal
WNYSC Western New York Sports Committee
WPASS Western Province Adventure Sports Society
WWSRA Western Winter Sports Representatives Association
WSCC Westfield Sportscar Club
WSBI Wharton Sports Business Initiative
WSA Wheelchair Sports Alberta
WEAPON Wheelchair Sports Association
WCS Wheelchair Sports Association
WSA Wheelchair Sports Australia
WSV Wheelchair Sports Victoria
WSW Wheelchair Sports Worldwide
WS Wheelin’ Sportsmen
WASP Whistler Adaptive Sports Program
WOTM Wide Open Throttle Motorsports
WWOS Wide World of Sports
WSW Windsor Sports Weekend
WSCC Winnipeg Sports Car Club
WSMT Winter Sports Massage Team
WSCC Wisconsin Sports Car Classic
WSVP Wisconsin Sports Vision Project
WRFSC Wodonga Raiders Football and Sports Club
WSM Wolfpack Sports Marketing
WAFS Women Against Fantasy Sports
WAM Women’s Auxiliary of Motorsports, Inc.
WSF Women’s Sports Foundation
WTSN Women’s Television Sports Network
WHSA Woolmer Hill Sports Association
WCSN World Championship Sports Network
WCBS World Confederation of Billiards Sports
WCSF World Culture and Sports Festival
WMSG World Mind Sports Games
WNSO World Natural Sports Organization
WOSI World of Sports Innovation
WPSA World PowerSports Association
WSRP World Sports Racing Prototypes
WTSF World Traditional Sports Federation
WWSI World Wide Sports Insurance
WWTS World Wide Tele Sports
WSC Wycombe Sports Centre
WVSD Wyoming Valley Sports Dome
XSN Xbox Sports Network
XMSN XM Sports Nation
XSE Xtreme Sports Entertainment
YES Yankees Entertainment & Sports
YES Young Engineers Sportscar
YSSL Young Sportsman Soccer League
YSAT Youth Sports Alliance of Tracy
YSRC Youth Sports and Recreation Commission
YSN Youth Sports Network
YSRC Youth Sports Research Council New Brunswick, New Jersey)
YSSD Youth Sports Services Department
YSVN Youth Sports Video Network
ZSC Zayed Sports City