Abbreviation for Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is a city that is easy to thrive in. The downtown areas with its winding cobblestone streets and lively nightlife are extremely charming, and unlike major cities in many other western countries, you hardly see beggars, graffiti, prostitutes or drug addicts in the center.

Although the capital of Switzerland is Bern, in Zurich you will find the National Museum, Switzerland’s largest church, the Opera House, the stock exchange, the international financial banks and the headquarters of countless multinational companies.

Shopping tourists have good days in Zurich. The city has a huge selection of top quality goods, but cheap it definitely isn’t. Zurich is also a great base for exploring the rest of the country, and almost no part of Switzerland is more than two to three hours train ride away.

World famous winter sports resorts such as St. Moritz and Davos are located right on Zurich, so this is a city you can visit all year round.

Get to know Zurich

Zurich began its history two thousand years ago as a Roman customs station on the border between Gallia and the Roman Empire, and did not exist until the 13th century. Today, Zurich has grown to become the largest city in Switzerland with around 375,000 inhabitants.

Zurich is an important economic center in Europe and the city is of course the cultural and financial center of Switzerland, despite the fact that Zurich is not the capital. The capital is called Bern. According to a study conducted by Mercer Consultings, Zurich was the city in the world with the highest quality of life for its inhabitants.

Switzerland today has around 7.5 million inhabitants and has existed as an independent nation since 1291. Switzerland has for centuries been a neutral and peace-loving country, perhaps not so strange when it has had neighbors such as Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler. The country has not been at war since 1815, and it is in Switzerland that you will find the headquarters of humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross, the UN and the World Health Organization.

Switzerland has four official languages: German, Italian, French and Rhetoric. Zurich is German-speaking, but the dialect can be a little difficult to understand for those who are only used to ordinary German. Most citizens speak English, which is perhaps natural in a city where every third person is a foreign national.

Admittedly, the largest group of these foreign nationals are Germans, while there are strikingly few immigrants from Asia and Africa compared to other European major cities.

Measured against other Swiss cities, Zurich is a modern city. Zurich enjoys an idyllic location on the northwest side of Lake Zurich and is split into two by the Limmat River. Most of the sights and attractions are close to the river, on both banks. Zurich is a very green city, with many greenery, trees, canals and parks. Through walks in the city you will always come across drinking fountains with good and clean water.

Zurich and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: ZRH
  • Country: Switzerland

Niederdorf – East of the Old Town of Zurich

The most charming part of Zurich most will find is Niederdorf, the area east of Limmat. This is part of Altstadt, Zurich’s Old Town. Here are narrow cobbled pedestrian streets and old medieval buildings that span a maximum of four floors.

The district extends from the river and up into the hills. Along the river bank you will find the Limmatquai street, with promenade on one side and cafes and shops on the other. Here is the city’s old town hall, and the country’s largest church, Grossmünster. The church was completed in the 1300s, and thrones on a hilltop. A few hundred meters east of the church lies Switzerland’s leading art gallery, Kunsthaus, which has one of the world’s largest collections of classical art. If you like masters like Picasso and Munch then Kunsthaus is worth a visit.

At the northern end of Niederdorfstrasse is the entrance to the lower station of the 120-year-old Polybahn cable car, which takes you straight up to the old University of Zurich. This is the largest university in Switzerland with nearly 25,000 students. Here big names like Einstein, Röntgen and Schrödinger have worked. At Polybahn’s upper station is a large terrace with cafes and a nice view of Zurich. Of course, the many students contribute to a very good night life, and no cities in Europe have more clubs and bars than Zurich, compared to the population.

Outside Polybahn’s lower station, you can cross the Bahnhofbrücke bridge to the western districts of Zurich, even if you are still in the Old Town. You then go straight to the Hauptbahnhof, the city’s main train station, and just north of this is the Swiss National Museum, Landesmuseum.

Hauptbahnhof and Old Town western areas

Outside Polybahn’s lower station, you can cross the Bahnhofbrücke bridge to the western districts of Zurich, even if you are still in the Old Town. You then go straight to the Hauptbahnhof, the city’s main train station, and just north of this is the Swiss National Museum, Landesmuseum.

South of the train station starts what is perhaps the most expensive and exclusive shopping street in the world. Bahnhofstrasse is one and a half kilometers of avenue with exclusive and expensive shops such as Chanel, Armani and Cartier as well as all the chain stores.

Paradeplatz and Bellevue Platz

Banhofstrasse leads to Paradeplatz, where the headquarters of several of Switzerland’s powerful banks are located. But even in this modern business district, the skyscrapers shine with their absence. Bahnhofstrasse follows the now non-existent old city walls that surrounded Zurich in medieval times.

At the end of the Bahnhofstrasse lies Bürkliplatz on the banks of the idyllic Lake Zurich with its many swans. Here are also the docks with boats that can take you to other places by the lake. The Zurich Sea is popular to swim in during the summer, and the water is very clean.

The lake is 40 kilometers long, but only 3 kilometers at its widest. From Bürkliplatz you can cross Limmat over the Quaibrücke bridge to Bellevue Platz, and just below is the Zurich Opera House. From Bellevue Platz begins a three kilometer long idyllic promenade along the lake, which, among other things, passes an area where the city’s inhabitants love to gather to swim and barbecue on hot summer days. You also pass a Chinese garden, a gift from the sister city of Kunming.

Old Town Center and Lindenhof

In the Old Town, between Bahnhofstrasse and the Limmat River, are several interesting areas and buildings. Fraumünster is the city’s oldest church, dating from 823, and the church has stained-glass windows by renowned artist Marc Chagall. Just north of Fraumünster lies St. Peter’s Church, which has the world’s largest dial on its tower, with a diameter of 8.7 meters. St. Peter’s Church is at the foot of the Lindenhof hill, which in many ways is the starting point of Zurich. This is where the Romans built their fortress and customs station 2,000 years ago, but there is not much left of it.

If you follow Lindenhofstrasse, you will see ancient Roman stone tablets and tombstones along the road, which are amazingly free of graffiti. At the top is a large and pleasant terrace, with an excellent view of Limmat and the eastern parts of Zurich. Here are also several large chess boards with half-meter pieces, where the city’s older gentlemen are constantly gathering and challenging each other.

Zurich Facts

Switzerland’s largest city.


Around 375000

Official languages


Control Form



46% Roman Catholic, 40% Protestant

Time Difference



Swiss Franc. Equivalent (as of June 2008) to just under NOK 5. ATMs are found almost everywhere, and the use of credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and Diners is very widespread.


It is normal to give 5-10% in restaurants and in taxis if you are satisfied with the service. Otherwise, you are not expected to give tips.


The Norwegian Embassy in Switzerland is located in Bern, but in Zurich there is a Consulate General. It is located in Utoquai 37, and has telephone.: + 41-1-254 6139.






Police 117, Fire 118, Ambulance 144


220v as in Norway

Holidays and Holidays

January 1st, January 2nd, Good Friday, 1st Easter Day, Ascension Day, 1st Pentecost, August 1st (Switzerland National Day), December 25th.


Not required for Norwegian citizens.


No vaccines are required.


Can be easily drunk from the tap.

Nearest major cities

Lucerne, Bern, Basel.


Zurich is generally a very safe city and you hardly see beggars and drug addicts in the downtown areas. Still, be a little cautious in the city’s other nightlife area, Langstrasse in District 4, where most drug addicts and prostitutes reside.

ZRH: Zurich, Switzerland - Zurich

List of Zurich Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Zurich is ZRH which stands for Zurich. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Zurich, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AVZ Astronomische Vereinigung Zürich
BCZ Banque Cantonale de Zurich
CUZ Chinese Union of Zurich
EPFZ Ecole Polytechnique Federale Zurich
FCZ Fussball Club Zurich
GZA Greater Zurich Area
HGKZ Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich
HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich
IDEA Imperial College London, Delft University of Technology, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University
ICZ Infras Consultants Zurich
ICSZ Inter-Community School Zurich
IGSP Interessengemeinschaft für Sozialpsychiatrie Zürich
ISCZ International Ski Club of Zurich
IZS International Zurich Seminar on Communications
KCZ Kanu Club Zurich
LZMSN Lake Zurich Middle School North
LMZ Leder und Motorradclub Zürich
LIZ Living in Zurich
MCZ Management Consulting Zurich
OTZ Offene Tür Zürich
PKZ Paul Kehl, Zurich
RCZ Racing Club Zurich
RVZ Regionaler Volleyballverband Zürich
SZU Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn
TBZ Technische Berufsschule Zürich
TRZ Trans Re Zurich
TPC TV Produktionscenter Zurich
UGZ Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz Zurich
UZH University of Zurich
UOZ University Of Zürich
VIS Verein der Informatikstudierenden an der eth Zürich
VBZ Verkehrsbetriebe Zurich
VZO Verkehrsbetriebe Zurichsee und Oberland
ZBZ Zentralbibliothek Zürich
ZH Zürich
ZU Zürich
ZBER Zurich Bank
ZB Zurich Bank
ZCM Zurich Capital Markets
ZCMA Zurich Capital Markets Asia Ltd.
ZCMI Zurich Capital Markets, Inc.
ZCO Zurich Chamber Orchestra
ZCQ Zurich Claudication Questionnaire
ZESCAP Zürich Epidemiological Study of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
ZEBRA Zurich Extragalactic Bayesian Redshift Analyzer
ZFS Zurich Financial Services Group
ZISC Zurich Information Security Center
ZIMBABWE Zurich Insurance
ZI Zurich Insurance
ZIC Zurich Insurance Company
ZIIL Zurich Insurance Ireland Limited
ZIS Zurich Insurance Services
ZIL Zurich International Life Limited
ZIS Zurich International School
ZJO Zurich Jazz Orchestra
ZKI Zurich Kemper Investments, Inc.
ZKL Zurich Kemper Life
ZMG Zurich Management Group
ZRCH Zurich Reinsurance Centre Holdings Inc.
ZRL Zurich Research Laboratory
ZSC Zurich Schlittschuh Club
ZRH Zurich, Switzerland – Zurich
ZSC Zuricher Schwulen Club