Zoology Abbreviations


What is Zoology?

Zoology comes from the Greek zoon meaning animal and logos meaning study. Zoology is the science that studies animals and the relationships between them and the environment in which they live. Zoology also studies the structure of animals, from which they constitute their tissues, cellular properties and functions.

Approximately 2,000,000 species of animals are known, but some experts believe that in certain groups, only a small fraction of the existing species is known.

Animal physiology is studied from anatomy and embryology. The genetics and mechanisms of evolution of animals are studied through molecular biology, molecular genetics and evolutionary biology. Animal ecology studies its ecological behavior. In evolutionary biology, population genetics, heredity, variance, Mendelism and reproduction are considered. Other sciences study characteristics that are common to each species or group of animals.

The study of animal morphology includes the recognition of all types of extinct and current animals, and their distribution in time and space.

Zoology is subdivided into several branches, such as Mastozoology, which studies mammals, Ichthyology, which studies fish, Ornithology, which studies birds, and Elotology, which studies the behavior of animals.

Zoology Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Zoology

AEZ Applied Entomology and Zoology
AJZ Australian Journal of Zoology
BJZ Belgian Journal of Zoology
DIZING Division of Invertebrate Zoology
DIZ Division of Invertebrate Zoology
IOZ Institute of Zoology
IZB Institute of Zoology and Botany
IBA International Bryozoology Association
ISOBUTANOL International Bryozoology Association
ISAZ International Society for Anthrozoology
ISCZ International Society of Cryptozoology
ISC International Society of Cryptozoology
IJZ Israel Journal of Zoology
JEZ Journal of Experimental Zoology
MLZ Moore Laboratory of Zoology
MIZ Museum and Institute of Zoology
MCZ Museum of Comparative Zoology
MVZ Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
PBZ Physiological and Biochemical Zoology
UAZD University of Aberdeen Zoology Department
VZY Vertebrate Zoology
WFVZ Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology
ZOOL Zoology
ZOOB Zoology, Ontology, Ontogeny, Botany