Workshop Abbreviations

Workshop refers to organized groups of persons who manufacture objects primarily by hand. In the context of Western and decorative arts , the term “manufacturer” is used, rather than “factory”, to distinguish between groups that produced art, furniture, tapestries , ceramics and other decorative objects in the 17th century or opposed to workers employed in modern industrial complexes or ‘factories (buildings)’, where products other than works of art are manufactured. Art workshops are characterized by the specific artefacts that are produced, by the relatively large numbers of artists and craftsmen who work there and by the rather complex management structure, headed by a director plus a number of masters, each of whom oversees their own studio or studio with companions and pupils. Workshops were often financed by a monarch or other powerful person. Use ‘studios (organizations)’ for smaller groups of artists, consisting of a master artist or architect and his assistants or pupils, especially since the mid-17th century.


Workshop (work and instruction room) refers to any public or private place intended for the performance of manual or light industrial work . The term can refer to spaces in which artwas made, especially in relation to works of art from before the 16th century. The term can also refer to areas in which woodworkers, carpenters, potters, glassblowers and other craftsmen work. In its most general sense, the term refers to spaces in which goods of all kinds are manufactured, prepared for sale or sold. In modern parlance, the term ‘studios’ is generally used to refer to spaces in which art is produced, from the 16th century to the present day.

List of Acronyms Related to Workshop

AIW Accelerated Improvement Workshop
AWOL Acting Workshop On-Line
ADW Advanced Design Workshop
ARW Advanced Research Workshop
ATW Advanced Technology Workshop
WOFE Advanced Workshop on Frontiers in Electronics
APW Albany Poetry Workshop
ASSW Alberta Soil Science Workshop
AMW Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management
AWS Alien Workshop
AST Analysis, Slicing, and Transformation Workshop
ATW Applied Technology Workshop
AIW APPN Implementers’ Workshop
ATW Aquatic Toxicity Workshop
ANW Ars Nova Workshop
AOW Asia and Oceania Workshop
AAWW Asian American Writers’ Workshop
AP-MCSTA Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology and Applications
AIPW Astronomical Image Processing Workshop
AOW Australasian Ontology Workshop
ADBW Australian Developmental Biology Workshop
AWRE Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering
AURE Automotive Requirements Engineering Workshop
BYW Baha’i Youth Workshop
BJW Bakersfield Jazz Workshop
BMW Bandwidth Management Workshop
BEW Barrys Electric Workshop
BMAW Bayesian Modelling Applications Workshop
BSPW Bicycle Sponsorship Project and Workshop
BREW Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop
BTW Black Theatre Workshop
BTW Board Test Workshop
BGW Bordeaux Graph Workshop
BHW Brief Hybrid Workshop
BDW Brisbane Dance and Theater Workshop
BBSW British Boarding Schools Workshop
BBWS Business Building Workshop
BBW Business Building Workshop
CHW Canadian Home Workshop
CSEW Canadian Space Exploration Workshop
CRCWEM Cancer Research Campaign Workshop Evaluation Manual
CWA CEN Workshop Agreement
CASW Children’s Arts and Sciences Workshop, Inc.
CTW Children’s Television Workshop
CDWI Chorus Directors Workshop Intensive
CICWS Chronic Illness Care Workshop
CW Coders Workshop
CRIWG Collaboration Researchers’ International Workshop on Groupware
CRW College Radio Workshop
CTW Cologne-Twente Workshop
CRAW Colony Records Analysis Workshop
CWTW Comedy Writers Television Workshop
CPW Commercialization Planning Workshop
CTW Communications Theory Workshop
CCIW Computational Color Imaging Workshop
CCW Computer Communications Workshop
CEW Computer Elements Workshop
CSEW Computer Science Education Workshop
CSFW Computer Security Foundations Workshop
CVWW Computer Vision Winter Workshop
CAS Computing in Atmospheric Sciences Workshop
CSW Computing Skills Workshop
CMPW Condensed Matter Physics Workshop
CHW Considering Homeschool Workshop
CMW Constraints Management Workshop
CRAW Construction Risk Assessment Workshop
CEWC Continuing Education and Workshop Committee
CEW Continuing Education Workshop
CIW Continuous Improvement Workshop
CW Converter Workshop
CWCW County Wexford Community Workshop
CDW Course Development Workshop
CWW Creative Worship Workshop
CRIWG Cyted-RItos International Workshop on Groupware
DCAS Dallas Circuits and Systems Workshop on System-On-Chip
DTW Dance Theatre Workshop
DWTA Dartmouth Workshop on Transportable Agents
DRING Data Reverse Engineering workshop
DRE Data Reverse Engineering workshop
DSW Data Storage Workshop
DAEOW Defense Acquisition Executive Overview Workshop
DYCW Derry Youth and Community Workshop
DTW Development Technology Workshop
DCCW Diabetes Core Curriculum Workshop
DFRWS Digital Forensic Research Workshop
DLWS Digital Landscape Workshop Series
DTW Digital Testing Workshop
DVW Digital Video Workshop
DWW Directing Workshop for Women
DISW Distributed Indexing/Searching Workshop
DRW Divorce Recovery Workshop
DW Drum Workshop, Inc.
DWW Dublin Writers Workshop
ESAW Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop
ETW Eastern Trombone Workshop
EWSSW East-West Surface Science Workshop
ESW Educational Statistics Workshop
ESC Environmental Sustainability Workshop
EGWR Eurographics Workshop on Rendering
EJSW European Junior Scientist Workshop
EKAW European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop
EMDW European Medical Devices Workshop
ERW European Reuse Workshop
ETW European Test Workshop
EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems
DIPAC European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators
EWCBR European Workshop on Case Based Reasoning
EWCA European Workshop on Conformal Antennas
EMPS European Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms
EWMA European Workshop on Modeling Autonomous Agents in a Multi-Agent World
EWSP European Workshop on Planning
EWOTS European Workshop on Traumatic Stress
EGW Experimental Gameplay Workshop
FWM Fabric Workshop and Museum
FBW Family Biography Workshop
FIW Feature Interaction Workshop
FAW Financial Awareness Workshop
FCW Fire Control Workshop
YR Floating Workshop
FDW Florida Dance Workshop
FAW Food Allergens Workshop
FIMW Forest Information Management Workshop
FAW Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop
FTW Full Throttle Workshop
FTW Future Technology Workshop
GDW Game Designers’ Workshop
GW Gamers’ Workshop
GW Games Workshop
GAW Games Workshop
GWI Games Workshop Interactive
GSW Gateway Science Workshop
GAIW General Artificial Intelligence Workshop
GAW Genetic Analysis Workshop
GAW8 Genetic Analysis Workshop 8
GIW Genome Informatics Workshop
GWCI Georgia Workshop on Culture and Institutions
GWAL German Workshop on Artificial Life
GWTR German Workshop on Term Rewriting
GIAW Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop
GWTS Global Workshop Technical Services
GW Goblin Workshop
GMWA Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc.
GRADAMW Graduate Student Workshop on Data Management and the Web
GHAW Granite Hills Acting Workshop
GAW Graphic Arts Workshop
GLGDW Great Lakes Great Database Workshop
GCCW Grid and Cooperative Computing Workshops
GSAW Ground System Architectures Workshop
HWMSE Hall for Workshop of Meta Synthetic Engineering
HCW Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
HEW Hitachi Embedded Workshop
HHW HTML Help Workshop (Microsoft)
HLTW Human Language Technology Workshop
HUMO Human Motion Workshop
IPW Idaho Photographic Workshop
IUW Image Understanding Workshop
IPTW Immersive Projection Technology Workshop
IPW Implementation Planning Workshop
IRPW Incident Response Planning Workshop
IPSW Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
IAW Information Assurance Workshop
ISW Information Survivability Workshop
ISW Information Survivability Workshops
ITW Information Theory Workshop
ISW In-Service Workshop
ITW Instructor Training Workshop
IWS Instrument Workshop
IRW Integrated Reliability Workshop
IIAW Intelligent Information Agents Workshop
IAW Interamerican Workshop Inc
REISDE Internaitonal Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Information Systems in Digital Economy
ICRW International Chordoma Research Workshop
ICPPW International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops
ICBW International Control Banding Workshop
ICRW International Cosmic Ray Workshop
IEW International Energy Workshop
IIHW International Information Hiding Workshop
IKW International Khepera Workshop
IPSW International Passive Sampling Workshop
IPTW International Phosphorus Transfer Workshop
IPPW International Planetary Probe Workshop
IPTW International Preservation Trades Workshop
IPTW International Process Technology Workshop
ISPW International Software Process Workshop
SWOD International Special Workshop on Databases For Next-Generation Researchers
IVW International Vascular Workshop
IVW International Video Workshop
IWRAW International Weed Risk Assessment Workshop
IWSID International Workshop and Symposium on Industrial Drying
IWTSS International Workshop for Tapeworm Systematics
IWSM International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies
IWSM International Workshop in Systems Management
IWALT International Workshop on Advanced Learning Technologies
IWASI International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interface
IWACO International Workshop on Aliasing, Confinement and Ownership
APPROX International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
IWCC International Workshop on Cluster Computing
WCBP International Workshop on Collaborative Business Processes
IWCA International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy
ICEP-FIS International Workshop on Complex Event Processing for the Future Internet
WCEM International Workshop on Component Engineering Methodology
IWCH International Workshop on Computational Humor
IWCS International Workshop on Computational Semantics
IWCS International Workshop on Computational Semiotics
IWCASE International Workshop on Computer Aided Software Engineering
IWCT International Workshop on Convergent Technologies
IWCC International Workshop on Critical Currents in Superconductors
IWCLD International Workshop on Cross Layer Design
WDES International Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems
IWDC International Workshop on Digital Communications
IWDA International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms
IWDC International Workshop on Distributed Computing
DSS International Workshop on Distributed Sensor Systems
DELTA International Workshop on Electronic Design, Test, and Applications
IWES International Workshop on Emergent Synthesis
WESPA International Workshop on E-Services in Public Administration
IWGTD International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases
IWGHB International Workshop on Green and Heliobacteria
IWHIT International Workshop on Human Interface Technology
IWISP International Workshop on Image and Signal Processing
IWIH International Workshop on Information Hiding
IWIS International Workshop on Information Security
IST-AWSN International Workshop on Intelligent Systems Techniques for Ad Hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks
IDET International Workshop on Interactive Digital Entertainment Technologies
IWIPS International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Systems
IWI International Workshop on Internet
IWLS International Workshop on Logic Synthesis
IWLPD International Workshop on Low Power Design
IWML International Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology
MUCS International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services
IWMA International Workshop on Max-Algebra
IMS International Workshop on Measurement Systems
IWMF International Workshop on Microfactories
IWMD International Workshop on Mobile Databases
IWMA International Workshop on Modern Acoustics
MSE International Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering
NIME International Workshop on Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment
NAWSPT International Workshop on New Advances of Web Server and Proxy Technologies
IWN International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors
IWOOOS International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operating Systems
IWOD International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics
IWODS International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics
IWOPA International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials and Approximation
PWSN International Workshop on Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
IWPSS International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space
IWQOS International Workshop on Quality of Service
REFS International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Services
IWRIDL International Workshop on Research Issues in Digital Libraries
RAAD International Workshop on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region
RSKD International Workshop on Rough Sets and Knowledge Discovery
SIS International Workshop on Secure Information Systems
SARP International Workshop on Software Architecture Research and Practice
IWSAC International Workshop on Software Aspects of Context
IWSM International Workshop on Software Measurement
IWSSD International Workshop on Software Specification and Design
IWST International Workshop on Spin Transfer
IWSM International Workshop on Statistical Metrology
IWSM International Workshop on Statistical Modelling
IWSC International Workshop on Structural Control
IWT International Workshop on Telematics
IWIL International Workshop on the Implementation of Logics
WRUPKV International Workshop on the Representation and Use of Prior Knowledge in Vision
IWTC International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones
VRSAL International Workshop on Virtual Reality in Scientific Applications and Learning
IWVR International Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation
IWWF International Workshop on Wavelet Frames
IWWAN International Workshop on Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
IIW Internet Identity Workshop
IPTS Internet Protocol Telecom Services workshop
IPTW IP Telephony Workshop
JGW James Gordon Workshop
JUSW JANET User Support Workshop (UK)
JAWS Japan Anthropology Workshop
JPW Jazz Performance Workshop
JDWI Jo Daviess Workshop, Inc.
KSWS Kearny Street Workshop
KSW Kearny Street Workshop
KCW Kids Computer Workshop
KAW Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop
LSW Laboratory Safety Workshop
LATW Latin American Test Workshop
LDW Leadership Development Workshop
LTW Leadership Training Workshop
LCW Lebanon Communication Workshop
LSW Leeds Sculpture Workshop
LTW Live Theatre Workshop
CLPSE Logic Programming and Software Engineering (workshop)
MPW Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop
MMW Maine Media Workshops
MPW Maine Photographic Workshops
MSWS Maple Summer Workshop and Symposium
MLW Maryland Leadership Workshops
MCSA Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness workshop
MSIW Mathematical Science Institute Workshops
MIDWEST MetaOCaml Workshop
MW MetaOCaml Workshop
MWE Microwave Workshops and Exhibition
MWS Middleware for Web Services Workshop
MLW Military Libraries Workshop
MSW Mission Science Workshop
MOSO Mobile Services and Ontologies Workshop
MEDW Model Engineers Digital Workshop
MOAW Mother of All Workshops
NJW Nashville Jazz Workshop
NGW National Guitar Workshop
NNLW National News Leadership Workshop
NRCW Natural Resource Conservation Workshop
NAW New Actors Workshop
NMW New Media Workshop
NYW New Yankee Workshop
NVSM Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Workshop
NATW North Atlantic Test Workshop
NESW North Edmonton Sculpture Workshop
NTW Norwegian Travel Workshop
OCWW Off Campus Writers’ Workshop
OTW Oldham Theatre Workshop
OSBW Online Small Business Workshop
OCLW Ontario Camp Leadership Workshop
OIW Open Systems Environment Implementers Workshop
ODES Optimizations for DSP and Embedded Systems (IEEE workshop)
OWS Orbital Workshop
OWS Orbiting Workshop
OMW Organizational Mastery Workshop
OIW OSI Implementers Workshop
PAISI Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics
PRIWEC Pacific Rim International Workshop on Electronic Commerce
PRIMA Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents
PVWS Packet Video Workshop
PVW Packet Video Workshop
PCRCW Parallel Computer Routing and Communication Workshop
PSW People Skills Workshop
PAW Performance Assessment Workshop
PCW Personal Communications Workshop
PWS Petersburg Workshop on Simulation
PLW Physical Language Workshop
PYW Pittsfield Youth Workshop
PCW Portable Carpentry Workshop
PSIW Poultry Service Industry Workshop
PSCW Prague Stringology Club Workshop
PDPW Professional Development Planning Workshop
PVWS Program Visualization Workshop
PVW Program Visualization Workshop
PDW Project Definition Workshop
PIW Project Initiation Workshop
PMW Project Management Workshop
PCSW Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop
QAW Quality Attribute Workshop
RDWS Rapid Development Workshop
RDW Rapid Development Workshop
RTAW Real-Time Applications Workshop
RTW Real-Time Workshop
AAST Regional Consultation Workshop for Advance Agricultural Science and Technology
RWCC Regional Workshop Coordinating Committee
REW Requirements Engineering Workshop
RPW Requirements Planning Workshop
RSW Ridgeology Science Workshop
SWS Saturn Workshop
SWAT Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory
SWAET Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye-Tracking
SDW Scenario Development Workshop
STEW Science & Technology Workshop
SIMBA Sea Ice Mass Budget of the Arctic Workshop
SMSW Senior Maintenance Supervisors’ Workshop
SDISCO Service Discovery on the WWW Workshop
SWIMMING Sesame Workshop
SUBWAY Sesame Workshop
SW Sesame Workshop
SHAW Sheltered Housing and Workshops
SNW Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop
SIW Simulation Interoperability Workshop
SSAW Social Software in the Academy Workshop
SAW Software Audio Workshop
SEW Software Engineering Workshop
SIW Software Inspections Workshop
STEW Software Testing Education Workshop
SSPW Southampton Special Purpose Workshop
SSPW Space Solar Power Workshop
SSDW Space Station Design Workshop
STCW Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop
SCW Speech Coding Workshop
STRAW Stages of Reproductive Aging Workshop
SJW Stanford Jazz Workshop
SWOPSI Stanford Workshops on Political and Social Issues
SWIPT Summer Workshop in Performance Telematics
SYW Synod Youth Workshop
SHOW System Hands on Workshop
SPW Systematic Programming Workshop
TOW Tactical Oceanography Workshop
TDW Technical Design Workshop
TBW The Business Workshop
THW The Hive Workshop
TMW The Marketing Workshop
TWN Theatre Workshop of Nantucket
TLW Tiger Lily Workshop
TWW Tokyo Writers Workshop
TPW Toronto Photographers Workshop
TPW Toscana Photographic Workshops
TW Trainers Workshop
TOW Training Objective Workshop
T3W Train-the-Trainer Workshop
TAWA Trenton Artists’ Workshop Association
TACC Tutorial and Workshop on Autonomic Communications and Component-ware
UJW Urban Journalism Workshop
VMW Value Methodology Workshop
VVW Viennese Vintage Workshop
VLW Visible Language Workshop
VIEW Visual Information Expert Workshop
VSW Visual Studies Workshop
WLRB Wafer Level Reliability Workshop
WUP Warm-Up Workshop
WAIMW Web-Age Information Management Workshops
WLWS Weblogic Workshop
WLW Weblogic Workshop
WABWS West African Biotechnology Workshops
WABW West African Biotechnology Workshops
WVWW West Virginia Writers’ Workshop
WBBW Western Black Bear Workshop
WMAW Western Martial Arts Workshop
WWCO Wizard Workshop and Company
WSW Women’s Studio Workshop
WWA Women’s Workshop in the Americas
WIPW Work in Progress Workshop
WRAW Work Readiness Alternatives Workshop
WS Workshop
WAI Workshop Anatomy for the Internet
WC6 Workshop Cluster 6
WCC Workshop Company Commander
WSPPD Workshop de Processamento Paralelo e Distribuído
WIES Workshop for Informal Education Specialists
WSANE Workshop for Space, Aeronautical and Navigational Electronics
WFTS Workshop for the Soul
WFW Workshop for Women
WYRMB Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematical Biology
WACM Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music
WIBO Workshop in Business Opportunities
WIC Workshop in Computing
WEM Workshop in Emergency Management
WISR Workshop in Software Reuse
WIR Workshop Information Retrieval
WIS Workshop Information System
WVLC Workshop of Very Large Corpora
WYSGS Workshop of Young Scholars from the Global South
WAO Workshop on Accelerator Operations
WATM Workshop on Achievement and Task Motivation
STEP Workshop on Advances and Innovations in Systems Testing
WAPL Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages
WAID Workshop on Agents in Design
WAT Workshop on Agreement Technologies
WADT Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques
WAE Workshop on Algorithm Engineering
WALCOM Workshop on Algorithms and Computation
WAAC Workshop on Algorithms and Computation
WADS Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures
WAW Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph
WABI Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics
WAFL Workshop on Altaic in Formal Linguistics
WAES Workshop on Alternative Energy Strategies
WAIL Workshop on American Indigenous Languages
WASP Workshop on Application Specific Processors
ASWN Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks
ASOS Workshop on Applications of Semantics, Opinion and Sentiments
WAWC Workshop on Applications of Wireless Communications
ALIO Workshop on Applied Combinatorial Optimization
WACG Workshop on Applied Computational Geometry
WASR Workshop on Applied Software Reliability
WAOAS Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms
WAOA Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms
WAID Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining
AIFIP Workshop on Artificial Intelligence from the Information Processing Perspective
WATM Workshop on ATM Traffic Management (est. 1995)
WWVS Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems
WWV Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems
ACNM Workshop on Autonomic Communication and Network Management
WBIA Workshop on Binary Instrumentation and Applications
WBIR Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration
BAVR Workshop on Business Applications of Virtual Reality
WCBR Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning
WCC Workshop on Coding and Cryptography
WCOP Workshop on Component Oriented Programming
WCSA Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures
CMAD Workshop on Computer Misuse and Detection
WCV Workshop on Computer Vision
CALP Workshop on Computer-Aided Language Processing
WCII Workshop on Conditionals, Information, and Inference
WCLP Workshop on Constraint Logic Programming
CIIW Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures
WCPS Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems
WDPP Workshop on Data and Process Provenance
WDSA Workshop on Data Stream Analysis
WDTA Workshop on Design, Test and Applications
WDAG Workshop on Distributed Algorithms
WDAG Workshop on Distributed Algorithms on Graphs
WDS Workshop on Distributed Systems
WDDD Workshop on Duplicating, Deconstructing, and Debunking
WECS Workshop on Education in Computer Security
WECI Workshop on Electro-Communication and Information
WET Workshop on Electronic Texts
WESS Workshop on Empirical Studies of Software Maintenance
WEBS Workshop on Event-Based Semantics
WEH Workshop on Exception Handling
WEA Workshop on Experimental Algorithms
WFCS Workshop on Factory Communications Systems
WFLA Workshop on Formal Languages and Automata
WFMT Workshop on Formal Methods and Telecommunications
WFLP Workshop on Functional and Logic Programming
WFLP Workshop on Functional and Logic Programming
WGT Workshop on Generative Technologies
WGP Workshop on Generic Programming
WGMP Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics
GVE Workshop on Graphics and Visualization Education
WG Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
WHPC Workshop on High Performance Computing
WHM Workshop on Human Motion
WHSA Workshop on Hybrid Systems and Applications
ICOS Workshop on Inference in Computational Semantics
WICOW Workshop on Information Credibility on the Web
WIIW Workshop on Information Integration on the Web
WISE Workshop on Information Systems and Economics
WITS Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems
WISE Workshop on Inspection in Software Engineering
WILU Workshop on Instruction in Library Use
WIPP Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging
WISI Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics
WISB Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Bioinformatics
WISDOM Workshop on Interactive System Design and Object Models
WISS Workshop on Interactive Systems and Software
WISER Workshop on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research
WSII Workshop on International Investment Statistics
WIIS Workshop on International Investment Statistics
WINE Workshop on Internet and Network Economics
WIAPP Workshop on Internet Applications
WIAP Workshop on Internet Applications
WISEN Workshop on Internet Scale Event Notification
WITS Workshop on Internet Technology and Systems
WING Workshop on Invariant Generation
WITS Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security
WKDD Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
WLSS Workshop on Lexical Semantics Systems
LANMAN Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks
WLP Workshop on Logic Programming
WLP Workshop on Logic Programming
WLPE Workshop on Logic Programming Environments
WOLFASI Workshop on Logical Foundations of an Adaptive Security Infrastructure
WLPE Workshop on Logic-Based Methods in Programming Environments
WMPP Workshop on Massively Parallel Processing
WMC Workshop on Membrane Computing
WOMA Workshop on Memetic Algorithms
WMPI Workshop on Memory Performance Issues
WOMM Workshop on Meta-Modelling
WMED Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices
WOMP Workshop on Middleware and Performance
MATA Workshop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunications Applications
WMCS Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Wireless Services
MACE Workshop on Modelling Autonomic Communications Environments
WOMO Workshop on Modular Ontologies
WMSN Workshop on Multimedia Systems and Networking
WOMTEC Workshop on Multi-Media Technologies in E-Learning and Collaboration
WONTON Workshop on Nanotube Optics and Nanospectroscopy
WNM Workshop on Network Measurements
WNN Workshop on Neural Networks
WONP Workshop on Nuclear Physics
WOOC Workshop on Object-Oriented Computing
WORDS Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems
WOOR Workshop on Object-Oriented Reengineering
OOTA Workshop on Object-Oriented Technology and Applications
WOA Workshop on Objects and Agents
WOOT Workshop on Offensive Technologies
WOV Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision
WOSN Workshop on Online Social Networks
WOSE Workshop on Ontologies, Semantics and E-Learning
WORM Workshop on Ontologies: Reasoning and Modularity
WOC Workshop on Open Certification of Software Testers
WOBS Workshop on Optical Burst Switching
WOCCS Workshop on Optical Communications for Computing Systems
WOCS Workshop on Optics and Computer Science
WPDD Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Debugging
WPDRTS Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real Time Systems
WPCF Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy
WOPR Workshop on Performance and Reliability
WPC Workshop on Pervasive Computing
WSPI Workshop on Philosophy and Informatics
WPNC Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication
WPES Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society
WPM Workshop on Prosody and Meaning
WPSI Workshop on Prosody, Syntax and Information
WRPC Workshop on Randomized Parallel Computing
WRTA Workshop on Real-Time Applications
WRTP Workshop on Real-Time Programming
WRC Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing
WRS Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming
WRT Workshop on Refactoring Tools
WRSM Workshop on Reliable and Secure Middleware
WRE Workshop on Requirements Engineering
WRLA Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its Applications
WORM Workshop on Risk Management
WSRS Workshop on Safety, Reliability and Security of Industrial Computer Systems
WOSBIS Workshop on Satellite-Based Information Services
WOSBIS Workshop on Satellite-Based Information Systems
WSSEET Workshop on Secure Software Engineering Education and Training
WSPEC Workshop on Security and Privacy in E-Commerce
WSOM Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps
SARJ Workshop on Severe Accident Research in Japan
SIMA Workshop on Situation Management
WOSA Workshop on Software Assessment
WSDSM Workshop on Software Distributed Shared Memory
WSSD Workshop on Software Specification and Design
WSTFEUS Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems
WSGP Workshop on Statistics in Genomics and Proteomics
WSSA Workshop on System/Software Architectures
WTTC Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry
WOTTSE Workshop on Technology Transfer in Software Engineering
WST Workshop on Termination
WAFR Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
WASL Workshop on the Analysis of System Logs
WEFSA Workshop on the Ecological Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture
WTFB Workshop on Transforms and Filter Banks
WTTC Workshop on Trends, Technologies, and Collaborative Opportunities in High Performance and Grid Computing
WOTE Workshop on Trustworthy Elections
WUAUC Workshop on Universal Accessibility of Ubiquitous Computing
WRV Workshop on Virtual Reality
VMV Workshop on Vision, Modelling and Visualization
VS-PETS Workshop on Visual Surveillance and Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
WCCD Workshop on Web Content Caching and Distribution
WISR Workshop on Web Information Systems Reengineering
WSCA Workshop on Web Service Composition and Adaptation
WSWS Workshop on Web Services
WOWA Workshop on Words and Automata
WWC Workshop on Workload Characterization
WOW Workshop on Workshops
WWOS Workshop on Workstation Operating Systems
WOC Workshop Organizing Committee
WPP Workshop Preliminary Proceedings
WRMC Workshop Research in Mechanics of Composites
WSR Workshop Software-Reengineering
WEMS Workshop/Walk-In/Events/Equipment Management System
WRWS Writers Retreat Workshop
WRW Writers Retreat Workshop
WIW WSMO Implementation Workshop
YDW Yorkshire Dales Workshops
YAW Young Actors Workshop
YFW Young Filmmakers Workshop
YPW Young Peoples Workshops
YRW Young Researchers Workshop
YROW Young Reserve Officer Workshop
YSW Young Shakespeare Workshop
YWW Young Writers Workshop