What does ACCOUNTING mean?

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Major Meanings of ACCOUNTING

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What does accounting stand for

All Definitions of ACCOUNTING

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of ACCOUNTING in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
ACCOUNTINGACNM Certification Council
ACCOUNTINGALMA Coordinating Committee
ACCOUNTINGAMEX Commodities Corporation
ACCOUNTINGASEAN Chess Confederation
ACCOUNTINGAberdeen City Council
ACCOUNTINGAbilene Christian College
ACCOUNTINGAbnormal Condition Control
ACCOUNTINGAbrupt Climate Change
ACCOUNTINGAbsent Causing Concern
ACCOUNTINGAbsolute Concentration Curve
ACCOUNTINGAcademia Cesar Chavez
ACCOUNTINGAcademic Computer Center
ACCOUNTINGAcademic Computer Club
ACCOUNTINGAccess Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAccessible Congregations Campaign
ACCOUNTINGAccident Compensation Corporation
ACCOUNTINGAccounting Classification Code
ACCOUNTINGAccra, Ghana - Kotoka
ACCOUNTINGAccredited Clinical Coder
ACCOUNTINGAcid Copper Chromate
ACCOUNTINGAcquisition Category
ACCOUNTINGAcquisition Community Connection
ACCOUNTINGActive Citizenship Campaign
ACCOUNTINGActive Clearance Control
ACCOUNTINGActive Congestion Control
ACCOUNTINGActive Cruise Control
ACCOUNTINGAcute Care Clinic
ACCOUNTINGAdaptive Cruise Control
ACCOUNTINGAdelaide Convention Centre
ACCOUNTINGAdelphia Communications Corporation
ACCOUNTINGAdenoid Cystic Carcinoma
ACCOUNTINGAdirondack Community College
ACCOUNTINGAdjacent Channel Constraint
ACCOUNTINGAdministrative Committee on Coordination
ACCOUNTINGAdministrative Concepts Corporation
ACCOUNTINGAdolph Coors Company
ACCOUNTINGAdoption Council of Canada
ACCOUNTINGAdrenal Chromaffin Cell
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Cable Communications
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Capitalist Country
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Clock Calibration
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Communications Controller
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Computer Communications
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Computer Concepts
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Computer Connections, Inc.
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Computer Controls, Incorporated
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Computing Center
ACCOUNTINGAdvanced Concepts Center, LLC
ACCOUNTINGAdvantage Capital Corporation
ACCOUNTINGAegis Computer Center
ACCOUNTINGAero Club of Canada
ACCOUNTINGAeronautics Advisory Committee
ACCOUNTINGAffordability Cost Candidate
ACCOUNTINGAfrican Centre for Cities
ACCOUNTINGAfrican Conservation Centre
ACCOUNTINGAft Cargo Carrier
ACCOUNTINGAged and Community Care division
ACCOUNTINGAgenesis of the Corpus Callosum
ACCOUNTINGAggregate-based Congestion Control
ACCOUNTINGAgricultural Council of California
ACCOUNTINGAgricultural Credit Corporation Ltd.
ACCOUNTINGAichi Cancer Center
ACCOUNTINGAir Canada Centre
ACCOUNTINGAir Carrier Certificate
ACCOUNTINGAir Center Commander
ACCOUNTINGAir Combat Command
ACCOUNTINGAir Component Commander
ACCOUNTINGAir Conditioning Controller
ACCOUNTINGAir Conservation Commission
ACCOUNTINGAir Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAir Cooled Condenser
ACCOUNTINGAir Coordinating Committee
ACCOUNTINGAircraft Commander
ACCOUNTINGAirlift Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAirlift Coordination Center
ACCOUNTINGAirport Communities Coalition
ACCOUNTINGAirport Conference Center
ACCOUNTINGAirport Consultants Council
ACCOUNTINGAirport Consultative Committee
ACCOUNTINGAirspace Coordination Cell
ACCOUNTINGAirspace Coordination Center
ACCOUNTINGAirspace/Air Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAirworthiness Control Committee
ACCOUNTINGAjax Community Center
ACCOUNTINGAklan Catholic College
ACCOUNTINGAlamance Community College
ACCOUNTINGAlamo Community Colleges
ACCOUNTINGAlarm Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAlaska Christian College
ACCOUNTINGAlaska Coastal Current
ACCOUNTINGAlberton Community Church
ACCOUNTINGAlbuquerque Convention Center
ACCOUNTINGAliasing Cancellation Condition
ACCOUNTINGAll Ceramic Crown
ACCOUNTINGAllegheny Communications Connect
ACCOUNTINGAlliance Cost Containment
ACCOUNTINGAlliance for Competitive Communications
ACCOUNTINGAllobroges Centre Culturel
ACCOUNTINGAlpena Community College
ACCOUNTINGAlpine Club of Canada
ACCOUNTINGAltapex Construction Corporation
ACCOUNTINGAlternate Command Center
ACCOUNTINGAlternate Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAlternative Construction Company, Inc.
ACCOUNTINGAlternatives to Compressor Cooling
ACCOUNTINGAltocumulus Castellanus
ACCOUNTINGAluminum Can Crusher
ACCOUNTINGAlvin Community College
ACCOUNTINGAmateur Computer Club
ACCOUNTINGAmberger Congress Centrum
ACCOUNTINGAmbulatory Care Center
ACCOUNTINGAmelia Church of Christ
ACCOUNTINGAmerica's Corvette Club
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Cadet Alliance
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Campus Communities
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Chamber of Commerce
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Chemistry Council
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Chicle Company
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Coastal Coalition
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Coaster Club
ACCOUNTINGAmerican College of Cardiology
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Control Conference
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Copper Council
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Country Countdown
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Craft Council
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Cribbage Congress
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Cultural Center
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Customer Care
ACCOUNTINGAmerican Cyanamid Company
ACCOUNTINGAmericans for Common Cents
ACCOUNTINGAmherst Community Church
ACCOUNTINGAmphibious Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAnaheim Convention Center
ACCOUNTINGAnalisis de Correlacion Canonica
ACCOUNTINGAnalog Control Channel
ACCOUNTINGAnalytical Chemistry and Chemometrics
ACCOUNTINGAnchorage Chamber of Commerce
ACCOUNTINGAnchorage Community College
ACCOUNTINGAnciens Combattants Canada
ACCOUNTINGAnglesey County Council
ACCOUNTINGAnglican Catholic Church
ACCOUNTINGAnglican Church of Canada
ACCOUNTINGAnglican Consultative Council
ACCOUNTINGAnimal Care Certified
ACCOUNTINGAnimal Care Committee
ACCOUNTINGAnimal Crossing Community
ACCOUNTINGAnnual Career Conference
ACCOUNTINGAnnual Compliance Certification
ACCOUNTINGAnodal Closure Contraction
ACCOUNTINGAntarctic Circumpolar Current
ACCOUNTINGAntenna Clustering Capacity
ACCOUNTINGAntenna Control Console
ACCOUNTINGAnterior Cingulate Cortex
ACCOUNTINGAnthropogenic Climate Change
ACCOUNTINGAnti-Cancer Council
ACCOUNTINGAnti-Capitalist Convergence
ACCOUNTINGAplasia Cutis Congenita
ACCOUNTINGApple Computer Company
ACCOUNTINGApplication Control Code
ACCOUNTINGApproximate Coupled Cluster
ACCOUNTINGAquaculture Certification Council
ACCOUNTINGAquifer Contamination Control
ACCOUNTINGArab Cooperation Council
ACCOUNTINGArab-American and Chaldean Council
ACCOUNTINGArcadia Commons Campus
ACCOUNTINGArchitecture Control Committee
ACCOUNTINGArchitecture Coordination Council
ACCOUNTINGArea Communication Controller
ACCOUNTINGArea Consultative Committees
ACCOUNTINGArea Control Center/Centre
ACCOUNTINGArea Coordination Center
ACCOUNTINGAreas Criticas de Conhecimento
ACCOUNTINGArgonne Code Center
ACCOUNTINGArizona Chamber of Commerce
ACCOUNTINGArizona Corporation Commission
ACCOUNTINGArlington Convention Center
ACCOUNTINGArm Chair Commandos
ACCOUNTINGArmy Catering Corps
ACCOUNTINGArmy Chemical Corps
ACCOUNTINGArmy Civilian Corps
ACCOUNTINGArmy Commanders' Conference
ACCOUNTINGArmy Communications Command
ACCOUNTINGArmy Competitive Category
ACCOUNTINGArmy Component Command
ACCOUNTINGArmy Component Commander
ACCOUNTINGArmy Comptroller Course
ACCOUNTINGArmy Contracting Command
ACCOUNTINGArmy Control Center
ACCOUNTINGArmy Corrections Command
ACCOUNTINGArthur Charles Clarke
ACCOUNTINGAscending Chain Condition
ACCOUNTINGAshland Community College
ACCOUNTINGAsian Chemical Congress
ACCOUNTINGAsphaltic Cement Concrete
ACCOUNTINGAssertive Continuing Care
ACCOUNTINGAssiniboine Community College
ACCOUNTINGAssistant Corporation Counsel
ACCOUNTINGAssistant County Commissioner
ACCOUNTINGAssociated Cement Companies Limited
ACCOUNTINGAssociated Corporate Consultants
ACCOUNTINGAssociation Canadienne de la Construction
ACCOUNTINGAssociation des Camps du Canada
ACCOUNTINGAssociation des Cinemas du Centre
ACCOUNTINGAssociation des Conseillers Chretiens
ACCOUNTINGAssociation for Clinical Cytogenetics
ACCOUNTINGAssociation for Community Colleges
ACCOUNTINGAssociation for Creativity in Counseling
ACCOUNTINGAssociation of Chiropractic Colleges
ACCOUNTINGAssociation of Clinical Cytogeneticists
ACCOUNTINGAssociation of Collecting Clubs
ACCOUNTINGAssociation of Corporate Counsel
ACCOUNTINGAssociation of County Commissioners
ACCOUNTINGAtari Competence Center
ACCOUNTINGAthens-Clarke County
ACCOUNTINGAthletic Club of Columbus
ACCOUNTINGAthletic and Convocation Center
ACCOUNTINGAthletique Club Chapelain
ACCOUNTINGAtlanta Christian College
ACCOUNTINGAtlantic Coast Championship
ACCOUNTINGAtlantic Coast Communications
ACCOUNTINGAtlantic Coast Conference
ACCOUNTINGAttack Control Center
ACCOUNTINGAttack Control Console
ACCOUNTINGAuckland Car Club
ACCOUNTINGAudio Communications Controller
ACCOUNTINGAudit and Compliance Committee
ACCOUNTINGAustin Civic Chorus
ACCOUNTINGAustin Community College
ACCOUNTINGAustralia-China Council
ACCOUNTINGAustralian Christian Churches
ACCOUNTINGAustralian Copyright Council
ACCOUNTINGAustralian Crime Commission
ACCOUNTINGAuto Claims Center
ACCOUNTINGAuto Claims Central
ACCOUNTINGAuto-Correlation Coefficient
ACCOUNTINGAutomated Change Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomated Control Concepts, Inc.
ACCOUNTINGAutomated Customer Correspondence
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Callback Calling
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Carrier Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Chrominance Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Climate Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Combustion Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Congestion Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Contrast Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Control Channel
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Cruise Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomatic Current Control
ACCOUNTINGAutomotive Composites Consortium
ACCOUNTINGAutomovil Club de Colombia
ACCOUNTINGAutonomous Cruise Control
ACCOUNTINGAuxiliary Control Console
ACCOUNTINGAvailable Agent Call Counter
ACCOUNTINGAverage Current-Mode Control
ACCOUNTINGAvionics Control Computer
ACCOUNTINGAvon Computer Co-Operative
ACCOUNTINGAwaiting Component Change
ACCOUNTINGChief Air Controlman