Turkish Abbreviations

Turkish refers to all the languages ​​spoken by the Turkic peoples.


Despite the wide area over which they extend, these languages ​​are so similar that it is better to speak of dialects. Only the language of the Yakuts on the Lena and that of the Chuvash on the Volga show significant deviations. The conservative character of the Turkic languages ​​is a result of the fact that the nouns and verbs are made up of invariable monosyllabic stem forms, to which a large number of suffixes can be attached (agglutination); in addition, a generally strictly sustained vocal harmony prevails, ie the vocalism of the suffixes conforms to that of the stem forms. Classification of the Turkish dialects has been tested several times, including by Radloff. A later division (of Samoilovich) is that into:

1. a northeastern group, to which belong the extinct languages ​​of the Orchon inscriptions (Kök-Turkish) and of the Uyghurs, as well as a number of dialects spoken by the Altai Turks and Yakut;
2. a northwestern group extending from the Altai Mountains through southern Siberia into Russia and Poland; these include the languages ​​of the Kyrgyz, the Siberian Tatars, the Volga Tatars, and the Bashkir;
3. a southeastern group, comprising Turkic peoples in West, East Turkestan and Afghanistan (including the Uzbeks);
4. the southwestern group, which includes the Turkmen, the Turks of Persia and the Caucasus, who speak Azeri (Azerbaijani), and the Ottomans;
5. some languages, which might be called proto-Turkish; this group forms a kind of transition to Mongolian and is now only represented by Chuvash. In the past the languages ​​of the Khazars, Cumans and Bulgarians also seem to have belonged to this. Of all these dialect groups, especially the southeastern and southwestern groups, under the influence of Islam, absorbed a very large number of Arabic and Persian words. In Turkey, since 1928, Turkish has been written in Latin characters, previously in Arabic script.

Turkish Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Turkish

ATC American Turkish Council
ATS American Turkish Society
ATSO Anatolia Turkish Student Organization
ATTP Appalachian-Turkish Trade Project
ATON Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative
ATSA Assembly of Turkish Student Associations
ATAS Association of Turkish American Scientists
ATMG Australian-Turkish Media Group
BATCS Bay Area Turkish Community School
BTCD British Turkish Committee for Dialogue
CTVCA Classic Turkish Van Cat Association
DGGYO Dogus-GE Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi (Turkish real estate investment company)
EATA European Association of Turkish Academics
FTAA Florida Turkish American Association
JTW Journal of Turkish Weekly
OUTS Oxford University Turkish Society
CTP Republican Turkish Party
TTHH Traditional Turkish Hospitality Hotels
TASB Turkish Accounting Standards Board
TAA Turkish Aeronautical Association
TAI Turkish Aerospace Industries
TAF Turkish Air Force
TAFA Turkish Air Force Academy
TK Turkish Airlines
THY Turkish Airlines
TAAM Turkish American Association of Milwaukee
TAAM Turkish American Association of Minnesota
TACA Turkish American Cultural Alliance
TALL Turkish American Ladies League
TAJ Turkish Association of Jewellers
TALA Turkish Association of Landscape Architects
TBL Turkish Basketball League
TBS Turkish Biochemical Society
TCFF Turkish Community Football Federation
TGB Turkish Community of Berlin
TCA Turkish Contractor Association
TCAUW Turkish Cypriot Association of University Women
TCFS Turkish Cypriot Federated State
TDN Turkish Daily News
TDA Turkish Dance Association
TDF Turkish Democracy Foundation
TDA Turkish Dental Association
TEB Turkish Economy Bank
TED Turkish Education Association
TEJM Turkish Electronic Journal of Medicine
TELL Turkish English Living Lexicon
TFHPF Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation
TFFE Turkish Fashion Fabric Exhibition
TFF Turkish Football Federation
TFP Turkish Foreign Policy
TEMA Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats
TGU Turkish Get Up
TGNA Turkish Grand National Assembly
TGS Turkish Ground Services
THRA Turkish Human Rights Association
TIPS Turkish Institute for Police Studies
TIJ Turkish Islamic Jihad
TJH Turkish Journal of Haematology
TLF Turkish Living Forum
TMA Turkish Medical Association
TMRC Turkish Mobile Radar Command
TMRC Turkish Mobile Radar Complex
TMQ Turkish Music Quarterly
TNFC Turkish Naval Forces Command
TRYS Turkish New Lira
TRY Turkish New Lira
TPI Turkish Patent Institute
TPIC Turkish Petroleum International Company Ltd.
TPSA Turkish Political Science Association
TPPL Turkish Professional Paintball League
TQF Turkish Quake Fortress
TRT Turkish Radio Television
TRC Turkish Red Cross
TRANSLATOR Turkish Republic
TR Turkish Republic
TRANSPOSED Turkish Republic
TRIPLE-R Turkish Republic
TRONC Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus
TRNC Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
TSP Turkish Society for Parasitology
TSR Turkish Society of Radiology
TST Turkish Society of Toxicology
TSMS Turkish State Meteorological Service
TSI Turkish Statistical Institute
TSAA Turkish Student Assistance Association
TSA Turkish Student Association
TUSA Turkish Student Association
TSL Turkish Super League
TTAV Turkish Teachers Association of Victoria
TTGS Turkish Trade Guide
TTG Turkish Trade Guide
TTPO Turkish Trade Promotion Office
TTRG Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
TUNAECS Turkish University Association for European Community Studies
TUSA Turkish University Student Association
TVCC Turkish Van Cat Club
TWM Turkish War Medal
TAA Turkish-American Association
TAOS Turkish-American Ophthalmic Society
TASA Turkish-American Students’ Association