Polish Abbreviations

Polish – Refers to the culture of the modern nation of Poland, or more generally to the cultures that inhabited the same area of ​​central Europe south of the Baltic Sea.


As a language spoken in Poland, Polish belongs to the western division of the Slavic languages ​​and forms the Lechnian group with Kashubian-Slowinz and the extinct Polabic. In Polish the Old Slavonic nasal vowels are preserved: q (equivalent to French on), Q (French in). In all other Slavic languages, these have passed into non-nasal vowels. Furthermore, 1 almost sounds like the English w. Striking is the strong molding of d, t, s, z and n before e, i and iotized vowels (vowels preceded by a j sound), which then form a kind of dzj, tj, zj and nj (French gn in Champagne) become. Modern Polish has the stress on the penultimate syllable.

Furthermore, all vowels are short, or rather: there is no difference between long and short vowels, such as, for example, German or Czech. Old Polish also had long vowels and still had symptoms of a free accent, similar to Russian. Later the difference in length in the vowels was eliminated, but the originally long vowels were pronounced more closed than the short ones. Thus one had a (originated from long a), which sounded somewhat like o; é approached i; ó (today still preserved in the civilized language) sounds like the Dutch oe. A disappeared from civilized written and spoken language at the end of the 17th century, and after the first half of the 19th century. In many dialects, these nuances have been preserved.

Like in Czech, Polish has passed before an i-sounds into a vibrating zj (written rz), which however lost its vibration in the course of the 19th century and became equal to z (zj). The formal theory of Polish is very similar to that of Czech, but the Czech written language is more conservative. The Polish vocabulary is purely Slavic; of the foreign elements, the most important are the Latin words, which are relatively more represented here than in other Slavic languages. Furthermore, one finds German and French loanwords.

List of Acronyms Related to Polish

APONC American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
APLSC American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
APRC American Polish Rabbit Club
APC Angle Polished Connector
APASS Anglo-Polish Academic Services
APAP Association of Polish American Professionals
BPCC British Polish Chamber of Commerce
BPCC British-Polish Correspondence Club
BEAUCOUP Buffered Chemical Polishing
BCP Buffered Chemical Polishing
CPC Canadian Polish Congress
CPRC Central Polish Relief Committee
CMP Chemical Mechanical Polishing
CMP Chemo-Mechanical Polishing
CPT Collarless Polished Tapered
CPTI Concrete Polishing Technical Institute
CPF Condensate Polishing Facility
CPU Condensate Polishing Unit
CPAA Connecticut Polish American Archives
CSP Cross Section Polisher
DSP Double Side Polishing
EP Ebony Polished
EP Electropolishing
FPP Federation of Polish Patients
FDPA Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture
FPSRS French-Polish Seminar on Reactivity of Solids
IOPAS Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences
ICPSC International Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference
LPR League of Polish Families
MPP Mechanical Polishing Planarization
MFPC Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth
NP Nail Polish
NPR Nail Polish Remover
PORNO Polish
P Polish
POL Polish
PAAS Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
PAPR Polish Academy of Public Relations
PAS Polish Academy of Sciences
PAED Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
LO Polish Airlines
PATOB Polish Amateur Theater of Boston, Inc.
PACC Polish American Citizens Club
PAEC Polish American Engineers’ Club
PAEF Polish American Enterprise Fund
PAGA Polish American Golf Association
PAJ Polish American Journal
PASA Polish American Sports Association
PASA Polish American Students Association
PASB Polish Arabian Stud Book
PAVA Polish Army Veterans Association of America
PAIH Polish Association of Industrial Hygienists
PACCI Polish Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
PAVO Polish Automated Video Observations
PCLA Polish Canadian Librarians Association
PCLA Polish Cement and Lime Association
PCMA Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology
PCEI Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry
PCA Polish Classification of Activities
PCLA Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association
PCTH Polish College of Theology and Humanities
PKN Polish Committee for Standardization
PNCL Polish Committee of National Liberation
PCC Polish Community Center
PCCG Polish Conference on Crystal Growth
PCF Polish Cultural Foundation
PDDP Polish Debian Documentation Project
PDA Polish Diabetes Association
PEBA Polish Economic and Business Association
PEPF Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation
PFA Polish Falcons of America
PFTA Polish Field Target Association
PFSA Polish Financial Supervision Authority
PFRI Polish Foundry Research Institute
PGSM Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
PGST Polish Genealogical Society of Texas
PGI Polish Geological Institute
PGSN Polish Global Student Network
PHO Polish Humanitarian Organisation
PIS Polish Intelligence Service
PIFFA Polish International Freight Forwarders Association
PJN Polish Jazz Network
PJP Polish Journal of Pharmacology
PJP Polish Journal of Philosophy
PLLF Polish Language Learning Framework
PLAV Polish Legion of American Veterans
PMR Polish Market Review
PMAR Polish Medical Air Rescue
PMJ Polish Music Journal
PMRC Polish Music Reference Center
PNA Polish National Alliance
PNC Polish National Catholic
PNCC Polish National Catholic Church
PNC Polish National Committee
PND Polish National Department
PNFA Polish National Film Archive
PNU Polish National Union
PN Polish Notation
PNPN Polish Nuclear Physics Network
POU Polish Open University
PON Polish Owczarek Nizinny
PBL Polish Peasant Bloc
PPPGA Polish Pitch and Putt Golf Association
PRDA Polish Racing Drivers of America
PREF Polish Real Estate Federation
PRC Polish Red Cross
PROGRESS Polish Research on Grid Environment for Sun Servers
PRCU Polish Roman Catholic Union
PSAA Polish Singers Alliance of America
PSCG Polish Society for Crystal Growth
PTO Polish Tourist Organisation
PVT Polish Vodka Team
PWAAS Polish Women’s Alliance of America
PWCC Polish Women’s Civic Club
PYA Polish Yacht Association
PYC Polish Yacht Club
PLZ Polish Zloty
PLN Polish Zloty New
NFZ Polish: National Health Fund
PEB Polish:Elite:Board
PAR Polished All Round
PROBLEM Polished Brass
PAINTBRUSH Polished Brass
PB Polished Brass
PGT Polished Granite Tomahawk
PPMD Polished Plate Meteroid Detector
PSV Polished Stone Value
PWP Polished Wholesale Price
PBR Polished-Bore Receptacle
PFAO Polishing Film Aluminum Oxide
PQP Praise-Question-Polish
PIPS Precise Ion Polishing System
QPQ Quench Polish Quench
RPL Reverse Polish Logic
RPN Reverse Polish Notation
RPA Rice Polish Agar
SPECIALIST Self Polishing Co-polymer
SPC Self Polishing Co-polymer
STI-CMP Shallow Trench Isolation Chemical Mechanical Polishing
SSP Single Side Polish
SPATA Society of Polish American Travel Agents
SMPT Sub-Micron Polishing Technology
SRP Super Resin Polish
TYP Throwed Young & Polished
TYPICAL Throwed Young & Polished
TGP Turned, Ground, Polished
UPC Ultra Polished Connector
YMPAA Young Men’s Polish Association of America
YPDF Young Polish Designers Foundation