Tamil Abbreviations

Tamil has the following two meanings:

1. the official language of the state of Tamil Nadir (formerly Madras ) of India, spoken by nearly 30 million people; perhaps the only ancient classical language to have survived for over 20 centuries; Tamil refers to a language spoken in India , Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Chief among the Drawid languages, spoken from Madras to the southern tip of the East Indies. The noun has gender only when it denotes rational beings; it forms plural by changing the final consonant and the 8 cases by affixes. The verb consists of stem, tense and person affix; it has three modes: indicative , imperative and infinitive. In syntax, the determining precedes the definite: attribute to noun, adverb to verb; the verb closes the sentence.


The literature goes back to the 8th century AD. ch. and consists mainly of religion. poetry, mainly written by Djainas (➝ Jaina) from the 9th to the 13th century, then written by Shiwaites. In the first period the ➝ Kurral of Tyrewalloewar, in the second the Shiwahymn collection of Manikka-Wasakar is the most important work. A religious epic by J. Beschi, an Ital, is remarkable in later times. Jesuit († 1742), by the Tamil speakers as a masterpiece of their lit. considered. Zoetmulder.

2. member of a people in the extreme south of India, which developed a very high culture from the 9th to the 13th century and also conquered Sri Lanka; present : the remains thereof in India, and spec. : descendant of the Indian Tamils ​​who inhabit northeastern Sri Lanka (Ceylon) (21% of the total population).

The Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka fall into two groups:

1. About 1.5 million Sri Lanka-Tamils ​​who crossed over to Sri Lanka many centuries ago and had their own kingdom there until 1833;
2. about 1.2 million India-Tamil, from the lowest castes, and employed by the English in the 19th century as laborers on the coffee and tea plantations. The two groups do not maintain contact with each other. In 1964, the India-Tamil became stateless when they were stripped of their Sri Lankan citizenship. It was agreed with India that in a period of 15-20 years, 600,000 of them would return to India, while the rest would receive Sri Lankan citizenship.

In 1979 more than 250,000 had been repatriated, about 100,000 had received citizenship. Riots broke out in 1977-79 because the Tamils ​​consider themselves discriminated against, partly because their language is not officially recognized, and they feel socially threatened.

List of Acronyms Related to Tamil

AGOTIC Action Group Of Tamils In Colombo
ATM Azhagiya Tamil Magan
CTSA Canadian Tamil Sports Association
CANTYD Canadian Tamil Youth Development
CECT Centre of Excellence for Classical Tamil
DTEA Delhi Tamil Education Association
DTA Durham Tamil Association
ETA Eelam Tamil Association
ETAC Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference
ETDRC European Tamil Documentation and Research Centre
FACT Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils
GOTN Government of Tamil Nadu
ITAK Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi
ITCOT Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation of Tamil Nadu
LTTA Liberation Tigers of Tamil Australia
LTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
MTTF Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation
MIFT Medical Institute for Tamils
MIOT Medical Institute of Tamils
NUTA Newham United Tamil Association
RFTE Red Front of Tamil Eelamists
STS Seattle Tamil Sangam
SDAT Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu
SIPCOT State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu
TAM Tamil
TAB Tamil Bilingual
TBO Tamil Box Office
TCHR Tamil Centre for Human Rights
TCAC Tamil Cultural Arts Centre
TELG Tamil Eelam Liberation Guerrillas
TESOC Tamil Eelam Society of Canada
TEMS Tamil Emergency Medical Services
TFM Tamil Film Music
TITA Tamil Information Technology Association
TMC Tamil Maanila Congress
TAM Tamil Monolingual
TMT Tamil Movie Tracker
TN Tamil Nadu
TNAU Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
TANCET Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test
TNCA Tamil Nadu Cricket Association
TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
TNFA Tamil Nadu Football Association
TNGEU Tamil Nadu Government Employees Union
TNGOU Tamil Nadu Government Officials Union
TINP Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Project
TNMB Tamil Nadu Maritime Board
TMMK Tamil nadu Muslim Makkal Katchi
TNPL Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Limited
TNPCB Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board
TNPCEE Tamil Nadu Professional Course Entrance Examination
TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
TANSI Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation
TNSCZMA Tamil Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority
TASMAC Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation
TNSPCB Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board
TNSTC Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation
TNTPO Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organisation
TNTRC Tamil Nadu Tsunami Resource Centre
TNULB Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project
TNA Tamil National Alliance
TNRT Tamil National Retrieval Troops
TRRO Tamil Refugee Relief Organisation
TRO Tamil Rehabilitation Organization
TSC Tamil Standard Code
TSA Tamil Student Association
TVU Tamil Virtual University
TYF Tamil Youth Front
TYO Tamil Youth Organization
TMVP Tamileela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal
TMBL Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited
TMBL Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd
TEDA Tamilnadu Energy Development Agencies
TESMA Tamilnadu Essential Services Maintenance Act
TIIC Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd.
TLA Tamilnadu Library Association
TMMK TamilNadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam
THO Tamils Health Organisation
TTBA Toronto Tamil Basketball Association
WLTS West London Tamil School
WTA World Tamil Association
WTM World Tamil Movement