Statistics Abbreviations

Statistics are overviews of data that you can compare. Statistics is the science of collecting and comparing phenomena and of representing them in tables or graphics.


Statistics Abbreviations

Judicial Statistics
Figures provided by Statistics Netherlands on the number of criminal cases handled by the district courts.

Political Statistics
Reports of crimes by citizens who have been duped as well as crimes detected by the police themselves.

Economic Statistics
statistics on data from economic life. This includes financial statistics, production, income, consumption, trade, and price statistics.

A summary statistical overview of a country is given in the national accounts. In the Netherlands, an important part of the economic statistics is provided by the Central Bureau of Statistics, while in Belgium, among others, the National Institute of Statistics is responsible for this task.

List of Acronyms Related to Statistics

ASP Accident Statistics Program
ASC Advanced Statistics Controller
ATHOS Advanced Topics in High-Order Statistics
ABSA Advisory Board on Statistics in Africa
ABMS American Bureau of Metal Statistics
ASI American Statistics Index
AMS Annals of Mathematical Statistics
ACSR Annual Cancer Statistics Review
ANUS Annual Net Usage Statistics
APCAS Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
ASSUME Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ABSIW Australian Bureau of Statistics Information Warehouse
ASAC Australian Statistics Advisory Council
AMASS Automated Material Accounting Statistics System
AVSS Automated Vital Statistics System
DSK Azerbaijan State Statistics Committee
BOPS Balance of Payments Statistics
BBS Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BPS Basic Practice of Statistics
BSC Biostatistics Center
BBSR Biostatistics/Bioinformatics Shared Resource
BES Bose-Einstein Statistics
BAS Bureau of Agricultural Statistics
BCSR Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
BHPVS Bureau of Health Policy and Vital Statistics
BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics
BLES Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
BLSI Bureau of Labor Statistics Information
BOTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics
BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics
BVS Bureau of Vital Statistics
CASS California Agricultural Statistics Service
CCJS Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
CESC Canadian Education Statistics Council
CIS Canadian Industry Statistics
CMFS Canadian Municipal Financial Statistics
CSEB Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
CRAB Cancer Research and Biostatistics
CSD Census and Statistics Department
CAST Center for Astrostatistics
CBAI Center for Biostatistics and Advanced Informatics
CBAR Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research
CCEB Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
CHS Center for Health Statistics
CHSI Center for Health Statistics and Information
CNTS Center for National Truck Statistics
CPOB Center for Preventive Ophthalmology and Biostatistics
CBS Central Bureau for Statistics
CBS Central Bureau of Statistics
COSIT Central Office for Statistics and Information Technology
COSIT Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology
CSO Central Statistics Office
CAMS Centre for Applied Medical Statistics
CFSLR Centre for Forensic Statistics and Legal Reasoning
CEBU Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit
CMFB Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics
CNSTAT Committee on National Statistics
COMSTAT Computer Statistics
CBS Consolidated Banking Statistics
CSUG Construction Statistics Users’ Group
CWP Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics
CSIS Coping Strategies Inventory for Statistics
COPAFS Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
CSP Court Statistics Project
CSU Crime Statistics Unit
CJSC Criminal Justice Statistics Center
CUDS Cumulative Data Statistics
CES Current Employment Statistics
CIS Current Index to Statistics
DSBS Danish Society for Biopharmaceutical Statistics
DASP Data Analysis Statistics and Probability
DIPS Defense-Independent Pitching Statistics
DCS Department of Census and Statistics
DES Department of Economics and Statistics
DEB Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
DOS Department of Statistics
DOSM Department of Statistics Malaysia
DOTS Department of Trade Statistics
DVS Department of Vital Statistics
DGABS Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics
DVRHS Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics
DHES Division of Health Examination Statistics
DLSR Division of Labor Statistics and Research
DVS Division of Vital Statistics
DPES Doctoral Program in Economics and Statistics
DBS Dominion Bureau of Statistics
EAS Econometrics and Applied Statistics Unit
ESBR Economic Statistics Briefing Room
ESA Economics and Statistics Administration
ESI Economics, Statistics and Informatics
ESSI Education Statistics Services Institute
ESW Educational Statistics Workshop
ERSD Election Records and Statistics Department
ESC Elementary Concepts in Statistics
ESS Emacs Speaks Statistics
ES Employment Statistics
ESPANOL Employment Statistics
ETS Enemy Territory Statistics
EMS Engineering Mathematics and Statistics
EEST Environmental and Ecological Statistics
ESHI Epidemiology, Statistics and Health Information
ECARES European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics
EODS European Occupational Diseases Statistics
ESAW European Statistics on Accidents at Work
EDS External Debt Statistics
FOCUS Facility for Operations Control and Utilization Statistics
FIRES Facts, Incidents, Reasons, Examples, and Statistics
FRIES Facts, Reasons, Incidents, Examples, Statistics
FBES Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics
FISG Fast IRC Statistics Generator
FBS Federal Bureau of Statistics
FETAL-BOVINE-SERUM Federal Bureau of Statistics
FSMS Fellow of the Indian Society for Medical Statistics
FIDI Fishery Information, Data, and Statistics Service
FST Fixation Index-Statistics
FASS Florida Agricultural Statistics Service
FATS Foreign Affiliates Statistics
FTS Foreign Trade Statistics
FTSR Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations
FST Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry
FST Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry
GES General Expenditure Statistics
GSO General Statistics Office
GCCS Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics
GFS Government Finance Statistics
GFSM Government Finance Statistics Manual
GFS Government Statistics Finance
GCAS Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Statistics
GLDS Gray Level Difference Statistics
HIES Handbook of International Economic Statistics
HDVS Health Department Vital Statistics
HSDM Health Statistics and Data Management
HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency Ltd.
HOSTILE Higher-Order Statistics
HOS Higher-Order Statistics
HSUS Historical Statistics of the United States
HSOB Historical Statistics on Banking
HES Hospital Episode Statistics
HHES Housing and Household Economic Statistics
IPFS Indian Public Finance Statistics
ISMS Indian Society for Medical Statistics
IBIS Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics
IMS Institute for Mathematical Statistics
IES Institute of Economics and Statistics
IMS Institute of Mathematical Statistics
ISDS Interagency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics
IGSP Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics Program
ICE International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics
ICASP International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability
ICMS International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics
IFFHS International Federation of Football History and Statistics
IFS International Financial Statistics
IJB International Journal of Biostatistics
IMSL International Mathematics & Statistics Library
IMTS International Merchandise Trade Statistics
ISBE Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics
ISSB Iron and Steel Statistics Bureau
ISA Iterative Statistics Algorithm
JAS Journal of Applied Statistics
JBS Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics
JBES Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
JCGS Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
JOS Journal of Official Statistics
JSE Journal of Statistics Education
JSU Justice Statistics Unit
KAS Kansas Agricultural Statistics
KSBS Key Small Business Statistics
LMS Labor Market Statistics
LSAG Labour Statistics Advisory Group
LSDD Library Statistics Data Dictionary
LCOS Linear Combination of Order Statistics
LAUS Local Area Unemployment Statistics
POUNDS Local Base Statistics
LBS Local Base Statistics
LGFS Local Government Finance Statistics
LTCS Long-Term Channel Statistics
MLAS Machine Learning and Applied Statistics
MCPS Maintenance Control and Statistics Process
MSMESB Making Statistics More Effective in Schools and Business
MONTH Management Information Statistics
MIS Management Information Statistics
MSS Management Statistics Subsystem
MRFSS Marine Recreational Fishing Statistics Survey
MSI Market Statistics, Inc.
MLS Mass Layoff Statistics
MSTAT Master of Statistics
MSTA Mathematical Statistics
MAS Mathematics and Statistics
MORSE Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics
MSCS Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
MSIT Mathematics, Statistics and Information Technology
MSBI Medical Statistics and BioInformatics
MSU-2 Medical Statistics Unit
MSU Medical Statistics Unit
MSTA Metering Statistics
MASS Michigan Agricultural Statistics Service
MMSD Minerals and Mining Statistics Division
MOPAS Ministry of Planning and Statistics
MOSPI Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
MSPI Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
MOS Model Output Statistics
MFS Monetary and Financial Statistics
MOS Monthly Oil and Gas Statistics
NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service
NBS National Bureau of Statistics
NBSC National Bureau of Statistics of China
NCSO National Census and Statistics Office
NSO National Census and Statistics Office
NCCS National Center for Charitable Statistics
NCES National Center for Education Statistics
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics
NCSA National Center for Statistics and Analysis
NCETS National Centre for Education and Training Statistics
NFES National Forum on Education Statistics
NISR National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda
NIS National Institutes of Statistics
NMSU National Migrant Statistics Unit
NPSU National Perinatal Statistics Unit
NS National Statistics
NSO National Statistics Office
NSQR National Statistics Quality Review
NSTI National Statistics Training Institute
NTS National Transportation Statistics
NVSD National Vital Statistics Data
NVSR National Vital Statistics Reports
NVSS National Vital Statistics System
NASS Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service
NSHWG Neighbourhood Statistics Housing Working Group
NMSP Network Management Statistics Process
OWS Obsessive Website Statistics
OES Occupational Employment Statistics
OBTS Offender Based Transaction Statistics
ONS Office for National Statistics
LS Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study
OEUS Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics
OOSEP Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections
ORS Office of Research and Statistics
ORES Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics
OVSR Office of Vital Statistics and Registration
OVSP Ontario Vital Statistics Project
OSSO Order Statistics Smallest Of
OSF Ordered Statistics Filter
OSGO Ordered Statistics Greater-Of
OASS Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service
OSR Oscillator Statistics Request
PCBS Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
PASBA Patient Administration Systems and Biostatistics Activity
PSRS Piecewise Stationary with Repeating Statistics
PNSD Police National Statistics Database
PMS Probability and Mathematical Statistics
PSI Probability, Statistics and Information
PSCS Production Statistics Collection System
RMS Radio Measurement Statistics
REFS Really Essential Financial Statistics
RSISG Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group
RSSSF Recreation and Sports Soccer Statistics Foundation
RSD Research and Statistics Department
RSD Research and Statistics Division
RSO Research and Statistics Office
RDS Research Development and Statistics
RAS Research, Analysis & Statistics
RUSIS Rice University Summer Institute of Statistics
SES Safety and Enforcement Statistics
SAMIS Safety Management Information Statistics
SESO Scottish Environment Statistics Online
SHIPS Scottish Hospital In-Patient Statistics
SOCS Second Order Cyclic Statistics
SOS Second Order Statistics
SES Selected Educational Statistics
SS Server Statistics
SBS Shanghai Bureau of Statistics
STESEG Short Term Economic Statistics Expert Group
SEATS Signal Extraction in ARIMA Time Series (software; statistics)
SBOS Sindh Bureau of Statistics
SAS Small Area Statistics
SACSS South African Central Statistics Office
SMS Special Migration Statistics
SWS Special Workplace Statistics
SUSHIS Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative
SCRAS Standing Committee on Road Accident Statistics
SCHSA State Center for Health Statistics Administration
SDSG State Department for Statistics of Georgia
SIS State Institute of Statistics
SSCU State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
STATS Statistics
STS Statistics & Traffic Measurement Subsystem
SATU Statistics and Analysis of Trade Unit
SCS Statistics and Census Service
SDMB Statistics and Data Management Branch
STOR Statistics and Operations Research
STAT Statistics Austria
STC Statistics Canada
SCAD Statistics Center Abu Dhabi
STA Statistics Department
SDB Statistics Display Board
SCHIP Statistics for Chromosome Interphase Positioning
SMA Statistics for Microarray Analysis
SGS Statistics Gathering System
SNZ Statistics New Zealand
SOI Statistics Of Income
SDI Statistics on Depository Institutions
SOCR Statistics Online Computational Resource
SRCC Statistics Research and Constancy Centre
SRCC Statistics Research and Consultancy Centre
SSA Statistics South Africa
SOMS Statistics, Operations and Management Science
SPOR Statistics, Probability and Operations Research
SBS Structural Business Statistics
STATS Students’ Attitude Towards Statistics
SRPB Summer Research Program in Biostatistics
SSTATS System Statistics
TFFS Task Force on Finance Statistics
TAPAS Technical Action Plans for Agricultural Statistics
TSM Telemetry Statistics Monitor
TIMES Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics
TSII Tourism Statistics Improvement Initiative
TBSS Tract-Based Spatial Statistics
TMS Traffic Matrix Statistics
TSUG Transport Statistics Users Group
TSAR Transportation Statistics Annual Report
TJSAC Tribal Justice Statistics Assistance Center
TASA Tunisian Association of Statistics and its Applications
USEI Undergraduate Statistics Education Initiative
UISER UNESCO Institute for Statistics (Quebec, Canada)
UIS UNESCO Institute for Statistics (Quebec, Canada)
UKSA United Kingdom Statistics Authority
UASS Utah Agricultural Statistics Service
VS Vital Statistics
VSCA Vital Statistics of California
VSQ Vital Statistics Query
VSS Vital Statistics System
WCSC Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center
WENUS Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics
WGES Working Group on Education Statistics
WPFS Working Party on Financial Statistics
WSII Workshop on International Investment Statistics
WIIS Workshop on International Investment Statistics
WSGP Workshop on Statistics in Genomics and Proteomics
WBMS World Bureau of Metal Statistics
WHO-NCHS World Health Organization/National Center for Health Statistics
WHS World Health Statistics
WSTS World Semiconductor Trade Statistics