Women Abbreviations

A woman is a female person , unlike male individuals – men . The word “woman” is usually used for adults, adults, and for children and adolescents the word ” girl ” is most often used. At the same time, in a certain context, the word “woman” is also used regardless of age, for example in combinations such as ” women’s rights “.


Because of its biological or psychological characteristics, a woman is often called the “opposite” of a man. In fact, talking about gender often includes the term “opposite”, where it comes to explain the differences and diversity between the two sexes, which complement each other in all aspects (not just purely physiological). Although the term comes to summarize the most visible differences between the sexes, in reality the opposing characteristics of femininity and masculinity are not entirely anchored in gender and there are many nuances, variations and transitions between extremes such as strong emotionality, low emotionality, physical strength and physical weakness, etc.

From the point of view of biology , women are characterized by the presence of female genitals , forming the female reproductive system , and female secondary sexual characteristics , which are involved in feeding the young or to attract a partner.

The reproductive system performs a major function in the process of reproduction . The ovaries , in addition to their regulatory functions with the release of hormones , also create female gametes called eggs . This process is periodic and is repeated in the so-called. menstrual cycle . When fertilizing eggs with male gametes ( sperm ), new genetic individuals are formed. The uterus is an organ that includes tissue that protects and nourishes the developing fetus during pregnancy and the muscles that expel it from the body during childbirth . The vaginaconnects the uterus with the external environment and participates in intromia and childbirth.

The most characteristic secondary sexual feature of women is the breast – evolved sweat glands that can produce milk , food secretion, which is the most visible feature of mammals . In mature females, the breasts are usually more pronounced than in most other mammals. This manifestation is not necessary for milk production, but is probably at least partly due to sexual selection .

From a genetic point of view, most women have a karyotype of 46, XX, but about one in 1,000 has a karyotype of 47, XXX, and one in 2,500 has a karyotype of 45, X ( Turner syndrome ). In contrast, in men the usual karyotype is 46, XY. For this reason, the X and Y chromosomes are called female and male, respectively.

The average number of women born is lower than that of men in a ratio of about 1: 1,050, and in the total population of the world the ratio is about 1: 1,013. At the same time, the number of women over the age of 60 is higher in a ratio of about 1: 0.81, which is due to their longer life expectancy . This is due to a combination of different factors: genetic, social (for example, women are much less likely to participate in the armed forces of warring countries), behavioral (for example, less frequent suicides , smoking and alcohol abuse ), positive effects of the female hormone estrogen on the cardiovascular system, absence of harmful effects from increased presence of androgens .

The discipline dealing with the biological and medical study of the female reproductive system is called gynecology . Some diseases affect women to a greater extent or even occur only in them, such as lupus erythematosus , breast cancer , cervical cancer , ovarian cancer . Some diseases have different symptoms in men and women, and they may respond differently to treatment.


List of Acronyms Related to Women

ANEWING A Network of Evansville Women
APYW Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women
ADWC Abu Dhabi Women’s College
AWON Active Women of Nepal
AWCH Adelaide Women and Children’s Hospital
AOW Advancement of Women
AWL Advancing Women in Leadership Journal
AWNY Advertising Women of New York
ACSW Advisory Council on the Status of Women
AWA Advocacy for Women in Africa
ACW Advocates for Congolese Women
APWG Advocates for Prostituted Women and Girls
AWN Aetna Women’s Network
AWC Afghan Women Community
AWHA Afghan Women High Association
AWRC Afghan Women Resource Center
AWE Afghan Women’s Education
AWN Afghan Women’s Network
ARCC Africa Regional Coordinating Committee for the Integration of Women Into Development
AWC Africa Women and Child
ACW African Centre for Women
FAWE African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs
AIWO African Indigenous Women’s Organization
ANCWL African National Congress Women’s League
AFWIC African Women in Crisis
AWSE African Women in Science and Education
AWSE African Women in Science and Engineering
AWLAE-CI African Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment
AWA African Women’s Association
AWAD African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
AWI African Women’s Initiative
AWO African Women’s Organization
AABWV African-American Business Women of Vision
AWAG Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group
AWA Akkaraipattu Women’s Association
ACRW Alamo City Republican Women
AWRP Alaska Women’s Recovery Project
AAWO Albanian American Women’s Organization
AWN Albanian Women Network
ASWAC Alberta Status of Women Action Committee
AWE Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
AAWP All Africa Women for Peace
ACFW All China Federation of Women
AIDWA All India Democratic Women’s Association
AJW All Japan Women’s
ANWA All Nepal Women Association
APWA All Pakistan Women’s Association
AABA All-Africa Businesswomen Association
ACWF All-China Women’s Federation
AAW Alliance for Arab Women
AAWCC American Association for Women in Community Colleges
AAWP American Association for Women Podiatrists
AAUPW American Association of University and Professional Women
AAUW American Association of University Women
AAUWEF American Association of University Women Educational Foundation
AAW American Atheist Women
ABWA American Business Women’s Association
AFWL American Football Women’s League
AMWA American Medical Women’s Association
ANCW American National CattleWomen
ANWC American News Women’s Club
ASWA American Society of Women Accountants
AWC American Women Composers
AWED American Women Economic Development
AWIU American Women for International Understanding
AWRT American Women in Radio and Television
AWWOC American Women Writers of Color
AWA American Women’s Association
AWBL American Women’s Baseball League
AWCA American Women’s Club of Amsterdam
ATWC Anglican Trust for Women and Children
ANEWING Animal Network Efforts by Women
AWG Appalachian Women’s Guild
AWAD Arab Association for Women and Development
AMAN Arab Regional Resource Center on Violence Against Women
AWMC Arab Women Media Center
AWO Arab Women Organization of Jordan
AWUS Arab Women Union Society
AWC Arab Women’s Court
AWSA Arab Women’s Solidarity Association
ACCW Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women
ACWR Archivists for Congregations of Women Religious
AWARE Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment
ACWO ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organizations
AWP ASEAN Women’s Program
APWW Asia Pacific Women Watch
AWAS Asia Women and Shelter Network
APIWFSC Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center
ADWA Asian Deaf Women Association
ANWIC Asian Network of Women in Communication
ARIAT Asian Regional Initiative Against Trafficking in Women and Children
AUW Asian University for Women
AWS Asian Women and Sport
AWIA Asian Women Immigrant Advocates
AWI Asian Women’s Institute
AWS Asian Women’s Shelter
ARROW Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women
AWHL Assaulted Women’s Helpline
AWH Associated Women for Harding
ADWR Association for Defence of Women’s Rights
AAW Association for the Advancement of Women
AWG Association for Women Geoscientists
AWIA Association for Women in Agriculture
AWA Association for Women in Architecture
AWC Association for Women in Communications
AWIC Association for Women in Communications
AWC Association for Women in Computing
AWH Association for Women in Horticulture
AWM Association for Women in Mathematics
AWP Association for Women in Psychology
AWIS Association for Women in Science
AWSM Association for Women in Sports Media
AWV Association for Women Veterinarians
AAWS Association of African Women Scholars
AAFSW Association of American Foreign Service Women
ABHW Association of Black Harvard Women
ABWLNJ Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey
ACCW Association of California Commissions for Women
AMWI Association of Medical Women in India
ANUW Association of Northwestern University Women
ANSWERS Association of Nova Scotia Women for Education and Research in Science
APW Association of Professional Women
ARMW Association of Registered Medical Women
AUPWAE Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment
WAVO Association of Women Against Violence
AWBL Association of Women Business Leaders
AWE Association of Women Entrepreneurs
AWARE Association of Women for Action and Research
AWS Association of Women in Science
AWSE Association of Women in Science and Education
AWIA Association of Women Intercollegiate Athletics
AWL Association of Women Lawyers
ASWHAN Association of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
AWIC Association of Women of India in Canada
AWP Association of Women Professionals
AWF Atlanta Women’s Foundation
AEW Attractive Eighties Women
ACOB Australian Council of Businesswomen
AFWV Australian Federation of Women Voters
AVCWL Australian Virtual Centre for Women and the Law
AWIA Australian Women in Agriculture
AWLF Australian Women Leadership Forum
AWPA Australian Women Pilots’ Association
AWAS Australian Women’s Army Service
AWP Australian Women’s Party
AWSR Australian Women’s Studies Resources
AWW Australian Women’s Weekly
AABW Ayrshire Association of Business Women
BBSAWS Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies
BWBL Baltic Women’s Basketball League
BWA Bangladesh Women’s Association
BWIM Baptist Women in Ministry
BWHA Barrie Women’s Hockey Association
BWCF Battered Women’s Clemency Fund
BWF Battered Women’s Foundation
BWRC Bayou Women’s Republican Club
BBWS Beautiful Black Women
BBW Beautiful Black Women
BWC Beijing Women’s Conference
BEW Beth El Women
BCRW Bexar County Republican Women
BBWS Big Beautiful Women
BBW Big Beautiful Women
BBWS Big Black Women
BBW Big Black Women
BEWNET Black European Women’s Network
BWFPP Black Women Film Preservation Project
BISA Black Women in Sisterhood for Action
BWLA Black Women Lawyers’ Association
BWHI Black Women’s Health Imperative
BWO Black Women’s Organization
BWLC Black Womens Leadership Council
BIHA Black, Indian, Hispanic and Asian Women in Action
BMW Board of Minorities and Women
BWH Brigham and Women’s Hospital
BCSW Bristol Crisis Service for Women
BAWP British Association for Women in Policing
BWIS Brookhaven Women in Science
BWU Burmese Women’s Union
BPW Business and Professional Women
BPWUK Business and Professional Women UK Limited
BPWC Business and Professional Women’s Club
BWIT Business Women in Training
BWN Business Women’s Network
CIW California Institution for Women
CUW California Utah Women
CWBA California Women’s Bowling Association
CIWA Cambodian Improvement Women Association
CWPD Cambodian Women for Peace and Development
CWDA Cambodian Women’s Development Agency
CAAWS Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
CAAWS Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity
CCWEST Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering Science and Technology
CCW Canadian Construction Women
CFUW Canadian Federation of University Women
CNCEW Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women
VOW Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
CWEN Canadian Women Economists Network
CWC Canadian Women In Communications
CWON Canadian Women of Note
CLRW Canyon Lake Republican Women
CARW Capital Area Republican Women
CWJA Capital Women Journalists’ Association
CCFW Carolina Center for Women
CPSE Carolinas Professional Saleswomen & Entrepreneurs
CWICS Carolinas Women in Computing
CWL Catholic Women’s League
CWLA Catholic Women’s League Australia
CESI Center for Education and Counselling of Women
CROW Center for Research on Women
CRWG Center for Research on Women and Gender
CEW Center for the Education of Women
CSWS Center for the Study of Women and Society
CTRDW Center for Training and Rehabilitation of Destitute Women
CWE Center for Women & Enterprise
CWCS Center for Women and Children Studies
CWG Center for Women and Gender
CWICS Center for Women in Coalition
CWPS Center for Women Policy Studies
CWST Center for Women, Science and Technology
CWGL Center for Women’s Global Leadership
CWH Center for Women’s Health
CWM Center for Women’s Medicine
CWRC Center for Women’s Reproductive Care
CEWS Center of Excellence Women and Science
CEPEW Centre for Education Promotion and Empowerment for Women
CEWC Centre for Egyptian Women’s Cases
CWD Centre for Women and Development
CWVW Centre for Women Victims of War
CENWOR Centre for Women’s Research
CWSE Centre for Women’s Studies in Education
CWSE Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering
CCWC Charles County Women’s Club
CCW Chester County Women
CTTE Chevalier T. Thomas Elizabeth College for Women
CAWC Chicago Abused Women’s Coalition
CNDA Chicago and Northern District Association of Club Women
CFW Chicago Foundation for Women
CWIP Chicago Women in Publishing
CWT Chicago Women in Trades
CWLU Chicago Women’s Liberation Union
CWSS Chicago Women’s School of Sociology
CBAW Child-Bearing-Age Women
CPW Children and Pregnant Women
CWC Christian Women Concern
CWC Christian Women’s Club
CWC Christian Women’s Coalition
CWF Christian Women’s Fellowship
CATW Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
CATWA Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia
CDRR Coalition for the Medical Rights of Women
CAPOW Coalition of Australian Participating Organisations of Women
CWSHRC Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition
CWHEA Colorado Women in Higher Education Administration
CWBA Colorado Women’s Bar Association
CREW Commercial Real Estate for Women
CREW Commercial Real Estate Women Network
COSOW Commission on the Status of Women
CSW Commission on the Status of Women
CWIP Commission on Women in the Profession
CAW Committee for Asian Women
CDW Committee for the Development of Women
CEWC Committee for the Equality of Women in Canada
CCW Committee on Concerns of Women
CEDAW Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
CSOW Committee on the Status of Women
CWIP Committee on Women in Physics
COWAC Committee on Women in the Academic Community
CWIL Committee on Women in the Law
CWN Commonwealth Women’s Network
CBWC Community and Business Women for Christ
CCWC Concerned Cultural Women Collective
CWDA Concerned Women Donors to AIDS
CWFA Concerned Women for America
CWA Concerned Women for America
COWL Conference of Women Legislators
CWIE Conference on Women in Engineering
CBWC Congress of Black Women of Canada
CWHF Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame
CBWC Connecting Business Women to Christ
CIF-ICW Conseil International des Femmes/International Conference of Women
CWFA Conservative Women for America
CWAN Conservative Women’s Action Network
CWO Conservative Women’s Organisation
CWP Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
CEDAW Convention to Eliminate Discrimination against Women
CEW Cosmetic Executive Women
CWM Council for Women’s Ministries
CCW Council of Catholic Women
CWA Country Women’s Association
CWCC Creative Center for Women with Cancer
CPWP Cross-Party Women’s Platform
DWM Dalit Women’s Movement
DWCC Dandenong Women’s Cricket Club
DWU Deaf Women United, Inc
DEVAW Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women
DACOWITS Defense Advisory Committee On Women In The Service
DACOWITS Defense Department Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
DCW Delhi Commission for Women
DWBC Democratic Women of Boulder County
DWCF Denver Women’s Correctional Facility
DWCW Department of Women & Child Welfare
DWCD Department of Women and Child Development
DWGS Department of Women and Gender Studies
DWS Department of Women’s Studies
DAWN Developing Alternatives for Women Now
DAWN Development Action for Women Network
DAWN Development Alternatives with Women in A New Era
DWACRA Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
DPWC Development Program for Women and Children
DCCW Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
DWW Directing Workshop for Women
DWM Directory of Women’s Media
DWOW Disabled Women on the Web
DAWN DisAbled Women’s Network
DWAC Disregard Women, Acquire Currency
DAW Division for the Advancement of Women
DWU Dongduk Women’s University
DWAC Downtown Women’s Action Coalition
ZTB Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital
DWC Dubai Women’s College
EMFWW Early Modern French Women Writers
EFWA East Fife Women’s Aid
ESCOW East Sepik Council of Women
EWFC Eastern Women’s Fencing Conference
EDMW Eat Drink Man Women
EWI Ecumenical Women’s Initiative
ESWA Edo State Women Association
EMPOWER Education Means Protection of Women Engaged in Recreation
EFWA Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
ECWR Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights
ENC-YWCA Egyptian National Council of Young Women’s Christian Association
EOCFW Employer of Choice for Women
ESPW Encouraging, Supporting, Promoting Women
EVAW Ending Violence Against Women
ERTW Engineers Rarely Touch Women
EWGA English Women’s Golf Association
EWIBA English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association
EW Enlisted Woman/Women
ECW Episcopal Church Women
EOW Equal Opportunities for Women
ERTW Equal Rights Towards Women
EMWA Ethiopian Media Women’s Association
EWPD Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development
EIWH European Institute of Women’s Health
EUW European Union of Women
EUWIIN European Union Women Inventors and Innovators Network
EWAA European Women of Achievement Award
EWC European Women’s Cup
EWL European Women’s League
EWL European Women’s Lobby
EOW Eva Organization for Women
EWITA Evaluation of Women In The Army
ELW Evangelical Lutheran Women
EWI Executive Women International
EGW Executive Women’s Golf Association
EWGA Executive Women’s Golf Association
EBWCC Extraordinary Business Women of Corpus Christi
FNEW Fairfield Network of Executive Women
FLEW Family Law Education for Women
FOW Family of Women
FWA Farm Women’s Association
FBPW Fauquier Business and Professional Women
FWC Federal Women’s Center
FWP Federal Women’s Program
FEW Federally Employed Women, Inc.
FSAW Federally Sentenced Aboriginal Women
FEWA Federated Ebonyi Women Association
FRW Federated Republican Women
FWIT Federated Women in Timber
FWIO Federated Women’s Institute of Ontario
FWIC Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada
FAMW Federation of African Media Women
FCW Federation of Cuban Women
FGW Federation of Graduate Women
OGE Federation of Greek Women
FOMWAN Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Nigeria
FOWA Federation of Ogoni Women’s Associations
FSAW Federation of South African Women
FEM Federation of Women Entrepreneur Association Malaysia
FEWA Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations
FWEAN Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal
FWL Federation of Women Lawyers
FAUW Filipino Association of University Women
FWI Financial Women International
FWA Financial Women’s Association
FWBL First Women Bank Limited
FAWL Florida Association of Women Lawyers
FCCW Florida Council of Catholic Women
FCCW Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
FWWB Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau
FAOW Forum against Oppression of Women
FAWE Forum for African Women Educationalists
FEW Forum for the Empowerment of Women
FWE Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
FEW Fostering Executive Women
FFW Foundation for Women
FCWE Foundation of Canadian Women Entrepreneurs
FAWI Franco-American Women’s Institute
FBW Free Battered Women
FRW Freihofer’s Run for Women
FWF Friends of Women Foundation
FOW Friends of Women Foundation
FWWB Friends of Women’s World Banking
FFW Full Figured Women
GTWA Gather the Women Australia
GWAR Gay Women Against Rape
GAWF General Arab Women Federation
GABRIELA General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action
GFWC General Federation of Women’s Clubs
GWIM Georgetown Women in Medicine
GTWRFC Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby Football Club
GAWB Georgian Association of Women in Business
GWCC Gillette Women’s Cancer Connection
GSWA Glasgow Society of Women Artists
GCWA Global Coalition on Women and AIDS
GEW Global Exec Women
GFCBW Global Federation of Chinese Business Women
GFW Global Fund for Women
GPIW Global Peace Initiative of Women
GROWTH Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive Act
GWIP Global Women in Politics
GHC Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
GWEN Graduate Women Educators Network
GWIS Graduate Women in Science
GROW Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women
GLOW Greater Leadership Opportunity for Women
GLWR Greek League for Women’s Rights
GNOW Grenada National Organisation of Women
GROW Growth and Retention of Women
GWT Gutsy Women Travel, LLC
HBA Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
HOTW Heart of Texas Women
HAWC Help for Abused Women and Children
HWR Henley Women’s Regatta
HBWC Highland Business Women’s Club
HAWL Hillsborough Association of Women Lawyers
HWO Hindu Women’s Organisation
HWLI Hispanic Women Leadership Institute
HWC Hispanic Women’s Corporation
HAWC Home for Abused Women and Children
HKWCC Hong Kong Women Christian Council
HAWO Hope for African Women
HTWS Hostility toward Women Scale
HFWR Human Forum for Women’s Rights
HREP Human Rights Education Program for Women
ICCW Idaho Council of Catholic Women
IWA Idaho Women for Agriculture
IBW Images of Black Women
IWP Immigrant Women Program
IWAC Imo Women Awareness Campaign
ICOW In Celebration of Women
IPPW In the Presence of Positive Women
IFAW Independent Forum of Albanian Women
IWF Independent Women’s Forum
IAWS Indian Association for Women’s Studies
IWHF Indian Women Hockey Federation
IWPA Indian Women Pilots Association
IAWE Indiana Association of Women in Education
IWJ Indigenous Women for Justice
IWN Indigenous Women’s Network
IGF Indigent Gentlewomen’s Fund
IARW Information Access for Rural Women
INSTRAW Institute for Research and training for the Advancement of Women
IWT Institute for Women and Technology
IWE Institute for Women Entrepreneurs
IWIL Institute for Women in Leadership
IWH Institute for Women’s Health
IWPR Institute for Women’s Policy Research
IWES Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies
IWA Institute Women’s Association
IWLA Insurance Women of Los Angeles
IWD Integration of Women in Development
IBWC Intelligent Black Womens Coalition
ICCW Interagency Committee for Change by Women
IAMWGE Inter-Agency Meeting on Women and Gender Equality
IAWS Intercollegiate Association of Women Students
IAWM International Alliance for Women in Music
IAW International Alliance of Women
IAWM International Association of Women Ministers
IBWC International Business Women Conference
ICRW International Center for Research on Women
ICWM International Congress on Women in Music
ICW International Council of Women
IFWLP International Federation of Women in Legal Professions
FIDA International Federation of Women Lawyers
IICW International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women
ILWC International League of Women Composers
INWES International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists
ISA International Society of Women Airline Pilots
ISC International Steering Committee on the Economic Advancement of Rural Women
IVAWS International Violence Against Women Survey
IWCH International Women and Children’s Health
IWHM International Women and Health Meeting
IWJ International Women in Jazz
IWISE International Women in Science and Engineering
IWPA International Women Photographer Association
IWAC International Women’s Anthropology Conference, Inc.
IWA International Women’s Association
IWBF International Women’s Boxing Federation
IWCA International Women’s Contact Antwerp
IWD International Women’s Day
IWDC International Women’s Democracy Center
IWDA International Women’s Development Agency
IWMF International Women’s Media Foundation
IWP International Women’s Partnership
IWRAW International Women’s Rights Action Watch
IWRP International Women’s Rights Project
IWTC International Women’s Tribune Centre
IWW International Women’s Week
IWY International Women’s Year
IWDA International Womens Day
IWCR International Womens’ Club of the Riviera
IWPA International Womens’ Polo Association
IWG International Working Group on Women and Sport
ICSW Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
IJWO Iranian Jewish Women’s Organization
ICA Irish Countrywomen’s Association
IWLA Irish Women Lawyers Association
ICCW Islamabad Commerce College for Women
IAUW Israel Association of University Women
ISHA Israel Health Advancement for Women
IWW Italian Women Writers
JWLA Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association
JFW Jamaica Federation of Women
JAUW Japanese Association of University Women
JBWS Jersey Battered Women Services
JCW Jerusalem Center for Women
JWJIP Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine
JWI Jewish Women International
JWW Jewish Women Watching
JWA Jewish Women’s Archive
JUW Jinnah University for Women
JCSW Joint Committee on the Status of Women
JNCWS Jordanian National Commission for Women
JWH Journal of Women’s History
JAWS Journalism and Women Symposium
JAW Justice and Women
JWWG Justice for Women Working Group
JEDI Justice, Economic Dignity, and Independence for Women
KWGCS Kabale Women’s Guidance and Counselling Services
KAWOCOS Kabowa Women’s Cooperative Society
KWAA Kansas Women Attorneys Association
KWO Karen Womens Organization
KCW Kentucky College for Women
KCW Kentucky Commission on Women
KCIW Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women
KFW Kentucky Foundation for Women
KNOW Kentucky Network of Outdoor Women
KFAW Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women
KEWL Knowledge Empowering Women Leaders
KWSA Korea Women Soccer Association
KAWT Korean Association of Women Theologians
KWEA Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association
KWA Korean Women’s Association
KWN Kosova Women’s Network
LWC Labour Women’s Council
LWN Labour Women’s Network
LCARW Lake Conroe Area Republican Women
LSWIT Lake States Women in Timber, Inc
LAWA Lao American Women Association
LAWRS Latin American Women Rights Service
LAWA Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa
LWEW Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World
LMAW League of Mexican American Women
LMV League of Women Voters
LWV League of Women Voters
LWVA League of Women Voters Arlington
LWVAK League of Women Voters of Alaska
LWVFNUC League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark and Union City
LWVMA League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
LWVOEF League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
LHW Left Hand Women
LTFW Life Tools for Women
LRW Lifetime Real Women
LWH Liverpool Women’s Hospital
LWC London Women’s Clinic
LIFWG Long Island Fund for Women and Girls
LAAAW-PAC Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee
LAWS Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter
LARW Lubbock Area Republican Women
LWA Lungujja Women’s Association
LWMS Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society
MAWEED Maasai Women for Education and Economic Development
MSWC Maharashtra State Women’s Council
MWL Maine Women’s Lobby
MWMT Malaysian Women in Ministry and Theology
MAWL Manitoba Association of Women and the Law Inc.
MSWC Margaret Sloss Women’s Center
M2W Marketing to Women
MTW Marketing to Women
MWA Married Women’s Association
MAIAW Massachusetts Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
MAWL Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers
MBWA Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys
MCSW Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women
MWH Master of Women’s Health
MCRTW McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women
MFW Medical Women’s Federation
MCDW Medina County Democratic Women
MAWO Men Against Women Organization
MEOW Men Enjoying Older Women
MSW Men Seeking Women
MSW Men Who Have Sex with Women
MIDWEST Mennonite Women USA
MW Mennonite Women USA
MWLOA Michigan Women Lacrosse Officials Association
MAIAW Midwest Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
MIND Migrant Women Initiatives in the Netherlands for Development
MMAW Ministerial Meeting on the Advancement of Women
MWCF Ministry for Women, Children and the Family
MCAWS Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services
MWACW Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Welfare
MWCA Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
MOWAC Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs
MWSD Ministry of Women and Social Development
MOWD Ministry of Women Development
MOWYCS Ministry of Women Youth and Community Services
MOWA Ministry of Women’s Affairs
MWA Ministry of Women’s Affairs
MWVA Ministry of Women’s and Veteran’s Affairs
MWD Ministry of Women’s Development
MBWLN Minnesota Black Women Lawyers Network
MLWV Minnesota League of Women Voters
MWBO Minority and Women Business Owners Committee
MWB Minority and Women Owned Business
MWBE Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise
MWDV Minority, Women and Disabled Veteran
MWDBE Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
MWWS Missing White Women Syndrome
MCCCW Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women
MSCW Mississippi State College for Women
MUFW Mississippi University for Women
MUW Mississippi University for Women
MWF Mongolian Women’s Federation
MIW Most Influential Women
MORN Mother of Red Nations Women’s Council of Manitoba
MAW Mothers Are Women
MWWS Muhammadan Women Welfare Society
MWENNA Mukono Women’s Entrepreneurship Networks and Associations
MUWOD Mulago Women in Development
MWRC Muslim Women Resource Center
MWHL Muslim Women’s Helpline
MWL Muslim Women’s League
NWWL Naked Womens Wrestling League
NAKIWDA Namasuba Kikajjo Women’s Development Association
NEWS Napa Emergency Women’s Services
NAPWA National Action Plan for Women of Afghanistan
NACW National Advisory Committee for Women
NACEW National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
NAEO National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men
NAW National Alliance of Women
NAWHRD National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders
NAWO National Alliance of Women, Orissa Chapter
NAWO National Alliance of Women’s Organisations
NAWHO National Asian Women’s Health Organization
NABW National Association of Banking Women
NABWM National Association of Business Women and Moms
NACW National Association of Career Women
NACW National Association of College Women
NACWAA National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators
NACW National Association of Colored Women
NACW National Association of Commissions for Women
NADW National Association of Deans of Women
NANBPWC National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc.
NAPEW National Association of Professional and Executive Women
NASUWT National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers
NAUW National Association of University Women
NAWL National Association of Women and the Law
NAWA National Association of Women Artists
NAWDAC National Association of Women Deans, Administrators, and Counselors
NAWIC National Association of Women In Construction
NAWL National Association of Women Lawyers
NAWMBA National Association of Women MBAs
NAWW National Association of Women Writers
NAWOU National Association of Women’s Organisations in Uganda
NAWW National Association of Working Women
NBWHP National Black Women’s Health Project
NBWN National Black Womens Network
NBWEN National Business Women Enterprise Network, Inc.
CPR National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
NCPR National Center for Policy Research National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
NCDBW National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women
NCWSV National College Women Sexual Victimization
NCW National Commission for Women
NCSW National Commission on Status of Women
NCFAW National Committee for the Advancement of Women
NCTWC National Committee on Trafficking in Women and Children
NACWOLA National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS
NCNW National Congress of Neighborhood Women
NCCW National Council of Catholic Women
NCJWA National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
NCNW National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
NCW National Council of Women
NCWK National Council of Women of Kenya
NCWV National Council of Women of Victoria Inc.
NCWO National Council of Women’s Organizations
NECWB National Education Center for Women in Business
NFBPWC National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs
NFLW National Federation of Liberal Women
NFAW National Foundation for Australian Women
NHBWA National Hispanic Business Women Association
NIWC National Institute for Women of Color
NLAPW National League of American Pen Women, Inc.
NLCW National League of Colored Women
NMWA National Museum of Women in the Arts
NOWL National Order of Women Legislators
NOW National Organization for Women
NOWNJ National Organization for Women New Jersey
NOWL National Organization of Women Legislators
NPCBW National Political Congress of Black Women, Inc.
NRC National Research Center for Women & Families
NWBOC National Women Business Owners Corporation
NWOA National Women of Achievement, Incorporated
NWAA National Women’s Athletic Association
NWBA National Women’s Basketball Association
NWBC National Women’s Business Center
NWBC National Women’s Business Council
NWC National Women’s Caucus
NWFL National Women’s Football League
NWHIC National Women’s Health Information Center
NWHM National Women’s History Museum
NWI National Women’s Institute
NWMF National Women’s Music Festival
NWP National Women’s Party
NWPC National Women’s Political Caucus
NWRC National Women’s Resource Center
NWRA National Women’s Rowing Association
NWSA National Women’s Studies Association
NWL National Womens League
NWCWC National Working Committee on Women and Children
NWIA Native Women in Agriculture
NWIA Native Women in the Arts
NWAC Native Women’s Association of Canada
NWR Navy Women’s Rugby
NCSW Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women
NWWA NEEPCO Women Welfare Association
NWTF Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation
NWE Network for Women Entrepreneurs
NWL Network for Women in Leadership
NEWW Network of East-West Women
NEWH Network of Executive Women in Hospitality
NPWL Network of Presbyterian Women in Leadership
NEWH Network of Women in Hospitality
NZPW Network of Zimbabwe Positive Women
NWBA Nevada Women’s Bowling Association
NWL Nevada Women’s Lobby
NAWA New Afghanistan Women Association
NDFW New Directions for Women
NHCSW New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women
NJAWBO New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners
NJDOW New Jersey Division on Women
NOW New Opportunities for Women
NSWF New Sudan Women’s Federation
NWBA Newburgh Women’s Bowling Association
NCNW Niagara Chapter of Native Women
NAUW Nigerian Association of University Women
NWOM Nine Women, One Month
NWA No Women Allowed
NPW Non Pregnant Women
NEW Non-Traditional Employment for Women
NAWA North American Women’s Association
NCFRW North Carolina Federation of Republican Women
NSWIB North Shore Women in Business
NWWL North West Womens League
NIWC Northern Illinois Women’s Center
NIWC Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition
NWC Northside Women’s Clinic, Inc
NFW Not For Women
NSFW Not Suitable For Women
NVWCIG Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group
NEW Nuclear Energy Women
OWN Ocala Women’s Network
OMWESB Office of Minority Women and Emerging Small Business
OSAGI Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women
OWBO Office of Women’s Business Ownership
OWH Office of Women’s Health
ORW Ohio Reformatory for Women
OUWC Ohio University Women’s Club
OCWA Oklahoma CattleWomen’s Association, Inc.
OWL Older Women’s League
OACCW Omaha Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women
OCWW On Campus with Women
OWD Ontario Women’s Directorate
OCWLA Orange County Women Lawyers Association
OCWN Orange County Women Networkers
OWCC Oregon Women’s Correctional Center
OWGA Oregon Womens Golf Association
OWA Organization of Women Architects and Design Professionals
OWWA Organization of Women Writers of Africa
OWO Oriental Women Organization
OWN Original Women’s Network
OCWA Orthodox Christian Women’s Association
OWT Outstanding Women of Today
OYWR Outstanding Young Women in Rice Science
OWT Oxford Women’s Training
PWWG Pagan Women Warriors Guild
PAFWA Pakistan Air Force Women’s Association
PWCC Pakistan Women Cricket Council
PFWA Palestinian Federation of Women’s Action
PSNOW Palm Springs National Organization for Women
PAORP-VWC Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children
PAWETS Pan African Women Engineers, Technicians and Scientists
PAWO Pan African Women’s Organization
PCCW Parish Council of Catholic Women
PWCC Participation of Women in the Catholic Church
PWSH Pathways to Women’s Sexual Health
PSSAW Peer Support Services for Abused Women
PWSL Peninsula Women’s Soccer League
PCSW Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
PEO Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women
PAUW Philippine Association of University Women
PWU Philippine Women’s University
PLCCW Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women
POW Pissed Off Women
PLWA Pitt Law Women’s Association
PWCC Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center
POTW Point Out the Women
PROWD Policy Research on Women and Drugs
PWAAS Polish Women’s Alliance of America
PWCC Polish Women’s Civic Club
PWCL Portland Women’s Crisis Line
PWER Positively Women
PW Positively Women
PWER Postmenopausal Women
PW Postmenopausal Women
PWBA Poughkeepsie Women’s Bowling Association
PLPW Poverty Level Pregnant Women
POW Power of Women
PPW Pregnant and Parenting Women
PWA Presbyterian Womens Association
PCSW Presidential Commission on the Status of Women
PCWC Primo Center for Women and Children
PFW Prison for Women
PHWA Professional Hmong Women Association
POWRE Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education
PWC Professional Women Controllers, Inc.
PWBA Professional Women in Business Association
PWP Professional Women Photographers
PWA Professional Women’s Alliance
PWA Professional Women’s Association
PWBA Professional Women’s Bowling Association
PWC Professional Women’s Caucus
PWCC Professional Women’s Chamber Connection
PWCC Professional Women’s Club of Chicago
PWN Professional Women’s Network
POW Programme of Opportunities for Women
PWA Progressive Women Association
PGW Project on Girls and Women
PWDV Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act
PACSW Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women
PCWM Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba
PWSA Provincial Women’s Softball Association
PWQ Psychology of Women Quarterly
POWS Psychology of Women Section
QNW Quebec Native Women, Inc.
QBWM Queensland Baptist Women’s Ministry
QCWA Queensland Country Womens’ Association
QWOCMAP Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project
RWU Rakhaing Women’s Union
RAW Raunchy Asian Women
RWUP Refugee Women United for Progress
RWN Refugee Women’s Network
RWRP Refugee Women’s Resource Project
RIWC Regina Immigrant Women Centre
RWO Renaissance Women Online
RENEW Republican Network to Elect Women
RWCC Republican Women of Coffee County
RWLC Republican Women of Leelanau County
RCWS Research Centre for Women’s Studies
RIAW Research Institute of Asian Women
RW Resourceful Women
RENEW Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women
RLAWS Review of Law and Women’s Studies
RAWA Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
RCWP Roman Catholic Women Priests
RLWLKM Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Liberation
RWF Roundtable for Women in Food Service
RHW Royal Hospital for Women
RUW Royal University for Women
RWH Royal Women’s Hospital
RFUW Rugby Football Union for Women
RWEPA Rural Women Environmental Protection Association
RWMC Rural Women Making Change
RWN Rural Women’s Network
RWS Rurama Women’s Society
RAUW Rwanda Association of University Women
RWN Rwanda Women Community Development Network
SWARM Safety for Women and Responsible Motherhood
SDRB San Diego Republican Businesswomen
SFWAR San Francisco Women Against Rape
SFWA San Francisco Women Artists
SCWIM Sanibel Congregational Women in Mission
SSWC Save Somali Women and Children
SWAP Seattle Women Act for Peace
SMMW Second Ministerial Meeting on Women
S4W Security for Women
SHWG Self Help Women Group
SEWA Self-Employed Women’s Association
SAWE Senior All Womens Epee
SWAG Senior Women Are Great
SWT Senior Women’s Travel
SWTU Seoul Women’s Trade Union
SAW Sexually Aggressive Women
SWAN Shan Women’s Action Network
SWC Sharjah Women’s College
SHADOW Shelter Home and Discipling of Women
SCRW Sheridan County Republican Women
SWU Showa Women’s University
SLWF Sierra Leone Women’s Forum
SWAN Singapore Women’s Auxiliary Naval Service
SWOT Single Women Over Thirty
SWAM Small, Women- or Minority
SWQ Smoking and Women Questionnaire
SOOB Social Order Of the Beauceant (womens organization associated with the Knights Templar.
SIW Socialist International Women
SCWIST Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
SSWP Society for the Study of Women Philosophers
SWAAN Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Nigeria
SWIP Society for Women in Philosophy
SWP Society for Women in Plastics
SWHR Society for Women’s Health Research
SRUW Society of Rice University Women
SWAN Society of Women Addicted to Needlework
SWE Society of Women Engineers
SWATE Society of Women in Action for Total Empowerment
SWWJ Society of Women Writers and Journalists
SWWT Society of Women Writers of Tasmania
SWS Sociologists for Women in Society
SWC Somali Women Concern
SAWW South African Women for Women
SAWW South Asia Women’s Watch
SAW South Asian Women
SAWE South Asian Women Entrepreneurs
SAWA South Asian Women for Action
SAWM South Asian Women in Media
SAWERA South Asian Women’s Empowerment and Resource Alliance
SAWF South Asian Women’s Forum
SDPW South Delhi Polytechnic for Women
SAWH Southern Association for Women Historians
SCWP Southern California Women Photographers
SWAG Southern Women Aging Gracefully
SWWC Southern Women Writers Conference
SWS Southern Women’s Show
SWWT Southwest Women Working Together
SCFW Special Committee on Faculty Women
SRVAW Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women
SAAW Sport Association of Arab Women
SFW Sports For Women
SLWC Sri Lanka Women’s Conference
SCSW Standing Committee on the Status of Women
SCOW Standing Committee on Women
SCCBW Statewide California Coalition for Battered Women
SWMC Status of Women and Minorities Committee
SWC Status of Women Canada
SSW Status of Women Canada
STWS Status of Women Service
SWWG Status of Women Working Group
SPAW Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women
SCWP Strengthening Communities through Women’s Participation
SWAG Studies in Women and Gender
SWG Study of Women and Gender
SWAN Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation
SCOW Sub Committee on Older Women
SOW Subordination of Women
SWW Succulent Wild Women
SNBW Support Network for Battered Women
SWAPP Support Women Against Pension Poverty
SWIG Supporting Women in Geography
SWASH Sydney Women and Sexual Health
SWEC Sydney Women’s Endosurgery Centre
SWAN Symantec Women’s Action Network
TWAT Tactical Women’s Alert Team
TW Taiwanese Women
TOPWA Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act
TWO Technical Women’s Organization
TWIB Technology for Women in Business
TGW Tennessee Guerilla Women
TPW Tennessee Prison for Women
TEWPA Teso Women Peace Activists
TAWD Texas Association of Women Dentists
TFWC Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs
TSCW Texas State College for Women
TWAT Texas Women Anglers Tournament
TWFF Texas Women Fly Fishers
TNFW The Network For Women
TWWA Third World Women’s Alliance
TMWA Tidewater Medical Women’s Association
TWA Tigrai Women’s Association
TWIG Toulouse Women’s International Group
TEW Towards Ethnic Women
THWA Tower Hamlets Women’s Aid Website
TNT Tradeswomen Now and Tomorrow
TWIST Train Women in Science and Technology
TWD Transcaucasus Women’s Dialogue
TWWA Tribal Women Welfare Association
TWIN Tribute to Women in Industry
TWWO Trincomalee Women Welfare Organization
TCPW Trustees’ Council of Penn Women
TCAUW Turkish Cypriot Association of University Women
TUWOGRO Tusubira Women’s Group
UMWA Uganda Media Women’s Association
UMWV Uganda Muslim Women Vision
UWL Ukrainian Women’s League
UCDW Ulster County Democratic Women
UJWSA Union of Jewish Women of South Africa
UFWA United Farm Women of Alberta
UMW United Methodist Women
UMWA United Muslim Women’s Association
URW University Resources for Women
UWE University Women of Europe
UWIT Upstate Women in Technology
UBW Urban Bush Women
VWL Vancouver Women in Leather
VAWG Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates
VCCW Ventura County Commission for Women
VCWG Victoria Christian Women Group
VWW Victorian Women Writers Project
VWV Vietnam Women Veterans, Inc.
VWU Vietnam Women’s Union
VAW Violence Against Women
VAWFV Violence Against Women & Family Violence
VAWA Violence Against Women Act of 1994
VAWA Violence Against Women Alliance
VAWG Violence against Women Grant
VAWS Violence Against Women Survey
VCCW Virginia Correctional Center for Women
VFWC Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs
VPFW Virginia Physicians for Women
VWAA Virginia Women Attorneys Association
VOW Voices of Women
WAW Wales Assembly of Women
WAWC Walnut Avenue Women’s Center
WCCW Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues
WCCW Washington Corrections Center for Women
WFRW Washington Federation of Republican Women
WWPR Washington Women in Public Relations
WWEE Washington Women’s Employment and Education
WCFRW Wayne County Federation of Republican Women
WAWA We Are Women Activists Network
WWIN Wearside Women in Need
WCW Wellesley Centers for Women
WWBA Welsh Women’s Bowling Association
WHWC Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy
WWI Wesleyan Women International
WMAWP West Midlands Association for Women in Policing
WSWE West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs
WAWC Western Area Women’s Coalition
WAWH Western Association of Women Historians
WSPECW Western Society for Physical Education of College Women
WWHL Western Women’s Hockey League
WDWW What do Women Want?
WWRW What Women Really Want
WWW What Women Want
WWAR White Women Against Racism
WOW Wider Opportunities for Women
WWOW Wild Women on Wheels
WLWV Wilton League of Women Voters
WWS Wine, Women & Song
WWBA Winnipeg Women’s Bowling Association
WWSL Winnipeg Women’s Soccer League
WAWP Wisconsin Association of Women Police
WWIG Wisconsin Women in Government
WWLW Wisconsin Women Library Workers
WWBA Wisconsin Women’s Bowling Association
WWSFN Wisconsin Women’s Sustainable Farming Network
WOW Wise Older Women
WWGP Wise Women Gathering Place
WAST Women Abuse Screening Tool
WAVE Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service
WAVES Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service
WAR Women Accepting Responsibility
WAVE Women Achieving Victory & Esteem
WAD Women Across Differences
WARO Women Action Research Organization
WAIB Women Active in Buddhism
WALC Women Actively Loving Christ
WAME Women Administrators in Management Education
WAFF Women Affected by Fighting Forces
WAAM Women Against Abusive Men
WADV Women Against Domestic Violence
WAFS Women Against Fantasy Sports
WAF Women Against Fundamentalism
WAFE Women Against Fundamentalism and for Equality
WAGT Women Against Global Trafficking
WAGC Women against Gun Control
WAGV Women Against Gun Violence
WALC Women Against Lung Cancer
WAMO Women Against Men Organization
WAMM Women Against Military Madness
WAMS Women Against Multiple Sclerosis
WAR Women Against Rape
WAR Women Against Risk
WASH Women Against Sexual Harassment
WAVAW Women Against Violence Against Women
WAVE Women Against Violence Europe
WAW Women Against War
WARO Women Amateur Radio Operators
WAFI Women and a Fair Income
WAAT Women and Adaptive Technology
WAGES Women and Associations for Gain Both Economic and Social
WCD Women and Child Development
WCAC Women and Children Affairs Coordination
WCAP Women and Children Affairs Programme
WCF Women and Children First
WCFP Women and Children Focal Point
WEAPON Women and Children in Stress
WCS Women and Children in Stress
WCC Women and Children’s Crisis Center
WCH Women and Children’s Horizons
WAD Women and Development
WDC Women and Development Centre
WEED Women and Environment Education and Development
WEN Women and Environment Network
WEUS Women and Equality Unit
WEU Women and Equality Unit
WAGI Women and Gender Institute
WGRI Women and Gender Research Institute
WGST Women and Gender Studies
WSSA Women and Gender Studies Student Association
WAGICS Women and Genetics in Contemporary Society
WGSG Women and Geography Study Group
WGIT Women and Girls in Technology
WAGN Women and Girls Network
WAH Women and Health Training Programme
WHAC Women and HIV/AIDS Coalition
WITS Women and Infant Transmission Study
WIRF Women and Infants Research Foundation
WIDOW Women and International Development
WID Women and International Development
WLLG Women and Land Lobby Group
WALC Women and Law Committee
WLEA Women and Law in East Africa
WLSA Women and Law in Southern Africa
WAMT Women and Manual Trades
WMC Women and Media Collective
WMF Women and Memory Forum
WAMH Women and Mental Health
WMEP Women and Minorities in Engineering Program
WMBE Women and Minority Business Enterprise
WPAF Women and Politics in Asia Forum
WPI Women and Politics Institute
WAPPP Women and Public Policy Program
WRED Women and Rural Economic Development
WASM Women and Social Movements
WSWG Women and Sport Working Group
WATAC Women and the Australian Church
WATCH Women and the Church
WLTB Women and the Law Textbook
WTCP Women and Twentieth-Century Protestantism
WWRG Women and Work Research Group
WAY Women and Youth Association
WAYES Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium and Tradeshow
WYSE Women and Youth Supporting Each Other
WADT Women Are Dreamers Too
WAGE Women Are Getting Even Project
WAMK Women Are My Kryptonite
WANA Women Are Not Allowed
WAWI Women Artists and Writers International
WAAND Women Artists Archives National Directory
WAAW Women Artists of the American West
WAOW Women Artists of the West
WAL Women as Leaders
WARM Women as Role Models
WASTE Women Assessing the State of the Environment
WALP Women at Amsterdam Leather Pride
WAAT Women Attorneys Association of Topeka
WACN Women Awareness Center Nepal
WBDI Women Band Directors International
WBBED Women Behind Bars
WBB Women Behind Bars
WBAN Women Boxing Archive Network
WB Women Build
WBO Women Business Association
WBOC Women Business Owner’s Connection
WBO Women Business Owners
WBON Women Business Owners Network
WBOM Women Business Owners of Manitoba
WBOC Women Business Owners’ Club
WCDA Women Can Do Anything, Inc.
WCHP Women Centred Health Project
WCFO Women Chief Fire Officers
WCBA Women China Basketball Association
WCA Women Christian Association
WCOE Women Construction Owners & Executives
WCA Women Contractors Association
WCPC Women Cooperative Product Development Center
WCSS Women Cultural Social Society
WDO Women Defending Ourselves
WDA Women Dispatchers in Aviation
WDC Women Doing Comics
WDN Women Donors Network
WEBS Women Education Business Support
WEL Women Electoral Lobby
WEW Women Empowering Women
WEBB Women Engaging in Bridge Building
WEG Women Engineers Group
WETSU Women Engineers, Technicians and Scientists in Uganda
WEST Women Enhancing Spiritual Traits
WEEM Women Enlisted Expansion Model
WEDAZ Women Entrepreneurs Development Association of Zambia
WEST Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology
WEN Women Entrepreneurs Netherlands
WEC Women Entrepreneurs of Canada
WEDP Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme
WEP Women Environmental Program
WEAVE Women Escaping A Violent Environment
WEPR Women Executives in Public Relations
WEBA Women Exploited by Abortion
WFMP Women Faculty Mentoring Program
WFNLC Women First National Legislative Committee
WSSC Women for a Social Security Choice
WAW Women for Afghan Women
WAU Women for Aryan Unity
WFCC Women for Cascade/Columbia
WELD Women for Economic and Leadership Development
WFF Women for Faith and Family
WGWG Women for Green Way for Generations
WHERE Women for Healthcare Education, Reform & Equity
WFM Women for Men
WFO Women for Ocala
WFPD Women for Peace and Development
WRIB Women for Recreation, Information and Business
WFS Women for Sobriety, Inc.
WSP Women for Social Progress
WFSD Women for Sustainable Development
WSD Women for Sustainable Development
WFWI Women for Women International
WWI Women for Women International
WWHR Women for Women’s Human Rights
WFP Women Forestry Project
WFBR Women Forging Business Relationships
WFHI Women Friendly Hospital Initiative
WGB Women Giving Back
WGM Women Golfers’ Museum
WHOA Women Halting Online Abuse
WHH Women Headed Households
WHEP Women Health Education Programme
WHEN Women Health Executives Network
WHAP Women Helping All People
WHBW Women Helping Battered Women
WHEN Women Helping Empower Neighborhoods
WHO Women Helping Others
WHEEL Women Helping to Empower and Enhance Lives
WHW Women Helping Women
WHWF Women Helping Women Fund
WHWS Women Helping Women Services
WHOA Women Horseshoers Of America
WHISPER Women Hurt In Systems of Prostitution Engaged in Revolt
WIPP Women Impacting Public Policy
WIA Women in Academia
WAM Women in Academic Medicine
WIA Women in Action
WIAN Women in Action Network
WIA Women in Aerospace
WAAD Women in Africa and African Diaspora
WIA Women in Agriculture
WIAA Women in Agriculture Association
WIAD Women in Agriculture Development
WALC Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference
WIAD Women in Astronomy Database
WAI Women in Aviation, International
WIAI Women In Aviation, International
WIBF Women in Banking and Finance
WIB Women in Black
WIBS Women in Black Scotland
WIB Women In Business
WIBA Women in Business Association
WIBF Women in Business Foundation
WIBN Women in Business Network
WIBS Women in Business Symposium
WIBT Women in Business Today
WIC Women in Cable
WICT Women In Cable and Telecommunications
WICR Women in Cancer Research
WICB Women in Cell Biology
WICL Women in Church Leadership
WCRE Women in Commercial Real Estate
WICI Women in Communications, Inc.
WICD Women in Community Development
WICS Women in Community Service, Inc.
WCI Women in Computational Intelligence
WICS Women in Computer Science
WCA Women in Corporate Aviation
WICL Women in Corporate Leadership
WEAPON Women in Culture and Society
WCS Women in Culture and Society
WIDOW Women In Defense
WID Women In Defense
WIDOW Women In Development
WID Women In Development
WIDA Women in Development Association
WIDC Women in Development Centre
WIDE Women in Development Europe
WIDF Women in Development Foundation
WIDOW Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc.
WID Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc.
WIEL Women in Educational Leadership
WECE Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering
WEAC Women in Engineering Advisory Committee
WESP Women in Engineering and Science Program
WESP Women in Engineering and Science Program
WENT Women in Engineering and Technology
WIEC Women in Engineering Committee
WIED Women in Engineering Division
WELI Women in Engineering Leadership Institute
WIEO Women in Engineering Organization
WIEP Women in Engineering Programs
WIET Women in Engineering Technologies
WIE Women in Enterprise
WEBA Women in Ethical Business Awards
WECF Women in Europe for A Common Future
WIFV Women in Film & Video
WIFT Women in Film and Television
WFTV Women in Film and Television
WIFTSA Women in Film and Television South Africa
WIFA Women in Film Atlanta
WIF Women in Finance
WIFN Women in Fisheries Network
WFFC Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce
WIGI Women in Games International
WIGS Women in German Studies
WGR Women in Government Relations, Inc.
WHCM Women in Health Care Management
WHEEL Women in Health, Education, Environment and Local Resources
WIHE Women in Higher Education
WIHS Women in His Service
WIH Women in Horror Group
WII Women in Insurance
WIFS Women in Insurance and Financial Services
WIRL Women in International Regulatory Law
WIIS Women in International Security
WIIT Women in International Trade
WIF Women in Investment Found
WILDAF Women in Law and Development in Africa
WLDA Women in Law and Development in Africa
WILD Women in Leadership Development
WIL Women in Leadership Program
WILS Women in Life Sciences
WILMA Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance
WILLA Women in Literature and Life Assembly
WILD Women in Livestock Development
WIMC Women In Managed Care
WIMR Women in Management Review
WME Women in Mathematics Education
WIME Women in Media and Entertainment
WIMN Women in Media and News
WIMS Women in Military Service
WMSA Women in Military Service for America
WIMSANF Women In Military Service for America National Foundation
WINR Women in Natural Resources
WINGS Women in Need Growing Stronger
WINI Women in Need Industries
WINN Women in Need Network
WINGS Women in Need of Greater Strength
WINDOWS Women in Need, Inc.
WIN Women in Need, Inc.
WINR Women in New Roles
WINDOWS Women in Nigeria
WIN Women in Nigeria
WINR Women In Nude Recreation
WIOS Women in Open Source Conference
WIPSU Women in Parliament Support Unit
WIP Women in Philanthropy
WIP Women in Photography
WIPI Women in Photography Interntional
WPRN Women in Politics Resource Network
WIPSU Women in Politics Support Unit
WIP Women in Prison
WIPC Women in Project Controls
WIPM Women in Project Management
WIP Women in Publishing
WIRE Women in Real Estate
WIRR Women in Red Racers
WRDC Women in Resource Development Corporation
WIRE Women in Rural Enterprise
WISP Women in Scholarly Publishing
WISEST Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology
WIS Women in Science
WS Women in Science
WISE Women in Science and Engineering
WISM Women in Science and Mathematics
WIST Women in Science and Technology
WST Women in Science and Technology
WISA Women in Science Award
WISS Women in Science Seminar
WSET Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
WSMT Women in Science, Math, & Technology
WISTTE Women in Science, Technology, Trades and Engineering
WISER Women in Search of Education, Relating
WISE Women In Search of Equity
WIST Women in Skilled Trades
WISE Women in Spinal Cord Evolution
WSPAJ Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal
WIST Women in Surgical Training
WISD Women in Sustainable Development
WITH Women in Technological History
WIT Women In Technology
WAIB Women in the Academy of International Business
WAF Women in the Air Force
WITASWAN Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now
WIBT Women in the Building Trades
WIC Women in the Church
WIDC Women in the Director’s Chair
WIFS Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
WIGI Women in the Golf Industry
WIHI Women In the Hardware Industry
WITLA Women in the Life Association
WISC Women in the School of Computing
WISH Women in the Senate and House
WITW Women In The Wind
WIT Women in Theatre
WITT Women in Trades and Technology
WIT Women In Training
WIFP Women Institute for Freedom of the Press
WIIE Women Interested in Engineering
WIIN Women Interested in Nuclear
WIBF Women International Boxing Federation
WISE Women Into Science and Engineering
WIP Women Inventors Project
WINGS Women Investigating New Goals and Services
WIA Women Investigators Association
WIRE Women Investing in Real Estate
WIFE Women Involved in Farm Economics
WJP Women Justice Program
WLAM Women Lawyers Association of Michigan
WLFC Women Lawyers of Franklin County
WLSCC Women Lawyers of Santa Cruz County
WLA Women Lawyers’ Association
WLHE Women Leaders in Higher Education
WLIF Women Leaders Intercultural Forum
WLO Women Leaders Online
WLAC Women Legal Aid Centre
WLWS Women Library Workers
WLW Women Library Workers
WLUC Women Life Underwriters Confederation
WMM Women Make Movies
WMER Women Management and Employment Relations
WMA Women Marines Association
WMB Women Mean Business
WMW Women Migrant Workers
WMA Women Military Aviators
WM Women Ministries
WNAC Women Nationally Active for Christ
WNN Women News Network
WOA Women of Action
WARN Women of All Red Nations
WOMBAT Women of Beauty and Temptation
WCBP Women of Childbearing Potential
WOC Women of Color
WCAN Women of Color Action Network
WCAC Women of Color AIDS Council, Inc.
WOCA Women of Color Alliance
WOCC Women of Color Coalition
WOCFF Women of Color Film Festival
WOCA Women of Color in Art
WOCAP Women of Color in the Academy Project
WOCI Women of Color Initiative
WOCI Women of Color Institute
WOCN Women of Color Network
WCQN Women of Color Quilters Network
WCRC Women of Color Resource Center
WOD Women of Distinction
WOF Women of Faith
WFF Women of Freedom Foundation
WGF Women of God Foundation
WOL Women of Lockerbie
WMMW Women of Music-Music of Women
WON Women of NASA
WRJ Women of Reform Judaism
WOSO Women of Spanish Origin
WOAC Women of the American Church
WOBS Women of the Beaumont Society
WKKK Women of the Ku Klux Klan
WOTM Women of The Match
WMNO Women of the Métis Nation of Ontario
WOTM Women Of The Moose
WOM Women of the Moose
WOPIC Women of the Philippine Independent Church
WORP Women of the Romantic Period
WTTM Women of the Third Millenium
WOW Women of the Wall
WOTW Women Of The World
WOVEN Women of Value in Every Nation
WOV Women of Vision
WOVA Women of Vision and Action
WOVD Women of Vision and Destiny
WOVEN Women of Vision Express Network
WOW Women of Weight
WOW Women of Worldnet
WOW Women of Worth
WOW Women of Wrestling
WOFP Women on Farms Project
WOM Women on Mission
WOT Women on Top
WOW Women On Wheels
WOW Women on Women
WOW Women Online Worldwide
WOW Women Organising the World
WOAR Women Organized Against Rape
WOMAN Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc.
WORLD Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Diseases
WOAW Women Organizing Activities for Women
WOM Women Over Mates
WOM Women over Men
WPW Women Painters of Washington
WPA Women Pay All
WPFT Women Playing for T.I.M.E.
WPRP Women Poets of the Romantic Period
WPO Women Presidents’ Organization
WPSO Women Prisoners Support Organization
WPEF Women Private Equity Fund
WPGET Women Professional Golfers’ European Tour Limited
WRAP Women Recovering from Abuse Program
WSTS Women Science Technology and Society
WSA Women Scientist Advisors
WSM Women Seeking Men
WSW Women Seeking Women
WSPA Women Soaring Pilots Association
WSP Women Strike for Peace
WSAB Women Students at Brown
WSSO Women Studies Student Organization
WTBN Women Take Back the Night
WTCB Women Taking Care of Business, Inc.
WTTC Women Technical Training Centre
WVP Women Ventures Project
WVHP Women Veterans Health Program
WVA Women Veterans of America
WVDV Women Victims of Domestic Violence
WVVP Women Victims of Violence Project
WVL Women Volley League
WWP Women Waging Peace
WWPP Women Waging Peace Program
WWA Women Watch Afrika
WHAP Women Who Administer Punishment
WSM Women Who Have Sex with Men
WSW Women Who Have Sex with Women
WWLW Women Who Love Women
WWMB Women Who Mean Business
WWWW Women Who Want to be Women
WWW Women Who Write
WWAM Women With A Mission
WWDA Women with Disabilities Australia
WEN Women with Endometriosis
WWPP Women With PCOS Pregnancy
WWPD Women with Physical Disabilities
WWPP Women with Polycystic Pregnancy
WEED Women Workers Employment and Entrepreneurship Development
WWHL Women Workers Help Line
WWUG Women Workers’ Unity Group
WWSP Women Working for Social Progress
WW4W Women Working for Women
WWFH Women Working from Home
WWO Women Writers Online
WWP Women Writers Project
WFAN Women, Food and Agriculture Network
WGDD Women, Gender and Development Directorate
WIC Women, Infants and Children
WICO Women, Infants and Children Overseas
WICY Women, Infants, Children, and Youth
WLDI Women, Law & Development International
WPPL Women, Policy and Political Leadership
WWH Women, Work and Health
WAAC Women’s Abortion Action Campaign
WAC Women’s Action Coalition
WAD Women’s Action for Development
WAND Women’s Action for New Directions
WAF Women’s Action Forum
WAGES Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security
WAF Women’s Addiction Foundation
WAIF Women’s Adoption International Fund
WALC Women’s Adventurous Life Club
WACL Women’s Advertising Club of London
WAC Women’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
WAC Women’s Affairs Center
WAC Women’s Agenda for Change
WAFE Women’s Aid Federation of England
WAF Women’s Aid Federation of England
WAO Women’s Aid Organisation
WASP Women’s Air Force Service Pilots
WATER Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
WABA Women’s American Basketball Association
WAFL Women’s American Football League
WAO Women’s American ORT
WABC Women’s Anarchist Black Cross
WCH Women’s and Children’s Health
WCHS Women’s and Children’s Health Service
WCH Women’s and Children’s Hospital
WASA Women’s Anthropological Society of America
WACB Women’s Army Classification Battery
WAC Women’s Army Corps
WACM Women’s Army Corps Member
WAR Women’s Army Rugby
WAAC Women’s Art Association of Canada
WAG Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
WADA Women’s Association for Development Alternatives
WAND Women’s Association for National Development
WAWA Women’s Association for Women’s Alternatives
WAWP Women’s Association for World Peace
WAR Women’s Association of Romania
WAAI Women’s Automotive Association International
WAAF Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
WAAC Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps
WAC Women’s Auxiliary Corps
WAFS Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron
WAFS Women’s Auxiliary Flying Squadron
WAM Women’s Auxiliary of Motorsports, Inc.
WATS Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service
WBFI Women’s Baseball Federation of India
WBCA Women’s Basketball Coaches Association
WBHOF Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
WBHF Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
WBL Women’s Basketball League
WBFA Women’s Bass Fishing Association
WBT Women’s Bassmaster Tour
WBVL Women’s Beach Volleyball League
WBC Women’s Bodybuilding Committee
WBC Women’s Bond Club
WBR Women’s Boxing Records
WB Women’s Bureau
WBAC Women’s Business Assistance Center
WBC Women’s Business Center, Inc
WBC Women’s Business Connection
WBCP Women’s Business Council Philippines
WBDC Women’s Business Development Center
WBED Women’s Business Enterprise
WBE Women’s Business Enterprise
WBEA Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance
WBEC Women’s Business Enterprise Council
WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
WBII Women’s Business Initiative International
WBN Women’s Business Network
CANCOM Women’s Cancer Information Project
WCN Women’s Cancer Network
WCRI Women’s Cancer Research Institute
WCRC Women’s Cancer Resource Center
WCC Women’s Capital Corporation
WCHI Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative
WCU Women’s Care Unit
WCGJ Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice
WCKC Women’s Center Karate Club
WCC Women’s Chamber of Commerce
WCCI Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry
WCIC Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce
WCPC Women’s Choice Pregnancy Clinic
WCC Women’s Christian College
WCOG Women’s Circle Of Giving
WCH Women’s Club of Hollywood
WCDM Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management Batticaloa
WCSC Women’s Coalition of St. Croix
WCHT Women’s College Health Trust
WCH Women’s College Hospital
WCHACC Women’s College Hospital Ambulatory Care Centre
WCWS Women’s College World Series
WCCC Women’s Community Correctional Center
WCGA Women’s Congressional Golf Association
WCC Women’s Construction Collective
WCC Women’s Correctional Center
WCR Women’s Council of Realtors
WCEE Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment
WCAI Women’s Cricket Association of India
WCDBA Women’s Criminal Defense Bar Association
WDS Women’s Dermatologic Society
WDC Women’s Development Centre
WDC Women’s Development Collective
WDFS Women’s Development Federation
WDF Women’s Development Federation
WDFS Women’s Development Foundation
WDF Women’s Development Foundation
WDGA Women’s Disc Golf Association
WDS Women’s Distribution Services
WDT Women’s Dream Team
WEDC Women’s Economic Development Council
WERT Women’s Economic Round Table
WERRC Women’s Education, Research and Resource Centre
WEM Women’s Educational Media
WEHORR Women’s Eights Head of the River Race
WENT Women’s Electronic Network Training
WEETU Women’s Employment Enterprise and Training Unit
WEEH Women’s Empowerment Through Employment and Health
WEB Women’s Endeavors in Business
WEM Women’s Energy Matters
WES Women’s Engineering Society
WEST Women’s Enlistment Screening Test
WET Women’s Ensemble Theater
WEDC Women’s Enterprise Development Center Inc.
WETF Women’s Enterprise Task Force
WE Women’s Entertainment
WE Women’s Entertainment
WET Women’s Entertainment Troupe
WEDO Women’s Environment & Development Organization
WEN Women’s Environmental Network
WEL Women’s Executive Leadership
WET Women’s Experimental Theatre
WET Women’s Expressive Theater, Inc.
WEW Women’s Extreme Wrestling
WFWP Women’s Federation for World Peace
WFM Women’s FIDE Master
WFN Women’s Financial Network
WFTD Women’s Flying Training Detachment
WFF Women’s Foodservice Forum
WFL Women’s Football League
WFRT Women’s Forum for Research and Training
WFSA Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona
WFL Women’s Freedom League
WFRI Women’s Fund of Rhode Island
WFN Women’s Funding Network
WGSS Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGU Women’s General Union
WGSA Women’s Golf South Africa
WGM Women’s Grandmaster
WHAM Women’s Health Action & Mobilization
WHARC Women’s Health and Action Research Centre
WHAS Women’s Health and Aging Study
WHA Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998
WHEDA Women’s Health and Economic Development Association
WHH Women’s Health and Healing
WHRAP Women’s Health and Rights Advocacy Partnership
WHAS Women’s Health Assessment Scale
WHCS Women’s Health Care Specialists
WHC Women’s Health Clinic
WHF Women’s Health Foundation
WHIST Women’s Health in South Tyneside
WHIN Women’s Health in the North
WHI Women’s Health Initiative
WHIMS Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study
WHI Women’s Health Institute
WHI Women’s Health Issues
WHN Women’s Health Network
WHNP Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
WHRG Women’s Health Research Group
WHRU Women’s Health Research Unit
WHRC Women’s Health Rights Coalition
WHSL Women’s Health Specialist Library
WHSR Women’s Health Surveillance Report
WHV Women’s Health Victoria
WHF Women’s Heart Foundation
WHTC Women’s High-Technology Coalition
WHP Women’s HIV Program
WHL Women’s Hockey League
WHA Women’s Hospitals Australia
WHAG Women’s Housing Advocacy Group
WHRR Women’s Human Rights Resources
WIDMS Women’s Independent Democratic Movement
WIDM Women’s Independent Democratic Movement
WILG Women’s Independent Living Group
WIDC Women’s Information and Documentation Centre
WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange
WINDOWS Women’s Information Network
WIN Women’s Information Network
WITT Women’s Information Technology Transfer
WI Women’s Initiative
WIGJ Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice
WI Women’s Institute
WISER Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement
WIFE Women’s Institute for Financial Education
WILD Women’s Institute for Leadership Development
WISER Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research
WIHS Women’s Interagency HIV Study
WIBC Women’s International Bowling Congress
WIC Women’s International Center
WICO Women’s International Coalition Organization
WIDF Women’s International Democratic Federation
WILPF-LIFPL Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
WILA Women’s International Longboard Association
WIM Women’s International Master
WINGS Women’s International News Gathering Service
WITA Women’s International Tennis Association
WITCH Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell
WISE Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation
WJA Women’s Jewelry Association
WLA Women’s Land Army
WLSA Women’s Law Student Association
WLC Women’s Leadership Circle
WLF Women’s Leadership Fund
WLB Women’s League of Burma
WLP Women’s Learning Partnership
WLF Women’s Legal Forum
WL Women’s Liberator
WL Women’s List
WLEI Women’s Local Employment Initiative
WMCRI Women’s Medical Center of Rhode Island
WMI Women’s Ministries International
WMS Women’s Missionary Society
WOMBAT Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society
WOMBATS Women’s Mountain Bike And Tea Society
WNBA Women’s National Basketball Association
WNBA Women’s National Book Association, Inc.
WNC Women’s National Commission
WNCL Women’s National Cricket League
WNFA Women’s National Football Alliance Inc
WNT Women’s National Team
WNET Women’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training
WNSP Women’s Network Support Programme
WOER Women’s Ordination
WO Women’s Ordination
WOC Women’s Ordination Conference
WOW Women’s Ordination Worldwide
WORD Women’s Organisation in Rural Development
WOCI Women’s Organisation to Combat Illiteracy
WORK Women’s Organization Reaching Koreans
WON Women’s Organizational Network
WPOA Women’s Peace Officer Association
WPI Women’s Philanthropy Institute
WPW Women’s Physique World
WPEF Women’s Policy Education Fund
WPG Women’s Policy Group
WPC Women’s Political Council
WPSL Women’s Premier Soccer League
WPA Women’s Prison Association
WPBP Women’s Prison Book Project
WPF Women’s Pro Fastpitch
WPSL Women’s Pro Softball League
WPBA Women’s Professional Billiard Association
WPFL Women’s Professional Football League
WPGA Women’s Professional Golf Association
WPMC Women’s Professional Ministry Conference
WPRA Women’s Professional Rodeo Association
WPS Women’s Professional Soccer
WPVA Women’s Professional Volleyball Association
WPO Women’s Progressive Organization
WPN Women’s Prosperity Network
WRN Women’s Rabbinic Network
WRCC Women’s Rape Crisis Center
WRHR Women’s Reproductive Health Research
WREI Women’s Research & Education Institute
WRDC Women’s Research and Development Center
WRDP Women’s Research and Documentation Project
WRCC Women’s Residential and Counseling Center
WROC Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre
WRC Women’s Resource Center
WRI Women’s Resource Center
WR Women’s Resources
WRPM Women’s Revolutions per Minute
WRC Women’s Rights Center
WRM Women’s Rights Movement
WRN Women’s Rights Network
WRP Women’s Rights Project
WRSI Women’s Role Strain Inventory
WRIP Women’s Roles Interview Protocol
WRAC Women’s Royal Army Corps
WRAN Women’s Royal Australian Navy
WRI Women’s Royal Institute
WRENS Women’s Royal Naval Service
WREN Women’s Royal Naval Service
WRVS Women’s Royal Voluntary Service
WREN Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network
WSA Women’s Scuba Association
WSDI Women’s Self-Defense Institute
WSEP Women’s Self-Employment Project
WSBA Women’s Semi-Pro Basketball Alliance
WSGA Women’s Senior Golf Association
WSGT Women’s Senior Golf Tour
WSMRA Women’s Senior/Masters Racquetball Association
WOSU Women’s Shelter Uganda
WSF Women’s Soccer Federation
WSW Women’s Soccer World
WSCC Women’s Social and Cultural Council
WSPUS Women’s Social and Political Union of England
WSPU Women’s Social and Political Union of England
WSCS Women’s Society of Christian Service
WSD Women’s Specific Design
WSPR Women’s Spirituality and Ritual
WSF Women’s Sports Foundation
WSA Women’s Student Association
WS Women’s Studies
WSC Women’s Studies Center
WSRP Women’s Studies in Religion Program
WSRC Women’s Studies Research Center
WSSA Women’s Studies Student Association
WSSO Women’s Studies Student Organization
WSW Women’s Studio Workshop
WSN Women’s Success Network
WTRA Women’s Team Roping Association
WTSS Women’s Technical Support Services
WTC Women’s Technology Cluster
WTSN Women’s Television Sports Network
WTA Women’s Tennis Association
WTF Women’s Track and Field
WTFC Women’s Trade and Finance Council
WTS Women’s Transportation Seminar
WTC Women’s Travel Club
WU Women’s Union
WVF Women’s Venture Fund
WV Women’s Voice
WVRS Women’s Voluntary Royal Service
WVS Women’s Voluntary Services
WWSA Women’s War Service Auxiliary
WWOE Women’s Way of Entrepreneurship
WWD Women’s Wear Daily
WWIN Women’s Wear in Nevada
WWA Women’s Workshop in the Americas
WWB Women’s World Banking
WWCC Women’s World Chess Championship
WWC Women’s World Cup
WWSF Women’s World Summit Foundation
WVLI Women’sVision Leadership Institute
WOT Women-Only Training
WBED Women-owned Business Enterprises
WBE Women-owned Business Enterprises
WM Women-Owned Minority Business
WSB Women-Owned Small Business
WAF Womens Acceptance Factor
WCH Womens and Childrens Hospital
WCCC Womens Club of Chevy Chase
WFU Womens Food & Farming Union
WGA Womens Golf Association
WGWA Womens Golf Western Australia
WHRC Womens Health Resource Center
WHCT Womens Hockey Club of Toronto
WIBA Womens International Boxing Association
WOFE Womens Organic Flower Enterprise
WR Womens Rights
WRWC Womens Rugby World Cup
WTNS Womens’ Television Network
WTN Womens’ Television Network
WWPWFM Wonca Working Party on Women and Family Medicine
WWFW WoodWorking for Women
WOWIS Work Opportunities for Women in the Information Society
WAAW Working to Advance African Women Foundation
WW Working Women
WWCC Working Women Community Centre
WWIN Working Women In Nixa
WWIT Working Women in Transition
WWCC Working Women’s Clothes Closet
WWF Working Women’s Forum
WWSS Working Women’s Survival Show
WFW Workshop for Women
WAWE World Association of Women Entrepreneurs
WCWA World Chinese Women’s Association
WCRW World Congress of Rural Women
WFMW World Federation of Methodist Women
WIBN World Islamic Businesswomen’s Network
WRWD World Rural Women’s Day
WWOW World Wide Opportunities for Women
WWPP World Women Parliamentarians for Peace
WWCTU World Women’s Christian Temperance Union
WWIH Writing Women into History
WFRW Wyoming Federation of Republican Women
WWBA Wyoming Womens Bowling Association
YWC Yale Women’s Crew
YWCA Yorkshire Womens Cricket Association
YW Young Women
YWCA Young Women Committed to Action
YWFC Young Women for Change
WFM Young Women from Minorities
YWPA Young Women in Public Affairs
YWL Young Women Leaders
YWA Young Women of Achievement
YWU Young Women United
YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association
YWC Young Women’s Conference
YWG Young Women’s Group
YWPA Young Women’s Preparatory Academy
YWRAP Young Women’s Residential Achievement Program
ZAW Zambia Alliance of Women
ZWU Zeliangrong Women Union
ZWW Zimbabwe Women Writers