Beauty Abbreviations


What is Beauty?

Beauty is a feminine noun that expresses the quality of what is beautiful or pleasant. It can also be a term to describe a beautiful woman or a beautiful thing.

Beauty is a feature or a set of features that are pleasing to the eye and capable of captivating the observer. When a person is beautiful, he can be called “beauty”. Is he dating that beauty? He’s a lucky man!

A person’s beauty can be worked on. For this, there are beauty salons and beauty products, which aim to improve the physical appearance of these people. The expression “natural beauty” is used to describe a person who is naturally beautiful, that is, does not need products or a lot of effort to look beautiful.

The concept of beauty varies according to culture and personal opinion. What is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another.

Beauty is a splendorous manifestation of the being that causes a joyful knowledge. Beauty is presented with a relative character: not all beings present themselves in the splendor of their perfection, not all people are endowed with the same capacity for aesthetic emotion, and there is only beauty when the object causes joyful fruition.

For this reason, art, which has as one of its objectives the manufacture of beauty, strives in many ways to present the being in the harmony of its shapes and proportions, that is, in all its splendor, in order to provoke knowledge. jouissance, an indispensable requirement for the object that provokes it to be really beautiful.

Inner beauty

Beauty is not just a physical property, it can be related to an individual’s character or personality. The expression “inner beauty” is related to goodness or excellence. These days, in many societies, inner beauty does not have the same value as outer beauty.

Beauty Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Beauty

ABL A Beautiful Life
ACAB All Colors Are Beautiful
ATBB All Things Bright and Beautiful
ABA Allied Beauty Association
ATB America The Beautiful
AMBG America’s Most Beautiful Girls
AB American Beauty
ABBR American Beauty & Barber Registry
ABBREVIATE American Beauty & Barber Registry
ABA American Beauty Association
ABBREVIATE American Beauty Barber Registry
ABBR American Beauty Barber Registry
AMBCS American Beauty Car Show
AHBAI American Health and Beauty Aids Institute
AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
BIBB Bag in a Beautiful Box
BAM Beautiful American Marine
BAG Beautiful Assistant Gangbuster
BBFF Beautiful Best Friend Forever
BBB Beautiful Beyond Belief
BBQ Beautiful Black Queen
BBWS Beautiful Black Women
BBW Beautiful Black Women
BBF Beautiful Bloody Fiction
BBC Beautiful British Columbia
BDLG Beautiful Dead Little Girl
BFTF Beautiful Feet Task Force
BFC Beautiful Female Companions
BG Beautiful Game
BEIGE Beautiful Game
BG Beautiful Garbage
BEIGE Beautiful Garbage
BG Beautiful Girl
BEIGE Beautiful Girl
BGFS Beautiful Girlfriend
BGF Beautiful Girlfriend
BITCH Beautiful Individual that Creates Haters
BITCH Beautiful Intelligent Talented Creative Honest
BKO Beautiful Kids Organization
BLOW Beautiful Ladies Of Wrestling
BLND Beautiful Lesbos Never Die
BL Beautiful Lineswoman
BMW Beautiful Mexican Woman
BM Beautiful Midnight
BM Beautiful Music
BOFH Beautiful Operatress from Heaven
BYPASS Beautiful People
BP Beautiful People
BAGPIPE Beautiful People
BPCU Beautiful Plains Credit Union
BPSD Beautiful Plains School Division
BRL Beautiful Report Language
BRAT Beautiful Rich and Talented
BSLC Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
BSLS Beautiful Savior Lutheran School
BWN Beautiful White Noise
BW Beautiful Woman
BABE Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant
BAGS Beauty Age Goodness Size
BANGS Beauty Age Numbers Goodness Size
BBSI Beauty and Barber Supply Institute, Inc
BATB Beauty and the Beast
BB Beauty and the Beast
BC Beauty Contest
BGFS Beauty Gems Factory
BGF Beauty Gems Factory
BIITEOTB Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
BJV Beauty Junkie Vampires
BL Beauty Leopard
BLH Beauty Lounge Hammam
BOD Beauty of the Day
BSFI Beauty Salon Furniture Inc.
BS Beauty Shop
BWC Beauty Without Cruelty
BBS Best Beautiful Smallest Miniatures
BBB Big Beautiful Backgrounds
BBBW Big Beautiful Black Woman
BBL Big Beautiful Lady
BBM Big Beautiful Man
BBP Big Beautiful People
BBT Big Beautiful Teen
BBWS Big Beautiful Women
BBW Big Beautiful Women
BBB Big, the Bad and the Beautiful
BBR Black Beauty Ranch
BATB Bold and the Beautiful
BABTAC British Association of Beauty Therapist and Cosmetologists
CRB Campaign for Real Beauty
CBSG Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine
CMBS Chicago Midwest Beauty Show
CIBTAC Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
DEBS Discipline Energy Beauty Strength
FBIA Fashion & Beauty Internet Association
FBI Funny, Beautiful, Intelligent
GTOB Geek Thing of Beauty
GMB Good Morning, Beautiful
HABB Hair & Beauty Benevolent Fund
HBIC Head Beauty In Charge
HBA Health & Beauty Aid
HBA Health & Beauty America
HBC Health & Beauty Care
HABA Health And Beauty Aids
HBA Health, Beauty & Accessories
HBW Health/Beauty/Wellness
HBH Hormones-Beauty-Health
KAB Keep America Beautiful, Inc.
KABV Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria
KCB Keep Charlotte Beautiful
KCCB Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful
KDB Keep Durham Beautiful, Inc.
KEPB Keep East Point Beautiful
KEPB Keep El Paso Beautiful
KGBF Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation
KGSB Keep Griffin Spalding Beautiful
KHB Keep Houston Beautiful
KIRB Keep Indian River Beautiful
KIB Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.
KJB Keep Jacksonville Beautiful
KNB Keep Nebraska Beautiful
KNPLCB Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful
KOB Keep Ohio Beautiful
KPB Keep Pinellas Beautiful
KRCB Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful
KRB Keep Roswell Beautiful, Inc.
KSAB Keep San Antonio Beautiful
KSSNFB Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful, Inc.
KSCB Keep Sarasota County Beautiful
KTB Keep Texas Beautiful
KTMB Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful
KWB Keep Waco Beautiful
L-AND-B Large and Beautiful
LIBS Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences
LISB Life Is So Beautiful
LTBQ Lisa the Beauty Queen
MYAB Maryland You Are Beautiful
MBSS Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers
MBW My Beautiful Woman
NHTB New Hampshire the Beautiful, Inc.
NMBW No More Beautiful World
NEBRA Northeast Beauty Representatives Association
OPIB Outer Power, Inner Beauty
OICB Oxford International College of Beauty
PBE Powerful Beautiful Excellent
PBF Professional Beauty Federation
SBBB See Beauty Beyond Breed
SBC Simply Beautiful Cosmetics
SBC Sleeping Beauty Castle
SIBE Spectrum International Beauty Expo
SBSA Stay Beautiful/Stay Alive
SBBW Super Big Beautiful Woman
SSBBW Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman
TBW Tall Beautiful Woman
TABP Texas Association of Beauty Professionals
TBG The Beautiful Girls
TBM The Beautiful Mistake
TBS The Beautiful South
TBW The Beauty Within
TBR This Beautiful Republic
TBTD Too Beautiful to Die
TBTL Too Beautiful to Live
TBIO Turn Beauty Inside Out
VBB Vietnamese Blue Beauty
WBW Weddings Beautiful Worldwide
WWWB When We Were Beautiful
WLBL Wisconsin, Land of Beautiful Lakes
WOMBAT Women of Beauty and Temptation
WMBB World’s Most Beautiful Beaches
WMBD Worlds Most Beautiful Drive
YASB You Are So Beautiful Studio
YLB You Look Beautiful
YSB You’re So Beautiful
YBB Young, Broke & Beautiful
YBNS Your Beauty Network
YBN Your Beauty Network
YHB Your Hidden Beauty