Texas Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Texas state?

TX is the 2 letter abbreviation for Texas, the 2nd largest state in the United States of America. Texas is a state located in West South Central part of U.S.A, bordering Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Austin is the capital city of Texas. Major cities include Houston (Population: 2296235), San Antonio (Population: 1469856), Dallas (Population: 1300103), Austin (Population: 931841), Fort Worth (Population: 833330), El Paso (Population: 681135), Arlington (Population: 388136), Corpus Christi (Population: 324085), Plano (Population: 283569), Laredo (Population: 255484), Lubbock (Population: 249053), and Garland (Population: 236908).

Texas State Flag

Texas State Profile

  • Capital: Austin
  • Admitted to USA: 1845
  • Area: 695,662 km2
  • Population: 28,995,881
  • Time zone: GMT-6, GMT-7
  • Calling code: 210, 214, 254, 281, 361, 409, 469, 512, 682, 713, 806, 817, 830, 832, 903, 915, 936, 940, 956, 972, 979
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  TX
  • State Government Website: http://texas.gov/


Texas is located in the southwestern United States. The state covers an area of ​​695,621 km², making it the second largest state in the United States. Texas has around 25 million inhabitants. Texas became the 28th state to join the Union on December 29, 1845. As a result of the civil war (civil war) between 1861 and 1865, Texas – which belonged to the “Confederate States of America” ​​(southern states) – left the Union and became the last opponent of the war on February 15, 1876 again a state. The name of Texas is derived from the Indian word Tejas (Techas) for “friends”. On September 8, 1900, the city of Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico, which was then central Texas, was hit by a devastating hurricane. At the time, about 8,000 people fell victim to the storm, and the storm also destroyed large parts of the city. The city, which today has over 50,000 inhabitants, has not fully recovered from this natural disaster. Instead of Galveston, Houston became the center of the state. The state’s capital, however, is not Houston but Austin. It is also worth noting that with 254 counties – roughly equivalent to German counties – Texas has the most counties in the entire United States.

Last but not least, Texas is known as the land of oil. Accordingly, important economic sectors are oil production, agriculture and animal husbandry. Texas is also known for the 43rd President of the United States, George Walker Bush, who worked here as an entrepreneur in the oil industry and was elected governor of Texas twice – in 1994 and 1998. In the presidential election in 2000, he opposed the Republican candidate Democratic candidate Al Gore and was elected 43rd President of the United States. He was re-elected in the 2004 elections. But replaced by Barack Obama in 2008 – he was not allowed to run again after two terms. Obama’s successor has been Republican Donald Trump since the beginning.

Texas is also considered the Mecca of barbecues, especially beef. Northeastern Texas is on Tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. The north of Louisiana, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois, the southwestern Indiana and parts of Nebraska also countas well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky to Tornado Alley.

In Texas you can already be handcuffed for minor violations of the law and face severe penalties. For example, carrying open alcoholic beverages in cars is prohibited. So if you get caught drinking a beer in the car – even as a passenger – you can expect unpleasant sanctions. Some time ago, a black man was sentenced to 35 years for smoking marijuana.

Cities and larger towns

Austin is the capital of the state of Texas with approximately 800,000 inhabitants. As many as 1.7 million people live in the Austin metropolitan area. Austin is centrally located in the middle of the state on the banks of the Colorado River. The city was founded in 1835, however under the name Waterloo. In 1839 Austin became the capital of Texas. The cityscape is characterized by the relatively hilly terrain. Many well-known high-tech companies are based in Austin and thus give the city the nickname “Silicon Hills”. The city gets a special picture from the many students of the University of Texas. Austin is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World.

San Antonio
The city of San Antonio is located in southern Texas and has a population of approximately 1.3 million. This makes it the second largest city in Texas after Houston and it should also be noted that 2.1 million people live in the metropolitan region. San Antonio was founded in 1691, making it the oldest in Texas. The image of the city is shaped by the mix of different cultures of Anglo-American, German Mexican and Spanish immigrants. San Antonio is famous for the Fort Alamo and the River Walk, which leads through the city along the San Antonio River and invites you to relax with subtropical plants and many beautiful cafes. The city also impresses with numerous museums and galleries.

The city of Arlington in northeastern Texas has approximately 360,000 inhabitants and as many as 6.1 million people live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Near Arlington are the two well-known amusement parks Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor. Arlington was founded in 1875. The city was known as the center of cotton processing and is now a university location.

Corpus Christi
The city of Corpus Christi is located in southern Texas on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The city has approximately 285,000 inhabitants and 450,000 people live in the metropolitan region. The city is a tourist attraction, which can also be recognized by its nickname Sparkling City by the Sea. Corpus Christi was founded in 1839. Nowadays, visitors flock to the city, among other things, for the Texas State Aquarium and the beaches.

The city of Dallas in northeast Texas has approximately 1.2 million inhabitants, making it the third largest city in Texas. Around 6.1 million people live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Dallas was founded in 1841. Due to its strategic location on many railroad lines, Dallas quickly became the center of the oil and cotton industry. This development can no longer be recognized and Dallas is now considered a center of the computer and telecommunications industry. Dallas is still considered a particularly good place to shop. Dallas has more malls per capita than any other city in the United States.

El Paso
The city of El Paso is located in the extreme west of Texas on the banks of the Rio Grande and has approximately 650,000 inhabitants. This makes El Paso the sixth largest city in Texas and the undisputed center of the region. Around 800,000 people live in the metropolitan region. On the other side of the Rio Grande is the Mexican sister city Ciudad Juárez. El Paso was founded in 1659 and is now the largest border town. Due to the good weather, the city is often referred to as the Sun City.

Fort Worth
The city of Fort Worth in northeastern Texas is the fifth largest city in Texas with approximately 750,000 inhabitants. Around 6.1 million people live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city was founded in 1849 as a military post and later developed into a center for the cattle trade. This development can still be seen today and Fort Worth is considered a cowboy town where the charm of the Wild West can still emerge. This is particularly emphasized by the many Victorian-style houses. In the city there are numerous important museums that are located in the so-called Cultural District.

With its 2.2 million inhabitants, Houston is the largest city in Texas. 6.1 million people live in the metropolitan region. The city of Houston is located in the southeast of Texas near the Gulf Coast. Houston was founded in 1836. The city is primarily known for its huge harbor and industrial companies that are dedicated to the production of oil can also be found here. Houston is also considered a theater center, so there are numerous theaters in the Houston Theater District. But that’s not all, because there is also the Houston Museum District. Together these districts make Houston a center for the performing arts. At the end of August 2017, the city was hit by hurricane Harvey and largely flooded by its huge amounts of rain. The damage in and around the city is said to be up to $ 100 billion.

Huntsville is the capital of Walker County and is located approximately 110 km north of Houston and approximately 215 km northeast of Austin – the country’s capital. The city has around 38,000 inhabitants. The city’s prison, dating from 1849, is used for the execution of all those sentenced to death in Texas. They used to be hanged, then killed on the electric chair – known as “Old Sparky” – and today they were executed with the lethal injection. Those killed in this way were buried in the cemetery opposite the prison.

Other large cities with over 150,000 inhabitants in Texas are:

Plano Collin with around 261,000 inhabitants
Garland with around 219,000,000 inhabitants
Laredo with around 218,000 inhabitants
Lubbock with around 217,000 inhabitants
Irving with around 200,000 inhabitants
Amarillo with around 186,000 inhabitants
Brownsville with around 173,000 inhabitants
Grand Prairie with around 159,000 inhabitants
Pasadena with around 147,000 inhabitants

Texas State Abbreviations

List of Texas Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Texas are TX which stands for Texas. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Texas, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

TX: Texas

Acronym Meaning
AGTX Adjutant General’s Department of Texas
ALTA Advertising League At Texas-Arlington
AMC Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas
ARRT AIDS Resources of Rural Texas
ASNT AIDS Services of North Texas
ATDR All Texas Dachshund Rescue
ASCENT Alliance for Secure Computing Education in North Texas
ALE Alpine, TX, USA – Alpine Texas
ALV Alvin, Texas
ALAT American Lung Association of Texas
ATAT Apprenticeship and Training Association of Texas
ALTO Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma
AMST Art Museum of South Texas
AMSET Art Museum of Southeast Texas
AADT Asian American Democrats of Texas
ACT Associated Conservatives of Texas
AGCT Associated General Contractors of Texas
ACET Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas
AMET Association for Migrant Educators of Texas
ACIT Association of Chemical Industry of Texas
AECT Association of Electric Companies of Texas
ATLE Association of Texas Lenders for Education
ATM Association of Texas Midwives
ATPI Association of Texas Photography Instructors
ATSWCD Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts
ASNT Astrological Association of North Texas
AUNT Atari Users of North Texas
ATX Austin, Texas
AIATS Automobile Insurance Agents of Texas
AIAT Automobile Insurance Agents of Texas
BMAT Baptist Missionary Association of Texas
BRAIN BEST Robotics Artificial Intelligence Node (Sherman, Texas)
BRIT Botanical Research Institute of Texas
BBD Brady, Texas
BWD Brownwood, Texas
BOAT Building Officials Association of Texas
CATL California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders
CANT California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
CACTUS Capital Area / Central Texas Unix Society
CCCTX Catholic Charities of Central Texas
CCT Cement Council of Texas
CEM-UT Center for Electromagnetics at the University of Texas
CTAN Central Texas Angel Network
CTAD Central Texas Animal Defense
CTADS Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors
CTBA Central Texas Ballooning Association
CTBA Central Texas Barbecue Association
CTB Central Texas Basketball
CTBA Central Texas Bass Anglers
CTBA Central Texas Bluegrass Association
CTC Central Texas College
CTCC Central Texas Commercial College
CTC Central Texas Communications
CTCTM Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CTCL Central Texas Cricket League
CTDR Central Texas Dachshund Rescue
CTFIA Central Texas Fire Investigators Association
CTHC Central Texas Housing Consortium
CTIW Central Texas Iron Works
CTLA Central Texas LAN Association
CTLS Central Texas Library System
CTMC Central Texas Medical Center
CTMC Central Texas Motorcycle Charities
CTMHA Central Texas Mutual Housing Association
CTO Central Texas Opportunities
CTR Central Texas Refuse
CTRMA Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
CTRTD Central Texas Rural Transit District
CTSEF Central Texas Science and Engineering Fair
CTSA Central Texas Silueta Association
CTSA Central Texas Sysops Association
CTTI Central Texas Telephone Investments, Inc.
CTTT Central Texas Trail Tamers
CTTP Central Texas Turnpike Project
CTWM Central Texas Water Maintenance
CTB Certified Texas Bred
CTP Certified Texas Purchaser
CTTAREI Chapter of the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors
CHEACT Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas
CACTUS Cohousing Association of Central Texas Umbrella Services
CCST Community Council of Southwest Texas
CHOT Community Hospice of Texas
CSTX Community Shares of Texas
CENTER Consolidated Enterprise Network Test and Evaluation Range (USAF; San Antonio, Texas
CCCSNCT Consumer Credit Counseling Services of North Central Texas
CCOT Cool Cruisers of Texas
CCTX Corpus Christi, Texas
COSTEP Council for South Texas Economic Progress
CMAT Custodial Management Association of Texas
CEFT Czech Educational Foundation of Texas
CHST Czech Heritage Society of Texas
DTRE Dallas Texas Real Estate
DDCT Darkest Desires Central Texas
DTCM DataTexas CyberMentors Private Limited
DRT Daughters of the Republic of Texas
DRTL Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library
DETEC Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc.
DDRT Defense Distribution, Red River, Texas
DRT Del Rio, Texas
DFLT Democrats for Life of Texas
DLAT Dental Laboratory Association of Texas
DMWT Don’t Mess With Texas
ETAA East Texas Anesthesiology Associates
ETACA East Texas Area Claims Association
ETBE East Texas Baptist Encampment
ETBA East Texas Beekeepers Association
ETCA East Texas Christian Academy
ETCCC East Texas Clean Cities Coalition
ETCF East Texas Communities Foundation
ETCHS East Texas Community Health Services, Inc.
ETCOG East Texas Council of Governments
ETEC East Texas Electric Cooperative
ETFS East Texas Financial Services, Inc.
ETI East Texas Inspections
ETLS East Texas Legal Services
ETMC East Texas Medical Center
ETMRC East Texas Model Railroad Club
ETPA East Texas Police Academy
ETRA East Texas Regional Airport
ETSCC East Texas Sports Car Club
ETSTC East Texas State Teachers College
ETSU East Texas State University
ETWP East Texas Wetlands Project
EDTX Eastern District of Texas
EIT Eco-Integrity Texas
EPT El Paso, Texas
ERCOT Electric Reliability Council Of Texas, Inc.
ETT Electric Transmission Texas, LLC
EOT Electricians of Texas
ERST Employees Retirement System of Texas
EFNT Entrepreneurs Foundation of North Texas
EDOT Episcopal Diocese of Texas
ESAT Ethiopian Students Association of Texas
FEAST Family Educators Alliance of South Texas
FCBT Farm Credit Bank of Texas
K Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas
FTAB Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band
FIRST Financial Integrity Rating System in Texas
FPANT Fire Prevention Association of North Texas
FTRA Former Texas Rangers Association
FTSHTX Fort Sam Houston, Texas
GTHC Galveston and Texas History Center
GIT Gazehounds in Texas
GBOT Geostationary Banana Over Texas
GBT God Bless Texas
GTT Gone To Texas
GICT Goodwill Industries of Central Texas
GCAT Governmental Collectors Association of Texas
GSOT Great State of Texas
GTEF Greater Texas Education Foundation
GTFCU Greater Texas Federal Credit Union
GALT Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.
HOOT Harmonica Organization of Texas
HTPN Health Texas Provider Network
HPET Healthcare Partners of East Texas
HAVIT Heart and Vascular Institute of Texas
HOT Heart Of Texas
HOTHOG Heart of Texas Ham Operators Group
HOTWPS Heart Of Texas West Point Society
HOTW Heart of Texas Women
HBCT Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas
HAT Hospitality Accommodations of Texas
HSNT Humane Society of North Texas
IPTED Imaging Providers of Texas
IPT Imaging Providers of Texas
IBAT Independent Bankers Association of Texas
ITR Inside Texas Running
ICT Insurance Council of Texas
ITLA International Texas Longhorn Association
JASAT Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas
JLV Junior League of Victoria, Texas
KJT Katolicka Jednota Texaska
KTB Keep Texas Beautiful
KIST Kenaf Industries of South Texas
KMTP Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline LLC
KET Kodály Educators of Texas
LRRNT Labrador Retriever Rescue of North Texas
LRT Laredo, Texas
LTAA Leadership Texas Alumnae Association
LOT Library of Texas
LCCT Literacy Coalition of Central Texas
LFCT Liver Foundation of Central Texas
LTTR Louisiana Texas Topology Retreat
LATEX Louisiana-Texas Shelf Circulation and Transport Process
LATVIA Lumberman’s Association of Texas
LAT Lumberman’s Association of Texas
MBTF MackBrown-TexasFootball.com
MSTX Magnet Schools of Texas
MAST Managed Auction Services of Texas
MANT Manufacturers Association of North Texas
MAR Marfa, Texas
MAAST Marine Aquarists Association of South Texas
MCA McAllen, Texas
MCG Mcgregor, Texas
MK-AND-T Missouri Kansas & Texas Railroad
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
MSTH Museum of South Texas History
MOST Museum of South Texas History
NRFT Natural Resources Foundation of Texas
NASD Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas
NOTM New Orleans, Texas, and Mexico Railroad
NTSO New Texas Symphony Orchestra
NCAT Newah Cultural Association of Texas
NCT North Central Texas
NCTC North Central Texas College
NCTCOG North Central Texas Council of Governments
NCTRCA North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
NETTC North East Texas Tourism Council
NTAC North Texas Airstream Community
NTAA North Texas Alarm Association
NTAHC North Texas Arabian Horse Club
NTAG North Texas Audi Group
NTBF North Texas Book Festival
NTBAA North Texas Business Aviation Association
NTCB North Texas Circuit Board
NTCS North Texas Communications System
NTCS North Texas Conchological Society
NTEC North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology
NTK North Texas Karters
NTMN North Texas Master Naturalist
NTPA North Texas Philosophical Association
NTPCG North Texas Polymer Clay Guild
NTPOG North Texas Prelude Owners’ Group
NTRS North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary
NTREIS North Texas Real Estate Information System, Inc
NTRL North Texas Regional Laboratory
NTRA North Texas Rehabilitation Association
NTRC North Texas Rehabilitation Center
NTRWA North Texas Romance Writers of America
NTRCA North Texas Roofing Contractors Association
NTSCD North Texas Scottish Country Dancers
NTSA North Texas Speakers Association
NTSO North Texas Sports Officials
NTSSUG North Texas SQL Server User Group
NTSR North Texas Street Racing
NTSSS North Texas System Safety Society
NTTC North Texas Technology Council
NTTA North Texas Tollway Authority
NTTR North Texas Trail Runners
NTUA North Texas Umpire Association
NTWGS North Texas Water Garden Society
NTY North Texas Yamaha
NDTX Northern District of Texas
NWTMA Northwest Texas Museum Association
OCT Oak Cliff, Texas
OST Odonata Survey of Texas
OSTS Old School Texas Surfing
OTC One Texas Center
OWT Outdoor West Texas Entertainment, Ltd.
PSST Palm Society of South Texas
PICT Paranormal Investigators of Central Texas
POST Paranormalists of South Texas
PRX Paris, Texas
PPCT Planned Parenthood of Central Texas
POMF Police Officers Memorial Foundation of Texas
PGST Polish Genealogical Society of Texas
PGTT Preacher Gone to Texas
PROFIT Productive Rotations on Farms in Texas
PLANT Public Library Administrators of North Texas
RRC Railroad Commission of Texas
RTIS Raytheon Texas Instruments Systems
RBENT Recumbent Bike Enthusiasts of North Texas
RATT Reduce Auto Theft in Texas
REACT Renewable Energy Association of Central Texas
ROT Republic of Texas
RMSTS Residential Mortgage Services of Texas
RMST Residential Mortgage Services of Texas
RCFT Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas
REAT Retail Energy Aggregators of Texas, LLC
SRAT Sabine River Authority of Texas
SATX San Antonio, Texas
SAAU San Antonio, Texas chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
STAT Science Teachers Association of Texas
STSE Seeds of Texas Seed Exchange
SCNT Seminole Club of North Texas
SCAT Shelby Cobra Association of Texas
SPJST Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas
SPJST Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas
SPTX Socialist Party of Texas
SRT Sons of the Republic of Texas
SETT South East Texas Transit
SETTAS South East Texas Treatment Access Service
SPIT South Padre Island, Texas
STARS South Texas Academic Rising Scholars
START South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics
STAY South Texas Alliance for Youth
STARC South Texas Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
STAAR South Texas Animal Adoption Resource
STBA South Texas BBQ Association
STBF South Texas Business Fund
STC South Texas College
STCL South Texas College of Law
STCC South Texas Community College
STEC South Texas Electric Cooperative
STEER South Texas Environmental Education and Research
STFF South Texas Funding Forum
STGEC South Texas Geriatric Education Center
STHA South Texas Historical Association
STLB South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind
STLA South Texas Longhorn Association
STOP South Texas Organization of Police
STPC South Texas Poison Center
STPA South Texas Preparatory Academy
STP South Texas Project
STRH South Texas Rehabilitation Hospital
STSCS South Texas School of Christian Studies
STTM South Texas Technology Management
STVHCS South Texas Veterans Health Care System
SWAT South West Alief Texas
SBTC Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
SBCT Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
STAA Southern Texas Archaeological Association
SWAT Southwest Aquatics of Texas
SWBT Southwest Bank of Texas
SWT Southwest Texas
STAS Southwest Texas Aerostat System
STRAC Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council
SLST St. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway Company
STAND Students of Texas Against Narcotics and Drinking
SOST Symphony of Southeast Texas
TACA Tax Assessor Collectors Association of Texas
TNT Teach North Texas
TRST Teacher Retirement System of Texas
TTR Terry’s Texas Rangers
TX Texas
TEX Texas
TNO Texas & New Orleans
TAMCBA Texas A&M College of Business Administration
TAMRF Texas A&M Research Foundation
TAMU Texas A&M University
ATM Texas A&M University
TAMUCC Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
TAMUS Texas A&M University System
TAMU-T Texas A&M University-Texarkana
TASP Texas Academic Skills Program
TAIM Texas Academy of Internal Medicine
TALH Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities
TAMS Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
TAS Texas Accessibility Standards
TALA Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts
TASC Texas Action Shooting Club
TAC Texas Administrative Code
TALA Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy
TARE Texas Adoption Resource Exchange
TACC Texas Advanced Computing Center
TABA Texas Aggie Band Association
TACA Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association
TAMC Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College
TAMU Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University
TAMUG Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University in Galveston
TAES Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
TAES Texas Agricultural Extension Service
TALL Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership
TAC Texas Air Composites, Inc
TXANG Texas Air National Guard
TART Texas Airedale Rescue Team
TASO Texas Airsoft Organization
TAMR Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association
TAME Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering
TACT Texas Alternative Center for Teachers
TAAF Texas Amateur Athletic Federation
TNO Texas and New Orleans Railway
TACO Texas Anesthesia Conference for Obstetrics
TAC Texas Antiquities Code
TAA Texas Apartment Association
TAPEC Texas Applied Power Electronics Center
TAA Texas Aquaculture Association
TAPMS Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society, Inc.
TAS Texas Archeological Society
TARO Texas Archival Resources Online
TAKO Texas Area Killifish Organization
TALON Texas Area Lightning Owners North
TANGO Texas Area Network Gamers Organization
TAU Texas Area Untouchables
TACC Texas Argentine Chamber of Commerce
TAAS Texas Assessment of Academic Skills
TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
TALA Texas Assisted Living Association
TATP Texas Assistive Technology Partnership
TABE Texas Association for Bilingual Education
TADE Texas Association for Developmental Education
TAET Texas Association for Educational Technology
TAIH Texas Association for Investigative Hypnosis
TAPT Texas Association for Play Therapy
TAPT Texas Association for Public Transportation
TAGT Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented
TAIR Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading
TAYRE Texas Association for Year Round Education
TAARS Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists
TAAOM Texas Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
TAAD Texas Association of Appraisal Districts
TAAO Texas Association of Assessing Officers
TABP Texas Association of Beauty Professionals
TABT Texas Association of Biology Teachers
TABE Texas Association of Broadcast Educators
TABB Texas Association of Business Brokers
TACO Texas Association of Campground Owners
TACC Texas Association of Community Colleges
TAOC Texas Association of Counties
TADC Texas Association of Defense Counsel
TADC Texas Association of Developing Colleges
TAEVT Texas Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians
TAFTP Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals
TAFE Texas Association of Future Educators
TAHU Texas Association of Health Underwriters
TAHFM Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management
TAIR Texas Association of Institutional Research
TAJIT Texas Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
TAOM Texas Association Of Magicians
TAN Texas Association of Nurserymen
TAOG Texas Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
TAPPS Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools
TRAVEL Texas Association of Realtors
TAR Texas Association of Realtors
TESA Texas Association of School Administrators
TASA Texas Association of School Administrators
TASB Texas Association of School Boards
TASPA Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators
TASP Texas Association of School Psychologists
TASA Texas Association of Schools of Art
TASO Texas Association of Sports Officials
TASC Texas Association of Student Councils
TASFAA Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
TASM Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics
TAD Texas Association of the Deaf
TAWD Texas Association of Women Dentists
TAMR Texas Association on Mental Retardation
TAS Texas Astronomical Society
TAERF Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation
TASA Texas Australian Shepherd Association
TAWA Texas Auto Writers Association
TABS Texas Automated Buoy System
TADA Texas Automobile Dealers Association
TBIRF Texas Back Institute Research Foundation
TBBT Texas Banana Boat Team
TBA Texas Bandmaster’s Association
TBMA Texas Baptist Ministry Assistants
TBS Texas Barcode Systems
TBS Texas Bariatric Specialists
TBA Texas Beekeepers Association
TBI Texas Bible Institute
TBC Texas Bicycle Coalition
TBS Texas Bighorn Society
TXBCD Texas Biological and Conservation Data
TBMA Texas Blueberry Marketing Association
TBS Texas Bluebird Society
TBAE Texas Board of Architectural Examiners
TBLS Texas Board of Legal Specialization
TBPE Texas Board of Professional Engineers
TBC Texas Border Coalition
TBV Texas Border Volunteers
TBH Texas Bowhunter
TBFAA Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
TBSS Texas Burn Survivor Society
TEBC Texas Business and Education Coalition
TBOC Texas Business Organization Code
TBOP Texas Business Owner Program
TBR Texas Business Review
TCTA Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association
TXCN Texas Cable News
TCC Texas Cancer Council
TCDC Texas Cancer Data Center
TCR Texas Cancer Registry
TCRA Texas Canoe Racing Association
TCC Texas Caprine Club
TCBA Texas Catholic Bandmasters Association
TCC Texas Cattle Company
TCDS Texas Center for Disability Studies
TCER Texas Center for Educational Research
TCID Texas Center for Infectious Disease
TCNWS Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies
TCPS Texas Center for Policy Studies
TCSUH Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston
TCI Texas Certified Investigator
TCSM Texas Chainsaw Massacre
TCM Texas Chainsaw Massacre
TCS Texas Chainsaw Massacre
TCC Texas Chemical Council
TCA Texas Chess Association
TCCC Texas Children Cancer Center
TCH Texas Children’s Hospital
TCC Texas Chiropractic College
TCAL Texas Christian Athletic League
TCU Texas Christian University
TCDL Texas Citizens Defense League
TCM Texas Citrus Mutual
TCAW Texas City Armature Works, Inc.
TCISD Texas City Independent School District
TCMA Texas City Management Association
TCPP Texas City Prairie Preserve
TCT Texas City Terminal Railway Company
TCRP Texas Civil Rights Project
TCTA Texas Classroom Teachers Association
TCRA Texas Clean Rivers Act
TCAIS Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions
TCMPS Texas Coastal Management Plan
TCMP Texas Coastal Management Plan
TCEA Texas College English Association
TCL Texas Collegiate League
TCSL Texas Collegiate Soccer League
TCPP Texas Commercial Package Policy
TCDHH Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
TCADA Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
TCHR Texas Commission on Human Rights
TCHRA Texas Commission on Human Rights Act
TCJS Texas Commission on Jail Standards
TCPS Texas Commission on Private Security
TACA Texas Commission on the Arts
TCA Texas Commission on the Arts
TCONR Texas Committee on Natural Resources
TCA Texas Common Application
TCCJA Texas Community College Journalism Association
TCEA Texas Community Education Association
TCFF Texas Community Futures Forum
TCPA Texas Competitive Power Advocates
TCSHN Texas Comprehensive School Health Network
TCEA Texas Computer Education Association
TCTI Texas Computer Training Institute
TCDL Texas Conference on Digital Libraries
TCEX Texas Cooperative Extension
TCE Texas Cooperative Extension
TCPB Texas Corn Producers Board
TCI Texas Correctional Industries
TCOOMMI Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments
TCC Texas Cosmetology Commission
TCA Texas Cotton Association
TCGA Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association
TCDD Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
TCAL Texas Council of Academic Libraries
TCCJCL Texas Council of Community/Junior College Librarians
TCES Texas Council of Elementary Science
TCFS Texas Council of Faculty Senates
TCPEA Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration
TCSUL Texas Council of State University Librarians
TCA Texas Counseling Association
TCM Texas County Mutual
TCRA Texas Court Reporters Association
TCRA Texas Cowboys Rodeo Association
TCUL Texas Credit Union League
TCIC Texas Crime Information Center
TCPA Texas Crime Prevention Association
TCDLA Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
TCAP Texas CUC Aggregation Project, Inc.
TCA Texas Culinary Academy
TDNA Texas Daily Newspaper Association
TDC Texas Dawah Convention
TDA Texas Dental Association
TDA Texas Department of Agriculture
TDC Texas Department of Corrections
TDCJ Texas Department of Criminal Justice
TDH Texas Department of Health
TDI Texas Department of Insurance
TDPS Texas Department of Public Safety
TXDOT Texas Department of Transportation
TDWR Texas Department of Water Resources
TDOA Texas Department on Aging
TDDC Texas Digestive Disease Consultants
TDL Texas Digital Library
TDS Texas Disposal Systems
TDSL Texas Disposal Systems Landfill Inc
TDCAA Texas District and County Attorneys Association
TDQM Texas Drag Queen Massacre
TDL Texas Driver License
TDP Texas Dwelling Policy
TECEC Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition
TEEM Texas Early Education Model
TEDA Texas Economic Demographic Association
TEA Texas Education Agency
TEC Texas Education Code
TECA Texas Education Consumers Association
TENET Texas Education Network
TEDA Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association
TEOG Texas Educational Opportunity Grant
TEP Texas Educational Paperbacks
TESA Texas Educational Support Staff Association
TETA Texas Educational Theatre Association, Inc.
TETAS Texas Educational Theatre Association, Inc.
TEEG Texas Educator Excellence Grant
TE Texas Electric
TEC Texas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
TECL Texas Electrical Contractors License
TEBC Texas Electronic Business Center
TESD Texas Electronic Service Delivery
TEA Texas Electronics Association, LLC
TESA Texas Elks State Association
TEDAS Texas Emergency Department Asthma Surveillance
TERP Texas Emissions Reduction Plan
TEIR Texas Employers for Immigration Reform
TEC Texas Employment Commission
TEED Texas Energy Education Development
TEEX Texas Engineering Extension Service
TEPA Texas Engineering Practice Act
TELPAS Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
TEF Texas Enterprise Fund
TEEG Texas Environmental Energy Group
TEM Texas Episodic Model
TETRA Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association
TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
TEMPSC Texas Evaluation Model for Professional School Counselors
TESS Texas Excavation Safety System
TESC Texas Exes Student Chapter
TEXT Texas Experimental Tokamak
TFC Texas Facilities Commission
TFTC Texas Fair Trade Coalition
TFB Texas Farm Bureau
TFCR Texas Federation of College Republicans
TFHS Texas Federation of Humane Societies
TFWC Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs
TFEA Texas Festivals and Events Association
TXFAA Texas Fine Arts Academy
TFAA Texas Fine Arts Association
TFF Texas Fishing Forum
TFPA Texas Food Processors Association
TFA Texas Forensic Association
TFWM Texas Fort Worth Mission
TFYI Texas Foster Youth, Inc.
TFFI Texas Fragile Families Initiative
TFN Texas Freedom Network
TFFC Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
TFWTA Texas Friendship Wagon Train Association
TFTA Texas Future Teachers of America
TGA Texas Gelbvieh Association
TGAIN Texas Gender Advocacy and Information Network
TGAA Texas General Arbitration Act
TGLO Texas General Land Office
TEXGENE Texas Genetics Network
TGIF Texas Geriatrics Interest Foundation
TGA Texas Glass Association
TGA Texas Golf Association
TGS Texas Gourd Society
TGAP Texas Greyhound Adoption Program
TGPC Texas Groundwater Protection Committee
TGCC Texas Gulf Coast Council of Dive Clubs
TG Texas Gunmen
THC Texas Hardcore
THCA Texas Hazard Communication Act
THSA Texas Head Start Association
THIN Texas Health Information Network
THQA Texas Health Quality Alliance
THRS Texas Health Reinsurance System
THAT Texas Heatwave Aerobatic Team
THFA Texas Hedge Fund Association
THC Texas Hemp Campaign
THEA Texas Higher Education Assessment
THE Texas Higher Education Network
THPM Texas Highway Patrol Association and Museum
THC Texas Hill Country
THCRR Texas Hill Country River Region
THC Texas Hippie Coalition
THSA Texas Historic Sites Atlas
THC Texas Historical Commission
THMP Texas HIV Medication Program
THE Texas Hold ‘em
TH Texas Hold ‘Em
THP Texas Holdem Poker
THS Texas Homeland Security
THEO Texas Homeless Education Office
THN Texas Homeless Network
THLP Texas Honors Leadership Program
THA Texas Hospital Association
THEM Texas Houston East Mission
THRF Texas Human Rights Foundation
THJA Texas Hunter & Jumper Association
TIPC Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission
TIR Texas Independence Relay
TIARA Texas Independent Auto Resellers Association
TIDA Texas Independent Drivers Association
TIRR Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
TIA Texas Indoor Advertising
TIASA Texas Industrial Arts Student Association
TIGER Texas Industrial Gas & Equipment Rental, Inc
TIVA Texas Industrial Vocational Association
TIRN Texas Information and Referral Network
TILT Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
TIMS Texas Information Management System
TIFA Texas Inmates Families Association
TIMES Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics
TXNS Texas Instruments
TXN Texas Instruments
TI Texas Instruments
TIDC Texas Instruments Developer Conference
TIDD Texas Instruments Disk Drive
TIGCC Texas Instruments GNU Cross Compiler
TIPC Texas Instruments Personal Computer
TIPI Texas Instruments Philippines
TIRIS Texas Instruments Registration and Identification System
TIAA Texas Insurance Advisory Association
TICO Texas Insurance Checking Office, Inc.
TIERS Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System
TIFI Texas Integrated Funding Initiative
TIPLJ Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
TIFI Texas Intercity Football, Inc.
TIPA Texas Intercollegiate Press Association
TIEF Texas Interfaith Education Fund
TI Texas International
TIDA Texas International Drivers Association
TIFT Texas International Fishing Tournament
TILJ Texas International Law Journal
TILF Texas Interscholastic League Foundation
TEXIN Texas Intersection Air Quality Model
TITS Texas Interstate Truck Stop
TIW Texas Iron Works
TIC Texas Islamic Court
TJA Texas Jail Association
TJP Texas Jail Project
TJAS Texas Junior Academy of Science
TLC Texas Land & Cattle
TXLC Texas Land and Cattle
TLAP Texas Land Application Permit
TLCC Texas Land Cruiser Club
TLP Texas Latex Party
TLPCA Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association
TLPC Texas Lathing Plastering Contractors
TLF Texas Law Fellowships
TAILOR Texas Law Review
TLR Texas Law Review
TLAP Texas Lawyers Assistance Program
TLCA Texas Leaf-Cutting Ant
TL Texas League
TLCV Texas League of Conservation Voters
TLI Texas Learning Index
TLTG Texas Learning Technology Group
TLSC Texas Legal Services Center
TLC Texas Legislative Council
TLO Texas Legislature Online
TLA Texas Library Association
TLC Texas Logistics Corporation
TLLRWDA Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority
TLC Texas Lutheran College
TLU Texas Lutheran University
TMWA Texas Mafia Wars Alliance
TMAC Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
TMMSN Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
TMRC Texas Masonic Retirement Center
TMGA Texas Master Gardener Association
TMI Texas Materials Institute
TMTR Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable
TMA Texas Medical Association
TMAA Texas Medical Association Alliance
TMC Texas Medical Center
TMF Texas Medical Foundation
TMLT Texas Medical Liability Trust
TMS Texas Medical School
TMAP Texas Medication Algorithm Project
TEMA Texas Medieval Association
TMS Texas Memory Systems
TMHC Texas Mental Health Consumers
TMU Texas Methodist University
TMAC Texas Metroplex Assistance Center
TMU Texas Metropolitan University
TMBC Texas Mexico Border Coalition
TXMF Texas Military Forces
TMF Texas Military Forces
TMFM Texas Military Forces Museum
TMI Texas Military Institute
TMRA Texas Mining and Reclamation Association
TMCP Texas Monthly Custom Publishing
TMN Texas Moratorium Network
TMIC Texas Motivational Interviewing Cooperative
TMS Texas Motor Speedway
TMRA Texas Motorcycle Riders Association
TMRA Texas Motorcycle Rights Association
TMRA Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association
TMTC Texas Motorized Trails Coalition
TMBRA Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association
TXMAS Texas Multiple Award Schedule
TML Texas Municipal League
TMRS Texas Municipal Retirement System
TMAA Texas Music Adjudicators Association
TMEC Texas Music Educators Conference
TMTR Texas Music Theater Radio
TMSF Texas Muslims Scholarship Fund
TNCP Texas Narcotics Control Program
TNG Texas National Guard
TNHP Texas Natural Heritage Program
TNRCC Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
TNSC Texas Natural Science Center
TNTC Texas Nature Tourism Council
TNRG Texas Network of Reform Groups
TNFF Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation
TNMO Texas New Mexico Coaches Inc
TNMP Texas New Mexico Power
TNT Texas Nitrous Technology
TNER Texas Northeastern Railroad
TXNW Texas Northwestern
TNA Texas Numismatic Association
TNA Texas Nurses Association
TOL Texas OilTech Laboratories
TOLA Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas
TOMFRA Texas Old Missions and Forts Restoration Association
TOTFA Texas Old Time Fiddler’s Association
TOMA Texas Open Meetings Act
TOHA Texas Oral History Association
TODA Texas Orchestra Directors Association
TOSA Texas Organ Sharing Alliance
TOGA Texas Organic Growers Association
TORC Texas Organic Research Center
TONE Texas Organization of Nurse Executives
TORCH Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
TOA Texas Orthopaedic Association
TOMA Texas Osteopathic Medical Association
TOZ Texas Outdoor Zone
TOWN Texas Outdoors Woman Network
TORO Texas Outreach Office
TPG Texas Pacific Group
TPSA Texas Package Store Association
TPS Texas Pain Society
TPW Texas Parks & Wildlife
TPWC Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
TPWD Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
TPSA Texas Patient Safety Alliance
TPC Texas Penal Code
TPSP Texas Performance Standards Project
TPC Texas Petrochemicals Corporation
TPC Texas Petrochemicals LP
TPA Texas Pharmaceutical Association
TPDH Texas Plant Disease Handbook
TPSA Texas Polio Survivors Association
TPHA Texas Polled Hereford Association
TPSG Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild
TPSA Texas Process Servers Association
TPA Texas Produce Association
TPC Texas Professional Communicators
TPTC Texas Property Tax Code
TPEG Texas Public Education Grant
TPHA Texas Public Health Association
TPHTC Texas Public Health Training Center
TPR Texas Public Radio
TQP Texas QSO Party
TRS Texas Racing Scene
TRLEA Texas Ranger Law Enforcement Association
TRANSLATOR Texas Rangers
TR Texas Rangers
TRANSPOSED Texas Rangers
TRIPLE-R Texas Rangers
TRC Texas Reading Club
TREC Texas Real Estate Commission
TRETA Texas Real Estate Teachers Association
TRAIL Texas Records and Information Locator
TRPA Texas Recreation and Parks Account
TRBS Texas Regional Bancshares, Inc
TRANSFER Texas Rehabilitation Association
TRAINING Texas Rehabilitation Association
TRA Texas Rehabilitation Association
TRF Texas Renaissance Festival
TRTF Texas Research & Technology Foundation
TRAM Texas Research Administrators Group
TRI Texas Research Institute
TRIP Texas Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal
TRAC Texas Residential and Commercial
TRIAD Texas Resources for Iraq-Afghanistan Deployment
TRANSFER Texas Restaurant Association
TRAINING Texas Restaurant Association
TRA Texas Restaurant Association
TREF Texas Retailers Education Foundation
TRACS Texas Review and Comment System
TRCS Texas Revised Civil Statutes
TRPA Texas Revised Partnership Act of 1994
TRIA Texas Rice Improvement Association
TRRP Texas Risk Reduction Program
TRPA Texas River Protection Association
TRRA Texas River Recreation Association
TRHP Texas Rose Horse Park
TRAP Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure
TRCP Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
TRE Texas Rules of Evidence
TRCN Texas Rural Church Network
TREA Texas Rural Education Association
TRHTA Texas Rural Hospital Telecommunications Alliance
TRSI Texas Rural Systemic Initiative
TSLD Texas Savings and Loan Department
TSQ Texas Saxophone Quartet
TSCC Texas Scholastic Chess Championship
TSAA Texas School Assessors Association
TSD Texas School for the Deaf
TSII Texas School Improvement Initiative
TSOM Texas School of Music
TSRH Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
TSP Texas Screw Products
TSAPS Texas Section of the American Physical Society
TSAAC Texas Security Alert and Analysis Center
TSC Texas Senior Circuit
TSC Texas Service Center
TESSA Texas Severe Storms Association
TSL Texas Shortline Railway
TSRA Texas Show Racer Association
TSCA Texas Shrine Clown Association
TSA Texas Sign Association
TSRA Texas Slot Racers Association
TSRC Texas Society for Respiratory Care
TSA Texas Society of Anesthesiologists
TSA Texas Society of Architects
TSPS Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons
TSPE Texas Society of Professional Engineers
TSPS Texas Society of Professional Surveyors
TSE Texas Southeastern Railroad Company
TSU Texas Southern University
TSARC Texas Southmost Amateur Radio Club
TSCA Texas Speech Communication Association
TSA Texas Speleological Association
TSBA Texas Sport Bike Association
TSJ Texas Sporting Journal
TSAR Texas Stairs and Rails
TSP Texas Star Party
TSABAA Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ Association
TSAA Texas State Approving Agency for Veterans Education
TSA Texas State Aquarium
TSAA Texas State Archery Association
TSAA Texas State Association of Architects
TSATA Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association
TSB Texas State Bank
TSBPE Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
TSCEC Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit
TSCW Texas State College for Women
TSDC Texas State Data Center
TSEA Texas State Education Agency
TSLC Texas State Leadership Council
TSL Texas State Library
TSO Texas State Optical
TSRR Texas State Railroad
TSRA Texas State Reading Association
TSRA Texas State Rifle Association
TSTA Texas State Teachers Association
TSTI Texas State Technical Institute
TSTI Texas State Traffic Institute
TSU Texas State University
TXSFA Texas Steel Framing Alliance
TSEA Texas Student Education Association
TSADP Texas Students Against the Death Penalty
TSLL Texas Studies in Literature and Language
TSIP Texas Success Initiative Program
TSRS Texas Super Racing Series
TSLA Texas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.
TSFI Texas Surveyors Foundation, Inc.
TSCW Texas Symbolic Computation Week
TSG Texas Systems Group
TTARA Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
TTF Texas Teaching Fellows
TTP Texas TeamPlayers
TT Texas Tech
TTMC Texas Tech Medical Center
TTPA Texas Tech Physician Associates
TTU Texas Tech University
TTUB Texas Tech University-B Team
TTA Texas Telephone Association
TTAF Texas Telephone Association Foundation
TTST Texas Terrapins Swim Team
TTBA Texas Ticket Brokers Association
TTF Texas Tourism Foundation
TTFD Texas Township Fire Department
TXTC Texas Transportation Company
TTI Texas Transportation Institute
TTM Texas Transportation Museum
TTHA Texas Trophy Hunters Association
TTAG Texas Tuition Assistance Grant
TU Texas University
TUTA Texas Urban Transportation Alliance
TXU Texas Utilities
TVA Texas Vegetable Association
TVMA Texas Vegetation Management Association
TVC Texas Veterans Commission
TVLB Texas Veterans Land Board
TVMA Texas Veterinary Medical Association
TVWDRA Texas VW Drag Racing Association
TWC Texas Water Commission
TWDB Texas Water Development Board
TWDF Texas Water Development Fund
TWMC Texas Water Monitoring Congress
TWRFA Texas Water Resources Finance Authority
TWRI Texas Water Resources Institute
TWC Texas Wesleyan College
TWU Texas Wesleyan University
TWAP Texas Wildlife Action Plan
TWA Texas Wildlife Association
TWIA Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
TWU Texas Woman’s University
TWAT Texas Women Anglers Tournament
TWFF Texas Women Fly Fishers
TWFC Texas Work Force Commission
TWC Texas Workforce Commission
TWS Texas World Speedway
TWA Texas Wrestling Alliance
TWA Texas Wrestling Association
TXW Texas Xtreme Wrestling
TYAC Texas Yoga Asana Championship
TYD Texas Young Democrats
TYP Texas Young Professionals
TYPICAL Texas Young Professionals
TYBR Texas Youth Bull Riders
TYC Texas Youth Commission
TYRA Texas Youth Rugby Association
TALON Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, And New Mexico
TNO Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma Coaches, Inc.
TBN Texasbeatz.net
TCTA Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance
TIE Texas-Israel Exchange
TMRC Texas-Mexico Relations Committee
TTH Texastiger’s Habitat
TTEA The Texas Entrepreneurs Association
TWIST The Workforce Information System of Texas
TTA Trans Texas Airways
TTC Trans Texas Corridor
TTVN Trans Texas Video Network
TTVN Trans-Texas Videoconferencing Network
TMAT Truss Manufacturers Association of Texas
UPOT Ultimate Paintball of Texas
USAT United Savings Association of Texas
UCT University of Central Texas
UNT University of North Texas
UT University of Texas
UT-2 University of Texas
UTPA University of Texas – Pan American
UTA University of Texas at Arlington
UTXA University of Texas at Austin
UTA University of Texas at Austin
UTB University of Texas at Brownsville
UNITED University of Texas at Dallas
UTD University of Texas at Dallas
UTEP University of Texas at El Paso
UTT University of Texas at Tyler
UTDB University of Texas Dental Branch
UTFC University of Texas Fencing Club
UTFI University of Texas Film Institute
UTHCT University of Texas Health Center at Tyler
UTH University of Texas Houston
UTLC University of Texas Learning Center
UTLA University of Texas Los Angeles Center
UTMD University of Texas MD
UTMB University of Texas Medical Branch
UTM University of Texas Medical School
UTPB University of Texas of the Permian Basin
UTSC University of Texas Sailing Club
UTSI University of Texas School of Information
UMANT Urban Management Assistants of North Texas
UANT Urology Associates of North Texas
VTO Valero Texas Open
VTCA Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated
VAST Vexillological Association of the State of Texas
VTI Virtual Texas Instruments
VOAT Volunteers of America Texas
WTR Walker, Texas Ranger
WRNT Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas
WTLR West Texas & Lubbock Railroad
WTBR West Texas Boys Ranch
WTBC West Texas Brittany Club
WTCU West Texas Credit Union
WTCA West Texas Cycling Association
WTFB West Texas Food Bank
WTFL West Texas Football League
WTGS West Texas Genealogical Society
WTHA West Texas Historical Association
WTI West Texas Intermediate
WTIS West Texas Iris Society
WTLS West Texas Library System
WTMA West Texas Military Academy
WTNB West Texas National Bank
WTOR West Texas Oil Reports
WTPA West Texas Pharmaceutical Association
WTPS West Texas Photographic Society
WTPA West Texas Physicians Alliance
WTPA West Texas Press Association
WTPB West Texas Professional Baseball
WTRA West Texas Ranch Adventure
WTRA West Texas Repeater Association
WTRG West Texas Research Group, LLC
WTRT West Texas Rural Telephone
WTSB West Texas State Bank
WTTT West Texas Team Trail
WTTC West Texas Telecommunications Consortium
WTTC West Texas Training Center
WTUFC West Texas Urban Forestry Council
WTC Western Texas College
WHAT Wetland Habitat Alliance of Texas
WSTD What Should Texas Do
WGATR Wheat Germ Agglutinin conjugated to Texas Red
WBDT Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas
YCT Young Conservatives of Texas
ZANT Zoroastrian Association of North Texas

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