Geology Abbreviations

The concept of geology comes from two Greek words: geo (“ earth ”) and logos (“study”). It is the science that analyzes the internal and external shape of the terrestrial globe. That said, geology is responsible for studying the materials that make up the globe and the respective formation mechanism. It also focuses on the changes that these matters have undergone since their origin and the current status of their placement.


Geology Abbreviations

Within the geological sciences, it is possible to distinguish several disciplines. Structural geology is that which studies the structures of the earth’s crust. In this way, it analyzes the relationship between the various rocks that compose it.

Historical geology, in turn, studies the transformations of the Earth, from its origin to the present. To facilitate the analysis, geologists performed chronological divisions such as eras, periods and ages, among others.

Economic geology is interested in the study of rocks in search of mineral riches that can be exploited by man . When geology finds deposits, mining begins.

Earthquakes and the propagation of seismic waves are studied by seismology. The rock rupture process, responsible for the release of seismic waves, is one of its main points of interest.

Volcanoes, magma and lava , on the other hand, belong to the realm of volcanology. This discipline observes volcanic eruptions and seeks to prevent them.

Finally, we will emphasize that astrogeology or exogeology is about applying geological techniques and knowledge to celestial bodies such as planets, comets and asteroids.

List of Acronyms Related to Geology

ADMG Alaska Division of Mines and Geology
BEGINING Bureau of Economic Geology
BEG Bureau of Economic Geology
BGMR Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
CFCG Center for Coastal Geology
CMG Coastal & Marine Geology
CMG Commission for Marine Geology
CSG Commission on Global Sedimentary Geology
DGM Department of Geology and Mines
DMG Department of Mines and Geology
DMG Division of Mines and Geology
ESMG Earth Science and Marine Geology
EMG Exploration and Mining Geology
FCG Federal Coordinator for Geology
FUMAGES Future of Marine Geology and Geophysics
GLG Geology
GAEA Geology And Energy Analysis
GMD Geology and Mining Department
GITC Geology In The Classroom
GGB Geophysics and Geology Branch
GGG Glacial Geology and Geomorphology
GIGE Gondwana Institute for Geology and Environment
IMGG Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics
ISPG Institute of Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology
IPGC International Professional Geology Conference
IUGS-CGM International Union of Geological Sciences Commission for Marine Geology
IWGMG International Working Group on Medical Geology
JGG Journal of Glacial Geology
JMG Journal of Metamorphic Geology
KDG Keele Department of Geology
KGLS Kline Geology Lab
KGL Kline Geology Lab
KIG Korea Institute of Geology
MEG Mining and Environmental Geology
MIWG Museum of Isle of Wight Geology
NIGP Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology
NORGES Network of Offshore Records of Geology and Stratigraphy
NOEGTS Northern Ontario Engineering Geology Terrain Study
NJG Norwegian Journal of Geology
QMG Quantitative Methods in Geology
QJEGH Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
RAG Research Associate in Geology
RGAG Research Group for Applied Geology
RIGMR Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources
RSW Ridgeology Science Workshop
SJG Scottish Journal of Geology
SGA Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology
SGBA Structural Geology and Basin Analysis
TSG Tectonics/Structural Geology
TSG Tectonicsstructural Geology
WIHG Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
WCMG Western Coastal and Marine Geology