Religion Abbreviations


What is Religion?

Religion is a faith, a devotion to all that is considered sacred. It is a cult that brings man closer to entities to whom supernatural powers are attributed. It is a belief that people seek satisfaction in religious practices or faith, to overcome suffering and achieve happiness.

Religion is also a set of principles, beliefs and practices of religious doctrines, based on sacred books, which unite its followers in the same moral community, called the Church.

All types of religion have their foundations, some are based on various philosophical analyses, which explain what we are and why we came into the world. Others excel in faith and others in extensive ethical teachings.

Religion, figuratively speaking, means any activity performed with rigid frequency. Ex: Going to the gym every day is a religion for him.


Christianity comes from the word Christ, which means Messiah, expected person, the redeemer. It is a doctrine that believes that God is the creator of the universe and all life on the planet. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. All forms of Christianity obey the same scriptures, worship the God of Israel, and regard Jesus as the Christ, Son of God and Savior of mankind.

Christianity has in the Bible the holy book of Christians and in the Church the place of preaching the teachings of Christ, through its Priests. The main religions linked to Christianity are Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism.


Catholicism is the religion of Christians, a branch of Christianity, formed by the Roman Catholic Church, which has its center in the Vatican and recognizes the supreme authority of the Pope. Catholicism is a doctrine that, in addition to the cult of Jesus, emphasizes the cult of the Virgin Mary and various Saints.

The Catholic religion or Catholicism has the Bible as its Holy Book, and through it transmits the teachings of the Gospel of Christ. The crucifix is the greatest symbol of Catholicism, as it symbolizes the cross on which Jesus Christ died.

Catholicism is a doctrine that believes in the preparation of the faithful for the salvation of their soul, which after death will ascend to paradise, where they will enjoy eternal rest.

orthodox religion

Orthodox religion is a doctrine that has its origins in Christianity, with the division of the Catholic Church into Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. The Orthodox Church is therefore a branch of the Catholic Church, with minor differences in its dogmas.

The Orthodox religion, or Orthodox Catholic Church, is defined as the correct and true Church created by Jesus Christ, and which remained faithful to the truth, transmitted from the Apostles to the present day.

The Orthodox Church is made up of several autonomous churches and autocephalous Patriarchates, where the supreme authority is a governing junta, the Holy Ecumenical Synod, where unity originates in doctrine, faith, worship and sacraments.


Protestantism is a religion that adopted doctrines developed in Europe in the 16th century as a result of movements to reform the Catholic Church. Protestantism is one of the branches of Christianity, which emerged from the movement that rejected Roman authority and established national reforms in several countries in northern Europe, such as Lutheranism in Sweden and part of Germany, Calvinism in Scotland and Geneva, and Anglicanism. in England.

Protestants would then be those churches originating from the Reformation, which despite appearing later, obey the general principles of the reform movement.


Judaism is the religion of the Jews. It is the oldest of the world’s monotheistic religions. Judaism believes in the existence of a single God, who created the universe. According to some currents of Judaism, Jesus Christ was a good teacher and to others, he was a false prophet.

Unlike Christianity, Judaism does not see Jesus as the Son of God, sent to save mankind. For this reason, believers in Judaism wait until today for the one sent by God for the salvation of the people.

Judaism is a way of life, associated with a combination of faith and religious convictions. Judaism is a family religion, and much of the Jewish faith is based on teachings received in the home. The Torah or Pentateuch is considered the holy book of the Jews. Jewish services are held in synagogues and are led by a rabbi. The sacred symbol is the Menorah, a candelabrum with seven branches, which represents the divine light and inspiration that spreads throughout the world.


Islam is an Arabic word that means submission, those who obey Allah.

Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad, born in Mecca, around 570, in Western Arabia. One who accepts the faith of Islam is called a Muslim. The holy book is the Koran, where the word of God was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The temple is the mosque.

List of Acronyms Related to Religion

AJR Academy for Jewish Religion
ARMH Academy of Religion and Mental Health
ARPR Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
AASR African Association for the Study of Religions
ATR African Traditional Religion
AMER Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions
ARCHIVE Alliance of Religions and Conservation
ARC Alliance of Religions and Conservation
AOTOR Alliance of the Old Religion
ARCC Alt Religion Christian Calvary Chapel
ARS Alt Religion Scientology
ARCC alt.religion.christian.calvary-chapel
ARK Alt.Religion.Kibology
ARMF Alt.Religion.Mormon.Fellowship
ARS Alt.Religion.Scientology
ARWM Alt.Religion.Wicca.Moderated
AAR American Academy of Religion
AAR American Association of Religion
ARDA American Religion Data Archive
ACRP Asian Conference on Religion and Peace
ASREC Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture
ARDA Association of Religion Data Archives
BAR Bachelor of Arts in Religion
BRI Bachelor of Religions of India
BROTHER Bad Religion
BRANCH Bad Religion
BR Bad Religion
BOR Ban on Religion
BAAR Bulletin of the American Academy of Religion
CCSR Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion
CSSR Canadian Society for the Study of Religion
CRCC Center for Religion and Civic Culture
CRS Center for Religion and Spirituality
CESR Center for the Economic Study of Religion
CSLR Center for the Study of Law and Religion
CSWR Center for the Study of World Religions
CECR Centre d’Études des Cultures et des Religions
CSR Certificate in Sexuality and Religion
COVR Colloquium on Violence and Religion
CORA Commission on Religion in Appalachia
CSER Committee For The Scientific Examination Of Religion
CDR Connaissance des Religions
CPWR Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions
CSSR Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
CRIA Council on Religion and International Affairs
CTDR Critical Theory and Discourses on Religion
ESR Earlham School of Religion
ERN Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature
EASR European Association for the Study of Religion
FORE Forum on Religion and Ecology
FORSA Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging
FREE Freedom of Religion for Everyone Everywhere
FCRP Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology
GCRR General Commission on Religion and Race
GDR Graduate Department of Religion
HIRR Hartford Institute for Religion Research
LCAR Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion
ICRP Indonesian Committee on Religion and Peace
IRF Institut fur Religionsphilosophische Forschung
IFR Institut fur Religionspolitologie eV
ILR Institute for Law & Religion
ISRP Institute for the Study of Religion in Politics
IOR Institute of Religion
IRD Institute on Religion and Democracy
IRAS Institute on Religion in an Age of Science, Inc.
IAPR International Association for the Psychology of Religion
ICHR International Congress for the History of Religions
ICORE International Consortium on Religion and Ecology
ISSR International Society for Science and Religion
ISSR International Society for the Sociology of Religion
ICLR Inter-University Centre for Law and Religion
IOR Istituto Per Le Opere Di Religione
ITSORS Italian Texts and Studies on Religion and Society
JIR Jewish Institute of Religion
JRRT Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology
JANER Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions
JLR Journal of Liberal Religion
JORA Journal of Religion and Abuse
JRF Journal of Religion and Film
JSR Journal of Southern Religion
LASAR Learning about Science and Religion
LISOR Leiden Institute for the Study of Religions
MAR Master of Arts in Religion
MMR Minoan-Mycenaean Religion
NER New Episcopal Religion
NRE No Religion Entered
NCSR Nordic Conference on the Sociology of Religion
NAASR North American Association for the Study of Religion
NACRE North American Coalition on Religion and Ecology
OSR Open Source Religion
OWR Overview of World Religions
PSR Pacific School of Religion
PRT Philosophy Religion Theology
PEERS Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues
PSIR Program on Studies in Religion
PERA Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005
RRR Race, Religion, and Representation
RCRS Reformed Center for Religion and Society
RLGN Religion
REL Religion
RLNA Religion and Labor Network of Austin
RSNG Religion and Science Network Germany
RAPPS Religion Assembly Press Petition & Speech
RCC Religion Communicators Council
RGKW Religion Gewalt Kommunikation Weltordnung
RCC Religion in Contemporary Culture
RGG Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart
RNS Religion News Service
RNA Religion Newswriters Association
ROP Religion of Peace
RABS Religionspadagogik an Berufsbildenden Schulen
RPA Religionspadagogische Arbeitsstelle
RHR Revue de l’Histoire des Religions
SRM Science and Religion in Media
SPAR Science, Philosophy and Religion
SRS Sciences des Religions et Societe
SETR Search for Extra-Terrestrial Religion
SCORE Sikh Council on Religion and Education
SRI Soc.Religion.Islam
SLLR Society for Law, Life and Religion
SSSR Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
SSJR Society for the Study of Japanese Religions
SCNR State Committee for Nationalities and Religions
SORRY Study of Religion
SOR Study of Religion
SIMR Surfing Is My Religion
STOR Systematic Terminators of Religion
TTR The True Religion
THRG Tibetan and Himalayan Religions Group
URI United Religions Initiative
WSRP Women’s Studies in Religion Program
WRCP World Conference on Religion and Peace
WCRP World Conference on Religion and Peace
WCER World Congress of Ethnic Religions
YSSSR Yugoslav Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
ZFR Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft