Wisconsin Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Wisconsin state?

WI is the 2 letter abbreviation for Wisconsin, the 20th largest state in the United States of America. Wisconsin is a state located in Midwest part of U.S.A, bordering Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota. Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin. Major cities include Milwaukee (Population: 600166), Madison (Population: 248962), Green Bay (Population: 105218), Kenosha (Population: 99869), Racine (Population: 77753), Appleton (Population: 74150), Waukesha (Population: 71981), Eau Claire (Population: 67789), Oshkosh (Population: 66566), Janesville (Population: 64134), West Allis (Population: 60631), and La Crosse (Population: 52317).

Wisconsin State Flag


Wisconsin State Profile

  • Capital: Madison
  • Admitted to USA: May 29, 1848
  • Area: 169,640 km2
  • Population: 5,822,434
  • Time zone: UTC−06:00
  • Calling code: 262, 414, 608, 715, 920
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  WI
  • State Government Website: http://www.wisconsin.gov/


The name Wisconsin is derived from an Indian expression meaning “the place where we live”. The Frenchman Jean Nicolet is considered the discoverer of the Wisconsin region in 1634. And in 1763 the area was handed over to British sovereignty. Wisconsin was declared the 30th state in the Union in 1848. Because of its pronounced dairy industry, the region is nicknamed “American dairy country” (america’s dairyland) or cheese and dairy state – which is why the residents are jokingly known as “cheese heads” (cheeseheads).

Wisconsin covers an area of ​​169,639 km² – with around 5.7 million inhabitants. The state capital is Madison. Although the state is more known by nature than culture, Butch Vig (born 1957 in Viroqua, Wisconsin) is a drummer and member of the alternative rock band “Garbage” or Justin Vernon (born 1981 in Eau Claire), among others Father of the folk song project “Bon Iver”. The name Bon Iver for the project comes from the French ‘Bon hiver’ (= good winter). Bon Iver was brought across the borders of Wisconsin and the USA by the album “For Emma, ​​Forever Ago” from 2007. Vernon had produced the album all alone in the loneliness of a hunting lodge in Wisconsin. It is also worth mentioning that about half of the inhabitants have German roots.

Cities and larger towns

The second largest city in the state with around 222,000 inhabitants is also its capital. Madison receives a lot of praise from visitors and locals and is considered the friendliest city in the USA due to its bike-friendly streets, the US-wide unparalleled environmental friendliness and the great tolerance for alternative ways of life, such as that of vegetarians or gays and lesbians. The city stretches across the narrow headland between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. The mixture of contemplative state capital and intellectual university city is what makes it so special. In the center of the city is the Wisconsin State Capitol on State Capitol Square, which becomes Dane County Farmers Market every Saturday. The market is one of the largest of its kind in the United States and is particularly known for its hand-made cheeses and other local dairy products. State Street running west from Capitol Square leads directly to the University of Wisconsin and is lined with numerous cafés and bars as well as coffee shops selling fair trade coffee.

Another highlight of this street is the Museum of Contemporary Art. The university campus is also worth a visit. In addition to an outdoor bar, the Memorial Union in particular offers free film screenings and live music. Also recommended are the numerous cycling and hiking trails around the lakes, which are ideal for relaxing.

The city of Appleton has nearly 80,000 residents and is located in the east of the state of Wisconsin. It is crossed over Fox River, where it was founded in 1835 to trade with the locals. Appleton is considered extremely family friendly and one of the best places to live in the United States. Numerous restaurants, shopping streets, art exhibitions or theatrical performances provide cultural variety. Appleton is also home to Lawrence University.

Eau Claire
The capital of Eau Claire County in western Wisconsin has approximately 62,000 residents. Part of the city is located in Chippewa County, named after the river of the same name, which also flows through Eau Claire. The concert shell in the urban Owen Park is worth seeing. Eau Clair has a reputation for being an attractive city, especially for young people.

Green Bay
The city of Green Bay lies at the mouth of the Fox River in Lake Michigan at the southernmost point of Green Bay and has around 100,000 inhabitants. It was founded around 1660 as a fur trading post and over the years developed into a port city on Lake Michigan and is now an important industrial city in the region and the terminus of the rail network in the Midwest. Football plays a very big role here for the residents of Green Bay, which is certainly not least due to the fact that the Green Bay Packers are the only team in the professional league that is not profit-oriented and is owned by the community. In the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame, numerous testimonials of the local football fever can be admired and you get the opportunity to visit the stadium.

The city, founded in 1835, is located on the Rock River in southern Wisconsin and has around 62,000 inhabitants. The origin and name of the city can be traced back to a man named Henry Janes, who made the first regular ferry service across the Rock River possible. The historic architecture of the city center is particularly worth seeing.

Kenosha is the fourth largest city in Wisconsin with approximately 95,000 inhabitants and the administrative center of Kinosha County. It is located in the far south of the state directly on the shores of Lake Michigan. The lakeside parks are ideal for long walks or bike rides, and guided fishing trips on Lake Michigan are also available. Also worth seeing is the historic city center, which is accessible through an old tram network.

La Crosse
This tranquil city is at the mouth of the La Crosse River in the Mississippi. The historic core of the city, founded in the 19th century as a supply and trading point, with its numerous restaurants and pubs is particularly attractive. From the Grandad Bluff east of the city you can enjoy an excellent view of the landscape, especially the river.

Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin with approximately 600,000 inhabitants. In the past, the city was strongly influenced by flows of immigrants from Germany, which moved to the United States in the 1840s. They established numerous breweries here, so that over time beer became the most important branch of industry in the city and it was nicknamed “Brewery City” or “Pub of the Nation”. The city’s very multicultural character today was shaped by later waves of immigration from Italy, Poland and Ireland, as well as by Mexicans and African-Americans. Nevertheless, Milwaukee has to contend with the reputation of being an old workers city today. The city has a lot to offer! In addition to the Art Museum and the Harley-Davidson Museum, with an associated factory, there are numerous opportunities to experience culture and leisure. For example, there are numerous bars and restaurants as well as elegant shopping areas. The Lakefront park on Lake Michigan invites you to relax, where festivals are held almost every weekend in the summer months.

The city of Oshkosh has around 63,000 inhabitants and is located at the mouth of the Fox River in Lake Winnebago. The city’s largest event is the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, an air show in which around 800,000 visitors are admired annually by around 800,000 visitors. In addition to the well-kept historical buildings, you can enjoy culture in Oshkosh. Museums, theaters and first-class restaurants are a reason to visit this city in addition to fishing trips and boat tours.

The industrial city in the south of the state directly on Lake Michigan is the administrative center of Racine County and has a population of approximately 82,000. The city may seem inconspicuous at first, but there are two of the masterpieces by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. For both of the sights, it is necessary to book the tours, which last approximately 45 minutes, in advance. The first is the Johnson Wax Company Administration Building and the so-called Wingspread, both of which were commissioned by Robert F. Johnson, the owner of SC Johnson & Son, Inc.

Waukesha has a population of around 70,000 and is located in the south-east of Wisconsin in Waukesha County, the administration of which is located here. The historic city center with many boutiques, restaurants and pubs is just as worth seeing as the Frame Park along the Fox River on the banks of which the center of this city is located. From here, a trip to the northeast of the city of Pewaukee Lake, which offers a varied leisure program such as bathing beaches and boat tours, is worthwhile. Another historic highlight is Carrol University, which was called Carrol College until 2008 and, with its founding year in 1846, is the oldest university in Wisconsin.

West Allis
West Allis is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area and has a population of 61,000. Major attractions include the Wisconsin State Fair Park, home to the Miwaukee Mile, a car racing circuit, and the Milwaukee County Zoo on the northern outskirts.

Wisconsin State Abbreviations

List of Wisconsin Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Wisconsin are WI which stands for Wisconsin. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Wisconsin, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

WI: Wisconsin

Acronym Meaning
AHW A Healthier Wisconsin
ARCW AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
AWI Air Wisconsin Airlines
ZW Air Wisconsin Airlines
AMCW Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin
AWY Alliance for Wisconsin Youth
AMW Allied Mechanical Wisconsin
ACLUW American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, Inc.
ABCW Anchor Bancorp of Wisconsin
ALAW Animal Law Associates of Wisconsin
AWCC Association of Wisconsin Cleaning Contractors
AWSA Association of Wisconsin School Administrators
AWSC Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
BFW Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
BCW BloodCenter of Wisconsin
BCBSWI Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin
SUW Bong Airfield, Duluth Minnesota/Superior, Wisconsin
BXWI Builders Exchange of Wisconsin, Inc.
CWCW Campus Web Council of Wisconsin
CRAW Catamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin
COWS Center on Wisconsin Strategy
CWC Central Wisconsin Christian School
CWETA Central Wisconsin Educational Theatre Alliance
CWES Central Wisconsin Environmental Station
CWMLS Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service
CWRA Central Wisconsin Racing Association
CWRA Central Wisconsin Repeater Association
CWTU Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited
CWVC Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club
CHW Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
CSSW Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin
CTCW Civil Trial Counsel of Wisconsin
CWAG Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
CCIW College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
CVT Columbia County, Wisconsin Civil Municipal Districts
CARW Commercial Association of Realtors Wisconsin
CAPOW Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin
CUW Concordia University Wisconsin
CPOW Constitution Party of Wisconsin
CRW Corporate Report Wisconsin
COWL Council of Wisconsin Libraries
CHEW Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin
DPW Democratic Party of Wisconsin
DRAW Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin
DPFWI Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin
EGV Eagle River, Wisconsin
ECWEC East Central Wisconsin Emergency Communications
EWU Eastern Wisconsin Utilities
FVOFWI Family Voices of Wisconsin
FLD Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
FCGW French Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of Wisconsin
FOWL Friends of Wisconsin Libraries
FFWS Fund for Wisconsin Scholars
GWCU Great Wisconsin Credit Union
HWLI Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
IIAW Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
IDCW Infant Death Center of Wisconsin
IRPW Information & Referral Providers of Wisconsin
ITAWI Information Technology Association of Wisconsin
IWF Institute for Wisconsin’s Future
IMOO IronMan Wisconsin
JVL Janesville, Wisconsin
JCWF Jaycees of Wisconsin Foundation
ENW Kenosha, Wisconsin
LCSW Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin
MBW Machine Builders of Wisconsin
MDN Madison, Wisconsin
MTW Manitowoc, Wisconsin
MCW Medical College of Wisconsin
MWT Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company
MWFS Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services
MWBC Minnesota Wisconsin Baptist Convention
MWSI Minnesota-Wisconsin Stability Interface
MEUW Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin
MTAW Municipal Treasurers Association of Wisconsin
MWA Museum of Wisconsin Art
NKFW National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin
RNH New Richmond, Wisconsin
NEWP North East Wisconsin Paddlers
NEW North Eastern Wisconsin
NWTC Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
NAHEC Northern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center
OWLS Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership Synergies
PKF Park Falls, Wisconsin
PSW Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
POG Portage, Wisconsin
PCD Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
PRW Prentice, Wisconsin
PCAW Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin
PAWLI Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators
PDPW Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin
PIAW Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, Inc.
PLW Pro-Life Wisconsin
PSCW Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
RTOW Radiation Therapists of Wisconsin
RIE Rice Lake, Wisconsin
SWOA Southern Wisconsin Officials Association
SWTU Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited
SWAHEC Southwest Wisconsin Area Health Education Center
SMSW State Medical Society of Wisconsin
SMS State Medical Society of Wisconsin
SUE Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
SHOW Survey of the Health of Wisconsin
SRLAAW System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of Wisconsin
TPA Timber Producers Association of Michigan and Wisconsin
TFW Tourism Federation of Wisconsin
TWAT Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail
UWSI United Wisconsin Services, Inc.
UOW University of Wisconsin
UW University of Wisconsin
UWFV University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley
UWL University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse
UWM University of Wisconsin – Madison
UWM University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
UWP University of Wisconsin – Parkside
UWP University of Wisconsin – Platteville
UWRF University of Wisconsin – River Falls
UWBC University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center
UWCC University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
UWEBC University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium
UWH University of Wisconsin Hospital
UWHC University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
UWIPP University of Wisconsin Interventional Pain Program
UWLS University of Wisconsin Law School
UWMC University of Wisconsin Marathon County
UWP University of Wisconsin Press
UWW University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
UWGB University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
UWLAX University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
UW-L University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
UWMC University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
UW-O University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
UW-SP University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
UWSP University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
UWS University of Wisconsin-Superior
UWWC University of Wisconsin-Washington County
UW-W University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
UWO University Wisconsin Oshkosh
WOW Warehousing of Wisconsin
WMWI Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc.
UES Waukesha, Wisconsin
CWA Wausau, WI, USA – Central Wisconsin Airport
WCWA Wausau-Central Wisconsin Airport
WCWC West Central Wisconsin Consortium
WWLT West Wisconsin Land Trust
WWBA Western Wisconsin Biomedical Association
WWCC Western Wisconsin Communications Cooperative
WWMA Western Wisconsin Medical Associates, S.C.
WWRA Western Wisconsin Realtors Association
WWREC Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Cooperative
WWTC Western Wisconsin Technical College
WISC Wisconsin
WIS Wisconsin
WI Wisconsin
WAIY Wisconsin Abstinence Initiative for Youth
WALC Wisconsin Academic Library Consortium
WAPF Wisconsin Academy of Pediatrics Foundation
WAPA Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants
WATL Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers
WAGI Wisconsin Adjusted Gross Income
WASA Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association
WAIL Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory
WAME Wisconsin Advocates for Music Education
WALSAA Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association
WASI Wisconsin Agricultural Stewardship Initiative
WASA Wisconsin Agri-Service Association
WATODEN Wisconsin Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Education Network
WAES Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools
WAA Wisconsin Alternate Assessment
WARF Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
WAHA Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association
WALC Wisconsin AmeriCorps Leadership Council
WAN Wisconsin Angel Network
WATA Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association
WAGA Wisconsin Apple Growers Association
WAA Wisconsin Aquaculture Association
WAHA Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association
WARTS Wisconsin Architectural Research Tool Set
WAKO Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization
WAMI Wisconsin Area Music Industry
WAEA Wisconsin Art Education Association
WALA Wisconsin Assembly for Local Arts
WALA Wisconsin Assisted Living Association
WACTE Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education
WAFP Wisconsin Association for Food Protection
WAHQ Wisconsin Association for Healthcare Quality
WALP Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals
WAPC Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care
WASCD Wisconsin Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
WAAL Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries
WAAE Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators
WABB Wisconsin Association of Blood Banks, Inc.
WACO Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners
WACPC Wisconsin Association of Cheer/Pom Coaches
WACT Wisconsin Association of Community Theatres
WACH Wisconsin Association of County Homes
WACDL Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
WAHI Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors
WAHI Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators
WAIFA Wisconsin Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
WALC Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants
WAL Wisconsin Association of Lakes
WALA Wisconsin Association of Legal Administrators
WAMP Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors
WAMD Wisconsin Association of Medical Directors
WAMB Wisconsin Association of Mortgage Brokers
WAMCAM Wisconsin Association of Municipal County Assistant Managers
WANA Wisconsin Association of Nurse Anesthetists
WAPT Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers
WAPN Wisconsin Association of Provider Networks
WAPL Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries
WAPC Wisconsin Association of Public, Education, and Government Access Channels, Inc.
WARP Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers
WASB Wisconsin Association of School Boards
WASC Wisconsin Association of School Councils, Inc
WASL Wisconsin Association of School Librarians
WASPA Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators
WATE Wisconsin Association of Teacher Educators
WAD Wisconsin Association of the Deaf
WAWP Wisconsin Association of Women Police
WADA Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association
WAA Wisconsin Auctioneers Association
WAM Wisconsin Auto Museum
WAIP Wisconsin Automobile Insurance Plan
WAAA Wisconsin Automotive Aftermarket Association
WAHF Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame
WATA Wisconsin Aviation Trades Association
WBA Wisconsin Bankers Association
WBCA Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association
WBBA Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association
WBGA Wisconsin Berry Growers Association
WBBB Wisconsin Better Business Bureau
WBIA Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance
WBCI Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative
WBPA Wisconsin Bison Producers Association
WBSU Wisconsin Black Student Union
WBTP Wisconsin Books to Prisoners
WBHA Wisconsin Bow Hunter Association
WBH Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
WBQS Wisconsin Brass Quintet
WBQ Wisconsin Brass Quintet
WBCD Wisconsin Breast Cancer Diagnosis
WBBA Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas
WBA Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
WBSN Wisconsin Building Safety Network
WBD Wisconsin Business Development
WBEA Wisconsin Business Education Association
WBRN Wisconsin Business Resource Network
WCPI Wisconsin Cancer Pain Initiative
WCST Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
WCDA Wisconsin Career Development Association
WCMA Wisconsin Cast Metals Association
WCDR Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
WCER Wisconsin Center for Education Research
WCEE Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education
WCGL Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners
WC Wisconsin Central
WCTC Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation
WCB Wisconsin Certification Board
WCO Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra
WAPA Wisconsin Chapter American Planning Association
WCAI Wisconsin Chapter of the Appraisal Institute
WSCA Wisconsin Charter Schools Association
WCSA Wisconsin Charter Schools Association
WCMA Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
WCPA Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association
WCDA Wisconsin Choral Directors Association
WCCR Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue
WCMA Wisconsin Christian Missionary Association
WCYC Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp
WCDP Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program
WCAF Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund
WCCCD Wisconsin Citizens Concerned for Cranes and Doves
WCCL Wisconsin Citizens Concerned for Life
WCMA Wisconsin City/County Management Association
WCCCA Wisconsin Clerks of Circuit Court Association
WCLA Wisconsin Club Lamb Association
WCL Wisconsin Coach Lines
WCADV Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence
WICILC Wisconsin Coalition of Independent Living Centers
WCMP Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
WCNI Wisconsin Collaborative Network Initiative
WCPA Wisconsin College Personnel Association
WCEA Wisconsin Community Education Association
WCP Wisconsin Community Papers
WCMA Wisconsin Concrete Masonry Association
WCPA Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association
WCPT Wisconsin Congress of Parents and Teachers
WCC Wisconsin Conservation Congress
WCHF Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame
WCM Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
WCCR Wisconsin Construction Codes Report
WCGA Wisconsin Corn Growers Association
WCCS Wisconsin Correctional Center System
WCSS Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies
WCASS Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services
WCTE Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English
WCCF Wisconsin Council on Children and Families
WCDD Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities
WCEE Wisconsin Council on Economic Education
WCPG Wisconsin Council on Problem Gaming
WCCA Wisconsin County Clerks Association
WCFA Wisconsin County Forest Association
WCHA Wisconsin County Highway Association
WCH Wisconsin County Histories
WCRA Wisconsin Court Reporters Association
WCUL Wisconsin Credit Union League
WCIA Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association
WCCCA Wisconsin Cross Country Coaches Association
WCA Wisconsin Cycling Association
WDGA Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association
WDPA Wisconsin Dairy Products Association
WDUG Wisconsin DB2 User Group
WDGA Wisconsin Deaf Golf Association
WDCA Wisconsin Debate Coaches Association
WDHA Wisconsin Deer Hunters Association
WDC Wisconsin Deferred Compensation
WDHS Wisconsin Dells High School
WDC Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
WDA Wisconsin Dental Association
WDOA Wisconsin Department of Administration
WDOC Wisconsin Department of Commerce
WDFI Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
WDOJ Wisconsin Department of Justice
WDNR Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
WDPI Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
WDR Wisconsin Department of Revenue
WDWD Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
WDHA Wisconsin Desert Horse Association
WDCC Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council
WDGM Wisconsin Developmental Guidance Model
WDAPP Wisconsin Digital Archive Pilot Project
WDVC Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition
WECA Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
WEA Wisconsin Education Association
WEAC Wisconsin Education Association Council
WERF Wisconsin Education Recruitment Fair
WECB Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
WEMA Wisconsin Educational Media Association
WEPAC Wisconsin Electric Political Action Committee
WEP Wisconsin Electric Power
WEM Wisconsin Electrical Manufacturing Company, Inc.
WEST Wisconsin Elementary and Middle Level Science Teachers
WEAVR Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry
WEMA Wisconsin Emergency Management Association
EMSC Wisconsin Emergency Medical Service for Children
WETA Wisconsin Employment and Training Association
WERC Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission
WIEA Wisconsin Emu Association
WEMS Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series
WECC Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
WEC Wisconsin Energy Corporation
WERC Wisconsin Engine Research Consultants, LLC
WESSA Wisconsin English Springer Spaniel Association
WEN Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network
WEEB Wisconsin Environmental Education Board
WEHA Wisconsin Environmental Health Association
WELA Wisconsin Environmental Laboratory Association
WELJ Wisconsin Environmental Law Journal
WEPA Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act of 1972
WELC Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church
WELS Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
WFDL Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law
WFEA Wisconsin Fair Employment Act
WFHA Wisconsin Fair Housing Act
WFTC Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition
WFBF Wisconsin Family Business Forum
WFCCA Wisconsin Family Child Care Association
WFBF Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
WFBC Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches
WFSC Wisconsin Food Security Consortium
WFSP Wisconsin Food System Partnership
WFCA Wisconsin Football Coaches Association
WFCA Wisconsin Forensic Coaches’ Association
WFU Wisconsin Forensic Unit
WFPC Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council
WFHS Wisconsin Forum for Healthcare Strategy
WFEA Wisconsin Foundation for Educational Administration
WFIC Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges
WFSM Wisconsin Foundation for School Music
WFIC Wisconsin Fraternal Insurance Counsellors
WFTS Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey
WGRS Wisconsin Garden Railway Society
WGP Wisconsin Genealogy Project
WGTA Wisconsin General Testing Apparatus
WGA Wisconsin Geocaching Association
WGEC Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center
WIGS Wisconsin Gourd Society
WGN Wisconsin Great Northern
WGBA Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
WGIF Wisconsin Green Industry Federation
WGA Wisconsin Grocers Association
WGWA Wisconsin Ground Water Association
WGBA Wisconsin Guernsey Breeders Association
WHTA Wisconsin Harbor Towns Association
WHSA Wisconsin Head Start Association
WHIN Wisconsin Health Information Network
WHSA Wisconsin Health Security Act
WHEA Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association
WHTA Wisconsin Healthcare Telecommunications Association
WHVC Wisconsin Heart and Vascular Clinics
WHBS Wisconsin Highway Business Signs
WHRP Wisconsin Highway Research Program
WHLA Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association
WHS Wisconsin Historical Society
WHPA Wisconsin Honey Producers Association
WHPA Wisconsin Horse Pullers Association
WHRS Wisconsin House Rabbit Society
WHEDA Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
WHOG Wisconsin Hummer Owners Group
WHAM Wisconsin Hydrogen-Alpha Mapper
WIB Wisconsin Independent Businesses
WIPG Wisconsin Independent Physicians Group
WIBA Wisconsin Indian Business Alliance
WIEA Wisconsin Indian Education Association
WITC Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
WIEG Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Inc.
WILACT Wisconsin Industrial Land Application Contractors and Transporters
WINSS Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools
WISL Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy
WISCLAND Wisconsin Initiative for Statewide Cooperation on Landscape Analysis and Data
WINDOWS Wisconsin Innovation Network
WIN Wisconsin Innovation Network
WITS Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study
WICPA Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants
WIDS Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
WIDS Wisconsin Instructional Design System
WIAA Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Association
WINR Wisconsin Interfaith Needs Response
WILS Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service
WILJ Wisconsin International Law Journal
WIOC Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium
WIR Wisconsin International Raceway
WIAA Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association
WICT Wisconsin Inventory of Clinic Teaching
WISP Wisconsin Investigators of Supernatural Phenomenon
WIBA Wisconsin Ironman Brick Adventure
WJOS Wisconsin Job Order System
WJR Wisconsin Junior Racing
WKCE Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination
WLHS Wisconsin Labor History Society
WLRN Wisconsin Laboratory Response Network
WLIA Wisconsin Land Information Association
WLIB Wisconsin Land Information Board
WLIP Wisconsin Land Information Program
WLTA Wisconsin Land Title Association
WLAA Wisconsin Law Alumni Association
WLEA Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association
WLEM Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial
WLEOA Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Association
WLF Wisconsin Law Foundation
WLA Wisconsin Library Association
WLAF Wisconsin Library Association Foundation
WLTA Wisconsin Library Trustee Association
WLRN Wisconsin Literacy Resource Network
WLIC Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium
WLHN Wisconsin Local History Network
WLS Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
WLC Wisconsin Lutheran College
WLCT Wisconsin Lutheran College Theatre
WLHS Wisconsin Lutheran High School
WLS Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
WMC Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce
WMEP Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership
WMHS Wisconsin Marine Historical Society
WMMA Wisconsin Marketing and Management Association
WMT Wisconsin Mastitis Test
WIMCR Wisconsin Medicaid Cost Reporting
WMAP Wisconsin Medical Assistance Program
WMS Wisconsin Medical Society
WMMB Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.
WMHL Wisconsin Minnesota Hockey League
WMMC Wisconsin Mopar Muscle Club
WMHC Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club
WMBA Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association
WMAI Wisconsin Movers Association, Inc.
WMEA Wisconsin Music Educators Association
WMTA Wisconsin Music Teachers Association
WMG Wisconsin Musical Groups
WMS Wisconsin Mycological Society
WNI Wisconsin Name Index
WNOA Wisconsin Narcotic Officers’ Association
WNBN Wisconsin National Board Network
WNGA Wisconsin National Guard Armory
WNPC Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
WNR Wisconsin Natural Resources
WNPJ Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
WNTP Wisconsin New Teacher Project
WNA Wisconsin Nurses Association
WNRC Wisconsin Nursing Redesign Consortium
WNEP Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program
WOTA Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association
WOCI Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
WOFT Wisconsin On-Farm Testing program
WOWRA Wisconsin Onsite Water Recycling Association
WOML Wisconsin Open Meetings Law
WOA Wisconsin Optometric Association
WOUG Wisconsin Oracle Users Group
WOHC Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition
WOCA Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance
WONDER Wisconsin Overlay Network for Distance Education Resources
WPI Wisconsin Pain Initiative
WPM Wisconsin Paintball Militia
WPVA Wisconsin Paralyzed Veterans of America
WPRC Wisconsin Paranormal Research Center
WPTA Wisconsin Parent Teacher Association
WPNC Wisconsin Parish Nurse Coalition
WPRA Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
WPCA Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air
WPHD Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development
WPTA Wisconsin Pay Telephone Association
WPRO Wisconsin Peer Review Organization
WPDP Wisconsin Personnel Development Project
WPTA Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association
WPS Wisconsin Physicians Service
WPTA Wisconsin Platform Tennis Association
WPJ Wisconsin Police Journal
WPRI Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
WPPA Wisconsin Pork Producers Association
WPPA Wisconsin Powered Parachute Association
WPPN Wisconsin Preferred Provider Network
WPRC Wisconsin Primate Research Center
WPEC Wisconsin Professional Employees Council
WPPA Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association
WPPA Wisconsin Professional Police Association
WPONAC Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
WPBFS Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Foundation
WPHI Wisconsin Public Health and Health Policy Institute
WPLC Wisconsin Public Library Consortium
WPPI Wisconsin Public Power Inc.
WPR Wisconsin Public Radio
WPRA Wisconsin Public Radio Association
WPSC Wisconsin Public Service Commission
WPSC Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
WPS Wisconsin Public Service Utility
WPT Wisconsin Public Television
WPTV Wisconsin Public Television
WPUI Wisconsin Public Utility Institute
WPPC Wisconsin Publishers’ Production Club
WPAG Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
WQP Wisconsin QSO Party (amateur radio)
WQLI Wisconsin Quality of Life Index
WRPT Wisconsin Railway Preservation Trust
WRACVB Wisconsin Rapids Area Convention Visitors Bureau
WRPS Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools
ISW Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
WRCT Wisconsin Reading Comprehension Test
WRA Wisconsin Realtors Association
WRMD Wisconsin Recycling Markets Directory
WRAP Wisconsin Regional Art Program
WRLS Wisconsin Regional Lily Society
WRPRC Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
WRTP Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership
WRWA Wisconsin Regional Writers Association, Inc.
WRID Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer
WRPC Wisconsin Resources Protection Council
WRA Wisconsin Restaurant Association
WRTA Wisconsin Retired Teachers Association
WRS Wisconsin Retirement System
WRDC Wisconsin Rural Development Center
WRWA Wisconsin Rural Water Association
WSBA Wisconsin Scale Boating Association
WSBC Wisconsin Scholarship Bowling Club
WSCF Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation
WSD Wisconsin School for the Deaf
WSVH Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped
WSMA Wisconsin School Music Association
WSMA Wisconsin School of Music Association
WSPP Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology
WSPA Wisconsin School Psychologists Association
WSSCA Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association
WSBT Wisconsin Scratch Bowlers Tour
WSPF Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
WSPR Wisconsin Service Plan Review
WSBC Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative
WSDC Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative
WSSS Wisconsin Singer/Songwriter Series
WSEC Wisconsin Small Engine Consortium
WSSA Wisconsin Social Services Association
WSA Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists
WSFSI Wisconsin Society of Fire Service Instructors
WSMA Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants
WSPM Wisconsin Society of Podiatric Medicine
WSPE Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers
WSST Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers
WSCT Wisconsin Sorting Card Test
WSOR Wisconsin Southern Railroad
WSMA Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board
WSGC Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
WSCC Wisconsin Sports Car Classic
WSVP Wisconsin Sports Vision Project
WSBS Wisconsin State Button Society
WSEU Wisconsin State Employees Union
WSFP Wisconsin State Fair Park
WSFM Wisconsin State Firefighter Memorial
WSFA Wisconsin State Firefighters’ Association
WSGS Wisconsin State Genealogical Society
WSGA Wisconsin State Golf Association
WSJ Wisconsin State Journal
WSMA Wisconsin State Music Association
WSP Wisconsin State Patrol
WSPCS Wisconsin State Plane Coordinate System
WSRA Wisconsin State Reading Association
WSTA Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association
WSTF Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation, Inc.
WSTA Wisconsin State Telephone Association
WSUC Wisconsin State University Conference
WSRA Wisconsin StormReady Advisory
WSMT Wisconsin Structures & Materials Testing Laboratory
WSAS Wisconsin Student Assessment System
WSGA Wisconsin Student Government Association
WSNA Wisconsin Student Nurses Association
WSSI Wisconsin Supplemental Security Income
WSRL Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory
WSL Wisconsin Synod Lutheran
WTAC Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission
WTPA Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Amendment
WTID Wisconsin Teacher Interview Day
WTLC Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture
WTCN Wisconsin Technical College Network
WTCS Wisconsin Technical College System
WTC Wisconsin Technology Council
WTEA Wisconsin Technology Education Association
WTRS Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System
WTA Wisconsin Telephone Association
WTF Wisconsin Test Facility
WTRA Wisconsin Therapeutic Recreation Association
WTA Wisconsin Towns Association
WTC Wisconsin Track Club
WTPA Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association
WTBA Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
WUPPE Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photopolarimeter Experiment
WUCA Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association, Inc.
WUAA Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association
WUBC Wisconsin Uniform Building Code
WU Wisconsin Union
WUD Wisconsin Union Directora
WUWN Wisconsin Unique Well Number
WUFF Wisconsin United for Furry Friends
WVAA Wisconsin Valley Art Association
WVIC Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company
WVLS Wisconsin Valley Library Service
WVM Wisconsin Veterans Museum
WVDL Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
WVMA Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association
WVPMA Wisconsin Veterinary Practice Managers Association, Inc.
WVTA Wisconsin Veterinary Technician Association
WWSC Wisconsin Water Science Center
WWSF Wisconsin Water Ski Federation
WWO Wisconsin Web Offset
WWWP Wisconsin Well Woman Program
WWBA Wisconsin Whitetail Bowhunters Association
WWC Wisconsin Wilderness Campus
WIWG Wisconsin Wing
WWSA Wisconsin Woman Suffrage Association
WWIG Wisconsin Women in Government
WWLW Wisconsin Women Library Workers
WWBA Wisconsin Women’s Bowling Association
WWSFN Wisconsin Women’s Sustainable Farming Network
WWDSA Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association
WWCA Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association
WYSO Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra
WIYN Wisconsin, Indiana, Yale and National
WIYN Wisconsin, Indiana, Yale, NOAO
WLBL Wisconsin, Land of Beautiful Lakes
WIMI Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa
WUMS Wisconsin-Upper Michigan System
WAWC Worked All Wisconsin Counties
WTCW World Trade Center Wisconsin

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