About Abbreviation Finder

As an award-winning non-commercial website, the Abbreviation Finder is an existing database that provides millions of acronyms and abbreviations in English language as used around the world.

Dedicated to updating and expanding the terms, the Abbreviation Finder allows its visitors to submit words too. If, we shall fail you in the search for any particular acronym or abbreviation, you may suggest and upload it to the site. Verified and rated, it will be included in our database and be available to any users. The Abbreviation Finder handles the load of millions of worldwide visitors a day who contributes to the millions of page view as well as continuous improvement of the database.

Abbreviation Finder is the smart choice for people with different professional backgrounds. As a ready-reference resource, it is trusted and linked to various websites such as the schools, libraries, and government.

Abbreviation Finder is a trusted ready reference resource at thousands of schools, libraries, and government websites. Yahoo reports over 1 million links to Abbreviation Finder, more than all other similar websites combined. By any measure, it is an “authority” website, trusted by schools, libraries, universities, governments, the defense industry, and translators and interpreters worldwide.

What’s an Acronym?

Created from the initial letters of each words in a phrase, the acronym is a subset of abbreviations and is pronounced as a word. In our database, however, the distinctions among the abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms are blurred. We help define the “acronyms” and make them all available to you. Here are some examples of acronyms:

New York CityNYC

As Soon As PossibleASAP

One note: when entering search terms, leave out the periods in the acronyms or abbreviations (e.g., U.S.) in the interest of speed and space.

Abbreviation Finder in the Press

“…Try Abbreviation Finder. They have millions of acronyms across a wide range of topics. These abbreviations are carefully edited and maintained by human editors.”