Abbreviation for Accra, Ghana

Accra [English ə kr ɑ ː ], Accra, the capital and main commercial center of the Republic of Ghana, West Africa, the Gulf of Guinea, (2010) 2.07 million residents.

Accra is the seat of an Anglican bishop and a Catholic archbishop; National library, archive and museum. The university (founded as a college in 1948, university status since 1961) is located north of Accra in Legon near Achimota; international trade fair, versatile industry; Traffic center with international airport. The formerly important shipping port has only been used for fishing since the port of Tema was founded 25 km east.

The fortresses of the colonial era, as well as several coastal forts built by different nations west of Accra, including Elmina, have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The Portuguese founded a fortified trading post in the area of ​​what is now Accra in the 16th century. In the 17th century the English built the Fort “Saint James”, the Dutch the Fort “Crèvecœur” (both today a prison); the castle, built by the Portuguese in 1623, was later (1659–61) rebuilt by the Danes as “Christiansborg Palace” (today the seat of government under the name “Osu Castle”). African settlements (in the area of ​​the forts: from the 16th century to the 19th century centers of the transatlantic slave trade) grew together to form the city of Accra in the 19th century. After the First World War, Accra, the capital of the British colony “Gold Coast” since 1876, developed into a center of the African independence movement.

Abbreviations for Accra, Ghana

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: ACC
  • Country: Ghana

ACC: Accra, Ghana - Kotoka

List of Accra Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Accra is ACC which stands for Accra. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Accra, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Accra CPAA Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Accra
Accra ACCOUNTING Accra, Ghana – Kotoka
Accra ACCESSORY Accra, Ghana – Kotoka
Accra AICC Accra International Conference Centre
Accra AMA Accra Metropolitan Assembly
Accra ACC Accra, Ghana – Kotoka
Accra ABL Accra Brewery Ltd.