Network Abbreviations II

From the Latin rete, the term network is used to define a structure that has a characteristic pattern. There are multiple types of network, namely the computer network, the electrical network and the social network.


A computer network is the set of computers and other interconnected equipment that share information, resources and services. It can, in turn, be divided into several categories, that is, according to its range (local area network or LAN, metropolitan area network or MAN, wide area network or WAN, etc.), of its connection method ( coaxial cable , optical fiber, radio, microwave, infrared) or their functional relationship (client-server, person-to-person), among others.
The electrical grid, in turn, is the one that is formed by electrical generators, transformers, transmission lines and distribution lines, which take electricity to residential/local users/consumers. The system uses different voltages where the highest voltages are used for longer distances, while voltages are reduced as the energy gets closer to the user’s premises.
With regard to the social network, the concept refers to the entire structure in which different individuals maintain various types of relationships (friendship, business, sexual, etc.).

Hammock can also refer to the hammock that is used to rest, very common in houses on the beach or on the porch of common houses with a backyard, for example. In this case , they receive various types of names such as: hammock, hammock, hammock , among others.

In Brazil, in colonial times, hammocks were used not only for sleeping, but also for burying dead people and for transporting objects and people, as in the case of slaves who transported the settlers in them to walk around the city.

In the northeast region of Brazil, hammocks are used a lot for sleeping, especially on hot days. These nets are usually made of different materials such as nylon or fabric, for example.

Another use of the term “network” is also applied when referring to “network”. In this case, it is common to use the term “contact network” to define a group of people with whom one has a common interest. For example: when you hire a certain service and like what was delivered by the professional and then refer this contact to a friend, what you are doing here is “network” or creating a network of interesting contacts.

The meaning of social network has evolved in recent years, as the term was initially used to refer to Internet sites that promote virtual communities according to interests. MySpace and Facebook are two such social networks that bring together millions of users, allowing them to exchange messages and files with other members of the network.

We also have the net used for fishermen to catch fish and shellfish, they are known as fishing nets and are made of a thin fiber fabric. The meshes of the fishing net need to be smaller than the size of the fish or shellfish, thus preventing them from escaping through there.

Network Abbreviations

Massive Training Artificial Neural Network
Master Integrated Schedule/Network
Master Network Control Terminal
Master of Science in Computer Networking
Master of Science in Internetworking
Master of Science in Network Security
Matching Composition Network
Materials Network Atlantic Area
Maternal Infant Services Network
Math Science Education Network
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems
Mathematics and Science Centers Network
Mathematics and Science Education Network
Mature Professionals Network
Mauna Kea Observatories Communication Network
Maximum Network System Throughput
McGill International Student Network
McGraw-Hill Learning Network
Measured Network Data
Media Awareness Network
Media Awareness Network
Media Awareness Network
Media Distribution Network
Media Monitors Network
Media Networks, Inc.
Media, Interface and Network Design
Medical and Dental Education Network
Medical Decisions Network
Medical Education Speakers Network
Medical Home Leadership Network
Medical Image Sharing with Satellite Integrated Optical-Fiber Network
Medical Information Network
Medical Provider Network
Medical Students International Network
Medicare Data Center Network
Medicare Data Communications Network
Medicare Learning Network
Medicinal Plants Conservation Network
Medicines for Children Research Network
Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon
Mega Man Network
Megaman Battle Network
Members Hotel Network
Memorial Service Network
Memphis Barbecue Network
Men United Fathers Network
Men’s Health Network
Mennonite Mission Network
Mennonite Publishing Network
Mental Health & Wellness Network
Mental Health and Aging Network
Meramec Interactive Services Network
Merchant Repair Network
Mercury Deposition Network
Mercury Ground Station Network
Mercy Oakland Hospital Physicians Network
Merit Network, Inc.
Merlin Network One
Mesh Common Bonding Network
Message Packet Network
Message Transfer Network
Message Transport Network
Message Transport Network Controller
Messaging Architecture for Networked and Threaded Applications
Metacomputing in Large Asynchronous Networks
Meteorogical Operational Telecommunication Network Europe
Meteorological Rocket Network
Methodist Student Network
Metro Ethernet Network
Metro Ethernet Network
Metro Switching Network Manager
Metromedia Fiber Network
Metro-Optical Network
Metropolitan Access Network
Metropolitan Access Network
Metropolitan Access Network
Metropolitan Area Interconnect Network
Metropolitan Area Network
Metropolitan Area Network
Metropolitan Area Network
Metropolitan Area Network
Metropolitan Area Network
Metropolitan Area Network Development
Metropolitan Campus Network
Metropolitan Fiber Network
Mexican American Network of Odessa, Inc.
Mexican Conservation Learning Network
Mexican Talent Network
Mexico Solidarity Network
Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network
Michigan Barn Preservation Network
Michigan Democratic Action Network
Michigan Information Network
Michigan Legal Assistance Network
Michigan Network for Youth and Families
Michigan Quilt Network
Michigan Recruitment & Retention Network
Michigan Talk Radio Network
Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network
Micro Cellular Network
Micro Systems Network Company
Microbial Information Network Europe
Microbial Strain Data Network
Microbicide Trials Network
Microcom Networking Protocol
Microcom Networking Protocol Level 5
Microcomputer Networking Protocol
MICroscopic Simulator model for TRAffic Networks
Microsoft Advanced Network Users Society
Microsoft Certified Network Administrator
Microsoft Developer Network
Microsoft Developer Network
Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance
Microsoft Network
Microsoft Network Protocol
Microsoft Partner Network
Microsoft Service Network
Microsoft Software Developer Network
Microsoft Software Forum Network
Microwave Network Analyzer
Mid-America Interconnected Network
Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network
Mid-Atlantic Regional Human Genetics Network
Middle East Carrier Network
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Middle East Socialists Network
Middle East Water Information Network
Middle School Funding Network
Midi Jazz Network
Mid-Level Network
Midlothian Employment Action Network
Midnight Trucking Radio Network
Mid-South Tactical Network
Midwest Brachial Plexus Network
Midwest Democracy Network
Migrant Clinicians Network
Migrants’ Rights Network
Militarized Local Area Network
Military Analysis Network
Military Analysis Network
Military Analysis Network
Military Community Services Network
Military Information Service Network
Military Relocation Information Network
Military Spouses’ Career Network
Milwaukee Artists Resource Network
Mind Research Network
Miniaturized Wireless Network Testbed
Minifig Customization Network
Minimal Multicast Network
Minimum Energy Network Connectivity
Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network
Minneapolis Equal Access Network Services
Minneapolis Telecommunications Network
Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network
Minnesota Adoption Resource Network
Minnesota Black Women Lawyers Network
Minnesota News Network
Minnesota Seed Capital Network
Minnesota Statewide Family Network
Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network
Minnesota Twins Fan Network
Minority Business and Professional Network Inc.
Minority Professional Network
Minority Student Achievement Network
Mission and Data Directorate, Network
Mission Packet-Switch Network
Missions Resource Network
Mississippi Food Network
Mississippi Legal Advocacy Network
Mississippi Physicians Care Network
MO&DSD Operational/Development Network
Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Mobile Communication Network Architecture
Mobile Digital Commons Network
Mobile Enhanced Situational Awareness Network
Mobile Extended Corporate Network
Mobile Intelligent Network
Mobile Medical Network
Mobile Multimedia Wireless Network
Mobile Network
Mobile Network Code
Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification
Mobile Network Entity
Mobile Network Identity
Mobile Network Management
Mobile Network Operation Center
Mobile Network Operator
Mobile Network Provider
Mobile Network Solutions Division
Mobile Networks for Vehicular Environments
Mobile Private Network
Mobile Radio for Railway Networks in Europe
Mobile Random Network
Mobile Satellite Communication Network
Mobile Social Network
Mobile Social Networking Device
Mobile Social Networking Software
Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network
Mobile Tactical Edge Network
Mobile Technology Network
Mobile Telecommunications Network
Mobile Telephone Network
Mobile Virtual Network Operator
Model for Integrated Network Transformation
Modern Satellite Network
Modular Network Interface
Modular Neural Network
Modular Personal Network
Mohawk Valley Network
Molecular and Cell Biology Network
Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network, Inc.
Monash Quality Network
Monmouth Independence Networks
Montana Advanced Intelligent Network
Montana Beef Network
Montana Career Resource Network
Montana Enhanced Registration and Licensing Information Network
Montana Jobs Network
Montana Private Capital Network
Montana Television Network
Monte Bubbles Network
Montgomery Home Learning Network
Moody Broadcasting Network
MorningStar Educational Network
Most Valuable Network
Mother Nature Network
Motor Racing Network
Mount Vernon Cancer Network
Mountain College Library Network
Mountain Network News
Mountains Community Resource Network
Movement Information Network
Mozilla Developer Network
MPLS Over OTN (Optical Transport Network)
MPLS Over OTN (Optical Transport Network) Network
MSE Circuit Network
MSE Packet Network
Mukono Women’s Entrepreneurship Networks and Associations
Multi Area Network
Multi Area Network
Multi Area Network
Multi Channel Network
Multi Frequency Network
Multi Services Carrier Network
Multiaccess Network
Multiaccess Network
Multiaccess Network
Multi-Agent Networking Architecture
Multicast Service Overlay Network
Multicast-based Inference of Network-internal Characteristics
Multicenter Orthopaedic Outcomes Network
Multichannel Cable Network System
Multi-Component Family Support Network
Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internetwork Consortium
Multi-Echelon Resource & Logistics Information Network
Multi-Element Radio-Linked Interferometer Network
Multigenerational Innovations Network
Multi-Granularity Switching Network
Multi-health Network
Multi-Hop Cellular Network
Multi-Hop Wireless Network
Multi-Layer Neural Network
Multimedia Cable Network Systems
Multimedia Computing and Networking
Multimedia Education Network for Teaching, Output and Research
Multimedia Enhancement Network Device
Multimedia Network Edge
Multimedia Network Operator
Multimodal Investment Network
Multi-Mode Equivalent Network
Multi-Mode Equivalent Network
Multi-Network Area
Multi-Network Cable Tester
Multi-Network Gateway
Multi-Network Manager
Multiple Bus Network
Multiple Cable Network Systems
Multiple Crossbar Network
Multiple Extension Internetworking
Multiple Network Access Identifier
Multiple Sclerosis Education Network
Multiple System Networking Facility
Multiple-image Network Graphics
Multiplexed Network for Distributed and Interactive Service
Multiprotocol Routing Network Services
Multiprotocol Transport Network
Multipurpose Infrastructure for Network Applications
Multiservice Broadband Network
Multi-Service Data Network
Multi-Service Network
Multiservice Networking Division
Multiservice Optical Networking
Multi-Service Optical Networking
Multi-Service Wireless Network with Bandwidth Optimization
Multi-Services Access Network
Multistage Interconnection Network
MultiTransport Networking Service
Multi-use Network Project
Multi-Wavelength Optical Network
Mumbai Environmental Social Network
Municipal Area Network
Municipal Area Network
Municipal Area Network
Muscle Car Network
Museum Security Network
Music Discovery Network
Music Local Area Network
Muslim Student Awareness Network
Muslim Student Network
Muslim Youth Network
Mutual Defense Network
Mutual UFO Network
Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network
My Lego Network
My Referral Network
Myers Center Network
Mylius Consulting Network
NACSE Senior Network Specialist
Namibia Environmental Education Network
Nanoscale Active Network Architecture
Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network
Nantucket AIDS Network
Narad Broadband Access Network
Narcolepsy Network, Inc.
Narrative Television Network
NAS Processing System Network
NASA Research and Education Network
NASA Research and Engineering Network
NASA Space Network
NASA/NOAA Ground Network
Nashville Publishers Network
National Action Network
National Advertising Network, Inc.
National Advocacy & Training Network
National Affiliate Advocacy Network
National African American Tobacco Education Network
National Air Pollution Surveillance Network
National Airspace Data Interchange Network
National Amusement Network, Inc.
National Antimicrobial Information Network
National Area Network
National Articulation and Transfer Network
National Assistive Technology in Education Network
National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network
National Attorney Network
National Bank of Correspondent Network
National Banking Network, Inc.
National Biodiversity Network
National Biospecimen Network
National Black Network
National Black Womens Network
National Boricua Human Rights Network
National Broadband Network
National Broadcasting Network
National Business Angels Network
National Business Women Enterprise Network, Inc.
National Career Pathways Network
National Caricaturist Network
National Case Management Network
National Catholic AIDS Network
National Center for Network Engineering
National Certification of Network Engineer
National College Access Network
National College Sports Network
National Communications Network, Inc
National Community Arts Network
National Community Development Policy Analysis Network
National Community Pharmacy Network
National Community Safety Network
National Comprehensive Cancer Network
National Computer Network
National Conference on Computer Networks
National Cultural Network of the Cities
National Curriculum Network Conference
National Cycle Network
National Data Network
National Digital Seismograph Network
National Disabled Staff Network
National Disaster Information Network
National Drug Strategy Network
National Dry Deposition Network
National Ecological Observatory Network
National Education and Research Broadband Backbone Network
National Education and the Arts Network
National Education Business Partnership Network
National Education Policy Network
National Education Telecommunications Network
National Employment and Health Innovations Network
National Energy Research Network
National Entrepreneurship Network
National Environmental Information Network
National Equal Opportunities Network
National Family Carer Network
National Family Preservation Network
National Farm Transition Network
National Fiber Network, Inc.
National Fuel Funds Network
National Graffiti Information Network
National Groundwater Monitoring Network
National Healthcare Safety Network
National Hispanic Sales Network
National Human Resource Development Network
National Information Network
National Integrated Ballistics Information Network
National Integrated Pest Management Network
National Jeweler Network
National Jewish Early Childhood Network
National Judgment Network
National Knowledge Network
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
National Laboratory Training Network
National Learning Network
National Long Term Care Network
National Lymphedema Network
National Management Network
National McGruff House Network
National Meteorological Telecommunication Network
National Monitoring Network
National Music Theater Network, Inc.
National Network Control Center
National Network for Artist Placement
National Network for Child Care
National Network for Collaboration
National Network for Early Language Learning
National Network for Health
National Network for High Performance Seismic Simulation
National Network for Social Work Managers
National Network for Youth
National Network Monitoring Centre
National Network of Abortion Funds
National Network of Agrarian Reform Advocates
National Network of Breastfeeding Co-ordinators
National Network of Career Nursing Assistants
National Network of Constituent Organizations
National Network of Creditors’ Counsel, Incorporated
National Network of Digital Schools
National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations
National Network of Grantmakers
National Network of Legislators in the Military
National Network of Libraries of Medicine
National Network of Partnership Schools
National Network of Sector Partners
National Network of Sector Practitioners
National Network of State Polls
National Network of Technological Societies
National Networked Facility for Research in Australian Music
National Networks Communication Corporation
National Newspaper News Network
National Open College Network
National Pacific Islander Educator Network
National Parent Information Network
National Parent Partnership Network
National Particulate Network
National Pastors Prayer Network
National Pediatric AIDS Network
National Peer Network
National Performance Network
National Phenology Network
National Physician Network
National Police Support Network Inc.
National Prayer Network
National Preferred Provider Network
National Prevention Information Network
National Prevention Network
National Professionals Network
National Provider Network
National Purchasing Network
National Real Estate Network
National Research & Education Network
National Research Networks
National Resource for Network Biology
National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network
National School Network Testbed
National Science Foundation Network
National Seismic Network
National Service Network
National Shop Stewards Network
National Shopping Service Network, LLC
National Sleep Network
National Standards Systems Network
National STAR Training Network (US Department of Education)
National Storytelling Network
National Supervisory Network
National Support Network
National Tech Prep Network
National Telecommunications Network
National Tenant Network
National Test Network
National Toxics Trends Sites Network
National Transmission Network
National Trends Network
National Tribal Tobacco Prevention Network
National Trivia Network
National Videotex Network
National Visual Arts and Craft Network
National Water Level Observation Network
National Youth Network
Nationwide Electronic Service Network
Native American Resource Network
Native American Television Network
Native Forest Network
Native Media and Technology Network
Native Plant Information Network
NATO Education and Training Network
NATO Initial Voice Switched Network
NATO Network Enabled Capability
NATO Network Management Center
NATO Voice Switching Network
Natural Hazard Assessment Network
Natural Horse Network
Natural News Network
Natural Parents Network
Natural Progesterone Advisory Network
Nature Photographers Network
NAVAIR Headquarters Network
Naval Afloat Network
Naval Battleforce Network
Naval Fires Network
Naval Integrated Networks
Naval Network Warfare Command
Naval Network Warfare Command
Naval Networking Environment
Navigation Network
Navy Learning Network
Navy Logistics Network
Navy Network
Near Northwest Neighborhood Network
Nearest Neighbor News Network
Near-Me Area Network
Nebraska Drug Information Network
Nebraska Energy Assistance Network
Nebraska Infection Control Network
Nebraska Video Conference Network
NEC Enterprise Open Network
Neighborhood Area Network
Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association
Neighborhood Network in Palliative Care
Neighborhood Networks Center
Neighborhoods Partnership Network
Nepalese Community Network of Canada
Netherlands Armed Forces Integrated Network
NetWare Internetwork Messaging Protocol
Network & Internet Management Services
Network & Systems Quality
Network Abstraction Layer
Network Abuse and Policy Observance
Network Accelerated Serverless Backup
Network Access Agent
Network Access and Measurement Library
Network Access Attachment Functions
Network Access Code
Network Access Component
Network Access Computer
Network Access Control Authority
Network Access Control Board
Network Access Control System
Network Access Control/Controller
Network Access Co-ordination Protocol
Network Access Corporation
Network Access Delay
Network Access Device
Network Access Domain
Network Access Function
Network Access Gateway
Network Access Identifier
Network Access Index
Network Access Machine
Network Access Method
Network Access Module
Network Access Point
Network Access Points
Network Access Protection
Network Access Protocol
Network Access Provider
Network Access Quarantine Control
Network Access Request Form
Network Access Server
Network Access Server
Network Access Server Requirements
Network Access Solutions Corp.
Network Access Switch
Network Access System
Network Access Unit
Network Access, Authentication, and Accounting Protocol
Network Accessible Storage
Network Accessible Storage Device
Network Account Management System
Network Account Support Division
Network Account Support Manager
Network Activity Monitoring
Network Activity Monitoring Tool
Network Adaptation Layer
Network Adaptation Module
Network Adapter
Network Adapter Failover
Network Adaptor Unit
Network Addon Mod
Network Address Port Translation
Network Address Storage Processor
Network Address Translation
Network Address Translation Protocol
Network Addressable Unit
Network Administration
Network Administration Center
Network Administration Processor
Network Administration System
Network Admission Control
Network Admission Control Program
Network Advertising Initiative
Network Advisory Message
Network Affiliated Stations Alliance
Network Against Child Labour
Network Against Family Abuse
Network Aggregate Throughput
Network Allocation Vector
Network Allocation Vector
Network Amateur Poker League
Network Analysis
Network Analysis and Design
Network Analysis and Management System
Network Analysis Corporation
Network Analysis Expert
Network Analysis Module
Network Analysis System
Network Analyzer
Network Analyzer Version 1
Network And Communications Analysis and Integration Team
Network and Communications Provider
Network and Distributed System Security
Network and Enterprise Management
Network and Information Security Services
Network and Information System Integration
Network and Mission Operations Support
Network and Office Services Provider
Network and Parallel Computing
Network and Port Address Translation
Network and Service Integration Forum
Network and Services Database
Network and System Services
Network and Systems Management
Network and Voice Management
Network Appliance
Network Appliance Board
Network Appliance Certified Professional
Network Appliance, Inc.
Network Application Installer
Network Application Integration
Network Application Performance Analysis
Network Application Programming Interface
Network Application Programming Interface Layer
Network Application Readiness Assessment
Network Application Service Part
Network Application Support
Network Applications Consortium
Network Applications Incorporated
Network Applications Management
Network Applications Platform
Network Applications Vehicle
Network Applications Vehicle
Network Architecture and Performance Lab
Network Architecture Assessor
Network Architecture Group
Network as a Service
Network Aspects
Network Assessment Model
Network Asset Management
Network Assignment Center
Network Associates, Inc.
Network Associates, Inc.
Network Attached Jukebox
Network Attached Servers
Network Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage Device
Network Attached Storage Systems
Network Attachment Control Function
Network Attachment Subsystem
Network Attack
Network Auditor
Network Authentication and Authorization Server
Network Automation System
Network Based Collaborative Development
Network Based Control Systems
Network Based Defense
Network Based Solution
Network Based Virtual Private Network
Network Basic Input/Output System
Network Behavior Analysis
Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
Network Binding Protocol
Network Block Device
Network Block Device Daemon
Network Bootable Floppy
Network Border Gateway
Network Boundary Point
Network Bridge Processor
Network Build Out
Network Business Center
Network Business Exchange
Network Business Information Architecture
Network Business Intelligence
Network Business Quarterly
Network Business Systems
Network Busy Hour
Network Byte Order
Network Cable
Network Cabling Specialist
Network Caching Technology
Network Call Correlation Identification
Network Call Delivery
Network Call Distribution
Network Call Signaling
Network Camera
Network Capability Customization
Network Capable Application Processor
Network Capacity Assessment Tool
Network Capacity Expansion
Network Capacity Planning & Engineering
Network Capacity Requirements
Network Capacity Requirements
Network Centric Collaborative Targeting
Network Centric Enterprise Services
Network Centric Innovation Center
Network Centric Logistics
Network Centric Operations
Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium
Network Centric Radio System
Network Centric Solutions
Network Centric Systems
Network Centric Warfare
Network Channel
Network Channel Control List
Network Channel Interface
Network Channel Terminating Equipment
Network Characterization System
Network Circuit Interface
Network Circuit Terminating Equipment
Network Class Of Service
Network Clock Reference
Network Clock Reference
Network Clock Synchronization
Network Code
Network Coding for Wireless Mesh Networks
Network Common Signaling Channel
Network Communication Interface
Network Communication Server
Network Communication Trunk
Network Communications & Control Station
Network Communications Adapter
Network Communications Control
Network Communications Control Facility
Network Communications Group
Network Communications Group Inc.
Network Communications International Corp
Network Communications News
Network Communications System
Network Community Profile
Network Comparison and Analysis Tool
Network Compatibility Engineer
Network Complex
Network Computer
Network Computer
Network Computer Aided Design
Network Computer Architecture
Network Computer Model
Network Computer Operating System
Network Computer-Server
Network Computing
Network Computing and Applications
Network Computing Architecture
Network Computing Devices
Network Computing Devices, Inc.
Network Computing Kernel
Network Computing Software Division
Network Computing System
Network Config Audit Tool
Network Configuration Book
Network Configuration Editor
Network Configuration Management
Network Configuration Management System
Network Configuration Manager
Network Configuration Systems Development
Network Configuration Utility
Network Connection
Network Connection Endpoint
Network Connection Point
Network Connectivity Device
Network Control
Network Control Agent
Network Control Analysis
network control ancillary services
Network Control and Timing
Network Control Block
Network Control Center
Network Control Circuit
Network Control Device
Network Control Division
Network Control Facility
Network Control Interface Channel
Network Control Key
Network Control Panel
Network Control Point
Network Control Processor
Network Control Program
Network Control Program Packet Switch Interface
Network Control Project
Network Control Protocol
Network Control Station EPLRS/JTIDS
Network Control Station/Ship/System
Network Control Terminal
Network Control Unit
Network Controller Board
Network Controller/License Manager
Network Convergence Gateway
Network Coordination Center
Network Coordination Centre
Network Coordination Committee
Network Coordination Station
Network Copy Detection
Network Cost Reduction Ratio
Network Country Manager
Network Critical Physical Infrastructure
Network Current Systems Assessment
Network Cybernetics Corporation
Network Data Acquisition and Warehouse Solutions
Network Data Anonymization
Network Data Control System
Network Data Element
Network Data Language
Network Data Link Technology
Network Data Management Protocol
Network Data Management System
Network Data Manager
Network Data Mover
Network Data Plane
Network Data Representation
Network Data Solutions Inc.
Network Data Systems
Network Database Language
Network Database Search Engine
Network Decision Support System
Network Dedicated Systems Time
Network Definition Facility
Network Demand Analysis Data
Network Demarcation Device
Network Dependent Business
Network Dependent Call Connection Delay
Network Deployment and Integration
Network Descriptive Database
Network Design
Network Design & Analysis Capability
Network Design & Construction Ltd.
Network Design & Management
Network Design Activity
Network Design Document
Network Design Engineer
Network Design Facility
Network Design Language
Network Design Load
Network Design Office
Network Design Problem
Network Detailed Design
Network Developer’s Kit
Network Development and Operations Agreement
Network Development Group
Network Development Kit
Network Device and Support Administration
Network Device Test Lab
Network Diagnostic Tester
Network Diagnostic Tool
Network Diagnostics Framework
Network Diagram
Network Dialing Code
Network Digital Signage Display
Network Digital Signage Player
Network Directed System Selection
Network Directorate
Network Disaster Recovery Plan
Network Distribution Switch
Network Distribution Unit
Network Diversity Multiple Access
Network Document Processor
Network Domain Security
Network Domain Server
Network Driver Interface Specification
Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory
Network Economics Consulting Group
Network Edge Control Function
Network Edge Solutions
Network Education Exchange
Network Effective Throughput
Network Efficiency Factor
Network Efficiency Ratio
Network Element
Network Element Control Processor
Network Element Integration
Network Element Layer
Network Element Management Server
Network Element Management System
Network Element Object
Network Element Processor
Network Element Synthesis
Network Element System
Network Elements Incorporated
Network Embedded Security System
Network Emergency Repair Diva
Network Emergency Repair Dude
Network Emergency Response Vehicle
Network Enabled Capability
Network Enabled Solution
Network Enabled Transport
Network Enabled Weapon
Network Encryption System
Network Encryption Unit
Network Engineering & Telecommunications Section
Network Engineering and Security Analyst
Network Engineering Capacity Planning
Network Engineering Data Communications
Network Engineering Document
Network Engineering, Inc.
Network Engines Incorporated
Network Enhancement Vehicle
Network Enterprise Center
Network Enterprise Command
Network Enterprise Domain
Network Enterprise Objects
Network Enterprise Technology Command
Network Entity Title
Network Entry Point
Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research
Network Equipment Building Specification
Network Equipment Building Standards
Network Equipment Building System
Network Equipment Business Systems
Network Equipment Controller
Network Equipment Databasing
Network Equipment Identifier
Network Equipment Manufacturer
Network Equipment Provider
Network Equipment Room
Network Equipment Technologies
Network Essentials
Network Event Alert Reporting Network Event Alert Reporting
Network Event Collector
Network Event Detail Record
Network Event Recording Device
Network Event Summary
Network Evolution for Sustainable Tourism
Network Express Module
Network Extensible Windowing System
Network Facility Access
Network Facility Terminating Equipment
Network Fault Management
Network Fault Tolerance
Network File Access Routine
Network File Management
Network File Server
Network File Services
Network File System
Network File System Datagram
Network Flight Recorder
Network Flow Diagrams
Network Flow Engine
Network Flow-Control Call Distribution
Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture
Network for Applied Research on Mining, Oil and Gas Activities
Network for Business and Commercial Finance
Network for Catholic School Excellence
Network for Continuing Medical Education
Network for Dissemination of Curriculum Infusion
Network for Drylands Research and Development
Network for Early European Research
Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
Network for Education and Research in Oregon
Network for Education, Training and Research Initiatives
Network for Electronic Product Design
Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore
Network for Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
Network for Evaluating Steel Components
Network for Experimental Research on Evolution
Network for Future Executives
Network for Geometry, Mechanics and Applications
Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe
Network for Intercultural Onomastics
Network for New Energy Choices
Network for New Music
Network for Oral Research Training and Health
Network for Peace and Development
Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement
Network for Sub-Saharan Africa
Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change
Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change
Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives
Network for the Improvement of Concrete Construction
Network for the Needy
Network for Training Entrepreneurship
Network for Women Entrepreneurs
Network for Women in Leadership
Network Forecasting System
Network Foundation Protection
Network Frame Synchronization
Network Front-End
Network Gateway
Network Governance Committee
Network Graphic Annunciator
Network Grid
Network Grid Model
Network Group Controller
Network Gulf Information Technology
Network Header
Network Hub Unit
Network I/Os Per Second
Network Identification
Network Identification Code
Network Identifier
Network Identity and Time Zone
Network Implementation
Network Implementation
Network Implementation Plan
Network Independent Transport Service
Network Indicate Address
Network Indicator
Network Indicator
Network Industry
Network Industry
Network Information and Control Exchange
Network Information Center
Network Information Computer
Network Information Flow
Network Information Management System
Network Information Operation
Network Information Retrieval
Network Information Security & Technology News
Network Information Service
Network Information Service Plus
Network Information Services
Network Information System
Network Information Systems Center
Network Information Table
Network Information Table
Network Informed Time Zone
Network Infrastructure Administration
Network Infrastructure Management
Network Infrastructure Services Agency
Network Infrastructure Solutions
Network Infrastructure Support System
Network Initial Assessment Report
Network Initialization File
Network Initiated Change
Network Innovation Laboratories
Network Input Output
Network Input Processor
Network Installation Management
Network Installation Manager
Network Installation Service Engineer
Network Installation Wizard
Network Integrated Data Architecture
Network Integrated Systems Architecture
Network Integrated Transmission Service
Network Integration Center
Network Integration Control Organization
Network Integration Engineer
Network Integration Evaluation
Network Integration Facility
Network Integration Kit
Network Integration Manager
Network Integration Simulation Facility
Network Integration Test
Network Integrity Services Ltd
Network Intelligence India Pvt Ltd
Network Intelligent Link
Network Interaction for Conflict Resolution
Network Interconnection Interoperability Forum
Network Interface
Network Interface
Network Interface Adapter
Network Interface Backup
Network Interface Board
Network Interface Call Control
Network Interface Card
Network Interface Circuit
Network Interface Codes
Network Interface Computer Program
Network Interface Connector
Network Interface Control Unit
Network Interface Controller
Network Interface Customer Electronics
Network Interface Device
Network Interface Division
Network Interface File and Tracking Information
Network Interface for Cultural Exchange
Network Interface Function
Network Interface Machine
Network Interface Module
Network Interface or Demarcation
Network Interface Tap
Network Interface Unit
Network Interface-Demarcation Point
Network International Capacity Management
Network Inter-Operability Committee
Network Interoperability Consultative Committee
Network InterProcess Communication
Network Interworking Industry Forum
Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Network Intrusion Detector
Network Intrusion Prevention System
Network Invasion Charlotte
Network Inventory & Design System
Network Inventory Database
Network Inward Dialing
Network Job Entry
Network Knowledge Management
Network Knowledge Server
Network Layer
Network Layer
Network Layer Data Striping
Network Layer Protocol ID
Network Layer Security Protocol
Network Layer Service Access Point Identifier
Network Leasing Corporation Ltd.
Network Level Authentication
Network Library
Network License Server
Network Life Cycle
Network Lifecycle Management
Network Lifecycle Services
Network Links
Network Load Balancing
Network Load Balancing Service
Network Load Balancing System
Network Location Awareness
Network Lock Manager
Network Logical Platform Function Components
Network Long Distance, Inc
Network Lounge Technologies
Network Maintenance Center
Network Maintenance Operative
Network Managed Services
Network Managed Volumes
Network Management
Network Management
Network Management & Support
Network Management and Administration
Network Management and Provisioning System
Network Management Application
Network Management Center
Network Management Command and Control
Network Management Committee
Network Management Communication Protocol
Network Management Domain
Network Management Equipment
Network Management Equipment
Network Management Ethernet
Network Management Ethernet
Network Management Facility
Network Management Forum
Network Management Function
Network Management Information System
Network Management Interface
Network Management Layer
Network Management Module
Network Management Multiplexer
Network Management Operating System
Network Management Operations
Network Management Operations Center
Network Management Platform
Network Management Processor
Network Management Productivity Facility
Network Management Protocol
Network Management Research Group
Network Management Services
Network Management Signal
Network Management Software
Network Management Solution
Network Management Station
Network Management Statistics Process
Network Management Support
Network Management Support Services
Network Management System
Network Management System
Network Management Systems Certification
Network Management Systems Development
Network Management Terminal
Network Management Tool
Network Management Tool Brigade and Below
Network Management Unit
Network Manager
Network Manager
Network Manifold Associates, Inc
Network Measurement Center
Network Measurement Report
Network Media Receiver
Network Mediation Process
Network Medical Information Services
Network Minimal Subset Cut
Network Mobility Protocol
Network Mobility Working Group
Network Mode of Operation
Network Model Coverage
Network Modeling and Simulation
Network Modular Extension
Network Module
Network Module Interface Card
Network Monitoring and Analysis
Network Monitoring and Control
Network Monitoring System
Network Monitoring Unit
Network Multimedia File System
Network Name Services
Network Neighborhood
Network Neutrality Squad Network Measurement Agent
Network Ninja, Inc.
Network Node
Network Node Equipment
Network Node Interface
Network Node Manager
Network Node Server
Network Numbering Exchange
Network Numbering Exchange
Network Object Model
Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers
Network of Aeronautic and Space Centres
Network of African Freedom of Expression Organizations
Network of AIDS Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa
Network of Alabama Academic Libraries
Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies
Network Of Animal Health
Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
Network of Arab-American Professionals
Network of Asia-Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration and Governance
Network of Australian Teachers of German
Network of Burnaby Seniors
Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines
Network of Centres and Institutes in Education
Network of Christian Peace Organisations
Network of Citizens Against Trafficking
Network of Core Institutions
Network of East Asian Think-Tanks
Network of East Vancouver Community Organizations
Network of East-West Women
Network of Education Policy Centers
Network of Employers for Traffic Safety
Network of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
Network of European Active Citizens
Network of European Alimentary Culture
Network of European Financial Institutions
Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation
Network of European Museum Organizations
Network of European Summer Schools
Network of European Union Centers
Network of European Worldshops
Network of Excellence
Network of Excellence in Computational Logic
Network of Excellence on Micro-Optics
Network of Executive Women in Hospitality
Network of Independent Journalists
Network of Information Appliances
Network of Information Technology Consultants in Europe
Network of Integrated Consumer Knowledge
Network of International Christian Schools
Network of International Education Associations
Network of Iranians for Knowledge and Innovation
Network of Literary Archives
Network of Offshore Records of Geology and Stratigraphy
Network of Patient Safety Databases
Network of Performance Based Schools
Network of Politically Active Christians
Network of Power
Network of Presbyterian Women in Leadership
Network of Relationships Inventory
Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology
Network of Sensors
Network of Sex Work Projects
Network of the World
Network of Theological Enquiry
Network of Tropical Fisheries Scientists
Network of Urban Forums for Sustainable Development
Network of Victim Assistance
Network of Women in Hospitality
Network Of Workstations
Network of Zimbabwe Positive Women
Network on Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus Aureus
Network on Intercultural Learning in Europe
Network On Juveniles Offending Sexually
Network on Terminal Architecture
Network on Transitions to Adulthood
Network On Wheels
Network Operating Management System
Network Operating System
Network Operating System/Virtual Environment
Network Operation and Support Center
Network Operation Phone
Network Operational Sub-Committee
Network Operations
Network Operations & Control Center
Network Operations Advisory Panel
Network Operations and Control
Network Operations and Management Symposium
Network Operations and Security Center
Network Operations and Systems Management
Network Operations Center
Network Operations Center System
Network Operations Command Center
Network Operations Control Center
Network Operations Division
Network Operations Forum
Network Operations Group
Network Operations Philips System
Network Operations Plan
Network Operations Project Engineer
Network Operations Report GENerator
Network Operations Requiring Minimal Access
Network Operations Security Center
Network Operations Specialist
Network Operations Superintendent
Network Operations Support Plan
Network Operator
Network Operators Console
Network Optical Access
Network Optimization Evaluation System
Network Optimization Support
Network Optimization System
Network Organization for Research and Technology in Hokkaido
Network Origin
Network OSI Operations
Network Output Processor
Network Outsourcing Association
Network Outward Dialing
Network Oversight Committee
Network Parameter Control
Network Participation Group
Network Participation Status
Network Partitioning Facility
Network Path and Application Diagnosis
Network Pause
Network Penetration Test
Network Performance Endpoints
Network Performance Measurement
Network Performance Objectives
Network Performance Report Message
Network Peripheral Task Force
Network Personal Computer
Network Planner
Network Planning and Engineering
Network Planning Area
Network Planning Letter
Network Planning Solution
Network Planning System
Network Planning Technique
Network Planning Terminal
Network Planning Tool
Network Platform Management Information
Network Point of Contact
Network Policy Server
Network Port
Network Portal Control Interface
Network Power Supply Unit
Network Printer Interface
Network Printer Manager
Network Printer Series
Network Printing Alliance
Network Probe Daemon
Network Processing Circuit
Network Processing Engine
Network Processing Forum
Network Processing Operating System
Network Processing Unit
Network Processor
Network Processor Module
Network Product Server
Network Professional Association
Network Program Analysis
Network Program Determination Application
Network Program Management Office
Network Programmers Association
Network Programming
Network Programming Reconstruction Technique
Network Project Area
Network Protection Equipment
Network Protection Service
Network Protection Suite
Network Protector
Network Protocol
Network Protocol Control Information
Network Protocol Data Unit
Network Protocol Library
Network Protocol Toolkit
Network Protocols Interface
Network Provider
Network Provider Access
Network Provider Code
Network Provider Edge
Network Provider Interface
Network Provisioning Bulletin
Network Provisioning Interface
Network Qualifier List
Network Quality Intelligence
Network Quality Lab
Network Quality Review
Network Query Tool
Network Queuing System
Network Radio Protocol
Network Rail
Network Readiness Test
Network Reference Model
Network Referral Group
Network Relationship Banking
Network Reliability Council
Network Reliability Interoperability Council
Network Reliability Steering Committee
Network Repair Level Analysis
Network Repeater Unit
Network Report
Network Reputation Service
Network Request Scheduler
Network Requirements Review
Network Research Corporation
Network Research Lab
Network Research, Architecture and Technologies
Network Resource Architecture
Network Resource Grapher
Network Resource Identifier
Network Resource Manager
Network Resource Negotiator
Network Resource Planning
Network Resources and Training Sites
Network Resources Training Sites
Network Rollout
Network Routing Facility
Network Routing Number
Network Routing Processor
Network Routing Service
Network Routing Solution
Network Search Algorithm
Network Search Engine
Network Secure Event Logging
Network Security Analysis Tool
Network Security and Information Assurance
Network Security and Privacy
Network Security Appliance
Network Security Architecture and Design
Network Security Conference
Network Security Consulting
Network Security Controller
Network Security Database
Network Security Design Document
Network Security Division
Network Security for Information Exchange
Network Security Information Exchange
Network Security Laboratories, Inc.
Network Security Management
Network Security Manager
Network Security Monitor
Network Security Officer
Network Security Perimeter
Network Security Plan
Network Security Pod
Network Security Scanner
Network Security Services
Network Security Services for Java
Network Security Task Force
Network Security Toolkit
Network Security Vulnerability Technician
Network Selector
Network Serial Port Kit
Network Series
Network Server System
Network Service Access Point
Network Service Access Protocol
Network Service Assurance Center
Network Service Center
Network Service Center System
Network Service Controller
Network Service Daemon
Network Service Definition
Network Service Entity
Network Service Interface
Network Service Manager
Network Service Module
Network Service Part
Network Service Point
Network Service Processor
Network Service Provider
Network Service Providers Around the World
Network Service Subsystem
Network Service Support Point
Network Service Virtual Connection
Network Service/Interface Unit
Network Services
Network Services
Network Services Company
Network Services Division
Network Services Engine
Network Services Engineer
Network Services Group
Network Services Library
Network Services Platform Software
Network Services Protocol
Network Services Request Unit
Network Services Research Laboratory
Network Services Security Administration
Network Services Virtual Terminal
Network Setup Wizard
Network Sharing Camera
Network Shell
Network Side Interface
Network Signal Processor
Network Signaling Terminal
Network Simulation Testbed
Network Simulations Engineer
Network Simulator
Network Software Inspector
Network Solutions and Optimization, LLC
Network Solutions Development
Network Solutions Service
Network Solutions, Inc.
Network South Australia
Network South Yorkshire
Network Southeast
Network Space & Property Planning
Network Specific Facility
Network Spinal Analysis
Network Startup Resource Center
Network State Evolution
Network Station Login Daemon
Network Station Manager
Network Status & Monitoring System
Network Status and Control Center
Network Status and Monitoring Application
Network Status Display
Network Storage Appliance
Network Storage Executive
Network Storage Link
Network Storage Module
Network Storage Resource
Network Storage Services
Network Storage Space
Network Strategic Planning and Development
Network Strategy
Network Sub-Group
Network Supervisor
Network Supervisory Packet
Network Support
Network Support Company
Network Support Group
Network Support Plan
Network Support Service
Network Support Services Branch
Network Support System
Network Supported Account
Network Surveillance Center
Network Surveillance System
Network Survivability – Double Link Failure
Network Survivability Manager
Network Switch Processor
Network Switching Element
Network Switching Subsystem
Network Switching Unit
Network Synchronization Subsystem
Network Synchronization Unit
Network Synthesis System
Network System Development
Network System Engineering Group
Network System Management
Network System Security
Network System Support
Network Systems & Operations
Network Systems and Computing Design
Network Systems and Information Technology
Network Systems and Technologies, Inc.
Network Systems Corporation
Network Systems Data Base
Network Systems Design
Network Systems Design Conference
Network Systems Planning and Development
Network Table Inquiry
Network Tasking Order
Network Technical Advisory Group
Network Technical and Operations Manager
Network Technical Architecture
Network Technical Support Specialist
Network Technologies
Network Technologies, Inc.
Network Technology
Network Technology Research Centre
Network TeleSystems
Network Television Station
Network Terminal Equipment Center
Network Terminal Number
Network Terminal Operator
Network Terminal Unit
Network Terminal/Terminator
Network Terminalterminator
Network Terminating Interface
Network Termination
Network Termination and Testing Apparatus
Network Termination Equipment
Network Termination Interface
Network Termination Number
Network Termination Point
Network Termination Unit
Network Termination-1
Network Terminator Basis-Anschluss
Network Test and Termination Point
Network Test Center
Network Testing Committee
Network The World
Network Theory
Network Time Protocol
Network Time Protocol Version 3
Network Time Reference
Network Time Server
Network Time Service
Network Time Synchronization System
Network to Network interface
Network to Oppose War and Racism
Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity
Network Topology Processor
Network Trace and Retrieval Library
Network Tracking System
Network Traffic Management
Network Transaction Management
Network Transmission Control
Network Transmission Control Daemon
Network Transmission Element
Network Transparent Widget
Network Transport Element
Network Transport Standards & Implementation
Network Trunk Card
Network Trusted Computing Base
Network University of Twente
Network Unlock Code
Network Update Utility
Network Upgrade Manager
Network Upgrade Manager
Network UPS Tools
Network User Address
Network User Address Attacker
Network User Identification
Network User Interface
Network User Interface
Network User Name
Network Users Association
Network Utility Maximization
Network Utility Maximization
Network Utility Operator
Network Variable
Network Vector Quantizer
Network Verification Point
Network Verification Test
Network Video Processor
Network Video Products
Network Video Recorder
Network Video Server
Network Video Server
Network Video Technologies
Network Virtual Machine
Network Virtual Memory
Network Virtual Terminal
Network Virtual Terminal Protocol
Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates
Network Voice Protocol
Network Vulnerability Analysis
Network Waitaki Ltd
Network Warfare Operations
Network Watch Officer
Network Wavelength Requirement
Network Window System
Network Windowing System
Network Workbench
Network Working Group
Network World Asia
Network World Wide Projects
Network Young Membrains
Network-Assisted Cell Change
Network-Assisted Least-Interference Dynamic Packet Assignment
Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South
Network-Aware Service Management
Network-Based Anomaly Detection
Network-Based Application Recognition
Network-based Call Signaling
Network-Based Contact Solution
Network-Based Distributed Application
Network-Based Entitlement Control
Network-Based Language Teaching
Network-Based Mobile Education
Network-based Security Services
Network-Centric Infrastructure for Command, Control, and Intelligence
Network-Centric Warfare
Network-Centric Waveform
Network-Controlled Cell Reselection
Networked Android Trained for Hazardous Assassination and Nullification
Networked Attached Storage
Networked Branch Exchange
Networked Business Objects
Networked Common Data Link
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library
Networked Database Service
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
networked electronic media
Networked Embedded Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
Networked Environment for Media Orchestration
Networked File System
Networked Game Mobility Model
Networked Interoperable Real-Time Information Services
Networked Learning Conference
Networked Learning Environment
Networked Media Tank
Networked Music Review
Networked Office Appliance
Networked Readiness Index
Networked Resources for Collaborative Improvisation
Networked Systems Survivability
Networked University Digital Library
Networked Users Group
Networked Video Surveillance System
Networked Virtual Environment
Networked Virtual Environment
Networked Virtual Organisation
Networked Washing Machine
Networked Writing Environment
Network-Enabled Operations
Network-Facing Unit
Network-grade Optical Wireless
Networking & Computing Services
Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors
Networking and Computing Technologies Division
Networking and Informatics Baseline Design
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development
Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab
Networking and Technical Support Training
Networking Architecture and Storage
Networking Developer Kit
Networking for Ethics on Biomedical Research in Africa
Networking for Urban Renewal Through Urban Ecology
Networking on the Move
Networking Products Marketplace for Resellers
Networking Services and Information Technologies
Networking Systems Engineer
Networking Technology and Systems
Networking Territory Manager
Network-Layer Encryption
Network-Layer Packet
Network-Level Firewall
Network-Related Data Management
Networks and Heterogeneous Media
Networks and Information Integration
Networks by Design, Inc
Networks Consolidation Program
Networks for Endangered Animal Tracking
Networks of Centres of Excellence
Networks of Sensor Systems
Networks Of Workstations
Networks Optical Communications
Networks Telephony Corporation
Networks That Run, Inc.
Networks’ Watchdog
Network-to-Network Interface
Network-Visable Entities
Network-Wide View
Neural Network
Neural Network
Neural Network
Neural Network Controller
Neural Network Council
Neural Network Interface
Neural Network Language Model
Neural Network Partial Least Squares
Neural Network Parton Distribution Function
Neural Network Processor
Neural Network Review
Neural Network Toolbox
Neural Network Utility
Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence
Neural Networks for Signal Processing
Neural Networks on Parallel Systems
Neural Networks: Theory and Applications
Neural-network embedded Monte Carlo
Neural-Network Ensemble
Neural-Network Models of Cognition
Neuronal Network Model
Neuropathic Pain Network
Nevada County Community Network
Nevada Donor Network
New Country Network
New Democratic Network
New Edge Networks, Inc.
New England Academic and Research Network
New England Educational Assessment Network
New England Entertainment Network
New England Global Action Network
New England Healthcare EDI Network
New England Network
New England Police Network
New England Sports Network
New Era Of Networks
New Global Network
New Hampshire Mammography Network
New Jersey Learning Management Network
New Jersey Network
New Jersey Network for Educational Renewal
New Jersey Prevention Network, Inc.
New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Network
New Media Network
New Mexico Business Leadership Network
New Networks Institute
New Parents Network
New Plan Network
New Public Network
New Schools Network
New South Network Services
New Talent Management Network
New Technology Network
New Technology Network Team
New Users Network
New Venture Support Networks
New Ventures Network
New World Network
New York Area Bisexual Network
New York Metro Area Networking
New York Network Exchange
New York State Breast Cancer Network
New Zealand Golf Network
Newbridge Networks Corporation
News Distribution Network
Newspaper National Network LP
Newspaper Network of Central Ohio
Newton Networks Communication Centre
Next Generation Enterprise Network
Next Generation Intelligent Network
Next Generation Mobile Networks
Next Generation Network
Next Generation Optical Network
Next Navy Network
Next-Generation Broadband Access Network
Nexus Network Journal
NGO Network Alliance Project (Zimbabwe)
Niagara Behavioral Healthcare Network
Niagara Escarpment Resource Network
Nigel Clare Network Trust
Nigeria Association Network Ireland
Night Sky Network
NintendoJack Network
Nippon News Network
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Nmap Network Scanning
NMD Communications Network
NOAA Library and Information Network
NOAA Profiler Network
NOAA/CMDL Air Sampling Network
Noise-Injection Network
Nokia Siemens Networks
Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network
Non-Linear Vector Network Analyzer
NonPop International Network
Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network
Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
Non-Tactical Radio Networks
Nordic Network in Preventive Cardiology
Nordic Network on Algorithms
Nordic Phylogenetic Systematics Network
Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education
Norfolk Genetic Information Network
Norman Network Protection
Nortel Networks Certified Field Specialist
Nortel Networks Certified Network Architect
Nortel Networks Limited
Nortel Networks, Inc.
Nortel VPN Gateway (computer networking)
North American Homeless News Network
North American Interfaith Network
North American Missing Persons Network
North American Network
North American Network for Democratic Republic of Nepal
North American Shopping Network
North American Sports Network
North Bronx Healthcare Network
North Carolina Conservation Network
North Carolina Parenting Education Network
North Carolina Smartnet Users Network
North Carolina Writers’ Network
North Central Plant Diagnostic Network
North Coast Accommodation Network
North Coast and Cascades Network
North Coast Clinics Network
North East Network
North East Open College Network
North Eastern Optical Network
North Pole Network
North Tamar Business Network
North West Improvement Network
North West Network
Northeast Anarchist Network
Northeast Informal Science Education Network
Northeast Ohio Mentoring Network
Northeast Region Stranding Network
Northern Alliance Radio Network
Northern California Seismic Network
Northern Career Services Network
Northern Colorado Plateau Network
Northern Distribution Network
Northern Health Services Network
Northern Ireland Network for Education
Northern Lights Library Network
Northern Network Bed and Breakfasts
Northern New York Library Network
Northern Plains Conservation Network
Northern Sportsman’s Network
Northern Territory Industry Capability Network
Northwest Animal Rights Network
Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network
Northwest Knowledge Network
Northwest Ohio Primary Care Research Network
Northwest Public Affairs Network
Norwegian Network for Technology, Acoustics and Music
Notes Named Network
Not-For-Profit Network
Nottingham Area Artists Network
Nottingham Knowledge Network
Nova Golf Internet Network
Nova Scotia Technology Network Inc.
NSF Network Service Center
Nsw Rural Doctors Network
Nubian Blog Community Network
Numerical and Atmospheric Sciences Network
Numismatic Network Canada
Nursing Ethics Network
NUS-ASEAN University Network
Oahu Base Area Network
Object Communication Environment for Arbitrary Network
Object Desktop Network
Object-Oriented Network Knowledge Base
Ocala Women’s Network
OCAP /EBIF (ETV Binary Interchange Format) Developer Network
Occupational Disease Intelligence Network
Occupational Safety and Health Network
Occupational Therapy International Outreach Network
Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa
Ocean Data and Information Networks
Ocean Drilling Stratigraphic Network
Ocean Networks Branch
Ocean Pollution Data and Information Network
Office Network Exchange
Office of Network Administration
Office of Pesticide Programs Information Network
Office of the President Network
Office Sports Programming Network
Official College Sports Network
Off-Network Access Line
Off-Network Access Trunk
Offshoring Research Network
Ogaden Youth Network
Ohio Aerospace Institute Neural Network
Ohio College Access Network
Ohio Education Computer Network
Ohio Home Educators Network
Ohio Network of Physician Recruiters
Ohio News Network
Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network
Ohio Patient Action Network
Ohio Prospect Research Network
Ohio Public Library Information Network
Ohio Watershed Network
Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network
Oklahoma Government Telecommunications Network
Oklahoma Sustainability Network
Oklahoma Telemedicine Network
Old Network Service Provider
Older People and Ageing Research and Development Network
Olympic and Paralympic Employment Network
Olympic Route Network
Onboard Data Interfaces and Network
Once and Future Action Network
Oncology Therapeutics Network
On-demand Network
On-demand Secure Network
One Network for Everyone
One Planet Education Network
One Voice Network
One World Network North East
Ongoing G20 Arrestees Solidarity Network (Australia)
Onion News Network
Onion Sports Network
Online Access Networks Inc.
Online Christian Webcasting Network
Online Computer Service Network
Online Customization and Enrollment Application Network
Online Gaming Network
Online Interactive Network Corporation
Online International News Network
Online Merchant Network
Online Networked Childrens’ Education
Online Networking for the Environment
Online Noetic Network
Online Political Information Network
Online Presidential Initiatives Network
Online Public Education Network
Online Racing Network
Online Social Network
Online Video Network
Onsite Network Administrator
Ontario Environmental Network
Ontario Fishing Network
Ontario Golf Information Network
Ontario HIV Treatment Network
Ontario Medical Education Network
Ontario Network
Ontario Network for Human Rights
Ontario Network of Needleworkers
Ontario Nonprofit Network
Ontario Provincial Education Network
Ontario Reseach and Innovation Optical Network
Ontario Smart Growth Network
Ontario Telemedicine Network
Open Access Network
Open Access Telecom Network
Open Architecture Network
Open Austrian Network
Open Broadband Access Network
Open Broadcast Network
Open Business Network
Open College Network
Open College Network South West Region
Open College Network South Yorkshire and Humber
Open Communications Networks Inc.
Open Computer Network
Open Data link Interface – Network driver interface specification SUPport
Open Dealer Integrated Network
Open Dealer Network
Open District Electronic Network
Open Finance Network
Open Invention Network
Open Invention Network
Open Knowledge Network
Open Media Network
Open Network Computing
Open Network Computing Environment
Open Network Distribution Services
Open Network Environment
Open Network Expansion
Open Network for Commerce Exchange
Open Network Management
Open Network Management System
Open Network Node
Open Network Provision
Open Network Xchange
Open Network Xchange
Open Networking Foundation
Open Networking System
Open News Network
Open Portable Social Network
Open Projects Network
Open Protocol Enhanced Networks
Open Queuing Network
Open Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
Open Service Provider Network
Open Software Network
Open Source Business Network-South Australia
Open Source Developer Network
Open Source Development Network
Open Source Network Analysis
Open Source Portal Network
Open Studios Network
Open Transport Network
Open-Network Architecture
Opera Glass Networks
Operation and Troubleshooting of Juniper Networks Routers
Operational Area Networks
Operational Dependencies Information Network
Operational Digital Network
Operational Radio Interferometry Observing Network
Operational Teletype Network
Operationalizing and Professionalizing the Network
Operations Dedicated Imagery Network
Operations Network
Operations Support Network
Operations System Network
Ophthalmic Research Network
Opitz Trigonocephaly Syndrome Family Network
Opportunity Finance Network
Opportunity News Network
Opposing Europe Research Network
Oprah Winfrey Network
Optical Access Network
Optical Communication Systems and Networks
Optical Communications and Photonic Networks
Optical Data Network
Optical Deep Space Network
Optical Distribution Network
Optical Dynamic Intelligent Network
Optical Entertainment Network
Optical Fiber Access Network
Optical Internetworking Forum
Optical Micro-Networks
Optical Network
Optical Network Architecture
Optical Network Architecture Forum
Optical Network Distribution Switch
Optical Network Element
Optical Network Gateway
Optical Network Management
Optical Network Protector
Optical Network Signaling Protocol
Optical Network Terminal
Optical Network Terminal
Optical Network Termination
Optical Network Unit
Optical Networking
Optical Networking Device
Optical Networking Group
Optical Networking System
Optical Networking Technical Committee
Optical Networks and Systems Symposium
Optical Networks Technology Consortium
Optical Neural Network
Optical Packet Switching Network
Optical Pan-European Network
Optical Service Network (fiber optics)
Optical Star Network
Optical Transparent Packet Network
Optical Transport Network
Optimal Interpolative Neural Network
Optimization of Optical Networks
Optimized Network Engineering Tool
Optimized Network Evaluation Tool
Optimized Network Evolution
Optimized Routing Independent Overlay Network
Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks
Optimum Network Configuration
Optometry News Network
Oracle Learning Network
Oracle PartnerNetwork
Oracle Supplier Network
Oracle Technology Network
Oral Health Network
Orange County Women Networkers
Orange Defense Network
Orbit Showtime Network
Oregon Classified Advertising Network
Oregon Earth Club Network
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network
Oregon Equestrian Network
Oregon Family Support Network
Oregon Home Education Network
Oregon Lyme Disease Network
Oregon Microenterprise Network
Oregon Public Affairs Network
Oregon Public Education Network
Oregon Sports Network
Oregon Transportation Network
Oregon Young Adult Network
Organ Donor Network
Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network
Organic Farmers Action Network
Organic Network Committee
Organisation Development Network
Organisation for an International Geographical Indications Network
Organising Medical Networked Information
Original Network Operator
Original Women’s Network
Originating Intelligent Network Category Key
Orion Grassroots Network
Orona Innovation Network
Orona Innovation Network
Orthopedic Surgeons Network of Arizona
OSI Network Address
Otaniemi International Network
Otaniemi International Network
Other Carrier Networks
Other Network Entities
Ottawa Alternative Lifestyle Network
Ottawa Freecycle Network
Ottawa Fullcircles Network
Ottawa Technology Transfer Network
Ottawa-Carleton Manufacturers Network
Out of Network
Outdoor Life Network
Outdoor Recreation Network
Outer Info Network
Outer Info Network
Outpatient Care Network
Output Distribution Network
Output Matching Network
Output Matching Network Impedance
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Outside Network Interface
Ovarian Cancer Education Awareness Network
Overlay Service Network
Overseas Moving Network Institute
Overspill Routing in Optical Networks
Overtone Music Network
Pacific Basin Business Network
Pacific Coast Business Networking
Pacific Consolidated Telecommunications Network
Pacific Environmental Information Network
Pacific Health Information Network
Pacific Invasives Learning Network
Pacific Mountain Network
Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
Pacific Real Estate Network
Pacific Sexual Diversity Network
Pacific Technology Transfer Network
Packet Data Network
Packet Data Network Equipment
Packet Network Management Center
Packet Network Management Console
Packet Radio Network
Packet Radio/Wireless Network Access
Packet Switched Data Network
Packet Switched Network
Packet Switched Network
Packet Transport Network
PacketSphere Network Emulator
Packet-Switch Communications Network
Packet-Switched Backbone Network
Paediatric European Network for Treatment of Aids
Pagan Radio Network
PaidClicks Network
Pain Relief Network
Pak Impo Expo Gateway Network
Pakers Gaming Network
Pakistan Education and Research Network
Pakistan Microfinance Network
Pakistan News Network
Palawan NGO Network, Inc. (est. 1991; Palawan, Philippines)
Palestinian Youth Network
Palosaari Campus Wireless Network
Pan Africa Bicycle Information Network
Pan European Network
Pan-Access Network
Panamerican Sports Network
Panasonic Solution Developer Network
Panasonic System Networks Europe
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
Pancreatitis Supporters Network
pan-european PHOtonic Transport Overlay Network
Panhandle Area Health Network Inc.
Pantex Local Area Network
Panther News Network
Paper Cup Telephone Network
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks
Parallel Distributed and Network-Based Processing
Parallel Staging Network
Parallel Voice Network
Paranormal News Network
Parent Community Networking Center
Parent Empowerment Network
Parent Information Network of Kentucky
Parent Involvement Network Group
Parental Abduction Recovery Enforcement and Network Training Act
Parenting for Peace and Justice Network
Parenting Resource and Education Network
Parkinson Information Exchange Network
Parliamentary Network on the World Bank
Parrot Media Network
Partial Bayesian Network
Partial Network Control Center
Partially Fully Connected Networks
Participatory Action Research to Advance Governance Options and Networks
Partner Network Recruitment
Partner Network Recruitment
Partners in Health Network
Partners in Health Telemedicine Network
PartnerWorld Industry Networks
Parts Logistics Analysis Network
PASS Network Control Center
Passive Optical Network
Passive Wavelength-Routed Network
Path Based Mesh Network
Path-Protected Mesh Network
Pathways to College Network
Patient Care Network
Patient’s Action Network
Patrol Developer Network
Pay News Network
Payload Local Area Network
Payload Operations Network
Payment Clearing Network
PCI Network Interface Controller (computing)
Peace and Justice Network
Peace Counts Support Network
Pediatric Investigator Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada
Peer Advising Network
Peer Education Network
Peer Networking
Peer Networking Group
Peer Support & Advocacy Network
Peer-to-Peer Networking
Penang Diocesan Youth Network
Penn State Entrepreneurs Network
Pennsylvania Cable Network
Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network
Pennsylvania Educational Network for Eating Disorders
Pennsylvania Environmental Network
Pennsylvania Tobacco Prevention Network
Pentagon Network
People Into Management Network
People of Color Network, Inc
People’s Information Network
People’s Video Network
Peoples Music Network
Perceived Support Network Inventory
Performance Equine Rescue Network
Performance Management Network, Inc
Performance Network Analyzer
Performance Network Engineering
Performance Network Engineering
Performance Racing Network
Perinatal Network of Monroe County
Peripheral Area Network
Persian News Network
Persian Pop Network
Persistent Connection to a Network
Personal Area Network
Personal Area Social Networking
Personal Communication Network
Personal Communications Internetworking
Personal Computer Local Area Network
Personal Computer Network
Personal Computer Network Operating System
Personal Digital Network Environment
Personal Emergency Notification Network
Personal Localized Alerting Network
Personal Network Solutions Company
Personal News Network
Personal Service Network
Personal Software Network
Personal/Professional Learning Network
Personnel Network
Perth County Information Network
Pervasive Wireless Networking
Pesticide Action Network
Pesticide Information Network
Pesticide Notification Network
Pesticide Safety Team Network
Peterborough AIDS Resource Network
Pharma Marketing Network
Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe
Pharmacotherapy News Network
Phase Alternating Line Gaming Network
Phase Difference Self-Constructing Neural Fuzzy Inference Network
Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc.
Philippine Migration Research Network
Philippine Network on Climate Change
Philippine Sustainable Development Network
Philippines-Australia Studies Network
Phillips Neighborhood Network
Phoenix Network Planning Tool
Phoenix Network Users Group
Phoneline Networking Alliance
Photo News Network
Photonic Transport Network
Physical Therapy Provider Network
Physician Assistant AIDS Network
Physicians’ Online Network
Physicians’ Online Network
Physics Computer Network
Pico Area Wireless Network
Piecewise Linear Approximation Network
Piedmont Angel Network
Piedmont Triad Entrepreneurial Network
Pilipino Educators Network
Pilot Mentor Network
Pilot River Basin Network
Pinpoint Road Network
Piolink Network Load Balancer
Pipeline Optimisation System for the Engineering and Intelligent Design of Operational Networks
Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network
Pittsburgh Youth Network
Pituitary Network Association
Plain English Network
Plain Language Action and Information Network
Plain Language Action Network
Plain Old Telephone Network
Planet2025 News Network
Planetary Area Network
Planned Lifetime Assistance Network
Planned Parenthood Action Network
Plansoft Network
Plant Management Network
Planting Material Network
Platform for Network Equipment
Platform for Network Equipment
Plausible Neural Network
Player vs. Player Gaming Network
Playstation Network
PLCP Service Data Unit (networking)
Plokta News Network
Podsafe Music Network
Point Clark Networks Limited
PointCast Network
Pokemon Palace Network
Poker Training Network
Police Information Network
Police Integrated Information Network
Police National Network
Policy Based Network Management
Policy-Based Networking
Polish Global Student Network
Polish Jazz Network
Polish Nuclear Physics Network
Political Advanced Analysis Network
Polycom Open Collaboration Network
Polygonal Switching Network
Polymer Network Liquid Crystal
Polymer Recycling Network
Polynomial Neural Network
Pomperaug Sports Entertainment Network
Pooping Friends Network
Poor News Network
Population-Environment Research Network
Port Inland Distribution Network
Port Network Address Translation
Portable Network Graphics
Port-Based Network Access Control
Portland Research and Education Network
Portsmouth Autism Support Network
Position Switched Network
Positive African-American Network
Positive Environments, Network of Trainers
Positive News Network
Positive People Network
Positive Vision Network
Postal Satellite Training Network
Postini Threat Identification Network
Potential Network Value
Potomac Sports and Entertainment Network
Poverty Action Network Ethiopia
Poverty Reduction Learning Network
Power Control Network
Power Distribution Network
Power Information Network
Power Line Impedance Network
Power Line Networking
Power Networking Lunch
Power Sports Network
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
PPTP Network Server
Practice Research Network
Practice-Based Research Network
Prairie Climate Stewardship Network
Prairie Rivers Network
Precedence Network Inward Dial
Precedence Network Outward Dial
Precision Nutrition Network
Preferred Health Care Network
Preferred Provider Network
Premiere Radio Networks
Preservation Trades Network, Inc.
Press Release Network
Prestige Network Commander
Pre-Trained Neural Network
Preventive Care Access Network
Pride Nation Network
Primary Care Access Network
Primary Care Network
Primary Care Support Network
Primary Database Network
Primary Health Care Network
Primary Healthcare Network Association
Primary Transit Network
Prime Information Technology and Networks
Prime Time Entertainment Network
Prince William Sound Network
Princeton News Network
Principal Network Design Engineer
Prison Enterprises Network
Private Business Network
Private Circuit-Switching Network
Private Data Network
Private Electronic Network
Private Land Mobile Network
Private Line Network
Private Network Node Interface
Private Network Route
Private Network Route
Private Network Services
Private Network System
Private Network to Network Interface
Private Network Transport
Private Network-to-Network Interface
Private Newsstand Network
Private Packet Network
Private School Employment Network
Private Telecommunications Network
Private Telecommunications Network Exchange
Private Trading Network
Private Virtual Networking
Private’s News Network
Pro Travel Network
Pro-Action Network in Education & Skill Training
Proactive Metropolitan Optical Network
Proactive Network Provider Participation for P2P
Probabilistic Gene Regulatory Networks
Probabilistic Neural Network
Problem-Based Learning Network
Process Control Network
Process-Improvement Networking Group
Processing Area Network
Processor Port Network
ProCurve Networking Business
Producer Archive Workflow Network
Product Information Network
Production Services Network
Productivity Analysis Research Network
Productivity Network, Inc.
Professional Associations Research Network
Professional Communications Network
Professional Employer Network
Professional Executive Network
Professional Landcare Network
Professional Midwifery Advisory Network
Professional Nursing Network
Professional Placement Network
Professional Services Network, Inc
Professional Systems Network, Inc.
Professional Videographers Network
Professional Women’s Network
Professionals and Citizens Network for Integrated Care
Program Support Communications Network
Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network
Progress Software Developers Network
Progressive Action Network
Progressive Aerosol Retrieval and Assimilation Global Observing Network
Progressive Bengali Network
Progressive Christian Bloggers Network
Progressive Iowa Network
Progressive Networks Metafile
Progressive States Network
Project Earth Television Network
Project Network Diagram
Project Read Literacy Network
Proliferation Information Network System
Promontory Interfinancial Network
Promoter Analysis and Interaction Network
Promoters Arts Network
Propulsion Plant Local Area Network
Proteases and Inflammation Network
Protein Interaction Network
Protein Interaction Network Analysis
Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access
Prototype WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
Providence Citywide Fire Network
Provider Backbone Bridge Network
Provider Network System
Provider Service Network
Provider Sponsored Network
Provincial Adult Cardiac Care Network
Provincial Archival Network of Newfoundland and Labrador
Provincial Infection Control Network
Provincial Water Quality Monitoring Network
Prudential Network Realty
Prudential Network Realty
Psychic Friends Network
Psychodrama Network News
Public Access Network
Public Communications Network
Public Data Network
Public Education Network
Public Electronic Communications Networks
Public Health Information Network
Public Health Network
Public Health Training Network
Public Information Network for Electronic Services
Public Insight Network
Public Integrity Education Network
Public Interest Law Network
Public Land Mobile Network
Public Leadership Education Network
Public Libraries Automated Information Network
Public Network Operator
Public Network-to-Network Interface
Public Packet-Switched Network
Public Payphone Network Department
Public Policy Advocacy Network
Public Policy and Service Network
Public Procurement Network
Public Realm Information Advice Network
Public Relations Global Network
Public Safety Education Network
Public Safety Wireless Network
Public Service Telephone Network
Public Switched Data Network
Public Switched Network
Public Switched Telecommunications Network
Public Switched Telephone Network
Public Telecommunications Network
Public Telephone Network
Pulse Compensation Network
Pulse Forming Network
Pulsed Para-Neural Network
Puppet News Network
Purdue University Network Computing Hub
Pure Linux Network
Q Media Group Network
Q Television Network
Q-Networks, Inc.
QoS Network Server
Quad ATM User-to-Network Interface and Forwarding Node
Quake Catcher Network
Qualatex Balloon Network
Qualified Provider Network
Qualimetrics Network Controller
Quality Bus Network
Quality Dentistry Network
Quality Directors Network
Quality Education for Minorities network
Quality Healthcare Network
Quality Improvement Network
Quality Leaders Network
Quality Management Network
Quality News Network
Quality Strategy Network
Quality Teaching Network
Quantum Learning Network
Quantum Network Design
Quantum Private Network
Quasi-Dynamic Network Design
Quasi-Optical Network
Quaternary Environments Network
Quebec Freedom Network
Quebec Learners’ Network
Quebec Photonic Network
Queen City Business Networks
Queens Health Network
Queensland Biodiversity Network
Queensland Open Learning Network
Queensland Regional Network Organisation
Query Data Network Address
Queueing Network
Queuing Network Model
Quick Network Block
Quick Response Network
Quicken Financial Network
Quint Networking Technology
QUINT Networking Technology
QUINT Networking Technology
Race & Europe Information Network
Racehorse Outplacement Assistance Network
Racetrack Television Network
Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
Radianz Network
Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance Network
Radiation Information Network
Radiation Injury Treatment Network
Radio Access Network
Radio Access Network Application Protocol
Radio Amateur Emergency Network
Radio Area Network
Radio Broadcast Network
Radio Chaplain Program Network
Radio Colorado Network
Radio Entertainment Network
Radio Entertainment Network
Radio Forecast Network
Radio Italia Network
Radio Krishna Network
Radio Link Network
Radio Mindanao Network
Radio Network Association
Radio Network Control Server
Radio Network Controller
Radio Network Design
Radio Network Interface
Radio Network Optimization
Radio Network Planning
Radio Network Subsystem
Radio Network Temporary Identifier
Radio Philippines Network
Radio Solar Telescope Network
Railwayana Collectors’ Network
Rainforest Action Network
Rakai AIDS Information Network
Random Boolean Network
Rape Crisis Network Ireland
Rapid Response Network
REACH Montana Telehealth Network (Great Falls, MT)
Readiness Assessment Network
Real Change Network
Real Estate Information Network
Real Estate Investment Network
Real Private Network
Real Time Network
RealNetworks Public Source License
Real-Time and Network Systems
Real-time Information Transfer and Networking
Realtime Network Awareness
Real-Time Networks
Real-Time Observation Monitor and Analysis Network
Realty Financial Network
Recipient Network Operator
Reciprocal Research Network
Reconciliation Resource Network
Reconfigurable Network Group
Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Networked Embedded Systems
Reconfigurable Wireless Network
Recovering Racists Network
Recruiting Automated Interim Network
Recurrent Artificial Neural Network
Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network
Recurrent Neural Network
Recurrent Neural Network
Recursive Transition Network
Recycling Network Europe
Red Cross Humanitarian Network
Red Hat Developer Network
Redback Networks Inc.
RedHat Network
Redundant Network Routing Protocol
Reef Education Network
Reef Education Network
Reform Jewish Nurses Network
Refugee Women’s Network
Refuser Solidarity Network
Regina Shared Parenting Network
Region Eleven Telecommunications Network
Regional Access Information Network
Regional Agricultural Information Network of Eastern Africa
Regional Alliance for Information Networking
Regional and International Networking Group
Regional Area Network
Regional Atmospheric Measurement and Analysis Network
Regional Broadband Network
Regional Cable Network
Regional Digital Switched Network
Regional Economic Justice Network
Regional Education Technology Network
Regional Educational Television Network
Regional Express Network
Regional Eye Network
Regional Eye Network
Regional Infection Control Network
Regional Learning Network
Regional Meteorological Data Communication Network
Regional Meteorological Telecommunications Network
Regional Neighborhood Network Conference
Regional Network for Children
Regional Network for Homeland Security
Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experiences in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific
Regional Network of Civil Organizations on Migration
Regional Network Provider
Regional News Network
Regional News Network
Regional Online Brownfields Information Network
Regional Research Network
Regional Response Team Network
Regional Security Cooperation Network
Regional Seismic Test Network
Regional Specialty Photography Network, Inc.
Regional Telecommunications Network
Regional Trade Network
Regional Veterinary Laboratory Network
Register Tape Network
Registered Nurse Response Network
Registration Network of Family Practices
Regulatory Office for Network Industries
Rejoice Broadcast Network
Relevant Transformation of the Inputs Network Approach
Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent
Reliable Transmission Control Protocol for Wide Area Wireless Networks
Relic Developers Network
Religion and Labor Network of Austin
Religion and Science Network Germany
Remote Computer Network
Remote Knowledge Network
Remote Network Access
Remote Network Card
Remote Network Control Server
Remote Network Driver Interface Specification
Remote Network Element
Remote Network Interface
Remote Network Management
Remote Network Monitoring Software
Remote Network Processor
Remote Network Processor
Remote Network Support
Remote Network User Identification
Remote Online Network
Remote Technical Assistance and Information Network
Remote User Virtual Private Networking
Renal Epidemiology and Information Network
Renal Support Network
Renewable Energy Information Network
Renewable Energy Information Network of Namibia
Repair Network Integration
Repeater Hybrid Network
Report-back Network Control Circuit
Reproductive Health Research Network
Republic Broadcasting Network
Republican Network for Unity
Republican Network to Elect Women
Requirements Traceability Network
Research and Education Networking Unit
Research and Educational Network
Research and Educational Network
Research and Ethical Network Embracing Water
Research Data Network Cooperative Research Center
Research Libraries Information Network
Research Libraries Network
Research Network Forum
Research Network on Time Use
Research Network, Inc.
Research Professionals Network
Research Training Network
Research Unit in Networking
Research, Innovation and Business Network
Réseau Art Nouveau Network
Reservoirs of Antibiotic Resistance network
Resident Evil Network
Resident Evil Network
Residential Communications Network
Residential Service Network
Resilient Overlay Network
Resort Sports Network
Resource Allocation Network
Resource Discovery Network
Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste
Resource Loaded Network
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity
Resource Task Network
Responsible Purchasing Network
Restoration Ecology Network
Restoration Ecology Network
Restricted Securities Trading Network
Restricted Trading Network
Retail Loss Prevention Intelligence Network
Retrospective Network Analysis
Revolutionary Anti Imperialist Information Network
Revolutionary Communist Network
Reynolds Private Managed Network
RichMedia Network Infrastructure
Ricochet Networks, Inc.
Right-Triangulated Irregular Networks
Ring Buffer Network Bus
Ring Subnetwork Controller
Risk Communications Network
River Network
Road Network Inventory System
Road Network Management System
Road Safety Network
Roaming Emergency Communications Network
Robotics, Vision and Sensor Networks Group
Robust ACC Virtual Network
Robust Security Network
Robust Security Network Association
Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network
Rocky Mountain Health Network
Rocky Mountain Information Network
Rocky Mountain Jack Russell Terrier Network
Rocky Mountain Network Administration
Rocky Mountain Progressive Network
Romanian Free Developer Network
Rotax Owner Assistance Network
Rotherham District Scout Network
Rotterdam Law Network
Routed Data Network
Routed Private Network
Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Networks with Sparse Wavelength Conversion
Royals Sports Television Network
R-Smart Network
Run of Network
Rural Development Services Network
Rural Health Network of South Central New York Inc.
Rural Housing Network
Rural Medical Family Network
Rural Support Programmes Network
Rural Women’s Network
Russia-Japan Cable Network
Russian and Eurasian Security Network
Russian and Eurasian Security Network
Russian Backbone Network
Russian Business Network
Russian Cultural Heritage Network
Russian Harm Reduction Network
Russian Information Network
Russian Investment Banner Network
Russian Overlay Network
Rwanda Women Community Development Network
S4C Digital Networks
SABRE Network of Attached Processors
Sabre Travel Information Network
Sacramento Transportation Equity Network
Sacramento Wide Area Networking project
SADC AIDS Network of Nurses and Midwives
Safe Programmable and Integrated Network Environment
Safeguards Accountability Network
Safety Awareness and Family Education Network
Sage Software Accountants Network
Salisbury Youth Action Network
Salmon Protection and Watershed Network
SAMHSA Health Information Network (Rockville, MD; US DHHS)
Samtec Global Network
San Antonio Paranormal Network
San Diego Metropolitan Area Network
San Diego Network Access Point
San Diego News Network
San Diego Nutrition Network
San Francisco Freecycle Network
San Jose Network
Sandwell Community Empowerment Network
Sandwell Public Information Network
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network
Santa Monica Networks, Inc.
SAP Community Network
SAP Developer Network
SARDA Wide Area Network
Sarimanok News Network
Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network, Inc.
Saskatchewan Archival Information Network
Saskatchewan Association of Community Networks
Saskatchewan Communications Network
Saskatchewan Health Information Network
Saskatchewan Literacy Network
Saskatchewan Literacy Network
Sasken Network Engineering Limited
SATCOM Network Controller
Satellite and Broadcast Network Systems
Satellite Communications Network
Satellite Control Network
Satellite Control Network Contract
Satellite Data Relay Network
Satellite Education Network
Satellite Music Network, Inc.
Satellite Network Controller
Satellite Network Cost Recovery
Satellite Personal Communication Network
Satellite Personal Communications Network
Satellite Program Network
Satellite Wide Area Network
Saudi Networkers Services
Saudi Payments Network
Save the Earth Network
Scalable Ad Hoc Network Simulator
Scalable Enhanced Network Stack
Scalable Information Networks for the Environment
Scalable Network Accelerator
Scalable Network of Workstations
Scalable Network Technologies, Inc.
Scalable Networked Information Processing Environment
Scalable Networking Pack
Scalable Platform for Large Interactive Networked Environments
Scalable, Programmable, Integrated Network
Scalar Network Analyzer
Scale-Free Network
SCC Network Interface
Scheduling Your Network Connections
Schimatic Cash Transaction Network
Schlumberger Network Solutions
School Board Advocacy Network
School Computer Network
School District of Philadelphia Network
School Hydrological Information Network
School Network for Absenteeism Prevention
Schoolnet News Network
Schools’ Enterprise Education Network
Schoolsnet Internet Network Administrator
Science and Technology for Development Network
Science and Technology Policy Asian Network
Science and Technology Studies Network
Science Learning Network
Science Learning Network
Science Network News
Science Networking Development Scheme
Science Of Networks In Communities
Scientific and Engineering Network
Scientific and Medical Network
Scientific and Medical Network
Scientific and Medical Network
Scientific and Technical Information Network
Scientific and Technical Information Network
Scientific Event Alert Network
Scotland China Education Network
Scottish Academic Periodicals Implementing an Effective Networked Service
Scottish Archive Network
Scottish Autism Service Network
Scottish Bioinformatics Research Network
Scottish Cancer Research Network
Scottish Cancer Therapy Network
Scottish Community Development Network
Scottish Community Land Network
Scottish Community Safety Network
Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network
Scottish Diabetes Research Network
Scottish ECT Audit Network
Scottish Environmental Technology Network
Scottish Genital Anomaly Network
Scottish Islands Network
Scottish Outdoor Recreation Network
Scottish Peer Education Network
Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network
Scottish Personality Disorder Network
Scottish Polymer Technology Network
Scottish Post Polio Network
Scottish Schools Digital Network
Scottish Scout Network Council
Scottish Stroke Research Network
Scottish Universities Network for Sustainability
Scottsdale Job Network
Screen Gems Network
Scripps Networks Interactive
Sea of Faith Network
Sea Turtle Recovery Network
Searchable Networked Intellectual Property Electronic Resource
Sears Advanced Intelligent Network
Sears Communications Network
Seattle Community Network
Seattle Wireless Network
Second Life Cable Network
Second Network Operator
Secondary Literacy Support Network
Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
Secure Access to University Restricted Network
Secure Active Network Environment
secure Air Force weather information network
Secure Area Network
Secure Communications in ATM Network
Secure Cops Alert Network
Secure Corporate Data Network
Secure Data Network
Secure Data Network System
Secure Global Network
Secure Interface Model Over Network
Secure Internet Protocol Network
Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
Secure Local Area Network
Secure Network Access
Secure Network Access Platform
Secure Network Access Switch
Secure Network Address Translation
Secure Network Communication
Secure Network Component Architecture
Secure Network File System
Secure Network Infrastructure
Secure Network Interface
Secure Network Interface Unit
Secure Network Programming
Secure Network Server
Secure Pervasive Computing Network
Secure Positioning In sensor NEtworks
Secure Private Network
Secure Public Networks Act
Secure Server Network
Secure Tactical Data Network
Secure Teleconferencing Network
Secure Virtual Network
Secure Virtual Private Network
Secure Wide Area Network
Secure Wide Area Network
Secured Network Gateway
Securian Financial Network
Securing Networks with ASA Foundation (Cisco)
Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches
Securing Networks with PIX and ASA
Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
Security Administrator’s Integrated Network Tool
Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks
Security and Cryptography for Networks
Security and Networks Research Group
Security Assistance Network
Security Certified Network Professional
Security Certified Network Specialist
Security Information Management Online Network
Security News Network
Security of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Security Policy Automation Network
Security, Privacy and Authentication in Wireless Networks
SEGA Network Application Package
SEI Architecture Technology User Network
Seismic Information Gathering and Network Alert
Self Configuring Relay Network
Self-Advocacy Resource Network
Self-Advocate Leadership Network
Self-Defending Network
Self-Help International Network Enterprise
Self-Organizing Network
Self-Organizing with Adaptive Neighborhood Neural Network
SEMA Action Network
Semantic Network
SEMCIP Technical Assistance Network
Semiconductor Solutions Network Company
Senate Interplanetary Intelligence Network
Senior Action Network
Senior Certified Network Engineer
Senior Lending Network
Senior Lending Network
Senior Ministries Network
Senior Ministries Network
Senior Ministries Network
Senior Network, Incorporated
Seniors Health Research Transfer Network
Sense Selection Network
Sensor Actuator Network
Sensor Control Network
Sensor Network Asynchronous Processor
Sensor Network Design Tool
Sensor Network Server
Sensor, Positioning, and Identification Network
Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network
Sentinel Provider Surveillance Network
Serbian Multiservice Internet Network
Sergiev Posad Civic Network
Serial Wide Area Network
Serve Our Youth Network
Serverless Network File System
Service Channel Network
Service Convergence Network
Service Delivery Network
Service Delivery Network Architecture
Service Members Legal Defense Network
Service Network Interface
Service Oriented Optical Network
Service Practice Training Network
Service Provider Network
Service Providers Advisory Network
Service-Learning Asia Network
Service-Oriented Network
Service-Oriented Network Architecture
Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks
Services in Distributed and Networked Environments
Services Internetworking Architecture
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network
Services-oriented Building Area Network
Serving Radio Network Controller
Serving Radio Network Subsystem
Session-based Mobile AdHoc Network Architecture
Seton Physician Hospital Network
Sexual Abuse Intervention Network
Sexual Assault Response Network
Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio
Sexual Health Information Networking and Education
Sexuality Issues Network Group
Shalimar Television Network
Shalom Network International
Shan Women’s Action Network
Shanghai Cable Networks
Shared Check Authorization Network
Shared Network Architecture
Shared Network Arrangement
Shared Network Infrastructure
Shared Network Management Tool
Shared Pathology Informatics Network
Shared Private Data Network
Shared Processing Network
Shared Program Information Network
Shareware Distribution Network
Sharing Help Awareness United Network
Shift-Pulse Network
Shipboard Wide Area Network
Short Area Network
Short Message Networks
Short Message Networks
Short Message Networks
Sierra Leone Diaspora Network
Sierra Providence Health Network
Signal Applications to Audio Networks
Signal Processing Network Equipment
Signal Processor/Processing Network
Signaling Area Network Codes
Signaling Network Analysis System
Signaling Network Interface
Signaling Network Interworking
Signaling Network Management
Signaling Network Management Message
Signaling Network Test
Signaling System Network Control
Signalling Control Network
Signature Travel Network
Silicon Valley Microfinance Network
SimCity Network Edition
Simcoe Muskoka Literacy Network
Simple Living Network
Simple Living Network
Simple Models of Complex Networks Research Cluster
Simple Multicast Network
Simple Multicast Network
Simple Multicast Network
Simple Network Administration
Simple Network Automated Provisioning
Simple Network Automated Provisioning
Simple Network for Atomic Communication
Simple Network Magic Corporation
Simple Network Mail Transmission Protocol
Simple Network Management Executive
Simple Network Management Protocol
Simple Network Management Protocol, Version 2
Simple Network Management System
Simple Network Monitoring Protocol
Simple Network Paging Protocol
Simple Network Time Protocol
Simple Network Time Sync
Simple Network User Information
Simple Purchasing Network
Simple Recurrent Network
Simple Search Advancing Network
Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs (Network Address Translators; network protocol)
Simulation and Analysis Tools for Urban Automated Rapid Transit Networks
Simulation and Assignment of Traffic to Urban Road Network
Simulation and Integration of Ground, Network and Air Links
Simulation Augmented by Measurement and Analysis for Networks
Simulation Network
Simulator for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Simulator Network Analysis Project
Simulator Networking
Simulator Networking Training
SINCGARS MSE Packet Network Interface
Singapore Integrated Multiple Reference Station Network
Single Frequency Network
Single Integrated Network Environment
Single Mothers Support Network
Single Network Access Code
Single Network Adaptive Critic Architecture
Single Parent Travel Network
Single Parents Community Network
Single Protocol Transport Network
Site Builder Network
Skeptical Alert Network Effort
Skills for Economic Inclusion Network
Slot Communication Network Management
Small and Medium Business Technology Network
Small and Midsize Network
Small and Midsize Network
Small and Midsize Network
Small Area Network
Small Business Dealer Network
Small Business Exporters Network
Small Business Network Solutions
Small Business Referral Network
Small Business Resource Network
Small Business Support Network
Small Community Network
Small Computer Network Company
Small Network Access Package
Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network
Smart Community International Network
Smart Energy Network Alliance
Smart Grid Networking Infrastructure
Smart Growth Network
Smart Network Data Services
Smart Protection Network
Smart Targeting and Identification via Networked Geolocation
SMDPS Phase III Operational Network
SNA Network Interconnection
Soccer Fans Network
Social Behaviour and Network Therapy
Social Development Network
Social Economy Student Network
Social Enterprise Knowledge Network
Social Exclusion Knowledge Network
Social Information Networking Group
Social Justice Network
Social Network Analysis
Social Network and Social Media
Social Network Exposure
Social Network Fatigue
Social Network Integrated Friend Finder
Social Network Management
Social Network Marketing
Social Network Mining and Analysis
Social Network Questionnaire
Social Network Questionnaire
Social Network Software
Social Networking
Social Networking Application Provider
Social Networking Community
Social Networking Group
Social Networking in Fur
Social Networking News
Social Networking Platform
Social Networking Site
Social Networking Website
Social Networking World Forum
Social Networks and Cyberinfrastructure
Social Networks At Play
Social Organisation Networking for Development
Social Policy Ageing Information Network
Social Policy Studies Network
Social Psychology Network
Social Science Research Network
Social Services Network
Social Studies of Finance Network
Social Support Networking Alliance
Social Venture Network
Social Venture Network Europe
Social Work Access Network
Social Work Oncology Network
Society of Public Information Networks
Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network
Sockets Based Shared Networking
Socrates Network for Translator Training
Soft Switch Radio Network
Software Applications Networking and Development
Software Defined Data Network
Software Defined Network
Software Developers Reference Network
Software Engineering and Network Systems Laboratory
Software Engineering Video Network
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing
Software Environment for Biological Network Inference
Software for Prediction of Adhesins and Adhesin-like Proteins using Neural Networks
Software for Prediction of Adhesins and Adhesin-like Proteins using Neural Networks
Software Network Architecture
Software Network Server
Software Process Improvement Network
Software Program Managers Network
Software Virtual Network
Software-Defined Network Services
Solar and Meteorological Surface Observation Network
Solar Electro-Optical Network
Solar Electro-Optical Observing Network
Solar Observing Optical Network’s Solar Patrol on Tape
Solar Optical Observation Network
Solar Particle Alert Network
Solar Physics Analysis Network
Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator
Sold by Owner Network
Soldier Network Extension
Soldier Radio Service Network
Soldier Support Network
Solent Investment Opportunity Network
Solution Provided Information Network
Solutions for Innovative Networks, GmbH
Solutions for Presenting Information on Networks
Somerset Hills Business Network
Somerville-Cambridge Aging Network
Sommeil Network Business Services
SONET Network Management System
SONET-ATM User Network
Songwriters Network Queensland
Songwriters Network Queensland
Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc.
Sony Pictures Digital Networks
Source Network Address Translation
South African Cities Network
South African Climate Action Network
South African Environmental Observation Network
South African Network of Skills Abroad
South African Network of Trauma Service Providers
South African New Economics Network
South African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
South Antrim Rural Network
South Asia Network on Plant Genetic Resources
South Asia Research Network
South Asian Network
South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
South Asian Network of Gender Activists and Trainers
South Asian Networking Association
South Asian Perspectives Network
South Asian Perspectives Network Association
South Asian Professional Network Association
South Asian Professional Network for Health Awareness
South Asian Psychological Networking Association
South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services
South Australian Sex Industry Network
South Bristol Learning Network
South Carolina African-American Tobacco Control Network
South Carolina Seismic Network
South Carolina Traditional Arts Network
South East Cardiac Network
South East European Child Rights Action Network
South East Folk Arts Network
South East Services Network
South Essex Climate Action Network
South Florida AIDS Network
South Florida Public Relations Network
South Island Community Access Network
South King County Community Network
South Lanarkshire Carers Network
South West Academic Network for Disability Support
South West Angel and Investor Network
South West Artist Network
South Westminster Community Network
South-East European Network for the Professionalization of the Media
Southeastern Bat Diversity Network
Southeastern Emergency Digital Association Network
Southeastern Library Network, Inc.
Southern African Enterprise Network
Southern African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
Southern and Eastern Africa Policy Research Network
Southern Bell Data Network
Southern California Equestrian Network
Southern California Seismic Network
Southern Command Network
Southern Energy Network
Southern Europe Network of Asian Studies
Southern Maryland Community Network
Southern Maryland Information Network
Southern Otway Landcare Network
Southern Pacific Railroad Intercontinental Network of Telecommunications
Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications
Southern Pine Awareness Network
Southern Plant Diagnostic Network
Southern Psychosynthesis Community Network
Southern Urals Public Networks
Southwest Catholic Health Network
Southwest Community Action Network
Southwest Emergency Systems Network
Southwest Indiana Network for Education
Space Displacement Neural Network
Space Network
Space Network Control
Space Network System
Space Network Users’ Guide
Space Physics Analysis Network
Space Plasma Analysis Network
Space Surveillance Network
Space Tracking and Data Network
Spaceflight/Spacecraft Tracking and Data Network
Spanish International Network
Spanish Speaking Growth Network
Sparkpea Chat Network
Sparrow Physicians Health Network
Sparse Network of Winnows
Spatial Data Network (geographic information systems and remote sensing)
Special Kids Network
Special Needs Network
Special Network Equipment
Special Operations Forces Inter-Simulation Network -Joint Conflict Model
Special Parent Information Network
Special Police Radio Inquiry Network
Speciation Trends Network
Spinning Program Instructor Network
Spinoza Bibliography Online Network
Spiritual Heritage Education Network
Sponsored Programs Information Network
Sport Business Education Network
SportBikers Network
Sports Buff Fantasy Network
Sports Business Research Network
Sports Entertainment Network
Sports Penguin Entertainment Network
Spot Market Network
Spot Market Network
Spot Market Network
Spouse Networking Assistance Program
Springs Real Estate Investors Network
Sprint Dial Network
Sprint Managed Customer Network
Sprint Network Manager
Sprint Network Modeling Tool
SSIS Network Simulator
SSL Network Extender (software; network security)
St. Olaf College Lesbian and Gay Employee Network
Staff and Curriculum Development Network
Staff With Disabilities Network
Staffordshire Business and Environment Network
Standard CAN Controller (computer networking)
Standard Network Access Protocol
Standard Network Interface
Standard Network Interface Card
Standard Network Time Protocol
Standard Training Area Range Safety Network
Stanford Instructional Television Network
Stanford Network for Accounting and Purchasing
Stanford Research Institute – Network Information Center
Stanford Research Institute – Network Information Center
Stanford University Network
Stanford University Network Workstation
Star Choice Television Network, Inc.
Star Trek Area Network
Star Trek Directory Network
Staredit Network
Starmedia Network, Inc.
StarQuest Podcast Network
State Digital Road Network
State Extension Leaders Network
State Farm Action Network
State Institutions Computer Network
State of Hawaii Tele-Health Access Network
State Task Network
State-Based Network Management
Stateful Network Address Translation
Stateless Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Statewide Anti-Terrorism Unifed Response Network
State-Wide Area Network
Statewide Police Emergency Network
Statewide Systems Advocacy Network
Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division
Statewide Wireless Network
Static Bayesian Network
Static Integrated Network Access
Static Mesh Network
Static Mesh Network
Static Mesh Network
Static Random Network
Static Wireless Network
Statistical Knowledge Network
STD World of Resources Network
Stealth Gaming Network
Stem Cell Network
Stem Cell Network Asia Pacific
Stentor Canadian Network Management
Stern Fan Network
Stochastic Activity Network
Stochastic Automata Network
Stochastic Rendezvous Network
Stochastic Well-formed Network
Storage Area Network
Storage Network Backbone
Storage Networking Concepts Foundation
Storage Networking Controller
Storage Networking Industry Association
Storage Networking User Group
Storage/System Area Network
Strategic Automatic Message Switching Operations Network
Strategic European Expertise Network
Strategic Highway-corridor Network
Strategic Networking Assistance Program
Strategic Online Networking Initiative
Strategic Partnership Network
Strategic Press Information Network
Stratus Intelligent Network Applications Platform
Stream-Based Overlay Network
Streaming Sports Network, LLC
Stretch Performance Network
Stroke Center Network
Structural Network Analysis Program
Structured Cable Network
Structured Portable Social Networks
Structured Wireless Aware Network
Student Broadcast Network
Student Center Network
Student Doctor Network
Student Health Action Network
Student International Exchange Network
Student Loan Network
Student Loan Network
Student Network Service
Student Network Systems Administrator
Student Society Programming Network
Student Television Network
Student Youth Network
Student Youth Network, Inc.
Students Interested in Growth Networking and Leadership
Students of Color Network
Studio One Networks
Stupid People on Our Network
Stylus Studio Developer Network
Sub Saharan African Network
Subliminal Psychic Network
Sub-Network Access
Subnetwork Access Facility
Subnetwork Access Protocol
Sub-Network Access Protocol
Subnetwork Connection
Sub-Network Dependent
Sub-Network Dependent
Sub-Network Dependent Convergence
Sub-Network Independent
Sub-Network Independent Convergence
Subnetwork Management System
Sub-Network Manager
Subnetwork Operations Controller
Subnetwork Operations Controller
Subnetwork Point of Attachment
Subnetwork Protocol
Subscriber Network Interface
Subscriber Network Interface Device
Subscriber-Access Network
Substance Abuse Education Network
Substance Abuse Network Advisory Council
Substitution-Permutation Network
Suburban Ad-Hoc Network
Suburban Anti-Terrorist Network
Successful Practices Network
Succession Network Management
Success-To-The-Top Network Routing
Sudbury Education Resource Network
Suffolk Parent Carer Network
Suicide Information Research and Evidence Network
Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network
Suite Technology Systems Network
Summa Health Network
Summer Network Evaluation Intern Program
Sun Developer Network
Sun Network Services
Sun Wide Area Network
Sungard Transaction Network
SUNY Learning Network
SUNY Learning Network
Super Sports Network
Super Wide Area Network by Satellite
Supercomputing Network Subsystem
Superior Business Network
Supervised Visitation Network
Super-Wide Area Network Subscriber Account Territory
Supply Network Collaboration
Supply Network Planner
Supply Network Planning
Supply Partner Information Network
Support Information Network
Support Local Area Network
Support Network for an Armed Forces Union
Support Network for Battered Women
Support Network on Renewable Energy
Support Wide Area Network
Supportive Housing Network
Supra Owners Network in Canada
Surface Equivalent Principle and Multiple Network Theory
Surveillance Video Entertainment Network
Survey of the Social Networks of the Dutch
Survivable Correlated Data Network
Survivable Emergency Conferencing Network
Survivable Network Analysis
Survivable Network Technology
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network
Sustainable Agriculture Network
Sustainable Communities Network
Sustainable Development Research Network
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network
Sustainable Energy Policy Network
Sustainable Energy Regulation Network
Sustainable Environmental Education Network
Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism Network
Sustainable Local Enterprise Networks
Sustainable Product Information Network for the Environment
Sutherland Business Education Network
Swan Valley Community Network
Sweden Emilia Romagna Network
Swedish Action Network on Small Arms
Swedish Network for European Studies in Economics
Swedish Network Users’ Society
Swiss Network for International Studies
Switch Fabric Network
Switch Network Address
Switch Network Monitoring
Switch Panel Network
Switched Circuit Automatic Network
Switched Circuit Network
Switched Data Network
Switched Digital Network
Switched Enterprise Network Architecture
Switched Network Assistance Program
Switched Network Server
Switched Overlay Network
Switched Private Network Telecommunications
Switched Service Network
Switched Telephone Network
Switched Virtual Network
Switching Network
Switching Network Manager
Switchless Optical Network for Advanced Transport Architecture
SWPS Network Control
Sybase Tools User Network
Sydney Environmental Educators Network
Symantec Network Security
Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response
Symantec Protection Network
Symantec Women’s Action Network
Symphion Network Instrumentation Framework
Symposium on Architecture for Networking and Communications Systems
Symposium on Neural Networks
Synchronous Adaptive Infrastructure Network
Synchronous Network Architecture
Synchronous Optical Network
Synchronous Optical Network Technologies
Synchronous Sequential Network
Synchronous Transmission Network
Syndication Networks Corporation
Synergy Advanced Interface & Network Termination
SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security
System Administration and Network Engineering
System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute
System Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
System and Network Administration Body of Knowledge
System and Network Administration Program
System Area Network
System Defined Network
System Evaluation Network
System for a Customs Enforcement Network
System Identification Network
System Network Architecture eXtended
System Network Controller
System Network Support
System Power Contol Network
System Wide Automated Network
Systems Analysis Integrated Networks of Tasks
Systems and Network Attack Center
Systems and Network Control Center
Systems and Network Engineering
Systems Engineering for Network Debug, Integration, and Test
Systems Network Architecture
Systems Network Architecture Control Protocol
Systems Network Architecture Network Addressable Unit
Systems Network Architecture/File Services
Systems, Optimization, Control and Networks
System-wide Information Network for Genetic Resources
Table Area Network
Tactical Aircrew Alerting Network
Tactical Area Network
Tactical Communications Data Network
Tactical Component Network
Tactical Computers Network Operators
Tactical Control Network
Tactical Data Networking Seminar
Tactical Data Networks
Tactical Intelligence Network
Tactical Local Area Network
tactical network analysis and planning system
Tactical Network Implementation Planning
Tactical Network Management System
Tactical Network Nodal
Tactical Network Nodal
Tactical Network Testbed
Tactical Network Topology
Tactical Packet Network
Tactical Wireless Network Assurance
Tahiti Sun Travel Network
Tahoe Truckee Community Network
Taiwan Ecological Research Network
Taiwan Fixed Network
Taiwan Today News Network
Talk Radio Network
Talking Sports Network
Tampa Bay Christian Network
Tampa Bay Community Network
Tampa Bay Sports Network
Tandem Tie Trunk Network
Tanzania Gender Networking Programme
Tape Area Network
Tariff and Precedent Information Network
Tasmanian Gaming Network
Tasmanian Research and Education Network
Tasmanian Visitor Information Network
Tax Justice Network
Tax Research Network
TCP Segmentation Offload (computer networking)
TDDS Network Management Center
TDRSS Network
Teacher Education Research Network
Teacher Job Network
Teacher Resource Center Network
Teacher Union Reform Network
Teaching for Learning Network
Team Sportscast Network
Tech Labs Community Networks
Tech Valley Angel Network
Technical Committee on Gigabit Networking
Technical Insertion Network
Technical Interoperability Network
Technical Logistics Reference Network
Technically Advanced Network Keyboard
Technologies for Wireless Interconnection of Mobile Networks
Technology Empowerment Network
Technology Excellence Network
Technology Executives Networking Group
Technology Network Program
Technology Network Program
Technology Transfer Network
Telabs Interactive Transport Adaptive Network
Telecare Knowledge Network
Telecom & Network Services
Telecom Information Networking Architecture
Telecom Trading Network
Telecommunication Information Network Architecture
Telecommunication Management Network Forum
Telecommunication Network for Cooperative Driving
Telecommunication Network Voltage
Telecommunications Education Research Network
Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium
Telecommunications Management Network
Telecommunications Network
Telecommunications Network
Telecommunications Network for the Deaf
Telecommunications Network Management
Telecommunications Network Management System
Telecommunications Students and Alumni Network
Teleconferencing Network
Telemetry, Tracking, and Network Control
Telephone Computer Network, Inc.
Telephone Equipment Network
Telephone Network
Telephone Network Access Subsystem
Telephone Network Access System
Telephone Network Analyzer
Telephone Network Interface
Telephone Network Voltage
TeleRail Automated Information Network
Teletype Alert Network
Teletypewriter Network
Television Broadcasting Network
Television Games Network
Tenant Union Representative Network
Tennant Profile Network
Tennessee Economic Renewal Network
Tennessee Energy Education Network
Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network
Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network
Terabit Network Router
Terminal Environment Network Information System
Terminal Network Replacement
Terrestrial Communications Network
Terrestrial Network Termination Module/Satellite Network Termination Module
Test Sequence Network
Test Support Network
Testing Technology for Communication Network for Manufacturing Applications
Texas Area Network Gamers Organization
Texas Comprehensive School Health Network
Texas Education Network
Texas Freedom Network
Texas Gender Advocacy and Information Network
Texas Genetics Network
Texas Health Information Network
Texas Higher Education Network
Texas Homeless Network
Texas Information and Referral Network
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Texas Moratorium Network
Texas Network of Reform Groups
Texas Outdoors Woman Network
Texas Rural Church Network
Thalassemia Clinical Research Network
Thames Valley Investment Network
The Accessible Friends Network
The Allied Forces Network
The Anime Network
The Avenues Neighbourhood Network
The Beyond Radio Network
The Bible Network
The Birdhouse Network
The Book Report Network
The Botting Network
The Brain Injury Information Network
The Brewing Network
The Cartoon Network
The Christian Alert Network
The Cobra League Network
The Comcast Network
The Comic-Book Fanfiction Authors Network
The Consulting Network, Inc
The Continuum Network
The Costner Network International
The Creative Learning Network
The Dink Network
The Divorce Network
The Early Childhood Network
The Earthville Network
The Electronics Design, Technology and News Network
The Emirates Network
The Energy Care Network
The Energy Network
The Enterprise Network
The Entertainment Network
The Enthusiast Network
The Entrepreneur Network
The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
The Erotic Network
The Exploration Network
The Food Network
The Football Network
The Football Network
The Freecycle Network
The Gamer Networks
The Generations Network
The Global Fundraising Network
The Hague International Network
The Health Occupation Reporting Network
The Horror Writers Network
The Hotel Networks
The ICT Networking Event
The Information Health Network
The International Network of Nurses
The Iris Network
The Leader in Access Network Technology
The Light Spiritual Alliance Network
The Mafia Network
The Management Network Group, Inc
The Map Network
The Martial Arts Network
The Minisode Network
The Movie Network
The Nashville Network
The Nashville Network
The National Network
The National Network
The Nerd Network
The Nerd Network
The Network Chico Company
The Network Company
The Network Connection, Inc.
The Network For Women
The Network Foundation, Inc.
The Network Journal
The Network Marketing Magazine
The Network Observer
The Network University
The Networked Enterprise
The Orchestras of Australia Network
The Perspectives Network
The Pixelgeek Network
The Project Network
The Racing Network International
The Rader Network
The Radio Network Ltd
The Real Estate Network
The Real Network-Dialogue
The Right-To-Know Network
The Sat-Am Network
The Server Networking Provider
The Social Couples Network
The Sports Network
The SWAC Page Network
The Sysops Association Network
The Urban Agriculture Network
The Utility Reform Network
The Video Network
The Weather Network
The West Education Network
The World School Network
The Xtreme Radio Network
Theater Communications Network
Theater Extension Network
Theater Network Center
Theater Network Operations Center
Thematic Network on Safety Assessment of Waterborne Transport
Theological Research Exchange Network
Therapeutic Landscapes Network
Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario
Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Network
Thermal Measurement Awareness Network
Thimun Youth Network
Thin Film Network
Third Frontier Network
Third Sector European Network
Third World Network
Thomson Financial Network
Thunderbird Learning Consulting Network
Tibet International Network
Tiger Financial News Network
Tikona Digital Networks
Timber Wolf Information Network
Time Compliance Network Order
Time Lagged Recurrent Network
Time Monk Radio Network
Time-Domain Network Analysis
Time-Domain Wavelength Interleaved Network
Time-Domain Wavelength Interleaved Networking with Wavelength Reuse
Time-Lagged Feedforward Neural Network
Times News Network
Times News Network
Tiny Area Network
Titans Anime Network of Edmonton
Tivoli Storage Network Manager
Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network
Tobacco Etiology Research Network
Token Ring Network
Tokyo Regional Academic Inter-Network
Tokyo Telecommunications Network
Tom Slivick Productions Network
Tomahawk Strike Network
Tonga Network Information Center
Tony Scotti Training Network
Tool for Introduction Scenarios and Techno-Economic Evaluation of the Access Network
Topology Hiding Internetwork Gateway
Topology Representing Network
Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network
Toronto Bisexual Network
Toronto Community Garden Network
Toronto Organization Development Network
Toronto Sports Network
Toronto Water Integrated Network Skeletonization
Toronto West Stroke Network
Toronto Wireless Community Network
Tory Europe Network
Total Access Networks, Inc.
Total Efficiency Network
Total Entertainment Network
Total Gaming Network
Total Logistics Network
Total Network Data System/Equipment
Total Network Management System
Total Network Operation Plan
Total Network Solutions
Total Network Test
Total Network Visibility
Total Outdoor Network
Total Traffic Network
Tourism Emergency Response Network
Toyota European Network
Toyota Technical Education Network
Toyota Tsusho Network Integration
Trace Gas Network
Trade Network Game
Trade Support Network
Trade Union Regional Network
Trading Partner Network
Trading Regionally and Developing Expertise Network
Traditional Care Network
TRADOC Library and Information Network
Traffic Information Network
Traffic Network Planning Center
Traffic Network Study Tool
Traffic Safe Communities Network
Train Communication Network
Train Network Management
Training and Education Network
Training and Employment Network
Training Educators through Networks and Distributed Systems
Training Network
Training Network Group
Training Records and Information Network
Training Resource Network, Inc
Training, Research and Networking for Development
TrainingFinder Real-Time Affiliate Integrated Network
Trans Texas Video Network
Transaction Access Network
Transaction Control Network
Transaction Data Network
Transaction Delivery Network
Transaction Network Services
Transaction Processing Network
Transactions on Networking
Transactions on Neural Networks
Transactions on Neural Networks
Transatlantic Policy Network
Transcriptional Regulatory Network
Trans-European Network
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
Transformational Business Network
Transformational Networks Coordination Cell
Transforming Churches Network
Transgender Equality Network Ireland
Trans-Golgi Network
Transhumanist Unitarian Universalist Network
Transit Network Route Decision Aid
Transit Network Selection
Transmission Network Administration System
Transmission Network Control System
Transmission Network Management System
Transmission Rebuilders Network International
Transnational Feminist Network
Transnational Terrorist Network
Trans-Pacific Profiler Network
Transparent Local Area Network
Transparent Network Failover Failback
Transparent Network Services
Transparent Network Substrate
Transport and Internetworking Package
Transport for London Road Network
Transport network equipment for Interconnecting GSTN and IP Networks
Transport Network Layer
Transport Network System Capabilities
Transport News Network Ltd
Transport News Network Ltd
Transportation Security Network Management
Trans-Texas Videoconferencing Network
Transverse Equivalent Network
Transworld Advertising Agency Network
Travel Advisory News Network
Travel Network Coordinator
Travel Nurse Network
Travel Nurse Network
Travel Source Network
Treatment Solutions Network
Tremor Action Network
Triangle Networking Group
Triangle Organization Development Network
Triangle Trans-Ocean Buoy Network
Triangulated Irregular Network
Tribe Flood Network
Tribulation News Network
Tribulation News Network
Tri-County Literacy Network
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Tripwire for Network Devices
Tri-Service Solicitation Network
Trojan Network Control Center
Troubleshooting Cisco Network
True Believers Network
True Courage Action Network
Truevision3D Developer Network
Trunk Line Network
Trunk Link Network
Trunk Road Network Management Directorate
Trunk Road Network Management Division
Trunk Switched Network
Trust Information & Transaction Accounting Network
Trusted Network Base
Trusted Network Environment
Trusted Network Interpretation
Trusted Network Processor
Trusted Network Processor
Trusted Network Technologies
Trustworthy Network Management Model
Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network
TUESDAY Business Network
Turbo Chat Network
Turner Network Television
Turner News Network
Turner News Network
Turret Networks Box
Turtle Island Restoration Network
Ubiquitous Network Society
Ubiquitous Sensor Network
Ubiquity Developer Network
UDP -Based Data Transfer (computer networking)
Uganda Debt Network
Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network
Ukraine Banner Network
Ultra Low-Speed Networking
Ultravailable Network
Ultra-wideband Concepts for Ad hoc Networks
UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network
Unate Gate Network
Unbreakable Linux Network
Unbundled Network Element
Unbundled Network Element – Platform
Unbundled Network Element Platform
Unbundled Network Element-Replacement
Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network
Unclassified Trusted Network
Unclassified Trusted Network Protect Policy
Underground Fragging Network
Underground Miata Network
Undersea Network Administration Database
Underwater Acoustic Network
Unexpected Network Error
Unified Open Network Exchange
Unified Organically Functionalized Mesoporous Network
Unified Wireless Network
Unintelligent Design Network, Inc.
Union Network International
Union Network Systems, Inc.
United Carrier Network, Inc.
United Community Action Network
United Earth Network
United Florist Network
United Hackers Network
United Kingdom Advocacy Network
United Kingdom Airsoft Network
United Kingdom Network of Environmental Economists
United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking
United Kingdom Primary Immunodeficiency Network
United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
United Kingdom-Georgia Professional Network
United Legal Network
United Nations International Emergency Network
United Nations International Superhero Oversight Network
United Network Command for Law and Enforcement
United Network for Organ Sharing
United Network of Detained Zimbabweans
United Networks of Virtual Business
United New York Ambulance Network
United Pallet Network
United Pallet Network Ltd
United Paramount Network
United Space Network
United States Advanced Network
United States African Network
United States Army Networks, Engineering and Telecommunications Activity
United States Business Network
United States Communications Grid Network
United States Digital Network
United States Genealogy Network
United States Historical Climatology Network
United States Intelco Networks
United States National Seismic Network
United Stations Radio Networks
United Sugar Glider Network
United Zero Network
Unity Broadcasting Network
Unity Business Networks LLC
Universal Application Network
Universal Design Housing Network
Universal Design Network Japan
Universal Fighting Network
Universal Health Network
Universal Memory Network
Universal Network Access System
Universal Network Acting for Jerusalem
Universal Network Architecture
Universal Network Architecture Services
Universal Network Controller
Universal Network Element Provisioning Platform
Universal Network Exchange
Universal Network Information Exchange
Universal Network of Iowan Timelords
Universal Network Operations
Universal Network Probe
Universal Networked Objects
Universal Networking Intellectual Capital
Universal Networking Language
Universal Simulator Network Interface
Universal Space Network, Inc
Universities Water Information Network
University Computing and Networking Services
University Health Network
University Neighborhood Network
University Network of the European Capitals of Culture
University Network Program
University Networked Interdisciplinary Training and Education
University of Florida Communications Network
University of Winnipeg Instructional Network
University of Wyoming Information Network
University Satellite Network
Unix Network for Computer Security in Law Enforcement
Unix Network Programming
Unreal Developer Network
Unreal Software Gaming Network
Unus Mundus Network
Upper Catskill Television Network
Upper Hudson Library Access Network
Upper Lakes Environmental Research Network
Urantia Book Readers Online Network
Urban America Television Network
Urban Capacity Building Network
Urban Entertainment Network
Urban Gospel Network
Urban Investment Network
Urban Network to Improve Teacher Education
Urban Technology Network
Urban Wildlife Network
Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network
US Navy High Command Communications Network
USA Network
USACE Learning Network
Usana Network International
Usayd Network News
Used Equipment Network
Used Machinery Network Locator
User Circuit Mode Access to Network
User Group Network
User Network
User Network Aspects
User Network for Information Technology in Education
User Network Interface
User to Network Interface
USinternetworking, Inc.
USinternetworking, Inc.
Usual Suspects Network
Utah Communications Agency Network
Utah Consumer Health Information Network
Utah Education Network
Utah Wetlands Interpretive Network
UtiliCorp Networks Canada Alberta, Ltd.
Utility Consumers’ Action Network
Utilization Managers’ Network of Ontario
Vaccine Awareness Network
Valley East Community Action Network
Value Added Information Service Interactive On-Line Network
Value Added Network
Value Network Analysis
Value-Added Network Service
Value-Added Network Systems
Vampire: Elder Kindred Network
Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users
Vancouver Community Network
Vector Automatic Network Analysis
Vector Automatic Network Analyzer
Vector Defined Network
Vector Directory Network
Vector Network Analyzer
Vectorial Nonlinear Network Analyzer
Vehicle Area Network
Vehicle Modifications Network
Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Vehicular Network Radio
Vendor Access Network
Vendor Independent Network Control Entity
Vendor Information Network
Vendor Specific Network Protocol
Verification Logic Network
VeriSign Trust Network
Verizon Global Networks, Inc.
Vermont Business Assistance Network
Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network
Vermont Ethics Network
Vermont Fresh Network
Vermont Genetics Network
Vermont Internet Services and Technology Network
Vermont Parent Child Center Network
Vermont Youth Activism Network
Vermont-Oxford Network Database
Very Large Area Network
Very Large Sensor Networks
Very-High-Speed Network
Veterans Integrated Service Network
Veterinary Information Network
Veterinary Specialist Network
Veterinary Support Personnel Network
Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem
Victoria Radio Network
Victoria Telecommunity Network
Victorian Education Research Network
Victorian Microelectronics Designers Network
Victorian Open Learning Network
Victorian Secondary Student Network
Victorian Young Unionists’ Network
Victory Sports Network
Video Activist Network
Video Chat Network
Video Delivery Network
Video Gamer Network
Video Imagery Support Intelligence Operations Network
Video Jukebox Network
Video Network Communications Incorporated
Video Network Element
Video Network Platform
Video Networks Limited
Vietnam News Network
Vietnam Volunteer Network
Vietnam Volunteer Network
Vietnamese Adoption Network
Vietnamese American Youth Network
Village Communication Network
Village Networks Inc.
Village News Network
Vintage Gaming Network
VinTech Network
Violent Extremist Network
Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators
Virginia Education Network
Virginia Geographic Information Network
Virginia Mediation Network
Virginia Workforce Network
Virtual Active Network
Virtual Area Network
Virtual Assistant Networking Association
Virtual Business Network Ltd.
Virtual Circuit Network
Virtual Compound Network
Virtual Environment for Network Monitoring
Virtual E-Services Network
Virtual File Network
Virtual Health Network
Virtual Home Network
Virtual Information Assurance Network
Virtual Integrated Network Service
Virtual Integrated Sky Network
Virtual Internet School in Oklahoma Network
Virtual InterNetwork Testbed
Virtual LAN Internetwork
Virtual Local Area Network
Virtual Manufacturing Network
Virtual Mobile Network
Virtual Network
Virtual Network
Virtual Network Architecture
Virtual Network Computer
Virtual Network Computing
Virtual Network Connection
Virtual Network Data
Virtual Network Feature
Virtual Network Interactive Protocol
Virtual Network Interface
Virtual Network Navigator
Virtual Network Operator
Virtual Network Software
Virtual Network Switching
Virtual Network System
Virtual Network Topology
Virtual Networking Services
Virtual Networking Solutions
Virtual Networking System
Virtual Networking System
Virtual Networking System – Central Office Module
Virtual Open Network Environment
Virtual Optical Network
Virtual Overlay Network
Virtual Private Data Network
Virtual Private Dial Network
Virtual Private Dialup Network
Virtual Private Mobile Network
Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network Daemon
Virtual Private Network Service
Virtual Private Network Services Module
Virtual Productions Network
Virtual QoS Network
Virtual Reality Games Network
Virtual Routed Networks
Virtual Secure Private Network
Virtual Storage Area Network
Virtual Storage Network
Virtual Terminal Network
Virtual Tuner Network
Virtual Voice Network
Virtual Voice Network
Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network
Virtual-User Network Interface
Visio Enterprise Network Tools
Vision Interfaith Satellite Network
Visited Public Land Mobile Network
Visited Public Mobile Network
Visitor Based Network
Visitor Community Network
Visitor Information Network Service
Visual Arts Network of Atlanta
Visual Arts Network of South Africa
Visual Communications Network
Vizual Care Network
Vlaamse Ecologische Network
Voice Care Network
Voice Network Management
Voice Network Services
Voice On the Network
Voice Over Network
Volkswagen Enthusiast Network Of Milwaukee
Voluntary Agency Network of Korea
Voluntary Organisations Network North East
Voluntary Sector Studies Network
Voluntary Sector Support Agencies Network
Voluntary Youth Organisations Network
Volunteer Center National Network Council
Volunteer Co-Ordinators’ Network
Volunteer Driver Network
Volunteer Physicians Network
Voter Activation Network
VTAM Communications Network Application
Waikato Applied Network Dynamics Group
Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network
Walmart Information Network
Walmart Information Network
Wang System Networking
Ward Churchill Solidarity Network
Warfighter Information Network
Warfighter Information Network
Warfighter Information Network – Integrated Management System
Warfighter Information Network – Terrestrial
Warfighter Information Network Security – Integrated Concept Team
Warfighter Information Network-Tactical
Warning, Alert and Response Network Act of 2006
Warrior Knowledge Network
Washington Development Network
Washington Educational Conferencing Network
Washington Grassroots Electronic Network
Washington Health Empowerment Network
Washington Hemp Education Network
Washington Library Network
Washington Network Group
Washington Research Evaluation Network
Washington State Public Affairs Network
Washington University Physician Network
Waste Information Network
Waste Information Network
Waste Watch Business Network
Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network
Water Distribution Network
Water Education Network
Water Engineering Network eV
Water Footprint Network
Water Information Network
Water Information Network
Water Infrastructure Network
Water Infrastructure Network
Water Quality Network
Water Resources Education Network
Water Science Network
Watershed Information Network
Watershed Information Network
Watershed Preservation Network
Wave Local Area Network
Waveguide Digital Network
Wavelength Switched Packet Network
Wavelength-Agile Optical Transport and Access Network
Wavelength-Routed Network
Wayland Student Press Network
We Are Women Activists Network
We’re Your Local Network
Wealth Education Network
Wealth Management Network
Wealth of Networks
Weapons Logistics Network
Weather Audio Broadcast Network
Weather Information Network and Display
Weather Information Network Data System
Weather Information Network Display System
Web Based Research Network
Web IMAP NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) Gateway
Web Interactive Network of Government Services
Web Services Developer Network
Web Services for Embedded Devices -Based Innovative Generation for Home Networking Technologies)
Web Sports Broadcast Network
Web Style Network
Web-Based Social Network
Webroot Automated Research Network
Website Innovation Network for Real Estate
Weekly Networking Meeting
Weight-control Information Network
Weight-control Information Network
Weighted Fixed Neural Network
Welfare Information Network
Welfare Information Network
Wellington Community Network
Wellington Youth Network
Welsh Video Network
Wesley Ministry Network
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding
West African Children Support Network
West African Enterprise Network
West African Farming Systems Research Network
West African Youth Network
West Anglia Cancer Network
West Asia and North Africa Plant Genetic Resources Network
West Bengal Education Network
West Coast Wine Network
West End Integrated Neighbourhood Network
West End Seniors’ Network
West Indies Sugarcane Breeding and Evaluation Network
West Lancashire Environmental Network
West London Canal Network
West Michigan Consultants Network
West Michigan Inclusion Network
West Michigan Physicians Network
West Midlands Regional Broadband Network
West Plains Network Design
West Somerset Business Network
West Suburban Philanthropic Network
West Suffolk Advocacy Network
West Toronto Counselling Network
West Virginia Child Placement Network
West Virginia Realty Network
West Virginia Virtual Learning Network
West-County Watershed Network
Western Australian General Practice Network
Western Canada Airsoft Network
Western Cape Schools’ Network
Western Educational Network
Western Health Improvement Network
Western Identification Network
Western Identification Network
Western Intertie Network
Western Intertie Network
Western Jazz Presenters Network, Inc.
Western Library Network
Western Mining Action Network
Western New York Regional Information Network
Western Pennsylvania Evaluation Network
Western Plant Diagnostic Network
Western Region Arts Network
Western Space Education Network, Inc.
Western States Information Network
Western States Leadership Network
Western Training Provider Network
Western Transportation Trade Network
Western Transsexual Support Network
Western Young People’s Independent Network
Western Youth Network
Westplex Information Network
Westplex Information Network
Westwood Computers & Networking
Wharton Private Equity Network
Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
Wheeler Systems Network, Ltd.
White Horse Plain Community Network
White Rock Networks
Whole Earth Networks
Wicca Pagan Broadcast Network
Wichita Mountains Prevention Network
WICSA Conference on Software Architecture) Wiki WAN (Wireless Area Network) Party (software project)
Wide Area Amateur Radio Network
Wide Area Communications Network
Wide Area Network
Wide Area Network Design Laboratory
Wide Area Network Distribution
Wide Area Network Environment
Wide Area Network Solutions
Wide Area Reference Network
wide-area integrated network
Wide-Area Network Interface Module
WideBand Certified Network Instructor’s Instructor
WideBand Gigabit Networking Alliance
Wideband Internetworking Engineering Test and Demonstration Satellite
Wideband Network Waveform
Wideband Radio Networking
Wide-Sense Non-Blocking Network
Wilderness Network of Georgia
Wildlife Conservation Network
Wildlife Enforcement Network
Wildlife Rescue Information Network
Wilhelmina Scouting Network
Will Economic Network
William Paterson Broadcast Network
Williams Information Network Group
Wills Eye Surgery Network
Wilmington Information Television Network
Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network
Winchester Network
Winchester Network
Wind Profiler Demonstration Network
Windows Developer Network
Windows Network Development Platforms
Windows Network Engineering Workstation Tool
Windows Network Load Balancer
Windows Networking
Wine Tasting Network
Wine Tasting Network
Winetasting Network
Winetasting Network
Winnipeg Refugee Education Network
Winter Photo Network
Wire Type Maintenance Network
Wireless Access Network Gateway
Wireless Adaptable Network Node
Wireless and Optical Communications Networks
Wireless Any Network Digital Assistant
Wireless Area Network
Wireless Asynchronous Transmission Mode Network
Wireless ATM Network Demonstrator
Wireless Body Sensor Network
Wireless Body-Area Network
Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks
Wireless Communication Network
Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
Wireless Communications and Networking Division
Wireless Developer Network
Wireless Erasure Network
Wireless High-Speed Network
Wireless Home Network
Wireless Home Network Security
Wireless In-building Network
Wireless In-building Network
Wireless Information Network Laboratory
Wireless Information Networks
Wireless Information Networks
Wireless In-House Network Studies
Wireless Integrated Network Sensors
Wireless Integrated Services Network
Wireless Intelligent Network
Wireless Intelligent Network
Wireless Intelligent Network Product Marketing & Development
Wireless Interactive Terrestrial Network Systems and Services
Wireless Internet Network
Wireless Internet-Protocol Network Access Architecture
Wireless Internetworking Testbed
Wireless Local Area Network
Wireless Local Data Network
Wireless Mesh Network
Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
Wireless Network Access
Wireless Network Access Point
Wireless Network Access System
Wireless Network Administration
Wireless Network After Next
Wireless Network Business Unit
Wireless Network Control Center
Wireless Network Entity
Wireless Network Gateway
Wireless Network Management System
Wireless Network Router
Wireless Network Security
Wireless Network Topology Emulator
wireless Network Vicinity Assessment
Wireless Networking and Communications Group
Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies
Wireless Networks Group
Wireless Networks, Inc.
Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services
Wireless Packet Erasure Network
Wireless Personal Area Network
Wireless Regional Access Network
Wireless Sensor and Control Network
Wireless Sensor Network
Wireless Sensor Network Architecture
Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
Wireless Sensor Networks Symposium
Wireless Sensors and Actor Networks
Wireless Signal Processing and Network
Wireless Virtual Private Network
Wireless Voice Network
Wireless Wide Area Network
Wireline Packet Data Network
Wisconsin Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Education Network
Wisconsin Angel Network
Wisconsin Association of Provider Networks
Wisconsin Building Safety Network
Wisconsin Business Resource Network
Wisconsin Collaborative Network Initiative
Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network
Wisconsin Health Information Network
Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools
Wisconsin Innovation Network
Wisconsin Innovation Network
Wisconsin Laboratory Response Network
Wisconsin Literacy Resource Network
Wisconsin Local History Network
Wisconsin National Board Network
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
Wisconsin Overlay Network for Distance Education Resources
Wisconsin Preferred Provider Network
Wisconsin Technical College Network
Wisconsin Women’s Sustainable Farming Network
WK Multimedia Network
Wollongong Integrated Network
Wollongong Integrated Network
Women and Environment Network
Women and Girls Network
Women Boxing Archive Network
Women Business Owners Network
Women Donors Network
Women Health Executives Network
Women in Action Network
Women in Business Network
Women in Fisheries Network
Women in Need Network
Women in Politics Resource Network
Women News Network
Women of Color Action Network
Women of Color Network
Women of Color Quilters Network
Women of Vision Express Network
Women, Food and Agriculture Network
Women’s Business Network
Women’s Cancer Network
Women’s Electronic Network Training
Women’s Environmental Network
Women’s Financial Network
Women’s Funding Network
Women’s Health Network
Women’s Information Network
Women’s Information Network
Women’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training
Women’s Network Support Programme
Women’s Organizational Network
Women’s Prosperity Network
Women’s Rabbinic Network
Women’s Rights Network
Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network
Women’s Success Network
Women’s Television Sports Network
Womens’ Television Network
Womens’ Television Network
Wood Engravers Network
Wood Promotion Network
Word And Praise Network
Word of Faith Network
Work Environments Network
Work From Home Network
Work Incentives Transition Network
Workday Benefits Network
Workers’ Compensation Action Network
Workforce Development Network
Workforce Development Professionals Network
Workforce Excellence Network
Workforce Improvement Network of Virginia
Workforce Improvement Network of Virginia
Workforce Network of Kansas
Working Your Network
Workplace Basic Skills Network
Workplace Diversity Network
Workplace Social Exchange Network
Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks
Workshop on Autonomic Communication and Network Management
Workshop on Internet and Network Economics
Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks
Workshop on Multimedia Systems and Networking
Workshop on Network Measurements
Workshop on Neural Networks
Workshop on Online Social Networks
World Access Network Directory
World Artist Network
World Bank Learning Network
World Chambers Network
World Championship Sports Network
World Chess Network
World Chinese Business Network
World Christian Doctors Network
World Community Service Resource Network
World Congress on Neural Networks
World Data Network
World Digital Network Co.
World Dive Security Network
World Dyslexia Network Foundation
World Education Network
World Entertainment News Network
World Financial Network
World Financial News Network
World Fishing Network
World Forum on Community Networking
World Gospel Outreach Network
World Harmony Network
World Health Editors’ Network
World Health Network
World Heritage Information Network
World Immigrants Network
World Immigrants Network
World Information Network
World Information Network
World Insurance Network
World Insurance Network
World Interact Network
World Interact Network
World Investigators Network
World Investigators Network
World Islamic Businesswomen’s Network
World Kickboxing Network
World Kids Network
World Music Network
World Nature Network
World Network Business Club
World Network of Biosphere Reserves
World Networking Group
World of Windows Networking
World Online Network
World Opponent Network
World Organization for Mutual Afghan Network
World Radio Network
World Renewable Energy Network
World Server Network
World Standards Services Network
World Television Network
World Television Network
World Tibet Network News
World Timber Network
World Timber Network
World Urban Network
World Uyghur Network News
World Wide Broadcast Network
World Wide Financial Network
World Wide Lightning Location Network
World Wide Network
World Wide Network Services
World Wide Reference Network
World Wide Standard Seismic Network
World Youth Leadership Network
World’s Greatest Network
Worldquest Networks, Inc.
Worldwide Broker Network
Worldwide Democracy Network
Worldwide Electronic Publishing Network
Worldwide Entertainment Network, Inc
Worldwide Executive Search Network
Worldwide Exposure Network
Worldwide Incentive Network LLC
Worldwide Incentive Network LLC
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Worldwide Information Network
Worldwide Information Network
Worldwide Intelligent Network Routing
Worldwide Intelligent Network Routing
Worldwide Network Systems
Worldwide on Hold Network
Worldwide Quality Network, Inc
Worldwide Radio Network
World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network
Worldwide Universities Network
Worm Systematics Resource Network
Worth Global Style Network
Wrexham Social Economy Network
Wright Technology Network
Wright Technology Network
Writers and Editors Network
Writers in Prison Network Limited
WWMCCS Crisis Alerting Network
WWMCCS Information Network Subsystem
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network Communications Subsystem
WWMCCS Intercomputer Network Subsystem
Wyandotte Network Communication
Wyoming Business Leadership Network
Wyoming Education Network
Wyoming Equality Network
Wyoming Health Resources Network
Wyoming Job Network
X Generation Network
Xbox Community Network
Xbox Sports Network
Xerox Network Architecture
Xerox Network Service
Xerox Network Standard
Xerox Network System
XHTML Friends Network
Xinhua Financial Network/News
XML Aware Network
XML Aware Networks
XML Belief Network (file format)
XML Network Server
XML Transition Network Definition
Xtreme Gaming Network
Xtreme Network Gaming
Yahoo! Developer Network
Yahoo! Publisher Network
Yale AIDS Network
Yaroslavl Network Center
Yavapai Library Network
Yolo Area Regional Network
Yorkshire Business Network
Yorkshire Business Network
Yorkshire Renewable Energy Network
Yorkshire Science and Technology Network
Young Aboriginal Rotary Network
Young Adult Ministries Network
Young Alumni Network
Young Australian Rural Network
Young Business Network
Young Business Network
Young Carers Network
Young Creatives Network
Young Elected Officials Network
Young Executives Network
Young Feminist Network
Young Generation Network
Young IFA Network
Young Latino Network
Young Mathematicians Network
Young Mayor Network
Young People’s Media Network
Young Persons’ Network
Young Professionals Network
Young Scientists Network
Young Single Parent Support Network
Young Urban Network
Young Vet Network
Your Beauty Network
Your Beauty Network
Your Own Gaming Network
Your Portable Network
Your True Network
Youth Action Network
Youth Affairs Research Network
Youth Anti Racism Network
Youth College Network
Youth Community Action Network
Youth Development Network
Youth Employment Network
Youth Environmental Network
Youth Exchange Network
Youth Info Network
Youth Information Network
Youth Knowledge Network
Youth Leadership Network
Youth Liberation Network
Youth Media Network
Youth Network for Human Rights and Democracy
Youth News Network
Youth Opportunities Network, Inc.
Youth Peacebuilders Network
Youth Services Network
Youth Solidarity Network
Youth Sports Network
Youth Sports Video Network
Youth Transition Network
Youth Water Network
Zahrira News Network
Zap Zone Network
Zelda Classic Network
Zenzibar News Network
Zero Effort Network
Zhang Neural Network
Ziff-Davis Network
Zimbabwe AIDS Network
Zip Network Technologies
Zips Programming Network
ZipTie Open Network Alliance
Zone Radio Network
Zoological Education Network Inc.
Zoom Service Network