Youth Abbreviations

Youth refers to the time in your life when you are a child or teenager . In youth, all organs develop into their adult form. Babies grow very quickly in the beginning. Most babies gain three times their weight in the first year and grow as much as 12 inches (30 cm) in length. After the second birthday, things slow down a bit. Growth also means that a child learns more and more things every year. Children learn by imitating and trying things out. When you hit puberty (usually between the ages of twelve and fourteen), you are not yet fully grown, but you have so much physical potential that at that age you can even become world champions in some sports (e.g. gymnastics and swimming in girls).


In everyday speech, youth is understood to mean the phase of life in which people are young. It is the term for the period from childhood to adulthood .

In general, young is understood to mean when a person is between 0 and 25 years old, but these age limits are variable. According to the law, for example, someone is no longer youthful when he or she has reached the (legal) age of 18. Youth is also a collective term for young people together as a group : “youth is outside drinking a beer!”, or people who behave or appear youthful: “for her age she looks youthful.” Another word for a person’s youthful age stage is adolescence .

Youth policy is primarily the responsibility of the EU countries. Under Article 165(2) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, EU action in this area will aim to ‘promote the development of youth exchange programs and youth workers, and the participation of young people in democratic life of Europe”.

The EU countries have cooperated in the field of youth since 2002. The current framework agreement, the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2018), is organized around eight areas of action, based on a cross-sectoral approach: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, volunteering, social inclusion, youth and the world , culture and creativity and involvement in the democratic process and in society. Working together means learning from each other’s experience, sharing and developing knowledge of common interests, engaging in dialogue with young people, monitoring progress and mobilizing funding programs† For example, the structured dialogue gives young people the opportunity to express their views and discuss them with European and national policy makers.

Youth programs have been active for 25 years. In 2013, the EU adopted the Erasmus+ program for education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020. Erasmus+ gives young people the opportunity to study, train and volunteer abroad, expands the capacity of youth organizations and youth work and supports partnerships, including with organizations outside the youth field.

The European Youth Portal provides information and opportunities at EU and national level of interest to young people, across eight main themes, in 33 countries, including a platform for young people to find opportunities to volunteer abroad. The site is available in 27 languages.

In response to high youth unemployment, the EU’s employment policy offers specific support to young people. The EU Youth Employment Initiative (2013) made EUR 6 billion available to provide additional support to the regions and individuals most struggling with youth unemployment and inactivity. The EU also recommended that EU countries introduce Youth Guarantees to ensure that young people under the age of 25 receive a quality job, on-the-job training, traineeship or advanced training within four months of leaving school or losing a job. find training.

List of Acronyms Related to Youth

21st Century African Youth Movement
Aberdeen Youth Music Theatre
Aboriginal Youth Council
Aboriginal Youth Network
Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund
Abutia Youth Association
Academically Talented Youth Program
Academy of Youth Limited
Access for Autistic Youth
Action for Social Change & Youth Empowerment
Active Islamic Youth
Acton Boxboro Youth Baseball
Administration on Children, Youth and Families
Adolescent and Youth Health
Adult Friends for Youth
Adult Role Models for Youth
Advancing Communities for Youth
Advancing Youth Development
Adventist Junior Youth
Adventist Youth Conference
Adventist Youth Society
Advisory Board for Lovejoy Elderly and Youth
Advocates for Children and Youth
Advocates for Connecticut Children and Youth
Afghan Canadian Youth Organization
Afghan Youth Union
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda
African National Congress Youth League
African Youth Development Alliance
African Youth Foundation
African Youth Initiative
African Youth League
African Youth Organisation
Aiding Youth for Life
AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth
Alabama Youth Ballet
Alabama Youth Soccer Organization
Alachua County Youth Orchestra
Alaska Native Youth Media Institute
Alaska Theatre of Youth
Alaska Youth Initiative
Albanian Youth Council
Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp
Alberta Youth in Care and Custody Network
Albuquerque Youth Soccer Organization
Alien Youth
Alienated Youth
Aliso Viejo Youth Commission
All China Youth Federation
All India Federation of Democratic Youth
All State Youth Choir
Allegheny Youth Development
Alliance for Wisconsin Youth
Alliance for Youth of Pierce County
Alliance Youth
Alliance Youth Works
All-Nigerian Youth
Aloha Youth Lacrosse Association
Alternative Ventures for at Risk Youth
Alternative Youth Centre for Employment
Alternatives for Independent Youth
Alternatives for Youth
American Association of Caregiving Youth
American Baptist Youth
American Gay and Lesbian Youth
American Youth
American Youth Association
American Youth Ballet
American Youth Congress
American Youth Enterprise, Inc.
American Youth Flag Football Organization
American Youth Football
American Youth for Democracy
American Youth Foundation
American Youth Hostels
American Youth Philharmonic
American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras
American Youth Soccer Organization
American Youth Symphonic Orchestra
American Youth Symphony
American Youth Tennis League
American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad
Amherst Youth Hockey
Amity Youth Lacrosse
Andover Youth Services
Anger Management for Youth
Animal Liberation Youth
Animal Liberation Youth
Annapolis Youth Lacrosse Association
Anne Arundel Youth Football Association
Apostolic Youth Corps
Arab Youth Directory
Arapahoe Youth League
Archdiocesan Youth Employment Services
Arctic Youth Network
Arizona Museum for Youth
Armagh Diocesan Youth Council
Armenian Church Youth Organization
Armenian Evangelical Youth Fellowship
Armenian Youth Association
Armenian Youth Federation
Arnprior and Area Youth Association
Arts Network for Children and Youth
Ashland Youth Climbing Program
Ashwaubenon Youth Baseball
Asian American Youth Alliance
Asian Youth Association
Asian Youth Council
Asian Youth Fellowship
Asian Youth Games
Asian Youth Prevention Services
Assabet Valley Youth Soccer League
Assassin of Youth
Assets for Colorado Youth
Associated Youth Services
Associated Youth Services of Peel
Association of Youth Museums
Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation
Atlantic Youth Bowling
Auckland Youth Mentoring Association
Aurelia Youth League
Aurora Youth League
Austin County Youth Wrestling
Australian Centre for Youth Literature
Australian Forum of Youth Organisations
Australian National Youth Round Table
Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
Australian Rural Youth
Australian Youth Dance Festival
Australian Youth Forum
Australian Youth Orchestra
Australian Youth Parliament for the Environment
Automotive Youth Educational Systems
Avon Township Youth Baseball
Avon Youth League
Baguio Benguet Youth Against Drugs
Baha’i Youth Workshop
Balkan Children and Youth Foundation
Balkan Orthodox Youth Association
Ballymun Youth Action Project
Bangla Youth Project
Bangladesh Youth First Concerns
Bangladesh Youth League
Bangladeshi Youth Forum
Baptist Youth Fellowship
Baptist Youth Group
Baptist Youth Ministries
Barbados Youth Service
Barents Youth Cooperation Office
Barry Youth Watersports
Bay Area Youth Fund
Bay Youth Concert Orchestra
Beaverton Youth Lacrosse
Beck Youth Inventories
Beijing World Youth Academy
Beijing Youth Daily
Bel Colony Youth Association
Believers’ Chapel Youth
Belle Aire Youth
Belmont Youth Lacrosse Inc.
Bendigo Youth Racing, Inc.
Berkeley Youth Alternatives
Berkeley Youth Living With Disabilities
Berks County Children and Youth Services
Berkshire Youth Ballet
Berkshire Youth Choir
Berrien County Youth Fair
Best of Youth
Beyond Youth Potential
Bible Church Youth Fellowship
Big Lake Youth Camp
Biggar Youth Project
Bill George Youth Football League
Bill Koch Youth Ski League
Binnerri Youth Group
Biola Youth Theatre
Birmingham Voluntary Youth Sector Network
Bishop’s Youth Council
Bishopric Youth Committee
Black Hills Youth Baseball
Black Methodist Youth Conference
Black Youth Vote
Bloomington Normal Youth Symphony
Bloomington United for Youth
Blue Mountains Youth Council
Blue Ridge Youth Soccer
Boca Raton Youth Baseball
Bogside Republican Youth
Bored Suburban Youth
Bored Suburban Youth
Boston Centers for Youth and Families
Boston Youth Fund
Boston Youth Symphony
Bournemouth Youth Council
Bradford-Keighley Youth Parliament
Braga Youth Action Plan
Braintree National Youth League
Braintree Youth Council
Braintree Youth Hockey
Bramhope Youth Development Trust
Brentwood Youth Activities
Brighton Youth Orchestra
Bringing Youth Towards Equality
Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra
British Methodist Youth Choir
British Youth Council
British Youth Opera
Broadway Youth Resource Centre
Broken Arrow Youth Baseball
Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra
Brooklyn Park Youth Hockey Association
Brothers Keepers Youth Program
Broussard Youngsville Youth Association
Brownsville Youth Association
Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth
Brunswick Maine Youth Orchestra
Brunton Youth Theatre
Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League
Buckhead Youth Orchestra
Buckingham Youth Brigade
Buena Park Youth Theatre
Building Blocks for Youth
Building Up Strengths in Youth
Bulgarian Red Cross Youth
Bureau for Children, Youth and Families
Burnham Area Youth
Burrito Brothers Flying Youth Camp
Business Challenge for Youth
Business Mentoring Youth
Calgary Youth Science Fair
California Police Youth Charities
California Youth Advocacy Network
California Youth Authority
California Youth Basketball League
California Youth Chess League
California Youth Soccer Association
California Youth Symphony
Camberley Town Youth Football Club
Canada World Youth
Canada World Youth
Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition
Canadian Lutheran Youth Gathering
Canadian Tamil Youth Development
Canadian Youth Assembly
Canadian Youth Business Association
Canadian Youth Foundation
Canberra Youth Theatre
Cannabis Youth Treatment
Canterbury Association for Gifted Children and Youth
Canton Youth Hockey
Cape Fear Youth Soccer Association
Capital Youth Caucus Association
Capitol Youth Soccer Association
Career Opportunities for Youth
Caribbean Youth Environment Network
Caribbean Youth Science Forum
Carlsbad Youth Baseball
Carlton Youth Football Club
Carol Stream Youth Football Association
Carolina Youth Development Center
Catholic World Youth Day
Catholic Youth Bible
Catholic Youth Ministry Center
Catholic Youth Organization
Catholic Youth Summer Camp
Catholic Youth Team
Catholic Youth Xperience
Caucasus Youth Environmental Network
Celiac Youth of Europe
Celiac Youth of Europe
Cell Barnes Youth Project
Center for at Risk Youth
Center for Talented Youth
Center for Youth and Social Development
Center for Youth Family Investment
Center for Youth in Transition
Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth
Central Area Youth Association
Central European Youth Initiative
Central Illinois Youth Football League
Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth
Centre for Children and Youth
Centre for Multicultural Youth
Centre for Multicultural Youth Issues
Centre for Research in Youth, Science Teaching and Learning
Centre for Talented Youth Ireland
Centre for Youth Drug Studies
Centre of Intellectual Youth
Cessnock Youth Entertainment Committee
Chabad Lubavitch Youth Organization
Challenge for Youth
Chantilly Youth Association
Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestras
Charlotte Youth Hockey
Chelmsford Youth Basketball League
Cherokee Youth Lacrosse Association
Chesapeake Center for Youth Development
Chesapeake Youth Lacrosse Association
Cheshire Youth Baseball
Chicago Gay Youth
Child and Youth Action Committee
Child and Youth Care
Child and Youth Care Worker
Child and Youth Care Workers’ Association of Manitoba
Child and Youth Friendly Calgary
Child and Youth Friendly City
Child and Youth Health
Child and Youth Health Intergovernmental Partnership
Child and Youth Program Assistant
Child and Youth Services
Child and Youth Services Division
Child and Youth Worker
Childhood and Youth Studies
Children and Youth
Children and Youth Action Network
Children and Youth Advocacy Clinic
Children and Youth Board
Children and Youth Division
Children and Youth Foundation of the Philippines
Children and Youth Initiative
Children and Youth Partnership Foundation
Children Youth and Familes Education and Research Network
Children, Youth & Family Consortium
Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
Children, Youth and Families
Children, Youth, Families and Communities
Chillicothe Youth Baseball League
Chilliwack Youth Basketball Association
China Communist Youth League
China Youth and Children Research Center
China Youth Daily
China Youth Space Academy
China Youth University
Chinatown Youth Initiatives
Choices for Youth
Choteau Youth Ranch
Christ in Youth
Christadelphian Youth Circle
Christadelphian Youth Group
Christian Democratic Youth of Ukraine
Christian Youth Association
Christian Youth Basketball League
Christian Youth Conference
Christian Youth Council
Christian Youth Enterprises
Christian Youth Enterprises
Christian Youth Exchange
Christian Youth Exchange
Christian Youth Fellowship
Christian Youth Hockey Organization
Christian Youth in Action
Christian Youth Mission to Armenia
Christian Youth Movement
Christian Youth Organization
Christian Youth Theater
Christian Youth Union
Christians Involved Together with Youth, Inc.
Church of Scotland Youth
Church Outreach to Youth
Churches Youth Ministry Association
Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra
Cincinnati Youth Group
Citizens Against Needless Death in Youth
City Central Youth Hotel
City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus
City of Leeds Youth Orchestra
City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra
City Youth Basketball Association
Clarkston Area Youth Assistance
Class Action Youth Leadership Academy
Clean Air Youth Alliance
Clinton Youth Basketball Association
Club of Vietnamese Youths in Poland
Club of Youth Working for Environment
Coffs Harbour Youth
Cohasset Youth Baseball and Softball Association
Colchester Youth Chamber Orchestra
Collaborative Organization of Services for Youth
Collin Intervention to Youth
Colorado Youth Corps Association
Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association
Colorado Youth Leadership Network
Colorado Youth Rugby
Colorado Youth Soccer
Columbia Youth Basketball Association
Columbia Youth Soccer Federation
Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra
Columbus Youth Hockey
Columbus Youth Soccer Association
Commission on Children and Youth
Commission on Youth
Commission on Youth Issues
Committed Partners for Youth
Committed Partners for Youth
Committee of the Communist Youth League
Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative
Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council
Commonwealth Youth Games
Commonwealth Youth Programme
Commonwealth Youth Programme Africa Centre
Communist Youth of Greece
Communist Youth of Siam
Communist Youth Union
Communities Empowering Youth
Community Action for Capable Youth
Community Action for Youth Project
Community Against Sexual Exploitation of Youth
Community Alliance for Youth Action
Community Based Youth Services
Community Brain Injury Program for Children and Youth
Community Change for Youth Development
Community Coalition for Healthy Youth
Community Coalition for Youth
Community Improvement Through Youth
Community Partnership for Youth
Community Partnership for Youth
Community Partnerships for Youth
Community Resources for Youth
Community Youth Aid Panel
Community Youth Athletic Program
Community Youth Centers
Community Youth Network
Community Youth Outreach
Community Youth Performing Arts Center
Community Youth Program
Community Youth Provisions Association
Comox Valley Youth Music Centre
Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services
Comprehensive Youth Development System
Comprehensive Youth Services Act
Computers for Youth
Concord Carlisle Youth Hockey
Conejo Youth Basketball Association
Confederation of Anarchist Youth
Connecticut for Community Youth Development
Conscious Youth Media Crew
Conservative Union of Georgian Youth
Construction Industry Trust for Youth
Construction Youth Trust
Coon Rapids Youth Hockey Association
Coordinated Youth Services Council
Coptic Orthodox Youth Association
Core Neighborhood Youth Coop
Cornwall Youth Brass Band
Cornwall Youth Games
Cougar Youth Weekend
Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
County Youth Orchestra
Courtenay Youth Music Center
Creating Youth Business Initiatives
Creative Riverina Youth Team
Creative Youth Xchange
Cregagh Youth Fellowship
Crewe Burkeville Youth Recreation Association
Croatian National Youth Council
Croatian Youth Network
Cross-Sectoral Youth
Crow River Area Youth Orchestra
Crow River Youth Hockey Association
Crowmarsh Youth Football Club
Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation
Crystal Life Youth Academy
Culture, Language, Elders and Youth
Culture, Youth and Recreation
Cumberland Presbyterian Youth Conference
Cumbria Youth Alliance
Dale City Youth Athletic Club
Danish Atlantic Youth Seminar
Danvers Youth Football
Darien Youth Hockey Association
Deaf Youth Rainbow
Deafinitely Youth Group
DeafYouth Ministries, Inc
Deerfield Youth Baseball Association
Defining Diabetes in Youth
Democratic Youth Federation of India
Department of Child Youth and Family Services
Department of Children and Youth Services
Department of Culture and Youth
Department of Education Employment Training and Youth Affairs
Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs
Department of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs
Department of Family and Youth Services
Department of the Youth Authority
Department of Youth Affairs
Department of Youth and Children’s Work
Department of Youth Corrections
Department of Youth Corrections
Dependent Youth Activities
Depression and Anxiety in Youth Scale
Derry Youth and Community Workshop
Desert Youth Hockey Association
Desoto Hills Youth
Detroit Asian Youth Project
Detroit Youth Foundation
Development Aid for Youth
Dewan Pemuda PAS Youth Council)
Diabetes Youth Foundation
Digital Youth Network
Diocesan Commission on Youth
Diocesan Youth Council
Diocesan Youth Council
Diocesan Youth Department
Diocesan Youth Event
Diocesan Youth Ministry Organization
Diocesan Youth Officer
Diocesan Youth Retreat Team
Directions For Our Youth
Director of Youth and Family Ministry
Director of Youth Ministries
Directorate General – Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport
Dispute Resolution and Youth
District Youth Achievement Plan
District Youth Director
District Youth Gathering
District Youth Secretary
Division for Children and Youth Services
Division of Children, Youth, and Family Services
Division of Family and Youth Services
Division of Youth
Division of Youth Corrections
Division of Youth Corrections
Division of Youth Services
Dixie Youth Baseball
Dixie Youth World Series
Dorchester Youth Extra
Dorset Youth Marching Band
Drugs, Alcohol, and Youth
Dublin Youth Orchestras
Dublin Youth Theatre
Duke Youth Academy
Duluth Youth Agency Coalition
Duluth Youth Baseball and Softball Association
Dunn County Partnership for Youth
Dynamic Youth Enterprise
Dynamo Youth Theatre
Ealing Youth Counselling and Information Service
East Africa Regional Youth Network
East Austin Youth Foundation
East Bay Asian Youth Center
East Lake Youth Sports Association
East Oakland Youth Development Center
East Village Youth Program
Eastbourne Youth Workers Trust
Eckerd Youth Alternatives
ECPAT International Child and Youth Advisory Committee
Ecumenical Formation, Gender Justice and Youth Empowerment
Ecumenical Youth Action
Edinburgh Youth Orchestra
Edmonton Temple Youth Group
Edmonton Youth Orchestra
Educating Youth in Engineering and Science
Education and Youth Development Program
Education and Youth Employment
Education Youth Service
Educational Centre for Youth
Elijah Cummings Youth Program
Elk River Youth Hockey Association
Elkridge Youth Organization
Elmora Youth League
Encounters of Youth Promotion
English Youth Ballet
Enterprising Dedicated Dynamic Youth
Environmental Youth Alliance
Environmental Youth Education Council of Marin
Episcopal Commission on Youth
Episcopal Curriculum for Youth
Episcopal Youth Community
Episcopal Youth Event
Especially For Youth
Essex Youth Orchestra
Estonian Youth Hostel Association
Ethiopian Youth Educational Support
Ethnic Youth Council
Eucharistic Youth Society
Euclid Youth Hockey Association
European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra
European Network of Youth Mentoring Organisations
European Research Network on Transitions in Youth
European Union Youth Orchestra
European Youth Championship
European Youth Conference
European Youth Eco-Parliament
European Youth Exchange
European Youth for Sustainable Development
European Youth Forum
European Youth Foundation
European Youth Movement
European Youth Observatory
European Youth Parliament
Evanston Youth Hockey Association
Evolution Youth Organization, Inc.
Executive Youth Board
Exploring Diabetes and Depression in Youth
Express Youth Forum
Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association
Fairfax Police Youth Club
Fairfield County Youth Football League
Fallout Alley Youth Zone
Family and Youth Automation Project
Family and Youth Development
Family and Youth Services
Family, Youth and Community Services
Farm Youth Development Program
Farnham Youth Choir
Fashoda Youth Forum
Fayette County Youth Soccer Club
Federal Public Sector Youth Internship Program
Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth
Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations
Federation of Zionist Youth
Festival of Youth Sport
Finchley Youth Theatre
Finnish Youth Research Network
Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra
Fireside Catholic Youth Bible
First Antrim Youth Club
First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program
Flaming Pine Youth Camp
Flint District Youth Council
Flint Youth Theatre
Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches, Inc.
Florida Youth Athletic Association
Florida Youth Lacrosse Foundation
Florida Youth Soccer Association
Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey
Flower Mound Youth Sports Association
Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association
For Youth Initiative
Ford County Youth Soccer Club
Foreign Youth Yearn for Freedom
Forum for Youth Advocacy
Foster Care Youth United
Foster Youth Services
Foster Youth Success Initiative
Foundation for Rural Youth
Foundation for Youth
Foundation for Youth Development
Foundation for Youth in Agriculture
Fountain of Youth
Franklin Youth Soccer Association
Frederick Youth Sports Association
Fredericksburg Area Youth Football League
Fresh Lifelines for Youth
Friends For Youth
Friends of Rishton Youth
Front Line Youth
Future for African Youth
Future of Youth Association
Future Youth Group
Galway Youth Federation
Gay Alliance of La Crosse Area Youth
Gay Youth Corner
General Organization for Youth and Sports
General Secretariat of Youth
General Youth Conference
General Youth Division
Generation of Youth for Christ
Generations Accepting All Youth
Genesis Youth Group
Georgia Youth Ballet
Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers, Inc.
Georgia Youth Soccer Association
German Youth Activity
Ghetto Youths International
Gibraltar Liberal Youth
Gifted and Talented Educated with Accelerated Youth
Glendale Youth Alliance, Inc.
Global Partners for Youth
Global Partnership for Youth Development
Global Program on Youth
Global Youth Action
Global Youth Exchange
Global Youth Fund
Global Youth Initiative
Global Youth Movement
Global Youth Network
Global Youth Partners
Global Youth Partnership for Africa
Global Youth Retreat
Global Youth Service Day
Global Youth Tobacco Survey
Glocal Youth Parliament
God Free Youth
Gold Beach Youth Group
Goshen Youth Soccer
Gower Youth Band
Grace Youth Camp
Grace Youth Fellowship
Grants Advisory Board for Youth
Grapevine Youth Baseball
Great American Youth
Great Basin Youth Soccer League
Greater East Austin Youth Association
Greater East Austin Youth League
Greater San Marcos Youth Council
Greater Waterbury Youth Symphony
Greek Orthodox Youth Association
Greek Orthodox Youth of America
Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra
Greenwich Youth Lacrosse
Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club Inc.
Gulu Youth for Action
Gwen Bolden Youth Foundation
Hamden Youth Lacrosse
Hampshire Youth Bureau
Hannaford Youth Band
Hardcore Youth Legion
Harness Horse Youth Foundation
Harvard and Radcliffe Musical Outreach to Neighborhood Youth
Hattiesburg Dixie Youth Baseball
Hawaii Youth Services Network
Hawaii Youth Symphony
Health and Education for Youth
Healthy Asian Youth
Healthy Children and Youth Administrative Case Management Program
Healthy Outcomes for Youth
Healthy Relationships for Youth
Healthy Youth Survey
Hearts and Homes for Youth
Hearts for Youth
Heathcote Alliance for Preserving Prosperity and Youth
Hebersham Aboriginal Youth Service
Heights Youth Club
Helena Youth League
Help Empower Youth
Helping America’s Youth
Helping Our Youth
Henderson Hills Youth
Henley Youth Festival
Henniker Youth Hockey Association
Herndon Optimist Youth Football
Herts Youth Games
High Plains Youth Center
High School Youth Forum
Highland Youth Group
Highlander Youth Recreation
Highlands Youth Ensemble
High-Risk Youth
Hillcrest Youth Ministry
Hillsong Youth Services
Hilo Youth Robotics
Hindu Youth Forum
Hispanic Youth Symposium
Hitler Youth
HIV/AIDS Prevention Promotion Youth
Holmes Youthful Trainee Act
Homeless and Runaway Youth
Homeless Youth Alliance
Homeless Youth Network
Homeless Youth Network
Honolulu Theatre for Youth
Honor Our New Ethnic Youth
Honoring Emancipated Youth
Horeb Youth Ministry
Horizons for Youth
Hounslow Action for Youth
Houston Alumni and Youth
Hubbard Community Youth League
Hudson Youth Baseball
Human and Youth Rights Commission
Human Rights Education Youth Programme
Humane Society Youth
Humboldt Youth Soccer League
Huskies Youth Hockey Association
Icicle Creek Youth Symphony
Idaho Youth Ranch
Ieuenctid Tysul Youth
Ifetayo Youth Ensemble
Illinois Youth Dance Theatre
Immanuel Mission Youth
Independent Youth Theatre
Indestructible Youth
Indian Creek Youth Camp
Indian Youth Organisation
Indiana Christian Youth Convention
Indiana Youth Group
Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association
Indianapolis Youth Orchestra
Indianapolis Youth Wind Ensemble
Infant, Child and Youth Programs
Information System for Youth Services
Inner City Youth
Innovative and Collaborative Youth Servicing
Institute for Colored Youth
Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
Institute for Youth Development
Institute for Youth Ministry
Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange
Interfaith Voices of Youth
Inter-Ministry Committee on Youth Crime
International Association for National Youth Service
International Benedictine Youth
International Benedictine Youth
International Christian Youth Conference
International Christian Youth Exchange
International Comparative Study of Ethnocultural Youth
International Council on National Youth Policy
International Cultural Youth Exchange
International Federation of Liberal Youth
International Indigenous Youth Conference
International Lesbian and Gay Youth Organisation
International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth
International Nepalese Youth Forum
International Voice for Youth
International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations
International Youth Basketball
International Youth Centre
International Youth Day
International Youth Development Agency
International Youth Education Program
International Youth Exchange
International Youth Exchange Program
International Youth Federation for Environmental Studies and Conservation
International Youth Foundation
International Youth Gathering
International Youth Hall of Fame
International Youth Hostel
International Youth Hostel Federation
International Youth Hostels Association
International Youth Library
International Youth Movement
International Youth of Unity
International Youth Parliament
International Youth Soccer Training
Inuit Circumpolar Youth Council
Investing in Our Youth, Inc.
Iowa Youth Chorus
Irish Youth Music Awards
Irondale Youth Hockey Association
ISKCON Youth Forum (religious organization)
Islamic Youth Association
Island New Democratic Youth
Islanders Youth Hockey Organization
Israel Youth Hostel Association
Israeli Gay Youth
Italian-American Youth Organization
Ithaca Youth Bureau
Ithaca Youth Hockey Association
Itsekiri National Youth Council
Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League
Jacksonville Youth Sanctuary
Jaffna Youth Congress
Jalpa Youth Club
Jamaica Organization for Youth
Janus Youth Programs
Jaskelo Youth Club
Jawalakhel Youth Club
Jaycees Against Youth Smoking
Jaypee Youth Club
Jefferson County Youth Detention Center
Jefferson County Youth Soccer League
Jenkintown Youth Activities
Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth
Jesus Oriented Youth
Jesus Youth of America
Jewish Center Youth
Jewish Youth Connection
Jewish Youth Council
Jewish Youth Library of Ottawa
Jobs for Youth
Johia Youth Ministry
Johnson Youth Center
Johnstown Youth Athletic Association
Joplin Youth Center
Journal of Youth Studies
Julian Youth Academy
Juneau Youth Services
Junior High Youth
Junior Youth Assembly
Junior Youth Challenge
Junior Youth Conference
Junior Youth Council
Junior Youth Orchestra
Justice for Children and Youth
Kalamunda Youth Swing Band
Kansas Association of Youth
Kare Youth League
Karen Youth Organisation
Karenni National Youth Organization
Kashmir Youth Project
Katy Youth Basketball
Katy Youth Football
Kauffman Youth Development Institute
Kawartha Youth Orchestra
Kearns Youth Aquatic Team
Keene Youth Hockey Club
Keeping Every Youth in School
Kendal Youth Radio
Kensington Youth Theatre and Employment Skills
Kent Youth Choirs
Kent Youth Singers
Kent Youth Symphonic Band
Kentucky Youth Advocates
Kentucky Youth Assembly
Kentucky Youth Development Coordinating Council
Kenya Youth Foundation
Ketchikan Youth Initiatives
Key Youth Theatre
Khmer Youth Association
Kildare Youth Theatre
Kildonan Youth Activity Centre
King George Youth Athletic Association
King Harbor Youth Foundation
Kingston Employment Youth Services
Kirewa Youth Development Initiative
Kitchener Youth Action Council
Kiwanis Educating Youth
Knowledge of the Environment for Youth
Knoxville Youth Sports
Kobe Student Youth Center
Kodiak Archipelago Youth Area Watch
Kokomo Enrichment of Youth
Korea Youth Day
Kosciusko Endowment Youth Services
Kosovo Youth Network
Kuomboka Youth Group
Kurdish American Youth Organization
Kurdish Youth Association of Canada
La Costa Youth Organization
Label Free Youth
Lagos Youth Hostel
Laguna Youth Baseball
Lake Superior Youth Chorus
Lancaster Youth Network of Churches
Langley United Youth Soccer Association
Lao Youth Union
Larkin Street Youth Center
LaRouche Youth Movement
Lasallian Youth Corps
Latin American Youth
Latin American Youth Center
Latino Youth Conference
Latino Youth in Action
Laughing Horse Youth Orchestra Festival
Laurel Youth Fellowship
Lawrence Youth Football
League of Youth
League of Youth
Lebanon Warrior Youth Football Association
Lebanon Warrior Youth Football League
Leelanau Youth Ensemble
Legislative Youth Advisory Council
Lenoir-Rhyne Youth Chorus
Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester
Lesbian Youth Support Information Service
Lewisham Youth Theatre
Lewisham Youth Theatre
Lexington Youth Lacrosse
Liberal Religious Youth
Liberty Union Youth Soccer Association
Linking Youth and Communities
Linwood Youth Festival Experience
Lititz Youth Soccer Club
Littleton Youth Orchestra
Lives of Urban Children and Youth
Local Youth Council
Local Youth Group
Local Youth Service
Loft Youth Project
Logan Youth Legal Service
London Youth Federation
London Youth Games
London Youth Rowing
Lone Peak Youth Football
Long Beach Youth Soccer Organization
Lothian Association of Youth Clubs
Loudoun Youth Initiative
Louisiana Youth Ministries
Louisville Youth Group
Louisville Youth Opportunity Network
Louisville Youth Orchestra
Lubavitch Youth Organization
Lufkin Youth Baseball Association
Lutheran Church Youth
Lutheran Youth Encounter
Lutheran Youth Fellowship
Lutheran Youth of Victoria
Lutheran Youth Organization
Lymes Youth Service Bureau
Macedonian Orthodox Youth Association of North America
Madison Area Youth Soccer Association
Magic Youth International
Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation
Maine Youth Action Network
Maine Youth Camping Association
Maine Youth Voices
Mainline Youth Alliance
Malankara Catholic Youth Movement
Malaysian Association of Youth Clubs
Mana Youth Sailing Trust
Mansfield Youth Soccer
Marin Interfaith Youth Outreach
Marlboro Youth Basketball
Marlboro Youth Basketball
Marlborough Youth Athletic League
Mars Home for Youth
Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth
Maryland Sheriffs Youth Ranch
Maryland Youth Ballet
Maryland Youth Ballet
Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association
Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra
MAS Youth Division
MAS Youth Give
Mason Youth Organization
Mass Youth Against Tobacco
Massachusetts Youth Ballet
Massachusetts Youth Ballet
Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument
Math Institute for Talented Youth
Matthews Youth Test for Health
Maui Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council
Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council
Mbita Youth Peace Quest
McLean Youth Basketball
McLean Youth Basketball
McLean Youth Inc.
McLean Youth Soccer
McLennan County Youth Collaboration
Mekong Youth Net
Melbourne Youth Support Service
Member of Youth Parliament
Mennonite Youth Fellowship
Mentor Youth Leadership Committee
Mentoring Youth Through Empowerment
Meridian Youth Soccer Organization
Merseyside Christian Youth Camps
Methodist Association of Youth Clubs
Methodist Youth Executive
Methodist Youth Fellowship
Metro Sports Youth
Metro Sports Youth
Metropolitan Detroit Youth Chorus
Metropolitan Youth Orchestra
Metropolitan Youth Symphony
Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra
Mexican-American Youth Organization
Michigan Christian Youth Camp
Michigan Network for Youth and Families
Michigan Youth Arts Festival
Michigan Youth Challenge Academy
Michigan Youth in Government
Michigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Mid Atlantic Youth Bowling Extravaganza
Mid-Atlantic Youth Services
Midland Area Youth Soccer
Military Children and Youth
Military Community Youth Ministries
Military Youth Corps
Millenium Youth Entertainment
Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex
Millom Youth Centre
Milton Community Youth Coalition
Milton Keynes Youth Choir
Milwaukee Youth Arts Center
Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra
Minister of Youth
Ministry of Education and Youth
Ministry of Education, Research and Youth
Ministry of Women Youth and Community Services
Ministry of Youth Development
Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism
Minnesota Alliance With Youth
Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth
Minnesota Youth Athletic Services
Minnesota Youth Program
Minnesota Youth Reading Awards
Minnesota Youth Symphonies
Mississauga Youth Leadership Conference
Missoula Youth Homes
Mobilization for Youth, Inc.
Mole Valley Youth Voice
Mon Youth Progressive Organization
Monroe Area Youth Organization
Monroe Episcopal Youth Organization
Montgomery Youth Works
Moorhead Youth Hockey
Moreno Valley Youth Federation
Moriches Youth Organization
Motor City Youth Theatre
Mountains Youth Band
Mountains Youth Band
Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness
Movement for the Youth of Cameroon
Movement of Concerned Kono Youth
Multicultural Education and Youth Association
Multicultural Youth EXchange
Museum Youth Initiative
Music for Youth
Music for Youth Foundation
Music for Youth of Arlington Heights
Musical Arts Youth Orchestra
Muslim American Youth Academy
Muslim American Youth Association
Muslim Arab Youth Association
Muslim Youth Camp
Muslim Youth Camps of America
Muslim Youth Helpline
Muslim Youth Leadership Award
Muslim Youth Network
Muslim Youth Newsletter
Muslim Youth of Chicago
Muslim Youth of Greater Detroit
Muslim Youth of Ottawa
Nandom Youth and Development Association
Nashua Youth Soccer League
Nashville Community Coalition for Youth Safety
National Agency for Youth Information
National Association for Youth Drama
National Association of State Coordinators for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
National Association of Youth and Community Education Officers
National Catholic Youth Choir
National Catholic Youth Conference
National Center for Blind Youth in Science
National Center for Catholic Youth Sports
National Center for Youth Law
National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth
National Children and Youth Fitness Study
National Christian Youth Convention
National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth
National Collaboration for Youth
National Collaboration for Youth
National Commission on Resources for Youth
National Council on Youth Leadership
National Drug Free Youth Foundation
National Federation of Diocesan Catholic Youth Councils
National Federation of Youth Organisations in Bangladesh
National Filipino American Youth Association
National Indian Youth Council, Inc.
National Indigenous Youth Leadership Group
National Inspirational Youth Convention
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
National Longitudinal Survey of Youth
National Manpower and Youth Council
National Network for Youth
National Organizations for Youth Safety
National Union of Jordanian Youth
National Youth Achievement Award Council
National Youth Activity Team Tournament
National Youth Administration
National Youth Advocacy Service
National Youth Agency
National Youth Art Month
National Youth Art Month
National Youth Bureau
National Youth Choir
National Youth Commission
National Youth Conference
National Youth Connection
National Youth Council
National Youth Council of Ghana
National Youth Council of Moldova
National Youth Dance Agency
National Youth Dance Theatre
National Youth Federation
National Youth Food Assembly
National Youth Gathering
National Youth in Care
National Youth Institute
National Youth Jazz Festival
National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland
National Youth Leadership
National Youth Leadership
National Youth Leadership Council
National Youth Leadership Training Institute
National Youth Network
National Youth Orchestra
National Youth Project Trust
National Youth Science Forum
National Youth Science Foundation, Inc.
National Youth Service
National Youth Service Day
National Youth Service Policy
National Youth Sports Coaches Association
National Youth Sports Program
National Youth Strategy
National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy
National Youth Theatre
National Youth Tobacco Survey
National Youth Volunteer Service
National Youth Week
National Youth Wind Ensemble of Scotland
Native Youth Alliance
Native Youth Movement
Native Youth Olympics
Nazarene Youth Conference
Nazarene Youth International
Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility
Neighborhood Youth Soccer League
Neighborhood Youth Theater
New Beginnings for Youth
New Canadian Children and Youth Study
New Creation Youth
New Hampshire Youth Football and Spirit Conference
New Youth Entrepreneur
Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir
Newtown Youth Football
Nichola Rees Youth Academy
Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth
Noblesville Youth Baseball
Nordic Youth Research Information
Norfolk Youth Soccer League
North American Federation of Temple Youth
North American Youth Horse Club
North American Youth Net
North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble
North Cobb Youth Lacrosse
North East Norfolk Youth League
North East Support and Action for Youth, Inc.
North Shore Youth Council
North Star Youth Court
North West Action for Youth
North West Region Youth Work Unit
Northern Ohio Youth Orchestras
Northern Uganda Youth Development Centre
Northland Youth Music Program
Northside Youth Organization
Norwegian Liberal Youth
Nova Scotia Youth Choir
Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble
Oak Mountain Youth Baseball Softball
Oak Park Youth Baseball
Oakland Youth Orchestra
Ocean Youth Club
Ocean Youth Trust
Ocean Youth Trust Ireland
Ocean Youth Trust Scotland
Oceanside Youth Lacrosse
Office for Catechesis and Youth Ministry
Office of Catholic Youth
Office of Child and Youth Protection
Office of Children and Youth
Office of Youth Affairs
Office of Youth Ministry
Office of Youth Preparation
Office of Youth Programs
Office of Youth Services
Office of Youth Services
Ogaden Youth Network
Ohio Youth Basketball
Ohio Youth Commission
Ohio Youth Wrestling
Oklahoma Association of Youth Services
Oklahoma Commission on Children & Youth
Old City Youth Association
Older Youth Earnings Change
Omaha Area Youth Orchestras
Oneonta Community Alliance for Youth
Online Youth Services
Online Youth Services
Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres
Ontario Youth Parliament
Ontario Youth Senate
Ontario Youth Senate
Open Youth Organization
Opportunities for Youth
Orchestra for Talented Youth
Oregon Youth Authority
Organizing Youth
Orland Youth Association
Orlando Youth Hockey Association
Orlando Youth Theatre
Orthodox Church in America Youth
Orthodox Youth Association
Oshkosh Youth Hockey Association
Oshkosh Youth Symphony Orchestra
Oundle Churches Youth Association
Outback Youth Film Festival
Out-of-School Youth
Out-of-School Youth
Out-of-School Youth Program
Out-of-School Youth Program
Overseas Chinese Youth Association
Overseas Youth Programmes
Overtown Youth Center
Owatonna Youth Hockey Association
Ozark Area Youth Organization
Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra
Pacific Youth Bureau
Pacific Youth Council
Pader Concerned Youth Association
Paderborn Dolphins Youth
Pag-asa Youth Association
Palestinian Progressive Youth Union
Palestinian Youth Network
Palm Beach Gardens Youth Athletic Association
Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit
Panafrican Youth Movement
Pardesh Youth Congress
Parent Advocates for Youth
Parent Youth Committee
Parish Youth Council
Parish Youth Ministries
Parkgate Youth Court
Parkland Youth Center
Participate in the Lives of America’s Youth
Partner With Youth
Partnership for Healthy Youth
Partnership to Advance Youth Employment
Pathfinder Youth Centre Society
Patriotic Youth League
Patriotic Youth League
Pawling Youth Hockey
Peace Revival Association of Youth
Peel Halton Youth Basketball Association
Pembroke Youth Hockey
Pembroke Youth Soccer
Penang Diocesan Youth Network
Peninsula Youth Orchestra
Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators
Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth
Pennsylvania Youth Theater
Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling
Pensacola Navy Youth
Pentecostal Youth Fellowship
Pentucket Youth Lacrosse
Pentucket Youth Lacrosse
Penwortham Youth Music Festival
Pepperell-Ashby-Townsend Youth Hockey
Performing Arts Program for Youth
Perinton Youth Hockey
Perkins School of Youth Ministry
Perkins Youth School of Theology
Personality Inventory for Youth
Perth Youth Theatre
Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc.
Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
Philanthropic Youth Council
Phoenix Youth at Risk
Phoenix Youth Symphony
Physically Active Children and Youth
Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp
Pinellas Youth Symphony
Pioneer Youth Crew
Pittsburgh Youth Ballet
Pittsburgh Youth Network
Pittsfield Youth Workshop
Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment
Plano Youth Soccer
Plymouth Christian Youth Center
Plymouth Youth Christian
Police Citizens Youth Club
Police Community Youth Clubs
Port Youth Coalition
Portland Area Youth Soccer Association
Portland Youth Philharmonic
Positive Direction for Youth
Positive Leisure Activities for Youth
Positive Vibrations Youth Steel Orchestra
Positive Youth Development
Positive-Youth Foundation
Potter Youth Rocketry Organization
Poverty and Youth
Presbyterian Youth Conference
Presbyterian Youth Connection
Presbyterian Youth Triennium
Presbytery Youth Connection
Presidential Council for Youth Affairs
Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth
Prestbury and Pittville Youth
Prince George Youth Custody Center
Programs of Religious Activities with Youth
Progressive Conservative Youth Association
Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta
Progressive Youth Connection
Progressive Youth Organisation
Project Literacy Among Youth
Project Reach Youth, Inc.
Project Services to Assist Youth
Promoting Lifetime Activity for Youth
Prosecuted in Youth Court
Prosecution Alternatives for Youth
Protecting Our Nation’s Youth
Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council
Provincial Youth Council
Provincial Youth Event
Public Art Youth Council
Pueblo Youth Naturally
Quad City Youth Symphony Orchestra
Quaker Youth Theatre
Queensland Youth Alliance
Queensland Youth Choir
Queensland Youth Orchestras
Queer Asian Youth
Queer Youth Advocacy Day
Queer Youth Task Force
Queer Youth Uganda
Questioning Youth Center
Racine Youth Sports
Radical Democratic Youth Federation
Rainbow Area Youth
Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance
Rainbow Youth Alliance
Rallying Youth Organizers Together
Ramsey Youth Athletic Association
Rappahannock Youth Orchestra
Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center
Raynham Youth Soccer
Reach Our Youth
Reaching All Youth
Read, Educate and Develop Youth
Reading Youth Hockey
Reading Youth Orchestra
Reagan Youth Records
Real Youth of Today
Realistic Alcohol Laws for Legal Youth
Reclaiming Children and Youth
Reclaiming Youth International
Recreational Youth Referee Instructor
Red Cross Youth
Redeemer Youth Group
Redlands Baseball for Youth
Reform Synagogue Youth
Reformed Youth Ministries
Regional Youth Forum
Regional Youth Programme
Reintegration of Offenders-Youth
Religious Education for Youth
Religious Youth Service
Renfrewshire Youth Voice
Residential Youth Counselor
Resource Assistance for Youth
Respect for Youth
Responsive Advocacy for Life and Learning in Youth
Reston Youth Baseball
Resurrection Youth of Today
Retina Europe Youth
Revolution Youth Union
Revolutionary Youth Association
Revolutionary Youth Front
Revolutionary Youth Movement
Revolutionary Youth of Today
Reynoldsburg Youth Football
Rhode Island Youth Soccer Association
Rhymes Equal Actual Life in the Youth
Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club
Richmond Metropolitan Youth Soccer League
Richmond Youth Forum
Richmond Youth Orchestra
Rideau Street Youth Enterprises
Rigorous Educational Assistance for Deserving Youth
Riverland Youth Theatre
Rochester Evaluation of Asset Development for Youth
Rochester Youth Athletic Association
Rochester Youth Baseball
Rochester Youth Baseball Association
Rochester Youth Fastpitch Softball Association
Rochester Youth Hockey League, Inc.
Rockingham Area Youth Swimming
Roswell Youth Lacrosse Association
Rotary Youth Exchange
Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Rotary Youth Leadership Program
Rowan University Youth Orchestra
Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information System
Rural Youth Education
Rural Youth Europe
Rural Youth Project
Rural Youth Services
Rush County Youth Soccer
Rushden Area Christian Youth
Russian Union of Youth
Russian Youth Hostel
Safer Future Youth Development Project
Salesian Pastoral Youth Service
Salesian Youth Movement
Salford Youth Service
Salinas Valley Youth Soccer League
Salisbury Youth Action Network
San Carlos Youth Softball Association
San Francisco Aviation for Youth
San Jose Symphony Youth Orchestra
Santa Barbara Youth Football League
Santa Barbara Youth Symphony
Santa Perpetua Youth Organization
Saskatchewan Youth Parliament
Saskatoon Youth Orchestra
Save Adolescent Females by Empowering Today’s Youth
Save America’s Youth
SCERA Youth Theater
Scholarship and Youth Development Program
School After School for Successful Youth
School Based Youth Services
Science University for Northern Youth
Scottish Socialist Youth
Scottish Socialist Youth
Scottish Youth Lobby
Scottish Youth Parliament
Scottish Youth Theatre
Seattle Youth Employment Program
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras
Secondary Education for Migrant Youth
Seekonk Youth Racing Association
Seen and Heard Youth
Senior Youth Challenge
Serve Alaska Youth Corps
Serve Our Youth Network
Service Learning Youth
Sexual Minority Youth
Sexual Minority Youth Liaison
Sexually Aggressive Youth
Sexually Exploited Youth Program
Shakespeare Youth Festival
Shared Youth Vision
Sharon Youth Robotics Association
Shelby County Youth Soccer
Shelton Youth Soccer Organization
Ship for World Youth Alumni Association
Shiromani Youth Akali Dal
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey
Sierra Youth Coalition
Sikh Community & Youth Service
Sikh Youth Federation
Simon Youth Foundation
Simply Youth Ministry
Sindh Peoples Youth
Singapore Youth Festival
Sioux Empire Youth Orchestra
Skaneateles Youth Soccer Organization
Slidell Youth Soccer Club
Snohomish Youth Soccer Club
Soccer Association for Youth
Social Advocates for Youth
Society for Children and Youth
Society for Promoting the Productivity of Youth
Society for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training of Youth
Society of Orthodox Youth Organization
Solid Rock Youth
Somali Youth League
Somerset County Youth Service
Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth Recordings
South African Blind Youth Organisation
South Asian Music Youth Orchestra
South Bay Youth
South Belt Youth Soccer Club
South Carolina Youth Soccer Association
South Dakota Youth Wrestling
South East Youth Organization
South Florida United Youth Soccer Association
South Jersey Youth Alliance
South Lexington Youth Baseball
South Metropolitan Youth Link
South Texas Alliance for Youth
South West Atlanta Youth Foundation
Southampton Youth Concert Sinfonia
Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble
Southeastern Stokes Youth Soccer Association
Southeastern Youth Fair
Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer League
Southern Youth League
SouthWest Atlanta Youth Business Organization
Southwest Washington Advocates for Youth
Southwest Youth Symphony
Southwestern Youth Association
Spartanburg Youth Soccer Club
Springfield Youth Club
Sri Lanka Youth Parliament
St Alban’s Youth
St Edmundsbury Youth Forum
St. Joseph Youth Alliance
St. Lawrence Youth
St. Neots Youth Town Council
St. Paul Youth Services
St. Peters Youth Group
Standing Committee for Youth Justice
Starkville Youth Soccer Organization
State Workers Advocating Youth Awards
State Youth Referee Administrator
Steiner Youth Aquatics Club
Stepanavan Youth Center
Steve Nash Youth Basketball
Stockport Action for Voluntary Youth
Strategic Plan for Youth
Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth
Student and Youth Health Clinics
Student Youth Network
Student Youth Network, Inc.
Student Youth Travel Organization
Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth
Substance Abuse Service Specific to Youth
Sudanese Youth Union
Sudbury Maynard Stow Youth Hockey
Suffolk Youth Orchestra
Summer Pops Youth Orchestra
Summer Program for Youth
Summer Youth Employment Program
Summer Youth Institute
Summer Youth Leadership Academy
Summer Youth Leadership Program
Summer Youth Practicum
Sun Awareness For Educating Today’s Youth
Sunday Night Youth Fellowship
Sunshine Coast Youth Soccer Association
Sununu Youth Services Center
Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth
Supported Housing for Youth
Supported Youth Employment Program
Supporting Our Youth
Surrey County Youth Theatre
Surrey Foundation Youth Council
Surrey Youth Games
Surrey Youth Music and Performing Arts
Survey of Adults and Youth
Survey of Afterschool Youth Outcomes
Survey of International Youth Involvement
Survey of North American Youth Rights
Survey of War Affected Youth
Sustainable Youth Development Partnership
Swapo Party Youth League
Sweden World Youth
Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra
Sydney Croatian Youth
Sydney Muslim Youth
Sydney Youth Orchestra
Sydney Youth Orchestra Association
Synod Youth Workshop
Syosset Youth Athletic Council
Taiwan World Youth Volunteer Association
Taiwan Youth for Democracy in Asia
Taiwanese American Youth Leadership
Talented Youths International
Tallulah Correctional Center for Youth
Tamil Youth Front
Tamil Youth Organization
Taranaki Youth Orchestra
Targeted Youth Support
Tarheel Youth Golf Association
Tasmanian Youth Orchestra
Teach Reading to Youth
Teach Reading to Youth
Team Player Youth
Teconnaught Youth Club
Teen Youth Program of Encouragement
Temecula Youth Baseball
Temple Ov Psychick Youth
Temple Sinai Youth Group
Temple Youth Group
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
Tennessee Youth Advisory Council
Texas Foster Youth, Inc.
Texas Youth Bull Riders
Texas Youth Commission
Texas Youth Rugby Association
Thai Youth Community Foundation
Thames Youth Orchestra
Thamesview Youth Football Club
The Midnight Youth
The Planetary Society of Youth
The Youth Times
The Youth Times
Theater of Youth
Theological Foundations for Youth
Thimun Youth Assembly
Thimun Youth Network
Timothy Youth Fellowship
Tiyende Rural Youth Development Association
Tobacco Free Youth
Toledo Muslim Youth Association
Toledo Youth Orchestra
Toronto Youth Assessment Centre
Toronto Youth Cabinet
Torrance American Youth Football
Total Youth Football
Total Youth Ministry
Towamencin Youth Association
Toyota Eco Youth
Toyota Youth Program at Expo
Trademark of Youth
Trafford Youth Orchestras
Trans Youth Resource and Advocacy
Transforming Youth Work
Transition-Aged Youth Program
Transitioning Age Youth
Transitions for Youth
Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer
Triangle Youth Orchestra
Triangle Youth Philharmonic
Triangle Youth Philharmonic
Tribal Youth Federation
Tribal Youth Program
Tribal Youth Program
Triboro Youth Theatre
Triboro Youth Theatre
Trillium Performing Youth
Trinidad Youth Council
Tri-Town Youth Commission
Truth for Youth
Tulare Youth Service Bureau
Tutoring Children and Youth
Twisted Youth
Typically Developing Youth
Ujamma Youth Farming Project
Ukrainian Social Democratic Youth
Ukrainian Youth Association
Ukrainian Youth League of North America
Ulster Youth Choir
Umsobomvu Youth Fund
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth
Understanding Youth Culture
Unemployment Unit and Youthaid
Unified Nevada Information Technology for Youth
Union of Communist Youth
Union Progressive Youth
United Christian Youth Camp
United Methodist Youth
United Methodist Youth Council
United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc.
United Neighboring Interdependent Trusted Youth
United Neighbors in Touch with the Youth
United Synagogue Youth
United World Youth Council
United Youth Aggression
United Youth Association
United Youth Club, Inc.
United Youth of Aztlan
United Youth Orchestra
Universal Youth
Up With Youth
Urban Youth Action
Urban Youth Initiative
Urban Youth Institute
Urban Youth Ministries
Urban Youth Sports
Utah Federation for Youth
Valley Youth Conference
Valley Youth Fiddlers
Valley Youth Soccer League
Valley Youth Theatre
Vancouver Youth Soccer Association
Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra
Vancouver Youth Theatre
Vanuatu National Youth Council
Vashon Youth Council
Vermont Youth Activism Network
Vermont Youth Conservation Corps
Vermont Youth Orchestra
Vermont Youth Orchestra Association
Victoria Youth Soccer Organization
Victorville Youth Soccer League
Victory Youth Group
Vienna Youth Inc.
Vienna Youth Soccer
Vietnam Youth Federation
Vietnam Youth Union
Vietnamese American Youth Network
Vietnamese Youth Convention
Vietnamese Youths and Students Association in Japan
Vineyard Youth Group
Vineyard Youth Tennis
Virginia Youth Soccer Association
Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra
Vivekananda Youth Club
Voice of Christian Youth
Voices of Youth
Voluntary Youth Organisations Network
Voluntary Youth Services
Volunteer Youth Corps, Inc.
Volunteer Youth Exchange
Volunteer Youth in the Millennium
Volunteer Youth in the Millennium
Volunteer Youth Ministry
Volunteer Youth Ministry
Volunteer Youth Programmes
Volunteers for Youth
Volunteers in Communities Tutoring Our Responsible Youth
Waco Center for Youth
Waco Center for Youth
Wales Youth Agency
Walk in Advice Centre for Youth
Wallingford Youth Soccer League
Wandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre
Warren Youth Soccer League
Warrenton Youth Soccer Club
Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs
Warwickshire Youth Jazz Orchestra
Washington Drug-Free Youth
Washington State Partnership for Youth
Washington Youth Garden
Washington Youth Rugby
Washington Youth Tour
Washington Youth Voice Directory
Washtenaw Youth Mentoring Coalition
Wasted Youth Crew
Waterford Youth Drama
Waterford Youth Information Centre
Waterside Area Youth Orchestra
Waukesha Area Youth Orchestras
Waukesha County Youth Hockey Association
Wednesday Night Youth Club
Wellingborough Town Youth Section
Wellington Youth Network
Wellington Youth Orchestra
Welsh Association of Youth Clubs
West African Youth Initiative
West African Youth Network
West Austin Youth Association
West Australian Youth Orchestra
West Coast Youth Congress
West End Youth Enquiry Service
West Haven Youth Basketball
West Newbury Youth Leagues
West Park Youth
West Seneca Youth Bureau
West Shore Youth Symphony
West Suburban Youth Orchestra
West Sussex Youth Cabinet
West Virginia Christian Youth Camp
West Visayan Conference Youth Council
Westchester Youth Soccer League
Western Connecticut Youth Hockey Association
Western Counties Youth Games
Western States Youth Gathering
Western Youth Futures
Western Youth Network
Westland Youth Athletic Association
Westmoreland Youth Symphony Orchestra
Westmount Youth Orchestra
Weston Youth Lacrosse
Wheaton Briarcliffe Youth Baseball
Whippoorwill Youth Athletic Association
White Orange Youth
White Orange Youth
Whitman Hanson Kingston Youth Hockey
Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra
Wilder Youth Development Center
Wilderness Youth Leadership Development
Will Power to Youth
Williamsburg Youth Baseball League
Williamson County Youth Orchestra
Willpower Youth Theatre
Wilmington Symphony Youth Orchestra
Windsor Symphony Youth Orchestra
Winnetka Youth Organization
Winston-Salem Youth Orchestras
Winter Youth Olympic Games
Wisconsin Abstinence Initiative for Youth
Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp
Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra
Woking Youth Arts Centre
Women and Youth Association
Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium and Tradeshow
Women and Youth Supporting Each Other
Women, Infants, Children, and Youth
Woodland Hills Youth
Worcestershire Youth Jazz Orchestra
Words of the Youth
Work Socialization of Youth
Working Group Youth
Working Together for Indigenous Youth
World Assembly of Youth
World Festival of Youth and Students
World Heritage Youth Forum
World Home for Youth
World Indigenous Youth Conference
World Spirit Youth Council
World Uygur Youth Congress
World Wide Youth Camps
World Youth Academy
World Youth Alliance
World Youth and Student Travel Conference
World Youth Basketball Tournament
World Youth Championship
World Youth Chess Championships
World Youth Choir
World Youth Day
World Youth Development and ICT (conference)
World Youth Festival
World Youth Foundation
World Youth Friendship Games
World Youth Goe Championship
World Youth Guitar Festival
World Youth International
World Youth Investment Organization
World Youth Leadership Network
World Youth Orchestra
World Youth Organization For Human Welfare
World Youth Peace Summit
World Youth Program
World Youth Sailing Championship
World Youth Scrabble Championship
World Youth Symphony Orchestra
World Youth Tour
World Youth Wave
Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement
Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering
Worthington Youth Boosters
Wyoming Association for Creative Youth
Wyoming Youth Services Bureau
Yakima Youth Soccer Association
Yellow Jacket Youth Center
Yoga Is Youthfulness
York Christian Youth Holidays
Your Orcutt Youth Organization
Youth Ability in Skilled Trades
Youth Achieving Destiny
Youth Action Committee
Youth Action for Global Justice
Youth Action for Peace
Youth Action International
Youth Action Kouncil
Youth Action Krew
Youth Action Network
Youth Action Rangers of Nigeria
Youth Action Research for Prevention
Youth Action Research Group
Youth Action Research Project
Youth Action Volunteer
Youth Activities Center
Youth Activities League
Youth Adult Committee
Youth Adult Council
Youth Adult Konnections
Youth Advisory Board
Youth Advisory Committee
Youth Advisory Council
Youth Advisory Delegate
Youth Advisory Group
Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts
Youth Affairs Research Network
Youth Against Complacency and Homelessness Today
Youth Against Drugs
Youth Against HIV/AIDS
Youth against Racism
Youth Against Racism in Europe
Youth against Road Rage
Youth Against Tobacco
Youth against Violence
Youth Against War
Youth Aids
Youth Alliance for Diversity
Youth America Grand Prix
Youth and Adult Correctional Agency
Youth and AIDS Projects
Youth and Children’s Ministry
Youth and Cultural Development Society Inc.
Youth and Education Law Project
Youth and Education Services
Youth and Environment Europe
Youth and Environment Society
Youth and Families Matter
Youth and Family
Youth and Family Center
Youth and Family Education
Youth and Family Education
Youth and Family Outreach
Youth and Philanthropy Initiative
Youth and Shelter Services, Inc
Youth and Young Adult ministries
Youth and Young Adults Program
Youth Anti Racism Network
Youth Aqua Fit
Youth Art Month
Youth Artist Competition
Youth Arts Leicestershire
Youth Arts Online
Youth Arts Queensland
Youth As Resources
Youth Assembly
Youth Asset Team
Youth Assistance Organization
Youth Assistance Program
Youth Assisting Youth
Youth Association for Population and Development
Youth Association for the Blind
Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples
Youth At Risk
Youth at Risk Program
Youth Basketball Association
Youth Basketball Association
Youth Basketball League
Youth Bible Study
Youth Bowling Association
Youth Bowling Association
Youth Bowling Club
Youth Bowling Club
Youth Bowling Council
Youth Bowling Council
Youth Bridge Global
Youth Brigade
Youth Buddhist Association
Youth Buddhist Association
Youth Builders Organisation
Youth Business Development
Youth Business Institute
Youth Business International
Youth Business Week
Youth Camp Leader
Youth Cancer Trust
Youth Capital Fund
Youth Challenge Academy
Youth Challenge International
Youth Charitable Organisation
Youth Charity Jam
Youth Charter for Sport, Culture and the Arts
Youth Church
Youth Climate Conference
Youth Clinical Services
Youth Club
Youth Coalition of the Australian Capital Territory
Youth College Network
Youth Commission International
Youth Committee Meeting
Youth Community Action Network
Youth Community Development Team
Youth Community Service Project
Youth Concert Artists
Youth Concert Orchestra
Youth Conference
Youth Connecting Communities
Youth Conservation Corps
Youth Coordinating Board
Youth Correction Authority Act
Youth Correctional Facility
Youth Correctional Officer
Youth Council Institute
Youth Crime Officer
Youth Cultural Development
Youth Dance Company
Youth Dance Theatre
Youth Delegate Application
Youth Dental Care Scheme
Youth Dependency Ratio
Youth Design Boston
Youth Development Academy
Youth Development Center
Youth Development Committee
Youth Development Department
Youth Development Education
Youth Development Enterprise
Youth Development Fund
Youth Development Group
Youth Development Inc.
Youth Development Initiative
Youth Development Institute
Youth Development International
Youth Development Leadership
Youth Development League
Youth Development Network
Youth Development Officer
Youth Development Project
Youth Development Specialist
Youth Development Training
Youth Development Training and Resource Center
Youth Development Trust
Youth Donors of Canada
Youth Drama Festival
Youth Drive International
Youth Drop in Program
Youth Educated at Home
Youth Education & Safety Section
Youth Education Forum
Youth Education in the Arts
Youth Education Life Line
Youth Education Program
Youth Education Scholarship
Youth Education Series
Youth Education Social Inclusion Partnership
Youth Education Support Service
Youth Education Team
Youth Elderly Service
Youth Emergency Assistance Hostel
Youth Emergency Crisis Stabilization System
Youth Emergency Services
Youth Emergency Shelter Society
Youth Employment and Demonstration Project Act of 1977
Youth Employment and Food Production Foundation
Youth Employment and Training Initiative
Youth Employment Initiative
Youth Employment Institute
Youth Employment Link
Youth Employment Network
Youth Employment Partnership, Inc.
Youth Employment Retention Rate
Youth Employment Service
Youth Employment Solutions
Youth Employment Standards Act
Youth Employment Start
Youth Employment Strategy
Youth Empowerment against HIV/AIDS
Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program
Youth Empowerment and Policy Project
Youth Empowerment Center
Youth Empowerment Movement
Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme
Youth Empowerment Summit
Youth Encounter
Youth End Poverty
Youth E-Newsletter
Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning
Youth Engaged in Science
Youth Engaged in Service
Youth Engineering and Science
Youth Enhancement Services
Youth Enrichment Services
Youth Ensemble of Atlanta
Youth Enterprise Fund
Youth Entertainment Sound System
Youth Entrepreneurial Success
Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas
Youth Entrepreneurs Society
Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy
Youth Environment Organization
Youth Environmental Leadership Program
Youth Environmental Network
Youth Environmental Program
Youth Environmental Summit
Youth Evangelism Conference
Youth Evangelism Fund
Youth Evangelism Service
Youth Exchange
Youth Exchange and Study
Youth Exchange Network
Youth Exchange Opportunity
Youth Exchange Scheme
Youth Exchanging with Seniors
Youth Excited About Him
Youth Expedition Project
Youth Expedition Project Alumni
Youth Experiential Learning Program
Youth Expert Group
Youth Extra Large
Youth Extra Small
Youth Favorite Places
Youth Fellowship
Youth Field Xpress
Youth Fitness Leader
Youth Fitness Leader
Youth Flying Club
Youth Football Club
Youth Football League
Youth Football League
Youth Football Scotland
Youth for a New World
Youth for Chinese Elderly
Youth For Christ
Youth for Christ
Youth for Christ New Zealand Inc.
Youth for Development
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Youth For Equality
Youth For Equality
Youth For Europe
Youth For Europe
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Youth for Hackney
Youth for Human Rights
Youth for Jesus
Youth for Justice
Youth for Nationalism and Democracy
Youth for Public Transport
Youth for Social Justice
Youth for Technology Foundation
Youth for the Nations
Youth for the Third Millennium
Youth for Tomorrow
Youth For Understanding
Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action
Youth for Western Civilization
Youth for Youth
Youth Force Coalition
Youth Forum Eye
Youth Forum Eye
Youth Forum Jeunesse
Youth Forum of the European Union
Youth Friendly Doctor
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Youth Funding Youth Ideas
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Youth Government Day
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Youth Hackers Club
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Youth Health Empowerment Project
Youth Health Service
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Youth Homes, Inc.
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Youth Impact International
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Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction
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Youth Indoor Football League
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Youth Initiative
Youth Initiative Grant
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Youth International Party Line
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Youth Investing Energy in Leadership Development
Youth Investment Council
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Youth Justice Advisory Committee
Youth Justice Agency
Youth Justice Association
Youth Justice Board
Youth Justice Coalition
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Youth Justice Improvement Group
Youth Justice Plan
Youth Justice Project
Youth Knowledge Network
Youth Lagoon
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Youth Law Centre
Youth Leaders International
Youth Leaders of Promise
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Youth Leadership Academy
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Youth Leadership Mentoring
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Youth Leadership Miami
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Youth Ministry Associates
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Youth Motivation Task Force
Youth Mountain Bike Adventures
Youth Movement for Democracy
Youth Movement for Mizoram
Youth Movement Records
Youth Music Tasmania Inc
Youth Musical Theater Company
Youth Musical Theatre
Youth National Team
Youth Network for Human Rights and Democracy
Youth News Network
Youth Non-Governmental Organization
Youth N-Touch Ministries
Youth of America
Youth of European Nationalities
Youth of European People’s Party
Youth of Generation
Youth of the Quarter
Youth of the Way
Youth of Unity
Youth Offender Demonstration Project
Youth Offender Team
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Youth Opera Preparation and Education
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Youth Opportunities Network, Inc.
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Youth Opportunity Program
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Youth Orchestra of Bucks County
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Youth Order of Democratic Americans
Youth Organic Environmental
Youth Organization of Bhutan
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Youth Outreach Worker
Youth Owned Records
Youth Participatory Evaluation
Youth Partnership for Peace and Development
Youth Peacebuilders Network
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Youth Peer Education Program
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Youth Policy Update
Youth Prayer Meeting
Youth Programs Committee
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Youth Quality of Life
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Youth Rally
Youth Rapier Marshal
Youth Recognition Award
Youth Red Cross Society
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Youth Rehabilitation Order
Youth Religious Education
Youth Research Centre
Youth Research Fund
Youth Research Program
Youth Restorative Disposal
Youth Restricted Viewing
Youth Review Group
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Youth Rodeo Association
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Youth Science Enrichment Program
Youth Science Foundation
Youth Science Foundation
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Youth Service Fund
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Youth Serving Christ
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Youth Soccer League
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Youth Sport Trust
Youth Sports Alliance of Tracy
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Youth Sports Network
Youth Sports Research Council New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Youth Sports Services Department
Youth Sports Video Network
Youth Strategy Group
Youth Striving for Excellence
Youth Studies Australia
Youth Study Center
Youth Substance Abuse Treatment
Youth Suicide Awareness Trust
Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Group
Youth Suicide Prevention Education Program
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Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon
Youth Taking Action
Youth Talkline
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Youth Theater Coalition of Chicago
Youth Theatre
Youth Theatre Company
Youth Theatre Journal
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Youth to Eliminate Loss of Life
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Youth Tobacco Cessation Collaborative
Youth Together
Youth Tourism Consortium of Canada
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Youth Training Initiative
Youth Training Program
Youth Training Scheme
Youth Transition Funders Group
Youth Transition Network
Youth Transition Program
Youth Travel Partners
Youth Travel Polska
Youth Travel Program
Youth Triathalon Series
Youth Tutoring Program
Youth Under Control
Youth Unite for Victory on AIDS
Youth United for Change
Youth United for Community Action
Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach
Youth Violence Reduction
Youth Violence Reduction Partnership
Youth Voice Initiative
Youth Volunteer Corps
Youth Volunteer Corps of America
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Youth Volunteer Initiative
Youth Volunteer Program
Youth Volunteering Wychavon
Youth Vote Overseas
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Youth Watershed Education Team
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Youth with a Vision
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Youth Yellow Pages
Youth Yindi Foundation
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Youthful Offender
Youthful Offender
Youthful Tendency Disorder
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Youths on Bettering Society
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