Most Used Acronyms in Digital Marketing

As in any segment, digital marketing presents several acronyms, which serve to simplify access to long or more complex terms that end up becoming jargons that must be known to those who work in this segment.
Below, we highlight the main acronyms used by digital marketing agencies and marketing professionals so that you are prepared to access a query material or discuss a project in your company.

Most Used Acronyms in Digital Marketing

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most commonly used expressions in digital marketing, SEO means “search engine optimization”. In other words, how to optimize the content of your site so that when a Google user types the keywords related to your business, your company’s website is on the first pages of search.

2) SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Acronym used to identify the search results page made on a research site, such as Google, Bing, Ask. com, etc.

3) PPC (Pay per Click)

In an ad campaign on Google Adwords or Facebook, PPC is the amount paid for each click that was made in your ad.

4) CPC (Cost per Click)

A little different from the acronym above, the CPC is the estimated cost you are willing to pay for a click on your ad.

5) ESP (email Service Provider)

Companies that offer email marketing services and sending email to lists such as Mailchimp, Egoi, Constant Contact, etc.

6) PV (Page Views)

Number of views of your site or specific pages on your site.

7) RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

Feed that allows you to automatically publish your company’s generous content, such as podcasts or blog posts.

8) UV (Unique Visitor)

Acronym that indicates a unique visitor on your site. In other words, you will not only identify the total number of visits, but also the total number of people who visited your site.

9) CTA (Call To Action)

Very important expression for your business, because the “Call-to-action”, or “bait”, is a way for you to collect the email from future customers to your list, in exchange for something of value such as an e-book, presentation, etc.

10) DM (Direct Message)

On Twitter, it is the direct message to a specific user, rather than a tweet that is visualized by all of his followers.

11) CTR (Click Through Rate)

Click Rate, which evaluates the performance of your keywords and your ads. In summary, it is the amount that results from dividing the number of clicks in your Adwords ads by the amount of people who viewed it.

12) SaaS (Software as a Service)

Model hiring a software in which you do not pay a single license, but a monthly amount that entitles you to access. For many digital marketing tools it is the best solution for enabling flexibility to upgrade to new trends.

13) SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Digital marketing model that involves the promotion of websites through advertisements and SEO to optimize their results in the SERP.

14) WOM (Word of Mouth)

Perhaps one of the oldest tools in marketing, but still very valuable, the famous “mouth-to-mouth”, in which customers promote their products and services without receiving anything in return, simply because they want to share the positive experience they had.

15) API (Application Programing Interface)

Application programming Interface, which allows programmatic access to software functions, widely used to allow external access and integration with other software to increase the functionalities available to the client.

If you have any more acronym you have doubts, put in the comments we will answer with your concept.


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