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Skopje, Serbian Skoplje, Albanian Shkup [ ʃ kup], Turkish Üsküp, capital of the Republic of North Macedonia, 240 m above sea level, on Vardar, in the Skopje basin, (2017) 507 500 residents, of which around 67% Macedonians, 20% Albanians and 5% Roma.

Skopje is the seat of a Macedonian Orthodox metropolitan and a Catholic bishop as well as an Islamic grand mufti. As the leading educational center in the country, the city has a university (founded in 1949), Balkan University (founded in 2006), International Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, private universities, research institutes (including seismics), museums, galleries and libraries, national theater, mother -Teresa Memorial House (2009).

Skopje is an important trade and financial center (international trade fairs). Industrial locations can be found mainly on the outskirts with food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electrotechnical, metal and tobacco industries, steel mills. Skopje is an important traffic junction on the transit route from Central Europe to Greece. The international airport is located southeast of the city, in Petrovec.


The medieval masonry of the castle (Kale) preserves ancient Spolia. The Mustafa Pascha Mosque (1492) has a mighty dome over a square floor plan, the minaret is 47 m high; the oldest mosques are the Haschi-Kano-Mosque (1420; rebuilt several times) and the Sultan-Murat-Mosque (1426; restored and partly changed after fires [1537 and 1689]) with arcaded vestibule. The Bad Daut-Pascha-Hammam (1484–97) with many domes was set up as an icon museum, the Kurschumli-Han caravanserai (around 1550) as an archaeological museum. The stone bridge over the Vardar was built on Roman foundations in the 15th century.

The Orthodox Church of the Redeemer, Sveti Spas, dates from the 17th and 18th centuries. Century (rebuilt in 1824), with a wood-carved iconostasis (completed in 1825). In the vicinity are the Andreas monastery church (1389) made of quarry stone and rows of bricks (inside monumental frescoes) and the Saint Niketas church, built as a cross-domed church on older foundations in 1307/08 (inside frescoes, before 1316 and 1483/84).

As part of the “Skopje 2014” project, numerous representative monuments (“ethnic Macedonian heroes”), buildings and memorials such as the statue of Alexander the Great, the Makedonia Triumphal Arch, the Archaeological Museum, the National Theater and ministries of the city were created in the inner city area should give a classical appearance. Criticism of the nationalistic glorification from the neighboring states of Greece, Albania and Bulgaria led to the project being discontinued.


The ancient Skupoi, originally probably an Illyrian settlement, became the capital of the Roman district of Dardania in the province of Moesia superior in the 3rd century as Scupi. After the destruction by an earthquake (518) under Emperor Justinian I rebuilt as Iustiniana Prima (seat of an archbishop since 535), the city was named Skoplje after its occupation by Slavs (695) . Z Between 931 and 1018 it was the most important trading center of the western Bulgarian empire. Then byzantine, it came to Serbia in 1189, whose kings temporarily resided here. From 1392–1913 Skopje belonged to the Ottoman Empire (destroyed by Austrian troops in the Turkish War in 1689); In 1913 it came to Serbia, in 1918 to what was later to become Yugoslavia. From 1945 to 1991 the capital of the Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, Skopje was last destroyed on July 26, 1963 to 85% by earthquakes (1,070 deaths) and then rebuilt with international help and considerably expanded (large settlements and satellite towns).

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  • Abbreviation: SK
  • Country: Macedonia

SK: Skopje

List of Skopje Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Skopje is SK which stands for Skopje. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Skopje, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Skopje SJF Skopje Jazz Festival
Skopje SK Skopje
Skopje SKP Skopje, Macedonia – Skopje