Tourism Abbreviations


What is Tourism?

Tourism is the set of activities that involve the displacement of people from one place to another, whether domestic or international.

Tourism is linked to several segments, including consumer tourism, where excursions are organized with the main objective of shopping, religious tourism, held for meetings in regions with religious tradition, cultural tourism, rural tourism, ecological tourism etc.

Tourists are considered to be people who leave their country or region for a visit to another country, state or region for a period not exceeding twelve months without the main intention being to develop a remunerated activity.

Tourism is of great importance in the world economy, as the arrival of tourists increases consumption, the production of goods and services and especially the need to create new jobs. World Tourism Day is celebrated on the 27th of September.

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is characterized by the displacement of people in order to experience the set of significant elements of the historical and cultural heritage and the identity of a given population.

Cultural tourism involves the contemplation of material and immaterial goods that have become tourist attractions, including historic centers, museums, archaeological sites, typical festivals, gastronomic events, etc.

Rural tourism

Rural tourism is a type of tourism carried out in rural areas, where the tourist has contact with activities carried out on farms, ranches and farms, where routine rural activities are carried out, such as contact with animals, equestrian activities, fishing, typical food etc.

Eco tourism

Ecological tourism or ecotourism is a segment in which leisure, sports or educational tourism is practiced in natural areas where the preservation of nature is encouraged.

Among the activities practiced in ecological tourism are trails, waterfall baths, climbing in tourist spots, diving to observe marine life, etc.

Tourism Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Tourism

ATJT A Traveling Jewish Theatre
ATTC Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada
ATD Abrams Travel Data Services
ADTA Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
ABMTR Academy of Business, Management, Tourism & Research
ACT Action for Conservation through Tourism
ATL Adjustable Travel Limiter
ATV Adjustable Travel Volume
ADTA Advance Diploma in Tourism Administration
AMTMS Advanced Metropolitan Travel Management Systems
ATT Advanced Technologies and Travel
ATTACHED Advanced Technologies and Travel
ATP Advanced Travel Partner
ATISS Advanced Traveler Information Services
ATIS Advanced Traveler Information Services
ATISS Advanced Traveler Information System
ATIS Advanced Traveler Information System
ATANL Adventure Tourism Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association
ATC Affordable Travel Club
ATA Africa Travel Association
ATTA African Travel and Tourism Association
ATTA African Travel and Tourism Association
ATC Agence du Tourisme de la Corse
ACCOUNT Agency Coalition For Caribbean Tourism
ACCOUNTANT Agency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
ACCT Agency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
AMTA Agency for Coordinating Mekong Tourism Activities
ATR Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable
ATC Air Travel Card
ATISS Air Travel Information System
ATIS Air Travel Information System
ATOL Air Travel Organiser’s Licence
ATOL Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing
ATPI Air Travel Price Index
ATA Air Travelers Association
ATSC Air Travellers Security Charge
ACTION Airline and Customer-Related Travel Industry Occupation Network
ATIA Alaska Travel Industry Association
ACTB Albany County Tourism Board
ATEC Alberta Tourism Education Council
AHETA Algarve Hotel and Tourism Businesses Association
AITA All India Travel Agency
AIT Alliance Internationale de Tourisme
ACTA Alliance of Canadian Travel Associations
ATTAP Alliance of Travel and Tour Agencies of Pampanga
AJTR Allowance Cited in Joint Travel Regulations
ATG Alternative Tourism Group
AATA American Airlines Travel Academy
ABTA American Business Travel Association
ACTS American Countryside Tourism Strategies
AEBT American Express Business Travel
AETC American Express Travelers Checks
AFTI American Football Travel International
AIANTA American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association
ASTA American Society of Travel Agents
ATS American Travel Services
ATW American Travelways
ATH Andrews Travel House
AHTA Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
ACTS Annual Caribbean Tourism Summit
ABTC APEC Business Travel Card
ATL Aqua Tourisme Loisirs
AUTOMATIC Arabesque Travel
AT Arabesque Travel
ATM Arabian Travel Market
AOT Arizona Office of Tourism
ADPT Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
ACTT ASEAN Communication Team for Tourism
ATF ASEAN Tourism Forum
ATT ASEAN Travel and Tours
ATTACHED ASEAN Travel and Tours
ALTM Asia Luxury Travel Market
APTA Asia Pacific Tourism Association
APTHS Asia Pacific Travel Health Society
ATMA Asia Travel Marketing Association
AJT Association des Journalistes de Tourisme
APTA Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa
AFE Association Francaise d’Ecotourisme
AFKE Association Franco-Kirghize d’Ecotourisme
AIEST Association Internationale d’experts Scientifiques du Tourisme
AIT Association Internationale du Tourisme
ABTTA Association of Bahrain Tour and Travel Agents
ABTA Association of British Travel Agents
ABT Association of Business Travelers
ACTA Association of Canadian Travel Agents
ACTES Association of Corporate Travel Executives
ACTE Association of Corporate Travel Executives
AETA Association of European Travel Agents
ATA Association of independent Travel Agents
ALTO Association of Language Travel Organizations
APTA Association of Private Tourism Agencies
ARTA Association of Retail Travel Agents
ASMET Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism
ASATA Association of South African Travel Agents
ATTA Association of Thai Travel Agents
ATTT Association of Tourism Teachers and Trainers
ASMT Association Suisse des Managers en Tourisme
ATSP Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
AMTA Atlanta Metro Travel Association
ATSC Atlanta Travel & Social Club
ATB Auburn Tourism Board
ABTA Australasian Business Travel Association
AITC Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference
AITT Australian Institute of Travel and Tourism
AITT Australian Institute of Travel and Tourism
ASTW Australian Society of Travel Writers
ASCOT Australian Standing Committee on Tourism
ATDW Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
ATDP Australian Tourism Development Programme
ATEC Australian Tourism Export Council
ATTRP Australian Tourism Training Review Panel
ABTA Austrian Business Travel Association
ANET Austrian Network for E-Tourism
ATISS Automated Travel Information System
ATIS Automated Travel Information System
ATOP Automated Travel Order Process
ATOS Automated Travel Order System
ATOS-PLUS Automated Travel Order System Plus
ATS Automated Travel System
ATS Average Travel Speed
AITO Azadi International Tourism Organization
AITF Azerbaijan International Travel & Tourism Fair
AITF Azerbaijan International Travel & Tourism Fair
BTTA Baccalieu Trail Tourism Association
BCULT Bachelor of Cultural Tourism
BRT Bachelor of Recreation and Tourism
BSTM Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
BTOUR Bachelor of Tourism
BTA Bachelor of Tourism Administration
BTM Bachelor of Tourism Management
BTS Bachelor of Tourism Studies
BTTM Bachelor of Travel Tourism Management
BTTM Bachelor of Travel Tourism Management
BTSA Backpacker Tourism South Africa
BTDC Bali Tourism Development Centre
BTDC Bali Tourism Development Corporation
BTC Baltic Sea Tourism Commission
BTZ Baltikum Tourismus Zentrale
BENZO Banks Peninsula Tourism
BPT Banks Peninsula Tourism
BTA Barbados Tourism Authority
BTI Barbados Tourism Investment
BTQ Basic Travel Quota
BTA Basic Travelers Allowance
BABTA Bay Area Business Travel Association
BTG Beijing Tourism Group
BWCTS Beijing World Culture Travel Service
BETA Belize Eco-Tourism Association
BTB Belize Tourism Board
BTV Benoit Tourisme Voyages
BCAT Best Cheap Air Travel
BTCL Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited
BTV Bibliothèque du Tourisme et des Voyages
BEAUFORT Bidding for Travel
BFT Bidding for Travel
BSTN Big Sky Travel Nurses
BRTA Black Rock Travel Agency
BVTC Blackstone Valley Tourism Council
BTO Blanket Travel Order
BOT Boots of Travel
BTA Bordeaux Tourisme Affaires
BTI Borneo Tourism Institute
BTM Borobudur Travel Mart
BITA Boston Irish Tourism Association
BTB Botswana Tourism Board
TCED Branson Lakes Tourism Community Enhancement District
BITO Brazilian Incoming Travel Organization
BCN Brevet de Cyclotourisme National
BCATW British Columbia Association of Travel Writers
BHTS British Home Tourism Survey
BRAT British Regiment Attached Traveler
BTB British Tourism Board
BTS British Tourism Survey
BTI British Travel International
BTTF British Travel Trade Fair
BTAA British Travelgoods and Accessories Association
BVC Brunswick Valley Coach and Travel
BOOST Building on Opportunities to Strengthen Tourism
BAAT Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism
BTW Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft
BITS Bureau International du Tourisme Social
BTR Bureau of Tourism Research
BMTC Burning Man Travel Center
BRTA Bushmans River Tourism Association
BJT Business Jet Traveler
BOOT Business of Online Travel
BTA Business Travel Account
BTAA Business Travel Agencies Association of Russia
BTAB Business Travel Air Brokerage
BTC Business Travel Coalition
BTD Business Travel Department
BTI Business Travel International
BTN Business Travel News
BTS Business Travel Show
BTU Business Travel Unit
BTW Business Travel World
CTPA California Travel and Park Association
CARTA Campaign for Real Travel Agents
CBTA Canadian Business Travel Association
CBTA Canadian Business Travellers Association
CCTA Canadian Corporate Travel Association
CITC Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors
CSTA Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
CSTC Canadian Sports Tourism Coalition
CTC Canadian Tourism Commission
CTRI Canadian Tourism Research Institute
CTSA Canadian Tourism Satellite Account
CUTS Canadian University Travel Service
CPT Canara Pinto Travels
CTT Cape Town Tourism
CCTB Carbondale Convention & Tourism Bureau
CTMC Cardinal Tourism Management Consultants
CAST Caribbean Action for Sustainable Tourism
CAST Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
CCT Caribbean Coalition for Tourism
CRSTDP Caribbean Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme
CTCP Caribbean Tourism Credentialing Program
CTO Caribbean Tourism Organization
CWT Carlson Wagonlit Travel
CCOT Cayuga County Office of Tourism
CBTA Ceduna Business & Tourism Association
CRT Center for Recreation and Tourism
CTRD Center for Tourism Research and Development
CEETB Central and Eastern European Travel Board
CATIA Central Australian Tourism Industry Association
CCTD Central Connecticut Tourism District
CTR Central Travel Record
CITA Centre de Informação e Tourismo de Angola
CVT Centre de Vacances et de Tourisme
CHTR Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Research
CHTM Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management
CRTR Centre for Regional Tourism Research
CIAT Centre Intégré en Alimentation et Tourisme
CTEER Centre Tourisme Équestre
CTE Centre Tourisme Équestre
CIRT Certificate in Recreation and Tourism
CST Certification for Sustainable Tourism
CBTE Certified Business Travel Executive
CCTE Certified Corporate Travel Executive
CITE Certified Incentive Travel Executive
CALL-TO-ACTION Certified Travel Associate
CTA Certified Travel Associate
CTC Certified Travel Consultant
CTC Certified Travel Counselor
CTIE Certified Travel Industry Executive
CTIS Certified Travel Industry Specialist
CUTD Characteristics of Urban Travel Demand
CCTB Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
CST Child Sex Tourism
CITM China International Travel Mart
CITS China International Travel Service
CTTB China Tibet Tourism Bureau
CTMI China Tourism Management Institute
CTS China Travel Service
CVTM Clare Valley Tourism Marketing
CGTK Club Glove Travel Kit
CCPT Coalition on Child Prostitution and Tourism
CRT Coastal Recreation and Tourism
CHTM College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
CTO Colorado Tourism Office
CTG Comité du Tourisme Guyanais
CMT Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme
CRT Comité Régional du Tourisme
COMSTAT Commercial Space Transportation and Tourism
CTO Commercial Travel Office
CALL-TO-ACTION Commercial Travelers Association
CTA Commercial Travelers Association
CGT Commissariat Général au Tourisme
CCT Commission Canadienne du Tourisme
CTC Commonwealth Tourism Centre
CTASA Community Tourism Association of South Africa
CBET Community-Based Ecotourism
CBEM Community-Based Ecotourism Management
CBTD Community-Based Tourism Development
CBTE Community-Based Tourism Enterprise
CELT Compagnie Europeenne Loisirs et Tourisme
CALL-TO-ACTION Compassionate Travel Assistance
CTA Compassionate Travel Assistance
CWBTA Connecticut Westchester Business Travel Association
CTW Constructive Travel Worksheet
CRTL Consumer Reports Travel Letter
CTO Contract Travel Office
CTB Convention Tourism Bureau
CTMC Convention Travel Management Company
CTD Corporate Travel Department
CTM Corporate Travel Management
CTMC Corporate Travel Management Company
CTMG Corporate Travel Management Group
CTMS Corporate Travel Management Solutions
CTS Corporate Travel Service
CTW Corporate Travel World
CTS Cosmopolitan Travel Service
CETUSA Council for Educational Travel USA
CTT Council for Travel and Tourism
CTT Council for Travel and Tourism
CST Council on Student Travel
CAHT Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism
CRTP Cultural Restoration Tourism Project
CTIG Cultural Tourism Industry Group
CHT Culture, Heritage and Tourism
CTH Cyclo Tourisme Herbretais
CCR Cyclotourisme Club du Roumois
CONTROL Cyclotourisme Lionnais
CTL Cyclotourisme Lionnais
CTO Cyprus Tourism Organisation
DVMT Daily Vehicle-Miles of Travel
DBTA Danish Business Travel Association
DTSP Data Traveler Secure Privacy
DTC Defence Travel Card
DTA Defense Travel Administration
DTA Defense Travel Administrator
DTMO Defense Travel Management Office
DTS Defense Travel System
DTTDC Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation
DTDC Delhi Tourism Development Corporation
DAST Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism
DCRT Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism
DEAT Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
DITR Department of Industry Tourism and Resources
DIST Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
DOT Department of Tourism
DTCM Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
DTL Department of Tourism and Leisure
DTR Department of Tourism and Recreation
DTAE Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment
DTTC Department of Trade, Tourism and Competitiveness
DST Dependent Student Travel
DRTC Destination Richmond Tourism Cooperative
DTMC Destination Travel Management Company
DZT Deutsche Zentrale fur Tourismus
DART Developing Active Regions and Sustainable Tourism
DANTEI Development Assistance Network for Tourism Enhancement and Investment
DTF DHAPP Prevention Program Travel Form
DTO DHAPP Travel Office
DTO-2 DHAPP Travel Office
DTRM Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management
DTM Diploma in Tourism Management
DTTC Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consulting
DTTC Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consulting
DTTF Diploma in Travel and Tourism Foundations
DTTF Diploma in Travel and Tourism Foundations
DOT Direction of Travel
DTMC Discount Travel Membership Club
DTTA Discovery Trail Tourism Association
DTL Discovery Travel and Living
DTTD Division of Travel and Tourism Development
DTTD Division of Travel and Tourism Development
DTTS Division of Travel and Transportation Services
DTL Down Travel Limit
DNATA Dubai National Airline Travel Agency
DTCM Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing
DTDC Dubai Tourism Development Company
DTTAG Dubai Travel and Tour Agents Group
DATO Durango Area Tourism Office
DJT Dynamic Jet Travel
ETA Earthville Travel Adventures
EATA East Asian Tourism Association
EET East of England Tourism
EDTC Economic Development and Tourism Corporation
EDTC Economic Development, Tourism and Culture
EET Economy, Energy & Tourism Committee
ECOSS Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim
EAA Ecotourism Association of Australia
ETDP Eco-Tourism Development Programme
ESTM Edeltraud Sommer Tourismus Marketing
ETW Edge of Travel Way
ECRTP Edmonton Capital Region Tourism Partnership
ETC Education, Travel & Culture
ESTO Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations
ETR Educator’s Travel Resource
ETS E-Gov Travel Service
EOT Electric Overhead Traveling
EOT Electrically-Operated Overhead Travelling Crane
ESTA Electronic System for Travel Authorization
ETA Electronic Travel Aid
ETA Electronic Travel Authority
EOT Ellinikos Organismos Tourismou
ETPA Elliston Tourism and Progress Association
ECDET Emergency Coalition to Defend Educational Travel
EVT Emergency Visitation Travel
EWTC Emirates World Travel Cologne
ECPAT End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism
EOT End of Travel
EFT English for Tourism
ELTASA English Language and Travel Association of South Africa
ETC English Tourism Council
ELOT Enhanced Line of Travel
ETAA Enterprising Travel Agents Association
ERTR e-Review of Tourism Research
ETT Estimated Travel Time
EATA Estonian Association of Travel Agents
ERTO Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation
ETC Ethiopian Tourism Commission
ECST European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
ECRT European Congress on Rural Tourism
ECTN European Cultural Tourism Network
EFFAT European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors
ERTF European Roma and Travellers Forum
ESTARS European Standard Travel Agent Registry
ETAG European Travel & Tourism Action Group
ETAG European Travel & Tourism Action Group
ETC European Travel Commission
ETN European Travel Network
XFT Exchange for Travel
ETA Executive Travel Associates
ENZ Experience New Zealand Travel, Ltd.
ETFS Expert Travel Financial Security, Inc.
ETN Express Travel Network
ETA Extension Travel Adjustment
ETT Extra Travel Tunnel
FTTSA Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
FRT Family Reunion Travel
FTR Federal Travel Regulation
FFCT Fédération Française de Cyclo Tourisme
FFBC Fédération Francophone Belge du Cyclotourisme
FACT Federation of American Consumers and Travelers
FATTA Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Agents
FATTA Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Agents
FIYTO Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations
FTIP Federation of Tourism Industries of the Philippines
FTS Fellow of the Tourism Society
FCBT Flight Centre Business Travel
FIT Foreign Independent Traveler
FTR Foreign Travel Request
FTT Foreign Travel Tax
FTS Formosa Travel Service
FIT Free Independent Traveler
FIT Free Individual Traveler
FCTC Fremont County Tourism Council
FTMC Fremont Travelers Motorcycle Club
FIT Frequent Independent Traveler
FIT Frequent Individual Traveller
FTP Frequent Traveler Program
FTSC Full Travel Sealed Contact
FIT Fully Independent Traveller
FTA Fun, Travel, and Adventure
GTAT General Tourism Aptitude Test
GONADS Geographical and Oceanographic Navigation Administration and Department of Sea-travel
GHTA Georgia Hospitality Travel Association
GTI German Travel International
GATTS Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents
GATT Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents
GCET Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
GTAM Global Tourism and Marketing
GTG Global Travel Group
GTM Global Travel Management
GTDC Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Ltd.
GETT Gojo Ethiopia Tour and Travel
GHT Golden Hill Travel
GTWA Golf Tourism Western Australia
GTC Government Travel Card
GTR Government Travel Rate
GTR Government Travel Regulation
GTR Government Travel Request
GCT Governor’s Conference on Tourism
GSTF Graduate Student Travel Fund
GTA Gran Tourismo Alleggerita
GTB Gran Tourismo Berlinetta
GMTA Grand Manan Tourism Association
GTO Grand Tourisme de l’Ouest
GLTC Great Lakes and Tourism Committee
GWTS Great Wall Travel Service
GHRTHA Greater Hampton Roads Travel Hockey Association
GHETTO Greater Houston Educational Travel and Tourism Organization
GHETTO Greater Houston Educational Travel and Tourism Organization
GWTA Greater Washington Tourism Alliance
GTP Greek Travel Pages
GTM Green Travel Market
GTP Green Travel Plan
GHTA Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association
GTSI Greyhound Travel Services, Inc.
GJTB Groene Jeep Travel Bug
GWTT Ground Water Travel Time
GTI Group Travel Insurance
GTP Group Travel Planet
GUATEMALA Group Traveler
GT Group Traveler
GBTA Guild of Business Travel Agencies
GIBTM Gulf Incentives, Business Travel and Meetings
GTA Gullivers Travel Associates
GWT Gutsy Women Travel, LLC
GRT Gypsy, Roma and Traveller
HWT Harvey World Travel
HHWT Have Horn Will Travel
HTA Hawaii Tourism Authority
HATA Hellenic Association of Travel Agents
HLTWT High Level Traveling Wave Tube
HPTD Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department
HPTDC Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
HLTA Home Leave Travel Assistance
HOSTWOY Home of Selection and Completion of Travel Within One Year Are Authorized
HTC Home/Travel Charger
HTCS Hospital Travel Cost Scheme
HTI Hospitality and Tourism Index
HTTC Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre
HLT Hospitality Leisure & Tourism
HMT Hospitality Management and Tourism
HTTL Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure and Travel
HTTL Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure and Travel
HTM Hotel and Tourism Management
HTMI Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
HTTC Hotel and Tourism Training Centre
HRT Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism
HTTA How to Travel America
IBT Illinois Bureau of Tourism
IDTT Inactive Duty Training Travel
ITMA Incentive Travel & Meetings Association
ITCMA Incentive Travel and Conventions, Meetings Asia
ITM Incentive Travel and Meetings Association
ITOT Independent Tourism Operators of Tasmania
IMTE India Medical Tourism Expo
ITDC India Tourism Development Corporation
IRCTC Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
ITIL Indian Tourism Infrastructure Ltd.
ITO Indian Tourism Office
ISTDM Indiana Statewide Travel Demand Model
ITLG Indigenous Tourism Leadership Group
IATP Individual Antiterrorism Travel Plan
ITCM Individual Travel Cost Method
ITTF Indonesia Tourism & Travel Fair
ITTF Indonesia Tourism & Travel Fair
ITR Industry, Tourism and Resources
IBFT Infoplattform Barrierefreier Tourismus
ITT Information, Tour, and Travel
ITPR Information-Travels Public Relations
IATT Inland Air Travel Tax
IT Inspection Traveler
THTL Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé Tourisme Hotellerie Transport Loisirs
IORT Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
IBTM Institute of Business Travel Management
ICTA Institute of Certified Travel Agents
ITFT Institute of Tourism and Future Management Trends
ITHP Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Professionals
ITT Institute of Travel and Tourism
ITT Institute of Travel and Tourism
IATS Integrated Army Travel System
IATS Integrated Automated Travel System
IDTI Integrated Development and Tourism Investment
IMTAS Intelligent Multimedia Travel Agent System
ITSA Interactive Travel Services Association
IMCT Internal Market, Consumers and Tourism
IATAL International Air Travel Adaptation Levy
IATAN International Airlines Travel Agent Network
IAMAT International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
IATT International Association of Travel and Tourism
IATT International Association of Travel and Tourism
IATA International Aviation and Travel Academy
IBAT International Budget Adventure Traveler
IBTA International Business Travel Association
IBTC International Business Travellers’ Club
ICRET International Center for Research and Education in Tourism
ICTP International Council of Tourism Partners
IFITT International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism
IFITT International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism
IMI International Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Management Institutes
IIST International Institute of Soccer Tourism
IIT International Institute of Travel
IMTJ International Medical Travel Journal
ISTM International Society of Travel Medicine
ISTC International Student Travel Confederation
ITIS International Tourism Institute
ITMAS International Tourism Marketing Assistance Scheme
FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair
ITA International Travel Account
ITA International Travel Agency
ITCA International Travel Catering Association
ITD International Travel Documents
ITHA International Travel Healthcare Association
ITSA International Travel Services Association
ITS International Travel Survey
ITW International Travel Warranty
IWNTA International Web Network for Travel Agents
IYE International Year of Ecotourism
ITB Internationale Tourismusbörse
ITIS Internet Travel Information Service
IPTAS Interstate Patient Travel Assistance Scheme
ITA Invitational Travel Authorization
ITO Invitational Travel Order
ITTO Iran Tourism and Touring Organization
ISTM Irish Society of Travel Medicine
ITM Irish Traveller Movement
IPTAAS Isolated Patients’ Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme
IMOT Israel Ministry of Tourism
JUTA Jamaica Union of Travellers Association Ltd.
JATA Japan Association of Travel Agents
JGTA Japan Guam Travel Association
JSTA Japan Saipan Travel Association
JTB Japan Travel Bureau
JTM Jasons Travel Media
JFTR Joint Federal Travel Regulation
JTR Joint Travel Regulation
JSTA Jordan Society of Tourist and Travel Agents
JET Junior Enlisted Travel
KTF Kenya Tourism Foundation
KGT Klingon for the Galactic Traveller
KTSC Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation
KATA Korea Association of Travel Agents
KTO Korea Tourism Organization
KTSC Kuwait Tourism Services Company
LCTPG Lake Chelan Tourism Promotion Group
LATA Langues Etrangeres Appliquees au Tourisme et aux Affaires
LVT Las Vegas Travel
LAFTA Latin American Fun, Travel, Adventure
LATA Latin American Travel Association
LTTA Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association
LDTA Lead Defense Travel Administrator
LTSP League of Tourism Students of the Philippines
LETA Learning and Enrichment Travel Alliance
LICWOT Leave in Conjunction With Official Travel
LTA Leave Travel Allowance
LTC Leave Travel Concession
LTG Leisure Travel Group
LIAE Lennox Island Aboriginal Ecotourism
LTA Licensed Travel Agency
LDTA Lichfield District Tourism Association
LTISL Light Travels in Straight Lines
LOT Line of Travel
LTWTA Linearized Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
LOT line-of-travel sequence
LTR Local Travel Report
LRTI Lodging, Restaurant and Tourism Index
LEST Loisir, Environnement, Sport, Tourisme
LHTS London Hotels and Travel Services
LTIS London Travel Information System
LTBB Lonesome Traveler Bluegrass Band
LTPA Louisiana Travel Promotion Association
LTTA Lutsen-Tofte Tourism Association
MTDC Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation
MSTA Main Street Tourism Association
MTMPP Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program
MRTA Malaspina Recreation and Tourism Association
MRTTP Malawi Rural Travel and Transport Programme
MATF Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair
MTA Malta Tourism Authority
MTEC Manitoba Tourism Education Council
MMT Man-Miles of Travel
MRTG Maori Regional Tourism Group
MTT Maori Tourism in Taranaki
MOTD Maryland Office of Tourism Development
MEHT Master English for Hotel and Tourism
MRT Master in Recreation and Tourism
MTEE Master in Tourism and Environmental Economics
MTA Master of Tourism Administration
MTS Master of Tourism Studies
MOT Material Order Traveler
MTPA Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority
METS McCord’s Emergency Travel Service
MTSA Medical Tourism Association of South Africa
MTA Medical Tourism Association, Inc.
MAST Mediterranean Association of Sustainable Tourism
MTM Mediterranean Travel Management
MCIT Meetings, Conventions & Incentive Travel
MTT Mega Travel Trailers
MTDF Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum
MTCO Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
MTB Mexico Tourism Board
MTTC Middle Tennessee Tourism Council
MMOT Mildura Murray Outback Tourism
METW Military Emergency Travel Warrant
MCST Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
MOCTCA Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
MNRT Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
MRTT Ministry of Road Transport and Tourism
SBTC Ministry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture
MSTTD Ministry of the Sea Tourism Transport and Development
MTR Ministry of Tourism
MOT Ministry of Tourism
MOTA Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
MOTE Ministry of Tourism and Environment
MOTI Ministry of Tourism and Information
MTCT Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism
MYST Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism
MCTA Minnesota Corporate Travel Association
MDT Missouri Division of Tourism
MTFP Moldovan Travel Fellowship Program
MNTO Mongolian National Tourism Organization
MCTM Monte Carlo Travel Market
MOT Month Of Travel
MTPA Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency
MTA Mpumalanga Tourism Authority
MTSP Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem
MYT My Travel Airways
NFTRS NASA Federal Travel Regulation Supplement
NATAS National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
NATN National Association of Traveling Nurses
NBTA National Business Travel Association
NCTH National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels
NHTS National Household Travel Survey
NLTEC National Laboratory for Tourism and Ecommerce
NPTC National Park Travelers Club
NPTC National Patient Travel Center
NPTC National Postal & Travelers Censorship
NSTF National Student Travel Foundation
NTCB National Tourism Certification Board
NTDO National Tourism Development Office
NTF National Tourism Foundation
NTI National Tourism Indicators
NTO National Tourism Organization
NTOS National Tourism Organization of Serbia
NTW National Tourism Week
NTAA National Travel Agency Association
NRRT Natural Resource Rural Tourism
NRRTI Natural Resource Rural Tourism Initiative
NRRT Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism
NBTS Nature Based Tourism Strategy
NEAP Nature Ecotourism Accreditation Program
NTIDP Nebraska Tourism Industry Development Plan
NMBT Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
NTHWU Nepal Tourism and Hotel Workers Union
NTB Nepal Tourism Board
NBTC Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
NEST Network Evolution for Sustainable Tourism
NEES New England Ecotourism Society
NMTD New Mexico Tourism Department
NYSHTA New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association
NZMTC New Zealand Maori Tourism Council
NZTO New Zealand Tourism Online
NZTS New Zealand Tourism Strategy
NTO NHRC Travel Office
NTDC Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation
NTA Nippon Travel Agency
NTI No Travel Involved
NIT Non International Traveler
NATI North America Tourism Inc.
NETTC North East Texas Tourism Council
NCTA Northern Cape Tourism Authority
NRAHTA Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association
NTW Norwegian Travel Workshop
NIT Notifications for International Travel
OOT Object Oriented Travel
OPT Office de Promotion du Tourisme Wallonie-Bruxelles
OTD Office of Tourism Development
OTT Office of Travel and Tourism
OTT Office of Travel and Tourism
OTTI Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
OTTI Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
ORTA Ohio Rail Tourism Association
OWT Oman World Tourism
OWT Omega World Travel
OWT One-Way-Travel
OTA Online Travel Agent
OTC Online Travel Company
OTG Online Travel Group
OTEC Ontario Tourism Education Corporation
OTMP Ontario Tourism Marketing Program
OTAP Open Travel Data Access Protocol
OTA OpenTravel Alliance
OIT Opryland International Travel
UCT Order of United Commercial Travelers of America
OBTA Oregon Business Travel Association
OTTA Oregon Tour and Travel Alliance
OMT Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme
ODTA Organisation pour le Développement du Tourism en Afrique
ODTA Organizational Defense Travel Administrator
OTDC Orissa Tourism Development Corporation Limited
ORTO Outback Regional Tourism Organisation
OT Over Travel
OET Overhead Electric Traveling
OTIS Overhead Travel Information System
OBT Overseas Business Travel
PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
PRIT Pacific Rim Institute of Tourism
PKDOM Pack for Domestic Travel
PTDC Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
PAVT Palo Alto Village Travel
PATS Pampanga Agents Travel Society
PTC Panarail Tourism Company
PITED Panglao Island Tourism Estate
PITE Panglao Island Tourism Estate
PRTR Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources
PRT Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PRTM Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
PEAT Partners in Eco-Adventure Tourism
PIRT Partners in Responsible Tourism
PROFIT Partnership Roles and Opportunities for Investors in Tourism
PMT Passenger – Miles Traveled
PTDO Patan Tourism Development Organization
PORTA Pend Oreille River Tourism Alliance
PDC Per Diem Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee
PTA Personal Travel Agent
PETS Pet Travel Scheme
PMTI Philippine Medical Tourism Inc.
PDOT Philippines Department of Tourism
POTT Philosophy of Time Travel
PTC Phone Travel Charger
PETM Physical Education and Tourism Management
PFT Piping Fabrication Traveler
PDET Planning, Development, Europe and Tourism Committee
PTS Platinum Travel Service
PCTA Ponca City Tourism Authority
PJT Pop Japan Travel
PORTAL Portsmouth Real-Time Travel Information System
PTTA Postdoctoral Trainee Travel Award
PPTA Prairie People Tourism Association
PTI Premier Travel Inn
PTP Prepaid Travel Program
PHCTP Primary Health Care for Travellers Project
PCATS Prism-Constrained Activity-Travel Simulator
PTN Pro Travel Network
PTSS Procurement, Travel and Shipping Section
PDIT Professional Development Institute of Tourism
PTG Professional Travel Grant
PICE Programme of International Consultancy on Ecotourism
PPST Pro-Poor Sustainable Tourism
PRTT Puerto Rican Travelling Theatre
PRTC Puerto Rico Tourism Company
PSBTA Puget Sound Business Travel Association
PSTLS Puget Sound Traveling League
QIT Quality in Tourism
QTC Quality Tourism for the Caribbean
RCTS Railway Correspondence Travel Society
RTDC Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation
RTI Ramp Travel Index
RTM Randall Travel Marketing, Inc.
RTC Rapid Travel Charger
RTTC Real Time Travel Connections
RTM Recreation and Tourism Management
RPTS Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences
RTH Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
RSSTI Red Sea Sustainable Tourism Initiative
RTA Referring Travel Agent
RTD Refugee Travel Document
RMTI Regional Multimodal Traveler Information
RTIA Regional Tourism Industry Association
RTMI Regional Tourism Marketing Initiative
RTO Regional Tourism Organization
RTP Regional Tourism Program
RTP Regional Tourism Programme
RTAG Regional Travel Assistance Grant
RTP Registered Traveler Program
RAT Renewal Agreement Travel
RTS Reserve Travel System
RTM Resort Tourism Management
RTAS Retail Travel Agents Section
RTST Roads to Space Travel
RCTI Rotherham Churches Tourism Initiative
RTT Round Trip Travel Time
RTTP Rural Travel and Transport Program
RATA Russian Association of Travel Agencies
RIAT Russian International Academy for Tourism
RCTS Ryder Cup Travel Services
STPC Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation
STIN Sabre Travel Information Network
SETD Sac Economic and Tourism Development
SATIB Safari and Tourism Insurance Brokers
STA Samoa Tourism Authority
SSTS Scandinavian Student Travel Service
SHTCA School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts
SHTM School of Hotel and Tourism Management
HTMI school of International Hotel and Tourism Management
STHM School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
STP School Travel Planning
SCTT Self-Consistent Time Travel
SABOT Semelai Association for Boating and Tourism
SWT Senior Women’s Travel
SIGHT Service of International Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers
SIT Shanghai Institute of Tourism
STAC Shanghai Tourism Administrative Committee
SATA Sharjah Airport Travel Agency
SNTTA Sharjah National Travel and Tourist Agency
SVTA Shenandoah Valley Travel Association
STRU Shropshire Tourism Research Unit
STRUCTURE Shropshire Tourism Research Unit
STN Signature Travel Network
SVBTA Silicon Valley Business Travel Association
STB Singapore Tourism Board
SPTN Single Parent Travel Network
SITA Sister Islands Tourism Association
SOTTP Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
STRAND Smith Travel Research
STR Smith Travel Research
SITES Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service
SCTB Snohomish County Tourism Bureau
SATH Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
SATH Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped
SOFTA Society of Fiji Travel Associates
SGTP Society of Government Travel Professionals
SITE Society of Incentive Travel Executives
SITE Society of International Travel Executives
SPATA Society of Polish American Travel Agents
STAG Society of Travel Agents in Government
SCTB Sonoma County Tourism Bureau
SATI South African Tourism Institute
SATI South Armagh Tourism Initiative
SDTG South Devon Tourism Group
SECTA South East Cornwall Tourism Association
SJTC South Jersey Tourism Corporation
SPTO South Pacific Tourism Organisation
SWT South Warwickshire Tourism
STS Southeast Tourism Society
SATSA Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
SAATP Southern African Association of Tourism Professionals
SCTI Southern Cross Travel Insurance
SJTA Southern Jewelry Travelers Association
SMTAS Southern Minnesota Tourism Association
SMTA Southern Minnesota Tourism Association
SOTO Southern Ontario Tourism Organization
SITB Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau
SNTR South-North Tourism Route
STS Space Tourism Society
SMART Special Military Active-Retired Travel Club
STA Special Travel Agency
STS Special Travel Service
SLAT Sport, Leisure and Travel
SLEF Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation
SKTA St. Kitts Tourism Authority
SGTR Standardized Government Travel Regulations
STO State and Territory Tourism Organisations
STO-2 State and Territory Tourism Organisations
STO State Tourism Organization
STO-2 State Tourism Organization
STRA State Travel Reimbursement Act
STFM Statewide Travel Forecasting Model
STM Steel Travel Mug
STPB Strategic Tourism Planning Board
SATA Student Air Travel Association
STA Student Travel Association
STG Student Travel Grant
SYTO Student Youth Travel Organization
SSTA Sunrise Side Travel Association
SCT Supreme Commission for Tourism
STPB Surabaya Tourism Promotion Board
SIFT Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism Network
SMOTS Sustainable Mode of Travel Strategy
SMART Sustainable Model for Arctic Regional Tourism
STAG Sustainable Tourism Action Group
STCRC Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre
STC Sustainable Tourism Criteria Initiative
DOCTOR Sustainable Tourism Development
STD Sustainable Tourism Development
STDS Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy
STP Sustainable Tourism Project
STSC Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council
STI Sustainable Travel International
SBATF Swansea Bay Alternative Travel Forum
SALTA Swiss Association of Language Travel Agents
SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality
STC Switzerland Travel Centre
STFF Sydney Travelling Film Festival
SNET Syndicat National des Entreprises de Tourisme
TSTN Tahiti Sun Travel Network
TITF Taipei International Travel Fair
THTC Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College
TITF Tashkent International Tourism Fair
TTW Teachers Travel Web
TTT Teen Travel Talk
TAT Teenage Travelers
TTD Temporary Travel Document
TNTC Texas Nature Tourism Council
TTF Texas Tourism Foundation
TBTC The Business Travel Conference
TGTG The Global Travel Group
TMFLT The Magic for Less Travel
TMTC The Mark Travel Company
NACTA The National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents
TTE The Tourism Expert
TTPC The Travel Partnership Corporation
TTCV The Travelling Car Valeter
TABT There and Back Travel
TWT Third World Traveler
TTGS Thomson Travel Group PLC
TTG Thomson Travel Group PLC
TTB Tibet Tourism Bureau
TOT Time of Travel
TTC Time Travel Capsule
TTW Time Traveler’s Wife
TTVM Time-Traveling Virtual Machine
TTS Toeristiek Travel Search
TASTE Toledo Association for Sustainable Tourism and Empowerment
TCT Top China Travel
TIT Topkatours International Travel
TTS Total Travel Service, Inc.
TADS Tourism Accommodation Development Survey
TAC Tourism Advisory Committee
TCDS Tourism and Community Development Solutions
TSG Tourism and Government
THM Tourism and Hospitality Management
TTRI Tourism and Travel Research Institute
TTRI Tourism and Travel Research Institute
TVAG Tourism and Visa Advisory Group
TALC Tourism Area Life Cycle
TAOE Tourism Area of Expertise
TAKS Tourism Association of Koh Samui
TANM Tourism Association of New Mexico
TAST Tourism Association of Southwest Tennessee
TAT Tourism Authority of Thailand
TCDI Tourism Capacity Development Initiative
TCP Tourism Certified Professional
TCT Tourism Confederation of Tanzania
TCU Tourism Coordination Unit
TCGL Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited
TCGL Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.
TDR Tourism Destination Region
TDAP Tourism Development Action Plan
TDCP Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab
TDIC Tourism Development Investment Company
TED Tourism Economic Development
TERN Tourism Emergency Response Network
TFW Tourism Federation of Wisconsin
TFD Tourism for Development
TFH Tourism for Help
TFC Tourism Forecasting Committee
TFC Tourism Forecasting Council
TFFA Tourism Framework for Action
THWG Tourism History Working Group
TIF Tourism Improvement Fee
TIPA Tourism in Protected Areas
TIME Tourism Indonesia Mart and Expo
TIAC Tourism Industry Association of Canada
TIA Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand
TIANS Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia
TIAY Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon
TIDC Tourism Industry Development Centre
TIER Tourism Industry Emergency Response
TIP Tourism Industry Identification Program
TIWG Tourism Industry Working Group
TIDF Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund
TIIP Tourism Infrastructure Investment Program
TIDA Tourism Innovation Development Award
TII Tourism Intelligence International
TMIS Tourism Management Institute of Singapore
TMC Tourism Ministerial Council
TNSW Tourism New South Wales
TNCI Tourism North Central Island
TOWN Tourism of Welland Niagara
TOMM Tourism Optimisation Management Model
TPD Tourism Product Development
TPDCO Tourism Product Development Company
TQ Tourism Queensland
TRIG Tourism Review and Implementation Group
TSA Tourism Satellite Account
TSF Tourism Service Fee
TSII Tourism Statistics Improvement Initiative
TTAB Tourism Tax Advisory Board
TTV Tourism Television
TTFW Tourism Training Forum for Wales
TTO Tourism Training Organisation
TTNQ Tourism Tropical North Queensland
TV Tourism Victoria
TW Tourism Whistler
TWIS Tourism With Integrated System
TCEM Tourism, Conventions and Event Management
THETA Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority
TTI Tourism, Trade and Investment
TLC Tourisme Loisirs Culture
TNI Tourisme News International
TI Tourismo Internationale
TBB Tourismus Beratung Bottcher
TITS Tourist Information Travel Services
TTI Traffic and Traveller Information
TLT Trails Less Traveled
TOT Trans Oceanic Travels
TCT Transport, Communication and Tourism
TCTD Transport, Communications and Tourism Division
TCTID Transport, Communications, Tourism and Infrastructure Development
TRAV Travel
TVL Travel
TLA Travel & Living Allowance
TNS Travel & Night Subsistence
TT Travel & Tourism
TT Travel & Tourism
TARS Travel Accor Reservation System
TA Travel Advance
TVLADVP Travel Advance Payment
TRACS Travel Adventure Cinema Society
TANN Travel Advisory News Network
TA Travel Agent
TAA Travel Agent Arbiter
TAGA Travel Agent Game in Agentcities
TAU Travel Agent University
TAAB Travel Agents Association of Bengal
TAAI Travel Agents Association of India
TAAP Travel Agents Association of Pakistan
TAAZ Travel Agents Association of Zambia
TAO Travel Agents Ordinance
TAOS Travel Allowance on Separation
TAG Travel Alternatives Group
TBS Travel and Business Service
TE Travel and Expense
TIDA Travel and Industrial Development Association
TL Travel and Living Allowance
TMR Travel and Miscellaneous Reimbursement
TTAB Travel and Tourism Advisory Board
TTAB Travel and Tourism Advisory Board
TTI Travel and Tourism Industry
TTI Travel and Tourism Industry
TTM Travel and Tourism Management
TTM Travel and Tourism Management
TTRA Travel and Tourism Research Association
TTRA Travel and Tourism Research Association
TTIS Travel and Transport Information Service
TTI Travel and Transportation Industry
TTRA Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998
TA Travel Approval
TADC Travel Art Dance Company
TA Travel Assistance
TAP Travel Assistance Program
TA Travel Authorization
TAVS Travel Authorization and Voucher System
TRAVEL Travel Authorization Request
TAR Travel Authorization Request
TAPS Travel Automated Payment System
TB Travel Bug
TAMBEM Travel Bug
TBR Travel Business Roundtable
TPA Travel by Privately Owned Conveyance is Authorized
TPC Travel by Privately Owned Conveyance is Permitted
TCDI Travel Card Directory
TCN Travel Card Number
TOPS Travel Card Operator Services
TCN Travel Change Notification
TCF Travel Cities Forecast
TC Travel Class of Service
TCTO Travel Compensatory Time Off
TCI Travel Corporation of India, Ltd.
TCM Travel Cost Method
TDM Travel Demand Management
TDM Travel Demand Modeling
TDS Travel Design Studio
TD Travel Detail
TDN Travel Directed is Necessary in the Military Service
TDS Travel Distribution Services
TD Travel Document
TDC Travel Document Checker
TDIS Travel Document Issuance System
TDBF Travel Driven Bug Fixing
TEC Travel Expense Claim
TEMS Travel Expense Management System
TER Travel Expense Report
TPC Travel for Personal Convenience
TFW Travel for Work
TGA Travel Goods Association
TGI Travel Guard International Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
THIA Travel Health Insurance Association
THM Travel House Media
TIT Travel in Taiwan
TIAA Travel Industry Association of America
TIA Travel Industry Association of America
TIC Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
TICO Travel Industry Council of Ontario
TIDS Travel Industry Designator Service
TIDD Travel Industry Discount Directory
TIMSA Travel Industry Management Student Association
TIS Travel Industry Services
TIC Travel Information Center
TIC Travel Information Council
TIM Travel Information Manual
TISS Travel Information Software Systems
TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators, Ltd
TIS Travel Integrated System
TIMO Travel Internet Marketing Organization
TJG Travel Journalists Guild
TLQ Travel Law Quarterly
TLE Travel Lines Express
TMC Travel Management Center
TMC Travel Management Company
TMS Travel Management System
TMH Travel Manhours
TMG Travel Maritime Group
TMAID Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
TM Travel Message
TMWG Travel Modeling Work Group
TMVCS Travel Motor Vehicles and Card Services
TNC Travel Network Coordinator
TNW Travel News Weekly
TNS Travel Notification Service
TNNS Travel Nurse Network
TNN Travel Nurse Network
TOFT Travel Operators for Tigers
TURNOVER Travel Order
TO Travel Order
TOGO Travel Order
TOPAS Travel Order Preparation/Accounting System
TOPS Travel Order Processing System
TOR Travel Order Request
TURNOVER Travel Orders
TO Travel Orders
TOGO Travel Orders
TP Travel Pass
TPC Travel Pass Corporate
TPSG Travel Plan Steering Group
TPC Travel Processing Center
TPI Travel Professionals International
TQAA Travel Quality Assurance Association
TRS Travel Recommender Systems
TRN Travel Record Number
TRS Travel Related Services
TRIPS Travel Reporting/Information/Planning System
TRANSLATOR Travel Request
TR Travel Request
TRANSPOSED Travel Request
TRIPLE-R Travel Request
TRF Travel Request Form
TRS Travel Reservation System
TREND Travel Retail Executive News Digest
TSE Travel Search Engine
TSA Travel Security Advisory
TSN Travel Source Network
TTI Travel Technology Initiative
TTSS Travel Technology Systems & Services
TTA Travel Time Authorized
TTI Travel Time Index
TTS Travel to Scanplane
TTW Travel to Work
TTWA Travel to Work Areas
TTI Travel Trade Italia
TT Travel Trailer
TTCC Travel Training Career Centre
TUA Travel Ukraine Agency
TU Travel Underwriters
TV Travel Voucher
TVS Travel Voucher Summary
TW Travel Weekly
TWM Travel West Midlands
TWT Travel with Troops
TZ Travel Zippy
TTH Travel, Tourism Hospitality
TTH Travel, Tourism Hospitality
TA TravelCenters of America, Inc.
TCG Travelchinaguide
TIDRR Traveler and Inspection/Discrepancy Repair Report
TIMS Traveler Information Management System
TRIP Traveler Redress Inquiry Program
TASD Traveler’s Aid Society of Detroit
TC Traveler’s Check
TARS Travelers Advisory Radio Stations
TAI Travelers Aid International
TASLA Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles
TCF Travelers Conservation Foundation
TCT Travelers Conservation Trust
TIS Travelers Information Service
TIC Travelers Insurance Company
TLAC Travelers Life and Annuity Company
TPA Travelers Protective Association
TRHS Travelers Rest High School
TSRA Travelers Services Rest Areas
TWS Travelers Workstations
TCC Travelers’ Century Club
TRPHA Travelers’ Rest Preservation and Heritage Association
TA Traveling Allowance
TAD Traveling Around Drunk
TACA Traveling Authorization Code Allowed
TCM Traveling Class Mark
TCOS Traveling Class Of Service
TCBA Traveling Classic Bowling Association
TCT Traveling Contact Team
TFF Traveling Film Festival
THG Traveling Hillbilly Goats
TIK Traveling Informational Kiosk
TID Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance
TPO Traveling Post Office
TSP Traveling Salesman Problem
TSFZ Traveling Solvent Floating Zone
TTI Traveling Ticket Inspector
TT Traveling Time
TW Traveling Wave
TWA Traveling Wave Amplifier
TWC Traveling Wave Chopper
TWT Traveling Wave Tube
TWTA Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
TWAT Traveling-Wave Amplifier Tube
TES Traveller Education Services
TESO Traveller Education Support Option
THU Traveller Health Unit
TISA Traveller Information Services Association
TLO Traveller Liaison Officer
TRIP Traveller’s Road Information Portal
TGH Travellers Guest House
THM Travelling Heater Method
TMF Travelling Magnetic Field
TNFF Travelling Northern Film Festival
TTE Travelling Ticket Examiner
TWA Travelling Wave Analysis
TWD Travelling Wave Dipole
TTST Tri-Town Sno Travellers
TTA Tshwane Tourism Association
TTA Tunisian Travel Agency
TVTA Twenty Valley Tourism Association
TWTT Two-Way Travel Time
TWT Two-Way Traveltime
UMOT Unified Mechanism of Travel
UET Unité d’enseignement du Tourisme
UNTB United Nations Travel Ban
UTC Uni-Traveling Carrier
UFTAA Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations
UHT Universal Heritage Travel
UTG Universal Travel Group
UATB University Alumni Travel Benefits
UFT Unofficial Foreign Travel
UOT Up Overtravel
UTL Up Travel Limit
USTAR US Travel Agent Registry
USTTA US Travel and Tourism Administration
USTTA US Travel and Tourism Administration
USTDC US Travel Data Center
USTIA Us Travel Insurance Association
UTIC Utah Tourism Industry Coalition
UTDB Uttaranchal Tourism Development Board
VVCTB Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau
VHT Vehicle Hours Traveled
VKT Vehicle Kilometers Traveled
VMT Vehicle Mile Traveled
VMT Vehicle Miles of Travel
VMT Vehicle Miles Traveled
VHT Vehicle-Hours of Travel
VSTM Verband Schweizer Tourismusmanager
VAST Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc.
VAST Vermont Association of Snowmobile Travelers
VDTM Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing
VTIS Victorian Tourism Information Service
VCCTA Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority
VTA Virginia Tourism Authority
VTC Virginia Tourism Corporation
VTTI Virginia Travel and Tourism Institute
VTTI Virginia Travel and Tourism Institute
VTC Virtual Travel Community
VTO Virtual Travel Office
VTO Virtual Travel Organizer
VTM Visa Travel Money
VCCT Vocational College for Catering and Tourism
VISIT Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism
WCAT Wales Centre for Accessible Tourism
WTA Wales Tourism Alliance
WSTJ Web Surfer Travel Journal
WETA Website of Excellence in Tourism Award
WVRT Weggis Vitznau Rigi Tourismus
WSTA Welland Sport Tourism Alliance
WVDT West Virginia Division of Tourism
WCTB Western Cape Tourism Board
WITR Western Iowa Tourism Region
WTAY Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon
WCTB Williamson County Tourism Bureau
WTVG Wireless Travel Voice Gateway
WTC Women’s Travel Club
WETM Work Experience Travel Market
WATA World Association of Travel Agencies
WCTE World Committee on Tourism Ethics
WRTA World Religious Travel Association
WTTC World Time Travel Calculator
WTD World Tourism Day
WTMS World Tourism Marketing Summit
WTOO World Tourism Organisation
WTO World Tourism Organization
WTAAA World Travel Agents Associations Alliance
WTTC World Travel and Tourism Council
WTTC World Travel and Tourism Council
WTA World Travel Awards
WTG World Travel Guide
WTH World Travel Holdings
WTM World Travel Market
WWTC World Wide Travel Center
WWTG World Wide Travel Guide
WWTS World Wide Travel Service
WYSTC World Youth and Student Travel Conference
WTT Wyoming Travel & Tourism
WTT Wyoming Travel & Tourism
YTP Young Tourism Professionals
YTBS Your Travel Business
YTB Your Travel Business
YWT Your Way Travel
YTCC Youth Tourism Consortium of Canada
YTP Youth Travel Partners
YTP Youth Travel Polska
YTP Youth Travel Program
ZCT Zimbabwe Council for Tourism
ZTA Zimbabwe Tourism Authority