Technology Abbreviations II

The term technology, of Greek origin, is formed by tekne (“ art , technique or craft”) and by logos (“set of knowledge”). It is used to define the knowledge that makes it possible to manufacture objects and modify the environment, in order to satisfy human needs.


According to the Portuguese Language Dictionary of Porto Editora, technology is the set of instruments, methods and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge. It should be noted that, although wrongly, the word technology is used as a synonym for information technologies, which are those that allow the processing and dissemination of information by artificial means and that include everything related to computers.

Although it is difficult to establish the same scheme for the different applications of the technology, it can be said that the manufacture of a new device/device begins with the identification of a practical problem to be solved. Next, the requirements that the solution must meet (materials, costs, etc.) and its working principle are set. Finally, we proceed to the design of said device, the construction of a prototype and the manufacture itself. The technology therefore encompasses this entire process, from the initial idea to its application itself.

Going back in time , technology began when man began to develop tools to help him in his tasks and in solving problems. In this, we can mention the first civilizations that made use of tools such as spears and axes, without them it was much more difficult (and even lethal) to hunt.

Closer to our century, we can mention the steam engine as an important technology, developed in the 18th century. Through this machine it was possible to produce more and meet the existing demand. As already mentioned, the use of the term “technology” has been used indiscriminately and, in this, its real meaning has lost strength. The technology is not restricted only to the sector of computer services, cell phones and computers, but also to machines and other elements that aim to contribute to the solution of problems.

By itself, technology is neither good nor bad. Of the various positive impacts, we will mention the fact that it increases the productivity of human work and the population’s standard of living, as well as the reduction of efforts that this implies. On the other hand, with regard to the negative aspects, technology can give rise to unemployment (from the moment that manpower, the result of human work, is replaced by machines), to social differences (workers are categorized into depending on their technological skills) and environmental contamination.

Technology involves a set of methods, instruments and techniques of engineering and science in order to solve problems. The term technology is very broad, so everyone has their own way of understanding its meaning. The use of technology serves many things in our daily lives, we use technology to expand our skills.

Technology and science work side by side to solve specific problems and tasks, but science and technology are different subjects.

We use technology in almost everything, we use technology in learning, transport, manufacturing, data security, communication and much more. Many companies use technology to stay competitive, thus creating new products and services to serve the market.

Technology Abbreviations II

Institute of Biotechnology
Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Institute of Business & Information Technology
Institute of Business Administration and Technology
Institute of Business and Technology
Institute of Business and Technology
Institute of Communication Information Technology, Ltd.
Institute of Computer Technology
Institute of Concrete Technology
Institute of Construction Management & Technology
Institute of Drug Technology Australia Limited
Institute of Educational Technology
Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kanpur
Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario
Institute of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
Institute of Environmental Technology
Institute of Food Science and Technology
Institute of Gas Technology
Institute of Information Science &Technology
Institute of Information Sciences and Technology
Institute of Information Technology Assessment
Institute of Management and Business Technology
Institute of Management and Computer Technology
Institute of Management and Information Technology
Institute of Management Research & Technology
Institute of Management Research & Technology
Institute of Management Science and Technology
Institute of Management Technology
Institute of Marine Science and Technology
Institute of Medical Imaging Technology
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Science
Institute of Musical Instrument Technology
Institute of Nanotechnology
Institute of Nanotechnology
Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology
Institute of Paper Science and Technology
Institute of Physics and Technology
Institute of Physics and Technology
Institute of Police Technology and Management
Institute of Production Measurement Technology
Institute of Safety in Technology and Research
Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics
Institute of Science and Technology Research and Development
Institute of Spring Technology
Institute of Technology
Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Institute of Technology Assessment
Institute of Technology Australia
Institute of Technology Management
Institute of Technology of Cambodia
Institute of Technology Tralee
Institute of Textile Technology
Institute of Wood Science Technology
Institution of Engineering and Technology
Institutional Training Technology Program
Instructional Design & Technology
Instructional Systems Technology
Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center
Instructional Technology Center
Instructional Technology Development Consortium
Instructional Technology Lead Teacher
Instructional Technology Research Laboratory
Instructional Technology Resource Center
Instructional Technology Resource Center
Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Instructional Technology Resource Unit
Instructional Technology Services Unit
Instructional Technology Specialist
Instrument Technology Center
Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference
Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute
Instrumentation Technology Associates, Inc.
Instrumentation Technology Association
Integrated Biology English and Technology
Integrated Circuit Technology
Integrated Device Technology Inc
Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
Integrated Educational Technology Support
Integrated Environmental Technology Group
Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology Program
Integrated Information Technology
Integrated Information Technology Corporation
Integrated Information Technology Governance Process
Integrated Learning Technology, Inc
Integrated Management of Personnel Administration Through Computer Technology
Integrated Manufacturing, Precision-Assembled, Cellular Technology
Integrated Office Technology Plc
Integrated Plant Technology Applications
Integrated Remote Technology
Integrated Science and Technology
Integrated Science, Business, and Technology
Integrated Sciences Technology
Integrated Services Technology Development
Integrated Space Technology Demonstration
Integrated Space Technology Flights
Integrated Technology Architecture
Integrated Technology Development
Integrated Technology Education Group, LLC
Integrated Technology Group, Inc.
Integrated Technology Incorporated
Integrated Technology Recovery Service
Integrated Technology Rotor
Integrated Technology Services
Integrated Technology Thrust
Integrated Technology Transition Program
Integrated Vehicle System Technology
Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc.
Integrated Waveguide Technology
Integrating Science Teaching and Technology
Integrating Services and Technology Program
Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning
Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Intel Clear Video Technology
Intel Matrix Storage Technology
Intel Rapid Recovery Technology
Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Intel Video Technology
Intel Virtualization Technology
Intelecom Radiation Technology Laboratory
Intellectual Property & Technology
Intellectual Property & Technology
Intellectual Property & Technology Summit
Intellectual Property and Technology Association
Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum
Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
Intelligence Community Technology Governance
Intelligence Technology Innovation Center
Intelligent Agent Technology
Intelligent Information Systems Technology
Intelligent Information Technology Application
Intelligent Memory Manager Technology
Intelligent Messaging Technology
Intelligent Scanning Technology
Intellisys Technology Corporation
Intellisys Technology Corporation
Interactive Educational Technology
Interactive Graphics Technology
Interactive Information Technology
Interactive Media Technology Center
Interactive Speech Technology
Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association
Interactive Voice Technology for Telecommunications Applications
Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology
Interagency Environmental Technology Office
Interagency Working Group on NanoScience, Engineering and Technology
Interconnect Technology Format
Intercultural Educational Technology
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research
Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development
Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building
Interference Detection and Location technology
Interim Office of the Gene Technology Regulator
Intermediary Technology Institute
Intermediate Range Technology
Intermediate Technology
Intermediate Technology Development Group – Eastern Africa
Intermodal Freight Technology Working Group
International Academy of Design and Technology
International Aerospace Technology
International Alliance of Technology Integrators
International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development
International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
International Association for Technology Trade
International Association of Lowland Technology
International Business and Technology Management
International Business Information Technology
International Business Machines Personal Computer Advanced Technology
International Campaign for Responsible Technology
International Catalyst Technology, Inc.
International Center for Technology Assessment
International Center for Technology Assessment
International Center for Technology Assessment
International Centers for Telecommunication Technology
International Centre for Automotive Technology
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
International Centre for Science and High Technology
International Centre of Graphic Technology
International Cinema Technology Association
International College of Business and Technology
INternational Committee for Information Technology Standards
International Communication Technology
International Conference on Accounting and Information Technology
International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology
International Conference on Applications of Photonic Technology
International Conference on Communication Technology
International Conference on Energy, Automation and Information Technology
International Conference on Industrial Technology
International Conference on Information Technology
International Conference on Information Technology and Applications
International Conference on Information Technology Applications
International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing
International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology
International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology
International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology
International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology
International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology
International Conference on Mechatronics and Information Technology
International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
International Conference on Reputation: Theory and Technology
International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals
International Conference on Solid State and Integrated Circuits Technology
International Conference on Technology and Education
International Congress of Nanobiotechnology
International Consortium for Medical Imaging Technology
International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
International Council on Nanotechnology
International Educational Technology Symposium
International Electronics Manufacturing Technology
International Engineering and Technology Fair
International Environment Technology Centre
International Festival of Cinema and Technology
International Fish Farming Technology
International Food Biotechnology Council
International Forum on Semiconductor Technology
International Forum on Strategic Technology
International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes
International Foundation of Technology and Investment
International Furan Technology
International Game Technology
International Imaging Technology Council
International Institute for Science, Technology and Education
International Institute for Software Technology
International Institute for Technology Management
International Institute of Connector and Interconnection Technology
International Institute of Information Technology
International Institute of Saddlery Technology and Export Management
International Institute of Telecom Technology
International Institute of Training and Technology
International Interconnect Technology Conference
International Islamic Forum for Science, Technology and Human Resources Development
International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education
International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology
International Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology
International Journal of Biotechnology and Biochemistry
International Journal of Cognition and Technology
International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology
International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology
International Journal of Information and Communication Technology
International Journal of Information Technology and Management
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
International Journal of Law and Information Technology
International Journal of Nanotechnology
International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management
International Management of Technology
International Manufacturing Technology Show
International Marine Biotechnology Conference
International Medical Technology Association
International Metals Processing Technology & Equipment Exhibition
International Network for Information in Science and Technology Education
International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment
International Network Technology Development
International Petroleum Technology Conference
International Petroleum Technology Institute
International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium
International Pilot Project for Technology Co-operation
International Power Technology, Inc.
International Power Technology, Inc.
International Process Technology Alliance
International Process Technology Workshop
International Program for Technology Research in Irrigation and Drainage
International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage
International Programs Technology Office
International School of Tanning Technology
International Science and Technology Center
International Science and Technology Conference
International Science, Innovation and Technology Exhibition
International Semiconductor Technology
International SiGe Technology and Device Meeting
International Society for Research in Science and Technology
International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty
International Society for Technology in Education
International Society for Technology, Law and Insurance
International Society for Trenchless Technology
International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology
International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation
International Symposium on Broadcasting Technology
International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology
International Symposium on Environmental Nanotechnology
International Symposium on Information Technology Convergence
International Symposium on Lowland Technology
International Symposium on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments
International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology
International Symposium on Technology and Analysis
International Symposium on Technology and Society
International Technology Advisory Panel
International Technology and Sensors
International Technology Business Incubator
International Technology Center
International Technology Cooperation Network
International Technology Corporation
International Technology Division
International Technology Education Association
International Technology Integration, Inc.
International Technology Law Association
International Technology Office
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
International Technology Transfer
International Technology Transfer Panel
International Technology Working Group
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
International Water Technology Conference
International Wood Biotechnology Symposium
International Workshop on Human Interface Technology
Internet and Communication Technology
Internet Journal of Nanotechnology
Internet Marketing Technology
Internet Science and Technology Fair
Internet Technology
Internet Technology Applications
Internet Technology for E-Commerce
Internet Technology Group
Internet Technology Series
Internet Technology Solutions
Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center
Internetworking Technology Multimedia
InterNetworking Technology Tracking
Interoperability Technology Demonstration Center
Interstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation
Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
Interstate Technology Regulatory Coordination
Intertribal Information Technology Company
Inter-Vehicle Embedded Simulation Technology
Introduction to Information Technology in Business
Introduction To Technology
In-Use Technology Assessment
Inverse Lithography Technology
Investment and Technology Promotion Office
Investment Technology Group
Investment Technology Group Europe Limited
Investment Technology Group Limited
Investment Technology Investment Portfolio System
Ion Implantation Technology
Ionic Fuel Technology, Inc
Ionic Fuel Technology, Inc.
Iowa Learning Technology Commission
Iowa Technology and Education Connection
Iran Nanotechnology Laboratory Network
Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
Iranian Society for Biotechnology
Irish Society for Information Technology in Agriculture
Irish Technology Leadership Group
Irish Web Technology Conference
Isfahan Science and Technology Town
Isfahan University of Technology
Ishan Institute of Management and Technology
Isolated Mode Antenna Technology
Isotopic Tracer Technology
Israeli National Nanotechnology Initiative
Italian Packaging Technology Awards
iTechnology Forms Accelerator
Jackson Academy of Applied Technology
Jamaica Journal of Science and Technology
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Japan Industrial Technology Association
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Japanese Association of Casting Technology
Japanese Society for Technology in Anaesthesia
Japanese Technology Professionals Association
Japanese Technology Transfer Association
Java Network Technology
Java Technology Centre
Java Technology Certification
Jenin Municipality Technology Center
Jerusalem College of Technology
Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
Jilin University of Technology
Jim Wolf Technology
JK Institute of Technology and Management
Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center
John Costanza Institute of Technology
Johnson Matthey Technology Centre
Johor Technology Park
Joint Advanced Strike Technology
Joint Applications of Speech Technology
Joint Capability Technology Demonstration
Joint Center for Earth System Technology
Joint Employment and Training Technology Conference
Joint Engine Technology
Joint Framework for Information Technology
Joint Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Joint Integrated Satellite Communications Technology
Joint Logistics Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstration
Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center
Joint Military Technology Commission
Joint Office for Logistics Technology
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
Joint Technology Center
Joint Technology Council
Joint Technology Initiative
Joint-Action Science and Technology
Jordan Information Technology Community Centers
Jordan University of Science & Technology
Joseph Ruston Technology College
Journal Library for Natural Sciences and Technology
Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management
Journal of Battlefield Technology
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology
Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology
Journal of Cases on Information Technology
Journal of Coatings Technology
Journal of Computer Science and Technology
Journal of Computing and Information Technology
Journal of Display Technology
Journal of Educational Technology
Journal of Educational Technology and Society
Journal of Energy Resources Technology
Journal of Extracorporeal Technology
Journal of Food Technology in Africa
Journal of High Technology Law
Journal of Information Technology and Applications
Journal of International Technology and Information Management
Journal of Law & Technology
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management
Journal of Marine Science and Technology
Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Journal of Object Technology
Journal of Petroleum Technology
Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
Journal of Science and Technology
Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science
Journal of Technology
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
Journal of Technology Computer-Aided Design
Journal of Technology Studies
Journal of Technology Transfer
Journal of Urban Technology
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology
Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law
JSF Integrated Subsystems Technology
Judicial Committee on Information Technology
Juneau Information Service Technology
K Technology Corporation
Kagoshima National College of Technology
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology
Kamrah Institute of Information Technology
Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Kansas Student Technology Leaders
Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Karnataka Institute of Engineering Technology
Kaunas Technology University
Kaunas Technology University
Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science
Keihin Indiana Precision Technology
Kennedy Technology Group
Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum
Kentucky Advanced Technology Institute
Kentucky Applied Technology Education Association
Kentucky Education Technology Conference
Kentucky Migrant Technology Project
Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
Keppel Environmental Technology Centre
Kerala Information Technology Alliance
Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment
Key Information Technology
Keyan Phosphor Technology Co Ltd
Keyboard Automation Technology
Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology
Khalifa University of Science Technology and Research
Khan Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology
Kigali Institute of Science and Technology
Kinetic Kill Vehicle Integrated Technology Experiment
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
Kingston Technology Company
Knarr Technology Solutions
Knight Industries Technology
Knowledge for Technology SpA
Knowledge Management Information Technology
Knowledge Technology Solutions PLC
Knowledge, Innovation, Technology Enterprise
Kohat University of Science and Technology
Kolhapur Institute of Technology
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Korea Conference on Innovative Science and Technology
Korea Information Technology Network
Korea Institute of Construction Technology
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Korea University of Technology
Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
Korean Industrial Technology Association
Korean-American Science and Technology News
Krauss-Maffei Process Technology
Krishna Institute of Engineering Technology
Krishnaveni Information Technology Association
K-State Access Technology System
Kubota Graphics Technology
Kumaraguru College of Technology
Kunming University of Science and Technology
Kuwait Information Technology Society
Kuwait Petroleum Research and Technology
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards
Laboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology
Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology
Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology
Laboratory of Speech Technology for Rehabilitation
Labour-Based Appropriate Technology
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
LaGrande Technology
Lake Cumberland Area Technology Center
Lake Lanier Technology Alliance
Lally School of Management and Technology
Lambda Biotechnology Association
Lampang College of Commerce and Technology
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
Landsat Advanced Technology Instrument
Language & Technology Conference
Language and Technology Office
Language for Business and Technology
Language Learning & Technology
Language Technology Business Meet
Language Technology Group
Language Technology Incorporated
Language Technology Research Laboratory
Language-Based Technology
Lappeenranta University of Technology
Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application
Large Structure Technology Experiment
Laser Display Technology
Laser In-Space Technology Experiment
Laser Research And Technology Division
Laser Research And Technology Division
Laser Research and Technology Division
Laser Research and Technology Division
LASP Space Technology Building (University of Colorado; Boulder, CO)
Last Mile Technology
Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association
Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association
Laundry Technology Centre
Law Library and Technology Center
Law Practice Management & Technology
Law Technology Journal
Law Technology News
Lawrence Regional Technology Center
Lead Maintenance Technology Center
Leadership in Global Health Technology
Leadership Talks Technology Academy
Learning and Teaching Technology Group
Learning Resources and Information Technology
Learning Sciences and Technology Design
Learning Technology Advisory Team
Learning Technology Centre
Learning Technology Faculty Associate
Learning Technology Institute
Learning Technology Standards Observatory
Learning Technology Support Service
Learning Technology Systems Architecture
Learning Technology Task Force
Lebanon County Career and Technology Center
Leeds College of Technology
Leeds Institute for Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture
Legal Technology Resource Officer
Legislative Commission on Science and Technology
Letters & Science Information Technology
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Liberty Satellite & Technology, Inc.
Librarians of the Australian Technology Network
Library and Information Technology Association
Library Information Science Technology Abstracts
Library Science and Instructional Technology
Library Services and Technology Act
Library Services, Information Resources and Technology
Library Technology Advisory Group
Library Technology Educator
Library Technology Reports
Lidar In-space Technology Experiment
Life Science Information Technology Global Institute
Life Sciences and Biotechnology Institute
Life Sciences and Chemical Technology
Light Metals Technology
Light Valve Technology
Limerick Institute of Technology
Limited Technology Transfer
Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology
Lincoln School of Science and Technology
Line of Technology
Linear Dispersion Speaker Technology
Linear Filtering Technology
Linking Aspect Technology and Evolution
Linking Innovation Finance and Technology
Linking Technology and Order
Lipid Vector Technology
Listowel Technology Inc
Literacy Learning Through Technology
Lithium-Ion Extreme Technology
Livermore Software Technology Corporation
Local Insertion Media Technology
Local Technology of Bangladesh
Lockheed Martin Technology Services
Logicon Advanced Technology
Logicon Advanced Technology
Logistics Information Technology
Logistics Information Technology Strategy
Logovisual Technology
London Biotechnology Network
London Institute of Business and Technology
London Institute of Technology and Research
London International College of Business & Technology
Lone Star Technology Department
Long Island Marketing Concepts & Technology Inc.
Long Island Systems, Applications and Technology
Long Term Technology Goals
Long Term Technology Plan
Long-Range Science & Technology Plan
Look Ahead Technology
Look Ahead Technology
Loughborough Advanced Technology Initiative
Loughborough University of Technology
Louisiana Alliance for Biotechnology
Louisiana Technology Innovation Fund
Louisville Technology Acronym Bee
Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund
Low Harmonic Technology
Low Observable Technology Application
Low Observables Technology
Low Solvent Technology
Low Voltage Technology
Low Voltage Technology CMOS
Low-Voltage BiCMOS Technology
Low-Voltage CMOS Technology
Lulea University of Technology
Luminox Light Technology
Luther Forest Technology Campus
LWIR Advanced Technology Seeker
Lyceum Institute of Technology Electronics Engineering Society
M Technology Association
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Mac Technology Association
Machine Technology Access Center
Machine Tool Technology
Machine Tool Technology Group
Madras Institute of Fashion Technology
Madras Institute of Technology
Madras Institute of Technology Alumni Association
Magnetic Imaging Technology
Magnetic Systems Technology Ltd
Magnifoam Technology International, Inc.
Mahanakorn University of Technology
Maharaja Agresen Institute of Technology
Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology
Maharashtra Institute of Technology
Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology
Maharishi University of Management and Technology
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology
Main Science and Technology Indicators
Maine Assistive Technology Directory
Maine Educational Center for Assistive Technology and Software
Maine Science & Technology Foundation
Maintenance Technology Building Trades
Maintenance Technology Development
Malardalen Research and Technology Centre
Malaviya National Institute of Technology
Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research
Malaysian Institute of Food Technology
Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre
Malaysian Technology Development Corporation
Malout Institute of Management and Information Technology
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Malta Information Technology and Training Services Ltd
Man Integrated System Technology
Man, Technology, Organisation and Risk Management
Managed Information Technology
Managed Modem Technology License
Management of Accelerated Technology Innovation
Management of Information Technology
Management of Information Technology Security
Management of Innovation and New Technology
Management of Technology
Managing Innovation and Information Technology
Manchester City College of Technology
Manchester School of Technology
Mandate for Export and Research and Development in Information Technology
Maneuvering Technology Demonstrator
Mangalore Institute of Fashion Technology
Manipal Institute of Fashion Technology
Manipal Institute of Technology
Manipulator/Teleoperator Control Technology
Manitoba Advanced Technology Alliance
ManTech Environmental Technology, Inc.
Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology
Manufacturing And Structuring Technology for Efficient Rotorcraft
Manufacturing Information Technology
Manufacturing Methods & Technology
Manufacturing Science & Technology
Manufacturing Science and Technology
Manufacturing Science and Technology Group
Manufacturing Sciences and Technology
Manufacturing System Technology Department
Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Technology Activity
Manufacturing Technology Advisory Group
Manufacturing Technology Center
Manufacturing Technology Development
Manufacturing Technology Division
Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center
Manufacturing Technology Objective
Manufacturing Technology Partnership
Manufacturing Technology Program
Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center
Manufacturing Technology, Inc.
Manufacturing Training and Technology Center
Manukau Institute of Technology
Mapúa Institute of Technology
Mare Island Technology Academy
Marin School of Arts and Technology
Marine Academy of Science and Technology
Marine Advanced Technology Education Center
Marine and Coastal Technology Information Service
Marine and Science Technology
Marine and Transport Technology
Marine Atmosphere Science and Technology
Marine Biotechnology Institute
Marine Biotechnology Institute Co. Ltd.
Marine Biotechnology Institute Culture
Marine Engineering Technology
Marine Science and Technology
Marine Science and Technology Division
Marine Sciences and Technology Center
Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd.
Marine Technology Directorate Ltd.
Marine Technology Society
Maritime and Science Technology High School
Maritime College of Forest Technology
Maritime Systems Technology Office
Maritime Technology Advisory Committee
Maritime Technology Center of Excellence
Market-Driven Understanding of Technology
Marketing Technology Center
Marlaw Systems Technology, Inc.
Mars Advanced Technology Airplane for Deployment Operations and Recovery
Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences
Maryland Applied Information Technology Initiative
Maryland Biotechnology Institute
Maryland Technology Extension Service
Maryland Technology Transfer Fund
Masai Barefoot Technology
Mass Area Superior Sampling Technology
Mass Storage Systems and Technology
Massachusetts Biotechnology Council
Massachusetts Chemistry and Technology Alliance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gilbert and Sullivan Players
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Soaring Association
Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Heritage of the Arts of South Asia
Massachusetts Nanotechnology Exchange
Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation
Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council
Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center
Master Handicap Technology
Master in Information and Communication Technology
Master of Arts in Applied Technology
Master of Arts in Communication and Technology
Master of Arts in Educational Technology
Master of Business and Technology
Master of Educational Technology
Master of Information and Multimedia Technology
Master of Information Technology
Master of Science in Computer Information Technology
Master of Science in Engineering Technology Management
Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Science in Instructional Technology
Master of Science in Technology & Policy
Master of Science in Technology Commercialization
Master of Science Technology
Master of Science Technology Management
Master of Technology
Master of Technology Management
Master Technology Teacher
Masters of Science in Technology
Matching Person and Technology
Materials and Structures Technology Area
Materials and Structures Technology Management Center
Materials Processing Technology, Inc.
Materials Science and Technology
Materials Technology Development Company, LLC
Materials Technology Forum in Wales
Materials Technology Laboratory
Materials Technology Training Center
Math Science and Technology Academy
Math, Science and Technology Enhancement Program
Math, Science, and Technology
Math, Science, and Technology Center
Math, Science, Technology Academies
Math/Science/Technology Academy
Mathematics Education Technology Research Imperial College
Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology
Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Academy
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering
Mathematics, Statistics and Information Technology
Matrix Storage Technology
Matsushita Eco Technology Center
Maui Research & Technology Center
Maui Research and Technology Park
Maulana Azad College of Technology
Maximum Achievable Control Technology
Maximum Achievable Control Technology
Maximum Available Control Technology
McConnell Technology Training Center
Measurement and Management Technology
Measurement Modeling Technology
Measurement Science and Technology
Measurement Science and Technology Laboratory
Measurement Technology
Measurement Technology Center
Mechanical Design Technology
Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Failure Prevention Technology
Mechanical Technology Incorporated
Media and Instructional Technology
Media Arts and Technology
Media Arts, Science, and Technology
Media Processing Technology Group
Media Systems Technology, Incorporated
Media Technology Drivers
Media Technology Research Centre
Media Technology Support Services
Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
Medical Academy of Business Technology
Medical Advanced Technology Management Office
Medical Center Information Technology
Medical Electronics and Device Technology Center
Medical Electronics and Device Technology Center
Medical Equipment and Technology Association
Medical Informatics & Technology Applications
Medical Radiation Technology Act
Medical Radiation Technology in Canada
Medical Radiologic Technology
Medical Robotics Technology Center
Medical School Information Technology
Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute
Medical Technology Assessment
Medical Technology Assessment Program
Medical Technology Management Institute
Medical Technology Service Providers Inc.
Medical Technology Stock Letter
Medi-Dose Information Labeling Technology
Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology
Mega Micro Technology International
Mehran University of Engineering and Technology
Meiho Institute of Technology
Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology
Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology
Member of the Institute of Science and Technology
Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology
Membrane Applied Science and Technology Center
Memory Enhancement Technology
Memory Extension Technology
Memory Technology Device
Memory Technology Driver
Mercedes-Benz Technology Center
Meteoroid Technology Satellite
Metroplex Technology Business Council
Metropolis University of Technology
Miami Nature Biotechnology Winter Symposium
Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
Michigan Institute of Technology
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
Michigan Technology News Forum
Michigan’s Assistive Technology Resource
Michigan’s Integrated Technology Supports
Michigan’s Technology Tri-Corridor
Micro and Nanotechnology Initiative
Micro Clean Room Technology
Micro Component Technology Inc.
Micro Technology Services, Inc.
Microarray Technology Access Program
Microbial Biotechnology Research Group
Micro-Cavity Technology
Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corporation
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Center
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Consortium
Microelectronics Technology Support Laboratory
Microelectronics Technology Support Program
Microfine Droplet Technology
Micron Display Technology
Micro-Nano Technology
Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive Technology
Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional
Microsoft Technology Associate
Microsystems Technology
Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Microsystems Technology Office
Microtechnology in Medicine and Biology
Microtechnology Medicine Biology
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
MicroWave Technology Inc.,
Middleware Improved Technology
Middleware Technology Evaluation
Midlands Academy of Business & Technology
Midlands Regional Technology Center
Midwest Speech Technology Association
Midwest Technology Assistance Center for Small Public Water Systems
Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and Intelligence Technology
Military Information Technology
Military Institute of Science and Technology
Military Space Systems Technology Model
Military Training Technology
Military University of Technology
Millimeter Wave Technology
Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology
Mine Safety Technology Consortium
Mineral Technology Branch
Ming Hsin Institute of Technology
Miniature Seeker Technology Integration
Miniature Sensor Technology Integration
Miniature Space Technology Investigation
Miniaturized Munition Technology
Miniaturized Munition Technology Demonstration
Minimum Technology Requirement
Mining Technology and Training Center
Minister of State for Research and Technology
Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology
Ministry of Information and Technology
Ministry of Information Technology
Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Ministry of International Trade and Technology
Ministry of Research Science and Technology
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Science and Technology of China
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education
Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology
Minority Males in Engineering and Technology
Minority Technology Advisory Board
Misamis Institute of Technology
MISR University for Science and Technology
Missile Integrated Stage Technology
Missile Technology Control Regime
Missile Technology Control Regime
Missile Technology Demonstration
Missile Technology Export Control Group
Mission Opportunities for Airship Technology
Mississauga Technology Business Accelerator
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
Missoula Technology and Development Center
Missouri Industrial Technology Education Association
Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Technology
Miyagi National College of Technology
Miyakonojo National College of Technology
Mobile Agent Technology
Mobile Equipment Technology
Mobile Measurement Technology
Mobile on Desktop Technology
Mobile Radio Technology
Mobile Sonar Technology
Mobile Technology Lab
Mobile Technology Network
Mobile Technology Vehicle
Model Technology Incorporated
Modem Management Technology Licenses
Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.
Modern Technology Systems, Inc.
Modernization & Information Technology Services
Modular Component Technology Development
Modular Curved Frame Technology
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology
Molecular Diagnostics and Biotechnology
Molecular Nanotechnology
Molecular Resonance Effect Technology
Molecular Science & Technology
Molten Metal Technology
Molten Metal Technology, Inc.
Mongolian University for Science and Technology
Monolithic Systems Technology
Monorail Malaysia Technology Sdn Bhd
Monster Mirrored Amplifier Technology
Montana Associated Technology Roundtables
Monte Jade Science and Technology Association
Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology Center
Montgomery College Biotechnology Institute
Moodalakatte Institute of Technology
Moore Stephens Technology Australia
Morgan Technology Transportation Futures Program
Mosaic Infrared Sensor Technology
Mosaic Optical Sensor Technology
Mosaic Optical Sensor Technology Testbed
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
Motion Technology Selectorized
Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology
Motor Line Feed-Thru Technology
Mound Advanced Technology Center
Mount Web Technology
Mountain West Addiction Technology Transfer Center
Movable Weight Technology
Mozambique Information and Communication Technology Institute
MTech Information Technology (Andhra University; India)
Multi-application anti-friendly fire Identification Friend of Foe System Employing Smart Weapon Adjustable Aspect Ranging Micro-Interceptor (SWAARM) Technology
Multidisciplinary Assessment of Technology Centre for Health
Multidisciplinary Optical Switching Technology
Multilayer Thick-Film Technology
Multi-layered Organic Interconnect Technology
Multilingual Translation Technology Centre
Multi-Material Technology
Multimedia and Communication Technology
Multimedia Object-Oriented Shell for Interactive Games using Hypermedia Technology
Multimedia Technology and Applications Conference
Multimedia Technology and Ubiquitous Computing
Multi-Package Ball Grid Array Technology
Multiphase Flow Technology
Multiple Technology Appraisal
Multipurpose Science & Technology Building
Multi-technology Automated Reader Card
Multi-Technology OSS Program
Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology
Murdoch Information Technology Society
Museum of African American Technology
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Museum of Radio and Technology
Museum of Science and Technology
Music Production and Recording Technology
Music Technology Learning Center
Music, Media & Performance Technology
Music, Media and Performance Technology
Nagaoka National College of Technology
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Namibian Biotechnology Alliance
Nano Biotechnology
Nano Fusion Technology Laboratory
Nano Science and Technology Institute
Nano Technology Research Association
Nanobiotechnology Center
NanoEngineering Science and Technology
Nanoscience and Technology Center
Nanotechnology Business Team
Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
Nano-Technology Council
Nanotechnology Human Resource Development
Nanotechnology in Biodiagnostics and Analytics
Nanotechnology Institute
Nanotechnology Institute
Nanotechnology Institute
Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences
Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network
Nanotechnology Law & Business
Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group
Nanotechnology, Biology and medicine, Information sciences, and Cognitive Sciences
Narrow Trench Installation Technology
NASA Information Technology Requirement
NASA Technology Experiments
NASDAQ Biotechnology Index
National Aerospace Technology Strategy
National Agricultural Biotechnology Council
National Agricultural Technology Project
National Alliance for Health Information Technology
National Appropriate Technology Assistance Service
National Assistive Technology in Education Network
National Association of Industrial Technology
National Association of Transportation Technology Transfer Centers
National Audio Technology & Electronics Co.
National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority
National Biotechnology Research Council
National Biotechnology Strategy
National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting
National Center for Applied Technology
National Center for Appropriate Technology
National Center for Asphalt Technology
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Center for Food Safety and Technology
National Center for Integrated Systems Technology
National Center for Laser Technology
National Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
National Center for Preservation, Technology and Training
National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation
National Center for Technology Innovation
National Center of Laser Technology
National Centre for Biotechnology Education
National Centre for Language Technology
National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology
National Centre for Software Technology
National Centre for Technology in Education
National Centre on Nanotechnology
National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training
National College of Business and Technology
National College of Rubber Technology
National College of Technology
National Commission for Biotechnology
National Commission for Science and Technology
National Conference on Telecommunications Technology
National Council for Science and Technology
National Council on Science, Technology and Innovation
National Education Technology Plan
National Education Technology Writers Association
National Educational Technology Standards
National Educational Technology Standards for Students
National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts
National Energy Technology Laboratory
National Environmental Technology Applications Center
National Environmental Technology Institute
National Food Biotechnology Centre
National Graduate School of Space Technology
National Industrial Technology Development
National Information Technology Agenda
National Information Technology and Telecom Agency
National Information Technology Center
National Information Technology Council
National Information Technology Expo
National Information Technology in Education Centre
National Information Technology Park
National Institute for Advanced Technology
National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology
National Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy
National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
National Institute of Advanced Technology
National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology
National Institute of Fashion Technology
National Institute of Information Technology
National Institute of Safety Technology Research
National Institute of Science and Technology
National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies
National Institute of Standards & Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology Application Portability Profile
National Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency Report
National Institute of Standards and Technology Internal Report
National Institute of Standards and Technology Report
National Institute of Technology
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
National Institute of Technology Calicut
National Institute of Technology, Durgapur
National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
National Institute of Technology, Srinagar
National Institute of Technology, Trichy
National Lending Library for Science and Technology
National Nanotechnology Coordination Office
National Nanotechnology Initiative
National Petroleum Technology Office
National Pingtung Technology University
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
National Program for Information Technology in the NHS
National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
National Qualification in Emergency Medical Technology
National Radiologic Technology Week
National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
National Rotorcraft Technology Center
National Science and Technology Authority
National Science and Technology Awards
National Science and Technology Council
National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
National Science and Technology Forum
National Science and Technology Foundation
National Science and Technology Museum
National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Digital Library
National Seminar on Science, Technology and Social Sciences
National Service and Technology Review
National Society for Histotechnology
National Space & Technology Association
National Space Science and Technology Center
National Space Technology Laboratory
National Strategy for Nonprofit Technology
National Taipei Institute of Technology
National Taipei University of Technology
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
National Technology Achievement Award
National Technology Alliance
National Technology and Advancement Act of 1995
National Technology and Industrial Base
National Technology Center
National Technology Committee
National Technology Development Program
National Technology Foundation
National Technology Index
National Technology Initiative
National Technology Laboratory
National Technology Leadership Initiative
National Technology Officer
National Technology Readiness Survey
National Technology Recycling Project
National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act
National Technology Transfer Center
National Technology Transfer Team
National Technology Transfer, Inc
National University of Sciences and Technology
National Utilities and Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Body
National Wind Technology Center
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Native Media and Technology Network
Natoma Station Technology Friends
Natural Clustering Technology
Natural History, Education, Science, Technology
Natural Resources Science and Technology
Navajo Education Technology Consortium
Naval Center for Space Technology
Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology
NAVFAC Information Technology Center
Naviant Technology Solutions, Inc.
Navigation Technology
Navigation Technology Satellite
Navy Technology Projections
Nebraska Educational Technology Association
Nebraska Information Technology Commission
Neptune Technology Group Holdings, Inc.
Netaji Subash Institute of Technology
Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation
Network Caching Technology
Network Data Link Technology
Network Enterprise Technology Command
Network Gulf Information Technology
Network Information Security & Technology News
Network of Information Technology Consultants in Europe
Network Organization for Research and Technology in Hokkaido
Network Systems and Information Technology
Network Technology
Network Technology Research Centre
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development
Networking Technology and Systems
Neural Adaptive Control Technology
Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative
Neurotechnology Industry Organization
New Africa Technology Holdings
New and Emerging Environmental Technology
New Century Technology Council
New Dimensions in Technology, Inc.
New Employee Technology Orientation
New Energy Technology
New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education
New Horizons Technology
New Jersey Center for Science and Technology Education
New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics Education
New Jersey Institute of Technology
New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium
New Jersey Technology Council
New Media, Exceptional People, and Technology
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
New or Unusual Technology
New Teachers New Technology
New Technology
New Technology Business Solutions
New Technology Embedded
New Technology File System
New Technology High School
New Technology Insertion
New Technology Institute
New Technology Integration
New Technology Loader
New Technology Network
New Technology Network Team
New Technology Telescope
New Technology Workstation (Microsoft)
New Technology-Based Firms
New World Technology
New Zealand Biotechnology Association
New Zealand Health Technology Assessment
New Zealand Ocean Technology Ltd.
Newreka Reduction Technology
Next Generation Technology
Next Generation Technology, Inc.
NICCO Institute of Biotechnology Kalyani
Nigerian College of Aviation Technology
Nigerian Institute of Information Technology
Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology
NIMA Interoperable Technology Reification Objects
NIMA Technology Directorate and NRO IMINT Directorate Joint Requirements Document
Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
Nissan Advanced Technology Center
Noise Cancellation Technology
Non-Kinetic Technology
Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center
Nonlinear digital video editing project file, proprietary to Avid Cinema, a division of Avid Technology)
Nonproliferation & International Security Technology Division
Non-Volatile Memory Technology
Nordic Information Technology Organization
Nortel Certified Technology Specialist
North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission
North American Biotechnology Initiative
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
North Carolina Technology Association
North China Institute of Science and Technology
North Shore Technology Council
North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology
North Texas Technology Council
Northeast Center for Telecommunications Technology
Northeast Technology and Business Center
Northeast Tennessee Technology Council
Northeastern Association of Business, Economics and Technology
Northeastern Maryland Technology Council
Northern Airborne Technology
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Academic Staff Association
Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology
Northern Institute of Technology
Northern Ireland Science & Technology Regional Organisation
Northern Ohio Information Technology Roundtable
Northern Virginia Technology Council
Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Northrop Rice Aviation Institute of Technology
Northwest Marine Technology, Inc.
Northwest Ohio Educational Technology
Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre
Northwestern University Biotechnology Laboratory
Northwestern University Information Technology
Norwegian Network for Technology, Acoustics and Music
Norwegian University for Science and Technology
Norwegian University of Technology and Science
Nova Scotia Institute of Technology
Nova Scotia Technology Network Inc.
Novell Embedded System Technology
Novell XForms Technology Preview
Noxin Disposal Technology
Nuclear Filter Technology, Inc.
Nuclear Materials Reconfiguration Technology
Nuclear Materials Technology
Nuclear Power Technology Development Section
Nuclear Science and Technology Facility
Nuclear Science and Technology Group
Nuclear Science and Technology Knowledge Center
Nuclear Technology Laboratory
Nuclear Weapons Technology Programs
Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology
Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
Nust Institute of Information Technology
Nutrient Removal Technology
Nutrition and Food Technology
Oakland Technology Exchange
Object Technology
Object Technology Center
Object Technology Solutions Inc.
Object-Oriented Technology
Occupational and Technology Education
Ocean Information Technology Infrastructure
Ocean Science and Technology Advisory Committee
Ocean Science and Technology for Islands
Office Automation Technology and Services
Office for Policy, Security, and Technology
Office for Technology
Office for Technology and Trademark Licensing
Office of Advanced Research and Technology
Office of Aeronautics & Space Technology
Office of Aerospace Technology
Office of Applied Technology
Office of Appropriate Technology
Office of Biotechnology Activities
Office of Biotechnology Activity
Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs
Office of Communications, Science and Advanced Technology
Office of Dredging and Sediment Technology
Office of Engineering and Technology
Office of Government Information Technology
Office of Health Information Technology and Transparency
Office of Health Information Technology Transformation
Office of Information and Instructional Technology
Office of Information Management and Technology
Office of Information Technology
Office of Information Technology and Multimedia
Office of Information Technology Communications
Office of Information Technology Integration
Office of Information Technology Operations
Office of Instructional and Research Technology
Office of Instructional Technology
Office of National Security Technology
Office of Naval Technology
Office of Research and Technology Application
Office of Science & Technology Policy
Office of Science and Technology
Office of Science, Engineering and Technology
Office of Technology
Office of Technology Assessment
Office of Technology Asset Management
Office of Technology Commercialization
Office of Technology Commercialization and Economic Development
Office of Technology Development
Office of Technology Evaluation
Office of Technology Licensing
Office of Technology Services
Office of Technology Transfer
Office of Technology Transition
Office of Technology Utilization
Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology
Office of Training Technology
Office of Waste Technology Development
Office Technology Center
Offshore Pipeline Technology
Offshore Technology Conference
Offshore Technology Research Center
Ogden Technology Laboratories
Ohio Educational Technology Conference
Ohio Rehabilitation Technology Association
Ohio Technology Transfer Organization
Ohio Valley College of Technology
Oil and Gas Technology Indonesia
Oil Technology Association
Oilfield Chemical Technology Ltd.
Oils and Fats Chemistry and Technology
Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Oklahoma Technology Administrators
Oklahoma Technology Development Corporation
OM Technology and HEX Integrated Markets
Online Technology Consortium
Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology
Ontario College of Technology
Ontario Council for Technology Education
Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology
Ontario Institute of Information Technology, Inc.
Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium
Open Plug-In Technology
Open Protocol Technology
Open Source Appropriate Technology
Open Source Technology Group
Open Technology Centre
Open Technology Development
Open Technology Support Unit
Operational Decision Support Technology
Operations and Technology Group
Operations Management and Technology
Operations Technology and Shared Services
Operations Technology Generic Requirements
Operations Technology Management
Ophthalmic Medical Technology
Optical Digital Imaging Technology
Optical Image Technology, Inc.
Optical Imaging Technology
Optical Networks Technology Consortium
Optical Storage Technology Association
Optical Switch Technology
Optical Technology Project
Optical Technology Training Ltd
Optical Terahertz Science and Technology
Optimal Weighting Technology
Optimal Wide Sole Trajectory Technology
Optimized Production Technology
Optoelectronic Physics and Technology
Oracle Technology Network
Oregon Board of Radiologic Technology
Oregon Educational Technology Consortium
Oregon Institute of Technology
Organic Additive Technology
Organisation of Societies for Electrophysiological Technology
Organisation, Work & Technology
Organization for Education Technology and Curriculum
Organization of Part-Time and Sessional Employees of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
Organizational Process Technology Innovation
Oriental Institute of Technology
Orion Display Technology
Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
Orthopedic Design and Technology
Ottawa Biotechnology Incubation Centre
Ottawa Life Sciences Technology Park
Ottawa Technology Transfer Network
Output Technology Corporation
Outsourced Information Technology
Outsourcing Technology and Commercial
Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics
Overland Radar Technology
Oxford Superconducting Technology
Oyama National College of Technology
Ozone Source Apportionment Technology
Pacific Advanced Technology, Inc
Pacific Edge Biotechnology Limited
Pacific Edge Biotechnology Ltd.
Pacific Technology Transfer Network
Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions
Packaging Science and Technology Abstracts
Packet Switching Technology
Padmashree Krutartha Acharya Institute of Engineering and Technology
Painless Electronic Reprogrammable Fuel and Engine Control Technology
Paint Technology Center
Pakistan Technology Board
Palestinian Information Technology Association
Pan-American Technology Group
Panasonic Speech Technology Laboratory
Pandrol Jackson Technology
Panyapiwat Institute of Technology
Panzirsch Robert Information Technology
Parachutist High Altitude Next Generation Technology Oxygen Mask
Paradigm Technology Consulting
Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
Parallel Path Magnetic Technology
Parametric Technology Corp.
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
Participatory Technology Development
Particle Technology Research Western
Particulate Source Apportionment Technology
Partners in Aviation and Communications Technology, International
Partners in Supporting Science, Maths and Technology
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
Partnerships for Learning, Innovation and Technology
Partnerships in Assistive Technology
Passaic County Alliance for Countywide Technology
Passive Dual Technology
Pathogen Reduction Technology
Patient Care Technology Group
Patient Care Technology Systems
Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology
Pearson Technology Group
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Pennsylvania Educational Technology Corporation
Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance
Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology
Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
Pennsylvania Technology Investment Authority
People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology
Performance Acceleration Technology
Performing Arts Technology
Perimeter Reinforcement Technology
Permian Basin Onshore Technology
Personal Air Communication Technology
personal Air Communications Technology
Personal Applied Technology
Personal Communications Technology
Personal Computer Quality Technology
Personal Protective Technology
Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards
Petroleum Quality Technology
Petroleum Science and Technology Institute
Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada
Petroleum Technology Company
Petroleum Technology Development Fund
Petroleum Technology Group
Petroleum Technology Research Center
Petroleum University of Technology
Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management
Phase One Engineering Technology
Phased Array Systems and Technology
Phased Integrated Laser Optics Technology
Philadelphia Technology Center
Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology
Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators
Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society
Phoenix College of Clothing Technology
phosphorescent organic light emitting device technology
Photon Technology International
Photonics Technology Access Program
Photoprotective Iron Chelator Technology
Photovoltaic Science Applications and Technology
Physical Technology Model
Pi Eta Research Technology
Pi Eta Risk Management Information Technology
Pilot Biotechnology Internship Program
Pilot-Line Experiment Technology
Pipeline Integrity Technology Associates
Piston Engine Technology
Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center
Plant and Animal Biotechnology
Plant Biochemistry Biotechnology Laboratory
Plasma Arc Technology
Plasma Gasification Melting Technology
Plasma Gasification Melting Technology
Plasma Sources Science and Technology
Plastics Technology Center
Plastics Technology Centre
Plastics Technology Deployment Center
Plastics Technology Group
Platform Information Technology
Platform Technology Committee
Point-Of-Care Technology
Polaris Low Acoustic Noise Exhaust Technology
Police Information Technology Organisation
Polymer Technology Group
Polymer Technology, Processing, and Composites Laboratory
Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology
Ponca City Technology Accelerator
Population, Affluence, and Technology
Population, Organization, Environment, Technology
Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program
Portland Arts and Technology High School
Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology
Portland Technology Development
Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation
Post Stall Technology
Postgraduate Certificate in Technology Management
Post-Graduate Diploma in Footwear Technology and Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business Information Technology
Post-Harvest Technology
Powder Technology Group
Power School of Technology
Poznan University of Technology
Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology
Precise Technology Group, Inc
Precision Machinery and Manufacturing Technology
Precision Machining Technology Show
Precision Pad Technology
Precision Technology Group
Precision Technology Supplies, Ltd
Pre-College Awards for Excellence in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology
Predictive Control Technology
Predictive Technology Model
Preferred Technology Program
Premier Technology Group
Prentice Hall Information Technology
Presbyterian Institute for Minimally Invasive Technology
President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
Presidential Technology Initiative
Presidential Technology Team
Pressure Cycling Technology
Pressure Relief Technology
Pressure Technology Group
Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology
Pre-Structured Technology
Prime Information Technology and Networks
Princess Sumaya University for Technology
Princeton Microwave Technology, Inc.
Principal Professional and Technology Officer
Principals as Technology Leaders
Principles of Technology
Print Enhancement Technology
Printed Circuit Assembly Technology
Printer and Fax Technology, Inc
Printing Technology Association of China
Printing Technology Inc
Privacy Enhancing Technology
Private Communication Technology
Private Sector Technology Group
Process Advantage Technology
Process Analytical Technology
Process Control Technology
Process Optimisation in Multiple Dimensions for Semiconductor Technology
Process Technology
Process Technology Department
Process Technology Utilization
Process Technology Utilization
Processing Services and Technology
Product And Technology Surveillance
Product Data Technology Advisory Group
Product Manager for Technology Exchange
Product Technology Center
Production Technology Management Committee
Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology
Productivity Enhancement and Technology
Professional and Technology Officer
Professional Computer Technology Associates
Professional Development Technology Center
Professional Technology Temple
Profiling Educational Technology Integration
Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
Program in Plasma Science and Technology
Program Intelligence/Information Technology
Program on Agricultural Technology Studies
Program on Applied Ethics and Biotechnology
Program on Science, Technology, America, and the Global Economy
Progressive Glass Technology Industries
Progressive, Shift Schedule Management Technology
Project Technology
Projection and Display Technology
Proliferation Detection Technology
Proof of Technology
Proprietary Push Technology
Propulsion Component Technology
Propulsion Flight Control Integration Technology
Propulsion Technology Modernization
Protection Technology Idaho
Protection Technology of Los Alamos
Protective Technology Branch
Protective Technology Research Centre
Proudha Devaraya Institute of Technology
Provincial Information Technology Office
Psycho-Energetic Auro Technology
Public Engagement In/With Science and Technology
Public Good Science and Technology
Public Sector Technology and Management
Public Technology Institute
Public Technology, Inc.
Public Understanding of Science, Engineering and Technology
Puget Sound Technology
Punahou Engineering and Technology Team
Pune Institute of Computer Technology
Pune Institute of Engineering and Technology
Punjab College of Information Technology
Punjab College of Information Technology
Punjab University College of Information Technology
Purbanchal University School of Engineering and Technology
Purdue School of Technology
Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Quaid-a-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology
Qualcomm CDMA Technology
Qualcomm Technology Licensing
Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology
Qualified High Technology Business
Quality Systems Technology
Quality Technology Centre
Quantitative Technology Corporation
Quantum Entanglement Science and Technology
Quantum Information Technology
Quantum Technology Services Incorporated
Queen’s University Environmental Science and Technology Research Centre
Queensland Institute of Business and Technology
Queensland Institute of Technology
Queensland Microtechnology Facility
Queensland University of Technology
Questeq Technology Planning
Quick Qard Technology
Quick Technology Intelligence Process
Quiet Drive Technology
Quiet System Technology
Quiet Torpedo Technology
Quint Networking Technology
QUINT Networking Technology
QUINT Networking Technology
Quintessence of Dental Technology
R&D in Advanced Communication Technology, Europe
Radar Technology Transfer Project
Radiation and Technology Demonstration
Radio Access Technology
Radio Data Technology Limited
Radio Immuno Assay Technology
Radio Transmission Technology
Radiologic Technology
Radiologic Technology
Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.
Radix Technology Group, Inc.
Rail Technology Cluster Austria
Railway Technology Strategy Centre
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Ram Rao Adik Institute Of Technology
Rampant Information Technology Syndrome
Rankin Technology Group, Inc.
Rapid Entry Systems Technology Corp.
Rapid Prototyping Technology
Rapid Suspension Technology
Rapid Technology Application Program
Rapid Technology Rationalization
Rapid Technology Transition
Rapid Technology Transition Initiative
Raritan Valley Technology Group, Incorporated
Rates Technology, Inc.
Reach-Around Technology
Reactor and Reactor Material Technology
Reactor Technology
Reactor Technology
Reactor Technology Department
Reactor Technology Report
Real Estate Technology News
Real Photo Technology
Real-Time Technology Solutions
Real-Timeand Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium
Reese Technology Center
Refined Digital Output Technology
Regent University College of Science and Technology
Regional Centre for Biotechnology
Regional Consultation Workshop for Advance Agricultural Science and Technology
Regional Education Technology Network
Regional Educational Technology Center
Regional Information Technology Manager
Regional Institute of Printing Technology
Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experiences in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific
Regional Office for Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribbean
Regional Technology Centre
Regional Technology Development Center
Regional Technology in Education Consortium
Regional Technology Service Center (Sprint)
Regional Technology Transfer Center
Registered Technology Transfer Professional
Relational Database Technology
Relational Technology Incorporated
Religious Technology Center
Remediation Innovative Technology Seminar
Remodelers Information Technology Group
Remote Access Technology Assessment
Remote Sensing Technology Center
Renewable Energy Technology
Renewable Energy Technology
Renewable Energy Technology Center GmbH
Reproductive and Genetic Technology
Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee
Republican Centre for Technology Transfer
Request for Technology
Requests for Information Technology Systems
Requisite Remedial Technology
Research & Technology Laboratories
Research & Technology Organization
Research & Technology Work Unit Information System
Research And Advanced Technology
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Research and Technology Agency
Research and Technology Board
Research and Technology Coordinating Committee
Research and Technology Development
Research and Technology Directorate
Research and Technology Division
Research and Technology Objectives and Plans
Research and Technology Operating Plan
Research and Technology Protection
Research and Technology Resume
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
Research Development and Technology Transfer
Research Information Technology Group
Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
Research Institute for Advanced Technology
Research Institute for Software Technology
Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology
Research Laboratory for Agricultural Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Research Technology Support Facility
Research Valley Technology Alliance
Reservoir Exploration Technology
Residential Component Technology
Residents Official Board of Technology
Resistant Materials Technology
Resolution Enhancement Technology
Resolution Enhancement Technology
Resource Conservation Technology
Resource Technology Management, Inc.
Resources Information Technology Program Office
Resources, Trade and Technology
Response Technology Team
Retail Technology Industry Association
Retail Technology Solutions, Inc
Retina Scan Technology
Return on Technology Investment
Reuters Technology China Ltd.
Reverse Mold Technology
Revolutionary Airbreathing Propulsion Technology Demonstrator
Riga Information Technology Institute
Rigid Surface Technology
RISC Technology
RISC Technology
Risk Limitation Technology
Risk-Capital Research and Technology
Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Riyadh Technology Incubation Center
Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology
Robot Technology for Planetary Exploration
Robotic Technology Integration and Assessment
Robotics & Digital Technology
Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliances
Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS Denied Environments (Robust Robotics Group; Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Robust, Adaptive Platform Technology for Operational Response
Robustness Analysis and Technology Forecasting
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rock Mechanics Technology Limited
Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions
Rocket Nozzle Technology Subcommittee
Rockford Science and Technology Academy
Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance
Rocky Mountain Technology Foundation
Romanian Information Technology Initiative
Ronald A Katz Technology Licensing
Roofing Materials Science & Technology
Roofing Materials Science & Technology
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Rotor Bearing Technology & Software
Rotorcraft Industry Technology Association
Roundtable on Information Access and Technology
Rourkela Institute of Technology
Royal College of Applied Science and Technology
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Royal Oak Information Technology Academy
Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Russian Society of Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology
Rustamji Institute of Technology
Rutherford Technology High School
Rwanda Information Technology Authority
S.J.C. Institute of Technology
Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance
Sacramento Center for Assistive Technology
Sacramento New Technology High School
Safe German Guardrail Technology
Safety and Technical Assessment for Readiness of Technology
Sahand University of Technology
Sakhalin Neftegas Technology
Samoa Information Technology Society
Sampling Modeling and Research Technology
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
San Antonio Technology in Education Coalition
San Diego Biotechnology Discussion Group
Sandvik Materials Technology
Sanjaya Memorial Institute of Technology
Santa Barbara Technology Group
Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
Sarawak Language Technology
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
Saskatchewan Agricultural Biotechnology Information Centre
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Satellite Servicing Technology
Satyam Technology Centre
SBIR and Technology Transfer Research
Scalable Link Interface Technology
Scalable Printing Technology
Scaleable, Stackable Technology
Scandpower Petroleum Technology Holding
Schenkelaars Biotechnology Consultancy
Scholarly Technology Group
Scholarly Technology Services
School Based Technology Specialist
School of Applied Information Technology
School of Biotechnology
School of Business Information Technology
School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science
School of Food Science and Technology
School of Informatics and Multimedia Technology
School of Information and Communications Technology
School of Information Science and Technology
School of Information Science and Technology
School of Information Systems and Technology
School of Information Systems Technology and Management
School of Information Technology
School of Information Technology and Engineering
School of Military Packaging Technology
School of Science and Technology
School of Technology and Design
School of Telecommunications Technology
School Renovation Technology Grant
School Technology and Readiness
School Technology Leadership Initiative
School Technology Needs Assessment
Science & Technology Information System
Science & Technology Law Review
Science & Technology Objective
Science & Technology Objective
Science & Technology Requirements Guide
Science & Technology Workshop
Science and Advanced Technology Institute
Science and Engineering Technology
Science And Technology
Science and Technology
Science And Technology
Science And Technology
Science And Technology
Science And Technology
Science and Technology Agency
Science and Technology Area
Science and Technology Assessments Office
Science and Technology Assistance Team
Science and Technology Associates, Inc
Science and Technology Base
Science and Technology Center
Science and Technology Collaboration Center
Science and Technology Committee
Science and Technology Concepts for Middle Schools
Science and Technology Consortium of the MidAtlantic
Science and Technology Coordinating Council
Science and Technology Definition Team
Science and Technology Division
Science and Technology Division
Science and Technology Education
Science and Technology Education Partnership
Science and Technology Enterprise Management
Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development
Science and Technology Entry Program
Science and Technology Excellence in the Public Service
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Science and Technology for Children
Science and Technology for Development
Science and Technology for Development
Science and Technology for Development
Science and Technology for Development Network
Science and Technology for Employment Protection
Science and Technology for Environmental Protection
Science and Technology for Regional Innovation and Development in Europe
Science and Technology for Sustainability
Science and Technology Foundation
Science and Technology in Service to the Community
Science and Technology Index
Science and Technology Information Center
Science and Technology International
Science and Technology Laboratory
Science and Technology Library
Science and Technology Master Plan
Science and Technology Objectives Advanced Technology Demonstration
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
Science and Technology of Information and Communication
Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel
Science and Technology Park of Crete
Science and Technology Policy
Science and Technology Policy Asian Network
Science and Technology Policy Council
Science and Technology Program for Mindanao
Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory
Science and Technology Research Building
Science and Technology Research Center
Science and Technology Research Institute
Science and Technology Roundtable
Science and Technology Section
Science and Technology Studies
Science and Technology Studies Network
Science and Technology Studies Unit
Science and Technology Study Group
Science Education Research in Visual Intructional Technology
Science Math and Technology
Science Math Engineering & Technology
Science Technology and Culture
Science Technology and Research Party
Science, Engineering and Technology
Science, Engineering and Technology Unit
Science, Engineering Trades and Technology
Science, Engineering, Construction and Technology
Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology
Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology Education
Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology
Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Open Federation
Science, Mathematics, Technology
Science, Pollution Prevention and Technology
Science, Technology & Engineering
Science, Technology and Civil Society
Science, Technology and Engineering
Science, Technology and Environment Organization
Science, Technology and Environment Partnership
Science, Technology and Governance in Europe
Science, Technology and Health
Science, Technology and Health
Science, Technology and Industry
Science, Technology and Innovation
Science, Technology and Society
Science, Technology and Society Studies
Science, Technology, and Globalization
Science, Technology, and Utilization
Science, Technology, Energy and Environment Policy
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Preparation
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
Science, Technology, Environment, Society
Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Precinct
Science, Technology, Society, and Environment Education
Science/ Mathematics and Technology Academy
Science/ Mathematics and Technology Academy
Science/Mathematics/Technology Center
Scientific Aggressive Fighting Technology of America
Scientific Technology and Language Institute
Scientific Technology Options Assessment
Scientific Technology Panel
Scottish Colleges Biotechnology Consortium
Scottish Council for Educational Technology
Scottish Environmental Technology Network
Scottish Health Technology Assessment Centre
Scottish Institute for Biotechnology Education
Scottish Polymer Technology Network
Scottish Technology and Research Center
Screen Virtualization Technology
SCSI Managed Array Technology
Seagate Technology LLC
Seagate Technology LLC
Seagate Technology LLC
Seagate Technology LLC
Seal Encoding Technology
Search Ecology Information Technology
Search Technology, Incorporated
Sears Technology Services, Inc.
Second Information on Technology in Education Study
Sectional Control Technology
Secure Encryption Technology
Secure Information and Payment Technology
Secure Internet Filtering Technology
Secure Routing Technology
Secure Technology Solutions Inc
Secure Transaction Technology
Security and Assurance in Information Technology
Security and Technology Solutions
Security Innovation & Technology Consortium
Security Planning and Integrated Resources for Information Technology
Security Technology Group
Security Technology Integration Program
Security Technology Unit
Security Threat Avoidance Technology
Segregation of duties, Organisation, Authorisation, Physical, Supervisory, Personnel, Access, Management, Information technology, Internal Audit, Audot Committee
SEI Architecture Technology User Network
Seismic MicroTechnology
Self Aligned Implantation N+ Technology
Self Boot Technology
Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology
Semantic Technology Adoption in Business
Semantic Technology Institute
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Group
Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center
Semko Technology Industries
Senior Chief Information Technology
Senior Information Technology Officer
Senior Professional and Technology Officer
Senior Vice President, Technology
Sensitive Nuclear Technology
Sensor Technology Insertion Program
Sensor Technology Office
Sensor Technology Office
Seoul National University of Technology
Sepang Institute of Technology
Serata Stress Technology
Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
Server Workstation Technology EXtended
Server, Workstation And Technology Group
Service Delivery Model Technology
Service Establishment Technology Solutions
Service Order Routing Technology
Service Provider Technology Group
Service Technology Alliance Resources
Sewer Scanner and Evaluation Technology
Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology
Shandong University of Science and Technology
Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology
Shanghai Fangyuan Digital Technology Ltd.
Shanghai Research Center of Biotechnology
Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research Academy
Shared Aperture Technology
Shared Aperture Technology
Sharif Technology and Engineering Services
Sharif University of Technology
Sharif University of Technology Association
Sharing United States Technology to Aid in the Improvement of Nutrition
Sharjah Institute of Technology
Shell Information Technology International
Shell Technology Enterprise Program
Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium
Shenandoah Valley Technology Council
Sherbrooke Biotechnology Development Centre
Shipboard Modular Arrangement Reconfiguration Technology
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
Shoring Technology Interest Group
Short Wavelength Adaptive Technology
Short-Range Applied Technology
Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology
Shri Angalamman College of Engineering and Technology
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
Shrimp Biotechnology Business Unit
Signal Amplification Technology
Signal Amplification Technology
Silicon Prairie Technology Association
Silicon Sam’s Technology Resource
Silicon Storage Technology Inc.
Silicon-News in Science and Technology
Silpakorn University Science and Technology Journal
Simultaneous Engineering Technology
Simultaneous Offsetting of Risk Technology
Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology
Single Stage Rocket Technology
Single Technology Appraisal
Single Use Technology
Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference
Site Assessment and Remediation Technology
Site Technology Coordination Group
Sivakasi Institute of Printing Technology
Skewed Gas Flow Technology
Sloping Agricultural Land Technology
Small and Medium Business Technology Network
Small Business Technology
Small Business Technology Coalition
Small Business Technology Transfer
Small Business Technology Transfer Program
Small Business Technology Transfer Program
Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology
Small Motor Aerospace Technology
Small Radar Homing Intercept Technology
Small Spacecraft Technology Initiative
Small Technology Transfer Innovation Research
Small Technology Transfer Program
Small Transport Aircraft Technology
Smart Card Technology
Smart Companion Operation Technology
Smart Manufacturing Technology
Smart Personal Object Technology
Smart Response Technology
Smart Skins Antenna Technology
Smart Video Rendering Technology
Smarter Technology eXtension
SME Support System for Planning and Reporting about Information Technology
Smithers Rapra Technology
Social Construction of Technology
Social Media Technology Group
Social Shaping Technology
Society for Applied Learning Technology
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
Society for Biomedical Technology
Society for Biotechnology Japan
Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
Society for Information Technology Development
Society for Information Technology Education
Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology
Society for Medical Innovation and Technology
Society for Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Society for Technology in Anesthesia
Society for the History of Technology
Society of Dairy Technology
Society of Electron Microscope Technology
Society of Environmental Management and Technology
Society of Information and Computer Technology
Society of Information Technology Managers
Society of Non-Traditional Technology
Society of Powder Technology Japan
Society of Underwater Technology
Society of Vascular Technology
Society on Social Implications of Technology
Society, Technology, Economy, Environment, and Politics/Regulation
Software and Information Technology Services
Software Architecture Technology Initiative
Software Assurance Technology Center
Software Assurance Technology Office
Software Engineering Process Technology
Software Engineering Research and Technology
Software Engineering Technology
Software Optimization and Reuse Technology
Software Technology and Engineering Practice
Software Technology Center
Software Technology Conference
Software Technology for Adaptable & Reliable Systems
Software Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems
Software Technology for Computers
Software Technology Incorporated
Software Technology Integration
Software Technology Interest Group
Software Technology Laboratory
Software Technology Operating Solutions
Software Technology Park
Software Technology Park Hyderabad
Software Technology Parks of India
Software Technology Plan
Software Technology Reference Guide
Software Technology Research Group
Software Technology Research Laboratory
Software Technology Review
Software Technology Review
Software Technology Strategy
Software Technology Support Center
Software Technology Training Program
Software Technology, Inc.
Solar Panel Technology
Soldering Technology Committee
Solid Logic Technology
Solid State Technology
Solid State Technology Association
Solomon Page Technology Partners
Solutions Technology Alliance of South Africa
Solutions Technology and Software Inc
Somerset College of Arts and Technology
Somerset County Technology Center
Sound Recording Technology
South African Association for Geotechnology
South African Nanotechnology Initiative
South African Society of Trenchless Technology
South Australian Institute of Technology
South Carolina Assistive Technology Program
South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
South Florida Technology Alliance
South Holderness Technology College
South Jersey Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry Alliance
South Park Technology Center
South Texas Technology Management
Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre
Southbank Institute of Technology
SouthEast Initiatives Regional Technology in Education Consortium
Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Southern Beef Technology Services
Southern California Monte Jade Science and Technology Association
Southern Colorado Education Technology Consortium
Southern Maryland Applied Research and Technology Consortium, Inc.
Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
Southern Society for Coatings Technology
Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium
Southwest Area Technology Team
Southwest Institute of Technology
Soviet State Committee for Science & Technology
Space and Systems Technology Group
Space Communications Technology Center
Space Electrochemical Research and Technology
Space Environment Technology Transition
Space Environments and Technology Archive System
Space Science and Technology Advisory Committee
Space Station Assembly Technology
Space Technology
Space Technology
Space Technology
Space Technology
Space Technology and Analysis and Mission Planning
Space Technology and Applications International Forum
Space Technology and Disaster Management
Space Technology Applications Astronomy & Rocket Research
Space Technology Center
Space Technology Education Conference
Space Technology Enterprise
Space Technology Experiment Platform
Space Technology Initiative
Space Technology Interdependency Group
Space Technology Laboratory
Space Technology Training Program
Spacecraft Technology and Advanced Re-Entry Test
Spacecraft Technology Center
Spaceflight and Lunar Sciences and Technology Program
Spain Business and Technology Office
Spatial Information Science and Technology
Spatial Information Science and Technology
Spatial Information Technology Center
Spatial Technology And Remote Sensing
SPAWAR Information Technology Center
Special Education Technology
Special Education Technology Special Interest Group
Special Interest Group on Business Information Technology
Special Operations Science and Technology
Specialised Technology Resources Ltd.
Specialised Technology Resources Ltd.
Specialist Group on Membrane Technology
Specialist in Blood Banking Technology
Specialized Technical and Technology User Services
Specialized Technical and Technology User Support
Spectra Technology Inc.
Spectral Research & Technology, Inc.
Spectrum Control Technology
Speech Information Technology and Industry Promotion Center
Spill Prevention Operations Technology Series
Spill Technology and Remediation Series
Spin-Steer Technology
Spoken Language Technology
Spread Spectrum Technology
Spread-Spectrum Technology
Sprint PCS Technology Integration Center
Spudgun Technology Center
Spudgun Technology Center
Sri Kalahastheeswara Institute of Technology
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Institute of Management and Technology
Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology
SSP Concept and Technology Maturation
SSP Exploratory Research and Technology
St Joseph Institute of Technology
Stable Platform and Housing Technology Infusion Project
Standards and Technology Annual Report
Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail
Standards Technology Group
Standoff Technology Integration and Demonstration Program
Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation
Stanford Genome Technology Center
Stanford Technology Law Review
Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Stanton Street Technology Group
Stark State College of Technology
Starting Technology-based Relationships Introducing Christianity Everywhere
State Educational Technology Directors Association
State Health Technology Assessment Program
State Information Technology Agency
State Information Technology Consortium
State Key Laboratory for Microbial Technology
State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems
State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
State of Technology
State Science & Technology Institute
State Technology Assistance Resource System
State University of Technology and Design
Statewide Information Technology Asset Report
Static Component Interconnect Test Technology
Static/Dynamic Load Technology
Steel Structures Technology Center
Stereoscopic Mapping and Rescaling Technology
Stevens Alliance for Technology Management
Stevens Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
Stevens Institute of Technology
Stirling Technology Company
Storage Technology Corporation
Storage Technology Corporation
Storage Technology Division
Storage Technology Division
Storage Technology Incorporated
Stork Materials Technology
Stormwater Innovative Technology Evaluators
Strategic Alliance for Technology Management
Strategic Analysis in Science and Technology
Strategic Electronic Technology Information
Strategic Information and Technology Development
Strategic Information Technology Effectiveness
Strategic Information Technology, Ltd
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Strategic Partnership for Research in Nanotechnology
Strategic Programme for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Strategic Programs of Technology
Strategic Technology Expansion Project
Strategic Technology for the Army
Strategic Technology Management
Strategic Technology Office
Strategic Technology Office
Strategic Technology Protection Program
Strategic Technology-Assisted Professional Learning Environment
Strategic World Initiative for Technology Transfer
Strategy to Task to Technology Process/Panel
Street and Racing Technology
Street Racing Technology
Structural Operations Technology
Structural Technology for the Built Environment
Structured Technology Group
Structures Technology Experiments Platform
Student Affairs Information Technology
Student Technology Center
Student Technology Fee
Student Technology Leadership Program
Student Technology Services
Student Web Answer Technology Template
Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service Alliance
Students Working to Advance Technology
Stulz Air Technology Systems, Inc.
Submarine Technology Symposium
Sub-Micron Polishing Technology
Submillimeter Wave Advanced Technology
Substance Testing Applications and Technology
Subsystem Of Technology
Sudan University of Science and Technology
Sugar Technology Research Unit
Sugar Technology Research Unit
Suite Technology Systems Network
Sum Index Flow Technology
Sun/Oracle Application Technology Center
Super Cooling Function Technology
Super Digital Audio Technology
Super Serial Technology
Super Valve Technology
Superconductivity Technology Center
Superconductor Science and Technology
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation
Superintendents Technology Leadership Conference
Superior Technology Award Recipient
Supply Chain Technology News
Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation
Support Systems Technology Corporation
Supreme Expansion Technology
Suranaree University of Technology
Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology
Surface Mount Technology Association
Surface Mount Technology Association
Surface Technology Corporation
Surface Technology Systems Ltd.
Surface-Mount and Reflow Technology
Surface-Mount Technology
Surigao State College of Technology
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited Ltd.
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
Survivable Network Technology
Sustainable Arctic Coastal and Marine Technology
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Sustainable Development Technology Fund
Sustainable Energy Technology
Sustainable Technology Development
Sustainable Technology Development
Sustainment Technology Process
Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology
Swedish Centre for Nuclear Technology
Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care
Swedish Institute of Technology
Swedish Language Technology Conference
Swedish Research Institute for Information Technology
Swimming Technology Research, Inc.
Swimming Technology Research, Inc.
Swinburne University of Technology
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Swiss Institute of Technology
Swiss Science and Technology Council
Switchable Façade Technology
Sydney Institute of Technology
Symantec Certified Technology Architect
Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology
Symposium on Communications and Vehicular Technology
Symposium on Nano Device Technology
Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology
Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology
Synthetic Multiple Aperture Radar Technology
System Concept and Integrated Technology
System Design and Technology Integration
System for Technology Accountability and Rigor
System Integration Technology Institute
System Technology Associates, Inc
System Technology Demonstrator
System Technology Demonstrator
System Technology Forecast
System Technology Group
System Technology Institute
System Technology Integration Center
System Technology Support
Systems & Computer Technology
Systems & Computer Technology
Systems and Software Technology Conference
Systems and Technology Directorate
Systems and Technology Directorate
Systems and Technology Directorate
Systems and Technology Directorate
Systems and Technology Education Program
Systems and Technology Research, Inc
Systems and Technology Research, Inc
Systems Arabic Localization Technology
Systems Control Technology, Incorporated
Systems Engineering Technology Associates Corporation
Systems Technology
Systems Technology
Systems Technology
Systems Technology
Systems Technology Departmental Services
Systems Technology Forum
Systems Technology Program
Systems Technology Radar
Systems Technology Radar
Tactical Airlift Technology
Tactical SIGINT Technology
Tactical Surveillance Technology
Tactical Technology Office
Tactile Technology Office
Taipei Aerospace Technology Exhibition
Taiwan Building Technology Center
Talal Abu Ghazaleh Information Technology International
Tallinn University of Technology
Tamil Information Technology Association
Tampa Bay Technology Forum
Tampa Bay Technology Incubator
Tampere University of Technology
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
Tax Technology Group
Tax Technology Group
Tayside Computer Technology Ltd
Teachers Improving Learning with Technology
Teaching and Learning Technology Programme
Teaching and Learning Technology Project
Teaching and Learning Technology Resource
Teaching Technology Through Tradition
Teaching Well Using Technology
Teaching with Technology
Teaching, Learning and Technology Group
Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable
Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology
Technical Committee on Learning Technology
Technical/Technology Assessment Phase
Technical/Technology Coordinating Paper
Technology & General Services
Technology & Home Economics
Technology & Livelihood Education
Technology & Maintenance Council
Technology & Operations Management
Technology & Policy Program
Technology Academy of Northeast Nebraska
Technology Acceptance Model
Technology Access for Life Needs
Technology Accreditation Commission
Technology Achievement Index
Technology Administration
Technology Adoption Program
Technology Advancement Group
Technology Advantage Program
Technology Advising and Consulting Team
Technology Advisory Board
Technology Advocacy Group
Technology Advocates of San Antonio
Technology Alert List
Technology Alliance Program
Technology Analysis Group
Technology and Action for Rural Advancement
Technology and Advanced Systems Development
Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative
Technology and Business Incubation Facility
Technology and Computing Services
Technology and Construction Court
Technology and Design
Technology and Distance Education Committee
Technology and Distance Learning
Technology and Economic Assessment Panel
Technology and Economic Growth
Technology and Engineering
Technology and Information Services
Technology and Innovation in Education
Technology and Innovation Policy
Technology and Innovations in Training and Education
Technology and Interoperability Facility
Technology and Liberty Program
Technology and Livelihood Development Center
Technology and Livelihood Education
Technology and Material Game
Technology and Operations Store Summit
Technology and Policy Program
Technology and Policy Student Society
Technology and Research Initiative Fund
Technology and Risk Assessment Meeting
Technology and Security Risk Services
Technology and Software Unrestricted
Technology and Standards Group
Technology and Teaching
Technology Application and Promotion Institute
Technology Application Plan
Technology Application Support
Technology Applications Contracting Office
Technology Applications Group
Technology Applications in Education and Training
Technology Applications Office
Technology Applications Program Office
Technology Applications Team
Technology Area Assessment
Technology Area Description
Technology Area Manager
Technology Area Plan
Technology Area Plans
Technology Area Review
Technology Area Review
Technology Area Review and Assessment
Technology as a Service
Technology Assessment
Technology Assessment and Acquisition Center
Technology Assessment and Control Plan
Technology Assessment and Forecast
Technology Assessment and Planning System
Technology Assessment and Requirements Analysis
Technology Assessment and Selection Panel
Technology Assessment Center
Technology Assessment Group
Technology Assessment Management System
Technology Assessment Resource Guide for Emerging Technologies
Technology Asset Protection Association
Technology Assistance Agreement
Technology Assistance for Kansas Educators
Technology Assistance Person
Technology Assistance Plan
Technology Assistance Professional
Technology Assistance Program
Technology Assisted Practice Application Suite
Technology Assisted Student Assessment
Technology Assisting Literacy Knowledge
Technology Assisting People In Need
Technology Associates International Corporation
Technology Association Leaders’ Council
Technology Association of Georgia
Technology Assurance Group
Technology Assurance Plan
Technology At Work
Technology Automation Management
Technology Availability Date
Technology Base
Technology Base
Technology Base Investment Strategy
Technology Base Medical
Technology Based Effluent Limitation
Technology Based Learning for Schools
Technology Based Learning Solutions
Technology Based Service
Technology Based Solutions
Technology Based Training
Technology Builders, Inc.
Technology Building
Technology Business Development Center
Technology Business Integration
Technology Business Research
Technology Call Center
Technology Capacity Building
Technology Center
Technology Centre for Mobile Communication
Technology Centres Australia
Technology Change Management
Technology Characterization Vehicle
Technology Commercialization
Technology Commercialization Initiative
Technology Commercialization Office
Technology Communication & Supplies
Technology Company
Technology Compatibility Kit
Technology Computer-Aided Design
Technology Concepts and Design, Incorporated
Technology Confirmation/Innovation
Technology Conformance Kit
Technology Control Plan
Technology Cooperation Office
Technology Coordinating Paper
Technology Coordinating Team
Technology Coordination Committee
Technology Coordinator
Technology Cop
Technology Corporation
Technology Council of Maryland
Technology Crossover Ventures
Technology Cutoff Date
Technology Data Exchange
Technology Database
Technology Delivered Learning
Technology Demonstration
Technology Demonstration Center
Technology Demonstration for Prevention of Material Degradation
Technology Demonstrator Program
Technology Development
Technology Development Agent
Technology Development and Acquisition Program
Technology Development and continuing through System Development and Demonstration into Production and Deployment
Technology Development and Modernisation Fund
Technology Development Approach
Technology Development Board
Technology Development Business Loan
Technology Development Consultancy Center
Technology Development Contractor
Technology Development Goal
Technology Development Group
Technology Development Laboratory
Technology Development Manager
Technology Development Process
Technology Development Section
Technology Development Strategy
Technology Development Vehicle
Technology Direction Statement
Technology Diversification Manager
Technology Early Action Measures
Technology Education
Technology Education
Technology Education & Training Act of 2001
Technology Education & Training Act of 2001
Technology Education Association of California
Technology Education Association of Illinois
Technology Education Association of Pennsylvania
Technology Education Biotechnology Curriculum
Technology Education New Zealand
Technology Education Research Center
Technology Empowerment Network
Technology Enabled Active Learning
Technology Enabled Business Council
Technology Enabled Relationship Manager
Technology Enhanced Classroom
Technology Enhanced Distance Education
Technology Enhanced Learning Environment
Technology Enhanced Learning in Graduate Nursing
Technology Enhanced Learning Institute
Technology Enhanced Learning of Geometry
Technology Enhanced Learning Solutions for Communities of Practice
Technology Enhanced Student Assessment
Technology Entertainment and Design
Technology Evaluation Assessment Modeling and Simulation
Technology Evaluation Center
Technology Evaluation Team
Technology Evangelist
Technology Evolution Plan
Technology Excellence Group
Technology Excellence Network
Technology Exchange Agreement
Technology Exchange Assessment Methodology
Technology Exchange Meeting
Technology Exchange Program
Technology Executive Officer
Technology Executives Networking Group
Technology Expansion Project
Technology Experience and Knowledge
Technology Experiments Advancing Missions In Space
Technology Experts Panel
Technology Exploitation
Technology Exploitation
Technology Export Control Office
Technology Export Management
Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Technology for Advanced Microwave Power Field Effect Transistor Structures
Technology for Agriculture
Technology for All Americans
Technology for Autonomous Operational Survivability
Technology for Business Corp.
Technology for Business Corporation
Technology for Construction
Technology for Development
Technology for Enabling Awareness
Technology for Energy Corporation
Technology for Highly Oriented Research
Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes
Technology for Rotorcraft Integrated Analyses and Design
Technology for Teaching
Technology for the People
Technology for Women in Business
Technology Forecasting Consortium
Technology Foresight Data Fusion Working Party
Technology Free Zone
Technology Futures, Inc.
Technology Graduate in Training
Technology Grant Program
Technology Groups Federal Credit Union
Technology Growth Platform
Technology Implementation Group
Technology in Classrooms of Kentucky
Technology in Context
Technology in Education
Technology in Foreign Language Education
Technology in Learning and Teaching
Technology in Motion
Technology in Primary Schools
Technology in Schools
Technology Incubation Program
Technology Independent Machine Interface
Technology Independent Representation of Electronic Products
Technology Industries Association
Technology Inflow Program
Technology Information Advisor
Technology Information Center
Technology Information Service
Technology Information Zone
Technology Information Zone
Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council
Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Group
Technology Infrastructure Division
Technology Infusion Guideline
Technology Initiative Grant
Technology Initiative in BiCMOS for Applications
Technology Initiative Proposal
Technology Initiatives Game
Technology Innovation Centre
Technology Innovation Design Engineering
Technology Innovation Group, Inc
Technology Innovation International
Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Information Service
Technology Innovation Office
Technology Insertion
Technology Insertion Demonstration and Evaluation Program
Technology Insertion Office
Technology Insertion Plan/Project
Technology Insertion Planproject
Technology Insertion Recapitalization
Technology Insights, Inc.
Technology Institute for Music Educators
Technology Integration
Technology Integration & Application
Technology Integration Center
Technology Integration Experiment
Technology Integration Facility
Technology Integration Grants for Educational Resource Sharing
Technology Integration Group
Technology Integration Mentors in Education
Technology Integration Plan
Technology Integration Program
Technology Integration Steering Committee
Technology Intelligence
Technology International Corporation
Technology Investment Agreement
Technology Investment Banking Group
Technology Investment Board
Technology Investment Capital Corporation
Technology Investment Plan
Technology Investment Program
Technology Investment Recommendation Report
Technology Investment Strategy
Technology Investment Tax Credit
Technology Involved Female
Technology Law Group, LLC
Technology Leadership Development Program
Technology Leadership Forum
Technology Leadership Innovation
Technology Leadership Institute
Technology Learning Center
Technology Licensing Agreement
Technology Licensing Kit
Technology Licensing Organization
Technology Life Careers
Technology Life Cycle
Technology Literacy Challenge Fund
Technology Literacy Challenge Grant Fund
Technology Management
Technology Management Advisors
Technology Management Analysis Corporation
Technology Management Associates
Technology Management Centre
Technology Management MBA
Technology Management Office
Technology Management Resources, Inc
Technology Management Review
Technology Management Team
Technology Manager
Technology Manufacturing Group
Technology Market Research Council
Technology Marketing Corporation
Technology Marketing Management
Technology Master Planning
Technology Maturation Initiative
Technology Methods Standards
Technology Migration Program
Technology Mirror Assembly
Technology Mission on Cotton
Technology Mission on Dairy Development
Technology Mission on Oilseeds and Pulses
Technology Multi Sources
Technology Museum of Thessaloniki
Technology Needs Assessment
Technology Needs Survey
Technology Network Program
Technology Network Program
Technology Newsletter
Technology Obsolescence Management
Technology of Fusion Energy
Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems
Technology of Participation
Technology Open to Approved Lenders
Technology Operations & Infrastructure
Technology Opportunities Program
Technology Opportunity Showcase
Technology Outreach Program
Technology Oversight Group
Technology Park Malaysia
Technology Park of Thessaly
Technology Partnership Initiative
Technology Partnerships Canada
Technology Performance Management Service
Technology Planning & Management
Technology Planning and Distance Learning
Technology Planning Annex
Technology Planning Database
Technology Planning Team
Technology Planning Team
Technology Policy and Assessment Center
Technology Policy International
Technology Practice Group
Technology Preview
Technology Professional Services Association
Technology Program Annex
Technology Program Plan
Technology Project Management
Technology Promoting Student Excellence
Technology Promotion Association
Technology Protection Plan
Technology Quick Reference Sheet
Technology Readiness Assessment
Technology Readiness Assessment
Technology Readiness Assessment
Technology Readiness Date
Technology Readiness Index
Technology Readiness Level
Technology Reference Model
Technology Reference Study
Technology Refreshment Plan
Technology Refreshment Program
Technology Reinvestment Program
Technology Reinvestment Project
Technology Related Anger
Technology Related Anger
Technology Related Anger
Technology Repair Center
Technology Reports Centre
Technology Request Form
Technology Requirements Integration Division
Technology Research Corporation
Technology Research for Independent Living
Technology Research Group
Technology Research News
Technology Resource Center
Technology Resource Center of America, LLC
Technology Resources in Education
Technology Review
Technology Review
Technology Review
Technology Review
Technology Risk Management
Technology Risk Manager
Technology Roadmap
Technology Safeguard Agreement
Technology Safety Working Group
Technology School of the Future
Technology Security Technical Assessment
Technology Service Corporation
Technology Service Partners, Inc.
Technology Services Board
Technology Services Consultants
Technology Services Division
Technology Services Group
Technology Services Program Management
Technology Services Worldwide
Technology Skills Assessment
Technology Solutions Division
Technology Solutions for Business
Technology Solutions Group
Technology Spillovers
Technology Staff Development Plan
Technology Standard for Instructional Personnel
Technology Standards for School Administrators
Technology Steering Committee
Technology Steering Group
Technology Strategy Board
Technology Student Association
Technology Support and Development Project
Technology Support and Training Management
Technology Support Center
Technology Support Crew
Technology Support Service Center
Technology Support Services
Technology Support Services Management
Technology Survey Group
Technology Systems
Technology Systems Analysis
Technology Systems Branch
Technology Systems Research Development
Technology Systems Services
Technology Teacher Education Diploma
Technology Thrust Area Working Group
Technology Tieup Promotion Program
Technology to Recover Abducted Kids
Technology Training Center
Technology Training Corporation
Technology Training Foundation of America
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer & Training
Technology Transfer Agreement
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Staff
Technology Transfer and Economic Development
Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property
Technology Transfer and Licensing Office
Technology Transfer and Service Center
Technology Transfer Center
Technology Transfer Control Plan
Technology Transfer Database
Technology Transfer Fund
Technology Transfer Grant
Technology Transfer Grant
Technology Transfer Initiative
Technology Transfer Injection
Technology Transfer Institute
Technology Transfer Integrated Planning Team
Technology Transfer Network
Technology Transfer Node
Technology Transfer Office
Technology Transfer Program
Technology Transfer Programm
Technology Transfer Programme Office
Technology Transfer Report
Technology Transfer Society
Technology Transfer Working Group
Technology Transfer, Fabrication & Test
Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization
Technology Transition
Technology Transition
Technology Transition Agreement
Technology Transition Office
Technology Transition Plan
Technology Unlimited, Inc.
Technology Update Seminar
Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme
Technology Upgrade to Teams
Technology Use Fee
Technology Use Questionnaire
Technology Utilization
Technology Utilization Office
Technology Validation Assurance
Technology Value Solutions
Technology Vision Group
Technology Watch
Technology Week in Review
Technology Without Acronyms Is Nothing
Technology Without An Important Name
Technology Work Group
Technology, Automation, & Management
Technology, Commerce, Society
Technology, Development, and Support Services
Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002
Technology, Education, Design
Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media
Technology, Immediate Diagnosis, Mammography and Education
Technology, Information, Communications, and Entertainment
Technology, Intelligence, Products, Services
Technology, Management, & Analysis Corporation
Technology, Management, and Analysis Corporation
Technology, Media and Communications
Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit
Technology, Media, Telecommunications
Technology, Pedagogy and Education
Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency
Technology/Engineering Management Inc.
Technology-Assisted Language Learning
Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning
Technology-Based Company
Technology-Based Distributed Learning
Technology-based Enhanced Autonomous Machines
Technology-Based Learning
Technology-based Regional Economic Development
Technology-Based Self-Service
Technology-Based Small Firm
Technology-Enabled Selling
Technology-Enhanced Language Learning
Technology-Enhanced Learning
Technology-Enhanced Learning in Science
Technology-Enhanced Learning Investigation
Technology-Mediated Learning
Technology-Related Assistance of Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988
Teens and Teachers Teaming for Technology
Telecommuncation Technology
Telecommunication Technology Committee
Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program
Telecommunications Technology Association
Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment & Technology
Telehealth and Educational Technology Resource Agency
Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center
Telemedicine Technology Area Directorate
Telepresence Technology Group
Telepresence Technology Group
Teletronics Technology Corporation
Teletypewriter Technology
Tendring Technology College
Tennessee Educational Technology Association
Tennessee Educational Technology Association
Tennessee Institute of Technology
Tennessee Technology Center at Covington
Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville
Tennessee Technology Center at Newbern
Tennessee Technology Education Association
Test Technology Area Plan
Test Technology Educational Program
Test Technology Symposium
Testing Technology for Communication Network for Manufacturing Applications
Texas Assistive Technology Partnership
Texas Association for Educational Technology
Texas Learning Technology Group
Texas Nitrous Technology
Texas Research & Technology Foundation
Text Enhancement Technology
Textile Technology Management
Textiles and Apparel, Technology and Management
Thai Academy of Science and Technology
Thai General Aviation Technology
Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology
Thames Card Technology Ltd
The Alliance for Technology Education
The Electronics Design, Technology and News Network
The International Technology Academy
The Leader in Access Network Technology
The Museum of Retro Technology
The Technology Coach
The Technology Consulting Group Ltd.
The Technology House
The Technology Integration Group
The Welding Technology Institute of Australia
Thermal Energy Storage Technology
Thermal Processing Technology Center
Thin Film Technology Corporation
Third-Generation Cell-Phone Technology
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Thomson Technology Services Group
Through Hole Technology
Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Tibetan Institute of Science and Technology
Tidewater Center for Technology Access
Tilt Wheel Technology
Time Released Technology
Time Triggered Technology
TinyOS Technology Exchange
TISS Technology Insertion Program
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tom Wishon Golf Technology
Tomorrow’s Technology Today
Toronto College of Technology
Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment
Toronto Science and Technology Fair
Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology
Total Call Center Technology
Total Call Centre Technology
Total Combustion Technology
Total Computer Technology
Total Cost of Technology
Total Distribution Advanced Technology Demonstration
Total Distribution Advanced-Technology Demonstration Plan
Total Hockey Technology
Total Information Technology
Total Technology Resources, LLC
Totally Advanced Communications Technology
Toxic Best Available Control Technology
Tracing Management Technology
Train Women in Science and Technology
Training Development and Instructional Technology
Training Technology Applications Program
Training Technology Implementation Group
Transaction Processing Monitor Technology
Transactions on Circuits Systems for Video Technology
Transactions on Internet Technology
Transfer and Trading in Technology
Transfer of Technology
Transfer Technology Innovation and Industrial Information
Transformation Technology Directorate
Transformational Medical Technology
Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Surveillance Technology
Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Surveillance Technology
Transnational Computer Technology
Transonic Aircraft Technology
Transport Technology Exchange Center
Transportation Heritage and Technology Centre
Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
Travel Technology Initiative
Travel Technology Systems & Services
Trenchless Technology Center
Trends in Food Science & Technology
Tri Cities Science & Technology Park
Tripod Technology Group, Inc
Tripod Technology Group, Inc
Tripura Institute of Technology
Trisole Comfort Technology
Triton Technology Group
Triton Technology Group
Trust Technology Assessment Program
Trusted Execution Technology
Truth About Trade and Technology
Tshwane University of Technology
Tsukuba College of Technology
Tsunami Hazard Reduction Using Systems Technology
Tugaya Institute of Technology
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
Turbine Engine Technology Symposium
Turbo Combustor Technology, Inc
Tuscaloosa Center for Technology
Tuxia Appliance Synthesis Technology Enabled
Twin City Technology
Twin Threaded Technology
Ubiquitous Learning Technology Initiative
Ubiquitous Telecommunication Technology
UEC Engineers and Consultants, Inc.) SAIL (Steel Authority of India., Ltd.) Information Technology (India)
Uganda National Council for Science and Technology
Ultimate Racing Technology
Ultra Advanced Technology Attachment
Ultra Disk Cache Technology
Ultra Efficient Engine Technology
Ultra Fine Pitch Technology
Ultra-Dense Storage Technology
Underground Technology, Inc.
Undersea Warfare Technology
Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory
Unified Nevada Information Technology for Youth
Uniform Regulation Through Technology
Unilever Technology Ventures
Union of Information Technology Enterprises
Unipart Yachiyo Technology
United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre
United Nations Center for Science and Technology for Development
United Nations Ocean Economics and Technology Branch
United States Army Applied Technology Laboratory
United States Army International Technology Center
United States Army Science and Technology Center
United States for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
United States Institute for Theatre Technology
United States Israel Science and Technology Foundation
United States Office of Technology Assessment
United Systems Technology, Inc.
Unitop Technology Group Limited
Universal Asia Technology Company
Universal Benefit from Information Technology
Universal Communications Technology Hangzhou
Universal Digital Technology Corporation
Universal Font Scaling Technology
Universal Systems and Technology, Inc.
University Center for Instructional Media and Technology
University Department of Chemical Technology
University Industry Research and Technology
University Information Technology Services
University of Advancing Computer Technology
University of Advancing Technology
University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory
University of Electronic Science and Technology
University of Engineering & Technology
University of Information Technology
University of Information Technology and Management
University of Management and Technology
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
University of Manchester Institute of Technology
University of Montana College of Technology
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
University of Science & Technology
University of Science and Technology
University of Science and Technology Beijing
University of Science and Technology of China
University of Science and Technology of Oran
University of Southampton Institute of Transducer Technology
University of Technology
University of Technology Phnom Penh
University of Technology, Mauritius
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center
University Science and Technology Librarians Group
University Technology Centre
University Technology Officer
University Technology Planning Committee
University Technology Training Center
University-affiliated Spaceport Technology Development Contract
Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology
Updates in Applied Physics and Electrical Technology
Upper Tier Technology
Upstate Women in Technology
Upwind Technology Operating System
Urban Technology Network
Urban Water Technology Centre
US -Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association)
Usable Technology for Older People Inclusive and Appropriate
User Interface Software and Technology
User Network for Information Technology in Education
User Productivity Enhancement and Technology Transfer
User Technology Assessment Center
User Technology Associates, Inc.
Ushamartin Academy of Communication Technology
US-Israel Science and Technology Commission
Utah Assistive Technology Foundation
Utah Coalition for Educational Technology
Utah College of Applied Technology
Utah Information Technology Association
Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative
Utah Society for Medical Technology
Utah Technology Awareness Project
Utah Technology Commission
Utah Technology Council
Utah Technology Finance Corporation
Utah Technology Industry Council
Utica Center for Math, Science, and Technology
Utility Pole Technology
Vaal University of Technology
Vaathsalya Information Technology Services
Vaathsalya Information Technology Solutions
Valley Family Technology Project
Value Added Search Technology
Valve Technology Console
Van Technology Center
Vancouver Institute of Business and Technology
Vanderpool Technology
Vanguard Technology Alliance
Vann Data Technology Centre
Variable Magnetic Technology
Variable Speed Technology
Variable Voltage Technology Ltd
Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope
Vector Technology Institute
Vector Technology, Inc.
Vehicle Dynamics Technology
Vehicle Technology Integration Demonstrator Programme
Vehicular Technology Conference
Vehicular Technology Society
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination
Vemana Institute of Technology
Venango Technology Center
Vendor Technology Assessment
Verhasselt Business and Technology Services
Verinon Technology Solutions Ltd.
Vermont Information Technology Center
Vermont Information Technology Leaders
Vermont Institute for Science, Math and Technology
Vermont Internet Services and Technology Network
Vermont Technology Education Association
Vermont Technology Partners, Inc.
Vertical Fibre Technology
Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Technology Brassboard
Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Technology Brassboard
Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc.
Veterans Health Information Systems & Technology Architecture
Veterans Integrated System Technology Architecture
Veterinary Medical Technology
Veterinary Science Technology
Vetronics Technology Testbed
Vianet Technology Group, Ltd.
Vibration Measurement Technology Ltd
Vibration Reduction Technology
Vice President for Information Technology
Vice President for Research and Information Technology
Victim of Medical Imaging Technology
Victoria Institute of Science and Technology
Victoria University of Technology
Video Technology Advisory Service
Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
Vignan Institute of Technology & Science
Viisage Technology Inc.
Viral Logic Systems Technology
Virginia Assistive Technology System
Virginia Biotechnology Association
Virginia Society for Technology in Education
Virginia Technology Alliance
Virginia Technology Education Association
Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology
Virtual Advanced Technology Testbed
Virtual Archive Storage Technology
Virtual Center of Biotechnology for the Americas
Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory
Virtual Immersive Science and Technology Applications
Virtual Information Technology
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology
Virtual Journals in Science and Technology
Virtual Journals in Science and Technology
Virtual Machine Technology
Virtual Marine Technology
Virtual Phones Technology
Virtual Studio Technology
Virtual Studio Technology Instrument
Virtual Technology Corp. OTCBB
Virtual Technology Corporation
Virtual Technology Leasing
Virtual Technology Recognition Project
Virtualization Technology
Visa Encrypting PIN Pad (automatic teller machine security technology)
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
Visible Light Technology
Vision Information Technology Corporation
Vision Technology Consulting
Vision Technology India Ltd
Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology
Visual Analytics Science and Technology
Visual Communication Technology
Visual Object Linking Technology
Visual Technology Age
Visveswaraya Institute of Engineering Technology
Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology
Voice Integrated Systems Technology
Voice Powered Technology International, Inc.
Voice Recognition Technology
Voice Scan Technology
Voltage Reduction Technology
Volvo Technology
Voting Technology Project
Voyage Across Technology
VTLS Information Technology for Advanced Learning
Waiariki Institute of Technology Student Association
Walczak Technology Consultants, Inc.
Walker County Center of Technology
Wall Street Technology Association
Wall Street Technology Partners LP
Wallops Information Technology and Communications
Warehouse Technology Initiative
Warrior Systems Modeling Technology
Warsaw University of Technology
Washington Assistive Technology Act Program
Washington Assistive Technology Foundation
Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association
Washington Biotechnology Foundation
Washington Technology
Washington Technology
Washington Technology Center
Washington Technology Group, Inc.
Washington Technology Industry Association
Washwood Heath Technology College
Waste and Environment Research and Technology
Water Energy Technology
Water Energy Technology Team
Water Environment-Membrane Technology
Water Jet Technology Association
Water Quality Technology
Water Quality Technology
Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition
Water Science and Technology Association
Water Science and Technology Directorate
Water Sciences and Technology Board
Water Smart Technology Program
Water Technology and Environmental Research
Water Treatment Technology Center
Water, Highways, Education and energy, Accountability, Trees and technology
Waterfalls Institute of Technology Transfer
Waterford Institute of Technology
Waterford Institute of Technology Kayaking Club
Waterfront Technology Center at Camden
Watershed Technology Electronic Catalog
Waterworks Technology Training Center
Wave and Tidal Technology Symposium
Weapon Systems Technology Information Analysis Center
Weather Environment Simulation Technology
Web Development Technology
Web Exploration and Search Technology
Web Hypertext Application Technology
Web Services Dynamic Object Technology
Web Services Interoperability Technology
Web Technology
Web Technology
Web Technology Training
Welding Technology Institute of Australia
Welfare Information Technology
Welsh Medical Technology Forum
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Wes Watkins Technology Center
Wessex Institute of Technology
West African Biotechnology Workshops
West African Biotechnology Workshops
West Bengal University of Technology
West Environmental Services & Technology, Inc
West Exe Technology College
West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology
West Midlands Health Technology Assessment Collaboration
West Technology Research Solutions
West Virginia Journal of Law Technology
West Virginia Technology Association
Westchester Information Technology Cluster
Western Area Career & Technology Center
Western Australian Institute of Technology
Western Australian Satellite Technology and Applications Consortium
Western Environmental Technology Office
Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
Western Manufacturing Technology Show
Western University College of Science and Technology
Westinghouse Science and Technology Center
Westinghouse Waste Technology Services Division
Westlakes Science and Technology Park
Wetlands Research and Technology Center
Wharton Computing and Information Technology
Whitman College Technology Services
Wichita Technology Corporation
Wide Range Amplifier Technology
Wideout Technology Services Inc
Wider Implications of Science and Technology
Wi-Fi Technology Forum
Wilbury Biotechnology Center
Willing Workers in Alternative Technology
Willis College of Business and Technology
Wilson Applied Science and Technology Index
Windermere Information Technology Systems
Windows New Technology
Windows Test Technology
Wire & Cable Technology International
Wire Rope Technology Aachen
Wireless Business and Technology
Wireless Technology Advisory Service
Wireless Technology Business Forum
Wireless Technology Equipment Company
Wireless Technology Industry Association
Wireless Technology Research
Wireline Technology Development
Wisconsin Technology Council
Wisconsin Technology Education Association
Wittmann Institute of Technology and Analysis
Wolverhampton-Telford Technology Corridor
Women and Adaptive Technology
Women and Girls in Technology
Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology
Women in Engineering and Technology
Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology
Women in Science and Technology
Women in Science and Technology
Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
Women in Science, Math, & Technology
Women in Science, Technology, Trades and Engineering
Women In Technology
Women in Trades and Technology
Women Science Technology and Society
Women’s High-Technology Coalition
Women’s Information Technology Transfer
Women’s Technology Cluster
Wood Energy Technology Training
Wood Group Production Technology Ltd.
Work Less Institute of Technology
Working Group on Biotechnology
Working Group on Biotechnology and Society
Workshop on Internet Technology and Systems
Workshop on Object-Oriented Technology and Applications
Workshop on Technology Transfer in Software Engineering
Workstation Technology eXtended Format
Workstation Technology eXtended Format
World Center for Concrete Technology
World Congress on Information Technology
World Congress on Particle Technology
World Federation of Societies for Technology in Anaesthesia
World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress
World Information Technology and Services Alliance
World Information Technology Forum
World Maritime Technology Conference
World Societies for Technology in Anesthesia
World Technology Evaluation Center
WorldNet Technology Consultants, Inc
World-Wide Association of New Technology User Groups
Worldwide Technology Business
Worldwide Technology Business
Worldwide Technology Expert Center
Wright Technology Network
Wright Technology Network
Wright’s Computer Technology
Writing, Reading and Technology
Wroclaw University of Technology
Wuhan University of Technology
Wuxi Institute of Technology
Wyoming New Options in Technology
Wyoming Technology Business Center
Wyoming Technology Transfer Center
X-Ample Technology
Xceed Biotechnology Ltd.
Xerox Lexical Technology
Xerox Lexical Technology
Xerox Technology Ventures
Xilinx Synthesis Technology
Xinet Technology Partners
XML Tunneling Technology
X-ray Backscatter Technology
Yahoo! Search Technology
Yale Journal of Law & Technology
Yaletown Technology Group, Inc.
Yangon Institute of Technology
Yaskawa Eshed Technology
Yet Another Disruptive Technology
York Seneca Institute for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
York Technology Association
Yorkshire Science and Technology Network
Young Americans Challenging High Technology
Young Technology, Inc.
Youth for Technology Foundation
Zappa Institute of Technology
Zero Emission Technology
Zhejiang Technology Institute of Economy
Zhejiang University of Technology
Zone Stripe Technology