Sailing Abbreviations

Navigation, from the Latin navigatĭo , is the action, science and art of sailing. This verb refers to the act of traveling on a boat or taking a trip by plane, although it can also refer to travel through a computer network .


Sailing Abbreviations

Examples: “After three hours of navigation, we arrived in Cape Verde and found a tropical paradise of unparalleled beauty”, “Air navigation in that area is quite complicated because thunderstorms are frequent there”, “On this computer, navigation is too slow: I recommend you install more memory or change processors”.

Maritime navigation is the process that begins with the departure of a vessel and ends with its arrival at the port of destination. This type of trip requires technical knowledge to guide the boat and deal with the weather conditions. This type of navigation can be carried out with sailing, rowing, motor boats, etc. If water navigation takes place on inland waterways (such as a river or lake), it is called inland navigation.

In a similar sense, air navigation encompasses the practices, techniques and procedures that allow an aircraft to be brought to its destination. As in maritime navigation, the pilot must have the necessary knowledge to ensure the integrity of crew and passengers.

In computing, navigation is virtual, since it does not imply physical displacement. When browsing, the user passes from one web page to another, which supposes a kind of route. The software that allows this process is known by the name of browser.

List of Acronyms Related to Sailing

ASC Albert Sailing Club
AOSA Alberta Offshore Sailing Association
ACSA Alum Creek Sailing Association
ASA American Sailing Association
ANSA Annapolis Naval Sailing Association
ARSE Auld Reekie Sailing Establishment
BMSA Bahrain Maritime Sailing Association
BABA Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association
BSC Banbury Sailing Club
BRSC Beaulieu River Sailing Club
BSC Bembridge Sailing Club
BMSA Blue Marsh Sailing Association
BWS Blue Water Sailing
BOR BMW Oracle Racing (sailing competition)
BSC Boston Sailing Center
BHSC Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
CFSA Canadian Forces Sailing Association
CSA Caribbean Sailing Association
CSY Caribbean Sailing Yachts
CSA Carlyle Sailing Association
CLSC Carter Lake Sailing Club
CVSA Chesapeake Venture Sailing Association
CSSA Civil Service Sailing Association
COASTSAIL Coastal Sailing Order
CGSC Coconut Grove Sailing Club
CSA Corinthian Sailing Association
CSA Council of Sailing Associations
CHST Cow Harbor Sailing Team
DSA Disabled Sailing Association
DGM Disqualification Under Rule 69.1 (2) ; (Racing Rules of Sailing)
DFSC Double Fisted Sailing Club
DSC Downtown Sailing Center
ELISA Eastern Long Island Sailing Association
ETS Estimated Time of Sailing
EISCA Eyemouth International Sailing Craft Association
FSSA Flying Scot Sailing Association
FWS Freshwater Sailing
GLSS Geneva Lake Sailing School
GISC Glenans Irish Sailing Club
GOSV Global Ocean Sailing Ventures
GMSC Great Moor Sailing Club
GCSC Gulf Coast Sailing Club
GHSA Gulf Hunter Sailing Association
HBSC Hamilton Bay Sailing Club
HSSCA Hertfordshire Schools’ Sailing & Canoeing Association
HSS High School Sailing
HSA Hueston Sailing Association
HSAO Hunter Sailing Association of Oregon
ISLA Indian Land Sailing Association
ISSA Inter Scholastic Sailing Association
ICSA Intercollegiate Sailing Association
ISCA Interlake Sailing Class Association
IBSA International Boardsailing Association
IHSC International Handicap Sailing Committee
ISCA International Sailing Coaches Association
ISAF International Sailing Federation
ISCC Iowa State Sailing Club
ISA Irish Sailing Association
IUSA Irish University Sailing Association
JASC Jebel Ali Sailing Club
JMST John Merricks Sailing Trust
JRSC Jolly Roger Sailing Club
JST Jubilee Sailing Trust
JSALIS Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound
JSC Junior Sailing Committee
JSP Junior Sailing Program
KVSC Kennet Valley Sailing Club
KSSA Kent Schools Sailing Association
KLSC Kentucky Lake Sailing Club
KBSC Keppel Bay Sailing Club
KBSC Kingston Beach Sailing Club
LDSC Lac Deschenes Sailing Club
LCSS Lake Calhoun Sailing School
LESC Lake Eustis Sailing Club
LLSC Lake Lanier Sailing Club
LPSC Lake Parsippany Sailing Club
LBSA Liverpool Bay Sailing Association
LBSA Long Bay Sailing Association
LOSAS Longford Offshore Sailing Associates
LOSA Longford Offshore Sailing Associates
LSYC Lorain Sailing and Yacht Club
LNSC Lough Neagh Sailing Club
LRSC Lyme Regis Sailing Club
MYST Mana Youth Sailing Trust
MBSA Massachusetts Bay Sailing Association
MLSC Medicine Lake Sailing Club
MBSA Meredith Bay Sailing Association
MCSA Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association, Inc.
MCSC Milwaukee Community Sailing Center
MBSC Mounts Bay Sailing Club
MBSC Murray Bridge Sailing Club
NCS Nantucket Community Sailing, Inc
NSYC Naples Sailing and Yacht Club
NSSA National Schools Sailing Association
NASS Naval Academy Sailing Squadron
NECSC New England Competitive Sailing Center
NUSC Newport Uskmouth Sailing Club
NNSA Norfolk Naval Sailing Association
NSSA Norfolk Schools Sailing Association
NCSS North Coast Sailing Singles
NWBA Northwest Boardsailing Association
OSC Ocean Sailing Club
OCSG Open Canoe Sailing Group
OCSA Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association
PISC Paphos International Sailing Club
PSA Pelican Sailing Association
PPSA Port Of Plymouth Sailing Association
PVSC Port Vincent Sailing Club
PSSI Puget Sound Sailing Institute
QSC Quay Sailing Club
RRS Racing Rules of Sailing
RCBS Red Cross Basic Sailing
RBSA Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association
RGSC Rio Grande Sailing Club
RVSC Rossendale Valley Sailing Club
RSC Rotherham Sailing Club
RANSA Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association
RNSC Royal Nassau Sailing Club
SATO Sailing Across the Ocean
SC Sailing Club
SCOW Sailing Club of Washington
SFU Sailing Federation of Ukraine
SI Sailing Instruction
SV Sailing Vessel
S-Y Sailing Yacht
SY Sailing Yacht
SWS Saltwater Sailing
SMBSF Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation
SUSA Scottish Universities Sailing Association
SLSF Second Life Sailing Federation
SSC Shearwater Sailing Club
SALA Sierra Area Landsailing Association
SSF Singapore Sailing Federation
SSS Singlehanded Sailing Society
SYSCO Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon
SESA Southeastern Sailing Association, Inc
SISA Southern Idaho Sailing Association
SMSA Southern Maryland Sailing Association
SHSC Staunton Harold Sailing Club
TCSC Tewkesbury Cruising and Sailing Club
TISC Thorney Island Sailing Club
TISC Toronto Island Sailing Club
TMSC Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club
THSA Turkey Head Sailing Association
UKSA United Kingdom Sailing Academy
UBSC University of Bristol Sailing Club
UTSC University of Texas Sailing Club
UKSC Upper Keys Sailing Club
UTSC Upper Thames Sailing Club
USSA US Sailing Association
VSSA Victorian Sabot Sailing Association
WHSA Welsh Harp Sailing Association
WKSC West Kirby Sailing Club
WRSC West Riding Sailing Club
WSSA West Sound Sailing Association
WFSA Westbere Frostbite Sailing Association
WLESC Western Lake Erie Sailing Club
WBSC World Blind Sailing Championship
WYSC World Youth Sailing Championship
WLSC Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club