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Tel Aviv-Jaffa, in Hebrew Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel’s second largest city, on a strip of dunes along the straight Mediterranean coast, (2019) 460 600 residents (metropolitan area: 2.7 million residents).

The city is the administrative seat of the Tel Aviv District. Numerous central functions of the country have their headquarters in Tel Aviv-Jaffa (banking and finance, insurance and trade unions, professional associations, the stock exchange, Mossadintelligence service, over 50 messages). The city is also the country’s cultural center with a university (founded in 1956), Rubin Academy of Music, and Hebrew Conservatory (founded in 1910); Information Center for Science and Technology, Institute for Talmud Research, Afro-Asian Institute for Cooperation, as well as numerous research institutes (including the Itzhak Rabin Center with the Israeli Museum) and several foreign cultural institutes; numerous libraries (including the Israeli Central Music Library). The most important of the numerous museums are the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Palmach Museum, the Eretz Israel Museum (for archeology and history), among others. with the Museum of Ethnology and Folklore, the Museum of Science and Technology, the Museum of the Diaspora and the Design Museum in the suburb of Holon.

A metropolitan area with the largest industrial concentration in the country stretches around the city, which is mainly focused on services: large companies in the electronic industry, food and luxury goods industry, leather processing, textile and clothing industry, sugar factory, manufacture of furniture, chemical products, Electrical appliances; Brickworks, cement works; international trade fairs. The 10 km long coastline in the urban area has long been neglected. Since the late 1970s, it has been expanded for local recreation and tourism: beaches, marina, dolphinarium, high-rise hotel buildings. There are rail connections inland. The international airport “Ben Gurion” is located in Lod, southeast of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.


The district of Jaffa is influenced by Arabic, part of the bazaar has been preserved. Sights are the Great Mosque (1810) with antique columns, the Franciscan monastery of St. Peter, built in 1654 on the foundation walls of a crusader castle, the old port with a view of the Andromeda rock, the Jaffa Museum in an old Turkish seraglio. The starting point for modern, metropolitan Tel Aviv-Jaffa was the urban development plan by the Scotsman Sir Patrick Geddes (* 1854, † 1932) from 1925, which was only partially implemented. In the 1930s, numerous houses and residential complexes were built in an international style, particularly as a result of the activities of Jewish emigrants, above all former Bauhaus students from Weimar, Dessau and Berlin(also Bauhaus style), whereby it was an architecture adapted to the climatic and economic conditions of the Middle East. This “White City”, named after the colors of the buildings, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Recent modern and postmodern buildings include: the opera house as part of Yacov Rechter’s Performing Arts Center (1989–95), the Cymbalista Synagogue on the campus of the University of M. Botta (1996–98), the Palmach Museum by Z. Hecker (1999) and the Design Museum by R. Arad (2009) in the suburb of Holon.


Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and in 1921 a city (“first Jewish city in the world”), which quickly developed into a central place with strong growth (1930: 50,000 residents; 1948: 250,000 residents). In 1949 Tel Aviv was united with Jaffa.

Abbreviations for Tel Aviv, Israel

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: TA
  • Country: Israel

TA: Tel Aviv

List of Tel Aviv Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Tel Aviv is TA which stands for Tel Aviv. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Tel Aviv, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Tel Aviv TA Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv AFTAU American Friends of Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv TASMC Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
Tel Aviv TASE Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Tel Aviv TAU Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv TACT Tel Aviv City Team
Tel Aviv MTA Maccabi Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv SDV Tel Aviv, Israel – Dov Airport
Tel Aviv TLV Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel – Ben-Gurion International