Java Abbreviations

Java is programming language. Developed by Sun Microsystems specifically for creating distributed software on networks such as the Internet .

Java Abbreviations


Java is very similar in structure and syntax to C++ . With Java, complete programs can be written that are sent over the network to the user’s computer before being executed. It is also possible to develop small applications, bits of program, with Java, so-called applets, which are also downloaded via the network and are often part of a web page. In this way, the limitations of the browser and HTML can be overcome. See also: bytecode , applet , thin client , interpreter , cross platform .

Java is the most populous island in Indonesia . About half of the approximately 200,000,000 inhabitants of Indonesia live on Java. This is also where the capital of Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ is located. Java is considered the center of Indonesia.

List of Acronyms Related to Java

ACEJS Ace Javascripts
AJCS Advanced JavaScript Control Suite
AD4J Application Diagnostics for Java
AJAX Asynchronous Javascript and XML
AJSS Atlanta Java Software Symposium
BOJUG Bangalore Open Java Users’ Group
BNJ Bayesian Networks Tools in Java
BFJ Bigfoot Java
BBJ Business Basic for Java
BC4J Business Components for Java
CJUG Calgary Java User Group
COJ CMIS Over Java
COEJRE COE Java Runtime Environment
CTJ Communicating Threads for Java
CLJ Comp.lang.javascript
DSIJ Data Structures into Java
DJB De Javasche Bank
DEJ Développons en Java
DJVT Diploma in Java Technologies
DAJ Distributed Algorithms in Java
DLJ Distributor License for Java
EJV Enterprise Java Victoria
EJB Enterprise JavaBeans
FMJ Freedom for Media in Java
FOJ Fundamentals of Java
JGL Generic Collection Library for Java
GJ Generic Java
GJT Giant Java Tree
GCJ GNU Compiler for Java Programming Language (trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
GSP Gnu Server Page (Java Servlet for HTML scripting)
JGO GoDiagram for Java
GJT Graphic Java Toolkit
HPCJ High Performance Compiler for Java
HJH HTML and JavaScript Help
HCJ HTML CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) JavaScript (computer programming)
HJB HTTP JMS (Java Message Service) Bridge
IDLJ IDL-To-Java Compiler
IEJUG Iranian Enterprise Java Users Group
IRJ iView Runtime for Java
J Java
J2SE Java 2 Platform; Second Edition
JRUN Java 2 Web Server Engine
J2SE Java 2.0 Standard Edition
JASING Java Abstract Search Engine
JASES Java Abstract Search Engine
JAB Java Access Bridge
JAC Java Access Control
JAGUAR Java Access to Generic Underlying Architectural Resources
JAFS Java Activation Framework
JAF Java Activation Framework
JAM Java Adapter for Mainframe
JADC Java Advanced Digital Clock
JAI Java Advanced Imaging
JAIN Java Advanced Intelligent Networks
JAGE Java Adventure Game Engine
JADE Java Agent Development Framework
JAM Java Agent-enabled Marketplace
JAAT Java Alias Analysis Tool
JSAS Java allied Secure Agent Server
JAP Java Anonymous Proxy
JAMES Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server
JAGA Java API for Genetic Algorithms
JAX-RS Java API for Restful Web Services
JAX Java API for XML
JAXP Java API for XML Parsing
JAXP Java API for XML Processing
JAIN Java APIs for Integrated Networks
JACK Java Applet Correctness Kit
JARS Java Applet Rating Service
JACK Java Application Component Kit
JACL Java Application Control Language
JAD Java Application Descriptor
JAE Java Application Environment
JAFFA Java Application Framework for All
JAG Java Application Generator
JAM Java Application Manager
JARV Java Application Programming Interface for RELAX Verifiers
JAR Java Application Resource
JAS Java Application Server
JA-SIG Java Application-Special Interest Group
JABA Java Architecture for Bytecode Analysis
JAR Java Archive
JAAS Java Authentication and Authorization Service
JACC Java Authorization Contract for Containers
JBLS Java Battle.Net Logon Server
JBI Java Business Integration
JBGP Java Bytecode Genetic Programming
JCS Java Caching System
JCC Java Call Control
JCAE Java Card Application Environment
JCA Java Card Assembly
JCP Java Certified Programmer
JCR Java Chatroom
JCCS Java City Coffee Club
JCFE Java Class File Editor
JCL Java Class Library
JCSP Java Communicating Sequential Processes
JCP Java Community Process
JCK Java Compatibility Kit
JCL Java Compiled Language
JCAE Java Computer Aided Engineering
JCIP Java Concurrency in Practice
JCA Java Connection Architecture
JCO Java Connector
JCHR Java Constraint Handling Rules
JCK Java Constraint Kit
JCMS Java Content Management System
JCR Java Content Repository
JCP Java Control Panel
JCO Java CORBA Object
JCSI Java Crypto and Security Implementation
JCA Java Cryptography Architecture
JCE Java Cryptography Extension
JDM Java Data Mining
JDMP Java Data Mining Package
JDMP Java Data Mover/Processor
JDO Java Data Object
JDBC Java Database Connectivity
JDL Java DBMS Linux
JDI Java Debug Interface
JDB Java Debugger
JDWP Java Debugging Wire Protocol
JDS Java Desktop System
JDC Java Developer Connection
JDL Java Developers Lobby
JDE Java Development Environment
JDI Java Development Infrastructure
JDK Java Development Kit
JDT Java Development Tool
JDTF Java Device Test Framework
JDL Java Digital Library
JDI Java Driver Interface
JEDI Java Education & Development Initiative
JEM Java Element Manager
JEOPS Java Embedded Object Production System
JES Java Embedded Server
JEMU Java Emulator
JEDI Java Engineering, Development, & Integration
JES Java Enhanced SIP (IETF proposal)
JEE Java Enterprise Edition
JEF Java Enterprise Framework
JES Java Enterprise Simulator
JESS Java Enterprise Solutions Symposium
JES Java Enterprise System
JEDI Java Event-based Distributed Infrastructure
JEBL Java Evolutionary Biology Library
JESS Java Expert System Shell
JXT JAVA Exploration Tools
JEP Java Expression Parser
JFPC Java for Process Control
JFO Java Formatting Objects
JFC Java Foundation Class
JAGEX Java Game Experts
JGM Java Game Maker
JGL Java Generic Libraries
JGF Java Grande Forum
JGPD Java Graphical Process Designer
JHS Java Hot Spot
JIMI Java Image Management Interface
JIVE Java Imagery and Video Exploitation
JIGL Java Imaging and Graphics Library
JIU Java Imaging Utilities
JICE Java Instance Configuration Engine
JINI Java Intelligent Network Infrastructure
JIP Java Interactive Profiler
JIDL Java Interface Definition Language
JIPL Java Interface for Prolog
CLASSER Java Intermediate Compiled Bytecode
CLASS Java Intermediate Compiled Bytecode
JIRC Java Internet Relay Chat
JJRU Java Jabber Roster Utility
JKS Java Keystore
JLS Java Language Specification
JLF Java Layered Framework
JME Java Management Environment
JAMA Java Matrix Package
JMF Java Media Framework
JMP Java Memory Profiler
JMS Java Message Service
JMS Java Messaging Server
JMS Java Messaging Services
JMI Java Metadata Interface
JME Java Micro Edition
JMDL Java MicroStation Development Language
JMCA Java ModelChecking Application
JML Java Modeling Language
JME Java Monkey Engine
JMMF Java Multi-Method Framework
JNL Java Naming Language
JNP Java Naming Provider
JANET Java Native Extensions
JNI Java Native Interface
JNT Java Network Technology
JNB Java News Brief
JOC Java Object Cache
JOCL Java Object Configuration Language
JOOS Java Object Oriented Subset
JOA Java OceanAtlas
JOINT Java Online authoring Inventool project
JOLT Java OnLine Transactions
JOB Java Open Business
JOLT Java Open Language Toolkit
JOPS Java Open Particle System
JOSM Java Openstreetmap
JOS Java Operating System
JOP Java Optimized Processor
JOC Java Outlook Connector
JPM Java Package Manager
JPA Java Persistence API
JPDA Java Platform Debugger Architecture
JPI Java Platform Interface
JPDK Java Portal Development Kit
JPS Java Portlet Specification
JPT Java Power Tools
JPDF Java Print Dialog Framework
JPS Java Print Service
JPD Java Process Definition
JRGP Java Rapid Genetic Programming
JRB Java Relational Binding
JRMS Java Reliable Multicast Service
JRL Java Research License
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JRI Java Runtime Interface
JRPG Java Runtime Products Group
JSSS Java Script Style Sheet
JSAM Java Secure Access Manager
JSSE Java Secure Socket Extension
JSX Java Serialization to XML
JSPF Java Server Page Fragment
JSP Java Server Pages
JSTL Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library
JSCE Java Service Creation Environment
JSI Java Services Infrastructure
JSAPI Java Servlet Application Programming Interface
JSP Java Servlet Programming
JSDA Java Shared Data
JSD Java Shared Data
JSDT Java Shared Data Toolkit
JSAM Java Signature Analysis Module
JSDN Java Sistema de Diseno Naval
JSP Java Sketchpad
JSCP Java Software Coprocessor
JSPA Java Specification Participation Agreement
JSR Java Specification Request
JASPER Java Spectrum Emulator
JSAPI Java Speech Application Programming Interface
JSML Java Speech Markup Language
JSE Java Standard Edition
JSTL Java Standard Template Library
JSP Java Stored Procedure
JSC Java Studio Creator
JSAS Java System Application Server
JSDS Java System Directory Server
JSFC Java System Foundation Classes
JSWS Java System Web Server
JTC Java Technology Centre
JCERT Java Technology Certification
JT Java Time
JTK Java Tool Kit
JTC Java Tools Community
JTS Java Topology Suite
JTA Java Transaction API
JTP Java Transaction Protocol
JTS Java Transaction Services
JUMBO Java Universal Molecular Browser for Objects
JUTA Java Usenet Traffic Analyzer
JUGF Java User Group Frankfurt
JUGGL JAVA User Group in Greater London
JUMP Java User Migration Path
JUG Java Users Group
JUG Java UUID Generator (software)
JVX Java View Accelerator
JVM Java Virtual Machine
JVMD Java Virtual Machine Daemon
JVMDI Java Virtual Machine Debug Interface
JVM Java Virtual Memory
JVT Java Vision Toolkit
JVE Java Visual Editor
JVS Java Visual Script
JWSDP Java Web Services Developer Pack
JWS Java Web Start
JWT Java Windows Terminal
JWCC Java Wireless Competency Centre
JWT Java Workflow Tooling
JPL Java/Perl Lingo
JIAC Java-based Intelligent Agent Componentware
JBIT Java-Based Interface for Telerobotics
JAFS JavaBeans Activation Framework
JAF JavaBeans Activation Framework
JB JavaBoard
JCW Java-Callable Wrapper
JCO JavaCommunity.Org
JESSICA Java-Enable Single-System-Image Computing Architecture
JEB Java-Enabled Browser
JAV Javanese
JSCRIPT JavaScript
JS JavaScript
JAMP Javascript AJAX MySQL PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor; open source framework)
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
JSS Javascript Style Sheets
JSZ JavaScript Zone
JAMP Javascript, Apache, MySQL , PHP (Personal Home Page)
JSF JavaServer Faces
JSFC JavaServer Faces Compilation
KJCPL Koninklijke Java-China-Paketvaart Lijnen
MRJ Macintosh OS Runtime for Java
MVJ Maquina Virtual Java
MPIJ Message Passing In Java
MJP Mike’s Java Profiler
MTJ Mobile Tools for Java
MJE MsAgent Javascript Editor
NSZ Nacionalna Sluzba Za Zaposljavanje
JSS Network Security Services for Java
NJCV NMI’s Java Code Viewer
OJF Oenanthe Javanica Flavone
ONWJ Offshore North West Java
OJP Ontong Java Plateau
OJI Open Java Interface
OCJP Oracle Certified Java Programmer
OHJ Oracle Help for Java
OJVM Oracle Java Virtual Machine
OCJUG Orange County Java Users Group
OPJ Orthogonal Persistence for Java
PRFJ Parameterized Race Free Java
PJCK Personal Java Compatibility Kit
PMEA PHP -MySQL (My Structured Query Language) -Ext JS (Extension JavaScript) -Admin (software development project)
POJI Plain Old Java Interface
POJO Plain Old Java Object
PJC Plugable Java Components
PCJ Port City Java
PJUG Portland Java Users Group
PCJ Primitive Collections for Java
PJA Pure Java AWT
QTJ QuickTime for Java
RTJ Real-Time Java
RTJS Real-Time Java
RJWG Real-time Java Working Group
RTSJ Real-Time Specification for Java
ROJ Remote Objects for Java
RJUG Rochester Java Users Group
SJD Senior Java Developer
SSJ Server-Side Java
SAAJ SOAP with Attachments API for Java
SSJ Stochastic Simulation in Java
SCDJWS Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
SCJA Sun Certified Java Associate
SCJP Sun Certified Java Professional
SCJP Sun Certified Java Programmer
SJSE Sun Java Studio Enterprise
SJS Sun Java System
SJSAS Sun Java System Application Server
SJSMQ Sun Java System Message Queue
TJDO TriActive Java Data Objects
UJMP Universal Java Matrix Package
UJS Unobtrusive Javascript
UJUG Utah Java User Group
VAMP Verification and Analysis of Multi-Threaded Java-Like Programs
VJM Virtual Java Machine
VBJ VisiBroker for Java
WSIL4J Web Services Inspection Language for Java
WJF Working with JavaServer Faces
WWJ World Wind Java
XJ XML enhancements for Java