Therapy Abbreviations


What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is a type of therapy that treats problems and illnesses from a global view of the human being. Holistic therapy, unlike therapies that focus only on the problem or symptoms of the disease, analyzes the person as a whole, in its physical, cultural, psychological and social aspects. Holos, in Greek, means “whole”, “set”.

The goal is to help the patient improve their quality of life and reach their maximum point of physical, emotional and energetic balance.

Holistic therapies propose to treat various health problems, such as insomnia, fear, anxiety, physical or muscle pain and energy blocks. Holistic therapies are also used as complementary treatments, contributing to the so-called conventional treatments.

In Brazil, several therapeutic practices with a holistic view are offered free of charge in the Unified Health System (SUS) as a complement to conventional treatment. Although most of these therapies lack scientific proof, acupuncture and homeopathy are recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM).

In order to define the most appropriate treatment, the holistic therapist analyzes the patient in the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects. Treatment is done in this way because holism believes that each individual is unique and that all these characteristics have influences on each other.

The holistic therapist profession is recognized and regulated by the Holistic Therapy Self-Regulatory Council (CRT).

Self-observation and self-help, awareness raising and more naturally based therapies are important concepts for holistic therapy.

Traditional medicine can also be used in conjunction with holistic therapy, when treatments are based on a global view of the person. This is what is called holistic medicine.

Types of holistic therapies

Many of the holistic therapies used in treatments are part of the teachings of oriental medicine, such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Examples of more applied holistic therapies are:

  • acupuncture,
  • homeopathy
  • flower therapy,
  • chromotherapy,
  • massages,
  • crystal therapy (crystal therapy),
  • aromatherapy,
  • Phytotherapy,
  • reflexology,
  • shiatsutherapy,

List of Acronyms Related to Therapy

AFRT Accelerated Fractionation Radiation Therapy
ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
AET Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy
AHAI Adjuvant Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy
AMFT Adolescent Mediation and Family Therapy
AFTI Advanced Feminist Therapy Institutes
AHTC Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Centre
APTHS Advanced Physical Therapy and Health Services, LLC
ATMP Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
ABRAT Advances in Behaviour Research And Therapy
ARRT Advances in Renal Replacement Therapy
AAPT Afghan Association for Physical Therapy
ARTILLERY Aggression Replacement Therapy
ART Aggression Replacement Therapy
AIMS Airway management, Intravenous therapy, Medication, and Shock management
APTA Alabama Physical Therapy Association
AGTG Alberta Gene Therapy Group
APTA Alberta Play Therapy Association
ABMT Alcohol and Behavioral Marital Therapy
ACCEPT Algorithms for Critical Care Enteral and Parenteral Therapy
AIT Allergy Immunotherapy Tablet
ACGT Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy
AQMIRT Alliance for Quality Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
ADDT Alternate Day L-Dopa Therapy
AANT American Academy of Neural Therapy
AAOA American Alliance of Aromatherapy
AATA American Art Therapy Association, Inc.
AAMFT American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
AAMT American Association for Music Therapy
AART American Association for Respiratory Therapy
ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy
ABS American Brachytherapy Society
ADTA American Dance Therapy Association
AFTA American Family Therapy Association
AHA American Hippotherapy Association
AHTA American Horticultural Therapy Association
AICT American Institute for Cognitive Therapy
AIPP American Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
AIH American Institute of Hypnotherapy
AJOD American Journal of Dance Therapy
AJP American Journal of Psychotherapy
AMTA American Massage Therapy Association
AMTA American Music Therapy Association
AOTA American Occupational Therapy Association
AOTCB American Occupational Therapy Certification Board
AOTF American Occupational Therapy Foundation
APTA American Physical Therapy Association
APA American Physiotherapy Association
APTA American Polarity Therapy Association
APA American Psychotherapy Association
ADT Androgen Deprivation Therapy
ATP Angel Therapy Practitioner
AMT Anger Management Therapy
AMRT Anger Moral Reconation Therapy
AFT Animal Facilitated Therapy
AAT Animal-Aided-Therapy
AAT Animal-Assisted Therapy
AAPA Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association
ABT Antibiotic Therapy
ADEPT Antibody-Directed Enzyme Pro-Drug Therapy
AAC Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
ARIT Antiphlogistic-Rheologic Infusion Therapy
ARTILLERY Antiretroviral Therapy
ART Antiretroviral Therapy
ARPER Antiretroviral Therapy
ARP Antiretroviral Therapy
ATNY Apartment Therapy New York
ADEPT Applying Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis & Therapy
ATRI Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute
ATS Aquatic Therapy Symposium
ATU Aquatic Therapy University
ACT Aromatherapy Conference Tours
AC Aromatherapy Council
ARWP Aromatherapy Regulation Working Party
ATACO Art Therapy Association of Colorado
ATAO Art Therapy Association of Oklahoma
ATCB Art Therapy Credentials Board
ACT Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapy
AOBT Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
ARTILLERY Assisted Reproductive Therapy
ART Assisted Reproductive Therapy
AAP Association for Advancement of Psychotherapy
ACN Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy
ACTO Association for Counselling and Therapy Online
ADMT Association for Dance Movement Therapy
AMFT Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
APHP Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
AABT Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy
AAGT Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy
AAPT Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
ATFT Association for Thought Field Therapy
ACPAT Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy
ACPIE Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Electrotherapy
ATT Athletic Therapy Today
ATTACHED Athletic Therapy Today
ACCOUNT Atlanta Center For Cognitive Therapy
ACCOUNTANT Atlanta Center for Cognitive Therapy
ACCT Atlanta Center for Cognitive Therapy
AIA Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy
ASOT Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy
ACATT Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy
AHTA Australian Hand Therapy Association, Inc.
AILT Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
BCDT B Cell Depletion Therapy
BMUSTH Bachelor of Music Therapy
BMT Bachelor of Music Therapy
BOCCTHY Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
BOT Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
BENZO Bachelor of Physical Therapy
BPT Bachelor of Physical Therapy
BPHTY Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BENZO Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BPT Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BSMT Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy
BSPT Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
BSRT Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy
BSMT Bancroft School of Massage Therapy
BCPC Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling
BAFTTA Bay Area Family Therapy Training Associates
BCPS Bayer Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
BVT Bee Venom Therapy
BT Behavior Therapy
BTI Behavior Therapy Institute
BFST Behavioral Family Systems Therapy
BAT Behaviour Analysis Therapy
BRAT Behaviour Research And Therapy
BVAT Beroepsvereniging voor APS Therapie Therapy)
BEMT Bio Electro Magnetic Therapy
BIHRT Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
BTA Biomagnetic Therapy Association
BENZO Blairstown Physical Therapy Center
BPT Blairstown Physical Therapy Center
BCPS Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
BMBT Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy
BNCT Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
BCMT Boulder College of Massage Therapy
BSMT Boulder School of Massage Therapy
BTAA Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia
BT Brachytherapy
BCT Breast Conservation Therapy
BFTC Brief Family Therapy Center
BSFT Brief Solution Focused Therapy
BSST Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy Network
BSFT Brief Strategic Family Therapy
BTID Brief Therapy Institute of Denver
BANT British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy
BACP British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
BARP British Association for the Advancement of Radiology and Physiotherapy
BCRT British Columbia Respiratory Therapy
BHA British Hypnotherapy Association
BIH British Institute of Hypnotherapy
BSAC British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
BSMT British Society for Music Therapy
BIMT Brooklyn Institute of Massage Therapy
CBTA Caffeine Banishment Therapy Aid
CBOT California Board of Occupational Therapy
CAMT Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy
CAPR Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
CATA Canadian Art Therapy Association
CACPT Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy
CAMT Canadian Association for Music Therapy
CCPA Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association
CGPA Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association
RRT Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy
CPA Canadian Physiotherapy Association
CBT Cancer Biology and Therapy
CTEP Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program
CTRC Cancer Therapy Research Center
CTRCS Cancer Therapy Research Center
CTR Cancer Therapy Reviews
CMT Canine Massage Therapy
CRT Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
CRTP Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker
CPT Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
CGPS Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society
CSCT Cell Specific Cancer Therapy
CARE Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
CEBP Center for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy
CIVT Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy
CODT Center for Optical Diagnostics and Therapy
CRP Center for Research in Psychotherapy
CSP Center for Somatic Psychotherapy
CFSMT Central Florida School of Massage Therapy
CISMT Central Illinois School of Massage Therapy
CAPP Centre for Attachment-Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
CCPE Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education
CEBP Centre for Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy
CPRS Centre for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences
CEBP Centre of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy
CCPT Century City Physical Therapy
COMT Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
CAHT Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist
COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
CRTT Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician
CSP Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
CRT Chemo Radio-Therapy
CTH Chemotherapy
CBTE Chemotherapy Basic Treatment Equivalent
CHEST Chemotherapy for Early Stages Trial
CINV Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting
CIFN Chemotherapy-Induced Fever and Neutropenia
CIP Chemotherapy-Induced Pain
CIPN Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
CIPN Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neurotoxicity
CPT Chest Percussion Therapy
CPT Chest Physical Therapy
CAPT Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Training
CAFT Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy
CCPT Child-Centered Play Therapy
CSCT Chiron School of Crystal Therapy
CMT Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy
CMT Chronic Mebendazole Therapy
COT Chronic Opioid Therapy
CCTP Client Centred Therapy Program
CDTS Clinic for Developmental Therapy Services
CBMT Clinical Bulletin of Myofascial Therapy
CBTA Cognitive Behavior Therapy-Analysis
CBAT Cognitive Behavioral Affective Therapy
CBASP Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy
CBCT Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy
CBTAM Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Accociates of Marin
CBTBR Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Book Reviews
CERT Cognitive Emotional Restructuring Therapy
CPT Cognitive Processing Therapy
CRT Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy
CT Cognitive Therapy
CBT Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
CSPRS Collaborative Study Psychotherapy Rating Scale
CPSP College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy
CPP College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy
CAMT Colorado Association for Music Therapy
CAPT Colorado Association for Play Therapy
CHRT Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy
CLILT Combined Low Intensity Laser Therapy/Phototherapy
COTT Community Occupational Therapy Team
CABTSG Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy Study Group
CWT Compensated Work Therapy
CAT Complementary and Alternative Therapy
CT Complementary Therapy
CDT Complete Decongestive Therapy
CCBT Comprehensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CCBT Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
CIBTAC Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
CATA Connecticut Art Therapy Association
CIAT Constraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy
CIT Constraint-Induced Therapy
CMTE Continuing Music Therapy Education
CAOT Continuous Ambulatory Oxygen Therapy
CBT Continuous Bronchodilator Therapy
CHART Continuous Hyperfractionated Accelerated Radiation Therapy
CIII Continuous Intravenous Insulin Infusion Therapy
CLTO Continuous Long-Term Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy
CRRT Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
CMRT Control Muscle Release Therapy
CAAT Controlled Amino Acid Therapy
CCPT Conventional Chest Physiotherapy
CIT Conventional Insulin Therapy
CFRT Conventionally Fractionated Radiation Therapy
CST Convulsive Shock Therapy
CRT Corneal Refractive Therapy
CAH Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
CST Corticosteroid Therapy
CPTI Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute
CFT Couples and Family Therapy
CSTA CranioSacral Therapy Association
CCPT Crescent City Physical Therapy
CMGT Cross-Modality Grief Therapy
CCT Cyclocryotherapy
CHOP Cytoxan, Hydroxyrubicin , Oncovin (Vincristine) , Prednisone (chemotherapy regimine)
DLT Daily Life Therapy
DTR Dance Therapy Registered
DTAA Dance-Movement Therapy Association of Australia
DPLT Deep Penetrating Light Therapy
DXT Deep X Ray Therapy
DOTA Delaware Occupational Therapy Association
DTA Dental Therapy Assistant
DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DBTA Dialectical Behavior Therapy Association
DCH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
DCMT Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
DHP Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
DPSH Diploma in Psycho-Semantic Hypnotherapy
DBTH Diploma of Botano Therapy
DAPA Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association
DAART directly administered antiretroviral therapy
DOT Directly Observed Therapy
DOTS Directly Observed Treatment/Therapy Short Course
DCP Directory of Counselling and Psychotherapy
DMT Disease Modifying Therapy
DTAA Diversional Therapy Association of Australia
OTD Doctor of Occupational Therapy
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy
DCH Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
DMFT Doctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy
DOT Dose Optimized Thermotherapy
DT Drug Therapy
DTER Drug Therapy
DTM Drug Therapy Management
DTMC Drug Therapy Management Committee
DTMC Drug Therapy Monitoring Clinic
DTP Drug Therapy Problem
DOT Duration Of Therapy
DOTCA Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment
EGPS Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society
EDTS Eating Distress Therapy Service
ESHA Edinburgh School of Holistic Aromatherapy
ETA Educational Therapy Assistant
ECST Electro Convulsive Shock Therapy
ECT Electro-Convulsive Therapy
EST Electroshock Therapy
ERT Emotional Rebalance Therapy
EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy
EVS Endoscopic Variceal Sclerotherapy
EBMT Enhanced Behavioral Marital Therapy
ESPRIT Enhanced Suppression of the Platelet IIb/IIIa Receptor with Integrilin Therapy
ENTRY Enteral Nutrition Therapy
ENT Enteral Nutrition Therapy
ETI Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.
ERT Enzyme Replacement Therapy
ESMT Equine Sports Massage Therapy
ERT Estrogen Replacement Therapy
EAPTI European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute
EABP European Association for Body-Psychotherapy
EAP European Association of Psychotherapy
ECPE European Congress of Physiotherapy Education
EFBA-P European Federation for Bioenergetic Analysis-Psychotherapy
EJPE European Journal of Psychotherapy
EMTI European Massage Therapy Institute
EMTC European Music Therapy Confederation
ESP European School of Physiotherapy
ESCOP European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy
SPAH European Sonotherapy Prevention of Arterial Hyperplasia
ETSI European Therapy Studies Institute
EPACT Experimental Psychopathology and Cognitive Therapy
EOBT Expert Opinion in Biological Therapy
XRT External Beam Radiation Therapy
EBRT External Beam Radiation Therapy
EBR External Beam Radiotherapy
FCMT Family Centre Massage Therapy
FAINT Family Therapy
FT Family Therapy
FTAI Family Therapy Association of Ireland
FTTP Family Therapy Training Program
FVPT Farmington Valley Physical Therapy
FNRT Fast Neutron Radiation Therapy
FCAMT Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy
FHRS Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society
FTC Feminist Therapy Connection
FTI Feminist Therapy Institute
FTRP Feminist Therapy Referral Project
FCT Field Control Therapy
FGTS Finnish Gene Therapy Society
FLIGHT Firstline Therapy
FLT Firstline Therapy
FAMT Florida Association for Music Therapy
FOTA Florida Occupational Therapy Association
FSU-ATA Florida State University Art Therapy Association
FTS Fluid Therapy System
FACET Formoterol and Corticosteroids Establishing Therapy
FPC Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling
FSGT Foundation for Sexual Grounding Therapy
FAHCT Foundation for the Accreditation of Hematopoietic Cell Therapy
FSR Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
FOHT Friends of Horticultural Therapy
FACT Functional Analysis of Cancer Therapy
FAACT Functional Assessment of Anorexia/Cachexia Therapy
FACT-P Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Prostate Module
FACIT Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy
GTMB Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology
GTTB Gene Therapy and Therapeutics Branch
GTIN Gene Therapy Information Network
GTRAP Gene Therapy Research Advisory Panel
GDEPT Gene-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
GIPT General and Integrative Psychotherapy
GCMT General Council for Massage Therapy
GHR General Hypnotherapy Register
GAPT Georgia Association for Play Therapy
GOTA Georgia Occupational Therapy Association
GTILA Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles
GTIP Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia
GTIP Gestalt Therapy Institute of the Pacific
GTIN Gestalt Therapy International Network
GDT Goal Directed Therapy
GRTT Graduate Respiratory Therapy Technician
GUATEMALA Group Therapy
GT Group Therapy
GTP Group Therapy Program
GHT Growth Hormone Therapy
GOBI Growth monitoring of young children, Oral rehydration therapy, promotion of Breast feeding, and Immunization
GEOTA Guild of Essential Oil Therapy for Animals
GSHA Gulf South Hypnotherapy Association
HEART Healing and Early Afterload Reduction Therapy
HTSMT Healing Touch School of Massage Therapy
HTPN Heartland Therapy Provider Network
HT Heat Therapy
HPET Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Therapy
HACE Hepatic Artery Chemotherapy Embolization
HDOT High Dose Oxygen Therapy
HDT High Dose Therapy
HDRAB High Dose-Rate Afterloading Brachytherapy
HDRB High Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
HVLT High Velocity Lead Therapy
HDCT High-Dose Chemotherapy
HDC High-Dose Chemotherapy
HDCT High-Dose Cytotoxic Therapy
HDIT High-Dose Immunosuppressive Therapy
HAART Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
HAART Histamine activating antiviral regressive therapy
HDIT Home Drug Infusion Therapy
HIT Home Infusion Therapy
HIAT Home Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy
HICP Home Intravenous Chemotherapy by Parents
HPPT Honors Program in Physical Therapy
HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
HT Hormone Therapy
HALT Horse Assisted Learning and Therapy
HGPS Houston Group Psychotherapy Society
HGTRI Human Gene Therapy Research Institute
HACP Hydrotherapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
HOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
HHHT Hypervolemic, Hypertensive, Hemodilution Therapy
HAITI Hypnotherapy Association
HA Hypnotherapy Association
HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
HS Hypnotherapy Society
HPRT Hypothalamic-Pituitary Radiation Therapy
IPTA Idaho Physical Therapy Association
IDTA Illinois Developmental Therapy Association
IOTA Illinois Occupational Therapy Association
IPTA Illinois Physical Therapy Association
IGRT Image Guided Radiation Therapy
IART Image-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy
IGRT Image-Guided Radiotherapy Technique
ITT Immune Tolerance Therapy
IBT Immune-based therapy
IT Immunotherapy
IMPACT Immunotherapy for Prostate Adenocarcinoma Treatment
IUGT In Utero Gene Therapy
IBT Inclined Bed Therapy
IPTA Independent Physical Therapy Alliance
IBTA Indian Bodymind Therapy Association
IOTA Indiana Occupational Therapy Association
ICBT Individual Cognitive Behavior Therapy
IT Individual Therapy
IBTA Individualized Behavior Therapy for Alcoholics
IHT In-Home Therapy
IETH Institute for Effective Therapy of Homosexuality
IRET Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy
ICHP Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
IOMT Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
IPTAS Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science
IPPT Institute of Professional Practical Therapy
ISHA Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy, Inc.
IPTED Insulin Potentiation Therapy
IPT Insulin Potentiation Therapy
IBP Integrative Body Psychotherapy
IEST Integrative Energy and Spiritual Therapy
IMTA Integrative Manual Therapy Association
IYT Integrative Yoga Therapy
IMPT Intensity Modulated Particle Therapy
IMRT Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
IMRT Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
IMRT Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
IMRT Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
IMAT Intensity-Modulated Arc Therapy
IIT Intensive Insulin Therapy
IMOT Intensive Model of Therapy
ITC Intensive Therapy Centre
ITUS Intensive Therapy/Treatment Unit
ITU Intensive Therapy/Treatment Unit
IASC Inter-American Society for Chemotherapy
IDT Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy
IFC Interferential Current Therapy
IFT Interferential Therapy
INTERIOR Intermittent Needle Therapy
INT Intermittent Needle Therapy
IPTED Intermittent Presumptive Therapy
IPT Intermittent Presumptive Therapy
IRRT Intermittent Renal Replacement Therapy
IT Intermittent Therapy
ITA Intermountain Therapy Animals
IMF Intern in Marriage and Family Therapy
IRT Internal Radiation Therapy
IATCG International Antimicrobial Therapy Cooperative Group
IACCTT International Association for Certification in Coaching, Training and Therapy
IACP International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy
IACH International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
IAFP International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy
IACH International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy
ICOP International College of Phytotherapy
ICC International Congress of Chemotherapy
ICACC International Congress on Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy
IFTA International Family Therapy Association
IIST International Institute of Sports Therapy
IITS International Intradiscal Therapy Society
IJCAES International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy
IMDHA International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
IMHAA International Medical Hypnotherapy Accreditation Association, Ltd
IMLS International Meso-Lipotherapy Society
INIS International Neonatal Immunotherapy Study
IPTA International PalmTherapy Association
ISBT International School of Bowen Therapy
ISBP International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy
ISCT International Society for Cell Therapy
ISRCT International Society for Regional Cancer Therapy
ISCAT International Society of Carotid Artery Therapy
ISC International Society of Chemotherapy
ISHI International Spiritual Hypnotherapy Institute
ITEC International Therapy Examination Council
IPTED Interpersonal Psychotherapy
IPT Interpersonal Psychotherapy
ICAAC Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
ICAU Intracarotid Arterial Urokinase Therapy
ICP Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy
ICRT Intracoronary Radiation Therapy
IDET Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy
IDET Intra-Discal Electrothermal Therapy
IOHDR Intraoperative High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
IORT Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Boost
IORT Intraoperative Radiotherapy
ITB Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy
IVFT Intravenous Fluid Therapy
IVT Intravenous Therapy
IFRT Involved-Field Radiation Therapy
ICVT Ionic Contra-Viral Therapy
IAPT Iowa Association for Play Therapy
IPTA Iowa Physical Therapy Association
IACP Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
ICP Irish Council for Psychotherapy
IPTA Irish Play Therapy Association
JFP Japanese Federation for Psychotherapy
JSDT Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy
JFT Joint Fluid Therapy
JAC Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
JGLP Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy
JMMT Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy
JMFT Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
JPTE Journal of Physical Therapy Education
JJPTA Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association
KOTA Kansas Occupational Therapy Association
KIRAN Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine
KPT Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy
KNOT Kids Now Off Therapy
KMTA Korean Music Therapy Association
KHT Koryo Hand Therapy
KATI Kutenai Art Therapy Institute
KMTC Kwon Hye-Kyung Music Therapy Center
LCAT Laboratory Control of Antimicrobial Therapy
LCPT Lake Country Physical Therapy
LMCT Laparoscopic Microwave Coagulation Therapy
LCAFS Late Course Accelerated Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy
LVPT Lehigh Valley Physical Therapy
LAGPA Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association
LRT Leukocyte Removal Therapy
LLT Lipid-Lowering Therapy
LTT Localized Thermal Therapy
LTPP Long-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
LOTA Louisiana Occupational Therapy Association
LPTA Louisiana Physical Therapy Association
LDPT Low Dose Prednisolone Therapy
LEPT Low Energy Photon Therapy
LEPTS Low Energy Photon Therapy
LILT Low Intensity Laser Therapy
MDT Maggot Debridement Therapy
MRT Magnetic Resonance Therapy
MTC Manual Therapy Certification
MFTH Marriage and Family Therapy
MFT Marriage and Family Therapy
MFTC Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling
MFTC Marriage and Family Therapy Center
MCFT Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
MATA Maryland Art Therapy Association
MTAM Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba
MTAW Massage Therapy Awareness Week
MTIC Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
MTIM Massage Therapy Institute of Missouri
MTI Massage Therapy Instructor
MTP Massage Therapy Program
MTRC Massage Therapy Research Consortium
MTTC Massage Therapy Training Centre
MTTI Massage Therapy Training Institute
MCAT Master of Creative Art Therapy
HTM Master of Horticultural Therapy
MMFT Master of Marriage and Family Therapy
MSPT Master of Physical Therapy
MPT Master of Physical Therapy
MRT Master of Respiratory Therapy
MSFT Master of Science in Family Therapy
MSOT Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
MSPT Master of Science in Physical Therapy
MOT Masters of Occupational Therapy
MITRA Maximal Individual Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction
MAXX Maximum Access to Diagnosis and Therapy: The Electronic Library of Medicine
MMTF Maya’s Music Therapy Fund
MDT Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy
MOPP Meclorethamine, Vincristine , Procarbazine, Prednisone (chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
MMTI Medical Massage Therapy Institute
MNT Medical Nutrition Therapy
MTM Medication Therapy Management
MTMS Medication Therapy Management Services
MTC Melbourne Therapy Centre
MIT Melodic Intonation Therapy
MSTO Member of Sports Therapy Organisation
MNCH Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy
MPRP Menninger Psychotherapy Research Project
MHT Menopause Hormone Therapy
MPPT Methylprednisolone Pulse Therapy
MIAPT Michigan Association for Play Therapy
MAAT Michigan Association of Art Therapy
MET Microcurrent Electrical Therapy
MCT Microwave Coagulation Therapy
MIIT Midwest Institute for Interventional Therapy
MPRI Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute
MBAT Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy
MOTA Missouri Occupational Therapy Association
MDOT modified directly observed therapy
MERT modulated electron radiotherapy
MTTC Molecular Targeted Therapy of Cancer
MIMT Montana Institute of Massage Therapy
MRTC Moser Radiation Therapy Center
MEET Multidisciplinary European Endovascular Therapy
MDT Multi-Drug Therapy
MFTG Multi-Family Therapy Group
MDRT Multiple Drug Rescue Therapy
MSTG Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group
MST Multisystemic Therapy
MT Music Therapy
MTAO Music Therapy Association of Ontario
MRT Myofascial Release Therapy
MTPT Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
NT Narrative Therapy
NAIT National Alliance for Infusion Therapy
NARTRB National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies
NADT National Association for Drama Therapy
NAHA National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
NAMT National Association for Music Therapy
NAPT National Association for Poetry Therapy
NAPTF National Association for Poetry Therapy Foundation
NAPT National Association for Proton Therapy
NAPMT National Association of Pregnancy Massage Therapy
NBSG National Biotherapy Study Group
NBCOT National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc.
NBRT National Board for Respiratory Therapy
NCTD National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc.
NCIGT National Center for Image-Guided Therapy
NCHP National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
NCH National Council for Hypnotherapy
NETA National Expressive Therapy Association
NMTI National Massage Therapy Institute
NPTM National Physical Therapy Month
NTP Natural Therapy Pages
NPWT Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
NADT Neoadjuvant Androgen Deprivation Therapy
NAC Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
NEO Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy
NFT Neurofeedback Therapy
NLPT Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy
NMT Neurologic Music Therapy
NMT Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
NRMT Neuromuscular Release Massage Therapy
NMT Neuromuscular Therapy
NSMT Nevada School of Massage Therapy
NDT New Decision Therapy
NMAMFT New Mexico Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
NYPT New York Physical Therapy
NZCP New Zealand College of Physiotherapy
NZJP New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy
NCT Nicotine Replacement Therapy
NRT Nicotine Replacement Therapy
NECT Nifurtimox-Eflornithine Combination Therapy
NAPS Nigeria Association of Physiotherapy Students
NSP Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy
NTH No Therapy Helpful
NVPT Noe Valley Physical Therapy
NSPT Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
NSGT Nordic Society of Gene Therapy
NRMTA Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia
NDPTA North Dakota Physical Therapy Association
NFPT North Fork Physical Therapy
NIPT North Idaho Physical Therapy
NPTC Northeast Proton Therapy Centre
NCGPS Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society
NARTI Northwest Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute
NIT Not in Therapy
OT Occupational Therapy
OTA Occupational Therapy Assistant
OTAC Occupational Therapy Association of California
OTASA Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa
OTAP Occupational Therapy Association of the Philippines
OTBNZ Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand
OTD Occupational Therapy Doctorate
OTFW Occupational Therapy Fieldwork
OTION Occupational Therapy International Outreach Network
OTLB Occupational Therapy Licensing Board
OTPF Occupational Therapy Practice Framework
OTS Occupational Therapy Student
OTTP Occupational Therapy Training Program
OTU Occupational Therapy Unit
OAMT Ohio Association for Music Therapy Music Therapy
OCM Ohio College of Massotherapy
OOTA Ohio Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
OOTA Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association
ORT Opioid Replacement Therapy
OST Opioid Substitution Therapy
OBT Optimized Background Therapy
OCT Oral Contraceptive Therapy
ORT Oral Rehydration Therapy
ORTU Oral Rehydration Therapy Unit
OPT Orthopedic Physical Therapy
OPTP Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products
OMT Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy
OLAT Other Licensed Antifungal Therapy
OTD Ottawa Therapy Dogs
OPAT Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy
OPT Outpatient Physical Therapy
OPCT Oxygen Pressure Chamber Therapy
OTTP Ozone Therapy Training Program
PATS Pacific Animal Therapy Society
PEPT Pain Exposure Physical Therapy
PERT Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy
PFPP Panic-Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
PEIS Paravariceal Endoscopic Injection Sclerotherapy
PCITS Parent Child Interaction Therapy
PCIT Parent Child Interaction Therapy
PFTI Parsons-Fein Training Institute for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis
PRT Particle Regeneration Therapy
PCITS Pediatric Constraint-Induced Therapy
PCIT Pediatric Constraint-Induced Therapy
PPTS Pediatric Physical Therapy Services, PLLC
POTA Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association
PPTA Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
PSMT Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy
PCITS Percutaneous Calcitriol Injection Therapy
PCIT Percutaneous Calcitriol Injection Therapy
PSIT Percutaneous Hot Saline Injection Therapy
PMCT Percutaneous Microwave Coagulation Therapy
PAPT Performing Arts Physical Therapy
PTD Personal Therapy Device
PCT Person-Centered Therapy
PET Pet Energy Therapy
PFT Pet-Facilitated Therapy
PAT Pets As Therapy
PDMT Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy
PNN Pharmacotherapy News Network
PPS Pharmacotherapy Prescribing Service
PSAP Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program
PAGPS Philadelphia Area Group Psychotherapy Society
PPTA Philippine Physical Therapy Association, Inc.
PDT Photodynamic Therapy
PT Physical Therapy
PTW Physical Therapy & Wellness
PT-OT Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
PTBC Physical Therapy Board of California
PTCI Physical Therapy Clinic, Inc.
PTCC Physical Therapy Clinical Center
PTPAC Physical Therapy Political Action Committee
PTPA Physical Therapy Practice Act
PTPN Physical Therapy Provider Network
PES Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
PARSA Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Support for Afghanistan
PTA Physiotherapy Assistant
PABC Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia
PPA Physiotherapy Pain Association
PAIN Phytotherapy-Associated Interstitial Nephritis
PCPS Plymouth Counselling and Psychotherapy Service
PELT Polymer-Enzyme Liposome Therapy
PLOT Portable Liquid Oxygen Therapy
PMRT Post Mastectomy Radiotherapy
PCT Post-Cycle Therapy
PPTA Pre-Physical Therapy Association
PAGT Pro-Apoptotic Gene Therapy
PCT Progenitor Cell Therapy
PACT Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy
PPNV Prolonged Postchemotherapy Nausea and Vomiting
PBT prostate brachytherapy
PIPER Prostate Implant Planning Engine for Radiotherapy
PBT Proton Beam Therapy
PT Proton Therapy
PTC Proton Therapy Center
PTF Proton Therapy Facility
PTI Proton Therapy Institute
PPAA Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australasia Inc
PST Psychosexual Therapy
PELUT Pulsed Electromagnetic Limb Ulcer Therapy
PST Pulsed Signal Therapy
PICFTC Purdue Individual Couple and Family Therapy Clinic
QET Quick Effective Therapy
RPRT Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
ROUTE Radiation Therapy
RT Radiation Therapy
RTAP Radiation Therapy Advisory Panel
RTO Radiation Therapy Oncology
RTP Radiation Therapy Planning
RTS Radiation Therapy Services
RCTT Radio-Chemo-Thermo-Therapy
RIT Radioimmune Therapy
RAIT Radioiodine Therapy
ROUTE Radiotherapy
RT Radiotherapy
RCT Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
RCOG Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia
RTPT Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tools
RINV Radiotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
RDTP Rational Drug Therapy Program
REBT Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
RETAIL Rational Emotive Therapy
RET Rational Emotive Therapy
RST Rational Suggestion Therapy
ROUTE Reality Therapy
RT Reality Therapy
RTC Reality Therapy Certification
RTDA Reality Therapy Discipline Approach
RTDAS Reality Therapy Discipline Approach
RPA Rebirthing Psychotherapy Association
RTI Rebound Therapy Institute
RTA Recreation Therapy Assistant
RPT Reference Point Therapy
RZT Reflex Zone Therapy
RTT Registered Radiation Therapy Technologist
RAB Remote Afterloading Brachytherapy
RRT Renal Replacement Therapy
RTS Renal Therapy Services
ROUTE Reparative Therapy
RT Reparative Therapy
RIGHT Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy
RTES Respiratory Therapy Equipment and Services
RBMT Rhythm-Based Music Therapy
RMTA Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America
ROUTE Rogerian Therapy
RT Rogerian Therapy
RCT Root Canal Therapy
SNIT Sam Needs Intensive Therapy
SOT School of Occupational Therapy
SCTN Scottish Cancer Therapy Network
START Selection of Thymidine Analog Regimen Therapy
SIRT Selective Internal Radiotherapy
SOT self-observed therapy
SEPRT Sequential Estrogen Plus Progestin Therapy
SASSI Serendipity Aromatherapy Selection Software Interface
SPTI Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
STAA Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia
STAO Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario
SPICA Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy
SWT Shock Wave Therapy
SCDT Short Contact Dithranol Therapy
STATS Short Term Alternatives for Therapy Services
STDP Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
SBNT Social Behaviour and Network Therapy
SPR Society for Psychotherapy Research
SPNT Society for the Promotion of Nutritional Therapy
SCAPE Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators
STT Soft Tissue Therapy
STCP Solid Tumour Chemotherapy Protocols
SAIH South African Institute of Hypnotherapy
SCAMFT South Carolina Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
SEACAT South East African Combination Anti-Malarial Therapy Evaluation
SMPT Southern Maine Physical Therapy
SERT Special Equestrian Riding Therapy
SPIRIT Special People In Riding Therapy
SIT Specific Immunotherapy
SLT Speech and Language Therapist/Therapy
SLTA Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
ST Speech Therapy/Therapist
STRENGTH Speech Therapy/Therapist
STRAIN Speech Therapy/Therapist
STREET Speech Therapy/Therapist
SLT Speech-Language Therapy
SMT Spinal Manipulative Therapy
STO Sports Therapy Organisation
STO-2 Sports Therapy Organisation
SCT Stem Cell Therapy
SABR Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy
SBRT Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
START Steroid Treatment as Regular Therapy in Early Asthma
STRT Stress-Tension Reduction Therapy
STAIR Stroke Therapy Academic Industry Roundtable
SPARCS Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress
SCIT Subcutaneous Immunotherapy
SLIT Sublingual Immunotherapy
SRT Surfactant Replacement Therapy
SSITT Swiss Spanish Intermittent Therapy Trial
SYTAR Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research
SSRT Synchrotron Stereotactic Radiotherapy
SOFTA System for Observing Family Therapy Alliances
SBFT Systemic Behavior Family Therapy
SRAT Systems Releasing Action Therapy
TCT Tai Chi for Therapy
TACT Taxotere as Adjuvant Chemotherapy Trial
TSGT Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy
TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy
TAPT Texas Association for Play Therapy
TBNT That Boy Needs Therapy
TNOP The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy
TAOAT Theoretical Advances Of Art Therapy
TX Therapy
TAILS Therapy Animals in Loving Service
KETHEA Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals
TD Therapy Dog
TDI Therapy Dogs International, Inc
TGASC Therapy Guidelines and Audit Sub-Committee
TOPAS Therapy of Patients with Acute Stroke
TOUCH Therapy of Unique Canine Helpers
TOM Therapy Outcome Measure
TAML Therapy-Related Acute Myeloid Leukemia
TFT Thought Field Therapy
TAST Thrombolysis and Acute Stroke Therapy
THRT Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy
THST Thyroid Hormone Suppression Therapy
TPTI Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc.
TLDP Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy
TRT Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
TAPR Total Abdominal and Pelvic Radiotherapy
THRT Total Hormone Replacement Therapy
TERT Transdermal Estrogen Replacement Therapy
TST Transdimensional Senso-Therapy
TFP Transference-Focused Psychotherapy
TTT Transpupillary Thermotherapy
TUMT TransUrethral Microwave Thermotherapy
TRT Trauma Resolution Therapy
TST Trauma Systems Therapy
TCT Tremor Control Therapy
TOTAL Trial Of Occupational Therapy And Leisure
TACT Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy
TPT Trigger Point Therapy
TRUMPETTED Trigger Point Therapy
TADF Twice-a-Day Fractionation Radiotherapy
UAE United Aromatherapy Effort
UKCHP United Kingdom College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
UPCA Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association
VGTI Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute
VCT Vaginal Cone Therapy
VATI Vancouver Art Therapy Institute
VCCT Vantol College of Crystal Therapy
VIT Venom Allergen Immunotherapy
VERT Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training
VRET Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
VMIMRT Virtual-Micro Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
VDEPT Virus-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
VT Vision Therapy
VMAT Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
VIP Volunteers in Psychotherapy
WCPA Washington County Psychotherapy Associates
WIT Water-Induced Thermotherapy
WMT Web Marketing Therapy
WSMT Wellington School of Massage Therapy
WMTD West Michigan Therapy Dogs, Inc.
WMIP West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy
WITPP Westchester Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
WSPT Westchester Square Physical Therapy
WART Whole Abdominal Radiotherapy
WBHT Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy
WBRT Whole Brain Radiation Therapy
WART Whole-Abdomen Radiation Therapy
WBRC William Buckland Radiotherapy Center
WOTA Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association
WPTA Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association
WALT World Association for Laser Therapy
WAPP World Association of Positive Psychotherapy
WCPT World Confederation for Physical Therapy
WCPT World Congress of Physical Therapy
WCPC World Council for Psychotherapy
WFATT World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy
WFMT World Federation of Music Therapy, Inc.
WFOT World Federation of Ozone Therapy
WCQ Worthing Chemotherapy Questionnaire
XRT X-Ray Therapy
YTI Yoga Therapy Ireland
YTT Yoga Therapy Teacher
YPT York Physical Therapy